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Title: Island times
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Publication Date: June 21, 2006
Copyright Date: 2006
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Volume II, Number 4 Pensacola Beach, Florida June 21, 2006

Summertime and the living is not so easy for this vigilant squad of lifeguards who keep a constant, watchful eye on swimmers in the Gulf of
Mexico and Santa Rosa Sound. Crowds flock to the water during the summer months, and the lifeguards have the most critical jobs on Pensacola
Beach. Simply put, they save lives. Front row (L to R): Zack Butler, Kyle Radomski, Aaron Telatovich, Doug Doucette, Pete Isaac, Darren Jones, Jeff
Gibson, Dave Greenwood, Michael Perkinson, Brent Brown, Mike Meyering, and David Fluitt. Back row (L to R): Nick Garner, Alex Norton, Erin
Parker, Anamarie Martinez, Lauren Guidry and Andrew Edwards. Not pictured are: John Adams, Luis Berrios, Kevin Blanchard, Steve Fox, Nick
Lanza, Paul Louy, Jamie McMillen, Rhys Sharp, and Council Vaughn.

Lifeguards Battle Constantly in War of Waves and Rip Currents

The numbers are mind bog-
gling. Pensacola Beach life-
guards enter the water hundreds
of times every swim season to
rescue troubled people. Each year
the numbers escalate. In 2004,
lifeguards rescued 360 swim-
mers, and in 2005, they went in
the water to help 662 swimmers.
Even more important is that in
2004 they performed approxi-
mately 4400 preventative acts
such as moving a swimmer out
of a rip current prior to the ne-
cessity of rescue. Just three
years ago, Pensacola Beach and
nearby areas attracted national
media attention because of a
large number of drownings. Al-
though most of the drownings
took place in unguarded beaches,
it became clear that an aggres-

sive make-over of the safety sys-
tem on the Beach would have to
be established.
Enter Bob West in 2004. The
Santa Rosa Island Authority
hired him as the Public Safety
Department Manager. There
have been no drownings since the
implementation of his safety
measures. One is the yellow truck
which travels up and down the
Beach constantly, waving the flag
which indicates the level of safety
of the water. Just a few days ago
when Alberto kicked up a dan-
gerous surf, a resident of Ariola
Drive noticed several young chil-
dren diving into the dangerous
waves on flimsy, plastic floats. He
called the lifeguards who re-
sponded within minutes. The
truck arrived with the red flag

blowing in the wind. The guard
talked to the kids a few minutes,
and they left the water and did
not go back. The truck warning
system has effectively removed
the many possibilities of drown-
ing in unguarded areas.
The truck warning system
was just one of many innovations
put into place by Bob. His staff
was raised to 28 forty-hour posi-
tions in 2003, which included
Dave Greenwood, head life-
guard. When the surf is at its
most treacherous, lifeguards
spend time with people who want
to enter the water, regardless of
the danger. Convincing a beach
guest to stay out of the water is
not always an easy task, but
among the lifeguards' capabilities
is the professional talent to

implement preventative mea-
Lifeguarding on Pensacola
Beach is unrelenting both men-
tally and physically. Who are the
guards? Why would they want to
undertake such ajob? Bob has the
"They all love the water,
Bob said. "They love the Beach
and are all either competitive
swimmers or surfers. They want
to be outdoors rather than inside.
They like the excitement, feel
good about saving lives unlike
pools where there are very few
rescues. They like the interaction
with the public. They know they
make a big difference everyday.
My staff is full of natural lead-
ers, and profound extroverts.
They have good communication

skills and strong team skills...
and are able to outrun a locomo-
tive and leap tall buildings in a
single bound," quips Bob.
Lifeguard stations are
manned from March to mid Oc-
tober, mostly by college students.
Maximum staffing is from May
to early August. West and Green-
wood are the only year round
Bob West hopes to keep the
safety record intact on Pensacola
Beach. It all depends on the pro-
fessional, highly trained life-
guards whose compassion leads
them to go the extra mile to avert
tragedies. Lifeguarding on
Pensacola Beach is no light-
hearted sitcom. It is a serious pro-
fession, whose members have one
common goal. They save lives.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

It's not every day that the
Santa Rosa Island Authority re-
ceives a windfall to be used for a
long neglected project. So, when
State Representative Dave
Murzin showed up at the Full
Board meeting on June 14 with
a check for one million dollars
to fund the cleanup of Little
Sabine Bay, he was greeted with
enthusiasm and a resolution com-
mending him for all his efforts
to help Pensacola Beach.
After receiving a request
from SRIA General Manager
Buck Lee, Dave went to the Leg-
islature and the Governor.
"I asked them to fund my
three priorities," he said.
"Andrews Institute, schools, and
the clean-up of Little Sabine Bay,
and they approved all three."
The Board voted on a num-
ber of items including the mini-
mum annual lease fee policy
which would have resulted in
businesses paying much higher
minimum fees than those cur-
rently paid. The new policy failed
in a three to three deadlock, with
Bill Griffith, McGuire Martin,
and Tom Campanella voting
against. Thomas Bias, Vernon
Prather, and Jimmie Perkins
voted in favor of the policy.
"Again, I have to say there
is nothing wrong with the way
we have been operating. It is just
not right to ask for more money
from a business which is not op-
erating because of an act of God,"
Griffith said.
Tom Campanella and
McGuire supported Griffith's re-

marks. "It is not the role of gov-
ernment to use the businesses as
an insurance policy,"
Campanella said.
Prather argued that the Is-
land should not be run on what
is the equivalent of 1950s money.
"It is our fiscal responsibil-
ity to maintain the financial sta-
bility of this Island, he said.
The minimum lease fee for
businesses still remains the same
as it has been in past years.
On the other hand, the con-
sideration fee as it applies to ho-
tels that receive approval for an
increase in rooms is now operat-
ing. The fee is $3030 per room,
and to date the Clarion which is
up for sale, has paid $250,000 in
consideration fees. The SRIAwill
use these funds to restripe the
Quietwater Beach Boardwalk
parking lot to provide one hun-
dred new spaces.
Parking problems once
again came before the Board as
they approved valet parking for
Crabs and Hemingway's restau-
rants and Quietwater Beach
Boardwalk. They had previously
approved valet parking at
Flounder's. McGuire commented
that it is time to once again look
at the possibility of constructing
a parking garage on the Beach.
Changes to Article 13 of the
Land Development Code regard-
ing the total square feet residents
are allowed to enclose with wash
away walls were handed off to a
committee for study headed by
property appraiser, Dan Green.
Green announced the names of

his committee, Rob Wilson,
Beach resident; Jim Mallet,
Beach resident and engineer;
Phillip Napier, former Beach
resident and contractor; and
Scott Holland, architect and
Beach resident. The committee
will bring their recommendations
to the SRIA August 2 Commit-
tee Meetings.
Letters notifying Beach resi-
dents and businesses that their
leases are in default have been
sent. Baker Clark, owner of Five
Flags Inn which was destroyed,
received a timeline of six months
to submit rebuilding plans, 12
months to begin construction,
and 36 months to complete. He
was also given six months to pay
the $250,000 consideration fee.
Pensacola Beach Realty was
given a six month time extension
to submit repair plans for their
building, which is also for sale.
The Sandshaker Lounge re-
ceived approval for the sale of
food from a mobile unit on their
premises. The approval is subject
to verification of a parking sur-
vey which indicates sufficient
parking for a food unit.
In other items the Pensacola
Beach Community Church re-
ceived approval for a lease
change to cover the former resi-
dential property which now
houses Sunday School classes
and offices.
The two lifeguard storage
trucks and Sweepster located in
the Casino Beach parking lot
have exhausted their usefulness,
so the Board voted to have them

Once again, Nita Omley, Fi-
nance Department manager, an-
nounced that revenues are run-
ning ahead of projections.
"We are $755,000 ahead of
what we anticipated to date," she
Sandy Johnston, executive
director of the Pensacola Beach
Chamber of Commerce, noted in
her report that the Visitor's Cen-
ter was extremely busy greeting

vacationers from a number of
states and foreign countries.
Sandy reported that Blues on the
Beach has become a very popu-
lar event, which can be verified
by the Tuesday night traffic jams
which have recently occurred on
the Beach.
SRIA committee meetings
will be Wednesday, July 5 at the
Santa Rosa Island Authority of-
fice at 5 p.m. The meetings are
open to the public.

4 a h a h a ........2 ..el I: I

t i I. L4'L.P p I UM.... ..L.. J 1

ONE MILLION DOLLARS SRIA Chairman Thorn Bias, left, accepts $1
million dollars from the State of Florida delivered through efforts coordi-
nated by State Representative Dave Murzin. The money will be used to
improve water quality and clean up Little Sabine Bay.


Post Office Box 844 Gulf Breeze, FL 32562 850-916-5258
islandtimes @bellsouth.net www.MyIslandTimes.com
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the consent of the publisher


Island Times

June 21, 2006

June 21, 2006 Island Times PAGE 3

Barefoot on the Beach

The Gulf Breeze UFO is all
but forgotten. Gone are the glori-
ous summer nights when the daz-
zling globes alternated between a
flashy red and an eye piercing
white, pulsating in the dark sky
as if winking at the faithful
skywatchers below. Every night,
the UFOs appeared out of no-
where, hovered a few minutes.
And then they suddenly disap-
The UFO story broke in the
Gulf Breeze Sentinel and re-
mained in their exclusive posses-
sion since the Pensacola News
Journal thought the whole thing
was a bunch of hooey and I, then
the publisher of The Islander
Newspaper, backed off, out of
courtesy to my friends, Dari and
Duane Cook, Sentinel publishers.
After the Cooks sold the Sen-
tinel to Gannett, I inherited the
UFO story. I loved it, became a
card carrying member of the UFO
organization, and a rabid
I will never forget my very
first sighting. My daughter, Candy
and I attended a workshop con-
ducted by a medical doctor from
Virginia on a Saturday morning
in March,1992. At the end of the
meeting all of the attendees joined
hands and we visualized the UFOs
coming to our skies that night. The
doctor told us to meet at the sec-
ond parking node on the eastern
end of Pensacola Beach where he
would be beckoning the UFOs
with his strobe lights. O.K., so by
now you're laughing your head off
that anyone would believe such
Well, I did believe it, so
Candy and I and my grandson,
Jeremy, who was then ten-years-
old drove to the parking node
where about one hundred UFO
fans, huddled in coats and blan-
kets against the cold night winds,
gathered near the doctor who was
creating triangles in the sky with
strobe lights. This non-thrilling
procedure went on for at least an
hour, so I went back to the rela-
tive warmth of the car, tired and
woefully disappointed.
About ten minutes later, Jer-
emy ran to the car and shouted,
"Woo, get out. They're here." I
rushed back to the strobe lights,
looked in the sky, and there to my
utter astonishment were five pul-
sating spectacular white globes,
hovering in a perfect "V" forma-
tion. They stayed for a few min-
utes in the triangular alignment,

provided by the now believable
doctor's lights. Then, they disap-
All the skywatchers sighed in
unison, thinking the show was
over. But, the intrepid doctor con-
tinued to flash his light patterns,
three of the UFOs came back, daz-
zling white, then flaming red, then
dazzling white and then they left
But the doctor told the crowd,
the next time they returned, they
would land. He asked if anyone
wanted to sign up to go on board
their motor ship. Just about every-
body but me signed up. If I board
a flying ship, I want to know
where I'm going. While, Jeremy
had been so excited over the lights
in the sky, he now had become
fearful, and just wanted to go
home. Candy took us home, then
returned to the sighting area, but
the UFO never landed to take on
passengers as she hoped. Never-
theless, that experience made a
believer out of me, and I saw many
UFOs after that.
I grew ever closer to the
skywatchers as we took our places
in Shoreline Park, Wayside Park
or on the Beach. I was in the com-
pany of interesting, open minded
people...a Monsanto executive, a
business owner from Foley, a
young woman who was a respon-
sible member of the Florida De-
partment of Revenue, all kinds of
professional folks. As I lookback,
there wasn't a kook among us un-
less it was me.
Northwest Florida had be-
come a mecca for UFO followers
such as Dr. John Mack from
Harvard University. The intera-
tional media descended on the
Beach and I was on Japanese tele-
vision and British television. My
last UFO act was an appearance
on the TV Show, Sightings.
Now and then, if you're lucky,
a phenomenon such as the UFO
sightings will show up inyour life-
time, to not only please you, but
to alter some of your more con-
servative conceptions.
As charmed as we were by
the possibility that beings from
another planet were paying visits
to us, none of us really jumped off
the deep end. All we knew was
that there were strange objects
flying in our skies. No one, not
even the military could identify
the craft. So, what we saw were
Unidentified Flying Objects.
I have to admit, however, that

most of us, including me, honestly,
believed there were pilots inside
those objects putting on that fabu-
lous light show as a gesture of
friendship. And, maybe, most of
the skywatchers were disappointed
that the mother ship did not land
on the Gulf of Mexico, that March
night. They waited until well past
midnight for the ship to glide in,
the boarding ramp to come down,


'5 Galvez Court




By Jane Waters Cooper

and the ticket office to open. Candy
would have been the first in line.
But, Jeremy and I would have been
in the car, headed down the road
to the safe, sanctity of our Beach
Still, it was so much fun while
it lasted. Our newspaper pridefully
published many photos, columns,
stories, and first person sighting
accounts over a period of a year or

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Gated community with pool
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so. More than a dozen years have
gone by since the final appearance
of the Gulf Breeze UFO.
I wish they would come back.
I miss them. And even more, I
miss seeing all my skywatching
friends, so loyal to each other and
so firm in their beliefs that there
is somebody else out there.
Who will ever know?

I an Harper

John Pinzino





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Island Times


June 21, 2006

PAGE 4 Island Times June 21, 2006


Joe Ralph Turner, Captain of Bob Temple, genial owner of
the Krewe of Wrecks, is back on Beach Wines and Liquors is re-
the Beach after attending a three- covering after undergoing heart
day firefighters reunion near surgery on June 5. Hurry back
Washington, D.C. where he for- to the Beach, Bob.
merely served in the fire depart-
ment. Joe Ralph reports that the PRO BASEBALL PLAYER
event drew a big crowd of party Patrick Bryant, star base-
people, so he fit in perfectly. ball player from Pensacola
Catholic High, is off to Tennes-
BEACH SCHOLARS see where he will continue his
Beach resident Heather baseball career with the
Arceneaux has been named to the Elizabethton Twins. The sea-
President's Honor Roll at the son opens this week.
University of West Florida for
earning a grade point average of GREECE, BEWARE
3.9. Other Beach scholars in- A couple of longtime SOBs
cluded Amber Baughn, Jenna vacationed in Greece last week,
Kimbrough, Andrea Mitchell Deb Friedman and Christine
and Christopher Singelton who Bunkie Hewerdine. So far,
were named to the Dean's List at there have been no reports that
UWF for posting a 3.5 GPA. the ladies created a new set of

Elks Ladies Trace

Lodge History


ruins on the ancient Grecian
After spending thirty years
in Baton Rouge, Dr. Robert
Moon has moved Pensacola
Beach. RP, as he prefers to be
called, is officially a full-time
Beach resident.

Tiarras have always been a
favorite of Pensacola Beach
Mardi Gras queens. The bigger
the better. Well, ladies take no-
tice. The reigning queen of the
Krewe of Brewe, Ella Hess was
sporting her glittering crown at
the Fiesta Ball. None were big-

Andrea Brunt traveled to
Norman, Oklahoma last week
to visit friends. Before she
would leave the Beach, her
friends had to assure Andrea
that there would be no torna-
does while she was there.

r ----------------- --- i
L -------------------- J


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& Weinstube

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French Toast
Eggs To Order
7 Different Kinds of Eggs Benedict '
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All Your Favorites
7AM-10PM Everyday aer
932-1525 348 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
In the Gulf Breeze Shopping Ctr (near Bruno's)
Take Out Available Call for directions from the Beach

The Ladies of the Elks in
Pensacola Beach Lodge 497 are
seeking photos and other infor-
mation as they proceed with their
project to trace the history of the
lodge. With the merger of lodges
497 and 2256 plus losses of
records and files in recent hurri-
canes, much of the recorded his-
tory has vanished.
Amy DePew, LOE presi-
dent, is hoping to put together as
much as possible of the history.

She is asking for help from the
community. If anyone has pho-
tos, newspaper clippings, or
other information, the Ladies
would appreciate receiving it.
The LOE's would copy or
use the information to create
scrapbooks and framed items.
Persons willing to donate or
loan items are asked to get in
touch with Amy at 916-2045 or
email her at
amycl I bi bCllouIh Ili i






We admit it. Our last trivia
question was way too easy. In less
than an hour after Island Times
was distributed, a half dozen cor-
rect answers hit our email. And,
they just kept coming.
Dr. Fran Albert must have
taken the day off to await his copy
of the newspaper. He was the first
to answer correctly and guaranteed
his position by answering both
parts of the question which was,
"We're looking for the names of
the bands which played weekly in
the 80s on Pensacola Beach. They
were the all time favorites of Beach
partiers. One band played at the
Tiki Lounge and the other at the
Penthouse in the Holiday Inn. Can
you name one of them?" The an-


Island Times

June 21, 2006

swer: Lazy Day and The Garcias.
A note to Nan Harper, Bill
Greene, Susi Lyon, Judy
LeBum, and the rest of the
trivia players, get your com-
puters ready! "In what city was
the phrase, 'Put your John
Hancock right here,' origi-
nated?" Hint: It was not down-
town Pensacola Beach. Be the
first to email the correct answer
and you will win an Island
Times t-shirt.
The rules are the same.
Email your answer with
"Trivia" in the subject line to
islandtimes@abellsouth.net be-
fore 5 p.m. June 28. Be sure to
include your name and phone

June 21, 2006 Island Times PAGE 5



Go crabbing on the Gulf of Mexico, at Crabs, We Got 'Em -
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PAGE 6IslandTimesJune 2, 200


How wonderful that this is-
sue comes out on the first day of
summer! I never forget Summer
Solstice because it's the day be-
fore my birthday! Yep, every year
- so Happy Summer to all and
Happy Birthday to me! I sure
will miss Mr. Harry's First Day
of Summer party that began way
back when. I can remember the
wonderful parties of years ago
while easily imagining his smil-
ing face. In fact, I'll probably still
smell that wonderful scent of
smoking pork that he and Wally
Pecevich always cooked. It was
enough to make your mouth wa-
ter just to smell it. Talk about
good! Oh, I know it will just be
in my mind, but, hey, that's where
I spend most of my quality time
anyway. It's going to be a won-
derful summer, I can tell. I've
been watching my house "bloom"
before my eyes. I'm still trying
to get my brain around the pos-
sibility that we may actually
be able to live in it someday.
Meanwhile, my neighbors, Tony
and Pam Scott are finally getting
their pilings in. God bless them.
they've been living in a FEMA
trailer since Ivan. I hope things
go more quickly for them now.
Somehow, they've managed to
keep their good humor through
it all. My good friend, Kim
LoBue, keeps telling me that July
is going to be an excellent month
for our shared astrological sign,
Cancer. I'm banking on it,
Kimmie! So far, it's been an
amazing ride....
Which, of course, leads us
straight to Queen Shugah
Paulette Provost's house for a
Wooly Booger "No Hurricane
Bash" meeting. Nothing definite
yet. We always seem to get side
tracked, no matter how hard Jeff
Goudey tries to keep us on the
subject. Oh well, we all know

ieas, porribge
i bry martini

y katbi lewis

the odds of that happening. Any-
way, Charlotte, Mindy, Jeff,
Paulette and I were treated to a
very festive entrance from Vic
and Elaine Mitchell, along with
Elaine's great niece, Tamara and
fiancee Tom all wearing Mexi-
can sombreros! It seems Elaine
had a Mexican cooking craze and
since they had the sombreros,
why not? She brought some de-
licious homemade guacamole
and Paulette served her fabulous
tomato pie, with Charlotte mak-
ing the crust. I'm going to get
that recipe from her and share it
with all of you, I promise. This
week's recipe makes an excellent
side dish or dessert for a party or
picnic. It's good warm or cold,
serves 8-10 people and is easily
doubled. Since it is officially
summer and people will be grill-
ing a lot of hamburgers, here's a
cooking tip: making a hole in
the center of each hamburger
with your finger will reduce
shrinkage. Okay, let's cook.....

Scalloped Pineapple Dressing

4 cups cubed bread, (approx. 8
3 eggs, beaten
% cup milk
1-20-oz. can crushed pine-
1 /2 cup sugar
1 tbsp. Vanilla.
/2 cup melted butter

Butter a 3-quart. Casserole
dish and add in bread cubes. Mix
sugar, vanilla and pineapple to-
gether. Let stand a few minutes.
Pour milk into beaten eggs, then
mix well with pineapple mixture.
Pour over bread cubes. Pour
melted butter over all. Bake at
350 degrees for 45 minutes.
Enjoy, have a good summer,
and I'll see ya in the kitchen

Maria's Fresb Seafoob Market
STake a little bit of the Gulf Coast home!
Fresh from the boats daily
We can cold pack for travel or ship anywhere.

621 Cerv tes Street
Pensacola 432-4999
Call for directions from the Beach



C .

WILD CHILD Beach resident Cody Cowen had the Wildlife Sanctuary ani-
mals on the top of his twelfth birthday wish list May 28. He requested sup-
plies for the animals instead of birthday presents. Cody ran a lemonade
stand in front of the Market and raised $51 for the wild life. Cody's friend,
Jake McCloud, background, helped Cody haul the supplies and the cash
to the Sanctuary. Cody's proud parents are Debbie and Ty Cowen.

Krewe of Bananimals
crowned their king and
queen for the 2006-2007
Mardi Gras season at
their Coronation Party
June 4 at The Break. The
royalty is chosen by pre-
vious krewe monarchs.
Leading the group of
rowdy revelers will be
King Pete Moore and his
daughter-in-law, Queen
Dawn Moore.

Market on the Isfanb

OPEN 6 AM til 9 PM 1-

Pensacola Beach
SGulf Breeze Proper
Tiger Point
orders $50 or more

Best Anywhere

We'll feed
your Crowd Beach
House or Boat -
Picnic or Reception


Homemade Pies
and Desserts

One of the factors that strongly influ-
ences wine is the soil in which the grapes
are grown. You could say that, in effect,
wine is "Liquid Geography." The French
use the word "terrior," which means "soil"
and is part of the phrase "gout de terrior"
(taste of the soil). This concept includes
not only the type of soil (whether it is
chaulky, gravelly, sandy, etc.), but also
such geographic factors as (micro) cli-
mate, altitude, sun exposure, drainage,
etc. To some degree, each and every one
of these facets of the grapes natural
environment plays a role in shaping the
personality of the wine, just as your fam-
ily, home and region played a role in
shaping your personality.
HINT: U.S. winemakers use the term
"microclimate" to refer to the immediate
geographic and climatic conditions that
affect grapes.
By finding out the microclimate of your
favorite vineyard, you can learn what
goes into your favorite wine. At Beach
Wines and Liquors, Inc. We pride our-
selves on our experience and knowledge
in wine and spirits. We are happy to
share this information with our valued
If you have questions regarding micro-
climates or anything else that has to do
with wine, stop in or call 850-932-8850

Step Inside-


you need

is at

The Market!



market Style


655 Pensacola Beach Blvd. 2nd Floor
At the Beach Marina
Overlooking Little Sabine Bay
850-916-7192 Pensacola Beach


Island Times

June 21, 2006

Deli Case
Meats & Cheeses

Beach Hears Hurricane Repair Completion Dates

Ifyou're looking forward to the
Jamaican Festival coming up on
Quietwater Beach Boardwalk,
starting September 1, you can get
an authentic reggae "do." Danah's
Hair Salon stylists will be braid-
ing hair the first night of the festi-

Tuesday, June 27 is officially
Chamber Day on the Beach.
Sandy Johnston invites all busi-
nesses to join the Chamber Busi-
ness Meeting at 8:30 a.m. at the
Comfort Inn. After Hours kicks off
at 5:30 p.m. atthe Boardwalk Cafe
on Quietwater Beach Boardwalk.

Antique European Linens,
who sponsors the July 29
Pensacola BeachYacht Club Race
for the Roses, is trading a sail for
a sale. No matter how you arrive
at their NinthAvenue location, you
will treated to special summer sale
prices on everything from sheets
to down pillows.

The Be Ready Alliance Coor-
dinating for Emergencies mem-
bership meeting is Thursday, June
22 at the Gulf Power building on
Bayfront Pkwy. in Pensacola. The
group's goal is to foster commu-
nication and cooperation among
emergency management agencies
pre and post disaster. To join check
out www. bereadyalliance.org.

It's starts at 3 p.m. June 24 and
continues all summer. Paradise
Bar and Grill is rolling out the red
carpet to welcome Summer to the
Beach. Get ready for games and
prizes. Cold drinks will flow to
beat the heat.

Beach Residents
Look for Post Storm
Beach Re-Entry Information

It only took multiple hurri-
canes a few days to wreak the
havoc on Pensacola Beach that
is now taking years to repair. The
latest engineering report from
Baskerville-Donovan to the
Santa Rosa Island Authority on
June 14, however, begins to show
a light at the end of the tunnel.
Ft. Pickens Road is beginning
to look more like a road than a
detour, according to the report.
Work on the road diversions at
Peg Leg Pete's and the
Treehouse Condominiums are
projected to be complete by July
4. The final asphalt to be installed

* Internet Banking
* Bill Payment Service
* Waterfront Financing


on Ft. Pickens Road is to be com-
plete by July 20. "The road con-
struction company intends to be
off the island by July 31," said
Dave Hemphill, Baskerville-
Donovan engineer.
It's going to take a little
longer to finish widening and
repairs on Via de Luna with a
completion date set for April 22,
Detailed plans for month by
month completion dates on vari-
ous segments of Via de Luna
were submitted to the SRIA along
with the general report and are
available by logging onto

Flex Line Home Equity Loans
Conventional Mortgages
Personal Service

Mon Thurs

9 4:30
9 5:30


Hurricane Repair Schedule
Visitor's Information Center
repairs, sand at the SRIA office,
roadway repairs at Seashore Vil-
lage, Quietwater Pier except
lighting, and Maintenance
Buildings are all complete.
June 2006: Ft. Pickens Gate

Summer 2006: Cowley
Park, Road repair north and
south of Via de Luna
Fall 2006: Casino Beach
Pavilion, Toll Booth
Summer 2007: Public Safety
Building, Park East restrooms,
Fort Pickens Gate shelters

Shipping & Packaging Services
Fax C Copy Services
Printing & Document Finishing Services
Notary Services
Mailbox Services
Packaging & Moving Supplies
Office Supplies

Bruno's Shopping Center
362 Gulf Breeze Parkway
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
850.932.8533 Tel 850.932.1588 Fax

Th UP toe

Offering a variety of fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgage programs
with an Interest Only feature

Sandy Franz, Mortgage Loan Officer
850.444.1172 (0) I 850.449.6875 (M)
LEMDER 2006 AmSouth Bank. Member FDIC. Subject to required documentation and credit approval.

Bank of the South Island Branch
Full Service Banking Close to Home


June 21, 2006

Island Times


PAGE 8 Island Times June 21. 2006

by E.K. Hewson

Most people I know have
some kind of fun loving rivalry in
their lives. This is an undying pas-
sion and loyalty to something that
once a year gets their blood boil-
ing to the point of oxygen defi-
ciency and causes them to make
the most ludicrous ofbets. Around
here, especially during basketball
season, there is always something
riding on the outcome of the match
up between the University of
North Carolina and Duke. And, of
course, living on a military base
with its share of Naval Academy
grads only adds a bit of flavor to
any Army vs. Navy event. Person-
ally, I just sit back and disdain-
fully observe this bizarre behav-
ior mainly because I am jealous
and am wise enough never to wa-
ger anything, especially my pride,
on the final score of a New Or-
leans Saints game.
Then one day I received a call
from my older sister, Shelley
Johnson. Trying to sound informa-
tive and authoritative, she just
wanted to make sure I was pre-
pared for this upcoming hurricane
season as the meteorologists were
predicting that the majority of the
storms would come up the Atlan-
tic as opposed to the Gulf. I as-
sured her that we were ready. It's
hard not to be when the cashiers
at the Commissary and Exchange
remind you to buy batteries, water
and a canned food item every time
you check out. Or the fact that on
a daily basis the electronic infor-
mational signs strategically placed
throughout the military base are
flashing "June 1-November 30
Hurricane Season: Are You Pre-
pared?" Try to avoid answering
that question as it is asked nightly
at the dinner table by a precocious

eight-year-old. Quickly you get a
plan of action. Mine even includes
a fun loving rivalry.
My sister and I have decided
to make this year's hurricane sea-
son even more interesting by plac-
ing small family wagers on the
storms' outcomes. We initially
started out with a payout system
that was so complicated that we
would have had to been trained to
speculate in hedge funds. It was
Las Vegas bookie meets local in-
surance rep. Translation nobody
Then we remembered KISS
- Keep It Simple Sista! So here
goes. The tropical depression,
storm or hurricane is either com-
ing up the Gulf or the Atlantic, fi-
nal landfall is not a factor. If it
comes up the Gulf, my sisterpays.
If it comes up the Atlantic, I pay.
A depression is worth 25 cents; a
storm payouts 50 cents. It is $1 for
every category of a hurricane.
There are some caveats. The pay-
out scale is based on the highest
sustained winds while in the Gulf

or Atlantic. Both parties owe, if
the storm crosses over Florida and
out into the opposing body of wa-
ter. Finally, all bets are off if one
of us takes a direct hit.
As of press time, I am 50
cents ahead thanks to Tropical
Storm Alberto. Long time Beach
resident Dave Matthews suggested
that my sister just send me $20 and
call it a day. Ahhh, Dave it's not
about the money. It's about stay-
ing tuned into the Weather Chan-
nel and setting the home page on
your computer to
www.nhc.noaa.gov. It's the thrill
of memorizing all the names of the
upcoming storms and the Saffir-
Simpson Scale. It's about know-
ing that no matter what, across the
Gulf or over the Atlantic, my sis-
ter and I have a bond that no
weather disturbance can tear apart
unless the cellular towers get taken
out. Hmm. Maybe I need to add
"satellite phone" to my hurricane
preparedness list.
Until next time...
Luv, Lizzard

Esp% creative

Web Design
Call Fred Esposito Digital Graphics
Computer Consulting
Audio Video Systems

House Calls in Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Beach
L freddy@espocreative.com

Family And Friends Bid Edith Cheshire Farewell

Edith Cheshire, longtime
Beach resident, passed away on
June 13, the day after her forty-
sixth wedding anniversary. She is
survived by her beloved husband,
Dr. John B. Cheshire, Jr.
Edith was a collector of al-
most everything. She loved hav-
ing her many things around her,
and at one point, she and her hus-
band had collected so many books
that they opened a store, featuring
their literary collectibles. Edith
was always one of Pensacola
Beach's most gracious ladies. She
was ready to lend a helping hand
wherever there was a need. She
worked tirelessly in various ca-
pacities in the Beach Community
Edith was born in
Hattiesburg, Miss., March 5,
1926. She was a graduate of the
University of Southern Missis-
sippi, and was the director of
Home Services at Gulf Power Co.

from 1951 to 1960. Edith's gentle
loving spirit will be missed by her
family and many friends.
In addition to her husband,
Edith is survived by two sons, Jack
and his wife, Kristi and Fred
Cheshire, and a daughter Amy
Cheshire DePew. She is also sur-
vived by the joys of her life, four
grandsons, Jack's children,
Damon, Johnny, James and Jesse;
her sisters, Mary Ann Ballew and
her husband, Bill; Jeanette Steel
and husband Ben; one brother,
David McDonald.
Memorial Services were at
the Pensacola Beach Community
Church on June 17 withDr. Chuck
Randle officiating. A reception at
the Pensacola Beach Elk's Lodge
followed the service.
In lieu of flowers, donations
may be made to the Pensacola
Beach Community Church Build-
ing Fund, 920 Panferio Drive,
Pensacola Beach, FL 32561.

Deco Hurricane Shutters

Protect Your Home
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* Storm Panels -Clear Available!
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S Fabric Shield
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to steel or aluminum
hurricane panels

Standard & Custom sizes available
Lightweight, easy to handle & store
Translucent, allowing diffused light to enter
PVC coated woven fabric

* Men & Women's Casual & Outdoor Clothing
* Hiking & Backpacking Gear
* Snow Ski Apparel
* Rock Climbing Gear, Ropes & Shoes
* Kayaks


Oicen id & ii rctI

7 -0935ll % 0%1tl


1 3009 East Cervantes 433-2822

::t_ -1;


Island Times

June 21. 2006

Jun 2, 006Isan TiesPAEM

Everything you need-

Right here

on the Beach rU

Put a tiger in your tank.
..O .Gasoline
on the Island!
. :................:: ........ ..i."".
Fill 'er up. Easy entry and exit on Via de Luna.
Prices comparable to Gulf Breeze.

In a Hurry?

Groceries Convenienc
Coffee and Free Islan
Fresh Produce Frozer
Ice Snacks Cole
SATM available ins
6 am until 11 pm


e Items
i Times
i Foods

r-r ---------
12 packs
I '2 for

d Beer I
ide I IK
ide All Gallons
I Barber $2.99
L I----------- I
Full Line of Beach Supplies
Beach Toys

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zen Nov s Beach Floats 3 Pack Cigarette Specials
zen Noveltiesv Sunscreen
and Treats Sunscreen LOW CARTON PRICES
Sa de na Coolers
22 Via de Luna Across from Subway and Paddy O'Leary's Pensacola Beach

June 21, 2006

Island Times



PAGE 10 Island Times June 21, 2006

C41414 J044 W% Pd44 W44' 9 "Uo R P1+&

These pink boots are made
for fishing. And fishing is what
they did in the first ever Pink
Rubber Boots Fishing Rodeo,
Saturday, June 3. Seventy-five
lady anglers entered the event,
and Barbara French was named
Grand Champion for her first



of lady anglers fished hard all morn-
ing. Amy Martin, left, boated the
third place Redfish while wearing
her Pink Rubber Boots. Her fishing
pals are Gail Green, center and Kim
Durham of Gulf Breeze.

place in the Ladyfish division
and second in Spanish Mackerel.
Pensacola Beach anglers
Christy Jones and Amy Martin
were among the top finishers.
Christy won first place and Amy
placed third in the Redfish Divi-

w -- .7

SEEING RED Christy Jones
who was sponsored by Pensacola
Beach's Surf Side Food Store, holds
her prize winning Redfish for Janice
Bozant of Covenant Hospice, to ad-
mire. The 4.26 pound Redfish
earned first place.

Fishin' Chix president, and
director of the tournament,
Claudia Espenscheid, said the
community really supported the
rodeo which netted a $5000 do-
nation to Pensacola Covenant
Hospice. The Fishin' Chix are
already looking forward to next
year's rodeo where they expect a
much larger turnout.
The weigh-in was at
Flounder's ( lio\ dc I and Ale
House. Flounder's donated the
food for the rodeo participants.
Division winners received a
$1200 necklace and a $500 gift
certificate from Bere Jewelers of
Gulf Breeze. Second place win-
ners received a $400 gift certifi-
cate and third place winners re-
ceived a $300 gift certificate.
Results by Division:
1. Barbara French
2. Elese Woollen
3. Susan Moody
1. Leah Conlin
2. Debra Peele
3. Kristina McCary
Spanish Mackerel
1. Tracy Watson
2. Barbara French
3. Stephanie Judy
Speckled Trout
1. Rosemary Stoner
2. Sally Jewel
3. Rebecca Rood
1. Christy Jones
2. Paige Morse
3. Amy Martin

[The Fishin' Chix will ap-
pear on NBC's Today I',. Fri-
day, June 23 catching Snapper
and Grouper in the Gulf of
Mexico. ]

Beauty and attititudes can go
limp with the onset of summer,
so remember the three T's to stay
ahead of the heat. Time, tone and
tan. Schedule time to pamper
yourself, exercise and soak up
some beach sun. Don't overdo
any of the three.
Here's some good news in
the pampering department. We
are very pleased to announce that
Genella Vegas is our new nail
tech. For those of you who know
our history with manicurists, try
not to laugh out loud. We have
known Genella for 20 years. My
sister, Gwen and I were some of
the first people she met when she
moved to the beach from
Galliano, Louisiana. She was a
single mom raising her seven-
year-old son, Ryan. Now she is
the proud mom of an Army
Green Beret.
Genella is a Florida notary
public, been in the bar and
restaraunt business for 30 years
and enjoys serving the public.
She is currently employed as a
bartender at the Yacht Club. She
decided to start her own business
to be able to pamper her clients

and make them feel great. She
will be offering all the latest types
of manicures and pedicures (men
love them, too!), acrylic nails,
glass glaze (fiberglass and silk
wrap) extreme glaze, accelawrap,
and nailogic gels.
Come by and meet Genella
or call 932-4323 for an appoint-
ment! Here's to happy hair and a
healthy you.

Chateau St. Michelle 3 i1
750 ML Chardonnay
reg $11.99
SALE $899


iir!.-- J NEW


Peju Merlot
750 ML
reg $35.99
SALE $1999

liauty& I ach

By Danah & Gwen Gibson

1.75 LT 1.75LT-AmBlendedlWhiskey 1.75 LT -Lt or Dark
reg $33.99 reg $24.99 reg $27.69
SALE $2599 SALE $1899 SALE $2299

#-BViaeLun- PensacolaBeach 93
Inte nswideMakenet oWigs crssfomHitn are


Island Times

June 21, 2006

4-4. w. B

June 21, 2006 Island Times PAGE 11

Beach Explodes With
Fun But No Fireworks
Today is the first day of sum-
mer. A day when residents, day
visitors, and tourists begin to look
forward to traditional beach cel-
ebrations. Unfortunately, the eco-
nomic spectre created by the evil
hurricanes still hovers over the
Beach. The Fourth of July Fire-
works show in Santa Rosa Sound
has been put on hold for another
The better news is that the
trolleys will run on weekends
through July 29. The schedule is
more limited than in prior years.
The trolleys will run on Fridays
from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and on
Saturday from noon to 10 p.m.
There will be plenty of enter-
tainment for visitors over the
Fourth of July and the rest of the
summer and fall weekends. Most
shops, restaurants, and bars will
be open and will provide special
live music and events. Businesses
on Quietwater Beach Boardwalk
are reopening now, after undergo-
ing renovations for almost two
And the biggie of the year, the
Blue Angels Air Show will be July
13-15. For more information, call
the Beach Visitors Information
Center, 932-1500.

Cross in the Sand
Dr. Chuck Randle
Pensacola Beach Community Church

Pensacola Beach Optimist Club members Teet Brannon (left) and Bev
Dufrechou (right) playfully capture Kathleen Shelton in preparation for the
club's D-Day Summer Social and Shower Party held June 13, at Our Lady
of the Assumption's Hunt Hall on Pensacola Beach.

Driving East on Route 98, I
saw this large machine coming
toward me on the bike path. It
had bright lights at the top and
near the middle. At first, in the
distance, it looked like a military
tank, but as it got closer, I real-
ized it was a large contractor's
tractor. I thought how nice it is
that we don't see military tanks
patrolling our area like in so many
parts of the world; that we don't
have to worry about check points
to go from one area to another; and
that we don't have to worry every
time we get on the highway that
we might encounter roadside
bombs, etc. I realized again how
fortunate to live in America. We

know that this is not a perfect
country as evidenced by those in
positions of leadership in govern-
ment and business who take ad-
vantage of their positions and
power. At the same time, I real-
ize there are so many people in
other parts of our world who envy
us, even to the point of hatred, but
who would jump at the opportu-
nity to become citizens of our
Nation. With Independence Day
looming on the horizon, it would
be good for each of us to recog-
nize the benefits and values we
receive because of our citizenship,
and vow to do whatever we can to
help keep it a land of the free and
home of the brave.

Hurricanes delayed the Bunco Babes from celebrating birthdays, but
never fear. Carole and Chris Bayer hosted the Babes for a Bunco Birthday
Bash. Babes are (L to R): JoOnda Henderson, Shelley Bielenda, Amy
Armstrong, Birthday Babes Sherry Green, Lesley Mateer, Mary Dunne, Catti
Post, and Bunko Babes Carole Bayer and Cindy Naro.



OWNER FINANCING of 20%-30% makes this possible


We usually have several Portofino Units you can buy for...
CAL FORn DEAL 85071365 6 or 8578-86

Frankie & Stu Reynolds

Kelley &Alan Reynolds

c.T. k
v: L,

Tuesday, June 27 Tuesday, July 4
CrossTown After Hours

7-9 p.m.
at the
wS Gulfside Pavilion

For inlormalion call 932-1500 or tune to #'ify'

aSo oaland ondatb
SanLii Roa IWland Honda

June 21, 2006

Island Times


, .

PAGE 12 Island Times June 21, 2006

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C -3 -

"Copyrighted Material _

abe Syndicated Content- ---

SAvailable from Commercial News Providers"---


1 A

C -
C _

- CL
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- C 1 -

a --

C _~

4w- - -
Cd .

C C,

C -I aI a

C a l
o - e -r


- O
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8 r


- it


June 21, 2006

Island Times

t ga


-40- 4O


t C


- .0


June 21, 2006 Island Times PAGE 13


F,'CI) Esposlto

Champion Poker Players Gather At Beach Bistros

The Cham-
pions Tourna-
ment pitted
weekly Texas
Hold 'Em 4 Fun
S winners in hand
to hand combat at
the waterfront
poker tables Fri-

The first tropical system has
come and gone. His name was
Alberto. Alberto sent us big surf
the first day blown out every-
where on the main beach. But a
handful of us made the voyage
to the Fort Pickens Point by boat.
Surfers BZR Turner and
Greg Cofield went with me to
make the trek to our beloved
Point. As we arrived we saw four
or five boats already there from
the dawn patrol...these guys
were on it at first light and caught
it classic all morning. It was the
"water boyz" crew and they were
all over it.
What a great day being at
Pickens. It's still messed up, but
Then the next day, we had
perfect head high waves with off-
shore winds and green water.
Wow. Breaks were going off all
day, in fact it was the first waves
we have had in weeks.

Useful Items
What's large and full of nuts
and bolts and eats immense
amounts of dangerous and
highly-radioactive spent reactor
fuel? Read further to find out.
Did you know that the
United States has accumulated
more than 30,000 metric tons of
spent fuel rods and over 380,000
cubic meters of high-level radio-
active waste? And the dilemma
is, what to do with all of this
Now what's large and full of
nuts and bolts and can help stop
global warming? If you guessed
a breeder reactor, you are correct.
Give that person a prize.
If enough breeder reactors
were built, we could convert cars
to all electric vehicles, reduce
emissions, be independent of for-
eign oil and consume existing
nuclear wastes. Makes you won-
der why we aren't building them.
Homemade Dolly
Now moving on to a lighter

Surfers were everywhere
from Alabama and Destin to
Panama City. We were truly
blessed with this swell every-
Remember, as the tropical
systems track across the Gulf,
we get long range swells from
hundreds of miles away. These
are the best waves we get in the
summer months, as long as the
storms are miles away, condi-
tions are great for classic Gulf
Coast surfing.
So, as the season progresses,
keep an eye on the tropical up-
dates and track the swell as it
As for the Hurricane season
of 2006. It has started pretty
much the same as last year, with
a storm forming in the Gulf the
first few weeks of June. Is this a
trend? Well, let's wait and see.
It's going to be a long summer.
Stay safe. Stay Stoked.

object with a little less power.
What's 18 inches square, has
wheels and a rope through it? A
dolly that my husband, Ralph
built. I remember laughing at
Ralph when he built two dollies.
I have used them repeatedly and
cheer each time I use them.
Matt Mover
What is six feet long, two
feet wide, one inch deep, and
rests on the ground? If you
were thinking an exercise mat,
you were thinking correct item,
wrong usage. Exercise mats are
the best for moving heavy,
bulky furniture, especially if
you don't have two homemade
Ralph dollies.
Gator Fan
The Alligator Lopper by
Black and Decker just popped
up in the local area. It's a com-
bination pruner-chain saw
which is both compact and
powerful. Created with safety
in mind. Use it to clean up un-
ruly palm trees.

aay, June L at
Paradise Bar and
Grill. After all
the chips were
counted Richard
Uzdevenes took the title of
Champion's Champion home to
his wife, Janie. Richard was play-
ing as a alternate for his wife,
who was home recuperating from
The Monday night game at
Paradise on June 5 brought
twenty-five players to the tables.
Waldo Defindorfin took out
Miguel Thompson in the final.
Dave Bryant was third.
First time winner Jeff Reed
sneaked past Vance Teeples at the
soundfront Paradise poker game
on June 12.
Action moves into the his-
toric district on Wednesday
nights when players take a seat
at The Islander Lounge's poker
tables. Trace Lewis got his twelfth
win defeating Justin Robbins in
the final on June 7.
June 14 action was hot at
The Islander, but Ann Vinson
took down Trace Lewis and all
the rest to score her first Is-
lander win.
"The games begin at 7 p.m.
and there is no charge to play,"
said promoter Rick Uzdevenes.
"Bring your poker face and a
basic knowledge of Texas Hold
'Em and join us. It's all for


Jeff Reed Ann Vinson

i "....,

S T ANrE V-8 Powered
I Steam Clean

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
Area and Oriental Rugs Tile & Grout
Marble, Vinyl & Hardwood Cars, Boats & RV Interiors

932-7670 934-1913

voU l I
forgeJ t 434-6277


Beach Launclrv-


24 Vrs Clean Fold
Everyday Comfortable Service
Convenient Location

attendant on duty 9 to 5
everyday except Wed & Sun
37 Via de Luna 932-3005

t S I J1 A.J

Feel Like an Islander every other week.

Have Island Times mailed to your home or business
Send check for $32 to Shelley Ink:
PO BOX 844, GULF BREEZE, FL32562-0844



State: Zip:

June 21, 2006


Island Times

ID211.. d

PAGE 14 Island Times June 21, 2006



Pete Della Ratta

The toothy critter has be-
come loved and hated by fisher-
men and civilians alike. Inshore
and offshore fishing trips can be
made or dismantled when hook-
ing into one of these animals. For
those who like to wade through
the water; when you feel a hard
slap on the leg, this is the shark
telling you to get away from his
dinner. Please don't keep the
stringer of Trout next to your
body. Make sure the stringer is
far away from your lower halfjust
in case. There are Sharks in the
Pensacola Bay, Santa Rosa
Sound, as well as in the Gulf of
Mexico. You can sometimes wit-
ness a fight with one of these
creatures on the Pensacola Beach
fishing pier only to have them cut
off the line, because no one is
allowed to bring a Shark onto the
pier. Pier rules. There are
sightings all the time from the
pier whether it is in 5 feet or 20
feet of water. I once threw a pom-
pano jig on a 8-foot Hammerhead
Shark on the Fort Pickens Pier.
As expected, he laughed at me
and went on his merry way. I
still hear of Sharks being caught
off the Beach at night in the Bay,
Sound, and Gulf. A Shark will
stay alive on land without water
for some time, so if you walk up
on someone who caught a toothy
critter a "while ago" do not try to
give the shark a hug!
On the other hand, nothing
pulls line faster (other than a
King Mackerel) off the reel from
land than one of these. It will be
an exciting few minutes and then
the work comes. If you are not
fishing for Sharks then hopefully
it is a big Redfish, but if the drag
is tightened all the way down and
line is still screaming off, it is
better to cut your losses and cut
the line as soon as possible. If
you are like me, any fish on the
end of the line will never get off
that easy. I'm in it for the long
haul. I have fought a Bull Shark
off the Beach for 90 minutes be-
fore beaching him and letting
him go because I had no place to
put a fish that size. We used to
lasso the tail and drag the shark
on the beach before we started to
use our brains and bring gaffs
with us. The size of the Shark
you wish to catch will determine

NOAA Presents

Lightning Safety j

^ Week In Florida

what size rod and reel and what
size line or wire you will have to
have. Any bait and tackle store
can hook you up with the proper
materials you will need for a
chance at catching one of these
sea creatures.
Make sure you keep in mind
they are at home in the water and
you are the visitor. If you have
the room for one Shark then keep
a mid-sized one for dinner be-
cause they are good to eat. Be
wary of the mercury levels in
Sharks. They are not recom-
mended table fare for children
and expectant mothers. Remem-
ber only one Shark is allowed per
person or two per vessel.
As fascinating as these crea-
tures may seem, they, too, have a
place in the food chain. Some-
times a shark may be biting your
best catch ever in half right be-
fore your eyes or it might be one
of the longest fish fights you've
ever had. Either way you look at
it, a good and sometimes far
fetched story will come out of it.
Hook 'em up and fry 'em

' 'V



Pricing & Profitability Consiltants
to tile (onstiruction Indllsti' y



iwww.precisionesthnatics. coin

850-565-0714 *

Let us estimate tie cost or retail price of
your next construction project!

I Blue Angels Air Show, Pensacola Beach, July 15 1

I I I r -I I

A Bright Idea
Reducing the risk of being
struck by lightning is the focus
of national Lightning Safety
Awareness Week, which ends
June 24. Lightning is most com-
mon in the summer months, but
can be a hazard throughout the
year. And although most light-
ning victims are struck outdoors,
lightning poses a threat to those
indoors as well.
When on the Beach use cau-
tion when you see darkening
skies or hear thunder. Seek a
sturdy, enclosed shelter immedi-
ately, such as a building or hard-
top automobile.
John Jensenius, lightning
expert with NOAA's National
Weather Service, says, "Light-
ning causalities frequently occur
before the rain begins and soon
after the rain ends. Wait at least
30 minutes after the last sound
of thunder before returning out-
Last year in the United
States, lightning was reported to
have killed at least 48 people.
For more information go to
NOAA's lightning safety website


Gulf Froint

Best Price


S('all Grey today!

Beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bath
furnished rental unit on 7th floor,
hardwood floors, erown molding!
Fantastic unit in a modern Gulf
front building. Already booked for
most of the summer. Put your
money to work for you!

Grey Burge


S' greyburge@aol.com

Grey Burge


IB *P1~sl


Island Times

June 21, 2006


June 21, 2006 Island Times PAGE 15

CLASSIFIEDADS are $5 for 20 words. Additional words are 10 cents each. Send
ad with check made payable to Shelley Ink, P.O. Box 844, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562.

lug 4rW ..

Real Estate

Gulf Breeze Waterfront
5 bedrooms 3.5 baths, 3,894
sqft $1,200,000 Call Jeremy
Johnson 377-3145, Island
Realty of Pensacola Beach

Just Steps from the Gulf.
1682 Calle Bonita. 3 BR/2.5
Bath.1600 sf. Townhome with
view of Gulf from patio and
balcony. $395,000. Call Den-
nis Remesch, Re/Max on the
Coast. 850-384-7607

Add a Portofino Unit to your
portfolio. Let The Beach
Team show you how to take
advantage of owner financing
with zero cash down. Call Stu
Reynolds at 850-712-3465.
Levin Rinke Resort Realty


Espo Creative We Make
House Calls! Computer not
working? Just call Freddy 850-
324-4111. Repairs and an-
swers. Also, web design,
graphics. Audio and video sys-


John Parrish can find the car
for you. Call John at Pete
Moore Imports 850-341-1200.
Stop in and see John Monday
thru Thursday and Saturday.

m^HI|- ;r*.qiBflllkr

For Rent

Gulf Front Condo-Emerald
Isle: 2 condos for rent on
Pensacola Beach. 2 bedroom
2 bath, heated pool /jacuzzi
tasteful furnished.
Call Clark 850-324-2452


Hurricane Shutters and
Storm Panels. Affordable shut-
ters in 6 weeks or less! Do it
yourself or installation avail-
able. 850-450-9137 or 850-


Tired of searching for an-
swers to you or your child's
learning difficulties? Offer-
ing a series of programs
that work. Fun and different.
Paradise Learning Unlim-
ited Services or PLUS
or call Gene at 850-723-
8900 or Rita at 850-934-


Capable, Bonded, Licensed
Available to clean your home
or office. Please call 850-490-
5817 or 850-494-0964 for an

Don't take home wet ,sandy
towels. We are open everyday.
Wash, dry, fold services. Come
to the Beach Laundry, 37 Via
de Luna. 932-3005.

Please, leave only your foot-
prints on Pensacola Beach.

For Sale

BEDROOM SET 7 piece Solid
Wood Set, still in box. Retail
$3000. Sell $1095. Can deliver

double pedestal table, w/leaf, 2
arm, 4 side chairs, hutch & buf-
fet. Retail $4K. Must sell $1595.
Can deliver. 850-418-5274

li e in ttrei ..ss sets. brand
name ,arrant still in plas-
Full from 1in 12.
Oiueen from 1140
Full from $1..5
Ouieen from rin
yng from 1,24.
$1F.00 Sacrifice 15:.-
Can Deli er- '.-,0-41.-'.- 4


Wanted: boat that floats
Must be sun and fun filled.
Trouble free and comfortable to
enjoy And not overpriced! Call
Pandora at 850-432-4777.

---- --------- i
Dog Training

Classes Starting soon!
Gulf Breeze & Pensacola
Group & private available
(850) 572-0653
L formydobes@cox.net

"Copyrighted Material

Syndicated Content

Available from Commercial News Providers"


Al ha

Closets an Company, Inc.

Custom Closet Design and Installation

1 850-221-8771



June 21, 2006

Island Times



PAGE 16 Island Times June 21, 2006

0 Fried Shrimp f Great Steaks
# Upstairs Beach View dining
f Living Reef Aquarium Bar
Outdoor Gulfside beck

All You Can Eat

Catfish $9.95

(850) 932-0700
Open 7 days a week


S M aryland Soft Se.
Alaskan snow Jonh Stone King Cab
Dungeness Crab

S Oysters & Wings
Rf Monday Thursday
aIm Dine-in Only

Look for the RED ROOF at the
traffic light on Pensacola Beach


Island Times

June 21, 2006

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