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Title: Annual report
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Creator: Career Resource Center, University of Florida
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Publication Date: 2009-2010
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0 New activities for 2009/2010

2009/2010 has been an
impressive year for the
University of Florida
Career Resource Center.
it.ji .;iLPFi.lH^HB




This year, we have worked to build a foundation to become
even more successful. We have redeveloped staff roles, adjusted
key programs, hired new staff, developed new partnerships and
made investments in technology to continually deliver innovative

Based on these efforts, we have been able to deliver student
services with increased efficiencies (online and in-person),
develop new recruiting relationships with employers and provide
new programs to assist students in finding employment in the
tough economy.

Our efforts have paid off. Princeton Review named us the "#1
Career Center" for 2010, several staff members have received
national recognition for their work and we received grant
funding to support our key student programs.

We are proud of our accomplishments and we are looking forward
to improving our award-winning services. It has been a great year
and I invite you to share in our success.



Year in review

Providing students
with opportunities
to gain experience.

New activities

service delivery.

hat's inside

Career Events in a
Difficult Economy

Staff Highlights

student videos

our success!

Partners, donors
& top lo employers

Sustainabi lity/Credits


0 Year in Review.

We have had a very

successful year.

Our office continued to educate UF
candidates about their options in the
job market. Here are several highlights.

IncYreased student
career planning services
by i&%, outreach by 7%
increase & graduate
services by 11%.

*U ; -*
- - -~_* A -.- l

Increased the .
of Gator CareerLink, our
online job portal, by 38%
for candidates & 427%
for employers.

V. r -

- -.1.

participation 14% for
Education Recruitment
Day & a2% for Graduate
& Professional Schools
Information Day.

developed our
local internship program
(B.R.I.D.G.E.). Saw an 11%
increase available
opportunities, 43% increase
in employer participation
& a 147% increase in
candidate participation.

Employer education
programs saw an
86% Increase
in student

candidate support
for Summer Job Fair
& 50% for Part-Time
Job Fair.

.4Y' -

---a-- --
'4n --s

'*'--- ***


I Year in Review.

Received funding from the
Motorola Foundation to support
Gator Launch, our career education
and mentoring program for
underrepresented students in
Science, Technical, Engineering
and Math (STEM) programs.

research looking at the
career development
needs of first-generation
college students.

a new government
and non-profit-
focused initiative.

Partnered withthe
UF Innovation through
Institutional Integration
(13) Program to create career
development programs for
graduate students in STEM
and Social, Behavioral and
Economics (SBE) fields.

Created anonline,
self-help tool (CHOMP) to
assist exploratory students
with deciding on a major
and career path.

A .. .,

.,.., ,.,..
~llr Illr
IY ii *r *L IL~I~.l
r rr r r r

-1 1

* .

* Year in Review.

Career Planning
Career/Major Decision Making 1,757 +12%
Job Search/Correspondence Critiques 2Go +17%
Extreme Resume Makeover 1,202 +4%
Face-to-Face Mock Interviews 238 -26%
Virtual Mock Interviews 1,200 +162%
Total Services Provided to Students 8,319 +1*%

Campus Presentations
Number of Preview presentations 36 NA
Number of presentations by CRC Staff 338 -14%
Total Student Attendance 18,534 +7%

For-Credit Courses (SLS-asol & SLS-asos)
Number of Sections 8 -27%
Number of Students Enrolled 200 -33%

Graduate Students Initiatives
Individual Counseling/Advising 1,072 +27%
Outreach Attendees 2,306 +4%
Total Graduate Students Outreach 3,378 +11%


Fall Career Showcase
Part-time Job Fair
Spring Career Showcase
Education Recruitment Day
Summer Job Fair


Gator CareerLink (New)
Gator CareerLink (Uage)
Gator CareerLink (since inception)
Local Internships (B-RJ.D.G-E)
On-Campus Interviews


6,853 +1% 1,939
14,354 +38% 7,877
31,247 +174% 9,926
3,612 +174% 96
4,900 -22% 220

+15% 3,183 -25%
+427% NA NA
+28% 41,116 +11%
+43% 3386 +U%
-35% NA NA

* Comparable data from previous year is not available.


Resume Reviews
Mock Interviews
Career Showcase Essentials












* New activities for 2009oo/2010

During this past year, we
implemented changes and
innovative developments.

We made operational changes to
our office, received grant funding
for a mentoring program, developed
an online tool for exploratory
students and created specialized
programs for government and non-
profit career exploration.

O Gator Launch
The Motorola Foundation awarded us a grant to
support Gator Launch, a career education program
for underrepresented students in STEM fields.

02 (C.H..M.P.)
Career Help for Major Planning (C.H.O.M.P.) is an
online program developed to assist students with
making decisions about their major and career.

03 I-Cubed Project
We teamed up with the 13 program to provide
graduate students with career options outside
of academia. +

0 4 Government & Non-profit initiatives
This initiative has helped to provide students with
information on this popular career field through a
variety of activities.

05 Research pursuits
Career Resource Center Staff members conducted
research on first-generation college students. +

* Providing students with opportunities to gain experience.

Our Experiential

Education Programs

provide University of

Florida students the

opportunity to gain

valuable experiences.


. 2o8-og
L ;:319


S. );: : i ::i:; ::;l:;:i ;r; Positions
* '


Gator CareerLink, our online career portal, regularly lists
hundreds of internships, co-ops and externship opportunities.
These opportunities help students find full-time employment after
graduation. In 2009/2010, we had approximately 1,500 available
internship positions listed in our Gator CareerLink system.

Specifically, the partnership between the Career Resource Center
and the Gainesville-Area Chamber of Commerce, entitled Building
Relations through Internship Development with Gainesville
Employers (B.R.I.D.G.E.), provides internship opportunities in the
Gainesville and Ocala area. The number of local internships listed
within this program increased by 11% in 2009/2010 to 386
opportunities. The number of local employers increased 43% to 96
local employers. Total applicants also increased 147% to 1,319 total
internship applicants for the B.R.I.D.G.E. program.

B.R.I.D.G.E. / Local Internships


.E. Employers
~i~"~' I~~~~B ~ j -00 ro8-09

0 24-hour service delivery.

To adequately serve our
customer population,
we effectively leveraged
our online resources.

These resources allow us to deliver
our award-winning services 24-hours
a day. We have several key online
services that allow us to better serve
our large student population.

G -cit,- LU'&,-AvLi.u k.

Gator CareerLink (GCL) is the University of Florida's, online
career portal. GCL provides UF candidates access to a wide range
of opportunities including full-time, part-time, co-op and
internship opportunities.

.. E l.ii.' I .. ..:*. J ,.- ...'.! .-. ...."..

Interviews can be intimidating for a candidate; practice is
essential. In addition to our face-to-face mock interviews,
candidates can now practice interviewing online in the comfort of
their home. With a computer, webcam and microphone,
candidates can work on their interviewing skills, view sample
questions, get interview tips, view responses, record and save
their interviews. There is even an option to send a link to friends,
professors or even family members to receive more feedback. This
tool allows us to more efficiently address a high-need service.

0 24-hour service delivery.

Career Search is a comprehensive, searchable database of nearly 4
million potential employers. This service provides fast access to
current and accurate company content. The University of Florida
Student Government (SG) generously provided the financial
support to offer this service to UF students.

"The programs have
prepared me for life after
college by helping me
develop into a more well
rounded individual. "
Dynora Pierre-Louis



With a few clicks students have the ability to ask questions about
choosing or changing their major, exploring various career paths
and searching for an internship or job. Student usage of e-Career
Planning increased 17%. This has enabled us to meet with
students on and off campus for their career planning needs.

.ii .ii
; I


UF candidates are increasingly interested in global opportunities.
GoinGlobal connects candidates to international internship and
full-time employment opportunities. Furthermore, career
specialists have developed country-specific information including
recommended websites, detailed resource descriptions, insider
tips, professional advice, visa regulations, professional etiquette,
cultural tips, embassy listings and professional organizations.
This is an incredible resource for the globally-focused candidate.
9,252 job search candidates utilized the GoinGlobal service.

C:i "e-- Help iir M",.O P',e'nn!i (CHOMP)

Students can find selecting a major and deciding on a career
overwhelming. To address these concerns, we developed an online
self-help to assist students with these difficult decisions. CHOMP
was developed and implemented in 2009/2010. Next year's annual
report will highlight the outcomes, usage statistics and overall
successes of this wonderful tool.

.. / ..' L .. ,.... .,.. .. ..

UF students have free access to, allowing them to
take assessments (through the CHOMP program), find career
information, determine their skill sets and explore career
opportunities in their major. This is a fantastic tool for students
who are looking for career options. 815 students utilized the service.

Gu! 1 1Gl~.i

* Career Events in a Difficult Economy.

We hosted five career fairs
that focused on a variety
of career exploration needs
of students and alumni.

Despite the difficult economic
conditions, our events attracted a
diverse range of candidates and
employers. In 2oo9/2o10, we noticed
an overall decrease of 13% in employer
participation and a decrease of 2. in
overall candidate participation in
career fairs.

.... ... .. . .. . ..... . .. ...i.. . . . . . .. ..... .. .. . . ...... ..... . .. ... .

&Ct *-:t! SJ.2.11 'h1.

Career Showcase is the largest career fair in the southeastern
United States and is our premier career event. Career Showcase is
held each fall and spring semester over two days, attracting
University of Florida candidates from a variety of academic
disciplines and employers from numerous industries and
geographical locations. Fall Career Showcase attracted 6,680
candidates and 259 employers, while Spring Career Showcase
attracted 4,913 candidates and 182 employers.

"- : ,;iri i .- '- i ? f .:,._ :' ..i .' :, -. J. ,-, " .

Graduate & Professional Schools Information Day (GAP) brings
graduate and professional school programs from around the
nation to Gainesville to highlight their programs. 536 students
and 147 schools attended this event, representing a decrease of
24% in candidate attendance and an increase of 12% in school
participation from the previous year.

Explore the Diversity r
Totals for all Fairs. III

*does not tnelude part-tie ji trinmd summerjob insr.
.. ..~~~ ~ ; ..... .. .. .: . . .. . ,

Many UF candidates

attend our Career Fairs
Some even line up prior to the start of
events like Career Showcase.

... -.. .... -. -,

A Af

Career Events in a Difficult Economy.


.. i.


Education Recruitment Day highlights schools and school
districts that want to recruit top teaching talent from the
University of Florida. 214 candidates and 16 employers attended
Education Recruitment Day. This represents an increase of 3% in
candidate participation and 16% in employer participation over
the previous year.

P] -t-T e Jt;1b Fair:

Part-Time Job Fair is designed to assist students with finding on-
campus and local part-time employment. This year, 23 employers
and over 1,500 students attended. This represents an increase of
50% in candidate participation and a decrease of 15% in employer

._'.[!l..i" ,.J.:'!., F....."

Summer Job Fair provides an opportunity for students to explore
a range of summer employment options. Employers representing
industries from various parts of the country attend to recruit from
UF. In 2009/2010, approximately 350 students and 29 employers
participated in this event, representing an increase of 40% in
candidate participation and a decrease of 3% in employer

S Continuing our success!

Our efforts continued
to increase employment
opportunities available
to students and alumni.

In 200oo9/210 we continued to
nurture, create and develop
employer relationships through
our Connecting Florida initiative
and other outreach activities.

Connecting Florida generated new opportunities for students
throughout the state by visiting small-to-mid-sized organizations
through various Chambers of Commerce. Research shows growth
in the small entrepreneurial firms (Gardner, 2007) and an
increasing candidate interest in these organizations (Wall Street
Journal, 2008). This initiative resulted in a 6% return, based on
new opportunities listed in Gator CareerLink (GCL).

Further employer outreach efforts focused on building
relationships with organizations featured in Business Week's "Top
100 Companies to Work For." In addition, we also worked to re-
established contacts with organizations that had not recruited at
UF in several semesters.

"The CRC enriched my
experience by giving
me an opportunity to
speak to employers
that I would not
otherwise have a
chance to talk to."
Christina Douyon

This year we also improved communications with our recruiters
by hosting several employer retreats to provide training on
recruiting at UF and and also to receive feedback on our efforts.
We also made improvements to our employer activities and
services by making them easier to use and more cost effective.

SStaff Highlights.

It's been a great

year for our staff

In 20oo9/oo2010 the Career Resource
Center was ranked "#z for Best
Career Services" in the 2010 edition
of The Princeton Review's Annual
College Ratings. We are thrilled to
have received this recognition.

In addition to our overall success,
many of our staff members
participated in national events,
presented at conferences, served on
committees, published research,
authored articles and received
awards for their work.

Dr. Laurl n

As~e. Director for Career

Farouk Dey

Aocnet Director for
hmaer Networki

la'N t G

Sr Asit. Director for
Employer Relationm

Rachael Goodman

Ast. Director for Doctmral
Stideat Srvices

KcvnI CGuthric

ALt Director far Marketing
& CommuTTictia

3ill Skufe

Emploer Development

Hcnc-,de rs chicc dt

SL Ast. Director for
Career Delopmet

Kevin Tate

Ah.t Director for Carer

Dr. H father
WiJ hi t C

Asociate Director for
Career Network

Dr. Wayne

Eric Hall

Assoiat Director or
Career Network

0 Our valued partners and sponsors.

Our 2oo9/10o partners
help us carry out various
programs and activities.

They recognize the value in working with the Career
Resource Center and we appreciate their support.

The following Corporate Partners have help to support
our efforts:
'-ta .. :i Platinum Donation
.. ,- i .. .::. : : Gold Donation ..
:-s I Gold Donation
S: ,-er .: I 's Gold Donation
: Silver Donation
L i .: i:. Silver Donation _. .'
i.otot ola F:. :. ion Grant

The following employers have graciously supported our
Career Showcase events:

Fall 2009 Career Showcase
Diamond Sponsor, $10,000
p.; T- ,-,1; li tC:. tI IJ .h ,
Fall 200oo9 Career Showcase
Ruby Sponsor, $2,000

R yx_ -ond L*:,A -. A.
Fall 200oo9 Career Showcase
Ruby Sponsor, $2,000

Fall and Spring Career
Ruby Sponsor, $4,000

.:: ..., ::' 1.i Tec thnzc'l ",
Sponsorship, $3,000

In addition to our partners and sponsors, we also like to
recognize our top employers who hire the most UF
Candidates for 2009/2010.

1 Lockheed Martin
* General Electric
I Teach for America
* Enterprise Rent a Car
Q Deloitte



Winn Dixie
Ernst & Young
Research in Motion

o student Spotlights

Our student assistants play
a vital role in our operation.

Our student assistants continually
help us to reach new levels of
success. The CRC is fortunate to
have talented students helping to
provide our award winning services.
We value their hard work in helping
us to achieve new levels of success.

3ana Hall

Major: Public Relations
Crc Job: Public Relations Assistant

Mike Ohanyere

Major: Sports Management & Family,
Youth & Community Science
Crc Job: Career Ambassador

Matt Kiep

Major: Electrical Engineering
Crc Job: Lead Career Ambassador

0 Sustainabilityc the CRC / Credits

Sustainabi lity

@ the CRC

Within the past few years, the Career Resource
Center, Division of Student Affairs and the University
of Florida has made a concerted effort to reduce our
overall carbon footprint.
At the Career Resource Center, we implemented recycling
initiatives at our career events, drastically limited the quantity of
printed documents produced and worked with our caterers to
reduce food and other wastage.
Furthermore, this is the fourth year we have produced an online
version of our annual report, significantly reducing the amount of
printed material.



Written by:
Lauren Pasquarella Daley, PhD, LMHC
Farouk Dey, Ed.S, M.Ed., MBA

Edited by:
Kevin L. Guthrie, M.Adv.
Jana Hall
Gayane Margaryan
Dynora Pierre-louis

Created by:
Cory Monteiro



;. r:;

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