Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: B7-L12 Silversmith
Title: Abstract of title
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Title: Abstract of title
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: B7-L12 Silversmith
Physical Description: Abstract of title
Language: English
Publication Date: 1976
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
12 Charlotte Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Sims Silversmith Shop (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 12 Charlotte Street
Coordinates: 29.896045 x -81.312121
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Volume ID: VID00008
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Resource Identifier: B7-L12

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Swn -- ~- A..

. ,a .

NO. 13,354


To the following described lands, lying and being in St. Johns County, Florida:

Lot on the Northwest corner of Charlotte and Cuna
Streets in the City of St. Augustine, Florida, being
the parcel of land upon which the residence of T. A.
Pacetti and Emma S. Pacetti, his wife, is situated
and described as follows:

Bounded on north by property of Harriet Sherman, South
by Cuna Street, East by Charlotte Street and West by
division fence separating said lot from the other lot
of T. A. Pacetti, and Emma S. Pacetti, his wife, and
measuring on Charlotte Street Seventy-six feet and six
inches, more or less; on Cuna Street one hundred feet,
more or less, to the division fence on the Western
boundary line, on the western boundary measuring from
Cuna Street to land of Harriet Sherman, seventy-six
feet and six inches, more or less, and on the northern
boundary along line of Sherman land, one hundred feet,
more or less, from western boundary to Charlotte Street.

NOTE: This Fourth Continuation of Abstract covers
the period of time from September 15, 1965 to the date
of the Certificate attached hereto.

PosT OMFIC Box 336

St. Aucustine Restoration Foundation, Inc,

S.A.No. 9494-A

S" -...


.-' _-.'

Iraus r*nrn uc

. .. ..

] -~im1, I ,

TW KXIM 111 Wiilig AM WM~~i~
F P- O&- &A NtiON fOFdAX
*fr .JR mrnyCrDa.3L hV1IijdT hDLiMNrd

a. J 6u;- f vn.o by. PAULNE GA5AN DSW, a. widov
: I to TUCMS A. PACL!!!, JR. &ad iASEIN A PACTi7, his wife
* winde "AV~ 13504 f J~ AD. 1039 uma OTA~
Sea, of R,6"&. -esopr;M r'wo au5lt 5018*W SWE
Jn ~ kiu $ in 46 V*W i (Pd am of~
BUXWO FIMT AND NO/100,1 7,750.00)
1).Uw. end cortan roardp sea quvossis a IWA An J mastv" J084 M 46 P1 P t

Preps rty as d r ib In said Mortgage

(Abiove mortgage assigned to this association an
July 15, 1962,-a& recorded in Official Records
boSo 24,* fage 434 of the'-public records of St.
Joham County, Florida)

ol: eCORa s OF

Oc'r 8 fB;,sfiPS

egI*- :lL. vI~

h..rely acknowl.4e4 fult payment and satislacdon-f .sad note and mortgage de.d, and sumrrenders ite
same as casMeled, and hereby dhres thle C" of the said Circuit Court to eineel the ame of record.

Ig ~atNSs Whtttof t. .ia" coporation has caused these
(cpeoreni Pre va ds uctd In Its name, and Its corpoeai. seal to. .1. hsam nto
UA) 4lif jd. 14 teuper offiurv theunto duly authoarizd. the 26&
0aYof October A. D. i1965.

Signed. e nasd dehiverv d in tie 6 mene of: liv'
...O o~ .. .~..Z~ ~h~....:.. ....... .... ..... ........... ......... ......

C61SrT'Y Of m,. j0EVm 4
1 ni is, C ry r h 4 A asam. a. Wherr FI pA.*111 is aIs end C...9 J.i -

- ; i a.CI 6w P. at- iy

P ~ a.q 4-' s -
IGVIb .S [dI*W~t q WO;IXll


M #W sw o. a M e It W. 6 D. C _,

inoDW RU ffiui ]y Ihtst Frastnts:


part ies
, ti,,i. Ir part. in consideration of the sum of Ten -----------------------------
($10.00) ------------------------------------------ln.---------------
I..I.. ,Jrer Irolinhle corudermlions. nrrf.ud from or on behalf of PAULINE GRAHAM BEST

of ihe iiMcond part. at or before the enmealtng and dewieevr of these presents. the receipt u'hereof is here
.n lnuled P.d.l' d0o herwy granl. wargain. selU. assa.n rangerr and set unito the said part y of th
Seond part a certain mortgage bearl~- the 6th day of July A. ). 'o 62
moae hby EDWIN KEMP RESPESS. a single man,

and r-o-rd in Official Record Boo1 Z7 Pr- 287 ..puhlir records o
St. Johns County. Florida. upon the (fl. .IIr described piece or parcel of land,. state and
being in said County and State. so-uil:

Property as dft ribed in said mortgage, the

S description of which s made a part'hereof

ky reference as if fully set forth herein.

Togetho uthll se.~riotr or oblhigoaimn descnbi'.I, in sand m-,,rist sn.1 If,, at ne. ,d end hi
doe tAereqn, with interest frn he __ -25th day of October 'i 65

Tfo Jimw tnw to ]Lbd the son. 10i i ........ 1 .0 0t. -..d Ci nor
irr: legal rprasentotlves. successors and ossirin, t,

In 1 Iknhss Uihtrt1,we hnase hwi..tii. our 41,8 u-d'f ri.. -lt
day Af November A. D.. 1o 65

Signed. selsd and th-vod in Pr s o

Philips R. McMullen

-- ---- arg re Mi;' kaair

. 1 HEXESY CIAWTY sbu sbc~ day. a. ..
eiffierr doily snooaimail in thi e 341311 Afei bUd if Ai"eCiloloWl utgamd w" tAke acks'"'baimus.6 Pre""Iffilli spopsiar
P IH V-A ILZ l UaW and Winin W. L. MdWN. hi -wife,

tomse kinwa-so be rIk an uits mod A* aid doe *uqmdae i t s thsa Y 'mikm]bjWmi
bdIw me Cm they rl im ir I~rl.~ __t ~ 4
I~,, wInW33U .ms Y J II ml 3gtYI~ I~ d
1111 Ift 'll
*o A U .
W~~~h*3tfC~JIn ~ U V~ L g mi

*a, ,
C *"









nro toom & t

I -Assfoook.w OP .oll"


MIACU m masteam -

Cw em1I41' -
&MI pow @.. n% -. fC 6, Isis g. a 0 Iks C-ft
11Lw1 h



titatss my hand uand..l .'hi. 25th day of


S1) t 65.

SiqrsssdSjsssw and E I. traAj0 of:


(X)LNTY OF at. Johns-
M r'inCRTIr that. as tb Lds is.t..

:. h I *' : ehs pum\ -diniidams ws uw~, saIts she W..*appwa
L~r? .~ wb 2'Cth 4*, r .
h a s r ds
hind hind ~n~~id~;ol" ru -r d SW. h 5lth ): d
AP.3 ,

V ~T~.~T

Satisfaction of Mtortgage

S ksswU fill imtn BIm) est S r tSt: T ..... I Pauline Graham Best,

l ...... Ir and holder of a certain morlton*g d ed execulted y -Edwin Kemp Respeis
I. Pauline Graham Best
Ir-..,n dae the 6th day o] July .A.) IQ 62 ordrl 'i Official Records
Iool 27 pan 287 .n I th ofireof. the Clerl of the Circuit Court l St. Johns ('C"I o
Stnte of Floriod. .cur in one certain note in te principal su of TWENTY THOUSAND FIE
HUNDRED FIFTY-THREE AND 43/100 ($20,553.43) --
Dollars. and certain promises and obligations setl fort in said morutyag ded. upon li.. propertv stnlole in soli
Sta. and Coun.ty'descrtied as follows. to-'il
Lot on the Northwest corner of Charlotte and Cuna Streets, in the
SCity of' St. Augustine, Florida, bounded on the north )y the north 14
of a certain brick boundary fence said north line beitg the south
line of property formerly of Harriet Sherman, on the.south by Cuna
SStreet, op the east by Charlotte Street, and on the west by division
fence separating said lot from the other lot formerly owned by T.A..
Spacetti, now owned by W. S. Hagenbuch & Lucy A., Hagenbuch, his wife
and measuring on Charlotte Street 76 feet A&d 6 inches, more or less,
on Cuna Street 100 feet, more or less, to the division fence on the
Western boundary line, on the Western boundary measuring from Cuna
Street to land formerly qf Harriet sherman 76 feet and 6 inches,
more or less, and on the northern boundary along line of land formerly
Ii owned by Harriet Sherman 100 feet, more or less, from western
I boundary to Charlotte Street


Lk rby alrnowa edaea full payment and satisfaction of said nolt nesl mor..roqt if.. dei, vi.s d u.rrenidr geh ,
W as cacell and h4e.e direc t X the Clerk of the said Cirruit C(our tl l l snome rcord j



71- Ai~r~* ~ -rr,-.l. .- V. -;ri.
.r 4..
,I.i 31
I" kj't

I 1W nLI3 tl*w A WAISANTY OW -.
(r. C.i....* )

.Made thi 25th

lflIdwhU Ahs~m~

duo af October



.4. D. 19 65

Betwten EDWIN KMt RISPESS, a ingl man

f f il (tCu,',,,1 / DeKalb and State of Georgia -
p ,rt y ,/ thI, ir.0t ,,arl, and ST. AUOUSTINE RBS10RATION, INCORPORATE
S,/,r/iriioin ,i.riiii inder the liwus of t/ic Stute of Florida
ht'rini It. cPriic I ii lc ,,/ I'l .'iji,., iln Ith Countr4 of St. Johns oand
IStatI of/ Florida pirliy tf the second part,

; .i.n:'.::. ill. Ith itl ir .iil ai ,Irl y of the'r firi art, for and in eonsiderti ifon
,ff thI'...,'n,,, ,/$10.00 and other good and valuable considerations ,UNP
ti, him in, /,,iil /d id, ith r.c-ipt 4ilrireof ix lereb 1i 'rknoiwleiorled, ha a
ijrnltil, i r in,,rij, d l. x I/'. 0lii'Wiu. rrinis'il:' ref.rt eed, niifooffed, ,ontiileyed and crwn-
nir,,/ ,/l hiite1 prie s r .t' , el ,rtiI, htir.ain, ell/. ulien, reinisi, relei.',
i ,fc'" ,.11v,,1/ il- ecnt/iinf uiih,, 'he il iid lrty of lihe Mieeid par' auind it. sicice..-
..,,. ,tnad ,.ic s foreirr, ,ill ith'll 1 ,,, i i / r','rl c ,/..J/and il!in d eniil hiC':n. in ihe

d,'-,ril, / ,is follwu-":
*' '.* ,c .>crr

&- r464,. i. .V, fc.l c-

- $
L '

i-~Y~~L '~i~~ *

'S i s * .- -, <



'".61^ ^ttt{^uua?

,1 7 PA,7n419

"- Lot on the Northwest corner of Charlotte and Curn Streets it,
the City ff St. Augustine, Florida, being the parcel of lasni a.< p
which T. A. Pacetti and Ema St Pacetti, him wifeae smituat r., r,
described as follows:
BoundedW on north by property of .Harriet Sherman, south by Cunr
Street, east by Charlotte Street and west by division tence separ-
Sting said lot from the other lot of T. A. Pacetti and EmRa S.
Pacetti, his wife, and measuring on Chalotte Street Seventy-pi
feet and Six inches. more or lesm;on Cuna Street One Hundred fee*.
more or less, to the division fence on the western boundary line. ..
on the western boundary measuring from Cuna Street to land of W
Harriet Sherman. Seventy-six feet and Six inches, more or
and on the northern boundary along line of Sherman land, One Hundred
feet, more or less, from western boundary to Charlotte Street. Bein J
Also known and described as Lot 12 of Block 7, according to Official
S' J Map of the City of St. Augustine of..1923.

Together with all the tenepnents, heredita,,enit and ,apurterl .i. ,, .. i,
e''ery priri/,ie, right, title, interest 'und estate, dowier and riolht of dio ,r. r '., r..,
,rrmaniaider and easement thereto helonetinl or In any/wise appertaiiiin
To Have and to Hold the ,ane in fee simple oreer.
.i'y .('.lnd the said part y of the first part do ,, rov'enant uith the said r i B
Sthe xserrol part thathe is lawfully seized of the said premlisesI, tht 1i.. t ,,r. o
Sfree f diU" incumnrance, and that he has ood right anI na uf, l lai utl ,,.ia, i
i, sell the-i,,,me: and that said part y of the first part dloth hereb, fulll, ia.rr..
fthe ti'lle t, sali land, and itrll defend the sat,,e agaias/ the lauolf ll- ,1, ..../ ,! '
per.sot.s u'hrmpnsterer.

I[n f'itn~es Whereof,, the said part y of the first prt hla haIerreun, ,'
Sse his Ihand and seal the day and year above written.

SSigned l.'Selrd and Delivired in Our Presence:


C -...
r ||

I .

Coante of lor. da,
o"uty of BT. jOMH0

. 'I I HEREBY CERTIFY, That on this 25th
.1. D. 19 65, before me personally appeared
NI Wze xIMPKN RmSPeS, a single man


to me known to be the person described hi and who executed the forefof
conveyance to
StI. A(SBTI -RMO ATIO INCORPORA semoy acknowledged
the execution thereof thhbe his, free act and deed for thle-ues an
other n*n4 ntioned: and the said
WIRTN nmy si.nat-c fe- sfetrta- H._t St. Augustdine
-in-th-e-cowit! of St.' Johns and State of Florida, the dayl and
year last aforesaid. (Seal)

My Commission Expires September 24,--6 lary Ste 7i o F rip I La

M o







I *'

St. :i 70rE1

Ocr 28 10 36 MH '5

. ?.. ..2.- .S .4
aCI;ff. CmAUIT oU'Ar
1 i -A-.

* -'

* j-~~.7- ~.j~


, r. .. ,-

~ gP~t3. l ~i A-

*h~ "*** ~ ... "* "H
-' E' A


'r ~m ~u.~~ Inm

'e ih A

6 78 mA.t01 *r
; **. November
THIS MORTGAGE DEED, Executed the.24l .......dy 'o& ..L- LM .. ...... D, l.-Is,

I,, ST. A.V..TII II S.TO ..lR... .IIg T....I...........BO.-B ........ .....i.

.rganise.d nd xiitn. a dr... th Law. .of. the State 9f Florida

hereinafter called the Mortgaor Which terrwhall include.the heirs, legal representative, uc-
ceusors and asians of the aid Mortgapor wherever the context so requires or admits,

,corporation organized ind existing under the LAws of the United States

hereinafter called the Mortgagee which term shalJ inade the heirs, legal representatives, suc-
cA sors and assigns of the said Mortgagee wherever the ecktext so requires or admits,
WITNESSES: That for divers good and-valuable considerations, and also in considera-
tion of the aggregate sum named in the promissory note ... of even date herewith hereinafter de-
scribed, the said Mortgagor does. hereby, grant, bargain, sell, alien, remise, release,:convey and
confirm unto the said Mortgagee .it ..... heirs, successors and assigns, all the certain piece ,
parcel.. or tract......of land, of which the said MortgagOr seized and possessed and in

actual possession, situate in the County of St. Johns

and State of Florida. lescribwd as

Lot on the Northwest corner of Charlotte and Cuna Streets in the
City of St. Augustine, Florida, being the parcel of land upon which
T. A. Pacetti and Emma S. Pacetti, his wife is situated, and descri-
bed as follows:
Bounded on north by property of Harriet Sherman, south by Cuna
Street, east by Charlotte Street andiwest by division'fence separa-
ting said lot from theother lot of T. A. Pacetti and Emma S.
Pacetti, his wife, and measuring on Charlotte Street Seventy-six feet
and Six inches; m6re or less; on Cuna Street One Hundred feet, more
or less, to the division fence on the western boundary line,on the
western boundary measuring from Cuna Street to land of Harriet Sherman,
Seventy-six feet and Six inches, more or less, and on the northern
boundary along line of Sherman land, One Hundred feet, more or less,
from western boundary to Charlotte Street. Beihq also known and
described as Lot 12 of Block 7, according to Official Map of the City
of St. Augustine of 1923.

Together with all structures and improvements now and hereafter
on said land, and fixtures attached thereto, and all rents, issues.
proceeds and profits accruing and to accrue from said premises, all of
which are included within the foregoing description and the habendum
thereof; also all gas, steam, electric, water and other heating, cook-
ing, refrigerating, lighting, plumbing, ventilating, irrigating and
power systems, machines, appliances, fixtures and appurtenances, which
now are or may hereafter pertain to, or be used with, in, or on said
premises, even though they be. detached 9r detachable.

"' .. .. t"e"' m m"ee t
<*' ., to C P1w ,2M-4.

l*- 'i Jf SL J'oh -, C

^k k7


'I' ~




;i .


C 1

ki~ r,

L. t-


" r r

78 PACo6N)2
vvI TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the same, together with all and singular the tenements, heredita-
1 ments and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining and the reversion and
reversions, remainder and remainders, rents, issues and profits thereof and also all the estate,
right, title, interest, property, possession, claim and demand whatsoever as well in law as in equity
of the said Mortgagor in and to the same and every part and parcel thereof unto the said
I Mortgagee and..._it.. heirs, successors and assigns, in fee simple.
>,- And said Mortgagor heirs, legal representatives, suc-
cessors and assigns, hereby covenant. with said Mortgages ....... . .....heirs, legal repre-'
* ^sentatives, successors and assigns, that said Mortgagor i .. .indefeasibly seized of said land
in fee simple; that the said Mortgagor h. .. -..-..full power and lawful right to convey the
same in fee simple as aforesaid; that it shall be lawful for said Mortgagee .. heirs,
legal representatives, -uccessors and assigns, at all times peaceably and quietly to.enter upon,
hold, occupy and enjoy said land and every part thereof; that said land is free from all incum-
r nbrances .

that ,aid Mortgagor heirs, legal representatives, successors and assigns, will make
~ s i such further assurances perfect the fee simple title to said land in said Mortagee its
heirs, legal representativA -uccessors and assigns, as may reasonably be reguhed; and that said
SMortgagr do.eB hrba $lly warrant the title to said land and every part thereof and will
defend the same against laWful olms of all persons whomsoever.
St PROVIDED ALWAl S, Tp lif said Mortgagor shall pay unto the said Mortgagee the
certain promissory note.Z, of which the following in words and figureAs a.. true cop Y

.3 .

-. *,i .*'

=. . .
^* ff "* -**

NEC 78 ra608
aMortgage Kati

$ 0 h a St. Augustine, Florida, LNOv"b 2 19_ _'

FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned, jointly and severally, promise to pay to the order

lawful money of the United States, the principal sum of n ,l I iN/i- CA

'" - ______DolIlars ($ 1 fl ), with interest from date on the

unpaid balance at the rate of. i-v- per centum (b.%) per annum, in monthly ii-

stallments of -L ____ ~fDollars ($ t )

including interest, beginning on the first day of. l09111.-_ 19 W_... and continuing
on the first day of each month thereafter .until the entire principal and interest are iully paid.
except that the final payment of the entire indebtedness evidenced hereby, if not sooner

paid, shall be due and p.ayahle on the first day of_ _...., 19*__: each ,f said
r. n tilly payments shall iw. applied first to accrued interest and the baluane t, priin'ipai; .xtra I:ay-
ments on account of. unpaid principal may be nude at any time. provided. hiiwr r. ...; I;;ay-
m ents shall nut alter the requirement for the making of said regular monthly pavynic'ts. and
interest will be charged only on the unpaid balance; said principal and interest shall Le payable
at tle office of the Payee in St. Augustine, Florida, or at such other place as the holder may di, g-
nate in writing from.-time to time.

All makers, sureties, guarantors and endorsers n(ow or hereaftir Ibcoming part* '..' ',1.
jointly and severallyagree as follows: that time is of the essence heAiof. and that in II .. int
-..: of failure to pay any installment required to be :'aid hereunder, or any portion ttihref. :,l;.i
10 days after the same becomes due and payable, or in the event of failure to conform and ,imply
with any and all of the covenants and conditions of the mortgage securing this. nott. then, in any of
said events, this note shall be considered in default and. at the option of the holder of this note, the
''. e- entire unpaid indebtedness evidenced hereby shall become at once diue a.iil payabl and lie coilli -
ible without further notice, and any failure to;,.' said'option slhail no, ii ilniteut a w:avfr
of the right to exercise the same in thl event of any .s.iisequent default; that in ti. ti ilt lo anin
such default and if this note is placed in the riands of an attorney for co!li' tion. to p:y all osts ard
expenses of such collection and-of any lcgal action taken, including i; rr;oc, nailiev alttrnmy'. ftI,. to
remain and continue bound by the terms of this note, notwithstanding any extensions of 'h, tim'n,
for, or forbearance of, the payment of said principal or interest, or any lchaii'gs in tl.e aniuitl or
-' amounts agreed to be paid under and by virtue of this note, or any chances by way of release,
surrender, exchange or substitution of any security now or hereafter h.-Il for thi' nrut,. :un't h,
*'' waive notice of such extensions, forbearance and changes, and that the same may **. malde with-
-;:' out notice to, or joinderof. said makers, sureties, guarantors or endorser or either of thnm: arid
'further, that upon any such default the holder of this note may apply payments receiverl on
"*- any amounts due under this note or the mortgage securing the same as said holder may determine.
Presentment for payment, protest, demand and notice of protest and non-payment of this note
are hereby waived by each of said parties hereto.

This note is given for an actual loan of said principal amount stated above and is secured by
a mortgage of even date on real property executed in favor of Payee.

o ainzin i mo. gmmmW

WITNESSED BY: a E Herbert E. Wolfe (SEAL)
It. Chairman

B. J. Erwin -, Earle W Newton ( ) .

S-- r4e.%

:- I 1

__ I_ _~__ ~ __ __ ~ __ _

,'and shall duly. promptly and fully perform, discharge, execute, effect, complete, enmply with and aht& by -arb
and every the stpulations, agreements, conditions and covenants of said promissory note. m4-m nc--mOeerw<
,s .sopops-referred to therein and of this mortgage, then this mortgage and the estate hereby created shall c-se
and be null and vdid.
It is understood that each of the words, note, mortgagor and mortgage respectively. whether in tr.e a
gular or plural anywhere in this mortgage, shall be singular if one only and shall be plural j':ntly and me 'orall
if more than one, and that the word their as used anywhere in this mortgage shall be taxen to m^an fis, rcr a,
its, wherever the context so implies or admits.
' -j fAnd said .lforitgaoors'for themselves and their heirs, legal representatives, succssors and aueirns, hereby
-J, jointly and usverally covenant and agree to aid with said-Iortgagees, their legal represen.ativ-es successors ari
1. To pay all and singular the principal and interest and the various and sund'r surr of -. r -y pna,-.I
by virtue of said promissory notes, it ui -ceus n mata and this mortiase. -s-h a, I .,. d r r-,*i- ,, .I
days respectively the same severally become due.
2. ro pay all and singular the taxes, assessments, levies, lhablties, ort.-atior. r a, i.- - .
"'' nnature and kind rtdw on said described property, and/or that hereafter ma be nimposei ... . i
';, assessed thereupof, and/or that hereafter may be levied or isnessed upon Ltas rnor't.gar i. r r .ri,,.t. .r-
secured hereby, and every, when due and payable according to law, before they tLorme '::n.. n', -r ,-
any interest attaclis or any penalty is incurred; and in so far u any theroi i of r-co,rd tnc p -- v a ,
satisfied and dicharged of record and the original oicial document (suchli'la or mneane. t, teax r r "-n-.
satisfaction paper omelally endorsed or certifed) shall be placed m thit'arI of -a d -' : ,-.-, *1-i- "-n
days next after payment; the event that any thereof is not paid, sajtirl e an ..: -:'rar
SMortgagee may at any time pay the same or any part thereof without w ving or afferting any op' or. ..
-or-riht under or by virtue of this mortgage, and the full amount of each and. eery such ps-. nen she.,
; *iHmediately duesahd payable and shall bear interest from the date thereof until pa;d at the rate f :1"
centum per annum and together with sueh interest shall be secured by the lien of this rno-trari
-L. To place and continuously keep on the buildings now or hereafter situate ,ir sid :4and : re *. -.
Sthe ursus standard policy form, in a sum not less thanfJ.Ll ilnAllfWCC VAliue. tt not
t2. 0O QQC n such company or companies as may be approved by alrl mor'tgpau; : rani r. .-.:: ,.'
.' i "+ ^ polities o any of said buildings, any interret therein or part thereof, ia the agrrrgat'e rmn afr.-**s: -r
ceu thereof, shall contain the usual standard mortgages clause making the ;oss under sa I ic .e. c
every, payable-to said Mortgagees as theursinterest may appear, and each and -evry such pn. -v *-a. r- -
delivered, to and held by said Mortgages'; and, not les than ten days in dvanes of th oi-r v -
to deliver to said Mortgagees a renewal thereof, together with a receipt for the prerrmjrm c ;.. renri. -"
I 4. t ^there shall be no fire insurance placed on any of said buildings, any interest therein or par* tr.-r' r- "
,* ^^^ Hform and rith the loss payable as aforesaid; and in the e\vnt any sum of nor. rrr- ..,a' -- -
Dpolicy or policies said Mortgagese shall have the option to receive and apply the ama- ,n a : t -
seas secured hereby or to permit said M.ortgcgors to receive and use it or any part therr' 'or -':.- :j -'
out thereby waivinK or impairing any elquty, lien or rig'atl 1nder or by virtue of this mo '-nyr ta -a
said Mortgagors sell for any reason fail to keep the) lid premise so insured. ,r fa'i :o +..i r .:-- .:
of said policies of 4nurance to said Mortgaoge, or faIF promptly to pay fully any premium Li.t-e r. a -.
respect fail to perform, discharge, execute, effect, complete, comply with and bilde by this co.enrar yi ;.s
hereof, said Mrtg~laoe may place and pay for such insurance or any part thereof without wa r:. -- .-
ing any option, lls, equity or right under or-by virtue of this mortgage, and the full amount o' --h s -'
such payment hall be immediately due and payable add shall bear interest from the date thereof 'r: -. I x
the rate of eight per centum per annum and together with such interest shall be scured b L.- ct r
mortgage i,
4. Td permlt, commit or suffer no waste, impairment or deterioration of said property or an.y ::'. :r.:'
5. To pay all' nd singular the costs, charges and expenses. Including reasonable lawyers a '-* i r -
abstracts of title, Incurred or paid at any-time by said .Morvagees because and or in the e'rn: of t- '
on the part of said AMortgagors to duly, promptly and fully perform, dishar-e, execute. elect, -aii.-e.
with and abide by eacp and every e stipulations, agreements, conditions and covenants of mai -dr' -o.-
l*eos-ee*pe-aetver nd this mortgage, any or either, and said cost., charges and rprnses. eaa4 xni .'-,
j'Shall be immediately die and-payable, whether or not there be notice, demand, attempt to col t or su:;t r"- .
and the full amount of each and every such payment shall bear interest from the date thereof ~,t.! ia-d a '-
i rate of eihtper centum per annum; and all said costs, charges and expenses so incurred or pa d. either w h
such interest, alTM1-be-1 curd by the lien of this mortgage.
*'^ ^ '6G.* That (a) in the event of any breach of this rprtgage or default on the part of the MVo.-( r;.rs, r '--
S the event any of said sunu of money herein referred t be not promptly and fully paid within te' iats ,
after the same severally become due and payable, without demand or notice. or,(c) in the event each and ev-, "-t e
". stipulations, agreements, conditions and covenants of said promissory notes MLd..--Mid...-at-oe. s ir.l t .i
Fmortage, any or either, ar not duly, promptly and fully performed, dischargrel, executed, eTecfed, cor;,-c' e,
complied with and abided by; then in either or any such event, the sid afgrerate sum mentioned in said pnmr
S lssory note th remaining npaid, with interest accrued, and all moneyslsecured hereby, shall btcme .umr i and
payabhl forthwith, or thereafter, at the option of said i4ortgagses. a fully and completely as if all of the snni
A sums of money were originally stipulated to be paid on such day, anything in said promissory notes. ,eme ee-w s
peas-and/or i this mortgage to the contrary notwithstanding; and thereupon or thereafter at the optn of
said Mort paes, without notice or demand, suit at law or in equity, theretofore or thereafter berun, may be
promcuted a if al moneys seard hereby had-matou d prior to its Institution.
7. That in the event that at the beginning of or at any time pending any suit upon this mortgage or to fore-
close It, or to reform It, and/or to enforce payment of any claims hereunder, said shall apply to the
court having urisdiction thereof for the appointment of a Receiver, such court shall forthwith appoint a Receiver
of aid mortgaged property all and singular, including all and singular the income, profits, issues and reveou.u,
from whatever shares dertred, each and every of which, it being expressly understood, is hereby mbnrtaged as
I Ispectlaely set forth and described in the granting and habindum clauses hereof, and such Receiser shall
have all the broad and effective functions and.powera in any wie entrusted by a court to a Receiver. and such
a i appointment shall be made by such coart as an admitted equity and a matter of absolute right to said ,ort ortes,
an without reference to the adequacy or Inadequacy of the vale of the property mortgaged or to the solvency
or Inslvency of said Meotgers and/or of the defendants, and that such rent, profits. income. iuues and
S- n es sh llbe a~ppld by soch Resover aeording to the Mmi ad/or equity of said Mortgage and the practice.
t se&ek soart
-" -'- To duly, promptly and tlly perform, dleharge, emeuto. effect, complete, comply with and abide by
---swe -Sad every. th tlpealatloa. agrenmw t, editions and covenMatm in said promnieory note* a L mi ..t..... e
'7" .-w-obam-em and at this mortgage et- f eeto

2L -



"(1 605

/ !T iS MUTUALLY COVENANTED AND- AGREED by and between the MortRaor and

'r:. ,,r:'t'gaee 'mat this mortgage and the note_ ad-coopeee secured hereby constitute a Flor-

r-* *'-act and shai; ze construed according to the laws of that State.

;N A'!TNESS WHEREOF. The said Mortgagor has caused these presents
:. e executed in its name by its Chairman, and its Corporate seal
t- te nereunto affixed attested by its Secretary, all on the day and
year first above written.


By >--L
Its Chairman

Its Secretary-'

Signed, sealed and delivered
in the presence of:

a -? ^


LEFORh ME personally appeared ;HiEh-r,. WOL-' an'
.'!. i'. NFWTON to me well known and Known t, me to be the 2hal'iz'
.:i .,ccretary respectively ot ST. AUGUSTINE RESTORATION, INCORPORATED
the cororration named in the foregoing instrument, and known to me t:
i:e *:I" erson who as such officers or saia corporation execute-
! f.inf : and then anc tnere the said HERBEi.T E. 'WOLFE and the Fa:c
._Ai. '. NFWI'ON iod acknowledge before me that said instrument i
t-, ri<.e act an.i deed of said corporation by then respectively
xciiuteu dan such officers for the purposes therein expressed: tha' t
*-,.i 'her-unto attached is the corporate seal by tnein in lik,
CaoaDacty arfixeo; all under authority in them l.,} vesid bvy ihe
i ^.:. : Llirect i5 of 'aid coroora'ion

Notary Pub c, State of io: iurl at i,arc
My. commission expires Septe it'er 22.4,.6

NO( 3 *4;7pf R

C '... --.
B.'. -.(






~. ~Xf~J~t.r

iFNF'Si "-, :..7n: an.- cf icial sial -:

'a! 1


Effective January 1, 1967, we have kept a record of all Financing Statements filed pursuant
to the Uniform Commercial Code, as to the name of the "Debtor" only. We limit our search
as to same to a search against the fee owners or lessees of record appearing in the chain of
title during the period of our search, unless said Financing Statements contain a legal description
of lands described in the Caption hereof.



- I f.

CERTIFICATE TO ABSTRACT N0.1J.2.354 ...(Fourth Continuation)

The ST. JOHNS COUNTY ABSTRACT COMPANY, in consideration of the purchase price hereof,
does hereby certify subject to the exceptions, if any, set out in the caption thereof:
1. That the foregoing and annexed abstract of title comprising entries............... ............... to
............. 4...................inclusive, was compiled by it from the public records in the office of the Clerk
of the Circuit Court and in the office of the County Judge in and for St. Johns County, Florida, and
from such other public records and sources as are therein indicated.
2. That this abstract exhibits and shows a true and correct abstract of all instruments or matters
of record in said offices purporting to transfer, convey, mortgage, charge, encumber or affect the title
to or any interest in the lands described in the caption thereof; and also of all suits at law or chancery,
if any, now pending in the Circuit Court of the State of Florida in and for said St. Johns County, in any-
wise affecting or relating to the title to said land.
3. That this abstract exhibits all unsatisfied judgment and decrees, if any, for the recovery of
money from and against any of the several persons, firms and corporations (by the names and initials
as therein stated, but not otherwise) who have been or are now parties to the chain of title to said land,
as shown by the conveyances therein exhibited and which are of record in the office of the Clerk of the
Circuit Court in and for St. Johns County, Florida, exclusive of such, if any, as were entered or filed
subsequent to the date of the filing for record of the instrument by which such person, firm or cor-
poration purported to convey the title.
4. That this abstract shows all tax sale certificates which have not been redeemed or cancelled as
shown by the records in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court in and for St. Johns County, Florida,
affecting said land, and shows the status of all current taxes assessed and levied against said land.
5. The description furnished in the caption hereof is subject to any state of facts an accurate
survey might show.

City and County Taxes for the year 1975 are exempt on
Caption Property.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the St. Johns County Abstract Company has caused these presents to be
signed and its corporate seal to be hereunto affixed by ......................................... ...............
Mary Jane Dardi
Executive Vice President 10th June 1 76
its ...................... ...... ...... ........... ... ..., of...........................A D. 19............




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