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Electrical &

Computer Engineering

Message from Dr. Law
It's an exciting time for the Electrical and
Computer Engineering Department. Over the last
year, we hired five new faculty. You'll see them
profiled inside and I'm sure you are as excited
about their hiring as I am. They come to us from
top programs and promise to help reinvigorate
research across the department. We have had
amazing amounts of change in the last several
years. We now have about as many untenured
faculty as we have full professors. While the
department is getting younger, its enthusiasm
for research and attacking new problems is

Or !e f l'.e i-e announcementss of the year for the department was the
Ie! harles ,-,.!._ chair. Intel graciously endowed a $2 million chair
i ECE i! r he -in e of our recently retired president. President Young
was N lCo!,-r!ii ne b a rd member of Intel, and we appreciate his service and
Intel's commitment to us. We have formed a search committee, chaired
by Prof Ken 0, to help us identify a research leader to fill the chair.
When matched by the state, the endowment will stand at $4 million.

Private giving is critical to our mission and many of our alums have been
generous supporters of the program. Unrestricted gifts to the department
support faculty recruiting, student organizations, faculty retention,
student and faculty awards, and student projects. The University is
developing a program to raise money for endowed chairs to help us retain
our best faculty. I hope we can count on you to help us become one of the
best programs in the country. We want to make you as proud as possible
of our accomplishments in research, teaching, and service. And with your
help we can accomplish this goal.

We've begun new programs to recognize the accomplishments of our
distinguished alumni. Details of how to apply or nominate someone
are contained inside. We want to celebrate the accomplishments of our
graduates, so please help us find some of the best.

I hope this newsletter finds you in good health and spirits, and that you
all have a happy holiday season.

New Faculty Members

Bring Diverse Research, Experience

With avocations ranging from the arts to being a sports fan, hailing from
homelands as near as North Carolina and as far as China, and with equally
diverse research interests from nanotechnology to wireless communications -
five new faculty members bring their experiences to ECE this year. The following
is a brief summary of backgrounds, educations, and research interests for each
new faculty member.

Rizwan Bashirullah P. Oscar Boykin

JingGuo Tao Li

Liuqing Yang

Rizwan Bashirullah: Artist, Sports
BSEE, University of Central Florida, 1997
MS (Electrical Engineering), North Carolina
State University, 1999
PhD, (ElectricalEngineering) North
Carolina State University, 2004

Having been involved in the higher
academic world since he was a child, it
wasn't hard for Rizwan Bashirullah to
follow in his father's footsteps in becoming
a professor. "Once I started interviewing,
I found out why I like academia," says
Bashirullah. "It puts you with people in
search of knowledge and you're given the
opportunity to both teach and do research
which is good for the creative mind."

Another outlet for his creative mind is
painting landscapes, which he hopes to get
back to when things settle down a bit.

Bashirullah is also very active in sports.
He participates in basketball, racquetball,
jogging and weightlifting.

His current research interests are circuit
design techniques for high performance
analog/digital VLSI, electronic circuit
devices and technology, high speed
signaling techniques and circuits for
biomedical applications.

P. Oscar Boykin: Musician, Animal Lover,
Physical Fitness
BS (Math and Physics), Georgia Institute of
Technology, 1996
MS (Physics), UCLA, 1997
PhD (Physics), UCLA, 2002

P. Oscar Boykin didn't always want to
be an electrical engineer. In fact, he was
a physics major. Although he was always
interested in computers, he only became
interested in engineering while in graduate
school when he took a course in quantum
computing from an electrical engineering
professor. That professor later became his
dissertation advisor. "He made it seem like
the greatest job," says Boykin.

Boykin also has a unique way to
describe computers. "Computers are
like living organisms." According to
Boykin, computation and information
are fundamental concepts. As more
is learned about how physical systems
can be made to compute, not only
will there be better computers, but
there will be a better understanding
of the role of information in life,
computation in the brain and possibly
a better understanding of physics.

Eight months before coming to UF,
Boykin rescued a lost dog on his way
to UCLA. He took her to the animal
shelter, but when no one claimed
her after a week, he adopted her and
named her Millie.

Boykin also enjoys playing his guitar.
He was part of a band in high school,
at Georgia Tech and for a short
time at UCLA. "As I get settled
in, I will look for something here
in Gainesville. Any Pixies fans out
there?" says Boykin.

His current research interests are
complex networks, P2P computing
and quantum fault tolerant computer

JingGuo: Camper, Swimmer,
Soccer Fan
BS (Electrical Engineering), Shanghai
Jiao Tong University, 1998
MS (Electrical Engineering), Shanghai
Jiao Tong University, 2000
PhD (Electrical Engineering), Purdue
University, 2004

Jing Guo can be best described as an
avid soccer fan. He is such a fan, he
even got up in the middle of the night
to watch the World Cup. Guo came to
ECE this fall from Purdue University
in West Lafayette, Indiana, where he
earned his PhD degree.

"The weather in Florida is so nice and
you can swim all year round," he says.

Guo chose his career while he was
a student in middle school. "ECE
was developing very fast and mobile
communications was coming up," says
Guo. "Exciting activities, new fields
and I wanted to change people's lives."

Guo is in the devices division.
"Nanotechnology is an exciting area,"
says Guo. "Revolutionary things are

His current research interests
are modeling and simulation of
nanoelectronic devices, carbon
nanotube electronics and photonics,
physics of nanotransistors, and
computational nanobiotechnology.

Tao Li: Sports, Traveler, Photographer
BS (Computer Science), Northwestern
Polytechnic University, 1993
ME (Computer Engineering), Beijing
Institute ofData Processing Technology,
PhD (Computer Engineering),
University of Texas atAustin, 2004

Tao Li enjoys photographing scenery.
However, photography would
not be his chosen profession. He
actually started out as an aerospace
engineering major. "I thought if
I made a mistake, people would
die. That was scary," says Li. So
he changed his major to computer

After working in industry for a few
years, Li decided to change career
paths once again. He completed his
Ph.D. this year from University of
Texas at Austin.

"I like the flexibility and being able to
interact with smart people," says Li.

Li enjoys swimming, table tennis and
jogging. He also has an unusual hobby
in collecting the scenic pictures from
match boxes.

After he's settled in, he's hoping to
buy a house and start a family with his
wife of three years.

His current research interests
are computer and digital system
architecture; interaction of computer
architecture, operating systems,
programming language features and
managed run-time environments;
modeling, simulation and evaluation
of computer systems; parallel
computing and shared memory
multiprocessors; and building real-
world computer systems

LiuqingYang: Nature, Water Sports,
BS (Electrical Engineering), Huazhong
University of Science & Technology, 1994
MS (Electrical & Computer
Engineering), University ofMinnesota,
PhD (Electrical & Computer
Engineering), University ofMinnesota,

Nature is important to Liuqing Yang
and one of the reasons she became an
electrical engineer. "To bring us closer
to each other and closer to nature,"
says Yang.
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New Alumni Awards

The Department of Electrical & Computer
Engineering has established two awards
to recognize alumni who have made
outstanding professional contributions to
their field since graduating from the UF
ECE department.

The ECE Young Alumni Achievement
Award recognizes young alumni who
are less than 40 years of age as of March
1st in the year of the award. The ECE
Distinguished Career Achievement Award
recognizes all alumni irregardless of age.

Nominations are solicited from the ECE
Alumni, ECE faculty, and from the
readers of the ECE News. Winners will
be featured in an issue of ECE News. The
awards will be presented at the annual

Spring Banquet. The winners) will receive
a plaque and will be given the opportunity
to make a brief expression of appreciation at
the banquet.

A PDF Nomination Form can be printed
from http://www.ece.ufl.edu/alumni/
nominationform.pdf. Nominators should
submit the completed nomination form and
the nominee's vitae (including a current
address) by March 1 to:

Mr. Keith Rambo
Director of Finance and Administration
Department of Electrical and Computer
P.O. Box 116200
Gainesville, FL 32611-6200
Email: rambo@tec.ufl.edu

New Faculty Members Bring Diverse Research, Experience
continued from 3

"We need help with devices to put ourselves
into nature and to bring it to ourselves," says

And her hobbies reflect her interest in nature
- swimming, fishing, boating, hiking, and
some camping.

Education was always a priority in Liuqing
Yang's home in Zhengzhou, China. Her
father is a high school physics teacher. "I saw
how he helped students," says Yang. "It was
very fulfilling."

Dr. Yang joins ECE this fall after
completing her PhD at the University of
Minnesota. "Minnesota is a good place to
finish a PhD. In the winter, you stay inside
and study," says Yang.

Her current research interests are wireless
communications, signal processing and

Faculty News

Mr.Joe Brewer Organizer/Chair for
Emerging Research Memory Workshop
to be held in Stresa, Italy, April 17, 2004.
This event is part of the International
Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors
Emerging Research Devices Technology
Working Group.

Mike Fang Program Co_Chair for
Global Internet and Next Generation
Networks Symposium, IEEE
Global Communications Conference
(Globecom'2004), November 29-December
3, 2004

Jerry Fossum receives the prestigious
Electron Devices SocietyJ. J. Ebers Award
for 2004. The award will be presented at
the 2004 IEEE International Electron
Devices Meeting in San Francisco.

Rob Fox Executive Committee/Analog
Circuits Chairman, Bipolar/BiCMOS
Circuits & Technology Meeting of BCTM
2003 in Toulouse, France and BCTM 2004
Montreal, Canada

Alan George receives UF/OIT
Exceptional Volunteer Award for his work
on the High Performance Computing

Mark Law Became Vice President for
Technical Activities of the IEEE Electron
Device Society in 2004.

Jian Li Distinguished Lecturer for
the Third IEEE Sensor Array and
Multichannel Signal Processing Workshop
in Barcelona, Spain in July 2004.

Kenneth O recognized as having a
distinguished current record of research
and a strong research agenda that is
likely to lead to continuing distinction in
his field. Dean Khargonekar made the
recommendation based on nominations
from department chairs, a personal
statement, and an evaluation of recent

research accomplishments as evidenced by
publications in scholarly journals, external
funding, honors and awards, development
of intellectual property, and other measures
appropriate to their field of expertise. The
three-year award includes a $5,000 annual
salary supplement and a $3,000 grant.

Jose Principe Invited for the Scientific
Advisory Board of the Electrical
Engineering Department, University of
Porto, Portugal with the title of Invited
Full Professor; Part of the research team for
the three-year project, "New Algorithms
for the design and training of artificial
neural networks," funded by the Ministerio
de Ciencia & Tecnologia of Spain.

Vladimir Rakov Appointed as a member
of the Scientific Committee of the 1st
International Conference on Lightning
Physics and Effects (November 7_11, 2004
in Belo Horizonte, Brazil). He was also
appointed as a member of the Program
Committee of the VI International Suzdal
URSI Symposium (October 19_21, 2004 in
Moscow, Russia).

Stanley Su Program Co-Chair of the
Fifth International Conference on Web
Information System Engineering in
Brisbane, Australia, November 22_24,

Tan Wong Became Editor in Chief
for the IEEE Transactions on Vehicular

DapengWu Program Co-Chair for
IEEE/ACM First International Workshop
on Broadband Wireless Services and
Applications (BroadWISE 2004), San Jose,
California, October 25, 2004. He also
became Vice Chair, Mobile and wireless
multimedia Interest Group (MobIG) and
is a Member of the Award Committee for
the Technical Committee on Multimedia
Communications, IEEE Communications

S Y Yo
- -O be




& Cu





ur contributions are needed so that we can continue our academic programs
or above their present levels. All contributions are tax deductible and will
applied to the improvement of the department. Please specify that your
ntribution is for the ECE Department and make your check payable to the
university of Florida Foundation.

.S! I want to financially help support the Department of Electrical &
)mputer Engineering at UF.

I am enclosing $ for the Department to be used for:
L Teaching programs
L Scholarships and fellowships
L Research programs
L IEEE/HKN student chapter activities
L Other, please specify:
My employer has a matching gift program. I will arrange for a matching gift.
I would like information on making a large gift ($5,000 or more).
I would like information on establishing an estate gift

I'd also like to be listed as an ECE Career Networker/Mentorfor our students

II us about yourself!
ur fellow alums would like to know what you are doing. Use the form below
r attach additional pages) to send us news about your current position, title,
mpany, publications, recognition, etc. or email us at: ecenews@ece.ufl.edu


rrent Address

y State Zip




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