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Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: De Mesa Sanchez House, Block 7 Lot 6
Title: Historical outline of the deMesa-Sanchez (Spanish Inn) site
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Title: Historical outline of the deMesa-Sanchez (Spanish Inn) site
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: De Mesa Sanchez House, Block 7 Lot 6
Physical Description: Report
Language: English
Creator: Scardaville, Michael
Publication Date: 1978
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
43 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
de Mesa-Sanchez House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 43 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.896429 x -81.313225
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Historical Outline of the DeMesa-Sanchez
(Spanish Inn) Site

B-7, L-6, St. Augustine, Florida

with Chain of Title Appended

Michael Scardaville


August 1978


A. 1763-64

1. Owner: Antonio de Mesa

a. employed as Shore Guard, a minor position in
the Royal Treasury

1. basically a customs official wh, inspected
non-Cuban cargoes for contraband

2. Annual salary of 132 pesos supplemented ":
by legal collection of fees from non-Cuban

3. Status: above median income level

4. One of few civilians on royal payroll

a. only 3.7 percent of all royally
funded positions went to non-military
and non-ecclesiastical personnel

5. because of his position, de Mesaiperformed
an important role in the 1763-64 evacuation
of Florida.. : a:.

b. born in Veracruz, Mexico

c. married in 1746 to Geronima Santollo, a native of
St. Augustine

d. fathered 7 children, 4 girls and 3 boys

e. went to Havana, Cuba in 1764 with his family

f. died in Havana by September, 1766

2. Lot

a. 11 varas N-S x 71 varas E-W (31.6 ft. x 195.2 ft.)

b. bounded on south by tabby house owned by infantryman
Lucas Escovedo on a lot measuring 18 varas N-S x
71 varas E-W

1. northern section of tabby structure presently
located on Lot 6: see expansion of lot to the
south in the British Period


3. Structure

a. stone house

1. 36% of all houses in St. Augustine in 1764
were constructed of stone

b. one story


A. 1764-1768

1. owner: William Walton

a. head of William Walton and Company of New York City

1. export company contracted to supply St.
Augustine from 1726-1739 and 1754-1763

2. residents of St. Augustine accumulated
debts of over 25,000 pesos with the company
by 1763

3. Jesse Fish served as a factor for the company
in St. Augustine at the end of the First
Spanish Period.

b. Walton was patriarch of one of New-York's leading
mercantile families

1. served as member of New York General
Assembly from 1751-59

c. fourth largest property owner in St. Augustine in
the early British Period (1765)

1. solely or jointly owned 10 lots and 23

a. indebtedness to company enabled Walton
to control property through his agent,

b. Fish rented some of Walton's structures,
the proceeds of which were used to satisfy
the debt

d. Walton died in 1768

2. Lot

a. 1 varas x 71 varas

b. same as de Mesa

1. 1769 Jeffery map shows Walton house bordered
on the south by the tabby structure formerly
owned by Escovedo

3. Structure

a. Walton made no alterations

1. Absentee proprietor interested in recovering
debts, not in improving property

b. Through 1769, the structure was the same as de Mesa

B. 1768-1771

1. owner

a. Lot and building reverted to British crown

C. 1771-1784

1. Owner: Joseph Stout

a. from Philadelphia

b. served as apprentice to Dr. William Stork, an
ardent promoter of settlement in East Florida

c. came to East Florida in 1767 to manage the 31,000
acre estate of John Tucker

1. lived with family at Mount Tucker, located
north of Lake George on the St. Johns River,
until 1779

d. in 1779, purchased 950 acres of land near the
northeast Creek of the Matanzas

1. grew and exported indigo, the most important
money crop of British East Florida

2. owned 8 slaves and some livestock

e. Status

1. value of estate was within the upper one-half
of all estate appraisals

f. married in c. 1765 to Mary Rolph, a native of
Cantebury, England

g. fathered 4 boys while residing in East Florida

h. went to the Bahamas in 1784-85 where he became
a prosperous merchant andcotton planter

2. Lot

a. frontage

1. before 1780, Stout illegally expanded to the
south by 9.8 ft. into the vacant lots held by
Jesse Fish

a. Jose'Peso de Burgo house built c. 1780,
after the Stout encroachment

2. discrepancy between deeded and actual lot frontage

a. deeded frontage: 33.0 ft. (12 varas)

b. actual frontage: 42.8 ft.

3. deeded and actual frontage did-not coincide until 1885

b. E W side

1. deeded and actual property increased 41.3 ft., from
31 varas (195.2 ft.) to 86 varas (236.5 ft.)

3. Structure

a. Gov. Grant granted him the lot and building in 1771

b. expansion of lot to the south suggests that Stout
demolished the Escovedo structure in order to en-
large his house

c. documentary evidence of improvements

1. in 1783, Mary Stout commented: "We have
been at a great expense for repairing and
raising a new roof to the house in town"

d. possibility of structure remaining ai.one story

1. appraised values of houses in St. Augustine
at end of British Period


a. one story stone houses

1. average value: I 328.8

2. median value: L 325

3. range: 6.300-373

4. Stout house: b 300 (newly repaired house)

b. two story stone houses

1. average value: 6 487`5

2. median value: L:425

3. range: 6 300-800

2. In Stout sale to Sanchez, no mention of partial
upper story

e. roofed with shingles

f. use of structure

1. "A good dwelling house with convenient offices"

2. possibility of renting the town house, particularly
after influx of immigrants in the late British

g. house sold for one-third of its appraised value
due to depressed housing market during the transfer
of Florida to Spain

1. sale value indicates the good condition of the
structure since the majority of houses were sold
for (only one-quarter) of their value


A. 1784-1802

-1L. owner: don Juan Sanchez

a. employed as Chief Master Caulker of the Royal Works
with 420 pesos annual salary

b. born in Puerto Real, Andalusia, Spain

c. between 1767-79 married in Cuba to Maria del Carmen Castajeda

1. Castaieda born in St. Augustine in 1742

2. married Jose JoaquiS de Ortega (son of
Nicolas de Ortega, the Royal Armorer)
who later died in Cuba

3. had one child from the first marriage

d. fathered two girls, one born in Havana and the other
in St. Augustine

1. one married Tomas de Aguilar, an official from
the Governor's staff

e. purchased a 25 ton schooner (goleta) in 1787 which
carried cargo between Havana, St. Augustine, and

1. sold vessel in 1789

f. bought the Rodri'guez-Avero-Sdhchez House (Dodge
House) at public auction in 1791

1. enlarge the small coquina structure in the

2. Castaneda, as heir, sold the southern half of
lot to Juan Paredes in 1803 and the house and
lot to Pedro Fucha 10 years later

g. value of Sanchez estate in 1803

1. 5815 pesos 1 real

2. owned 9 slaves

B. 1803-1832

1. owner: heirs of don Juan Sanchez

a. Maria del Carmen Casta'eda, wife (inherited
one-half of estate)

b. Maria de los Dolores Sahchez and Maria del Rosario
Sanchez, daughters (each inherited one-quarter of

C. Lot

1. Frontage

a. deeded frontage throughout Second Spanish
Period remained 33.0 ft. (12 varas)


b. actual frontage increased

1. 1784-1803: 42.8 43.3 ft. (Stout encroachment)

a. in 1791, Sanchez bought the 14 vara -
lot to the south from Josd Peso de Burgo

b. the following year, Sanchez sold 10 varas
of this property to John Struder, retaining
3 3/4 varas (10.3 ft.) for himself

c. Sndchez' deeded frontage now measured 43.3 ft.
15 3/4 varas)

d. Sanchez thus purchased all and resold part of the
de Burgo lot for purpose of legitimizing Stout's
illegal encroachment

2. by 1802: 47 ft. (present size)

a. frontage on 1803 inventory: 46.5 ft. (17 varas)

b. such a measurement would suggest the disappearance of the
outbuilding to the south by 1803

c. neither Sanchez nor Castaieda, however, added the
3 3/4 varas Sanchez kept in 1792 to the deeded
12 vara frontage

1. When Casta'ieda sold the property in 1832,
the deeded frontage was listed at 12 varas

2. E W side

a. deeded E W dimensions throughout Second Spanish Period
remained 236.5 ft. (86 varas)

b. actual dimensions increased

1. between 1788 and 1803 Sanchez illegally enlarged his
lot to the east by approximately 21 ft. (8 varas)

2. by 1803, E W dimension: 257.5 ft. (94 varas)

a. remained 256 ft. until 1874

D. Structure

1. August 11, 1784 purchased Stout's property at public vendue
for 450 pesos

2. 1788: Rocque map and key

a. 3 room stone house with an outbuilding (kitchen)
to the east and a loggia to the south

b. 43% of all houses in St. Augustine in 1788 were
,constructed of stone

1. of which only 21% were listed in good condition

2. Sdnchez house in good condition: one of the
better masonry structures in the early Second
Spanish Period

c. second floor over one of the first floor rooms, pro-
bably the westernmost room

d. presumably, Sanchez added this partial second floor

1. See section on Stout

3. 1791: Book of Mortgages

a. second floor completed over entire building, except
for outbuilding

b. roofed with shingles

4. 1803: Inventory and Appraisal

a. two story, L-shaped masonry structure with a
frame one story detached kitchen and street balcony

b. appraised value of house and kitchen: 2380 pesos

5. Use of Structure

a. private residence until family left Florida in 1820-21

1. after Sanchez' death, his son-in-law, Tomas de
Aguilar, was regarded as the head of household

a. in 1814, a total of 19 persons lived in the
structure including Aguilar, his wife and
6 children, Castaneda, and 10 slaves

b. enlargement of structure possibly related to Sanchez'
mercantile activities in the late 1780's

1. storage of supplies and merchandise

2. according to Vignoles (1823), the ground floors
were generally used as "store rooms (with)
the families living in the upper story"

c. Between 1793-94, the Royal Treasury and Treasurer's
quarters were located on the second floor

1. Treasurer: Juan Chrisostomo de Acosta

6. Possible enclosure of detached kitchen

a. 1833 Anonymous map shows the structure with an
elongated E W orientation

b. Aguilar and Castaneda certainly had resources to under-
take the necessary construction


A. Owners

1. 1832

a. Lewis G. Melizet (Havana) and John M. Melizet (Philadel


B. Lot

purchased property from Castaneda and daughters (Havana)
for $1,000

From 1832-1978 there have been 21 owners of the property


1. From 1803-1874 property dimensions remained 47 ft. N S
x 256 ft. E W

2. In 1874 the heirs of Mary Strischka sold the eastern 96 ft.
6 inches of the lot for $200

a. E W dimensions: 159 ft. (present site)

b. portion of lot sold to raise the $200 Strischka bequeathed
to her servant

3. Lot 6 assumed present N S and E W size by 1874

C. Structure

1. Possible enclosure of kitchen between 1835-1837

a. sale price of property increased from $1,000 in
1835 to $1,800 in 1837

b. property owned by James C. Lisk of New Baltimore,
New York

1. no biographical data uncovered

2. Sale price indicates that few property improvements were made
between 1844 and 1892

a. increased sale value after Civil War probably
reflects rising property values
-. 4 ,


3. Extant tax records provide no reliable information to
date improvements

a. earliest municipal tax record: 1855

b. from 1855-1880's, appraised property values reflect
aggregate value of one's holdings

4. Building assumed 1977 configuration between 1893-1899

a. additions

1. room 104

2. eastern wing

5. Use of structure

a. structure used as a residence, boarding house (late
1860's early 1870's), barber and cigar shop (1884/
1888), music shop (1899), curio shop (1904/1910),
museum (1934-37/1959-60), restaurant (1940), newspaper
office (1949), antiques shop (1945-54)

1. primarily used for commercial purposes after the
Civil War, a reflection of the nature of north
St. George St.

b. southern portion of lot before 1904 used for a shooting
gallery (1884/1888), music shop (1893), and bicycle
shop (1899)

c. Charles Loring, brother of William Wing Loring, rented
house from 1837-41

1. during ownership of Seth Gifford

d. from c. 1867 to the 1870's, the proprietor, Strischka,
rented the structure for use as a boarding house

1. c. 1867-69: "St. John's House"

a. one of the first boarding houses to
open after the Civil War

b. J.V. Hernandez, proprietor

2. 1869 1870's: "Canova House" ,

a. Anita Canova, proprietor ;

1. former Anita Mickler

2. married to Ramon Canova, a Minorcan
descendant, who was mayor of St.
Augustine in11866


6. Condition of structure

a. between 1873 and 1883 the house deteriorated into a
"dilapidated condition"

1. heirs of Strischka unable to "make a profitable
investment" in the property


A. Construction of Second Floor

1. Documentary evidence suggests that Sanchez added the entire
second floor between 1784-91

a. possible relationship between construction and mercantile

B. Enclosure of kitchen

1. Kitchen was enclosed between 1803 (Sanchez inventory)
and 1884 (Sanborn map)

2. Documentary evidence suggests two possible periods, both
of which pre-date statehood

a. 1803-21: Second Spanish Period

1. house occupied by the 19 member upper status
Aguilar/Castaneda household

2. 1833 map shows elongated E W orientation

b. 1835-37: Territorial Period

1. 80 per cent increase in sale price over 2 year
period perhaps reflects considerable property

Chain of Title

The following is a chain of title to Block

7, Lot 6 in St. Augustine,

Map and Key

January 22, 1764

Antonio de Mesa

Description of house: "stone house"
Lot: 11 varas N-S x 71 varas E-W
Source: Juan Joseph Elixio de la
Puente, "Plano . de San
Agustin," Block E, Lot 82

March 1, 1765

Mr. (William) Walton

Source: James Moncrief, (Plan of
i St. Augustine)

Royal Grant




Joseph Stout

Lot: 12 varas N-S x 86 varas E-W
Source: East Florida Papers,
Escrituras, 1784-1787, Bundle
366, fols. 26-28

August 11, 1784

Joseph Stout

Juan Sanchez

Sale price: 450 pesos
Description of house: "masonry
house with shingles"
Lot: 12 varas N-S x 86 varas E-W
Source: EFP, Escrituras, 1784-1787,
Bundle 366, fol. 26




in Havana)

May, 1803

April 15, 1832

Estate of Don Juan Sanchez


Maria del Carmen Casta'eda, wife
Maria de los Dolores Sanchez,
daughter (one quarter)
Maria del Rosario S(nchez, daughter,
(one quarter)

Appraised value of house and kitchen
(July 21, 1802): 2,380 pesos
Source: EFP, Testamentary
Proceedings, 1801-1802, Bundle
306Q15, fols. 4-6v

Maria del Carmen Castaneda & others

June 3, 1835

Lewis G. Melizet, resident of Havana,
John M. Melizet, Philadelphia,

Sale price: $1,000.00
Lot: 12 varas N-S x 86 varas E-W
Source: Public Records of St. Johns
County, Deed Record (hereafter
cited as DR), Book I & J, p. 295

John M. Melizet & wife and Lewis G.


James C. Lisk, New Baltimore, New York

Sale price:
Lot: 36 ft.
Source: DR,

November 9, 1837

N-S x 256 ft E-W
Book N, pp. 48-49

Charles Lisk and Charles Lisk, Jr.,
State of New York, executors of the
estate of James C. Lisk


Seth K. Gifford, Camden
South Carolina



Deed (cont.) F

of Mortgage
Sale at Auction

November 9, 1837

January 23, 1844

Sale price: $1,800.00
Lot: 36 ft N-S x 256 ft E-W
Source: DR, Book N, pp. 53-54

John Beard, U.S. Marshal


John C. Bedell

Price: '$500.00
Source: DR, Book 0, p. 609

January 27, 1844

John C. Bedell

Ann Hurlbert

Sale price:
Lot: 36 ft.
Source: DR,

January 27, 1844

N-S x 256 ft. E-W
BookO, p. 610

Ann Hurlbert


John G. Bedell

Amount: $350.00
Source: DR, Book-O, p. 611

March 1, 1851

Ann Hurlbert


Mary Allen, wife of Darius Allen

Sale price:
Lot: 36 ft.
Source: DR,

May 8, 1867

N-S x 256 ft. E-W
Book P, p. 225

Darius Allen and his wife Mary Allen

Mary Strischka





Deed (cont.)

May 8, 1867

Sale price:
Lot: 36 ft.
Source: DR,

N-S x 256 ft. E-W
Book R, pp. 491-192

May 8, 1867

August 21, 1874

Between Darius Allen, Carpenter


Mary A. Strischka

"That the said Darius Allen, for
. . 150 dollars, promises and agrees
to place in tenantable order, on or
before the first day of August, 1867,
the House and Lot which the said Mary
A. Strischka has this day purchased
from him. .. and also to repair, and
place in proper condition, the fences
around said premises .... .
Source: Public Records of St. Johns
County, Miscellaneous Records, Book
A, p. 180

Christine Smith, J. M. Strischka &
Lizzie M. Smith, heirs of Mary Strischka,
late of St. Johns Co., deceased


Louis B. Pacetti

Sale price: $200.00
Lot: . the Eastern end of a lot
or parcel of Land that was conveyed
by Darius Allen and his wife to Miss
Mary Strischka . May 8, A.D. 1867..

Lot described as:
"Begin at a point where the fence on
the east boundary of the lot of
Dronecia (?) Dunham intersects the
fence on the south side of the lot
now granted and conveyed, and from
said point running eastwardly along
the south boundary line of this said
lot 96 feet 6 inches be the same more
or less, to the west boundary line of
a lot formerly belonging to Domingo
Circoply thence northwardly along said



Deed (cont.)


August 21, 1874

January 5, 1885

west boundary line of said Circoply
forty feet more or less thence west-
wardly along the north boundary line
of the lot now granted and conveyed
ninety-six feet six inches be the
same more or less, thence southwardly
forty eight feet more or less to the
place of beginning. It is hereby
agreed and understood that a line
running northwardly across the lot
now granted and conveyed in a line
with the fence on the East boundary
line of the lot of Dronecia Dunham
is to be the west boundary line of
the lot now granted and conveyed."
Source: DR, Book U, pp. 614-615

Josephine M. Strischka, executrix of
last will of Mary A. Strischka, (et al)


Bartolo F. Oliveros

Sale price:
Lot 47 ft.
Source: DR,

January 16, 1885

N-S x 159 ft. 6 inches E-W
Book BB, p. 516

B. F. Oliveros & wife (Caroline M.


Elizabeth Wallace

May 11, 1885

Sale price: $3,000.00
Description of house: "stone-house"
Lot: 47 ft. N-S x 159 ft. E-W
Source: DR, Book DD, p. 173

Elizabeth Wallace, widow, St. Johns Co.


Susan E. Meyers, Orange Park, Clay Co.

Sale price: $2,800.00
Lot: 47 ft. N-S x 159 ft. E-W
Source: iDR, Book EE, p. 429



May 5, 1886

Susan E. Meyers, widow, St. Augustine


B. C. Maxwell, London, England

Sale price: $4,500.00
Lot: 47 ft N-S x 159 ft. E-W
Source: DR, Book GG, p.72

April 21, 1892

Bernard C. Maxwell
Maxwell, his wife,

and Alice .
London, England

May 9, 1905

Frederick Sulzner, St. Johns Co.

Sale price: $1,750.00
Lot: 47 ft. N-S x 159 ft. E-W
Source: DR, Book TT, p.138

Sallie Sulzner and Margaret Sulzner,
each unmarried, St. Johns Co.

Mary McMicken Strobridge,
Wm. M. Strobridge, County

December 20, 1911

wife of
of Hamilton,

Sale price: $3,500.00
Lot: 47' x 159'
Source: DR, Book 9, p..212

Mary McMicken Strobridge, wife of
Wm. M. Strobridge, Hamilton, Ohio


Lawerence Wischert, St. Johns Co.

Amount: $10.00 o.v.c.
Lot: 47' x 159'
Source: DR, Book 23, p. 85

-::- i i..a.r. r






November 14, 1912

November 16, 1912

October 12, 1949


Thomas G. Wiles and Doris
his wife, St. Johns Co.

C. Wiles,

Amount: $10.00 o.v.c.
Lot: 47' x 159'
Itemization of personal property in
the dwelling
Source: DR, Book 181, pp. 249-250

October 12, 1949

Thomas G. Wiles and
St. Johns Co.

Doris C. Wiles,

Margaret A. Butler, St. Johns Co.

Amount:i $25,000 with 4h per cent
interest rate per annum
Source: Mortgages, Book 89, pp..355-361

Lawerence Wischert, St. Johns Co.


Margaret A. Mullaney, St. Johns Co.

Sale price: $4,000.00
Lot: 47' x 159'
Source: DR, Book 24, p. 111

Margaret A. Mullaney, St. Johns Co.


Lawerence Wischert, St. Johns Co.

Amount: $3,500 with 8 per cent
interest rate per annum
Source: Public Records of St. Johns
Co., Mortgages, Book U, p. 159

Margaret A. (Mullaney) Butler, St
Johns Co.




4 t


Deed September 26, 1952 Thomas G. Wiles and Doris C. Wiles,
St. Johns Co.


Marguerita Phillips, Germantown, Pa.

Amount: $10.00 o.v.c.
Lot: 47' x 159'
Itemization of personal property in
the dwelling
Source: DR, Book 119, pp. 508-510

Lease August 5, 1954 Margerita Phillips, lessor,


Walter B. Fraser, lessee

Sum rent: $36,000 with monthly
installments of $300 cash
Option to buy: $35,000 cash
"Lessee shall have the right to make
such alterations and changes in such
parts of the buildings as he finds .
necessary for his purposes, especially
the right to repair or rebuild the
roof of the Spanish Inn building and
to convert a window on the north side
of the Spanish Inn building into a
door leading into the patio of the
Governor Salazar's mansion, at his
own expense, provided, however, that
such alterations shall not in any way
injure the buildings or depreciate
their value.,. .
Source: DR, Book 212, pp.387-389

Assignment April 15, 1958 Walter B. Fraser
of Lease

Gerald Horton Bath, Palm Beach Co.

Assumes lease contract between
Marguerita Phillips as "Lessor"
and Walter B. Fraser as "Lessee"
dated August 5, 1954
Source: DR, Book 243, pp. 314-316

September 13, 1963

Marguerita Phillips, Philadelphia


Gerald Horton Bath

September 30, 1963

Sale price: $35,000 "With all
furniture, fixture, equipment and
personal property . more
particularly described in Mortgage
to Mrs. Margaret A. Butler."
Lot: 47' x 159'
Source: St. Johns County Public Records,
Official Records (hereafter cited as
OR), Book 46, p.657

Gerald Horton Bath and Lotta H. Bath,
his wife


The Exchange Bank of St. Augustine

Amount: $35,000 with 6 per cent
interest rate per annum
Source: OR, Book 46, p.659

of Mortgage

December 23, 1965

Gerald Horton Bath and his wife
Lotta H. Bath

December 23, 1965

The Exchange Bank of St. Augustine

Amount: $35,000
Source: ORN Book 80, p.602

Gerald Horton Bath and his wife Lotta
H. Bath


St. Augustine Restoration Inc.

Itemization of contents and antiques
"All furniture manufactured in Spain,
all being handmade and some being
Source:. ,OR, Book 80, pp.603-609

w .I




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