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Volume II, Number 11 Pensacola Beach, Florida September 27, 2006

Tri and Catch Me

7~"W~~F- Tr

i ne ivere ivioriais trianion training group is comprise or aeaicatea ainieies wno gainer ati casino neacn at sunrise on ,unaay mornings to train ior me Aania itosa
Island Triathlon. Both novice and seasoned athletes will face the challenge of the grueling race Saturday, October 7 on Pensacola Beach. First time competitors Tricia Kuhnell,
left, and Sarah Kell, center, will swim, cycle and run along side more experienced athletes like Kim Campbell, right, who has completed four triathlons on Pensacola Beach
and countless others in her athletic career. Story, page 2.


Triathletes Beach It For Annual Race

Approximately 1200
triathletes, with salt rimmed
goggles and sand between their
toes, will compete in the annual
Santa Rosa Island Triathlon
(SRITRI) on Saturday, October
7. Competitors ranging in age
from 14 to 73 will try their best
in a 500 meter gulf swim, fol-
lowed by an 18 mile bike ride and
5K run. The morning long event
will begin at 5:30 a.m. when
triathletes from all over the south-
eastern United States start their
pre-race ritual which includes
body marking, arranging bike

and running gear, and warming-
up. By 7:30 a.m. the first wave
of elite male triathletes, the ones
who are really fast and pros, will
hit the water and every three min-
utes another group will follow
with the females, ages 45 and
over, taking the last plunge at
7:51 a.m.
The race course begins in the
Gulf of Mexico at Casino Beach.
The 500 meter swim, however,
can be officially moved to Santa
Rosa Sound if race officials deem
the Gulf to be too rough on the
morning of the event. The second

leg of the SRITRI -- the 18 mile
bike ride -- will be an out and
back pattern sending the competi-
tors cycling on flat, fast asphalt.
After dismounting their bikes and
donning running shoes, the
triathletes will take off fleet
footed on a 5K course through the
residential neighborhoods of
Pensacola Beach. The finish line
is infront of Crab's Restaurant.
Prize money will be awarded
to the top five male and female
professional triathletes. Addi-
tional awards will be presented
to the first three overall male and

female winners, first master male
and female winner, first grand
master male and female winner,
and first great grand master male
and female winner. Age group
awards, male and female, will go
five deep and will begin with ages
13-15 and go all the way up to
80 and over. There will also be
awards for the Clydesdale cat-
egory: male over 200 pounds, un-
der 40 and over 40; the Athena
category: female over 150
pounds, under 40 and over 40;
physically challenged categories
and the relay team categories: all

male, all female, and mixed.
Hampton Inn will host both
the pre and post race events. On
Friday, October 6 from noon un-
til 7 p.m. the Santa Rosa Island
Fitness Expo will be held in the
De Luna Exhibit Hall at the ho-
tel. The official post race party
will be held poolside.
There is still time to register
for this race sanctioned by USA
Triathlon by visiting its website
at www.sritri.org. SRITRI is one
of the oldest sporting competi-
tions to continually be held on
Pensacola Beach.

Grab the Golden Egg Capture the Goose -

Or Play the Role of Benevolent Big Brother?

What Motivates County's Move to Abolish SRIA?

The golden egg is the prize.
The goose that lays the golden
egg is Pensacola Beach. Is the
Escambia County Commission
trying to grab the golden egg
and capture the goose that lays
it or are they anticipating
playing the role of benevolent
big brother promising ex-
panded services and even hint-
ing at subsidizing Pensacola
Mike Whitehead, commis-
sion chairman, unveiled his
plan to abolish the Santa Rosa
Island Authority and move the
Beach administration to the
county, at a meeting of the
Committee of the Whole, Sep-
tember 14.
Whitehead gleaned only
minimal support from fellow
Board members for his pro-
posal. He distributed to the
commission the following in-
formation in a document titled:
1. Create Beach Ser-
vices and Management De-
partment under the county
2. Petition the Legisla-
tive Delegation to abolish the
SRIA effective 9/01/07.
3. Create a transition
team composed of two em-
ployees of the SRIA, two
beach business representa-
tives, Rod Powell, Personnel

Assistant County Administra-
tor, and Buck Lee.
4. Transfer all existing
SRIA employees to BCC re-
taining seniority and pay.
5. Expand service area
to incorporate Perdido Key
and (a) determine scope of
services; (b) determine addi-
tional revenue required, and
(c) timeline for implementa-
Funding Implication: All
revenues currently generated
by SRIA to remain within the
department (operate as if
stands alone). Determine ad-
ditional resources required to
expand service area.
In presenting his plan,
Whitehead said, "It is unfortu-
nate that what we are talking
about here is painted in a nega-
tive light in terms of the aboli-
tion of the Santa Rosa Island
Authority. What we are really
talking about is expanding the
services that we are offering
Pensacola Beach and other
coastal areas, Perdido, in par-
ticular. "
During the discussion
commissioners made it clear
that they needed additional in-
formation and more time to
consider the proposal. Except
for Tom Banjanin whose dis-
trict includes Pensacola Beach.
He came right out and said he
opposed abolishing the SRIA.
Banjanin pointed out the im-
portance of the Beach in the

county's economy.
"I do not think we should
abolish the SRIA," he said.
"These beaches are a third of
our economy. I think the role
of the SRIA has shifted from
promoting growth to mainte-
nance of the island. They have
done a good job."
Banjanin also felt that the
plan to abolish the SRIA at this
time reflects really bad timing.
Finally, he said the Beach is self
supporting and he feels that
moving the operation to the
County would create a situation
where the county would be sub-
sidizing the Beach.
Commissioner Marie
Young said she certainly would
need more information before
she could decide one way or
another on the issue.
Commissioner Kevin
White said he agreed with
Commissioner Young.
"I don't think I could be
prepared if I had to vote today.
I would vote not to do it. Not
to do away with it if I had to
vote right now."
White did go on to say that
the County Commissioners
would have to listen to the of-
ten lengthy discussions which
happens at the SRIA.
"They should go to the
Board of Adjustments like any
other citizens of Escambia
County," Commissioner White-
head replied.
Commissioner Bill

Dickson kept asking if there
would be a cost saving if the
plan is implemented. Although
he said he would have no prob-
lem asking the Northwest
Florida Legislative Delegation
to abolish the SRIA, he still
wanted to know if the county
takeover would result in a sav-
Note that Banjanin and
Dickson will leave their com-
mission seats after the General
Election in November. Please
see Page 3 for comments from
their successors.
Whitehead was highly
critical of the financial stabil-
ity of the SRIA. "If you drive
down the Beach Road going
east, to this day, there are mas-
sive amounts of debris along
the road," he said. "And the rea-
son is they can't afford to clean
Commissioner Whitehead
appeared to be referring to con-

struction debris since hurricane
debris was completely removed
months ago. When the road
widening is complete it will be
the responsibility of the con-
tractors to clean up the areas.
Whitehead said that if the
island was part of Escambia
County operations, it would re-
ceive funding now denied be-
cause it is not a large enough
entity to qualify for various
The commissioners' com-
ments do not agree with the
published financial condition of
the SRIA which has shown con-
stant improved financial stabil-
ity through the difficult recov-
ery from hurricane damage.
To find out dates, times and
agenda items for commission
meetings visit the Escambia
County commission website at
www.co.escambia.fl.us / de-
partments/ board of


Post Office Box 844
Gulf Breeze, FL 32562
islandtimes @bellsouth.net www.MyIslandTimes.com
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Island Times

September 27, 2006

September 27, 2006 Island Times PAGE 3

JUNE 16, 1947. The Florida State Legislature passed an act to create the Santa Rosa
Island Authority as the governing body for Pensacola Beach. The five members of the
Board were appointed by the five Escambia County commissioners. In 1981, the charter
was amended to allow for the election of one member by the registered voters on
Pensacola Beach. Four general managers have served the Beach since 1947 Jack Cowley,
Jim Sheffer, Monte Blews, and currently, Buck Lee. These managers and boards have
administered the operation of Pensacola Beach for fifty-nine years.
The act which created the SRIA granted broad powers to the five member board. "In
part, the act calls for the Escambia County Commission to be authorized and RE-
QUIRED to delegate and vest power and authority in a board to be known as Santa
Rosa IslandAuthority, to exercise, do and perform all of the authority duties, acts and
;ih,,' 1 herein granted to or vested in or authorized to be exercised by the county or the
county commissioners."
The Authority was given the power to lease land, buy and sell, provide recreational
facilities for Escambia County, and maintain island departments, but was not limited to
those duties.

FEBRUARY 27,2003. Escambia County Charter Commission Meeting Minutes. George
Touart who was then the County Administrator and still is, gave this assessment of the
SRIA. Mr. Menge requested that George Touart, County Administrator, give his view-
point on the Santa Rosa Island Authority. Mr. Touart stated that from an administrator's
standpoint that he works very well with the SRIA, that it's an excellent organization, that
the County plays a support role, and that the SRIA does a very goodjob. He also stated
that if there is a recommendation for the Island Authority from the Commission and it
has merit, that he would certainly look at it. He also stated he would recommend against
abolishing the Santa Rosa Island Authority.

WINTER, 2003. Northwest Florida Legislative Delegation denies the County's re-
quest to submit a bill to the legislature calling for the abolition of the SRIA.

AUGUST 2006. Rumors Begin. When rumors began circulating in early August that
the County would again attempt to abolish the SRIA, Island Times asked for comments
from State Representatives Dave Murzin, District 4 which includes Pensacola Beach,
and Holly Benson, District 3. They replied:

Representative Dave Murzin
I would start by asking the County Commission or the County Administrator if they
plan on asking the Northwest Florida Legislative Delegation to dissolve the SRIA. I
believe it would take an act of the Florida Legislature to do away with it, but I would need
to verify that with one of the Committee staff folks in Tallahassee. I have heard rumors,
but they are just that, rumors at this time.

Representative Holly Benson
That is a rumor that periodically makes the rounds. I have not heard it this time.
In response to your questions:
As far as I know, it (SRIA) would have to be abolished by special act. When we
reviewed this issue previously we did not see any reason to abolish the SRIA.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2006. Gene Valentino, Commissioner-Elect District 2, said,
At this point in time I do not have enough information to do anything other than
retain the SRIA. From Perdido Key to Pensacola Beach I am a supporter of efficient
government regardless of the format it takes.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2006. Grover Robinson, Republican Primary winner, District 4, sent
this response.
I am not in favor of any radical decision on the island until the tax lawsuit is settled.
I think there are too many unanswered questions on the island, and it would not be
prudent to act without getting answers. From the beginning of this campaign, we have
advocated a new comprehensive plan driven by beach residents and beach business
owners. It has been our belief throughout this process that all parties can work together
to create a better island. An island that assures the residents that there will be safe,
quality single family neighborhoods on the island. At the same time assuring commer-
cial interest of a high quality tourist destination with shops and restaurants to provide
high quality amenities and tax base for both the island and the county. However, it is
very difficult to do any planning without an answer to the number one question related
to taxation of improvements.
I do know in my campaign travels that there are many beach residents who spent an
awful lot of time and energy on this lawsuit. I have often said that if the leaseholders are
unsuccessful in the lawsuit, I am more than willing to work with them to look at all
options, whether fee simple, incorporation, or any other option that the majority of
leaseholders want. I do not personally advocate any single position, but rather the
position that the leaseholders should have the option to choose the framework of

government that will govern them. This may ultimately be the abolishment of the Santa
Rosa County Island Authority, but the citizens should have a choice to decide once all
of the answers are known. I think it is very wrong for us to rush to decisions about the
future of the island without understanding the implications of the lawsuits and taxation.
Ultimately, we should be looking at what we want to create in the end rather than the
framework that will govern it. If we know what we want to create (quality neighbor-
hoods and quality commercial amenities), that will help us determine the governmental
framework that can achieve it. From the very beginning, this campaign has been fo-
cused on solutions and making a better Escambia County. We absolutely believe this is
possible; however, only if we stay focused on the ultimate goal of what we want to
NOTE: Robinson's opponents in the general election are Andy Kowalski, who did
not respond to an emailed request, and Tom Hill, who has no telephone or email contact

SEPTEMBER 13, 2006. Dr. Tom Campanella, SRIABoard Member offered his com-
I am in favor of retaining the SRIA. As a government agency it controls what
happens on the Island. It protects the valuable resources of the island.
I could foresee the County Commission wanting to take control over the Island.
Power and money. Then the Beach will be faced with changes in density. The Beach
would see an increase in condos like Orange Beach, Destin, Perdido Key. Our Beach
does not cost the County anything. The revenues are $200 million.
The 1947 State of Florida Act that created the Authority had so much foresight to
appoint a group to administer to the needs of the Island and look out for the public
good. Almost like the founding fathers of the United States and their wisdom.
Why do these current commissioners think that they know more?

SEPTEMBER 13, 2006. Claire Cullerton sent a report on a telephone survey by a
PBRLA committee which she chaired several years ago. She commented,
This has been tried a few times before and has been going on so long, I was the
chair of a committee who conducted a poll with 100 or 200 responses. No one wanted the
SRIA. I don't think the opinions have changed all that much.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2006. Tona De Mers, president of the Pensacola Beach Residents
and Leaseholders Association, sent this commentary:
Even though abolishing the SRIA always seems to be a topic of conversation on
the beach, the latest attempt to actually do so came as quite a shock to everyone. I feel
confident that it has been triggered, at least in part, by the outcome of the primary
election. Obviously, we will have a significant shift in the makeup of the SRIA, which
could be to our advantage. The more I consider all the issues involved, the more suspi-
cious I become of Mr. Whitehead's motives in wanting to move this matter ahead so
quickly. As for SRIA itself, I think we can do better for Pensacola Beach and, by that, I
mean incorporation. PBRLA has always been in favor of a more representative form of
government. IfBOCC moves ahead with the abolition of SRIA, this will be an opportu-
nity for us to move ahead with incorporation.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2006. Stu Reynolds, Realtor, longtime beach resident and former
PBRLA president, digs into his memory and comes up with this. I have been known to
make the comment when referring to retaining the SRIA, "Better the devils we know." I
always thought I knew where McGuire Martin ...and (in the old, old days, Jim Sheffer
and Bobo Jones) were coming from....It was hard enough to pin them down on
anything...but for the decision making to morph into the quicksand of County politics
would be infinitely worse.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2006. Vernon Prather, SRIA Board member praised the SRIA.
The SRIA should absolutely be retained.
I believe the SRIA board has been and continues to be a vital part of Pensacola
Beach. The Board in conjunction with our manager and employees have worked very
hard to repair and maintain the beach since Ivan and Dennis. We have established and
refined policies for rebuilding / replacing damaged structures. In addition, we have
adopted policies to improve our fiscal preparedness in case of another major storm.
The issues facing the Beach now and in the future are best addressed by the SRIA
Board which is their sole responsibility. Since my appointment to the Board in Decem-
ber 2004 I have been impressed by how well the meetings are conducted and attended
by lease holders, business owners, and the public. The SRIA provides effective leader-
ship and governing authority on site to better promote Pensacola Beach and provide
first class facilities for the citizens of Escambia County, Pensacola Beach, and visitors
from all over the world.

[Editor's Note: Your comments are welcome. Send them by email to
islandtimes @bellsouth.net and we will publish them as space permits.]

PAGE 4 Island Times September 27, 2006

P P SRIA Determines One Size Fits All
All Residents Allowed Same Square Footage For Enclosures
Enclosures beneath resi- with all that is going on in town it Lagoon, including the pipeline,
dences built up on pilings on would not be fair to hire some- funded by the State of Floric
Pensacola Beach will be limited one, who might lose the job if the and Water Management Distri
to 850 square feet. That is the County absorbed the position. grants.
C fl ,-i 1 A .fl. ~

Pensacola Beach's George
Pearce won first place in his age
group, 75 to 99, in the People to
People 5K Run and Walking
Race hosted by St. Ann's Catho-
lic Church in Gulf Breeze on
September 10. George, a former
UWF professor, has been com-
peting in and winning runs and
walks for many years.

After teaching for 40 years,
Melanie Waite has decided it's
time to hang it up. She was the
honored guest at a party,
hosted by Kathy Crane, at Gulf
Breeze Middle School on Sep-
tember 22.

Nan Harper, Beach Realtor,
attended a real estate confer-
ence recently in Hollywood,
Florida. During one of the
events, the Realtors dressed as
movie celebrities and little bitty
Nan went as Liza Minelli. Her
Liza wig was styled by Danah
Gibson. Nan probably had to
trade her famous Beach cos-
tumes for a slinky gown.

Happy 55thBirthday, Andrea
Brunt! She celebrated like a true
SOB, fishing aboard the Lively
One II on Sunday, September 24
with the Lively Ladies. Andrea,
who is the Head Wreck of the
Krewe of Wrecks, is already look-
ing forward to kicking off the
Mardi Gras meeting season in


Jerry Wright celebrated the
big Six-O on September 23. His
Bananimal friends rallied around
with a big celebration to help him
get started on "sixty something."

All the Turners, JR, Louise,
BZR and Herbie T are home after
a trip to Truman, Arkansas where
they celebrated the ninetieth
birthday of JR's sister.

Michael Sullivan was a spa-
ghetti delivery boy for about five
minutes last week. He picked up
a plate of homemade spaghetti at
Danah's Hair Salon and delivered
it to Christy Jones at Paddy

Mrs. Boogie, Bonnie
McDonald, who is recovering
from recent cataract surgery, says
she is going to play the old
Johnny Nash song, "I can see
clearly, now, the rain has gone"
at her next gig.

What a week it's been for
Ashley Forman who turned thirty-
nine on September 12. She was
inducted into the Pensacola
Beach Elk's Lodge, and she
tended bar all three wild days at
the Shakerfest. Most important,
she now fits in her size 5 jeans.

__ __ _

Salla Rosa Island Aiitu-lliy s 11-
nal answer. The full board, at their
meeting on September 20, voted
for the square foot regulation,
based on the Homebuilder's As-
sociation recommendation.
A committee, chaired by Dan
Green to study the enclosure is-
sue offered a different solution
based on the size of the residence,
but the SRIA opted to stay with
the same square footage for each
home. The regulation is expected
to control the amount of debris
generated by hurricanes.
Scott Holland, architect and
member of the committee, agreed
that a standard square foot area
should be adopted. He offered to
help Beach residents with design
of the enclosures at no cost for
the service.
The Board voted to approve
General Manager Buck Lee's re-
quest to create a new position,
Human Resources Generalist/
Promotions and Events Assistant
"We've had a person in this
position in the past," McGuire
Martin said. "And it was good for
the island and good for busi-
Board Chairman Thom Blas
cast the lone dissenting vote
against the position, noting that


Also, there are the costs
involved," Blas said. "Couldn't
this wait?"
McGuire responded that
what is going on in town has been
going on for a hundred years.
The Board approved re-
quests from residents to allow
additional time for rebuilding.
Several leaseholders were facing
lease defaults because they had
failed to cleanup their properties
after the hurricane and had not
started rebuilding. Extension
times varied based on the needs
of the leaseholder.
Reports from the SRIA de-
partments were full of good news,
starting with the financial report
from Nita Omley, SRIA Finance
Department Manager, who said
the revenues continue to rise and
the revenues are 33% ahead of
the projections for the year.
Dave Hemphill, in his
engineer's report said that Little
Sabine Lagoon restoration will
have a pipeline constructed on the
west end of the lagoon to enhance
the water quality by creating a
flushing action. He reported that
a similar system exists in Destin
Harbor and just hours after the
pumps are turned on the water
becomes crystal clear.
Restoration of Little Sabine

Pensacola Beach


Trivia masters fell behind
Ronnie Poole this week since he
was the first to answer last
issue's question correctly: "What
was the name of the Sergeant-in-
Charge of the Beach sub station
who put the Beach under martial
law after Hurricane Frederick?"
The answer is Roy Wilson, so
Ronnie gets the custom designed
Island Times t-shirt.
Would you like to be a trivia
winner? Just be the first to e-mail

the correct answer to the follow-
ing question and step right into
the winner's circle. "What is the
name of the Florida Senator-Elect
who ran unopposed in District
Rules are the same. Email
your answer with "Trivia" in the
subject line to
islandtimes@tbellsouth.net be-
fore 5 p.m.October 4. Be sure to
include your name and phone

Sandy Johnston, Executive
Director of the Pensacola Beach
Chamber of Commerce, reported
that 3484 visitors came through
the Visitor's Information Center
last month, a total of 1263 more
visitors than during August, a
year ago. Florida topped the list
with the most visitors followedby
neighboring states, but the list
also includes France, Norway,
England, Italy, Switzerland and
Columbia. Sandy announced that
the popular Tuesday night con-
certs, Blues on the Beach, will
continue through October and
the well-known Beach band,
Wildwood will play at the Octo-
ber 10 concert.
The Board conducted a spe-
cial meeting and voted to approve
engineer Dave Hemphill of
Baskerville-Donovan's request to
the Florida Recreational Develop-
ment Assistance Program to ob-
tain a grant. The funds would be
used to provide eight additional
picnic shelters on Quietwater
Santa Rosa Island Author-
ity committee meetings will be
October 4 and the next full
board meeting will be October
11. The meetings are at the
SRIA office at 5 p.m. and are
open to the public.


Island Times

September 27, 2006

September 27. 2006 Island Times PAGE 5

Barefoot on the Beach

By Jane Waters Cooper

I must have been a native
American in some other life. I
have always been fascinated with
Indians. I love the way they think.
I love their philosophies and
ceremonials. So, it is no wonder
that one of my most vivid memo-
ries of my childhood is the day I
met Albert Looking Elk, Chief of
the Taos Nation. I suppose my
love for Indians is in my genes
since I was born in New Mexico.
Although my family moved to
Nebraska when I was a little child,
we returned every summer to New
Mexico where I could feast my
eyes on real Indians in Taos
where my aunt and uncle lived.
We have to back track here
for the sake of my story. When I
was about eight years old, I was
taking dancing lessons from a fel-
low named Artie Fox. Yes, believe
it. Tap dancing for real. And Artie
Fox was real, too. He came every
winter from New York City to
teach classes in our town. I re-
member how dashing he seemed
with his stylish Fedora and long
Camel Hair coat.
So, what do dance lessons
have to do with my meeting the
Indian Chief? Here's the rest of
the story.

One summer morning during
one of our vacations, my Uncle
Don told me he wanted to take
me to the nearby Taos reserva-
tion where their was someone he
wanted me to meet. My uncle
drove slowly along the narrow
Taos streets, stopping frequently
to chat withjust about everybody.
I decided he knew every artist,
writer, celebrity, resident and In-
dian in town. Finally, we arrived
at the Reservation where we
walked through the village filled
with little adobe houses. My uncle
guided me to the sacred ceremo-
nial place which was also adobe
and had no roof. We climbed up a
rickety ladder made out of twigs
and when we got to the top, we
climbed down another wobbly
ladder. Once inside, we found
ourselves standing on a dirt floor
in a dimly lit space with nothing
in it except the remnants of cer-
emonial fires.
Suddenly, as if transported
by some magic wand, Chief Look-
ing Elk appeared. He was a big,
handsome man, wearing all his
tribal finery, complete with el-
egant feather headdress, adorned
with silver and turquoise medal-
lions at his temples. He and my

uncle exchanged pleasantries
while I looked on in awe. Then a
young boy, the Chiefs son, about
my age, raced out of the shad-
ows and stood before us. He had
come to entertain us with a tribal
dance. He wore bells on his
ankles and carried an instrument
composed mostly of animal teeth
which he shook wildly. He leaped,
and spun, and twisted his body
into impossible contortions. In
today's world, he would be an X
Games star.
When he finished his dance,
he stood by his father, and my
uncle and I applauded. Then, my
Uncle Don did the most unthink-
able thing. He told the Chief that
I could tap dance.

"I can't tap dance on this dirt
floor," I protested. With that,
Chief Looking Elk said something
to his son. The kid took off and
in no time he was back dragging
a raggedy piece of linoleum with
him. If you don't know about li-
noleum, it was a heavy floor cov-
ering that was used before vinyl
was invented.
I looked at the linoleum and
at my sneaker clad feet, and
thought this cannot be happen-
ing. But it was happening and all
three males were looking at me,
waiting for the show to begin.
I had no choice, so I did it.
Here I was with no real floor, no
tap shoes. No music and being
forced to do something I wasn't

very good at even under the best
But I did it. I danced a rudi-
mentary routine Artie Fox had
taught me. Then, I hung my head
trying to hide my crimson face.
Were they laughing at me?
No. The two gentlemen of
the Taos Reservation applauded
and shook my hand. My Uncle
Don was beaming. Our meeting
was at an end. I took one last wist-
ful look at Albert Looking Elk as
we began our two ladder exit.
What an unforgettable morning.
Now, my Uncle Don, Albert
Looking Elk and Artie Fox have
all gone to the Happy Hunting
Ground. I am left to always remem-
ber the crystalline part they
played in my life.

Super Sleuth Identifies Panicum Amarum
Experts Calm Fears About Bitter Panic Grass

Special to the Island Times -
Chuck Steele, Sandspur editor
and Super Sleuth, tracks down
everything which affects
Pensacola Beach. He recently
took a sample of the new grass
stock from the new duneline to

the Santa Rosa Island Authority
office where he asked Lisa Powell
if she could identify the plant.
After a consultation in the inner
office, Lisa told Chuck it was Pani-
cum Amarum or Bitter Panic

The grass is thriving and
was planted by SRIA staff.
Chuck's comment, "I hope
it does not choke out our native
sea oats."
For more on this story, see
Espo's Surf Report, page 13.

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air, the Sleep System conforms to the body, encouraging the restorative sleep your body craves. The European Sleep
System gently cradles the head with down softness and feather springiness for support,
i encouraging restful sleep to repair and re-energize your body and spirit.

' p/


Race in to see us!

I. E S S

9 South 9th Ave@ Aragon

Personal Bedding *Luxurious Linens Magnificent Textiles


" N.

September 27, 2006

Island Times




Have we had enough rain,
yet? I'm ready for sunshine and
cooler weather you know, the
kind of weather locals wait for all
year! When the water gets crys-
tal clear and turns that awesome
emerald green and feels perfect,
just for us...that's what I'm talk-
ing about!
It is almost time to paint at
my new Beach house. My sisters
Brenda, Gail and Gail's husband,
Rod, are coming to help me paint.
That's one advantage of having
a large and loving family. They
are always there to help. Okay,
well, Gail isn't actually going to
paint, I need her to help with my
closets. She's better at organiz-
ing than painting. My sister,
Sharon said that she used a whole
gallon of paint on one door! Can
you believe that?
We are planning to be in our
new house within the next month.
Notice I said, planning. No, I re-
ally mean it come Helen
Ijust finished reading a book
where the main character is a
young boy whose mother always
mixes up her adages, such as "put
that in your hat & smoke it" in-
stead of, well, you know. Any-
way, she keeps talking about
"Helen Highwater" and the boy
thinks she's a real person who's
going to show up and stop them
from doing something! That's the
funniest thing I've read lately, and
I've been dying to use it. So, we
will be in our new home by the
end of October, come Helen
A quick "welcome home" to
Kim LoBue and Jack White at the
new DJ's Beach Caf6. It's won-
derful to see their smiling faces
back at work on the beach.
And a "Happy Birthday" to
Elaine Mitchell, who turned an-
other year older last week. Marie

ieas, porribse
i bry martini

y katbi lewis

Steele and Christine "Bunky"
Hewerdine are off enjoying the
Canary Islands while the rest of
us slave away.
I would say I never get to go
anywhere, but I did go to Georgia
at the beginning of this month,
where Gail cooked this fabulous
recipe for us. It was easier for
her, she has an apple peeler (her
husband Rod). No, really she has
an electric apple machine al-
though Rod did operate it for her.
She originally got the recipe from
Rod's sister, who cooked it for
them in Florida. So, this one
comes full circle it's been to Geor-
gia and back. This one's for you,
Gail. So, let's cook......

Baked Apple French Toast

1 Lg. Loaf French bread, or 2
small loaves (16 oz.)
8 eggs
3 cups milk
% cups sugar
1 Tbsp. Vanilla
5 Granny Smith apples
2 tsp. cinnamon
2 Tbsp. Butter

Preheat oven to 400. Spray
large baking pan lightly. Slice
bread into 1 12 in. slices. Place
bread tightly together in one
layer. In a separate bowl, lightly
beat eggs. Add milk, /4 cup sugar,
and vanilla; mix with whisk. Pour
half of this mixture over the bread.
Peel, core and slice apples. Cut
into rings. Coverbreadwithapple
rings and pour remaining mixture
over apples. Mix remaining /2 cup
sugar with cinnamon & sprinkle
evenly over apples. Dot with
butter. Bake for 35 minutes. Serve
warm with maple syrup.
Enjoy, share with a neighbor
and don't forget to join the Krewe
of Wrecks! (First meeting is al-
ways around Halloween.) I'll see
you in the kitchen.

Rick Sellers has appointed himself the Royal Advisor to the
Shaker Queen, his wife, Cherri. The coronation was Sunday,
September 17. Votes were sold for $1 each and the proceeds were
donated to the American Cancer Society.

BEACH NEIGHBORS Thirty-three years ago Kama Sue Siegel,
left, lived next door to Mary Bessone in Villa Sabine. Kama Sue who
returned to Pensacola Beach for a wedding, shared fond memories
with her childhood neighbor.

Market on the Islanb
Grocery Shopping "Island Style" OPEN DAILY 8 to 8

-rencn wine Adjusts
To New Realities

Faced with a slippage in ex-
port numbers that places it behind Italian
and Spanish winemakers, the French wine
industry is considering adjusting its wine-
making standards. Prior to this, the French
have not adopted the New World practice
of adding wood chips to wine to create an
oaky flavor. Instead, they preferred the more
traditional practice of storing their wine in
wooden barrels. Adopting the new method
would make French wine more competi-
tively priced because it costs about ten
times less to add wood chips to wine than
to store wine in wooden barrels. The
French may also alter the alcohol levels in
their wines in order to appeal to health-
conscious consumers who want rich fla-
vor without the high alcohol content.
Hint: The French wine indus-
try is also faced with the reality that the
French population is drinking less domes-
tic wine.
French wine producers are
faced with declining sales, combined with
otherwise making regions around theworld
perfecting their craftand gaining popularity
not only in the United States but in their
respective regions aswell. At Beach Wines
and Liquors, Inc., we feature great imported
French wine, which we knowyou'll enjoy.
If you have any questions about imported
wines, like French varieties, call 850-932-

Keeping Island
Living Easy

Maria's Fresb Seafoob Market
, Take a little bit of the Gulf Coast home!
SFresh from the boats daily
We can cold pack for travel or ship anywhere.



, .
a 1

Askfor a
Sof ur
itn, oj~the IIeeIk
while you shop!

Why waste your Island Time
crossing bridges?

621 Cerv'Aites Street
Pensacola 432-4999
Call for directions from the Beach

September 27, 2006

Icslnrl Timoc

September 27, 2006 Island Times PAGE 7
Pensacola Beach Optimist Club meets the first and
third Tuesday of each Month at the
Pensacola Beach Community Church at 6 p.m.

Don't be caught in a nerdy
jacket, all the latest trends are
available at Weatherford's in
Pensacola. David Dodson dishes
up rock climbing, skiing and
kayaking advice with a side order
of Pensacola history.

Head over to the Beach Ma-
rinaandbookyourtrip. Capt. Mike
Newell will take you to the hot
spots for fishing action. His first
mate is the Beach icon G Cole.
Before you board, fill your ice
chest with everything from chips
to gourmet cheese at The Mar-
ket. One stop shopping.

The Keller Williams Beach
Team is heading to the Big Easy
in November for a "Nardi Gras"
celebration. Stu Reynolds and his
team are going to tout Pensacola
Beach as the place to live, play
and work.

Optometrist Fran Albert has a
prescription for fun a week's
rental in his Gulf front condo. It
might not cure all that ails you,
but it couldn't hurt. Call 932-0775.
Let the fun begin.

The price of the Exxon gas at
the Surf Side Food Store keeps
creeping lower and lower. It's the
only fuel on the island and it's
still a good deal.

Melinda Jones says don't let
the flu bug bite you this year.
FluMist and other inoculations
are available at St. Ann's Catho-
lic Church in Gulf Breeze, Satur-
day, October 7 from 5 to 6 p.m.

The surfers who have en-
dured the multiple-rescheduling
of the Matt Martin Surf Contest
are ready to hang ten Saturday,
September 30. Pray for Surf.

The beautiful white sands of
Pensacola Beach are legendary, a
marvel to visitors. But the gritty
stuff is almost impossible to clean
up out of your Beach house.
Stanley Steemer promises to
steam the sand right out of your
carpets and off of your uphol-

After a forty year roller
coaster ride of disappointments,
are the Saints ready to win? Stop

in at your favorite beach bistro to
cheer them on.

Pensacola Beach Realtor
Nan Harper has been elected as
treasurer for State of Florida Chap-
ter of the Women's Council of Re-
altors. Nan is the co-owner of
Harper-Pinzino Island Realty. The
Women's Council of Realtors
boasts 17,000 members nationally.
Nan has also served as president
of the Pensacola Association of

The Reynolds a

d I
Frankie & Stu Reynolds

List with us for more
Visual Tours Powerline Audios
Regional & National
Listing Promotion


Alan & Kelley Reynolds

Visit us at our booth at the National Realtors Convention

"Nardi Gras" November 10-13, New Orleans, Booth 662


Four Tough Realtors For A Tough Market -
We treat our clients right!

Shipping & Packaging Services
Fax C Copy Services
Printing & Document Finishing Services
Notary Services
Mailbox Services
Packaging & Moving Supplies
Office Supplies

Bruno's Shopping Center
362 Gulf Breeze Parkway
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
850.932.8533 Tel 850.932.1588 Fax

I -

Bank of the South Island Branch
Full Service Banking Close to Home

'a we,

j ^ u Tslu?

* Internet Banking
* Bill Payment Service
* Waterfront Financing


* Flex Line Home Equity Loans
* Conventional Mortgages
* Personal Service


9 4:30
9 5:30




See me and find out why State Farm'
is such a great place to park.



Joseph Leonard Agent
8094 N Davis Hwy
Pensacola, FL 32514
Bus: 850-478-9147
joe.leonard.bl 09@statefarm.com

P0503679/05 statefarm.com'
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, State Farm Indemnity Company Bloomington, IL

Sheriff McNesby Urges Storm Preparedness

Escambia County Sheriff
Ron McNesby, whose law en-
forcement career on Pensacola
Beach dates back many years,
was the speaker at the Septem-
ber 12 meeting of the Pensacola
Beach Residents and Lease-
holders Association.
McNesby's presentation fo-
cused primarily on hurricane
planning and protection.
"The Escambia County

Sheriffs office has become a
leader for disaster preparedness
in Florida and all over the
United States. This did not hap-
pen by choice, but by neces-
sity," the sheriff said.
McNesby told the lease-
holders they should have a hur-
ricane plan, preferably in writ-
"Get your supplies in place,
be ready to evacuate and take

Changing of the Guard

Two new county commis-
sioners will take office following
the November 7 General Election
and among their first official du-
ties will be the appointment of
members to the Santa Rosa Island
Authority Board. Gene Valentino
who was elected in the Primary to
the District 2 seat has indicated
that his appointee will come from
his district.
"It is my intention to follow
what my predecessors have done

and appoint someone
from District 2 to the
SRIA Board,"
Valentino said.
Grover Robinson
who defeated incum-
bent Tom Banjanin in
the District 4 race in the
primary, announced



that if he is elected in
the General Election,
he will appoint a Beach resident
to the SRIA. Robinson will race
Andy Kowalski, no party affilia-
tion, and Tom Wells, write-in can-
didate inDistrict 4 which includes
Pensacola Beach.
"As the Commissioner for
Pensacola Beach, I think it would
be my responsibility to choose an
appointee that is a resident of the
Island. Furthermore, it should be
someone with an interest in cre-
ating a better island that meets
the needs of all constituents.
This is a principle we have cam-
paigned on and this is what I
would my Island Authority rep-
resentative to want to achieve.
Beach voters cast 324 ballots
for Robinson and 103 for

Emerald Coast Corvette Club
"Life's A Vette"
Car Show
Saturday, October 21
Pensacola Beach

Banjanin in the Primary. Grover
Robinson is a Pensacola Beach
At press time, Andy
Kowalski had not responded to
e-mails concerning his intentions,
if elected, in naming a represen-
tative to the SRIA. Tom Wells
could not be reached by tele-
phone or e-mail.
Beach residents will also de-
cide in the November election
who their elected representative
on the SRIABoardwillbe.
Dr. Tom Campanella, in-
cumbent, who has served
two terms, will face John
Johnson in the non-parti-
san race which is re-
stricted to Pensacola
,r Beach registered voters.

Fresh Gulf Seafood
Live Maine Lobster
Kids Playground

Pirate Specials
* Tuesday Snow Crab Buckets
* Wednesday Raw Oysters 25 (ea
* Thursday Baked Oysters
at 11am

1010 Ft. Pickens Road
Pensacola Beach

care of yourself," he said. "We
forget too quickly. Escambia
County has a good Emergency
Operation Team and the
Sheriff's office cares about
what happens to you."
The Sheriff pointed out
that he could not allow resi-
dents to return to Pensacola
Beach after a storm until Gulf
Power gives him the okay.
In answer to audience
questions concerning looting,
McNesby said the deputies do
everything in their power to
stop looting.
"We patrol the streets and

the waterways on Pensacola
Beach. We will respond as
quickly as we can to your calls.
We care," he said.
The Sheriffs office is ex-
tremely proud of its Emergency
Self Contained Unit which is
used in Escambia County and
neighboring areas after storms.
"The majority of the money
for these units came from busi-
nesses, residents and develop-
ers on Pensacola Beach," he
The PBRLA meets the sec-
ond Tuesday of each month at
the Pensacola Beach Commu-

Sheriff Ron McNesby
nity Church. The next meeting
is at6 p.m. on October 12. Mem-
bership in the PBRLA is open
to all Beach residents and

Beach School Breaks For Fall

Pensacola Beach Elemen-
tary School has been in session
since August 2 and it's time to
take a break. Fall Break is Mon-
day, October 2 through Friday,
October 6. School resumes
Monday, October 9.
Students of the Month for
August are Kindergartners
McGuire Wolfe and Hannah
Students of the Month for
September are first graders
Kaden West and Blair Amberson.

Lunch Specials
Mon- Fri 11-2

Dinner Specials

Students of the Month are cho-
sen by their teachers based on
academic performance and citi-
zenship in the classroom.
"It is always a very hard de-
cision," said Kindergarten
teacher Jennifer Neal," all my stu-
dents are super."
The following students
were named Computer Lab stu-
dent of the week on September
8: Kindergartner Cayson
McCurdy, first grader Abby
Jacobs, second grader Reddon
McLaurine, third grader Lia




on Hi Def

42 TVs 11 Big Screens

Pay Per View




on Thursday

Lampone, fourth grader Zach
Taylor and fifth grader Ally

A Pensacola Beach
" 1Tradition/

SSee what's shaken' at

Open 11am-3am
7 days a week
731 Pensacola Beach Blvd.
Pensacola Beach
(Across from the fishing pier)


Island Times

September 27, 2006

September 27, 2006 Island Times PAGE 9

Mf Cross in the Sand
Dr. Chuck Randle
d Pensacola Beach Community Church

By now, most people around
the world have heard the words
of Pope Benedict and the havoc
they have caused among some
Muslim people. The Pope says
he was misunderstood as he was
just quoting the words of an an-
cient 14th century Christian em-
peror. I'm not getting involved in
whether the Pope was right or
wrong in his words. I do know
that it is awfully easy to be mis-
understood by what we say. Our
mood, personality, often deter-
mines what we hear. If we are an-
gry, we can easily hear thought-
ful words and mistake them for
critical words. If we have little re-
spect for the speaker, we can eas-
ily hear the words as being disre-
spectful. Often, serious people
are immune to humor and misin-
terpret things that are supposed
to have been funny. Cultures are
notorious for having words and

actions that contain meanings
unfamiliar to other cultures. Of-
ten, perceived slights are just that
- perceived... and entirely wrong.
It would be impossible to filter
everything we say through some
kind of process that eliminates
misunderstanding, for we can't
know the mood or mindset of the
other person. The solution is not
to respond with anger or violence,
but communication. How differ-
ent the situation would have
been had those who felt offended
by the Pope's comments had
called for communication instead
of destructive actions...had
asked for clarification rather than
seeking instant retaliation. We
do live in a violent world and
the more kindness and love we
can share will not eliminate, but
perhaps can reduce the level of
violence that comes through mis-

Pensacola Beach Church member celebrated the Rededication
of the Church along with the completed renovation of the Church
House, Sunday, September 17. The Rededication ceremonies were
followed by an outdoor reception behind the Church House.

Catholic Churches Fill Pantries, Educate Youths

MakeADeposit In Food Bank
Our Lady of the Assumption
Catholic Mission on Pensacola
Beach is accepting food dona-
tions for local food banks.
Hunger is still a significant
problem in the Unites States, says
the United States Conference of
Catholic Bishops. Unfortunately
every day there continue to be
millions of children and adults in
our country who go to bed and
wake up hungry, and recent hur-
ricanes have only made the situ-
ation worse in our area.
Local food banks are running
very low. St. Ann Catholic
Church's food bank and the In-
terfaith Ministries food bank are
both in need of non-perishable
items such as peanut butter, jelly,
canned fruits or fruit cups, pud-
ding, tuna, juice boxes, dry cereal,
pasta and pasta sauces, oatmeal,
granola bars, and child-friendly
healthy snacks. Remember that
those who come to us in need will
likely not have can openers, mi-
crowaves or plates, so ready-to-
eat items with pull-top lids are the
best non-perishables to bring.
r - - - -
Dog Training


Classes Starting soon!
Gulf Breeze & Pensacola
Group & private available
(850) 572-0653
L-------- - -

You can drop off donations
at these locations: Baskets in the
narthex at St. Ann Catholic
Church, Gulf Breeze, and Our
Lady of the Assumption,
Pensacola Beach
For more information call the
office at 932-2859 Ext. 249

St. Ann Opens School To
Infants and Toddlers

Forthe first time in its 20-year
history, St. Ann Discovery
School located at St. Ann Catho-
lic Church, 100 Daniel Drive in
Gulf Breeze has opened a room
just for infants and toddlers from
three to 24 months old. The
school is responding to a need in
the local community with this of-
"We have a crisis in early

child care in this county," said
director Kinder Epperson. "It's
something we've known for
years. "Not only is it difficult to
find any type of care for your
child, but quality care is especially
difficult to find. By quality care I
mean low ratios, spacious envi-
ronment and educated teachers."
The St. Ann Discovery
School infant room has one
teacher for every three infants
and one teacher for every five
toddlers. With plenty of protected
floor space for non-mobile in-
fants, the children are not in con-
tainers such as cribs and high
chairs all day.
St. Ann Discovery School
is proud to be celebrating its
20th year of service to Gulf
Breeze community and looks
forward to the next 20 years.

Pensacola Beach Community Church
United Church of Christ
Via de Luna & Avenida 18
Sunday Services
10 am.

Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Mission
Via de Luna & Avenida 18
Pensacola Beach
Sunday Mass
9:45 am.

Free Home/Office Pickup/Delivery
Call us n 916-9437 565-0357


Newustoiets Wecom

1% f)t fr'31 asJ tTtrU
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M^B^^^^^^^^^^^ 932-2555^^^^^^

* Men & Women's Casual & Outdoor Clothing
* Hiking & Backpacking Gear
* Snow Ski Apparel
* Rock Climbing Gear, Ropes & Shoes
* Kayaks

Gulf Breeze
GB Puihlr 1143 Gul]fBreeze Pkwv
Tiger Point: 14"'7 CHlf Iricrec Pkwy
6424 N ith Ave w, Lairlle\

3009 East Cervantes 433-2822




PAGE 10 Island Times September 27, 2006



Go crabbing on the Gulf of Mexico, at Crabs, We Got 'Em -
Alaskan Snow, Maryland Soft Shell, Dungeness, Stone and King
Crabs are all on the extensive seafood menu. Sip and sit at the live
aquarium bar or at the upstairs, outdoor Gulfside deck. Oysters
and Wings are two bits on Monday through Thursdays. No reserva-
tions, come as you are.
At the traffic light -find the red roof and the twinkling lights on
Casino Beach and you're in Crab Heaven. Open everyday. 850-
A little bit of paradise at this open air, island style bar with its
own private white sand beach. Pull up a rattan stool. Cold beer. Live
Music. Exotic Libations. Friendly locals. Lunch and Dinner every-
day. Cuban sandwiches. Black and Blue Burgers. Happy Hour 11-
7. Live Bands. Poker on Monday.
Tucked away in the parking lot of the Paradise Inn, it's directly
on Santa Rosa Sound. Boat and Bicycle parking. Open 7 days.

The Gulf Coast's Premier Entertainment Complex. Seven
rooms of fun all under one roof! Karaoke, Texas Hold 'Em, Team
Trivia, Pool, Video gamesand more. Live Entertainment Seven nights
a week with live music on four stages every Friday & Saturday night.
Serving lunch and dinner, too! It's where the Party People Party!
Located in Historic Downtown Pensacola at 130 East Gov-
ernment Street. Open Monday Saturday from 11 until 2:30 a.m.
and 5 p.m. until 2:30 on Sunday. Ring 434-6211 or visit

Step back in time and enjoy Flounder's antique collection. Step
into now and enjoy Flounder's top rated seafood. Indoor and out-
door dining. Even a beach playground forthe kids. Beach Bar'neath
the moon and stars Diesel Fuel in a commemorative mason jar.
Bilgewater Margaritas. Gift shop. Fred Flounder, founder.
Located at the traffic light on Pensacola Beach. Next to the
real shrimp boat. Open for lunch and dinner everyday. 850-932-

Ahoy, Matey. You've found a Pensacola Beach treasure. Pi-
rates welcome. Fresh Gulf seafood served in the galley or outside
on the awning covered deck. Glass front bar overlooks LaFitte Cove.
All kinds of oysters. Live lobster. Gumbo. Dinner specials nightly.
Sizeable sandwiches and burgers for Landlubbers. Take home a t-
Look forthe Jolly Rogers flying overthe west end of the Island
at 1010 Fort Pickens Road. We're here everyday at 11. 932-4139.
Score! Don't miss a point. See it all in high definition 11 big
screens, 42 televisions. If it runs, jumps, races, it's here. Famous
for Thursday Wing Night. Burgers. Seafood and Ribs. Kids menu
forthe JV players. Full bar. Indoor or outdoor seating. Video sports
Centrally located on Via de Luna, just east of the main parking
lot and the traffic light. Kick off at 11 a.m. seven days a week. 934-

Clearly elegant martinis served in the signature Olive Drop
glass. Full bar. Live entertainment. Dancing.
Situated in the Soundside Market across Via de Luna from the
Hilton Garden Inn. Begin your experience at 11 o'clock any day.

Even a bragging Irishman can't do justice to McGuire'swhere
the atmosphere is an authentic turn-of-the-century pub. McGuire's
has been named one ofAmerica's great steakhouses, and is world
famous for its culinary artistry. Dollar bills on the walls, a moose to
kiss and employees who give a damn! Try an Irish Wake or Senate
Bean Soup.
Open at 11 a.m. everyday. Easy drive to 600 East Gregory
Street in Pensacola. 850-433-6789

The "Almost World Famous Sandshaker"- a Pensacola Beach
Tradition since 1973. It's the Home of the Original Bushwacker
and has been selling this signature drink for over 30 years. The
Shaker was the 1st bar on the Beach to offer this tasty frozen
concoction. Live Music Thurs, Sat & Sun. Karaoke Tues, Fri. Tiki
Bar specials Fri-Sun. Iguana Grill open Thurs-Sunday
Across from the Fishing Pier on Pensacola Beach. Open
11am until 3am. 850-932-2211. www.sandshakerlounge.com
for photo gallery and event schedule.
The oldest lounge on Pensacola Beach. Happy Hour 11 to 7.
Hot, crispy deli sandwiches from 11 to 11. DJ spins dance tunes 7
nites. Fri- Sun Live Music. Shuffleboard, video games, pool, football,
golf, bowling. Brass Pole. PokerWednesdays. Original music Tues-
days. Visit the upstairs Cypress Lounge, open air bar overlooking
downtown Pensacola Beach. Available for private parties.
Find us at 43 Via de Luna. Open Everyday, 11 a.m. til 2:30
a.m. www.islanderbar.com 850-932-9011.


Island Times

September 27, 2006



, M.




Setebe 2, 00 Ilad ims AGM1

Everything you need~

Right here

on the Beach

w k^il. up. SAVE TIME & MONEY
Put a tiger in your tank. l

.... .' ....' ............ o n th e Is la n d !

Fill 'er up. Easy entry and exit on Via de Luna.
Prices comparable to Gulf Breeze.

In a Hurry?

Groceries Convenienc
Coffee and Free Islan
Fresh Produce Frozer
Ice Snacks Cole
SATM available ins
6 am until 11 pm


e Items
i Times
i Foods

r-r ---------
12 packs
I 2 for

d Beer I
ide I IK
ide All Gallons
I Barber $2.99
L I----------- I
Full Line of Beach Supplies
Beach Toys

Check Out Our


zen Nov s Beach Floats 3 Pack Cigarette Specials
zen Noveltiesv Sunscreen
and Treats Sunscreen LOW CARTON PRICES
Sa de na Coolers
22 Via de Luna Across from Subway and Paddy O'Leary's Pensacola Beach

September 27, 2006

Island Times



PAGE 12 Island Times September 27, 2006

*~3' C, r


* "


- - -
a.md. IIU
4W 0-.M4bow

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410* -w -ot I -on o a-o
qW - IItf-mw
-.m- g 4W m .1 0

. -f "f t 1 07
'a, 00f @* 7
--mdl .W -0-om LaIm -0


-lw w i


"Copyrighted Material

cc. ~.*
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September 27, 2006

Island Times





S- IFCome taste the


These are
Well, the other day I was com-
menting on the growth of our new
sea oats, and thought wow, these
things are finally filling in, and they
seemed to be growing at an ad-
vanced rate. Then, I looked closer.
These are NOT the same old
sea oats we use to have. What in
the world are these
things? No way.
Who put these
things here?
Then, Chuck
of Sandspur fame
informed me that it
or Bitter Panic
Grass. That's what
they call it.
Bitter Panic
Grass -Are ya kid-
dingme? This isthe
After about an hour of just
laughing my head off, I began to
question a few things. First, whose
bright idea was this? Where does
this panic grass come from and
does it choke out the other indig-
enous sea oats that were lost in
the storms? Oh, and did any of us
know this before the planting?
I never received a letter from
anyone asking me ifI wanted new
sea oats, that are not the same
plants as the old ones. I think it
was again a quick fix and more for
the visual than anything. Hey look
everyone, the Panic Grass is grow-
Look, even the sand on the
beach is way different that before.

Chateau St. Michelle (
750 ML Chardonnay
reg $11.99
SALE $899

S Esposito

Sea Oats ?
Because of our restoration, it con-
tains billions of shell bits and
pieces (future limestone). That's
not right either!
Where's my sugar P-Beach
It's about time we ask the right
questions. If the powers that be

There is always something to celebrate on Pensacola
Beach. Paulette Provost and Jeff Goudey raised a glass in honor of
Jeff's birthday, Saturday, September 16.

Brats and Beer Come To Historic Pensacola

are in charge of re-building our
beach, then we should have some
say so. Don't ya think?
Why can't we plant our old
Sea Oats back ?Why?
How come we can't sift the
sand back to a fine sugar sand, like
we once had. Why?
Locals, let's not use the band-
aid theory to fix our tiny island.
Let's get involved and ask ques-
tions to the right people. If we lose
the very things that make us spe-
cial, then we are no longer unique.
Ask questions. Everyday. If
you see something that doesn't
look right, don't stand for it!
Panic Grass, even the name
scares me!

Peju Merlot
750 ML
SALE $1999

1.75 LT 1.75 LT -Am Blended Whiskey 1.75 LT -Lt or Dark
reg $33.99 reg $24.99 reg $27.99
SALE $2599 SALE $1899 SALE $1999

#5-B ViadeLuna- Pensacola Bea ch932-8850

Put on your Lederhosen and
grab your Stein- Seville Quarter
is hosting Beer, Brats & Oompah
on September 28. This is an op-
portunity to hear authentic Ger-
man polka and marches as per-
formed by Blaskapelle
Ehekirchen (Blaskapelle indi-
cates the musical genre and
Ehekirchen is their home town in
The first Oktoberfest was
in 1810, when the King of Ba-
varia, Max Joseph, hosted an
elaborate wedding celebration
for Crown Prince Ludwig and

Princess Therese von Sachsen-
Hildburghausen. The celebra-
tion was so grand that it became
an annual tradition. Horse races
were once part of the event, but
over time beer and music be-
came the focus.
Along with the music
guests will sample German-style
beers and dine on Bratwurst.
Beer, Brats & Oompah will be in
Phineas Phogg's at Seville
Quarter beginning at 6:00 p.m.
The cost is $15 per person.
For more information phone
Seville Quarter at 434-6211.

oioming in October:
Delicious cooking
Food drink specials every night
For complete schedule, visit us at


bar: grill
21 Via de Luna, Pensacola Beach
Behind Paradise Inn

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September 27, 2006


Island Times

PAGE 14 Island Times September 27, 2006




No matter what you do these
days on or off the water there
seems to be a better way but usu-
ally you find out about it after you
have worked on your technique
all day or a combination of weeks.
If there was only a place to go to
before you started a project or
needed to know something impor-
tant. The only thing is that you
need feedback in order to give
yourself the confidence to at-
tempt it.
Well, here is the information
you need; coming up October 9
at 7 p.m. at Flounders Restaurant
on the Beach will be a seminar
about the shifty and delicious
Red Drum or as they are known
locally as the Redfish. These
tasty and elusive critters were
once on the brink of being over
fished due to illegal netting and
no size limits but the CCA
(Coastal Conservation Associa-
tion) stepped in years ago and the
numbers are becoming more
abundant throughout the Pan-
handle. Anyone can get lucky by
casting numerous different types
of bait to retrieve these species
on a daily basis no matter what
the weather. Local Professional
Anglers will answer your ques-
tions and give their knowledge
about attracting them to the end
of your fishing line. There are
prizes and give-a-ways at every
seminar including a new rod and
reel combo. Valuable information
will be share about these fish and
other rigging topics will be cov-
ered as well.
Reports are some of these
fish are being caught on live bait
while others are being picked up
on slow retrieving artificial baits.
No matter what you use, as long
as you have bait in the water near

f Cobia Studies Part ofNOAA Program

By Pete Della Ratta

structure and in shallow water
you are giving yourself a chance
to do battle with one of the best
fighting fish in the water.
Remember, only one fish per
angler per day and keepers have
to be between 18 and 27 inches
inorderforyouto take one home.
Below is one of the rigging
knots used for tying hooks to live
and artificial baits.
Improved Clinch Knot
1. Pass the end of the line
through the swivel.
2. Pull about 5 inches of line
through and double it back
against itself.
3. Twist 6 times.
4.Pass end of line through
small loop formedjust above the

5.Then through the big loop
you've just created.
6.Pull tag end and main line
so that coiled tightens against
the eye.
7.Trim excess
Make sure coils lay
For an even tougher knot
double the line first then tie the
improved clinch knot. The extra
line cushions the knot even bet-
The Improved Clinch Knot
has become one of the most popu-
lar knots for tying terminal tackle
connections. It is quick and easy
to tie and is strong and reliable.
The knot canbe difficult to tie in
lines in excess of 30 lb test. Five
or more turns around the stand-
ing line is generally recom-
mended, four can be used in
heavy line.

Beach Cobia fishermen
should be interested to know that
the prized fish will be studied as
part of the NOAAMarine Aquac-
ulture Initiative. The National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin-
istration awarded $3.6 million in
competitive grants for sustain-
able marine aquaculture demon-
stration projects and research this
"The 2006 National Marine
Aquaculture Initiative awards
underscore NOAA's commitment
to work with our research part-
ners to advance aquaculture pro-
duction technology, health and
nutrition of cultured species and
address environmental and policy
issues," said Dr. Michael Rubino,
manager for the NOAAAquacul-
ture Program.
Specifically, the 2006
projects focus on genome map-
ping of striped bass, culture of
California yellowtail, enhance-

Sixth Annual



Post 379

Putt Putt

Golf Outing

October 14

Infio: Climick 932-59.6

Tiki Island

Golf and


ment of cobia, assessment of en-
vironmental impacts of offshore
cage culture, use of dietary
prebiotics on warm water and
coldwater marine fishes, and com-
mercialization of bait shrimp farm-
The 2006 grants range from
$199,000 to $505,000 each. Since

1998, grants have funded total
of $15 million in projects to sup-
port research to boost the domes-
tic production of commercially
and recreationally valuable ma-
rine shellfish and finfish species.
For more information on the
NOAA Aquaculture Program:


46'8 Egg Harbor
Sport Fishing


Trolling Overnight Rig Trips
Tuna Wahoo Blue Marlin
White Marlin Sailfish



Personal service from an
experienced professional

Grey Burge .
Lic. Real Estate Broker
,, *--, -...,...
:M ST 021 [
ALT 850-572-73
/ 5USE



*Menio thsavrieetan e u red

I '
"*. .

Confused by hi-tech S iOt i
E L P H answers to everyday E
E EP questions?
Put an end to the
frustration. 850.565-7808

My Coer Ha s M I can help! House Calls in Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Beach
y Computer Hates e, Call Fred Esposito freddy@espocreative.com


Island Times

September 27, 2006

Beach Poker Players Bet and Bluff In Paradise WR

When the chips start flying
into the middle of the table at the
Paradise Bar and Grill, it is not a
food fight. It is a poker showdown
between some of the best card
players on the Island, who week
after week take on all challeng-
ers. "Texas Hold 'Em 4 Fun regu-
lar players make room at the
tables for experts and novices,
and it's all fun," said promoter
Saltwater Rick Uzdevenes.
It was just another fun day
in Paradise on Monday, Septem-
ber 11 when Paul Jones took out
Tim Rinker in the final.
Action the following week at
the Soundside poker tables at
Paradise got hot when self pro-
claimed "Ark and Saw" native
Jamie Martine took out Pensacola
Beach pioneer Tex Atkinson in a
knock down drag out final.
"We had a beautiful night on
Santa Rosa Sound with a spec-
tacular sunset. Glad I could be
here to play some poker," said Tex.
"I wish I would have won," he
The historic Islander Lounge
hosts Wednesday Texas Hold
'Em 4 Fun games. After a long
night of betting and bluffing the
September 13 winner was Tommy
Chavis. Justin Robbins was the
The Islander had a huge
crowd for poker on Wednesday,
September 20, but lucky lady
player Emily McDonald overcame
a short stack to win against a very
strong field. Beach poker maven
Anne Vinson was the runner-up.
"The Lizzard (former beach
girl and IT writer) slithered to the
tables for a few hands," said Rick.
"Always good to have the ladies
at the tables and now they are
taking all the chips."
There is no charge to play
Texas Hold'Em4 Fun. Experience
is not necessary but a basic
knowledge of the game is help-
ful. Games begin at 7 p.m. Beach
Time on Monday evenings at
Paradise Bar and Grill and
Wednesday nights at The Is-
lander Lounge in downtown
Pensacola Beach.

Dst Off
Your PutterI' l~

A i \ al
Anne Vinson Tommy Chavis and Emily McDonald
E .. -

lust Steps
from the Gulf
Pensacola Beach

* 3 bedrooms, 21/2 baths
* 1600 sq. feet
* Gulfront Views from
Patio & Balcony



$395,000 -
This is an "As Is"price. Great
investment property at this price.

Totally Renovated.
New Wood, Tile &
(Carpet floors
! W' Njew Cabinets &
Stainless Appliances

Call Dennis Remesch
Cell Phone: 850-384-7607
Home Phone: 850-934-4708
denrem@denrem.com P&M (
www.denrem.com AglCast

Our fim FALL 0 .

oct On wk en crt- teL

Stay 2 nights and third night is 1/2 PRICE

Stay 3 nights and fourth night is FREE

Stay 1 week (7 days) and get
our weekly rates starting at $550

After 10pm walk-ins pay $69

,.LI VIP., L' I LUIN, .II 3IF. ULrL u[ t.l:,,.fl. i L Ljv.LJ \
-(850) 932-2319 or (800) 301-5925

--- ----------------- E.




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September 27, 2006

Island Times

PAGE 16 Island Times September 27, 2006

Common Beauty Myths
Beauty myths are often no
more than old wives tales, handed
down to each generation. Some
of these are centuries old andjust
plain silly. While there's not much
logic to these, they are still all over
the place! These are pure fiction
and deserve to take their place in
the "Beauty Hall of Shame."
1). Shaving your legs will
make your hair grow in thicker.
Ha! You have as many hairs as
genetically determined, regard-
less ifyou shave, wax, or epi-lady
them. Whatever. Man, think
about it. We would all be walking
around like gorillas!
2). Split ends can be re-
paired. The only way to get rid of
split ends its to cut them off, and
prevent them with good hair care.
3). Dry skin causes wrinkles.
Not true. Most wrinkles are
caused form the sun. Which leads
me to
4). Blemishes. While the sun
will temporarily dry them out, it

An Alternative Healing &
Wellness Fair for the Emerald
Coast will be held on Sunday,
October 8, from 12:30 to 5:30 at
the South Santa Rosa Recreation
Center, 800 Shoreline Dr., Gulf
Breeze. The fair is sponsored by
Unlimited Horizons of the Emer-
ald Coast and is open to the pub-
lic. Adoor donation of $7.00 will
be requested.
The purpose is two-fold.
One is that of public service and
awareness of what is available
within the Emerald Coast in the
way of alternative wellness and
healthcare. The second is a
means for vendors and practitio-
ners to promote their service/prac-
tice/product(s) to the community.
The goal is to have the pub-
lic personally experience a sam-
pling of each modality that they
have an interest in at the indi-
vidual booths.
All practitioners will have the
option of speaking to publicly
describe their products and/or
services in a separate room dur-
ing the course of the afternoon.
Additional information re-
garding the participating practi-
tioners and vendors, and their

interferes with healthy skin cells.
This can cause a worse breakout
a couple of days later.
5). Stick to one brand or line
of products. I think this one was
put out by product lines who want
all of your money. Mix and match-
what works best for you. That is
what you need.
6). Natural ingredients are
non allergenic. Whether it's a
natural or chemical ingredient, if
you're allergic to it, believe me,
you will see a reaction.
7). You can shrink the pores
on your face. Once again, this is
genetically determined. Pores
may appear larger if filled with
bacteria and dead skin cells.
Retin-a and alpha-hydroxys are
designed to break up these mate-
rials, and bring the pores back to
their original appearance. So,
don't believe everything you
If you have any questions,
call me and as always, here's to
good health and great hair.

speaking times, will be updated
on the organization's website:


%auty a each

By Danah & Gwen Gibson

an island experience

Unique Jewelry Art
Island Gifts Tropical Home Decor
3184 Gulf Breeze Pkwy Gulf Breeze
Open Mon-Sat 10 to 6


i i I
In Piulor. 'Ide B.tllh.I/.ivr

As a triathlete, you expend
enormous amounts of energy
training for a grueling event. In
order for your body to perform at
peak efficiency, you must have a
truly restful experience each
night, rejuvenating your body for
the next day's training session.
And, since most triathletes have
"dayjobs" as well as being in top
athletic form, that rejuvenative
period is even more critical!
Choose the European Sleep
System (ESS) as the foundation
for your nightly rejuvenation.
This system consists of a
EuroKing, EuroQueen, and
Euro Standard pillows, as well as
a neck roll. The King, Queen and
Standard pillows are available in
four fill varieties. The King is
strong, yet soft, and provides the
foundation for the bed rest func-
tion of the ESS. The Queen is
softer- and more huggable than
the King. Designed to be used as
the middle pillow when you're
resting in your bed, it is the foun-
dation pillow for your sleep. The
Standard is designed to cradle
your back whenyou're resting in
bed, and cushion your shoulders,
neck and head while sleeping.
The Standard is available in four
firmness levels, based on your

particular needs and desires.
These designs, and the sizes
of the pillows, are the result of
much development and testing.
Through testing, we discovered
what mix of products made the
pillows perform as needed to pro-
vide the maximum resting experi-
ence, forming to the body in the
most functional way.
The ESS uses only Hungar-
ian Goose Down, for several rea-
sons. The cold Hungarian climate
encourages production of down
that has maximum insulating ca-
pacity in large clusters. The down
is only hand-gathered, which al-
lows for the selection of only the
finest down. Once gathered, the
down is washed in pure, clean
water seven times, then sterilized,
sorted, tested and graded to en-
sure that the highest quality has
been achieved, and that the down

Comfort Zone Footwear

932-8638 211 Gulf Breeze Pkwy.

0 ...A'

* DANAHi's "

Hair Studio 40

siy, ~-c~ a --


, rW

r 850-449-9605

is as allergen-free as possible.
Then the down is encased in
down-proof 350-thread count cot-
ton ticking ensuring that quills
will not poke through to disturb
rest or sleep. Such a tight weave
also provides an effective barrier
against allergens.
For more information on the
importance of proper bedding for
peak athletic performance, run,
cycle or swim over to see me my
Pensacola showroom, located at
9 S. 9thAvenue, is just one block
from the water. If you are too busy
training call me on the Sleep
Hotline at 850.432.4777.


Pensacola Beach

October 7

Alternative Healing And Wellness
Fair Slated For October

1/ 0110.

b y E .K H e w s o n ..------_

I love spinach. Or maybe I
should say, I loved spinach. As a
kid, I would always sing the
Popeye the Sailorman theme song
every time my mom would serve
me canned spinach. Drowning
the chopped greens in vinegar, I
would belt out ".I eats all my spin-
ach, I'm strong to the finish." Fol-
lowed by a hearty laugh. Then I
grew up. Well, sort of.
Soon I went from eating
canned spinach to making quiche
and gourmet dips using frozen
spinach. It was only a natural pro-
gression in my long standing re-
lationship with the leafy green,
that I would leave the canned and
frozen spinach on my grocer's
shelf after I discovered the hearty
taste of fresh, raw spinach.
Over the years, I've bought
many different brands of bagged

spinach. On sale, not on sale. Or-
ganic, not organic. Two for one,
twice as much as the others. I
didn't care as long as it was spin-
ach. I've spent countless hours
separating leaves, washing each
one individually to remove the
sand and dirt. I've marveled at
how a two pound bag of fresh
spinach, when steamed, barely
serves two. I've dressed up the
dark, leafy vegetable with candied
pecans, dried cranberries and the
most expensive bleu cheeses that
Dean and Deluca have to offer. I
even remained a faithful spinach
eater when the iron content was
officially lessened because of a
misplaced decimal. But not any
After the recent e-coli con-
tamination of spinach crops, I
have had to concede defeat. My

son gladly held open the lid to
our kitchen trash can as I threw
away an unopened bag of organic
spinach with tears in my eyes and
my wallet a few dollars lighter.
With a hint of victory in his eyes,
Harry gloatingly said, "Mom,
spinach not only tastes gross,
but now it can kill you."
Yes, Harry, you may have
won the spinach battle, but I plan
on being victorious in the leafy,
green veggie war. I will not cut
and run, but will continue to
chop, steam and serve. I even
have a new theme song. "I eats
all me kale 'cause I goes to Yale,
I'm Mom, the green veggie gal."
Giggle. Giggle. Giggle.

Until next time.


Stop in for
Serving Glass of
Lunch Dinner
Daily Specials & German Menu
Open 7 am to 9 pm 932-1525
348 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
In the Gulf Breeze Shopping Ctr

located in the former Bokas Jordan Pharmacy
Bread & Milk Paper Products Many
items just
Ice & Drinks Party Supplies
Toys & Gifts Fishing Tackle
Balloons Pet Supplies
Cards Baby Items
41-G Fairpoint Dr. Gulf Breeze 934-6369 Open Everyday

Litter getters descended on Fort Pickens, Saturday, September
16 as part of the International Coastal Clean Up. Nina Roche of Pace,
who is a member of the Pensacola Parrot Heads volunteered under
the direction of Gulf Islands National Seashore Park Rangers Bridget
Tiffany and Mike Aymond. Photo by Jeremy Johnson

Great Florida Birding Trail

Designated at UWF

The University of West
Florida Edward Ball Nature Trail
has been designated a site on the
Great Florida Birding Trail. The
designation will result in greater
awareness through state public-
ity materials. Signs for the UWF
site and other Panhandle loca-
tions will be installed by the end
of this year.
Great Florida Birding Trail is
designed to conserve and en-
hance Florida's bird habitat by
promoting bird-watching activi-

ties, environmental education
and economic opportunity. The
Birding Trail is divided into four
sections: East, West, Panhandle
and South. Printed guides for
each section are available from
the Florida Fish and Wildlife Con-
servation Commission and will be
available at the UWF Welcome
For more information, visit
www.floridabirdingtrail.com or
contact Robinson at (850) 474-
2435 or e-mail probinso@uwf.edu

September 13, 2006

Island Times


PAGE 18 Island Times September 27. 2006

Looney Lawnmower Enrages Engineers
NoGoMow trips worth of stuff left to haul
You know the saying the away. (I should be hauling that
right tool for the job is every 6.5 hp mower away!) I have my
worker's motto. Since we have a super gloves ready. I swear I can
large yard, we thought we would pick up anything if I wear my
buy a powerful mower. Well, my supergloves even 3/4 inch pres-
husband Ralph and I got duped. sure treated plywood.
We bought this alleged 6.5 horse CleanerAir
power gas mower, and it is a piece Here is a little tidbit. Every-
of junk. He and I were so dis- one knows about changing the
gusted with it that we took the filters for your HVAC (heating
the plastic engine cover that ventilation and air-conditioning)
boasted the big horse power off system. But did you know that
of the mower, because not even you can pull out your registers
on its best day has it seen 6.5 and swab the inside area down
horse power. So why should it be with chlorine bleach? It works re-
allowed to advertise that? ally well in helping to purify the
I am back using my little elec- air by destroying the mold and
tric mower. It is quieter, and it mildew. Just be careful you don't
works each time like a charm. inhale the bleach fumes. Dilute the
Straighten Up bleach with water first. Trust me,
Do you remember last issue I know...hack...cough...cough.
when I told you about getting the All Charged Up
extension to the bathroom ready? My nephew, Harry or better
Well it turns out that there was known as McFlye, is visiting.
more slope than I had bargained We are doing experiments with
for. We had to put in new support electricity. One of the experi-
strips to offset the slope of the ments is playing with a motor
floor. At one end the strip mea- and a photovoltaic cell. I wish
sured one-half inch; at the other my car would run on a photo-
end it measured 4 inches need I voltaic cell. Heck, I wish the
say more! bogus lawnmower would run on
Handy Gloves photovoltaic cells. Come to think
I went back to the dump last of it, Ijustwishthe stinkin' mower
week. It appears I have two more would run period.

Build Your Skills Before Your

Next Construction Project

The University of West
Florida and Gulf Power will
present a Construction and Engi-
neering Technology speaker se-
ries Nov. 7 in the University Com-
mons Conference Center, Build-
ing 22. John Tooley, senior build-
ing science consultant with Ad-
vanced Energy's Applied Build-
ing Science, will conduct the semi-
nars. The cost is $30 per person
per session. Seating is limited,
and advanced registration is re-
quired by Oct. 31.
"Framing for High Perfor-
mance Buildings" will be held
from 8 a.m. to noon. Topics will

include how to build consistent
framing that improves insulation
and decreases infiltration and the
13 framing details that are most
often done wrong. "What Every
Homeowner Should Know Be-
fore Purchasing or Building their
Next House" will be held from 1
to 4 p.m. Topics include essential
tips and knowledge people
should know before buying or
building a home.
For more information or to
register, contact the UWF Divi-
sion of Continuing Education at
(850) 474-2914 or visit

CONTRAPTION For the second
consecutive year, Melissa
Adderholt of Flounder's on
Pensacola Beach has
constructed a formidable entry
for the Anything That Floats
competition. Her first
homemade vessel was
comprised of two beer kegs,
plywood and red tie-down
straps. It was stylish, but hard
to paddle. This year, the vessel
so aptly named,- The
Flounder's Diesel was a
steamline boat with PVC
outriggers. Decked out in the
traditional Flounder's tropical
shirts, Dedrick Harmon, left,
and Capt. Melissa prepared to
launch the wooden wonder as
fans look on with amazement.

Houdini's Bike and Hot
Rod Show Rumbles to
Pensacola Beach

Motorcycle enthusiasts will
rumble into Pensacola Beach, Fri-
day October 13 for a weekend of
fun. Houdini's Rumble Beach An-
nual Charity Bike and Hot Rod
show will be held at the Hilton
Garden Inn with indoor and out-
door displays, vendors and en-
tertainment. Riders can sign up
for Rumble with Cack, a Poker
Run which begins and ends on
Pensacola Beach. All proceeds
benefit ARC Gateway Escambia.
For more information, sched-
ule updates, vendor information
or sponsor information call 850-
434-6364 or visit

Plantation Shutters
Colonial Shutters
Rolling Shutters
Wood Shutters
* U
Locally Owned
& Operated

Military & Senior
* www.LewisDelanv.com .

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24Ars Clean Fold
Everyday Comfortable Service
Convenient Location
o0% OFF Comforler Wash, Dry, Fold
attendant on duty 9 to 5
everyday except Wed & Sun
37 Via de Luna 932-3005
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SV-8 Powered
r VSteam Clean

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
Area and Oriental Rugs Tile & Grout
Marble, Vinyl & Hardwood Cars, Boats & RV Interiors


932-7670 934-1913
434-6277 438-7559


Pensacola Beach Residents and Leaseholders
Tuesday, October 10
Beach Community Church


Island Times

September 27, 2006

September 27, 2006








CLASSIFIEDADS are $5 for 20 words. Additional words are 10 cents each. Send ad with check made payable to Shelley Ink, P.O. Box 844, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562.

I Real Estate For Sale I Real Estate For Rent I *

Lots Lots Lots
Gulf Breeze Proper
133 Eufaula Street, large par-
cel. Desirable location.
$1,899,000 Lots may also
be purchased individually.
MLS: 308878
Santa Rosa Villas
1754 Ensenada Seis, Gulf
Front Lot, In Private Cul-De-
Sac, $1,680,000
603 Ariola Drive
Corner Lot, Located across
from Gulf, Public easement to
Gulf, $840,000 MLS:293192
1581 Bulevar Menor
Lowest priced Sound Front
Lot MLS# 303140 $525,000.
800 Via de Luna
Large Corner Lot in prime lo-
cation $550,000
Santa Rosa Villas Estates
Lot 7 Calle Marbella, Gulf
View Gated Subdivision
$545,000 MLS:290526
Navarre Bay Front Lot
8052 Sleepy Bay Blvd. Priced
at $325,000. MLS: 296513.

Call Conna O'Donovan
Re/Max on the Coast
The Beach Specialist
cell: 850-232-4001
home: 850-932-1701
office: 850-932-6278

Gulf Breeze Proper Modern,
custom family home. 4BR/
2BA. 2072 sf. Grey Burge, bro-
ker/owner, Real Estate House,
Inc. 850-572-7355.

Gulf Breeze Canal Lot. Open
to the Sound. Good Schools.
Close to shopping, golfing,
and boat launch. Owner fi-
nancing. Reduced to
$300,000. 850-932-8512

Two Bedroom Pensacola
Beach house. 304 Via de
Luna. Updated interior. Roof
top deck. $499,000 Jeremy
Johnson, Island Realty. 850-

Contemporary Island Home
Gated Community with pool
and pier. Unobstructed Gulf
front views. 3BR/2BA. 2400 sf.
Jeremy Johnson, Island Realty.

Pensacola Beach Townhome
Three bedrooms, two and half
baths, just steps from the Gulf.
Great waterfront views from pa-
tio and balcony. As is price
makes this a great investment
property. $395,000. Call Den-
nis Remesch, Re/Max on the
Coast. 850-384-7607

Pensacola Beach La Caribe
$1,399,000. Gorgeous top floor
unit of this luxury triplex in the
heart of Pensacola Beach. This
beautifully furnished unit
comes with all furniture and
wall decor It has 4 br, 4 baths,
4 balconies, and a two car ga-
rage. Building has elevator, and
suffered almost NO damage
in IVAN or Dennis. Built in 2001
it is ready to go. Currently
leased fo $3500 per month
until early 2007. Entire build-
ing may be purchased includ-
ing the two identical units be-
low for $3,499,000. Other units
have been rented for $5000/
mo until recently. Motivated
seller will consider doing some
owner financing up to 30% of
purchase price. You've just got
to see the beach views of the
central beach.a.and the long-
est pier on the Gulf. Stuart
Reynolds, Keller Williams Re-
alty, 850-712-3465

East Pensacola Heights
Townhouse 2 bed/ 2 bath
fenced backyard $154,900
Jeremy Johnson, Island Realty

Vacation Rental. 2BR/2BA
condo with panoramic Gulf View
from all rooms. VRBO.com/
95159 or call 850-932-0775 or
800-554-3695. Mention VRBO
#95159 for discount.

Gulf Side Condo-Annual Lease,
Regency Cabanas Pensacola
Beach. 2 Bedroom/2.5 bath fur-
Available Now $1800/month
Call Realty Marts International

Gulf Front Condo-Emerald Isle
on beautiful Pensacola Beach.
Two bedroom Two bath, heated
pool / jacuzzi. Tastefuly fur-
nished. Call 850-934-3442

Gulf Front Home Winter Lease.
Move -April 2007. Monthly. Fac-
ing Gulf. Pensacola Beach.
Fully Furnished. 4 Bedroom/ 2
bath. Available October 15,
2006. Call 904-710-4343

Items For Sale

BEDROOM SET 7 piece Solid
Wood Set, still in box. Retail
$3000. Sell $1095. Can deliver

double pedestal table, w/leaf, 2
arm, 4 side chairs, hutch & buf-
fet. Retail $4K. Must sell $1595.
Can deliver. 850-418-5274

New mattress sets, brand
name, warranty, still in plas-
Full from $155
Queen from $175
King from $275

Retail $1600, Sacrifice

Can Deliver-850-418-5274


Tired of searching for answers
to you or your child's learning
difficulties? Offering a series of
programs that work. Fun and
different. Paradise Learning Un-
limited Services or PLUS
or call Gene at 850-723-8900 or
Rita at 850-934-1389.

Some people think
floundering is a matter of
life and death. I don't like
that point of view. I can
assure them it is much more
serious than that.

Bill Sharkly,
Toothy Times 1981

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Capable, Bonded, Licensed
Available to clean your home or of-
fice. Please call 850-490-5817 or
850-494-0964 for an appointment.
SSimple Pleasures are Life's Treasures
S Deep Tissue Relaxation
SMedically Specific (#0018585)
Mini Deluxe Polish Change
Home Office Condo Hotel
ICombined 15 years experience
I Massage (Megan)
S 850-748-3121
I Mani/Pedi (CJ)
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September 27, 2006 Island Times PAGE 19

Island Times




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PAGE 20 Island Times September 27, 2006


0 Great Steaks

-NW" M'aryland Cro0ag 4
Alaskan Snow C i Cakes
bungeness She Crb Soup King Crab

All You Can Eat
Catfish $14.99

(850) 932-0700
Open 7 days a week


we go 'em

Oysters & Wings
Monday Thursday

Look for the RED ROOF at the
traffic light on Pensacola Beach

& Fried Shrimp

# Upstairs Beach View Dining
f Living Reef Aquarium Bar
# Outdoor Gulfside beck


Island Times

September 27, 2006

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