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Title: Island times
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Place of Publication: Gulf Breeze, Fla.
Publication Date: May 18, 2010
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola Beach
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Pensacola Beach, Florida

Uve From The
To The
R *. Y ^

en -

May 18, 2010
oubiKik on
Year Long Effort
during Military

lk1'11 -7.
Value '- 2

PACKED FOR IRAQ The Sisters of the Beach assembled at a secret location to kick off a strategic military operation to send boxes filled with love to First Sergeant Matt Drees and his 140
soldiers. Reporting for duty are SOBs (L to R): Christine Bunkie Hewerdine, Pensacola Beach Mayor Becky Shearman, Kathi Lewis, Chrissy Cook and Anne Vinson. For the rest of the story, see page 2.


IVolume VI, Number 2

S---- ....... .

- :

I ,

Attention, Headquarters Company Here Come The SOBs

The Sisters of the Beach will
not have to worry about breaking
the mythical glass ceiling on the
Island. They have already done
that. Years ago. When the first
unstructured group of party-
girls appeared on the scene, the
male population of the Beach
family didn't pay much atten-
tion. The girls indulged them-
selves in soirees almost weekly.
Sleepovers, cocktail parties,
cookouts, brunches, all fueled by
their signature drink, champagne.
Then, they grew serious and
become the one organization, or
disorganization, which befriend-
ed anyone who needed help. If
someone got sick, they went right
to the house and fed them home-
made chicken soup and stayed to
offer care until they got well. In
countless tragedies and disasters,
the Sisters were there. The party
animals had become Angels of
Mercy. They still had their weekly
gatherings, sang their racy song,
earned funds through bake sales
to help whoever needed help.
They still had no rules, no offi-
cers, no dues. They had only one
simple credential. You have to be
a beach girl to join.
The male population of the
Beach family grew more and
more confused and confounded.
They wanted to belong. Finally,
the girls set up a standard by
which the guys could get inside
their guarded meetings. They
would have to show up at a party
bringing an acceptable gift and

would be dressed in proper attire,
the same thing streakers wore.
Leroy Cardenas picked up the
gauntlet, went to a Slumber Party,
complying with the regulations.
When the SOBs realized a man
was at the door, they held a hasty
conference. They went to the door,
told him they had changed their
minds, but he was to leave his gift,
which was a case of Budweiser, to
go home and get dressed.
So, maybe they didn't even
realize it, but the Beach male
supremacy vanished from that
moment. What glass ceiling?
Fast forward to now. Yes,
the SOBs still exist. Some of
their early members have moved
away or passed away. Some live
in Pensacola or Gulf Breeze. A
nucleus still lives on the Island,
and they are still taking care of
each other and everyone who
needs help. After thirty plus
years, the SOBs have mellowed
somewhat. They still host their
Christmas luncheon where many
guests appear and on Wednesdays
they hold Mental Health Night.
One male who grew up on
the Beach and heard all about the
madcap activities of the SOBs
first hand decided to ask a fa-
vor of the girls. First Sergeant
Matt Drees, just before he was
deployed for the fourth time,
made one request from his Beach
sisters. He was wondering if they
would send boxes of items to re-
mind the troops in his command
of home. Matt has 140 soldiers

which he administers to by arrang-
ing (in his own words) "beans,
bullets, band aids and billeting"
for every soldier in the Company.
Drees is the First Sergeant
of the Headquarters Company
Infantry Brigade Combat Team.
There are
one hundred
men and
forty women
in the com-
M a t t
has served
in the Loui-
siana Na-
tional Guard
for almost
17 years. He -
talks pas-
about these
who are so --
far from -
home. Most -"
of them are
from Lafay-
ette, Louisi-
ana, accord-
ing to Matt.
Matt is
working on
making Pen-
sacolaBeach Charlotte Spence
their second the SOB Operatio
home. They
have spent
two weekends at Paradise, some
competed in the Santa Rosa Island
Triathlon, and he is planning a
reunion in 2011 after they all get


Matt said getting boxes from
home means that you matter.
"Someone has taken time
and effort out of their busy lives
to plan, to think about us soldiers
far away from home; that there
are some
who value
today's war-
riors, no
matter where
in the world
they serve,"
he said.
his members
ask about the
SOBs, Matt
has his an-
swers ready.
"I tell
them about
my home-
town, Pen-
Beach. I talk
about our
little slice
of Paradise
and about
our com-
munity, the
Mardi Gras
arrives ready for krewes, the
Boxes of Love. Pub Crawl,
the Blue
Angels, and
especially the military support."
The SOBS still do not have
a president, committee chairmen,
or any of the other chiefs to put

in charge of such a daunting task
as this one. So, Kathi Lewis has
stepped to the front.
"We will be sending one or
two boxes of love to Matt's com-
pany every month until they come
home," Kathi said. "We sent our
first box last week and now we are
working on June's shipments.
"This is a huge task," Kathi
said. "We are asking for commu-
nity support and will ask the school
children to make cards to put in
the boxes."
The SOBs do not have a trea-
sury so they will be digging in
their own pockets and hoping other
members of the Beach community
will do the same.
Several SOBs from out of town
have sent checks to help with the
Kathi sent this message to all
her sisters as they prepared to pack
the first box, "I know all the hearts
of the SOBs are with the soldiers,
and we pray for their safety each
day. We know the SOBs are all
about heart and we can count on
each of you in the coming year.
Love, to all my Sistas."
And, yes, Leroy Cardenas is
finally the only male SOB. Several
years after he was turned down
for membership, he suffered a life
threatening injury in a terrible ac-
cident. Fortunately, he survived and
the Sisters made Leroy, a Vietnam
veteran, a lifetime honorary SOB.
The SOBs have no by-laws, no
treasury, no chairman, no strings
attached. All they have to offer is
unbridled love.

Published every other Tuesday
Post Office Box 844
Gulf Breeze, FL 32562

No portion of this publication may be reproduced without the consent of the publisher

Snack foods salty or sweet
Beef Jerky
Chewing Gum
Playing Cards
Eye drops
Bug repellent

Body Wash
Soft Bristle Toothb

Soldiers requests include the following items.
Please donate name or popular brands of the
Hair Gels
rush Personal notes of
encouragement on postcards

Pensacola Beach Visitor's Information Center, Pensacola Beach
Community Church, Paddy O'Leary's
Or leave message at 850-206-7257



Island Times

May 18, 2010

May 18, 2010 Island Times PAGE 3

Barefoot on the Beach

By Jane Waters Cooper 1.

I am about to tell a story of po-
litical intrigue. Don't worry. There
is nothing shady or illegal in this
historic vignette. It is, however, just
a step away in almost any direction
from standard political procedure.
This sort of thing rarely happens,
or turns out so well.
Grover Robinson, III, was
the father of our Commissioner
Grover, IV. This senior Robinson,
now deceased, was serving in the
Florida House of Representatives
in 1980. I received a call from Rep.
Robinson's office at The Islander
Newspaper, which I published. At
that point, the newspaper was in
its second year of publication. He
explained to me that he had a plan
for the Beach and asked if I would
visit him.
"Would you be interested in
the story?" he asked.
"Yes," I replied, "But my next
issue does not come out for almost
two weeks."
He said he was well aware of
that and I thought I detected some-
thing in his voice that sounded a
bit smug. Like he was happy about
that fact.
We met at his office later
that day and he told me he had
planned to arrange for the election
of a Beach resident to serve on
the Island Authority. At that point
there were no Beach residents on
the Board.
We often felt we were the
red-headed stepchildren servic-
ing the County at their beck and
call. An elected member from the
Beach sounded great to me, but
how would Rep. Robinson ever ac-

complish such an unpopular task?
Unpopular, that is, with the County.
The Beach would, in my opinion,
greet the news with wild approval.
But, how could it possibly happen?
"I will introduce a bill in the
House of Representatives," he said.
"It will contain all the details of
creating the election."
That was it. He never once told
me his remarks were off the record.
But I never discussed his plan with
anyone. I think, deep down, I was
afraid it might fail.
Three days later I received
another call from his office. He said
the SRIA asked him to come meet
with them, and would I please come
and cover the meeting?
I agreed.
When I walked into what was
then their tiny meeting room, I im-
mediately sensed an air of hostility.
When the Legislator arrived,
the fireworks began exploding. The
Board had heard about the bill he
was planning to introduce.
"We don't want an elected
person on this appointed board,"
Bobo Jones shouted. "We want you
to stop this bill."
Rep. Robinson in his calmest
voice, replied, "I am sorry I cannot
do that. It's already in the hopper
and will be introduced on the floor
The Board members may have
been stunned, but they were not
quiet. They had all kinds of retribu-
tions including about everything but
tar and feathers. Finally, Robinson
thanked them for the meeting and
we left.
He bid me goodbye outside the

Important Phone Numbers & Websites
, Important Phone Numbers & Websites

The following phone numbers & websites are sources of oil spill information.
Citizen Information 850-471-6600 At press time,
I FL Oil Spill Information 888-337-3569 Pensacola Beach still has the
BP Claims 800-440-0858 World's Whitest Beaches.
IBP Outreach 850-912-8640 Visit our website
Oiled shorelines 866-448-5816 www.MylslandTimes.com
Oiled wildlife 866-557-1401 for oil spill information, updates
SBoom problem 866-448-5816 as they become available.
www.visitpensacolabeach.com Pensacola Beach residents
www.sria-fla.com wishing to report oil spill
www.escambiadisasterresponse.com related observations may call
Swww.deepwaterhorizonresponse.com the lifeguards on duty
www.dep.state.fl.us/deepwaterhorizon/ 850-554-4301


SRIA office. He shook my hand and
held it briefly.
"I want you to know I appreci-
ate you showing up here today,"
he said.
He smiled and triumph was
written all over his face.
And it finally dawned on me
that the presence of a media person
in the room with the politician
meant his remarks were available
to the public. That's all it took to be
legal in those days.
His remarks did eventually
reach the public, especially in
The Islander Newspaper, Several
contenders filed to run during the
first campaign that year including
Dr. Emily Baird, Larry Judge, T.T.
Lowery, and front runners McGuire
Martin, president of the Pensacola
Beach Business Association; and
Dr. James P. Morgan, president of
the Residents and Leaseholders
Association. Both were my friends.
One was my neighbor.
The race narrowed to a two-
man shoot out between McGuire
and Jim Morgan. Finally, McGuire



prevailed by a 12 vote margin. My
neighbor, Jim was a gallant and true
Southern gentleman. When I walked
across the street to talk to him, he
held out bottle of ice, cold beer, so
we could celebrate his second place.
Later, I receive a silver cup
from McGuire which was inscribed,
"Thanks, Landslide McGuire."
I had taken an active part in
McGuire's barely successful cam-
He served the first eight years
after his election, running unop-

posed. Later Commissioner Tom
Banjanin appointed him to the
Years later, Robinson died in a
place crash. But, he left his legacy
to the Beach. He tip toed into the
House of Representatives with
his bill to elect a Beach person to
the SRIA board. By some miracle,
he saw that it passed. And Beach
people could stop saying, "We have
a government without representa-
At least, at last, we had a voice.

European Luxury Bedding

Come experience the difference...
698 E. Heinberg St behind McGuire's 850-432-4777

201 E. Austin St Round Top, Texas 979-249-2070

Mon- Fri 11-2


1 'PEI i EvER, i
S ...-- ,I:, EIlEvEgiE DA, o ,." -"
al 11311a

Our latitude will change

your attitude

o OI
@ Li

waterfront Dining Specials
yster Bar TLes. Half Pri,:e B:llles,
ve Music Wo ne
thWed Paw uCvs.ler
t Shop Spe.:ials,
Is Playground Thurs ar e,' Ovs.er

I1:1110 F' P l ells R Pelnsac.:.la Beach
932-41391 www aeglleg v eles c,:m

.1 U


Wig -- Og S o 0



si aL

Monday- Cajun Nite
Tuesday Surf and Turf
Wed Mexican Madness
#2 Via de Luna
Pensacola Beach


Every Thursday


May 18, 2010

Island Times


- a*


4 466 s y d
*^ ..* ^

PAGE 4 Island Times May 18, 2010

tl& ]kk7

Phyllis Neal is in awe of Beach
lifeguard Kaley Morris' rescue of
two men from the surf on May 4.
Neal watched Kaley as she drove the
Surf Rescue vehicle down the beach
warning swimmers of the dangerous
currents. As she passed, Morris
noticed two men on boogie boards
struggling in the churned up water.
She swam out and towed them both
to safety. Her boss Bob West, SRIA
safety director agrees, "Kaley began
working with us in 2007 and then
took a two-year hiatus, because
she was a member of the nationally
ranked UWF soccer team. She is a
phenomenal lifeguard and a huge
asset to our team."
Beach resident Elaine Mitchell
is bowling them over in tourna-
ments locally and in Mississippi.
The unassuming Elaine, who is well
known on the Beach for her culinary
skills, is part of a ladies competitive
bowling team. Their home base is
Liberty Lanes, but they have been
throwing strikes in tourneys as far
away as Biloxi.
Alicia Lake Giles had lots to
celebrate during the Mother's Day
weekend. The former Gulf Breeze
resident and her husband Brad
marked their first anniversary on
May 8 while on the Beach to see her
mom Celestia. Alicia moved to Or-
lando after graduating from UWF in
December. Little sister Haley took
a break from her classes at FSU to
be part of the fun, too.
The star of the PBS television
commercial on local station WSRE
is none other than the Beach's
Savannah Green. She appeared on
screen just prior to the "Connecting
the Community" segment on the
oil spill.
Charlotte Spencer, who was
raised in Texas and frequented the
coast, says tar balls are no problem
if you just keep a little baby oil
handy. Scrape the majority of the
goo off with anything that will work

- and rub baby oil on to remove the
Marie Steele's insurance ad-
justing work takes her to far away
places. Lately, Rie has been in
Rhode Island. She was back on
the Beach May 1, just in time
to celebrate her cousin's college
John Lepone from Brandon,
Mississippi, has been monitoring
the Island Times website for up-
dates on the oil spill. He has not
cancelled his reservation for the
end of May based on the informa-
tion, which is updated daily at
Beach school alum Slater Trout
hosted a Stand Up Paddle Board ex-
hibition at the REI Store in Austin,
Texas May 7. With all his success
the young professional, who lives in
Maui with his family, has not forgot-
ten his friends on Pensacola Beach.
He donated a custom paddle board
as an auction item to the Beach
School last year.
Dinah Wells and Kennedy Neal
joined Jean and Tom Luke at the first
Bands on the Beach concert, May 4.
The Big Muddy Band plays tonight
at the free Gulfside concert.
Chuck Steele checks in from
Mexico Beach with an update and
challenge. He has completed the
intensive physical therapy that
followed the surgery to repair his
broken leg. He threatens to return
to the Beach to challenge all to a
Hopscotch Match for money.
Sympathy goes out to the fam-
ily and friends of longtime Villa
Sabine resident Bob Browning,
who passed away on May 8 from
a lengthy illness. He is survived
by his son Greg, who lives and is
employed on Pensacola Beach. A
memorial service was held at the
Beach Community Church on May,
16. Bob was 81-years-old. Dona-
tions may be made in his memory
to the ALS Association at www.

T 9 .9

Tr iv ia

Lila Cox, Trivia Master for the Thomas
Day, learned you can't stump them t-shirt, Je
all. Lila wanted to know the names The
of two of the six elected Island the Rour
Authority members who had never emailedt
lived in Villa Sabine. Lila lives in rie noted
Villa Sabine and knows most of her in Villa
neighbors. elected.
Lila met her Waterloo when there late
Jeanette Baron emailed the cor- Grea
rect answer shortly after the Island even if
Times was delivered. Jeanette has answers.
lived in Villa Sabine since 1969, so Tom Ca
she knows which politicians were who curr
her neighbors. member,
The two SRIA elected Board Tammy
members who didn't ever live in Vil- son's apt
la Sabine were Michael O'Donovan does not
and George Eckes. Michael built his again, Ci
charming home elsewhere on the trivia pla
Island, as did George. Both were And
contractors. Arkansas
Other elected Board members McGuire
were McGuire Martin, Dr. Andy Ifyo
Gygi, Scott Amberson and Dr. the Islan


Live Music

Great Food

Full Service Bar


Play and Stay
Special Room Rates
Reservations- 850-932-2319


Campanella. Enjoy your
eternally correct Knight of
idtable, Sir Morrie Drees,
he correct answer. Sir Mor-
that McGuire did not live
Sabine when he was first
This was true. He moved
it to hear from Cindy Steel,
she did send two wrong
STammy Bohannon and
mpanella. Campanella,
ently serves as the election
lives in Villa Sabine; and
is Commissioner Robin-
)ointee. Tammy, however,
live in Villa Sabine. Try
ndy. Welcome from all the
,Bob Seitz, who lives in
;, thought the answer was
u would like to have one of
d Times famous t-shirts, be

Tues, May 18 & Thurs, Ma8'L

Wed, May 19 ]

Fri, May 21

Saturday, May 22

Sun, May 23 & Tues, May 25

Thurs, May 27

Fri, May 28 Sun, May 30

Monday, May 31 Memorial Day


the first to email your answer to this
question. The terminology of the old
Beach comes to the Trivia Master's
mind. Businesses used to have theii
ups and downs, just as they do now.
The part of the year that had the
highest commercial activity had a
name. What was it called?
The rules are the same. Email
your answer with "trivia" in the
subject line to islaidiiulcs~ bcIll-
south.net. Be sure to include your
name and phone number with your
answer. The deadline to respond is
Tuesday, May 25.

Keep the Hurricanes
June 5 at 4 PM
Paradise Bar and Grill
Bring your prayers,gris gris, good
luck and voodoo charms
to put at the
Wooly Booger Altar at 5 PM

Luna Pensacola Beach

by land or sea
Ample parking
for cars, bikes
& boats

5 PM

PBA Questions Fee Hike Procedure, Supports Beach Recycling Effort

The Residential Lease Fee
increase, recently approved by the
Santa Rosa Island Authority has
caught the attention of the Pensacola
BeachAdvocates. The Board of Di-
rectors made a decision to authorize
the president, Jim Cox, to prepare a
letter to be sent to the SRIA Board
members asking for the lease fee to
be reviewed.
Cox, at the May 3 Board meet-
ing said the ten percent raise had not
been done correctly.
"It was not presented in com-
mittee. There was no public input
and no proof to the Board that the
increase was necessary," Cox said.
"Other sources of income have not
been explored."
Jayne Bell, SRIA director of
administration, explained that this
was the Authority's only opportu-
nity to raise the residential fee.
"We have cut back," she said.
"I do understand that it could have
been handled better. We were in a

budget mode, but, please believe
me, the SRIA is here to serve the
community on the Island. You de-
serve to be heard."
The PBABoard also took issue
with the sensitive news that Pensac-
ola Beach might become an alcohol
free area. Sheriff David Morgan sent
a letter to Commissioner Grover
Robinson regarding an ordinance
he would like to propose prohibiting
alcohol consumption on any public
area on Pensacola Beach, including
the white sand beaches.
"This ordinance is supposed to
reduce potential crime," Cox said. "I
am disappointed that this informa-
tion has not been shared at the SRIA
Board meeting."
The PBA will discuss this
proposed ordinance with its Board
members and write to Commission-
er Grover Robinson recommending
that the SRIA should discuss the mat-
ter and submit a recommendation.
In an effort to increase re-

cycling on the Beach, the Board
approved a $750 expenditure to
purchase ten additional recycling
bins for the SRIA. The Authority
has recently purchased five new
bins and is expected to add to that
number. The PBABoard will ask the
Island Authority to print "Donated
by the Pensacola Beach Advocates"
on the bins they contributed.
During the business meeting,
Judi Purcell was elected a member
of the Board of Directors. Purcell,
who lives on Pensacola Beach is
a tax preparer and an ordained
The Board will partner on a
Neighborhood Awareness campaign
with the SRIA in providing residents
with a magnet with the Escambia
County Sheriff's Office number on
it. This initiative will be sent to the
SRIA board for approval May 26.
The PBA distributes materials
to its members through email and
its website at www.pbadvocates.

org. Meetings are scheduled as
necessary. Dues are $30 per family
or business. A dues application is

available on page 6 of this edition.
For additional information, email

The Tax Man Grabs More Money

From Navarre Beach Leaseholders

The news was not good for
Islanders when Santa Rosa County
Judge Gary Bergosh ruled against
Navarre Beach leaseholders in their
case opposing ad valorem taxes
levied on their leasehold land, May
7 in Circuit Court. Navarre Beach
leaseholders had previously lost
their case involving ad valorem
taxes being assessed on their im-
provements in 2005.
Pensacola Beach leaseholders
suffered a similar fate in their op-
position to having ad valorem taxes
levied on their improvements. In
December 2009 Escambia County
Judge Michael Jones rendered his

decision against the Pensacola
Beach leaseholders based on the
precedential Santa Rosa County
case. Lawyers have filed an appeal.
When asked if he would in-
clude the value of the leasehold land
on Pensacola Beach in the 2010 tax
rolls, Escambia County Property
Appraiser Chris Jones said, "The
ruling could have an effect on the
tax status of the land on Pensacola
Beach, but I am waiting to read the
Judge's written order and consult
with legal counsel before I make
any other comments."
Judge Gary Bergosh's written
opinion should be available soon.

After Sundown

Only restaurant on Pensacola Beach offering breath taking
views of the Gulf while dining directly on the beach. Come as you
are straight off the sandy beach and enjoy our indoor/outdoor bar and
gulf side deck. Crabs has the largest selection of Crab on the beach,
was voted Best Crab by News Journal readers. She Crab Soup,
Stuffed Blue Crabs, Alaskan Snow, King or Dungeness you'll
find them all! We have many other seafood favorites on our menu
as well as a great assortment of chicken, steaks and pasta dishes.
Don't forget to try one of our signature drinks like 'The Crab Trap'
which come with a souvenir glass to keep!
Open 7 days a week. Sunday Brunch with live Steel Band.
Look for the Red Roof on Pensacola Beach. 850-932-0700 www.
A little bit of paradise at this open air, island style bar with
its own private white sand beach. Pull up a rattan stool. Cold beer.
Live Music. Exotic Libations. Friendly locals. Lunch and Dinner
everyday. Sandwiches. Salads. Fresh Catch of the Day. Renee's
Famous Shrimp Salad. Happy Hour 11-7. Live Bands. Poker on
Monday and Wednesday.
Tucked away in the parking lot of the Paradise Inn, it's directly
on Santa Rosa Sound. Boat and Bicycle parking. Open 7 days.
Score! Don't miss a point. See it all in high definition 11
big screens, 42 televisions. If it runs, jumps, races, it's here.
Famous for Thursday Wing Night. Burgers. Seafood and Ribs.
Kids menu for the JV players. Full bar. Indoor or outdoor seat-
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Centrally located on Via de Luna, just east of the main
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Celebrating 30 years of Floundering neathh the moon
and stars. Offering fresh Seafood including Tuna, Mahi and of
course Flounder! Award winning chowder, po boys, burgers
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cocktail, BBQ shrimp, fried shrimp, popcorn shrimp and U-
peel ems. Kids love our Pirate Ship playground located on
our beach well within view of dining parents. For late night
revelers- Flounder's is host to the world's finest beach bands.
Dance all night on Flounder's beach to the most popular bands
from across the south.
Open 7 days a week. Sunday Brunch. At the Traffic Light
on beautiful Pensacola Beach, 850-932-2003

visit these island restaurants,
pubs and bistros for fun
after the sun sinks into the sea

Ahoy, Matey. You've found a Pensacola Beach treasure.
Pirates welcome. Fresh Gulf seafood served in the galley or
outside on the awning covered deck. Glass front bar overlooks
LaFitte Cove. All kinds of oysters. Live lobster. Gumbo. Dinner
specials nightly. Sizeable sandwiches and burgers for Landlub-
bers. Take home a t-shirt.
Look for the Jolly Rogers flying over the west end of the
Island at 1010 Fort Pickens Road. We're here everyday at 11.
932-4139. www.peglegpetes.com

One of America's great steakhouses; proudly serving USDA
Prime Steaks, seafood and Irish specialties including Irish fisher-
man's bouillabaisse, Corned Beef and Cabbage and Shepherd's Pie
all inside a turn of the century New York Irish Saloon themed pub.
McGuire's is celebrated for its atmosphere, boasting more than
750,000 signed dollar bills hanging from the ceilings of the pub.
Live entertainment coupled with great food and warm and friendly
service by Employees who Give a Damn! Visit our on-site brewery
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of the Chateau Mouton RothschildArtist Series. Featured onNBC's
'Today' Show, highly recommended by Fodors, Frommers and
AAA travel guides, Florida Trend Magazine Hall of Fame Member.
Open every day at 11 am, 850-433-6789 mcguiresirishpub.com

The "World Famous Sandshaker"- a Pensacola Beach Tradition
since 1973. It's the Home of the Original Bushwacker and has been
selling this signature drink for over 30 years. The Shaker was the 1 st
bar on the Beach to offer this tasty frozen concoction. Live Music
Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun. Karaoke Tues & Wed. Poker & BARE Nite on
Monday. T-Shirt Nite on Thursday. Check out our new Shaker Shop
for great island wear, jewelry & gifts. Across from the Boardwalk.
Open 10 am 3 am. 850-932-2211. www.sandshaker.com

Open at 7:30 a.m. seven days a week. Owned and operated by
friendly natives serving locally produced seafood and delicacies.
The Fish Tacos are an experience to enjoy. The owners say their
goal is to preserve the unique flavors of the Gulf Coast. Go fresh. Go
native. Specialty desserts top off expertly prepared meals. Seating is
informal. Art gallery setting with local artists displaying whimsical
works. Serving breakfast and lunch everyday; Dinner Fri and Sat.
45 Via de Luna. Downtown Pensacola Beach. 934-4848.

May 18, 2010

Island Times


PAGE 6 Island Times May 18, 2010


Rolls Onto

peas porribge & a bry martini

by Kathi Lewis

Casino Beach
Now you can sit in the sand
with a book inyour hand. The Book-
mobile comes to the Casino Beach
parking lot every other Tuesday
from 10:30 until noon. The next
visit will be May 25. Patrons can
fill out an application for a library
card in the Bookmobile. Books can
be reserved online and picked up.
Books may only be checked out
for two weeks at a time; however,
they canbe renewed online at www.
Steve Cox is the driver and
librarian at the Bookmobile.

God Bless our Troops and our
SOBs! Since this is Military Ap-
preciation Month, it was a perfect
time to launch our SOB's Bo\c.s
of Love" shipped to First Sgt. Matt
Drees and his troops. I have been
amazed and nearly overwhelmed
by the response, imagination, and
creativity from these incredible
women and their connections to our
community. We received more than
enough for our first shipment (140
packages of cookies). The SOB's
agreed that each soldier should
receive something in the first box.
The next one will contain such
items as personal toiletries, lotions,





Dues $30 per household or business
Make check payable to Pensacola Beach Advocates, Inc.
Complete form and mail to: PBA, P.O. Box 1262, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562


City: _State: __ Zip:
(if different from above)

Please mark all that apply
O Leaseholder O Resident O Business Interest

I am interested in serving on the following committees:
O Governmental Affairs 0 Environmental Advocacy
0 Membership & Communications

www^^ pbadvocatensHrorgB

every candy imaginable, cookies,
beach Frisbees, beach playing cards,
hand made cards from my grandson
Jesiah's third grade class at Cordova
Park Elementary School, beach sun
visors, sunscreen, gum, beach post
cards, and the list goes on. I can't
even remember everything we've
received thus far. You can read more
about it on page two.
Some of the soldiers have been
here before and maybe they will
come back to see us. Oh yeah, I
can see the makings of a "Welcome
Home Parade" already.......fairy
dust, flags and smiling faces.
I've been a part of the SOB's
for nearly 30 years and I've watched
the circle of hearts shrink at times
and grow bigger at other times.
But I still have to admit that I am
constantly surprised and amazed
that such a large group can come
together so quickly in a common
goal. There are no agendas, only
sincere offers of help. There are no
complaints, only a willing eager-
ness to work. There is never any
animosity, only hearts full of love.
And whenever there is sadness or
sorrow, there are many shoulders

offered in comfort. But there is
never a dull moment; not with these
hearts full of love, laughter and the
sheerjoy of playing together while
our hands hold cups full of Cham-
pagne consumed in celebration of
our lucky, lucky lives! We are some
very lucky gals.
I am very proud of our Military,
our Country, and our Paradise. I
am also proud and, oh so blessed,
to be an SOB.
We are also blessed that at the
time I am writing this our shores
remain clean of the latest fiasco,
the oil spill. I attribute that to one
of my favorite SOB's, Miss Jane.
I think she is "willing the oil" to
stay away from our beach for a little
while longer. I have always believed
herbecause she's always been right.
That's a pretty good track record
right there. You can go with the
"oil trackers" if you want, but I'm
sticking with my Jane.
And, just to set the record
straight, I'd like to clear up a mis-
conception that a lot of you seem
to share out there in the real world.
Y'all seem to think Queen Shugah
is responsible for keeping the oil

Four Seasonj Apparel'

Hiking & Backpacking
Snow Ski Apparel
Rock Climbing Gear, Ropes & Shoes
Indoor Rock Climbing Wall

Men's and
& Outdoor


30 A

,,,, 1 ui

o1 i ervantes street
Pensacola 432-4999
Call for directions from the Beach

Maria's Fresb Seatoob Market
Take a little bit of the Gulf Coast home!
Fresh from the boats daily
We can cold pack for travel or ship anywhere.



off the coast of Pensacola Beach.
Y'all are wrong! That's not a job
for Queen Shugah. That nasty oil
spill is the work of humans, not
Mother Nature. Queen Shugah's
strength must be conserved in order
to commune with Mother Nature
in the event of a hurricane threat to
our coast. That's it readers, hurri-
canes, just hurricanes! And having
served in the Royal Flip-flops, that's
enough to ask of one Queen. It's
harder than we make it look.
I'm suggesting y'all get your
offerings ready for the "Wooly
Booger's Keep the Hurricanes Away
this Season Bawl" because you
don't want to be the weak link in
Queen Shugah's Kiss Chain should
the Island be threatened this year.
Be at Paradise on June 5 at 4 p.m.
If that's not enough to make
you want to call your doctor, this
is. This week's recipe comes from
my personal physician, Mary Ellen
Neal. And God Bless Mary Ellen,
too she's been tasked with the
responsibility of keeping me sane
enough to attend Mental Health
Night each week. And that's no easy
job.....so, let's cook!

Shrimp w/Cream Cheese Sauce

1 Ib. Medium Shrimp, peeled
4 slices bacon, cooked & chopped
Blackening seasoning
2/3 Cup Wine
3 Cloves garlic, chopped
2 Tbsp. lemon juice
1 4oz. package cream cheese,

Cook bacon until crisp, drain
leaving 1 tsp. bacon fat in pan. Add
shrimp to pan and sprinkle with
blackening season to taste. Cook
shrimp just a couple of minutes,
then add remaining ingredients,
reserving the rest of the bottle of
wine for the cook to drink. (Okay,
Okay, I added that myself). Con-
tinue cooking until shrimp is done.
Serve over pasta.
C'mon, it's from a medical
professional, it's gotta be good.
Enjoy, don't forget to share and
support our Military!
See ya in the kitchen....




Island Times

May 18, 2010

May 18, 2010 Island Times PAGE 7

Where is Margaritaville?

"Somewhere between the Port of Indecision

and Southwest of Disorder" Jimmy Buffet

If you are still looking for that could love. don't turn around their photo will be
lost shaker of salt, your search is Margaritaville Beach Hotel on captured on camera and the photo
over. Margaritaville Beach Hotel Pensacola Beach is, for now, the will be turned over to the Escambia
will open soon on Pensacola Beach first and only Buffet hostelry in the County Sheriff's office. The Board
and all the island beach lore which world, voted to implement and review after
surrounds Jimmy Buffet will flow The board approved the request one year.
into the extensive acreage of the to move forward with the resort. Another development which
resort. Raising lease fees by ten per- will change the view on Via de Luna
The exciting announcement cent came to the board during the will occur since the Board granted
was made at the Full Board meeting Board Members Forum. The mat- approval to Jim Reeves to build an
of the Santa Rosa Island Authority ter, which was never brought up in upscale RV park on his property
on May 12. Committee, affects 3,550 leases. which was the site of the Tiki Motel.
"Thank you for letting us expe- Board members discussed the item The park would be temporary,
dite this," Jim Wiseman, Margarita- which had been previously ap- and wouldbe replaced depending on
ville developer, said. "This has been proved with no input from Beach an economically friendly climate,
a heck of a three week period." residents, but the approval was for a ten year
"We were all set to open in Board member Vernon Prather period. The Board could grant an
Hollywood, Florida when Jimmy commented, "I think we were pre- additional five years for the resort
Buffet said, 'I met a girl on Pen- mature on this and I was all alone which will have 40 pads and a land-
sacola Beach who has a hotel that in my 'no'vote. This impacts lease- escaped buffer on all sides.
I want to make a Margaritaville holders and I am still in favor of Buck Lee, executive director
Hotel.'" rescinding our previous action and of the SRIA, said the investment
The girl would be Marilyn as we get into the budget process, could bring snowbirds to the Beach
Woodbury Hess, of American Fi- we can look at it again." and increase the Authority's income.
delity, owner of the still not quite Board member Fred Gant, Maureen LaMar, the Beach
finished hotel which was originally said, "We should not just let this go Chamber's executive director, told
built after Hurricane Ivan as a Holi- away. The money is not the issue; the Board that 1,745 guests had
day Inn Indigo. It is the first of a the process is the issue. I would be gone through the Visitor's Center
multi-phase project which includes satisfied if we could deal with this in April. Sixty-six percent reported
a water park. in budget meetings." that they had been here before or
Wiseman said Margaritaville Cameras may be installed on were visiting friends. The great-
is a half billion dollar a year com- the Fishing Pier to reassure tourists est numbers were from Louisiana,
pany. that the Beach is still here in its Georgia and Florida.
"We should have been in the pristine state. The images would be It was announced that sponsor-
hotel business long ago," he said. available online, ships for Bands on the Beach by
"It was meant to be. Jimmy is Dave Pavlock, Board member, local businesses would be $1,000.
behind this a hundred percent. He asked the staff to investigate costs The cost is $1,500 for off-beach
grew up in Pensacola. He played and Matt Mooneyham, Director of businesses.
on Pensacola Beach." Developmental Services, came up The meeting ended on a high
Other hoteliers were sup- with a cost of $3,500 per camera, note of jubilation when Jim Cox,
portive of the new addition to the Fred Gant and Ed Guernsey president of the Pensacola Beach
Island. both considered the cameras an Advocates, told the board and the
"This is the best thing that emergency, so the Board voted to audience that "Ourbeach newspaper
has ever happened to Pensacola take the money from contingency is now five-years-old. The pub-
Beach," said Fred Simmons, owner to purchase the cameras. lisher, Shelley Johnson, is the only
of Paradise Inn and the "buffe- A discussion about the labor person in the room to have perfect
tesque" bar located there, intensive policy of issuing IOUs to attendance at the SRIA meetings
"Where is Margaritaville?" motorists who can't pay the bridge over the last five years."
Buffet wrote from New York, a fee will be changed in accordance The next SRIA meeting will
parody on his book, "Where is Joe with the Board's vote to accept be the Committees which meet at
Merchant?" published in 1992, staff's recommendations. Non pay- 5 p.m. on May 26 in the Authority
which is a wacky tale that only ers will be turned around and not Office. Meetings are open to the
Parrotheads and everybody else allowed to enter the Beach. If they public.

'im ilia"


Slots and Spots Team Division winners Ken Bell, left, and Pensacola
Beach's Jim Knell found success with a secret inshore redfishing spot in the
Sound. They collected a first prize at the weigh in at Flounder's on May 1. Jim,
who is a retired Marine Corps pilot, organizes the Military Fishing Expedition
on Pensacola Beach. Photos from the Military Fishing Expedition will appear

in the June 1 edition of Island Times.



\\ \\ \\(.cpa Is.corn

joe,'I vcpals.comi

in oriir Home

Joe Stukey

SJennifer Byrom, P.A.
.. torney Al Law
SIlif ll./s. I.s i ',tas at/rl I'ri o at e -I irmailtdhtrl I Ia, t l l a ir
hhItuw l l frtrle nlanw
J f Il"lE C II IC Iis fIlir 'lllI/l' fI li"

Toll Free: 8N-889-8822
916-9000 5"" Elmir.a Strec
N IMillon
%vv.v.ByromLamv.com Facin Ih th Courtliou
IF,. I ,,,,,, ,. .,, ,,,,, 1...I I .1.., .., II, ,1 I,..,.,.,. 1 ,.. I -. . 1 ..I. I, 1. ,,,..., .1 . . I
I I. I..,.. 1 I I 1 ..... , I ... .. II, .,.,I.. 1 ,1I,, i-,,,,, I I.... I .., hh,,I ... .. ,, ..

Shipping & Packaging Services
Fax C Copy Services
Printing & Document Finishing Services
Notary Services
Mailbox Services
Packaging & Moving Supplies
Office Supplies
Bruno's Shopping Center
362 Gulf Breeze Parkway
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
850.932.8533 Tel 850.932.1588 Fax

May 18, 2010

Island Times

Th P Soe



PAGE 8 Island Times May 18, 2010

T44 540t

A Recycling Summer Day
Camp is being hosted by the Divi-
sion of Solid Waste Management
Recycling Operations Kids ages
seven to 14 are invited to attend. The
one day camp is free; sign up now

as space is limited. Dates are June
9, 16; July 8, 22, 29; and August
3, 5, 12.
The recycling summer day
camp includes a tour of the Per-
dido Landfill and Recycling cen-
ter, hands-on recycling projects,

5 Via de Luna Across from the Hilton
850-916-4386 www.funstorefl.com

r tSurf, Skate & Bike Shop
Bicycle Rental, Repair and Sales
Sports and accessories


Flip Flo 41


- gBeahCar

working with different recycling
programs and an eco-walk on the
Perdido Riverwalk. For more infor-
mation, contact 937-2160.
Energy Services of Pensacola
representatives visited Escambia

County schools to make Energy
presentations. Following the pre-
sentation fourth graders at the Beach
School were allowed to enter a
drawing contest showcasing what
they learned. Meredith McCurdy
was one of the winners and was
awarded a certificate of accomplish-
ment and a $100 U.S. Savings Bond
during a ceremony at the Pensacola
city council meeting held April 8.
The Third Grade Sunshine
Math Team at Pensacola Beach
Elementary won Third Place in
the Escambia County Elementary
Sunshine Math Competition this
year. They competed against 40
teams at Tate High School Saturday,
May 8. Members are Peter Seigh,
Thomas Niven, Emily Wang, and
McGuire Wolfe. Their teacher is
Joy McLaurine.
Jamie Seabrooke, a sixth
grader at Woodlawn Beach Middle
School, earned first place at the
school level in the Tropicana Speech
Contest. He represented his school
at the Santa Rosa County-wide
competition, May 13.
The Pensacola Beach Elemen-

tary School will inventory the books
in the library over a three day period,
May 19, 20, and 21 during school
hours. If you would like to assist in
this effort, please call Pam Speirs to
volunteer at 850-572-0146.
Fifth grade students at Pen-
sacola Beach Elementary School
will be making their annual trip to
New Orleans on May 20. They take
a whirlwind one day tour the historic
city's sights and arrive back on the
Beach in time for bed.
The Beach School Board will
meet, Monday, May 24 at 6 p.m. at
the School. The meeting is open to
the public.
No classes will be held on
Monday, May 31 in observance of
Memorial Day at the Beach School.
The last day of school is June 9.
Commencement is set for June
4 for Gulf Breeze High School se-
niors. Look for Brad Foley, George
Weisnicht, Marc Sessa, and Omari
Kali-Baines in their caps and gowns.
Tuesday, May 25* 10:30 to Noon
Casino Beach

Serving the public since 1948
enjoy authentic Italian dishes
created from time honored family recipes

Now Open
for Lunc6

Tbe web
Facebook & Twitter

Tues -Thur 4 PM -9 PM
Friday 4 PM -10 PM
Saturday 11AM 10 PM
Sunday 11AM -PM
Closed Monday

The View
Dine inside or outside
with a waterfront view

Late Night
Live EntertainTent
begins soon

Across from the Hilton on Pensacola Beach
850-934-LILO (5456) www.lillostuscangrille.com


open 7~

< Day & Night

at 10 am

Golf and Game 850-932-1550
18 Holes of Fantasy Golf

ABSOLUTE BEST in Miniature Golf

i COME O a
4i | DOWN

Awesome Arcade
3600sf of Fun
Look for New Games

We host

Try our
Snack Bar
Ice Cream

*Beween 00int f al0 Sa h Fu

Blue ky ift Shoppe
Gifts Home Decor Beach
Unique Fanciful
3479 Gulf Breeze Pkwy 932-7100
Tiger Plaza Next to Sonic

family: K Mon 9 to 5
I u & Th 9 to 9
SW&F 9to7
SSat 10 to 5




ga~ R~L*Y~- I


Island Times

May 18, 2010


May 18, 2010 Island Times PAGE 9

Musicians Memorial 1

Rocks The Beach

What started as an idea to honor
the musical legacy of a friend who
passed away last year has exploded
into a celebration to remember all
local musicians whose instruments
are now silent. The Pensacola Mu-
sician's Memorial Remembrance
& Jam will be at Paradise Bar and
Grill, Monday, May 24. The first
notes will be played at 5 p.m. This
free concert is open to all ages.
"Dennis Gossman and I planned
to honor Danny Everman," said
longtime musician Mike Wheeler.
"It was going to be a one-time
thing for Danny. Then, we found
Lisa Black's Pensacola Musician's
Memorial Facebook page, and the
wheels started turning. Lisa and
I met and discussed merging her
Facebook page with a live event,
and it has grown from there."
The event will include photo
boards, band memorabilia and an
eclectic list of musicians will en-
tertain. Many well-known local per-
formers are set to attend, including
some popular local band reuniting,
specifically for the event. The names
of musicians who have passed away
will be read during the evening.

"This is not going to be a som-
ber gig," said Wheeler. "We want
it to be comforting and encourag-
ing, but we also want it to be a real
'throw-down,' to celebrate their lives
and the music that they played. I
mean, we're talking some great
soul, country, rock, and funk artists.
So it's gonna' rock! And that's fine
with me."
A commemorative t-shirt will
be for sale for $20 to offset the cost
of hosting the event.
For more information, visit the
Pensacola Musicians Memorial and
Tribute page on Facebook or email
Wheeler at earthguest@cox.net.

Don't blink or the Krewe of
Bananimals willput a crown
on your head and name you
the King of the Jungle. This
is exactly what happened
May 2 at the Sabine Sandbar
to Bob Cowen. His Queen is
Carlette Howell.
The Bananimals named their
new royalty and corralled
the krewe 's board. Serving
are: Rob Jackson, President;
Kyle Kildow, Vice President;
Bruce Yoder, Secretary and
Mary Jo Tibbetts, Treasurer
photo by SL Johnson

May 18, 2010

Island Times


PAGE 10 Island Times May 18, 2010
I- -- 1

.... ... Ranked N1 in
Paradise :Sin le Fnllil Home Sales
oCostal Penscol1 Beaich in 200I9

Pensacola Beach teal ES sales and Transactions update:

SOLD (Thru 5/11, 2010)
Regency Towers #405E 1204SF
237 Sabine Drive 3679SF
1 Portofino #806 1333SF
Emerald Dolphin #530 1345SF
5 Portofino #1207 2034SF
39 Galvez Court 3700SF
10 Calle Traviesa 301 Via de Luna
14 Tristan Way

711 Ariola Dr
29 Condos

Your place in paradise
is just a phone call away...
850-932-0067 866-749-3732

Ready To


Dennis Remesch

GULF BREEZE CHARMING- 3/2 $169,900. Split floor plan.
Great room, fireplace, new flooring, fenced. Two car ga-
rage. Close to beaches, shopping, golfing and fishing.
Lots for Sale
GULF BREEZE from $49.900 $119,900. Build your home.
PENSACOLA $56,900. Call to see this.
Homes for Sale
GULF BREEZE This is a keeper. 3/2 $142,000.
PENSACOLA Three BR/1 Bath: perfect starter $93,900

RP/MIA See additional listings at
,,_( _i C, I www. denrem.com LI


the beach news available worldwide

Pensacola Beach Elementary
School third graders teamed up
with Island Times for a Book Drive
during April. Three hundred sev-
enty-three books were donated to
children in foster care in Escambia
County. Students who collected
books are: (L to R, bottom to top)
Cordelia Zielinski, Grace Reece,
Wren Deputy, Annabel Jacobs,
Carlee Amberson, Chloe Huntley,
Cayson McCurdy, Joshua Thomp-
son, Veronica Gyoerkoes, Isabella
Rice, Peter Seigh, Ashley Price,
Zoe Cooper, Alli Seeker, Madi Clay,
Kat Denton, Patrick Cronin, Olivia
Chaney, Hannah May, Thomas
Niven, McGuire Wolfe, Emily Wang,
and teacher Joy McLaurine. Not
in photo: Clay Clifton, Mackenzie
Patrick, and Sophia Slobodian

Congratulations Nan Harper
Florida State President
of Realtors

916-7188 850-293-9321

103 Baybridge Dr. G. Daniel Green, MAI, SRA
Gulf Breeze, FL State-Cert. Gen. REA #RZ836
850-934-1797 Real Estate Broker #BK176669

G. Daniel Green

Commercial & Residential Appraisal, Consulting & Sales


family owned
and operated
insurance agency
INSURANCE AGENCY Auto & Motorcycle
Commercial Vehicle
www.bayins.com bay@bayins.com Homeowners & Flood

Where is BigFoot? Send
your answer to islandtimes@
bellsouth.net. Winner re-
ceives a BigFoot t-shirt.

Linda Taylor Murphy

Now's the time to make a
real estate purchase.
Call today!
cell: 850-748-0865
office: 850-934-3233



Island Times

May 18, 2010

B USINESS B UZZ.....................................................................

In case you have not noticed
the giant, blue and yellow inflatable
slide at the Soundside Market, it's
back. Chic Demareau, owner of the
slide and the Tiki Island golf course,
says the wet and wild attraction was
a hit last summer. Better get in a
few practice runs before the Island
Times Super Slide competition on
July 4.
Storage Advantage on McClure
Dr. in Gulf Breeze will accept dona-
tions of towels, large Rubbermaid
tubs with lids, portable backyard
pools, baby blankets and heating
pads to assist in the cleaning of
wildlife caught up in the oil spill.
Danah Gibson of Danah's
Hair Salon has been engaging hair
stylists and pet groomers to get
educated about Matter of Trust hair
collection. The hair can be recycled
into matts to filter oil out of water.
Sharon Mattair at Studio 98 in Na-

varre is ready to assist should the
spill reach our shores.
If you see a black hearse with
a yellow flashing light, pull over.
You will not be ticketed but will
be part of the Boogie, Inc. Karaoke
Party Night. Bonnie and David Mc-
Donald's disc jockeys appear at the
Sandbar on Tuesday and Thursday;
and at the Shaker on Wednesday.
Get ready to sing and dance.
The dog lovers who own The
Break are hosting a Pub Pedal Poker
Run on Sunday, May 23. The pro-
ceeds go to the Pensacola Humane
Capt. JR of Blue Marlin Water
Taxi and Tours, is usually booking
trips to show tourists points of inter-
est from the waters edge or riding
locals from the dock at PegLeg's
to Paradise, but the oil spill has
changed his plans this summer. He

will be ferrying officials and work- is sponsoring a contest for locals
ers to larger boats in support of the to host their family reunions in the
clean up operations. area. The family who organizes the
COME ON DOWN largest family reunion and the fam-
In honor of National Tourism ily who hosts the guest that travels
Week Pensacola Visitor's Bureau the farthest will receive a prize

Try one of
our frozen

Burgers Shakes

Fries Cold Beer
Waterfront Dining
500 Quietwater Beach Blvd
Pensacola Beach 932-1417 Red Beans & Rice w/
Upstairs from Key Sailing Ug Sausage on Mondays

package. Submissions can be made
to llee(,VisitPensacola.com.

;, Seeking and I)uilnu a home can be challenging,

May 18, 2010

Island Times


Page 12 Island Times May 18, 2010

by E.K. Hewson

I am beginning to think that
the Memorial Day holiday is noth-
ing but a fond memory of a slower
paced time in my life. A time when I
took a moment to reflect upon those
American heroes who sacrificed
their lives for this great country.
When I was a kid, Memorial
Day weekend marked the end of the
school year and the start of summer
vacation. Maybe that was because
it was already so hot and humid in
New Orleans by the last weekend in
May that no one -- students, teachers
nor administrators -- wanted to be
stuck indoors. Here in Maryland, the

students will return to school after
the long weekend and still have a
minimum of two more weeks of
classroom instruction. I am sure
there will be some last minute proj-
ect due and we will spend Memorial
Day finishing it up.
Then there is this concept of a
Main Street parade in small town
America where red, white and blue
bunting lines the front porches of
every business and home. And every
citizen flies the American Flag at
half staff on Memorial Day in honor
of our fallen military members. I
think I've been watching too much

Full Bar Flat Screen Televisions
Indoor or Outdoor Dining with a waterview

Sunday Brunch
11 to 2 pm
$1.99 Bloody Marys
99 Cent Mimosas

On the



Try a

Prime Rib Special
Every Wednesday Nlte

Lunch Specials

Happy Hour
Everyday 4-6 PM

of the Lifetime For Women Movie
I admit, I have never lived in
small town America or anywhere
near Main Street, but I have lived in
two places always ready to parade
for any occasion -- New Orleans
and Pensacola Beach. I have not,
however, attended a Memorial Day
Parade. Maybe someday.
Of course, now that I am a
full-time working adult, the idea
of a three-day weekend is just an
outright foreign concept. Oh, I will
take time off on Monday to spend it
with my family and think about how
many men and women lost their
lives so I could live how I choose
today. Yet somehow those 40 hours
will still have to be worked. Tues-
day through Friday just officially
became 10-hour work days, instead
of eight.
I think I am starting to feel
for the three little boys in the Nor-
man Rockwell painting titled "No
Swimming." It's the one where these
young fellas are in a mad sprint
across the page with clothes in hand.
You just know all they wanted to do
was take a dip in the creek wear-
ing nothing but their mischievous
smiles. Yet their aspirations to cool
off in the crystal clear waters, for
whatever reason, were squelched.
That's how I am starting to feel
about Memorial Day.
A holiday, where I should be
remembering all the sacrifices that
have gone into this country, has
recently become a symbol of just
the opposite. No parade. Just an
extended school schedule and never
ending work. I now understand why
in 2002 that the Veterans of Foreign
Wars and the Sons of Union Veter-
ans of the Civil War requested that
Memorial Day fall on the fixed date
of May 30. They requested and lost,
but argued that a sliding date just to
accommodate a three-day weekend
undermines the very meaning of the
day and leads to ambivalence on the
part of the American people.
Hmmm, I have to wonder how
Norman Rockwell would depict
Memorial Day 2010?
Until next time...

Karen Kreitzberg's Pensacola Beach home was the gathering place for
Goddesses on Mother's Day, May 9. All the glamorous gals received a "God-
desses Gather Here" poem and gift cards to go have dinner together. The
ladies, who are beach neighbors or have children the same age, say they are
well-deserving of their Goddess designations. Opening their surprises are (L
to R): Karen Kreitzberg, Denise Wheatley, Kathy Tanner, Mildred Frate-Smith,
Kim Zeigler, and Polly May Myers. Photo submitted by Robbie Lofty

Proud grandpa Eddie Williams Monique Verdin, left, who or-
danced the night away with six- ganized the Voice of the Wetlands
month-old Phare Toupelo Newlin at Awareness Party at Paradise May 7,
the Voice of the Wetlands Party at was so happy about the success of
Paradise on May 7. Eddie was The the fundraiser, she planted a kiss on
Islander Newspaper Father of the Year ten-year-old Sam Jordan's cheek. The
25 years ago. event raised $750.

Mark Levron, horn player with the Houma, Louisiana Josh Garrett and
The Bottomline Band, belts out When The Saints Go Marching In, as locals (L
to R): Rick Cantin, Tricia Cantin and Danette Krumell cheer him on during the
Voice of the Wetlands Party at Paradise May 7.


May 18, 2010 Island Times PAGE 13

Q: "What is Microsoft's Re-
mote Desktop?"
A: In Microsoft's Windows
program there is a feature called
"Remote Desktop Connection".
That feature is found in the "Acces-
sories" folder in the Programs list.
Its purpose is to allow the computer
user to access another computer
through the Internet. For example,
you might want to work at home and
access the computer at your office.
Before you attempt the connection,
make sure that the office computer
is using at least the Professional
version of Windows XP or a newer
edition. The Windows XP Home
Edition will not work.
The first step is to locate the
"IP address" of the office computer.
While sitting at the office computer,
use a website like www.ipchicken.
com to retrieve your IP address.
That is the address that you will
type into the Remote Desktop Con-
nection program in your computer
at home.

Then, in the office computer,
select the option that allows the
computer to be accessed by a remote
user. Also, put a password on your
user account so that the computer
can be remotely accessed only by
you. If the office computer is at-
tached to a router, the settings in
the router will have to be modified
to make it transfer the connection to
your office computer.
When you attempt to connect to
your office computer, you will see
the remote computer's logon screen.
After entering the user ID and pass-
word, you will then see the screen
of your office computer and will be
able to use any of the programs on
it. You will notice that the computer
runs a bit slower on the remote
connection. Other programs, such
as GoToMyPC, are available from
several suppliers. Those programs
make the remote connection much
easier, but you will have to pay a
monthly fee. For questions, contact
Joe al ioc 7i) cpxl coin or206-3156.

By Joe Stukey, Your Computer Pal

Stars Shine Bright

At Bama Jam

The Verizon Wireless
BamaJam Music and Arts Festi-
val is three days and nights of the
star studded music extravaganzas.
Hosted in Enterprise, Alabama on
June 3 5, the open air Country
Music festival blends in Bluegrass
and Alternative bands to provide
diverse artist lineups.
Listen to Kenny Chesney,
Hank Williams Jr., Zac Brown
Band, Dierks Bentley, Miranda
Lambert, Jamey Johnson, Travis
Tritt, Train, Citizen Cope, Jake
Owen, Randy Houser, live on
stage. Bring your lawn chairs and
blankets and sit under the stars
while the biggest entertainers in
County music play your favorites.
The festival is about 130
miles from the beach, but worth
the drive.
Tickets are available for one
day or for the entire three festival.
Check out the complete schedule

Valid only for Wednesdays' drop
Can not be accumulated with any other offer
Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Suede & Leather, Alterations, Wash & Fold, etc
Cull C.ree:e i 11 GCull Ceree:e P1,.,,. 932.2565
Tieer Poini 9 3' Gullf B'ee:e PL..v,. 916-9437 SJ Ct EA A
.*...R,i,1.fi*1,t~.. C I.EAI1E R

One Stop Shop for thntuiasts

Open everyday at 9 AM Live Music
850-934-3141 r Cold Beer
Free Sunsets
OPEN AIR DECK Next to the Yacht Club
Overlooks Sabine B

Pensacola each, A1

Our far r-

Tuesday & Thursdays 7 to 11
Karaoke with BOOGIE, INC.
Wednesday 7 to 11
Tim Spencer plays your favorites
Friday 7:30 to 11:30
21st Tim Spencer, Tim Morgan
28th Paul Killough

Open Air
waterfront t
r! '- r7'rL

Live Music on Weekends D I
Sat, May 22 Ronnie Romero, 7:30 PM '
Sun, May 23 Johnny Barbados, 4 PM
Sat, May 29 -The Blenders, 7:30 PM
Sun, May 30 Letric Mullet, 4 PM
Check our calendar at www.DalesBigDeck.com
S 715 Pensacola Beach Blvd at the Sabine Marina

h b h

A Steam Clean
- a c tLma Process

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
Area and Oriental Rugs Tile & Grout
Marble, Vinyl & Hardwood Cars, Boats & RV Interiors
Don't a t 932-7670 934-1913
forget I -



C L E A N E RS............................................ ................................................................... C L E A N E R S

May 18, 2010

Island Times



PAGE 14 Island Times May 18, 2010

Beach Gals Are Aces At

Hold Em Poker Tables

With the bat of an eye and an
all-in bet, Pensacola Beach lady
poker players stole the limelight
during the recent Texas Hold 'Em
4444 Fun tourneys. Poker playing
diva Billie Urquhart earned a win
in an all-female final on May 8 at
Paddy O'Leary's over Mary Jo
Misiak. The female Player of the
Month during April, Mary Kay
Wood, battled her way through
a field of 17 top notch players at
the Sandshaker on May 10 to face
Glenn Burleson for the win.
Results from weekly action are
as follows:
Paddy O'Leary's
May 1
1. Todd Lentini
2. Phil Tracy
3. Pete Falgout
May 2
1. Pete Falgout
2. Freddie Falgout
May 8
1. Billie Urquhart
2. Mary Jo Misiak

May 9
1. Justin Scher
2. Todd Lentini
May 3
1. Tex Atkinson
2. Sherri Lovell
May 10
1. Mary Kay Wood
2. Glen Burleson

From the Chip Stack
Texas Hold 'Em 4444 Fun
players welcomed sometime beach
bum and card sharp Pete Falgout,
who lives full time in Sullident, Ala-
bama. He was visiting his brother,
Freddie, who hangs his hat on the
southside of Via de Luna.
Invite your friends to see the
white sands on Pensacola Beach. No
oil. There's always an extra chair at
the poker table for visitors.
For more information about
Texas Hold 'Em 4444 Fun games,
call Rick Uzdevenes, poker pro-
moter at 850-324-2667.

^^^H P^^^u ^^ rf^^

Give^^^^ itM^^^ to a^^^^


Weekly Schedule

Brothers Pete, left, and Freddie Falgout battled at the poker tables at
Paddy's on May 2. The Texas Hold 'Em 4444 Fun gang is always glad to see Pete.

Glen Burleson put on his Texas
Hold 'Em 4444 Fun shirt briefly while
in Egypt -just for fun and photos.

Law Firm OffersAdvice on Oil Spill Problems

Justin Scher shows off a
Flounder he bagged recently.

Monday: Sandshaker. 7 PM

Thursday: Paddy O'Leary's,7PM

Saturday: Paddy O'Leary's, 3PM

Sunday:Paddy O'Leary's,7 PM

/ I ,. I I .I, .,. I ,, l, l h/

Texas Hold '[m 4444 fun
Poker Hotline 3Z4-zb67

Phil Hall of McKenzie, Hall
and De La Piedra Law Firm warned
the forty in attendance at their
informational meeting on May 10
that historically BP has a poor track
He showed documented in-
cidents of the fines levied against
BP for failing to comply with the
law. The meeting at the Pensacola
Beach Community Church was to
give information and offer services
to those who have claims against
BP due to the Deepwater Horizon
oil spill.
Hall said BP had misled the
public regarding the amount of oil
"This misinformation is con-
sistent with their history," he said.
"BP spends on an average $200,000
per year to get out the message that
they are a green company."
Jim McKenzie, senior partner,
during his presentation gave the
following pieces of advice to the

You can try to deal with BP
in getting compensation for your
losses. I don't think they will give
you a substantial amount of help.
The tar balls that are arriving
at Dauphin Island, could be here by
this week.
There are millions of gallons
of oil in the Gulf. There is a distinc-
tion between what is on the surface
and what is under the water.
Do not try to clean up or han-
dle this oil. It is hazardous. Avoid it.
The Gulf front cannot be
protected by leaseholders. Up to the
high water mark is under the control
of the Coast Guard. The inland wa-
terfront can be boomed by citizens.
Contact your elected officials
to encourage protection and action
in the clean up. Rep Jeff Miller
should hear from you. Contact any
or all of your elected officials from
the Governor, the members of the
Northwest Florida Legislative Del-

egation through to local officials.
Dale Perkins, ECUA District 4
representative, which includes the
Beach, said, "Senator Bill Nelson,
has voted against offshore drilling,
should be contacted."
McKenzie continued, "I urge
you to join the Coastkeepers organi-
zation. I think that is important. You
will need to use the same survival
skills of patience and perseverance
that you developed during the hur-
ricanes. And, do not sign anything
that BP gives you without having it
reviewed by an attorney."
"This was a preventable tragedy.
It also points out that we need to be
less dependent on oil," McKenzie said.
Jim McKenzie and his wife
Randy were residents of Pensacola
Beach for ten years. Their home
was destroyed by Ivan and Dennis,
so they moved to East Hill, but still
attend the Beach Church.
You can reach their office at

native cafe
A I li h e/e/ t l/ie hv t ,i i\,v / l/.i'i '

Breakfast & Lunch

NEW! Dinner on Fri & Sia until 1) p.m.
Specials 5-1 > 2 for I Beer $3 W\ine
$3 Mlimoais., Blood\ Miar \s, Mlar.gril4s

45 A \'ia d(e Luna 934-4848

Natives say our
Fish Tacos
are Ihe best
7:30 AM -3 PM
7:30 AM 9 PM
Fri Sat

r 850-932-2323

Ask about our OFlRfGE
specials for IUIj
Island Times readers A J

Climate & Non Climate Control Self Storage
Boat Parking Moving, Storing, Packing Supplies

S15 McClure Dr., Gulf Breeze storage-advantage.com I
L _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _J


Island Times

May 18, 2010

May 18, 2010 Island Times PAGE 15

IPI c-pl

CLASSIFIED ADS are $5 for 20 words. Additional words are 10 cents each. Send ad with check made
payable to Shelley Ink, P.O. Box 844, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562.

Real Estate For Sale

"Copyrighted Material

SSyndicated Content

Available from Commercial News Providers"

Who needs a bank? Owner will
finance at 6% interest with 20%
down on this 115 Ft Sound Front
lot. MLS# 382730. $374,900.
Fred Simmons, Paradise Coastal
Realty 850-232-2188.

- $79,900. Call today. Dennis
Remesch, Re/Max on the Coast,
850-384-7607; www.denrem.com
Pensacola Beach, 4/3 $529,000
Family home centrally located with
Gulf and Sound views. Call Real-
tor Linda Murphy, Cook Realty at
BEACH, Soundside, 2800 ft., plus 2
car garage, 4b/3.5bth, balconies, 3
levels, views, pool, dock. $359,999,
MLS#382365. 850-380-1519 Dar-
lene, Assist2Sell

S Lost & Found
If you find a stray pet, call Escam-
bia County Animal Shelter, 850-

Real Estate For Sale

GOT LAND? 0 Down for all land
owners. All Credit OK. Clayton
Homes of Crestview. 850-682-3344
Financing available. 10 years...$450/
month. Call Clayton Homes of Crest-
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Drastically Reduced. 2007 Double
wide for sale. Call Clayton Homes of
Crestivew 850-683-0758
Have Family Land? Buy a new
home under $500/month. NO money
down. All Credit OK. Clayton Homes
of Crestview 850-682-4284.
Discounted 4 bedrooms and 3
bedrooms. Payments ranging
from $450-$650. All credit OK. Call
Clayton Homes of Crestview. 850-



SReal Estate For Rent

Pensacola Beach Vacations Rent-
als. Call for the BEST RATES on
Beachfront condos an beach homes.
Toll Free 800-242-3224. Visit online
Gulf Breeze Proper Townhouse.
2 Bedroom/1.5 Bath. Washer/Dry-
er hook-up. Clubhouse with pool.
Fenced yard. Small pets OK. $800
plus deposit. Call 850-723-6046

Delivery/Cleaning Service
Homes. Call Karen at KEH Ser-
vices, 850-619-7493


Pensacola Beach Chamber of
Commerce. Board of Directors
meeting, Tuesday, May 18, 5 p.m.
SRIA boardroom.
Pensacola Beach Elementary
School Board meeting, Monday,
May 24, 6 p.m. on campus. Open
to the public.
Beach Chamber Membership
meeting, Tuesday, May 25, 8:30
a.m. Days Inn. Guests are wel-
come. Please register at 932-1500.
Beach Chamber Business After
Hours, May 25, 5:30 p.m. Island

-- --------------------------------------------------
Sextra extra... read all about IT

lot Island Times, in your mailbox, every other week! |


Send a check for $32
made payable to Shelley Ink
Mail to:
PO Box 844
Gulf Breeze, FL 32562-0844





---IIIIIIII ----------------------------------- ElIIIIIII

ITEN Will be 8 weeks old on May
26 & ready to go. Shots.
Contact Robin at
SNew adoptive parents to get
them fixed.

May 18, 2010

Island Times


PAGE 16 Island Times May 18, 2010

I %"9 b I*




j'b p

Available from



pyrighted Materia

indicated Tontent

Commercial New.
do 4op-9iiili



s Providers"

%- UW

0 a= b .U 60 soso a

Musician's Memorial a celebration of their music
Monday, May 24 at Paradise Bar and Grill
begins at 5 p.m.

no cover
all are welcome
t-shirts for sale




Island Times

May 18, 2010



Junior Optimists Charter Chapter Name, Choose Community Project

The members of the Junior
Optimist chapter at Pensacola
Beach Elementary School adopted
the name Sandpiper Club at their
meeting May 6. Thirteen members
recited the Optimist Oath with Pres-
ident Daniel Green followed by a
report that their first fundraiser was

a success. Treasurer Maddie Grace
McCurdy announced that the April
28 Hat Day earned $88 and Island
Times sent a donation bringing the
Club's monies from zero to $108.
The annual dues were set at $10
per member.
The Club also feathered their


;" ~;
' "
ci~anlru;; *
i: r

Pensacola Beach Optimist Club President Louise Greenley, right,
presented a check to Beach School Principal Jeff Castleberry, May
6, during the Junior Optimist Club Meeting. The Club makes an an-
nual donation for school improvement. Junior Optimist treasurer
Maddie Grace McCurdy, left, and President Daniel Green attended
the presentation.


s DJ's Breakfast

Beach Cafe 8 AM TO 11 AM
Beach Cafe
1> 63 Via de Luna &
across from Spinghill Suites
850-916-0716 Lunch
Closed Mondays & Tuesdays 11 AM TO 2 PM

aily Lunch Specials $5.95

Integrating tradona heah management wh na and aernatve approaches
Integrating traditional health management with natural and alternative approaches

* New Patients Welcome
* Medicare & Tric.ar'
* 10 miles from Be.lal
* Call forAppointiiimnt

850-473-1008 i

* Women's Health
* Chronic Illness
S* Hormone Replacement
* Anti-Aging

4300 Bayou Blvd
Suite 5 Pensacola

nest for next year by voting unani-
mously to retain $20 in the treasury.
The balance of money will be used
in charitable or community projects.
The Sandpipers felt strongly
about assisting any shore birds
which may be affected by the oil
spill locally.
"I will bring you the list of
items that Emerald Coastkeepers
requested to clean the oiled birds,"
said third grade teacher Joy McLau-
rine. "Then you will be ready to
make a donation, should the need
Julia Wassner suggested
ideas for an additional fundraiser.
"We could sell something to

raise more money," she said. "It
is getting very warm outside, so
we could sell ice cream or lem-
Other ideas included a pickle
sale, seashell sales and a car
wash. These ideas will be dis-
cussed again at the next meeting.
Pensacola Beach Optimist Club
President Louise Greenley delivered
a $2500 donation from the Club
to the Beach School Principal Jeff
"I am proud and honored to
present this check to the Beach
School," said Greenley. "This
money was raised at our Beach
Meets Far East party last month. "
I.-------- E


IHome in Gulf Breeze, 2636 SF.
S120' on the Sound with a guest
I Four lots on Navarre Beach.
Ready to build.
S41 foot Viking Motor Yacht
Call Karen Cook, Owner/agent,
L. -- _J .1

The Sandpiper Club members
erupted in applause with their
President saying, "Thank you for
donating to our school."
The Club, which is open to
third, fourth and fifth graders will
have an election of officers at
their final meeting before summer
break, Thursday, May 27 at 2:30
p.m. at the School.

Gulf Breeze Bait and Tackle
Pompano Tourney
as of May 11
tourney ends May 31

1. Peter Tran 5.68#
2. Tim Masseo 5.51
3. Mike Crowder 4.73
4. Gerald Thomas 4.72
5. Chris Neal 4.71
6. Tony Pham 4.69
7. Mike Bindo 4.46
8. Loy Morgan 4.36
9. Ben Claud 4.11
10. Randy Ramsey 4.06

Lady Angler
1. Theresa Horton 4.35

Junior Angler
1. Devin Lowell 4.06

Pier Angler
1. Danny Smith 4.31

Officiant & photographer
for small, casual
beach side weddings
packages start at $250

i;:~aari ~~ ~--------


May 18, 2010

Island Times





PAGE 18 Island Times May 18, 2010

reading' the water a, a ti

by Saltwater Rick

Ilh Li cotLIplc ol cc kI lui\ c
produced a lot of excitement in the
fishing world. Saltwater Blues Band
member Rodney Bryant called me
on the first day of May as I was
leaving for work with news of a
Monster Speck. As he arrived in
front of Paddy O'Leary's with
the fish, and produced it from the
cooler it was an eight and one half
pound Gator Trout. Take a look at
the photo to the right. Rodney did
not want the spot where he caught
it revealed, calling the area, his
special spot. And I can see why,
that's the largest Speck I've seen in
my 50 years of fishing these waters.
Let's just say, east of buoy 131
in the Santa Rosa Sound. With the
thought of that trout in my mind, I
spent the next couple of days work-
ing the area in my boat, The 4fun,
with no such luck, but, the beauty of
the Island and the waters surround-
ing it really made fishing a side line

o10 mfI'l 'CI11h lld OIiklll'ni II tip
There was not a house or build-
ing in sight, just the seaoat covered
sand dunes and salt air filling
my lungs. I cast a thousand times
into the clear saltwater letting the
breeze push my boat east a long the
shoreline for miles. I had the time
of my life.
Tons of Ling have been caught
on the Big Boats cruising the coast.
The Hog Wild came in last week
with ten 50-plus pounders. Deck-
hand Shawn O'Neal told me as he
cleaned up the catch that they saw
over fifty that day and caught 17
releasing the small ones.
Why not Charter yourself a trip
while the getting' is good!
Poker Star Justin Scher hooked
up a nice Flounder in the Gulf while
having some fun with the Ladyfish.
That's the first one I've seen this
year. His photo is on Page 14.
Surfer Mike Willett has been

haulin' in the catfish. So as not to
step on them, I guess. He also re-
ports lots of fat Pompano. Thanks,
I've been told that the Island
Times has the best fishing stories
and pics on the rack and I thank
you, our readers and fisherpersons,
for making that happen.
So do yourself a favor and go
fishing and send us the pics.

Queens Look To

Hook Kings
Lady anglers have their sights
set on being crowned the winner
of the Queen of Kings, June 4 -5
at Paradise Bar and Grill. Entry
information is available at saltwater-

Rodney Bryant hooked this Speckled Trout in the Sound around
Range Point. It weighed in at 8 1/2 pounds.

Worried about the oil spill affecting the value of

your home,


or rental property?

Want to discuss your legal rights?
Call today for a free consultation

905 East Hatton Street Pensacola. Florida 32503-3

Toll Free (800) 343-3067
)931 www.mckenzielawfirm.com

Best Seafood
n Pensacol

Fresh Gulf seafood charbroiled over flaming Gulf shrimp served scampi style, barbecued,
hardwood fires beer batter fried, or steamed in beer

We sell so many, you know they're fresh! 'Neath the moon & stars on our beach

"Floundering at its best" "Best seafood on
Fodor's Florida Pensacola Beach"
"Best seafood on DE USAir Magazine
Pensacola Beach" "Great Vibes...and happy guests"
Fromers Guide to Florida Florida Trend Magazine
EaMm At the traffic light on beautiful Pensacola Beach 932-2003 Since 1979

Fried Shrimp Great Steaks
Upstairs Beach View Dining Outdoor Gulfside Deck

Best Sunday Brunch!
Crab Cakes Benedict
Crab Omelets
Bloody Marys
Bottomless Champagne
Live Steel Band

Open 7 days a week ian o'o




we gotaini

Large Sn LargestS

rest Selection of rabAlaskan SthenowBe
Dungeness King Crab
She Crab Soup
h Maryland Crab Cakes
pTTappy Hour



W Y ildwood ij
performs live on stage
Wednesday Saturday 7 PM
Look for the RED ROOF at the traffic light on Pensacola Beach


Island Times

May 18, 2010

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