Title: Correspondence: 1920 January
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Title: Correspondence: 1920 January
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Subject: Jennings, May Mann, 1872-1963.
Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Jennings, William Sherman, 1863-1920.
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Teachers' Examinations TA

353 Two yearly, June and September. '
354 Co Supt may hold special exam and issue temporary
certificate for not longer than intervals between regular'.. :,.

355 One exa, must be at county seat.

357 Candidates for lt, 2nd & 3rd grade certitibates shall be .
examined by co supt on questions prepared by Stat.e Supt
and sent under seal to co supt, and opened on day on whidh
they are to be used, in presence of candidates..

358 Penalty for cheating: Debarred from teaching or holding any
school office in State. r-

360 Papers not signed;, known to examiner only; numbered.

361 Only those holding teacher's certificates permitted to teach. ,;
362 7 grades of certificates: 3rd, 2nd, let, primary, special, '
State and life..
364 Applicant must present certificate of good moral character,''
*signed by 2 responsible persons; ana pay fee of 1.

37'4 Certificate may be revoked for cause. .. .., '
375 Grading committee composed of 3 of teachers holdii g-ighe
grade of certificates in co; names secret.

379-385 Duties and Powers of Teachers.

385-398 Crading and State Aid to High Schools and Rural Graded
399-416 Provide for the establishment of special tax school
districts; board of public inst of co to order election
upon petition of of qualified electors that pay tax on
real or personal property and are resident in such propo.s':.
ed district. Funds derived from district school ta-x in-:;
Ssuch cases are devoted to schools of the district. '.

Article XII Sec 1-3 Le'gislatlre shal ro:l r 6,.
of public schools; names officers under such systemm'; -

Sec 4 : State School Fund, interest of which shall be exclusivelyi.: ,
applied to maintenance of public free schools, derived
from following sources:
Proceeds of all 3ands that have been or may be granted to i;
Florida by I. S. for public school purposes.
Donations to the State when the purpose is not specified, .

Appropriations by the State.
Proceeds of escheated property or forfeitures. ,

25L of sales of public lands of the State.

Set 5 Principal of State school fund shall remain irviolate.

Sec 6 Providce for special annual tax of one mill on dollar on
all taxable property.
Sec 7 As amended, provides for the distribution of school
rescurcee in yroyorticr, to average attendance in the
respective counties.

/ Sec S As amended provides that each county shall collect a
tax for schools of not less than n:rills nor !cre than
?, annually on all taxable property

Sec 9 County school fund consists, in addition to tax provided
in Sec 8, of the proportion crf the interest of the
State school fu-,nd a'nd of the one mill state tax ay.qor-
tion-d to the co.; net proceeds of all fines collecteA
under The penal laws of the State iwithinr the cc.; all
capitation taxes collected within the co.; and shall
be disbursed by the co board of rut inst solely for the
maintenance and sul-rort of public free schools.

Sec 10 Provides that the legislature may provide for, the ciivision
of county into school districts.

/ Sec 11 Any incorporated city or town nay constitute a school dist-

/ Sec 12 White and colored children not to be taught in same
school; impartial provision for both.

Sec 13 ,o law shall be enacted diverting school funds from
publicc school purposes.

/ Sec 14 Legislature nay p:roviie for not nrcre than 2 normal schools.

/ Sec 15 County school officers raid from county school funds.

** **

Chapter 5381 Laws of 19C5t Provides That every public school
making an average daily attendance of 80' shall re-
ceive State aid sufficient to run it 2 months in
addition; to its regular term; provided that schools
receiving aid under former provisions should be
entitled to the benefits of this act.
Chaptcr 5382 Laws of 1905 Defines the grades of instruction in
the uniform system of public schools, and aid and en-
courages their inmxxatmt establishment.
Chapter 5387 Laws of 1905 Emptowers county boards and trustees of
special school tax districts to establish kindergartens
in communities guaranteeing 25 pupils.


Laws of Florida in Relation to Education

(References are to General Statutes

of 1906 by Sections)

313 Provides for uniform system of public instruction free
to all youth of 6 to 21 years.

314 Fixes school year July 1 to June 31 inclusive.

315 No school shall begin before July 1 of school year to which
that term belongs.

316 Time for opening determined by county Board Public Instruc-
tion. All schools must begin so as to close before June 31.

317 B.P.I. to fix school day: not less than 5 nor more than 6
hours, exclusive of recesses. School month: 20 days ex-
clusive of Sat. & Sun. School term: 4 school mo.
School year: 2 terms.

318 All public schools shall observe Dec. 24 to Jan. 1, inc.,
as vacation; and Independence day and Thanksgiving as holi-

319 Treasurer of Board of Education shall keep an aceout with
the several counties, crediting each with its proportion
of income of common school fund, and of the fund raised
by the one mill tax authorized by the Constitution; and
charging each with amounts receipted for by treasurer of
B P I.

320 To receive funds derived from taxation.

3g1 Monies which by law go to State school fund are paid to
State Treasurer; to county school fund, county treasurer.

322 Duty of treas. of school fund of each co. by 1st Monday in
every mo. to file with co. Supt. Pub. In. an itemized state-
ment accounting for all sums received and paid.

323 Above statement to be kept by Clerk Circuit Court open for
public inspection.

324 Board of co. commissioners, upon request of E P I, after
affirmative vote of qualified voters who are taxpayers
therein and have paid all taxes for 2 yr. next preceding
said election in any special tax school district or county,
are authorized to contract debts for purchase of real estate
for educational purposes, for erection of school buildings,
and to pay sucl debts out of current income of any year or
of succeeding years; and to borrow money to discharge such
debts, which shall be a lien upon such special tax school
district or co.; provided, that the necessary expense of
maintaining schools in any co. during any yr. shall consti-
tute 1st claim against school fund of that yr.

325 Permits attendance by youth of one co. of school in another.

336 Forfeiture by co. of common school funds for failure to
maintain such schools as funds will support.

327 Forfeiture by school for failure to complete its term before
termination of school yr.


388 Officers of Dept of Pub Inst: State Supt Pub Inst, State Board
of Education, board of pub inst for each co., supt of pub inst
for each co., local school supervisors and treasurers.

329 B P I : not more than 3 members, no 2 in same district.

330 All officers holding offices under statutes shall conform to
regulations of dept of pub inst.

331 No officer to vote on his own compensation.

332 Majority of any educational board a quorum.

333 All school officers elected or appointed under statutory
provisions is required:
1. To forward, with his P.OL address, to State Supt
of Pub Inst, before entering upon duties, and within 10
aays after notice of appointment, acceptance of appoint-
ment and pledge to faithfully perform duties.
2. Before receiving school monies or property, to give
bond with 2 good sureties.
3. Any officer in charge of school monies or property
to be disbursed, shall satisfy himself that officer to whom
issued has given bond, or be personally liable for loss.

334 Officer to turn over monixit monies etc to successor.

335 State Bd of Education: Governor, Secy of State, Att~ Genl,
State Treas, State Supt Pub Inst. Gov shall be presi-
dent, State Treas shall be treas, ana State Supt P I the
secy. Body corporate for educational purposes.

336 Powers & Duties of State Board:

1. Hold ana care for lands of State for educational
2. Entertain appeals by State Supt, on educational
3. Management of educational funds of State.
4. Remove subordinate officers in the department for
5. To keep in view the establishment of schools on a
broad and liberal basis.
6. Co-operate with State Supt.

341 Co. boards to be corporations.

342 Its- organization its primary duty.

343 Title to co. school property to be in co. board, except in
such special tax school districts as provided.

344 Members of co school board to be paid $2 per day for each
day's service, and 10 cents per mile.

345 Co Supt to be secy of board.

346 Co Treas are treas of co school funds.

347 Daties of B P I:
1. To obtain and hold co school property; except in
case of special tax school district.
2. To locate and maintain schools.
3. To appoint 1 supervisor for each school.
4. Provide site for school not less than half acre in

,. 3 1 ,;...,

' '

country, and as near acre as practicable in towns.
5. General maintenance.
6. To employ and pay teachers. Schools not to be
nearer than 3 miles to each other, except for local
reason. 1
7. To audit and pay accounts due by B P I.
8. Report to State Supt an accurate record of their
acts and accounts, and condition of schools.
9. File with clerk of circuit court monthly statements
of their accounts.
10. To prescribe course of study; and to require to
be taught in every public school elementary physiology,
especially effects of alcoholic stimulants and narcotics,
morally, mentally and physically; applicants to teach to
be examined upon this branch.
11. Fix compensation of co supt.
12. To perform all acts reasonable and necessary for
promotion of educational interests.
17. To hold regular meetings, by arrangement with
State Supt; and to convene special session on emergencies,
when requested by co supt.
14. To make estimates for the year's requirements, on
or before last Monday in June, not less than 7 mills nor
more than 7 mills; which is taxed and collected.
15. To select candidates for admission to State colleges
and seminaries.
16. To have school census taken, when same is not done
by co supt .
i7 To examine twice yearly records of tax collector .
relating to collection of poll taxes.
Any member of board neglecting to comply with this
act shall be suspended from office.

349 County board of pub inst to divide county into 3 districts.

350 Vacancies in co B P I are filled by appointment by State
Board on recon-mendation of State Supt.

351 Duties of Co Supt:
1. General investigation regarding establishment of schools
2. Visit each schbol at least once each term.
3. & 4 To confer with parents and supervisors.
5. To select supervisors.
6. Keer record of each school.
7. notify State Supt of names and addresses of
county school officers.
o. To decide questions ana disputes, and refer his
decisions to E P I.
9. Guard interests of county in contracts, etc.
10. Revoke or suspend certificates, for cause.
11. Act as secy to co board; monthly list of tax collect-
or's poll taxes paid.
12. School census every 10 yr.

352 Duties of Supervisor:
1 Supervise school generally.
S.Supervise building, rental, etc.
3.Cooperate with teacher.


'I *

A M E M 0 R I A L


The Florida Federation of Women's Clubs consisting of one hun-

dred forty-five separate and distinct organizations, with a combined

membership of eight thousand twenty-four active women, is a duly incor-

porated body not for profit, organized for the objects as set forth in

the second section of the Constitution which reads:- "The objects of

the Corporation shall be literary, social, scientific and philsnthropioc

The great necessity of Legislation on the following subjects and

the present bills pending the consideration of Your Honorable Body,

have been absorbing the attention of the Federation, and after thorough

investigation and careful consideration were endorsed by the Federation

and the subjects referred to and placed in the hands of the Legislation

Department for presentation to the Legislature:

1st. Prohibit the liquor traffic in Floridar

2nd. Providing for an equal suffrage amendment to the Constitu-

tion of Florida.

3rd. That women be made .eligible for election as school officers.

4th. An Appropriation of $5000.00 to establish a model home for

the use of the Home Economic Department at the Woman's College

in Tallahassee.

th. Equal division of the Smith Lever and State Appropriation

between the the Home Economics and Agricultural Demonstzation work.

6th. A Bill to permit the employment of persons who have re-

ceived a degree in Arts, Letters and Science from the University

of Florida, or any other school of high standing, as teachers in


our publicichoole without being required to take an examination.

A health certificate proving the person to be free from com-

municable disease should be required of teachers.

7th. -Free School.Books,

8th. An Appropriation for the Boys and Girls Industrial

School, and the creation of a Board of Managers for these schools

cf not'more than seven or less than five, on which three women,

recommended for appointment by the Federation shall serve.

9th. An Amendment to the State Child Labor Law to make it con-

form to the National Child Labor Law.

10th. An Act providing a Five dollar per week minimum wage for

female employees.

1lth. An Act fixing a Hine hour day for female employees.

12th. A Bill to provide a matron for prisons and institutions

where women and children are in custody; and separate quarters

for men and women inmates.

13th. An Act providing for the abatement and injunction law in

regard to public nuisances.

14th. State Sanatoria treatment for tuberculosis,

15th. Separate quarters for tuberculosis inmates in States, Coun-

ty and City Institutions.

16th. An Act regulating use of Narcotics.

17th. An Act making corrupt medical advertising illegals

18the A Bill to make public executions illegal,

19th. Enactment of.a stricter marriage law*

30th. Memorialize Congress for the relief of the Seminole Indians,

as provided in the Sears Bill introduced in Congress.

21st. A sufficient appropriation to make available Florida's por-

ticn of the new. Federal Good Roads State Aid Bill.


* I



..-. I... --- I I

IiI i






An Act to prohibit placing posters and advertising eigns

on public highways and public property.

An Appropriation of $5000 annually for the upkeep of

Royal Palm State Park.

State Forester, with power to enforce forest fire laws.

An Act setting aside Alligator Bay Rookery as a bird res-

ervation and providing protection and care.

In view of the great necessity for relief and reforms

along, the lines of all the measures above presented, the Legislation

Department of the Florida Federation of Women's Clubs, beg to urge

the enactment of laws on these subjects, by your Honcrable Body.

Chairman, Department of Legisla,-
tion, F. F. W. 0.



Mrs. W. S..Jennings,

President, F, F. W. 0.

- - - - - -



..., ..-..... ;;.

"4J-- *N 17
&>4Y-> 772/i

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b~EICr~F-l BL~di:l/I

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;~n~L L~C~~L~-iC~;;~Zt~.eI ~r---i~-V ~5~
~L ~ f~B, _~___~p~ ~



ff I f





f "Lc *
J .1. . .

1. /
S A A -' - . .. . \ .. ..

January 1920.

Mrs. . pl
'2 I II [
TalAhaa4 et F .

My deat ',ra. Ke lluzn

I .r .- ,endlinil you a letter th.kt wan, a.eut' t the lsl iiaid-
ture .dulinf .' tine aa 'Prmideiit, a&,t oi.py of -. M'iria. v;hi']h I
hope I oaa:. fin.- fCLo y;ou, A' bill poAter and aor'et otl.r thin. I
am very Pimuch in hcpie, tL.ttt t ie .F*,de.r.atJioj will ,ak for 1"G00 a
year for the Pa.rk and an -idi+tional 10.,0,0 zaores oif Tii,. These
bill, rr, I re t..in to 'a, J.irrzztt. at ier jei: et, axd
abhe r-i11 likely secure orie one to int ,c'tuce. her': if they decide
to put ther' through. I belJtve. the dO.j c.rn pS bt .,h.At;- bla ill
be supporteId 4ill oore.e as a recorrendation at the Poard meetinL,
fror.: you andi the Chairrzrin of ,nepa.rtrimnti who have other' r:.-tte.ra
In charLe. I.,hope to +ee yc,- at that Bo r:t meeting.

If I can EaOist yi u in any way .vjbh th, le;islThtive rn.t-
tera pl-rias do not heaitats. to call on 'rm. I leave. M oniay foi
Miami an.d' will be tone for iretral weeks,.but .ia-.il 4ili. be attl;nd-
ed to here L.nd I oan be reauohecd.

I also find the bill givin the* Go'vernmient i xS riee-sio 0
of the. 98,0(0 acres Eranted the Indians and still held by the Board.
'of Stata Instituticns-. It is the bill, ryou ".'ill rlei.aerer, that we ,
got thr':oulh the House and whio a' as held .tp by Sen.ator r"alon6- in the-
Senate, and really the GCovprrnmsent outht to be in poiesaaion of this
land if we ever hope to do anything definite fot the '.ndiaha. This
bill covers 'the question and was drawn 4ith treas t ajre. I enclose
two copisa each for introduction in..the Senate and Hqouse, and two
extra .coies for the use of the intrxoduticer in sah bri.ncih of the
Lei4taiature besideide a copy. for you. Thip bill ahd the park bill,
and, I thlink,..the poster bill, have been offered by-,the Federation
before, and have been appro ed. The only ,thifL that would ,have tO
be done would be to select them out of the number of. things to .b
requested. If some oanpaign work w6re done .n Key esst. i.adancbe
of this bill Senaator Malone wouldi.Qt daXe oppose t, .feel ote,

A A A A *A


and if he did not oppose it it would go throuLh without any trouble.
The Woman's Club.oi Key Wvesr oould take thi f r~atter up anm attend
to it if o~ri on 'oul: aa.k thrm to dcL it, and I believe would oauas
Senator M4loonw to withrdra- his opposition. -I' ar! agndin oI a opy -f
thi~ In'.iLcrn 1i.ll to Irs. i.naon. .You understand. that I a 'not try-
in. to run your affairs nor those of ~he other cominittaees, but I
l.p ht.d to have oOpis cf th.-, -.i .1. nd thinking they woul. poe-
iably ,or .e up t th- next Fioxctra me-tirL I had then oopiad a.ain and
Bcfnt the:. out fcr the corvvenilence of t~R i h ic have thb-tr to attend to.

.ith thc s'eaon'-i greetings, I a,

* . 444

Mr Y. J.nni ..
First Vie.i-Pr iciaent and Di.reLor
Foi:.re Deronstatbion Work C.F.1.C.


.4 4. 4'.

4: ~'~ F, ,
.4: .4.
,. . I .

tj .4

.4 .. P

-4. I.' -

4. I


* " ".:- ' '. . ,- ." 4"&,...' .
,ii .'- : 'd. .. F'.3 ,
-, .
.d.S c~c '

, ,; >:* .
; * , ." .. '

.- ."

."I/ .*"i ,- .. . ..' 4 ,
.. .. *' .; : .. '. *'. ,>. .. * *
S., " ,
S .". , ',

, ." , + ,

; ", 1 ** : ** .. ... / *
.... ,

,'1 .-.. . '" C '.' i. ,' '. .' .;'.^' .,
,- *
,r .. ,
'k .. . ..


."1 .

4- .

4.-. 4 . 44

r~l ~ __

4 4

?II ?:r 'i .,. 'c . .I

Mrs. Klilum, i .-





. 1 I ..

4. *

January 1, 19s .

1irs. Frank Str.anahan,

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

My dear Mrs. Strarahan:

I have juat written to Mrs. Hanson.and I esnlose you a
copy of the bill that we worked on so hard last Legialature and
also a memorandum of the land. You had better push matters up a
little lit and see what you can get the Key West Club to do to
hrinL pressure on Senator, Malone to ecaure his support. Otherwise
we will not havq it.

I :raUret exceedingly that ?ou could not have us on the
13th ,ut understand thoroughly, and while. we may wave our hands at
you as we Lo though, we will not stop for the meeting this time..-
71ith love and the best of Lood wishes,

Mrs... i. S. Jennings,
First Vjae-President and Direotor
Home Dfemonstratio.n Work G.F.W.O.

P. S.
I have sent Mrs. Kellum,,Lelislative Chairman,
two orijinala of these bills for the House and two
for the Senate and copies for each of the introduoers
as well as for herself..
.I understand the' BoaFd will meet at oyal Pal3.
State Park immediately folloeinE the D. A. R. Conwa-
tion. Why ota't you come do~nL If you don't get the
Board to ask again for these bills they will act 4o it.

.-? *' .


b -" '' I'

* ' : '. . .

. .January ,. 1931
: *- ., F .

. Ms. Julia Hanoon, ,. .. .

Fort Myers, Fla.

My deax Mr. RHan;on;

In making a copy of somr bill we introduced in the

last Lecgilatur.,,,fcr the Park, I fcz.ud the one in retard to

the aIndian Rservttipf,+ t-he f 98,1Q000a.orev of land whiot was put

intc the hands of the Fotar& of RSt t Institutionp and which we

triea to get the lat. Le i&latnure to grant direct to rha Govern-

ment. This bill -hat I enn.oo Was passed by the HouF-, you will

remember, and defceated- in the senate by Senator Malone of Key Wesa,

your Senator, ntwithattindj.i the~ fact that 'a filed a great long

petition with Mr. Peory, and in both houses in fact, to get same

through. I am sesdiRn Mrs. Kellum., Legialative Ohairran, two orig-

inala to bo introduced in the House and.two in the Senate, with

working copies for the iatroduceras. and copy for Mrs. Kellum herself.

Of course this bill will not be taken up, although apprOvsd.by tke

Federazton already, unless you push matters; in fact, I supposedf it

would be decided at th~ ntxt Board meeting. If some previous !work

were done, through-the Kay Weat Woman's Club, to bring pressure an


Mrs. 'Hanaon, 3*-

Senator Malone to get him to support the bill instead of opposi a

It, it: would go through without any trouble., You will know beat

how to handle this, and it is altogether possible that Iros. Stran-

ahan oan help you, and if I an, .be asauesd I will. Just let ma

know what you want me to do.

I have not recovered from the surprise, at the growth of

Fort Hylip iLr.i'odrto'ily ia att4ing to be-a lovely plaoe and I.

enjoys ij y visit very muah indeed.

With &he i0eaaoni'a 6Ereentine, and warmedit' pralrebard,

I a.s "

Since rel, "

Fi rt.V Vioe-,Pr ei dent,, ai D ir.otor ..
.. H me iDemoriatat"in Wdrk, G.TW-.C.

A.*' ' A " '.
. .. .. .. . . .:...' .' . ... .' .r.... .. .. .. .
Sii+ i..... _. '. '' ,.

-. i" 1 ". -, .' ' . ,"' r' ,. ', 4,

* .... , .. 1,*. ., r ,.. , .I- " ,3 ;-

** ; "- ' .. .- -''" -'. .
,' .

.. : ". 3" _j .i . : .. . ; \

3: .j ,x
,. ,,, .. : ~ . [ .. ,L. ; .




I L --L.~--n

Il"~il~::,,i~6*n~i~PIYi~7iWI~&'dYb;:, Il

Bronson, ?la. Jan. Int. 1920,
"r .-. W .S Je7 .. '- ,
State C chairman, LTo ;.::'s Division,

Dear 1r-, J enninrs:-
Your letter of the 23rd, ult, caie r 'inI mya ab-

senee from h1o ne in attendance on the Annual Conference of the Athodist

C'lll.rh at Lake1.nd, and since my re turn ho me Xmas, and a house full

of cno ;-:~,.y, have i-r.;vented me from r-iving the matter therein contained

the c are il thoi i-t it s hold have But I have ca chilly read your

le tie r, noted fully vwhat you say, .. fully appreciate what wo 11ld be

expected of me as C hairrman of the T...t i, of Levy County in this eduea-

tional cam-air n, and in the campaign for the raising of funds, an d will

say, that while I am in f'-.11.1 r'-:..'.--*' with Nation Wide, State Ti.'e, and all

other kinds of Pro hibition, and want to see the 1-. enforced, and. I be-

le ive it will, with the help of the "'ileral G overnent, and the co-op-

eration of the State, County ;'n.1 11~ipiipal o officers, In this Co'inrty the

sheriff and his force are very active and ar e ar resting -.',':. also destro

yin- stills, b eer, and whiskey, aLno st --:--.- day, and they are arrest-

inr the violators, both white r.nT black, and they are being' tried he re in

the Co-~y::*".- .T'Se's court, be fore my husb.Ln ., and he is t.ivinrt them heavy

fine s, or- lonr sentences, an d the result is that the violates are --ry

scare considering, the rn.,ber of our population. T', y are also arrest-

ing all of the drunks, and placing heavy fines on the m, unless they dis-

elo se where they are ,ettinr, the whiskey, and when they do, light fines.

are imposed, and then they are used as witnesses against those who are

making an.si selling whis k y.
We have a stro nr VW. C.T. U. o'r :.,isatio n

here that is working wit h the officers and the temperance people, and

therefore I don't beleive I could acnovnplish n~ ih in this County, -,.rtic-

I I _


o.4ze 2.

u.larly in the :t :1'1, in the way of assisting the officers, and in the

collection of funes for the Anti -Salooon league, besides I am so 'r:: all

the time, I have to do my own house work, cant 'cet a servant, ar., my

little .rairl is in s school, an' I have to help her of nights with her les-

sons, and 77r. Tilis, is so busy all the time at the office, hence I must

ask you to re lease me and not insist on. :'- acceptin the place, for it

is : '..-ssible for me to do so.
I l;.".est, however, for appointment to the

place, "rn. J.>. :i':, es, of Cedar Key. She is a great .'.C .TU. rermber, -ien!

tc:-.ieran-e worker, so is her husban.r1 J.E. HuShes.

'."ith best wishes and the compliments of t Ve s-ason,

I ar Yours in tie oTrk,

n4i ..i&" ,^r^i>.. W w^^^^~^:lJl-1^.^-r^s-^^:^a^atCMIl -^^ W^s~s~


/ /'-;
/- i

,, 2 /
7 2 -

( ;

6'~ Zi :-~


2 --~

73 ` .. , i



a-7Ci L-

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ly "zL~-'.



2i ~

A .c

%i 7K`:i 7~l~K:L-

~[ --k---



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/ LI

I. I..


62 ((I'.i



I I I -

ix7 a-1.~-L~a.4.-u-'-r.4:/ ;3

i,7- j-i

'4L '- 14 n/ 2


/k *1 Ldf

/ -/

1.)/~, A 1~


I, ~I
,~3~ k'kg_ ~ Lkb

L L/

tv-c~ *"

-4~K /ibs~







;1-- Z: a~


7 > C 17'~eka ~

i~s ~k / C 7

A~ 1,/~ ~;



I ,- I

6~ei; .-- ~8crb

~r~-- ~

6/ r


^ ca

i--t/vIi7/ ^%r iB//^$
rwo As A

y';at2C /i ^ uti~
//^ ; / t '"n~
'ir-'- '7^-?^ -T'-^./'
r'nmAy u w

';/i/ yw a ~ ... ^''w

Ww -4^ -iw.
Z61 / d^L,
Z/cy( -^^ -^-J^
a^ ^%'/^



4 t ', Se
O^ y Oz^^,a
C^S^ i ^^( ^
r. C'*^^^^^~-^- ^

'W J ^-?^>^->^-
7 .4z"J^. (
Ar.^.LN m u


9 '
*- C
ac -C/ m / n
/.y~ cu

'., ;^-

I/**^'^ ^ C

~---j; .~j C:


/.~ 65


~/-~W ~~i8~~


K/t-fi ~ /Y'L't/ (-LA V ''-'V V'L

4 A () <


(, 4^^ -"

ci 6i 'ViCri

C (J( ~6Ui' ~ 6~~A





zsz;yC' ,~:t"/2~=1~;;;~7~7~;~ .

L~t~ ~t~CJ~ ~/DG~ij/





C~~2. :' /,I~r~Z.~~I


K ~ d' /4-1B
4 -J~/_

L6P~'yy ,4j' 4Z

2 /C/ei

// ~

V *'j* :



". -~~ "~;' )


:iI&;/ J.


AK -

?ik6e/<'~, ~d

I II ,

S/ f1 Ab4

/a,,,, ,

o~-L. L;i.r,


- '74-


L L/


-*Iql f,

// /'l




A r<~

~,rI. d~


7J t(V

'-~ ~f

~l 'l;1

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I ( t //




jilh; ~ ~ ~


I;.ln /

y 9I

ct~eci6/ -~ /L/

Yb ic-/- -e--


(Jh~i -

i <1
v~~. ~ g_-i ". L :.i~t
vj~A~ /'p b

4L"/ -

'C - "


~ ~ .

A IL ..;~-~n'A C

! / i-

fr -.---


,Y >

&i >'

7-In -

I'- .: -







,, 7;


7/. c/ 7

C / c6

dlC:Ld iint.r



'. ,- LAL -"
_ ._ ,_ . . . ... .. .. . . . . .. .. .- *
- , -t- ^ ^ .. ....... .. ........:. **.. . .

..4 j

4- ..
_._ '. k /-- .-: . ._ -*^ ^ '** *;

"i ." . .. .
.. .. . .. . ,.. __ _--.' i^ .-

--- -,- -. . ._! _.--- .- ^_. __ .._ -/ ^ <.__. -.... _

I. .'-. 7 : 4 -

-~ e
S' I ._ ,

/~ ."
.....~ _c ~c =~I~L~~~.. 5. -

1 ~~- -" ?L/- /_, ..?
'- -
-- ----_--' .._- ..- ,*_-: ..4_ '. -

-' -, -" .-. -t.-'7 _7. __ -=' .-' e

_. .

-,--- _"-_, :'-..' >_ . -'_- -- __ _.- .....

._- --- ,-;'- *, .. ""
< 0 / 7 > -, ->?..*^ ?<^' -----.C .-^-_^ ____ ~? .j --^ *:-'-..-.3> _

*' ,- ,/ "
.. v- ;^ ^ .- ..^ "K/L 4---,: ^ -'-.." -^

__* ,_ -. _
-' a-23L ->^ .-_-- --4-^ -^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^

.4~4%V'-' ~ t 7 i,'
-- - -K f .-^ . .-
tf ~ ~ ~ ~ I ~//7*? y^'
Ot^L.^ r' ^ 'L-?-z?^- -z .^ -r'- -;t

a I r I II I II

$7 ~~-~

C -- -


* -t1 -

..- ~ ; -z j





r A-- --iL

-- -. ./


'ptI riA-

I/ L -
if r, ~~L---- : -4rtrs

-t,2,--1 4 A.~--c-- -Z--t-



I. -
-< 44?' *



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~~c/f 7'$-

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-C Zts
4 ~ r

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416 x-~ ~: ~

I / :i, '7 j

/II v~cA~~,f~
.26. 1~1~. /
,r ~" J V



>~ I'lV* 0-"I"

- -3n .. 7 /'A

f- J *- ,Aj A.~hLfrtD U
-~ i.S'"~

E~ -Ini j~-R. A*J -CSi a!

)/LA~- (-i/
~Ei~..) fr?~~~L',L~k"I


' I

u g~2

,~~L~--v/~'@~"l'" 0~w6L~t1




Okeechobee, Fla., Jan. 7, 1920.

.^s. Tary T. Jennings,

1845 Train Street,
Jacksonville, Pla.

Dear Madam:

Your letter of December 24th to Mrs. Austin was duly

received, but as she was quite sick at the time and has since

been removed to the hospital in St.Augustine, reply has been

bnduly delayed.

As her health will probably not permit her attempting this

or any other work for some time to come it would probably be

best for you to select some other lady to carry on your work

at this place.

I will suggest that you communicate with Mrs. D. R. :roNeill,

and if you can secure her services you will have one of our very

best workers.

Yours very truly,
/ S7 < i A~ ^- '-4 ~



Jamiairy 7:' -:.

T'rs, 7. S. Je, ,
-7r'c .iorville, Fla.

y dear LrTs. JP

I had ] hoped to stop in Ja~ci sonville as I caIle Iup from the
lower part of the state a few days ago and ask for a conference with
you in regard to the polas for t7e Prohibitio-n _- th at you
are .' -!:. to put on and. find out. just what we can do to 1---, most.
I shall possibly tpass 41 *..- Jacksonville on tie 14,;" of this month
I wonder if :." wiill be in the city at that time. If not, if you
.could write me what -." should like us to s shall be .: to do ,' I.
ve can with it.

With best wished to y-u, I am

Yours truly,

State lomre Demonstration Agen t.

II I L ~


"0 .4

Jaoksonville, Fla. J.a uary 8, 1920.

Mrs. (. M. Griffingu

S-- .3 - ut. fl ... aS a -

My waas Mis. rzJ.iffnl;

Please find enclosed a letter of appointment

of,lyou as County Chairman of the Woman'o Division,

Florida Edudational Temperance CaepaiaA, for your

Please do not refuse to aot 4a chairman fto

me. .I need your assiastmnoe.greatly and I feel

.sure you oan cuntt on Mrs Max Brown e help. Mr.

.Je.nninge has been very ill; h i t some better to-

day* I think you .wil agrte t m rather brae

to' undertake this work with im it'l his pre sent con-


With warmest regards te you and yourr, and

with the season'l greetings, I amn

Very sincerely,

Enclosure (1) State. Ohairm&n, Woman's Diviion.
Florida Edu4attonal Teqmperanoe .
we Oampaign. .

r' .,. .





* 1

... .
; ." .' 5

. ..-,'




i o


., ..

Jaoksonville Fla.


Mrs. Max Brown,

My dear Mrs. Brown:

Thank you very puoh for your letter of

recent date. .

I know Mrs. Grifting cqte well but wa.

under the impression that she had moved to

Jaoksonville. However, T will write her at

once and hope that you will urse her to accept

thq ohei rmanship.

Wi th the season's greetings, I am

Very sinoerely.

State Chairman, Woi7an's Division,
.Florida Educational Temperanoe .oOapln

'. 4.

*'c 4*i

'p .

t' ~~

::,:: i

Wr W. .. .Wilkerson

Snsma. City
f lorla.

Itr dear r o, Wikeroon s

Regret. oxwcedingly %'~ha yoTa:. find it I a-
posesble to serve as COt'aty haiar-i s

I ar writIng I,". ara ne~nbsfg She ba
boon extraesWLy fAithl -i i nl bo0=ty w5ktc oMa I
islike exo'odinagly to a4si hear QaSI. Will pem
ksinly write eMr eayn ur" her to aCooept th.ie oqeir-
measa ip as0- ..,.|ai . 806N .

wi t. rarrVast lgrs0 v nd best ot the sea.

"" 6I rt W P'p J* 4 Division3.
SStt. -8 o On-xmp, Woji..n 33!leaa, '
wages florida Xdtstlsonau eosperaitoe CaOpanga.

S. .. .-

*. ,


Jackrsoville, 3~1., January 8, 1920O

Mrs. Jennwie Brandonberg,
Lynri Harea,

My dear Mrs8, kandaeberg:

Please find enclosed a formal appoint-
ment of you for the Woman's Diisilon3, o-rLda
Educational Tcimpeoanoe Ga;iLpa.ig. Or Bay county,
.1 trust it-may be possible for you to
accept this appointment. The work is not any
more &iffilult than that you have already been do-
Sing, and unless each ocuaty does its part in this
campaign the stato will not be a hundred per cent
porfoot in its reapoane to the Government appeal.
You have done sch magnilofant wor~E as oonty
ohairmnn for other A&r'rea and I am trusting you
will stand by mr in tbis final campaign and finish
tho fight.
With warmest regards and the seasons
greetings, I am
Vory aLnoerely,

Mrs. W. S. Jeningsa,
State Ohairman, Woman's Division,
r So]#, Florida Educational Temperasnce ampaign.

Enol. (1)

' '- ^ ; s


:s 9.

Jaoksonville, Fla., January 8, 1930.

Mrs. J. A. Hendley,
Dade City,

My dear Mra. Hendley;:

I regret exceedingly that Iam not going to have

you work with me in this law-enformwent campaign. Mr;.

Jenninge has been very. 111 ver stnoe the 10th of Deoam-

ber and is. junt'nw re e we feel he is probably out of

danger. I certainly appreciate your giving me the

name of Miss Ooleman and I am writing ber at once. I

hope that. it will be possible for yourto do-operate with

her in every way.

I .oetainly trust that Mr. Handley is very muoh


With warnzst regards and the season's greetigas to

S..you both, I an

*Ve6y sinoereely,

Mrs. W."S. Jeningsa,
State Chai~man, Woman's Division,
Florida Educational TempenneMos Oa9






': ~



I ,

i: I:


I :

okzonv1,e, fit,., Jsazaary 8 9 0.

!rg9 RB. P. Go-ard,

My dear iMrs. Godard:

Tha .g z oi very mucSh tFar your Very interesting
If. Je'asait hn s b er'-y 11 eer asine Deq~-

he Is getting byoCn.he danger mark a Ulttlel though
slow- a his hoerb has been involved in the lln a. -
I would regret etacedlngty the fact that 7ou
oowUM not _42p me tLiz Ca paIgn. .I feal sure you
kWim the C axty o08 Wa1l tlat you osa 1eadle it without
very nwOa trosbleo. I' t0a your letter 9o appointment
pxgpained the proaooe, thich is very simple, a d you
would have a iail iad to expesnd i gasoline and rail
70o1r QOantslP alseo BabtoeeX7 and postage. Te- amount
is very rsk11am Uyoa ea but Ir oubt it the oampaigh
wi3- leat more. than too a .p=d W9 Aprile. As far as
the oolle.atio of. tfat wq#ucl go it wo~l4 be a short,
-qiock ompaiapl. The mdwa thig rwuld. lbe to get your
toQw anA ooCUsaalft7.0aG1Tihrm1n appo6t1ted anAd.then hale
them appoint thei. aosamitteea for local work., Thbe
oan begin tg work though the Eohools aAd agitate law
eflor ,aement. Yaou aO 1MVe your HOme DoIonstrz'ntion A*
goet Igivo talk -a law-onaocomeat end aCSlsohave some-
one anoconpaq -ter through the oony. Also, get yourr
r.minttors geaerplly to proaoc on the subject through-
out the comuty,

Mrs. ?. F. Godard 2 1/8/20

Of course, the campaign for funwa will only
be about two weeks long when it is acomlplished.
You will be furnished literature, eto., and assis-
tance, if you need same. Mrs. George Wright, of
Lakoland is Field Organizer and should you need
her for the talks, or for help in any way in your
county you can have her, or, I can send. lra. John
T. Puller, of Orlando, or possibly some other me-
bore of our State Conaittee. Perry has asked for
Mh, Bryan atf it might be ponoible we could send
him to ,uincy, if you desire him, latar. I am
not sure about hM dates for talks as yet, but weo
will give you all the help you need, and I hope
you will accept the olicirranship, which I do not
think you will find as manch of a burden as you think.
I do not believe it would interfere wvth your other
work as you nor feel. Law-enforgeuant is in line
with your oivic work. I think we an t awaken a great-
er regard for our constitution ani not only the Fed-
eral, but the State laws.
With the season'~ greetings, I am
Very sainorely,

M rs, ., Jennings,
Stute Ohnirmana, ?om-n's Division,
wase Florida Educoatioal Temperanoo Campaign.



Jacksonville, Fla. Jarniary 8, 1920.

Mrs. W. C. Alford,

.My eaar Mrs. Alford:

I am writing to ask that you accept the Ohair-
manahip for the Woman's bDiviion, Florida Eduoational
Temp ran e Campaign, of your owauty, and ix line there-
with am closing a fomal appolntrent for same.

I understand you are greatly interested in tem-
peranoe, and unless eaih county does her part florida
cannot be a hundred per cent perfect in the onforoe-
Li it in whit h the GOderament has aeaed us o take a
part, I trust that I may count on your Co-oporation
and that you will s~coesaftlly conduct the campaign in
your county. Blra. L. Jetor has given Iae your nar
and she assure re that aho will aEoait you in every
way poaslble should you undertake the work* Please
lot me hear from you as soon as possible.
With the season's greetings, I am
Yours very sincerely,

Mrs. S. Jeanings,
State Chairmae, Woman's Division,
wsmje florida Educational Temperance Campaign.

Enolosure (I)


L_ .

Jacksonville, fla., January 8, 1920.

prs. S. L. Jeter,

My dear Mrs. Jeters

Thank you very u oh for your letter oX recent date

and your suggestion of tho namse 0f Mlre. Alford, to whom

I -5a wrting at 01%0. Please ask hier to accept this appoint-

mert ad. assist her In every was-y you cann

With the season' greetings,. I am

Very sinaore y,

wMj .

Mrs. W. S. Jennings,
State Chairman, Womans Division,
Florida Edueational Temperanoe

L .1





. ./,t
*1 /1

Jaoksonville, '.LG.,i anuary 8, 1920.

S!,rSgs. Joln C. Buith,

Sdear .; Mrs .tk:

I am s~a cling you Ikerewith a for3 Wl :app.ointl-
."E it; of you a $ hairm-,ian, Wgmn an sDi -lt on, Florida
lduoatia nal Taemperraoe Cpmpalgt, obr your oousAtr
The Governmenat has un-lilatod ouX soevicea in
ths work and I i Ina e opoe thA't yon will -be able -.
to help by organizing your county. T~e.o tte oen
S *hardl y be a h'fntred per cent perfoot unless every
county does its d:uty, a Pr JaOkmon County is .ucoh a
power always In all sorts oat-pattOPans thet I nam i4
hope that you VrT goiag t o try, possiblee, to
manage thiB for -.,.
IW Zra, s. Wil loa-, I eel siirl,, will b -a
.reat asesittanoe to you 't. ne hear from yon aO.
ootn as possible b 'en A I-o4ll ,bo 3dAii to advise ara&
vSaet you in .-voy way. ponBlibl. '

1ith waerrcbt regards 4.eas bapt of. 'iihes for
thn e vw Year, o-1 m

Very linorely, .

N as. W 5. Jenrss,
Stat~-s. C irm t, Wot'-s v Diidon,
Waji t lt..rida Eidutoa o-Temnperanoeo Cmsupa1gn.

ol. (1) ..

I' v

Jaocksotvillo, fIa., January 8, 1920.

Mrea. C. L. ,ilson,

My dear ?Mrs.> Wilson:

Thank you vanr uruoh for your latter of recent

M.r. Jenunin g s hG boon vrEr ill ever ain;e Do-
comber 10 sand I em just now feeling that lie is oiro-
bably passed the danger .nsr1r.

I am 0oin;1g to sk if yo will nopt call up IbMr.
Johl C. S,,tih ead got Lhe toa soept tin s chairnmanhs]ip,
and if youv find that the copiot accopnt rvould you mind
suggesting another nvn eY If you could sec re their
accepte ae before yonu sen the namlo it would holp me

With warresat regnrdB and best wishes for the
New Year, I am

Very anaoerely,

Mrs. 'a 3. Jennings,
State Chairuan, Woman's Division,
Floridn 'duuoationr.l Tomperance
C s.J ; C Ir0);paig,.

I I I L ,

I '

Je7aoksOiayillo,, .Fa~.,

January 8, 1920.

Mrs. 3, 1B3 .Mo?4yS
2816 NerT-ampa Ave. -
TaRBWa, Fs".

My dear ?ras, Moody:

I ara very T orry indeed. to find tbht it i iS i
possible tor you to accept the o,eair piboh t for Hi10-a-
boro ouaty. i-is, is you Afnm, woa.rl, Lo e o 1 el the
iastrio't Oatsteidt of -Tmpa only, sn&' I --a greatly .in
hopeO that .you i:El r uioonsuder your de0Asiia as I
am ia need. of %your aeaistnrioe or.gety al 'fMr. a, l31er
9ools tkLt yoi cen do .tho wore better than aiyono else.
Sh.e ia;ys yoUt tciur the county so, hrou g 7 troht. it'
would not be hard4 or yoIa to makp theo appoivi3atentio.

Share -n f)t ,t"j f eat yqt chst ;trggest
that1 woald fiF.li a geo od-on 'y chaim na in.case yo's fiad
it abOiate'3L~ Apossible .16 ae~rve?,

*With the aeeasnl's8 greetinla, aum.
Very aderey, .

Sua ? Jeinngi ,
Satet OChatrmsan. WoQanz'e Divfsion,
Plorida &Sapntioial 'elnperatcoe-
Caaps ign.

wa. e: .



Jaoksonville, Pla., January 8, 1920.

Mrn. A. Me onnas,
north soach,
Key West, Florida.

My dear 2ras. aoInnis

I am enclosing herewith a formal ap-
pointment of you as OCbairman of the Woran's
Division, Florida Edveational Temperance Cam-
paign for Monroe County.
I understand thatyou are greatly interested
in temiperanoe and I hop9 that you may find it
possible to accept this appointment. I real-
ise thoroughly tlat you have a big county, but
I know that with such splendid woraen as you have
in Key West you will not have any trouble in put-
ting this pampalgn over. 'Cey Weat has the Una~
of always comlin ont with what is expected of it.
EKindly let me hear from you as soon as
With the season's greetings, I am
Your very sinoorely,

Mrs, W. S. Jenungs,
State Chairman, Wolan's Division,
waGe Florida Educational Teonperance Campaign.

Enolosure (I)


I I I I I ,


Jaolsonville, lao. Jnuaary 8, 1920.

rs. llam Cleare,
Key Wuat

My dear Mrso. Cleared;

Thank you very much for yOur letter s
recent date.
Will you kindly call up Mra. MOl nia and
inslat that phe accept the chairmaxahip, as I am
sending her a appointment to-day.
With the season's greetings to you and
yours, and thanks g you ior your assistanoo, I am
Vary sincerely, .-

I6rs W. Jou3 n inis .s-
State Chairmna, Womana' Divialon,
wsj.oe Plorida flugcational Temperance Carapaign.


JaclManvillo, FE18., January 8,1920.

blra. George Riggin,
Ohair.aan, E. T. C.,
Lanatoe County,
Bradentown, Pla,

My dear Lirs. Riggini

I am enclosing a formal appointment of you as
Rairmaa of the loan'ss Division, Florida Eduoational
TemperanoO Campaign for Iueatee Opunty.

As soon as possible we will get you in touch
with the man osairNan. ITu. tho mean time kindly ap-
point all your town and community ohairMun, having
them appoint their lodal oouaitteen, sendiax me afsea
and addresses of all,
Best assured I will be very pleased to assist
you in every way, and ado not hesitate to write me in
regard to yonr work,
Yours very sincerely,-

I3a. W . Jeniinga, _,
Sato Uhaeiro!an, Woman'a Diviaion,
Florida ESdusational Teomperaenop
wS*. campa igtn
Exol. f.)


Jacksonvill, la,F. Jas2nry 8, 1920.

Mrs. Preston Sing,

My deaa- !Mro. taJ:

I vrrote you appointin yiou n0 chairman, Won.n'a
Divia~on,. 21oYid& EL(a iati oua.l "Mop.eranoe OC0sIaign, for
the east en& of your county, iA 3 trying to get Ars.
J. E. Hughes to te.ie the went end. It 4lghtl be pQs-
niblo that e letter from you, asklring her to accept the
rest en nand thla.t you would accept the east end, would
asls0 me greatly,
4~t. .Je -iTIrg has bt'en -iry ill ever since the 10th
of De0maber paA 1i jV'st : ow vetting were we fool thot
perhaps k is out of danger; his convalascenoe vdwll,
necesSarily, be very slow,. asnd I an going to have to de-
pend on my friends to aslsst me in making good in this

You may write the information ycrj have in record
to stills oa a separate pie.e of paper and give it to
me and I will see tha t t rea.ces the proper ovyernmout
ofloial without involving yoa in any way. It is their
business, you see, to gtet the proof; not.youre to fur-
nisih it.
You will be allowed p O$15, for yQur county.

With wareast rpgerti and. best of wishes for the
season, I ai
Veryt einoerely,

Lr. 17. S, JenningS,
State Chair'lan, toman's Division,
waj e Florida Educati-Onal Temperanoe Campaign.

fnol. (I eppointtont)

- a-r L

Jacksonvill, Fla., January 8, 192C,

Mrs. J, Hughes,
Cedar 'eys

Ly doer Mrs. Hughes:

I am sending; you herewith a formal appointment
of you as chairman for the woot end of Levy County for
the' Woman's Division of the lQorila Educational r ,mperanoe

I have found it better to wir kC vLth yo-ur county
divided heretofore a.A am in hopes I can -eoure a ohair-
man for the east end who will be satisfactory for yol' to
work wlhtk, Howevor, :ou can co-operate -with the man
chairman as noon as ho 1i appointed.

Thin new work that wo have been asked to do by
the GOvernment is [uite vital to the prohibition law en-
foarement, ad we cannot huve a kindred per cent state
unless every county doe its duty. I have had a very
il buaband for a tionth, over oinoe the 10th of Deceoiber,
and only now have we begun to f(sl that he is out of dan-
gr, T; is, of course, ha. hampered me egrestly jin corm
pleting myn work of apointients .TIdL tha're are quite a few
counties till uloovered. I shall be verj glad indeed to
have your co-operation e a a-eistarce in helping to man:e
this work a success. I uider.taad .you are greatly inter-
oeted in tenuperaice woork ail feel sure you Till help me
if it is possible.

With beot wishea aad the season's greetings, I am

Very sincerely,-

irs ; U. S. Jenningo,
Stato Chairan, lWorrn's Division,
Plorida Educational Tomp.ranioe
a.eo 0Canmpo ign.
.Enclosure (1)

pl I 1 0 1

I '

aokaovfllo ~La..4: 4Jaxiun

a, ~a92o.

' : *' ";*

Myr doe .r S Wil, .
, dar Was Wilka

i oa-eitje ally the stvitit4t3s n ynUr Mo nty
an fliih tfhat we rlI.hawe .aaore o0 .u4 W. L.. '
0type. oa wN 4066. ge 0 V4o Yu hp e aotm suMoh p$la=a

aniagk hams 1beea aitially 13 maV aineet 0Qft of 0 Oe-
0odr;t and is just nrow getting tP re we fel'that
rfaEs he is out of dangr, so yNou osA see t hat sy hande
have bet -tiedA and. a .have t0 write four or .f1'
letters to E~dbp z ty betri e isenring a chairman it
akee I.t Very '',iftOult on tbLh Sfate COtirmbn. I m,
of eooqaee .ipsappointedl "bhat you t-ia.A yo rsezlt go bauy that
you 'oannzotandertakc te wo 4 e, and em goiag to ite
0to t.ra. Haghes s y.a suggest nd ilI ask you tao writer .
het, in t he ho tha. ,our. oqm6bines effortt may' seomre hor
SS er v ais as Couty CeirnA

ii.,n I ji

thp.'aeaeOn's greeti an to you a dm WJuQ il.-
a iii

Ve -ry inore'ly,

Ms. W S. JoMiige.
SSt t-Chairmmian Wo~nnoYn Divlasion,
F orida ToOtio.' Tpeorae. ipalg.

waJ .9:




-- ,---









'' ''

~ ....:


:_ ::

K.. :;

8^" ':

Jacksonville, Fla. January 8, 1920.

Mrs. J.M. Pedriak,

My dear Mrs. Pedicok:

.Please find enoloned a formal appointment of
you as county chairman of the Woman'a Division,
Blorida Eduoational Temprenoe Campaign, for your

Mrs. Fuller is quite sure that you are the
proper person for the chairmanship, and from what
she tell me I feel very sure that you can handle
it with great credit to yourself and to your

The amount allowed would be for gasoline, or for
any other expense that you might incur. In other
words, if you have friends who are interested in
the Oampaign who have aautomobilee, and I feel .ure
you can find suoh, you would.be permitted to furnish .
gasoline for the tripe, provided, 'of course, tzat
you days secure receipts for same, that you may be
properly reimbursed. The funds could also be used
for railroad fares

I feel perfectly sure that you will not have
any trouble in handling the Campaign because you will
have both Mrs. Whitman' and Mrs. Fuller's co-opera-
tioh and advice and, of course, Mrs. Fuller is suoh
a splendid talker there is no doubt but that phe
could make some very telling appeals to the women
through your county, or even in joint meetings with
the men,. The men, of course, will oo-operate
with you in every way and when I find out who has been
appointed I shall advise you at once. Mrs. Whitman



* .. . ,.

Mrs. J. M. Pedriok #2' 1/8/30

is the Distriot Chairman and a member zof the State
Exeoeutive Conmmttee, of whioh Mrs. Fuller is also
.a e aatmber. '.- . ,M

You will see by. h letter that the differ-
ent appo ntients in towns and ddtamiUnty through-
out. our county ae. entirely .a your w hia, and
I feel sure that both Mras, Whitman a~nd, iMr. Pul-
lar .will lhlp you with ouggenstionas.
Please do not ratefu to. ooatpt this post aa
It is of greatlyl importano- t-ht your county keep paac
with. the. others in the stae in this.als-paign.
Ohearifea, tf every county does not do ita duty
There will be aorma very aweak pots in the enforoe-
ment work and the etat~ would not be an hundrd per,
cent perfoot.

Trusting that I may hear from you .as oon as.
polsiblea n regitrd to your plans for your county

Very etneerel$, .

SfI.re. 8, JJnnings,
8 OState Oha roman. Woan's Divileon,
wsJ.r Florida Kduoational Temperanoe Oampaign.

Enolosure (1).

- II `


Jaokeonville, Flo, January 8, 19220

Ara. 3. B. O'aran,
4/o Worian'o Club,
West Palm Beach, Fla,

!I dear Mrs. O'Hara:

I am writlag to Mi":. Stowera to-day. Would
it be possible for you to seonre either her acceptano.e,
or that of some other good woman should she refuse
to serve? Please take. the matter up with her an-
asaist her all you aow as District ChDilman.. Help
her to make her appoin-tments as you lkno they should
be done,

Mr. Jenting' has been critically ill eTer
sinoe the: 10th of De.embor anYd .only nAI w dc o we feel
that possRibly he ie out of .sager, As eoon as he can
stian the trip I wold like to bri g hiI to Palm Beach
to re0uperseati In thee mean.time I.am doing my work
uader great difficulty. a v Would approoiate your assis-
tance and kindness.
Vith warplset regard. to yonaself an. dMr..O'Hsra
and with the season's groetings,, I am
Very sincerely,

Lirs. ,. 3. Jonninas,
atvte Chairmal, Womnaa's Division,
Florida F.idurational Temporsnce
v' 0j.o Ooamaign.


Jacksonvili3 c, 'ia., January 8, 1920.

Liss Miriam Stowers,
West Palm Beach,

My dear Hias Stowers;

I am rending you herewitih a formal appointment os
chairman of the VWoramn'e Dflvsion, Florida E1duvational Temi-
perance Carpaign, for your connty, and I am in hopes that
you may find it posslblo to serve. Mhm. O'Hara, I feel
oure, rill givt you ill the amaistanoe needed, 7We cannot
have a hundred per cent atate law enforcoueunt unless every
county aoes its duty nnd I am going to l'ooc to you to as-
sist me. Mr. JoeraningE. hlr belon eraeedingly ill ever UinLce
December 10 and only just now do we feel that he is per-
haps beyond the Cangar ,ark. As soon as he is able to
travel I will bring him to' 'alm Beach to recuperate and I
hope then to have en Interview witlh you, an.d probably as-
sist you in your crrampigf.

With' warnst regards iad best wias.es, and the sea-
son's greetizis for yourself and fslmily, I am

Very sincerely,

Mrs. 7. 3. Jeaxuinpg,
Stnte Chairmanar, Woman'a Division,
wa Je Florida Educational Temperance (asupaign.

Eniol, (1)

** .^i

Jakcsonville, FePla, .Janary 8, 1920

Uxrn. Minor o. Poster,
26 Seventh 3t,, North,
,t. Petersburg, f10.

.7 deer Mrs. Foster:

Think you for'your letter of recent date.

Will you pleas see .ira. Soeacan nd do every-
thing you oeia to bring pressure to bcar so that ihe
will accept the chnrirmanship for oul ocountyY

Thpn-kinqn youa, and with best wishes, I am

Your very sincerely,

Lirat WV. Jeniangs,
State Chairman, Womaan's Division,
cSt)jie Pltrida ,i";,;cscio'n;ial 1PeWperaente Campaigzi,

I I I 1 I. _

Jacksonville, Fla., Janurry.8, 1920.

Mre, M. D. Seaman,
411 Third Ave., forth,
St. Petoraburg, la.

My dear Mrs. Seaman:

Please find seolosdd an appointment of yon
ag chairvfian of the WomarnB?. Division, Florida Ed-
naoationwl T'emperanoe Camipaig, for Pinellas County.

I am greatly in hopes that it will be pos-
sible for you to serve as t'is .I a Q vor importi-,nt
oa-pnaign iini which tae Governraent has orlisted our
services, Your county has elti ays been splendid
in all the crarnipEIns andI I am axricus LorT Plorida
tb be one hundred per ecut perfect in this one tad,
o0. coarse, we cannot be if eany counties are .iss-
ing when w; undertai.e to fini the fight. Pleaos
let me hear from you at oaar earl.ist CGoo.vnienee.

i'th beat o[ p-ood wishes aind the beaSon's
greetinga, I ar

Vcr. k-no.aeroly,

ira. W. Jonainags,
Stato Chawlrana, Woman's Division,
ilorida. ECaduational Teipesrance
Enc3.o Campaign.
Enol. (1)



Jackonvilll,, F ., Jc-murry 8, 1920,

Misa Wilma E. Davis,
57 Sn Marco Ave.,
:t. .L-ustcanlo, Florida.

ty &ear NQisD Davis:

I a9 sendiu you herewith p formal appoint-..
ment of yiu oa chtiairiaij. of the orMan's -Divifion,
Floyrida ,l2pinlutional Tc'-;lerenoe Orstiai-an, for 3t.
JolinE 0ou,.:nt-y.

I t,-t t it nay bo po0:oibeO for y m to assist .
Tr in t. I r-c-'-. Y-r:r county i.s not sach o diffi-
oult o.:t &IIJL a oou :aow it ao thorou.hl.) T hop y-,11
will rccoorf; thl a po0i'tntait.

IL-, : entir:l i..- ': L b-cr'; e:.rcecdalngly 11l. over
si e. "Lci Jl 0 3t '? -,c..- t. a yd on-l.;; !.. p r. he recovered
Su.f-fiontly no .tc,t: To cvu f-c.rT ttlat l:s huLb pro'bab-
ly pa;"ed th~e -"aXa ier ark. Iia convaloscenace will
be very low zd ti.ia .-il mnQ;,ai that I will1 need the
help of my friends in w1akin. this work r escooeos,
We oanno- feel that the '3ftoo P hu ir'&r': per cent
perfect unil3se oach county doce ita ;.iuty .Ald, of
ocu1ne, we are lookinrF t)o 'St. Jolhns to raol'o good as

If it il nbsoliLtoly imipoi;,b.c .o:r yau to serve
will you no.t kindly secure thd ucceptanoe of uome good,
onergotic woman who will ir.1!io food i4, thiU work?

Very. I, :l.norely,

Mrs. U. S. Jennings,
State C}h3irml.n, Woman's Division,
Florida Educational Tomporpoance
ws e8 Campaign,
Enol. (1)

I --



Jacknouville, Fla., January 8, 1920.

ba, C. D. Lanciia,

My dCear ia, ZEandiel

Please find enclosed a formal appointment of
you as chairman, Woman's Division, Florida Education-
al Temperaoe Camipaign, for your county.
I am. exceedingly anxious that yoe assist me in
this Cempaign. I feel sure that you oan do it with-
out Vory miob trouble. I. Jeuninga has boon very
il1 ever ain0oe the 10th of December and we are just
now getting to wlero we fel tbnt he is about out of
danger. However, his convalesoenOe will be very
slow and am goiag to have to ak my friends to stand
by me in this campaign, or I am very iOoh afraid it
will not be a suoeesr. On aceount of his illness I
am not going to be able to give as ncoh time to the
w0ok am I have heretofore.
I trzat this will f lad you all well and happy.

With the oc-;eaI4'h1s 6trQeatinga, I amn
Very aineerely,

Mrs. W. S. Jennings
State Ohairman, Wonman' Division,
wgjs, Plorida EBucational Tomperanoe Oaupaig.

Enol. (1)

I I &. -

Jacksonville, Fla. January 8, 1920.

Mrs. Sarah W. Partridge,
State Hone Demonetration Agent,
Tallahassee, Florida.

My dear Mrs. Partridge:

Thank you very much for offering to serve on

the State Executive Committee for the Florida Edu-

caticnal Temperance Campaign; also for the list of

splendid workers you have sent me. A little lat-

er I will ask you to write a letter to your agents,

as they have a wonderful opportunity to preach pro-

hibition and law-enforoement as they cover their


Very sincerely,

Mrs. W. S. Jennings,
State Chairman, Woman's Division,
Florida Educational Temperanoe
.Ws Je Campaign.

I r, _


' M ..

Jaolrconvitlle, Fla., January 8, 19O0.

Mrs, J. J Kindred,
Acting State Regent, Florida D. A. RI,
128 W. New York Ave.,
DeLand, ila.

IV dear WTe. aiAdred:

I appreciate. greatly your willtgaess to serve
on tho EVuoationul ?:p-f.preanae Geaipalgn eaeouVtiVO Opm-.
Tmit toee

I should 3l~.o very mnch indeed for you to malta
somia s-agestlons for county ohairapn tAJour county
for thi Woman'o DIvision, .I am g ing to write to
Mrs. C. D* ad, natig er to accept I.the OoQuty
Ohairrnaahip but.I am goi30 to ask you to oall her up
and ask er to aucept. .Thie wotuld be a great asais-
taUno to me =nd14 sroab3l wonl&, h lp me to pr-owae her
ser7vcea in this great work wciph the Governuent ka
asked us to uazdertakea
Very Peilner3ly,

Mrs3*. 13, 3JX3ifrasg
8tate Chairman, Woman's Division,
wase Florido E -uaational Temperance Campaign.

I I I I' I I -

Jacksonville, pla., January 8, 1920.

aws. G. B. Ros0, Dietriot Chairman, F. i. 0.,

MY dear Uga. Roass

Thank. you very ruoh for your letter.
I am sozry Mr. Roos has ha such a siege of it.
I have been laboring. muner the same diffiiaulty. Mr.
JenningE has boon dritioallr ill over bince the 10th
of December and he in Jst now getting to where we feel
that probably be in out of danger, so my lands have
been literally tied.

Mrs. George Rigi hase aoeepted the chairmanahip
for or county. Will you pot write heOr Lad offer her
your asailtanae?

With warmed regards. ad beast of good wishes, I am

Very inoerely,

Vrs. WV. Jonainqa,
atate COPair"an, Woman' Dntrision,
Florida Eduoational Toemperanoe
EMr. -.3.J.a Campaign.



Jacksonvillo, Fla, January 8, 1920.

Urs. Alton B, Whitman,

1y dear Mrs. lhitmn:

Thatnk you very ach for accepting the appoint-
ment as Distriot Chairman for the PIo9ida E~ducational
Temaperace :Carapaign, which will, of course, place ybu
on the State EreOoutive Comlnittee. You would not, any-
way, have anything to do w th the ebllertion of funds
in the campaign, Ono of the greatest features of the
campaign is. the educational feature for law-enforce-
w ant. The making of talks to the clubs, assisting
the work and the suggesting of name tor county chair-
men would be all thl' I Rhould ask you to do. I
would, of course, sEsk you to give all possible assis-
tance to your local county mairman and in helping me
to secure one. At Mrs. iFullcr's maggestion I
havo ask'kd brs. Pedrick to aerve as chairman for Orange
County and it would be a great help to me if you wi1ll
call her up and insist that zhsl accept. She will be
allowed $25,Q00 .or axpernoi far the county. The can-
paign will only last two i owoksa snd ill be later in the
spring when people havo more time to ,4ive to it. I hard-
ly feel that we could consider prohibition a related
3subjet to our wor" a3 ia t as headed our Memorial to
the State Legislature over since X have known tho Pfederation,
pretty near, until thea tate Frohibition Constitution-
al Aradmeint as v adopted. Consequently, I feel that
one of ti.e main activities of the Federation was the
securing of prohibition, which, you will admit, is one
of our greatest problems. The Federation~ as an or-
ganistion ha has ever been used t.o collect fundi for other
organisation purposes. It is treo tbat theitoien of the
Federation have served in many capacities on "thbdr co;-i-
:'.ittees, either forming the nuoleons or furnishing the



Srh* A. B, Ihitmtnan, $2

loadora for nuch of those Var work. I think t oin
say truthfully end without htiy heositancy that iadu
it not' been for the .Federntioz rormUn, 7hBo Rrt the
real trained wore rs, thiq war oaip align woild have
been unsuccessfully t aa it Wounid .bme boeoa rlpoIsi-
ble to haeo carried on the war oompaigws as fay
eo the women's part io eanoerned.
T7he.'ad.eeetltio,. as & federA--tioa, as I saa,
haea over cpll.eted4 mioniry except for it0s Ow' upea.
We Ao footer. other Movemeant. eWohich are so pavers -
lapping with 'nur irsa Iutereatev tht fiw. uld 'be
bara to Tind thaIve XcWtain tine
A s- eo as aI 1 am oe to aeeonta the kind of
literature yo ? -iish I will he .very 4pc to send it to
yoa. Up to the present tiae us ,hava rsd no. grcat
aro'unt as t he.eepaiFt..tor fnndas wil2l not be forth-
.ooming real .3o I i',ag-ne, buit, of courhb, tho or-
aanisrel worz, f ierfeoted, wil3. aA graptfl. in fa-
ollitettin the a n l3gr-. onoo.z te time s set I
asare 3 ay you will 'not fInd .thi. wor'l so -aOpecially
h 3rd, at least I hope not.-.
.With warsmet reg"tda mad the season's groot-
ingt to you a.Ad pr. Vkdtan, I amn
SVcy sincerely,


Irsa. w. S. Jensnise,
Stdat Chaeirman .Eomi' 1 Division,
flo itda 'R aontional. TImo,-po4an.e
Campaign, .

I r. I I L.


". ' .,

. .

: : 1

I- P-

/ rn~ /v ~


VI 7 ('


d~br~ 72/L-L)/ cLAAL x~tI

Zt' ;4 ) U 4I #


=~de/ YlLC

3;t~ &k~

n, R~c~ I





\J --t-/' -u'. 41~rC~~ r, VILkY Y- L-~ 4

!)iL ~ Y-/YC

a~1 t'iLc

xp -C lnc -`51-1 N

(~~~ j- 'J-4c ~-, P7
I .,j 9 /jL4A' /Y--'t-~-'~q/r cay>3-~ ('T1~ "

K L'&& / KVL4LZ/t.A/
ct~ c e~b~-T~p

AAm( #rz2

~LeYCQI. S~A72l~4

44~iJ( AxQ

- II

-- I-- -- -- I -T







&~t 2-~~


A ~.-Y VA. Lw -ttF


~ 'i:Za~ ~~~J

AP jZ~~



- -- -- --- -L ~ -IC

--~- urvti


C 4 1




~~ ~lr$
C~~ uv vc. Y~WY I
~- 8- 3~M- ~-c~eC/L~L~L?,
d-~ S~-~--

9d, .^Al

Jao~woavt~e, lea, XLIqJaxryU190

-ma.. 0- Seare,
Laurel Loge,
Datpona Beaob, Via.

My dear Mfr,


Tbha;af ybu very mudh for.yow70r letter of
instaUt. -

tho a.

iJr. Jhlaaingsa. ha bi9 ,ery ill. ever Since Aeo-
etber 30O-tb- ri is. uly an w where W~ masy oAsitde him ..
probably,* over there daagepr li, ooase i.ueatly you- seeA
S* "hande hsv6e baen '%-ied. Iu _QoaeralaPeee Q -will
.-neceuou-yE I'v' b e r:lr i ? uad I-hope toh attkQ him .to
'hi Deasea @oo .Oa h- o.B ,'w s" e.t.eO tral.. _

T'"inkyou Tery v-lVe for yr P sangsestio Sp. for.
7 ou0S. Eounfties. Soae of th0s; ea I-reogitsa aa very able
women aa, I feel oure, win L help greatly.

.. I am writing Lre. L andia torday axd will try Misa
Da i .-for I S, Auglistibe.

IBca. Wrighlt knew of Mr. jihnagfn3 .11.81es aid,
ars abuse Is Piel .t OrgnA;iseo, I supt'os wrote to Ieip
me. out in this emaergeny. HgowVer, I will furn.esh
hr. na ias as she gooe from: S-:onaty to..o.0oaty idA. aa she
needs 'themoa.

i am

With waimesat roeguards and' tlie eeassobn groetingp,

Very since3o : p,

t-rd. S.- eairdngs,
St-te ChaisMta ..Wnma4's Division,
.lore tid aeat ional e. tag ans .

'L~ .


I . ... I 1. .



: SaogoilvbUn,

8, 192o0,



, : _. ,

Miss S. E. Ooloman,
3tel8 City,

My dear Miss Colomenusaa

Please fiain eotnloed. ai ftwaal. pgoin itad of

you as county Chairmae, Womens Diviuioa, for the flori ds

BduOati6nal ?eoiperanoe Campaign.

Mrs. Bandley bao spoken very lz h ly of our i .

terest in thr work e d also of the spleniad way In which

you htadle everything you Ipaerttkee This ie a very im-

portant work for the Govermanft Ran we cannot hope to have. :

the State on hInmied per cent pefle-ot ja the work unless
S. : .'. ,|i
every county is thoroughy eared, *

YouT a~ ppel ttpough the eazools, too, for low .:

ea proomist oat y u EQaome Demotratio Aa .nt wll :ba :a

great sa itnmaoe, I o feFla

'rustig t hat you. m y ista it possible t~o aa"i '',

re in this Oap aiga I.I .

Vo y s1inrorlj.,

Brs. W. JS, Jennings,
State Cohairman, Woman's Diviaon,
Fiorida EduaatUEal Temperala 4;
08Bpaigas .


Enoolatire (1)




.. -. - a. . ,

*: **t .**,
^. ....
** ; : . .
<. +, "

,,. *.. : .+ ".-w

Wl. Jr'o..- 9, 1920 '
S.. -
', ',-*' : ". t./ '
S ., .,. ,- ;.
1 ,.4 "' ^'

- .' .. ', -,
'l n ; '. -

** -
* .' -* k

W. MCDONALD LEE, Richmond, Va., Director, for Anti-Saloon League of America; EDWARD YOUNG CLARKE, Atlanta, Ga., Director of Southeast

lION. H.

-Florida Educational Temperance Campaign

ILLIAM JENNINGS BRYAN C619 Dyal-Upchurch Bldg.,
lorary State Chairman State Chairman Woman's Division Phone 1030
B. MINIUM Jacksonville, Fla.
:e Chairman
ORGE J. AVENT President
e Treasurer
e Chairman Superintendent

Woman's Division

Tallahassee, Fla.
Jacksonville, Fla.
Tampa, Fla.
Orlando, Fla.
Live Oak, Fla.
Miami, Fla.

Lakeland, Florida.
January Ith, 1919.

Dear Mrs. Jennings:-

Have you appointed a County Chairman for

Citrus County? If not, _lease apppint Mrs. H. A. Reaves,

at the request of Mr. W. H. Miller, County Chairman.

This request came to me some time ago, but

there Nas no Post Office address given for Mrs. Reaves.

Have just found out that she lives in Inverness.

Would be so glad to have your list of County

Chairmen up to date.

Hope all is well with you.


6 5-'

Jacksonville, Fla.
Jan. 182 1980

Mrs. S.W. Bail,
Chairman, Woman's Division, F'E.T.O., DeSoto Co.
Arcadlia Fla.

Dear Mrs. Ball:

I ai conera"-latin Demoto Co. on the
fact that you have agreed to aooept the chairman'ship
of the Woman's Divi:sion for your county, and I amv
enclosing you a formal appointment. Mrs. Wright tells
m5 yu would be willing to speak in other counties for
us, when you have finished organizing your own, and it
is altogether poaoible we will take tdvantage of this
offer. Lee and Re8oto Counties need a 6ood deal of
work to arouse the women to their responsibility in
public affair, and I am aure you can he.p greatly in
this work. I should use the schools for this Enforce-
ment Oampaign, and also the Hone Demonstration A&ents.
Your County AL"'t is I'ias Connie DeVane, P.O0 address
Arcadia. Possibly you already kxow her. MiaS Part-
ridte, who is the head of thit .vork in the state, is
on our State Executive Comrittee, and is wiiiinL to
help in every Vay; pos-iible, so I feel sure y'.u c.n o-ll
on Mii DeVane. It miht furnish you a good op:orunity
to visit the d ffersnt aommunitiers in your countyy and
make your local appointments.
PleaAe do not hesitate to oall on thia
office for any aasistance you may need. The man county
chairman of your county, wi.l, of course, *o-opir.te*
vith you.
With beat of good wibhes for the auooess
of the campaign in your county, I am
Very sincrel.y,

Mrs. W.S.Jennings
State Chairman,
Woman*s Division.





an. 2,

I am so scrr; to learn of ir. Jennlinns ill-
ness, but I am ola td.:a he is nvow better, ar hc 1oe it
will be only_ a short t-i me till hle is himself aga.in.

iot having h1eaird from you, L had decided
ohat you must have taken .. letter as a refusal of the chair
manship of '-adslden ou-ntM~

-iow i am just sorry to write that I must
not take it 'There are so many thi. : in each of our lives
that we can only know the real -. tion within ourselves,
it seems imnrossible to find words to let others know the
e.::ac situation, so it is best not to tri, as it only
brings about misunderstandings: s,- have ..-c net found it so?

There are other reasons why am impelled to
ask .'-. to please excuse me from this res-oonsibility, but
one is that am not at all well, Lately I have been suffer-
ing from nervousness, something unusual for -e, and- la e ZK
this :.. not last 1- ng, one never knows, and while Dr. Godard
first insisted that I take thi. as you asked me to, we had a
l c: talk last night, and we both decided- that I had better
not assume it. I would love to do this-rea ly I would- for
thou-h incapacitated, -erhaps, I love public work, some l.i_
that fPel is for the uplift of those around me,

I am sorry I did not tell you this in :i first
letter, ;.:,. we never knoxw things so well as after studyi-i-
them. Perhaps it will work out for the best as it is, I ho-e

T.Vow % rs,. L" .de I Lo e is in Jacksonville, attending
the a-otist onvention, andI she gave me her mail address as
1601 Post 3t. don'tt have a talk with her, and 'I--- to get
her to take 'this? There is no real reason why she should not
t at I know of,( no doubt there are those wh: would say the
same about me),

O'Bt her to sur.-est someone if she will not assume
it herself, and I will suggest r"..o I'p a,-ris, a. she has
.1.I been greatly i iinnteres te i -i .- work, or, per-
h :,.: .drs.. L -. ; :i'ouu, of o hattahoochee, would
accept it._

Pleae forgive i e for taking s0o i uch of yourtime,
and then leavi -" you in the lurch, I really feel I could
not help it,

ours most ~We. -.

Z, Li

I' ;



Jadksonville, Fla.
Jan.. 13, 190

Mrs. V.A. Fierce, President,
Woman's Club,
Melbourne, Fla.

Dear ?rs. Pierce:

dr. Jenninne naa toeen critically ill
ever Pinae the C0th of C.cd.uber, ncrd I have been vo&,: what
haniiaapp...d in my crk in the intere.4t of the 'loria
Eaucationai Te,~jperAnce C.iyqaign.

I ~ .r. -io3ing ycu i co..y c? -C formal dA~.ointment
nhich I send to every county oha'iirim, .:ina. I in roinf: to ask
0yu CL eacurv te a.:fteir of s.orci- cnerrgetic som.Lrn in jour
county as ohairmAin of tbe aioman'h DJvilion.

I h,-,. to t.-ke ?,:r. Jennin:iG to Palm Beach Thuraday,
but Mra. .O ,:! t': .cTL.ii"e S : ~rt *ry x111) b- in oiarge of
the office r,-A letter a.Irts;3eJ to me will have prompt
attention. as are a.in:.iuu.3 it respond to tne lover-rfmen1t's
requ-nt ;-ith ona hundred reroent perfection in Enforcement
in Florida, but this cannot be Jone unless every county comes
u, with its work.

The fuan alloVed till be for gasoline, traveling
e;.penaoa and oth-,r expenses connectedJ ith the .;Nrk, and
receipts ohoul.t be kept a.nd att.:ched to the bill submitted
for reimbursement by the courntphairrrLn. Tile man chairman
Will of course anSist greatly :n:. literastu:s w'-ill be finished.

If you can secure P ch:-. rairn for me and turn this
formal appointment over to her, she can commence work at
once with the assurance that your appointment will be donfdraed
by me,

Very truly,

Mrs. W.S.Jennings
State Chairman
Woman's Division
C Ii

Jacksonville, Fla.
Jan. 13, 1920

Mrs. C.W- Oaks,
Ft Lauderdale, Fla.

Dear Mrs. Oaks:

Please find enclosed a formal appointment of p
ycu ae chairman of the Woman's Division, Fla. Educational
Temperance Campaign for Broward Co. .rs. Stranahan has
given me your name, pnd I feel sure ohe will be wil2ing
to assist you in every vay poiaible in this work. It is
one of the special calls of the GOvernment and I know that
you will not have any difficulty in finding town and
community chairmen throughout your county.

The money you are allowed may be used
for gasoline, talsling expenses and otnea expenses in
connection with this campaign.

Trusting you will be able to do this work,
I am,


Mrs. W.S.Jenninga
State Chairman
Woman's Division



__ _pP- .----RIY.--~-I--C_ 1


Jacksonville, Fla.
Jan. 13, 1920

Mrs. Frank Stranahan,
Ft Lauderdale, Fla.

Dear Mrs. Stranahan:
I am surely disappointed you will not serve
as Chairman for your county and help me out. The W.C.T.U.
have taken a very odd attitude in this campaign, and
because it is conduobed by the Anti Saloon League, they are
claiming it will hurt their work to come in with us, saying
they need all the .money they can raise for their ;own urganiza-
tion and they are doing the same work, which of ocurce is
true, but it seems now when the Government has made the
request for assiitanoe in Law Enfor'oement, it would hurt
their organization to stay out of the movement. But they
probably know their own business beat and we will not say
anything about their lack of co-operation. Fe are simply
going to make our part of the work a go. Therefore, I am
really not seeking the heads of the W C T U.
I will write to Mrs. Oaks, as you suggest, and
I am going to ask you to have Mrs. Henry, the president of
your club, request her to serve as well as other promin~pt
women of the town and county, and you talk the matter over
with her and get her consent to accept. You know the fact
that our home people appreciate us often assists us to do
work which we otherwise would not have the courage to under-
I see that Mrs. Munroe had Minnie Moore Wilson ..
at her Audubon Society the other day to make a talk. It 'seems, .'
q eer that she would give prominence to a woman who has knook'd
the Federation as hard as she has, but lots of queer things as
happening these days.
Mr. Jennings is impvving gradually, and we hope
to be able to move him to Palm Beach Thursday of this week
where we think the even temperature will be beneficial.
Warmest regards to Mr. Stranahan and love for
your dear self.

W Please help me to get a chairman for your county.

-- **-* *a...^...... ._ _____________ Jb '..,

Jaoksonville, Fla.
January 13, 1930

?rs. Harve-y J'-rrett,
7C4 Ave. H.,
Miami, Fla.

P:e.-r Irsa. J-.urrett:
I am enclosing a formal appointment of you
sa Co. Chairman of the Woman's Division, Fla. Educational
Temperance Can'aign, and hope you will be able to assist me
by aoceptin; this appointment.

I wnote to rFss. "'.cClndono or suggestions of her
countica, but hayv hati no reply. She 1is iotrict chairman
and on th, Executive Committc e, having aoo'pte1d the place
by wire.

I believe it will not be h-rd for you to Jo this work
and I kno.A you ..re ar vitally interested in it. You know
the county ao thoroughly it will not bO hard f r you to
name tne to.'n Aifd community onirmen, n3i youi will have a
lib-ral allowance to use as you see fit an.l neal same. You
have frlernl3 Aitn autos, :.nd you can use this money for
gasoline, traveling expenses etc. but pli:..ee keep receipts
and sen.5 them with your bill for reimbu-rj-remnt t the end
of the campaign. If you find it iinpo8sible to accept this
-ork, will you not find me a good chairman and gt her
acceptance before you send me her name, turning over to her
the formal appointment, so she may go right to work making
her oth:r appointments, and keep me posted as to her
accomplishments. I should very much prefer your taking it,
as I feel sure the work would be a g[o.

Mr. Jennings is a little better and we hope to
be able to take him to Palm Beach Thursday morning, aooompanied
by the doctor, nurse and Bryan, who will help us get settled.
We hope the-.milder climate will help him ti improve, altho'
necessarily his improvement will be alow. It is altogether
possible as soon as he is able to leave Palm Beach, we will
go to Miami for a few days before coming home, but he is in
such a critical condition, that I cannot just now look that
far ahead. I.am going to leave the appointment of a chairman
for your county entirely in your hands, and wish you would
conslut with Mrs. MoLendon and between the two of you


1 "


.. ...~... I ,,


probably you can settle it.

Mre. Wood will be here.in the offioe and will attend
to all the mail for me* I aa,' Mrs. Lewis yesterday.

With. warmest regards anJ best of god' wishes,


Mrs. .S.Je.ninge

Jcksonville, Fla.

Jan. 13, 19?0

Mrs. Walter Kehoe,

Ptnsa.jcola, FiCL.

Decr Ir'r. K.oc::
r-,l3~ .e L.E iC -nc..e : ,- C .f :.- a. ointU oi uent

ol you as Cl-i.rmani of ti'et Woman's Division, Flu.. E:-Juctional

TeTr.perance Colu Ji nn for E. 3ctmbia Co. I am in hopec you wiill

find it pci.fsble `o serve, am thio is a great carrai.n for

law enfo'rose ant in hiioh the Covernment has asked special

a3ai3tance, and there is no doubt if r-e celp to brir.n the

public to reLlise the necea.-ity for tny enforcement of

prohibition a,,, it #ill al-s: be it long step in the ri-ht

-.irection to making them resi:ect all law.

I nluuid like v',ry mucl: to nave you associated

with me in tfis work, :nj. would like to h,.ar frorr. yo as soon

A s posable. If it is Impos ?ible for ycu to serve, will you

not secure the acceptance of come other prominent vomtan,

sending me h-r name, and have ccnfF.r-nce :'ithl her urging

that ahe serve.

Mrs. W.S.Jennings
Stute Chairman
w Woman's Division

Jacksonville, Fla.
January 13, 1920

Miss Elizabeth B. Turnbull,
Monticello, Fla.

Dear Miss Turnbull:
I am greatly behind with my work owing to Mr.
Jenning's illness, but am glad to say he is improving now
and am taking up my work again and will try to complete
the appointments of county chairmen all over the state.
I am writing to Mrs. John Cook, appointing
her chairman for your county, telling her you will serve
as Chairman for Monticello. Please call her up and insist
that she serve as county chairman. It will be of great
assistance to me and I believe she will serve if enough
of you local women will call her up, so please get as many
to call her as possible, urging her to accept.
With warmest regards and the season's greetings,

Mrs. W.S.Jennings
State Chairmian
Woman's Division.

0 __ W ___N ___ -


Mrs, R.F.. Codard,
Quinoy, Florida.

Dear Mrs. Gbdard:

Jacksonville, Fla.
Jan. 13, 31980

*1 .

Thank you very muoh for your -letter just
received. I feel very badly you arnnot take the
chairranahip. WiJl. try to get in touch with MRes. Meade
Love. Thank you very much for the names you have given
me anaL I hope one of their. will accept

We expect to leave here Thursctay morning, with
FI'. Jennings fLor Palry Beach, where the doctor thinks he will
recuperate more quickly in the more even temperature.

Love ana best. qiIhes,


Mra. W.S.Jannings
State Chairman
Woman's Division


- I


::: .

I 1. ', ., . ..-


Jacksonville, Fla.
Jan. 13 13 1980

SMra. .Effia Honderson.
Chairman, Woman's Division, Lee Co. F.E.T.Campaign,
Ft Myers, Florida.

Dear Irs. FHende~eon:
Please find enclosed a formal appointment
of you as .Ohgirman of the W1oman's Divisioni Fla. Eduoationlal
Temrperanoe Campaign for Lee Co. MrS'. "Wright h s written-
you hae. oonsanted to oonduot..the oapmpain in ycur county.
The 4unds allowed you mgy b.e used for baso-
line and travelln- expenses, and expenses generally in
oonneotion with the work, but please keep receipts and Q.d-
bjrtiaoh aas.e to your bill for raimburser ent at the end of'
the aampai.In. The man chairman will. co-operate with :,a
in every way and yoC will be furnished with literature'.
Kindly do not hesitate to call on this
office for anything you ryay n-ed.

Mrs. W.S.Jeanings
St-ate Ohairmri,
Woman's Division.

Jacksonville, Fla.
Jan. 13, 120.

Mrs. John Cook,
Monticello, iFa.

Dear Mrs. Cook

I am enclosing a formal appointment
to you.as Chairman of the Woman's Division, Fla.
Educational Temperance Campaign for Jefferaon County.
Mtas TUrnbull has agreed to aooppt the city chairmanship
for Monticello under you, and t-ld me of the great '.ork
you have done in Boston and othlr plaoea in the
Temperance line.

Trusting you will be able to accept this
appointment, I am,

Very sincerely,

Mrs. f.S. Jennings
State chairman
Woman's Division
V 1'.:

-, .

Jaoksonvill'e, Fla.
Jan. 13,. 190

Mrs. D.R. McNeill,
Okeeohobee, Fla.

Dear Mrs. YoNeilll

I am enclosing a formal appointment.of
you as Chairman of the Woman's Division, Fla. Educational
Te-.peranoe Cempaign for Okeechobee Co., and trust it
will be possible for you to accept tua.e. This is a
special gall from the GQverrnent for assistance in law
enforcement, and it is especially necessary tlat eaon
county make good, otherwise out state will not be an'
hundred percent perfect.
Mr. Jenninge has been critically .ill BAoe
the 10th of Deoember, but we hope to be able to move him tI
Palm Beach this week, where the even temperature we think
will be beneficial to him, so I am making a personal
appeal to you to accept btis w'ork, as it will be very
difficult fur me to make gcod unless my friends assist
me in the campaign.

With warxmeset-regards to you and yuurs, and
the season's greetings,


Mrs. W.S.Jennings
State Chairman
Woman's Division

S W 'i


*,* .

Jacksonville, Fla.
Jan. 13, 1920

Hon. D.E. Austin,
Okeeohobee, Florida.

MY dear Mr. Austin:

I am very much concerned over the news from
you that Mrs. Austin is tn the hospital again, .nd I
shall write her a little ncte of syampthy, hoping she
vill soon regain the wonderful good health she Iha-
enjoyed so many years.

Mr. Jtrninga nfes beet- critically ill Pin e
the 10th of December, but is getting a little better and
.t hop'e to be able to move him to Palm Beach on the 15th,
where tne temperature is a little more even.

Please accept my great synipathy for you in
Mrs. Austin's continued illness. If there is anything" in
the world I can do for you, please do not hesitate to
call on me. Mr. Jennings begs to be remembered.

Thank you for the name of Mrs. R.D. MoNeill.
Will you please call her up and insist that she accept
the appointment, and get others to do so. In this way
I feel sure she might undertake the wcrl if she knew the
local people wanted her to. I a., serSiue: hcr an aIpoint-
ment today.

With every gooJ wieh for the new yei.r,



Jacksonville, Fla.
Jan. 13, 19S0

Mrs. s .0. Lamont,.
St Augustine, Fla.

Dear Mrs. Larnonti

I.have written to Mise Wilma E. Davis,

asking her .to accept the ohairmlanshiip of the 71a. Ed.uoatiaal

Temperance Cmpaign for'S.t Johns Co. Will you please

call her up and insist that she aceFpt, also have other

friend do so, as it will help me greatly.


Mrs. W.S.Jer.ingsa

State Chairman
Woman 's Division


J:_ok.3nville, Fla.

Jan.. i.., 1920

MrLa. t.W. Clark,

iltci., T1a.

Dear Mrs. Clark:
I a. :TclrSi..lin you fcrmcl apointmegt

of the chairmziahip of -le Vdriman's Divi.-. on, 'la. iL.ucatioi-

e.l Tamni;p rqM-nc C. ,:Eign, for y.- .ccutyT, ani. -t-u it

may be posa.sibl for .-u to .:.,ept thSi work. I believe you

;i.ill find that M:; s. D.R. Rtvad will be of great as- i., tance

and glaa. to help you nLao 1;,L to,.n and community ch-iirmen.

She is the district ohairma, n n charge of your county.

Unless each county does its duty, the state cannot

be an hundavd percent perfect in its law enforcement, and I

am anxious that your county do its part,as usual, in this

campaign, in .ihioh the Gcv:rnment h:- requested assistance.


;rs. W.S.Jennings
State Ohair-.sn
Wooman'ir Divizion


a . .. 1.' 1..

JacksonviJlle, Fla.

J.nXL. 13, 1SC

Mlra. S.J. White,

Live Oak, FIt.

Dear Mrs. White;

ir. Junuinja hta U'aen terriLli -ill ever

since Dec. 10th, ani wva araeust no".; fTeeling tai.t nl e probably

is ogap.t thi- danger wark an .d -.e Lc;bp to Iake aniL to Pamli

BeAC.h the lat..:r pars. of the week, 'Viehre the teip
more oven. There is a heart compli.aption,.witLi a slight

attack of pneumonia in the lower lcft lung, anu othcrj conm-

plicationa, and his recovery will be very slow, and unless my

frienJs help me, I will not be able .to sucoeeed in this

Tamptrarnoe Campaign, as we have in others, and I am going to

rely on you to secure a chairman for me ioz Suyanee Co.

With warmest regaTda arna oast of good 'ishes,


Mri. W.E.Jennings
State Chairman
Woaan'a Division

Jacksonville, Fla.
Jan. 13, 1920

Mrs. O.Z. Olin,
Chairman, District Two, F.E.T.C.
M'oncicollo, Fla.

Dear Mre, Olin:

~yi-,- Elizabeth Turnoull writes .ohe will accept
the clhu.irmanrshtip for the city of Miontloello, but could not
accept the ch-irirar Dhi. for th- county, but suggests that
Mrs. John Cook be appointed. I have written to Mrs. Cook
and aleo to Mias Turnball, and have :-kes MisT, Turnbull to
get as many prominent won.en as poasible to call ]rs. Cook up
inl insist that she acoe:-t, an' I L.n ,zkinc you to do the
saae. I also assured Mrs. Cock that Itss Turnbull would
aerve as City Chairran. Please hel.p me out.

Mr. Jennings is improving and ,e ho:e to take
him to Palm Beach Thursday morning, where the lcctor thinks
the even temperature will help him recuperate quicker.


Mrs. W.2. Jenninge
State Chairruan
Woman's Division


Jacksonville, fla.

S". 13, 1920

Mrs. I.T. Gary,
Ocala, Fla.

Dear Mrs. Gary:

I am encleeinrg a copy of my appointment
that I am sendin&: to each county chairman, and am going
to ask you,-taP district ohlirman, including Maxion Co.,
to help me secure a ohbirmsn for. Iarog 00o. krs. Moorehead
is very 4plendLd, iand kirsr. B.H.Seymour-'did fint work in the
last Liberty oany but you may know of some woman who is more
interested in Prohibition voork than either of these two,
ianl. if you ill kindly seoure me a chairman, sending me her
nname after securing h-.r promise to serve, I will send her
a formal arl-i:cintment similar to the one enclosed, or you
can hand h]:r the encl iejl, -e I will '-rite confirming same.

Mr. Junninga h.is been very ill -since the 10th ofi
Deoenber, and only just now we feel he is past the uafnger
mark. Tne doctor and nurses i.ill help me to. take him tl
Palm Beach, with Bcyan'a aasistac e, Tnuraziay morning,
where we bho-e the even temperature will help. him to reauperab
More speedily. He.has had heart complic?.tiono, which is'.'
going to make his recovery low, afnd under tihse conditions,
Sunless my friends help me with this cBnpaign, I am very much
afraid I am not going to succeed.as we have .in other
-oampaigns. I do not intend to give the work up however, if
it is possible for me to continue, so I am .appealing to you
for assistance.

If you know of any good woman who will take the work
in any of your other counties, please give me full names and

Thank you for your kind remebranoe at .Chri,atmas
and the lovely little book you-sent, Which I needed very
badly, and which I pressed into immediate service. I did not
get to send any greetings toaXy friends as usual, as just
at that time. Mr. Jennings was so very.ill-we hardly expected
him to live.

With lots of love ari beat of good wishes,

W : Sincerely,

Jacksonville, Fla,

JbU!=nr 13, 1920

Mrs. D.R. Read,
Milton, Fla.

Dear Mrs. Read:

I wish to think you 1or your list of

names and feel sure thet asome of the :m ill be orfi great

acEintance to me.

I have been greatly handica.ped in my work

account of Mr. Jcnningb' serious illness since Dec. 10th

but he is better no;w a&nd I hope to push the work with greater


Please talk to all the clubs about this work

and x.ush the matter In the sahoolo.

Please rite to the following urging them to

ascept appointment as Co.Chairman. A letter like that from the

district chairman, signing your name as such, may have a good


Okalooaa Co., Mrs. Y.C. Givens, Laurel Hill
Jackson Co. Mrs. John C. Smith, Marianna
Holmes Co. Mrs. W.C. Alford, Bonifay
Bay Co. Mrs. Jennie Brandenburg, Lynn Haven
Walton Co. Mrs. R.E.TL.McCaskill,DeFtniak 8Prings


I I rl


Jacksonville, Fla.

Jan. i.:, 190

Mrs. W.B. Davia,

Perry, FIa.

Dear Mrs. Davis:

I o.rtain.y owe you an apology. 0 x.

Jenninge has been seriously' ill since the 10th of Decesmber.

You wvil remember he was ill when you were here, and it is

only now that we feel "Ie has passed ths danger mark, and the

doctors think -:e can, takCe him to Palm Beach tha last of this


I have asked Mrs. C.L.Adams, of Jasper, to

accept the ohHArmanshir for Hamilton Co. Will you please

"'r te to her urging that she adcept same.

I am sending your account, to 1r. Brandt, and

trust you will eseive reimbursement without delay.

With the season's greetings,


grea. W.3.Jennings
State hairiman
WOman's Diviwion .





F NA .'."" '. .'* '-. RLD-'.'IDE ;i,'--. :'.sIT10 N

i '.-' iRY 1 '.- :.. 1920




oR. L. 1. MOORE

Mrs. W. S. Jennings,
Jacksonville, Fla.

My dear Mrs. Jennings:-

Your letter of January 12th received and
I am writing today to the two chairmen that Mirs. Wright secured,
Mrs. S. .7. Bail and 'r;,. George Riggin, giving them the names atZx
of the men who are chairmen of their counties.

Mrs. Tyler had not received either I.lrs.
Wright 's or Mrs. Davis' account. She is mailing a check to 'rs.
Wright today. Please have ~rs. W. 'T. Davis send in her account
to Lirs. Elizabeth Tyler, 401 Flatiron -bldg., and she will see that
it is paid.

Yours very sincerely,

Mrs. B. M. Boykin
Director Woman' s Uivi si
South eastern States




Jacksonville, Fla. Jrn 14, 1930.

Mrs. J. D. Rice,
Chairman, Alaohua County, Woman's Division,
Florida Educational Temperanoe Campagn,
Gainesville, Florida

My dear Mrs. Rice:

Mrs, MoCollum has kindly given me your name as
one who she feels can do the work best for your county
for this coming Campagn and I am, therefore, enclosing
herewith formal appointment of you as chairman for Ala-
chua County of the Woman's Division, Florida Education-
al Temperance Campaign.

Mr.Jenninrs has been critically ill ever sinoe the
15th of December, oonseqently your appointment has beM
a little slow in reaching you, but I trust this will \
make no difference in your work, and my office here will\.
be glad to give you every assistance possible. Please
get in touch with the man ohas rman as soon as possible
as he had the literature for both his own and the Wom4
an's Division.

I think you can count on Mrs. MoOollum, of Gaines-
ville, who is a member of the Executive Corvittee, Flo-
rida Educational Temperance Campaign, for help in seleot-
ing the various local chairmen and workers throughout
the county as she has had a great dedof experience during
the Liberty Loan drives and knows the women workers.

Trust to hear from you soon. With best of Lood
wishes for the suooess of your work for the Carpaign a-
long these lines I am

Yours very sincerely,

Mrs.W. S. Jennings,
SState Chdrman, Woman's Division,
Enol. (1) Florida Educational Temperance Campaign,

I C ,


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