Title: Florida Citrus Exchange bulletin
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Title: Florida Citrus Exchange bulletin
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A statement to iumbcrs of the Florida Citrus Exchange
by a special -ommittee of the Board of Directors, to clarify the
present situation and to bring out full information on several
disputed questions.

So many saviors and reformers have popped up annually
with various plans for putting the citrus industry on the road
to r.erfe:-t suncess, so much money has been spent chasing these
ort.:us trorosals, and so much newspaper publicity has been
ie-e1lopir round the present agitation, tnot ever the substantial
mrin.dId grower must be doubtful as to the integrity of the rr.anarge-
m.nt of the Exchannge as well as the ability and foresight of both
marnanement and directors. It is intended, therefore, to answer
the fo lovliny queotionrs whirh may at this time be in the inJrr of

14 Is Edwards' 12-po'nt program new?

2. If not, how long has the Board of Directors been
working along these lines and what have they ac-

3. How and why did Edwards come to break with his
own Board of Directors?

4. -ihat has the Board and Management done to save money
this year?

5. How does the Board of Directors make known its
policies, decisions and contracts?

6. What can the growers expect in the future?

1. The Edwards 12-point program is not new.

2. When Edwards came to preside over the Board of Dirertors,
a little less than a y'ar ago, he fund the dire-tnrs at work upon
a program of reform, improvement and economies which they had started
two years before. In this connection it should be remembered tlat
the Board forrulates policies which the management carries out.
Among the things accomplished already weru the following: (a) Drop-
ping of "Svirng the Indus-ry" efrcrts. (b) Dropping all paternal
efforts. (r) F-versing the Farm Board's suggested policy of pur-
chasing t-nnagc. iC) Leaving organization of associations to local
groups. (E) imprr7ing association routine through a Field Departie-nt.
(f) A comptrillcr and improved accounting. (g) Concentration nf Ex-
change efforts on selling fruit.

So far as publicity and open covenants are concerned, it
has always been the policy and practise to acquaint ev._ry associa-
tion with every act :f the Board of Directors. Furth rmLOre, the
management has followed the same practise in coimunuic:ting. to local
associations. Extravagant and wasteful practices is a mc-re claim on
Edwards' part.

There has been much valuable work done by the Board of
Directors in curtailing expenses. Consolidation cf packing houses
has been tried. The number of employees has been reduced. A re-
organization of Sub-Exchanges has been approved. Departhn-nts ..f
the Exchange h-ve been eliminated, Investigation of subsidiaries
was in progress long before Edwards proposed it at Lake Wales.
Interlocking directorates with, and uniform direction of Exchange
subsidiaries is questionable. Stronger contractual relations have
been discussed many times,: ani will be handled as occasions warrant,
Uniform cost accounting is available for all associaturin and has

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'- ~ a. "-'' ."'l o -eloes doors and o closed b o. -at
U,-i eis ~1 = in ah regular way Boad sessions
:tul-'I to the loyal aseooiatiqna. Ample aocomoda-
;6. p etied lfwr all who will attend meetings of the Board;
,'ASOv ti e been denied the right to address the Board. An *
,ad b ,'liing corps Of hard working people in the Ex-
Oa$tice* are doing their level best to build up the growers
:"- L an4d, a-to get the most monoy for the growers from the
i it. sdeprds proposal of open;obvenants openly
"--"' ;e of his grandstand plays to seek
a-.. e, bx gk r oarianisation itself.
WOtVo rnigr hAt-Ab mentioned.
^^^^g1 vhis perasoml ene to the seven
aoftnlrke .pro gly ne thQ-
...itfi .pot o ards out of 5t stled,
*ghla sent thmOat6. STEhae were sai&
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0 *ihtro bee,.eoo sed of plain .
eaitoaBA -daiied. Off,the. othrt .h we
:and dotrwation at teifrieo pf 'wthe
#0 Al V-908eS opeftlen -Ot the- Sdards
f-lrmtd l..ad 4144 ute*Bi*wt Polit tos. for.
riiiitqlltijjcri t s i lf rn for a
Mia^t^i'fiteN f ~t~ j ~poiFtioa in the mass
4fP4Ljj43fl$43ira~'-~3 p~ tio.i .~tI at
nhJuttAit *Adit tiAer your Board of Direotors
jhah -peeaa had auh.~h doingst

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., A ;-

Yonft erd is determined to protect your interests, to
"~., ..i :-etba*-ocpr.roatm r ketoPn plan for citrus growers,
tel6- that ea b- possible economy is made, ,to out all costs to
4sWV :i.th a-l-. oa 4e t 4 tt4 %aid ilt to reduce
~, S :.. -S luett to the lowest ever set el6te the Ex-
My u. sod, Bto handle the questions of personnel and
'* s '.o yr ry 4'et tintere t and satigaotion, to set business*
e p ee 4. W-the paaS.t-to su ply all informa-
tw*1 be Sve *ew^^8r'ry ; nw~ting epeotion
..t a~ tioq ,- attend
t to ifwr wU ..Umnes the

:,hI", ~h- a h3a:mri', to y-ur n

La g-l the squabble
yoir BSat4 of -

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