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IVolume V, Number 25

Pensacola Beach, Florida

April 6, 20101

KTrm i



CRAWDADS, MUDBUGS, CRAWFISH no matterwhat you call them, they have an entire weekend on the Beach dedicated to them. The ninth annual Crawfish
Festival is set for April 16-18, hosted by Bamboo Willie's on the Boardwalk. New this year are the Crawfish Races for kids. Crew chief and festival founder
Robert Gleim, center, has Louisiana Louie and Pensacola Beach Pinchee receiving their pre-race instructions from race officials Erica Whitman, left, and Holly
Adkisson. Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce volunteers will be earning tips for serving the spicy cajun delicacy. For more on this story, see Page 2.


;Jig~- -

Who Dat Gonna EatAll Dem Mudbugs?

Robert Gleim drove to Loui-
siana to get acquainted with thou-
sands of crawfish which will soon
make their way to the boiling pots
at Bamboo Willie's Ninth Annual
Crawfish Festival, April 16-18.
Standing on the
dock of the bayou,
Gleim closed a deal
to buy 8,000 pounds
of crawfish and
sealed the event with
a cold beer.
"Those people
are crawfish crazy
down there," Gleim
said. "They have
mudbugs every-
where, weighing,
tagging and getting
ready to sell them."
Getting the bay-
ous best crawfish to
the Boardwalk via
refrigerated truck is Crawfish cook
the easy part. Gleim 26, hones hi
immediately gets his Sunday after
expert cooks orga- crawfish boil. -
nized, three on Fri- legions of guy
day night and six on
Saturday and Sunday
for the three day festival.
Not everyone is a crawfish
cook, says Gleim. The mudbugs are
brought to a wild boil in 110 quart
pots, and boiled for five minutes.
The secret to creating the perfect
crawfish is allowing them to bask
in the spicy water for thirty minutes
after the original cooking. Then,
and only then, are they ready to


be served to the public with corn,
potatoes, mushrooms and onions.
There are some new events this
year including the Crawfish Races
for kids. Kids choose a mudbug
and put it in the start area. The first
mudbug out of
the circle is the
Louie and Pen-
S Pec sacola Beach
Pinchee look
good to me,"
Gleim said.
"However, some
S .. e late entries may
surprise us. Per-
sonally, I am ex-
pecting Big Bam-
boo to be a front
The first race
is at6 p.m on Fri-
SCharlie Owings, day.
techniques at a There is no
n Bamboo Willie's charge to enter
will beamongthe the Kids Zone
who prepare four and there will be
for festival goers. additional games,
Scoop the Pen-
sacola Pelican Team mascot, and
face painting. Sunday's events will
feature a mudbug eating contest for
adults, maybe even a beauty contest
will pop up, according to sponsors.
While the mudbugs will satisfy
the Cajun gourmet palate, three days
of great bands will be the highlight
of the festival.
The Florida-style Boardwalk

Published every other Tuesday
Post Office Box 844
Gulf Breeze, FL 32562

No portion of this publication may be reproduced without the consent of the publisher

will sound like the back roads of
the bayous of Louisiana when the
famed band, Tout Les Soir takes
the stage both Saturday and Sunday.
"This is a great family event,"
Gleim said. "We want everybody to
come out and enjoy the music, the
games and the crawfish.
Bamboo Willie's also reaches
out to help the Beach community by
asking the Chamber of Commerce
to serve the flats of crawfish.
"We will be working for tips,"
Maureen LaMar, Chamber execu-
tive director said. "You know the
Chamber servers do a really great
job. For the people who have never
eaten crawfish before, they educate
them in the correct procedure on
how to peel and eat the spicy deli-

The Santa Rosa Island Au-
thority approved a request
which will expand the proper-
ties of the Hotel Indigo and the
Holiday Inn Express at their
March 24 meeting.
Beverly McCay, general
manager of the Holiday Inn
Express, spoke to the Board
about the proposed request, "I
can envision a lot of wonderful
options which would tie the
properties together," she said.
"Perhaps a lazy river. There
are so many ideas that could
The request to sell the site
came from Five Flags hotel
owners Mal Williams and Baker
Clark. SRIA Development and
Leasing Committee member
Vernon Prather understood the
need for the sale, citing the
small size of the parcel, cou-
pled with the high development
costs plus the current sluggish
economy makes rebuilding a
hotel there unmanageable.
When sold, the minimum
lease fee would increase from
$2,500 to $16,000.
The lease on the property
would be divided equally be-

Also, Gleim said this year a
group of teenagers representing
Chain Reaction have volunteered
to help serve and will run the Face
Painting booth.

Great music will be provided by:
Friday, April 16
Bamboo Willie's Stage
4 p.m. Backseat Romeo
10 p.m. Eleven
Saturday, April 17
Bamboo Willie's Stage
Noon Schofield
5 p.m. Tout Les Soir
10 p.m. The Park Band
Sunday, April 18
Bamboo Willie's Stage
1 p.m. Tout Les Soir
6 p.m. The Three Amigos

tween Hotel Indigo and Holiday
Inn Express. Committee mem-
bers voting on the proposal were
enthusiastic about the idea.
"They are going to produce
a nice product," Prather said, "It
will be good for the Island, good
for the SRIA, and hopefully,
good for the leaseholders."
Prather, Tammy Bohannon,
Board chair, and Dr. Thomas
Campanella all voted in favor
of the sale.
The Board discussed a few
details in the master plan for
Pensacola Beach. The final ver-
sion of the plan will be brought
to the full board at their April
14 meeting by EDSA, master
planners, although the County
has come into the planning
picture and a final vote will
not take place before October
of this year.
"I am very excited about
Commissioner Grover Robin-
son's involvement in the pro-
cess," said Executive Director
Buck Lee. "He has arranged to
use local option sales tax mon-
ies to finance the process of
evaluation and additional public
meetings. He also has involved

Boardwalk Merchants will
setup their wares outside and host a
Sidewalk Sale Saturday and Sunday.
Sights, smells and sounds are
all free of charge at the festival.

6 p.m. John Wheeler

1 p.m. Richard Bowen
5 p.m. John Wheerler

1 p.m. Richard Bowen

the assistance of the County
engineering department."
Lee also said that Larry
Newsome, Interim County Ad-
ministrator, will be at the April
14 meeting. He will answer
questions and give an overview
of how the County will handle
the next stage of the process.
Dottie Ford, SRIA Direc-
tor of Finance, presented her
usual cheerful report noting
that revenues in January were
up by 7 percent over what was
"Revenues were up $55,000
and we are up over $100,000
for the year from what was pro-
jected," she said. "For the four
months of the fiscal year, the
revenues are 6.7 percent higher
than budgeted."
The Board held a special
meeting prior to the Commit-
tees, and awarded the contract
to manage the toll booth to Ac-
custaff, who has been managing
the facility for nine years. They
submitted the low bid.
The full board meeting on
April 14 will be at 5 p.m. at the
Authority office building. All
meetings are open to the public.

SRIA Committee Approves Sale of Five Flags Site

Neighboring Hotels To Split Gulfront Tract


Island Times

April 6, 2010

April 6, 2010 Island Times PAGE 3

Barefoot on the Beach

By Jane Waters Cooper 1%

If all those crawfish crossing
Interstate 10 in 1970 were just
trying to get to the other side of
the road, they should have taken a
different route.
I think this may be a one of a
kind story to add to the crawfish
lore which goes around every
We were driving home from
a swim meet in Mobile to New
Orleans on a warm, Sunday after-
noon. Just before we got to Slidell,
we came upon a huge number of
cars parked all up and down the
shoulder and in the median.
"Must be a terrible wreck," I
said as we stopped our Volkswagen
Then we suddenly realized that
thousands of mudbugs were com-
ing up out of the ditch on the side
of the road, and traveling across

the highway. Some of them, not
many, made it.
The reason was that the road-
way was filled with people who
were scooping up the defenseless
mudbugs and putting them in pa-
per bags, coolers, buckets, pillow
cases, whatever.
So, what did we do? We
couldn't drive on without killing
innocent mud bug lovers scooping
up mudbugs. So, we grabbed our
coolers from the camper and joined
the fun. Shelley was ten-years-old
and Liz was five. Native Orleanians
that they were, picked up the tasty
crawfish as skillfully as if they had
been born in LaFourche Parish.
In no time at all, we had filled the
coolers, iced the mudbugs down
and we continued to watch the pro-
ceedings as more people showed up
and the ranks of the crawfish were

Ride Your Rickshaw To

Beach Optimist Party

beginning to thin.
"We can put some in the sink,"
Shelley said. And she and Liz got
out and plucked a few more to put
in the camper's tiny sink which for-
tunately had a built-in cover.
Then, as the crawfish stopped
marching across the road, the cars
began to disperse. All at once. I
don't remember any crunches or
fender benders. No one wanted to
have a wrecked automobile carrying
such precious cargo. So, we joined
the mass exodus and headed home.
All went well for a while. That
was until Liz and Shelley decided to
check on the crawdads in the sink.
Once the cover was removed, guess
what the mudbugs did. They jumped
out of the sink and started crawling
all over the van. We had no choices.
Well, really only one. We had to pull
over to stop and try to retrieve the
errant little guys. My recollection is
that the mudbugs were much faster
than we in such close captivity, so
we began, much to the chagrin of
Shelley and Liz, sweeping them out
the wide side door. Once again we

were on our way home.
But we heard one lone mudbug
rummaging around. I guess he was
looking for his bayou home, but he
finally slid under the driver's seat
and quietly hid from us.
Ignoring the single escapee,
we took the catch to our house
and set up our big seafood pot on
the carport. What a grand dinner.
Enough for us and our next door
neighbors who kept trying to figure
out where we had actually found all
those mudbugs, but they were native

Orleanians so they were not going to
let the bizarre, but true, story spoil
their favorite dinner.
"I wonder where the mudbug
is that got away?" Shelley suddenly
"Oh, he probably got out of the
car and is playing now in someone's
front yard right here on Haring
Road," I said.
Liz, who had just polished off
a whole tray of mudbugs, com-
mented, in all seriousness, "I hope
he's all right."

European Luxury Bedding

Come experience the difference...
698 E. Heinberg St behind McGuire's 850-432-4777

201 E. Austin St Round Top, Texas 979-249-2070

The lanterns are hung and
chopsticks are on the tables at
Flounder's in preparation for the
Pensacola Beach Optimist Club's
Beach Meets Far East Party, Tues-
day, April 20 at 6 p.m. The annual
fundraising event features a full
menu of exotic dishes, live music
by the Johansens, a silent auction,
and Chuck's Famous raffle.
"We have gone all out for this
event," said Mary Claus, chairman.
"Our menu is outstanding."
Menu items for the evening in-
clude: Hot and sour soup, Potstick-
ers with an mirian dipping sauce,
Chicken satay with peanut sauce,
Sweet and sour pork, Chicken and
vegetable curry, Szechuan beef and
broccoli, Fried rice and Steamed

Jasmine rice.
"The desserts will be bowls of
Green tea ice cream with almond
tweels and coconut macaroons,"
Claus noted. "And, of course, we
will serve sake."
The highlight of the event is
Chuck's Famous Raffle. One lucky
ticket holder will go home with a
$1250 cash prize. Tickets are $50
each and only 100 will be sold. The
proceeds from this raffle are donated
to the Pensacola Beach Elementary
School and other causes.
The Silent Auction will follow
the raffle.
Event tickets are still available
at a cost of $50 each. If you are
interested in attending, please call
Mary Claus at 850-916-0455.



Mon- Fri 11-2


-. EI EvEP, '9 ----.
al 1ain

* Waterfront Dining Specials 0
@ Oyster Bar Tu-c. Half Pri:ce B:iieie,
@ Live Music ,,of Wpner
Wed avw Ov-:.ler
@Gift Shop Spe.:ials
@Kids Playground Thurs. Bae.e.1d ov:,ier

1010 I I Pi elns Ro' Pensaco:a Ieac h
932-4139 www pegvlegpeles o:m


O -- O S f 0 RiO




Every Thursday
. . .

Monday Cajun Nite
Tuesday Surf and Turf
Wed Mexican Madness
#2 Via de Luna .,
Pensacola Beach NASCAR ML
934-3660 NBA NHL


Calling all SOBs! We have received a request from First Sergeant
Matt Drees to supply a "goody" package once a month for him to share
with his unit. Matt deployed on March 12 to Afghanistan and will serve
for one year. Anything from home will be greatly appreciated by those
far away. It will take all of us to make this happen. For coordination,
please contact Charlotte Spencer 850-934-3974, Deb Friedman 850-712-
8546 or Judy L'Oignon 850-932-5906. Please keep Matt, his family
and his unit in your prayers.

April 6, 2010

Island Times


. n


PAGE 4 Island Times April 6, 2010

r iVa?
r iv i a?

* S S S

Danah Gibson has been Joe
Perry's number one fanfor decades,
but she never thought she would
get to meet him. The Aerosmith
rocker played at the Beau Rivage
March 26, so Danah, sister Gwen,
and friends Dana Graves and Karina
Foster traveled to the concert. For
a surprise, Dana Graves arranged
a back stage meet and greet for her
star-struck friend. If you see Danah
Gibson floating around the Beach,
that's because she is still on Cloud
Nine. Ask to see the photo of them
If your name is Scott and your
wife's name is Kristin, then throw
a party! Bananimals krewe member
Scott Stonebraker and Beach busi-
nessman Scott Amberson cranked
up the party-meter to full blast
for their respective birthdays last
week. Coincidentally, their wives
share the same name. Stonebraker's
Aunt Mary Jo Tibbits said to be
sure to announce that her nephew
is 40-years-old.
Daisy Johnson, Shelley's thir-
teen-year-old Chesapeake Bay Re-
triever, has been honored by Wright
Pet Care as the Pet of the Month.
Mary Wright is the owner. Daisy
was also named the valedictorian
of her dog training class several
years ago. Mary included the correct
answer to the Easter trivia question
in her email, too. Her answer was
right, but too late to win the shirt.
Beach school student Caleb
Sampson sketched out a colorful
spring rendering and sent it to Chan-
nel 3 News' "Color The Weather"
segment. His artwork appeared on
the March 22 news show.
Beverly Hughes and Sherry
Stricula gathered the green during
the St. Paddy's Day Pub Crawl on
Pensacola Beach by raffling donated
items at each of the thirteen appoint-
ed stops. The lucky leprechauns
would work their magic until the
pot o'gold was full. They collected
almost $705 which was donated to

Covenant Hospice.
Renee Mack headed for the
Big Easy to celebrate her March
birthday. The lucky gal disarmed the
one-armed bandits at Harrah's Ca-
sino and walked away with enough
winnings to treat her entourage to
dinner in the French Quarter.
Pensacola Beach resident,
Patsy Anderson, lost her battle with
cancer on March 25. Patsy passed
away in her hometown of Dewitt,
Michigan and leaves behind her
loving husband, Steve and daughter
Kelley, a former Gulf Breeze High
School Student. We'll miss her
"beach" blonde hair and bright blue
eyes on the island!
DJ and Carl Zemenick took a
trip to Rockledge, Florida to visit
the patriarch of the Zemenick Clan.
Carl's dad, Cass Zemenick, was
happy to have to the couple visit,
but will expect them back in time
to help him celebrate his ninetieth
birthday on July 14.
Sally Goldberger, who served
as a Ship's Officer in the Krewe of
Wrecks royal court, was the winner
of the basket of spirits raffle, at the
Pensacola Beach Woman's Club
Game Day. The money benefits
Beach non-profit organizations.
Jack White has a handsome,
new look. He's shed his moustache
and ponytail until his shoulder re-
covers from surgery. According to
Jack, it's too much for a one-handed
guy to manage, so he's looking like
a clean cut businessman instead of
a Wooly Booger.
Neil Talbot hosted the Seder
meal to mark the beginning of
Passover at his home on Pensacola
Beach, March 29. It is an annual
event that Sandi Johnson and Chuck
and Helen Randle look forward to
each year. Neil put on a spread of
leg of lamb and smoked turkey, and
everyone brought vegetable dishes
or salads to complete the feast.

Sometimes, not often, the Triv-
ia Master melts down and gets soft
hearted. He knew even as he was
composing the last question that
some player would know exactly
where to go to find the golden egg
which would be transferring into an
Island Times t-shirt. The question
was "What year was the Cross in-
stalled on the dune near the Holiday
Inn Express on Ft. Pickens Road and
who put it there?" Dottie Kracheck
was the first to find the correct
answer on the Internet. It was the
Knights of Columbus in 1959, so
Dottie gets the shirt.
A number of other players
followed with correct answers
including Dave Wheeler, our resi-
dent trivia player from Atlanta who
emailed an interesting story of the
event. He was there as a representa-
tive of Sacred Heart School when
the Quadricentennial Celebration
took place. After the reenactment

of the first Catholic Mass in North
America, the crowd went to the
Spanish Village for a beer.
"I was ten years old," emails
Dave. No% I'm 60. Beer is still
good. So is Mass. Keep up the great
paper. I love it."
All that and his answer was
too late.
Sue Garnjobst also sent a cor-
rect answer and noted that the event
was dedicated by Bishop Thomas
J. Toolin. Sue said she had wanted
to win a t-shirt for years. Keep on
Maureen LaMar, executive
Director of the Beach Chamber of
Commerce, got the Knights right,
but stumbled on the date. She
thought it was 1954.
Was this question too easy for
the Knights of the Trivia Round-
table? Not a peep from Sir Morrie,
Sir Bill or Countess Kim. The Trivia
Master now dives into his archives

and directs this week's question
at the Beach historians. Who was
the artist who created the first logo
for the Krewe of Wrecks? She also
designed and sewed the costumes
which are the nearly the same today.
She often arrived at her job at the
Junkyard Coffee Shop dressed and
acting like Harpo Marx. You won't
find the answer to this one on the
Internet. But wherever you find the
correct answer, it will be worth a
t-shirt if you are the first to email it
with "trivia" in the subject line to
islandtimes@bellsouth.net. Be sure
to include your phone number with
your email. The deadline to answer
is Tuesday, April 13.

Beach Meets Far East
Pensacola Beach Optimist Club
* April 20 at 6 p.m. at Flounder's
* MaryAnn Claus at 850-916-0455

f i Gossman & Killough Duo
Monday, Apr 5 & Apr 12
a a Bud Smith
Thursday, Apr 8 &Apr 15
Surprise Band!
Saturday, Apr 10
Shawn Kellerman
", Sunday, Apr 11 & Tuesday, Apr 1
I ta! Wade Baker Jazz
... Friday & Saturday, Apr 16-17
Sunday, Apr 18
fl 5IL


Play and Stay Waterfront -1 aT
Special Room Rates Dining to I ,
Reservations 850-932-2319 Seafood, Sandwiches
www.paradisebar-grill.com Renee's Famous Shri Salad


?9 % 3 9

County Administrator Clarifies Role in Master Plan Development

A special explanatory let-
ter from Larry Newsome, Interim
County Administrator, was pre-
sented to the members of the Santa
Rosa Island Authority on March
24. It clearly outlines the role the
County will play in the develop-
ment of the Master Plan over the
next seven months. Their work will
include two additional public meet-
ings, so locals will have a chance to
give more input on the plan before
it goes before the Commissioners
for a vote in October.
This letter is the second one
written by Newsome. The first was
published exclusively in Island
Times on March 9, 2010.
Mr Lee:
Escambia County appreciates
the opportunity to be a part of the
review process of the conceptual
plan submitted to your board by
EDSA. This plan offers some good

ideas to address the two major
concerns that impact safety issues
within the core area of Pensacola
Beach (pedestrian movement and
flow, and motorist's parking lot
flow). However, there are other
conceptual ideas that may not be
supported ;ih. i,ghi engineering de-
sign or analysis and landscaping
appearances can be applied as pri-
mary issues are addressed.
Understanding your staff re-
sources, Escambia County will
project-manage a design phase
;hi. ,ih Local Option Sales Tax
funds to address the following pri-
mary issues and schedule public
hearings for 30 percent and 90
percent design plans:
1. Evaluate by design the
cost and feasibility of an al-
ternate pedestrian facility
to move ;,.,T,. between and
;ih,. ,,gii all three parking ar-

eas (above grade, at grade,
below grade). We will consid-
er ,. ,ini" concepts and any
proposed by the selected A &
E Firm.
2. Evaluate by design and con-
sideration of .. \i, i commer-
cial parking requirements an
improved flow pattern for all
parking areas within the core
area. We will also evaluate
access management improve-
ments to Via de Luna and
Ft. Pickens Road to reduce
conflicts with all commercial
driveways and free flowing

Escambia To ti,. and Engi-
neering staff will prepare a scope
of work to focus on these primary
objectives and advertise this proj-
ect ;ih.',,it the Purchasing De-
partment for "Request for Pro-
posals." We will coordinate with
Island Authority staff and their
Board members to ensure synchro-
nization of the process. We will re-
quest the A & Efirm as part of the
scope to review past /l i1- .... -
ing and To n ,. Studies" to deter-
mine best engineering practices to
meet demands. Please allow seven

months for contract procurement,
design and scheduling the first
public ,.... ita
We are looking forward to a
successful project and partnership
with engineering solutions to sup-
port safety and economic viability
ofPensacola Beach.
Larry M. Newsome
Interim County Administrator
Manager, Traffic Operations
Newsome will be available
at the April 14 Santa Rosa Island
Authority meeting to answer ques-

After Sundown

Only restaurant on Pensacola Beach offering breath taking
views of the Gulf while dining directly on the beach. Come as you
are straight off the sandy beach and enjoy our indoor/outdoor bar and
gulf side deck. Crabs has the largest selection of Crab on the beach,
was voted Best Crab by News Journal readers. She Crab Soup,
Stuffed Blue Crabs, Alaskan Snow, King or Dungeness you'll
find them all! We have many other seafood favorites on our menu
as well as a great assortment of chicken, steaks and pasta dishes.
Don't forget to try one of our signature drinks like 'The Crab Trap'
which come with a souvenir glass to keep!
Open 7 days a week. Sunday Brunch with live Steel Band.
Look for the Red Roof on Pensacola Beach. 850-932-0700 www.

A little bit of paradise at this open air, island style bar with
its own private white sand beach. Pull up a rattan stool. Cold beer.
Live Music. Exotic Libations. Friendly locals. Lunch and Dinner
everyday. Sandwiches. Salads. Fresh Catch of the Day. Renee's
Famous Shrimp Salad. Happy Hour 11-7. Live Bands. Poker on
Monday and Wednesday.
Tucked away in the parking lot of the Paradise Inn, it's directly
on Santa Rosa Sound. Boat and Bicycle parking. Open 7 days.
Score! Don't miss a point. See it all in high definition 11
big screens, 42 televisions. If it runs, jumps, races, it's here.
Famous for Thursday Wing Night. Burgers. Seafood and Ribs.
Kids menu for the JV players. Full bar. Indoor or outdoor seat-
ing. Video sports games.
Centrally located on Via de Luna, just east of the main
parking lot and the traffic light. Kick off at 11 a.m. seven days
a week. 934-3660.

Celebrating 30 years of Floundering neathh the moon
and stars. Offering fresh Seafood including Tuna, Mahi and of
course Flounder! Award winning chowder, po boys, burgers
and Pensacola Beach Style baked oysters. Sample our Fresh
catch including the Shrimp Boat Platter- loaded with shrimp
cocktail, BBQ shrimp, fried shrimp, popcorn shrimp and U-
peel ems. Kids love our Pirate Ship playground located on
our beach well within view of dining parents. For late night
revelers- Flounder's is host to the world's finest beach bands.
Dance all night on Flounder's beach to the most popular bands
from across the south.
Open 7 days a week. Sunday Brunch. At the Traffic Light
on beautiful Pensacola Beach, 850-932-2003

visit these island restaurants,
pubs and bistros for fun
after the sun sinks into the sea

Ahoy, Matey. You've found a Pensacola Beach treasure.
Pirates welcome. Fresh Gulf seafood served in the galley or
outside on the awning covered deck. Glass front bar overlooks
LaFitte Cove. All kinds of oysters. Live lobster. Gumbo. Dinner
specials nightly. Sizeable sandwiches and burgers for Landlub-
bers. Take home a t-shirt.
Look for the Jolly Rogers flying over the west end of the
Island at 1010 Fort Pickens Road. We're here everyday at 11.
932-4139. www.peglegpetes.com

One of America's great steakhouses; proudly serving USDA
Prime Steaks, seafood and Irish specialties including Irish fisher-
man's bouillabaisse, Corned Beef and Cabbage and Shepherd's Pie
all inside a turn of the century New York Irish Saloon themed pub.
McGuire's is celebrated for its atmosphere, boasting more than
750,000 signed dollar bills hanging from the ceilings of the pub.
Live entertainment coupled with great food and warm and friendly
service by Employees who Give a Damn! Visit our on-site brewery
and the O'TolfWine Cellar featuring the complete vertical collection
of the Chateau Mouton RothschildArtist Series. Featured on NBC's
'Today' Show, highly recommended by Fodors, Frommers and
AAA travel guides, Florida Trend Magazine Hall of Fame Member.
Open every day at 11 am, 850-433-6789 mcguiresirishpub.com

The World Famous Sandshaker"- a Pensacola Beach Tradition
since 1973. It's the Home of the Original Bushwacker and has been
selling this signature drink for over 30 years. The Shaker was the 1st
bar on the Beach to offer this tasty frozen concoction. Live Music
Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun. Karaoke Tuesday. Texas Hold 'Em
4444Fun & BARE Nite on Monday & T-Shirt Nite on Thursday.
Across from the Boardwalk on Pensacola Beach. Open 10 am
until 3am. 850-932-2211. www.sandshaker.com

Open at 7:30 a.m. seven days a week. Owned and operated by
friendly natives serving locally produced seafood and delicacies.
The Fish Tacos are an experience to enjoy. The owners say their
goal is to preserve the unique flavors of the Gulf Coast. Go fresh. Go
native. Specialty desserts top off expertly prepared meals. Seating is
informal. Art gallery setting with local artists displaying whimsical
works. Serving breakfast and lunch everyday; Dinner Fri and Sat.
45 Via de Luna. Downtown Pensacola Beach. 934-4848.


the beach's news available worldwide

April 6, 2010

Island Times


PAEW 6 IsadTmsAprl6,21

peas, porribge & a 6ry martini
by Kathi Lewis

If you were present at the
Krewe of Wrecks Queen's Dinner
this year, then you really need to
go view the Mardi Gras photograph
books at the Elks Lodge. D.J. Ze-
menick did an outstanding job and
each Queen has a beautiful portrait
photo in her shiny tiara. You are
going to love your own picture
almost as much as those of your
royal friends. So call your friends
together for a nice lunch and then
head over to the Lodge for some
cocktails and photo viewing. I
promise you will only regret it if
you don't.
After Nereid Queen Courtney
Winstead returned "Baby" (what
the Nereids are now calling the
Grand Marshall's Trophy) with her
newest Mermaid plaque, I brought
the trophy home for a few days.
The grandchildren were certainly
impressed with the size of the trophy
won by Nanny's parade float. They
were there for the Parade, as always,
but I was on the float, so I kinda
missed seeing them.
I did see longtime Beach Sister,
Cyndi Shumaker, who also always
attends the Parade even from the far
north. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor
snow could keep Cyndi and husband
Shu from Mardi Gras on the Island.
Amazing how Cyndi appeared in
the crowd, screamed my name and
caught the beads I managed to throw
her this year. Well, we only get to
see Cyndi and Shu twice a year,
but they're like clockwork. They
always return in July for the Blue
Angels Show when there is, once
again, a huge crowd. We're always
glad to have them even if there's not
much time or space to visit
And where does all that time
go? I still haven't put away all the
purple stuff and it's already time
for spring cleaning. Oh well, I hate
cleaning anyway so I guess that
explains the purple stuff- but wait,
purple was a good color for Easter,
right? And spring? And summer?
And definitely autumn and winter,
then we'll be right back into Mardi
Gras again! Good, I can just leave
it alone and quit worrying. Besides,
life is just too short to spend worry-

ing or cleaning. I much prefer doing
things that have an ending anyway;
like playing with the grandchildren
during spring break, reading a really
good book, hanging with the girls or
even cooking a good meal. Even
better, celebrating a first Birthday
with my sweet "grandson" baby
Max Lome Harris. Now that's fun!
Bill and I spent a day with all
four children, at the same time.
We had such a grand time and, of
course, not a single one was ready
to go home. Baby Max had some
quality time with Pappy while Sissy
and Ash chased bubbles with Nanny
(Jesiah played the Xbox). We ate
cookies for lunch and had strawber-
ries for dessert.
Ash and Max's Mom Sara Har-
ris got a little taste of the spoiling we
did just a few days later. Ash asked
for a snack and Sara was making
dinner so she said "No."
Ash responded with, "Nanny
gives me snacks when I'm at her
Well, spoiling grandkids is our
job; and we do it well.
My sisters and I had only
a one grandparent, our Daddy's
mom, and she died while I was
young. Not having grandparents
has certainly taught us how to be
the best. It would have been great
to have grandparents like us. We
really know how to spoil a kid and
believe me, it's a lotta fun. I've
always believed grandchildren are
God's gift for having survived rais-
ing teenagers.
My friend and Sister, Lois
Jernigan is always telling me to put
olive oil on my nails or rather the
cuticles. You know how they dry
out and start shredding? Well, they
do and then they get very tender
and painful. So, I decided to try
the olive oil thing. And since I was
putting it on one finger I decided I
might as well do all of them. Only
one problem; the olive oil I had
was "garlic" olive oil. As much as
I love garlic, it's not a good thing at
bedtime. I had to wash it all off and
I still smelled garlicky.
However, I bought the plain
stuff and it really works.

You won't find any garlic in
this recipe, but it certainly made me
think I might have died and gone
to Heaven! I always knew South-
erner's could deep fry anything; I
just never realized we could cover
everything with chocolate. But you
never know until you try it.
So, let's cook.....

Chocolate Covered Bacon

12 thick-sliced bacon strips (about
1 lb.)
12 wooden skewers (12 in.)
6 oz. white candy almond bark,
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 tbsp. shortening
Optional toppings: chopped nuts,
toasted coconut, brown sugar, cay-
enne pepper and coarsely ground
black pepper.

Thread each bacon strip onto
skewer and place on a rack in large
baking pan. Bate at 400 degrees
for 20-25 minutes or until crisp.
Cool completely. Melt white al-
mond bark in microwave slowly
(30 seconds at a time) and stir until
smooth. Combine chocolate chips
and shortening; melt in microwave,
stirring until smooth. Using a pastry
brush, coat bacon on both sides with
melted coatings. Top each strip as
desired. Place on waxed paper-lined
baking sheets and refrigerate until
firm. Store in refrigerator.
Enjoy, share and don't forget to
spend time on the Beach with family
and friends.
See ya in the kitchen.....

Celebration of Life on th
Republic of Sandsp

Sandshaker 5 to 7 PM

You never know who you'll meet in Paradise The Sauce Boss, left, is
the swingingest, blues chef who cooks up a big batch of gumbo onstage while
entertaining his audience with some seriously rich music. He performed at
the Paradise Bar and Grill March 19. The crowds got an extra helping of Big
Easy entertainment when New Orleans artist Mousie strummed a few tunes
like Naked in the Swimming Pool and Hunka Chunka Hula Boy on her ukulele.

Four Season Apparel4

Hiking & Backpacking
Snow Ski Apparel
Rock Climbing Gear, Ropes & Shoes
Indoor Rock Climbing Wall

Men's and
& Outdoor


I3I009 Es Cans*

. Maria's Fresb Seafoob Market

Take a little bit of the Gulf Coast home!
Fresh from the boats daily

621 CervanTes Street
Pensacola 432-4999
Call for directions from the Beach

We can cold pack for travel or ship anywhere.


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Island Times



April 6, 2010


April 6, 2010 Island Times PAGE 7

Chamber Reaches Out To Help Businesses And Residents

The Pensacola Beach Chamber
of Commerce bunny hopped in far
reaching strides from St. Patrick's
Day to Easter, helping the business
and residential communities on the
Beach all along the way.
Board members at their March
23 meeting were proud to hear that
the St. Paddy's Day Pub Crawl
which they sponsor raised $2785 for
Convenant Hospice of Pensacola.
The check was presented at the
March 30 Business After Hours
meeting at Portofino.
Board member Karen Cook
Cowen thanked the Chamber for
dedicating $100 toward the holi-
days for the foster children in the
area. Karen, who is in charge of
their Easter party, had created 145
baskets for the children. Individuals
and businesses donated additional
funds including Nan Harper of Is-
land Realty, AES Employment Ser-
vices, Katie Kehoe of Hampton Inn,

Chrissy Cook and Glenn Windham.
Now, the Chamber is project-
ing its funds and ideas toward the
events of the summer and fall. The
Fourth of July Fireworks permits are
already complete and the estimated
costs for security for the Fourth are
estimated to be $1400 lower than
last year. The Chamber carries a
large responsibility in many aspects
partnering with the Santa Rosa Is-
land Authority on the Blue Angels
Air Show, scheduled for July 7-11.
They are assisting with the VIP Par-
ty and the Vendors Tent at the show.
Vendors applications and rates are
available at the Visitors Center. The
Chamber is also seeking sponsors
for the Air Show. Publix has already
signed up. Call 932-1500 if you are
interested in becoming a sponsor.
Advertising the fall events,
Taste of the Beach and the Art and
Wine Weekend, was also on the

Maureen LaMar, Executive
Director, said the Visitor's Center
is going digital with the installation
of a video display which will scroll
through with real time reports on
surf, weather, events and advertis-
ing. The ads will cover the cost of
the display.
"I already have advertisers lin-
ing up to sign on as soon as this ser-
vice is available," LaMar said. "This
will be such a great addition for our
visitors and another opportunity for
our Chamber members to benefit."
LaMar has also accepted an
appointment as a committee mem-
ber to the professional tourism
group, TACC. LaMar noted that
the Tourist Development Tax report
revealed that Pensacola Beach had
generated $433,433 in bed taxes in
January which is 8 percent higher
than last year. LaMar also said that
the Chamber's new website would
be launched on May 1.

By Joe Stukey
BYTES AND BITS Your Computer Pal

Q: "Is it Safe to Use Credit
Cards on the Internet?"
A: It is, if you proceed with
caution. The key to using the credit
card safely is to make sure that you
are on a secure website. A secure
website encrypts, or scrambles, the
data that is being transmitted so that
it cannot be intercepted and used
by hackers. When providing your
credit card information to complete
a purchase, look at the name of
the website that is in your Internet
browser screen.
You will know that you are on
a secure website when providing

Beach Meets East
Pensacola Beach
Optimist Club
Tues, April 20 6 p.m.
Tickets $50
Call 916-0455

your credit card information if the
beginning of the website name starts
with https://, instead of just http://.
The "s" indicates that the website is
secure. You may also see a small
yellow key or padlock symbol on
that line, further indicating that you
are on a safe website. If the website
is not secure, don't use your credit
card on that site.
You can further protect yourself
by taking other precautions. Use
just one credit card for all internet
purchases. Print a copy of each
purchase transaction. Don't
give out any personal informa-

tion online unless it is absolutely
necessary. Before you make a
purchase from an online busi-
ness, you can also use Google
to search for feedback about the
company. If you are creating an
online account through a vendor's
website, use account codes and
passwords that would not be eas-
ily compromised.
It might also be helpful to
sign up for fraud alerts if that
service is available from your
credit card company.
For questions, contact Joe
atjoe u 7cilxs co1i or 206-3156.

The Full Board of the Chamber
will meet on Tuesday, April 20 at 5
p.m. in the SRIA boardroom. The
monthly membership meeting will
be Tuesday, April 27 at 8:30 a.m. at
the Days Inn, followed by Business
After Hours at 5:30 p.m. at Paradise.
For information on joining the
Chamber, call 932-1500. There are
a number of different categories in-
cluding one for individuals and oth-
ers covering all types of businesses.

* Gulf Breeze Chamber
E 0
* Saturday, April 17
S 9 AM to 2 PM
Rec Center Free

Jennifer Byrom, P.A.
Attorney At Law
Wills, Estates and Probate Marital and Family Law
Child Custody Juvenile Law
Civil Litigation Guardianship Law
Toll Free: 877-889-8822
916-9000 5177 Elmira Street
www.ByromLaw.com Facing the Courthouse
"The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements
Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience "

Bank of the South Island Branch
Full Service Banking Close to Home

* Internet Banking Flex Line Home Equity Loans
* Bill Payment Service Conventional Mortgages
* Waterfront Financing Personal Service

136 FORT PICKENS ROAD Mon Thurs 9 4:30
Friday 9 5:30
t 850-932-9336 LOBBY CLOSED FROM 1-3 PM EACH
LENDER www.bots-l.com BANKING HOURS.

Computer Repair

in Your Home

Joe Stukey





Shipping & Packaging Services
Fax & Copy Services
Printing & Document Finishing Services
Notary Services
Mailbox Services
Packaging & Moving Supplies
Office Supplies

Bruno's Shopping Center
362 Gulf Breeze Parkway
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
850.932.8533 Tel 850.932.1588 Fax

The UPS Store'

April 6, 2010

Island Times


School Spruces Up For Spring With New Paint and Playground Equipment

Pensacola Beach Elementary
School has almost finished its
"spring spruce up" with the comple-
tion of painting of the entire cam-
pus. The Board heard at their March
22 meeting that all the painting and
repair work would be complete by
the time the students return from
Spring Break. Of more interest to
the children is the installation of
a Jungle Gym Dome and a rock
climbing wall on the playground.
The PTA purchased the new equip-
ment in response to a parent survey
on what was needed that the PTA

could buy with funds generated by
the Fall Festival.
Students were also happy with
Tiki Island's reward to those who
are good citizens and good students.
"Kudos to Tiki Island," said
Joy McLaurine, third grade teacher.
"They continue to support our edu-
cational goals with freebies for the
kids as incentives."
"There are a lot of neat things
going on at this campus," McLau-
rine continued.
She noted in her teacher's re-

The Beach Brigade
is comprised of Beach
School students who
have been good citizens
on campus. As a reward,
Tiki Islandhosteda par-
tyfor the kids on March
26 where first grader
Gabby Rice showed her
wild side on the Harley
ride to teacher Kelli
Gunter and fellow stu-
dent Bridgett Wolfe.

port that Scoop, the Pensacola Peli-
cans professional baseball team's
mascot, would visit the school as
part of the Scoop's Reading Chal-
"The incentive programs that
are in place are wonderful," she
said. "We have big field trips, the
Sandollar Store and all the learning
aids like assignment books, fold-
ers and especially the Promethian
Boards. It makes our students pre-
pared for middle school."
She explained to the Board,
how a new computerized micro-
scope projected onto the Prome-
thian Board enhances her students'
"This is easy to use. Can you
imagine being able to show an entire
class at one time a side of phyto-
plankton during the spring Marine
Biology chapter?" she asked.
A small attachment accepts the
microscope slide and transfers it to
the giant board.
"This technology has liter-
ally changed our lives as teachers,"
McLaurine commented.
The PTA assisted purchasing
the Boards which are in all of the
The St. Patrick's leprechauns
have left the school, according to



4 ..s I. Ladies sizes XS-38E ,

_, '~0 l T. 9r". "

At The Light-Next to Flounders 934-3100

* I
- i

Jennifer Neal, kindergarten teacher.
Jeff Castleberry, principal, showed
the children on Google Earth, that
they had all returned to Ireland.
Julie Fritz, Policy Review com-
mittee, announced that the group

is working on generating a School
The next meeting of the School
Board will be at 6 p.m., Monday,
April 26 at the school. The meeting
is open to the public.

5 Via de Luna Across from the Hilton
850-916-4386 www.funstorefl.com
I Surf, Skate & Bike Shop
Bicycle Rental, Repair and Sales
Sports and accessories

Beac Cis

Day & Night

Fri-Sun 11-10
k HCall for
weekday hours

GColandGam.e 850-932-1550

18 Holes of Fantasy Golf

ABSOLUTE BEST in Miniature Golf

Awesome Arcade
3600sf of Fun
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Surf Boards

Flip Flops

........... JI ....


Island Times

April 6, 2010




April 6, 2010 Island Times PAGE 9
n ~ t%..~.. fl..L r~ ~AIJ U

s rennuR Take Over Beac d

The scenic flat roads on Pen-
sacola Beach are a runners para-
dise, so race directors have booked
contests April 10 and 11 on the
The starter's pistol will pierce
the morning calm on Saturday at 8
a.m. for the third annual Run For
Their Lives 5K infront of Crab's
We Got 'Em. Entry fee is $15 prior
to race day and the forms are avail-
able at www.eLakeviewCenter.
org. Apostrace party will be hosted
at the Casino Beach with food,
music and awards for runners in
many categories.
The run is held in recognition
of Victims of Crime Week and pro-

ceeds will benefit the Rape Crisis
Trauma Recovery Program.
Saturday's 5K can serve as
a warm-up sprint for the inaugu-
ral Gulf Coast Half Marathon at
Pensacola Beach, Sunday, April
11. The 13.1 mile race begins at 7
a.m. at Casino Beach, heads east
with the finish line at the Santa
Rosa Island Authority office. The
race course will close at 11 am. The
post race party and awards will be
at Flounder's.
Race director Chad Guess
expects to exceed his goal of 900
entries. For more information
about this event, please visit www.


Friday, April 16th 4 Friday, April 16th
4pm- Backseat Romeo 6pm- John Wheeler
10pm- ELEVEN Saturday, April 17th

Bicyclists Ride Across Scenic Island Course

Long distance cyclists will be
wheeling the length of Santa Rosa
Island on Saturday, April 10 as part
of a 62 mile trek to raise money
for diabetes. The Tour de Cure
begins at The Andrews Institute
in Gulf Breeze at 7 a.m. and the
elite riders are expected to begin
arriving on the island around 10
a.m. according to Dusti deMahy,
race organizer.
"In over 40 states from coast
to coast, thousands of cyclists will
be pedaling toward finding a cure
for this deadly disease, so North-
west Florida has joined the fun,"
she said. "We have a 62 mile, 42
mile and a short 'family fun' route
for riders."
All rides will have themed rest

stops equipped with restrooms and
plenty of food and refreshment to
fuel riders. Bike Marshalls, Safety
Patrols, Roaming Mechanics,
SAG vehicles, Medical Staff and
volunteers will support cyclists
along the way to ensure a safe and
fun ride from start to finish. Upon
completion, riders will return to
Andrews Institute to enjoy free
massages, a delicious lunch and
a post event party with music and
entertainment for the entire family.
Beach residents and visi-
tors are encouraged to cheer the
participants as they pedal to the
finish line.
For more information call the
American Diabetes Association at

Yacht Clubbers Hoist A Sail For Little Ones

Pensacola Beach Yacht Club
captains expect smooth sailing for
entrants in the Preemie Cup Regat-
ta on April 17. The annual event,
which is sponsored by the Pen-
sacola Beach Yacht Club,benefits
the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
(NICU) at Sacred Heart Children's
Registration for the regatta
will take place on Friday, April
16, at the Pensacola Beach Yacht
Club at 6 p.m., with the Skippers'
Meeting for big boats to be held
directly after registration at 7 p.m.
The fun continues the next day,
Saturday, April 17, starting off at

9 a.m. with small boat registration
at Quietwater Beach, followed by
the Skippers' Meeting for those
classes at 10:30 a.m.
"Sailors should be ready to
sail on Saturday at 11:55 a.m."
said Linda Craft, Preemie chair-
man. "The race will be followed
with regatta dogs and awards
at PBYC at 5 p.m. or sometime
around then."
All sailors are welcome to join
the fun and help us raise funds for
a terrific cause. For more infor-
mation on the race, visit PBYC's
website at www.pensacolabeach-


Face Painting by chain reactionV,

t Fri @6pm
Sat.@ 1 pm &



Saturday at 11am and Sunfjt Noon

6pm races


LU A hAnl IL
e 9 A :ee
^^.^^^-^a :eeM



April 6, 2010

Island Times




PAGE 10 Island Times April 6, 2010

Edie Draper, (front, left)
was honored by the Pensacola
Beach Woman's Club on her
90th birthday, March 19, with
champagne and cake. Joining
her celebration are (L to R):
Debbie Slater, Rose Crosby,
Louise Greenley, Marie Lord,
and Barbara Gray who also have
March birthdays.
Edie, who lives on the
Beach with her husband Dallas,
is a former Krewe of Wrecks
First Mate and Parade Grand


the beach news available worldwide


Krewe of Junkanoo's is a small
Mardi Gras Krewe on Pensacola
Beach. They sold ads in a fifteen
month calendar to pay for the
production of the calendar. Thank
you very much to those krewes and
businesses who participated in the
The Krewe then sold the calen-
dars during the Mardi Gras season
and earned $2,400 for the Good
Samaritan Clinic on Highway 98 in
Gulf Breeze.
On April 17 at noon they will


reolt', inc
r I[ 11 ^

present the check to the Clinic.
Thanks to all who helped,
Susie Mardis
Krewe of Junkanoo

On behalf of the Paddy Blake's
Family, and his Society of Lepre-
chauns, a sincere thank you to all
those Pensacola Beach Businesses
who donated to the St. Paddy's Day
Pub Crawl raffles; and a special
thanks to all who purchased tickets.
We raised $705 which was donated
to Hospice along with the Cham-

.....i.. Ranked #1 in
: :'Single Family Home Sales
o: n Pensacola Beach in 2009

P,.encola Beach Real Estate sales and Transactions update:
> SOLD (since March 15, 2010)
1 Portofino #903 1333SF $335,000
4 Portofino #1107 2034SF $535,000
3 Portofino #501 2034SF $725,000
Baywatch #H6 800SF $205,000
10 Calle Traviesa 1008 Panferio
19 Sugar Bowl 39 Galvez Ct. East
237 Sabine Drive 1684 Calle Bonita
701 Via de Luna 74 Ft. Pickens Road
31 Condos!
Your place in paradise
is just a phone call away...
850-932-0067 866-749-3732

ber's proceeds from the t-shirt sales.
May you receive blessings
tenfold for your generosity.
Shirley Blake, Danny and
Pam Blake, Beverly Hughes and
The Society of Leprechauns

In light of the recent events
on the Beach, please be security
minded. Keep your doors locked
and report any suspicious behavior
to the Escambia County Sheriff's
Office by calling 911.

Linda Taylor Murphy

Now's the time to make a
real estate purchase.
Call today!
cell: 850-748-0865
office: 850-934-3233


103 Baybridge Dr. G. Daniel Green, MAI, SRA
Gulf Breeze, FL State-Cert. Gen. REA #RZ836
850-934-1797 n Real Estate Broker #BK176669

G. Daniel Green

Commercial & Residential Appraisal, Consulting & Sales

Ready To


Dennis Remesch

GULF BREEZE CHARMING- 3/2 $169,900. Split floor plan.
Great room, fireplace, new flooring, fenced. Two car ga-
rage. Close to beaches, shopping, golfing and fishing.
Lots for Sale
GULF BREEZE from $49.900 $119.900. Build your home.
PENSACOLA $56,900. Call to see this.
Homes for Sale
GULF BREEZE This is a keeper. 3/2 $142,000.
PENSACOLA Three BR/1 Bath: perfect starter $93,900

Lo1 liP. CLUls,
-SS2 ~ -

See additional listings at
www. denrem.com



BUSINESS BUZZ.....................................................................

Pensacola Beach native Cullen
Stanley, who learned to fish as he
took his first steps as a toddler, is
serving as the deckhand aboard the
Lively One II. This is the host ves-
sel to the infamous group of Beach
anglers, the Lively Ladies, who
have already booked a trip for June.
The Natives will be staying up
late to serve their customers accord-
ing to Joyce Brown. The little caf6
in the Via de Luna Shopping Center
will be open until 9 p.m. on Friday
and Saturday nights until the end of
summer. They are open for breakfast
and lunch everyday.
Richard Hicks is a fun guy.
And, he wants you to have fun
skating, surfing and pedaling your
bike on the beach. Get tuned up for
spring with a new bike or fresh tires
and accessories at The Fun Store,
located in the Soundside Market.
Richard has everything from kites
to kayaks for sale and rent.

Lively Marta Ray has joined
Guy Olano to launch Castaways
located in the former Jubilee Res-
taurant at the Southern entrance of
the Boardwalk. Olano is commit-
ted to beautifying the Beach, so he
commissioned local tiki artist Jeff
Wheelock to create an island style
oasis. The restaurant and raw bar
opened on Easter weekend. Cast
away all your worries at the water-
front eatery.
The Gulf Breeze Area Chamber
of Commerce is "Breezing To Bi-
loxi" Friday, May 7 at 4 p.m. The
annual Casino Night fundraiser's
Bus will leave the Chamber of-
fice on Highway 98 for a five hour
gambling junket in Biloxi. The
$45 fare includes round-trip motor
coach service and $15 in free play
at participating casinos
To purchase your ticket, 850-
Patricia Edmisten will be the

featured speaker at Friends of the
Southwest Branch Library's April
12 meeting at 7 p.m. Edmisten wrote
The Treasures ofPensacola Beach,
a collection of poems, photos, an-
ecdotes of the natural history of the

Emerald Coast; among her other
works. The library is at 12248 Gulf
Beach Highway.
Retire your old tank suit, new
swimwear at Island Style has ar-

Try one of
our frozen

Burgers Shakes

Fries Cold Beer
Waterfront Dining
500 Quietwater Beach Blvd
Pensacola Beach 932-1417 6as Red Beans & Rice w/
Upstairs from Key Sailing UU Sausage on Mndays

rived! Styles and sizes to suit all.

Pensacola Beach, Fh
Authentic Irish Pub




' Happy Hour

12 to 7 PM

49 Via de Luna Texas
916-9808 Hold'E

conffidence in our professionalism!

SSeeking and biitinn a home can be challenging,

_and \\e thaik-- -Lt'liw chmosing Resolt Realty--

7N-Number (me in the Gulf Breeze and

April 6, 2010

Island Times


Page 12 Island Times


I have many memories of
celebrating Spring Break on Pen-
sacola Beach not only as a tourist,
but as a local as well. It all began in
the spring of 1978 when my family
rented a condo at the Sabine Yacht
and Racquet Club. The Gulf was
really too cold to swim in, but that
didn't stop me. The temperatures
weren't exactly in the 80s either,
but that didn't prevent me from
frying myself during the peak hours
of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. like an egg on
a griddle. I remember that Spring
Break vacation well. It would also
mark the last time my family vaca-
tioned at the Beach. We moved from
New Orleans that summer and my
mom set up permanent residence
on Ariola Drive. After that, I spent
my high school and college years
never having to rent a place or con-
templating where I was going for
Spring Break. I just went home and
I brought all my friends with me.
I have a recollection here and
there of each Spring Break on the
Beach but none so memorable as
my sophomore year at Pensacola
Catholic High School. My two best
friends, Molly and Tina, came to
spend the weekend with me which
was an accomplishment within
itself. Molly lived off of Bayou
Blvd.; Tina actually commuted to
CHS from Lillian, Alabama; and I
spent the majority of my non-school
time in the pool at Pensacola Junior
College. We had spent weeks in
Honors English mapping out our
plan of attack. We had to convince
an over protective set of parents
that the Beach was not filled with
marauding pirates and heathens;
another set of parents that Sunday
would be a wonderful day to take
a drive to the Beach; and a single
parent and coach that missing one
Saturday swim practice would not
be the end of my career. Let me just
say there is nothing more powerful
than the persuasion of three, very
determined, 15-year-old girls.
We had it all figured out. Tina
would go home with Molly after
school on Friday. My mom and I
would pick them up after I finished
working out at PJC because Molly's
house was on the way home from

the pool to the Beach. Our logistical
brilliance was just magnificent and
most importantly, it worked. We ar-
rived on the Beach just in time for
dinner at Nero's where we ordered
a large cheese pizza, three ice cold
Cokes and chips. Every time a lo-
cal would come over and say "hi,"
I wasn't so sure Molly still believed
me that the Beach was a pirate-free
zone. We piled into the family car, a
Plymouth Volare station wagon that
had been assaulted daily by the salt
air, which we lovingly called "The
Rustmobile," and cranked up the
one and only AM station the radio
would get: WBSR.
Tina, who could have doubled
as a Cheryl Tiegs lookalike, was
completely beside herself as she
blurted out that Chip Nelson was
going to be broadcasting live from
Casino Parking Lot on Saturday in
the WBSR prize van. We had not
included the Casino Parking Lot in
our original plans and this would
take some convincing. Though as a
teenager I did have run of the Beach,
I had boundaries. I was allowed to
swim to The Pier, but I couldn't
hang out on it. I could roller skate
to Nero's; but I had to bike to the
Sun Ray Oyster Shop, the Junkyard
Coffee Shop and The Tiki. Not my
rules, I just lived by them.
"Mom, do you think we could
go to the Casino Parking Lot tomor-
row?" I asked. Trying to drown out
the begging and pleading of Molly
and Tina, I knew I had to come up
with a sane and safe plan that my
mom would agree to, and I had to
quickly before the other two started
to whine. After all, the only wine my
mother liked came from a bottle.
I can't remember what the
final plan was because I am sure
that it changed at least one-hundred
times before being executed, but I
do remember as the three of us set
out on foot, walking in the shallow
Gulf waters until we reached Casino
Beach. Molly and Tina were both
wearing bikinis with fancy cover-
ups from Gayfers. I had on a white,
Hang Ten terrycloth bikini with surf
trunks and a t-shirt from Rip Curl
Surf and Sport. We were covered
head to toe in Panama Jack suntan

oil and had managed to cram three
pairs of flip flops and $20 in an old
mesh swimming bag.
Molly and Tina were over
temped and I was starving by the
time we reached our final destina-
tion. They freshened up in the public
bathroom while I ordered a burger,
fries and soda from Tiffany's. In
hindsight, we hadn't been on Casino
Beach more than five minutes when
we broke the first rule of ,j\Ina .
stay together." When we joined up,
they were wearing make-up. I had
a ketchup stain on my t-shirt. They
were attracting the attention of all
men. I was being swooped upon by
seagulls for my last few fries.
We walked around that park-
ing lot like we owned it and then
we saw him, the god of the AM
airwaves, Chip Nelson. After much
discussion, probably all of 60
seconds, we decided we would go
request a song, not give our real
names, and if given the chance we
would each take a turn at talking on
the radio. I have no idea what song
we asked him to play and when he
turned the mic our way, we were
shrill, shriller and shrillest. I am
not sure if we just weren't smart
enough to think up aliases or a little
Catholic school guilt creeped in,
but we introduced ourselves using
our true identities. He gave us each
some kind of WB SR tchotchke and
sent us on our way.
After that we soaked up a
little more sun and spent the rest of
our money on food and drink. By
late afternoon, we were more than
willing to ride home in the no-air
conditioned style that only The
Rustmobile could offer. That night,
as we curled up in our sleeping bags
on the outdoor balcony, we talked
about our day's journey, each time
embellishing a little bit more on how
we met Chip Nelson. Molly wanted
to sneak out and see if he was still
broadcasting from Casino Beach.
Tina was too sunburned to move. I
was too tired to care. Sunday mom-
ing seemed to have come too soon
as Tina's parents arrived at 8 a.m. on
the dot to take her and Molly back
to America. That would be the one
and only weekend we ever spent

by E.K. Hewson

together on Pensacola Beach.
By the next spring, we all
had boyfriends and I had opted out
of high school and into college. By
the following spring, Molly had
been killed in a car crash; Tina was
engaged to be married; and I was
spending countless hours training.
Maybe that is why 30 years later,
I still remember that Spring Break
as my favorite. And in the end, Chip
Nelson and I became good friends
through our media connections and
to this day, thanks to the internet, I
can still listen to him on 96.1, The
Rocket. Until next time...

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Island Times

April 6, 2010
Raschen and Savelli
Announce Engagement
Teresa Lynn Raschen and for-
mer Pensacola Beach resident
Samuel Robert Savelli along with
their families are pleased to an-
nounce their engagement.
Teresa is the daughter of Ste-
phen Francis Carlson, Jr. and the
late Debra Stringer Carlson and
the granddaughter of Margaret Ila
Sam is the son of Tamela Savel-
li-Walker and the grandson of Lou-
ise and John Savelli and Barbara and
James Wilson.
An Engagement Party is set for
June 26 with wedding plans to be

-O ar. cLr Ir Process

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..Area and Oriental Rugs Tile & Grout
. 31Marble, Vinyl & Hardwood Cars, Boats & RV Interiors


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- 1=11wI Il I

One last hoorah at Portofino before Snowbird friends Roger and Dot Gipps, and Carl and Carol Wiggins
fly the coop. Portofino resident Sandi Scoop Johnson submitted this photo taken of an impromptu farewell
party last month. Toasting their friends are (front row, L to R): Sharon Loper, Roger Gipps, Evan Crosby,
Jack Shay, Tex Atkinson, Patricia Bernhard, Debra Pitou, Mary S Lee (partly hidden), Kim Harvell, Mary
Shay, Carol and Carl Wiggins. In the back row are: Mike Pitou, Don and Kay Rickenbaugh, and Dot Gipps.

Ski Bunnies Present Slate of Officers at Spring Party

The Pensacola Ski Club will
usher in their off-season with an
election of officers and ski apparel
sale at their Spring Party, Saturday,
April 17 at Seville Quarter at 6 p.m.
Officers who have been nomi-
nated include Susan Naile, presi-
dent; Denice Hair, vice president;
Ilona Borish, trips; Beverly Gay,
secretary; Paul Belt ,treasurer;

and Cindy Urmos-Clements, asst.
treasurer. Board members include
Cheryl Alter, Traci Ingram-Gay,
Terri Phillips, Wendy Wozniak, J
Phillip Warren, Tammy Drummond,
Al Austin, Steve Burch, Tim Bone,
Doc Holliday, Michelle Mandel,
Fitz Miller, Pam Ryland and Karin
There are two vacant positions

available for interested parties.
For more information about
the Ski Club and its events email
Melinda Ross at skiermindy25 @t

Valid only for Wednesdays' drop
Can not be accumulated with any other offer
Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Suede & Leather, Alterations, Wash & Fold, etc

Cu. E.ree:e 114 Cull ree:e ': P,. .932.2565
Tiger Poinc 94- Gulf Bree:e PN..,,. 916-9437


............................................. xC L E A NE........... ...... .............R S

Pensacola Aeach, $1

Our &ar r.

Tuesday & Thursdays 7 to 11
Karaoke with John Hundley
Wednesday 7 to 11
Tim Spencer plays your favorites
Friday 7:30 to 11:30
9th Tim Morgan
16th Tomata & Daddy Man

Open Air

Live Music on Weekends BIG DEC K
Sat, Apr 10 Tomata & Daddy Man,7:30 PM -0
Sun, Apr 11 Paul Killough & Dennis Gossman, 6 PM
Sat, Apr 17 Mike Norris, 7:30 PM
Sun, Apr 18 Ronnie Miller, 6 PM
Check our calendar at www.DalesBigDeck.com
715 Pensacola Beach Blvd at the Sabine Marina .

One Sto Shop fo th IIsp sEthsat

April 6, 2010

Island Times


-... I .....: '.-



PAGE 14 Island Times April 6, 2010

Poker Action Heats Up Beach Tables

Those who play on the beach
had to wait much longer for the sun
to warm the sand than they did for
the action to heat up the felt. Texas
Hold 'Em 4444 Fun card sharps
gather at the tables in Downtown
Pensacola Beach for bluffing and
betting sessions five times per week.
"These games are a great way
for visitors to meet the locals on
Pensacola Beach," said Rick Uzde-
venes, poker promoter. "It's all for
Chris Haskin has made his
place in the winner's circle by
capturing two wins at the tables.
He outlasted the Paddy's crowd on
March 23. Angela Hartzog was the
runner up. He battled his way to
first place in a crowd of 17 players
at the Sandshaker, Mar. 22. His final
hand was a top notch four-of-a-kind.
Mike Wood settled for second place.
Other results included:
Paddy O'Leary's
March 20
1. Janie Uzdevenes
2. Phil Tracy

3. Justin Scher
March 21
1. Justin Scher
2. Todd Lentini
3. Waldo Defindorfin
March 23
1. Chris Haskin
2. Angela Hartzog
March 25
1. Todd Lentini
2. Phil Tracy
March 27
1. Hank Misiak
2. James Presley
3. Norman Carriere
The games are open to anyone
who has a basic knowledge of the
game. All skill and experience lev-
els are welcome to play.
"We have had players from all
over the world," said Uzdevenes.
"Those who live here in Paradise
as well as those who wish they did.
Everyone has a seat at our tables.
The more the merrier."
For more information about
the games, call the poker hotline at

all the chips at Paddy O'Leary's on March 27. He outlasted a
field of fine players which included James Presley and Norman
Carriere who was on the Beach visiting from Canada. Saturday
games begin at 3 p.m. central beach time.


April 30 is

Arbor Day

Weekly Schedule

Island Times
850-324-2667 1

Pensacola Beach

Monday: Sandshaker, 7 PM
Tuesday:Paddy O'Leary's,7 PM
Thursday: Paddy O'Leary's,7PM
Saturday: Paddy O'Leary's, 3PM
Sunday:Paddy O'Leary's,7 PM

Texas Hold 'Em 4444 fun
Poker Hotline 324-2667

THE GIVIN' OF THE GREEN It was a fine day on the Island when representatives of the Pensacola
Beach Chamber of Commerce and Society ofLeprechauns presented Covenant Hospice with a check for $2785.
The presentation was made poolside at Portofino during the March 30 Business After Hours. l,/ ..a the pro-
ceeds from the St. Paddy 's Day Pub Crawl are (L to R): Maureen LaMaar Beach Chamber executive director
Beverly Boswell, treasurer Leah Harrison, Development Manager at Covenant Hospice and Beverly Hughes,
Society of Leprechauns.

native cafe
owned & operated by friendly natives!

Breakfast & Lunch
are the best
NEW! Dinner on Fri & Sat until 9 p.m. 7:30 AM 3 PM
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Island Times

April 6, 2010

April 6, 2010 Island Times PAGE 15

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Who needs a bank? Owner will
finance at 6% interest with 20%
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Fred Simmons, Paradise Coastal
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- $79,900. Call today. Dennis
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Pensacola Beach, 4/3 $529,000
Family home centrally located with
Gulf and Sound views. Walk to
0 school, tennis courts, churches and
Gulf of Mexico. Backyard is tropical
paradise with pool, patio and ma-
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for entertaining or just relaxing.
Travertine floors in living room, din-
- ing area and kitchen. The kitchen
"has one year old cabinets with
Granite countertops and stainless
steel appliances. The metal roof is
commercial grade.
For your personal tour, call Real-
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Homes. Call Karen at KEH Ser-
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Help Wanted

person. Wed Fri 8 amto noon. DJ's
Cafe, 63 Via de Luna.

S Meetings

SRIA Full Board Wednesday,
April 14, 5 p.m. Boardroom. #1 Via
de Luna. Open to the public. 850-

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April 6, 2010

Island Times


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she to

V-0**40 OR

%A.ja hw

k e


BERCH MEETS FRR ERST April 20 at 6p.m. Flounder's
Pensacola Beach Optimist Club's Annual Fundraiser Tickets $50 Call 850-916-0455


Island Times

April 6, 2010

* a 4 6



April 6, 2010 Island Times PAGE 17

~Mostly Nuts Bol

Ignoring Women's History
When I was a teenager in
school or for that matter through-
out school, I do not remember ever
discussing a woman or women in
history. It was as if women had
made no contributions at all.
The other day at work a fellow
engineer handed me a Victorian
picture of a woman and asked, "Do
you know who this is?"
I looked up at him and replied,
He tried giving me hints like
her name Ada Lovelace or Ada
Babbage. The name Babbage was
one that I knew. And, so did Ada
Ada Lovelace was born De-
cember 10, 1815 the daughter of
Lord Byron and his wife Anna
Isabella Milbanke. A month after
Ada's birth, Byron requested that
both Anna and the child leave to re-

The year 2010 is an unusual
year in that Passover, the West-
ern observance of Easter, and the
Orthodox all occurred during the
same week, in fact, Western and
Orthodox Easter celebrations were
on the same Sunday April 4. The
date for Easter is always the Sunday
following the first full moon after
the vernal equinox which is March
21. The Eastern Church based the
calculation on the Old Calendar
(Julian), whereas, the Western
Church utilized the Gregorian Cal-
endar (New Calendar). The Julian
Calendar is thirteen days behind the
Gregorian Calendar.
When it comes to Passover, the
Jewish religion celebrates Passover
on the first full moon following the
vernal equinox. For more detailed
information, Google Easter and
Passover, and a plethora of informa-
tion can be discovered.
An awareness of the historical

turn to Anna's parents home. He had
the option to keep Ada by law, but
signed away custody a few months
later. Byron would die when Ada
was nine years old.
Anna was obsessed with en-
suring that none of Lord Byron's
insanity issues would show up in
their daughter. With this in mind
Ada was home-schooled in math-
ematics and science (obviously, her
mother was ahead of her time, too)
by William Frend, William King
and Mary Somerville. Ada Lovelace
later trained under the tutelage of
noted mathematician and logician
Augustus De Morgan. De Morgan
later commented on Ms. Lovelace's
mathematical abilities stating that
she was "an original mathematical
investigator, perhaps of first rate
Ada Lovelace was introduced
to Charles Babbage through her

background can help us understand
the reasons for different dates. It
also helps us to be more understand-
ing and accepting of those who cal-
culate using a different measuring
In a world that is becoming
increasingly smaller, and often,
less tolerant of others, we need a
sensitivity and acceptance of the
traditions of others. The important
thing is not which group is more
correct, but if we comprehend and
adopt the truth as we understand it.
So much goes on under the guise of
religion that compromises what we
say we believe. It is so easy to "talk
the talk" and much more difficult to
"walk the walk."
Passover and Easter give us
the opportunity annually to rid
ourselves of all the excess baggage
and to move on with greater inten-
tion to fulfill the basis for our faith.
A lighter load to carry all year long.

tutor Mary Somerville. Charles
Babbage is given credit for the first
computer based on his Difference
Engine and Analytical Engine,
which were proposals for new
machines. Babbage and Lovelace
corresponded over a period of time.
During 1842 1843, Ada
Lovelace translated Italian math-
ematician Luigi Menabrea's memoir
on Charles Babbage's new ma-
chines. It was in this translation that
she added a section of her own notes
that were longer than the memoir
itself. The notes included a method
for calculating a sequence of Ber-
nouli numbers. If this sequence
had been used and if the engine
had been built, her program would
have worked. It was for this work
that Ada Lovelace is credited with
being the world's first computer
Now why didn't they teach
about Ada Lovelace while I was in

Race Highlights


Weekend at Gulf

Breeze Church

Registration is now open for
the St. Ann "People 4 People" 5K
Run/Walk. The event is set for
April 17 starting at 8 a.m. from the
parking lot of St. Ann at 100 Daniel
Drive, Gulf Breeze. The Run/Walk
is part of the St. Ann Homecoming
"This is an event that focuses
on families as well as the seasoned
racers," said Deacon John Scott,
People 4 People chairman. "In ad-
dition there will be a casual walk,
where families can take a relaxed
stroll through the St. Ann neigh-
borhood, and have a Knights of
Columbus hosted pancake breakfast
For more information, contact
Deacon John Scott 850-939-5151 or

Spirits were high and sales rolled in for the wheeled cooler full of wine at the
Pensacola Beach Woman's Club Game Day March 15 at Hunt Hall. Carleen
Wheeler, left, and Dorene Ellis teamed up to get the raffle tickets sold. The
proceeds from the event are donated to Beach organizations.

Harbourtown Shopping Village merchants know how to throw a party. Despite
the late afternoon showers and steady breezes on March 25, the Gulf Breeze
Chamber members and guests filled the interior of the retail and business
center for an evening of networking. SRIA Chairman Tammy Bohannon, center,
greets Chamber exec Meg Peltier, left, along with Vice President of Membership
Services Josie Cotti. Tammy's Beach Ball Realty and Southern Touch offices
are located in Harbourtown.

Pensacola Beach Woman's Club members are preparing for election year.
Escambia County Commission candidate Karen Sindel, center, was the guest
speaker at the March 18 business meeting. Woman's Club members Brenda
Gyoerkoes, left and Kim Harvel, both active members, attended the meeting
at the Beach Church Fellowship Hall.

PAGE 18 Island Times April 6, 2010

It's Springtime In the Animal Kingdom

The Bananimals are hopping,
galloping, jumping and racing as
they are beeping, neighing, barking
and meowing telling everyone, "It's
spring. Let's get to work and have
some fun."
One of the items on the spring
agenda of the wild and wacky
Krewe is to move their Mardi
Gras Ball back to the Beach. Some
members didn't like bringing food
to the Ball either, so the officers
are getting their ducks in a row for
these changes.
Also, the Bananimals, who
have been meeting the year round
will take this summer off. They
will not be tethered or fenced from
the May meeting until September.
However, if you are looking for
some Bananimal friends there will
always be a few at the Sabine Sand-
bar on Sunday afternoons.
Bananimals who want to at-
tend the annual All Krewe Ball
will have to hurry and make their
reservations, according to Mary
Jo Tibbits. The Ball this year will
be at the Sanders Beach Corinne

Jones Community Center where
the capacity is limited, so the Ban-
animals have been issued a total of
16 tickets. You need to make your
reservation now by calling Mary Jo
at 916-0599. Cost is $35 per ticket.
There will not be any extra tickets
this year.
The Krewe float will get a new
look this year with work crews
starting in September to upgrade the
vehicle from the wheels up.
If you are looking for a fun-
derful krewe to join, the Banani-
mals will open their membership
in September.
And sadly, the year's king,
Bruce Yoder has announced that the
krewe will reveal their new royalty
at the May Meeting. Alpha Dog
Bruce told fellow members of the
animal kingdom, "You will have
to pry this crown off of my head. I
refuse to go quietly."
The Bananimals will gather
at the Sandbar on Sunday, April
11 at 3 p.m. for their next meeting.
Prospective members are welcome
to attend.

Celebrating a milestone ninetieth birthday, Walter Ferrell, left, invited all his
friends and family to the Sabine Sandbar for a beach-style birthday party March
22. Longtime Beach resident Edwina Speirs was among his fun-loving guests.
Get Well Feel Good Look Great
Integrating traditional health management with natural and alternative approaches

Dr. Tracey Pinkston
New Patients Welcome Women's Health
Medicare & Tricare Chronic Illness
10 miles fri,.m Bachli Hormone Replacement
*Call forApp.miiimliil *Anti-Aging

850-4"3-1008 4300 Bayou Blvd
DrTrace3 Pinksito.coim Suite 5 Pensacola

4fl w>letwater Seb Reeead

Pensacnla Beach, FL 3261f






Keep The Hurricanes Away Party
Date Soon To Be Announced.
Get your offerings ready for the
Wooly Booger altar.
; E^^.-_^.^.-_^^_

family: Mon 9to5
x n Tn h 9 to 9
S| & F 9to7
J i Sat 10 to 5




Island Times

April 6, 2010

Ai .21 san ie AE1


the water

by Saltwater Rick

The Pompano fishing has
turned red hot in the last couple of
days as the Gulf waters are warm-
ing up and the wind has decided to
turn around and suck some salt into
its breath. Mike Crowder has taken
the lead in Gulf Breeze Bait and
Tackle's Pomp Tourney with a nice
fat 4.73 pounder. Mike "Wipeout"
Willett also reports he took in his
first one of the year and fed three
adults with the big ol' 3.9 pound
"sand flea hunter."
The Big boats have had a
good time on the nice days and
are bringing home Triggerfish and
Amberjack along with an assort-
ment of fine Gulf feed.
Jeremy "Yabo" Griffith from
the Total Package moored at the
Beach Marina was kind enough
to share his time while cleaning a

Triggerfish caught in cool March
waters are a delicacy. These will
be filleted and given to the lucky
anglers who were aboard the To-
tal Package on March 18.

The Amberjack on display
caught March 18 on the Total
Package moored at the Beach

load of fish caught about 20 miles
out. I showed up in time for some
pics and info about the catch. The
boats at the docks in front of Peg
Leg's are also doing fine, so do
yourself a favor and Go Fishin'.
On a personal note, I must bid
farewell to one of my childhood
fishing buddies, Tommy Madden
who passed away March 19. He
was a good friend and fine fisher-
men T will miss him

GBBT Pompano Tourney
as of March 26
1. Mike Crowder
2. David Stillwagon
3. Jerry Murdy
4. Jim Thean
5. Robert Broadley
6. Greg Hoover
7. Steve Moncreiff
8. Russell Rolling
9. Carl Murdy
Lady Angler
1. Jacqui Davis
2. Jessica Davis
Junior Angler
1. Maxwell Jowers

Jeremy "Yabo" Griffith cleans a mess of fish at the Marina caught
on the Total Package about 20 miles offshore March 18. Yabo com-
mented that he did not see any Ling, but, they filled the boat with an
assortment of fine eating Amberjack and Triggerfish. A good haul for
the day's worth of fishing.

Portofino Gulf View
Best value for Gulf facing unit!
2 BR/ 2.5 BA $360,000
This is NOT a short sale. Great Gulf view
unit that comes with 3 parking spots. Portofino is
one of the premier resorts on the Gulf Coast. This
unit has the most spectacular view of the Gulf of
Mexico and Intracoastal Waterway. Enjoy fabulous
sunsets from your balcony while cooking on your
outdoor grill. European spa and lifestyle center
offers dining, poolside bar &
grill, incredible fitness center,
heated lagoon pools and hot
tubs, 25 meter indoor heated
pool, 5 rubico clay tennis
L j/ courts. Portofino Adventures
./ offers kayaking, parasailing,
Island Realty sailing, fishing trips.


Broker Associate/Realtor
Direct: 850-377-3145
Office: 850-916-7188

For your swimming
safety please note
which flag is flying
prior to entering the
water. For added pro-
tection swim in areas
with lifeguards.

Water Closed to Public

High Hazard
High Surf and /or Strong

Medium Hazard
Moderate Surf and/or Currents

Low Hazard
Calm Conditions, Exercise

Dangerous Marine Life

April 6. 2010

Island Times


Best Seafood
n Pensacol

Fresh Gulf seafood charbroiled over flaming Gulf shrimp served scampi style, barbecued,
hardwood fires beer batter fried, or steamed in beer

We sell so many, you know they're fresh! I deathh the moon & stars on our beach

"Floundering at its best" "Best seafood on
Fodor's Florida Pensacola Beach"
"Best seafood on USAir Magazine
Pensacola Beach" "Great Vibes...and happy guests"
Fromers Guide to Florida Florida Trend Magazine
At the traffic light on beautiful Pensacola Beach 932-2003 Since 1979

Fried Shrimp Great Steaks
Upstairs Beach View Dining Outdoor Gulfside Deck

Best Sunday Brunch! C
Crab Cakes Benedict
Crab Omelets
Quiche W
Bloody Marys w
Bottomless Champagne
Live Steel Band

Open 7 days a week agn a'q'v ',nn



r S i Largest

Largest Selection of crabA on the nBeach
Dungeness King Crab
She Crab Soup
p p Maryland Crab Cakes
happy Hour

l) YHildwood
S^ performs live on stage
Wednesday Saturday 7 PM
Look for the RED ROOF at the traffic light on Pensacola Beach


Island Times

April 6, 2010

I\oul f I jL' uf-

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