Title: Correspondence: 1919 November
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Title: Correspondence: 1919 November
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Publication Date: 1919 November
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Box: 16
Subject: Jennings, May Mann, 1872-1963.
Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Jennings, William Sherman, 1863-1920.
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"Let's Finish the Job"
Anti-atlon I eagueG campaign

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. N-ovember 8, 1919
" ". acrsotill2a Fla.

Lieut-. -,ha;rles' org, .an
U.S.N. (Ret.) Commanding Oficer, .
Seciv in4g -Station,
S Key Wesat, F. .

In oos lance wi.tb ifthtructions received :by me from
Acting Comm andant Charles F. Farmer, CommBaner U.SR..NR.F., of .Oct
n9th, I am sending' you by express, a wooden box containing the '
S. allow ingar .. -, '. .. .. .- '. ..a .. 1 -
.. -

4 pr. 'ooks .
S..-- 4 a . .ea.. .- .

These tr to e distributed to the maen in tbte Navy who
X .. _. I .
an on a.peboard and ax ia nled of same. "I ll e e very glad oa .ed "

.the FFl ,od aOoe q an '

SThanlkg ou i a advance f-r ditribut ing the

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LY 'KES IES ., ROS.,. il N'


Mrs. 7. S. Jennings,
Conservation Department Chairman,
Florida Federation of Women's Clubs,

Dear Mrs.Jennings:

On my return to Havan:.
S. last Saturday I found your letter of Oct.
20th for which I thank you.

I think I can obtain for you some young
Parakeets next Spring from the Isle of
Pines but it will be impossible to obtain
them before that season. However I do not -
think I can find any flamingoes for you.

Kindly give my kind regards to Mr.Jennings
and Bryan

Hoping to see you about the middle of
December when I pass through Jacksonville,
I remain,

Yours very truly,



I '.

G, F.' W. C0

By Mrs. W.S, Jenninrs,

Dayton& Convention,
,Nov. 19th'-2nd inciuaiveo
1918 ~




t *y ,By Mrs. :WB;. Jenr4ngs, Director.

Your present director, appointed by your state convention, Was d4y
elesotaed t the biennial of the G.'LV'C. The- chaugew to bylaws adopted..t tb h
biennial required eah state to"eleot its odW. director, which election will ,:
be ratified by the biesnial convention. The word nominated should tharefor
be changed. i our bylsra, which were adopted eat the Mianai convention, to
oieoleted,, I give notice now that suoh a chang i'n bylaw, to make ot ooform to
naquir~umets of the national bylaw, fiill be presented for consideration at thi-
Sooivention. -
The Nation]al. chairmen, were "ia4e members of the board of diraotors. A
change that I heartily approved and advooate4,. ; '. ,.
A new bylaw making it 4ipossible.to present a namsi for ah official pOeei.
tion, except thri the elegation of t. proposed wndi4ate a 0'ate. .it .ir- it
the endorsement of the oandldatesp .tate, was adopted, thut 'eoogaigf gf. .,
right of each ta'te federation to present itse own oazdidate- for fdire.tor .
and official positions .
Your d-irietor remained over for the boaod: aeting which immediately :
followed the adjournesoaat of the biennial. Tisere were seven offibera, f -
Sdepartment chairmen, and th&rty-four dieo;tors present, representing as maly
The follbwig department oomittse-ohsmair n, were reappoiated by the
boards Art. Mer. Oyrus Perkins; Givios Dr. Priddy; Oonservatis nMrs. J.! .
Sherman, legislation, Miss Mary Wood; literature & library extention,4Mr e. -Tre
Worthy hite;- aaio, Mrs. Steele; press, Mrs. EL7A'Knapp; eduOatiozAfrs. O4 '
SShephard Barium of California, to fi11 place of Miss Mary Parker, resigne
Chairmenf f oomnitteei appointed Finance, Mr;. Hutchinsoa, of Weilst
Virginia membership, Mi6e Helen.orri OQummiAg of Virginiaar'aasprtta 6 .tt
.Mrs. Felix MoWhirter; editor -of Genera .Federation Magazine. and director bof-,
,s.ervioe bureau, Mise Helen Louise Joha6on; Aowedentials and eleotio and. ,.
,' badges, Mrs., H.0 Garvey reZsolutiona, Mrs. J.esee. E Harner, Hot .Springe ,-
,The .appointfai lt of department chairman to Cill tfaoaaoiee oauedby :' "
. . .- ,- .. . .. ,, .... ... : ... ... .. ..=...1... i-' '

r-esignatioa t was left to the executive committee, as well as the-appointment
of the remaining committee. chairmen.
S- -The war victory aoomi ssio piernsel L-cluding state chairmen,
was left unchanged' to save confusion. in collecting the f for the furlough
hkumut places. in" Frpane. The directors werer asked to assis" in every Way
pos.ble, and. your di.eotor tendered be- assi.toanoe to Miss Louise Meigs,
o state chairman, and urges all. clb Women in the state to respond liberally '
" to help .inanoe thip .plendid project of the general federation. One dollar .
eaoh is. not much when you think of. the boys over there nearly-three thousand -
tailes from hore and no prospeots.of seeing their homes for. ome- time yeto.
Seoond.Board Meetingi
The second meeting of tme Board of Direetors wf the General federation of.
o- often's Clubs, et at the Chicago each Hotel, Chicago, holding three seasiou.s
a day during Sept. 17, 18, 19, and 30. Thirty three members were in attendance
fr om tfferent states, which was remarkable considering the great distance to
be travele, and war times. It was the first meeting of the Board-since the
SBienaial-at Hot Spria&e, and there was much laportant business translated.
Bureau of Information.'
In oonforfSty with the recommendation of the President, Mrs. Ool0es, to
Sthe Hot Springs Biennial, .the Board voted to consolidate the Bureau .o6 Infor-
mation which has been located at Portsmouth, H.,', under the able direction of
-Mrs. Mary I Wood, f6r many years, with the Servie Bureau, established some
ti m ago in Washington,DCO. under the directorship of Miss Heltn Louise John-.
son. The need of a umuluat central headquarters has long been felt by those.
Shared with the directionn of.the affairs of this great organisation of;over
Stwo million women, The Board voted that henceforth the .onsolidated. bureaue
Sshouldi be kvown as -The General Federation of Women' a Olubs Headquarters"
lashington, D'.C, This headquarters will give the organisation a closer touch
Whth the affairs of the National Government which is so vitally necessary in
the rendering of propo'r service in war-work by the 9,000. or more clubs la the

No'. a The above motion for the consolidation of the Bureau of Informatb
ion and Service Office, was made by your director. Mrs, John D.
Sherman seconded same, and also made the motion naming the
Washington headquarters*
The following names of department chairmen were announced as
having been filled by the Executive Committee--reappointed, Mrs.
Elmer Blair, Chr., Public Health; new chairman, Mrs. Court Fi
Wood, Civil Service Reform; Mrs. Ohas4N. Greene,Ohairman,Home
Eoonomicse Mrs. William Pedwek,Jr..,Chr. Industrial & Sooial
Conditions. -
Upon recommendations from department chairmen, the Board
appointed many committee chairmen and members.
Florida Honoreds
AT the Hot Springs Biennial Board meeting, names were pre-
sented from different states by their representatives, of person
esitable for Department committee sub-chairmen. Your Director
presented the,name of Miss Agnes Ellen Harris, of Tallahassee
for membership to the Home Economics Dept, Mrs. Chas.W.Greene,
Chairman of the Home Economics Dept. presented a list of names
which were unanimously elected by the Board. Among the committee
was the one designated as "Food" with Miss Agnes Ellen Harris,
State College for Women, Tallahassee,Fla., as chairman.
The Florida women will rejoice that such distinction has been
conferred on one who is so well known and beloved throughout
the state and in honoring Miss Harris, who is so eminently fitted
to discharge the duties devolving upon her, the state feels dis-
tinctly honored, The appointment is a distinct recognition of
the splendid work done by the State Federation Home Economic
Dept. Miss Harris has been a member of the State Dept, for some
years and is now serving as chairman.

8No 4 ., Council Meeting.

The Council meeting of the General Federation, will be held in
Asheville, N.C. stme time between the middle of May to the middle
of June, exact date to be set by the Executive Comm. in oonferenoe
ith the local Council Board, and announced. The women of the
Southland feel greatly honored that the Board selected such a
beautiful spot, for this important meeting of women, who come from
all parts of the United States*
Mrs. Eugene R&ally, of Charlotte, N.C., was made aszkz chair-
an of the council program committee, and Mrs. R.R. COtton, Direotu
from Bruoe, N.C. is to represent the General Federation Board in
carrying out plans for the meeting. On account of the Warl the
board emphasized the fact that simplicity should be the key-note
n all plans made for the meeting, which is to be more of a confer-
noe of the Departments of work with workers, eliminating any-
feature of. a Biennial.
On account of the nearness of the meeting, it is hoped that
any Florida Club women will attend.

General Federation Magazine.
The Board voted to suspend the publication of the General
Federation Magazine after January lst, and all business connected
o be sent free of cost to all directly federated clubs. It was
he consensus of opinion of the Board members, that this was not
propitious time to continue a project which would involve such
great outlay of funds. Each director was to notify her state
resident that pledges for subscriptions to the Magaziane, maie
t Biennial, were released, and it was understood that no further
subscriptions were to be accepted by the Magazine management.

.. im

WhSle the General Federation Board of Directors bought control-
ing took in the Magazine corporation, a separate Board of Ats
directors for the corporation, are in charge, As this plan has
not proven satisfactory, and as itxras deemed best that the Board
of Directors of the GF.W.G. have entire control of Magazine,
because of the fact that same has to be financed by the Board,
the Executive Comm. was directed by the Board to either acquire
all outstanding stock, or liquidate the corporation, that the
general federation might come into complete ownership and control
of the corporation.
The word suspended was used in voting to discontinue pub-
lication of the Magazine, with the hope that same might be rel-
sumed after the war.
Mrs. Edgar Lewis, our president, informs me Mrs. XamKs
Deinies T.S3 Denison, president of the Magazine corporation
has written 'asking that the state pledges be made good, this sines
the Board meeting. Your director has written Mrs. Josiah Iowles
President of the General Federation, to give information for the
guidance of this convention, in regard to the Magazine, which we
trust will arrive before the close of the convention. It is
possible that the Executive Coam, of the General Federation in
conference with the Magazine Corporation, have worked out a plan
by which-the Magazine may be financed and publication continued.
The near approach of Peace, would change the Magazine status
greatly and your director feels sure that the unreserved support
of the club women of Florida, will be accorded the Magazine, if
it has been found possible to continue same. It is an organization
organ, of which we can be justly proud, but advertisements as well
as subscriptions will have to be forth coming if the magazine
is made to sustain itself.
War Victory Commission.

The War Victory Commission was formed by the Board of
directors and approved by the G.F.W.'C, Biennial at Hot Springs.

. Any special war work of the general federation necessitating the
rating of large funds, will be carried on thru this commission.
The first and most urgent 'piece of work for which money is
being raised, is the furlough homes or rest places in Franoe, and
SSwitzerland, for the American Boys, over-there. Not quite one
hundred and fifty thousand dollars was reported to the Board, as
on hand. Miss Louise 0C Meigs, of Jacksonville, is chairman of thi
work for Florida, and all contributions should be sent to-her, She
will present the work of the Victory Commission in full, to Fla.
women. If the club women of American embrace the opportunity
which is presented, we must be prompt in response with our funds.
Each clubwoman in the state Federation, was asked to contribute
one dollar by the State Chairman. You are urged to waste no time
in ratting Floridats quota. Rest Places for the boys in France
and Switzerland comes first of all work just now. The signing of
the armistice will uaaa occasion long enforced inactivity of our
American men, pending the signing of the Peace Treaty ,, al will
necessarily delay indefinitely the home comingt, making it
especially hard upon them. Will you not have your club raise the
equivilant of a dollar per capital and send it in at once?
Our men have done their full duty nobely, making possible a world
wide Peace. The United States has supported them so splendidly
all thru the fearful conflict, and now that victory has crowned
the allied f.ags, we must ntt lapse in our duty but finish in a
manner in keeping with our proceeding conduct, faithful to the
end. About 100,000 of our men will sleep in Flanders Fields,
many have died.in cantonements, and camps, the sacrifice being
none the less supreme, Let us continue to prove to these men
our abiding devotion, and deep appreciation of their great
sacrifice for humanity, making their care and comfort our first
thought, which will be an assurance that their victorious coming
will be greeted with measureless joy, never ending gratitude and

Is I-

The following resolutions were adopted by the General Federation
Board, and it is deemed fitting that they should not only be sub-
mitted for the consideration of the Florida Federation, but that
they should be endorsed, becoming the foundation of great state
Re solution
"Presented by Mrs. Sherman, Chkirman of Conservation Dept.
and adopted by the Board of Directors, G.F.W.O., Sept. 20th, 1918.
WHEREAS, the Honorable Franklin K. Lane, Seoretary of the
Interior, has requested the Governor of each state to give infor-
mation as to the possibilities of his state oo-operating with
the Federal Government in a plan to offer to each qualified
returning soldier an opportunity to settle on land within the
state of his birth, or former residence, and further asking each
Governor to meet Seoty Lane, for a conference on this subject
at a time and place to be shortly arranged:
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT each state federation
President communicate with the Governor of her State and urge
upon him the importance of attending said conference, and of
giving all possible support to the project as presented by
Seo'y Lane."
As the Governor of Florida, Hon. Sidney J.' atts, has
called a,Opecial session of the Legislature to convene immeiatelr
it gives a splendid opportunity to secure the statetr co-operation
with Secretary Lane, in his plan of home making for the soldiers.
I therefore move that this convention go on record as endorsing
the resolution, pledging support to the movement.

j, .-Re solution-
SPresented by Mrs, Sherman,Chairman of the Department, and adopted
by the Board of Directors of the G.F,W*,., Sept. 30, 1918.
9 WHEREAS, the greatest need in American today is the conserve
ovation, development and adsorption of American Ideals of Nationse
Civic and Social life, particularly among the foreign born, with
the end in view of securing a United Ameeoa, and

WHEREAS, certain departments of the G.F.W.C. have included
the subject of Americanization in their program of work, and
WHEREAS, it is the desire of the eleven department chair-
men to combine on one special line of work, for which the need has
been emphasized by the war,

BKEEEFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the chairmen of the eleven
departments of work of the G.F.W.C. co-ordinate and unify their
work for Americanization during this Biennial period, and urge
their State Chairmen to carry on this work in the various states
according to the needs of each local community. "
I move that the above resolution be adopted and become the basis
of a permanent policy to be persued by the departments of work
of the Florida Federation.

L II -

' *

Report of


Mrs. W.S.Jennings, Director.

St Petersburg,Fla.
Nov. 18th to 31st inclusive,


;r I.

Report Florida Director,, G.F.W.C. -
Mrs. W.S.Jennings, Director*
November 18th to 21st inclusive,
St Petersburg, Fla.

It has been my privilege to represent you at the G.F.W.O.
Board meetings immediately following the Hot Springs Biennial,
in June 1918, at the Chicago Board meeting September, 1918, and
again in May,1919, during the Council meeting at A3heville. Your
Director has bonipersonally the entire expense of her office,
The next Board meeting will take place in Omaha, Neb. Jan.
6th, 19SO0 I shall also serve you through the Biennial Convention
which is scheduled for June, 1920, at Des ooines, Iowa. My term
of two years expires ;ith the closing of the Biennial convention
and this will be my final report to you, except through our
Federation Board.

The January Board meeting at Omaha, was planned on account
of its nearness to Des Moines, which makes a visit to the conven-
tion city possible and the perfecting of the plans for the meeting
in June. Mrs. Homer A. Miller, Director from Iowa, represents
the General Federation in arranging for this great meeting. Mrs.,
J.L. Haley is the'Chairman of the Program Committee. With a
desire to make the Biennial less taxing on those in attendance,
the Board decided that the business sessions should cover only
six working days, with Sunday intervening for rest. More time
will be given the work of the departments, and for the reason that
department luncheons cause a duplication in many instances, they
will be dispensed with. There will also be ,fewer social affairs.
It was decided that"Americani -&e" should be the key-note
of the Biannial. Mrs. Thomas G. Winter, of Minnesota, second
Vice President of the General Federation, was made "Director of
Americanization". Her name was presented by Mrs. John D. Sherman
Chairman of Conservation, and chairman of the department chairman

-2- as the nominee of the department chairman The Americanization
work will be done through all the departments, but Mrs. Winter
will direct the work to the proper channels to prevent over
lapping and correlate the efforts of the departments.

Each state was asked to appoint a Director to co-operate with
Mrs. Winter. ~I =ap*ene te th&i aqm r et, -w ftaea P-sa
Wh avpe4'i'6 ise. absteaa e GA. 3e, wbe hee rTen."a y 'iSeed &r
spi-peai d 444em e 6hehas. Mrs. Winter, as Directpr, has
issued a booklet which gives each department chairman's plan for
adjusting her department to this especial work. The Educational
Department presented a very splendid book at the Council meeting.
There is no doubt but what "Americanization" will be amphasizv
to such an extent that it will dominate all department work
until it becomes a marked National characteristic, so distinct tha
it will impress itself upon the nations of the world. "$*ericaniza
tion" must then become our daily mission, our highest aim as
individuals, and as an organization. There must be continuity
in a centralized effort to accomplish the ideal.
The following resolution was adopted by the Board: "That
we offer the assistance of our organization to the Government in
promoting a campaign to make American a thrifty nation." A
representative of the Treasury Dept. was present and laid the
plans of the Government before the Board. Mrs. John D.Sherman,
and Mrs. Ronald P. Gleason, Director for Pennsylvania, were
named as a special committee to confer with the Treasury Bepesent-
ative. Upon their report Miss Georgia Bacon, First Vice President,
was named Director of Thrifty and each State Federation was
requested to appoint a Director, sending the name to Miss Bacon.
MOS BaOn *s Ie bD beee, i bamaeawt 0,e speak A S te te geat
week she haee Ci OW Our SYIOe660rt bo-w awphobiisd MYo. 4a--.
MsKwier, .4s OUiR. 8 **0 DigVSeer



The Board adopted the resolution "That we co-operate with the
Government in the work of War Community Service." A special
Committee with Mrs. George W.Plummer, Director from Illinois as
Chairman, Mrs. Walter B. Sharp, Director from Texas, Mrs. John R.
ohermeEhorn, Director from New Jersey, was appointed to make
investigations and plans of work and submit same for the consideration
f the next Board meeting. It is altogether possible that a
director for this work will be named at that time and that the work
ill be continued by the Government under the name of "Community

Mr. Kahn Has introduced a Bill H.R.4096, during the first
session of the 86th Congress, which was referred to the Committee
n Military affairs, and ordered printed May 30, 1919. It
ontemplates authorizing the War Dept. to furnish certain equip-
ent and detail military instructors for summer vacation camps
or women and girls. At the request of Mrs. Plummer, I wrote to
1 of our representatives in Comgress urging their support of
the Measure. Mrs. Plummer has seen the plan tried out during the
ast summer at Lake Geneva with marked success, and thinks that it
neans much to the physical well being of the working women of the
country I have read the Bill with great care and referred it to
ur State Chairman of Legislature and recokmend its endorsement
y the Federation.
Mrs. Delphone D. Ashbaugh, of Michigan, resigned as Chairman of
he War Victory Commission and Mrs. Walter B. SBapp of Texas, was
amed Chairman to finish the work of raising $17,000 needed to
finance the Unit of 100 women workers furnished thru the Y.M.C.A.
or the Leave arrea in France. The contract wit# the Y.M.C.A. was
or a year. However, since the above action of the Board, the
irls have returned from abroad and it is altogether possible that
each state will find funds to its credit instead of having to work
o make up a deficit. If this be the case, you may be asked by


A -
your Director for an expression as to your wishes in regard to
Florida's portion, if any, of the fund as a guide to her vote
on the Board.

Florida club women have not yet furnished the quota of sub-
scribers promised at the Hot Springs Biennial* We are asked to
put on each letter the slogan "Why don't you subscribe for the
G.F.W.C. Magazine? It helps club women." Either give your
subscription of one dollar per annum to your sectional Vice Pres-
ident at once, or to Mrs. J.B. O'Hara, Press Chairman, Palm Beach.
Every club woman needs the magazine and the magazine needs the
club women; to make it a success it must be the official organ
of the two million women. It must not fail for lack of proper
support. The responsibility is yours and mine. The Biannial
occurs just six months from now. Will not each club name a chairman
and start a subscription campaign at once, that we may report
our pledge cancelled?
Ever mindful of the best interests of our beloved Federation,
I have tried to discharge the duties of the office of Director
with credit to myself, that my conduct might always reflect honor
upon you. If I have succeeded in any degree, it is because I have
always felt that the members of the great organization I have the
rare privilege to represent on the General Federation Board, have
stood squarely behind me. I can never tell you how deeply I appre-
ciate the great honor you have seen fit to confer upon me, and it
will be my constant effort during the part of my term yet remaining
to continue to justify your choice and to live up to your

" I I I


By Mrs. W.S. Jennings.

St Petersburg, Fla.
Nov. 18th to 21st, 1919.



By Mrs. W.S. Jennings.

Celebrations are beautiful occasions, especially when they
are memorable for a thought which lives--a purpose enduring.
Our Motto: In Great things Unity, in Small things Liberty
In all things Chatity, and the great Mother organizations motto:
"Unity in Diversity", certainly portray the spirit which has
guided the work of our State Federation during the years of growth
through its many splendid department activities.
The beautiful spirit of the workers is not always evident
perhaps to those outside of the organization, and it is not
generally known-in fact, it is almost unbelievable that such great
projects are undertaken undinanced, and that each accomplishment
is a monument to consecrated personality. The facts are astounding
I refer you to our estimable treasurer for proof and produce as
evidence,our splendid official family who have served during the
two most difficult years of the Federationts existence, the war
time period. For cooperation I call on those of official family
of previous years, many of whom are present.
The five pioneer clubs builded better than they knew and are
to be congratulated on their clearness of vision, as founders of
one of the strong aims of America's greatest institution, the
G.F.W.C. We are more greatly indebted perhaps, to the twelve
presidents with their officers, chairmen and Editors, who have
shaped the policy of such a splendid organization, which is a
monument to their unselfish devotion and steadfastness of purpose
in the attainment of the ideal. The organization has surmounted
many obstacles and the growth of the club movement proves the
xrigEsas righteousness bf the basic principal upon which it is
founded. We face a serious situation. Is our work to continue
under a handicap? It is only possible for a person to put a
limited amount of finances and personal effort in the carrying

-2- out of a plan. I am sure you are not willing that Fedcration work
should be so limited, or that the Fe:1.- action continue to be
deprived of the service of any viork.r, because she be not able to
finance her department. It is not her business to finance the
organization any more than it is the business of any one of an
hundred others, whom we might name. It is imperative that our
Federation work in the future be placed upon a financial basis
that wil. bring the privilege of a larger field which insures a
great scope of activities worthy the organization we represent
or the great cause we advocate. We can accomplish anything we
undertake as an organization. The women who have helped conduct
one drive after another during war times and are still assisting
can surely raise funds for their own organization. Now is the
time. Whether it be done by a state drive, or otherwise, you
will decide before the close of the convention.
To convince you of the soundness of the position I have taken,
in advocating an endowment Fund, I have in response to a circular
letter sent to the presidents of the 48 states, replies from 15
who have started Endowments. Four are anxious to start such a
fund, realizing its great need. Ozn federation provides for
.1 expense of work.N Nearly all agree hat atate federations should
i~ae an $io0' ,00o Endowment*
Arizona On hand $1,000. Quota $5,000. Have a Field
Secretary whose business it is to visit clubs and secure subscript-
CALIFORNIA On hand $2,667.69. Quota $50,000. Has done
nothing to increase culount in two years. Have a committee members
for each of six districts.
Connecticut On 500. Quota S,,000.

r" I i

ILLICOIS On hand $5,000, Quota. $5,000, H'Ive begun a Silver
Jubile -r:ttnsion fund. Have about 75,000 Club woamn. Secured
the .5,000 from contribution on floor of convention this year.
Have 25 districts and will give each a quota to raise. Realize
need of ;1CO,OCO eo\1oimeinct. Ex:-ct to ask each member for ..1.00.
MAIEIE On hand $400. llo quota. Will ask members for $1.00
MASPAC-:TUSETTS On hand 18,131.29. Quota ",25,000. Have raised
this much thru state food d:emon3tration bazaars which run for a
IJCJI'TAUA On hand about 4400. Quota A'10 000.
NEBRASKA On hand about $3,000. Quota l10,000. "One dollar
per member, their slogan.
IITEW IA~P-SHT'IP On hand :*3,679.24. Quota '10,000.
TET YORI-i Has ''25,000 fund. lrs. Russell Sage gave *10,000
stipulating that 50 per cent of New York income should always
go for scholarships, which leaves very little to finance other
work. Believes should have :.100,000.
NORTH C.,ALInTA Fund -,5,000, which they intend to increase.
Have a girl's loan fund.
NORTH DAKOTA Fund 56,566.70. Was raised through effort of
district Vice Presidents.
OHIO Fund O:10,000. Want to raise it to $25,000,
LAHOMA On hand $1,341.45. Raised this by clubs pledging
$5.00 each. Some clubs volunteered to raise amount each year
for five years, some for four others for three.
SOUTH DAKOTA On hand $1,000. Quota '10,000, Raised by a ten
percent per capital levy, not compulsory and failed to brin.:
WISCONSIN On hand about $7,000. quota 10,000. Asked clubs
to give $1.00 per capital.
Iowa. feels they must have an endowment or higher dues.

-4-* KANSAS So far been able to manage on state income, but feel
the need of an endowment.
SOUTH CAROLINA- Have appointed a committee to investigate
advisability of an Endownment.
VIRGINIA Feels dreadfully handicapped in trying to do any
construction work on account of lack of funds.
PENNSYLVANIA adopted a new by-laws, which raised the dues
about three years ago, and manages to get along comfortably
by budgeting their income. Are the only federation out of the 21
heard from, that does not contemplate an endowment,
The General Federation of Women's Clubs, could not carry on its
great work without its $100,000 endo..ment in the raising of which
Florida, was the first to pay in her quota of $500. Credit is
due the tireless effort of our past president,Mrs. Thomas M.
Shackleford, who was State Chairman, and is the generosity of
another past President, Mrs. W.W. Cummer, There has been talk
of adding to the endowment, as there is still not income suffi-
cient to meet the growing needs of great national work.
The National Audubon Society has a $400,000 Endowment which is
quite insufficient for its work.
Florida's endowment began at Deland in 1915, has reached $2,755.7 ;
our goal was set at the beginning at $25,000. We have more than
doubled our membership since then and before we have raised it, wE
will need the interest of J100,000. I beg now that you stand in
a Toast to our beloved Federation, on this its silver anniversary
the 25th year since its establishment and pledge this one service,
which will place the work of our great organization on a firm and
lasting basis, the raising of One Hundred Thousand Dollars

C 'etersburg, Nov. 18th to e1st inclusive, 1919.
I _____

"Ist &~ iII
?ui a.

State of Florida,
Dade County, ss. ..

Roy D. Marsh, a citizen of the United States and
the state of Florida, resident in Dade CoUnty, and of lawful
ae, being first duly sworn upon his oath, deposes andl says:

That during the greater part of the last eiJht years he has
bean enea&ad in surveying and civil engineerin, work in Dade
That during that time he has at various tilMns made surveys
and reconnaissance cover*n- the greater part of the land in
Township 58 S Rane 37 E., and that he is thorou hly familiar
with all land included in Sections 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,
S2, 23, 24, and that in his opinion, based upon absesvdtions
of said lands extending over almost eibht years, and covering
both the rainy seasons and the dry season, not more than yen-
percent of the area o0f said eleven sections can ever be made
av.iil3ile for a&ricultural',uies on account of the facts hereafter
stated, viz: that the greater portion of sections 2, 3, 10, 11,
12, 14, and 23, is effected by the big slough which runs through
there in a south-southeasterly direction, furnishin, the main
natural drainage channel or outlet forrseveral townahips of land
lying to the notth and northv'est; that the soil of all, the
sections named is very shallow marl underlaid by rook of such
character that the soil becomes too wet in the rainy season and
too dry in the dry season to be capable of being successfully
cultivated in any crop of which affiant has knowledge; that the
rock referred to is rough and full of pits and holes so that it
is notpracticable for cattle or draft aniAils to travel over it
to work it; that thc.s portions of all the sections first above
referred to which is not included in the marl soil and alough
land is extremely rough pine la4d and land covsred with sma4
scrubby bushes, exceptng- section 24 which contains some small
cyprus hammocks.
That such portions of all of said sections which seem to
affiant to be susceptible of being made available for agricul-
tural uses are in small patches scattered from each other so that
it will be difficult to cultivita more than ten or possibly
twenty acres in any field;
That affiant is of the opinion that it will be very difficult
to find any means of utilizing the sections named for agricultural
purposes sufficient to give them any real market value;
That the protest of utilizin, these lands in connection
with Royal Palm State Park as a refuge for wild fowl and game is
probably the best use to which said lands can be put so far as the
knowledge and opinion of the affiant.s concerned; and further
affiant saith not.

Subscribed and sworn to before me this a~ day of November 191

O'y Commission expires Jan.llth A D 1981 Notary Public, sa-
,' Ft- - A~t.

Report Of Conservation Department

Florida Federation of Women's Clubs

Mrs. W.S. Jennings, Chairman

St Petersburg, Fla.
' Nov. 18th to 21st inclusive


. Report
Department of Conservation, F.F.W.C.
Mrs. W.S. Jennings, Chairman

St Petersburg,Fla. Nov. 18th to 21st inclusive,


The greater part of six weeks was spent at Tallahassee during
the 1919 Legislature, assisting in every way possible the
Federation program.
Conservation measures were as follows:
"Xo. 16. An act directing the Trustees of the Internal
Improveiment FunQrf lorida to deed to the Federal Government for
use as a Seminole ~Rervation the 1an. set aside by the 1917
Legislature, consisting of 98,000 acres" for which we must
continue to work*
No. 17. An appropriation for upkeep of Royal Palm State
Park. It is hoped we will never have to ask for same again.
:Tcwever, 32500 for the biennial period was reported favorably by
the ai-ropriation committees of both houses. The Bill passed the
Senate but lost in the House for the lack of attention on part
of member of House in charge
"No. 18. An act granting additional land to Royal Palm
State Park for bird conservation purposes." The absence of
Mr. F.C. l:'iot on account of illness, prevented anyaction by the
Senate committee, he being the onlX state officer connected with
and in charge of state land with any knowledge of the character
of the land desired.
"No. 19. A sufficient appropriation making available
Floridars portion of the Federal Good Roads State Aid Bill."
One of the biggest pieces of legislation enacted placed the Good
Roads work for Florida on a permanent basis. Salaries of members
of the State Good Roads Dept. as well as bond to be given by each

S-2- were fixed in law. A two mill tax voted for the biennial period.
The convict lease system abolished. Convicts to be worked on
state roads. This is especially gratifying to club women.
A Constitutional Amendment mzxastz adopted, which if ratified,
permits Florida to bondnot to exceed five per cent of the entire e.
tax value of the state. Values would be between three hundred! ..
million. One bond issue would produce between seventeen and
v "twenty million dollars, plus government appropriation.
The two mill tax and the convict labor with the three million
Government aid, gives more than six million for road work for the
Biennial period. Funds not available until June 1920. The pro-
gram recently issued by the Road Department is splendid.
Auto izmrzan license fund is to be used for maintenance.
Wisconsin has a supervisor for every ten miles of state
road and his name and address is posted on the sign board. Bad
places are reported to him. California has expended forty
million on its road system and is issuing bonds for thirty
million more. Every care is given the preservation of natural
growth on highways in construction.
At request of this department, the State Roads Dept. adopted
resolution: "May 7th, 1919, relative to designation of the
Ingraham Highway as a part of the State Road No. 4. "Resolved
that the above described piece of road, south of Miami and running
to and through Royal Palm State Park, shall be and the same is
hereby designated a State Road, the same being a continuation of
State Road No. 4. Signed M.M. Smith, Chairman."
"No. 20. An act creating a State Conservation Dept. with
five commissioners, one of whom shall be the Chairman of the
Conservation Department of Federation of Women's Clubs, and
another recommended by the Federation, to have charge of Fdrestry,
Waterways, Birds and Game protection for Florida."
"NO. 21. County local option fire protection."



-I I d

Continue to work for a State Conservation Department. Been tried
out with great success in Louisiana. Iowa's Conservation Board
spends annually one hundred thousand dollars for purchase of
areas of scenic and scientific interest.
Minnesota has a State Game and Fish Commissioner and perhaps
gives us the finest example of conservation work of any state.
Set aside 1,941,413 acres in 23 Game Refuges, 2 ktate Forests,
8 State Parks, with only two acres a Federal Bird -.api Reserva-
tion. All are also Bird Sanctuaries and Game Refuges.
It became impossible to get those interested in the game and
timber to agree on any special plan of Legislation. The Senate
Game Committee drafted a bill and after several hearings, a con-
ference was had with two representatives of the U.S. Biological
Bureau who were in Tallahassee prosecuting Migratory Bird Treaty
violations. The Bill was finally introduced in both houses as
a committee bill, passed the Senate at once but died on the
calender in the House.
If a fire protection measure had been secured, we had been
promised $2,000 Federal aid per annum, if our law carried as much.
The State could not put the land remaining in the Internal
Improvement Fund, after the drainage is complete, to better
service for the enjoyment and benefit of all the people of the
state, than to use a portion of the acreage in exchange for land
throughout the state for State Parks for recreational purposes,
as timber reservation, gave refuges and bird sanctuaries. There
would still be a large acreage to be sold for other purposes
desired. We should have a big reservation on the Suwanee River,
Silver Springs, the Oklawaha River, the Okahumka Run, with their
Banks for one hundred ygarxtback on each side saved. The
Oklawaha one considered one of the most unique Rivers in the
United States for picturesque beauty and wealth of wild life, is
almost denuded. The last of the big cypress trees, which are
doubtless thousands of years old, are being cut. Many other
choice ptots should be looked after at once.



The past year has been one of whirlwind activities for your
Chairman. Have pa spoken on Conservation, and especially on
Royal Palm State Park, to the Woman's Club of Jacksonville,
Sarasota and the Audubon Society St Petersburg* Account of
absence from the City, prepared a paper on Legislative measures
to be read the Springfield Impr~ovement Association. .Spoke on
Legislative program of Federation before Jacksonville Woman's
Club and Tallahassee Womants Club. Short talk to women of
St Lucie Co. at Eldred. Welcomed the Woman's National Barm
Congress on behalf of Duval Co. Made dedication address of
Victory Boulevard on Lake Shore at Sanford, planted by Woman's
Club and made many other talks. Have furnished constitution and
by-laws for several clubs and written many letters on club or-
ganization. Helped the .Civic League in St Augustine merge into
a Woman's Club.
Have borne all the expense of the office personally. Sent
out 2100 letters, 411 pieces of literature,149 copies of news-
paper articles, 30 copies of bills, 42 copies of three reports.
Postage $36.00. Records show 512 Ask Mr. Foster reprints, with
still quite a few on hand. Mr. Raynolds evidently gave us more
than we pat&, for. Sent 12 copies petitions from Lee County in
interest of Indian Reservation to Legislature. Total pieces of
mail sent out from the desk, 3,280.


Made three trips to the Park, one to Ft. Pierce to confer with
president on Park work. Wrote Memorando contract to be signed by
the President, Park and Conservation Chairman, with Mr. 1. M.
Bradle# of Homestead, authorizing him to act as Agent in renting
Park lands for ten percent commission.

I '~


Have furnished 24 copies of leases approved by the Preside.t
and 19 land plats. This arrangement has proven satisfactory, as
leases for 550 acres have been signed up at $5.00 per acre, with
half of rental paid. The lease for 400 acres of this runs for U
three years and these people will build a packing house and
road. There are probably between three and four hundred acres
of available xrsn land yet remaining.
The U.S. Sisal Trust was given permission to build a road
beginning at the west entrance of Park, joining Ingraham Highway,
running in a northwesterly direction to Long Pine Key Mr.
A.R. Livingston, with Mr. Charles Mosier, the warden's assistance
wull drive stakes 25 feet apart, leaving road way 60 ft. At
eaph stake mounds will be made for the planting of an avenue of
Royal Palms. Mr. Livingstonts services are donated. The road
is about 1500 feet long, estimated value $3,000, However, we
have every reason to believe that it will ast as a dyke in
keeping the water off of about 800 acres of our Endowment land
lying south.
A letter was prepared asking the Dade Co. Commissioners to
make similar appropriation as last year for Park maintenance.
Mrs. Harvey Jarrett pxz Park Chairman, presented same. So far
no information has been received of action taken by the Board,
altho' they promised to help and doubtless we will hear from them
in their usual generous and substantial manner. This would give
the Park management an opportunity to pay/ off at least a portion
of the $2,785.14 indebtedness remaining. $2,186,99 is borrowed
from Endowment Fund. The $501.85 borrowed from the Health xna
Department seal money, was Said, leaving $598.15 still due Healtl
Fund. The Dade Col Commissioners last year voted the Park $600
for maintenance but gave $700, for which they were thanked.
Indebtedness is acknowledged to Mrs. John Gifford and
Dr. Charles Simpson for most valuable and timely assistance in
financing the Park during the year. Mrs. Gifford giving a per-
sonal donation of $100 and Dr. Simpson raising $550 among his
friends, which furnished the necessary amount for Park maintenance

The wardens salary paid thru November, leaves about $1531.21 in
Park fund to finance the incoming administration* As much or
more, will come in during the year. Also a #50.00 Liberty Bond
as a neucles to a Park Endowment Fund.
On account of leasing the land in different tracts, it was
found necessary to have a survey made. Mr. A.R. Livingston,
Engineer, was arranged,with.Mr. Mosier's assistance. The survey
was just completed with about one third of Mr. Livingstonts
original estimate. It will be remembered that it was advice
given by Mr. Livingston that Park Endowment land was selected,
which is proving such a valuable service to the Federation.
Data was furnished the "Ask Mr. Foster Magazine" and a
splendid 1500 word article on the Park was written by Mr. C.B.
Raynolds. With three beautiful cuts, it made the leading feature
of the January issue. Always in need of literature for distri-
bution your chairman ordered 500 reprints, at $1~.50, and in
the beginning we had 1,000.
At a recent conference with Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Jarrett at
Miami, arrangements were made to have Park slides made. Bids
were secured and many beautiful views. All views were labeled
and sent to Mrs. Jarrett who has charge of them. Was authorized
to add some bird slides, which selection was made upon advice of
Mrs. Kirk Munroe and Mr. W.Scott Way, Sec'y State Audubon Society
Have written Dr. W.E.Safford, several times for slides he
promised, but have not had reply,.
Have written numerous letters trying to secure some
flamingoes and Carolina Parakeets for Park. The Paraketts
ate considered extinct and it is feared Flamingoes nearly so.
We had hoped to re-establish them.

~ it _I-


In the Memorial of the Federation presented to the 1917
Legislature, an Act was asked for setting aside Alligator Bay
Rookery, providing protection and. care. The Bill was to have been
prepared by Dr. Herbert Mills for presentation but unfortunately
was not done. The State at that time owened the Rookery, which
has since been sold to the Chevelier Corporation, and recently
resold to a corporation that will developed a big sugar industry.
Mr. J.P. Jaudon, as President, has been trying to place the
Rookery,probably the finest in the state. He has an understanding
for a limited time, to sell 50,000 acres, which includes the
rookery and feeding grounds at $5.00 per acre, or $250,000. Your
Chairman has communicated with National Audubon Worker on the
subject without encouragement or result, but shall continue to
try and save same. Any assistance will be appreciated*
Have recently been told that in Sumerlin's Cattle pasture,
about 15 miles from Bartow, is a lake which contains a fine sfia3l
rookery. We shall expect the Bartow club, or perhaps all the
clubs in Polk Co., to assist in saving same,
Please refer to the October Geographic Magazine, hot.e the
wild ducks in the City Park of Oakland,California. Several
places in Florida have done splendid work along this line, but
why not every town. Writehfor a copy of the Bird Sanetuary
ordinance, and don't stop work until you have secured one for your
When the Federal cases are finally settled against
the violators of the Migratory Bird Act, Dr. W.E.Nelson,Chief of
the Biological Bureau, has promised a case of egrets and other
plumes for display at Park Lodge. Dr. Nelson has intimated he
will appoint county game wardens, U.S. deputy game wardens,
where they faithfully discharge their duty. One has already
received appointment.

I '


Made several attempts to get the knitted garments made by the
federated club women through the customs, althot having previously
secured written permission from the Shipping Board, but failed.
Then Miss Myra Dock, of G.F.W.C. Committee, wrote stopping all
shipments; after which came the Armistice and all shipments stopped
The Board Directed the Forestyy Chairman, the Conservation
Chairman, with the Presidentts approval, to give the garments where
most needed. It was decided to give them to men in the Navy who
touched southern waters. The matter was taken up with the Red
ross Chairman, Miss Rich, without results. Your Chairman wrote
admiral Decker, Commandant of the 7th Naval District at Key West,
and the same week a reply was received designating Lieut. Charles
Morgan U.S.N. (Ret.) Commanding Officer, Receiving Station, Key
est,Fla. who will distribute garments to those needing same. The
better was from Commander Charles K. Farmer, U.S.N.R.FS, acting
Commandant, and expressed appreciation of the Federation's offer.
Thanks are due Mrs. Warren Fitch of the Springfield Improvement
Association, who has had much experience in Red Cross, who packed
the garments. They were expressed Nov. 14th, 1919 and were:
8 Helments (estimated value each $2.00) $ 16.00
5 prs. wristlets, p&ir .50 2.50
64 prs. socks, 2 n n 3.50 160.00
49 Sweaters, each 5.00 245.00
Miscellaneous articles furnished by Pan Hellenic,
Daytona, (estimated Value) 13.45

he list of those donating garments and knitted from Federation
ool is so long, there would not be time to read it. However, the
complete list can be published in pages, if convention desires.


I,_ _I ... "T. -

9- p
SThis department is deeply grateful to the club women for prompt
and generous response to the call.


(a) Work for the ratification of the Constitutional Amendment at
General election November, 1920, permitting the State to bond
for good roads.

(b) That a state survey be conducted by this department and that
clubs should assist by reporting, county parks or any place in thae
vicinity of sufficient beauty and interest, desirable as a state
park, a State Forest, Game Refuge, or a Bird Sanctuary. We must
first have this information before proceeding to secure information
in regard to the claim of these locations which would warrant
their special selection over other sights reported. The necessary
data to make a report sufficiently important to enlist the inter-
est and consideration of the next Legislature must be compiled.

(c) That each clubtwrite the Florida representatives in Congress
to sup--.ort an increased appropriation for State Aid to fight
forest fires. Also write the Secretary of Agriculture requesting
him to demand of Congress ea increased appropriation for Forestry
service, under the Weeks law. Tell him we are without sych service
in Florida. $500,000 per annum is considered necessary by

(d) Clubs wr6te Florida Representatives in Congress to support a
Bill creating greater Sqquia Park, Greater Tellowstone, requesting
that the Mississippe Valley be especially set aside. Also the
Sand Dunes of Indiana,

~ -- -- --~- M

S(4i0 Your attention is invited to the fact that the trend of selection /
of National Parks arrear has been westward. You are urged to wor
for southern parks.

(e) Your chairman wishes again to emphasize the opportunity Florida
has to become the greatest sugar producing state in the Union,
urging that cibs aid in every way the development of the industry

(f) The General Federation Conservation Chairman urges the teaching
of Natural Saztx Science in Public Schools. Gardens under
school supervision. :That food is needed to maintain$ Peace as
much as it was to win th -war. Three million school children
produced fifteen million worth-of food stuff last year,
(g) That another plant house be erected at Park and at least ten
acres near the Lodge be set aside as a Palm Nursery that at all
times palms of all ages and sizes may be on hand for sale,
establishing in this way a permanent income.

(h) That a folder of 18 views of Park with outline be gotten out at
once. Bids on such as I hold are $45.00 per thousand, but they
do not make less than 5,000 at a time. These would cost $225, or
*o4 each. The c&st of the ctts might bring them up to 7.05
each. They are sold for 150 each, which should net us at least
$500. Could be sold at news stands and Park lodge, and by clubs,
and would be a splendid advertisement for the Park work.
It has been a great pleasure to haveworke: with the outgoing
administration, and I beg to thank the i for the privilege

I-p', I / !I

A T M . ."


&"O0Salr lath to 2l30, 0 nU.
-.. -&4-- -
Lei sl* .

-we greater rjt fj asit.. weea *a- *pn at TwaJriahae dfea-
Lng tfle 1919 Lti3latmcTs< ataiastla in very say pvexahl the Fed.rcationB
O.naoan tiac *n.u.ff win as folAowrt
*e-. Id. An am dit ir thr Trusims of the IktrrnpA lo-
prftVwssnt ?VusA Olt P 44d tSo dRed to lhe Fe-derd GOVrwOa Ut for qs* as&
fit4nele ud.ian BDservUtion the Rl ac % Y asiir b the 1917 Laletatme,
o0ialtouf Auf 98,Q00MS oeave for whleh we fnd cntlest to S4oth.
8e1. 17 An- a.proprztau 1er upkeap of ipyst Pal a SCahts
Pzbk.* 1t 11b hoped will mtevr ha" to ask nor .a1s a64 R. ow-
vers, 1$.00 for the bierakaI eftled Owm opasrtd tfavorably Iy the Apia.-
priaUon GCoaithesa of beoth h Ins the Nuse fojr d-3 % Ank Ick i of athet a on an'rt pa of ianw of kLas t in

*So* 18b X An at cZsating takitsonta 1and to Royal Pdtt
Stat% Park got bisd scluxervation U90WpewCe.9 ThW-..abew e o f Me. 7, Ca
riz-t 19 9Lisnat l.f ail fieti IrlFted any 1 aSt) n by thi ShlSe M Condetteo
ef btP.'S thO a ticSn oflipr aon.untnad with and f Owsh&go &. tate
14"40, with wany MWOetg of theT ohVas*Te C et 14 X04 d"I-awd.,.
'o. 19. A &nffiaeit apsr4aeton irt it avaf t i0bl0 I Mridar'
portion cf t tet V?" at (Md Rtoad Sa ftoa t1e d1 12. One of the bitast
lsAt of leialatIbsoneaafm tend Ula4 the O edA ie ad4 wbzy. for Flonridt n
a jeanamst .besia' 1 naplte Vof ratiao o Uyef auto, Go4 RFoLP a4 SeptW
as Cwll a* chdt tos be ,Ove ti oltk Ts. fBit) a-t law* t S ter fiut tax
^t se: s. ;So. Ut, Srijf eit ltaftIsv ae-ttiotio l aa /?ytom Broyal OPal
State Par ti pto bi a@ tetti4e phw envieAs me- absez Kwolfstae. Ptu*
wileta to be saOted. on- tate madoe TsL tO fielal lY firsS.UjAr to olub

A rCmAsitrttia al tiedmsrnt pwevted, waoh ief byttfWie t Coitt Flo-
riat- e bondi ms t toasitd tf*r per 40i8t of the eastre tax ve" off ttew
fat%%*. Vwt woa.y bNe btm we.a thoaet hkadaea fifty and etnux handd MIA-
aIt opmlaAt, bi.aias Sti aiene hena 1T r ate Gost r etio. .
Stw e a.- adA t* sb a n9d by nab 0e0or with to this r. WA&Uto GwWl n-
meat A 4 o i: the b n iltta i, theU s roaoaetd work for the Raifsral per-
1,0d. Peak.,TS i vil _m% until June iDN98 The :-r c* eAwently ,ine
by %# &ad mep"artmpftA 14t oPhanAlCd.
flhto bU9e unsed is to sta e tte* forets aintEioEarfeo
S1natfsaa Ubs a sUpetfrier toa e very toen to tieato stat& read fd hti
ntae .ad TKsadsF tow *e 4 ttee n .th *h S ha a-drl Blftd lane axte rhweted to
Shite CaifernIFhua exnmded to.nty BiAll on. .n itsa -read *rmtR ard ita-
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t R- .at. te WI4A tor iatAo. 'nt I s. &t F. W wAt et, e *to .-e b

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(0) That Each *$m* wItS* tlw. 7mletda epnsmontatisW ts Congazs. t.
s- ) pla Ie.fone&, 4 Alatioe. f oor 9% t AM- to fight
to*' fl tb.ne Also HRite the eareeany of A&aiastuh sEqs -n
ias a to dsnaw0 ef ObvArsss a M.nand alThpfl*tioR
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S. aAt tat Aa thAis .if a flfl tai rA'
(-) ... .at.t ,, ,of. vIe. ..t a.R b S.stin A)t ..... ...S
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Wot fr tae ratifhoao. ,.,.t O, onastitttd-a. Afls,*nt .
at .eastal el 1.e n lnw*.ber. 19,K p*p4,h A B. StAtI to
Sbo-ot for & d ras.
That a *te . : bil ndate b t Departme~t aad that
tiab, Ahe:Hal see st by reporting onaty parkE 0x ar piJMs
i ia tht; l.nitry et smtae elnt be3 y awt 1.:fsto, 4er4gab.
aa--a tatse -atk a StatS i~nst,. 0 ms sRetwg r,.. a B "t *
artwaryh* V* w- l Aa hvi krveton before
pro=mtuits t, seenimt iatcrntiowU t* ea to -th alati of
ths' loot~~&ea which we ud warr nt iteir peata leticat
ove other eig1htf yr ptda. thw n-ee.aRy .atA to .at 0 a
a1port natfieeatly limprtsat $0 Slitt the L*atnst an con-
4t4ertion of tie exat aisalslftusw nt be. eoaplX&d.
That emth ela waite tise rlni a topr**tatis In nswo tA
esppgrt a taonaee plrsespattan for atttati MA to Sht
for-est t re. afl .it to .t.e.S.t;ay of A gwaltr e. acmisb
In hi. to de"al .f .Qowsrsee s ies anad ar;*OAtatton
for Fosasf sev$., urndAr the lWeeks law. Tell hin w6 are
tldesat 344t Lt b a InRonts. *5004,00 per oasnau i 9-
*Thtb *W TFsoat *ezsIflsfa.i&^ 4 aspipQrt lb
THU eatenfting rnater 9Bqtta Pat-, (rnater te34oartanfl'3paeats
V-4 theh a 4i8^i Vaery *f ieraLy set "AIonS'e
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*Twut ebasrana wtes anils to oph&tse the orpeztwaft feap
has U, bets& o tixe ,"awlat #War proVtepfln satA An &tbe U'tqn,
At t las elubw alid IS ewtv way tSI denlp.3saet t.he t--

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, .. The C era- a e. ntion O"ervafch .R -tjn.us . ., a. .*.
e.. t A aNtttlelo 9med Pe. ?ublo, Sho a ade asnter abhe _:
uperviC.o. Th"t food I aod0,e to m alM n Pnos" as nah -i
It wsas. to_... $tt t n0 Ty .atN 3..1 .hilti roo,"efl
f fti etai s'e-o d ae we tMs o.f toiA _b-ft .last y"''.

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A*af ntto-.a- VllB"e- be ab s ,4A. 66 aPat -almaOWArY-WJthat at
S all MfeS )$M5A M0 *all OgesA 0a Papn RAW be SO heaM for a, ft
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Sas. 3L4 e0 tho- ae.q 2' hol& .a- 14.,00 ,.* t tf.lte bt tiy
4 3Cs4t 24b1 i-i thbo iAt. tie. thesn nd aost f $as
or .04 tac1. 'The *oo ot tm tit.ieht Mt* blN IM ar t


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. .. . -'. .- :li ^ 4 ,A , . .: .. ,.d .P. . ,. .. . -b ...
*' .,o .. ..... .. "t.A .B Xti " ." .. ..x.S .'., ". '.. 4 .A" *"
..n .._.......eg. '.... . .-, .. -. $M ,-sa -.t .. .be pa" .
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tJ:ranea .se Wvow. r j. -

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:: :!I

Vice President at Large:
MRS. T. V. MOORE, Miami
Vice President First Section:
MRS. W. F. MILLER, Valrico
Vice President Second Section:
MRS. J. D. RANDALL, Lawtey
Vice President Third Section:
MRS. CHARLES A. CAY, Tallahassee
Vice President Fourth Section:


MRS. J. A. HENDLEY, Dade City
Civil Service Reform:
MRS. S. G. CAPEN, Jacksonville
Public Health:
Home Economics:
MRS. W. T. GARY, Ocala

State Editor Florida Times-Union:
MISS RUTH RICH, Jacksonville
State Editor Reporter-Star:
MRS. E. W. D. DUNN, Orlando
State Editor The Schoolroom;
MRS. GEO. M. WRIGHT, Lakeland

MRS. W. S. JENNINGS, Jacksonville
Secretary to General Federation
DR. MARY B. JEWETT, Winter Haven

Vice President Fifth Section:
MRS. EDGAR LEWIS, Ft. Pierce P. 0., Eldred
Recording Secretary:
Corresponding Secretary:
MRS. HARRY B. MINIUM, Jacksonville

erberation of Women's (Qlubha
Legislation: Seminole Indians:
MRS. JOHN W. SIMMONS. Jacksonville MRS. FRANK STRANAHAN, Ft.Lauderdale
Industrial and Social Conditions: Royal Palm State Park:
MRS. J. W. McCOLLUM, Gainesville MRS. E. C. LOVELAND, Homestead
Conservation: Literature and Library Extension:
Bird Protection: Librarian:
Forestry: Bureau of Information and Historian:
MRS. H. A. CLONTS, Jacksonville MRS. KIRK MUNROE, Cocoanut Grove
Waterways: Endowment Fund:
Good Roads: Transportation:
MRS. C. E. HAWKINS, Brooksville MRS. E. S. JACKSON, Jacksonville I
MRS. H. S JENISON, Chairman, State Editor General
Federation Magazine and Business Rep., Jacksonville
State Editor Tampa Times:
State Editor Miami Herald:
State Editor The Journal:

11~4I-Q- '46i


'~41- 1i~e-L

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'7? 5. .5.i5-, 5
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-Z ONT 0i.
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IAa aWIN ')'F'a a~4
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OZWbiO p4.'ort: bw..ntanvm AR u w
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that t0 4 loflana o1s tstirsba st tath
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Oz *f- -' at tpIo knen ,iJLt =anf unl vrsasly madirA zetra n font.a'
-1sVa4 4'M8rs. fW1-l o: crma6t Jendtages -Past $tato fdltation
reo.4 sis.ad le.Ar tin. lry- Wy.aooe sta. tfei e by vr waen -t her
tate, sht: tis n.ew rnadittr out st hr Iso r-au s -Dieatow to w .
.-. teral Fed : Statoa Iten floria ad the tol.ra I o.e. s .gth..t r with
.- ss ef say ther 4tatr knetir.abbat ,tht. pla. artf;ekttg tat
r" s tar:tJe. ing ade 'Firt Vl.ce rent :f tIi ~eaerl Fre erati n
The.y s. -t t "o A l her 0re, tr*i. ,nthta su seam .Ue '
a e .a* a. d a r. ,8. ata y mae go a .s i. Ac SO

As the- d*tahtet o Seat to A uti-a Shuy .a. Map a nn
herbitea public p iflt, blg blew potat., and i tgit: for le4erhlip.
A: 'th. tpE -of Ita. lam Shan Jeaings, # a was. his. true o hw s te -
Wttagiptart hs brlXia4 oare s.OR Couaty JudAge, Leislelatert Governor
t- h- s ita L -and maa other great tod.etakla. ,e :.a nA his ta .
alwayfound f r Jeanings ready at4 able s atooplb -big thins.
Her ..... lub wek ;epaw._* tb eat gerarC utor. Rh" has .am,
th big hngs a' lt. hard thina.. .S ha' be. i. "" .gh:

,w, rk staa e~; t partiulaly..iB lo S. en r td a l ti t hek".:

Ple da t. Fds ta ft Wea', Clubs in 1I4 Si eatted ne t tcg 107
.- tt*ag the cakuor e.fr t' Yde tatlon deouia. Its MattArship.
and ftwunating thie iAdwaeert fuond.. seenta$ for t..arfler& 7frat31a
the .jaakly..,fa.u -y. Stat ,te k, h her.. Teeratjes
.qu s oet a State ,
S. -, Re ork aleng Leglelativ liaes hba. borne riob fu.tt. A,

.la the oreat$en tf a aoiisa tet ,e aL t 6 a
l otituttn for tl Feaeble r laise (a. .a,tsep f.iarig
s.a'. get .'g i:r ir o. d .. .. ". a Iu rlpal hoe e i, a l-t- '..,.,
ewtablivhisgL thi A to foaurtiei set fur Bne 40ot
San .of l7 1i
n. sJ-ennzsct 1deatverv Feelt redwAioen IQILl QOsrdSe,
State. an. bu.ty Parka, towns a Bird Sas twraxl id sa SIAt O ae .
Refuges ad. Fotest Peeitsa. Oonavt -A has. ee.n he dt her
sbbie sad sbq dna.s lng #reaarf ehib she alae ani .ask *i as
a' a- th tag O hebtr .ah :tae jr


"W -4

T r.i nxo branch of bteteraent work tLA hr Federastuio and hor

ShLe to Ahio -t es. Jenninga has not given of her .bet, but ptrh;ps
tee thing stnad out s ~niftiantly,. Her N'4or Wrk rocwXds. and her 'long

and untiring figtt fir )osan Suffrauge.

She Berved during the five JUiberty Lo2an eampaigl a Stoate

Obalruan o the Woeaanes Lber ty Ian C09maltte% aht the hea oi the

meet caplete organisaties eer. knowsO among t.he weoen of Filoidi.

Thay aslj t4,11140,89Q 7 ioth ttf Liberty Beaae t.a state with 8nlY 60n
amtlltUi epulat ia, boiJea tae n~eat meIS by ether eqop~e-. This
was a ret achievement ama4 m reewgaltleo lrot thaoa in suthoriby

Both S. ain Mrs. .Jnln ah@T tri b a Stt traiwte. They

hav0r believed andt worked tht r Award the goal 6f Suffrage for

Woean. Mr. Jeolage will nt agt the fioaa aibievomenn. but he did
s. tfhe begiannan of the o&d, Sd is .i*fe bha been largely nustrumental

ti briainr aAbout the desired and La her. stts. ferida LIas ore

M snolpl Suftfaw tha any other Staste. WEmal Suffrage wa8 endorsed

for the fbtst tifts a the F saratieo at OMrs. Jemaingst first oententila.

In 1915 Vi#fx wore elp, ite t-sse eti v d in 1916 tle vote
wags UnatsOs. 1in li-the Polt1o6al STiglity CeniaMtte was e9pated
.i the Flartde Feder"Eata 9& Xr. r Jeonings has nev ceaQtiS to: work

through thia, T ?lloi E& Ziqual Suffrage Afsoqlation, and every ther'

oturoe for the aers9 res

the Florida Federatien believes tatin offering iar. W.S.

Jernings lor the office 46 Filr Yite Preeiztent be Goieralb

Fedratieni he hi sharifag wi th the stinger o.rgai.lztie -a weMAn wobse

work always. oeataO for ."s tight., for asvascuoat, and fao the good

of eot only Federatied C1 ubr wean, bIt for *o'an everywhere and in

every walk of 1fe.

*n.Irs, *W..Jenninge for First Vloe-President *I the
General Fedarati*xs .

-Ia the Florg4a slegaunt. r the Des M1eamo Ws4m.ntion in

5Xzo ht^r^c Je
/(d f7.+4


I -





One "o'. the best Ioowno and. t sst universaelly admired women in ?lorida '

*today-is Mrs.r William Shermani.jeinrin ., Past State FedarRtion President and

l ader in every .advan step itaeonb. the 1-w .d u. of her st^tesie. is now

*tonidin out her. to' years as 'Diroctor to the .eno ral Federation from

S lorida, and the fl orida. wompn,togethe.r with those of many pther stes

.who lipow' about their plan,are asking that !rB* Jennines be made, 2iirst Vice

Sresi Eint of the i oencral Federation.

The expect t6 put. her therefpr "nothing sucQeeds liie success" and

career,ss Coun y J.ud.ge, Legislator,Go vernor of his state,and an y other

able to accomplish big things. .

r. rier citub work recoridsth same' generals.tory. sh hadone the e. big

thinE s and the hard things .She has been active in, hisgh places. in locral.ia

organizatios. of coursie,ut hexs. htate- i',eration.;iork stand m.out partnioularly.

elected to .th. preiedny of lt' he' eloridaa edetratiou of Womea.'s Clubs in .

1914,Tshe served through 1917 getting theft charter 'Tor the Federation and

doublLng its.membershi Seung for the tl rida ted- ration tmhe now justly

famous i oyal Valm State rark, she made her. ederation tblique 4s owner of a

,- . 1: Park. p. i-.

S- Her work along Legislative lines has 'b;crxne rioh fruitA. prohibitiono

S amendment to'te State Constitution ;the .ceeatiln O a Co0iZssaiotO -0look

I -.nto. the needs of a.un ltitu tittin for,the. Feeble Mnaed _later established).

.Secuirti ng a getting. into running order awn ndustrUl Schol for Girleail .

e stablidhincg in this aud in the XIdustrial' School for Boya the cottage Plan

. of lving. .

s ,Mrs. Jenuings Advfoatse Rood ptoduction,School gardens,State and

County Parks,towns as -bird eatuariesand State Game Reie s and forestt

Proteorio4. CG:.neervaticmn has been one of her hobbltes,ard she .drsm lont g,

d 'eams wlieh shi arises and males come true about things of 'het O1hosen
.a-es s . ; . i '. *. "
*r interests. -
S. a iere is no brao h of bettermint work in her Felderatio- an& heP

state to which 'si inningss has nt 'gi v of hi "best,bt nerha p& -

Sthi ts s.aid out eignificantly. HEr ar ok .recratand her. long, and

u. itir. fiig -for Vloinan i. .r. .P.
.o-- 1 I
. .' . -.
j.. ... *? 2 %4 --- i a- '- .. . < ...

* T *, ..... t" . ." ,
Jnnrsivs .2-
s 2 -.

SiShe served during. the five Liberty Loan csm.aignas State. Chair an of the

Woman's.Liberty Loa Crmmnittc-e,at the head of the most conilete organization

Sever knovmn among the women of Florida. They sold $. 17,140,897 worth of

'Liberty Bonds in a state with only. a million population ,besides .the amount

Ssold. by other people. Thie was a real achievement and won reccg.nition from

these -in authority.

Both ~, .and Mrs. Jennins have always been SuffraLists. They. have

believed and worked together tovird the .oal of Suffrage for Women.Mr.

Jennings will not see the final achievementbut he did seethe beginning of

the end,and his wife has been largely instrumental in brinc.ine about the

desired end. in her state. Forida has more Municipal Suffrage than any

other.state.- V man Suffrage was endorsed for-the first tine i aadxan a=

.ammkar in the .Federation at gre, Jennings' first convention.In 1915 there

were only five dissenting votes,and in i916 the vote was unanimous .In 1917

the Political Equaa t~$ let was related. in 1orda and Mrs. Jennings

has never ceased to work though this and every other source for the

The Florida/believes that in offering Mrs.* .S.Jennings for the office

of Pirst Vice -reeident of the Beneal deadration she is sharing w-th.-the

-stronger organization a womaa whose' work always county -for the rigbt, for
advancement,and for.the good ea not only/Federated Club women,but for womae

every whee. and in every walk of life.

Mrs. W.S..Jeninggs for First Vice-President of the General Federation

is the Forida slogan for the Des MNines convention in .ne.

s i



"4 F

A ** 4.

- ::-



.adam Chairmen and Co-Workers::-
In the :.egi-.\ini- of the year, in casting about for an endcwn
committee, I found that the club women w.'ere loath to assume the
burden and, realizing that the officers were in closer touch wi
the clubs than ony one else could be, and finding precedent in
other states to sustain my _csition, I named all the officers o0
the comE-.ittee, except the Recording and Corresponding SecretariE
We had hoped to have had some movement launched before now
to swell the fund materially, but find it diffiohit to have a
state wide affair without infringing on club riigts. We wish
each club 'e would make it a custom to pledge a stated amount
if ever so small, every year. If clubs would pledge themselves
to give the proceeds eean of one entertainment during the year
would greatly assist.maiy-e-the Many other states are raising
like funds.
We trust that a proposition will materialize at this
convention, which will tf-v give each club a -part in raisir. tl1
r.~,t. Your chairman is open to suggestions.
You will be pleased, I know, with the following. reports hwhic
gives a splendid foundaticn for $25,000.00 as t.e goal.
Tls ccwi:ittee has met with enccurasemLent cn.d enthusicestice
response as the figures bear testimony.






e endow-


Mrs. W. S. Jennings------------- .------------...- ----------. 100.00
20the Century 0lubT7-ainee a e- .--.e------...----------- .------ 1 S.00 O
Sorosis Club, Orlando-------------------------------- ------j 25.00
Civic Lea--e, Orlando----------------------------.--*---- 25.00
STo:-.ln's Club, Perry-------------------------------------------- 1.00
omrnans Club, Apcp a----------- ------ ---------- ------- 5.00
Worn~s Club, St. Petersburg------- --------------- 10.00
Meer V. J. Association, Green Cove Sprirgs------------------- 5.00
Cycacia Cer:etery Association, Tarpon Sprin.s (Yearly 116 4l 9- 5.CC
"' ( Yearly 1917 ------ 5.00
Sprinifield Improvement Association, Jacksonville--------- ----- 100.00
V. T. Association, San :atec----------------- ------- ------ 5.00
Woman's Club, New Smyrn------- 10.00
".'cman's Club., Ft. Lau'rdale--(Yealy, 11)- ------------ 5.00
2EHmixSaffx&sx'a.nansX Sans Souci Club, Daytona------ --------. 5.00
:.rs. Cay, Tallahasses- ----------------------------------- 5.00
Woman's Clue, Winter Park- ---- -- ------- -------- --- 5.00
Woman's Club, Stuart- --------------------- --------- 5.rC
7o-ian3s Club, Live Oak----------------------------.- 2 5.00
Womran's Club, Tinter Haven (Yea.rly, 1916)---------------- 10.00
(Yearly 1~17)----------.--.--- 10.00
Pro _re2sive Cul-- CluIb, Titusville---------------------------- 10.00
Palist:-o Club, Da5ryona .------ ----------- ------------- 10.00
Tampa Civic Associtio n---- ---------- ---------------------------- 10.00
Woman's Club, Fcrt Pierce--- -------- -- --- ----- ------- l.00
Wor..an's Club, VUWe Palmre Eeach (Yearly, l r1)----------- --- 5
Miss Kate V. Jacl:scn--- Ta~pa-------- ------------ ------- 5.00
Fairfield Improver:ent Associati-on --------------------------- 5.00
Mrs. G-..ton H. Ed'-'ds-Orlando--- ---------. ----------- --- 5.00
Folio Club, Coconut Brove----- ------------------------------ 5.00
General Federaticn .anazine--------------------------------- 10.0
V. S. Association, Orr.cnd------------------ --------------- 10.00
Woman's Club, Jacl-scnville----------------- ------------ 100.00
lirs. Stanley, Daytona- --------- --- 5.C00i
Sale Ermmaa Fox's Book-------------- ---------------------- --- 1.5(
i.ra. W. Curmer, Jaclsonvile.------------------------------ 300.00
Woman's Club, Tallahassee ------------------------------------- 5.00
gTotal a n--lub.--Melbu n --------------------------- 5.00
Total---------------------------------------------_-----.--.----- 950.50

iix A do&


YVoanas Club, Brccoville ----- ---------------------- $ 5.00
HousekeepersI Club, -,;, .- ---. ----- 50.00
TWor.ian's 01ub, Palatk6a.----- -------- .---.-- ------.-..------ 10.00
W.orin's Club, Sanford.------------ --- ----------- -- --- 15.00
Total--- --------- ----------------------- $0.00

Total pledges and funds ollected.----------------- 1030.50
Interest on ai..cunt-------0-------------------------------1 2040
Grand Total (~n bank)--.--. -- ---------------- 0.


,ra. ,,7. O'rTTalc, rlando--------------------5-----------00
o.ian' Clu':, :i ai----------------- -------------- 25.00
Equal. Suffrae e Le a.uJ7-- la-o----.------------------------- 10.00
V. '. Aa.ociati n, Creseent Ci-'y.------.--- -.---------- ------ 10.00
L.Tr. T. --------, ------------------ ------------ ------- 5.00


Woman Club ,Brookavi lie -------------------- ------------- 5.00
Housekeepers Club, Coconut grove ---------.- -------------- 50.00
Woman's Club, Palatka------------------------------------- 15.CO-
Woman ta Club ,Sanford---------------------------------------- 10.00
Total unpaid.-- -------------------- -------------------- 135.00
Entire Pledaes paid and unpaid----------------------------- 3115.O0

Respectfully submitted.


Amt and. the tt9s aa ttlated aMi'
4. ,.. .. :. ..!-4 .. -
.Wn th oldae r ,ad -the youngeat xirtic has died,
:i z.'". fe- .ah test, C. a, t I tnd it-lie dg*nforai on f Oro

S'Till the. Master .of All Coo okmen hall set ua .to work anet. w .

And thdse that wore good. al &l b1 ha:,py: t.y shall sit in a &1o"en: chair --

2hI xhalUxaRPa3 1Ltx ia.t6543 54fl xamt$aZxkfShalSaUX5x5UmPSikxfIZXXXXXXx
They shall splrah at a ten-lea g .cnvas with bruises of comet' hair,

SThey hall fin* real saint to draw from Madalene, Peter, and Paul;

They shall' work for an age ,at a sitting and never be tired at all!

And. only the. MUaster shall praise us, and only the Master shall. blame;

A nd o one .ahbll worl.far money,:and no one hall work for fame;
-. But eth for the- joy of itxj working, and eaah, in. h separate star

Shall draw the Thing as.he sees It ft, tI'.God of Thingb as Thsyg4e
S- : . o -i ',. .i. i : .. .,.


N. -- . -
.4 .. ,- *L'1 -.

4 ,V

' ".= : "5 -9f;

.. : ., ..+ ,, ...tM .. "SR.I

*wa.!!{'zgi: A
*-- *


( To whom it may concern

The smoke upon y4' Altar dies,

The flowers decay,

The Goddess of your sacrifice

Has flown away.

What profit then to sing or slay

The sacrifice from day to day?

*We know the Shrine is void," they said,

"The Goddess flown -

Yet wreaths are on the Altar laid -

The Altar Stone

Is black with fumes of sacrifice,

Albeit She has fle tour eyes.

"For it may be, if still we sing

And tenth

Some Deity on wandering wing

Ma$ there incline;

And, finding all in order meet,

Stay while we worship at Her feet."

Rudyard Kipling.



*. *



( To whom it may concern )

The smoke upon your Altar dies,

The flowers decay,
The Goddess of your sacrifice

Has flown away.
What profit then to sing or slay
The sacrifice from day to day?

4*e know the Shrine is void," they said,

"The Goddess flown -
Yet wreaths are on the Altar laid -

The Altar Stone
Is black with fumes of sacrifice,
Albeit She has fledmour eyes.

"For it may be, if still we sing

And tendttbeS3-riT
Some Deity.on wandering wing

May there incline;
And, finding all in order meet,
Stay while we worship at Her feet."

Rudyard Kipling.



-1 .4


-.. !:-c.

.Sus.eation for Card / '

Br Born to an inheritance of big thinking and right act~t. .

Mrs. William Sherman Jenninrs has fearlesaly,

chosen whkt she believed right. c

CV^,rt M"rried 1891. First Club office, foi.o.ica h...iyi;aa
,- / -. *" ,
Secretary Whittier Club, Brooksville, FIh.

1918-14 President Springfield Improvement Asas.)

re-eleoted 1I90. Revised constitution and by-laws,

procure d oha rt.er, later oa1 i :Lran of 3onmservation

and Fin aicy.

Or anizint Ch :rn. oonstituticn -Sr by-la,'A local
SXY.,0.CA. proT~urd oh .rter Director four yers.

Ora-xnization Cht.:n., DuvAl County FOAlrAtion W.01

un &.f JaTckonville ed:teration lojtherxs' Cluba.

W'aheri r winie1l FTaorial Oc9hanage Asqi, ; atherine I

Livingstcr CO~b tar D.A.R.,one tern vice xegenti'

one year state ch..n. Ol- Trail .- i.n*

e' Th*'.r. L.v.'l ys T.2:X T'.nai.ca 1 J ckac'.A-llC;

Womar's Club, 8 ye:ari chtci:r. Lt.i-alition, chfmn.
Civic, .in-.Conasri.tionj Di. actor State Anti-


li l-14 State Federation Cluin.Education, .oaOw -.

9he1e GouW44ettt4frtWnal -AaseadmanYtt forT v&
1914-17 waAra2-, Stfal PresiReAW, L t.Fed-ration

W.O.;- procured charter, Royal Palm State Park- '*-
C: <^ & founded endowment, doubled membership.

1914-1S Chhfr.Fla. Jcin olrnAttee G.F.W.C. and

N.E.A. *ohool patrons Dept.

1914-17 Chmn. School Revenue N.E.A School Patrons


1917-18 State Representative Army Cantonements

under G.F.7.0. Health Dept.

191?-19 Federation Cunoervation Chmn,-. nd4 T;Sais -~0a.bWs3

l91-lO-4Fla. Dire.or G.P.J7.;. .. *.

1919 I'emrl1'er EAeoutive ComL.. .State A QtubB .AAan. -,

~r 1

I -..-

I _-

S-- I: To no other one influence ,in Florida,is due more than to

Mrs .Jeiinqs for the following state legislation:- Rebuilding

Boys State Induatrial School; BItablishingl Gir.a ;oottae IJan

for bothioonotitutionLl am endmentifor aohool bonds; ten mill

school ax.wid i/!Prohibition Looal option compulsory sduoation;

reauVi3Lt-.t.n wiCde law 1919; Feeble minded oot'missionrreault,

wtatt institution 119;9 good road law,*aubrirssion oonatitutional

amendnme..-lt for road 'ionda.

Pa.:iotio ,philanthr.opio ~nd oivio ort -nizat.icns of /~i 4

Floridaw ,will ihow :rf.. Jannir-.,n a pioneer in every prCLXeafive ~i$





EJLrP1_-JLZ2'-pt' TjgF: VT_AJM F' T-=-^,
~Pq~"31 ^1 '

jyut7aA.-i-- c#-'M -i / _,^ -V *',- *.. vy '.('-.-'- - *" "..
1.17-1.6, Membex Exeoutiveu Corni,., ChLn.Uttiliztiln

aIndA Economy Styate Food Commiasion, council of Defe-iSe,

Appointed by Covernor.

Appointed by Dr.Pha, OrkEnization Cb@n.W,~rn.mn't Co.im.

Ccrunoil efenae. F.rl ter FExecutive Comrm.

State Lib',J-ry lar Oc'.nol.

3.918-9 Execuirvv? Corr1. Nm;t*l War Savi!a,g; lt;.te. Chl..n.

Wortian~' Div. War C:'in. ~. '"tate n.C Lmn, n..i-s-l Div.

Jve T .-e'ty Lr- .r : yor.lr cutiv Ccr, tUnite.d War

Stork Art..ania .yrial Rl-of; it c3. airli.s,.. Reli-ef-

State Chirrn,. ,cr.-:-'s LanAd f e ,.'ry.

.8. J. endatsed, h5 asn FiL
*.P President ao he G o le-ratton
. . i. ... - . . .
.* ;.. . .-/ ... *-' ' -

i - MSD~VE l tht Ba d 9t Dir to r s of the Fnlrida Fi4 ratin '
o-f Vea*s'a l0um in -UBr1elariSr tn aemb 1*4 St 81 P"t nebua,

yfol4da,. a; thisfl 18ti .6ay ot Woembs;, #8Z w ptleaszwre ,'
jl ..oitatn.i. ,tlre. J .n.tE, *S.Oc-z"r Pfsaegnt of tie

fla tdd f of Wairn Club, aA pG4 eat voxFlari DairAobtor
of the GenurV $ eA' dtx tlonpt of Itwaen$. Olubs5, La reognition of her

,btl.. ty anid -titi# l 4 senrviceY ;h- Federat-oa and wo"en'es

S. .work, ..o .. -it o C Vie PWAs"int of the
GPnara Pe:aration ocf wen'sa lubas, and herby nAdorse her

for skEch paSltion apd eC'ooamer t thi StAte koocnol s 'C9 i -

.atuA foe nln a.t St ~Pdrabhuaa Fl.a., RJA the (AoptUi? of A
sut.tbl reai s ittl.uin ertoriSnT her fonsu au n po.t.tion, 4;wtru ti..
tbe 44daI Sa to pcre snt bar name at GT;en'ral F oedetion of

Wo.a n-h1 s B- -enlal C onrntivn to be beS4.i June, 193o 0at re

lo..naa, hwaw, 0jtt t fl qonfzirn sIsat if no onw owestned arn

!4tifYt n' i%$i2y and odewlob to thb Gen -al rea ii.Lon ad

' ,; -; '

SAbove resolution was preR enftd by the Roavd through the,
R'6e0o^rALnW SearertaRy to the Convention which adopted unanimeualy
the following z6a.lenn.
.': ...

M oo.r-d,- ,,sor .t t t o t" o n t o h c d p e n n m u l
.,e fo,1owians,,ution

B _: IrE
r~7~1r '-hr~
~ :a
; -
:;. ~~ C~':4 I

/ Y
in it .-v: tit i*ss ion l V*bV.A At 3t lt E Ibur,. o Vr 1 L'ji ,_
TWit Lis i. u sJUtii pJA L F;4*; 4o D&4 otlcrO iu dtb. .. .t;
00% Oh o" oYiA 19 vve e ift e, 6Uv iS c, f .5 "t ..Ct:a..." -
iyr tse ontentUAn be mna*. crfe4t tvaa tbt Zh e Or to t ifPao
It. oniti CoAUntotn Gensn4. Fesratlaos Wow*'i s Cuebs to &0s..nwbaale4
'a a A SMinft4 towa's. Jit.ne, 1, t ..4 hsrej tattau t~e to.

,praeentt h Saae of MrO. W4S5. Jq jnanjea, fewer .Prea Pa s en at e .

n l.ri-4 ?Ade4? tictn .of Wogtw oth, be,, an n" I b~rv ti nonstlDifal.it

.his Aitti. ." t '- .
,* .

,V .~.,~.: ".. ' .;
.. ; ,= ., .-.. .. .. ,.. .. : :, ..% --i.. .,

, .,: .<. ";:. . "; .' 'o ",..';. .,; "..,.,^

*' !.F' Dim4.6
S a. .',p, . , '- - ,.- ; ; '- ., '. .. , . .I-c'- c, ',, , :. . ..

lift -P4v0t"
., .t ,. . .. ..C .... .
a., .=.. ,,, ,; ,: *..' ,,. *. ... ,= ." =' A 2 ... $.M.tfl, =" ~.'. . .

-5I; -- -'-.#4^ ?P^ei4 :

j44 '4.*..*^ ^ *i*

&1.-^^i .4'^^:^a^^ '

^^r^I i -^ --."^

*ag..: .. a--.. .. .,...; . .*..N..* |, ,..1. : .
.',;1.. : . -- ...s. ,.. ', . .- ,. ? ..' .. w : ..,. .. . '-, a
iv.,' t'. sr -s ..f ..-

-. t- .46 -Pu n r., ,. k, '1.. .-

My^,^^.;- j*^*ri~t^:' ./^:^^^
t-- it.. -:s
"'t "w.'."*. " -4''" -" "" "..Z"t "'-".' :' ^" ", ". ".. M"" '-.. .-' '- "'

IC b p*r e 1
tbt r 1 w *#....t..l t, ,-q.

ia 35&a fitwa IA, Juno* 1914),p be and Lm, haroey jinstnitaa to
- .--.:. j- .... ia .-B *

.'.a :'.
~ ~ ~ ~Z '=" '-" -"" " :r "' "" "- " ." "-" ,










:- ~ ~ ~

~. -

, -,.+ r ..' :"...,- ....,!.. & ;* ,: : A. .. ." : r,: __ .- -^
.. -, " -. .

S -f, ,- M ,1, ,

,. .il t*-d tiN Boar4 V. o tdt .P6 4t

.. . .. .a'
Pe %me n' a xai, sa flenflfl nwsarn4.4 at SS a us

forit., rN tis the a t of ttb1 19% ti ofb
1* ZOPoEUs ig rna VSe. Janice Wrner Psseient of the

huLitty .4ietStag ohae s l f o O ew T ,atLcn and .w'i., .

wott, ter @e axal"el Wtit)Af of fln; flet of -. th;

aorat. Z0ti1atm9in o Wern*, Gltba.,'A h Sndx2 *ar x he r

fpr o Po0f.ioa. ainds ,Mc nast to' the S3,ato .nva.nton. .

annu1 adsioA at S t Peter.abu, .la., b tiA.. aAotlion ofa ..

*au44i ,am u% br aatcn ",n0xu M tUpo st e)dtV Ltot

te .a ets.i t al poet. er fa at the Ienal. n. ..

MQ1; 1MWaai f t tat son* a asafl.na thak ito a niwoinedzied ad.

oh*te 4oah awliss rf tic. *.44&n
trh rg' 4 .jajr I..d Lftt:.s to ste.r. Tpl ntJo 3 -. -

fl .a* gt- eat 4bipttheeihr$.tit s (btha c inan iol' *..

S- Ab rf '.Msu. l on a pr st. ted by ti oal.rd thro.ei .

R-f3il 0 Sfntarry. t torvepte wtt hi op' naniw on

S. a n . .a . . and . , n a r t ..
Rl" """i-. h. " + -':a -i ,' "t 't. w 4te "l"i-."sa C in r -fnr n r,

in : ; rYt. :a,. iiitL1 r r.t r t at -, .. au.. 1k VC4 ,

Ttot t.. .r.a-l.crrM ., a ft T.t Pcrs .Az tL. '....iutea

by t-t@ eoMranfbsn baea 'atfstn.,, ,that. t ,hi ustitsiate t:' thi

SisadiA Oolvar!Hmioa r?tta 7tefrat&ion pf Wosmnt'as COlnbr to iV*EIIo

.n DEs X .r.aas, IO-_wi, J.n . ,,Si3, be .a r hinby .lt att'f Mi

pt.an, thiS ff ci 1.3r. JAtii reZ t Pcd.dSi o. +th

flr3rcfa !Psaet2?rnt of Ias!J 02Olub, arot new th nFcrLk Btscti6r,

to the le.n.-Ria-l P-n.t n P"--,t.d. ,l of th .. Or '... .... -1 .r-cn

.f Wsenf* (bagbe aM4. that ht V oanrntl6naWrtity sn/or S heri fo r:

t siis pc(aitlobn.

r , a.' .

3 -.k *;-.! '.t--S .. -. ... : ~. -. '. - .*
'* ; -* ", : ; "-; ". ", .
.4 . . .j : : . l

..... : .- .:--': "
... ,'"

Bo i to an inheritanceS. of big. thi;nkie pad right n'aot,

:. .. : -Mrs WilliE. herman m Jnie has fearlessly

chosen l at. -ab t'elieved rti. 4

* ;:.,:


mar ri d 1891 ,Flrst Club of fice allowed shortly as
Secretary of Whittier Club1,BrookSville,,Fla.



Here. should follow thq mre, statements about the Y ./.0C ork.,
?ridgb 'Mueicasl orkWom an s.Club of .Jax.Work,and Springfield
I A. Wbrk. in -their order by dates,t Also D.A.R and Daniel. Mei.Orp,
S and every' other organization connected with)-
19145-1, -17 -1 .
President Florida .Pedration Sa k ork etc. L is tlave Work
and. all War Work in order -m

.197 -19- 20
Director to General Fed.from Florida Cc,4servation \ork Pasktets.
All War,1ork etc in order Legislative Work etc. ,




S- !






r '.

; r'

:-'- ,.

t' . v" : *

," ., ..
.. ^ i -. -'.*. ,':* i:* r :* t

3. a ~

.: . ,

' : e '. '" *

r ,

' ;.-'


3 , :- .
.. ... 4., -_

: :: :r
.. ,* :. .. -. , '

., :. . ..^ ;-.*- ..** ;

1. '". - *

.. -. . . .

H 4::


- I

'.:... "

.; ** ; ".-.; .. . '. -. : '. .. .***".. .,:...

. r - .. '

/ -- ;. I goA- t .w,- u.h_-.A0, 0 r1 a cd 4 th 5Mw;'4 0a e for at *l ei;U awdeh n
$uw RWW*Utw $W4Wit7t
." ' ..,A a.. . U t. -aft. R4 .sr b ., &n te

*. # to an t.. a.. 4...n. f g .t t a ... .. .O ._'.S-. t .. .'. *c
IsAsiz 4.w'Ifig ttn Nclw xflh ubosrI? o- At

. o- **f .- 1 .1, 4 Mm4.. 'fr& o- .. .
orb Go atp Aihallas, Ye ant
C* 'W9ke Mar44 2* !izs ohnb cttis ic eflSt

S ha mup -aTf .-t fa-i3ap. a -a .E' .. 'O "M '.. -
Qt~aitisU OonstUtatiop .ai by-w4wi .o4 r. Ilae
O sgtaMtn hfiOa s-e da. Onauty Fed tcl aoA O.i an i .
Ja "keanl .tede'tar ",of a t.ett t u .u .': '
eat D.esB Itfl tb2thatutflge )6or pbnAsanh K thw
.- Liv goaton QMptt .t *A*R.. o l t .h W.Aoe z.resn.t; m ma". :
Wmber st .?i-- wI teaJ Ja :;-.tI*

*cbnmeeofls 0a6 moneervating* Anti Xnben Aosin An.
,'- .... .. : .." .mo, 8ee, .ma!,, M <-^ a^ 'M n^<,, .. ,,,wmai -h '. "--+-

I .-44 It N .-e* t e .QrstI m&t'.toipn.-.
-. ~i..19 44 ...i.e t flEtda n ti .s. .prea.e4 e .z.
-. '. R*W 4y Pa .8-.t*. P rty Fr. ei, tI;aesl s oatr- ,-.

tqa"a e Max'p W pip. a. .1
* a:b .Ca 4 -. .a ,. a. .:

.,1-a r .s a -Lr, .. .. .
Lt 0 tro. V .. a ' "-. f j ":.4 d-it
t a '* ti -'tr *t r UL' ''" wonx. We' a' ,ia *". "*riss "" d -
re:itL 4t4 o Sr t V ss-X1itLsttat UEho .st.b04ash Ohat U;
ten att% sehook tax Pnd Psbibat4Laea oea4 o ttcn eonaulns fl
0aissoa rstan.ai a*ae ua: %*JCOUaIn or f .l&R .LW tflf
1 d l. r ... .h.ti f
.:t thie ;B1]. as oo. a h ko+-:, had gm eomi:en .
I. t h~sentia t:banfl bi ot tp ::ezzr 2.o.i M.e? *,ee ;,.

-. .a VflWOR -"t. ,it: .tisa fl.bf ltaX k is b a t ...
-24..... .-.~-J 1 Zak Zeket i Womf' ..M A.w t.f .tioan iCA

PaeniteyStatc ?04 Ootheaa n aft Ccnaaofl 0$ .Ikttllf. PI*kflt$
1Ib. ,*.a..aL .. p .4

U A ppey Wa flsvutw tMosap Itad ue hkr lit
*.-X- ,,aai*r- ",A.is y in em vf.^Qs^.W^- iao -

,-Dt ,. A p 'Xi bslt w.d. cljt' . ntad b )-r o-

.s.s1. Ste~9te 0l s 'sI' 4 An.... S..
1 .T7, T t1? ,.. f .- I b. is ".
t lban? ^ <3~rr f.X*~ ..'"o .-o .- "r -' .. . ^.- J. " ." c.*.'. :,.
., a. .< .. ;-
" ,. "* .*.* :-'piL t-

i ] mO. ]1+P .n +1 t +gv+ :..:..

d aval a li&
-. ,. ..

r.*1*< Ake )*a*r' .r;n g o ,of a' *' .,. la
7:.. n t 2p. ra ,, ; U r.s -rati . .

= -nig Ur duib .atti vtIso banq yeaars agoesa# -a u nings
teias tlly Alfemons rteit .asMeala ability,. born eeln tloriv

ai heas beo a the office f firsoet vieopr sitat ohs boa bo i4ser4
to 'at, not O'nly Adis, '. *l iUK -etration w 1vcwa .
epolo whiOch WB saoe w s aluid eof so 4 tanithol as prTOat ae
frilatal 9u 4bwoer ia S tt*l. a th, a olubw in woeiAh thu
batnl* tbnta, thL .tO oYry .ad piona, eh 'a ton.
tinnmin& .MI club aotflt bow.aw br as noo aIt. 1_nins_

imeaiately Asion tr ate asl finlablty, Aaborn tp R4t(*tv

o lhasm bftv as mfloilt Rte aLopsiIt th alhei L e it. auCt

esp.iea -a 'rig .e erAWa9tr oad o. o .
to *lab, not only a.Spis. te leRt hte oIars Yeaeratto of aWoihsm
Clubs which si refte sBo effieieint4 a4 tai0t9bty a* i pAlhlMrait
fzoemn 124fr17. tIrWh is ,hSrot a $zae. of olubewo is WIasu w a,

;flu not bQan ot ve. "e1apr .sa a wie itwr la aft ato nat, -; .
b. ., trly afl uoC $& rta to saAa .

S.eiE fe ham Ien on ... e, ta

'" 4lb tie, aa t the -teir- IO M uber of ati

d ,.

.- *. .' ,# ;.,;,, ,,,.
*' ',I ..' '* ''***"'. *' ''**i '*. a i,^,'/''('' y '*'*.',, I '". **o '| * ,* * **' '"

- 7. ~ ________________

~; grs~iff~a~si~d~.


state satively at work with Szer various s b-oommitteeas The
LbertW eaa oeauttee wasT the stel complete organisation eve
soomplishe& by the woman of Slorida, the rooalts testit1ns to the
great effalieaon anM eseoative leadership of the State hbai~ran,
Mrs.Jennires. Although oriAa haA only a million population,
the tain'sp Oaumittee sal4 PX7,140,897 worth of baonid, prabcially
all of these 4eles being in the last three isaeaes, and Mrs
Jennings ofeo~l jpt priAe in the part the 1 O1a women played in
fUnanaing the govewnaent during the turbulaen period of war,
caring the war die also serves as temporary ohirbian of the ftoritL
Divialo1s Womaa's Oonaitte 'on. sti of Iationsl Defesne, appointes
b.y Dr, Shaw; on toatoe -ibrary War qouqnoll; on State committee War
Savings State exeaotive eomaittee for UniteA War Work Drives
fr Araniaan-4yrian belief, and State ohatLran of Belgiaa Relief
f -j A

dMria ve.*
A reame ert the orxgnaisas en periots of maiy of tfe patriotilos
philanthropic ant oivie olubs f aoksonville an& the tate will
show Mrs. Jennangs a pioneer in evexy pro;ar-*sve movement.
She is an active amber of the aities' Priday MUaesale whioh
has bVen promoting the nstecal interest of AJacksonvrille; was
chairman of the committee on charters and by-laws of the Jacksonville
Y.WC,A. serving &s director Ift four yearae; rganising chairman
of okesonvllle Pederation of Mothers' 0lubs) s aottive D3A.2.
ant an arAlat nffragist
In the FPeferation of Women's t1ubs she has serre&t i praoteof ll
eveF tepofstmaat inoluAltq. especially the legislation conservation
otvroe, leoal .on itlons, ana eftoatioan.





: naanixBB 5.

A haisaman of the edupationalaouitt onitte f tshe 'aori&a
Peftratioa, ,el. aOtnooate& the State Oars titutloni aLm.ueint
permitting boaling for the public seaool, Whioh was paseofl
darge3l threou her intfueenee. t was also influential
in ae ring ths e m spa age of the local o option oompualsory
4aioatonal bil Uh A LL Wr wa n.. aV v1MAaw U

AS president sbe seCurea the charter for the lorida
Ieera boa, a.niD daring her aiAmlnitration the number of olubs
anl members of the oederntLon more than Loublel.
DJring her adlinlstration, the BPteration preseateA a bill
before the 1915 Legislature creating a Girls' InAumtrial School
anD pnt4inS into operation the cottage plan for thi8 school. ant
the Boye' SIhool, this being but one of the many refora movements
with whioh Mrs,. FMings has bean l4entitfl in 2lorUA,.
It was batrin her tern as president of the afaeration in
lwlSriA that Mra, ennings seeure .for the MB te organisation
Royal Palfm tate PatL, a tropical Jewgle in Oahe County
conasistng of 906 asres from the 1%f .Legislature, ant frsm.. the
late Mrs jenry rlegur, through the 0OoA offices of J E,
Jlarabaa,, 6Is eores of a Aitional ]AAA as an eaomwaest. Tb
part i sa L tO be the only. one owne an& oontrolXel br a tate
eoAeration f Women's Ulubs, and is beaomia fasmov for its
bomear, a the antal ma& br& lifeo o be fauni the'r.
Se tonuh on ail phases of olubwork which sZ. has stiaastei&
thlwgh her eneaetlio,"atiektltliventess"oull be tapoesa le -
*affios it to woay her 4elar thiklngi her peril stoneyP ast
her teadfly asA have p-ietoA the, olubs through many tarbaulnt
,," asyb"hvopLn

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Too bMg tr the petty thiers of life; toe broea minute to
lose sraht of the ultimate oal, no matter what ifftemlteas

beset the path, Mre. Jontnngs ha strives always for the vital
thing in olsbwork, never waveria in her efforts to promote
the best interOsts of the organization she leaks.

As wife of the Governor of Jlori&a, she proveA herself an
SoeeQoeplishe hostess As president of the .loriAa Peseration,

anA now as Florida director to the G.PvW.C. she has won hosts of
riees through her oharm of manner ani magnetic personality who

feel that she i eminently fitteA to holA the ezeoutive offieS

of fire vice-president ef the General reteration of Woaen's 0lub
florida asks support of her nomiaeoR

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S41 lonth t .Year
1. Number visitors registered r" 0
2. Number meals served by Warden/
3. Number Lodge beds used __ 3 ,
4. Number picnic lunches served on porches
5. Number persons using the picnic grounds
6. Number camping parties using Park grounds___---
7. Number growing palms on hand_ __'
8. Number palms sold_____
9. Number palms died during month__ -_ _--
10. Scientific work done by outside parties___
11. Amount of revenue to Warden for extra service
12. General work done by Warden (including preparation of all scientific collections)- .T

I Warden

I' I I

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l an ur. --iit weJiIUSLWS loowl -b, or last

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w J44:sttns eaiimbb the nearabt~m ct lc.a~,, J*1 ,, tei U.
J.L tflkn not Zottalin .n app,4Mz4 atna* pt wa

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z;iauyeb is "tim apposiaF eat of eN. ,tM. 1e41 of GAnwtEEllWcn
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-:-. -.:', ..:.--.b.:: -. :- '. .. -" ; . i, --;- -.-.-".. ^ E ". ,.. .-
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-.. . - .,.'.:. ,-: ::; :' -,
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". *. -- '._ '. r'- 7'. ;. "* .r. : --" "" .I.. *.' '- ., *' - '. *_' ." *' '" - .
f ^ r' 'a.

S.. ~,.- .-. .' ....; *, .- .. , ._ . . ". .. -.a a.. '..^ J

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-.; -.w, .-', , .: .,
w it.. ., , ,
,.~~ ~ ft a .., . .:.c, ., .. .-1- .,,;.,
......-._ : : :. s ..,_; ; ..,. ,.. .,:..,.

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