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-i Ljr*- ~ -~-




Kirk Newkirk of Key Sailing will have mini-sailors at the helm of his sailboats during the Pensacola Beach Yacht Club's fifteenth Junior Sailing
Camp, August 2-6 on Pensacola Beach. The Little Salts signed up for the Pensacola Beach Junior Sailing Camp include (front row, L to R): Ben
Van Sleen, Michael Bailey, volunteer Kirk Newkirk, Zach Helms, Mira Helms, Lily Van Sleen, Alexandra Helms and Kendall Helms. Back row (L to
R) are: Madelyn Bailey, Morgan Sclafani, Anna Sclafani and Christy Newkirk. There are no decks to swab or planks to walk, just lots of fun. For
more on this story, see page 2.

bo- .40

Young Skippers Learn Boating Skills While Having Fun at Sailing Camp

They can tie nautical knots.
They have sailed on Sunfish, La-
sers, Hobies, and on International
20 catamarans. They know about
navigation on the waters, safety
measures, and first aid. They also
are acquainted with power boat
safety. So what's so special about
all this for a bunch
of old sailing salts? "'
Well, these old
salts just happen to
be sailors ages 7 to
12 who will gain all
this knowledge at

the Pensacola Beach
Yacht Club's Junior
Sailing Camp which
starts August 2 at

Key Sailing. The
first camp was es-
tablished by Susan Beach Ya
Newkirk in 1995. unteer Anne
"Our goals are Junior Sailin
to have fun, teach ordinator wh
safety and educate of every detai
the kids in water eek lg ca
procedures," said when she see
Anne Geisel, camp the water.
coordinator. "The
parents and the sail-
ors who attend the camp agree that
we reach these goals."
The proficiency in learning
all these techniques can be largely
attributed to the staff of counselors
who work with the attendees, indi-
vidually and collectively.
All sailing instructors are
certified by the United States
Sailing Association, are trained
in Red Cross First Aid and CPR,
according to PBYC's Gulf Yacht-
ing Association Coordinator and


o t

longtime Yacht Club volunteer
Rick Zern.
"These instructors are where
the real resources of the program
are," he said. "They have decades
of sailing and racing experience."
Well known to Beach resi-
dents is Kirk Newkirk, owner of
Key Sailing, who has
been inbusiness on the
Beach for thirty years.
He is one of the top
catamaran racers in the
country. Mark Smith,
Anne Geisel, David
Johnson, Margo Par-
tain and Zern represent
a combined longtime
expertise in sailing,
cruising and competi-
tion at a national level.
t Clu In addition to the
It Clubvol- .
isel is the instructors it takes a
Camp co- lot of sailor power to
takes care put this camp together.
rior to the Anne Geisel calls on
Annent ss volunteers Jeff Arnett,
e plentiful
he kids on Erica Bush, Robin
Greene, Larry Geisel,
Denise Hair, Peggy Van
Sleen, Julie Denten,
Lee Hargrove, Linda Thomp-
son, Dave Oerting, Bob Patroni,
Mark Smith, Tina Simmons, Ken
Branch, Karen Harp and Mike
Pederson to make the camp a
Kylie Finkbone, who just
graduated from Pensacola Beach
Elementary School, discusses the
days she spent last summer at the
Kylie talked about making
new friends and learning so much

about tying knots, sailing Sunfish
and Lasers, and finally sailing a

"The basics
are all the same,"
she said. "But
the bigger boats
have more sail,
and, of couse,
are just bigger."
She de-
scribes a drill
which has stayed
with her. She
said each camper
received a whis-
tle attached to
his life jacket to
use should the
sailboat tip over.
They capsized
the sailboat,
scrambled back
aboard and blew
their whistles.
"Before I at-
tended the camp,
I could go out on
our Sunfish with
my dad, but now
I am able to sail
it all by myself.
They taught us a
lot. It is the best
feeling to be out
on the water by
myself, just rid-
ing along in my
The camp
maintains its

"It has been my experience
that the kids have the most fun

Rick Zern of Zern Rigc
is an avid sailor whose chil(
attended Pensacola Beach Yi
Club's Junior Sailing Camp du
its first years. Zern stresses
importance of having fun on
water during the camp.

"for fun" profile while still teach-
ing the basics according to Zern.

But, by

in these programs
when they sail to
a beach and have a
picnic, play boat tag
with a nerf ball and
Many sailors
who have attend-
ed Junior Sailing
Camp now excel
in competitions in-
cluding Zer's son,
Jeff, and Jonathan
Fleege who sailed
in all the 420 Class
National events.
His daughter, An-
drea, sails with
the Melges 32. In-
cluded in this list is
Mallory Buechler
who is one of the
best young sailors
in the country, ac-
Scording to Zern.
He ended with
this story, "We
may have taught
Sone boy too much.
- After camp, he
'borrowed' a cata-
ging maran and headed
Iren out to Mexico. He
acht was found the next
ring day sailing 50 miles
the south of Pensacola.
I guess we forgot to
teach honesty and
morals that year.
gosh, he knew how to

Perhaps, you would like to get
a chance to experience the thrill of
being on the water without joining
the Junior Sailing Camp members,
then sign up for the Sunset Cruise.
The Pensacola Beach Yacht Club
is planning the event Sunday,
August 1 beginning at 4 p.m. for
anyone who would like to set
foot on a sailboat, or any kind
of boat. The donation will be
$20 per person and there will
be a prize for the best deco-
rated boat, best spirit and most
passengers. After the cruise
the passengers can come to the
Yacht Club and enjoy food and
"We want to make this a
huge event, open to the public,"
said Corrie Keich, commodore.
"We would like to welcome
everyone and introduce them to
our Beach Yacht Club."
For more information or
to sign up, email pbycevents
The PBYC sponsors sev-
eral regattas during the year.
You can watch one of the most
popular, Race for the Roses on
August 14. The regatta is in its
twenty-third year, and features
all ladies crews. No men al-
The Junior Sailing Camp
currently has a few spaces open,
for last minute registration call
Anne Geisel at 850-982-3667.
The Pensacola Beach Yacht
Club is welcoming new members to
come aboard, for more information
go to www.pensacolabeach-yc.org.

Interim Pastor Arrives At Beach Church

The Pensacola Beach Church
family welcomed the Rev. Earl
Keirstsead at his inaugural service
Sunday, July 18. Keirstsead, who
retired from the ministry after
leading the First Congregational
United Church of Christ in Bistol,
Connecticut for 22 years, is serving
as an interim pastor in Florida. He
most recently lead a congregation
in Bradenton, Florida.
Keirstsead received his educa-
tion in the Northeast beginning with
an Associate Degree in Accounting

from Bentley College in 1962, a
Bachelors from Marietta College
in 1966, and a Masters of Divinity
degree from Andover Newton Theo-
logical School in Massachusetts in
Rev. Keirstsead met with the
church leaders and employees on
July 13.
"We were all very impressed
and encouraged by his energy and
warm personality," said Pete Ras-
nick, senior deacon of the Beach
Church. "It is obvious that Earl is

dedicated to leading us through this
transition period with the guidance
of Jesus Christ, and is committed to
helping us realize the potential we
have to move to the next level in our
service to God."
The Beach Church Board is
currently seeking a permanent pas-
tor to lead the congregation since
Rev. Chuck Randle retired June 1.
The Pensacola Beach Commu-
nity Church is located at the corer
of Avenida 18 and Via de Luna.
Services are Sunday at 10 a.m.

Published every other Tuesday
Post Office Box 844
Gulf Breeze, FL 32562

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Island Times

July 27, 2010


July 27, 2010 Island Times PAGE 3

Barefoot on the Beach


By Jane Waters Cooper 16

I am searching for the silver
lining every cloud is supposed to
have. The whole world is aware of
the greasy black cloud that hovers
over the Gulf Coast turning once
productive lives into shambles of
disarray. As everyone knows I am
the eternal optimist. The glass is
never half empty. It's always half
full. When one door closes, another
one opens.
Yeah, and if wishes were hors-
es beggars would ride. If wishes
were fishes, we'd all have a fry.
And if my wishes were to
come true, oil wells would never
explode. This nightmare never
should have happened, but it did.
When will it end and how will it
end? Who knows? Oh, where is the
silver lining?
I think I have found the silver
lining and I speak here only of
Pensacola Beach. This lining is
made up of real people, limitless
compassion, steadfast devotion,
and unequalled love for our sparkly
white beaches and emerald waters.
The people of Northwest Flor-
ida, especially those in Pensacola
are making every effort to push the
dark cloud away. They are attend-
ing the special festivals in numbers
even greater than last year. They
are shopping on the Beach, eat-
ing in restaurants; some are even
booking hotel rooms. They are
doing much more than offering to
pick up tar balls. They are clasping
hands and saying prayers for the
life of our beautiful beaches. They
are displaying a natural instinct
of a community that believes in
To many Beach residents and
businesses, this attitude is a major
comfort, yes, even a silver lining.
Beach folks are also doing
their level best to support local
businesses and the government

of the island. Many will not leave
the beach for any reason except
for dire emergencies. I am one of
those people.
Also, we are more than blessed
with our very own leaders, the San-
ta Rosa Island Authority. True, their
hands have been tied by the various
agencies allegedly in charge like
Unified Command.
Nevertheless, Buck Lee and
his staff and workers have put in
plenty of overtime. Buck is a take
charge kind of guy and right now he
has the wrinkles, a few new gray-
ing hairs and the sleepless nights
to prove it.
We also owe a vote of thanks
to Bob West, vigilant protector of
the beach. There have been no se-
rious accidents or drownings con-
nected with the oil spill. All kinds
of protection has been awarded the
Beach by West, and his knights
in shining armor the lifeguards.
Nothing major has gone wrong and
all of his safety is in place when the
Beach has been crowded with thou-
sands of guests during the Fourth
of July and Blue Angels Air Show.
And here come the Escambia
County deputies. They handled
the traffic, the fender benders, the
minor squabbles with courtesy and
What a team we have working
for us here on the beach! They put
our love for having fun, our safety
and our longing for a neat and clean
Beach above all else.
How blessed we are. Will
all this care and support help us?
That's a tough question to answer.
But we know, it sure can't hurt.
All this is not to say that I have
forgotten those beach businesses
which are suffering dramatic losses
of revenue because of the oil spill.
What I am saying is that this com-
munity spirit we are all witnessing

Our Lady of the Allumption Back To (hool Picnic

Sree Fun Everyone i welcome!

SAUUST 1S *1-z
) Hamburgern & Hot dogs Watermelon Two Watenlide

remedies this situation, at least in
I am pretty sure that every
Beach resident has relatives and
friends who live all over the world
who would like to visit Pensacola
Beach. But, they are fearful. It's
like walking on egg shells or is it
like tar balls?
Call your buddies and tell them
there are lots of reasons they can
and should come to visit Pensacola
You can tell them about the
free concerts, Bands on the Beach
every Tuesday which runs into
September; Soundside concerts,
large venues to attract national
class musicians, our quaint festi-
vals Taste of the Beach and Art and
Wine Weekend.
They can enjoy the thirty days
of Christmas at the Season Your
Holidays with Island Spirit, where
almost every event is free. You can
even make a Gingerbread House
and take it home with you. Tell
them if they come during the four

months of Mardi Gras, they can be
a part of a number of parties and
happenings. They can even join
a krewe.

Party with us

all weekend
See ya at
a The Shaker

7 1 Pensacola Beach Ivd
ac oss from the Board alk
san t er.com

Raw Lunch
Oysters Specials
Mon- Fri 11-2
Gulf Dinner
Seafood Specials

al la11n

Our latitude will change

your attitude
* Waterfront Dining Specials *
@ Oyster Bar Tues Half Pri':e EB:llles,
@ Live Music :, Wine
Wed Paw Ovs.ler
@Gift Shop Spe:,131s
@Kids Playground Thurs BaFed COvsler
Se.: 131.als
1:1111 FI FI PIC ens RoadJ Pelnsac:ola B-each
9I32.41391 www pe glegpeles coin


Let's tell the world, "Y'all
This exercise will be part of our
silver lining. The glass is half full.


10 AM-3 AM



SP .- ef
Tt I

s I


Every Thursday

Monday Cajun Nite ,
Tuesday Surf and Turf
Wed Mexican Madness 'i
#2 Via de Luna All lpctti
Pensacola Beach Ah ,
934-3660 V,~o

July 27, 2010

Island Times


PAGE 4 Island Times July 27, 2010

Tr i.v 9

Tr iv i a

Girl Scouts of America, arise.
This is your fifteen minutes of fame
and it does not involve cookie sales,
but it does involve a sweet, never to
be forgotten treat. S'mores.
The winner of the Trivia contest
was Jacquelyn Sisk of Dallas, Geor-
gia who was visiting the Beach to
see the Blue Angels Air Show. Here
is the former Girl Scout's entry to
the question about S'mores, which
have now reached the national stage
since their first appearance in the
1927 Girl Scout Handbook.

1 Graham Cracker Broken in Half
Regular Hershey bar 4 to 6 squares
1 Jet-Puffed Marshmallow, large

Assemble your chocolate
squares on half of your graham
cracker. Have it and your other
graham cracker close by. Stand-
ing by the campfire, place your
marshmallow on the end of a long,
thin stick and roast it SLOWLY, till


it has golden brown puffs on the
outside to assure maximum gooey-
ness inside (but not ignited, unless
you like it that way!). Immediately
upon removal from the camp fire,
place the puffed marshmallow on
top of the chocolate and graham
cracker square, follow with placing
the other half of the graham cracker
on the marshmallow. Press lightly
to create a "sandwich." Allow just
a few moments for the hot marsh-
mallow to melt the chocolate into
the graham cracker. Then ENJOY
your wonderful treat!
Beverly McCay, GM of the
Holiday Inn Express, couldn't resist
this one. She, too, sent comprehen-
sive correct information based on
her Scouting years and attendance
at Camp Inky, now the Gulf Islands
National Seashore. She also sent a
copy of the recipe, as it appears in
the 1927 handbook. All that effort,
Beverly, and your answer was too
late. Welcome to Trivia.

it >Ki ^%
^\\ *^- ^ i

Jeanette Barron, also sent a
correct recipe but her timing was
a little off.
The Countess Kim LoBue at
the Roundtable sent her correct
recipe for S'mores, but thought
that marshmallow crime should be
used instead of the puffy, spun sugar
marshmallows. Tough to roast the
creme on a stick over the campfire.
The Trivia Master would like
to know if you remember the name
of the author of that beautiful book
of photos and short essays about our
Island? He was a Beach resident at
the time it was published and was
well known for his involvement in
governmental affairs. The t-shirt can
be yours if you are the first to email
the correct answer.
The rules are the same. Email
your answer with "trivia" in the sub-
ject line to islandtimes@bellsouth.net.
Be sure to include your name and
phone number with your answer.
Deadline is August 3.

BeSt ta h ti OUSe Live Music & Dazzling Sunsets


beach attire welcome

21 Via de Luna
Pensacola Beach
paradisebar-grill.com r
Play and Stay
Special Room Rates
Reservations- 850-932-2319


Paradise Burgers
Dinner Specials
Fish Sandwiches
Shrimp Salad

at Paradise-
Fried Pickles
Paradise Salad
Smoked Tuna Dip
Cubans & Reubens

Beach pioneer and aviator Tex
Atkinson used to call Ariola Drive
his home, but migrated to Gulf
Breeze for a while. Tex is back on
the Beach, enjoying the panoramic
view from the fifth floor of South
Harbour. He hosted all his poker
playing buddies and beach friends
for a shindig last week.

We love it when our visitors
want to take a bit of the Beach back
home with them. Bill Arnold of
Madison, Mississippi doesn't want
to miss any beach news. He writes,
"I am dropping a check for $32
in the mail today from Pensacola
Beachwhile on vacation here." Bill
can feel like an Islander every other
week when his copy of Island Times
arrives in his mailbox.

Calvin Dean thinks a picture
is worth one thousand words. Be-
fore bringing a group of competi-
tive swimmers from Memphis to
Pensacola Beach for a swim meet,
he checked out Jeff Norris' beach
webcam. After viewing the clear
water and white sand, he traveled
to the Beach with all his questions

Another installment of goodies
for First Sergeant Matt Drees' sol-
diers is on its way. Kathi Lewis said
the boxes were filled with treats and
love from the Sisters of the Beach to
the 140 Army National Guardsman
stationed in Iraq. This is the second
mailing of the SOBs year long com-
mitment to share a bit of Pensacola
Beach with the military overseas.

Local tiki artists Danny Kerry
and Charlie Knight have been on
the island carving tikis and building
thatched roof tiki bars. Charlie is
taking a break and heading to Maui.
He may be carving up waves instead
of palm trees while he's there.

Karen Cook, Sandi Johnson,
Pandora de Balthazar and Kim
LoBue all have July birthdays, so
using sparklers for birthday candles

is nothing new for these gals. Fire-
works and Blue Angels flyovers are
their favorite forms of entertainment
on their special day.

Shelly Geier, who works at
Catholic High, is taking additional
coursework over the summer at the
University of West Florida. Coinci-
dentally, June Watkins is her profes-
sor. Both the student and the teacher
are former Beach residents and have
known each other for decades.

G. Cole is a Pensacola Beach
icon and is easily recognized in his
gilded, glittering golf cart. He is
the "Go To" guy when it comes to
seeking answers to the Island Times
trivia question. He knows them all
and is happy to share. He doesn't
worry about mailing the answer, he
is too busy riding around the beach.

A number of calls came into the
Island Times office about the parade
of law enforcement who stormed
onto the beach at 8 p.m. at July 5.
Don Sutton was keeping a close eye
on the blue lights as they lit up Fort
Pickens Road. Unfortunately, for
Don, all the newsies had gone home,
so he had to sleuth it out on his own.

According to the astrology re-
port, Mike and Chrissy Cook are an
incompatible mix. So much for that
report, the Villa Sabine couple just
returned from a European vacation
celebrating their forty-fifth wedding
anniversary. Congrats.

Marci Hoven has now claimed
the title of Cobbler Queen. Her
peach dessert was a big hit at the
July 2 dinner party hosted by Craig
and Phyllis Wood. Her recipe is a
closely held secret, so don't ask.
Perhaps her friend Gabby Barrett
can talk her into sharing it.

FedEx pilot and Beach Church
deacon Pete Rasnick said FedEx vol-
unteered to transport sea turtle eggs
for relocationby truck. However, the
FedEx pilots have flown Shamu, The
Killer Whale to SeaWorld.

Tues. Jiil\ 2 Sha\\ n Kellerman
Tl11u. Jul\ 2i Sha\\ n Kellerman
Fnr. Ju\ 30 Local Hero
Sat. Jul\ 31 Emerald Gold
Sun. ALiu 1 Sha\\ n Kellerman
Nlon. AuL 2 Ben Prestraue
Tues. Aiu 3 Sli\\ n Kellerman
Sun. Auu, Hone\ Island
S\\ampn Band


Island Times

July 27, 2010


Big Concert Stage Would Attract Big Talents To Pensacola Beach

Nationally renowned per-
formers will light up a half mil-
lion dollar stage on Pensacola
Beach if the Santa Rosa Island
Authority approves a proposal.
The item reached the agenda of
the Santa Rosa Island Authority
at their Full Board meeting on
July 14.
"We are looking at an ongo-
ing series of entertainers for great
events," Robert Rinke of Porto-
fino said. "We need a stage set
up. We would like it to be built
in the core area within the next
two years, but for the immedi-
ate time, we need to purchase a
portable stage."
Payment for the stage would
come out of the Island Beautifi-
cation Fund, which now has a
million dollars, obtained through
excess lease fees from Portofino.
Board members had several

concerns about the stage. They
asked Rinke about renting rather
than buying. Also, they wanted
to know if the structure would
be stable, and able to stand up to
the salt air.
Board member Fred Gant
said, "We need to move forward
as quickly as possible. We should
not delay the progress of this proj-
ect. The need is now. The need is
here. The concept is good."
"The stage needs to be set up
and ready for big name entertain-
ers. We heard that Faith Hill and
others want to come to the Gulf
Coast," Rinke said.
Rinke said he would bring the
people who could answer all their
questions to the next meeting,
including Margaritaville's Jim
Wiseman, who is Jimmy Buffett's
development partner.

Vernon Prather, board mem-
ber, made a motion to move
"I think tonight we should
vote conceptually to ask Mr. Lee
to move forward and get prices
and details."
The motion passed unani-
A proposal to build a $35,000
parking lot adjacent to the San
Souci Condominiums on Ft.
Pickens Rd. was approved going
against Tammy Bohannon, Board
chairman, who felt the project
benefitted PegLeg Pete's and they
should share the cost.
"I am not in favor of this,"
Bohannon said. "I feel that we
should have shared the cost with
PegLeg's. We are using public
funds for a private business."
Buck Lee, SRIA executive

director, said there was money in
the Special Projects fund to pay
for the project, and it could be
completed this year.
The Board passed a new and
lengthy regulation in an effort to
stop all the problems associated
with rentals of beach residences
for large parties. The motion,
made by Vernon Prather, follows:
The initial permitfee will be $25
until such time as a violation
occurs then the security deposit
would be required of $500. Es-
calating to $1000 for the second
violation. The security deposit
can escalate to $4,000. If there
are no violations of the rules
then the security deposit will be
returned less the $25 application
fee. The Permit will be generated
and must beposted on the house.
In the event someone does not se-
cure an event permit then a $500

after the factfee will be charged
by the SRIA to the leaseholder.
In other business, the Board:
> Approved retaining their
advertising agency, E.W. Bullock
Associates for another year.
> Approved a $35,000 ex-
penditure for web-cameras on
the Public Safety and Gulf Fish-
ing Pier. Viewers will be able to
see what the beach looks like in
real time.
> Maureen LaMar reported
that the Visitors Information
Center was down by 865 visitors
last month.
> Buck Lee complimented
the Beach Chamber of Commerce
for putting on a great Fourth of
July fireworks show.
The next meeting of the SRIA
willbe at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, July
28 at the Authority office. All meet-
ings are open to the public.

After Sundown

Only restaurant on Pensacola Beach offering breath taking
views of the Gulf while dining directly on the beach. Come as you
are straight off the sandy beach and enjoy our indoor/outdoor bar and
gulf side deck. Crabs has the largest selection of Crab on the beach,
was voted Best Crab by News Journal readers. She Crab Soup,
Stuffed Blue Crabs, Alaskan Snow, King or Dungeness you'll
find them all! We have many other seafood favorites on our menu
as well as a great assortment of chicken, steaks and pasta dishes.
Don't forget to try one of our signature drinks like 'The Crab Trap'
which come with a souvenir glass to keep!
Open 7 days a week. Sunday Brunch with live Steel Band.
Look for the Red Roof on Pensacola Beach. 850-932-0700 www.
A little bit of paradise at this open air, island style bar with
its own private white sand beach. Pull up a rattan stool. Cold beer.
Live Music. Exotic Libations. Friendly locals. Lunch and Dinner
everyday. Sandwiches. Salads. Fresh Catch of the Day. Renee's
Famous Shrimp Salad. Happy Hour 11-7. Live Bands. Poker on
Monday and Wednesday.
Tucked away in the parking lot of the Paradise Inn, it's directly
on Santa Rosa Sound. Boat and Bicycle parking. Open 7 days.
Score! Don't miss a point. See it all in high definition 11
big screens, 42 televisions. If it runs, jumps, races, it's here.
Famous for Thursday Wing Night. Burgers. Seafood and Ribs.
Kids menu for the JV players. Full bar. Indoor or outdoor seat-
ing. Video sports games.
Centrally located on Via de Luna, just east of the main
parking lot and the traffic light. Kick off at 11 a.m. seven days
a week. 934-3660.

Celebrating 30 years of Floundering neathh the moon
and stars. Offering fresh Seafood including Tuna, Mahi and of
course Flounder! Award winning chowder, po boys, burgers
and Pensacola Beach Style baked oysters. Sample our Fresh
catch including the Shrimp Boat Platter- loaded with shrimp
cocktail, BBQ shrimp, fried shrimp, popcorn shrimp and U-
peel ems. Kids love our Pirate Ship playground located on
our beach well within view of dining parents. For late night
revelers- Flounder's is host to the world's finest beach bands.
Dance all night on Flounder's beach to the most popular bands
from across the south.
Open 7 days a week. Sunday Brunch. At the Traffic Light
on beautiful Pensacola Beach, 850-932-2003

visit these island restaurants,
pubs and bistros forfun
after the sun sinks into the sea

Ahoy, Matey. You've found a Pensacola Beach treasure.
Pirates welcome. Fresh Gulf seafood served in the galley or
outside on the awning covered deck. Glass front bar overlooks
LaFitte Cove. All kinds of oysters. Live lobster. Gumbo. Dinner
specials nightly. Sizeable sandwiches and burgers for Landlub-
bers. Take home a t-shirt.
Look for the Jolly Rogers flying over the west end of the
Island at 1010 Fort Pickens Road. We're here everyday at 11.
932-4139. www.peglegpetes.com

One of America's great steakhouses; proudly serving USDA
Prime Steaks, seafood and Irish specialties including Irish fisher-
man's bouillabaisse, Corned Beef and Cabbage and Shepherd's Pie
all inside a turn of the century New York Irish Saloon themed pub.
McGuire's is celebrated for its atmosphere, boasting more than
750,000 signed dollar bills hanging from the ceilings of the pub.
Live entertainment coupled with great food and warm and friendly
service by Employees who Give a Damn! Visit our on-site brewery
and the O'TolfWine Cellar featuring the complete vertical collection
of the Chateau Mouton RothschildArtist Series. Featured onNBC's
'Today' Show, highly recommended by Fodors, Frommers and
AAA travel guides, Florida Trend Magazine Hall of Fame Member.
Open every day at 11 am, 850-433-6789 mcguiresirishpub.com

The World Famous Sandshaker"- a Pensacola Beach Tradition
since 1973. It's the Home of the Original Bushwacker and has been
selling this signature drink for over 30 years. The Shaker was the 1 st
bar on the Beach to offer this tasty frozen concoction. Live Music
Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun. Karaoke Tues & Wed. Poker & BARE Nite on
Monday. T-Shirt Nite on Thursday. Check out our new Shaker Shop
for great island wear, jewelry & gifts. Across from the Boardwalk.
Open 10 am 3 am. 850-932-2211. www.sandshaker.com

Open at 7:30 a.m. seven days a week. Owned and operated by
friendly natives serving locally produced seafood and delicacies.
The Fish Tacos are an experience to enjoy. The owners say their
goal is to preserve the unique flavors of the Gulf Coast. Go fresh. Go
native. Specialty desserts top off expertly prepared meals. Seating is
informal. Art gallery setting with local artists displaying whimsical
works. Serving breakfast and lunch everyday; Dinner Fri and Sat.
45 Via de Luna. Downtown Pensacola Beach. 934-4848.

July 27, 2010

Island Times


PAGE 6 Island Times July 27, 2010


"Well, at least you've got your
health!" That's what my Mama
would say regarding any crisis
in our family. It's a good rule of
thumb to live by (another Mama-
ism) so long as you actually have
your health. If you don't, you'll
need to find another rule.
My sweet beautiful sister and
friend, Kathryn Curle no longer had
her health and she has moved on
to a better place. She fought very
hard and survived much longer
than anyone believed possible. Her
battle earned her more time with
her loving family and friends. My
love and prayers for their peace
go out to all Kathryn's family and
friends. Save me a barstool on
Derelict's Corner at that great Tiki
in the Sky 'cause I look forward to
seeing you again....... For now, I
will miss you.
I sure hope there are no rules
in Heaven because our world is
not only full of rules, some days it
seems that it's entirely about them.
They're everywhere you look. You
can't go outside (with your eyes
open) without seeing them. And

Lord knows I hate rules unless I'm
the one making them up! Then,
they're a lot more fun......
That's why I've created my
fantasy world where I only invite
a select few to enter. Sometimes
people try to intrude without an
invitation, but it's my fantasy so I
can just kick 'em right on out! So,
if you show up at my door, you'd
better be wearing some magic dust
and planning on having some fun.
I had a dream about Mr. Harry
(the late, great Harry Gowens) one
night after he was gone. In this
dream, Mr. Harry told me his secret
to survival. Y'all know he lived a
long and very fruitful life full of
fun and happiness.
His secret? "Baby" he said,
"All you have to do when things
get rough is to just hold on and you
will come out the other side."
I love that (and him still) and
I've passed that secret on to many
in the years since. It makes a lot
of sense to me, it's true, and while
you're hangin' on, you might as
well have some fun.
I'm sharing that secret with all
of us who suffer (mentally, emo-

ato Men's and
Casual &
t 0T Outdoor
nathe god
Four Season Apparel Clothing

Hiking & Backpacking IHE
Snow Ski Apparel NON
Rock Climbing Gear, Ropes & Shoes FACE
Indoor Rock Climbing Wall ia
pIIataon .

Maria's Fres4 Seafoob Market
Take a little bit of the Gulf Coast home!
Fresh from the boats daily
We can cold pack for travel or ship anywhere.
621 Cervan es Street
Pensacola 432-4999 MON -SAT 8AM 7 PM
Call for directions from the Beach SUNDAY 8AM 6 PM

tionally or financially) during this
time of extreme difficulty and un-
certainty. We will pass through to
the other side of this disaster. Just
hang on my friends and let's have
some fun in the meantime.
We've got a lot of fun coming
up in August. I'm spending these
few precious unscheduled days
to recover (from our socially and
emotionally exhausting summer)
and conserve some of my sparse
energy. (Why, oh why, can't I
borrow some from those grandchil-
dren?) Remember that whatever
our future brings, we always come
together and help one another. And
we will remain as fiercely loyal
and protective of our Paradise as
we have always been; nothing can
or will change that. This is not our
first disaster together.
Did I say I was resting up?
Yeah, well I can do that in Biloxi
just as easily maybe even easier
since my phones won't be ringing
off the hook. Well, I won't hear
them anyway in the loud clanging
of slot machines.
Christine Hewerdine got so ex-
cited during the last trip she forgot
to cash in a ticket. We're going to
parlay it. We hope. We are going
to check out that bar again, win at
some poker machines and see how
many martinis we can drink.
Now, that's a fun plan, right
there. And win or lose we'll still
come home the same lucky, lucky
gals we were when we left. No,
I'm not kidding you, while a win
is always nice to have, it's not es-
sential to my happiness. After all,
we still live in Paradise.
Because we love our Paradise
so much, the Mystic Krewe of
Nereids is working on a plan to
bring some fun and much needed
business to the entire Island. If suc-
cessful, every business should see a
few dollars, at least, come in their
door. If a prize winner likes what
they see or have in your business,
odds are they will return bringing
friends. So, pay attention when
we come knocking on your door
asking for prize donations because

you can't afford to miss getting
your business name in on this. If
unsuccessful, then we'll be a broke
Krewe of Nereids working in the
street next year on what's left of
our new float. Or it's possible
we'll be planning our own parade
if we can't afford entry fee to the
Big One.
So, keep on reading the Island
Times, mark your calendar right
now for August 21, so you can
come out and help us help you.
Ohjust mark it for the whole day;
we'll let you know the time later.
Right now it's time to cook; or
not cook.....anyway, we've got to
go to the kitchen.

Four Ingredient
Chicken Salad

2 10 oz. cans cooked chicken
1 Cup mayonnaise (more or less to
your taste)
% 1 Cup Celery, coarsely chopped
1 small can cashew pieces, coarsely

Drain chicken and place in
large bowl for mixing. Add the
rest of ingredients and chill in
refrigerator. This will serve a lot
of people. It's my own recipe and
we fed more than ten people dur-
ing the Blue Angels Shows (and
God Bless our Blue Angels and all
who performed and entertained us.
You sent chills down my spine and
filled my soul withjoy, patriotism,
love of my Country and hope for
our future).
What makes this recipe so
great is that you can easily cut it
in half or double it for more. You
can add ingredients or leave out
some of my ingredients. It's easily
made healthy by using light mayo
(adding less mayo) and adding
purple seedless grapes cut in half.
Grapes make it possible to use
less mayo because they contribute
more moisture in the salad.
Enjoy, share, don't forget to
hang on and have some fun on the
beach daily.
See ya in the kitchen....

Kathryn Hotchkin Curie
February 25, 1959 July 15, 2010
Every life she touched was
brightened by Kathryn Curle. And
there were many lives. Kathryn
passed away on July 15 after bat-
tling an inoperable brain tumor for
many years. Her friends and family
gathered on Wednesday, July 21 in
Navarre to celebrate her life.
Her life was always good,
cheerful and dignified. Her hus-
band, Woody, and children Haley
and Ethan were her first priority.
After working in sales on Pensacola
Beach at The Dunes Hotel for a
number of years, Kathryn decided,
after her daughter Haley was born to
become a stay at home mom.
Kathryn and Woody lived on
the island until Hurricane Opal
destroyed their home. Among Kath-
ryn's passions was her love for
horses. She went horseback riding
every day. She owned many horses
during her lifetime.
She also was much into Pen-
sacola Beach Mardi Gras and was
one of the founders of the presti-
gious Mystic Krewe of Nereids.
She reigned over the group as their
queen in 1994.
After the Island Times was
launched in 2005, and began its
series of Trivia questions, Kathryn
began her quest to become a mem-
ber of the Knights of the Round
Table. She worked and worked on
finding the right answer even dur-
ing her illness, and she did win one
week, but she never finished with
the three correct answers required
for knightdom.
Her friend, Trivia Countess
Kim LoBue, said it all for Kathryn's
friends and many beach family
members, "My sweet Kathryn Curle
never made it to the Roundtable.
She wanted that so much. She re-
ally thought we sat somewhere at a
round table until I explained to her
that there was no table, and she said,
'Let's get one.' I would hurry and
give her answers and I guess that's
cheating, but what did it hurt? Rest
in peace, dear friend. Kimi."

peas, porribg0e & a bv- martini
by Kathi Lewis


Island Times

July 27, 2010

- Farewell


July27, 010 slad Ties PGE

Engineer s Projects Near Completion

the beach's news available to the world

Mike Langston, engineer for
Baskerville Donovan, Inc. gave the
Santa Rosa Island Authority an up-
date on various beach projects they
have been working on.
"The ability to use reclaimed
water to irrigate the landscaping on
Pensacola Beach has been delayed
by permitting and weather," Langs-
ton said. "But everything should be
complete by the end of the year."
Langston said that a permit for
a cross connection and groundwater
monitoring plans are still under re-
view by the Florida Department of
Environmental Protection. He said

all other components are complete
and have been started up for testing.
Langston said the Little Sa-
bine Bay Restoration is virtually
The pump which is located in
the western part of Little Sabine was
tested on July 9.
"The results proved the pump
to be quiet," Langston said. "There
was no water movement. It was
working like it was supposed to.
The project should be closed out
pretty quickly and has fulfilled the
requirements of the Water Manage-
ment District funding grant."

Larry Newsom, Interim County
administrator, has become involved
in the drainage problems on the
Beach, according to Langston.
Engineers have already identi-
fied problem areas. Escambia Coun-
ty cleared and videotaped some of
the pipes on Via de Luna. However,
some pipes are still clogged up with
sand. The task orders have been
given to Escambia County and they
will take care of this.
"We are actually waiting for
another round of bad weather so we
can review and compare results,"
Langston said.

ECUA Offers Free Household Chemicals Pick Up

If you have paint or used mo-
tor oil stored in your garage, it
just became as easy as making a
phone call to dispose of it. Emerald
Coast Utilities Authority's (ECUA)
Hazardous Household Waste col-
lection program is operational.
This program is free to residential
Maintaining a safe environ-
ment is a top priority for the ECUA.
If household chemicals are not dis-
posed of properly, environmental
concerns may potentially develop,
and the costs to contain or remedi-
ate the situation can be expensive.
The ECUA is proactive on pro-

tecting our drinking water source
and local waterways, and keeping
chemicals from our wastewater
treatment facilities, whose purpose
is not to treat these chemicals.
Randy Rudd, director of sanita-
tion services says, "The new service
has been a tremendous success. On
the first day of collection, a total of
355 requests for pick up were re-
ceived. The majority of the liquids
collected were paint and motor oil.
The ECUA crews also collected
235 gallons of cooking oil and 212
florescent light bulbs. Six cubic
yards of dry material such as fertil-
izer, insecticides and pool chemicals

Hundreds GazeAt Beach Stars

Escambia Amateur Astrono-
mer Association Events Coordiator
Dewey Barker kept an eye on the
Pensacola Beach sky during the
July 16 and 17 star gaze at the
Gulfside Pavilion. "The skies were
not looking too good on Friday
night, but the Moon was blowing
through the thin clouds in the sky,"
Barker said. "We had around 50
people stop by for views of the
Moon, Venus, and Saturn as they
popped in and out of the clouds
rolling overhead and I was able to
use my laser to point out Scorpius
and Sagittarius when the skies
opened to the South."
The cloudy night skies make
viewing the stars and planets a
challenge, but the all-volunteer

group set up on Saturday, July 17
with high hopes.
"The skies on Saturday were
giving me the impression that they
were going to be more cooperative
and clearer than they were on Fri-
day," said Barker. "When I arrived
my fellow astronomers Perry Vath
and Carol Sigler were already set
up with people waiting in line to
view the Moon."
The free event attracted about
150 people who got up close views
of the Moon and Saturn.
The next Star Gaze is sched-
uled for August 13 and 14 at the
Gulfside Pavilion. The event is
sponsored by the Escambia Ama-
teur Astronomers and there is no
charge to participate.

were also collected. "
This new service will allow
all ECUA residential customers
to call-in and request a pick-up of
items once-per-month. The service
is offered on the first Saturday of the
month. The collection will include
the pick-up of items such as pool
chemicals, household chemicals,
paints, used cooking grease, lawn
and garden chemicals, and used
motor oil, to name just a few.
For more information on the
ECUA Hazardous Household Waste
collection program, visit the ECUA
website at www.ecua.org or call
Customer Service at 850-476-0480.


The Navarre Community
Emergency Response Team
(CERT) in cooperation with
Santa Rosa County CERT is
conducting an Introduction
to CERT class over the first
two full weekends in August.
The class will be conducted
at the Holley-Navarre Fire
Station #45, 8618 Esplanade
St., Navarre, FL (North of the
Winn-Dixie shopping center
on Rte 98 in Navarre). There
is no charge for the training or
materials. Please visit www.
navarrecert.org for registration

A /. AE~"



ifer Byrom, P.A.
.Xloriev- Al Law~
widl Probathe -IInrtiahl anlid / amindi' I mli.
riltC ii -,ii li II*L'IIl I fdwel

loll Fice: 8--889-8822
916-9000 1,- Elin irecl
n ii Ioni
% %%.B %. ro m o F e.1 . 1 , .,
F I. I ....~. ..... 0 . .. ,,-., .,. 11 1 \.,.,. 1. .1 ,-., I ,,, I


\,)l~k P,'Ivo* F IN HM I i 'J( PaI

\\ \\ \\..N cpals.coi m

Joe tI a cpals.comil



in obur Home

Joe Stukey

IImportant Phone Numbers & Websites
IThe following phone numbers & websites are sources of oil spill information.

SBeach Field Office
Citizen Information
I FL Oil Spill Information
BP Claims
Oiled shorelines, tarball
from your cell
I Oiled wildlife
I Boom problem


Officials warn leave tar balls
and oiled debris for the clean
up teams. Do not touch oiled
wildlife. Call to report.
Visit our website
for oil spill information, updates
as they become available.

I http://www.GeoPlatform.gov/
www.MylslandTimes.com gulfresponse
I www.visitpensacolabeach.com www.escambiadisasterresponse.com
Iwww.sria-fla.com www.deepwaterhorizonresponse.com
L ,J-----------------

Shipping & Packaging Services
Fax C Copy Services
Printing & Document Finishing Services
Notary Services
Mailbox Services
Packaging & Moving Supplies
Office Supplies

Bruno's Shopping Center
362 Gulf Breeze Parkway
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
850.932.8533 Tel 850.932.1588 Fax

July 27, 2010

Island Times


The UPS Store'

PAGE 8 Island Times July 27, 2010

T4e ^5o44t B9tt

Jamie Seabrooke is taking a
well-deserved break from the books
this summer after posting a perfect
score in the FCAT. The former


family! lMon 9to5
ml & Th 9 to 9
W&F 9to7
Sat 10 to 5



Beach School student will return
for his second year at Woodlawn
Middle School where he will be in
the seventh grade.
Beach School graduate Kylie
Finkbone spent her summer on stage
with the Pensacola Little Theater.
She was cast in Puss In Boots which
debuted in mid July. She will be in
sixth grade this Fall.
Six Iraqi teenagers were in
Pensacola as part of an eight-day
cultural exchange program. The
goal of the program is to empower
Iraqi high school students with the
confidence, skills, and knowledge

Serving tbe public since 1948
enjoy authentic Italian dishes
created from time honored family recipes

014S TUES- SUN at 11 AM
Tues Thur 'til 10 PM Enj'oy The View
Fri-Sat 'til1 1 PM Dine inside or outside
Sunday 'til 9 PM with a waterfront view
Closed Monday

Late Ni bt
Live Entertainhent
begins soon

Tbe Web
Facebook & Twitter

A^-mericaf B-

to create positive change in their
communities upon return to Iraq.
The themes explored during the
Pensacola portion of the exchange
include leadership, community- $s.
building, volunteerism, and youth
activism. Appointments on their
packed calendar included meet-
ing with Councilwoman Maren
DeWeese and Chief Bearheart, at- -' f:
tending workshops at Digital Media
Education and the University of
West Florida, and volunteering at
the Arcadia Mill archaeological site.
Boy Scout Troop 11 has re- Pensacola
rine at Camp W(
turned from a week at Camp Wood- Scout Troop 11
ruff in Blairsville, Georgia. The

o~e7Za4 Gaf ani Gams 503255

Beach Elementary School i
odruff in Georgia. Reddon
in Gulf Breeze.

Troop meets at the Presbyterian
Church in Gulf Breeze. The leader
is David Langham. Beach School
Scouts are Colin Adams, Edgar
Shigley, Reddon McLaurine, Eric
Larsen. Principal Jeff Castleberry's
son, Taylor, is also in this troop.
If you are at least 16 and are
into high tech, then tune in and
turn on Pensacola State College's
high-tech Collegiate High School.
Registration is from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
August 2-23.

Day & Night

at 10 am

opeerk Golf and Games 850-932-1550
pea 18 Holes of Fantasy Golf

ABSOLUTE BEST in Miniature Golf


Awesome Arcade
3600sf of Fun

Look for New Games

We host

Try our
Snack Bar
Ice Cream

n S s & C s 00 0k fr th WSa

arad Reddon McLau-

The Pen-
sacola program
is a traditional
high school
located at the
Hobbs Center
on the PSC
campus. It of-
fers cutting-
edge research
including a
Enhanced Aca-
demic Labora-
tory with 35
new computers

is a member of Boy featuring inter-
active software.
All classrooms
are Level I technology classrooms
that include student computers,
instructor control consoles, large-
screen TVs, DVD/VCR capabilities
and document cameras. Interactive
instruction based on individual
need is the program's instructional
Collegiate High School's pro-
gram offers students in Escambia
and Santa Rosa counties the option
of attending school with an ac-
celerated curriculum. The diploma
earned in the program is the same
earned at any Florida public high
For more information, call 850-
St. Francis of Assisi Church in
Gulf Breeze will sponsor a Back to
School Literacy Fair on Wednesday
August 4 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at
Church's Parish Hall. Everyone in
the South Santa Rosa and Pensacola
Beach area is invited to come and
bring their children. The first 100
school age children will receive a
bag of school supplies. There is no
charge for this event.
"Tuffy, A Real American Quar-
ter Horse Hero" with his trainer
Kyle Holley will be at the event
along with local children's authors,
illustrators and a publisher.
Scholastic Books will have a
table of books and school supplies
available for purchase. There will
be a writing workshop and a dem-
onstration on how to make your
own book.

Across from the Hilton on Pensacola Beach
850-934-LILO (5456) www.lillostuscangrille.com


Island Times

July 27, 2010

July 27, 2010 Island Times

Elbert Tells Beach Oil Spill Story To State Officials

Jeff Elbert was carrying the
entire load of Pensacola Beach on
his shoulders when he appeared in
Tallahassee on July 20 at the request
of Florida's Chief Financial Officer
and gubernatorial candidate, Alex
Elbert, president of the Pensac-
ola Beach Chamber of Commerce
and Chris Jones, Escambia County
Property Appraiser, were invited to
talk to her about the ways the oil
spill were impacting the Beach.
"I met with CFO Sink in her
office," Elbert said. "I told her
my story as well as those of other
businesses on the Beach. Many of
the Beach businesses are owned
by families. We do not have large
corporations backing us."
Elbert later gave a speech
during a press conference where
the entire Democratic caucus was
present along with fifty reporters.
Elbert told the history of his
parents starting a gift business in
a small cinder block building. His
mother painted sandollars to sell as
souvenirs. When the elder Elbert
retired, young Jeff took over the
business which has been rebuilt
twice from hurricane destruction.
They also have survived a banking
crisis and the recession.

"I do not think we can survive
this," Elbert said. "I have not re-
ceived a dime from BP"
Elbert answered the questions
from the press, including one that
involved the seasonal difference be-
tween Northwest and South Florida.
"Unlike South Florida we have
a very short tourist season," Elbert
told them. "We have to make all the
money in the summer so that we

Florida Governor Charlie Crist, right, and
ber President Jeff Elbert discussed the oil
at the Blue Angels reception on Pensacola
prior to Elbert's Tallahassee trip.

can hang on through the winter. If I
don't get some relief, I don't know
how I will hang on after Labor Day."

During his time with Sink,
Elbert did explain a voucher system
that Robert Rinke and Fred Sim-
mons have been promoting.
This Voucher Program would
have BP paying for half of any ho-
tel night stay on beaches that have
been impacted by the spill. Travel-
ers would receive half price rooms
with BP paying for the other half
and advertising the program. They
feel the hotel occupancy
would result in helping the
gift shops, restaurants and
small businesses.
"CFO Sink thinks the
voucher idea is great," El-
bert said. "She plans to
present it to the Florida
Restaurant and Lodging As-
sociation for their support."
Elbert made a positive
impression on Florida of-
ficials. He talked with Gov-
ernor Charlie Crist and got
a hug from Senator Eleanor
Cha Sobel of Hollywood after
impact his speech.
Beach, "I believe that every-
one listened to what I had
to say," he said. "This will
help me personally, the Chamber
and the entire Beach. It was a great


The Santa Rosa Island Authority hosted the Blue Angels'
Wives Luncheon at Crab's on July 8. The upstairs dining area
overlooking the Gulf of Mexico gave the guests a front row
seat for the 2 p.m. practice show. Attending the luncheon are
the guests of honor, (L to R) Blue Angels wives: Anne Simon-
sen, Cinthia Demontalvo, Jeanette Thompson, Holly Burks,
Kim McWherter, Christine Jorge, Shirley Robinson, Jen Kur-
rle, Rachelle Thomazeski and Bethany Weisser.

PAGE 10 Island Times July 27, 2010

i iiiRanked N I i
Postrc e : Single Fanilv Homie Sales
C tl 'on Pensacola Beach in 2009
r. .- _l[,,. i n ,-

Pensacola Beach IeaP6 sales and transactions up ate:
SOU ru July 20)

506 Ft. Pickens Rd
Regency Towers, 701 E
4 Portofino #1803
5 Portofino #608
4 Portofino #502
1400 Ariola Dr.
28 Calle Hermosa

1333 SF


Park Service Seeks Volunteers At Fort Pickens

The rewards of volunteering
with the Gulf Islands National Sea-
shore's Public Information group
are oh so sweet. Seventy locals
were treated to a pot luck din-
ner July 7 to thank them for their

103 Baybridge Dr.
Gulf Breeze, FL

hard work. These volunteers serve
as the park's eyes and ears on the
beaches and provide the public
with the most recent health and
safety information concerning oil
on the beaches and in the water.

G. Daniel Green, MAI, SRA
State-Cert. Gen. REA #RZ836
Real Estate Broker #BK176669

G. Daniel Green

Commercial & Residential Appraisal, Consulting & Sales


family owned
-1 ^I^ and operated
insurance agency
bay@bayinscom Homeownerial Vehicle
www.bayins.com bay@bayins.com Homeowners & Flood

Spectacular Cleared Lol wilh
mature Oak Trees & Slunning
Views. One of the largest lols in
Ihe neighborhood wilh 165 feel of
Sandy Beach on Perdido Bay: Ihe
lol is approximately 165' x 320'
Enjoy Fishing. Boaling. Swim-
ming and Sunsels from your
Walerfronl Property. $299.900

Lots for Sale
II.11 III- I_1 H1:~ -I' :I' I-I s~IIi:II _~1~:~ II:~


I-I-I I : ':,* i "
Homes tor Sale
, I -II-I : 1 I::
l.~I i1- 1 _1- I4 . ,14

for additional


the beach news available worldwide

become a Fan on Facebook

Volunteers are also working to help
the public understand why the Na-
tional Park Service (NPS) has cho-
sen to use tools that will create the
least impact during the clean up.
"The NPS protects the natural
and cultural heritage of our land-
scape and as a steward of that land-
scape is responsible for full clean
up while being as sensitive to the
habitat as possible," said Seashore
Superintendent Dan Brown. "We
would like to extend our deepest
appreciation to the community of
local people who feel that volun-
teering is their way of helping in a
difficult situation."
More Public Information Vol-
unteers are needed.
"We are hoping to add about
twenty to thirty additional volun-
teers," said Gulf Islands National
Seashore Chief of Interpretation
and Education Gail Bishop. "The
areas that they cover are Fort Pick-
ens and the Santa Rosa area east of
Pensacola Beach."
If you are interested in volun-
teering, please call Gulf Islands at
850-916-3013. Volunteer training
will be conducted July 27 at 7 p.m
at Naval Live Oaks in Gulf Breeze.

Linda Taylor Murphy

Now's the time to make a
real estate purchase.
Call today!
cell: 850-748-0865
office: 850-934-3233


207 Panferio 1014 Maldonado 711 Ariola Dr
300 Via de Luna 709 Ariola Dr 26 Condos
45 Calle Marbella 15 Seashore Dr 1006 Ariola

Your place in paradise is just a phone call away...
850-932-0067 866-749-3732

Ready To


Dennis Remesch
rj www.denrem.com


Island Times

July 27, 2010


July 27, 2010 Island Times PAGE 11


Multisport Performance In-
stitute (MPI), a triathlon training
enterprise, was established in Janu-
ary by local triathletes John Murray
and Mark Sortino both of whom
are certified USA Triathlon Coaches
and Race Directors. MPI is affiliated
with Portofino Island Resort allow-
ing athletes access to some of the
best training grounds in the coun-
try. They will host multiple day
training camps, single day clinics,
personal coaching, a youth triathlon
development team, webinars, and an
individualized "menu" that includes
metabolic testing, swim video
analysis and bike fitting. Swim,
bike or jog over or visit: www.
Capt JR is back on the water of-
fering three hour eco tours on Santa
Rosa Sound aboard his Blue Marlin
Water Taxi. The tours are run daily
and passengers are likely to see
everything from dolphin to ospreys.
All you do is call the Captain and

climb aboard. He even brings the
chilled water and snacks.
Crab's We Got 'Em is the per-
fect venue for visiting dignitaries
to meet with their constituents and
the media. You never know who
will be appearing at the cheerful red
tables with the Gulf of Mexico in the
background. The Surgeon General
Dr. Regina Benjamin made it her
Pensacola Beachvenue. Stop in and
see for yourself. Could be just what
the doctor ordered.
Business Week published a
piece on oil impacted businesses
along the Gulf Coast. Longtime
Pensacola Beachbusinessman John
Ehrenreich of Speedy John's was
featured in the national magazine's
glossy pages.
The Bath Tub Races and Any-
thing That Floats are set for Sunday,
September 5 in the Sound behind
Bamboo Willie's. The entire $30
entry fee is donated to the Pensacola

Beach Chamber. Start practicing
your rowing skills. Better yet, de-
sign your own wacky watercraft
and enter the Anything That Floats
Division. There is a prize for the
Most Impressive Sinker! A flotilla

of Beach Pirates will be paddling
unapproved vessels from Paradise
Bar and Grill's dock to the Bath Tub
Races. Costumes and decorations
are mandatory. Stay tuned for more




8 to 11 AM

Pensacola Beach, FL
Authentic Irish Pub




Happy Hour
12 to 7 PM

49 Via de Luna eas
916-9808 Hold'Em

Sign up to be part of the
Beach Pirate Flotilla
by mailing
islandtimes@ bellsouth.net.


Burgers Shakes

Fries Cold Beer
Waterfront Dining
500 Quietwater Beach Blvd
Pensacola Beach 932-1417 o Red Beans & Rice w/
Upstairs from Key Sailing UU Sausage on Mondays

July 27, 2010

Island Times


Island Times

i 4

Former Beach Volunteer Fireman Jeff Norris oper-
ates the Beach WebCam. He provided a live feed for
viewers to watch the Blue Angels Air Show July 10 on
Pensacola Beach.

Champions of the Sliding With
Style Competition, July 4 at The Tiki
Slide on Pensacola Beach received
S engraved medals sponsored by
SIsland Times. Wild and wacky slide
winners are (Back row, L to R):
Jared Rodriguez, 11,Texas; Jake
-. Domschke, 8, Pensacola; Kurt
Domschke, 13, Pensacola; Joe
Funck, 12, Pensacola and Caroline
Beard, 11, Pensacola. Center is
Emma Rodriguez, 8 of Texas. Fore-
ground, two-year-old Logan Moore,
South Carolina.
Jared and Emma were visiting
grandparents Mike and Chrissy
Cook on Pensacola Beach. Little
Logan Moore is Deb Friedman's

CPL Brian Marion, USMC, oversees the pull-ups
Austin Suggs, 16, of Snellville, Georgia performed at
the Marine Corps display during the Blue Angels Air
Show July 10 on Pensacola Beach.

- --
r^ ~

Logan Moore received a medal and a July Fourth
Bear for his efforts at the Sliding with Style Contest.

The Blue Angels Boss, CDR Greg McWherter, left,
awards the SRIA Boss, Buck Lee, a commemorative
Blue Angels appreciation framed photo at the reception
hosted by the SRIA and the Beach Chamber July 9.
6 u A

Nine-month old Brooke Pickett happily munched
on a big piece of ice, cold watermelon at Our Lady of
the Assumption's July 18 summer picnic.

Dominick Claus checks out the waterslide at Our
Lady of the Assumption's July 18 summer picnic. Mom
Nicole is in the background.

Two-year-old Ruth Lipnicky of Gulf Breeze has the
best seat in the house her dad Darryl's lap. They were
enjoying the picnic at Our Lady on July 18.


July 27, 2010

July 27, 2010 Island Times PAGE 13

YTy Joe Stukey
BYTES AND BITS Your Computer Pal

Q: "How Many Times Can I
Install My Microsoft Software?"
A: In the consumer market-
place, Microsoft licenses its soft-
ware to the individual to prevent
software privacy. Microsoft Win-
dows Operating System software,
which includes XP, Vista, and Win-
dows 7, is licensed to the computer
on which it was installed during the
manufacturing process. It is sup-
posed to be used only on that com-
puter. If the computer is destroyed,
the software should be destroyed
also. Ifyoupurchasedthe Windows
Operating System software in a box
from a retail outlet, you can use it
on one computer at a time.
Microsoft Office is the set of
programs (including Word, Excel,
and Powerpoint) that is hugely
popular with Windows software
users. That software is intended to
be a single-owner product. Even
though it will install on more than
one computer, don't assume that you
are legally correct in doing so. If

that is an okay thing to do, Microsoft
will state that clearly in the software
Keep in mind that Microsoft
does monitor the number of times
that you have installed the software.
Each time you are asked to "acti-
vate" the product, using its Product
Key, Microsoft records information
about that installation. There is a
limit to how many times Micro-
soft will allow activation to occur.
Once the limit is reached, you will
be asked to contact them by phone.
So, if you let your friends borrow
your software, you might find that
Microsoft will not let you re-install
it until you contact them.
Once the activation limit is
reached, Microsoft puts a phone
number and a long alpha-numeric
code on your screen. When you
dial that phone number, you will
be talking to a computer voice.
The voice will ask you to say the
alpha-numeric codes. If there are
no issues, you will be given another

code, which you can then enter on
the same screen. If there is aprob-
lem, you will be transferred to an
agent who will ask you to confirm
that you are the owner and that you
are operating within the guidelines.
They will then provide you with
the codes needed to install your
software. So, don't throw your
software away, if you have reached
the activation "limit."
For questions, contact Joe at
joey cpals corn or 206-3156.

New Oil Spill Information
Website Launched
National Incident Commander
Admiral Thad Allen announced the
launch of a new federal web portal
www.RestoreTheGulf.gov dedi-
cated to providing the American
people with clear and accessible
information and resources related
to the BP Deepwater Horizon oil
spill response and recovery.
The site www.deepwaterhori-
zonresponse.com will be phased out.

A Steam Clean
-A n cLLuS ma Process

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
Area and Oriental Rugs Tile & Grout
Marble, Vinyl & Hardwood Cars, Boats & RV Interiors
Don't sa tv 932-7670 -934-1913
forget I -

Valid only for Wednesdays' drop
Can not be accumulated with any other offer
Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Suede & Leather, Alterations, Wash & Fold, etc
Cull E.ree:e 1 14 Cull C.,ee:e ':P ,.,,. 932.2565
Tieer Poini 9-. Gull B'ee:e P..v,. 916-9437 X CLEA
..t, -IEA1ER

One Sto Shop fo th IIsp sEthsat

w:wwm isadirme
the beach's news 0orldwide


Open everyday at 9 AM Live Music
850-934-3141 Cold Beer
Free Sunsets
OPEN AIR DECK Next to the Yacht Club
Overlooks Sabine B

Pensacola /each, A1l

Our ar
Tuesday & Thursdays 7 to 11
Karaoke with BOOGIE, INC. *T e l
Wednesday 7 to 11
Tim Spencer plays your favorites
Friday 7:30 to 11:30
30th Ronnie Miller & Southern Breeze A
Saturday v I

31st The Blenders. 7:30 p.m.

Check out the bands and updates
S 715 Pensacola Beach Blvd at the Sabine Marina

.......................... : . ........................................ C L A E R


n Air

July 27, 2010

Island Times



SMostlyB Nuts Grice Grabs First Beach Poker Win
FMostlv Nuts Candace

i, a Bolts
"& Bolts Segar
Bol s

As I get older I find that I can't
just pick up and carry furniture
on my back or using just my back
strength like I used to do. My mind
thinks it can do it and certainly from
an engineering perspective, I can do
it. It all boils down to pulleys, ropes,
pallets and wagons. There is nothing
I can't move by myself that weighs
between one and 300 pounds.
The one pound end is obvious,
but the 300 pound end requires strat-
egy. I like to buy furniture and move
things. I think it has become an
interesting game to me; a challenge,
woman versus mass/matter/weight.
Well, you get the picture. Anyway
one of my greatest accomplish-
ments was moving a treadle sewing
machine by myself. It was upright
in the back of the Dodge Durango.
I needed to get it inside the garage.
I used the hand holds in the back of
the Durango for my roping system.
I used one section of rope to balance
the sewing machine; I used another
section of rope to help slide it down

a small ramp onto the garage floor.
These ropes are my other woman or
man. It took patience because as I
adjusted one rope loosening it a few
inches, I had to run to the other side
and loosen the second rope as well.
It slid slowly and securely down
the ramp.
The second item I moved was
an old oak desk I had gotten at the
auction. The thing to always remem-
ber is that if you can remove parts
of an object to lighten the load, do
it. I removed the drawers and that
got rid of significant weight. Then I
laid the desk on its side in the back
of the car on top of a small blanket.
(This I had help doing.) After that
I tied my trusty rope to the handy,
dandy hand holds, slid the ramp in
place, and pulled the blanket. I loos-
ened the ropes, and voila mission
accomplished. The desk was in the
garage. It's that easy.
Just remember that everything I
know I learned from Euclid and Ar-
chimedes. Move like an Egyptian!

COMING OF AGE Chris Shearman, left, celebrated his
twenty-first birthday at Paradise's soundfront beach with his
dad Chris and mom Becky on Sunday, July 18. Chris' sister
Leigh and her husband Mike Weaverwere toasting his birthday,
along with the five hundred guests at the 399 South Concert
which took place at Paradise on Sunday. The daylong concert
was hosted to raise funds forworkers impacted by the oil spill.

The Kings, Queens and Jacks Rick Uzdeve
lined up like royalty at the New "This is such
Orleans Mardi Gras during Tommy ers."
Grice's first ever Texas Hold 'Em Beach p
4444 Fun Parade to the Winner's Misiaktook t
Circle at the famous Sandshaker on July 12 w
Lounge on July 19.
He outplayed Col.
Phil Tracy, who is
at the top of his
game. Phil's son,
Michael Tracy, -.B .'
marched into third
"I feel like I
just won the Super
Bowl," said Grice,
who is the World's
Biggest Saint's
fan. "Drinks, all
The Sand-
shaker hosts poker
tourneys on Mon-
day with dozens
of players taking a
seat at the felt. On
July 5 Mike Wood Tommy Grice
took down Phil
Tracy in the final.
"We had a great night of poker a runners-up
and pizza at The Sandshaker," said dy's behind v

native cafe
/ Il I / kie'i/(- Ipet t/w,/1,1 tl i. //lk V l,//i'i' '

Breakfast & Lunch

NE11! Dinner on Fri & Sia until ) p.m.
Specials 5-1 > 2 for I Beer $3 W\ine
$3 NMinosais, Blood MNlirfls, NMirairilfis

45 A Via (le Luna 934-4848

nes, poker promoter.
a good group of play-

)oker diva Mary Jo
p honors atthe Shaker
hen she outlasted Jim
Taylor in
the final.
Ac -
tion moves
to the his-
toric dis-
trict on
games are
at Paddy
The myste-
rious Wal-
S do Defin-
S dorfin has
arrived on
the Beach
once again
from parts
He earned
place on July 8 at Pad-
vinner Jason Gipson.

Nalives say our
Fish Tacos
are Ihe best
7:30 AM 3 PM
7:30 AM -9 PM
Fri -Sat

Integrating traditional health management with natural and alternative approaches

* New Patients Welcome
* Medicare & Tric.arc
* 10 miles from Be.ali
* Call forAppointiiinit

850-473-1008 i

* Women's Health
* Chronic Illness
- Hormone Replacement

4300 Bayou Blvd
Suite 5 Pensacola

James Elvis Presley was a star
at the poker tables on July 11. He
bet and bluffed his way to the win.
Toby and Linda Williams of St.
Louis, Missouri joined the Texas
Hold 'Em 4444 Fun gang at Paddy's
on July 15. She held on for second
place behind Beach poker icon
Justin Scher.
Scher made a second trip to the
top of the leaderboard with a win
over Big Todd Lentini on July 18
at Paddy's.
From The Chip Stack
Friday night at Tex 's Condo
Cooling Party, Hammerin' Hank
Misiak took down Waldo Defind-
orfin in the final with Mike Wood
and Glenn Burleson a close third
and fourth place during a big night
of "Tex's Hold 'E," way up high in
the South Harbour condos.
\\o\\ What a night of food
and friends," said Uzdevenes. "Tex
and Pat put on the Ritz for the gang.
Thanks so much everyone."
Texas Hold 'Em 4444 Fun is
open to everyone no matter what
your skill level or address. Locals
love it when tourists join them at the
tables. For more information, call
the Poker Hotline at 850-324-2667.

Weekly Schedule

Sandshaker, 7 PM

Paddy O'Leary's, 7pM

Paddy O'Leary's, 7 PM
, ... i i it ,. / ../,-,. 1 ,/ ',1,.
/ 1 ,.. I,,' ,. ( e 11,./, .,l l,. I,,1 i,,l l I \

Texas Hold 'In 4444 fun
Poker Hotline z4-b66b7


Island Times

July 27, 2010

July 27, 2010 Island Times PAGE 15



"Copyrighted Material

Syndicated Content

Available from Commercial News Providers"


Real Estate For Sale

Who needs a bank? Owner will
finance at 6% interest with 20%
down on this 115 Ft Sound Front
lot. MLS# 382730. $374,900.
Fred Simmons, Paradise Coastal
Realty 850-232-2188.
- $79,900. Call today. Dennis
Remesch, Re/Max on the Coast,
850-384-7607; www.denrem.com
Pensacola Beach, 4/3 $529,000
Family home centrally located with
Gulf and Sound views. Call Real-
tor Linda Murphy, Cook Realty at

Real Estate
Personalized Real Estate
Sales Rental Consulting
James Hlubek 850-380-0014


Licensed Real Estate Sales.
We must be doing something right!
Since 1963 we've sold them, their
kids, now the grandkids. Join our
team. Noel Faddis, Realty Marts/
RMI. 850-932-5376

If wishes were horses beggars would ride. If wishes were fishes we'd all have more Flounder.

Real Estate For Sale
1ST Time Home Buyer. Govern-
ment homes for sale. Easy. Quick
Move In. Call Clayton Homes 850-
Discounted. 4 Bedrooms and 3
Bedrooms. Payments ranging from
$450-$650. Call Clayton Homes at
Disability and Social Security
Income? This home is for you. Call
Clayton Homes at 850-682-3344.

S Weddings
Gregory Street Assembly Hall
Weddings Receptions Parties.
Seating up to 150 850-607-8633
Find Us On Facebook



. extra extra... read all about IT Island Times,

SSend a check for $32 made payable to Shelley Ink in your mailbox '
Mail to: PO Box 844, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562-0844 y u y I
NAME:-- oth
ADDRESS: every other

L_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ J


July 27, 2010

Island Times


CLASSIFIED ADS are $5 for 20 words. Additional words are 10 cents each. Send ad with check made
payable to Shelley Ink, P.O. Box 844, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562.

SReal Estate For Rent
Pensacola Beach Vacations Rent-
als. Call for the BEST RATES on
Beachfront condos an beach homes.
Toll Free 800-242-3224. Visit online

3 Bedroom 2 Bath House
Completely Remodeled on Pilings
Quiet neighborhood on sound side
A Deal at $1300 per month

Attention Beach Pirates!
Join the flotilla launch-
ing from Paradise Bar
& Grill's dock Sunday,
September 5. Will stop at
Flounder's pier.
Destination Bath Tub
Pirate attire and decorat-
ed kayaks, anything that
floats welcome.
Rum and spy glass op-
tional. Water pistol, eye
patch mandatory.
Email islandtimes@bell-
south.net to sign up and
receive further instruc-

Waiting to sig-
you up!
Kayaks, canoes
paddleboards, floats
rubber boats -

O, dl4

"Copyrighted Material

;. Syndicated Content -

Available from Commercial News Providers"

ISLAND INVITATION ~ Send an Island Invitation to yourfamily & friends ~
The Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce s
Taste of the Beach, September 18-19 & Art and Wine Weekend, October 2-3


Island Times

July 27, 2010

July 27, 2010 Island Times PAGE 17



bi E.K. Heirsoin

Last week I had the single
parent honor of dropping The Kid
off at college while The Colonel is
across the pond participating in the
Farmborough Airshow. And yes,
you read it correctly. The Kid is
attending a three-week long writ-
ing course at Washington College
in Chestertown, Maryland as part
of the Johns Hopkins University
Gifted and Talented Youth Program.
This adventure began last fall.
Technically, The Kid would point
out that I am mistaken and this all
started when he took his national
standardized tests at the end of fifth
grade. Turns out he has a brain and
knows how to use it for more than
just outsmarting his mom at every
opportunity. So last September,
when we received notification from
Johns Hopkins that he was invited
to take another battery of tests that
would proceed to tell us if he was
smart, smarter or smartest, we
agreed. Turns out, he's the latter in
his ability to read and write, and
"only" smarter in science in math
as compared to students four grade

levels ahead of him.
Not wanting to stunt his aca-
demic growth, we filled out all the
applications and reams of paper-
work to send him to Washington
College -- his first choice was
Stanford -- for a 21-day intensive
writing class.
After the tuition and fees check
cleared the bank, the correspon-
dence began between us and the
Johns Hopkins Center for Gifted
and Talented Youth.
"Dear Colonel and Mrs. Hew-
son: You both must be so proud of
Harry. (Tell us something we didn't
know.) Here is an initial list of sup-
plies he will need for college: Twins
Sheets XL, shower caddy, college
ruled notebooks and paper, pens,
money for a laundry card, clothes.
He will be able to purchase his
textbooks at the college bookstore
upon arrival. (Cha-ching!) He will
have an RA to help him adjust to
living in a dorm and will be assigned
a roommate upon arrival. (I hoped
the RA was older than 18 and not
a 6-year-old who just happened to

be gifted in the field of Resident
Assistance.) Looking forward to
meeting Harry. Sincerely, Michael
Chin, Program Director"
So The Kid and I went shop-
ping. We went on-line and pur-
chased epically awesome Quick-
silver bedsheets. He picked out a
great waterproof caddy and was so
excited that it had a place for his
shower shoes. Finally, we drove
over to Staples where he compared
every notebook they had in stock to
one another before deciding upon
the perfect ones to store his words
in. I braced myself for the pen deci-
sion, but it was quick and painless.
Who knew a 12-year-old would
know the brand, style and color of
his pen of choice? You don't think
that was one of the questions on the
slew of tests he took? To this day, I
only want one that writes.
As we arrived on campus, it
looked like we were at a United
Nations gathering. About 220 of
some of the smartest kids in the
nation and world were assembled,
each eager and excited to meet his/

her roommate, RA and professor.
The Kid's roommate, Jwuang Lanu,
was late, but the RA helped get him
squared away before it was time for
lunch and his first pre-test. Welcome
to college, Kid.
After a tour of the dining hall
and cafeteria, I started thinking just
maybe more than his brain would
grow in the next few weeks. Possi-
bly his waistline, too. The Executive
Chef had prepared an entire gluten-
free meal for him and showed him
where all the gluten-free snacks
were housed.
Finally, it was time to meet his
professor Bob Rozakis. After listen-
ing to what The Kid was going to
have to write while taking "Writing
and Imagination: 101," a parent, not
me, asked the professor what made
him qualified to teach this course
and to such young, but gifted kids.
As we all waited, he could not have
had a better response. "I could tell
you about all my degrees, but that is
boring, so I will tell you this. I wrote
comic books for DC Comics for 18
years, in particular 'Superman' and

With that said, The Kid turned
to me, gave me a quick kiss and said
he had to get to class. He didn't want
to be late.
I walked back to my car-- alone
and in tears. I wasn't sad for the
moment, but for the realization that
in less than six years, college won't
be just a three-week course in the
summer, but a four-year journey
that will start The Kid on the path
to manhood.
Until next time...

Hurricane Season
June 1 November 30

Beach updates at

The Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the following businesses

for their support of the 2010 Pensacola Beach Air Show!


Sandy Sansing
7 ^~ 8 opy,

BE E J~ 5t~~'CE

Thank you
for keeping the
Blue Angels
flying high above
Pensacola Beach.


Special thanks to the
Santa Rosa Island Authority,
US Navy,
our members and all our hard
working volunteers

/11N 01


July 27, 2010

Island Times


Songwriters Set to Strum on Beach I q a ._ ...

Get set for six days of strum-
ming guitars and singing songwrit-
ers on Pensacola Beach, September
27 October 3. The "Second
Annual Songwriters' Festival"
will turn Bamboo Willie's, Grand
Marlin, Margaritaville, Lillo's Tus-
can Grille, Paradise Bar and Grill,
Sabine Sand Bar, Sandshaker and
the Amphitheatre on the Boardwalk.
into "listening rooms" with 1-2 hour
songwriter showcases featuring
tunesmiths and their hit songs.
Pensacola Beach Songwriters


Festival is a unique musical show-
case dedicated to the real architects
of the music, the Songwriters! It will
introduce you- the music lovers, to
these unsung heroes.
Included in the festival is a
Mini Golf Tournament that the
school children will be able to
participating in; a Guitar Show
featuring 30 vendors from all over
the U.S., plus 60 writers performing
in 8 venues. For more information,


European Luxury Bedding

Come experience the difference...
698 E. Heinberg St behind McGuire's 850-432-4777
201 E. Austin St Round Top, Texas 979-249-2070
201 E. Austin St Round Top, Texas 979-249-2070

Pensacola Beach Woman's Clubbers toasted the July
Birthday Girls with glasses held high at Hemingway's on
July 15. Celebrating are (L to R): Lynda Knell, Sandi John-
son, Carleen Wheeler and Mary Ann Claus. The PBWC is
in their summer social season until September.

-4 .:

HIT & RUN, MANATEE DOWN Villa Sabine residents
look for the costume Suzanne Young's manatee mailbox
will be wearing. Unfortunately, a car ran over him, so he is
disabled, but has been receiving condolences of flowers and
a bottle of Scotch.






Island Times

July 27, 2010

PaA 9

Juy2.21 san ie AE1


the water

by Saltwater Ricl

The scorchin' summer sun
makes blue crab harvesting a real
fun and cooling sunsation as mil-
lions of these tasty critters crawl
around the grassbeds just waiting'
for a wading wanderer with a net
to scoop' em up.
Blue Crab and a ball game is
the top shelf treat in this house-
hold. Just grab ya a crab net and
get to it. The beds around the Is-
land are full and the saltwater is
cool and good for you. Your skin
will thank you.

I have been getting all kinds
of reports from anglers. Speckled
trout are everywhere. Redfish by
the hundreds are in schools chas-
ing the massive groups of baitfish.
Flounder are all around the rocks
and salt flats at the EPA. If you
want a little action, the ladyfish
are hitting and all you have to do
is toss a line and watch them jump.
The water's fine. Get your
crab nets, your kids and a couple
of poles. Do yourself a favor and
go fishing .

Super Sleuth Tracks BigFoot

BigFoot gets no respect. The
big, hairy guy the resident ape
on Pensacola Beach just doesn't
know how to hide his obviously
visible body. He just cannot es-
cape the eyes of the super sleuths
who live on the island and in Gulf
Breeze. In the last issue of Island
Times, the missing link appeared to
have found an ideal spot. It looks
like somewhere in outer space.
Not to Angeli McMillan, it
didn't. She emailed her answer that
she thought the location was the
vacant lot Paradise Realty had for
sale at 813 Rio Vista. She recog-
nized the tree. Angeli and her son
Pier ride their bikes past there ev-
eryday. In her winning email, she
commented that the tree would be
a nice place for a swing, but for the

Splish, splash we just had a bath-
Two rehabbed pelicans, scrubbed
clean of oil rest in their pen. DJ
Zemenick took this photo while at-
tending the Wildlife Rehabilitation
demo on July 13 in Pensacola.

moment, she would be extremely
happy to get the prize a BigFoot
t-shirt. Wear it with pride, Angeli.
Brilliant editor of the Sandspur,
Chuck Steele, also entered with the
following, "Gulf Islands National
Seashore, Naval Live Oaks Reser-
vation, east of the fish sign," Sony
Chuck. So far, BigFoot has not ven-
tured off the Island.

Shelton Holds

Top Spot At

Inshore Slam

Anglers are looking for the
trio of Trout, Redfish and Flounder,
trying to make it to the top of the
leader board during the 2010 Gulf
Breeze Bait and Tackle Inshore
Slam. The tourney continues until
August 31, and the following have
weighed-in their catch: (The num-
bers represent the weight of Trout,
Redfish, and Flounder, followed
by the total aggregate weight.)

Men's Division
1. George Shelton 5.89, 6.73, 3.36,

2. Eric Gill
3. Jeff Pollard
4. Dale Hall
5. Travis Gill.

Lady's Division
1. Mary Pollard

6.27, 7.31, 1.98,

4.94, 6.73, 3.40,

4.08, 7.65, 3.05,

3.73, 7.14, 1.51,

4.50, 6.31, 3.80,


Water Taxi


Dolphin & Nature Tours Enjoy a calm cruise to see dolphins, sharks, manna
rays, cobia, sea turtles, and native birds. Excursions include Fort Pickens,
-ort McRee and Pensacola Lighthouse for photos. Blue Marlin Tours include
snorkeling gear, snacks and ice cold water, soda, beer and wine. Boats operate
rom sunup to sundown.
Make an unforgettable family memory TODAYwith Blue Marlin!


RECYCLE Bring paper, cardboard, junk mail,
plastics, newspapers or aluminum cans to the
green recycling bins located at east of the Beach
School and at Ft. Pickens Gate park. It's an easy
way to help the environment and the Beach

I 850-932-2323
Ask about our 1 I
specialsfor ETORMOE I
SIsland Times readers I
I Climate & Non Climate Control Self Storage I
Boat Parking Moving, Storing, Packing Supplies I
I 1MclrDI.,GlBree_________
I 15 McClure Dr., Gulf Breeze storage-advantage.com I
L --- -----------------

Full Bar Flat Screen Televisions
Indoor or Outdoor Dining with a waterview

Sunday Brunch
11 to 2 pm
$1.99 Bloody Marys
99 Cent Mimosas

On the

Try a

Prime Rib Special
Every Wednesday Nlte

Lunch Specials

Happy Hour
Everyday 4-6 PM

Julv 27. 2010

Island Times


Best Seafood
n Pensacol

Fresh Gulf seafood charbroiled over flaming Gulf shrimp served scampi style, barbecued,
hardwood fires beer batter fried, or steamed in beer

We sell so many, you know they're fresh! 'Neath the moon & stars on our beach

"Floundering at its best" "Best seafood on
Fodor's Florida Pensacola Beach"
"Best seafood on DE- USAir Magazine
Pensacola Beach" "Great Vibes...and happy guests"
Fromers Guide to Florida Florida Trend Magazine
EaMm At the traffic light on beautiful Pensacola Beach 932-2003 Since 1979

Fried Shrimp Great Steaks
Upstairs Beach View Dining Outdoor Gulfside Deck

Best Sunday Brunch!
Crab Cakes Benedict
Crab Omelets
Bloody Marys
Bottomless Champagne
Live Steel Band

Open 7 days a week aognx qoq



we got'fni

Lare Sn LargestS

Largest Selection of crablaskanthe SnoBeach
Dungeness King Crab
She Crab Soup
h Maryland Crab Cakes
pTTappy Hour


TIr Ive Music
'I SUNDAV I Wednesday Saturday
Look for the RED ROOF at the traffic light on Pensacola Beach



Island Times

July 27, 2010


I I -~3'V V

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