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Title: Guide to International Programs
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Title: Guide to International Programs
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Publication Date: 2003
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lobal Environment

Many of our economic, social and
legal relationships today are affected
by or are a product of globalization.
Decisions made around the world
impact actions in the United States.
This global interdependence is obvious
in the corporate world, where policies,
decisions and transactions have
enormous impact on society, the
economy, government and numerous
other areas ranging from human rights Stuart R. Cohn
International Programs Coordinator,
to environmental concerns.
Gerald A. Sohn Scholar & Professor of Law
During this time of increased
globalization, law schools in the U.S. have the challenge to teach International Law
and the international aspects of every area of the law.
The University of Florida Levin College of Law's comprehensive offerings -
including a certificate program that provides an understanding of International Law
and foreign legal systems help prepare students for practice in the new global legal
UFLaw was among the first American schools to develop an innovative program
of foreign enrichment courses offered on campus to provide J.D. students with interna-
tional experience and exposure without costly travel. Our extensive International Law
offerings now include courses, seminars, foreign enrichment programs, conferences,
study abroad, faculty exchanges and outreach programs.
We welcome your interest in the varied aspects of our global emphasis.
Stuart R. Cohn
International Programs Coordinator
Gerald A. Sohn Scholar & Professor of Law


* One of the notion's most
comprehensive and highly
regoided low schools.

* A leader in international legal
programs, with decodes of
experience in Latin America.
Asia and Europe.

* International Trade program
is a notional model for
development of business
and legal strategies for
global markets.

* Well-established LL.M., J.D.
and foreign academic
programs directed at enriching
student understanding of
international relationships and

impact of Globalization

Nearly every aspect of our lives and the law is
affected by interactions and interdependence on a global
scale. Increasingly, United States and international legal
employers are looking for and in some cases, requiring
- individuals with an understanding of this complex
legal environment.
The Levin College of Law has long understood the
importance of providing students with an education that
transcends national boundaries. The College has
developed and offered international activities for three
decades, focusing specifically on the "Atlantic Rim" an
area encompassing North and South America, Europe and
Africa. UFLaw faculty include numerous experts in legal
issues relating to these regions.
Since legal subjects also are affected by the trend
toward globalization, the College expanded its interna-
tional emphasis and incorporated comparative law
concepts into the more traditional curriculum. Foreign
enrichment courses and specialized seminars by visiting
faculty and UF professors offer a variety of exposure to
foreign legal doctrine, systems and processes.
The seven areas of emphasis described in these pages
are only the formal aspects of UFLaw's international

"The University of Florida, flagship university for a state
renowned for its international interactions, has in place a
number of programs to strengthen and enrich its relationships
and role in the global arena. Our College of Law devotes
considerable resources to these programs and those of our own
initiative, and thus prepare students for a future based on law
on an international scale."

Professor of Law Jon L. Mills
Director, Center for Governmental Responsibility
College of Law Dean, 1999-2003

Levin College of Law and its Center for Governmental Responsibility, working with
Warsaw University law faculty, operate the Center for American Law Studies that
each year trains hundreds of Polish law students in various aspects of U.S. legal
system. The UF law school has had a presence in Poland for more than 30 years.

Faculty regularly engage in international confer-
ences and seminars, benefitting their UF students
with research opportunities and issues discussed in
classrooms. In recent years, these seminars and
workshops have taken place in East and West Africa
(capital market development); Israel, Jordan,
Malaysia and India (alternative dispute resolution);
Taiwan and Germany (international tax), and Chile
(comparative criminal procedure).
The breadth and demands of our foreign
programs require substantial administrative
attention. Gerald A. Sohn Scholar & Professor of
Law Stuart R. Cohn is International Programs
Coordinator. Professor David Hudson directs the
LL.M. program, and each of three foreign summer
programs has a faculty member as director. A
standing faculty committee considers modifications
and proposals for new programs, and handles
budgetary and procedural matters.

even Areas of Emphasis

I. International and Comparative
Law Certificate
Developed in 1998 to provide advanced
studies in International and Comparative Law
for University of Florida J.D. students.
To receive the Certificate, students must
complete three core courses: International
Law, Comparative Law, and International
Business Transactions or International Trade
Law. Students must also:
* Complete 18 credits in courses with inter-
national or foreign law content.
* Maintain 3.0 grade point average in all
courses in the Comparative and
International Law group.
Participate in an ABA-approved summer
program, an ABA-approved semester-long
exchange program abroad, and/or some
other foreign law study or significant
educational experience abroad approved
by International Programs Committee.
* Complete eight additional credit hours
beyond those required for graduation.

II. LL.M. in Comparative Law
This one-year program was created in
1994 and attracts foreign-trained lawyers
from around the world who want to
enhance their understanding of the
American legal system. It builds on UF's
renowned international studies programs
and decades of involvement in international
legal issues including trade, environmen-
tal and land use law, human rights and
constitutional reform.
A minimum of 26 hours of credits and
a thesis written under sponsorship of a
faculty member are required. Certificates of
Specialization are offered in International
Tax Studies, International Business and
Trade Law and Environmental and Land
Use Law.
Participants come from all over the
world, including South America, Africa,
Europe and Asia (see adjacent list). They
must have a law degree with high academic
standing from a recognized foreign university
and possess a thorough knowledge of
English. The course of study is tailored to
needs and objectives of each student.
The diverse mix permits participants to
develop international relationships and
contacts that can last a lifetime. Students
learn a great deal from each other, and often
take advantage of opportunities for compar-
ative law discussions in and out of the

Professor of Law and Director of the LL.M. in Comparative Law
Program David Hudson (center) works with foreign lawyers from
around the globe such as those in this Class of 2001 -
who enroll each year at the UF College of Law.


Among countries from which
UFLaw students have enrolled
and/or in which they currently are
practicing law:

Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Republic of Georgia
South Korea
United Kingdom

"The Comparative Law LL.M.
Program is unique because its
small class size ensures
foreign students of the extra
attention we all need. I found
the Specialization in
International Tax Studies to be
as enriching as it was
challenging, making it
probably my most rewarding
single year in school."
Perry M. Muhebwe

III. Summer Study Abroad
Globalization makes it important we
supplement legal education with study in
foreign nations, thus expanding experiences
that will better equip our students to practice
in the 21st century. The Levin College of Law
offers that opportunity in three summer
academic programs:
* San Jose, Costa Rica, where the focus is
Environmental Law.
* Montpellier, France, with emphasis on
International Business Law.
* Cape Town, South Africa, specializing in
International Comparative Law and human
rights issues.
Each of these is associated with an
academic institution in the host country, and
offers a variety of courses taught by foreign
instructors and UF College of Law faculty.
Students typically take two or three courses and
receive transferable credits.
The programs attract up to 90 total partici-
pants each summer, including foreign students
associated with participating institutions.

IV. International Trade Law
The College of Law initiated its
International Trade Law Program within the
Center for Governmental Responsibility in
2001 by hiring a long-time federal trade
negotiator. The Program meets international
trade needs of the law and business
communities through services that can be
translated into successful strategies for
today's global market:
1. Developing and teaching academic
courses for law and business students on
international trade topics.
2. Presenting seminars on trade subjects
to Florida business executives, attorneys.
3. Conducting research and compiling data-
bases on trade laws and activities of U.S.
companies' primary target markets (with
special emphasis on Florida's interna-
tional activities).
4. Providing technical assistance to develop-
ing countries in implementing trade obli-
gations to help ensure Florida companies
find a business-friendly environment.

V. Enrichment/Exchanges
* Student Exchange
Five leading academic institutions offer
exchange programs for UFLaw students -
Leiden University, Netherlands; Frankfurt
University, Germany; University of
Montpellier, France; Warsaw University,
Poland; and Monash University, Australia.
Law students enroll for one semester and
study local and comparative law, with cred-
its transferred to UF's College of Law. The
college also receives students from these
institutions who enroll inJ.D. courses.

* Faculty Exchange
Academicians from other universities -
including Leiden, Frankfurt, Monash,
Stellenbosch (South Africa), and
Pontifica Universidade Catolica de Rio de
Janeiro (Brazil) teach at Levin College
of Law, exposing students to foreign legal
systems. UFLaw faculty also teach at
foreign institutions, bringing back knowl-
edge of comparative legal systems.

* Mexico
A cooperative venture with Escuela Libre
De Derecho in Mexico City allows
students to learn about current legal
issues from foreign faculty.

* Poland
A joint program with Warsaw University,
coordinated by the Center for
Governmental Responsibility, provides
instruction by UFLaw faculty in American
law to advanced law students at Warsaw
University. Participating students receive a
Certificate in American Law. Benefits
include opportunities for Levin College of
Law professors to gain knowledge of

Historic and renowned Frankfurt University in Germany is one of
nine foreign universities with which the Levin College of Law
offers multiple programs for faculty and students.

Central Europe and its developing legal

* Foreign Enrichment Courses
Not every student is able to travel abroad, so
each year the College of Law offers courses
taught by outstanding foreign academicians.
To provide comparative analysis, each course
is taught by faculty from several different
countries, with each instructor spending at
least three weeks at UE

* Visiting Scholar Program
Foreign educators, attorneys, judges,
research officers, government officials and
law and Master's Degree students apply
annually to be selected for the opportunity
to do research in UFLaw facilities usually
six months-to-one-year, with no fees
charged. Voluntary law class attendance and
interaction with faculty and students is
encouraged. The Visiting Scholar is required
to give a presentation on his/her research
topic to faculty and students.

Regularly scheduled courses
offering analysis of International
and Comparative Law include:
* Admiralty
* Business Transactions
* Community Law
* Comparative Tax Law
* Conflict of Laws
* Criminal Law
* Environmental Law
* Financial Crimes Seminar
* Human Rights and Policy
* Humanitarian Law
* Immigration and Nationality Law
* Intellectual Property
* Law of NAFTA
* Litigation & Arbitration
* Trade Law
* Trade and Environment

I -
Professor Winston Nagan,
addressing a U.N. conference,
directs the Institute on
Human Rights, Peace and
Development and participates
in UFLaw's Summer Abroad
Program in South Africa. He is
former Board Chairman for
Amnesty International USA, and
an expert on Conflict of Laws,
International Law, Human
Rights and Jurisprudence.

VI. Center for Governmental Responsibility

UFLaw's Center for Governmental Responsibility
is the state's oldest legal and public policy research
institute. Founded in 1972, it engages in numer-
ous grant-supported research and teaching
programs, utilizing its own staff and law students.
Significant international programs include:

* Latin America Conference -
Legal & Policy Issues In the Americas
Experts from throughout the world gather each
year at UF to examine and debate current and
pressing Latin American legal and policy issues.
Participants include international attorneys,
trade law specialists, Florida business
leaders, and key government and private sector
representatives interested in exploring the future
of Florida's relationships with Latin America.
The conference is jointly sponsored by the
University of Florida's Levin College of Law and
the Warrington College of Business' Center for
International Business Education and Research.

"Successes of our Asian and
1Pacific American Law Students
Association resulted from
efforts of members,
classmates and other student
organizations. Such
widespread campus support attracts students and
faculty of diverse ethnic backgrounds to UFLaw
and encourages activities in multicultural legal
and world issues such as our Chinese New
Year festivities and 'Afghan Women under the
Taliban' conference."
Julie Siefkas '02
APALSA President 2001-2002

Participants at the 2003"Legal & Policy Issues in the Americas"
conference included former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno;
Dean Jon Mills; Paulo Roberto Pereira de Souza, State
University of Maringa in Brazil and professor and researcher in
environmental law; Mauricio Garcia-Villegas, Universidad
Nacional in Colombia; and Jorge Santistevan of Peru.

* Haiti Conflict Resolution
More than 700 Haitian professionals have been
trained in mediation techniques developed in
conjunction with the Florida Supreme Court's
Dispute Resolution Center, the UF Center for
Latin American Studies and other organizations.
Project personnel visit Haiti to conduct workshops
in dispute resolution, and help develop school
programs to teach youth in Haiti about alternatives
to violence in settling disputes.

* Conservation Law in
Latin America/Caribbean
This multi-project effort helps develop innovative
programs to promote conservation through techni-
cal assistance and networking with law schools
and environmental law institutions in Latin
America and the Caribbean. Sample results include
an agreement between Costa Rica and Panama to
manage shared population of sea turtles; develop-
ment of a national institutional framework for
management of a Mayan temple complex spanning
the borders of Belize and Guatemala; and an agree-
ment to advance environmental policy in the Maya
Forest (shared by Belize, Mexico and Guatemala).
Funding from the MacArthur Foundation

enables Latin American student participa-
tion in UF's Summer Abroad Program in
Costa Rica. Attorneys, scientists and law
students from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica,
Jamaica and Mexico mix with students
from U.S. law schools for classes and trips
to ecological sites and legal institutions.

* Institute for Human Rights, Peace
and Development
The Institute is an outgrowth of previous
work done through the College of Law
project for the Advanced Study of Human
Rights and Peace established in the early
1990s. It is directed by Professor Winston
Nagan, former Board Chairman of
Amnesty International USA. Institute
objectives include:
* Enhance understanding of East Africa
governance and human rights.
* Facilitate creation of the Human Rights
and Peace Centre at Makerere University
* Organize, with others, Southeastern
Europe peace conferences.

VII. Organizations, Journals
and Symposia
In addition to formal classroom studies, the
College encourages and supports other
programs in the international area, including:
* International Law Society, a student-led
group which meets regularly to discuss
matters of International Law, sponsor
speakers and symposia, and co-host
annual reception for international

* Florida Journal of International Law,
a student-run publication, carries articles
by professors and students.

* Jessup International Law Moot Court,
William Vis International Commercial
Arbitration Moot Court
Students prepare briefs and oral argu-
ments and appear before experienced
arbitrators in both competitions. Faculty
supervise preparation, practice.

Symposia focus on International and
Comparative Law issues. Recent topics
include commerce, trademarks, the
environment, financial crimes and
"Careers in International Law."

Noted foreign faculty and visiting
scholars are on campus each term to
teach classes and seminars, lecture,
research international law and
contribute to UFLaw's international
perspective. Among recent
visiting international scholars and
educators: 1) Professor David Oliver
(Cambridge, England); 2) Huseyin
Guzeler (Turkey); 3) Kees Van Radd


Advisory Board
The International Programs Advisory Board consisting primarily of Levin
College of Law graduates active in various aspects of international law serves as
a valuable resource. Distinguished members include:

*John C. Bierley '63
International lawyer based in Tampa.
Member of Council on Foreign
Relations, Director of Inter-American
Bar Association and Society of
International Business Fellows.

* Carlos Concepcion '82
Founding partner Concepcion
Rojas & Santos LLP, Coral Gables.
Expertise in international commer-
cial litigation, cyberpayments;
represents international financial
institutions in money laundering
litigation and for compliance with
governmental judicial and adminis-
trative policies/procedures.

* James O. Davis III '82
Partner in Tampa firm of Bush Ross
Gardner Warren and Rudy. Serving
third term in Congress. Member of
House Budget Committee.

* Darryl B. Deaktor
Retired as 15-year partner in global
firm of White & Case, LLP. Helped
start Miami, Johannesburg and Palo
Alto offices. Worked in mergers,
acquisitions and securities of firm's
corporate division. Former UFLaw
faculty member.

* Ken Ellis '73
Partner in White & Case, represent-
ing Indonesia central bank and

state-owned enterprises. Now in
Singapore representing non-U.S.
entities and financial advisors in
corporate transactions.

* Robert R. Hendry '63
Orlando firm of Hendry Stoner
Sawicki & Brown, PA. Chairman of
Florida District Export Council
(appointed by U.S. Secretary of
Commerce). Authored U.S. Real
Estate and the Foreign Investor.

* Atilla Ilkson '73
Worked for U.S. Securities and
Exchange Commission, and New
York Stock Exchange. General
counsel in London for Merrill
Lynch's institutional businesses
outside the Americas.

* Kenneth "Buddy" MacKay '67
Florida Lieutenant Governor 1990-
1998, Governor 1999. Three terms
in U.S. House of Representatives.
Former U.S. Special Envoy for the

* Andrew J. Markus '73 (Chairman)
Carlton Fields PA., Miami, repre-
senting U.S. and non-U.S. compa-
nies in international and domestic
corporate transactions. Chair,
General Division of American Bar
Association's Section of
International Law and Practice.

Field trips and discussions with key legal and
governmental officials are integral parts of the
curriculum for students enrolled in UFLaw's South
Africa Study Abroad program.

* Harvey E. Oyer III '78
Attorney with Gunster Yokley &
Stewart PA. in West Palm Beach.
Published in variety of fields, includ-
ing law, economics and archaeology.

* Jose A. (Tony) Santos
Founding partner Concepcion
Rojas & Santos LLP, Coral Gables.
International commercial and
financing transactions, assisting
companies in Americas, Europe,
Asia. Expertise in foreign laws and
regulations impacting cross-border
corporate transactions/disputes.

* Antonio Zamora '73
Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP,
Miami. International law, trade,
foreign investments expertise.
President U.S. / Cuba Legal Forum
Inc. Authored I ...... Investment
in Cuba: a U.S. Perspective."
Frequent lecturer on international
legal matters and issues.

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