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Volume II, Number 18 Pensacola Beach, Florida January 3, 2007

Beach Buckeyes and Island Gators Draw Line in the Sand

Will the little Buckeye choke the Gators or will the fearsome jaws of the Gator crack the Buckeye? Time, and a lot of
football plays on January 8, will tell the tale of who's the best football team in the United States for this season. The fans
shown here will work themselves into a frenzy twirling their good luck Buckeyes or doing the Gator Chomp as they head
toward game day. (L to R) Brian Finkbone, Rita Finkbone, Kim Duell, John Rebic and Amy DePew. More on this story, Page 2.

ill the Florida Fators Crack The OSU Buckeyes?

Fan Poll: Florida Fans Yes! OSU Fans No!

S: a world of ecologi-
cal difference between a buck-
eyeandan .: .:... Abuckeye
is a little brown nut that grows
on trees in Ohio. An :l. ::
is a fearsome scaled animal
which grows and grows and
grows in the Florida swamps.
And soon the two will meet for
the first time in the national
championship football battle in
Glendale, Arizona.
Gator fans and Buckeye
fans have a lot in common.
They are all crazy. Well. crazy
about their teams.
The national ...:.... .
game will be :. . .1 at the Uni-
versity of i i..... Stadium at
7 p.m. on January 8. Break out
the wings and : . .. ..
The weather is expected to
be hot and dry. Hot will suit
Florida '.: fine. Dry might be
another story. As for Ohio
State, those guys will be so glad
to get out of that cold weather
in Columbus, that anything
above forty degrees is accept-
The .::: :: : 1 the

Entering your float in this
year's Krewe .: '-. : i parade
won't be as hard on your bud-
get as last year. The entry fee
is $100 per :i.. as ... to
the hurricane emergency fee of
$600 that the Krewe was : .. i
to charge last year.
.. will ... all Krewes
who entered floats last year to
have the .: 1-1 -:, : .. .: ..
this year's parade," Kay Turner
said. "After those floats have
been entered, we will open the
event to others but the number
of spaces will be limited."
Krewes who wish to enter
this year's :. :w :!. can send their
checks to Kay Turner,
Pensacola Beach Elk's Lodge,
P.O. Box 551, Gulf Breeze, FL
32562. Make checks : .1 ?. to
the Krewe of '...
The '. : i . cash
andtoysforthe :: i: :: Ser-
vices Center this year.
Announcement was made
at the ( :::: :::: :.. party at the
S::. Lodge that membership is
still open for the Krewe of
Wrecks. r ... .::. is $20 per

much decorated Heisman tro-
.:. winner. Troy ..... :. of
C : .will I. ( I . and
sometimes Tim Tebow in the
national shootout. Who cares if
they are :.1 -ing ._ ... the
best football star in the United
States? Not Fi :':i :
There is only one blemish
on the Florida record this year,
the day Auburn U::. : : took
them down 27-17. Ohio State
came through its season with-
out a loss. Most of this trivial
information is not worth much.
Forget the state. Just watch the
game. And. erase that one fact
that Coach Urban Meyer is a
former Buckeye. He's a Gator
now. There are plenty of Gators
around like Amy DePew whose
dad graduated from : : ::
College which did not have a
football team, so he adopted UF
and gathered his children to
join him as they listened to the
games on WCOA. Amy's mom
would ask where the children
were. They were so quiet. They
were busy i.::. their first
taste of -.. : ...: inthe Gator

person per year.
The next '.: : !.. will
be at 6 p.m. at The Break, Mon-
day, ....... 8.

Nation. A noble experience.
On the other hand, Kim
Duell. assistant::..:. . : of Hu-
man i ::: and Events at
the Santa Rosa Island Author-
ity, has been a *.1 all of
her life. She is. .: ::.. from
Alliance, Ohio and to date,
shows no signs of changing her
allegiance to Florida, although
she moved here in .
Brian Finkbone, a graduate
of the U-..- :' of New Or-
leans is a Gator fan by mar-
riage. He does have a little se-
cret. His dad. Richard. :. ... .

football at Ohio : :. and
graduated in 1948. But, Brian's
wife Rita has converted i.:. .:..
and he better not revert back.
When Brian went to talk to
Rita's dad about marrying his
daughter, her father asked.
"Are you a Gator fan?" Yes, of
course, gulped Brian. He was
then and still is.
And there's John Rebic,
who :. and breathes with the
luck of the Buckeyes. He goes
back to Ohio every year to visit
: :::::i; and friends, and some-
how Ohio ': .- football gets


Post Office Box 844

into the conversations.
That little Buckeye may be
a hard nut to crack, but maybe,
the jaws of the Fi : : Gator
will be strong ...... 1. to do it.
John Rebic has made his
own i.. .:. ::. .: Ohio State 42,
University of Florida, 38. The
Island Times sees it a little bit
differently. University of
Florida, 3 1 and Ohio State Uni-
versity, 28.
No matter what the score,
one of these teams will be the
National i :: :::: : :: It's the way
the football bounces.

Laura Bush Foundation Grants

$25,000 To Beach School Library

Pensacola Beach Elementary
School students will be reading
a lot. A whole lot more than usual
since the school is the recipient
of the $25.000 grant from the
Laura Bush Foundation. An-
nouncement was made at their
December 18Bo :.. -.
Jeff :~ : principal, and
Linda i .:.:. ..: :.! and au-
thor of the grant, traveled to New
Orleans to receive ..-=. :... on
S.... the grant money. Now,
all they have to do is find room
in their library '.:: for all
those books.
The financial .. :i ... of the
school remains strong, .:.:::.,
to : ... submittedbyr .. . ..
Chris .

"Everything is within bud-
get. We have money in the bank
and everything is i ::: along,"
Chris said.
The Partners-ln-Education
program is now under way, and
schoo a big boost for
school finances. Anyone who
would like to become a partner
with the school can call and get
a n : : .:: :;:- :: ,: : :::' to
Conna O'Donovan, Partners-in-
Education. 1 .. ..
Four : i : ,
an interest in becoming members
of the School Board including
Gordon .. . .. i ii. Smith,
Patrick Lanza and Mark Lee.
Others :.:-- to serve on the
S. ....E should .ii the school at

" = :' before January 15.
Second grade teacher Debbie
( ::::: ::: : who has been serv-
ing on the . i for first grade

down and Sandee ..: ii. ..:::: her
Debbie ( ... ......: told
board members that the "
S. : ..:: ..:: .. .i .: has tal-
lied the students' math scores for
the semester.
"The ....... lab has been
a huge success," she said. "Every
child has made .:- ..".- gains in
math and we are very proud of
The next meeting of the
S, : t. . : ..... ..e y22 at6 p.m .
at the school.

Hit the Beach Running to Start New Year

Runners have until January
5 to enter the Pensacola Beach
Run. scheduled for Saturday,
January 6 at 8 a.m. The race a
5K, 10K and half marathon is ex-
pected to attract about 800 to
1000 ::il:i :::i.- Latecomers
:.... : .'on race day between
the hours of 6 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.,
The event which is spon-
sored by the Pensacola Runners
Association is headquartered at
the i--ii: ..:. Garden Inn on
i' ::.: i : Beach which has pro-
vided special rates for runners.
Other sponsors are Flounder's,
Nova Care, and A.G Edwards.
The sponsors, Pensacola
Runners Association, are telling
all entrants to come for the run
and stay for the fun. The post-

race : .. will be at Flounder's
and will include live music, soft
drinks, and cold beer. The race
is noted as a spirited way to
start the new year with all the

festivities 1.- : .. 1 for a real
runners' New Year's party.
For ::.1..:::: :1: .:. : G ary
Bunde, 850-476-7434 or email
bundei;)cox.net. The Pensacola

Runners Association website,
www.pensacolarunners.com of-
fers information on local events
as well as training opportuni-

Y W. J( :: )N, EDITOR

Gulf Breeze, FL 32562
850-932-4090 fax
* ,i i,, .x lx Island Times.com

Wrecks Parade Entry

Fee Back To Normal
2006 Entrants Get First Slots



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Island Times

January 3, 2007

January 3. 2007 Island Times PAGE 3

Barefoot on the Beach

By Jane Waters Cooper

Here it is, the third column
in the Holiday Trilogy. Thanks-
giving, Christmas and now the
New Year nudges me into think-
ing some thoughts about the
Beach. Some of these thoughts
represent miserable problems
almost, but not quite, beyond
our control. Some are happy
and lighthearted. So, step in-
side my head as I randomly think
of the Beach in 2007.
ers, what do they know? Let
Mother Nature make the predic-
tions. I would like to have a
hurricane season in 2007, ex-
actly like the one we had in 2006.
Also, you can count on Nasty
John's "voodoo" hurricane bag.
(Well, it worked this year.)
TAXES: Ad Valorem, that
is. Is it really necessary to have
the courts tell us that land we
are renting requires payment of
owners' taxes on the improve-
ments? Not only that, but it
takes pages and pages of
gobbledygook to explain the
reasons that rental property is
tantamount to ownership. Give
us a break.
What? Not again! The Florida
Legislature gave us the SRIA to
run this island...and they are
doing a goodjob. If you mix this
up with taxation, all kinds of
evils will erupt. We would surely
rebel and fight our way to in-
corporation. Everybody would
own their piece of sand, pay
taxes, have a mayor and coun-
cil, and live in a gated commu-
nity. The City of Pensacola
Beach is born. Goodbye public
BIKE PATH: The bike path
along Ft. Pickens Road was of-
ficially dedicated to you-know-
who as the W.D. Childers Sea
Oats Trail several years ago.
Isn't it time to change the name
of the path with the new road-
way completion? How about
Harry Gowens Sea Oats Trail?
Keep the other path on Via de
Luna as the Michael Keenan
Bike Path, since it was his
friends who raised the money
to construct the first ever path.

can we say? My thoughts here
are to help keep the school go-
ing strong. The Partners-in-
Education program is under-
way. Become a partner and in-
vest in the kids.
VIA DE LUNA: Good news.
Crews are working faster than
usual. Completion date of this
spring should be reached. This
will be the island street of
dreams. Now, if someone would
just create a workable plan to
get pedestrians moved from one
side of the street to the other.
BUSINESSES: Let the cash
registers ring. You can find just
about everything you need on
the Beach. Support these
people. Buy it on the Beach.
some big developer will be sorry
he didn't buy one of these prop-
erties when the price was right.
another year just like the last
one. However, the guards will
have their own "office" in the
new Safety Building. So, they
have a nice rate of pay now and
they deserve every penny of it.
And they deserve every inch of
their part of the new building.
MISSION: The Beach churches
are thriving and providing food
for the soul. Not to mention all
kinds of off-shoots to accom-
modate their many parishioners.
For instance, there's ROMEO
(no, it's not the Dallas Cowboys
Quarterback). They are the
Community Church's Retired
Old Men Eat Out. The churches
reach out to everybody in many
different ways.
LAND: Your troubles seem to
be over for the moment. The
SRIA believes in you, the gen-
eral population of Northwest
Florida believes in you, the lo-
cals adore all you do for them.
Keep the rain away on Febru-
ary 18.

The Isane Long


are asleep and probably won't
show up for a while. Let sleep-
ing Wooly Boogers lie.
CLUB: May you all experience
the joys of brotherhood and
sisterhood as you pursue the
community-oriented activities
beach people really count on.

See, I told you my random
thoughts would go here, there
and everywhere. All I have to
say is Geaux Saints, winners of
the NFC South Division.
BEACH: Not a day goes by that
I don't think about you wonder-
ful, wacky women. Thank you
for caring for each other, for the
Beach and for me. Don't ever

I have lots of thoughts
about so many Beach folks and
organizations. Sorry, my space
in this newspaper is so limited.
tect and nurture what you
have on this Island. In return,
the Island will protect and
nurture you.
What goes around, comes

Krewe of Wrecks Meetings Begin at 6:00 p.m.
There are a few memberships remaining. Join at the meeting. $20
1/8-The Break 1/15-Paddy O'Leary's
1/22-The Islander 1/29-Flounder's 2/5 Sidelines

Jan. 6 Nereid King Kake Party
Jan. 13 Krewe of Sandshaker Costume Contest
Jan. 19 Nereid Moon Pie Party
Jan. 21 Junkanoo Cajun Boil
Jan. 27 Nauga Breakfast
Jan. 27 Brewski Beach Babe
Jan. 27 Bananimals Ball
Feb. 2 Rhinestones& Royalty
Feb. 3 Brewski/Nereid Black Tie Ball
Feb. 9 Krewe of Warriors Ball
Feb. 10 Junkanoo Kritter Krawl
Feb. 10 KreweofKidsParade
Feb. 10 Krewe of Wrecks Ball
Feb.11 DeLunaFest
Feb. 17 Krewe of Wrecks Champagne Breakfast
Feb 17 Krewe of Wrecks Street Dance
Feb. 18 Krewe of Wrecks Parade
Feb. 19 Red Beans and Rice
Feb.20 Krewe of Coma



Fresh Gulf Seafood
Live Maine Lobster

Kids Playground

Pirate Specials
* Tuesday Snow Crab Buckets
* Wednesday Raw Oysters 25 0ea
* Thursday Baked Oysters
at 11am

1010 Ft. Pickens Road
Pensacola Beach

Lunch Specials
Mon- Fri 11-2

Dinner Specials

10:30 a.m.
1:30 p.m.
11 am.
10 am.

The Dock
The Dock
The Dock
Hadji Shrine Temple
Gulfside Pavilion
Gulfside Pavilion
The Dock
The Islander
Bobby D's
Via de Luna
Casino Parking Lot



1 1 -. 00 6 O



on Hi Def

42 TVs 11 Big Screens

Pay Per View -




on Thursday


January 3, 2007

Island Times


M m F --------------------------------I

After two long years and two
and one-half even longer months,
Lil Kamphuis returned to her
home at San Souci. She had been
living in an apartment in Gulf
Breeze all the time since Hurricane
Ivan. She's been keeping tabs on
things by reading Island Times
and requested that the Mardi
Gras schedule be larger. Consider
it done.

Jace Amberson and Lia
Lampone are the December Stu-
dents of the Month at the
Pensacola Beach Elementary
School. Both are in the third
grade and Joy McLaurine is their

Melanie Waite is planning to
set a date for someone to host a
kitchen witch coven. She wants
to show off one of her pair of
witches who is so powerful she
scared the "monster" away from
beneath her grandson's bed.

Yoko Jemison and Karen
Kreitzberg are back home again
after an exciting trip to SouthAf-
rica. They visited withYoko's fam-
ily. Karen promises to share the
photos sometime soon.

The Wooly Booger Kiss The
Hurricane Season Goodbye Bawl
on December 3, netted $247.30 as
a contribution to Morgan Park.
The park was a favorite spot for
Les Cieutat, His High Wooliness,
who founded the WBs. The
Wooly Boogers have gone dor-

ale iteneta date
& sdnn~uube


mant again, but Chuck LeBum,
president, delivered the donation
in person. As far as anyone
knows, Queen Sugah Paulette will
reign for another year. She warns
that her subjects may arise at any
time and throw another party.

Sandy Watkins took time to
write a note to thank the Island
Times for publishing a story about
her trip to Deanna Lambert's wed-
ding in Charlotte. Get ready, ev-
erybody, the longtime Beach resi-
dent and SOB is heading to the
Island for Mardi Gras.

Cyndi and Shu Schumaker
have moved to Reston, Virginia.
Shu is now employedby the FDA
on a national level. Cyndi is work-
ing in Arlington, for the Ameri-
can Association of Pharmaceuti-
cal Scientists. When vacation
time arrives, guess where they will
be going? They will hop in their
RV and head for home, Pensacola

Chris Luchsinger had a really
neat holiday in store for him be-
fore he deployed for duty in Iraq.
He spent two weeks at
Christmastime with his family in
Gulf Breeze before he deployed

Pat and Bill Griffith have re-
turned to Pensacola Beach after
spending Christmas in Montana
with their son.

Sandy and Bob Franz made
a whirlwind Christmas trip to

,top In lfor it
Glass of
wiV -

Lunch Dinner
Daily Specials & German Menu

Open 7 am to 9 pm 932-1525
348 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
In the Gulf Breeze Shopping Ctr

Texas to visit relatives near
Killeen. They did not leave the
Beach long, so they would be
back at in their condo at The Ve-
randas before New Year's Eve.

Who knows whether it's a
family tradition or a sense of ad-
venture but at Christmas some
beach folks venture to other
parts of America. Leaseholders
President Tona de Mers and her
daughter, Rebecca drove to
visit family in Arkansas.
Christy Jones and Michael
Sullivan went all the way to
Boston. Everyone reported "we
had great time seeing family,
but it feels so good to be back
on the Beach." Amen.

L - --_ _
Technically, there were two
correct answers to the last trivia
question. In the spirit of Christ-
mas, the trivia master was willing
to accept which ever answer ar-
rived first. The question was
"Who supplied the bus that took
the Beach Christmas carolers on
their merry rounds?"
The story begins when
McGuire sent his bus out from
town, and the carolers boarded,
and felt like they were in Merrie
Old England, celebrating an old-
fashioned Christmas. All was go-
ing well even if the carolers on
the first floor were sometimes
singing a different song than
those on the second floor, all at
the same time. But, then the bus
broke down, and someone sent
for Harry Gowen's School Bus, so
the carolers finished their tour of
the neighborhoods riding in the

Elk's Lodge Trivia Team
Sings Out Correct Answer

-- -- -- -- ----
little bus.
First to send an answer was
the Trivia Team of Bill Greene,
Elaine Tennimon, and Kay Turner.
Their answer was "Harry
Gowen's Bus." Now, they have a
t-shirt which they can divide up
any way they see fit.
Try this one. The New Year's
Day Polar Bear Dip/Plunge has
been a Pensacola Beach tradition
for many years. It's been held by
different sponsors and in differ-
ent places. "Name one other
sponsor and the matching body
of water, other than this year's
T-shirt for the first correct
answer sent to islandtimes
UbcIllkoulith i Email your an-
swer with "Trivia" in the subject
line before 5 p.m. January 10. Be
sure to include your name and
phone number.

Delectable King Kakes Come Marching In
The Mystic Krewe of of Nereids said. "If you have vealed about 4:30 p.m. Music will
Nereids will host the first Mardi never tried one, it's a coffee cake be provided for dancing.
Gras party of 2007. The annual with purple, green and gold icing. Wear your Mardi Gras attire.
King Kake celebration will be at Hidden in the cake is a plastic You will not be asked to leave if
Paradise Bar and Grill at 3 p.m. on baby, and whoever gets it is sup- you are not wearing purple, green
Saturday, January 6. posed to host the next party." and gold, but you'll have more fun,
"Delicious King Kake will be The new King and Queen of if you're dressed for the occasion.
served," Paulette Provost, Krewe the Krewe of Nereids will be re- It's the Mardi Gras, dahlin'.

r Pensacoli

John Pinzino

a Beach-
Stunning water views and spectacular
sunsets abound from this waterfront
townhouse on Sabine Bay. A great front
row seat for the beach fireworks, and fa-
mous Blue Angels Air Show. Unit has been
totally upgraded and is good as new. This
townhome features a stainless steel range
and refrigerator, upstairs and downstairs
air conditioned sunrooms, hot tub, and
open air decks on both levels. Boat dock-
ing privileges are available behind the unit
on Sabine Bay. Never flooded.
314 Ft. Pickens Rd. $395,000

Nan Harper



49 Via de Luna
Pensacola Beach


Island Times

January 3, 2007

January 3, 2007 Island Times PAGE 5

The Sisters of the Beach spread their own kind of Christmas cheer when they gather at Flounder's each year for the annual SOB Christmas Luncheon. As is the tradition
the generous women made a $310 donation to Favor House and purchased a Morgan Park commemorative brick in memory of Andrea Brunt. Toasting the holiday on
December 17 are Front row (L to R): Barbella Fail, Lois Jernigan, Tarsha Bechtol, Gayle Shackelford, Beverly Hughes, and Christine Hewerdine. Second Row (L to R): Santa's
Helper Sam Peavy, Judy L'Oignon, Dee Riley, Barbara Lanton, Christy Jones, Lynn Cieutat, Deb Friedman, Kathi Lewis, Bonnie McDonald, Paulette Provost, Andrea Stanley, and
standing Caroline Provost. Third row (L to R): Amy Drees, Mary Drees, Linda Hartmann, Nichole S., Lori Jordan, Beverly Sarasua, Denise Keever. Fourth row (L to R): Melanie
Waite, Marie Steele, Jackie Henderson, Claire Marcey, and Sandy Johnston. (Back row, L to R): Chrissy Cook, Karina Foster, Robin Taylor, Gwen Gibson, Danah Gibson,
Margarite, Shelly Geier, Becky Shearman, Melody Spink, Kennedy Neal, Lila Cox, Sandi Johnson, Kathy Ross and Amy DePew. Not in photo are Nancy Roney and Peggy

Sisters of the Beach Rev Up Resolutions For 2007

MELANIE WAITE: I resolve to
buy a new vehicle with a
GPS that automatically
takes it home from the
Beach. (I can get there on
my own.)
CLAIRE MARCEY: I resolve to
keep on eating, drinking,
and partying as often as
SECRET AUTHOR: I resolve to
be an SOB and Queen now
and forever. Party always
Just a bit earlier in the day.
SHELLY GEIER: I resolve to al-
ways be a Beach gal even
though we live in America
LILA Cox: I resolve to always
take time to enjoy the
Beach, to never bury my
head in the sand, and to do
all I can to help my friends

keep their heads up.
BECKY SHEARMAN: I resolve to
continue as I have for the
past years.
SANDI JOHNSON: Time is ex-
tremely valuable to us all. I
resolve to make the most of
my days, hopefully in pro-
ductive ways and to waste
as little time as possible.
ROBIN TAYLOR: I resolve to be
a better person; to live and
love like there is no tomor-
CHRISSY COOK: To return to
the Beach to live and ap-
preciate it more than ever!
MELODY SPINK with the help
of Jimmy Buffet: I resolve
to never make another reso-
lution. Enjoy this ride on this
trip around the Sun.
LoIS JERNIGAN: To live every-

day as if it was my last.
KENNEDY NEAL: I resolve to
come back to 805 Rio Vista
and be with the wonderful
people of the Beach every-
day and help as many as
LORI JORDAN: Smile all the
NICHOLE S.: Be positive about
all issues.
sure everyone knows how
much I love them.
LYNN CIEUTAT: To live each day
as if it were my last.
get rich and famous.
CHRISTY JONES: To really get
married and start to laugh
and love more.

Year's wish is for everyone
to be with loved ones, eat
and be merry and not to for-
get the ones we have lost.
We will have them forever
in our hearts. Love each
other always life is short.
Year's resolution is to stick
to my family and true
friends, support and love
one another and scrape off
anything causing stress.
Enjoy time on the planet.
KATHI LEWIS: I made a reso-
lution way back when not
to make resolutions ever
again. That has worked
very well for me as I have
never broken that tradition.
May this be the happiest
year ever.

greatest resolution to me is
to enjoy every minute that
we have and treasure great
friendships and special
times together. A very
Happy New Year's wish to
all the SOBs for their
friendship. God Bless.
to be a better friend, mom
and person, and to enjoy
to remember that each step
forward, even baby steps,
is still going forward.
NANCY RONEY: I don't write -
I just take pictures.

January 3, 2007


Island Times

Speaks, porribge & -

a b 2 martini I,-

k atbi fewis t Bob .....

I hope everyone had a won-
derful Christmas and remembered
to say "Happy Birthday" to
Jesus. It's His day, you know!
Boy, I'd sure hate to have blow
out the candles on that cake!
I w nl \ .I'll to know that I'm
'writing this on my Editor's laptop
computer because, while we are
in our house, we're still operating
on extension cords. And, after
moving furniture and the TV
(which fell twice) during the cold,
dark and windy Christmas Eve,
there was no energy left for mov-
ing the computer. Bill asked if I
would be able to do this with my
aching knee and I told him I would
do it if my entire leg fell off!
Christmas was my deadline for
moving in my Beach house, ready
or not.
We are proud to report that
our granddaughter, Sissy got her
two front teeth for Christmas.
So much has happened in
the last two weeks, I'm not sure
where to start. Well, maybe with
the SOB brunch and Parade.
What a blast that was. You don't
want to miss next year's, they just
keep getting better and better.
Thanks to Flounder's for another
wonderful brunch...I know the
wait staff loves us!
I transferred my telephone
back to the Beach and the tele-
phone company rep was very wor-
ried that I would not be able to have
my Christmas tree up in time. I
laughed and told her we had a
"Charlie Brown" fiber optic tree
and that's all we needed!
I had a call from Sara Shaw
who said that she, Rob and baby
Ash will be moving back to our
area in late January. They are so
excited, as are we.
Shelley was so concerned
about my column, she even
brought me a recipe for King Cake.
The Nereid King Cake party kicks
off Mardi Gras on January 6.
The history behind this cake
is very interesting. The tradition
is thought to have begun with
French settlers, continuing a cus-
tom dating back to 12th Century
France. A similar cake was used
to celebrate the coming of the
three wise men bearing gifts 12
days after Christmas, calling it the
Feast of Epiphany, Twelfth Night,
or King's Day. The cake usually
contained a bean, pea, or a figu-

rine symbolizing the baby Jesus.
(I like that idea best!) Anyway, in
1871, the Queen of Mardi Gras
was determined by who drew the
prize in the cake. It is definitely
considered good luck to the per-
son who gets the figure, and that
person holds the next party! We
used to do that way back when,
in our earlier SOB days. We had
a hard time deciding if it was good
luck or bad luck to get the baby
in the cake. Okay, let's cook....

Mardi Gras King Cake

1 envelope active dry yeast
% Cup warm water, about 105 -
115 degrees
2 Tbsp. milk, scalded and
4 to 5 Cups flour (all-purpose)
8 oz. butter, softened
% Cup sugar
% tsp. salt
4 eggs
2 tsp. melted butter
Very small plastic doll, large
bean, or coin
Light corn syrup for topping
Granulated sugar colored with
food coloring, green, purple &

Dissolve yeast in warm wa-
ter. Add milk and about /2 cup
flour. In a large bowl, blend but-
ter, sugar, salt and eggs. Add
yeast mixture and mix thoroughly.
Gradually, add 2 2 cups flour to
make a medium dough. Place in a
greasedbowl. Coverwith a damp
cloth and allow to rise until
double in volume, about 3 hours.
Use 1 more cup of flour to knead
dough and roll into a 4 to 5 foot
rope. Form into an oval on a 14 x
17" greased baking sheet, con-
necting ends of the rope with a
few drops of water to make a
good seal.
Press the doll into the dough
from the bottom. Cover dough
ring with a damp cloth. Let rise
until double in volume. (About 1
hour) Bake at 325 degrees, 35 to
45 minutes or until lightly
browned. Cool. Brush top of
cake with corn syrup and sprinkle
with alternating bands of colored
sugar. (Cake canbe frozen)
Enjoy, share and don't forget
to join the Krewe of Wrecks. I do
expect to see a home-made King
cake somewhere.....and I want
some! See ya in the kitchen (or
at a Mardi Gras party).

In the finest Sisters of the Beach tradition, when a Sister makes
it to her fortieth or fiftieth birthday, she is honored with a gold
bracelet, which is then referred to as "her SOB gold." Mrs. Boogie,
Bonnie McDonald, celebrated her birthday December 17 at the SOB
Christmas luncheon. During the melee of toasting and singing at
Flounder's, the bracelet presentation was made much to her
surprise. Bonnie is not telling whether she is 40 or 50, however.

Maria's Fresb Seafoob Market
Take a little bit of the Gulf Coast home!
) Fresh from the boats daily
We can cold pack for travel or ship anywhere.

621 Cervn tes Street
Pensacola 432-4999
Call for directions from the Beach



tis *

Drinking NotTo Forget
With all the newly discovered health ben-
efits that are being attributed to drinking
wine and other forms of alcohol (moder-
ately, of course) it should come as little
surprise that researchers have found that
drinking Cabernet Sauvignon may help
prevent Alzheimer's disease. While this
finding is based on laboratory work, itwas
still observed that drinking Cabernet
Sauvignon was linked with significantly
reduced Alzheimer's disease-type brain
deterioration of memory function. The ben-
efit can be explained by the fact that
Cabernet Sauvignon has the ability to pre-
vent the generation of protein that cause
the buildup of plaque in the brain, which is
the main characteristic ofAlzheimer's dis-
ease. It must be stated that these effects
were observed only with moderate wine

HINT: Moderate wine consumption is
defined by FDA dietary guidelines as one
drink per day for women and two for men.

we love to hear a new reason to enjoy
wines and nowwe have a good one spe-
cifically for Cabernet Sauvignon. We carry
many fine wines including Cabernets and
we invite you to stop by and browse our
expansive selection of high qualitywines.
If you have questions regarding wines,
and its health benefits, please call 932-
8850 today!

IAacetySho "an tbe" TcKeepingIsland
Market on te Isl anb Living Easy

Grocery Shopping "Island Style" OPEN DAILY

Askfor a
of our
ne of the Week
while you shop!

Why waste your Island Time
crossing bridges?


Island Times

January 3, 2007

January 3, 2007 Island Times PAGE 7

Escambia County has sent
out its bridge transponder infor-
mation about renewals which be-
gan January 2. Annual prices for
the transponder renewals are the
same, $50 fortwo axled vehicles.
Pull into the far right lane at the
toll booth, Monday through Fri-
day and Saturday until noon.
Closed on Sunday. Be sure to
have your application and check
or money order ready.
If the holidays left you with a
monumental mess, let the Stanley
Steemer crew spiff up your floors
and upholstery. You are just a
phone call away from clean.
Comfort Zone Footwear will
help you achieve your fitness
resolutions without even trying.
Their new MBT line of shoes
helps strengthen and tone just by
slipping a pair on. Makes you feel
better from your toes on up.
Real estate appraisal expert,
Dan Green has set his website up
at www.gdanielgreen.com so his
clients have fast access to order
and receive appraisal reports. You
can still call and talk to a real, live
person at 934-1797.
Does your Mardi Gras ball
gown need to be shined,
sparkled, press or fluffed up? X
Clean Cleaners is just on the other
side of the bridge in the Office
Depot Shopping Center. Dis-
count to new customers.


Shipping & Packaging Services
Fax C Copy Services
Printing & Document Finishing Services
Notary Services
Mailbox Services
Packaging & Moving Supplies
Office Supplies

Bruno's Shopping Center
362 Gulf Breeze Parkway
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
850.932.8533 Tel 850.932.1588 Fax

I -

t lM" ISandy Franz, Mortgage Loan Officer
850.444.1172 (0) | 850.449.6875 (M)
TOP PHOTO: Christmas golf carts ambled through the streets of 850.444.1172(0) 850.449.6 M)
Portofino, Saturday, December 16. BOTTOM: Santa picked the Most sandy.franz@amsouth.com
Festive Cart which was decorated by: Back row (L to R) Yasmine 02006 AmSouth Bank. Member FDIC. Subject
and Maya Hurmeda. Front row (L to R) Sammy Hurmeda and Bella -i torequireddocumentationandcreditapproval.

Seniors Learn

ToSurftheWeb a Mardi Gr on the Island

In an effort to meet the needs
of the fastest growing segment
of Internet users in the U. S., the
University of West Florida Divi-
sion of Continuing Education will
offer "Retire with Technology"
courses, which are designed for
seniors and will provide more
than 22 hours of hands-on com-
puter experience in a student-
paced environment beginning
January 17.
For more information or to
enroll, contact the UWF Division
of Continuing Education at (850)
474-2914 or visit

Bank of the South Island Branch
Full Service Banking Close to Home

... I"-i ,] ,

* Internet Banking
* Bill Payment Service
* Waterfront Financing


SFlex Line Home Equity Loans
SConventional Mortgages
SPersonal Service

Mon Thurs



captured in the pages of



go to


xs Krewe
pe Wrecks



* History

* Krewes

* Royalty

SAvailable at all Krewe of Wrecks Meetings or at the Pensacola Beach Visitor's Information i
* Center. Make Checks Payable to the Krewe of Wrecks Parade Fund. *
l i

January 3, 2007

Island Times



Beach Natives Anticipate Naugas Arrival New Competition Crowns Nauga Dawga

It is known to some and sur-
mised by most that the elusive
Naugas will appear in late Janu-
ary on Pensacola Beach. As the
story goes, they stay in hiding
until the Krewe of Nauga's annual
Champagne Breakfast and Native
Noontime Ball, Saturday, January
27 at 10:30 a.m. at The Dock. Even
the most sedate souls are infused
with Nauga-ness as they arrive
decked out in their best pajamas
and are issued official Nauga ears
to wear all morning.
Breakfast is a buffet of usual
favorites and the champagne
flows, all for $15. Tickets are sold
at the door only and the price of
admission makes each partier a
member of the Krewe of Nauga.
Krewe members must swear alle-
giance to the Nauga Queen and
commit to toss off any semblance
of gloom, worry or reasonable
behavior for the remainder of the
The royal coronation cer-
emony will take place about noon,

so the Queen may view her loyal
subjects and prepare them for the
Mardi Gras season on Pensacola
Beach. After the tiara and scepter
have been received, the monarch
will be assigned a trusty guard-
ian in the form of a Nauga Dawga.
"The perfect pooch will be
full of personality, possibly per-
snickety and definitely all dawg,"
according to Queen Nauga I
Danah Gibson.
The Nauga Dawga will be
chosen from photographs sub-
mitted by the pooches' parents.
All photos will be on display on
the Waggin' Braggin Board dur-
ing the Nauga Breakfast. The
cost to enter your dawg's photo
is $5 and the deadline is 11:30,
Saturday, January 27. Judging
will take place at noon. Rebecca
Watford, owner of Best Paw
Forward Dog Training will be
the Nauga Judge.
"The criteria for becoming a
Nauga Dawga fall somewhere be-
tween outrageous and mystical. I

will know by the photo which just one pooch," said Rebecca.
dawg has the right attitude, but it Proceeds from the contest
will be a hard decision to appoint will benefit the Humane Society.

For more information, please
call the Nauga Hotline at Danah's
Hair Studio, 932-4323.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Enter Your


Hemi Johnson
Rescued Golden Retriever
| 2 years old

Dog's Photo in the

Nauga Dawga Competition
Bring your dog's photo (4 x 6 or smaller) to Danah's
Hair Studio, Pensacola Beach
Photos accepted beginning January 3 through noon
January 27.
$5 entry fee benefits the Humane Society
Photo will be displayed on the Waggin' Braggin Board

All photos will be displayed and judged
at the Krewe of Nauga Champagne
Breakfast and Native Noontime Ball,
January 27 at The Dock. An official
Nauga Dawga will be named!

_ _ _ __ _ _______-----_ _ __ _ _ __ _

Learn the ABC's

of catching some





S* Prepare your bed for complete rest with our
Goose Down European Sleep System
* Learn about the Importance of Sleep ~
Call today for our Sleep Seminar Schedule

If you value:
Your Overall Health
Your Daily Performance
y Your Children's Well Being
Resolve To:
Get Enough Sleep in 2007

Rea I)
Enter the world ofPandora de Balthazar rew a rds or resl!
Get Some Sleep" -
Luxurious Linens Magnificent Textiles Personal Bedding
9 South Ninth Avenue at Aragon Pensacola 850.432.4777 www.pandoradebalthazar.com



Island Times

January 3, 2007

Catholic Church Hosts Family Events

By Dr. Chuck Randle
Pastor, Pensacola Beach Community Church
As I write this article, the end of the year is fast approaching.
For many people, that will be a welcome relief as it signals the
opportunity for a new beginning. During the New Year, many may
be able to return to their hurricane damaged or destroyed homes;
others will have some time to heal from the loss of a loved one;
others may find their economic situation in better condition; some
will complete their degrees in education and move on in their
chosen field; and others will discover many unanticipated sur-
prises. Of course, during the year there will be negatives in the
lives of some, and they will long for the end of the year and the
beginning of a new one.
Many of us have discovered that the important time to live is
now. We do need to plan for the future, but if we live each day as
efficient and good as we are capable, each day will build into a
wonderful future.
An old Sanskrit Proverb reads:

Look to this Day,
For it is life,
The very life of life.
In its brief course lie all
The realities and verities of existence,
The bliss of growth,
The splendor of action,
The glory of power. .
For yesterday is but a dream,
And tomorrow is only a vision.
But today, well lived,
Makes every yesterday a dream of
And every tomorrow a vision of
Look well, therefore, to this day.

May each day of your New Year be one of excitement, growth,
and reward.

January 6 is Epiphany: It is known as the Day of the Three
Kings (or wise men) and thus celebrated with King Cake.
Krewe of Nereids King Cake Party, Jan. 6 at 3 p.m. at Paradise

Real Love Program
Registrations are being ac-
cepted through today for Family
Honor Real Love & Real Life pro-
gram January 5-6 at St. Ann
Catholic Church, Gulf Breeze.
This family-centered chastity
education program for 7th and 8th
graders and their parents teaches
how to build a better family life
by learning to communicate, an-
ticipate and deal with changes.
Family Honor programs are de-
signed to enhance parent-child
communication and connected-
ness, so the parents or adult
guardians are required to attend
this program with the teens.
Topics include: learning
about appropriate future dating
behavior (as in older teens), de-
veloping values and responsibili-

Spring Festival

Marches Onto 1
The University of West
Florida will hold its annual Festi-
val on the Green event March 30
and 31 on the UWF Main Cam-
pus. Events and attractions in-
clude an alumni jazz brunch and
awards celebration; "Strut your
Mutt"- a Humane Society
fundraiser; Time Portal to the
Past, an international stage; a dog
sports exhibition; a children's fes-
tival; library book sale; a fine arts
show; a crafts fair; and festival
Off the Green events include
the annual Student Art Exhibit; a
high school volleyball tourna-
ment; tennis matches; and soft-
ball and baseball games.
Festival on the Green is a
two-day event that welcomes the
Northwest Florida and SouthAla-

ties in the family, the changes in
adolescence, and much more.
Cost for the program is $40
per family and forms are avail-
able at www.familyhonorgc.org as
well as at St. Ann Catholic Church.
For more information call Tom
Hofius 934-4162 or Matt Hitpas

Newcomer Welcome Night
will be Wednesday, January 11,
We invite our newly regis-
tered parishioners to get ac-
quainted at our weekly Wednes-
day Night Dinner at 6 p.m. in the
Parish Hall. Dinners cost $5 per
person/ $12 per family and we ask
that you please call the parish
office with reservations by the
prior Monday so our chefs may

On The Green

UWF Campus
bama community to the UWF
campus. Last year, the festival
attracted approximately 20,495
For more information, con-
tact Jeff Comeau, festival direc-
tor, at (51 1) 474-2610 ore-mail at
jcomeau@uwf.edu. For a com-
plete schedule of events, visit

plan accordingly. Babysitting is

Beach resident Teet Brannon
hosts Wine Down and Perk Up
on Sunday, January 15 from 2:30
to 4:00 p.m. Teet invites everyone
to come together to share ideas
for Educational, Social, Musical
and Cultural events. For more in-
formation contact Teet Brannon
at 934-3558.

Pensacola Beach
Community Church
United Church of Christ
Via de Luna & Ave 18
Sunday Services 10 a.m.

Our Lady of the
Assumption Catholic
Via de Luna & Ave 18
Sunday Mass 9:45 a.m.

Men & Women's Casual & Outdoor Clothing
Hiking & Backpacking Gear
Snow Ski Apparel
Rock Climbing Gear, Ropes & Shoes
ut patagonia

3009 East Cervantes 433-2822

10% o^ff Duin 3 Dys JstTotr U
I'iililahle o1111\ in tore)

Gulf Breeze
GB Proper: 1143 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
Tiger Point: 3497 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
6424 N 9th Ave w/ Langley


Free Home/Office Pickup/Delivery
SCall us @ 916-9437 565-0357


D ICleaning

I oshl




January 3, 2007

Island Times



January 3, 2007 Island Times PAGE 11

Everything you need-

Right here

on the Beach ~~ir

Open Everyday

6 AM until 11 PM

Put a tiger in your tank.
E.. O. Gasoline
O. on the Island!
S-- FiI 'er up. Easy entry and exit on Via de Luna.
S tl Prices comparable to Gulf Breeze.

In a Hurry?
Groceries Convenience Items
Coffee and Free Island Times
Fresh Produce Frozen Foods
Ice Snacks Cold Beer
ATM available inside *

Frozen Novelties
and Treats

Full Line of Beach Supplies
Beach Toys Beach Floats
Sunscreen Coolers

H ., V ,i
Surf Side Strollers
MILK Walking Club
SAll Gallons All are welcome to walk
Bi' '\J > and log in at the Store
ba[ber' 2 99 Begins Thursday, Januar
...... rat 5:30 p.m.
Premium Cigars
For your smoking pleasure...
Onyx Cohiba

Arturo Fuente
Romeo y Juliete
Check Out Our
3 Pack Cigarette Specials

22 Via de Luna Across from Subway and Paddy O'Learv's Pensacola Beach

January 3, 2007

Island Times




Island Times

I '






% ~ S*


"Copyrighted Material

SSyndicated Content

from Commercial News Providers"

= =. y






January 3,2007

January 3, 2007 Island Times PAGE 13

Espo -- Surf

R lik Fred
report -. Espos

"Looks like we made it"

Well, here it is the dawn of
the new year, 2006 is finally over!
Wow, what a paranoid year.
We all seem to have expected this
year to be a huge Hurricane Sea-
son with dozens of global warm-
ing sent Cat 5 hurricanes and
death and destruction every-
All the newspapers and TV
shows were on it. Remember the
news warning us that this up-
coming year of 2006 will unleash
the worst hurricane season to
date. Prepare yourselves. Get
ready for the end of days. Buy
more duct tape!
For the 2006 North Atlantic
Hurricane Season, NOAA pre-
dicted 13 to 16 named storms,
with eight to 10 becoming hurri-
canes, of which four to six could
become major hurricanes of Cat-
egory 3 strength or higher.
So what happened?
We all have heard the term
"El Nino" in the past. You know
that whole warming water in the
Pacific thing remember?
Most people thought it was

SLights Out For Turtles ISU RFE R'S

Helping Hatchlings Make It Through The Night
'v -- ..



a new slang and a buzz word for
surfers and weatherman alike.
Wrong, people. Old El Nino
has saved the day. It sends up-
per level west winds across the
Gulf region and shears any ap-
proaching storm to pieces.
Plus our old friend the Ber-
muda High was in the right place
all season. That stirred any storm
up and moved it past the high
placing it in the middle of the At-
lantic Ocean away from any U.S.
city or state.
If anyone needed good
news this year, it was us. Rebuild-
ing is still going on, new roads
and new condos.
Life is getting back to some
sort of normalcy, to a degree.
The beach looks great com-
pared to just a year ago, chang-
ing everyday and building is in
full swing!
So, thanks El Nino for a great
Christmas present, great weather,
great times, and clean waves.
Good luck to everyone in 2007.
A Very Happy New Year!
Stay Stoked.


Strollers Prepare Walk It Off

They may not go far or fast,
but the Surf Side Strollers do want
to walk. And, walk they will at
their first meeting, Thursday,
January 11 at 5:30 p.m. Those who
wish to become a Stroller should
gather in the parking lot of the
Surf Side Food Store on Via de
There is no charge to belong
to the group. A membership card
is available and each Stroller will
have his own page in the Stroller
log book. The book will be kept
at the Surf Side Food Store so
Strollers can log mileage any time
the store is open.
Everyone is welcome to stroll
at any pace for any length of time.
The goal is to get moving in the
new year and encourage others
to do the same.
"I am really excited about the
opportunity to get together with
others who wish to walk off some
of the holiday pounds," said
Sandi Johnson, Portofino resi-

Once a hatchling turtle
emerges from the nest, he
heads toward the brightest
direction to find his way to
the water. This is not a prob-
lem on undeveloped beaches,
but on a populated beach,
one light can lead hundreds
of hatchlings astray. Scien-
tists estimate that only one of
every one thousand baby
hatchlings makes it to adult-
hood. You can help improve
that number.
Turn off the lights.

-:~~~5~- .

Are you a friend or foe or
is that you just don't know what
to do to protect the sea turtle
population? Turtles can't tell
the difference between moon-
light and reading lamps, so fol-
low the correct procedure to
help the sea turtles. Here's how:
Minimize beach front light-
ing during turtle season, April
through October.
Keep your curtains and
drapes drawn so lights do not
reflect on the Beach.
Fill in large holes dug in the
sand each night.
Properly dispose of plastic
bags and balloons, and other
debris which may appear to be
food to the turtle. This process
will help the birds, too.
Recycle or dispose of ex-
cess fishing line that could en-
tangle and drown turtles.
Walk on boardwalks in-
stead of traveling over the
dunes system. Dunes block ar-
tificial lighting from turtle nest-
ing areas.
If you encounter a turtle or
hatchling, just watch quietly. No
flashlights or photos.
If you see hatchlings cross-
ing the streets in an effort to
get to the beach, you can gen-
tly lift and carry the baby to the
sandy shoreline.

Personal service from an
experienced professional

Grey Burge
Lic. Real Estate Broker


dent. "I have beenwalking on the For more information about t HOUSE UJVJ I JJ ~ L
treadmill for months now, some the group, contact the Island
fresh air would be great." Times office at 916-5258.
.------------------------------------------ Eu


.. Name:
I ---^-- I^
I -Island Times Address:

Send $32 made delivered

payable to: to your
I *`/ City:
Shelley Ink mailbox. Cy:

P.O. Box 844_ state:

Gulf Breeze, FL Zip:

32562-0844 Don't Miss A Word

I _ _ _ _ _

January 3, 2007

Island Times


f^/Mw~fU Ski 4

Private Cruises Sunset Sails
Enviro Tours Mini Voyages
Dinner Cruises
Champagne Sunset Cruise

850 525 9624

305 766 3518

Love Is In The Air When The Wind Is In My Sails I

Part II
"Well, let's go aboard, and I'll
give you the tour," said Jim. (I
just made up that name. I really
don't know what his name was.
I'm ashamed of that. His offer
changed my life, and I can't even
remember his name or face.)
We stepped from the dock to
her pristine deck, and she moved
gently as if she had just taken in
her breath. The sun warmed my
head and shoulders. Its reflec-
tion moved from her deck to my
face, blinding me. I was on over-
load. It was like jumping from an
airplane. New sensations
crowded my brain. I was in love;
I was terrified; I was exhilarated.
"Just walk down these steps
like you're walking down a lad-
der." Jim was motioning me to-
ward the companionway. Bob
was looking at me strangely. I did
as I was told.
The interior was cool and
dark, and I was temporarily
blinded. "To your left, to port, is
the galley." I turned my head to
the left because that was the only
word I'd understood. Was this a
foreign language?
"And starboard is the nav
station, and here's the salon.
Through this door is the captain's
berth, and beyond that the head.
Here are the life preservers. You
won't need them; I'mjust required
by law to let you know where they
My eyes were beginning to
adjust, and I could just make out
a small bed, covered with a red
and blue patchwork quilt. An
overhead hatch, a sort of skylight
from this vantage point, flooded
the cheery squares of the quilt
with sunlight.
"My wife says there's not
enough lockers, but this boat's
really pretty generous." Huh?
What did he say? He was point-
ing toward a tiny little closet
across from the bed. Is his wife a
midget? If so, that closet is just
the right size. I'm not a girly girl,
but even my sparse wardrobe
couldn't be crammed in that tiny
"Um-hum." That was the
closest to an intelligent comment
I could make. Sailing must in-
volve learning a foreign language.
"Okay. Here's the head. You
need some instructions." He was
pointing toward a little bathroom.
A rather small toilet sat opposite
a diminutive sink. A showerhead
attached to a hose like in a kitchen
sink protruded from the top of the
sink. "That's the shower. You
won't be needing that, but let me

give you some instructions on
the head." He must be talking
about the toilet. He's going to
show me how to work the toilet.
"See, you flip this lever here,
pump at least ten times to pump
away the waste, then flip the le-
ver back to this position to wash
the bowl with salt water." Oh my.
Ijust hope I don't have to pee. I'll
never remember all this. "See this
lever? This is for emptying the
holding tank. Don't touch this
one. Any questions?" I nodded
dumbly. I definitely was not go-
ing to pee this trip. Why did it
have to be so complicated?
"Alright! Let's get back to
the cockpit and get going. Ever
been sailing before?"
"No, this is my first time.
She's beautiful." She was, too.
My eyes, now fully adjusted to
the filtered light, feasted on the
amber glow of the teak walls. It
was like being inside a piece of
beautiful furniture. Plush cush-
ions rested against each wall with
a narrow walkway between them.
The floors were also teak, with a
little stripe of lighter wood for
contrast. Books and a little tele-
vision adorned the shelves be-
hind the built-in couches. Asmall
drop leaf table, off-center toward
the right looked like a perfect
place for a leisurely meal.
"All rightey. Just climb right
on back up here, just like climb-
ing a ladder, and we'll get
started." Jim was already up the
companionway and out the door.
I glimpsed a stainless steel
sink and a three-burner gas stove
as I walked past the tiny kitchen.
It was small, but I bet you could
put a good meal on that table.
Why, you could actually LIVE on
this boat!
Years ago, when I still lived
in Houma, Louisiana, a young
man named Don came through
town and spent some time at our
house. My husband was a sea-
plane pilot, so when Don pulled
up at the seaplane dock in his
sailboat, he invited him over for
dinner. Don lived on his boat.
He was full of stories of crossing
he Gulf of Mexico, encountering
a hurricane, and rolling his boat
360 degrees. Whew! Don't think
of that now. The point is, you
could LIVE on a boat like this.
I barely remember the trip
through the pass in Little Sabine
into Santa Rosa Sound. Bob and
Jim talked of starboard and port,
foredecks, aft, amidships, lines
and sheets, generally they con-

tinued to speak that foreign lan-
guage. I feasted my eyes on my
new world. Everything looked
different from here. The sun was
brighter, the wind more refresh-
ing, the water bluer. I'd been here
lots of times on my windsurfer,
but this was so different. This
was a real sailboat. I was on a
real sailboat, and I was sailing.
I'd watched so many go by and
wondered what it was like. Now I
was the lucky one.
To be continued...
[Trish is the owner of the
Namaste sailing vessel which offers
charters from Pensacola Beach. She
can be reached at 305-766-3518.]

Beach Yacht Club

Announces Officers

The Pensacola Beach Yacht
Club has announced that the fol-
lowing volunteers will serve as
officers this year: Commodore
WillBery, Vice-Commodore Mike
Blanda, Rear Commodore Corrie
Keich, Secretary Juli McCormick
and Treasurer Al Greene.
Also serving are: Fleet Cap-
tain Dave Hoffman, GYA Off-
shore Council Rep. William
Paden, GYA One-design Rep.
Andy Werner, GYA PHRF Area
Handicapper Dave Dunbar, Jun-
ior Sailing Program Jeff Phillips,
Membership Coordinator Jo Dee
Cattrell, Club Manager Dick
Dunbar, Fleet Counsel Joe
Hammons and Dock & Facilities
Master Steve Headley.

Sit. Sip. Stay.

Gulf Views from our Tiki Bar
Happy Hour
familiar name, friendly faces,
frosty libations

located at


24 Via de Luna
Pensacola Beach

Room Rates

Pensacola Beach Woman's Club President Chrissy Cook, left,
presented donation checks to (L to R): Gayle Crume of Gayle Force
Vision, and Pauline Huddleston and Mary Ann Claus of Our Lady of
Assumption Catholic Church for Hunt Hall, at the Christmas Luncheon
December 14.

Pensacola Beach Woman's Club Birthday Girls for December
celebrated at the annual Christmas luncheon December 14. The
lucky ladies are (L to R): Nancy Crane, Linda Saeger and Carolyn
Turk. The Woman's Club mascot, the mermaid, helped them blow
out the candles.

E s po..........
S -O ,--'...
% ,. iii 'id; ii; N ii iii W ii i;


Island Times

January 3, 2007

~ ,U


January 3, 2007 Island Times PAGE 15

Beach Hold'Em iA '
Poker Players
Shuffle Through I
the Holidays / ^

Beach skateboarding wiz-
ard Jimmy Z rolled over the
competition to survive a wild
night of cards at Paradise Bar
and Grill, December 18. It was
his first Texas Hold 'Em 4 Fun
title. Trace Lewis was second
and Duane Leifur was third.
Paradise Bar and Grill
hosted the 2006 Texas Hold 'Em
4 Fun Tour Championship at
year's end. Watch for results in
the next edition of Island Times.
There are plenty of card
games to sit in on, and action
at The Islander Lounge in
Pensacola Beach's historic
district happens on Wednes-
day and Saturday nights.
Tim Rinker beat a tough
Larry Gers in the Saturday
night showdown on December
16 at The Islander, but he
couldn't quite get the cards
to fall his way on December
20. Tim slid into second place
behind Trace Lewis who fin-
ished strong to take the title
at the Islander.
Christmas came a few
days early for Scott "Arnie"
Palmer on December 23. He
played patiently and folded
his cards most of the night
waiting for his chance to take
on chip leader J.O.Weeks. It
happened in the final show-
down with Scott getting' the
cards to take down J.O. for the
win at The Islander.
Fran Cox wore his new
good luck charm around his
neck to the December 27 card
game at The Islander and fin-
ished with a win. Mark
Beachman, who was the chip
leader right up until the end,
was second.

Top Notch

Teacher Earns

Long time beach resident,
Rita McGartland, was chosen
teacher of the year at the Pro-
gram for Academically Talented
Students Center for 2006-07.
The PATS Center serves
gifted students from middle and
elementary schools in Escambia
County including Pensacola
Beach Elementary.

Fran Cox, left, and Mark Beachman have a good time battling at
the Texas Hold 'Em 4 Fun tables at The Islander Lounge on December
27. Fran came from behind to take the win crediting his new lucky
moonstone necklace.

Executive Chef John Smith snapped a few photos of his
appreciative guests, the Sisters of the Beach, during the December
17 Christmas luncheon at Flounder's. The Sisters sang his praises.

Letter to the Editor

Thanks to All
I received a letter addressed
to the Sisters of the Beach which
contained the following message:
To all the SOBs who participated
in the purchase of flowers for
Andrea's mother, Mrs. East and
Andy's mother, Mrs. Brunt. They

Columbia Crest
Merlot & Chardonnay
SALE $899

1.75 LT
SALE $2599



wanted you all to know how much
your love and caring meant to
them. None of us will ever forget
our Sister, as she remains in our
hearts, minds and a lot of memo-
ries, always. The Brunt and East
families send their love, gratitude
and thanks to all of you.
Kathi Lewis

S, ,,, Oxford Landing
(. bernet, Shiraz,
( lardonnay, Merlot
reg $8.99
SALE $799

1.75 LT 1.75 LT -Lt or Gold
reg $26.49 reg $28.99
ALE $2099 SALE $2299

Crazy Costumers Compete

For Sandshaker Contest Prize

Bring out your best Mardi
Gras masks and wildest costumes
for the second annual Krewe of
Sandshaker Costume Contest.
The gaudy and glittered event
kicks off at 8 p.m. Saturday, Janu-
ary 13 at The Sandshaker Lounge
on Pensacola Beach. The spirit of
Mardi Gras is alive and well at the
Shaker. The costumed contes-
tants will be fueled by
Bushwackers served by brave
"We're looking for the people
who capture the spirit of Mardi
Gras the zanier, the better," said
Shaker co-owner Beverly
Boswell. "Last year riverboat
gamblers sipped whiskey next to
mystical mermaids, so pretty

much anything goes for the cos-
tume themes."
The secret judges will look
for creative Beach costumers who
pull out all the stops in bringing
the Mardi Gras spirit to life.
Awards will be given to the best
The Krewe's den is located
at the Shaker and interested par-
ties may apply to join. The Krewe
is so secretive that no one seems
to know if there are rules or dues.
It is certain that one requirement
is attendance at the annual cos-
tume contest and the ability to
dance the night away Shaker
For more information about
the contest, call 932-2211.



LIVE w- I bHn AlnmEnT BY

BIG mu DDY 3PmofunTiL

January 3, 2007

Island Times


Mir IF 7 M'~

=11 -ROT

T! a ZA/UWi~ek

PAGE 16 Island Times January 3, 2007

i, auty& t ach

By Danah & Gwen Gibson

by Pandora de Balthazar

Seeing how this is our first
edition of the Island Times for
2007, surely all of you are busy
trying to stick to your New Year's
resolutions! The most popular
two seem to be to lose weight and
quit smoking. Well, I can't help
you with #1, but I do have a few
words about #2.
Ok, we all know that smok-
ing is bad for you, so we won't
go on about emphysema, throat
cancer, or losing a lung. Rather
than appeal to your desire to live
a long, healthy life, let's address
your vanity. These are some rea-
sons to quit based purely how
you will look or feel. (I am down
to social smoking, as I like to call
it. So all you tobacco lovers out
there, I'm right there with ya!)
L Wrinkle alert!
Because smoking deprives
skin of oxygen, tissues can't re-
generate. Lines above your lips
and brows start popping up in
your 20s, instead of 30s and 40s.
It's no fun when red lipstick starts
to bleed above your lip like a little
old lady. At least she has an ex-
cuse, she's old!
L Did you know that women

Chili Con
The weather is perfect to stir
up the competition in the Great
American Chili Cook-off, Satur-
day, January 13, at Seville Quar-
The cook-off is limited to 13
teams. Deadline to enter is Thurs-
day, January 11. Team entry fee
is $15. Teams are limited to 3
cooks per team. Trophies will be
awarded to the top three winners
based on Taste, Smell and Con-
sistency plus there will be awards
for the People's Choice and a
Showmanship Award.
Cooking starts at noon and
the judging begins at 4 p.m. The
public may come from 4 to 6 p.m.
to taste test the spicy entries. The
charge is $10 at the door. Pro-
ceeds benefit Seville Sertoma
"The competition is hot. The
cooks are gathering secret spices
and other ingredients," quipped
Susi Lyon, of Seville Quarter.
Everything must be prepared
onpremises. Seville will provide
Chefburners and tables. All other

who smoke are 50% more likely
to grow facial hair than non smok-
ers? Are you looking forward to
having a mustache like Uncle
L Yellow teeth and bad
breath. That explains itself.
L Losing your sense of taste
and smell. Is that nicotine you're
wearing? Most smokers cannot
smell their selves, but believe me,
everyone else can!
L Smokers hack. There's
something so attractive about a
beautiful, young woman cough-
ing up phlegm before she takes
another drag!
L Think about the money
you would save. If you do decide
to quit, take the cash you would
spend on cigs and put it in a spe-
cialjar, then at the end of the year,
do something special for yourself.
Take a trip, go on a shopping
spree, or whatever. Just be totally
self indulgent. That is a great mo-
tivator, and you deserve it!
Here's to a healthy and
happy New Year. Remember the
Hair Hotline is just a dial tone
away and I will answer any ques-
tionsyouhave, 932-4323.

You should hav
and Joy all year long
Talk is renamed
I want to
know if you are
Sleep Deprived.
Here a few
indications you
aren't getting
enough sleep:
rary loss in en-
ergy and alert- ,
tive and groggy

e Comfort Feelings of lethargy
Sso Pillow Reduced productivity
S. ." asleep watch-
T ingTV
feel drowsy
While driving
If you
answered yes
to more than
ten of these,
you are prob-
ably sleep de-
prived and
.... need to take
4 *t actionto geta
good night's
sleep on a
Pandora says get plenty of rest. regular basis,

shifts, including
depression, increased irritability
and loss of sense of humor
Stress, anxiety & loss of
coping skills
Lack of interest in social-
izing with others
Weight gain
Feelings of being chilled
Reduced immunity to dis-
ease and viral infection

petition Heats Up
equipment must be brought by contact SusiLyonat 850-434-6211
the team. For more information or go to www.rosies.com.

Waterfront Banquet Facility


l* Pensacola Beach

or your entire productivity and
life's balance will be affected.
Taking action is important.
Proper exercise, nutrition and an
adequate sleep environment lead
to a better night's rest. Watch
for the next column to learn more.

.. -





Open Tues-Thurs 10 til 7
Friday 10 til 5 Saturday 10 til
Addition a Appointments Available

3 Via de Luna
I Downtown Pensacola Beach


Hair Studio



Island Times

January 3, 2007

January 3, 2007 Island Times PAGE 17

by E.K. Hewson

DeLuna Fest February 11

Historic District Pensacola Beach

I can't believe what has
happened to me. I have Super
Bowl frenzy and the main
event is still a month away.
This all actually started in mid-
December as I was standing
in line waiting for Disney
World to open. I met a family
from Metairie, Louisiana and
we exchanged pleasantries for
the next hour. I introduced
them to my Harrys. They in-
troduced me to about 30 fam-
ily members. PawPaw and
Trey were still back at the ho-
tel. We talked about Katrina,
beignets, Mardi Gras and of
course, the Saints. "They
goin' all the way baby," said
the dad.
His son chimed in
"Reggie Bush for president."
As the gates to the Magic
Kingdom opened that day, I
never missed an opportunity
to wish upon that magic star
for this dream to come true.
Then on Christmas Eve
day, I turned on my computer
to "watch" the Saints play the
Giants. I get to see yellow ar-
rows and high-tech computer
graphics move the ball up and
down the field, as well as I get
a typed out play by play of
who is on what yard line. I
also get sketchy messages
like this: "Time out. Saint
down and hurt." So I called my
sister, Shelley. I knew if I left
a desperate enough message,
she would probably call me
back. She did and while she
was watching the Saints on
TV, I continued my computer-
ized vigil. Then she said it.
"They goin' all the way baby."
I countered with "Nah,
dahlin. You think?" She made
it very clear that the Saints
have an actual shot at being
the NFC champions and earn-

ing a berth in Super Bowl XLI.
So while visions of sugar
plums danced in your head on
the night of December 24, I
searched the internet for any
Super Bowl sweepstakes I
could possibly enter and won-
dered what I could sell on e-
Bay to come up with the mini-
mum $3000 per ticket price
Now while most of my
friends leave their Christmas
decorations up until the New
Year, I was on a mission. By 6
a.m. on December 26, I was
ready for my husband to start
putting all the boxes back up
in the rafters of our garage. I
had pulled an all nighter and
de-Christmasized my house in
order to get ready for the
Saints last regular season
game and post-season play.
"Hey, sweets, while you're up
there would you mind getting
down those two bins that say
'Geaux Saints' on them?" I
asked using my sweetest
voice, knowing full well that
these containers caused a
major meltdown when we
moved from Maryland to Cali-
fornia a few years ago. That's
an Eagle's fan for you. He
considered them not essential
and thought they should go
in storage until we finally
moved back to Maryland at
some unknown future date.
Guess he's glad I won that ar-
gument or he'd be making the
12 hour round-trip from North
Carolina to Maryland to get
me my boxes for this year's
post-season games and cel-
My living room is now a
sea of black and gold with
way too many fleur de lis
hanging from the ceiling. I
have out every Saints deco-

ration I own, not to mention
voodoo dolls and velvet
pouches filled with gris gris.
Marie Laveau would be
proud. My freezer is filled with
homemade gumbo and my re-
frigerator has two containers
of traditional olive salad just
waiting to be used for
muffalettas. I've asked the
manager of the base package
store if he could get me a case
of Dixie beer, maybe even two.
I've entered every win free
tickets sweepstakes I can
find. Now if I am not so lucky
at my bid to win a seat at this
year's Super Bowl, I have no
intention of punting. I'll find
a way to go for it on fourth
and long.
Hey, if the Saints are goin'
all the way baby, then this
former Orleanian plans to be
Until next time,
Geaux Saints!

playing Sat 6th & Sun. 7th at s

Sat 13th at 8pm. Wear your favorite Mardi G
costume and come PARTY WITH US
Fri. 19th at 7pm
Monday Football & Pizza
Tues, Wedn. & Friday Karaoke
1/2 price drinks if wearing
Shaker shirt on Thursdays
Sat & Sun Live band
850.932.2211 Open 11am-3am 7 days a wes
731 Pens Beach Blvd., Pensacola Beach (Across from the fishing
www.SandShakerLounge.com for complete schedule

Inspired by the Masai Tribe, MBT (Masai Barefoot
Technology) is a range of footwear which reestablishes our
natural conditions of standing and walking.
/ ,* Strengthens & tones muscles in
,.' Ieel. legs, buttocks, stomach &
SIncreases muscle activity &
Relieves muscular tension, back
and joint problems
Leads to a relaxed upright posture
93-83 e 21 G ul Bree ky




4') \, i ti Liiiia
P'l.aclp'la B'acli

January 3, 2007

Island Times


PAGE 18 Island Times January 3, 2007

2007 -A Banner Year

2006 has been a really inter-
esting year for me. I have learned
a lot. One of the things that I
learned was that eventhough I am
a detail-oriented person, I cer-
tainly have done some rather
strange things in conjunction
with mini vacations. I showed up
a week early at one place because
I was so excited I just lost sight
of the actual date of the event.
Then more recently I showed up
wearing two different running
shoes one on each foot. The
funny thing is I can't find their
mates. Oh well.
I have learned that clutter is
just that clutter! It feels better to
get stuff organized, or given
away, or thrown away.
I have vigorously studied
many branches of science includ-
ing climatology, anthropology,
quantum physics and astronomy.
Philosophy, which I shied away
from in college, is now a constant
companion in the form of many
different modes of thought and
studies. Also I have enjoyed
many adventures in the realm of
mathematics. I have done this as
research for writing my science
fiction books and also because I
hunger for insights into life. But
with all this new knowledge, I re-
r ------------ I


Electronic components
contain toxic and hazardous
materials and must be dis-
posed of properly. The Depart-
ment of Solid Waste Manage-
ment has a program for the col-
lection and recycling of end-
of-life electronics such as ste-
reos, tv's, vcr's, computer
equipment, etc. These items
can be brought to the Perdido
Landfill at no charge or to our
Regional Roundups. Please
call 850-937-2160.
L -__ -___ __ _- --

alize what is most important to me.
In 2006, the most valuable
treasures I have in my life, are my
family and friends. I have a won-
derful husband, Ralph, whom I
joke about in this column. (He de-
serves it; trust me.) And I cer-
tainly have a wonderful family,
extended family and friends that
cover not only the United States,
but other countries around the
world as well. With all this beau-
tiful richness in my life, I look for-
ward to 2007. Iplan on making it a
wonderful year!

Goldie, the Bessone's cat, in Villa Sabine has had a lot of attention over the holidays which was
purr-fectly okay with her. Friends and relatives from Kansas City and North Carolina who came to
Pensacola Beach and stayed with the longtime Beach residents this year are (L to R): Sarah Velten,
Kathy and Lucy Kreamer, hosts Andy, Mary and Goldie Bessone; and David, Mary, and Michael Velten.
Photo by Sam

S Remember to Recycle

M VarL & V-8 Powered
-- Steam Clean

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
Area and Oriental Rugs Tile & Grout
Marble, Vinyl & Hardwood Cars, Boats & RV Interiors




434-6277 438-7559

Jerryw ion I

Plans & Lots


build on your lot

v, v, 1% .1n1o reyb u1il(elrs .co I11

Specializing in insurance claims, restoration projects,
residential and commercial

Dear Neighbors, 9 4-
We are licensed general contractors and roofing contractors
located on Pensacola Beach! We can build, remodel or re-
store. We offer low pricing for materials and labor, but high
quality work by experienced craftsmen.

State Cert. General Contractor CGC1511145 II- L
State Cert. Roofing Contractor CCC1326184 I l

Let's Boogie!

G. Daniel Green & Associates, Inc.


103 Baybridge Dr. G Daniel Green
Gulf Breeze, FL MAI, SRA
850-934-1797 REA #RZ836

Pensacola Beach Townhome Just Steps from the Gulf As Is price $39b,000
3 BR/2 5 BA Gulf front views from patio and balcony
Gulf Breeze Duplex Totally renovated New wood laminate, tile and carpet
New cabinets and countertops Stainless appliances $290,000

Call Dennis Remesch

Cell Phone: 850-384-7607
Home Phone: 850-934-4708
denrem@denrem.com .WM1
www.denrem.com onKte Coast


Island Times

January 3, 2007

January 3, 2007 Island Times PAGE 19

CLASSIFIED ADS are $5 for 20 words. Additional words are 10 cents each. Send ad with check made payable to Shelley Ink, P.O. Box 844, Gulf Breeze, FL

Real Estate For Sale

Lots Lots Lots

1100 Panferio Drive
PFensaola E.each
r..JLS# -.1,.8-. -'il l 000
35 Ensenada Marbella
Direct Gulf Views. Santa Rosa
Villa Estates. $735,000
MLS # 278391
Santa Rosa Villas
1754 Ensenada Seis, Gulf
Front Lot, In Private Cul-De-
Sac, $1,680,000
213 Panferio Drive
Pensacola Beach Soundfront
lot, $845,000
27 Seashore Drive
Pensacola Beach Soundfront
Lot. $925,000 MLS# 315079
1581 Bulevar Menor
Lowest priced Sound Front
Lot MLS# 303140 $525,000.
800 Via de Luna
Large Corner Lot in prime lo-
cation $495,000 MLS:295784
Navarre Bay Front Lot
8052 Sleepy Bay Blvd. Priced
at $295,000. MLS: 296513.
Call Conna O'Donovan
Re/Max on the Coast
The Beach Specialist
cell: 850-232-4001
home: 850-932-1701
office: 850-932-6278

Pensacola Beach Gulf Front
Emerald Isle Unit 604- 2 bed-
rooms/ 2 baths. Gulf front liv-
ing at its best. Located within
easy walking distance of res-
taurants and shopping. Sold
furnished. $550,000 MLS
314598 Jeremy S. Johnson,
Realtor, Island Realty

Wanted: Gulf front or Gulf
view annual lease, with
easy beach access: 850
450 4634, cell.
Prefer single family home,
but spacious and private
condo will be considered,
furnished or unfurnished.
Will consider lease, lease
purchase, or purchase for
the right home!

Real Estate For Sale

Unobstructed Gulf View 4 BR/
4 BA. $995,000. Jeremy S.
Johnson, Realtor, Island Realty
of Pensacola Beach.

Pensacola Beach Townhome
3/2.5, just steps from the Gulf.
Great waterfront views from pa-
tio and balcony. As is price
makes this a great investment
property. $395,000. Call Dennis
Remesch, Re/Max on the
Coast. 850-384-7607

Gulf Breeze Proper 2 Bed-
room. 2 bath Sailwind Condo.
Immaculate with pool. New in-
terior. $142,500. Jeremy S.
Johnson, Realtor, Island Realty
of Pensacola Beach.

Real Estate For Rent

Gulf Front Condo-Emerald
Isle on beautiful Pensacola
Beach. Two bedroom Two bath,
heated pool /jacuzzi. Tastefuly
furnished. Call 850-934-3442

Gulf Front Condo Emerald
2 & 3 Bedroom Vacation Con-
dos for rent. Beautifully Deco-
rated. Heated PoolL/Jacuzzi
Mention this ad for discounts.
Call (850) 932-0775 or
(800) 554-3695

Three Bedroom House Fur-
nished. Monthly or Annual.
Completely Remodeled. Quiet
neighborhood on Sound side. A
Deal at $1200 per month. 850-

"QQ~reghYted ler

Sydcted QQntenit

Ari be frQr QQmmerci l N rY~ers "ov
*I I

Help Wanted

Ministries Assistant Full
Time. Visit St Ann Gulf
Breeze.org under "Join our
Team" for job description.
(850) 932-2859. Resume dead-
line: January 13, 2007.

Maintenance Supervisor -
Part Time. Visit St Ann Gulf
Breeze.org under "Join our
Team" for job description.
(850) 932-2859. Resume dead-
line: January 13, 2007.

Bookkeeper Part Time
Visit StAnnGulfBreeze.org un-
der "Join our Team" for job de-
(850) 932-2859. Resume dead-
line: January 13, 2007.

School Bus Driver. Pensacola
Beach Elementary. Full or part
time. 850-934-4020

r ------------- I

Read All About It

Island Times on
Pensacola Beach
Don't Miss A Word

Have Island Times
delivered to your
Send $32 for 26
of Island Times.

Send checks made payable
Shelley Ink
P.O. Box 844
Gulf Breeze, FL 32562-0844
L-_ _-_ _- _- _- --I


Capable, Bonded, Licensed
Available to clean your home or of-
fice. Please call 850-490-5817 or
850-494-0964 for an appointment.

Items For Sale

BEDROOM SET 7 piece Solid
Wood Set, still in box. Retail $3000.
Sell $1095. Can deliver 850-418-

pedestal table, w/leaf, 2 arm, 4 side
chairs, hutch & buffet. Retail $4K.
Must sell $1595. Can deliver. 850-


Residential. Interior/Exterior. 20
years experience. 850-723-6058

Before Guests Arrive
New mattress sets, brand name,
warranty, still in plastic.
Full from $155
Queen from $175
King from $275

Retail $1600, Sacrifice $650
Can Deliver -850-418-5274



"Copyrighted Material

Syndicated Content

Available from Commercial News Providers"

January 3, 2007

Island Times


PAGE 20 Island Times January 3, 2007

S Pensacola

af a d a *P AA i Fref l ll=

LIAI I IEi rwu WEiIA.e~


0 Great Steaks

I. .' w-
AI~k~~5~o acryland CQ
Alaskan Snw Crabb Soup i Cakes
bungeness She ra SUP- in Crab


Dungeness Crab
Alaskan Snow Crab
King Crab


we gote'm

(850) 932-0700
Open 7 days a week

Oysters & Wings
Monday Thursday
4-6 p.m.

Look for the RED ROOF at the
traffic light on Pensacola Beach

I Fried Shrimp

SUpstairs Beach View Dining
f Living Reef Aquarium Bar
# Outdoor Gulfside Deck

All You Can Eat


Island Times

January 3, 2007

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