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Title: ECE news
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Title: ECE news
Series Title: ECE news
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Language: English
Creator: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Florida
Publisher: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Florida
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: 1998
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Department of
Electrical & Computer

\ IT N
)K. KiN ..,PG 6.




., PC 4.


., 1 ;: ) R IB I
Department of Il-,-rical &
Ct( till Or I : .InL ring
L ii,.-r.i:y of ITlorida
Cainesville, F1. 32611
http:/ w wv wv.ecei u fl.ed t
C A 1, ". n, ,I , L.",'A\

[1: 11-.G
Georgiana E H1rnii'st
Angela Ventura NMedyk
LAYOL &. l-C&\
Georgiana n. J Iarnist

\\RII .I C(O\TR'iL.: O\NS
Mary r.lrb.invtL.
Coorgiona F Harnist
KrYsil L. Hunsaker
Kathryn A. Mil Dowl
Aiig'Iti Ventura NrIL!vyk


Ur/L, f. IL d 'nt/p ,.V/./tr 1//, / / L imL *"'/ ,,t ;r f/ ) ox u/ -r /r
SI -c dl

S -1 11 i' i ," 1t. 1 l.



byf AIngcl Ventura Medyk
and jlamei L. Kurltz

S veril govnrrnmment
agencies univcrsi-
Lic, anl private
industjricq have becn
inVLtIVud in re- rcIand
teckLnologir c that may be
applicable to mine
det-Lction, Fur seviVCral
years, the Annv Research
Lkahcriitory (A .I Jhas
WOrk'2J tiL Levop a
bettr understanding (i
thy rThcriomriIiricody
associated With trhe usL Of
a Mtaiid-otr gprotind
punectrzrt i, L7 MdDT'l(,
to aid in !1v, detection ot
mibnc-. ARIhascolt
locted very high Lqua_-ty
ultra-widelbamd -.,vnlthltjc
apcrtune radar data to
support the d&wd41Pkpnnt
and validation of electxo-
n,.flL'r ic models which
arL th';n U-a'od Lio dejep
innnvat ive target dete-c-

MI li.in the Univergitv -of
Firrtida Dc-partmont ofi
Fwtwricai I aii C.; jl) io LuI
F riu ifl,r the Mlee-
tr-nic Conmmnnications
abmratLory I(ECL) hlai
beei1 assksti.ngA I. in
atvis ofCFR,~ If( P
ie-ieatehl. flese areas
StVdf.1 IVid W-1 toIN-LP.r
indlitde nieasuir~ameras

understand the phenoin-
cnoo!gy of m ine dptc'c-

t o, iclud ing ihe t i rt-cL- ntf
d i f fvivnt -A~iik on m hie cle~ec Lion.
The EL. is also d evelo-i ii a
SI-A-6,1, User f liondLld s-rtftware
'e' aLuitiLo too[ to evaluaie 4n1agme
processing algorithms.

Current ARL reearch involve's
technonlogy tNit would support
ttleLL Ik I lIt Oml a stand til11
GPR senso-r motunterd on a re-
motet0 PurledIL-; vehicle Or Othcr

As swch an airborne vehicle inove
ovrer the r i ii Imn:l. the radar will
.. L~lI IMA LA 1'8V J MU91tb m..' data
~lllllii li inlormialixnr about the
-LhsuR(L; IaP1.1 rgs wi thiN n ihe
.1111V11 11j's "fie~'lild -M-View..
Pr ILrVr1 r, of thiH data is a ,uiignifi-
(iian -*ch ii ical < [..: I I 'I I %in(`V iI is

iT.e-I-f- within fhli high rluliter
bjii.,.y M(l-l I rx i td T 1%1 i.ri; Ii'
L111,1-ks fTP11 L 111Hr ond WlLpli~

iffy.a tdi.- (2PR !ilaI r prnsF it
Is hrcLpurttritt ki I. id.rnoi id -.011I
prco vrtie1s in onfi4r to iw4Jl ;t4t G! R
perfaiormniirw Toi add ns ,tli*-

CiilCCt4Xd %C11iI S.1m31-plvI 4t --I I '"I
1(&tkirl -4 irid Irfor i n measuri:-
mEnts iin$ r uiaitly .it of -,itil I'I %C-.i -
ca[. chmnicMiL inr Oet immagieti i

type, o4 fnhfrm4 i~mImodels rnid
OfI iM h I131L havC 0lso- been deVel-
oPjij 10 kiet4l[r IILLILL I -,AiiI d ilelr-

trick p-nmi I iL.. v I I d ort known
soil charaeaerisLbs, Arnd otLr
faconr such as .-oiI I dur" and
temp~eratu~re. Knott 41,1 v.uf 11wv
soil dielec'Ltri E1LrimuIitt1 I allows
esti ma tvs of EM IF rl %I .tirato in
the soil anid bet~tr otiinatc uT
radar taI, I dLeetlon pt rfor-
mnance can L~wii N rrw i; I,,

The FC. and thi IT SiiI Ind

made S.nmv pny in .tinwating
c;PR porformo rnc in .IIFfTIn t
6-rk 'Elld 'l I i,' 0 IF MS bV UN ng soi
classificakitni -ar-4virr v; TL'XQT;Pviie
tjiort and ,wrecd orn f1iv concept
that -;i of -.~rnI or types (in thv
cldaI.ifictionL1 n;v7-trridc h tsihmilar

location, ~',uth
ka ti on su~
I Extrapo>-
~-~Y ~ ~ 'I~X: latirm~s
are large

t h it is, tir, y are gk-r.hzod toa
tp.iv i ,rL piI. area, Cnk a 4MIELr
,%calc, th'em are always somie
%-;lT-jt-i.~n- in the rs-ubsurfac iil
inke up in a goggraphicd areaLTl.
S~hs such estinates ae
]nlpftil in precdicting G IT utility
in either geographic areas.

Thc Army Kc-4.l-arch zlboratcry is
also deVelping il)111LAVL'd -AiiidIA
and imago processing teihnqu
to detect and, identity 49UibsuftJafc

targets using thte data
tbtlaiirtd from ground
1'4-1ieI droI I I ij r ar. 1[n this
arva the FC I h. k devt]
opilJ .4 Ski'fi t .otrilCn:

env inmvet which cin be
u-ai N., d11evuluV te'st and
ervlaiua i rn.gi pro~cSina
.11 I-pri I I I II 1 Tb k unwiun-
Mivnt i. -,i tivi ukcd by
ft-a-awhers, ;it A R I C~hLC1
SMt;vt, M. I rylxd aind Duke

Ground pCridrdtang radar
VArt a01 he ubi *or Mny
non-mi1itari ry dual-usc
.1] -1i. 11i Imis; fur example,
G3Rru 1 bingusd to
L-% Ioi utu tht subsurface
C4vridiftonu ofi roads, rmad
~i.niv rnet layers, and
vrt! ri is anotmalies that
ev--ur below road surfaces.
FoIr thp. r---t vMIr the I-Cl.
iv boe2[ o :nit',!]ng the
TInr I, LkDpartment of
TTanmportaiion by apply-
ing advanced signal
pnxrcmsing techniques to
the road way-GI'R prob-
em. It mi anticipated that
these signal processing
tL'flniques -ivi I allow.~ the
detection and ideitLdit'd-
tim, of rcad subsurface
anomalous rteiorns mnri
rapidly and with geteaer
accuracy than q now in

SC/^/ Ty/^
f~. .K.


;'Vv a.re basic~flly trying to Jv-
velop kinmporit~'ilb-. that g irnto RIF
,% such io ?;c ,~ ;lt integatt-dC~"
srw itchs, dw tfocuS of his nuIw
research projod. The -Oal is a
witch that cil"' LN integragr iI

circuit li one ante-,nna that i
sharedi b~t-v-,rc receiver and
lid~siittr ThLe ruxriTple'x-r
switch usuiilly neuds to Illianll- big,
PWer Levels. Hi-, gmoup NK-4-1l l 1v
demonstration a SchottkC 1r3Iin
N4.0 trantds.ohhr, which addrc-.s
the Latch-up Ivb]em asstnci;t-LeL
with high power integrated

r.. Ken 0. a member 0 liOW
kletri l ir CiT-u itk areai

rle'Llt1v r'ecivd a NatitmL-d
S ienlcc I1-;ianinl r CARLER
award. CANOKl' Awards art
)i'efl vento Lll hA-Inng drntirtkr- and
o:ninccr who ShOw great puk-ter
tia early' in thvir capers as
i i I%.'-tigator-. and educawtnr Dr.
O's research is in the de-welopmeiiIt
oif miicrowave andJ Radio P're-
LLiPIICI (RI-) in i,,teir.WkI circuit
:IC-s) and ttxhni lol~:, for WiTUL-rSc t
criommunicatitOn using low% cost
:il k rc Lfbsed techncdnav. IiS aiflml
ik to I.lr the oiovt of hand-held
termin.ak ust in N-wireless com-
irucrcation bsytms by mrniriga
fully CNMOS- (Co01rmplem)'entary
MtIPl.31 Oxide, Smi i inductor) --
based radio a rNA] *i I

Ies'aj M&llya arnd qr e Bbaz&fij
cLfYLrI'cm. e a L, I: sIkO brpoarJ

Another prCIect Dr. 0 and his
students are working (7 irs "11P
wireles s ckk difistribuioi isvtem.
CLuck smiga Is synchrmi-l~e preTa-
ion o f A big system orn iK.:. For
in~tisrice, microprvctni or. of today
hav'e clock f requncicp AI1LIlRd 4MX)
Mkhz. 'theyeCar 201j, Lthe clock
f rwnq(Ii iiC x and chip sj/rv MaY
incre~w to J-4 GI Iz ;ind I XA 7
cmI?, rt.ctrIL`r'eIv. CI.Irrill lk. the
clak run are n v llwsical
wires NInnerreted to evilre partnf
the ITII l I A, clock signal requires
flVal4' oflh1eti0fls, A4\L'rding to
Dr, 0, transmisssion lv radio or
miCIToWAvLM may WIve 1:11 L.rO13-
lem of 1MJw to get signals in and
out of circuits.

Chick -1;1,ign 6 do nat pose a
probkni if th circuit i% trla Lively
small 0jv hasa low~k f~reiuru~nl. E3tii.
as cip SJ LrtCreaScS dllr'2A.v will
increase because it tM lces time to
travel -,klng the winr., Aol, "as
mTcopjrorCESO5 r at Afaster
ccjk rite, the mismatch in arrival
odfflck k signals to Jiff~rv:1
Lucalorv of I~as must be, de-
Crea3e4 I~With the current
tcchniilo.v, increases in chip size
wivll onrly compmmd t pmcibLem.

Dr, 0 hlis propuseU il(e W Of a
wix)lVNs- Jock diStnrbuti(In System
whqre slgna1', are p rcp;
through Waves tTOVLLOfln at the
dpr& of Light, I low c.lcrlv areIM
tlhn.. radio signals tr4rn.mitted?

by C corgianla E. I larnist

. 1 ;m

(ri. (7as.-t arid XJIi Namahqze' rbeir les
:4rufi~i Wir .

With 2 nim g anto tcnna :, intMe
gi.jt1 into Lt1W 1C. -W,! madc a
smali histr f bY send i ng a ;i,-rl.il
NtwLcn afltcintenns Jn a cliip-, k
yea)r. i' iw portant issuc-6 in lhth
worLd Of maicrp pwe-r
cocn-umptkir.r and tilne deljy, tri,!-
be decraseaw by tI.Wi.;C q

" We have to -end tlJoC Lj kx-i i at
a 17i11 PIL.11 LII..: and vAC' Ilk-OL
good transist&'n to hmandk'- tlhn t
speed,"' stCitatc DE, 0 To ii dr'I
tId.i conwivn his group L-1 1! 1~'
ing <- W. c~rr, cd ircutsiI'IVA illy, 1101.1fl:
20 ;11 in c~idl.~birmiioi within 1BN1
Yorlfk- LUIn I jkiI% Iib.. 11lL0 t- W N.-.LV.
Last yer, the group Jocrrimstratedd
thu -morld's 61`14 CMOS -11111 d i fi il'r

w [titi, j 1 kir i.- I f rt., UL! I-A tea er
I11mil UK7.fl...

""Our LAB~jt!J*PL-t! 'Lh LLf AdljeiVie
rt~xvfluiloaarvli rf-jllults out of
!iI i1iuii n~arr.ipp 3PM ChC,' status
0)i. Th1 appLpaMch iS eVOlutiorn-
1 1Y ly thai all. le technology that
is nL'L.,ssarv will liappi natural I ly
.111 rIvi i.. I'm a revolution to oxtrc
itr the use anid irtrastrUCtu re of
IC-s. ThT. 0 k anticipating -a

revalution in the use of IRmand
micro1-raves in wircls chick
dktribution Avltumg. wLwig with
1he2 ihicon N wicrrwave nkWf rf3
CircuiN. & S~rsv~m R4-. ';Iir4 h
i'--iMIC- Groupt f 1A Jr-rduahtv
and 3 tuirgdCsriiluate kik.. Dr
0 is striving tm;rhrn ti' K i.( i'll.
dc,ii n cf (ormUrrow's [C ti.,clitrl-

iby K n A.

by Kathryn A. ,McD0

T ~i~h dt: lJte annkial ~~mcnds

was~ -,nvt'nd by Vri r, -ArfTu1
~~~QL ~ An i :-.I m ii i" -,-If 411 thf,
LU-l 7 1 I of 1-I. 1:'- I., 1111ri lg V i
~Wd~CII~I rl iu- jew ri t:r, -,)q wilh
gra~sduak rtri'.L.m~ in 19W, bawtI iin
the idiui,4 in ;in airtwk I wrotu 33 33jm
D [r. Suh sjk~ ;i.-)ut ;h'K7 1t iV
.iii t '.l1-ii: l% 0 111,hich c-n rapidly(
ditiernrir tnle -Ii..tiil of qran'1.i'4nr4
)i. Sah wib, Sh 0nur'J wih 1k I -,'z

I IrjiVL'-:ir-. k.i-. )rin. Awarnd this Mr4arch
&)T thiS Lan.L'Tllln and itl-,tcchnol-
r-1.1: fd'i and fol his forty *'.'ui
C LIILI -0116 tU thek se-mconducior.

EHrtlr povt f1iUT 'PdrI. thVr 0041A hd
hkll.;ri7t 01eii11: % V-i: pI-. V fpr.. r with
this --.A UIr iI rei'. ReI -, h AW.rd,
thc "(>.car' of th, lrnicondcILtiijr
inchustry. L~r. Sjj. 1 I'ijjjjj.%jj

11 uqnirollnduktoi irdustty foi nver
4V rears. In Ai-7, '.'. dki i: with

MI]Lirn hCl=vi f,-oitbl-ntoTr cd thIe
tTfln ojqtor ir.i Rirt N NWyic (co-
inventnr ori the inthFtuitvd CiT.irl I. iT
S h deve. loped a fhivTry fur vlIilniri-
uIlelt rercumbiniltion. 111 6lt~~
expbnill odthe LuLtit-Vo]ta1ge cLhartc-
teristic of silkon p-n [unctiorn i dixk
jnd btipolpr tTprtq-,;tqm FTN.m i19"q to
19f", white it the Hirchild 'w~cmietm-
durtor Co:rpuratinon D r Salt direicted A
LI W~ .i .L', -h%. le fL1~ SMARI ii' H I' hi'. 11
developed the fis tIabk, M CtO I-
Cide-S~ilion (MOS)i~~,n: T
toorm a 1-:n e~i-vom~-d thi, Ci imrit
t.r1- MON C Mi N IL I

tl:, die team Wasr piuL-L-lied
Franiklin Tn tiiute Pr'/ck in .1)75

In ncldatinmn to ilh Xml %.. I

-Lih l! ILLF' dI% Li Jlid kIe Lhu: fi:!L .4 i:-
lJVi..- 1:1i'.:0J'i I .'J.LdI fil~I1-uff'e.t

Ir~~l~ *i'V Ilu I rILtntj;

,.k..'i L A:L C.11 i cn. rn'u..e and
I:f no- :.n ,Tari;i:r and puLr into

bip.-lar intcKrat'.d criui[tN. At the
L ii. i'% of LOluinui le [l~ d 116
L'IddLltU Stulden[ L1Rnvreld die1 DLTS
Odkvplcvet transi-erit pecmcopy'i
tirchniqiie and pined it, drivdpcT-
mimnt frnim 1964 k 1972. This tech-
rUjqub! i um~ ifl f.Ltrlod~ arndl re~arch
iabuxaiuA! tiu dNNA thePk nreence of
niiutew aniountl of dkk'tedowi

inlpurilie'.! in trap~lll-sL-.i Rkxivenf, at
Flonda, Dr Sa1 haq focused on
deline.ting the agingand weaimult
meihoini~ms aff ransiiuvk~% and
inuvatedl~ ciwuks.I

All three ,fthe Ueni Resarchr
Auvard -,Ain.Tw prtrrioki::Iy L4 rI.rin
gkiishcd hMwe htvn wsnci ad with Ek

Uijaiiiiu-Bvi,..li**, I, ~the firstL [L.ipi-
Olt. PLckiI 7pr Sh !964 morkls of the
%0;r-a:' ;iri i n h is 151`117T, inrzuit
illK iL LLDr:. SLh an.d thL

,"i_,1F.F. Pro4'.--'r atStanforl).
Wordi 7~~t1 ciN;;nmftes~ina 4-
i !*'i'i :mK niminararno many

hiii irmLL-. Al%,,,L,3iuu Pj~x Ta., H
4Ludio UfdI dL' Dr. Sah and vjt, the
rinth Ph.D. rudenit oCfthe forty
Ph rIs d directed 1H, T Sa h in 7T F )rnd
1 h s Ati 'lii L n ilr~ .i lv nir inoix

I, most
.1hri T.f Iyk c the

I ,I hL a. IorLi. '.4 wdl rval

It wrio jlsa1 the fiftieth anniversarveif
the invcaltki-n anod laboratory demonr
hsratimv-n oi lhi-mpT-i.hznents

The duilpai !ILiUJ Rcuiwruaid Dr. Sa, Lx
his irfipicsblvA accomc hshrnents,


by Kathryn A. McL)Dw
an~d Georgiavri E. .1arn1ii;

1,,C F i~ T I S I 1. 1 -ONDU C 10JK

1 \I 7 [ 1 1 IAksi I I N F

Ranked Ivy Value Added to the U.S. Ecornomy 19%'6
I1 million)
.; 1;.IId.- a.'jk bIdrestry A~j I 'fc, I
1~!lr rniiad iutr .ndI.i b~ 't41s',

I2 Moticn- 'ohic -: p.1 r-; and irm-4n~r-
-l"1 0" 0 ik,3 NIMM VV~ v iCrl,- .171--1 Car bnldivs -Q.779
J)iol k' v lLA.1I -f iL'II1-'%.1 .I I1 4 o.-:I I .1kit"LI't-.1i P1ep rdti..KD 32 15 69

(.C~lmmcrc in pr m n*l~ Ijth~rarhx 21 3
L rFtirr pondiNrvn, ag2 'I
tk"I k'i[J%7, : 1-g, 118 1nd trial :1rF,.!nic rhomicals, nc-,, 22;1E ,
ol !-J61 t1 '110 hr dL ia u 10i., LLeC
11 lk~trokurn nfieain~g
12 9a~i.cr a .1 1r VCOmmunic.tions qi
13 "<'aTrh and nnvijantinn (qkripmrnin17,326
14 Nllrotnw lcrirputeTr% **Lr [I.A
1l5 WaI- urnaces and %te0 zAjli 16,125
16 Airud!ft 15,714

19~ lrnnr P nmFk ns I 4hJ
dkn Ilk' t i1 1kL'.1 1li1 III tI I [ 19 Fi cfii nicfr -I rflmrn-Twnt-, nekI
1 21 L111ud L4a 123,14
22 1 1 1 1 k 0z, cake and o'LhL-1 r:-atL(d PhLdue k 11,974
23 Pl, %tics matcriakd and n. 11.'5
24 Airrr.,.flTN and mquipnn, ne 11,272
0 h L[11 1 1j25 I RR."iX tion and heatinK g 'quipmLvlt 11. 91

L'mI? 01ii: d (1 i cedie TJ(.Iif. JLrj,1i.'1- ReptIV l9 'uirI.

\ CS
,t fc So a 1. rc



q- / 6 MR UPDA IL

S;b. y Sree Putcha

Since PIal 1997, the IEEE student chapter
., has been very active and has n a considerable
Sincrcase in memrnbership. We currenLly have ab"ut
250 mrnmbers. making US one of the largest cha]p-
ters i theL southeast. Our activities include twlh
Ia pprtllmititS for professional development and
social interaction.

We hold information sessions where
companies give presentations about thrm~iO .n
and issues related to the field of electrical eiagi-
mering. In January 1998. we held an Engineering
Conference in which we invit-'d f, I companPiies to
give presentatios: IBM, Raythetwi, TI Systern%.
Anderson Consulting, EXXON, and Fntergy. Over
121 ECE students attended and wj we llt l t
network with the companies and ditriluite their
resumes. r suoceu this yea r has~xti due tto
donations made by rompatir such as IBM,
Motorola, Comcast, and En terg,; ThAnks to them,
we were able to ell IEE Student Chapter polo
shirts, and provide fL id at the compmrLy inbuTra-
tioin sessions.

The TFFE -tudent chapter also sponsored
social events thip ye..r, hidingg our first armual
ba-,kvtlldl tuirumnlt. Our corporate sponsors
prOvided T-s~irt, for the tournament. The win-
tning teamn out ,f the eight participating war taken
to dinner it Outback 5icakhUIC .

In thi next few years, we hope to increase
the chapter activities. We would like t attend the
S9,ithlras Regional Conference in Kentucky
DLring this ftnir day event. student chupler
compete uith each other ui various teas, sudi as
hardware and web designs. We would also Ilke t~
start a scholarship hund tor zWember that would
be based not only on sclhlars ip but in active
participation in IF FE Student Chapter activtlies,
C(mtinuing support lroLm both company isand
alumni will make tdes endeavtw possible.


I .. ( -, *IM A\ was elected to
:1wh Interrational Advisr-.V Comn-
r"r-1'I n RNois in Phv.;.cal.
SystemIns and 1,f iu t i,!iti',nr-.
T he cmr-nm.ttee concerns iltelf
. 71i1 promoting noise research
.iriund the world.

I a Ir. senrved as lthe
Central Chair for the IEEE Int~r-
natioknal LConfeience in I y97.
Hle vas the Cuest Editor foi flith
" )-l Special Issue on 1OI Inie-
girated Circuits and De, ie-,-
published this May.

.-) .: ... : I.* I W.i Il 'IlIll'
ctcted to the internationall Neurnil
NNetwlrk Siciety Bi '1 rc of Cover-
nors. The rle of Il,- J % 5 Boktrd
is to r;eralih .;,n:'r.i1 goal- for lheL
KSciety and -,LAiIi policies to
achieve th le g$a i-l.


Tno ddi (is,. ti needs of the c p. r!:V m :'s ,,E:,n-
ing j-n'^r.nmlseverai new administrative -o-.ithurr,
have been crated,
:K . I ;. 'i.. is nwnv the Associate Chairmian
In L S iIle-nl Affairs and I.-.. I[L.> C: : .. H is lle
As iate Chairman for I'ncullv Allair-. 1 JA.(.Lr
SI ''." is thi u LUcirLtor of Graduale PIro, ais/
Graduate CLi.inhrt'ator, and I .:-. ,', K.:i -, A xIt&iu.
the Dirri 'hr of Lr-,.!erLgradiiuate Irongram.I Urnder-
rIt, Il:,a' CuordiLator upon the retiinment of Dr.
John Cl M. ilk.I.

-Ai C7Yz ) f if ) il/ ).. -1

A if7//' ^-* i/../ /'1 /1h r
S- ,7// A wl i.', /C 0XL

.": '. -l : '.ll -- .' S recent 'l
accepted In, hi ij:.1C of ti h
permanent TCN hi-ui;,l Cummittee
on Lightning at the Internt.iionnlI
Zurichl Srviiiliiiim and Tcchnical
ExIlibition on EI:.'i: in.im. ,qnettlc
I ompl-aLility Dr Rakov is also
modiera lor ffo~rte ; I4th. 1nterna-
fional Conrferene on Lightning
P 'I it,'i ti'11 being held this fall in
Blin:: Hii.in.. LngiLnud.


- - - - -. . . . . . .

DR. VI ADIMIR R .~KflV DR. k[\ 0

CograluJatuion to
the FECE faculty who
received proumotimns
this lyear. \.
RAK A KJf biMae
prwmulmlte il'
Noxfcssw.bit area

antd D .t W iC now
an Associate Professor
in the area of Elec-
tronic Circuits.

I"R. KFN t'-



'y Krystal L. Hunsakcr

I hs y .ji II.,rk. II L, -0li h qLridc AJgL.-li.i tLachi? h '--' ll ll .l l ,i ..N 'L idli ii of Lill.'l IL'Lt-
i veris..ir f llf ilrii- Iu rn.I l (C"a' i. student Devcl- a ...i prft- In"' s till
L i.Irl "f i, DI iI'31 IIIn Ill pmcllnt rtc..um mnds that female v 'ILL ,ilent andl t 1 l might explain
IIIl iJd.'lV I r i.i.tL. .-.L,,I:, ,i Ii l l 'Cd ti I:nlh i flu no be pushed WO) rity. LuLn wA ilt- .
TJnvtr,,itlv of Flori.i, I.. "s toward c'nginering purely be- "thf Twmenr ) rhirk it': too ha rd
College o4f "FYini'iril-nn; p ,rr nt- L.LIU.- ol an interest in math or or tHa's Liy> much of a male
.,Ii,'-,T.ilm l, if w IorrILII h.. -- ~ j cicncri L but rather an do ll ted field[t." Va:J- ,c.tes a
incre sine r 11 y.. pr.ikSi I L tni. rhs, tpch o j fear BTenm pli Lion that deters
1W5 (Il1t y'.ir II.St.1 IlIIJ1ed) at phy si ca kenv loT en a somC flm,'rI. S litfvin'a iLt..lly
1.9 :'n. \WIik won .'V iira, e 46% writes; VE but told l"iJ'lL 'i! am ECE? You
ofUF 's totAl rriollrri nt, they only she also iwnZs "problm-.aolving" won'Mt f r-r I,,.n: you'll change
L4InITl.' 9.%, of FCF\' This clear and an intpt "in leading about yot)airid.'. An FCE graduate
gender gap Inglil ight an elite omnputer6fic ,they play such an a i [,..-ja .1mI Lofus, was
grrnip of FCF.'s 'ngilriners. intricatee pa lea s society" as 4t.alal sIre wouldn't succeed
a :parking hesIL4L pFUEUit. Othel 1willi.l A1teIISivr help." SignL!
TI i appeV1 I ..' kc'urlAing an iomen hadasicpceri&ncestilih "-tl field, L, 1 l.El Graduate
"rgine'(er do.". rn t tm to be _./schoo pbre ~as, like Chri sti L. 1iiL1ni faiull-; I1 busy schedule of
iffirn for for w Almost i.,lf 3f I i', llE finale and ing aid in *utt leI itxa Sstcms at l tIIi .1 gooLd e lginemer, and that
fmfte ali IlI]'rgr.IIl;i.i ,A rep.r%,t NASA and.uTira V\argaL: wht~ built I.ik I s mui.h limin, that there isn't
h;atving f1irs t rI. tli'rlXl ECE in a radio imsnuJttelr fur a ligh Jl d\ LA ILnII '.tt Lvi'e to eLIcour-
hiphl schuo(1 .An t:CI' mi4tergraciu- schoofprrijct. "I a lw.ay~~ lo'vd .,age peiIple 'otlhe-r women)) who
ai' st tide. t, T ln-ir 1 tt1ti n.4'reitts -,'fiXhng'--T dit diiand VCK's Id un-.' .1ir.r'fl .t'rLt.d in tngint'tu .ig.
"1'Ielctu r ;gUrlIltll 1 lO 11 AI il nhkt.'" Il-.u L CLdetpan Latentnl doesn't see

many appLLcations troim ftenaes,
but inda Kahila of the Graduate
Studio U:1ic tlys, "we're alwayS
exited when we do, because they
(femrn~l.I are s qualified.-
Neither th e LL Undergraduate
nor Graduate (-Ofice considers
gender when reviewing appli-
cants, instead they choose stu-
dents based on straight-line
requirement., Once admitted to
the program, no extra consider-
ations are made for co-minm ling or
advising females J i ti.-Tentl than
males though each student is
permitted to hc'is his/ her own
lidv i:r rr i-r ll-imi.'- it is more
.Iitt-L ull to find mentors and being
the only women in a class or lab
can be ditliuill." writes Loftus,
"L'ng-:r-'Yring -Il hasn't equalized
the man./ woman ratio as fast as
other professions like medicine
and law"

Female students make up for
beg in the minority by excelling.
Vargas -rites, I he gender gap
just gives me more motivation to
pursue engineering and do the
bist that I can Loftus concedes,
"it still seems to be a man's
world Mlill. it just Takes me
want to s-ucced even more."
According to the ECE Under-
gr.i;'.iaile Exi interviews, 63 ".. of
females and 37, of males are
honors students; 79% of t female
and iil". of malesare involved in
-.'l.l.'r:t organizations; 47 of
females and only '":. of males said
their classes are "well-taught;"

nr I I I irn. f- C IF n1% -%d- n r-r
he in.


According to a 1996 Survey of
Graduate Students and
Pasrdoctrales in Science and
Engineering fmm 603 institu-
tions of higher education, total
enrollment has been declining
since 1992 but the number of
woren continues to climb. The
National Action Council for
Minorities in Engineering
reported a 4% gain in 1996 far
female engineering graduates
while the total increase for
engineering graduates was only
1%. Even though numbers have
improved, there is still disparity
between the sexes as women
experience disproportionate
attrition rates. A 1995 saudy
cited in "The Jounal of Colege
Student Development" suggests
inadequate counseling and
advising as reasons that women
are less likely to stay with
engineering. The women that
do stay may not pursue a career
in science and engineering
because an undergraduate
enginclering education is broadly
applicable in a number of
outside fields. In a 1993 science
and engineering survey, women
received 45% of the BA/ BS
degrees, 36% of the Graduate
degmrs, 30% of Ph-D.'s but only
made up 22% of the science and
engineering labor force.
1 Scisce and Enginuwring includes
social science such as psychdorgy
and the statistics may not be
pecisely applicable to pUely


Salary inequities are still persistent
in academe and industry with far
fewer women than men attaining
the rank of full professor or secur
ing management positions and in
both cases averaging lower salaries.
In 1995, women made up 23% of
doctoral science and engineering
employees in universities and four-
year colleges but only 14% of
assistant professors and 2% of full
professorn. The dispmportionately
low number of women in high
ranks causes the median annual
salary of women in aecence and
engineering to be $15,000 lower
than for men. The gap is smaller
for electrical and related engineers,
averaging $72DOO for males and
S64,000 fr females. The American
Council an Education's Offe of
Women in Higher Education, along
with college and university presi-
dents who serve on its Commiskion
on Women, have tried to determine
why salary inequities continue-
Reasons found include the idea that
women don't need to work because
they have husbands to support
them, and the belief that women are
not as competent as men. Law suits
such as the ones at American
University, the University of
Hawaii, and Boise State University
have forced institutions to pay
hundreds of thousands of dollars in
back pay to compensate women
who were being paid less than their
male counterparts. The outlook is
improving as an NS National
Survey of Recent College Graduates
in 1993 found "Engineer" was the
only broad science and engineering
occupation that averaged higher
salaries for women than men for
both bachelor's and master's full-
time employed graduates.


F) I I I I lr--% 1' 11%, 1 J-- --11-11

Ilr III', I 11 7~' r

and 94% of women and '8 oF
males had asked iac.u'tv fur help,
These discrepancies between the
sexes suggest that the college
experience is quite dififrent for
women than men in I Ih.tric;: and
Computer Fngiinerinng. R, Kiilh.Il
believes that the
gender gap has
enhanced her ECE
education. "I have a
minority feIlowship
this year and my
f undoing opportuni-
ties are definitely
greater." Dr. Jian Li.
ECE Assoiate
Prnfeslar, speculates.
"I am still trying to
figure out if the
thinr-,s that have
.dferLed my career are gender
based. I think that the gender gap
ha both positive and nrt.Lative
effeLt 1:1 na woman's career."

Several of the women report
s.iiingi some type of passive
d iskminlnatirn from their niters or
TA's. Vi~s rrgiL- nilin:. that "Some
males think that they know

Ivi-TVlhin TI. know more than the
'ftmale m i.-.' I nu.-r',''" i d SulLtOl
expLlains "it is not nilright
iI".crirrdii.ilin or hl,.-ilil.. Sonme-
turnes sudits jIul t separate

S1W -

;h..m- ;..x 4-, from me." None of the
females report ever hviing
received tainted trritment from
faculty, "'r'il.v Yr. e neitl h r niIer nor
meaner to me because I Om a
woman" wnt-t' qittim And
Loftus, who mecnrioill somen
sliighlv discriminating I'A's,
writes "the pmFrT ;ior; I have had

are all mature professionals who
have no problem ,with female
students." The students are a
bright part ot Lr. Li's career.
"''SLdents here in general are good
and motivated. and '"i.-v respect

Even ami:rng all the- bad
Advice, Vargas writes "I
,% *haeI also heard m;in,'
S good (pieces of)
advice from mentor
and teachers," Men-
tors are important on
S -,- some level to th,
[r women surveyed as d ll
i7 have a inamiLy member
with an engineering or
S ttvhnical dcIJLgr. Willih only
in'. woman on ECE's current
fariillv Dr. Jian Li, it is not surprise
ing that some female student feel
there are a lack of role models.
However, Dr. li believe that
female eng'inees don't need
female role models: "Meln can be
good role models, too." Luna
-Iagre. clire are plenty of role
rri hl-." Most students adjust to
th.' pTNW'ive void and find

A14 L.~.

inp i I ic In from d i ffercnt sour-ce
Sutton wriltc'. "Mi role models
are peLrpl, who are determined to
graduate w ith degrews in engi-
cceriiwng and will no et ltan)one or
anything 4op them from reaching
that g al."

Unce out of school, women nmy
still face barriers. Of the ECF
underfi.rd late students who
received job offers, the men's
salary offers rangLd from bh,ti)O
to ,41 ,.l(? and women's unl]
3J4.UI)11 to S3H.MXXI. Even wilh lli0s
discrepadinv the accv'pit4d job
salaries nlyv varied by 562 be-
theen men and women, Compa-
nies that have strong recruiting
prigra msi for women may have no
internal support sys-tm once they
are hired. Academe is statistiiall]
worse 1i.m goverranent or indutS-
try in numbers of women in op
positions. ur diupartfm'nt pa.ys
special attention to female faculty
appLicadzis but all pa) raises and
priomnlins are solely ncrit-ba.msd.
L(-E students tend to prefer the
exclusion of gender as a hindrance
or an asset, WVhen asked about the
"gla ceiling'" Lof tus rL'sponLL.!,
"l'eople should be considered
based on their grades and their
>klJls. gender should not be an
issue." Sutton agrktt',, "empoyt'rs
are now looking for someone who
will do Illc right Ib and not
someone who Lis a certain sex."
Old barmirs are sIill evident but
the NiLrily of Wnmen l:ngin~eer
reports average tdearning.r of femAle
Lcngi nIrTL'- under age 30 to be
about S2,OILH a year higher tharn
those of their male c'lleagues.

According to Kahiln, who receives
graduate applicatlius, "the only
problr'rt with female applicants is

that lIhere aren't e'noLugh of Ilemn."
Wheli asked if Ilhv would choose
ECF. again, 4"i: of the Under-
raduate females said "yes," only
5% would not, and 11'.. were
unsure. Redfield writc.. "my lifi.
is a lot more fun than it would
ever bt without Lrningcring.." All
of the students who responded to
the survey, said thrv would
recommend an ECF degree to
Lither wirmen, but V.'AT.L cau1ti.in,
"not to just any woman." Luna
agrees, "it's not a field for the
unsu ." Loftus deiL.ribes the
wonme in engLin'r'rinr g as "spei.al
- we haveme mre rvt'snsibililier
to work hard and prove we are as
good or betteT than the others."
Dr.Li suggests Ilut to improve
female n,'pri~ ntaltiIo in enginte'r-
ing, "girlz, should Ihl' encmuragrd
to excel in math and science at a
younAi.yig.' In reference to her
experiences at UF, T oftis, writes,
"it has been primarily positive in
that it t'rn\iuraflg- me to work
hard and make room for future
women engineers.'"

-(org B 7 hI
I -Cee Bena;,Td Shaw


I -- -HiI tl iH Tt-


Class of 1976, BSEE UF

" worked my way through
school doing research in EE
department. Love my
career, own two engineering
companies, very happy and

"Since I was 6 years old, I was
interested in electrocs always."
Programmer Northeast Regional
Data Center at UF
President CEO, The Prine-
Hollingsworth Co in Chicago
WHA I IX) Y( .J L1(K)A MC.h1
WHf-) DID r(KJF RE.CiV' Ttil-
"Family and Teachers"
"Not encouraged in childhood
and high shool-"
S3I KX )I? "Absolutely."



by Gcorghina E. Hurni.t

only wtished I Jo"d irs t ua
earlier," resp onds HkiLgh
Patrrick w livn ak9 d if h4C woIdUli
change any part cif rUnnirlg hi'
nn company- Pa.ITH-k, RSFE '80,
is the preiidellk Of CAI11 IJ 1,1 Ui N1,l1
EnS~z)er ing Intrem atlo)nl, Ira.
iC-!). CFJ], a sRf wa1 r I~rI1WVl(Op
rnentiiIIII, wa.1 "ou"Idt!cd by
P'atrick and fellow; -iirg.mr, At
Cray R(,arc four ye-rs inp -TC
currently has tWO J pluldtJL 11,
En:;Igh 1i, and GLpfr. and is in
the process o vf duvolo?)irI? ohtl"rJ.
Erit'Lh an advarwid v islaIA-
ticn and. animation tonl, is u--ed
for pi:4- pnw.sn lhr rI .len,lt%
from co ullpu Lai iDI hd I 4041r~iS.
GLpr is an opLn UtiJ U libea';try th.,t
enables applicatiorm. I~nr.) II II:T
to add print support to teiir
applications- CET products are
usevd by all aLtomoltive and mII it
aerospace companies. Weniral
manufacturing compin Ie l iid, as
Canion and AnIii1. Uni-k rm.aIL..
including~ 9!anfiird arid MIT1".
NASA, and the, rFieji rtm I -I) hOf
Defense and E3.!3&, 1 .abvr iurk,

"Sadly, an engineering LdL'r*',r'
does not prepare one at all to start
or run a company," states Patrick
After graduating frnom the Univer-
sity of Florida and starting to
work, Patrick attended night
school at Clemnson Li Uni Uhit'l
where he obtained an MBA.

Regardless of market demand for
a product, "a bunch of engineers
alone can not start and run a
company." If a group of young
engineers decided to start a
company, a person with business.
and hopefully legal experience is a
"must" according to Patrick. "I
would recommend that thrL' fir.t,
find a person to fi11 that role, then,
draft a business plan, halving the
projected Revenue and doubling
the projected Expenses in the first
year, and then have as many
people review and critique the
plan as they can." If, after all
these steps, the plan looks viable
and you have idnLtfiid the initial
capital sources, then proceed.

trick counts three benefits to
running a small
company. First,
knowing prtkisely
what the financial
situation of the
company Ls. [n theirr
words, "not won-
dering whether your
upper manage nerei II
is telling you
everything'. rosy,
when in fact theLi.'.
trouble ahead."
S*,mond is th .ability
to set all policies
'h such as work hours

)ld *.iwation tirneA, The final
brltwfit i5 -ejip4JyLytg dmircctly tlw
es1iNlts Of NIV CmMPany'L iS ucCCS
Tliw LI i.-20 IAN .L1. L. I I rd ivig to
I Iri i k. I "i a I.I i II L with the
mmistakes 0r14 hi ;*iI i' 1-ing no

Sumnming Lup ] IS is --1'L'T1I 'r.I 0L0 OnV fl
of ECE ~im at-i I1iir4l Mfl1L'LJV.. lii

rem ibE i r~lreiu t ~hit~dint~ that
L f.i i- lb 0s krlt. mruh rwsrn. ies than
5AmIMV'IP ill t]ii'r Qrlv O's .rvaizes,
Tif yoti Nave 0i. irJiin,m i I r oam. a
y IJ 1. didn't %.' ] I! to Purs'ue it, You
don't hoiv9e thime to '~.~t''o

-Theot7 ''onr nKarman

,-Vilimpfe Zz-lrl~ol Ciro f. I..",? .~: I 1, 17

. K MN

biy Kathryn A. McDiW

n order for prdj ucts to become
smri1ller and fa.ter and impli
Tnmcrtt mOiri fk~.tiur., it is impolr-
tant thi;t mjnr and mofe of LbirLm
incorporate I i :iial tecid nol ng,."
sriteC ECE t..ii.san) pronissor Dr.
Hill] Iri n EdnMson. However, to
impk'ment nrew digital technology.
thter must btx -.1 i''II:', link be--
tw.een a &usty siand rftearLch and
redevelopment teams. Emploveew ,v
Mt'Ocimta, Inc- ntw have th i:.
<.ip> I',rliiii'V with the aid of a r.ew'
coLirse dL'velflpLed by Dr.
F.lionllfton. This :0urse will 4!rr r
ys 41 retraining tool in digital
communications and signal
prMicSiing L :'.L'thl'idloigi;. Drs-..
Haim]ph I-atdhman and Scott Miller
work in conjunction with
Edmonison in teaching the COulr i. :I

The Digital Communications and
i l;n a I Pa .N-,il' course is
;d-sig1-nr to fulfill the needs of
IndlstryuI workers who wish to
re main p~r l. i ntl in current
teihnoI:cgy. Addilionally, it wilI

provide a olid base for those who
wiLs to change their focus from
the traditional analog communica-
tions ~hlnme to digitaL methods.
Al Though digital technology will
rn-t COmpletely replace the tradi-
tional ,r*..il:,1 methods, digital
products are now the key in
kcmpetitive industry for provid-
ir;l: mreni features, onger talk
Iime, and le, cost to users and
priwidelrf Fmp.C' veLst Notoila
aVII Ri hI'ILI a iraJuLatL dtjue in
I-lr'ed:rial li gineerilgama eigil
fur I 1'.IS, C0ill'4; .

inlike- 'he Itypical, five day
in Win.isi ve cnO rse, the Digital
CI IlmllIn.rljti Li Ifand Signal
I'rN IL e".LISg cciurse, laughL tlu mg
thie FFFnDS nmrwok il a twenty
w.rk r prilyram. The curriculum
:rU. luds ad anLced stud in diitilu
mriud ulalion,. demodulntion
..L:thhLdGdyvancd UlPdemign,
aUdspee*arid image codilg,.
frmeEosift, fItCn winl
C)iilCTde flwi thfour to six weal -of
an in-depth Lab at Motorola
during the summer. This labora-
tory work will require implemen-
tation in a digital signal processor

of all the studio digit.Il tech-
niques and will als l'~' its
students to real ;I'plpric.ion1s in the

I" lhT.ngh f:l :-chack from students
i am sting v. .;i -. 41 improve the
coJur[.," rei atks Dr. Edmonrson.
This fTLcl'.i rk and his close
contact with inaijutry over the Last
eight year contribute to tle
abilir' f the' cuiTTni-liui[n 1o adapt
tOnlW lhthOdlO ; i wnIlr'tMS.
Craiiunicfions. Asdig4ital
teihnolyl k';lis ti morel ad-
.ILI, C d pCd(.\,r lr i lidu-'iV will
have lh" ad..in.It1e If a quicker
traittio ntiht' h rtween d -eelop-
IeLnt lMnd Wplii';:tiLII. A-, Ikad
aIngil1Wtfor ,Iht 'Liur4t-, I'.
EdffalltOan .hrlV,' tno rinp im-
.MgvOrUOMrttsW 111. I JI' i i11'*, suich as
mUl]timfdiaMi .11 wb'.LtC adcc~e
lats gWith the i'optin In "Take it
on the M il Li Ithat eventuallyy% it
Willt Il t [.L stIlL tly for the
Motorolia planet in Flrida.'
Al're.idy, cirporationi such as
Texas histrumnnts have expressed
inkteiest In bringing the course to
their si e.

0C; r'flld hd 'W /t //,//. i *

,. 1 '/. i bl f pa /l, /.c'

.'(.&-)fI' ..flad OWi ), P

.. o.' /t /., z .r lj i ;, }//b/, ;

16 & I *' ac. */77 WiM?!

\'.1 I-RIA \' I ( i: ) was se cxted asa Fellow in the SRC Graduate
Fellowship Prulrnam. He is a ;1redl.ill student under the advi'msment
of Dr. Ken 0 in the TCAD area. A. "*. '- LILAK also was s9ted
as an SRC Fellow. Mr. 1].Al, is a graduate stuctdnt in the SiftWaMr and
Analysis of advanced Material Per-' ssi;i-n (SWAMP) Center under the
direction of Dr. Mark Law. This Fellowship oward provides tuition and
tees, a stipend of $1 ,4211/.. ioi tl, ard i an IrnuAl gi Fl of $. IJL.t t th the
students adviser. This award covers ip]i to ihliTi yeV'rS o f graduate


' It. \\-lA t) MI I was)s
awarded an SRC Undergraduate
Ke-.carch chhilaTship Mf 559,0fl for
Summer lY This is the first
year of the Scholarship, whose
obj 'tive' is to attract a greater
percentage of qualified US under-
graduates to graduate study in
dibiplinrs of interest to the
semiconductor industry. He will
be conducting research with Dr.
Mark Law in the SWA [P center.

IIIII HEii11111U11ii
M R, .'-..i. l l,':\\ (.Ill -S -' hM
been awarded an NSF Graduate
Fellowship &for the 1Y98 fiscal year.
NSF nrefgniveis aippTrrxim.ite1y
1,(CVXi i.i st.indiiin graduate
t udJenit' wi th Ian annual cost of
ivlrLit'irn allowance, ind a
ltijf.ndl of L$1 (XX per year. The
award cvers three yeas of
gr.adnah study ii .ny field of
MLic~"IL'4, Im.1i~l'11ticS';. and engi-
neering. Mr. Chidlrtr is a
r ,arch assistant in fth High-
prforman~ie Cni.m pii.th and
Simulationi (HCq) Laboratory
under Dr. Alan George.


M A I If \ C.


Dr. HanJph Latchrtn''s Coomputer
COMmUniriOff NIEt Mind fk An update wl vrsi n on MAlnrr
Computer Ifnterit was recently published by Ccirrnurricadion Circui-t 2nd t.
Communication McGraw Hill. The book provides hv D. Jack Smith was just
Networks orn an overview of Ihefickd of o~. eluascd by McGraw Hill.
the Internet puter c0nunltuicatio- ernphasiz-
ing the standards and protocols
which are now cMmon In local
area and wideareM ntW sudh

Iiimts, ana i dnsro it of
.As LO.... information theory rlated' I the
digital rmn~ndsskon of infrms-
tikn via computer network

I Yr. k,1IiCiI IRI1)F HzILJ I 118 F
with I kInors, ltft the Pki-, 1IL 111 ()F
Associate Nrinciple Frningicrr % ith
tHarrirss Corp. He Lthen tt VAi ki 3 1.-
Master of L)]v in it'I v mm Atlbury
Theological Sermimiir> yand com-
plttvd a Lkuctur u4 Ministry He
nmOv srv4c as a Unit0id MtLh iit


LX'Li Zalbriskie,' USLE -' I. is a
Si.,ftwai.i Deveopment Manager
,t Advancr!d Cyhertech Enter-
pri.-; W- In irtL Lauderdale, FL.

51k,,L' ikguIc BSEl'l iN the
I I .ILdI -of Solutions EL gniitE!ring.
the Internet Solutions Business
Unit of Compaq Computer
Corporation in Iloustoa'lTX,

KIhalcd A luma1 1r':I IP F. h5 .1
Scnjio RI: 1nfl4ncT .it IA C

rVLcOfl, I %- cht*,e aS I Id VY IrI
best papcr at the "Ir. Ii1ii
S*mictnductnor I ier Corf Fer; e"C
held nrently in Smil J'iw.

I7UnjC P: Akrmiii, .STFF
i s i ih c P r ei d in t C IW- tI4
ihe Prcice-) ioLI inp-L.w.'t1 i Co,.
in ChicigO. She i$ feNh3Twd
on page 17.

To:! \I -.

1W,~ TOL~Ik

Drop us a


ece. ufl.Leda

The Department of Electrkicl
and Computer Engine g
would like t io te the Ofobei
1997 passing of Murrel "Pat'
Newby, BE156. He was
employed over hie years by
Honeywell, Inc. Ins iru-

he movd: pen

Newby's grandson is curently
shudying Computer Eugnoeerin
at Auburn Uve~rslity

mi,' : I '. ,", .; :-, I 1f W ,989

Ri'kvrt Nr Amorn]l
Stev~e N4~l. A~ndt-T"Tcin
?, H. IkiCrnei
1 harILvflL A. 13mIk-r
RKihard W. Illjsv

L, Rt; 1-. BillrrAdy

Ch1rk A. CAI r.) I
Leoln VV'. r-orui l 11
Jahn D. C.

N! LLhat?2 K. DEiaid-..i-
'Thorn ii Fl I I I -r Rix.~ i
W'LCf IIIi K. LD.Ii;
DannyIJ I.. L pii
)lOIIi LI. 1 r-. H. I

Rdif.atz.I J. frnlI Jr.
Johnl Willi~irn F1hcT WiI
-LhIfrLJ A. F'1scigrl dd
R-t-- l 14 rl", 11x lr]2

Ro N,; K-i llkhhman

IALar-jlLI V. C(ardn'jr Jr.
Rt!y K 1'. 1 11-7-c-. th J r.
Randail ';, C. kcin
John L 4Jnilag

1'ii ris S. Nabbiba
l2ubert L-', E lnsen
].ock 1 H.mpkins
(.mdoji J, Jr. I1 hnnon
I larold 1, 1 less

IAbrI~rCrL I loc' Jr.
Jeffrev rA, 1Ahichn
Kii'rv A, jacksoni
N1,1A C j, illrlTCT

T.m ry L Joncs Jr.
riiI4i1 NIv, M. jlordan
Mich'ital J, Kodi

Ashok: K.KTishnanmrUlth
I Fernimi Lam
Midhml W. Larinoff
[fmI inip Latchrnan
lamt,A. Lewis
"hvnl ~S. Li
1:rixrikA- Undholmn
TIiOmas J. Lk-omis
Antbficmnv Luca Jr.
liCdiard U. NMl'U'L'.:

;'- II I E a 1,li. i
Peter A. Millor
Rogq I F. MOInlrlry.
Edwa rd fE. 'M wrm
Thnimas- F. \Lrprfrhy
Dan kl A. N i01111'40r
Tcpshilka..u Nvtiid~i
Stephrn ~lNew
Z~e 11. KVt~tbWr
Jahn R. 0\ThV~i Ile
Thohtmas B. Mcn;anorld ITI
VVilarn 1" MIzitoL)vr Jr.

C.h I ji-Li I.1lJi R Pji aorrn, n
Deborah L. P.iriiiq~iiil
Neils R. Poul;ten Jr.
chafie-, 9. P"IVw Ilt
Jame1cs A. PtvmIi~r
likhahl R. Piugh
Erj c A. Pw IlI
Sriyam R-nlmlik,1-?rmlm
Keith J. RitrtlIxi
301111 S~. R, -I'~l

PPLir 1l\l'I
RIvid C.. R51 accantril
Judd 0O. Slicutss

DdviJ C. Spi,
StlI' aII A, SkmitPhi
Kia-v hi StcLa rd

Jaarizi. WL', S*ti.i5;.c, J'r.

Orlioi.t C Sturgl Jr,
P.1l, 1G. 913clhos'k- Ir
EkRn-ris L, Tac~kett


Anderset Cormultieig
Bechtlei Foundatikm
BeUsouth Corporation
Energy SeMi.ym [nc.
Florld8 Power CracjMtinn
Gulf Power Foundatimr
Harris Foundation
Honeywell Foursdian
IBM Corporation
Lucwefl TchConokogic

CharIeq Al11~r Tilyl.
'Th11m.mI .. iM, Tuck
!u~I~rhrtirA. Urn~i

].anruraic~u C. \i'r14cn
CIM:11."c~ P. VnLcq.]
Ni".rk Wa r--n kc

He ry A V, Wech Jr.
Chirie GsCordon White
SuItilfgL S. Whitelwad
EHowmrd 'Adins.tcLn
Alii&'n H., W'ilmorth
JkIcrTfL-I ',Willson
Rzohrct 0Nhv-mS I[]
K4w1n R WrPretze

AAt' I Ir G3, Yeager
ChLmW Sin Yeil
LK'n- Ching Yehi
j,-S, Yuain 41
LDomthl WA' Lbriskie, Jr-
Ravid Z, Zink-e
Victor W. ZuC

.. ki b* '? *

/A /

- I homnas I, Icnrv I [I-,I iL-EN~


Tell us about yourself!

l rf. J .I i'i t"fti ~hie i''" 1fo' t 1. I' i Ci I l.'r"n i,
,frhrhnmfiwo....r, e.mi' ls a!: ecetewsece. tfl.edu






Yotr privaire c,-orihilln N nrcedd s hl ,we cai n w cntinutK our ili.ileni~ n prrnratrii 1r ahivwv I Iheir priesneril Icvel. All
contributions are Lax Laduedible a~nil vJ l L applied to thl ilnpIro mnem t ll LiMtjrUrgrluale aild .LI -;lu;i'.: Lduction i:icl Ud!.i ihe
financial support of sttents.
Y.iI I iould like to help support the Depnrment of Elctrical & Cnopuil r I :n-i,'rirr nr n i a t nIve:sily idf l'lii ] a1 n encasinR $_ fo r D1epartmner teaching pritgam. 1i 1'v e.ii .It'io'l -- i_ itw i l I'fnr

1 L all I'I: 11.1 fte F1I t p.. Iii e ni lich-larship v iriplin~y r h. l ;imi.chin ril~ inprorni I wvIl aIrninLn Icrr
furd nmaiji I; i IL.
W I an e11i.. Ii, n .n $____ frr Dpnrlmcenl rseurcIh pJngnims.. .irn irlr leresld in inlbrnaiaLn in m.iaking ;i I;irge glfl I$ 1 HXI all r moiri.
SI arm enclosing 5__ __ finr lic E-'l r- M iemi 'lil l i linm enclhiing 5 ._ .. I.h 1I1"1- .: Stuidlen (Chapucr.
FulLId. I Plasi addilrc S o llab.il1i butiuil l' e 1 110 1l i' i in
lV uijdta ul.i-. iu.: ., ,', ,.C.LIr I

Irl1a,,w sp lEep1rtment of electrical & Computer Engincering.
rnaLe vour cheks paablle tho Unwviiy f Fliridn
I-'I "i: i,, I I..ll 'iid I .II 1. til:

Deplt of ElectricIa & Ci puter Fngincering, ATTN: Martin A. Human
? Inj I arr n I lall, P.t 1li 1 1 I12i
L.nivrersity ot 1'o4rida
(.,IIe... ilk FL 32.611-621.?

University of FlI.Mda;
1 'pl. of E-ctc rical & Comnpu tLr Engineering
216 Larsen I [all P.O- Box 1162(00
Gainesville, FL 3261 1-6200



i ;

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