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Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: B8-L4 Hispanic Garden
Title: Specifications for Labor and materials for landscape work
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Title: Specifications for Labor and materials for landscape work
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: B8-L4 Hispanic Garden
Physical Description: Report
Language: English
Creator: Gjoerloff
Publication Date: 1966
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
97 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Hispanic Garden (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 97 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.894996 x -81.312832
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for labor and materials for landscape work




St. Augustine, Florida

Gjoerloff and Schmoll

28 February 1966

6 '4



The St. Augustine Restoration, Inc.
Hispanic Garden

until 1__

day of March



.will receive bids for the

time on the _19__

19_66 at the

at which time and place all Bids will be publicly opened and read aloud.

Sealed Bids are invited upon the several items and quantities as follows:
Landscape Planting shown in Plant Requirement Schedule

Contract Documents, including Drawings and Specifications, are on file at the office of the Landscape

Architect, Lee W. Schmoll, 4816 S. Sunset Blvd.; Tampa Fla. Tel: 831-6761

and at the St. Augustine Restoration, Inc.; h6 St. George St.1
StAruguis fire, Fla.

Copies of the Contract Documents may be obtained at the office of

on payment of $ ... .....
for each set of Documents so obtained. Said sum is refundable upon return of all Documents in good condi-
tion not later than seven (7) days following opening of Bids. Plans may be examined without cost.

A certified check or bank draft, payable to the
or a satisfactory Bid Bond executed by the Bidder and an acceptable surety, in an amount equal to

_( %.. ) percent of the total Base Bid shall be submitted with each bid as a guaranty that
if the Proposal is accepted the Bidder will execute the Contract and file acceptable Performance and Labor
and Material Payment Bonds within ten (10) days after award of the Contract.

The __._St _AugusatineRlestoration,_ Inc- -- hereinafter called the Owner, reserves the
right to reject any and all Proposals and waive any formality or technicality in any Proposal in the in-
terest of the Owner.

Bids may be held by ihe (Owner for a period not to exceed tlirty (30) days from the (late of Bids for the
purpose of reviewing ith Bids and investigating ihe qualilieations of the Bidders, prior to awarding the

ASI.A DOC. 8A JAN. 1965
,0 The American Society of
2()1) K St., N.W.

Landscape Architects, Inc.
Washington. D. C. 20006



St. Augustine,


Common Name






Existing Kumquats: PLANT ONLY


Dwarf Yaupon

Burfordi Holly

Annuals (One of the following
depending upon season)


Marigolds (French)

VIOLA TRICOLOR ver. Hortensis

Miniature Zinnia


Cherokee Rose




2'-6" 3'-0"

3'-0" 3'-6"


12" 14"

22" 24"

6" 81

8" 12"

8" +

8" 10"

24" 30"

2"1 30"


1i" 15"

3'-0" 3'-6"



I. Position of Site. The site is situated in St. Augustine, Florida at the
corner of St. George St. and Hypolita St. between the existing Pan American
Building and Casa del Hidalgo. The Contractors invited to bid should visit
and examine the site before bidding in order to acquaint themselves with the
local conditions and facilities for working.

II. Drawing: Any discrepancy between the drawing and specifications is to
be reTferredto the Landscape Architects who will decide which shall be followed.

III. Expedition of Work: A condition of the agreement between the Owner, Histori-
cal Restoration and Preservation Commission, henceforth called the "Commission",
and the Contractor shall be that the whole of the work is to be completed 15 days
after the notice to proceed is given in writing.

IV. Protection of Public and Property: The Contractor shall protect all mater-
ials and work against injury from any cause and shall provide and maintain guards
for the protection of the public. He shall be held responsible for any damage or
injury to person or property which may occur as a result of his fault or negli-
gence in the execution of the work.

V. Insurance: The Contractor shall be liable for any loss liability claim or
proceedings in respect to any injury or damage to person, property (real or
personal) in so far as su6h damage arises out of or in the course of the execution
of the work and provided always that the same is due to any negligence omission or
default of the Contractor and shall indemnify the Owner.

VI. Digging: The Contractor shall exercise care in digging and other work so as
not to damage existing work, including underground pipes and cables and the pipes
and hydrants of watering systems. Should such overhead or underground obstruction
be encountered which interferes with planting, the Owner or the Landscape Architect
shall be consulted and will adjust the location of plants to clear such obstruction.

VII. The Contractor shall bear the cost of transport of plant and materials and
S everything required for carrying out and completing the Contract. Any plant
material or workmanship shall be in accordance with samples approved by the
Landscape Architect should it be so required.

VIII. Cleaning up The Contractor shall at all times keep the premises free from
accumulations of waste materials or rubbish caused by his employees or work.

IX. Completion and Acceptances Completion of work shall mean the full compliance
and conformity with the provisions expressed in the drawing and specifications.
Acceptance of work shall be in the form of a letter signed by the "Commission" and
Landscape Architect after a final inspection.


X. Guarantee: All plants shall be guaranteed against loss and death by the
Contractor for a period of not less than 120 days from the date of final
acceptance. Any loss within that period is to be replaced and replanted within
the period of the guarantee.

XI. Maintenance: Maintenance shall commence after each plant is planted and the
maintenance period shall continue until a letter of final acceptance is written
by the Landscape Architect.

XII. A letter will be issued by the Landscape Architect when eighty percent of
the value of the work has been executed and the "Commission" shall pay the
Contractor that amount. The Contractor shall give notification when the work
will be completed and any defects will then be written out so the balance of the
contract sum can be paid when all work is checked and after the 120 days guarantee


1. Scope: The work covered under this Contract includes preparation of soil for
planting, the furnishing, planting, fertilizing, watering and mulching, new plant-
ing, placement of peat, maintenance work and performing all operations in connection
with topsoiling and planting of shrubs and annuals required by the drawing and

II. Materials (other than plants)

1. Topsoil shall be sandy loam typical of the locality. The soil must be taken
from gro-und E at has never been stripped. There must be a slight acid reaction to
the soil with no excess of calcium or carbonate. Soil shall be delivered in a loose
friable condition.

2. Fertilizer shall bear the manufacturer's statement of analysis, and shall
contain the following minimum percentages of available plant food by weight:
6% nitrogen 6% phosphoric acid 6% potash. In plant beds of shrubs add 12 lbs.
of specified commercial fertilizer to each cubic yard of soil.

3. Peat shall be added as a soil conditioner for planting soil in the ratio of
1 part native peat to 3 parts topsoil.

4. Mulch will consist of finely shredded pine bark as used locally and submitted
for approval, or bark obtained from Universal Enterprises Supply Corp., Sarasota,
Florida or Pompano Beach, Florida. This mulch shall be spread to an even thickness
of three inches over all planting beds to meet obvious final grades.

III. Plant Materials:

1. Quality: Plants shall be Florida Grade #1 or better as described in "Grades
and Standards for Nursery Plants". Plants shall not be pruned before delivery except

where otherwise approved. All plants shall be grown under climatic conditions
similar to those in the locality and shall be nursery grown unless agreed mutually.

2. Measurements: The minimum acceptable sizes of all plants measured before
planting and pruning, shall conform to the measurements shown on the drawings under
"Plant Requirement Schedule".

3. Shape and Form: Plant materials shall be symmetrical and typical for
variety and species. In general, all plant material furnished shall be well-
branched, full foliaged, and well-proportioned, particularly with respect to the
width in relation to the height. Plants used as individual specimens, shall be
matched as nearly as possible.

h. Balled Plants: All balled plants shall be adequately secured with burlap
and have firm balls of soil in sizes large enough not to affect the growth, and
of sufficient depth to incorporate all important roots. No plant shall be accepted
where the ball of earth surrounding its roots has crumbled or become loose or the
containing material removed.

5. Container-Grown Plants: Plants grown in containers shall be delivered to
the site and remain in the containers until planted. No plant shall be considered
as acceptable when loose from soil in the container.

6. Substitutions: Substitutions will be permitted if a plant is not obtain-
able and upon authorization of the Landscape Architect.

IV. Planting Operations:

1. Planting Pits: The diameter of a plant pit shall be not less than twice
the diameter of the root ball or 2h inches greater than the diameter of the root
ball, whichever is smaller. The depth of a plant pit shall be not less than one and
one-half times the depth of root ball or 6" greater than the depth of the root ball,
whichever is smaller. The space under and around the root ball, within the plant
pit, shall be filled with specified planting soil.

2. Annual Beds & Vine Beds: These beds shall be prepared with a mixture of
1/2 existing soil and 1/2 planting soil. The soil in the bed shall be thoroughly
loosened to a depth of not less than 8" and shall then be raked smoothly and rolled
before setting of any plants.

3. Digging and Moving: The balls of plants which cannot be planted immediately
on delivery shall be covered with moist soil or mulch or other protection from dry-
ing out from sun and winds. All plants shall be watered as necessary until planted.

h. Setting Plants: All plants shall be centered in pits and set so that the
finished grade level of the plant after settlement will be the same as that at which
the plant was grown. No burlap shall be pulled out from under balls. Roots shall
be pulled out from under balls. Roots shall be spread in their normal position. All
broken or frayed roots shall be cut off cleanly. Planting soil shall be placed and
compacted thoroughly, avoiding injury and be settled by watering to eliminate any


pockets of air. The ground around all vines shall be basin shaped to hold and
a retain water. After the ground settles, additional planing soil shall be filled
in to the level of the finished grade.

5. Tying of Vines: Vines shall be tied and staked where necessary in order
to be secured to the arbor or nalms or vall surfaces.

6. Mulching: Plants shall be mulched within 5 days after planting with a
layer of-3 inches of finely shredded nine bark covering the area around each plant,
or the entire surface of each planting bed.

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