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Volume V, Number 9

Pensacola Beach, Florida

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Pensacola Beach Advocates, with a membership of over 200 families and businesses, provides a voice for its members with regard to beach
issues. The non-profit group is celebrating its first anniversary, but there is no time to rest. The Board of Directors is keeping the group informed
about visioning and planning, the progress of the ad valorem tax suit, and environmental initiatives. The PBA recently joined the Pensacola
Beach Chamber of Commerce. And, they will prove how really tough they are when they use some strong arm tactics while paddling the racing
bathtubs to victory, during the Anything That Floats competition September 6. Leading the Advocates this year are Board Officers (L to R): Scott
Holland, vice-president; Sandi Johnson, secretary; Jim Cox, president; and Glenn Windham, treasurer. For more on this story, see Page 2.



11 I Uwl l~k'

Pensacola Beach Advocates Give Residents A Voice; Support Business Community

The Pensacola Beach Advo-
cates have come a long way since
their inception one year ago. The
membership has grown as the group
serves as a voice for stakeholders
on the Island.
A commitment to good steward-
ship of the Beach included the PBA
Board's unanimous vote to join the
Beach Chamber at their August 10
meeting. The PBA will partner with
the Chamber at the Taste of the
Beach festival, September 19-20, by
introducing a Be Kind to the Beach
recycling effort.
"We are working toward the
elimination of plastic water bottles
which are clogging the landfills by
gathering sponsors to offer alumi-
num water bottles for sale at Taste
of the Beach," said Lila Cox, chair of
the program. "The PBA will have a
booth at the festival to support the
recycling effort and funds raised
through sale of the bottles will go to
the Chamber."
PBA members are following
closely the efforts of the Consolida-
tion Committee, the ad valorem tax
lawsuit, and the Core Area redevel-
opment according to Jim Cox, PBA
Cox updated the group on the
progress of the planning for
Pensacola Beach's Core Area.

"I think the PBA is important in
this process," he said. "I have spo-
ken to SRIA board members seek-
ing a balance on the soon-to-be se-
lected Steering Committee which
would include residents, business
owners, and members representing
inside the core area and outside the
core area."
Cox is a potential member of the
Steering Committee.
"Our two goals will be to com-
municate and encourage participa-
tion in the public forums and then
survey the PBA members and
present those results to the plan-
ners," he said.
The PBA now has 210 member
households and businesses, accord-
ing to Lila Cox and Sandi Johnson,
co-chairs of the membership com-
A new drive has been started
to increase the membership signifi-
cantly considering the need for a
voice for the island residents dur-
ing this time of planning and vision-
"This is the only group which
gives the Beach residents an orga-
nized voice," said PBA board mem-
ber Darell McIntyre. "We encourage
everyone to join since we will be
surveying members to make their
wishes known. We will be proactive

in these issues."
Personal requests, a mail cam-
paign, and a membership form in Is-
land Times will be part of the drive.
The form is located below.
Dues are $30 per family orbusi-
ness per year. Membership is open
to island leaseholders and residents
and those who have a business in-
terest in Pensacola Beach.
Next on the Board's meeting
agenda was a discussion on the
possibility of incorporation for
Pensacola Beach which must await
the decision of the courts on levy-
ing of taxes on leasehold Beach
Another issue which surfaced
was the problem that large gather-
ings held in neighborhood houses
generates. These houses, used for
weddings, reunions and other cel-
ebration, have created problems of
parking, noise and litter for Beach
"All Beach residents know they
are supposed to call the police, but
whenyou are awakened at 3 a.m. that
seems little comfort," PBAVice Presi-
dent Scott Holland said. "Besides,
we don't want to call the Beach depu-
ties every weekend."
The only solution, according to
Holland is to have the owners of the
rental house, and the agencies which

rent them take care of the problem
The PBA Board is not all busi-
ness. They will be entering the "Any-
thing That Floats" competition at
Bamboo Willie's on Sunday, Septem-
ber6. Jim Cox and Max Scroggin will
paddle the guy's boat. Lila Cox and
Sandi Johnson will represent the la-
Although the organization does

ule, there is a monthly newsletter and
the website, www.pbadvocates.org
is updated regularly.
The next General Membership
meeting has been set at the Beach
Church Fellowship Hall, at 6 p.m.
October 21. The next board meeting
will be October 5.
For more information, visit the
PBA website or email info

not have a regular meeting sched-
r---- ------------ - -
I Join The Pensacola Beach Advocates
Dues $30 per household or business
SMake check payable to Pensacola Beach Advocates, Inc.
Complete form and mail to: PBA, P.O. Box 1262, Gulf Breeze, FL
32562-1262; or bring to Membership Meeting, Oct. 21, at 6 p.m.,
Beach Community Church Fellowship Hall





State: Zip:

I O Leaseholder O Resident O Business Interest I

Please mark all that apply
L _- - - -_

Islanders Send Consolidation Commission Strong Message: Leave The SRIA Alone

Members of the Commission
who are now considering govern-
mental consolidation have received
a message from Pensacola Beach.
A Sub-Committee to the Consoli-
dated Government Commission met
for three hours on Pensacola Beach,
Wednesday, August 19 and they
heard from Escambia County Com-
missioner Grover Robinson, the
Beach Chamber, the Pensacola
Beach Advocates, Island Authority
members and staff, and Beach resi-
dents. All favored the retention of
the Authority just as it is now.
An alternative plan proposed
by the Consolidation Group had
been to recommend an authority to
govern all the waterfront in Escambia
County. The SRIA could have fallen

under that umbrella, but members of
the consolidation sub committee
were seeking input prior to making a
recommendation to the Consoli-
dated Government Study Commis-
Rick Finch, a Beach resident
appointed by Robinson to the Con-
solidation Study Commission, said,
"The goal of consolidation is to be-
come more efficient. It is my per-
sonal feeling to leave the SRIA alone
in the consolidation effort because
of lease fees and the tax suit."
Commissioner Robinson
added, "We are on a lot of shifting
sand. The courts will end up deter-
mining what happens. There are lots
of unanswered questions. With
taxes and ownership."
Robinson and Finch both fa-
vored adding more elected members
to the Island Authority.

Buck Lee, SRIA executive direc-
tor, speaking for the staff said, "We
are experiencing growth. If you look
up and down the Beach we have
enough hotels for a vibrant tourist
economy. They like our beachfront
and our ample public beach. There
are some beach communities which
do not allow that. We have
Quietwater Beach and amenities like
picnic areas with grills available for
all the citizens of Escambia County."
Dr. Lila Cox, representing the
Beach Advocates, said, "Keep in
mind the SRIA looks out for all the
citizens ofEscambia County and our
board is a pretty good group. Citi-
zens come here and enjoy the island
for free. The SRIA has done a good
Jeff Elbert, president of the
Pensacola Beach Chamber con-
curred with Cox. "The SRIA has

worked with the business commu-
nity and knows the needs," he said.
"It's a smaller government which is
more efficient than a broader, larger
group which would not understand
our needs."
Rick Gordon, Beach resident,
said, "We are unique. We have good
mix of people and good use of our
island. The SRIA works well and
does a wonderful job."

The three sub-committee mem-
bers present at the meeting, Finch,
Tim Common, and Gerald McKenzie,
could only glean a single message
to take back to the Consolidation
Commission. LEAVE THE SRIA
The Consolidation Commission
will meet Tuesday, September 8 at
5:30 p.m. at the J.E. Hall Center, 30
East Texar Drive, Pensacola. The
meetings are open to the public.

Published every other Tuesday
Post Office Box 844 Gulf Breeze, FL 32562
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Island Times

August 25, 2009

August 25, 2009 Island Times PAGE 3

Barefoot on the Beach

By Jane Waters Cooper

"Mine eyes have seen the glory
ofthe coming ofthe Lord. He is tram-
pling out the vintage where the
grapes of wrath are stored. He hath
loosed the faithful lightning of his
terrible swift sword. His truth is
marching on."
Hurricane Ivan cunningly found
a few wrathful seedlings the Lord
missed and wreaked havoc along the
Gulf Coast in2004.
The little Fellowship Hall of the
Beach Community Church was one
of Ivan's victims. But the Beach con-
gregation picked up the pieces and
battled back. During the past five
years, they have raised funds, plot-
ted and planned and now a pristine
Fellowship Hall sits solidly beside the
sanctuary, bright, new, warm and in-
viting. Congratulations to all who
unwaveringly took up the banner and
marched onto rebuild the Hall, a docu-
mentary of their tenacity.
Guests of all denominations
turned out tojoin the valiant church
congregation to dedicate the Hall
on August 9 with music, and
speeches and a real old-fashioned
cookout. And, yes, prayers of
Thanksgiving. What a happy end-
ing. And what a great beginning for
the present congregation and for
generations yet to come.
The new hall was completed
under the direction of Dr. Chuck
Randle, pastor of the Beach Church.
This accomplishment brings
back so many memories of the
Church. Pensacola Beach Commu-
nity Church was founded more than
thirty years ago by Jack and Louise
Greenley and Ann and Henry
The following stories and an-
ecdotes are products of my memory.
Let's hope it's working. If not, I
apologize in advance.
When I arrived on the Beach to
live here permanently the Beach
Church was meeting in the original
Woman's Club Clubhouse. Although
we were Episcopalians we joined the
Beach Church as "associate mem-
bers." Very quickly, and I'm not sure
how or why, my daughter Liz, who
was fourteen-years-old and I, became
the janitors, the altar guild, and sort
of caretakers of the Church. On Sun-
day mornings, Liz would roller skate

to the Church and I would drive the
Rustmobile. We would "set up" the
sanctuary. We moved all the folding
chairs into pew like configurations
and then, we pulled the big heavy
couch and overstuffed chairs to the
back of the room. We placed the linen
on the altar, put the Communionbread
(a loaf of French bread) and wine out
on Communion Sundays. Most inter-
esting was the candelabra, brass and
beautiful and clearly inscribed, USN.
We never knew how the Reverend
Thaine Ford, our pastor and former
Navy Chaplain, came in possession
of it. We took reverent care of the
candlestick, polishing it and lighting
the candles for every service.
The number of parishioners
was small but loyal, and proper. I
remember both of my daughters,
Shelley and Liz, sang in the small
choir. Louise played the piano. All
went well until one of the older
church members complained that Liz
and Shelley were wearing shorts be-
neath their choir robes. I think that
sensational costume caused their
permanent suspension from the
choir, but not the church.
Thaine was a powerful, bombas-
tic, fun loving minister. I recall that he
was a pastor who humanized the
Bible. Somehow, you felt Jesus might
be your next door neighbor while he
Thaine's idea of Christmas Eve
was a bit different. He told the con-
gregation one Christmas that he had
invited two Vietnamese mothers and
their childrento the service. He wanted
everyone to bring gifts and food for
the Christmas dinner for each of the
two families.
They came to the Church that
night and we all sat around the lone
decoration, a small Christmas tree.
The Vietnamese did not speak En-
glish, but they spoke from the elo-
quence in their beautiful dark brown
eyes as they opened the gifts the
Beach people had brought. We sang
some carols and finally someone from
the congregation packed the families
and their gifts of food and toys and
clothing into his van and took them
home. It had been a picture perfect
Christmas Eve.
The Church very soon began to
take on the look of other congrega-

tions when in November of 1979, they
formed a Women's Guild. Lou
Zeitvogel was the first president.
Other officers were Nell Britson, and
Jeanette Beam. Their goals were to
help others in need, meet neighbors
who live on the Beach, and to spon-
sor a family from Vietnam. Charter
members ofthe Guildwere: Ann Clark,
Louise Greenley, Phyllis Hoffman,
Mary Fishbeck, Sarah Speers, Evelyn
Wright, Clyde Johnson, Margie
Randolph, Ann Steirlen, Shirley
Womack, Gloria James and Marion
Thaine was always the lone
leader of the early Church. He loved
having fun and frequently hosted
gatherings at his Beach house includ-
ing the Best Brownie Bake Off and
Best Barbecue. Awards were givento
the winners. He also wrote a column
for The Islander Newspaper, "When
Two or Three Are Gathered." I remem-
ber one where he was asking the Lord
to please start summer. Beach people
were tired of the cold weather, and he
assured God that we would all tell the
truth and be good - even Harry
Gowens, if He would answer his
Ivan is not the first and only hur-
ricane to touch the church. Frederick
came along in 1979, and whenwe were
allowed back on the island we went
to church. A huge cloud covered the
Beach that first Sunday morning and
we were hardly seated when the rain
began pouring into the old building.
Thaine kept moving the podium to
get out of the rain, but he contin-
ued to preach.
The congregation moved
chairs in harmony with Thaine's po-
dium until the interior rivaled Noah's
Ark. So, we left, many walked be-
cause some of the streets were still
impassable. I seem to recall that
Thaine's sermon that morning was
"build your house upon the sand."
As years went by, the Beach
Church became an affiliate of the
United Church of Christ, had acquired
several different pastors, and the
Woman's Club had given their build-
ing and land to the Church. Then,
while Jack Forest was the pastor, a
new sanctuary came to be. The little
structure which was, by now, burst-
ing at the seams, became the Fellow-

ship Hall.
Sometimes I think about that
fledgling Church, its small choir, its
piano, podium, "rented" candle-
sticks, and the French bread at Com-
munion. And I remember the
The Greenleys (Louise still at-
tends church on the Beach every
Sunday and sings in the choir); the
Steirlens, the Womacks, the
Britsons and Beams, and within a
very short time more beach families
joined the local church and contrib-
uted mightily to its steady growth.
And, then suddenly, two groups
from town began to frequent the
Beach Church. One was a motorcycle
organization. They rode their noisy
vehicles to the church, but once in-
side they conducted themselves with
the Sunday-Go-To-Meeting de-
meanor. They were known as
"Thaine's Angels." I do not remem-




ber where he found them or how they
found him. The second group was
more easily identifiable withthe former
Navy chaplain. Young Marine and
Navy pilot trainees began coming to
the Beach Church. At least now, the
chairs were all filled.
Yes. I am proud to say my daugh-
ters and I played a cameo part in the
beginning of the Beach Church. We
served as judges at Thaine's forever
food contests, and we were players
in Holy Day ceremonies. Perhaps I
have not remembered the stories as
well as I should have. Let's hope I
came close.
"Mine eyes have seen the glory
of the coming of the Lord. You bet
they have. How else could an
underfunded, under attended, under
rated tiny congregation, segregated
on an island, grow into a heart throb-
bing, bustling center of the commu-
nity? How else?

u Can Eat

we govern
& 1.c

Look for the RED ROOF at the
traffic light on Pensacola Beach

Alaskan Snow Crab


4 p.m. til close

August 25, 2009

Island Times


I'rll bs q tlm

PAGE 4 Island Times August 25, 2009

Tr i v i a

The most brilliant trivia play-
ers in the world have flunked
Beach Ancient History. The Trivia
Master asked for the name of the
doctor who originally owned the
spaceship house on the Beach.
No one knew the answer; not even
Joe Kracheck, who emailed Matti
Suuronen as the answer. Joe did
not elaborate so we don't know
who Matti is, but he or she was
not the original owner of the
Beach house.
Dr. Bill Rundels is the answer.
He was a plastic surgeon living in
California when he had the space-
ship flown to the island by heli-
So, little Mr. Puffy Toad, the
Trivia Master is still strutting
around keeping close tabs on his
t-shirt supply.
However, the following infor-
mation will bring him down off his
puffy pad. Jim Roberts, ECUA
Public Information Officer, said he
was standing in the parking lot in
front of Mr. Ford's Tastee Freeze
speaking with Deputy Don Parker
when the spaceship was brought
in. It was July 17, 1970.
He later moved into the house
and paid one hundred dollars a
month to live there. His comment
was that the UFO look alike was
always a tourist attraction and it
was easy to meet girls if you're a
bachelor living in the spaceship.
Thanks for the question, Jim.
So, Jim Roberts and the Trivia
Master finished first in this week's

Everything from I
ornaments to office
desk sets to key rings
Fans Shop Here!

Festive Glassware
Beach Home Decor
Gifts For Everyone

Can you bring the Trivia Mas-
ter to his knees? He is leaving the
Ancient History Department, so all
you players get your heads out of
the sand and send your answer to
the newspaper via email. If you are
the first one with the correct an-
sweryou will receive one of those
coveted t-shirts.
The Bathtub Races were the
highlight of the Labor Day Week-
end on Pensacola Beach for many
years. They were sponsored by
the Gulf Breeze Jaycees. They
have now been replaced with the
Anything That Floats, hosted by
Bamboo Willie's.
Do you remember the name of
the jovial guy who directed the
Bathtub Races for many years
until they no longer existed on
Pensacola Beach? Here's your
chance to get an Island Times t-
shirt in one of the fabulous new
Postscript: Louie Bohannon
announced that he knew the an-
swer to who owned PJ Sweets; Dr.
Campanella. Two things ruled
against Bohannon. (1) He reported
his answer on August 15, weeks
after the deadline; and (2) he told
his answer to a bystander, but did
not email it.
Rules are the same. Send your
answer to islandtimes@bellsouth
.net with "trivia" in the subject line
and include your name, phone
number. Deadline to answer is Au-
gust 30, 2009. Good luck!

The Kreitzberg family has been
sailing around the world on The Sora.
According to Karen, it is an awesome
experience, but she did take a vaca-
tionfrom sailing to return home to the
states andthe Beachforafew months.
It's back to the decks of The Sora
which is currently docked in Phuket,
Thailand. Smooth sailing.

Nancy Kittel, who has recently
joined the ranks of the retired, spent
the summer in cooler climes. She is
now back to her usual haunts on the
Beach which include the Elk's Lodge,
the Krewe of Junkanoo meetings and
dinner outings with her girlfriends.

Lila Cox has a knack for remem-
bering birthdays. Her latest Candle
and Icing Report included Chamber
Board member Nora Jones whose
birthday was August 14. Sean Rogan

blew it out on August 9 and Jackie
Henderson chalked up another year
on August 10. Island Times colum-
nist Candy Segar, Amy DePew and
Jean Curtis both are all lady leo's. She
added Mario Roberts, who turned 40
on July 27, partied so many days that
the celebration earned its own name,
Mario Fest!

The Pensacola Beach Woman's
Club officially moved from their tem-
porary home at Our Lady's Hunt Hall
to the Beach Church Fellowship Hall
Thursday, July 13. Sandi Johnson
said they cleared out their supplies
and paraded across the street to
settle back in their original home at
the Beach Church. They are eter-
nally grateful to Our Lady for the

LookforRon Spitsbergen's docu-
mentary on The Cross on Pensacola

Beach. To satisfy his own curiosity,
he started to do some research. He
has mountains of historical informa-
tion and is compiling it into a single

Sherrie and Dick Nelson of Gulf
Wind condos are stars. They were on
the set of the Mike Huckabee Show
which aired August 8 and 9. Their
friend, James Burton, was one of
Huckabee's guests.

Springfield, Missouri's Linda
Williams said the poker family on
Pensacola Beach treated her to a
memorable vacation experience. She
had a great time at Paddy O'Leary's
and finished in the top spots. Will-
iams needed two copies of Island
Times mailed to her, so she could
"show" all her friends in the Show
Me State that her victory was re-
ported in the beach rag.

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OL:tt, III


Island Times

August 25, 2009

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Pan-American Games 5K gold medalist Sarah Andrews, left, is con-
gratulated trackside by her grandmother Janet Penniman of Pensacola
Beach. The games were held August 1 in Trinidad Tabago. Sarah will
begin her senior year in high school this fall in The Woodlands, Texas.


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coupled with great food and warm and friendly service by Employees
who Give a Damn! Visit our on-site brewery and the O'Tolf Wine
Cellar featuring the complete vertical collection of the Chateau Mou-
ton RothschildArtist Series. Featured on NBC's 'Today' Show, highly
recommended by Fodors, Frommers andAAA travel guides, Florida
Trend Magazine Hall of Fame Member.
Open every day at 11 am, 850-433-6789 mcguiresirishpub.com

The World Famous Sandshaker"- a Pensacola Beach Tradition
since 1973. It's the Home of the Original Bushwacker and has been
selling this signature drink for over 30 years. The Shaker was the 1st
bar on the Beach to offer this tasty frozen concoction. Live Music
Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun. Karaoke Tuesday. "Grilling & Chillin"
with Lost Kees, Sat-Sun 1:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Across from the Boardwalk on Pensacola Beach. Open 10
am until 3am. 850-932-2211. www.sandshaker.com for photo gal-
lery and event schedule.
Open at 7:30 a.m. six days a week. Closed on Tuesday. Owned
and operated by friendly natives serving locally produced seafood
and delicacies. The Fish Tacos are an experience to enjoy. The own-
ers say their goal is to preserve the unique flavors of the Gulf Coast.
Go fresh. Go native. Specialty desserts top off expertly prepared
meals. Seating is informal. Art gallery setting with local artists dis-
playing whimsical works.
45 Via de Luna. Downtown Pensacola Beach. 934-4848.

3009 East Cervantes 433-2822


Island Times


PAGE 6 Island Times August 25, 2009

I was thinking about having a
"Mars Viewing Party" but I'm still
searching the skies for the moon
much less finding Mars. Well, maybe
Bill and I will just open up the doors
anyway and hope for the best from
our panoramic view.
A reminder to the Sisters of the
Beach: Start getting ready for the
Beach Chamber's Art & Wine Week-
end. October 3-4. We needyourhelp,
talent, art, hard work, salesmanship
and whatever else you have to do-
nate. We're always looking for sug-
gestions for new SOB Art and I know
we have some very talented Sisters
out there. We always need workers
for the SOB Tent, so don't worry if
you're not that crafty.
We have perfected the craft of
recognizing an SOB even if she hails
from far away lands, like upstate New
York. Remember, SOB's areborn, not
made. There are always some out
there who just need to be reminded.
We've never had a formal applica-
tion for membership (although we've
shared many laughs at the thought
of making one up), nor leaders, nor
officers, so we've confused quite a
few people with our existence. I re-
member one elderly lady who
thought we were an all female
Church. Canyou imagine? Yet an-
other one declared (without an elec-
tion, mind you) that yours truly must
be the President of the SOBs. We're
still laughing over those misconcep-
tions but, as always with the SOBs,
NO ONE is or has ever been in
charge. So, come on out my Sisters!
Let's have some fun, buy some stuff
and we'll put whatever money we
may end up with in the "kitty" for a
rainy day.
We may have some rainy days
ahead, but Bill Lewis, the Wooly
Royal Consort to the Queen, and I
are still insisting there will not be
any hurricanes on the Island this
year! The National Weather Center
has no knowledge of Wooly Booger
Power and this can cause severe in-
accuracies in their storm predictions.
Whatever they say, just keep blow-
ing kisses to the south. Luckily for
us, even our northern friends know
this has proven to be quite effective

in avoiding hazardous storms.
Wear your No Hurricane pins
for extra power. Bill and I are sure
looking forward to giving up this
treacherous although very honor-
able position in November.
My wonderful friend Morrie
Drees came up with a fabulous idea
recently about having a once a
month "get-together" for long time
(and also newer) Islanders. It's all
about catching up with each other
and spendingjust a little quality time
together while we're still here (and
not waiting for tragedy to bring us
together). Kind of like we used to
do back in the days of the Tiki
Lounge before we all became older
and busier.
Morrie said, "If it happens, it
will be the SOBs who get it done!"
So this Sister has come up with
the idea of COLORS (Celebration of
Life on the Republic of Sandspurs).
Once a month, on the fifteenth, what-
ever day it falls upon, we shall in-
vade one of our beach establish-
ments and celebrate our own exist-
ence. We will only have a couple of
months, because we all agreed to
suspend this celebration during
Mardi Gras (since we see quite
enough of each other then and the
season gets really busy).
Since it has fallen upon the
SOBs to organize and/or arrange for
this unique celebration, I felt it only
fair to start with Sister Renee Mack.
The very first meeting of COLORS
will be on Tuesday, September 15,
at Paradise Bar & Grill from 5 7 p.m.
No promises other than a lot of fun
that you do not want to miss. Mark
your calendars!
Get your scissors ready for this
recipe it's a keeper! Let's cook.....
Tropical Slaw
1 Lg. Shredded cabbage
2 Cups pineapple chunks
Chopped parsley
1 Tbsp. lemon juice
12 Cup Mayonnaise
Salt & pepper to taste
Combine all ingredients, toss
well and chill. You can substitute
any greens or fruits to adapt your
own unique recipe.
Enjoy, share and I'll see ya in
the kitchen.....

SPegLeg Pete Returns After Heist

peas, porrvige

& a )ry martini
by Kathi Lewis

Fine DiningAt Casino Beach

Don't put those party sandals
away yet. The Pensacola Beach
Chamber of Commerce is sponsor-
ing its Second Annual Taste of the
Beach on September 19-20. Don't
plan to leave town right away after
the Jamaican Fest on Labor Day
weekend, you will not want to miss
this outdoor party.
Beach restaurants who are
members of the Chamber willbe serv-
ing their signature dishes under col-
orful canopies at Casino Beach dur-
ing the two-day festival.
"This year we are featuring food
at a dollar or two with nothing over
five dollars," Event Co-Chairman
Renee Mack ofParadise Bar and Grill,
The Miracle Strip Corvette
Show, live bands, Dancingly Yours
dancers, Yo Yo the Clown, and yes,
the Sauce Boss will entertain. This
year's event will introduce a recy-
cling program by the Pensacola
Beach Advocates. There will also be
a play area for children.
"This is the Chamber's way of
introducing fine foods by great
Beach chefs," said Jesse Brown,
event co-chair.
Rick Gordon, coordinator of the
Life's AVette Corvette Show, which
is hosted on September 19, said,
"The food was delicious. The
weather was great. It was a real nice
addition to our show to team up with
the Chamber that day."
The festival will be from 11 a.m

until 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sun-
day. Food can be eaten at the Festi-
val site or taken out.
Look for the complete menu and
entertainment schedule in the Sep-
tember 4 edition of Island Times. In
the meantime, call Chamber Exec
Maureen LaMar at 932-1500 for
more information and details.

Maria's Fresb Seafoob Market
S Take a little bit of the Gulf Coast home!
Fresh from the boats daily
We can coldpackfor travel or ship anywhere.
621 Cervan es Street MUCHMORE!
Pensacola 432-4999 MON SAT 8AM- 7PM
Call for directions from the Beach SUNDAY 8AM- 6 PM T

Pensacola Beach
SChamber of Commerce
Taste of the Beach

Sept 19-20 Casino Beach
11 am to 4 pm
,. a Vote for your
favorite dish and booth.
Awards at 4 p.m. Sept. 20



j,,C01 2;wr g


Island Times

August 25, 2009

Someone pillaged the
porch at PegLeg Pete's on Fort
Pickens Road, Tuesday, Au-
gust 18 and removed the most
photographed pirate on
Pensacola Beach, PegLeg
Pete. According to owner
Kristin Amberson a massive
pirate hunt was launched and
he was returned to his post by
late Thursday afternoon.
"They must have had bolt
cutters and been strong be-
cause the pirate statue is very
heavy," said Amberson.
Amberson was relieved to
have the iconic statue returned
to his home port.

With plantings that were once limited to the
Northern Rhone appellation of Condrieu, the
white Voignier grape was at risk of extinc-
tion. Fortunately, vintners in other countries
have taken up the cause of this fine grape
and have increased plantings significantly.
When made well, these New World ex-
amples make good alternatives to the fine,
butrelatively expensive Condrieu bottlings.
Many have hailed Voignier as the "new
Chardonnay," expecting it to become as
well known.Another underappreciated white
wine is Chenin Blanc, which is responsible
for some of the finest dessert wines in the
world. This grape also produces some dry
Loire whites and is planted widely in South
Africa under the name Steen.
HINT: Try Pinot Gris if you are interested in
a spicy wine with good acidity.
Beach Wines & Liquors, Inc. wants you to
know that a world of white, red and blush
wines awaits you here. If you are hosting a
special dinner or a party and would like
some suggestions regarding which wines
to serve with most all foods, we are here for
you. Choose from our great selection of
wines. We are located at 5 Via de Luna
across from the Hilton.

August 25, 2009

SRIA Board Decisions Challenged

The Santa Rosa Island Author-
ity faced two challenges at their
August 12 meeting. The first con-
cerned the amount of money which
could be used for the consultants
who are preparing a visioning plan
for the Island's core and the second
developed over the Board's approval
of a commercial sign placement in
the public right-of-way.
"We have allotted $300,000
dollars for this project," Ed Guern-
sey, said of the Island Beautification
and Core Development plan. "I want
to be sure we get a really good
project and not shortcut anything. As
a community we have missed this
opportunity before. Let's not do that
again. We have the money. Let's al-
locate it."
Dottie Ford, SRIA Director of
Finance, told the Board there was
already a $50,000 expense for a traf-
fic study and $45,000 used in the
selection and advertising process.
Fred Gant, Board Chairman,
said, "If we need to put another
$50,000 to this we should."
The work of the sub-consultants
has created the situation. They deal
with very important parts of the plan:
water transportation assessment,
economic and market assessment,
outdoor and wilderness recreation
programming, engineering, and
transportation and traffic analysis.
The Full Board voted unanimously
to hold a special meeting prior to the
August 26 meeting of the Authority.
The agenda will include the cost and
scope of the Master Plan, along with
the composition of the Steering
Committee which will be tasked to
work with the planning consultants.
The second challenge was cre-
ated by the Island Authority's deci-
sionto allow the Sandshaker Lounge
to place a sign on the public ground
adjacent to Cook Realty on
Pensacola Beach Blvd.
Karen Cook, owner of Cook
Realty addressed the Board.
"I have lived here for thirty
years, been a Chamber board mem-
ber for 15 years. This is my first time
to come here and ask for something
or complain. You voted, based on
my approval. I did not approve this
sign. I would like to request that you
take another vote. This is prohibited

by the SRIA rules. I asked to erect a
sign there and was turned down.
How, in good faith, can this Board
approve this sign in front of my busi-
Residential neighbors who live
in the area agreed with Karen.
Scott Stonebreaker said, "This
sign will be right in front of Cook
Realty and will obscure their sign."
Beverly Boswell, co-owner of
the Sandshaker, said, she did not
realize she would have to come back
to the Authority over the sign.
"We support Cook Realty," she
said. "We will not block her sign.
We are part of the Beach commu-
nity. We will plant flowers, do what-
ever we need to do. We want to be a
good neighbor."
The Board's prior vote to ap-
prove stood on this issue. The new
sign was in place on August 15.
SRIA Executive Director Buck
Lee made a request to place yellow
poles in areas which are designated
"no parking" to deter cars from park-
ing illegally. The Board turned this
request down. They agreed that yel-
low poles were unsightly and not
attractive on an island which is dedi-
cating a lot of money to a beautifi-

To The Anonymous Donor,
On behalf of the Santa Rosa
Kids House Board and the
Pensacola Beach Chamber of Com-
merce Board, thank you for the do-
nation of water and Gatorade foruse
during the Blue Angels Weekend.
The monies raised through the sale
of the water assists us in supporting

cation project.
Dr. Thomas Campanella, board
member, pointed out that the prob-
lem should go to committee. "It just
popped up," he said. "We are talk-
ing about beautification and this is
A report from the Visitor's In-
formation Center reflected a count
of 4848 visitors in July with 47 of
the 50 states represented. Guests
from sixteen foreign countries came
through the Center in July.
Buck Lee, announced that the
toll booth traffic numbers from the
Blue Angels Air Show and the on-
going Bands on the Beach on Tues-
day nights are great.
"What we are doing here with
the Air Show and Bands is a great
effort," Lee said.
A budget meeting followed the
Board meeting. Lee said the budget
is lower than it has been in the past.
It was $6,987,000 in 2009 and is
proposed at $6,858,928 next year.
The next budget workshop will
be Wednesday, August 26, at the
SRIA boardroom, following the
committee meetings whichbegin at
5 p.m. All workshops and meetings
are open to the public.


the good work that the Santa Rosa
Kids House continues to provide.
The Gatorade was a real treat for the
Chamber volunteers and those VIP
hosted under the tent during the Air
Best regards,
Karen Cook Cowen
Cook Realty

Shipping & Packaging Services
Fax C Copy Services
Printing & Document Finishing Services
Notary Services
Mailbox Services
Packaging & Moving Supplies
Office Supplies

Bruno's Shopping Center
362 Gulf Breeze Parkway
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
850.932.8533 Tel 850.932.1588 Fax

Th UP toe

Jennifer Byrom, P.A.
Attorney At Law
Wills, Estates and Probate Marital and Family Law
Child Custody Juvenile Law
Civil Litigation Guardianship Law
k Toll Free: 877-889-8822
916-9000 5177 Elmira Street
www.ByromLaw.com Facing the Courthouse
"The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements
S Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience "

Computer Repair in Your Home

Joe Stukey

U K Y www.ycpals.com
Fl' ROU P joe@ycpals.com

Makers of high quality signs & dens since 1982
Phone 850/932-7680 Ce 50-232-5729
larry@graphicartsinc.biz 184 Camelia St. Gulf Breeze, FL 32561

Bank of the South Island Branch
Full Service Banking Close to Home

* Internet Banking Flex Line Home Equity Loans
* Bill Payment Service Conventional Mortgages
* Waterfront Financing Personal Service

- 850-932-9336
W=ga www.bots-fl.com

Mon Thurs

9 4:30
9 5:30



Island Times


PAGE 8 Island Times August 25, 2009


& Jo
by Pandor~adeUlagrW ,
The bridal trousseau is making
a comeback. Traditionally, this was
a collection of clothing, housewares
and linens for a young lady to take
with her after she married. The new
bride's hope chest was filled with
family heirlooms and bridal acces-
Currently, brides are looking
forward to returning to some of
these wonderful traditions. Filling a
hope chest can be the revival of a
time honored tradition.
The bride can make a list of the
accessories, bed linens and towels
that she would like to put in her hope
chest and share it with family and
friends. This makes a perfect theme
for a shower.
The gift of an antique hanky or
beautifully crafted quilt will far out
shine the chrome on a new blender.
Vintage jewelry is another fine ges-
ture that will become a family heir-
loom. Silver table settings with linen
napkins have made a comeback in
the world of disposable everything.
This may be the time for texting
and tweeting but young couples still
need the basics to feather their nests.
Here's to love.


Hoshl Item Draprie
Was & Fold -eteec

Anything That Floats
Sunday, Sept 6 2 pm
$30 to enter Proceeds to the Chamber
Call Maureen LaMar to enter at 932-1500

V 800 Powre
steam clean
I urn zLLE Process

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
Area and Oriental Rugs Tile & Grout
Marble, Vinyl & Hardwood Cars, Boats & RV Interiors
Don'1 lq 932-7670 934-1913
fo rg el

Elizabeth And Nick Set A Date
Pensacola Beach native Elizabeth Bohannon is engaged
to Nicholas Ryan Feilner. Elizabeth, who is the daughter of
Louis and Tammy Bohannon, will graduate from Florida
State University in December with a Bachelor 's degree in
Communication/Business. Nick is a 2009 graduate of the
University of West Florida in Computer Engineering. He is
employed at Eglin Air Force Base as a civilian. His parents
are Cindy Feilner and Tom Feilner.
The wedding is set for November 28 at Gulf Breeze
United Methodist Church with a reception to follow at The
Lee House in Pensacola. The couple will honeymoon on a
Mediterranean cruise.



If the weight of the world is upon
your shoulders, keep it from showing on
your face. Laugh at worry lines by using
Pandora de Balthazar's CO Q10 cream
and her line of natural skin products.
Smoothing wrinkles and softening skin
with a proven naturally occurring anti-
oxidant, the Coenzyme Q10 facial se-
rum will delight you.
Complimentary facials and foot
massages please inauire.





WE SELL SLEEP Escape from the drama of every
day life when your head hits a pillow made of pure Hungar-
ian goose down. It is not a luxury, it is a necessity.
Invest in your finest asset YOU!
Pensacola and Round Top, Texas


'/ 850-432-4777
,.Available Internationally at PandoraDeBalthazar.com


Island Times

August 25, 2009

August 25, 2009 Island Times PAGE 9

Royal Wanna-be's Line Up

The rhinestone tiara is spar-
kling and contestants are lining up
with hopes of becoming the Queen
of the Shaker on Sunday, Septem-
ber 13 during the three day
ShakerFest 2009. The Pensacola
Beach landmark will host their fifth
annual celebration Friday, Satur-
day and Sunday, September 11 -
13. The original intent was to toast
the recovery of the Beach after
Hurricane Ivan's unwanted arrival
in 2004, but the party continues
each year.
The 2009 Fest weekend in-
cludes live music performed by
three popular regional bands;
Miles From Coltrane, The Astro-
nauts and Lectric Mullet.
Tropical attire is encouraged
on Saturday afternoon for the
Kahlua Luau and Lobster Boil
which begins at 3 p.m.
The culmination of the
weekend's events will be the coro-
nation of the Queen of the Shaker
at 3 p.m.
"All ladies are welcome to en-
ter," said Beverly Boswell, co-

owner. "The voting is very simple.
The contestants collect one dol-
lar per vote. The person who col-
lects the most money wins."
Money collected during the
hotly contested Queen's race is
donated to charities. Pensacola
Beach Chamber of Commerce's
event fund is one of the Beach ini-
tiatives which will benefit this
Patti Hall is the reigning
Shaker Queen. She has not an-

nounced whether she will run for
a second term.
"If you want to have a lot of
fun, I suggest you put your name
on the list of potential royalty,"
Hall said. "I have had a blast this
year, representing the Shaker in
parades and at parties."
For more information about
ShakerFest and how to become a
contestant go to www.
sandshaker.com or stop by the

RECYCLE -Bring paper, cardboard, junk mail,
plastics, newspapers or aluminum cans to the blue
recycling bin located at Ft. Pickens Park Gate or
Cowley Park just east of the Beach School.

1 ...a Pensacola Beach Tradition since 1973
S~. -AfLt t

751 PensaCOla Eeacn wiva. Pensacoia eacn
(Across from the Boardwalk) 850.932.2211

Dennis Remesch
den rem@denrem.com

43Conienmporar, -iih p'ci i 1-lfl.LI
Breeze Propq'er Chrfrn'iinq h.nm n in

plr floor plan in lhi 1_ :j SF
:r*: i h.:.nem, Fl rerIinqle
aroe 1.rc .:ar qaracq i1% '
4 B3ih HonweS iy~nimn P.:..i
_;,irrC'uLn-d- t., IarqcIC palio er I .: I C.r
.eflI~r1~rflrflo C : ,e I: C r, hinq


^Ye I __ina_

Fresh Gulf Seafood
Live Maine Lobster
Kids Playground

Pirate Specials

* Wednesday Raw Oysters 35 Oea
* Thursday Baked Oysters
I at 11am

1010 Ft. Pickens Road
Pensacola Beach

Lunch Specials
Mon- Fri 11-2

Dinner Specials



on Hi Def

42 TVs 11 Big Screens

Pay Per Viel

Events ![



on Thursday

* 6sp S m* 0 w*^

Ready To



ii :. PEDVVi.'C.'O Li1I

\/,,/EilE ST E

]H L6 Costi

See additional listings at
www. denrem.com

August 25, 2009

Island Times


PAGE 10 Island Times August 25, 2009

Visit the Taste of the
R E Beach, Sept 19-20,
Casino Beach for
Bring paper, cardboard, junk mail, plastics, news- recycling give-aways.
papers or aluminum cans to the green recycling cen- Aluminum water bottles
ters on Pensacola Beach. Conveniently located at Ft. for sale to benefit the
Pickens Gate Park and just east of the Beach School. Beach Chamber.


Linda Taylor Murphy

Beach resident Dr. Bobbie Chapin was the lucky winner of a door prize at
a recent Women's Council of Realtors Leadership Retreat fundraiser
hosted by Pandora de Balthazar on July 30. Chapin will host the next
event at Lillo's, September 17.

103 Baybridge Dr.
Gulf Breeze, FL

G Daniel Green, MAI, SRA
State-Cert. Gen. REA #RZ836
Real Estate Broker #BK176669

G. Daniel Green

Commercial & Residential Appraisal, Consulting & Sales

Great rental income on this unique
4BR/3BA, 3018 SF Dome home
directly across the street from the
Gulf. Gorgeous views, pool.
MLS # 373911. $899,000.

Your place in paradise
is just a phone call

Pt raise
realty inc.

Ie mS R-e

Beautiful sunsets await you in
the 4 bedroom/3 full and 2 half
bath,3408 SF home on the Sound.
MLS # 374448. $899,900

Now's the time to make a
real estate purchase.
Call today!
cell: 850-748-0865
office: 850-934-3233



916.9990 www.fujisushigb.com

0 o o Specials 4 4

Monday: Buy 1. Gel
1 Free Drink
Wednesday: All Sushi Rolls
QC ,,I A... All Q,,hi. DMll


FREE Appetizer
of S25 or more
ii ,, , ,, , t, L i

..- - - - - - uray.r: Juu.) iiwus iius .
S2 OFF before 5 Happy Hour
150oOFF All Sushi Rolls
$800 O FF Military Discount Everyday Buy 1. Gel 2' Hal Price
$40 purchase.
Dinner only after 3pm. (850) 916-9990
t'I .,I 'l i i' i. '.rl. .i[.I. i SUN.-THURS. 11 AM -10 PM FRI.- SAT. 11 AM -11 PM
Expires 9115'09 hig
.[vl,,r ii, i.r...,. ,,I r ., ,, t www.fujisushigb.com

1105 Ariola Drive

Pensacola Beach

Large waterview "double lot"
(100' x 130') directly across
the street from the Gulf of
Mexico. This is your chance

to make a great investment
,,,: and build among multi-
-- million dollar properties on
Pensacola Beach's most
popular street. Not only
would this be an excellent
location for your residence,
but it would be a great site for
a rental house. $295,000

Broker Associate/Realtor
"Fzaltr R Direct: 850-377-3145
o Office: 850-916-7188


DJ0 jT7--|

r C I I C" I I





August 25, 2009 Island Times PAGE 11


Here's the best deal in town.
You canbe a tee-sign sponsor at the
American Legion's Putt Putt Tour-
ney for just $25. Last year, the mon-
ies raised supported aid to veterans
in local nursing homes, Gulf Breeze
High School Jr. R.O.T.C., Pensacola
Beach Charter Elementary School,
Boys State, Honor Flight and
Covenant Hospice. Email
Bill Greene to sign up at
greeneisgreat @yahoo.com.
Blonde and diminutive
Pensacola Beach native Erin Zeigler
looks nothing like a drill instructor,
but she is hosting 4 Shore Fit Boot
Camp at the Gulf Breeze Rec Center
beginning on September 14. Erin is
currently earning her Master's de-
gree in Sports Psychology and is a
certified trainer. The cost of the four
week camp is $150. Log on and tone
up at www.4shorefit.com.
Robbie Lofty has been hired by
the Santa Rosa Island Authority as
their Events Coordinator. Lofty is a
graduate of the University of Ten-
nessee with a degree in Tourism
Management. She began work on

August 17.
The sushi rolls are a delicacy
crafted by the chefs at Fuji
Steakhouse and Sushi Bar in Gulf
Breeze. The culinary works of art are
offered on special from 2:30 to 5 p.m.
as a very happy Happy Hour item.
The Gulf Breeze High School
cheerleaders are sending a hip-hip-
hooray to Chic Demerau and Terri
McKamey at Tiki Island. The family
entertainment venue assisted the
group with a Tiki Slide fundraiser
which netted $5,000.
Seville Quarter will host
BeerFest, Friday, September 11. If
you purchase your $20 ticket online
at www.escarosaindependence
weekend.com the entire ticket price
will be donated to the Independence
Fund. Good fun and the money
goes to a good cause. Cheers.
The 2009 Santa Rosa Kids
House "Stop the Hurt" Golf Tour-
nament is scheduled for September
18 at the Tiger Point Golf Course.
All you duffers can get signed up at

Casino Beach parking lot will be
the scene of the Miracle Strip Life's
AVette at the Beach Corvette Show,
Saturday, September 19 from 10 a.m.
until 2 p.m. Cars representing five
decades of American craftsmanship
will be on display at no charge to
the public. Anyone interested in
sponsoring a prize package should
call Beach resident Rick Gordon 850-
916-0997 orjust flag him down when
you see his silver Vette.
The very first 9-11 Charity Golf
Tourney to benefit the Wounded
Warrior Project is set for September
11 at Tiger Point Country Club. Get
in the swing of things, enjoy a day
of golf for just $75. Entry informa-
tionis available at 850-758-6698.
Melissa Wagner has been pro-
viding luxury manicures in Gulf
Breeze for over a decade. She is lo-
cated at Baybridge Hair Designs, a
full service salon located on High-
way 98 about five miles from the
beach. Melissa admits that some of
her clients are like family and she's
ready to bring you into the fold.

Swimmers Should Monitor Surf Flag Warnings

Locals and visitors need to keep
a close eye on tropical systems that
chur up the surf on the Island. Take
care in venturing out in the water
during the rough surf days.
"Please closely monitor our surf

warning flags and use extreme cau-
tion," said Bob West, Santa Rosa
Island Authority safety director.
The lifeguard staff has been re-
duced for the season, but informa-
tion is available at 932-SURF.

IOeS to Sho for teg 0ae t Entusist


It's the best view of the island.
Join the Smile High Club ~
So much fun, you can't stop
smiling; even if you try.

Pensacola Beach
at the Boardwalk

OPEN 9 to 6
weather permitting

PosaaR l hOurcr, _

Or f 0nr-

Karaoke with John Hundlev
Tuesday & Thursday 7 to 11

Live Music
Wednesday Tim Spencer


9-11 Charity Golf Tournament


A great day of golffor a great cause
Inaugural 9-11 Charity Golf Tournament benefits the
Wounded Warrior Project which is a nonprofit
organization providing tangible support for the
severely wounded veterans and helps them on the
road to healing, both physically and mentally. For more
information on the Wounded Warrior Project visit their
website www.woundedwarriorproject

Send Check or Money Order to: inn
WWP CIO RESALLC, 3749-D Gulf Breeze Awards
Parkway 357, Gulf Breeze, Florida, 32563. Party
ONLINE www.911wwpgolftournament.com Si e n t


7 to 11

Check our calendar at www.DalesBigDeck.com

715 Pensacola Beach Blvd at the Sabine Marina
Next to the Yacht Club South of the Elk's Lodge
850-934-3141 Open Everyday at 9 a.m.

For More Information
Email: 91109WWPGolf@resallc.com


August 25, 2009

Island Times


Page 12 Island Times August 25, 2009

by E.K Hewson

Back in the 1980's the all-girl
band, The Go-Go's, sang a song
about vacations. If my memory is
still in check, "vacation was all they
ever wanted, vacation was all they
ever needed."
A motto I used to think I could
always live by. After all, who
wouldn't want to be on a permanent
vacation? Well after 10 days of too
much fun in the Florida sun, I can
honestly say there is nothing as nice
as home sweet home, even if home
is in Southern Maryland.
Oh, don't get me wrong. I en-
joyed every single nano-second of
my time on Pensacola Beach. I am
still drawn to the sugar white sands
and the warm Gulf waters even
when yellow flags are flying. Din-
ner out every night at such great res-
taurants as Flounder's and Sidelines
makes pre-vacation dieting totally
worth it.
And there is nothing better than
spending time with family doing fun
things like sliding down a giant in-
flatable slide, cheering on hermit
crabs and gathering for an evening
of Rock Band and pizza. Yes,

Snowy Peaks Lure

Local Ski Clubbers
The Pensacola Ski Club hosted
a Ski Expo in Pensacola August 20
to announce their 2010 Ski Trip
schedule. Imagine hitting the slopes
in the following locations: January
16-23, Snowmass; January 23-30,
Telluride; January 23-30,
Breckenridge; Jan 30-Feb 6, Vail;
Feb 6-13, Park City; Feb 20-27,
Taos; March 2- 13th, Paris, 3 val-
leys, Geneva; andMarch27-Apr4,
Big Sky Spring Break.
If this sounds cool to you, then
sign up as a Pensacola Ski Club
member. Membership in the Ski
Club is $25 per year, plus a $20 ini-
tiation fee for new members. Pay-
ments accepted by mail to PSC, P.O.
Box 12692, Pensacola, FL 32591.
Ski Club Newsletter Editor Su-
san Naile said, "All trips are posted
on our website along with member-
ship and trip applications at
www.pensacolaskiclub.com. Think

Pensacola Beach is all the vacation
I ever wanted.
But after we travelled on to
Central Florida and became one of
the many theme park junkies, my
idea of a vacation began to change.
After too many days of being spun,
flipped and overly under-serviced,
I started to ask myself if I would
rather spend my leisure time stand-
ing in line or laying on the beach?
Would I rather drink Dark &
Stormies custom made by Bob
Shubob while watching the sun set
at Paradise or be served a pre-fab
margarita by a young lady who can
only talk about her degree in hotel
and restaurant management from
some upstate New York university
while lounging around a pool shared
by hundreds of other visitors from
states like Wisconsin and Washing-
ton? Even stone cold sober, that's a
no brainer.
Would I rather nosh at Tchoup
Chop (one of Emeril's many kicked
it up a notch restaurants in theme
park central) or Surf Burger (view
is so much nicer)? Shop at an over-
priced Universal Studios-owned gift

shop or beach family owned Island
I guess there are some things,
like customer service, that come
naturally to some and not to others.
Charging everything to your room
or visiting the Bank of the South's
ATM and chatting with Judy and
crew? I'll take the latter no matter
what the service charge.
So as I boarded the plane from
Orlando back to Washington, DC, I
realized that I needed another vaca-
tion to recover from the last week
trying to relax and have fun. Then it
dawned on me. When I recall in my
mind Belinda Carlisle belting out
"Vacation," I can see myself danc-
ing around my bedroom at my
mother's house on Ariola Drive,
kind of like, for sure, on that totally
gnarly vacation that I ever wanted
and needed.
From now on my airline tickets
will specifically state DCA to PNS
to DCA. No side trips! And who
knows maybe some day I will hold
a ticket in my hand that is just DCA
to PNS. Now that's a permanent
vacation. Until next time

Full Bar Flat Screen Televisions
Indoor or Outdoor Dining with a waterview

iundav Brunch Prime Rib Special

11 to 2 pm
$1.99 Bloody Marys
99 Cent Mimosas

Bob Lamar, left, portrays the Reverend Domingo Salazar who offers a
prayer of thanks after landing on Pensacola Beach, Saturday, August
15 during the reenactment ceremonies hosted at Fort Pickens Gate
Park. Don Tristan de Luna, center, who claimed the land for Spain
was played by Erik Wortendyke, and Emily Mixon posed as Maria
Ramirez. The landing was followed by Catholic Mass conducted on
the Beach by Bishop John Ricard.

Chef Willie
Eberlin looks

On the forward to
Boardwalk your visit.

Every Wednesday Nlte

Lunch Specials

Happy Hour
Everyday 4-6 PM


August 25, 2009

Page 12

Island Times


Wendell Carrol is famous around
the beach for his willingness to
party. It did not take much to kick
up a real celebration for his fifti-
eth birthday two weeks ago.
Friends filled Paddy O'Leary's
and showered him with good
wishes. Wendell, who is famous
for his outrageous Mardi Gras
costumes, is now the proud
owner of a pink feather boa, tiara
and magic wand. Look for him
casting spells on hapless Island


August 25, 2009 Island Times PAGE 13



By Joe Stukey, Your
Computer Pal

Q: "Why does my laptop com-
puter get so hot?"
A: I have written about this be-
fore but, because of the high num-
ber of problems that we are seeing, I
would like to make laptop users more
aware of the potential risks. Over
the last few years there has been a
shift from desktop computer pur-
chases to laptop, or notebook, com-
puter purchases. Many of those
laptop computers are now several
years old.
As time goes by, the small fans
inside the computer pulls dust, lint,
and pet hair into the computer. Even-
tually, the dust builds up around the
air intake, slowing the air flow. As
the intake becomes more heavily
covered with dust, the air flow stops
completely. Because the computer
is generating high heat, the comput-
ers internal parts become extremely
hot. The heat can be felt on the
bottom of the computer and occa-
sionally through the keyboard.
The result is that the computer
starts to exhibit problems, including
video failure and failure to power on.
By that time, the main circuit board
(motherboard) may be damaged be-
yond economical repair and may
have to be replaced. The good
news is that, if the problem is de-
tected early enough, the covers of
the computer can be removed and
the blockage can be cleaned out.
After that, the computer will be back
to normal.
A few other things, such as de-
fective batteries, can cause comput-
ers to be hot, but that is easily de-
tected by operating the computer
without the battery. In that case,
check your vendor's website to find
out if your battery is under a recall.
This article was provided by
The Stukey Group. For questions,
contact Joe at joefu cpals coin or

National Funny Man

Entertains on Beach

The guffaws and giggles will be
abundant when Covenant Hospice
presents the 15th annual "Evening
of Comedy" Saturday, August 29
from 6 to 10 p.m. at the Hilton
Pensacola Beach Gulf Front. The
Broadway themed event will include
a live and silent auction, a cash bar,
hors d'oeuvres, dinner and a whole
lot of laughter. WEAR-ABC 3 News
Anchor, Sue Straughn will host the
Evening of Comedy and will feature
national comedian, Tom Ryan. Ryan
has been a stand-up comedian for
more than 15 years, opening up for
acts such as B.B. King, Dennis Miller
and Tim Allen. Ryan has also ap-

peared on Showtime, A&E, Comedy
Central, and the Late Show with
David Letterman.
Tickets for the Evening of Com-
edy benefit are $100 per person, and
can be purchased online at
www.covenanthospice.org or by
calling 208-7122. Proceeds will ben-
efit Covenant Hospice, a non-profit
organization helping patient and
families dealing with end-of-life is-
sues and their families throughout
35 counties in South Alabama,
Northwest Florida, and the Big Bend
area of Florida. For more informa-
tion, please contact Leah Harrison

Nalives say our
Fish Tacos
are Ihe besi

Open at 7:30 am

Lunch & Dinner
O Ih I;... l I I..1'1 l l i<\ IIII I l.. I II \..,R
..1 III G I II C..' \ I G I I FKm I\ G..N II\

45 A \'ia (le Lu na 934-4848

The One & Only Family Entertainment Center on the Island
4 I. '. ___ FAMILY FUN

7 r/r. Golf and Games
18 Holes of Fantasy Golf
Awesome Arcade
Ask about DAY LONG
Golf& Slide

Day & Night
Mon- Thu 2-10
Fri-Sun 10-10


Friday 2-10PM
Sat 10AM to 10PM
Sun 10AM to sunset
5 Via de Luna

We host Pool Prizes Play Dance
Birthday Tables Fun Guitar Dance
Parties Hero Revolution
Between Sidelines & Crabs Look for the Waterfall, Stay for the Fun

Burgers Shakes Fries

Cold Beer
Waterfront Dining
500 Quietwater Beach Blvd Outdoor & Indoor
Pensacola Beach 932-1417 Dining
Upstairs from Key Sailing

native cafe
ll /il / A o '/Iet / I ,d hv ti /, /ll /'ili/\''


-- ------- -

PAGE 14 Island Times ist 25, 2009

A newspaper reporter had heard
of a young man who was a very suc-
cessful entrepreneur. He called for an
interview and went to the large man-
sion along a street that was lined with
other mansions. During the interview,
the reporter asked, "You have an in-
credible story. How did you make all
this money?"
The entrepreneur looked the re-
porter in the eye and said, "I'm really
glad you asked, for it is a wonderful
story. You see, when my wife and I
married, we started out with a roof
over our heads, some food in our pan-
try, and a dollar between us. I took
that dollar bill, went over to the gro-
cery store, bought three apples, and
shined them all up. Then I sold each
apple for fifty cents a piece."
When the reporter asked, "And
what did you do then?"
The man said, "Then I bought six
more apples, shined them up, and sold
them for fifty cents a piece."
The reporter was excited as he
thought this would be a great human
interest story, and he asked, "Then

The entrepreneur said, "Then
my father-in-law died and left us $20
Wealthy because of his ingenu-
ity? No, wealthy because of the gen-
erosity of another. We know that
things aren't always as they appear,
or as others would like us to believe.
Most of us have achieved because
of dedicated hard work, either by
brawn or brains, but we also realize
that along the way someone offered
a helping hand. Perhaps not like the
$20 million, but some kind of encour-
agement or insight that made the dif-
ference between achieving or failing.
A sign of maturity is to recognize the
ways in which others have influenced
and impacted our lives, and the will-
ingness to acknowledge that. We
never know just how we affect the
lives of others for good or bad.
Another thing to consider is
the ways in which we touch the lives
of others. As someone once said,
"Be careful how you treat others on
your way up the ladder of success,
foryou may meet them onyour way

Everyone played a part in the
dedication of the Beach Church
Fellowship Hall, Sunday, July 11.
Preparing to make a presentation to the
congregation are (front, L to R): Chase
Rodgerson, Maria Gruszczynski,
Matthew Rodgerson and Zoe Cooper;
and (center back row) Andy Tharpe.

r i

The Reverend Dr. Jean Simpson,
United Church of Christ regional
conference minister, left, celebrated with
Beach Community Church founding
member Louise Greenley, right, at the
dedication of the Fellowship Hall,
Sunday, July 11.

Say Do

On the Beach.

Psychic Readings By Savanna
Master Psychic Reader & Advisor
Helps to guide you in the right direction
Tells: Past -Present Future
Available For
PaHouse Calls


rr~,T. -4~

I w

The Beach Community Church invited the entire Island to
the Fellowship Hall dedication July 11. After the ceremony, a
barbecue dinner with all the fixins was served. The expert chefs
who smoked, basted, and tended to the cooking for fourteen
hours on the giant Grillzilla are part of a competitive culinary
team whose name is a closely guarded secret. The BJB team 's
downhome barbecue dinner served over one hundred hungry
beach folks. Photo, left: Beach Church Deacon Audrey Sisney
prepares to shred the pork with her Bear Claws. Photo, right:
Larry Sisney and Beach Church Deacon Billy Cotton cooked
and entertained during the marathon barbecuing session.

Boogie Inc. HD Vi eo Division

ov"evoo 1D0'


officiant and


start at $250


Call 850-438-1660 or E-Mail
S mrboogie@boogieinc.com
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Island Times

ist 25, 2009



August 25, 2009


* 0


CLASSIFIED ADS are $5 for 20 words. Additional words are 10 cents each. Send ad with check made payable
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* "CopyrighVd Ma al

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Available from Commercial News Providers"

* -..
o ,

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__ -

* C

* c~

* U)

* -1

* ,-C

-. --

ICALL FOR ARTISTS Beach Chamber's Art and Wine Weekend
October 3-4. No Charge to show.
Sign Up by 9/8/09 calling Maureen LaMar at 932-1500.

Real Estate For Sale

Beautiful secluded hideaway on
the Sound with pier and boat lift.
5BR/4BA, 4590 SF of luxury living.
$1,299,000. MLS # 372896.
Fred Simmons, Paradise Coastal
Realty, 850-932-0067

0 Down on new homes for all land
owners. Your land or family land. All
Credit OK. Clayton Homes of
Crestview. 850-682-3344

Largest selection of singlewides
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Homes of Crestview for pricing and
details at 850-682-3344

Get your share of the Government
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Homes of Crestview for details.

New Government Financing Pro-
gram on all 3 or4 bedrooms. Rates
as low as 4.75%. No credit or bad
credit OK. Call Clayton Homes of
Crestview at 850-682-3344.

Large waterview "double lot"
(100' x 130') directly across the
street from the Gulf of Mexico.
This is your chance to make a
great investment and build
among multi-million dollar prop-
erties on Pensacola Beach's
most popular street.
Jeremy Johnson, Realtor,
Island Realty, 850-377-3145.

Real Estate For Rent

Pensacola Beach Vacation
Rentals. Call for the BEST RATES
on beachfront condos and beach
homes. Toll free 800-242-3224.
Visit online jmevacations .com

Beach Condo 2 Bedrooms & 2
Baths. Gulf view from all rooms.
Available May Oct
850-932-0775 800-554-3695 *
Mention VRBO 95159 for Discount

For Sale I

Comfy Queen Pillowtop Mattress
Set- New, still in plastic, has factory
warranty. $235. Delivery avail. Call

NEW!! Leather Sofa-$450,
Loveseat $400, Chair $350, or all
for $1000. Still in crates.

Full Size Mattress, Only $ 140. Still
mfr sealed and has mfr warranty.
Comes with foundation.

Hungarian Goose Down Pillows,
comforters, duvets. Delivered to
your door. Order online at www.
pandoradebalthazar.com. or visit
our showroom. 698 e. Heinberg St.
Pensacola. Behind McGuire's.

Star Sapphire Diamond Ring ap-
praised for $4700 will sell for $2000.
Also a 5 diamond pendant, ap-
praised for $3700 will sell for $1500.
Diamond stud earrings appraised
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675-4154 for more info.


Pensacola Beach Elementary
School, Inc. Aug 31, 6 pm at PBES.
Open to the Public.


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6 Jli

I ------
---------------------------------------------------------- i

Bathtub Races & Anything That Floats
Suindavy Sentember 6 at 2 n.m.

Cnnrr Ciintrr Cd 1 213

Taste of the Beach
St* .r diirr Q t n I 1A0 L

I au aI "1un "ay up %,III %,I a UI"u.a un "jay up %,III %,I I
Santa Rosa Sound behind Bamboo Willie's. Miss Shaker Contest, Sandshaker Lounge Casino Beach Food, Entertainment, Fun
Entry fees go to the Beach Chamber Portion of the proceeds go to the Beach Chamber A Beach Chamber Event

PAGE 16 Island Times August 25, 2009

Island Times

August 25, 2009




0 Ava


August 25, 2009 Island Times PAGE 17

Founding Poker Player Returns To Claim Title

Mostly Nuts

The Universal Light by Candace Segar
[This is Part I of IV]

When I was a kid and watched
The Adventures of Superman featur-
ing George Reeves, I knew right then
I wanted to be a reporter. Little did I
know that one day I would stumble
onto the story of the millennium. It
began like any other day, coffee stains
on my shirt, the constant clicking on
the computers, Anne and Barbara dis-
cussing their two beats obits and City
Hall you know the usual.
Then my phone rings. It was one
of my favorite sources, a kind of
crusty old retired major from the
Marines. "Hey Charlie," hebellowed
out over the receiver.
"Hey Joe, whatcha got for me
"Oh, Buddy Boy there is some-
thing weird going on."
Now for Joe to start out with a
statement like that was totally out
of character for him. His leads were
factual, but boring. I wasn't going
to get too excited about it. So I
leaned back in my chair, carefully
placed my feet on the desk, grabbed
my coffee and sipped as he spoke. I
had to admit something was differ-
ent today; he was animated, excited,
stumbling over his words.
"Joe, slow down, slow down.
What are you talking about?" I
"Charlie, it's a lamp and people
disappear after they buy it," he re-

"Well, that makes a lot of sense,
Joe," I chided. "What are you drink-
ing in your coffee?"
"No man, this is serious," he said
gruffly. "You know how every week
I go to an auction on Friday or Satur-
day night for entertainment, well
there's a lamp that shows up every so
often at a different auction house. It
eventually makes the rounds back to
the original auction house, and then
starts the cycle all over again."
"So what? It could be different
copies of the same type of lamp," I
"No, this is avery unusual lamp,"
Joe insisted. "It's mustard colored,
massive, heavy metal. After I saw it
about the fifth time, I got suspicious
wrote down the serial number. It's the
same serial number every time."
"Why do we care?" I impa-
tiently asked.
"Because each person who has
bought that lamp has vanished. That's
why it keeps coming up for auction.
There is something almost seductive
about it. Hell, I almost bid on it my-
self," Joe answered.
"Okay, I need facts," I said as the
reporter in me kicked in. "How many
times has it gone up for bid? Get me
the names of all the auction houses
who sold it. If you can, find out the
names of everyone who has pur-
chased it. I'll look into it once I have
some details."

[Editor's Note: Candace Segar an Island Times columnist, is an
electrical engineer and owner of CRS Commissioning, Inc. She is cur-
i,. ,,il I... ,i,' i on fantasy, science fiction trilogy and is a published mem-
ber of the Science Fiction Writers ofAmerica.
r--------- ---------- III

850-932-2323 ~
Ask about our *flf
I Island Times readers A I
Climate & Non Climate Control Self Storage
Boat Parking Moving, Storing, Packing Supplies
I15 McClure Dr., Gulf Breeze storage-advantage.com
S15 McClure Dr., Gulf Breeze storage-advantage.com I

Sean Gough staked his claim as
a Beach poker pioneer at The Is-
lander Lounge in January 2005 by
being part of the first ever Texas
Hold 'Em 4444 Fun poker game. He
and his wife Pam drove from Ken-
tucky through the remnants of Tropi-
cal Storm Claudette to return to the
action at Paddy O'Leary's on Tues-
day, August 18. And, for his effort,
Gough won the tourney with Beach
poker diva Billie Urquhart taking
second and his wife Pam Gough
rounding out the top three.
Monday night action is hosted
at the Sandshaker Lounge where Tex
Atkinson reigns at the poker tables.
Atkinson made a late run cleaning
out Les Archer in the fi-
nal on August 10 which
made it three Monday
night wins in a row. He
was out of town on Au-
gust 17, so Tiki Terri
McKamey made short
work of the final table.
She amassed a big stack
of chips while taking
down top player after top
player. Longtime
Lifeflight EMT Mike
Wood had his best night
in awhile, and survived
to take second. Jerry
Limle made a rare ap-
pearance. Courtnel
Players look for the August
August 6
luck of the Irish when
they take a seat at Paddy O'Leary's
poker tables. The full moon shim-
mered through the rain on August 5
at Paddy's, but that didn't put a
damper on Justin Scher who
outlasted a large field. Phil Tracy
was the runner-up.
Tracy claimed the runner-up

SWinn with her winning hand on
at Paddy O'Leary's.
stack. Tracy won the All-In hand
placing him in the all familiar
winner's circle.
Angela Hartzog motored in a
full boat to the final table August 13
sinking Phil Tracy on the last hand.
Brandon Delles is an artist who
plays to win at the poker tables. On

R& M Woodworks
I_. your home deserves the best

specializing in custom
kitchen cabinets

Ron Williamson


August 16 Brandon "The Arti
Delles took down Justin "Dubli
Scher in the final.
For more information call t
poker hotline at 850-324-2667.

spot for the second time on August
6 behind Courtney Winn. Eric
Weatherford was a strong third af-
ter clearing four players off the fi-
nal table in one massive All-In hand.
Justin Scher was back in the
winner's circle onAugust 9 when he
bested Ryan Schnippert in the final.
Arthur Anastopoulo, the beach
tennis pro, had his way at the poker
tables August 11. He served up some
aces before battling top female
beach poker star Kristin Larmier in
the final showdown. Kristin settled
for second place.
After an evening of powerful
play on August 12 Phil Tracy and
Mike Willett had an equal chip




August 25, 2009

Island Times

If you're HIT by

don't take a HIT from
your insurance company.


IC? Listers
Home Inventory Technicians

Weekly Schedule

Island Times L

Pensacola Beach
Dealing starts at 7 PM

Monday: Sandshaker
Tuesday:Paddy 0 'Leary s
Wednesday:Paddy 0 'Leary '
Thursday: Paddy 0'Leary '
Sunday:Paddy 0 'Leary '

Texas Hold '[m 4444 Fun
Poker Hotline 324-2667

PAGE 18 Island Times August 25, 2009

Litter Getter Beach Lady

Rescues Wayward Turtle

Beach resident Monica Kellner
picks up random items left on the
sand by careless people on her daily
beach stroll. She does it to help pre-
serve the Beach's pristine white sand
and take care of nature. She rarely
finds anything of interest. During a
walk last April she noticed a flat dark
object at the water's edge. It looked
like a piece of cardboard. Upon
closer inspection, she discovered it
was a green sea turtle that was dan-
gerously close to perishing.
"The weak little turtle, which
was covered in barnacles, was be-
ing battered against the sand as each
wave washed ashore, so I decided

Monica Kellner with Thin Mintjust
prior to his release back to the
Gulf on August 3.

to pick it up and call for help,"
Kellner said.
What transpired on that quiet
spring morning was nothing short of
stupendous. Her solitude was shat-
tered by a bevy of governmental
agencies, lifeguards, surfers, curious
onlookers and fish and wildlife of-
ficers. Not all agencies
agreed on what the little
turtle's fate would be,
some said let nature take
its course, but the Na-
tional Park Service offi-
cials came to the green
sea turtle's rescue.
"I had already
named the turtle Barnacle
Bill, because of his con-
dition," said Kellner. "I
really felt like he de-
served to be helped. Af-
ter all, he was not a piece
of litter to be discarded."
So, Barnacle Bill
was transported to Fort
Walton Beach's
Gulfarium where he was
Thin Mint
placed in their rehabilita- paes ton
tion program. Over the 3 after fo
following four months,
Kellner inquired and visited the
turtle until she received a call that it
was time to return the turtle to the
"During the course of his rehab
his name got changed to Thin Mint,"
Kellner said laughingly. "And, that's
not all. He was healthy, with a good
strong shell, ready to make his way
back to the wild."
On Monday, August 3 the turtle
was returned to the Gulf. National

Park Service officials joined by
Gulfarium employees and volun-
teers gathered at Fort Pickens and
released Thin Mint back into the
wild. A large female turtle was also
released by the same group that day.
Kellner was part of Thin Mint's re-
turn to the Gulf. A successful day

, also known as Barnacle Bill, pre-
aunch back into the Gulf on August
ir months of rehab at the Gulfarium.
for all involved.
"Strangely, it was a real feel
good moment for me to see that I
made a difference, however small,"
she said.
Kellner continues to make her
daily rounds on the sands of
Pensacola Beach picking up debris
and taking care of nature.

BETA Children's Theatre, under the direction of Michelle Kerrigan
and student directors Kayla Goliwas and Our Beach's Own Maddie
Mateer, performed "Toto, Too", a musical tribute to The Wizard of Oz
Thursday and Friday, July 30 and 31. Beach residents who per-
formed were Abby Jacobs who starred as the Wicked Witch of the
West and Lauren Pinkston who made her debut as a Flower Munchkin
and member of the Ensemble. The other players were Emma Chestney
(Toto), Jonna Boulton (Dorothy), Ashley McDonnell (Glenda, the Good
Witch), Tucker Chestney (Scarecrow), Lexis Wilson (Tinman), and
Lizzie Wilson (Lion).
The Show Must Go On -
Pensacola Beach resident
Maddie Mateer co-directed the
BETA Children's Theatre pro-
duction of Toto, Too last
month. Mateer, a seasoned and
talented actress, is a Beach
School graduate.

Get Well Feel Good Look Great
Integrating traditional health management with natural and alternative approaches



" .** ^

Dr. Tracey Pinkston

* New Patients Welcome
* Medicare & Tricare
* 10 miles fr.'n Bcacll
* Call forAppl.n'iiiliiiii

850-4"3-1008 '

Women's Health
Chronic Illness
( Hormone Replacement

4300 Bayou Blvd
Suite 5 Pensacola

Drive Carefully School's Back In Session Please observe posted School Zone Speed Limit

Iamiilly: on 9 to5
/I u Th 9 to 9
1 &F 9to7
Sat 10 to 5



Be Kind To The Beach
Get a Taste of the Beach
Re-usable Aluminum Water Bottle
Ie of Saturday and Sunday
asthe aterTottles Sept 19-20
ee el banorl 11 to 4 Casino Beach

Island Times

August 25, 2009

August 25, 2009 Island Times PAGE 19

reading' the water

by Saltwater Rick

Stormy weather
had returned to the area waters last
week and cut down on the boating
trips, but, in protected waters sight-
ing and catches of the super tasty
Flatfish are being reported.
Tiki Terri McKamey said she's
had her line in the Little Sabine with
some luck. In the Pensacola Pass
reports of Redfish riding the incom-
ing tide have anglers checking the
tide charts and roughing it out in the
white capped waters in search of
theses plate fillers.
Specks are thick in the
grassbeds beds along Oriole Beach
and around Range Point. Bring your
mullet net as I have not seen so many
jumping inyears. Big Beautiful Sil-
vers in the 18 to 24 inch range just
circled Janie and me in our boat, The

4fun, last weekend as we worked
topwaters off the westside of Range
point for Specks. Like always I for-
got to load my cast net since I was
not thinking of mullet, but, that will
not happen again!
Speaking of mullet, I received
an email from Crash Davis, a cat
who resides in Villa Sabine. Appar-
ently, he brought a seven-inch live
mullet into his owners' bedroom. He
must have thought it was a nice gift.
They are still trying to figure out
how he caught that fish.
I love a good fishing story, send
them to me at islandtimes
a bcIIllsouli Ili
School is back in session and
for the Moms and Dads who have
more free time, do yourself a favor
and go fishing .

- ~

.- m
F .... .... c.

Barrier Island Girl Photographer DJ Zemenick captured this image of
a wash through while on her turtle patrol at Fort Pickens in the early
hours of Sunday, August 16. Although Tropical Storm Claudette did
not vist Pensacola Beach, she sent some rough surf and beach ero-
sion. Fort Pickens was closed to visitors at 4 p.m. on August 16 be-
cause of weather conditions.

Dolphin Cruises


Dolphins in the wild
Enjoy a relaxing cruise
& see Dolphins
in their natural habitat.
each Marina 655 Pensacola Beach Blvd.

See The Stars On Pensacola Beach

Celestial, Musical and Theatrical Take Center Stage

Some of the best things in life the Fishing
are free, and
Pensacola Beach
hosts a variety of
them. Bands on the
Beach is a summer E r
concert series spon- .- e
scored by the Santa _
Rosa Island Author- -
ity each Tuesday
night at the Gulfside
Pavilion from 7 to 9
p.m. Pensacola's
own Civilized Na-
tives entertain Southern Breeze
crowds August 25
with an evening of original music
and popular covers from Celine
Dion, and Eric Clapton.
The Escambia County Amateur
Astronomers will have everyone
seeing stars when they present "A
Fun Night Under The Stars" at Ca-
sino Beach beginning at 7:30 p.m.
Friday, August 28 and Saturday, Au-
gust 29. Members will have tele-
scopes and binoculars set up for
views of the Moon, planets and other
celestial objects. The Wo
"Clear skies permitting, mem- (Deep Sea
bers will begin setting up their tele- Champion
scopes at dusk along the walk near brings r

Pensacola Beach, Fh
Authentic Irish Pub
Live Music
Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun
Texas Hold 'Em
Tues, Wed,Thurs, Sun

Happy Hour 12 to 7 PM

49 Via de Luna

the crat

darts 1
Join S
with a

and rT

Pier," said Dewey
Barker, ECAA star
Free Friday
Flicks, which is pro-
duced by Fun Coast
Promotions, will
show "Grease" at the
Gulfside Pavilion at 8
p.m. on Friday, Au-
gust 28.
The Sounds of
Summer concerts
make sure that rock,
blues and country fill

the air from 6 to 8 p.m. on Friday,
August 28 when 2 High Strung per-
forms at Quietwater Amphitheater.
The Kyle Parker Band will get
things moving on Saturday, Aug. 29.
The Shell will be rockin' when
Southern Breeze blows into town on
Sunday, Aug. 30. The Sounds of
Summer are sponsored by the SRIA.
Spectators are encouraged to
bring lawn chairs or blankets to the
pavilion area. No pets are allowed
and glass is prohibited on the Beach.
These events are all open to the
public at no charge.

crab races
with Seadog
rid Infamous Seadog
Crab Diver, 5 Time Indy Crab
- Master of Ceremonies)
acing action to

Sas your highly
trained crab
for the finish line!
headog along Every winner receives
ll the action. a picture & Official Indy
SCrab Race T-Shirt
ce tot the Crab races immediately
Vine. following the n
sunset cannon ES

W All proceeds go to raising free range -
crabs and the official Seadog Crab
Training School

It's the stupidest thing
you 've ever seen!

Ge fufo~iilT~ ^r the

kids and adults.




Z' - -- -
i .IcLd--rz



August 25, 2009

Island Times

leat Seatmad
OefhmyBtf eGfot"arwobF lit
e^g .^i b I, Sij S i S *I

Fresh Gulf seafood charbroiled over flaming
hardwood fires

We sell so many, you know they're fresh!

"Floundering at its best"
Fodor's Florida
'Best seafood on
Pensacola Beach"
Fromers Guide to Florida
S Mobil
D ~gb Atthetraffi

Gulf shrimp served scampi style, barbecued,
beer batter fried, or steamed in beer

'Neath the moon & stars on our beach

"Best seafood on
Pensacola Beach"
USAir Magazine
"Great Vibes...and happy
Florida Trend Magazine

.c light on beautiful Pensacola Beach 932-2003

Since 1979

Fried Shrimp Great Steaks Upstairs Beach View Dining
Living Reef Aquarium Bar Outdoor Gulfside Deck

Best Sunday Brunch!
Crab Cakes Benedict,
Crab Omelets, Bottomless
Champagne & Bloody Marys,
Live Steel Band
(850) 932-0700
Open 7 days a week



l'rgeu Selection o Crab on the Dath

Alaskan Snow Dungeness
King Crab
-ABS She Crab Soup
WO 0 etlm Maryland Crab Cakes

Look for the RED ROOF at the
traffic light on Pensacola Beach



Island Times

August 25, 2009

.............. I

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