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News from the University Press of Florida

Fall 2008

Reviewers Praise New Books
The Florida Life of Thomas Edison Michele Albion
"Albion, former curator of the Edison and Ford \\ inter Estate-s. ritess with an eye for extraordinary as well as or-
dinary details, from the difficult task of lighting Fort N lI-ers in the late 1880's to family expeditions up the Caloosa-
hatchee River and into the Everglades." Publi-li i i \ LI I,
Balanchine Variations Nancy Goldner
"If you like Balanchine, you must read Nancy Goldner's Balanchine Variations. She has the best ear for music and
dance musicality of any dance critic writing toda\- -. i ) ..-1 I Tunes
"The book in modest and, at the same time, utterl- setlf-adssured -Anyone who cares about Balanchine should buy it
immediately." The New Yorker
Tupperware Unsealed Bob Kealing
"[A] vivid portrait of Tupperware's origins and of the little-reinemibered woman behind its remarkable selling strat-
egy. Kealing celebrates Wise's struggles against se' ist. cha ut \in ist corporate America. A book that certainly does her
justice." V.i 11 L L t t ii. l `. ..I
Swimming up the Tigris Barbara Aziz
"Through her empathic personal portraits of a number of Iraqi men and women, Aziz powerfully conveys the pain,
confusion, and outrage of the Iraqis as they cope \ith food rationing, lack of medicine, rampant corruption, break-
down of civility, and a crumbling infrastructure. This angry and compassionate book puts a human face on the Iraqi
people's ordeal through years of cruel dictatorship, a harsh embargo, and a war with no end in sight."
- Choice
Ama Florida A&M University + Florida Gulf Coast University + Florida State University + University of Florida + University of South Florida
Uniwrry prs o torda Florida Atlantic University + Flonda International Unversity + Unversity of Central Flonda + Unversity of North Florida + Unversity of West Florida

Road Scholars

This fall marks the fourth -ear of a partnership bet\\ een UPF and the Florida Humani-
ties Council-the state affiliate of the National Endow ment for the Humanities-to
present the 2008-2009 Road Scholars tour Last \ -ear. UPF Road Scholars gave more
than 80 talks to more than 4,000 people statet-t ide
This year, Pat Duggins and Jeff Klinkenblerg join David Colburn, Bill Bellville, and
John Moran in traveling from the Panhand le to the Keys to present informative,
entertaining talks on topics of lasting rele\-ance to Floridians.
"Because Florida is a dynamic state with a iuniqLue character, a major emphasis of
our publishing program is on books that are of interest to the people who live and
visit here. Programs such as this give both newcomers and long-time residents an
opportunity to interact with the people researching and recording the history and cur-
rent events that are shaping our identity as a state," says Dennis Lloyd, UPF's Director
of Sales and Marketing.
Road Scholars programs are free and open to the public. For a complete list of current
and upcoming programs in a town near you, visit UPF's "Author Appearances" page
and look for listings marked "Road Scholars Event."

Editor in Chief Announces New Series

Where Contemporary Culture, Journalism, and Public Service Intersect

"Journalism that does not serve does not satisfy."
- Candace Rondeaux, The Washington Post
What is the future of American journalism? That is
one of the difficult questions facing reporters across
the country as the twenty-first century's emphasis on
immediate information exchange over the Internet
has our nation's print newspapers scrambling to sta
afloat. Unfortunately, one of the first casualties in the
world of "quicker, shorter, modular" is typically the
ability for reporters to explore a more complex and
nuanced story that cannot be distilled into a Web site
feature or blog entry.
In response to this media dilemma, The University
Press of Florida is pleased to announce a new publi-
cations series called American Reports, overseen by
noted author and University of Florida journalism
professor William McKeen, that will provide an outlet
for some of America's most talented and distinguished

reporters to fully explore stories that matter. The goal
of these topical writings will be, as McKeen notes, "to be
provocative and meaningful and to fulfill the mission of
journalism-to be the purest form of public service," while
drawing attention to some of the most important (and
contentious) contemporary issues including race, poverty,
crime, celebrity culture, the environment, and fraud. Writ-
ers will be encouraged to expand their stories by contex-
tualizing and humanizing the subjects under discussion.
McKeen offers a succinct ambition for UPF's American
Reports books: "By shining a light, journalists open the
eyes of society." Amen to that.
-John W. Byram, Acquisitions Editor-in-Chief

Congratulations to Award-Winners

William N. Still Jr.'s Crisis at Sei TikI United States Navy in European Waters in World War I
was chosen as the 2007 winner of the Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt Prize in Na-
l- val History. This highly prestigious award is presented by the New York Council Navy
League of the United States. Also winner of the 2006 John Lyman Book Prize for U.S. Na-
val History, this definitive history is included in the UPF series New Perspectives on Mari-
4,. time History and Nautical Archaeology, edited b- lanes C. Bradford and Gene A. Smith.
Chocolate in Mesoamerica: A Cultural Hi-ti, 'i'.?i Ci.'' o, edited by Cameron L. McNeil is the
winner of the Society for Economic Botany's 1 a r Kli nger Award. This is the first edited
B H-rn.... collection to receive this prestigious award in the t\w elve \ ears it has been given.
People of the Shoals: Stallings Culture of the Si;,,il I;-7, \I ,ll. q/by Kenneth Sassaman is the
winner of the Southern Anthropological Society's James looney Award, presented in
March 2008. The book is included in the series, Native Peoples, Culture-s. and Place-s o the Southeastern United States,
edited by Jerald T. Milanich.
Claude McKay, Code Name Sasha: Queer Black Marxism and the Harlem Re ,ii,,--, by Gar\- Edward Holcomb received an
honorable mention in the Gustavus Myers Outstanding Book Awards. \which commends works which extend our un-
derstanding of the root causes of bigotry and the range of options we as humans ha\-e in constructing alternative ways
to share power.
Annuall-. the American Librar\ .Association publication. CiL.. Cii O t PL I'i'.c; tf'I .-~t. .Ai 11ii Libraries selects from
among books re\-iet\ed during the previous calendar tear to designate as OIutstanding Academic Titles. This presti-
gious list reflects the best in scholarl- titles re\v ied b\ Choice and brings \ith it the extraordinary recognition of the
academic library\ community\ UPF titles recognized in 2008 include Pii.ii. i L'-t Li S H ,'1 ilony, Democracy, and the
Canal b\ Peter NI 'anchez. A /i(a1 .A.!n/ i ii .a i/ / At. I ,-Aa 1i P 'lita / Lii ,iti'n, A Stiidi -'t tiL S' ,,iocultural Dynamics of Faith
by Michael Lackey-. and Tii P in- 't R .i7 Cilit i, .Ai;'ai ,. iin ti .I O il -..' I tik F.K'I gotten Peninsula, edited by
Don La\ lande dEr....

Beyond the Book: A Hidden Jewel from UPF's Publishing Past

The Windward Road
Archie Fairchild Carr (1909-1987) was the
world's leading authority on sea turtles, a
legendary educator, a brilliant writer of both
scientific and popular literature, and an -
internationally acclaimed advocate of con-
servation. Three of his ten published books
are available from the University Press of
Florida: Ulendo: Travels ofA Naturalist in and
Out of Africa, High Jungles and Low, and The
Windward Road.
Archie Carr was the first person to earn
a Ph.D. in zoology at the University of
Florida, where he taught until his death in lS-
Dr. Carr was a Gainesville legend and students vied
with one another to take his Community Ecology
course, which involved several major and minor field
trips around northern Florida and southern Georgia.
Listening to Carr talk about the sand pine scrub near
Ocala or his comments as he guided students through
the Okefenokee Swamp in canoes was a great privi-
lege. He continued to teach this course even after he
was no longer required to do so, having attained the
University's highest academic position, Graduate
Research Professor.
Throughout his life, Carr traveled widely as a research
and consulting biologist. His sea turtle studies took
him to every part of the Gulf of Mexico. Caribbean.

northeastern South America, and Pacific Central
America. He also visited and worked
in east Africa, New Caledonia,
Papua New Guinea, Australia, and
other places. When Carr began to
explore the Caribbean to write about
sea turtles, he saw that their numbers
were dwindling. His essays from that
time, collected in The Windward Road,
were a call to arms for conservationists
worldwidee Among the many accolades
for Carr during his life was an O. Henry
Prize for the chapter "The Black Beach."
Following the publication of this book, Carr
\\-as awarded the John Burroughs Medal
from the American Museum of Natural His-
tory for exemplary nature writing.
Carr was often accompanied on his travels by his
wife, Marjorie Harris Carr, whom he married in 1937.
Marjorie Carr was herself a respected ecologist, and
was instrumental in the formation of Payne's Prairie
as a major national state park. She is remembered for
her efforts to stop the construction of the Cross Florida
Barge Canal in central Florida, which would have de-
stroyed an important ecosystem. The area, now called
the Mal ...CrI'o Florida Greenway, is now set
aide TfoIr pilic rec reaction. The couple had five chil-
dren. and all four of their sons followed their father's
footsteps into consen-ation biology.

The UPF Index

92: number of miles on a round trip on the Withlacoochee State Bike Trail, according to the second edition of
Florida's Paved Bike Trails by Jeff and Gretchen K unerth
1908: the year Kalem studios sent their first crew\ to Jacksonville and the film boom began, as explained in The First
Hollywood by Shawn Bean
1,100: number of miles Johnny Molloy walked on the Florida Trail, chronicled in Hiking the Florida Trail
6,000: number of miles of track that cris-crossed the state in the heyday of rail transportation, a history explored in A
Journey into Florida Railroad History by Gregg Turner
109: age of Florida's oldest Confederate veteran, William Allen "Uncle Bill" Lundy at his death in 1957. Lundy's Crest-
view, FL monument is included in A Brief Guide to Fli.. idaI's Monuments and Memorials by Roberta Sandler
70,301: dollar amount one analysis sites as Krispy Kreme's 2004 contributions to GOP candidates, as discussed in
Glazed America: A History of the Doughnut by Paul Mullins

~~,2~3;~i-t i 5~I vI~) d

Meet UPF authors at some of Florida's great book events:

St. Petersburg Times Festival of Reading I _ANDSUNSt. IAECo__sE T
USF Campus, St. Petersburg, FL October 25th P

Jeff Klinkenberg
Marsha Dean Phelts
Shawn Bean
Bob Bass
Martin Dyckman
Gary Mormino

Pilgrim in the Land of Alligators
The American Beach Cookbook
The First Hollywood
When Steamboats Reigned in Florida
A Most Disorderly Court
Land of Sunshine, State of Dreams


25th Annual Miami Book Fair International
Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus
November 14- 16th
Bob Kealing Tupperware Unsealed
Nino Pemetti Nino Pernetti's Caffe Abbracci Cookbook

About The University Press of Florida

Who We Are
As the official publisher for the State University Sys-
tem, the University Press of Florida (UPF) has been
engaging educators, students, and discerning readers
since 1945. UPF has published over 2,500 volumes
since its inception and currently releases nearly 100
new titles each year. We serve as active members of
the American Association of University Presses, the
Association of American Publishers, the American
Booksellers Association, the Southern Independent
Booksellers Alliance, and many diverse scholarly orga-
nizations. Located in a state built from exploration and
enterprise, we approach our mission with that same
spirit of discovery.
What We Do

We are a vital link between knowledge and its many
applications. By facilitating the creative exploration,
exchange, and evaluation of ideas we provide a forum
to better understand and experience the world around
us. We are part of a collaborative network of authors,
manufacturers, distribution channels, libraries, book-
stores, and consumers that serves to ensure the chain of
knowledge remains viable, transformative, and benefi-
cial. We operate within a framework that values inno-
vation, resourcefulness, sound management, and fiscal
responsibility in order to generate revenues that sustain
our program and support its development. We endeavor
to produce works of global significance, regional impor-
tance, and lasting value.
Why We Matter
Our commitment to public service through high-quality,
relevant, and dynamic publications makes us a reliable
source in this busy digital age. Upholding the values of
our affiliate institutions of higher learning, we encour-
age the pursuit of truth, meaning, and self-determination
while promoting interaction and a sense of community.
From sowing the newest seeds of scholarship to preserv-
ing important voices from the past, the University Press
of Florida is poised to embrace the opportunities of the
twenty-first century.

We invite you to Discover the World with Florida Books.

Issue #3 of The Florida Current is written by Stephanie Williams. Design by
David Graham. To submit story ideas or questions, contact sw@upf.comn

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