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Title: Report from the faculty
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Title: Report from the faculty
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One hundred years ago this fall, the University

of Florida College of Law admitted its first class

of 38 students to a one-room college with two

faculty members. Today, UF Law is a large and

comprehensive institution with nearly 100 full-

time faculty and 1,200 students from a wide

range of diverse backgrounds and cultures.

4-', ljI

Our academic programs are enriched
from relationships with other colleges at UF,
one of the largest and most comprehensive
public research universities in the nation.
As Florida's flagship public law school, UF
Law has a tradition of academic excellence
that has produced numerous leaders for the
state of Florida, the nation, and the global
legal community.
A number of firsts for our school
occurred in 2008-09. We reduced our
entering class size for the fall 2009
entering class from 400 to 300 students to
serve our students better and to make the
best use of our resources. This transforma-
tional change also produced the highest
academic credentials in our history for an
entering class.



In 2008-2009, UF Law also:
* Awarded an LL.M. in Environmen-
tal Law and Land Use Planning to
that new program's first graduate;
* Successfully integrated e-discovery into
our curriculum and held a ground-
breaking e-discovery symposium in
collaboration with the Sedona Project;
* Launched the Peter T. Fay Jurist-in-
Residence Program;
* Held the first Criser Distinguished
Lecture in this newly-endowed
lecture series (a "conversation" with
Justice John Paul Stevens);
* Welcomed Chief Justice of the
United States John G. Roberts Jr. to
judge our intramural "Final Four"
moot court competition.

Applications continue to increase
to our J.D., LL.M. and S.J.D. programs,
particularly to our top rated Graduate
Tax Program, which recently added the
LL.M. in International Taxation to its
degree offerings. Construction is nearing
completion on the Martin H. Levin Ad-
vocacy Center, which when finished will
mark the college's total reconstruction of
its academic space during this decade.
Our alumni continue to be one of our
greatest strengths, and we are particu-
larly pleased that Steve Zack (JD 71) is
president-elect of the American Bar As-
sociation and, in 2010, will become UF
Law's fifth ABA president since 1973.
In the end, the credit for our suc-
cess belongs to our faculty, who for 100

years have carefully guided generations
of students through the challenging
process of becoming legal professionals.
We owe much to their talent, dedication
and foresight. The exemplary produc-
tivity and vibrant scholarship of our
current faculty members are chronicled
in this report.
I invite you to visit us online to
view more information about the Levin
College of Law and its faculty at www., and to visit us in person in
Gainesville, Fla.

Robert H. Jerry II
Dean; Levin Mabie and Levin
Professor of Law



The fall 2009 completion of the Martin H.
Levin Advocacy Center marks the end of a ma-
'9 jor renovation and expansion of the Levin Col-
lege of Law's physical space that, since 2005,
has completely reconstructed and expanded
the college's academic space and library, and
added two modern classroom buildings. The
third, final, and entirely new building in this
project, the advocacy center will boost the
college's legal advocacy program and provide
state-of-the-art trial facilities. The impressive
stand-alone 20,000 sq. foot center features a
two-story grand foyer and glass entry with an
open staircase, and houses a fully-functional
trial and appellate courtroom on the first floor
With a 98-seat gallery, bench for seven judges, a
jury box and attorneys' tables. The courtroom
also accommodates judges' chambers and a
jury deliberation room.

Despite or perhaps because of- the relaxed, collegial, and largely winter-free environment at the Uni-
versity of Florida, the faculty at the Levin College of Law continues to be prolific and groundbreaking across
a variety of research specialties. Our tax scholars, the largest and most highly-respected such group in a U.S.
law school, produce some of the most significant research and casebooks in the field. Our environmental and
land use law faculty has emerged as one of the most dynamic and productive groups writing and teaching in
that area. We also boast some of the leading figures in critical race theory. At the same time, our junior faculty
members have infused the school with intellectual energy and have begun to assume leading national roles
in the fields of environmental law, intellectual property, trusts and estates, and corporate governance.
Between January 2008 and July 2009, UF Law faculty have published more than 90 articles and chapters
that have appeared in scholarly journals and edited collections; more than 25 casebooks, textbooks, and
treatises in fields as diverse as real property, law and economics, criminal procedure, and international
business transactions; and seven scholarly monographs from among the leading university and scholarly
presses. Although not quite as world-beating as the university's major sports teams, which have racked up
four national championships in the past five years, the Levin College of Law continues its well-established
tradition of being a top-tier law school that is part of a major, international research university.
-Mark Fenster, Associate Dean for Faculty Development;
University of Florida Research Foundation Professor


"I am excited to join

the University of Florida

Levin College of Law.

This is not simply an

excellent law school at a

world-class university; it

is also a real community

of scholars where I will

constantly be challenged

and encouraged."


John Stinneford has joined the UF Law faculty as an
assistant professor of law teaching criminal law, criminal
procedure, and sentencing. Prior to joining UF, he was a
an associate and assistant professor at the Florida Coastal
School of Law in Jacksonville, Fla., a visiting professor of
law at the University of St. Thomas School of Law in Min- Stinneford
neapolis, Minn., an assistant professor oflawyering skills at
the University of Dayton School of Law, Dayton, Ohio, and an assistant director
of the I.J. Clinic on Entrepreneurship at the University of Chicago Law School in
Chicago, Ill.
After graduating with his bachelor's in English literature from the University
of Virginia, Stinneford went on to earn a Master of Arts in English and American
literature and language from Harvard University. After earning his law degree
from Harvard Law School, Stinneford clerked with the U.S. District Court for the
Northern District of Illinois then practiced criminal law for several years, first
in private practice, and then as assistant United States attorney for the Northern
District of Illinois.


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We are in a new and exciting era of environmental law. The challenges we face today, such as
addressing climate change and finding alternative energy sources, are global in scale, extremely
complex and multifaceted, involving the law, the natural sciences, economics, and the social sci-
ences. Although somewhat daunting, these challenges provide exciting opportunities to bring
together a variety of disciplines to find new and innovative approaches to solving environmental
problems. The students in our environmental law program are well-situated to meet these new
challenges. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and have undergraduate and graduate
degrees from a variety of academic disciplines. They understand and embrace the multidisciplinary
nature of environmental law and are willing to explore novel ideas that could help shape environ-
mental law in the future. My own scholarship combines my legal expertise with my background in
natural sciences. I am interested in exploring ways in which the legal system can incorporate
scientific developments to achieve more effective approaches to solving environmental problems.

-Mary Jane Angelo, Associate Professor

Professor; Alumni Research Scholar
Federal Estate and Gift Taxation (with Richard B.
Stephens et. al) (8th ed., 2006)

Emertius Affiliate Professor; Joseph
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Most of my research involves the application of economics to contract, copyright, or antitrust law or

simply to working through ideas. In this research, I try to approach issues objectively, not to preach,

and to explain my own concerns about the methodology. I attempt to hold to these standards as a

teacher as well. As someone who employs economics but often writes about its limitations, I often

find my work falls somewhere between that of legal academics who discount the economic analysis

of law, but behave like the "rational economic man" in their personal lives, and those who believe

law should be guided solely by economics except, perhaps, when they are personally affected.

-Jeffrey L. Harrison, Stephen C. O'Connell Professor

Director, Social Policy Division,
Center for Governmental Responsibility
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Affiliate Professor Emeritus;
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Professor; Director, LL.M. in
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Samuel T. Dell Term Professor
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Worldwide Financial Crisis," 30 Company Lawyer



UF law's faculty is larger and more comprehensive than that of most schools, with 54 tenured or
tenure-track faculty, which includes 19 (35 percent) women, and 10 (18.5 percent) minorities. In ad-
dition, more than 45 other faculty members support the college through clinical, research, writing,
information and administrative programs. Their influence goes far beyond campus, however. Many
faculty members are:
Authors of treatises, casebooks or major books used by law schools and practitioners throughout
the nation
Cited by the U.S. Supreme Court
Serve as expert witnesses before policy-making bodies
Serve as consultants to branches of state, federal and international governments
Serve in leadership roles on American and Florida Bar committees and task forces or other
prestigious associations such as Amnesty International, the United Nations Institute for Training
and Research, and the International Society of Family Law
Serve on editorial boards of national publications and author hundreds of articles in law reviews

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Ed Rood Eminent Scholar Emeritus
in Trial Advocacy and Procedure
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Associate Director, Center on
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Assistant Professor
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Center for Governmental Responsibility
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It is exciting to teach and study mass media law at a time when the media industry is undergoing
profound structural transformation. As audiences increasingly turn to the Internet for news and in-
formation, legal doctrines developed to serve the needs of the institutional press must be modified
to solve the unique challenges posed by a new communications medium. As a scholar, it has been
my obligation and privilege to research and recommend ways to meet these challenges. I've been
particularly interested in how the ancient tort of defamation has responded to the dramatic increase
in the number of "publishers" contributing to the marketplace of ideas without benefit of editorial
assistance or restraint. Some of these newly empowered publishers are responsible critics speaking
uncomfortable truths, but others are irresponsible character assassins, out to settle personal scores
online. In my scholarship, I have explored ways for courts to strike the difficult balance between
speech and reputation in the Internet age.

-Lyrissa Barnett Lidsky, Stephen C. O'Connell Professor

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Professor and Gerald A. Sohn Term Professor
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Tax law touches everyone and influences both business and personal decisions, for correct or
incorrect reasons, for better or worse, everyday. Over the past two decades, few, if any, political
questions have been consistently more salient than "who should pay how much taxes on what sort
of income?" That's what makes teaching tax law so interesting and important. It's exciting because
no law changes as frequently and as much as tax law. These are the reasons the study of tax law
fascinates and leads me to enjoy teaching it to both J.D. and LL.M. students, as well as to practicing
lawyers at the numerous CLE conferences around the country at which I regularly make presenta-
tions. The fluidity and complexity of tax law also provides a never-ending well of topics about which
to write, whether in an article or updating my various books on the subject. These are also the
reasons that students who come to embrace the idea of becoming tax lawyers are so enthusiastic
about their studies. They understand very well that as young lawyers they can become experts in
sub-specialties much more quickly than they could in other areas of law that are less fluid.

-Martin J. McMahon Jr., Stephen C. O'Connell Professor

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Professor; Associate Director, Center on
Children and Families
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Law, The MacMillan Encyclopedia of Race and
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Victimology and the Response to Hurricane
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Florida J. Law & Pub. Pol'y vii (2006)

Head of Public Services; Tax Law Librarian
"Researching Initiatives and Referendums: A
Guide for Florida," 26 Legal Reference Services
Q. 63 (2007); Book Review: RIA Federal Tax
Handbook 2006, Legal Info. Alert 13 (Feb. 2006)

Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs;
Marshall M. Criser Eminent Scholar in Electronic
Communications and Administrative Law
"The Gary Dinners and the Meaning of Concerted
Action," 62 SMU L. Rev. 597 (2009) "Mandatory



When I first entered academia, I was shocked that so little had been written about Latinos as a community and
about civil rights concerns somewhat unique to them, such as language discrimination. Much of my early writing
was my attempt to help develop a scholarship on Latinos, and latino civil and constitutional rights.
Anyone who does scholarly work understands quickly that law is a slow-moving beast, more the tortoise than the
hare. There are powerful limitations conceptual and cognitive, institutional, limitations of knowledge and imagi-
nation that impair our abilities to see our world as fully as we might. My more recent scholarship has explored
some of these limitations on knowledge and cognition that curb what we otherwise might come to know. For
example, historians must choose the evidence they emphasize, and leave out other evidence. Yet examining that
other evidence can reveal truths as important as those emphasized.
Much of my writing has explored the routine neglect of historical evidence concerning race and race relations
throughout American history, and the reasons for and implications of that neglect. This is a subject that touches all
of us, whether we realize it or not. In doing such research, I have learned some things that I think are important with
regard to those ever-harrowing conversations about race. First, it is most important to become informed about,
and to seek to understand, the other person's (or group's) point of view; it is almost always rational and worthy of
respect. Second, it is not enough to care only about one's own group; it is important to reach across divides and to
care about the welfare of others different from ourselves.

-Juan F. Perea, Cone Wagner Nugent Johnson Hazouri and Roth Professor

Contracting Remedies in the American and
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Cone Wagner Nugent Johnson Hazouri and
Roth Professor
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Professor Emeritus
"Can We Talk? Overcoming Barriers to Mediating
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Truthfulness in Mediation and a Modest Proposal,"
2007 J. Dispute Resolution 119

Lecturer in Law; Director, International T
rade Law Program, Center for Governmental
Responsibility; Affiliate Lecturer, Department
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Faculty, International Agricultural Trade &
Public Policy Center
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Biodiversity, and Indigenous Populations" (with
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Associate Dean, Library and Technology;
Clarence J. TeSelle Endowed Professor
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" 98 Law Library J. 299 (2006)

Professor Emeritus
Federal Tax Procedure (2d ed.), (with Jerome

Borison and Steve Johnson) (Matthew
Bender, 2008)

Chesterfield Smith Professor
Dispute Resolution and Lawyers (4th ed.), (with
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Associate Professor
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Assistant in Environmental Law, Center for
Governmental Responsibility
"Eroding Long-Term Prospects for Florida's



When I was in law school, 25 years ago, I had no desire for an academic career (boring), and certain-
ly not one focused on crime (depressing) and race (sticky). I was right about one of these-race is a
sticky subject. One thing I know for sure is that when students sign up for a course on crime, race,
and law, they are taking a leap of faith. The leap is that the subject matter, on which many already
have deeply-held opinions, will be presented in a way that is intellectually rigorous, historically hon-
est, and dialogue-enhancing. We cover lots of ground in the course, including capital punishment,
racial profiling, hate crimes, and voir dire. Mid-way through each semester I am exhausted, and
vow to take a break from the subject matter. By the end of each term, my students and I manage to
amble our way to a successful conclusion, intact, and better for the wear. Student queries and class
discussions are engaging and rewarding, especially for me. These discussions often plant seeds for
wonderful ideas for future research.

-Katheryn Russell-Brown, Chesterfield Smith Professor of Law;
Director, Center for the Study of Race and Race Relations

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Professor; University of Florida Research
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Associate Professor
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Assistant Professor
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Improving Antitrust Agency Capacity," 103
Northwestern U. L. Rev. 1081 (2009) Editor,
Latin American Competition Law and Policy
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Assistant Professor
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Associate Professor; Director, Center for Estate
and Elder Law Planning; Director, Estates and
Trusts Practice Certificate Program
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Planning Consequences of Recognizing

Parental Obligations of Sperm Donors," 62
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Law from the Constraints of Copyright,"38
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Foreign & International Law Librarian
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16 Defense Intelligence J. 121 (2007)

Director, Environmental Division,
Center for Governmental Responsibility
"Privatization and the Future of Water
Services," 20 Florida J. Int'l L. 179 (2008)

Legal Skills Professor; Director, Legal
Research & Writing and Appellate Advocacy
"Legal Writing: A Skill Polish Law Students
Should Master in Law School," 8 Warsaw U. L.
Rev. 148 (2008)

Professor; Associate Director,
Center on Children and Families
The Tax Law of Charities and Other Exempt



UF Law faculty serve as consultants to branches of state, federal and international governments.
Many serve in leadership roles on American and Florida Bar committees and task forces or other
prestigious associations such as Amnesty International, the United Nations Institute for Training
and Research, and the International Society of Family Law. Many faculty members graduated at
the top of their classes, and were editors or members of their respective law reviews. More than
20 clerked at the appellate level (half in federal court) and two for the U.S. Supreme Court, and
approximately 30 were associates or partners at law firms. About a dozen earned PhDs, nearly
50 hold LL.M. or master's degrees, and five received Fulbright awards. The pursuit of scholastic
distinction is not at the expense of quality instruction, however. As teachers, they work hard to
engage students intellectually and maintain an accessible, supportive environment that guides
students toward success. Student evaluations reflect high satisfaction with professors, with virtu-
ally all professors scoring well over four on a five-point scale. The involvement of leading private
practitioners including federal and state court judges and attorneys involved in public agencies,
private practice and leading business ventures who teach in specialty areas and lead seminars
help bring current, practical and critical issues and events into the classroom. The result is a true
academic community that nurtures students into ethical lawyers who are tributes to the profession.

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* "Financial Calculations for Lawyers,"
(University of Florida Department of
Continuing Education, 2006)

Electronic Services Librarian,
Legal Information Center
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Education," 27 Legal Information Alert 1 (2008)

Richard E. Nelson Chair in Local Government Law
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David H. Levin Chair Emeritus in Family Law
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Rights from Ben Franklin to Lionel Tate

(Princeton University Press, 2008) "Cleaning
Up Toxic Violence: An Ecogenerist Paradigm,"
in Handbook of Children, Culture and Violence
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Clarence J. TeSelle Endowed Professor
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Federal Railroad Grants, and Economic
History: Hash v. U.S. and the Threat to Rail-
Trail Conversions," 38 Environmental L. 711
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64 Washington & Lee L. Rev. 1315 (2007) *
"Legal Rights and Women's Autonomy: Can
Family Law Reform in Muslim Countries Avoid
the Contradictions of Victorian Domesticity?"
5 Hawwa 33 (2007)



ROBERT H. JERRY II; Dean; Levin, Mabie and Levin
Professor of Law
WILLIAM H. PAGE; Senior Associate Dean for
Academic Affairs; Marshall M. Criser Eminent Scholar
STUART R. COHN; Associate Dean for International Studies;
Gerald A. Sohn Scholar
MICHAEL K. FRIEL; Associate Dean and Director,
Graduate Taxation Program
RACHEL INMAN; Associate Dean for Students
MARK FENSTER; Associate Dean for Faculty
M. KATHLEEN PRICE; Associate Dean, Library and
Technology; Clarence J. TeSelle Professor of Law
LINDA CALVERT HANSON; Assistant Dean for
Career Development
MICHELLE ADORNO; Assistant Dean for Admissions

DEBRA K. STAATS; Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs
DEBRA D. AMIRIN; Communications Director
KELLEY FROHLICH; Senior Director of Development and
Alumni Affairs

Produced by the Levin College of Law Office of Communica-
tions for the associate dean for faculty development. Send
updates or corrections to Associate Dean for Faculty Devel-
opment Mark Fenster, Levin College of Law, PO Box 117633,
Gainesville, FL 32611-7633, or e-mail
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The University of Florida is committed to non-discrimination
with respect to race, creed, color, religion, age, disability,
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The UF Law faculty is comprised of highly accomplished
scholar-teachers who bring remarkable experience and
knowledge to the classroom. In 2008-2009, our faculty
served as experts to the media more than 200 times
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* One of the nation's LARGEST LAW
SCHOOLS, with 1,200 students,
approximately 60 tenure/tenure-track
faculty and 40-plus other full-time faculty
who support the college through clinical,
research, skills training and administrative
programs. It offers J.D. certificate programs
in Environmental and Land Use Law,
Estates and Trusts Practice, Family Law,
Intellectual Property Law, and International
and Comparative Law; an extensive array of
joint degree programs; specialized centers,
institutes and program areas; and strong
clinical offerings.
* A high quality, comprehensive law school,
Graduate Taxation Program, which offers

the LL.M. in Taxation, LL.M. in International
Taxation and S.J.D. in Taxation, is widely
and consistently regarded as one of the
nation's top programs. The Environmental
Law Program now offers the nation's
first LL.M. in the closely-related fields of
environmental and land use law.
PROGRAMS for more than three decades,
and many members of the faculty are
experts in international legal issues. These
programs and its LL.M. in Comparative
Law Program for foreign lawyers expand
the school's curriculum and international
offerings and strengthen its ties with
programs and scholars around the globe.
* Has a longstanding tradition of preparing
its graduates for significant leadership
roles. Its alumni include four presidents

of the American Bar Association since
1973 five when UF Law graduate Steve
Zack serves as president in 2010-11 the
majority of The Florida Bar presidents,
including its immediate past president,
John G. White III, and president-elect,
Mayanne Downs; four governors of
Florida; and hundreds of state senators
and representatives and Florida Cabinet
members. Nine graduates became college
presidents, including at UF More than
a dozen have served as deans of law
schools. It is ranked fourth among public
law schools in 2008 (eighth overall) in the
number of its graduates serving as federal
district and circuit court judges; more than
250 graduates serve as state appellate and
trial judges in Florida, and many serve in
those roles in other states as well.

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