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Christmas Spirit Lives Forever in the Hearts of the Sisters

The Christmas spiritmustre-
maminourhearts every day ofthe
year. This is the law as recorded
by the Sisters of the Beach. It is
part of their mystique and it is the
philosophy which governs their
way of life.
This eclectic group of ladies
never set out to make any waves
or do much of anything whenthey
were hanging out on Pensacola
Beachmany years ago TheBeach
girls and a Beach guy, Jay Wall,
often socialized on sunny after-
noons. Then, on the Fourth of July,
1974, Jay surpnsed the girls with
a card he had printed for them
whichread, "SOB Thus, the Sis-
ters of the Beach were born
"There were not many of us,"
Nancy Roney, an ongmal member
recalled. "I remember Shelly
Geler, Jane Peaden, Tnsh the Dish,
and Johnnie Bohannon. There
were a couple of others, but I've

forgotten their names "
So, for a while, these few
young women did what they had
always done. Nothing They
wanted nothing and expected
But, as more people came to
join them, things began to change.
First, it was all about parties. No
SOB evergotmarried, had abirth-
day, or had a baby without the
blessings and gifts from her Sis-
ters at an elaborate shower The
tradition continues today
"I was the first SOB to have a
child," Nancy said
Her daughter Shannon was
born 28 years ago, and yes, there
was a baby shower for her
Along about that same time,
the SOBs developed a network to
help any Sister who fell on hard
times Many of their years were
marked with tragedy, but they
clung together, loving and caring

for the person who needed them.
And, they did a whole lot of cook-
ing and fundraising. They were all
wonderful cooks, and they would
take their baked items and set them
up on a table on Derelict Comer.
All the monies they collected
would go directly to the person in
need They visited each other in
hospitals They baby sat with each
others children They did what had
to be done
Along with the tending to
emergencies, the SOBs continued
to have plain, old-fashioned fun.
One of their many annual events
was a sleep-over, where they
started off with a punch bowl full
of their signature drink, the Mi-
mosa, and ate lots of food Most
of them stayed up all mght, typi-
cal of all females at a slumber
When Mardi Gras arrived on
the Island, theywentfor itbigtime.

Board Cancels Meeting, Elects Ne

The Board of the Santa Rosa
Island Authority gave itself an
early Christmas present at the
December 12 meeting when they
voted to cancel the December 19
committee meetings
"There are only three items
onthe agenda," BuckLee, execu-
tive director said "Committee
meetings can be scheduled for
January 9 to address these items."
The noise ordinance which
has been silent for a while has
been raised again by residents
ofSouthHarbor The SRIAEx-
ecutive Director asked the
Beach Chamber of Commerce
to appoint a committee to study
the problem and they will bring
a recommendation to the meet-
ing on January 23 The County
regulation stipulates that the
noise must not exceed 70 deci-
bels, but local deputies do not
have a decibel meter After the
January 23 meeting, the Au-
thority will send a recommen-

nation to the County regarding
the ordinance.
The Board is still pursuing
commercial rebuilding on the Is-
land and they will have letters
sent to those businesses which are
not yet in compliance Five Flags
Inn, Holiday Townhouse, Tiki
House, Jubilee, The Palace, and
Azure Development Azure is the
corporation which owns the
Soundside property adjacent to
the Soundside Market
The attorney for The Palace,
Paul Flounacker, appeared before
the Board to request a time ex-
"I am trying to get this
project back on track," he said.
"My client needs more time to
prepare building plan for the 18
story hotel/retail center that they
SRIA Attorney Mike
Stebbins outlined the history of
the lease and recommended that
the time extension notbe granted.

Published every other Wednesday


Post Office Box 844 Gulf Breeze, FL 32562
850-916-5258 850-932-4090 fax
No portion ofthis publcalion may be reproduced without the consent ofthe publisher

The Palace owes the Island Au-
thority $29,700 plus $18,000 in
hquidated damages and attorneys
fees Flounacker indicated that he
had a check for the $29,700 to
settle an account from a previous
legal action, but when asked by
Chairman Vernon Prather to turn
the check over to Finance Direc-
tor Jayne Bell, he said he would
have to confer with his client
The Board voted on Lee's
request to have the authority to
dismiss, demote, or suspend de-
partm ent directors, but the em-
ployee involved would have the
ability to request a Board hear-
ing after the action is taken
Buck Lee noted in the Board
Member's forum that he would
ask the County to come up with
$10 million at their December 13
m eetmg to build a parking garage
on Pensacola Beach. The Island
Authority would be obligated to
pay the money back and several
suggestions were made to accom-
plish this including selling the
current SRIA office location and
giving the County the rent from
retail shops which would be lo-
cated in the garage.
If the County falls to come
up with the money for the project,
the SRIA would entertain the pos-
sibility of giving the land to an
entrepreneur in exchange for
building the parking garage
"It can be a public venture
or a public/private venture," Lee

Every season, for many years, the coolers, fishing gear and good
SOBs won a pnze for their some- cheer. When they gettwentymiles
times daring, but always exciting offshore they losetheirinhibitions,
parade floats As many of the if they ever had any. They, also,
SOBs have become mothers and catch more fish than any other an-
grandmothers, theymayhavemel- glers from the Beach.
lowed a bit Beach
Most of them males, perhaps a
nowwearagold little envious of
bracelet, given the SOBs, were
to them by their always trying to
Sisters to com- crash their par-
memorate their ties, orbecome a
fortieth or fifti- real member of
eth birthdays the club. Only
Also, they R one ever com-
now take great plied with the
pleasure i their rules the SOBs
monthly fishing wrote for men
trip on the ,who wanted to
Lively One t jointhem. Come
They call them- Robin Taylor received her gold to a party, meet
selvestheLively bracelet from Amy Depew Dec. 9 the no clothing
Ladies when dress code, and
they board the ship, laden with bring a gift Only one Beach guy
had the courage to comply with the
Officers regulations, Leroy Cardenas. He is
w the only male "Sister" of the
h Bach.
The Christmas spirit spilled
said "the mht wor out of their hearts when the SOBs
Safety measures on the new eaed of Leroys near fatal acci
Safety measures onthe new dent on Via de Luna in Novem-
Via de Luna were discussed with ber The established drill be
Dr Tom Campanella suggesting n
that the top speed might be re- gan at once Pray Sisters, pra
duced to twenty-five miles per Pray forLeroy Thatwas first and
hour This request will be added foremost although doctors gave
to the committee agenda him only a slim chance of living
Tammy Bohannon noted throughthenght Buttheyprayed
that she had received calls anyway
from residents who were upset Then they took action. They
over the possibility that the setuptheirCoconutTelegraphand
SRIA would hire deputies to soon word got around, so each
catchresidential speeders gog SOB knew what part she would
back and forth to work. She in play They took food to Leroy's
dicated that residents were not elderlymother, anddideveiythlng
going to be the problem intheirpwerto com fortMaryJo
The New Year will bring a They also began holding little
The New Year will brg a fundraisers and establishedabank
new set of officers to the podium account to he the fam meet
with Campanella as chairman, account to help the family
John Peacock, vice chairman, immediate expenses They did all
itwl y where it icra these deeds for "Sister Leroy"
Tammy Bohannon, secretary-
Threasurer and Fred antac They are still helping They will
Secretary treasurer Dr o continue to do whatever it takes,
Campanella will announce no matter the length of the jour-
commilttee asslgrnments in January ney
And finally, if you're look- Leroy not only made it
ing for the ice vending machine, through the first crintlcal days after
it will stay where it is for now the accident but lsnowawake. His
The request to move the m achine prognosis for recovery is optimis-
to the overflow parking lot north La week the Sisters cel
of the Pensacola Beach Marina ebrast week,the Sisrs cl
uncovered information that the ebrated, as usual, at their annual
uncovered information that the Christmas luncheon where they
land is m preservation. The Board t u a cll on for the L y
voted to request that the parcel a collection for the er
be rezoned as recreation/retail,
The Full Boardwill meet on And, they sang their song for
Wednesday January 9 at 5 p m Leroy. The raucous song that has
atteuth orty Office.Allmeet- always been their trademark,
wings are open to the public "Here's to Sister Leroy, we love
gs are open to the public you so much


Island Times

December 19, 2007

PA; t:I

Barefoot on the Beach

I love everything about
Christmas. It's in my genes. When
I was a child, there was no such
day as "Black Friday," but we
knew at our house, even as we
were eating our Thanksgiving left-
overs that Christmas was about
to begin. My mother always cre-
ated a decorating theme, which
usually required an abundance of
advance preparation. One Christ-
mas the theme was Christmas
bows. Mom got out her sewing
machine and made gigantic
Christmas bows for all the win-
dows. She then made bows to
cover the tree, and she added red
lights. My brother, sister and I
thought our house was the best
in the neighborhood as we went
out to look at the red lights re-
flecting in the snow drifts in the
Somewhere along the line, I
remember how Christmas got de-
railed by one of my mother's
elaborate plans. We called it the
"blue light" Christmas, long be-
fore Blue Light Specials blinked
in a discount store to designate
low priced items.
It was not cheery. In fact, it
was eerie. Everything was blue
and silver. After putting blue
lights on the tree, we all helped
cover it with Angel hair. That was
the filmy stuff, full of glass par-
ticles. For safety's sake, they don't
make it anymore. Not even in
China. The final effect was more
like Halloween than Christmas.
That was the only year we were
glad when the decorations came

down. We were always warned
not to touch the Christmas lights
which were large and lethal. Even
if they were blue, they were red
hot. How did we ever escape bunm-
ing the house down?
As the years went by,
Mother began crafting unique
items. She would knit tiny red
socks, and decorated the top with
white fur, just big enough to hold
a lipstick or a ten dollar bill. She
also made a series of climbing
monkeys from peanuts. She
painted them so they would look
like they just left the jungle, as-
sembled them on pipe cleaners,
so they could climb up candles.
During all her frenzy of bak-
ing, sewing and decorating,
Mother never forgot the needy.
I'm not sure how she found the
families who needed help at
Christmastime, but there were al-
ways baskets of food in our
house, which she and my dad
delivered themselves.
Even after my brother, sister
and I had moved on to our own
homes and were decorating for
our families, Mother continued
her Christmas projects. Only, by
now, she had time to conceive
more elaborate ideas. She, along
with the help of a handyman,
painted stove pipes, and made a
giant candy cane display in the
yard. Later, she took that up a
step. She painted steel tubes, and
put contractor's flares on top,
and placed them near the front
door. (Still, nothing burned down,
despite the open flame blowing

in the wind on top of the gigantic
We took our children home
one Christmas to find a large tree
lighted in standard, multi-colored
lights. The size of the bulbs had
come down to about half the size
of the originals that we remem-
bered as kids.
Mother's artistry that year,
was expended on a Christmas
scene. She had made a snowfall
on the mirror above the fireplace
by sticking wisps of cotton on
drops of syrup on the glass. The
village on the mantel was filled
with little people, all festively
dressed for Christmas. My mother
could make unbelievable dolls
out of clothes pins. She used the
old fashioned pins without a
spring. Then, she used her imagi-
nation, her sewing machine, and
miscellaneous rhinestones, feath-
ers and fake fur to give birth to an
entire village of Christmas people.
One year, right after Thanks-
giving, my mother began what
was probably her most impres-
sive endeavor. She went behind
service stations and gathered
dirty, oily purolators. These were
small mesh cylinders used as fil-
tering devices in motors.
She began storing them on
the back porch and bit by bit, she
cleaned them and painted them.
She planned to line the walkway

ByJane Waters Cooper

with these quaint luminaria. That
project was never finished since
she suffered a heart attack two
weeks before Christmas.
"I'm seventy-three and I
thought I was thirty-seven," she
quipped when she left the hospi-
tal to return home.
Mom lived twenty years af-
ter the heart attack, but she was
never again able to dream up and
complete any of her spectacular
Christm as decorating scenes.
I have never been able to
duplicate my mother's Christmas
magic. However, one year when I
lived inNew Orleans I made a tree
out of cardboard, attached big
gold bells to it and hung it on the
front door. When the wind blew,
the bells chimed. I won a ribbon
in the neighborhood decorating
contest for that creation. I was so
thrilled I was out of control.
I have never been very good
at making gingerbread men (or
women), taffy, and popcorn balls
- all skills my mother must have
been born with.
But I keep on trying. When I
first moved tothe Beach in 1979,
no one put up outdoor decora-
tions. I got out all my lights, ex-
tension cords, and put up a dis-
play. My neighbor across the
street, Dr. Jim Morganresponded
by lining his eves with big lights.
I then found spots for a few more



on Hi Def L 1

42 TVs 11 Big Screens

Pay Per ViewJ




on Thursday

2 IEa5 EI PEnsaclaBea

The One & Oily Family
Entertainment Center on
k 11d.s Id

Wed -Thu 2-10
Fri-Sat 111l
Sunday 10-10


ecom or, Islad Time PAGE

J -

lights. Jim, then, put lights on his
bushes. It's different now with all
kinds of great residential dis-
plays. And I hang in there with
hundreds of lights twinkling on
my house, thanks to Frank who
has the decorating bug. (I'm not
sure, but I think he caught it from
And one lesson we have all
learned through the generations
of Christmas decorating, blue
lights and angel hair are great for
Halloween and K-Mart specials.



To Improve
Leroy Cardenas, who was
critically injured in an accident on
Via de Luna on November 16 is
making progress in his recovery.
He remains in guarded condition.
Details are available on his
website www getwellleroy.com
A fund has been established
at the Bank of the South to help
the family weather the emergency
situation they are now facing.
Make checks payable to the Leroy
Cardenas Fund, take them to Judy
Lenderman at the Bank and she'll
do the rest.

losing 4 p.m.
bristmas Eye

rntMuwiuI 4 orM'">7

Ictbnr Tim c


PAGE 4 Island Times December 19. 2007

FormerBeach resident Gayle
Walker Tytlandsvik called from
Canada to say that she had been
avery good girl all year and Santa
would be renewing her Island
Times subscription. She keeps up
with her Beach sisters via the pa-
per. She also sends Merry Christ-
mas wishes to her family and
fnends on Pensacola Beach.
Nancy Roney says all she
wants for Christmas is to com-
plete her IRS testing. One of the
original Sisters of the Beach,
Nancy missed the Christmas lun-
cheon because she was studying
for the last of the three part exam.
Jennifer Neal spends her
days at Pensacola Beach Elemen-
tary School with a classroom full
of kindergartners She is looking

forward to the Christmas holidays
and spending some time with fam-
ily in Tennessee.
Alan and Jureda Lambert
were just part of the hundreds
who got caught up in the tidal
wave of Christmas spirit brought
on by the Joy For The Beach Con-
cert December 4 sponsored by the
Pensacola Beach Optimist Club.
Even the Grinch would have liked
this show
Shelly Geier came out of re-
tirement to teach at Catholic High.
She says she loves her job.
Daughter Cnssi, who is in the Air
Force stationed in Germany, is
making the most of it by spend-
ing her weekends snowboarding
in the mountains of Europe. Little
sister Erika is junior at the Uni-
versity of Central Florida. She

goes to school full time and works
at Latitudes in Orlando. Shelly
promises more updates in the New
Blair Amberson and
Meredith McCurdy already
opened presents this month. The
Pensacola Beach second graders
celebrated December birthdays.
Their classmate Zosia Uszok is
celebrating a second place win in
an international drawing contest
which she entered in Poland.
Ella Hess is leaving the white
sands of Pensacola Beach behind
in search of a snowy Christmas.
She feels certam that she will find
it in West Branch, Iowa while vis-
itine Ted Pence.


The December 5 trivia was a
no-brainer We asked for the name
of the Beach resident who had a
lot of clutter in his yard and pro-
tested endlessly, especially about
having to pay a toll to get to his
home. Darla Permenter was the
first to email the correct answer,
Papa Joe Reynolds. She wins the
Morrie Drees, faithful trivia
player, sent in answers to the two
last questions, both just a little
late. Remember Morrie, "He who
hesitates is lost." But, as runner-
up, Morrie wins a free round of
fantasy golf at Tiki Island.
Trivia newcomer, Angeli
McMillan of Gulf Breeze finished
in third place with the following
answer "Would the man who kept
a lot of junk in his yard be the
infamous Papa Joe?" Correct, but
too late.
Papa Joe was a real Beach

c aracter woa roiut ymau -on- trivia in the subject line.
Elks Bi Brother Farew ell tainted a barandbarstools,anold deadline to respond is 5p.m.
fashioned buggy, among other Wednesday, December 26.
DickZeliuswas a pillarof the Dick passed away in of 1989 things that added to the clutter Good luck!
Pensacola Beach Elks Lodge. Pensacola on December 4 His Dick is survived by his lov- Send 20 7 O t W it A Ban
Over a span of more than forty family had been in Pensacola ing wife of 28 years, Clare and
years,Dick,achartermember, kept sincethe 1800s. Dick andhiswife three children, Leigh, David and New Year's Eve is a family which is adjacent to Casi
the books and records in tact to Clare, andtheirchildren livedon Charlie Shearman, and three mghton PensacolaBeach Cham- Beach, will be open, serving
always insure the smooth opera- Pensacola Beach before relocat- grandchildren, ber of Commerce officials are ad- chocolate and cappuccino to
tion of Lodge affairs. This humble ing to Pensacola. Elks services were held on vising parents to be sure the kids while playing fantasy golf or
man, who was always smiling was Both were active in Mardi December 7, following visitation, take a long nap before they come of their many arcade games
arguably the most influential Grascelebrationsandweremem- gravesideserviceswereheldDe- toCasinoBeachfortheFireworks This free presentation
member of the Lodge during bersoftheKreweofWrecks,serv- cember 8 at Holy Cross Cemetery. displayatmidnight. sponsored by the Beach Cha
those years. ing as Ship's Officers in the court Dick was 77-years-old. Tiki Island Golf and Games, ber. Formoreinfocall932-150

i -//< rPensacola Beach-



(hlri'rmI% Fe 6 pmi
Nloiitla%. Dec. 24

Pcn'.stcola Beaich
onminunirt churchh
.-%enidai 18 N \ia de Luna

S riPase joiii u.s


John Pinzino



In addition to real estate sales, we now
"er Community Association Management.
Island Realty professionals are just a
one call away to assist you with real estate
rchases, sales and now community
sociation management


Jeremy Johnson
CommunityAssoc. Manager

45 Via de Luna
Pensacola Beach




He squared off at almost every
Santa Rosa Island Authority meet-
mg, challenging the Board on
their decisions. He never bought
a bridge pass because he said no
one should have to pay to reach
home. (His friends bought him a
pass, so, if he ever left the Island
which wasn't often, he could get
back on.) His voice is stilled now.
We miss him.
So, it's almost Christmas
"How long will a fruit cake last if
properly stored?" This is multiple
choice. We want someone to win
at-shirt for Christmas. If you don't
know, guess A Two Months; B
Six Months; C. One Year; D. Ten
Years; E. Twenty-Five Years.
You can win the coveted t-
shirt if you are the first to email
the correct answer
Rules are the same. Send
your trivia answer to
islandtimes@bellsouth.net with


Island Times

December 19, 2007

December 19,2007

Early Birds Not Welcome

Wrecks members were
warned at their Monday night,
December 3 meeting not to show
up early at the February 2 Cham-
pagne Breakfast at Crabs.
Lynn Cleutat, decorating
chairman, said, "Don't come early
pretending to be on the decorat-
ing committee, so you can get the
best table."
The doors will open at 10
am andthedecorating willbe fin-
ished by the committee onFriday
night before the breakfast.
The Krewe of Wrecks

showed up at the meeting at
The Dock despite windy, cold
weather. They were rewarded
for their efforts when the hosts
rolled out Red Beans and Rice
with spicy sausage, fried cat-
fish, fried chicken strips and
chicken wings.
Melanie Walte, the treasurer,
submitted the information for this
story, commenting that it was a
great night to enjoy a sofa, blan-
ket, fire and ahot toddy at home.
The Wrecks, well known for their
sturdiness, thought otherwise.

Island Times

N.,irIh Aiiitc..an Arcnipac. Dlelense C'Pniniand NORAD
\ I1II a Ii 1 .id .in.i i i I h i n I Ii .I .111 on( hi i Iii.1 I 'i
I .uItllmda. iii ill h nr e n \51iI1 .u lIi I. .al .nll.uhI.I Ii lnnldrnnn .1 ll .1'I -
n, II .l .i.inLi.4iC

Grand Prize Awaits Passport Winner

Do you have your passport
stamped and ready to travel? Re-
membertoget it stamped atBeach
businesses participating in the
Season Your Holidays withIsland
Spirit festival, presented by the
Pensacola Beach Chamber of
After you have ten stamps,
take your passport to the
Visitor's Information Center,

and you will receive a free sou-
venir gift from the Chamber.
Also, your name will automati-
cally be entered in the drawing
for the grand prize of dinner for
two at the Hilton, a mght's stay
on the Beach, and $500 in other
pnzes The drawing will take place
at the Paradise Bar and Grill at 4
p m onNew Year's Day You do
not have to be present to win.



-_ -_ -.

Kowabunga Santa (Mike Foley) gets to hear the secret wishes
from Graham Pennington, a three-month-old Pensacola Beach
surfer dude. Graham slept through the festive breakfast at Surf
Burger but was wide awake for his first visit with Santa.

The Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce Season Your
Holidays with Island Spirit celebration included a Kowabunga
Breakfast with Surfing Santa at Surf Burger December 9. According
to Santa these high spirited Beach people have been very good -
Jeff Elbert, Chamber president; Dr. Thomas Campanella, SRIA Board
member; Debbie Campanella, Beach School teacher; and Debra Foley,
co-owner of Surf Burger who hosted the event.


~peas, p0 ~ ~Gin(lingerbread House Construction Tiki Island Golf and Games, Deember z

a6r- martini 4

by katVi lewis Be

Lord, was that the best SOB
Christmas Brunch we've had in
years, orwas itjust me? I know it
wasn't just me, because there
were still a lot of Sisters playing
when I went home. The Jingle
Bell caravan to Jane's was won-
derful. After we arrived, Deb
Friedman ran around handing out
papers as if anyone could possi-
bly read at that point. Her inten-
tions were good, of course. And,
it was a lovely thought, just not
exactly practical for'after' brunch.
As I looked blearily at the paper
the next morning, I realized it con-
tained a numberof Christmas Car-
ols that Deb had high expecta-
tions of the SOBs performing for
Jane and Frank. God Bless her.
Someone, I have no idea
who, began to "sing" the Twelve
Days of Christmas! That's the
hardest song in the world to re-
member even before a Cham-
pagne Brunch! And, let me point
out, that had we been capable of
reading, the words to that song
were not on the paper! Oh my
God, I'll bet that was the most en-
tertaining sight to behold that
Jane or Frank have ever seen. I
sure hope it was entertaining, at
least, since the only words that
we were all capable of remember-
ing were "Five Golden Rings!"
We had that part down, for sure.
And God Bless Jayne
(Drees) Redmond for trying her
best to lead us in "singing" the
correct words! That was very
brave of you, Jayne, andwe thank
you, but you can only do so much
withabunchof Champagne filled
SOBs. For a moment there, I
wished I was the one up on Jane's
balcony because I understand
what it means to be only one spe-
cial Sister that is paraded and ser-
enaded by the SOBs.
We love you, Sister Jane,
(and you too, Frank) and I hope
we put a smile on your face and
some warm stuff in your hearts!
And another God Bless to
LeRoy Cardenas. He is still recu-
perating at Baptist Hospital, so
Amy DePew and I went to visit
his mother, Ms. Maggie Bryant.
What a real treat this remarkable
lady was to visit! We brought
her some food because she had
been so worried she was not eat-
ing well. Amy and I introduced
ourselves and tried to explain that

the Sisters of the Beach were pro-
viding this food and her son was
the only male member of the
SOBs. Yeah, right...try explain-
ing THAT to someone's mother!
Amy had made a beautiful
card, which she read to Ms.
Maggie. Well, Ms. Maggie was
so impressed she carried that
card to the hospital and read it
to anyone who would listen,
and a few that wouldn't. I heard
she read it to LeRoy numerous
She didn't quite under-
stand who the SOBs really
were, and, I guess it was the
"Sister" part, but she told ev-
eryone that we were an all fe-
male church on the beach and
LeRoy was the only male mem-
ber! She was so proud of her
son, and rightly so. He has been
our 'token' male for numerous
years and has shared in our ad-
ventures with sealed lips.
We can't do very much for
LeRoy right now, so I'm asking
the SOBs to help Ms. Maggie.
LeRoy is her only surviving
child and he visited his mother
several times a week. He will
not be able to visit her this Holi-
day Season. If you can spare
just a little time to visit with her,
I know that when you leave,
you will find that you received
the most benefit! She is truly
delightful, very gracious and
loves biscuits. Throw a couple
in your pocket when you go.
I know I had too much
cooking stuff in the last issue,
but we do have to throw in a
recipe. This one is guaranteed
to be a big hit at Christmas Din-
nerl So, let's cook....

Fruitcake Surprise

1 large fruitcake, any kind
% Cup Cherry Brandy
1/ Cup Peach Schnapps
1 Cup Banana Liqueur

Punch a lot of holes in the
fruitcake. Slowly pour all liquids
over cake. This may be the first
fruitcake ever actually eaten! Not
to be served to children.
Merry Christmas & Happy
Holidays to all and remember,
"Make new friends, but keep the
old. One is silver, the other is
See ya in the kitchen......

Mat Schang's Condo

Lauren Pinkston's Castle

Benton Byrd's Beach House

Maria's Fres Seafoob Market
STake a little bit of the Gulf Coast home!
S(L Fresh from the boats daily
We can cold pack for travel or ship anywhere.
621 Cerv tes Street
Pensacola 432-4999 MON SAT S M -7 PM s
Call for directions from the Beach S 8 A 6

The popularity of single-malt Scotch
whisky is surging, wth devotees con-
centrating on the stronger-tasing variet-
ies To fullyappreciatesinglemalt Scotch
whisky, it is important to begin with the
proper glass. Use a "nosing glass,"
which is a cross between a brandy snif-
ter and a tulip shaped wine glass, both of
which are decentalternatives With the
base of the stemware being wider than
itstop, a nosing glassallows the aromas
of the whisky to gather in the bowl and
waft upward. Next, it isa good idea to
add a wee dram ofwater to the whisky,
which serves to release the fugitve aro
matic compounds and sufficiently dilute
the alcohol so that it anesthetizes neither
the nose nor the palate
HINT Whisky should be drunk cool, not
chilled, and never with ice, which ob-
scures the flavors
Each Scotch, especially single-malt
Scotch, has its own taste and today's
column offers some ideas ofhowto best
samplethem HereatBeachWinesand
Liquors, Inc. we have a great selection
ofliqueursand spirits, mixes and wines
Feel ree to browse around and to ask us
any questions you may have Forqual-
ity and service that will please you, we
are here for all your wine andspit needs

leen 7!r

flaug!tV or Nice

Geronimo's has the perfect gift for everyone ?

Come and enjoy our open house
CIristmas ?Party on the 23rd of D:aTrl
'You can d your last minute sboppg
right here while we entertain you with our
; fabulous wine tastligs
Come and experience this one of a kiid
shopping paradise. %

S6200 Sq. Ft of eclectic art, gifts and apparel
The perfect place to find that special gift -P0"h

l4 9 Via de Luna. peneacola "zeacb. Florida
Ooen Daflv 10am-rcm 850.16.3102


Island Times

December 19, 2007

December 19, 2007

$04'-v V'04 4r

present by the
Pensacola Beach ,
Chamber of
Commerce 0

* December 23
Santa and His Paparazzi Photo
Session Island Style 2 to 4 pm
On the eve of Christmas Eve,
be sure to visit Santa. The sweet
smell of peppermint candy canes
will leadyouright to him. Have your
photo taken for a nominal charge

December 24
Candlelight and Carols -
Beach Church 6 pm
The choir of the Pensacola
Beach Community Church invites
visitorstojoin their IslandChrist-
mas Eve tradition of caroling by
candlelight All are welcome. Free.

December 25
Mass, Our Lady ofAssumption
Catholic Mission 9:45 am
The Island's Catholic Church is
located at the comer of Via de Luna
and Avenida 18. Everyone is wel-
come at Mass on Christmas Day.

Fireworks Finale -Casino Beach
Parking Lot- Midnight
Dazzling display of pyrotech-
nics will awe spectators ready to
ring in the New Year on Santa Rosa
Island. Bring the whole family.
Enjoy dinner and shopping on the
Island. Tiki Island Golf and Games
will also be open all night long.

January 1
Polar Bear Plunge Paradise
Bar and Grill-2 pm
The emerald waters of Santa
Rosa Sound are filled with those
hardy souls who wade, swim and
scurry to the finish line. Heaping
bowls of black-eyed peas wait to
warm them. Entry fee benefits the
Chamber. No charge to cheer. Pass-
port to Santa's Island Grand Prize
Drawing at 3 p m

For More Inform ation Call
-) -)r -)

y Dancingly Yours Dancer Ashley Spencer performed a solo on pointe to
e "The Chnstmas Box." Seventeen-year-old Ashley is the daughter of Tim
and Charlotte Spencer.

B Monday 10am til BARE Appreciation Day: 1st drink
M FREE with badge or ID. Happy hour til close
7pm Football & Free Pizza while it lasts
Tuesday 8pm til KARAOKE PARTY! New song list
SWednesday 7:30pm til "OPEN MIC NITE"
Thursday 8pm til LIVE MUSIC by Tim Spencer
Friday & Saturday 8:30pm-12:30am LIVE BAND
(www.undihker.com for lineup)
Sunday 3-7pm TOAST & JAM w/Michael Jencks

850.932.2211 Open 10am-3am 7 days a week
731 Pens Beach Blvd., Pensacola Beach (Across from the Boardwalk)
For weekly lineup, visit us at www.SandShaker.com

PAGE 8 Islalnd Times D er 9207

Pigskin prognosticator Barry McCleary has made his annual picks
for the college football bowl season. With his 'Bama hat squarely on
his head and his crystal ball polished to a high shine, Barry has pre
dicted the victors by underlining their names.
Bowl Game Date/Time Site Matchup
Poinsettia Bowl Dec 20, 9 p.m. San Diego Utah vs. Navy
New Orleans Bowl Dec 21, 8 p.m. New Orleans FL Atlantic vs Memphis
PapaJohn's.com Dec 22, 1 p.m. Birmingham Cincinnati vs Southern Miss
New Mexico Dec 22, 4:30 p.m. Albuquerque New Mexico vs Nevada
Pioneer Bowl Dec 22, 8 p.m. Las Vegas BYU vs. UCLA
Sheraton Hawaii Dec 23, 8 p.m. Honolulu East Carolina vs Boise State
Motor City Dec 26, 7:30 p.m. Detroit Purdue vs Central Michian
Pacific Life Holiday Dec 27, 8 p.m. San Diego Texas vs. Arizona State
Champs Sports Dec 28, 5 p.m. Orlando Boston College vs Mich. State
Texas Bowl Dec 28, 8 p.m. Houston TCU vs. Houston
Emerald Bowl Dec 28, 8:30p.m. San Francisco Maryland vs Oreaon State
Meineke Car Care Dec 29, 1 p.m. Charlotte Wake Forest vs Connecticut
AutoZone Liberty Dec 29, 4:30 p.m. Memphis UCF vs. Mississioi State
Alamo Bowl Dec 29, 8 p.m. San Antonio Penn State vs Texas A&M
Independence Bowl Dec 30, 8 p.m. Shreveport Colorado vs Alabama
Bell Armed Forces Dec 31, 12:30 p.m. Fort Worth Air Force vs California
Sun Bowl Dec 31, 2 p.m. El Paso South Florida vs Oregon
Humanitarian Bowl Dec 31, 2 p.m. Boise Georgia Tech vs Fresno State
Music City Bowl Dec 31, 4 p.m. Nashville Kentucky vs Florida State
Chick-fii-A Dec 31, 7:30 p.m Atlanta Aubum vs Clemson
Insight Bowl Dec 31, TBA Tempe Indiana vs Oklahoma State
Outback Bowl Jan 1, 11 a.m. Tampa Wisconsin vs Tennessee
AT&T Cotton Bowl Jan 1, 11:30 a.m. Dallas Missouri vs Arkansas
Gator Bowl Jan 1, 1 p.m. Jacksonville Virginia vs. Texas Tech
Capital One Bowl Jan 1, 1 p.m. Orlando Michigan vs Florida
Rose Bowl Jan 1, 4:30 p.m. Pasadena USC vs. Illinois
Allstate Sugar Bowl Jan 1, 8:30 p.m. New Orleans Hawaii vs. Georgia
Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Jan 2, 8 p.m. Glendale Oklahoma vs West Viroinia
FedEx Orange Bowl Jan 3, 8 p.m. Miami Virinia Tech vs Kansas
International Bowl Jan 5, 12 p.m. Toronto Ruters vs Ball State
GMAC Bowl Jan 6, 8 p.m. Mobile Tulsa vs. Bowling Green
BCS National Champ Jan 7, 8 p.m. New Orleans Ohio State vs LSU

Holiday Festivities Winding Down

Don't forget to have your
passport stamped at Chamber of
Commerce businesses participat-
ing in the Season Your Holidays
with Island Spirit festival When
your passport is complete take it
to the Visitor's Information Cen-
ter and you will receive a special
gift Also, youwill automatically
be entered in the prize drawing
for dinner at the Hilton's H20, a
night's stay, and $500 in other gifts
and prizes The drawing will take
place at Paradise Bar and Grill
during the Polar Bear Plunge You
do not have to be present to win.
It's not too late to pick up your
passport at the VIC and take it
around the Island to get it
If you are yearning for ajoy-
ous, relaxed Christmas moment,
go to the Beach Community
Church Christmas Eve at six
o'clock and participate in the
Candlelight and Carols service.
Everyone is invited to join this
Christmas Eve tradition
Christmas Mass will be at

9:45am December25atOurLady
of the Assumption Catholic
Church The churches welcome
all residents and those who are
visiting for the Season Your Holi-
days with Island Spirit to their

Ne, )ies E e

/EiuJkE KS

(ap i'qo',jBeach

Bank of the South Island Branch
Full Service Banking Close to Home

'= mii s E- **Sf *

*Internet Banking
* Bill Payment Service
*Waterfront Financing

LENDE www.bots-f.com

Leave the Cookin' To Us!


Squash Casserole
Green Bean Casserole
Sweet Potato Casserole
Green Beans
Corn Bread Dressing

Apple Pie

(4 to 6)

(8 to 12)


Smoked Turkey
(14 to 16 lb)

Smoked Turkey Breast
(9to 12 lb)

Pit Ham Spiral

per pound

per pound

Place YgjdHoliday Orders





OrderParty Trays
Meats, Cheeses, BBQ, ChickenWinp'

The Narket

2nd Florr* At the Pcn\a.ioil Be.iul !Nlainn
Oi'rnl liking Lnille S.ihine B.i\
8511-'1-'19)2 P n%.lcola B ac.ih

Full Service

w=".. nanr- Eta

IMAM" .L Nr 2-

Ve will be clo'
er y Chrishn
Carol & Jerr

Cafe serving
IS Bric.'fld'.'i, & Liich
8 to 2 DAIL\


CaTEana C ILub

Flex Line Home Equity Loans
Conventional Mortgages
Personal Service
Mon-Thurs 9 4:30
Friday 9 5:30



alsI nd Times

December 192007

TDC Hears 2008 Requests For Funds

The Tourist Development
Council has just completed dis-
tribution of Bed Tax funds in
Escambia County, but is already
hearing requests for 2008. Attheir
meeting on December 4 Ed
Schroeder, Pensacola Area Con-
vention and Visitor's Bureau,
came before the TDC Board to
request funding to support the
advertising of seventeen major
festivals that will occur in

Star Scout Robert Baston of
Gulf Breeze Troop 401 calledme
after having read an article in the
Island Times and asked if I was
still taking school supplies to In-
dian children living on reserva-
Robert, a Gulf Breeze High
freshman, asked if he could col-
lect school supplies and donate
them forthe children
Three weeks later Robert
and his Mom were at my door
with a car load of goods. The
Caldeceaver Indian School inMt.
Vernon, Alabama conducted a
Native American Pow Wow on
the day of our intended delivery.
All the elementary children
were handsomely dressed in full
Native Choctaw regalia for the
festivities and Robert was taken
to the center of the dance circle
to be recogmzed
This was Robert's firstexpo-
sure to Native American culture
and before this day, he hadnever
heardtheNative American Drum
or seen Indian children all
dressedup in authentic regalia at
a real Pow Wow It was the first
time he ever met a true Native
American Princess
All this culture impressed
Robert to the degree that he and
his Mom have decided to re-
searchtheir own Native American
This is truly a story of self-
less giving for the holiday sea-
son and for Robert this is a story
thatgoes on all year long His lat-
est project is collecting toiletries
for the homeless
I wonder what Robert
Bastonwill be doing for mankind
fifteen or twenty years from now?
I, for one, am inspired by his giv-
ing nature and humble willing-
ness to serve his fellow man and
I'll think of him with every trip I
make to a reservation in the fu-

Escambia County next year.
Schroeder requested $170,000 for
advertising. The council did not
fund the request
"There is no money to do
this," saidNancyHalford, Board
member. "We will have to look at
the available sources in this fi-
nancial information "
Ray Palmer from the
Pensacola Sports Association
made a request for $15,000 The

Council voted to assist the PSA,
if the need arises, to create a pro-
fessional presentation m their bid
to become an NCAA Champion-
ship City
"This is a huge opportunity
for us to bring college champion-
ships here from 2009 through
2013," Palmersaid.
Two members ofthe Board are
from Pensacola Beach, Andrew
Rothfeder Portofino and Nan

Gulf Breeze teenager Robert Baston, seated, collected school
supplies for the children at Caldeceaver Indian School in Mt. Vernon,
Alabama. Chief George Dodge, standing, supports Native Americans
and tribes in South America year round through his school supply
drives. Joining the two men are Choctaw Indian Princesses.

Sunday Church
Pensacola Beach
Churches are located at
the corner of
Avenida 18&Via de Luna

Our Lady Catholic Mission
-9:45 Am

Pensacola Beach
Co munity Church

Christmas Eve
Co munity Church
Candlelight& Carols

Christmas Day
Our Lady Catholic Mass -
9:45 am

Harper, Island Realty.
Rothfeder asked Schroeder
why people come to this area
Schroeder replied, "The
beaches," but added, "There are
many secondary attractions such
as the Naval Air Museum, history
and culture "
Rothfeder voiced his con-
cerns that the funding awards are
a reactive process.
"We seem to do just what
has been done before. I, person-
ally, would be infavor of creating
a strategic plan prior to hearing
requests, a road map of where we
are going and what goals have
been established. I am willing to
invest my time to do that," he said
The Council heard a report
from Janet Lander, County attor-
ney, who told the group that the
TDC allocates the Three Cent
Tourist Development Tax and the
County Commissioners allocate
the Fourth Cent tax.
The Council voted unani-
mously to authorize Denis
McKmnon, chairman, to write a
letter to the County Commission-
ers requesting that the TDC also
control and allocate the Fourth

Robert Turpin, Escambia
County Marine Resources agent,
gave report on the artificial reefs,
including the Onskany.
"The Onskany project, along
with the sinking of the artificial
reefs impacts tourism in a great
amount. The University of West
Florida is publishing a study
which reveals impact at $200 mil-
lion," Turpin said
Although the Santa Rosa Is-
landAuthonty requested funding
to purchase new lifeguard stands
andthe Beach Chamber of Com-
merce sought funds to help with
theirmonth long Christmas festi-
val in 2007, neither received any
TDC money The SRIAdid, later,
receive monies from the Fourth
Centsalestax Distributionmoney
comes primarily from BedTaxes
The Beach supphed a total of $ 4
million in Bed Taxes to the TDC
in 2007. To date, although this is
a substantial sum, Beachrequests
have rarely been honored.
The nextmeeting of the TDC
willbe Tuesday, January 15 at4 30
inroom 8201, second floor at221
S. PalafoxPlace inPensacola

Shipping & Packaging Services
Fax & Copy Services
Printing C Doocument Finishing Services 9
Notary Servicos
Mailbox Servicoes
Packaging & Moving Supplies
Office Supplies

Bruno's Shopping Center
362 Gulf Breeze Parkway
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
850 932 8533 Tel 850.932 1588 Fax

-------mm mm ---- ---------- -mua

Mardi Gras on the Island 2007-2008
Krewe of Wrecks Meetings Jan 7 Sidelne's
All begin at6 pm. Jan Sde
Join at the meetings. Dues $20 Jan 14 Elk's Lodge
Dec 31 Nereids/Brewe New Year's Eve Ball Elks Lodge, 8 pm $35/person

Jan 5 Krewe of Nereids King Kake Party, Paradise, 3 pm Free
Jan 6 Rhinestone and Royalty, Paradise, 3 pm Free
Jan 12 Krewe of Nauga Champagne Breakfast, The Dock 10 am $15/person
Jan 18 Krewe of Nerieds Moon Pie Party, Sandshaker, 7 pm Free
Jan 19 Krewe of Junkanoo Kritter Krawl, Gulfside Pavilion, noon Free
Jan 19 Krewe of Kids Parade, Gulfside Pavilion, 1 p.m. Free
Jan 19 Krewe of Bananimals Ball, Quality Inn, Gulf Breeze, 8 pm, BYOB $25/person
Jan 21 Krewe of Wrecks King's Supper, Elk's Lodge, 7pm $25/King
Jan 21 Krewe of Wrecks Queen's Dinner, Flounder's, 7 pm $25/Queen
Jan 25 Shaker Krewe Toast 2 U, Sandshaker Lounge, 8 pm Free
Jan 26 Krewe of Wrecks Grand Costume Ball, The Dock, 8 pm $25/member

Feb 2 Krewe of Wrecks Champagne Breakfast, Crab's, 10 am $25/member
Feb 3 Krewe of Wrecks Parade Via de Luna, 2 pm Free
Feb 4 Krewe of Wrecks Red Beans and Rice, Casino Beach, 11 am Free
m mm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmi

Boy Scout Reaches Out To Native American Children
by George R Dodge, Sr. Chief WhiteAntelope

December 19, 2007

Island Times


After Sundown

Go crabbing on the Gulf of Mexico, at Crabs, We Got 'Em -
Alaskan Snow, Dungeness and King Crabs are all on the exten-
sive seafood menu Sip and sit at the live aquarium bar or at the
upstairs, outdoor Gulfside deck. Oysters and Wings are two
bits on Monday through Thursdays No reservations, come as
you are.
At the traffic light -find the red roof and the twinkling lights on
Casino Beach and you're in Crab Heaven Open everyday 850-
932-0700. www crabswegotem.com

Little bit of paradise at this open air, island style bar with its
own privatewhite sand beach. Pull up a rattan stool Cold beer Live
Music. Exotic Libations Friendlylocals Lunch and Dinner every-
day Cuban sandwiches Black and Blue Burgers Happy Hour 11-
7 Live Bands. Poker on Monday.
Tucked away in the parking lot of the Paradise Inn, it's directly
on Santa Rosa Sound Boat and Bicycle parking Open 7 days

The Gulf Coast's Premier Entertainment Complex. Seven
rooms of fun all under one roof! Karaoke, Texas Hold'Em, Team
Trivia, Pool, deo games and more. Live Entertainment Seven nights
a week with live music on four stages every Fnday & Saturday night
Serving lunch and dinner, too! It's where the Party People Partyl
Located in Historic Downtown Pensacola at 130 East Gov-
ernment Street Open Monday- Saturday from 11 until 2:30 a m
and 5 p.m. until 2 30 on Sunday Ring 434-6211 or visit

Step back in time and enjoy Flounder's antique collection
Step into now and enjoy Flounder's top rated seafood. Indoor
and outdoor dining Even a beach playground for the kids. Beach
Bar neath the moon and stars- Diesel Fuel in a commemorative
mason jar. Bilgewater Margaritas. Gift shop Fred Flounder,
Located at the traffic light on Pensacola Beach. Next to the
55 ft. shrimp boat Open everyday 850-932-2003

Ahoy, Matey You've found a Pensacola Beach treasure. Pi-
rates welcome Fresh Gulf seafood served in the galley or outside
on the awning covered deck Glassfront bar overlooks LaFitte Cove
All kinds of oysters Live lobster. Gumbo Dinner specials nightly
Sizeable sandwiches and burgersfor Landlubbers Take home at-
Look forthe Jolly Rogersflying over the west end ofthe Island
at 1010 Fort Pickens Road We're here everyday at 11.932-4139
www peglegpetes com

Score! Don't miss a point. See it all in high definition -11 big
screens, 42 televisions If it runs, jumps, races, it's here. Famous
for ThursdayWing Night Burgers. Seafood and Ribs. Kidsmenu
fortheJVplayers Fullbar Indooraroutdoorseating.Videosports
Centrally located on Via de Luna, just east of the main parking
lot and the traffic light Kick off at11 a.m seven days a week. 934-

Even a bragging Irishman can't dojustice to McGuire'swhere
the atmosphere is an authenticturn-of-the-century pub. McGuire's
has been named one ofAmerica's great steakhouses, and is world
famousforits culinary artistry Dollar bills on the walls, a moose to
kiss and employees who give a damnl Try an Irish Wake or Senate
Bean Soup.
Open at 11 am everyday Easy drive to 600 East Gregory
Street in Pensacola 850-433-6789 www mcguiresirishpub com

The "World Famous Sandshaker"- a Pensacola Beach Tra-
dition since 1973 It's the Home of the Original Bushwacker and
has been selling this signature drinkfor over 30 years. The Shaker
was the 1st bar on the Beach to offer this tasty frozen concoc-
tion Live Music Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun Karaoke Tuesday
Iguana Grill open Wednesday-Sunday
Across from the Boardwalk on Pensacola Beach. Open
10am until3am 850-932-2211. wwwsandshakercomforphoto
gallery and event schedule.

Open for Breakfast and Lunch everyday from 8 to 2
Waterfront dining overlooking beautiful Sabine Bay The Club is
also available for wedding receptions, business meetings or
any other occasion that calls for a spacious waterfront venue,
casual to elegant catering and a staff who truly cares about
their clients. Sunsets are priceless. Elevator rides are free
Your hosts are Carol and Jerry Sears Located on the third floor
above the Market on the Island. 916-7446

December 19.2007 Island Times PAGE 11

HONORED GUESTS The Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce
honored longtime volunteers at their December9Christmas party
at the Hilton. Eileen Cywanowicz, left, and Jean Curtis guessed
that their combined years of service totaled close to three de-
cades. Discussing important beach business in the background
are Pat Spencer, center, and Visitor's Information CenterAdmin-
istrative Assistant Ashley Archer.

)te tifJ% a77 a(l~y a 6

Stop in at the Emerald Isle Resort Realty Office
for coffee, holidays treats, and good conversation!

Brian Tucker Karen Jurkowich
850-261-9128 850-384-5767
< ^

Everything you need Right here on the Beach .--
r * a
Gasolie to G ocerie

until 11 PM

Check Our
3 Pack Cigarette

From Beer to Snacks
Everything You
Need for football

Easy entry and exit
on Via de Luna.

In a Hu

Groceries (
Ice *
Ice Cream I
Coffee I


7old Beer & Wine
Frozen Foods
Premium Cigars
ree Island Times

ATM located inside
22 Via de Luna Across from Subway and Paddy O'Leary's Pensacola Beach

December 19.2007

Island Times


PAGE 12 Island Times December 19.2007





h* d

hted Material

.; 'i Syndicated Content
4Available from Commercial News Providers"
"" 4: .'=


Island Times

December 19.2007


w so *"
2 &1*

Letters To The Editor ra

Trivia Evokes Fond Memories
Hmmmm, the answer to your
trivia question for December 5
sounds like the ever cantankerous
"Papa Joe." Ah yes, the man who
hung plastic crawdads in his
beard for Mardi Gras or painted
it green for St. Paddy's Day.
Ijust had to send this in after
running across your paper at
S.;. .... ij inmymind,
I 1 i ., I, ..iatwined with
my memories of The Islander.
Who am I? Someone old
enough to be an obscure piece of
beach trivia herself.
Hugs to Jane, Shelley and
Sara James
[Sara James was a member
of the founding committee of the
Krewe of Wrecks. She served as
the house artist and court jester
for many years. The original art-
work reproduced on this year's
shirt, was created by Sara. She
also designed and made the first
costumes. Sara was a cherished
SOB whose art often appeared in
ads in The Islander Newspaper.
She is now a registered nurse liv-
ing in Pensacola.]
Wooly Booger King
Longstanding Good Guy
Renee Mack was crowned
Queen Shugah at the Wooly
Booger Bawl, December 1. Her
King of Wooly will be her hus-
band, Jim Mack. To prove his
longstanding Wooliness and love
for the Beach, she has submitted
a letter of commendation from the
Santa Rosa IslandAuthority Gen-
eral Manager Jack Cowley which
was written to Jim's parents on
October 30, 1969.

Dear Mr and Mrs. Mack:
Every summer the Island
Authority hires a limited number
ofyoung men to help us maintain
our Beachfacilities and carry out
necessary maintenance work.
This work is not easy andat times
it is of a very menial nature with
long hours under the hot summer
sun. Our superintendent, Mr Joe
R. Lee, has mentioned to me sev-
eral times what an excellent
group ofyoung men we had with
us this summer and it occurred
to me that since your sons Tom
and James were among this
group that you should be aware
of Mr Lee's comments. He
stressed that even under these
conditions Tom and James car-
ried their full share of the work
at all times and never hesitated
to tackle any assignment
Tom and James performed
like good citizens and show real
promise for the future.
Sincerely yours,
Jack Cowley
General Manager
Down the Road
A Pensacola News Journal
article dated October 16, 2007
stated that widening 3.4 miles of
Via de Luna Dive on Pensacola
Beach and the $12 million allo-
cated for this project should be
ready for traffic by mid-Decem-
ber 2007. It should also be noted
that Via de Luna is being 4-laned
for 2.4 miles not 3.4 miles as
stated in the Oct. 16, 2007 article.
For the record, the SRIA Board
in August 2002 allocated
$10,056,086 for widening both
Via de Luna and Ft. Pickens

Road. They also allocated
$12,770,000 to place utilities un-
derground for both roads. Oddly
enough, the cost to place these
utilities underground escalated to
such a point they could be done
underground only on Ft. Pickens
Road and should these utilities
need repair, Gulf Power will make
the necessary repairs and send the
SRIA a bill for these repairs.
This $22,828,086 bond issue
pays out to the year 2032. Winter
or summer locals are the back-
bone of Pensacola Beach busi-

nesses including special occa-
sions such as the Blue Angels
weekend and Mardi Gras. It is
critical that the SRIA find addi-
tional parking for locals in as
much as locals now crowd
Pensacola Beach all summer
Now more than ever we need
to have year round visitors. One
thing is for sure, whatever it takes
to bring in year round visitors is
imperative to the success of our
Bill Gahlenbeck

*Weathe ord'
Four Season Apparel

Men & Women's Casual & Outdoor Clothing
Hiking & Backpacking Gear
Snow Ski Apparel
Rock Climbing Gear, Ropes & Shoes
4 Kayaks
paragon a HAiTS

3009 East Cervantes 433-2822


I Hot

Try one 4
of our specialty drinks O BEER
Like a Cruzan 2 I
Pain Killer_
Burgers Shakes Fries

Cold Beer
Waterfront Dining
500 Quietwater Beach Blvd Lunch & Dinner Everyday
Pensacola Beach 932-1417 Breakfast Thurs Sun
Upstairs from Key Sailing 7:30 to 10:30 a.m.

Kayaks Catamarans
* Pedal Drive 12' to 20'
* Single or Tandem Sunfish Lazer ORDER
* Fishing & Recreational Versatility & Performance NOW
Boat Lifts & Piers New Repair

Pensacola Beach 9
at the Boardwalk


December 19. 2007

Island Times

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the water f V

t L. j-- I &, I

Well its Lmat time oI me
year again warm weather and
great fishing' just in time for
Christmas Strong catches of
Pompano in the Gulf waters on
good ol'sandfleas are making
Beach fishing' a lot of fun South-
easterly breezes make it very
nice to be on the Island.
Local fisherman are taking
Bonita off the Pier and big
schools of Redfish along with
Flounder have made the last
couple of weeks very produc-
tive in area waters
If you have some more

SM ...

m ^~bl\~~

everytimen yuu caret another
fish That's a meal you don't
have to buy and that's the best
gift of all.
For those of you who will
be dipping in the Sound at the
Polar Bear Plunge, water temp
should be a balmy fifty degrees
- give or take a few degrees. No
wet suits allowed, but Renee
will have plenty of good food
to warm you up
Remember, teach a kid to
fish and they will eat for a life-
time Make it a Great Christmas
and Go Fishin'

The Santa Claus Look Alike Contest at Bamboo Willie's, Saturday, December 8 drew a crowd of jolly old
elves and one Grinch. Vying for the first prize pass to the Gulf Pier were (L to R): Pappy Traynham,Alec
Adams, Beach Santa Richard Corley and Jim "The Grinch" Cox. Beach Santa took home first place.

Volunteers from the Junior League and The Studer Group in Gulf Breeze played Santa's helpers
at the Breakfast with Santa extravaganza December 1. The Breakfast included a series of bou-
tiques for children in foster care to shop for gifts for their families. Helpers include (front,
seated):Barbara Rouillier. Second row (L to R): Lauren Holtsman, Sarah Redding, Julie Hughes,
Andrea Tippett Rachael Johnson and Sarah Dowlatkhah. Back row (L to R): Lisa Dailey, Joy
Tompkins, Stacy Tompkins, Sarah McGaughey, Leslie Fore, and Penelope Tucker. Rachael Johnson,
volunteer coordinator reported that there were 24 Junior League of Pensacola volunteers and
40 Studer Group volunteers (including family and friends).

Pensacola each, A
Our &ar
Karaoke /
Tuesday 7 to 11 .A I If
Live Music i/
Friday 7 PM John Calongne
Saturday 7 PM Mike Norris
Sunday 4-7 Live Music
NEW T-shirts > Ball Caps > Koozies
715 Pensacola Beach Blvd at the Sabine Marina
Next to the Yacht Club Just south of the Elk's Lodge

SPensacola Beach

5 000 2 bedrooms/2.5 baths
Premium Gulf Front unit
in prestigious Portofino.
SUnit is being sold fully furnished.
Includes 2 covered parking places.

SL Island Realty ofPens
r49 Via de Luna Pen
REALTY 850-916-7188 Jere

NSON, 850-377-3145
acola Beach
sacola Beach


"'" '"

Deebr1.07Iln ie AE1

Liz Captures Champion's Crown


1 a


Weekly winners and past the final
sHold'Em4444 Paddy
hered around O'Leary's
felt at the Para- With a packed
Bar and Grill, house on hand,
Fran Cox battled
ay, Noveber withMarkJulian in
to crown
thly champion a back and forth
crown sits epic match and
ly on Liz Ives' came outontop hit-
d. She took ting a pair of Aces
n the topplay on the final hand to
and claimed the clean Mark out and
Mark Julian claim the Sunday
to settle for sec- crown We had it all
place Misty Wood earned on the second day
lace her first Texas Hold 'Em ofDecember, crazy
eIslander 4444 Fun title at The tourists and crazy
Larry Gers Islander. locals.
d down four fe- Redneck Anne
players and took them out Vinson returned to the winner's
by one Saturday, December circle on December 4 taking out
t the oldest lounge on Skateboard Jmmy minthe final
sacolaBeach BillheUrquhart The ladies are staking a claim
second to the top spots. Kristin Larmer
Misty Wood claimed her first claimed her first win after taking
4 Fun title, Saturday, Decem- down Misty Wood in the final on
8 by taking down the 2006 December9 Then, BillieUrquhart
id champion Trace Lewis in

Last Chance For Photo With Santa
The last chance to get your usual place, so he can munch
photo taken with his way along his
the world famous delivery route
celebrity, Saint Therewillbea
Nicholas, before he nominal charge for
leaves the Island to the photo or bring
go to work on your camera with
Christmas Eve will you and take the
be December 23 picture yourself
from 2 to 4 p m at Island Style is next
Island Style Nan Harper and to Flounder's and
Be sure to Santa at the this photo session
check with Santa to Boardwalk, Sunday, will be the final one
see if he has your December 9 in the Season Your
list, and tell him the Holidays with Is-
milk and cookies will be in the land Spirit festival

BEACH Wines &

reg$1499 reg$7.99 reg$1899
SALE $1059 SALE $599 SALE $1499

1.75 LT 1.75 LT RANGPUR 1.75 LT
reg$33 99 reg$3299 reg$4699
SALE $2699 SALE $2699 SALE $3699

#5-B Via de Luna- Pensacola Beach 932-8850
in fsh Sun- ldi M Iasr l nE I i.:. WVin.. 3.r.:.ss lr.:.m HiI.:.n

won her first tournament in front
of a large group of card players
andfansonDecember 11 Donme
Beall was second in a very close
Paradise Bar and Grill
Action on December 3 at the
Paradise saw seventeen players
packed the inside bar They were
witness to another great battle
between new player Kim Stamps
and Jacob Barry. Kimi took the
win in a great final with the blinds
reaching $100,000 and$200,000 in
At the waterfront tables at
Paradise on December 5, Phil
Tracy took wins two Wednesdays
in a row out-dueling Skateboard
Jimmy in the final,
We had nineteen card play-
ers at three tables battling for the
win on a warm, foggy December
10 night in Paradise SeanNolan
took down the infamous Trace
"All In" Lewis to earn the win.
From the Chip Stack
Scott Stanley has opened a
Gym in Pace and says he won't
be around as much but wants to
stay in touch If you're out that
way, lookhun up. Goodluck, from
the gang.
Welcome to the Dotsons.
David and his wonderful wife
Denise will be here for month to
play cards with the Beach folks
and "soak it all up "

PARADISE 916-0967
21 Via de Luna Pensacda Beach
PADDY O'LEARY'S 916-9808
49 Via de Luna Pensacda Beach
PARADISE 916-0967
21 Via de Luna Pensacda Beach
ISLANDER 932-9011
43 Via de Luna Pensacda Beach
PADDY O'LEARY'S 916-9808
49 Via de Luna Pensacda Beach
Last Minute Bookings Available

Dry Cleaning Laundry Households

FREE > Pick Up & Delivery-Houses/Condos/Hotels
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unnr V-8 Powered
Steam Clean
8 Process
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
Area and Oriental Rugs Tile & Grout
Marble, Vinyl & Hardwood Cars, Boats & RV Interiors

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Computer Repair in Your Home

Joe Stukey

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Pensacola Beach Townhome Gulf Breeze Bahama Bay *
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from patio and balcony Proper. Custom Cabinets, Granite
Countertops Community Pool $189, 900


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December 19. 2007

Island Times


PAGE 16 Island limes December 19. 2007

Aiauty 0de h
By Danah Gibson

What You May Not Know
About Coloring Your Gray Hair
You find the gray and you
live with it for awhile. The day
comes when you look in the mir-
ror and decide "It's got to go!" It
is not attractive to you anymore,
your friends are harassing you,
plus it makes you feel ancient, so
you head to your hairdresser and
ask her to make it disappear.
Sometime later, you leave either
loving or hating the results.
And now, the maintenance
begins. This is the part you really
need to considerbefore you make
a move. If you opt for permanent
hair color, it canbe costly and time
consuming, and worst of all, if
you are totally gray, when your
new growth or "roots" start to
show it's obvious to everyone
that you are coloring your hair
There are more options for
covering gray than you would
think! As a hairdresser and
woman with some gray hair, let
me share some secrets with you
regarding gray coverage.
On my clients who are not
totally gray, I like to use semi-per-

manenthaircolor,whichwill cover
nicely. It fades out on tone, and
does not leave a big line of de-
marcation Since this type of color
lasts 45-65 shampoos or roughly
4-6 weeks, by the time it is faded,
you are ready for a touchup any-
way. This is alow-ammoniabased
color, so it does not damage your
hair. If you have 50% gray or
more, your hairmight be resistant
to a semi-permanent color, and
you might need to go with a per-
manent color. In this case, I would
recommend some custom high-
lighting. Add a few different
tones if your color is dark,just to
break up the flatness of one
shade, and to give you a more
natural look. These can be re-
touched, just like your base.
And last but not least bring
pictures of hair color choices that
appeal to you. I even like to see
what you don't want. A picture is
worth a thousand words, and this
will help your hairdresser know
what you are envisioning. Here's
to coloring up the gray, unless
you want to look like Santa!
Merry Christmas to you!

Bi P.ult .li dc BUall.u.ir

Give the gift of peace this holiday season!

As we approach the holi-
days, Iam reminded of my good
friend, Edna Watley, who so gra-
ciously prays for peace each day.
Such a simple, straightforward
prayer, the reality of whichwould
be a worthy worldwide goal.
Imagine! Ifeachofusprayed
only for peace, what a powerful
outreach it would be.
I have always believed that
our incredibly magnificent
Pensacola Beach holds a spe-
cial kind of peacefulness. The
Beach imparts this to each of
us who come to this Island.
It's most recognizable as the
Island and its residents prepare
for Christmas on the Island, with
concerts, parties, events, and
most of all, sharing what we have
with others!

Here is my wish: For each
of you who see or set foot on
our incredible Beach to have a
deep and unabiding peace, joy,
and celebration equal to our
Beach's beauty. We have much
to share and many who need to
experience our love of the Is-
Merry Christmas and here's
to peacefulness for your New
And thinking about the New
Year, don't forget to resolve to be
well-rested You will be more pro-
ductive and enjoy a better qual-
ity of life. Nine hours of sleep for
adults and 12 hours for kids it
chases away the post-holiday
blues and encourages peaceful-
ness to start the days ahead!
Blessings from me to you.

Wooly Boogers GatherAt Kiss the Hurricane Season Goodbye Bawl Saturday, December 1
Paradise Bar and Grill Downtown Pensacola Beach

Former Beach resident Diane Donahue Collins Queen Shugah Paulette and G Cole represented
traveled from South Florida to the Bawl. She won all Woolies on the front page of Island Times. Lynn
a prize basket, much to her surprise. Cieutat holds up the paper for the crowd to see.

merits of voodoo as a Hurr
technique for the Beach.

the Newly crowned Queen Shugah Renee Mack gives
nce Morrie Drees her royal approval of his "Papa Joe"

Holiday Stress? Special

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unique giftfor that Massage Combo
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Get Well Feel Good Look Great
Integrang traditional health managementwth naturaland alternate approaches

Tracey Pinkston, M.D.
New Patients Welcome Women's Health
Medicare & Tricare Chronic Illness
Close to the Beach Hormone Replacement
Call for Appointment Anti-Aging
".irm1 '[ Glrs B
850-934-8138 Gulf Breeze
www.viglionemd.com 103 Nightingale Lane









33 Via de Luna
S Downtown
SPensacola Beach
L_-- ------ J


Island Times

December 19. 2007

December 19,2007 Island Times

byEKHewson f a ,

I realized last week that it
was time for me to get out my
feather pen, liquid ink, parchment
paper and hot wax seal. Time to
write a letter to the man in red
whose address simply reads
North Pole. Time to reflect and
ask fora few things I really would
like. So I did. Here goes.
Dear Santa,
It's taken me an entire year
and lots of reading, but I've put
together my final wish list. I've
been extra good this year and I
truly apologize that Rudolph is
still pickingwax out from between
his teeth after opening my last
letter. I didn't realize he also
worked in the mail room. To fol-
low is my list.
I would like to blessed this
, ir l i ,.lin l iI..,r Intl'.. I'n I'

reports on in Readhn 'The Water;
a box full of Peas, Porridge and
a Dry Martini recipes by Kathi
Lewis to prepare themby; and the
perfect bottle of wine, preferably
one recommended by Bob
Next I would like Joe Stukey.
You know the guy. This
newspaper's Bytes and Bits col-
umnist. Since, I've never met him,
I am not sure he would fit in my
stocking; but I would like some
advice as to why my anti-virus
software asks me to update it ev-
ery 10 minutes.
As you know I am still recov-
ering from running the Marine
Corps Marathon, so I would like
some downtime andI amnottalk-
ing quiet time. I think you ought
to contact Pandora de Balthazar
or at least read Comfort and Joy
to get a greater understanding of
my relaxation needs. And please
Santa, no feathers in my running
Though I believe beauty
comes from within, Santa I could
use all the glitter and gloss you
can afford to send. There is not
one single Danah Gibson in
Havelock. In fact the only Gibson

103 Baybi
Gulf Bree


ommercial & Residential Appraisal, Consulting & Sales

I can find is at Guitars, Etc. and it
does not do hair or nails. I am in
desperate need of aBeauty & The
Beach makeover
Also on my list is a little surf.
Nothing too big, just some nice
glassy 3 to 4 foot waves. I bet
you're not even sure what
"glassy 3 foot waves" are. I've
enclosed a picture of Freddy
Esposito fromEspo s SurfReport
catching one.
And Santa, how about a few
solar panels formy roof? I realize
that these panels can make land-
ings a little difficult foryour team
of reindeer I am sure that Candace
Segar can devise an environmen-
tally sound and structurally safe
platform that can be erected ev-
ery Christmas. I hear she is
mostly nuts, but I would trust
anything that she bolts together.
Additionally I need a chip, a
chair and a little luck. Weekly, I
read about all those Texas Hold
'Em 444 Fun winners Rick
Uzdevenes writes about. The
Lizzard, on the other hand, con-
tinues to slither away from the
poker tables a little less than vic-
I know, this is a long list, but
I am almost done. Santa I would
like book titled "Barefoot onthe
Beach." According to
Amazon.com no such publication
exists. Do you think you could
ask Jane Waters Cooper to com-
pile her hundreds of columns into
what I am sure would be a na-
tional best seller?
I. II II lll, lI I II -I ,l ... iI
tl,, L,,, I I 1_ii I h, i hi h,, I
I l,[1. 1 .5 l,.r.. .,,, ...,ld.I ...r I
peace with itself I want a peace
that cannot be shaken by man or
nature. I want that feeling of
peace that Dr Chuck Randle im-
parts upon us all in A Cross in
the Sand to stay with us forever.
Merry Christmas and again I
apologize about the little wax in-
cident and Rudolph.
Until next time...

inira graae students at iensacola ueacn tiementary scnool stuadie
each of the fifty states. As a semester Social Studies project, they
created a presentation about each state. In the front row, Daniel
Green and Reddon McLaurine show their projects along with Dillon
McCain and Patrick Hodges in the back row.

-- <

State Representative Dave Murzin, left, presented Principal Jeff
Castleberry with a resolution commending Pensacola Beach
Elementary School for achieving national recognition as a Blue
Ribbon School. Murzin commended the students, faculty and staff
for their excellence in education and national recognition during
the Blue Ribbon ceremony held at the school on December 6.

Third grader Jackie Owens
made the State of Florida the
topic of her Social Studies report
at the Beach School.

Sit. Sip. Stay.

Gulf Views from our Tiki Bar
Happy Hour
familiar name, friendly faces,
frosty libations

located at

24 Via de Luna Special
Pensacola Beach Locals
850-932-6000 Room Rates

"I --_ ,i,<

er l December 29&30:

December 31: -
January 1: OLDE8m'
Live music by WILDWOOD before nd after the plunge. EVER
Black eyed peas and greens. r wEDnIDAT
Proceeds to benefit Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce

January: January :



ridge Dr. G Daniel Green, MAI, SRA
ze, FL State-Cert. Gen. REA #RZ836
797 al Estate Broker #BK176669

G. Daniel Green

MisFs~ W15 (~,,Debbie Campanella's Pensacola Beach
ostty )WyV Second radei Ask fo (hristias O o UdiC Ele.mentary class penned their wishes to Santa.
-,~~ */^

Nuts& Bolts

Candace Segar

The Search for Stripes
I think one of the most
wonderful things about any
holiday is the special foods and
desserts associated with it. One
of my favorite treats is candy
canes. I decided to search to
see if candy canes had any his-
tory. I figured there wouldn't be
much. I was wrong candy
canes existed 350 years ago.
Back then they were strictly
white in color and straight in
form. They were just basic hard
sugar sticks.
During the 1600s, Europe-
ans adopted the tradition of a
Christmas tree. Their decora-
tions consisted of cookies and
stick candy. (You know that
must have been difficult for the
kids to resist. If my sisters and
I had been there, the Christmas
trees would have been naked )
Anyway the actual candy cane
shape is documented about
1670. A choirmaster at the Co-
logne Cathedral in Germany de-
cided to bend sugar sticks into
canes. He thought this repre-
sented the shepherd's staff and
used them to pass out to chil-
dren in order to keep them quiet
during the long winded nativ-
ity services. (much like this last
sentence) Clergy passing out
candy canes during Christmas
services spread to America. In
1847, it is documented that a
German immigrant named Au-
gust Imgaro decorated his
Christmas tree in Wooster, Ohio
with candy canes. Still there
were no stripes; just all white
candy canes.
So, no one knows who in-
vented the stripes, but we do
know that before 1900, candy
canes were all white on Christ-
mas cards. After 1900, Christ-
mas cards showed striped
candy canes. It was also dur-
ing this time that candy makers
started adding peppermint fla-
vors to the candy cards. So
maybe the Christmas card folks
gave the candy makers the idea.
I am glad they did because right
now as I write this I am munch-
ing on you guessed it and
old fashion candy cane. Merry
Christmas everyone!


Illar.m ber,
11 I. --lll h i' ..*n *r. IrillM I.r I' hol In., [ I uld h ol4 ..,
.- K L. ,: I I .I i I hI II l .nd N l IlUL. I ..il pI ', lr. l nt .m
,hi in h %e il eli he in h -i in J I h+: I ni d 'On I l.. ti I. iii',
.II ,r,J lh, i .. .) l .|i l ll l ,,l .l. I h l l ,I .ll e. -J \I.J ll.:
I i-..ii. .. i h .... .I t ,il ,,.I I i ..n di, rd io .i
h... k,[ .. II .. I. l... '.I e i.... il '.nisr. tia i -I ..',

.... .. .... . I ... ... .. .... ..

Illustrator Bral Royer, 5th grad

Morgan Churchill
If I could have only one
thing for Christmas I would
choose a real phone. First rea
son, I could email. Email can be
used to talk to my friends and
see pictures. Second reason, I
can call. Call my family to say
hello and talk to them about
stuff. Third reason is I can play
games. Games like pinball and
solitary are fun to play. If I
could have a phone for Christ-
Illustrator Megan Cronin, 4th grade masIcanemailandcallmyfam-
ily and friends. And I can also
play games like pinball and spider solitary. And that is my reason for
what I want for Christmas.

Ali Salazar
If I could have only one thing for Christmas I would choose a
video camera because it helps you to remember going to places. Also
I want to remember what I did at other kinds of places. I also want a
video camera because I want to have fun with it like I want to make
videos. I also get to play with my video camera anytime. I also want to
send in a video that I made. I might do a video and send it in to
television. I might send it in to World's Funniest Shows or Animal
Planet because I could video tape one of my animals. So those are the
reasons why I want a video camera.

IfI could have one
thing for Christmas I _
would choose Fureal i er
Friends Horse Butter- co
scotch. I would be able C
to sit on it. It would be
like riding. I could feed (
it carrots. It even makes '
crunching sounds! It's V ..
a realistic animal. It
neighs and turns its illustrator Lla Lampone, 4th grade
head. It's very special.
Now you know why I want this. What do you want for Christmas?


Illustrator Patrick Selgh

would like to throw it with my dad. And I like to share with my brother.
And I would want to play a football game with my friends. I would
practice in the sand and play tackle football with my brother.

Zosia Uszok
If I could have one thing for
Christmas I would choose a real
dog, Pug. I would want him to look
like this. He would be brown and a
black mouth and ears. When I
would be sad he would make me
happy. One way he could make me
happy is by licking me. The sec-
ond way is being funny. I call Illustrator Zosla Uszok
those things playful ways. He would eat and drink. He would eat dog
food from a bowl. Then he would drink water from a bowl. This is what
I want for Christmas and now tell me what you want for Christmas.



Island Times

December 19, 2007

Q?/ 41Z4


Thomas Goodroe
If I could have one thing for
Christmas I would choose an
iPod. I love music. You can put
head phones on. No Kristen sing- u
ing. You can't get inappropriate
songs. You can pick your favorite
song over, over and over. Youcan
pick your band. Like Thirday.
They have tech students in the
band. My other is Hannah Mon-
tana. She is only 14-years-old. She
is good. Then Georgia Tech be- Illustrator Trey Wrigh, 4th grade
cause of the fight song. Then
Jarsaday. They have great back ground music. Then Small Town Po-
ets. They're good! They have funny songs. Next is Adrenaline. They
sing very funny. Next is Detalk, they jump in the crowd. Now you
know what I want.

If I could have
only one thing for
Christmas I would
choose the Pokemon
Game Fire Red ver-
sion. The first reason
Illustrator Magulre Foreste, 4th grade is because it is cool. It
is cool because the
battling and the attacks look so awesome and so are the Pokemon.
The second reason is I can collect them in my Pokemon game. There
are lots of Legendaries. The third reason is there are new towns and
cities. I will play with it a lot and catch lots of Pokemon. These are the
reasons I want
Pokemon Fire Red
version for Christmas. --

Patrick Seigh
If I could only
have one thing for
Christmas I would
choose a football. I





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Santa Rosa Villas Estates
MLS# 278391 $599,000
Lot 27 Seashore Dr.
Sound Front in Seashore
Village. Community Dock
MLS# 315079 $835,000
1754 Ensenada Seis
Gul Front in Pvate Cul-de-Sac. 85
ft. of Gulf Frontage
MLS# 288030 $1,575,000
4 Soundside Dr. Lots
Sold individual or separate
MLS# 310300
131 Eufaula St.
70 ft of Sound Front
MLS# 332892 $425,000
135 Eufaula St.
67 ft on Canal
MLS# 332875 $399,000
Lot 1 Eventide Dr
MLS# 336112 $280,000
8052 Sleepy Bay Blvd.
Bay Front Lot. 105x 896
MLS# 296513 $225,000

6024 Moors Oaks Dr.
On the Bayou
MLS# 337317 $89,000

Call Conna O'Donovan
RelMax on the Coast
The Beach Specialist
cell 850-232-4001

Lots For Sale

Navarre Sound Front
Lot 1 North Shores Dr.
90 Ft. on Sound
MLS# 340264 $389,000
Lot 2 North Shores Dr.
89 Ft. on Sound
MLS# 340279 $389,000

Call Conna O'Donovan
Re/Max on the Coast
The Beach Specialist
cell 850-232-4001

Real Estate For Rent

ald Isle. Two bedroom, two bath
on Pensacola Beach. Daily,
weekly, monthly rental available.
Heated pool and jacuzzi. Call
Clark Allen at 850-324-2452

BR/2 BA near Winn Dixie in Gulf
Breeze. Furnished except for
bedroom. $375 (half rent) plus
half utilities (approx $100) Call


Weddings Performed. Beach,
condo, boat. Notary Public, fif-
teen years experience 850-

Waterfront Reception Facility.
Full service. Panoramic Water-
front Views. The Best Way to
Celebrate Your Day! Full cater-
ing. Charter boats available for
wedding ceremonies. Call Carol
- the Wedding Reception Spe-
cialist at 850-336-1924

Pampering Services

Massage Mondays offered by
Katherine Kelly LMT (MA 51012).
Every Monday book an hour swedish
or deep tissue massage foronly $45.
Please call 850-642-3575 to book or
check me out on the web
www.kellymassage.com Located in
Baybridge Professional Park, Down-
town Gulf Breeze.


Capable, Bonded, Licensed
Now Offering Closet, Cabinet and
Garage Cleaning and Organizing
Services. Available to clean your
home or office. Please call 850-490-
5817 or 850-944-6850 for an ap-


110 Maldonado Best price on the beach for a lot within one
block of the Gulf of Mexico. Perfect spot to build your waterview
dream home within easy walking distance of the core area of
Pensacola Beach, which features entertainment, shopping, and
dining. $275K
Jeremy S. Johnson,Broker Associate/Realtor
Island Realty ofPensacola Beach
Direct: 850-377-3145 Office: 850-916-7188

S"Copyrighted Material

ir. Syndicated Content

Available from Commercial News Providers"

<7 "

December 19. 2007

Island Times



Voted 3A
Best SeaBod
O Pensacol t a

Fresh Gulf seafood charbroiled over flaming
hardwood fires

Gulf shrimp served scampi style, barbecued,
beer batter fried, or steamed in beer

We sell so many, you know they're fresh! death the moon & stars on our beach

"Floundering at its best" Pes l e
Fodor's Florida Pensacola Beach"
USAir Magazine
"Best seafood on "Great Vibes...and happy
Pensacola Beach" U guests"
Fromers Guide to Florida 4- Florida Trend Magazine
At the traffic light on beautiful Pensacola Beach 932-2003 Since 1979


J Fried Shrimp W Great Steaks
# Upstairs Beach View Dining
$ Living Reef Aquarium Bar
I Outdoor Gulfside beck

aAlask 0 orylana Crab Ce
Alaskan no rab Soup n Cokes
bungeness She raing Crob

Best Sunday Brunch!
Crab Cakes Benedict,
Crab Omelets, Bottomless
Champagne & Bloody Marys,
Live Steel Band

(850) 932-0700
Open 7 days a week

we gotaem

King Crab & Snow Crab
All You Can Eat 25
Sunday Oysters
& \\ ings
Monday-Friday 4 to 6 PM

Look for the RED ROOF at the
traffic light on Pensacola Beach


Island Times

December 19,2007



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