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Group Title: Report from the faculty, University of Florida College of Law
Title: Report from the faculty
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Title: Report from the faculty
Series Title: Report from the faculty
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Creator: Levin College of Law, University of Florida
Publisher: Levin College of Law, University of Florida
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: 2006
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SF Levin College of Law


.......... .... ......
~~F~ 1III.... ........~ ii~ii~


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<00" *000"

Academic scholarship at

the University of Florida Levin

College of Law continues to

thrive. Over the past three years,

faculty members published

(including treatises

and casebooks) and wrote


in law reviews and elsewhere.

Faculty work has been cited in

courts at all levels thousands of

times, including dozens of recent

citations by federal courts and

several by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The faculty also are doing

their part to educate the public

about legal issues. In the last

year alone, UF's law faculty

appeared in nearly

in media outlets

such as The New York Times,

Dennis A. Callee: Federal Estate Relations in a VNushell (West Group,
and Gift Ta.,'atron and accompanying 3rd Ed 20041 (with Folsom and
instructor's manual and stud, prob- Spanogle)
lems (Warren. Gotham and Lamont,
8th Ed 20061 Iwith Richard B Jeffrey L. Harrison: Regulation
Stephens. Guy B Maxfield, Stephen and Detegulation (2nd Ed 20041
A Lind and Robert B Srnithl (with Verkuil and Morgani *
Understanding Antiri sr and its
Bill Chanberlin: The Law of Public Economic Implications 14th Ed,
Conimminnicarion [Allyn and Bacon. 20031 rilth E T Sull.an) Lart
2005 Ed Longman Publishers and Econotmics in a Nutshell
USA, 1988-2004 Eds and period:i 13rd Ed 2003) Itranslations in
updates). Japanese and Korean)

Stuart R. Cohn: Florida Business David M. Hudson: Federal Incorme
Laws Annotated CommenttatiV Tax (9th Ed 20041 (with Stephen
Cases and Forms (2003-04 Eds i A Lindi
* Securities Counsehing for New and
Developing Countries iWest Gioup Thomas R. Hurst: Unincorporated
2003-02 Eds and annual updates) Business Associations. Cases and
Materials 13rd Ed 2006 West)
Nancy E. Dowd: Handbook of Cases and Materials on
Children. Culture and Violence Cotpotations (Lexis' Nexis 2nd Ed
iEd withl Doroihv Singer and Robin 20051 (wiith William A Gregor-v
Fretvwell Wilson. Sage Publicaltons,
2006) Iwith chapters Ib Dowrc and Jerold H. Israel: Criminal Procedure
Barbara Bennett Wuoodhousel Colnstruiional Lminaraoros rin a
Nutshell (Thcomson West. 7tl edition
Michael K. Friel: Taxation of 2006) iiTlh Wa ne Lafave) Cirinlrral
Individual Income (LexisNexis, Procedure and The Constitution
7th Ed 2004) Iwith Martin Burke) (Thomson West, 2006 edition
(with 'rle Karnlsar. Wayne LaFave.
Michael W. Gordon: Florida 8 Nancy Kingc Modern Crnrinal
Corporations Manuial Fre volinmes. Piocedurre. w Th 2006 supplement
LexisNexis 1'74 revised 2006). (West Group. 1 lth Ed, 20051
International Business Transactions Iilith Karnisar. LaFave and Kingi
A Problem Oriented Couisebook, Advanced Crminral Procedure
with docurnents supplemrntn and (West Group. 11th Ed 2005)
teacher's manual (West Group. 9th (with Kamisar, LaFave and King)
Ed 20061 (with Folsorm Spanogle Basic Cinriral Procedure (West
and Fitzgeraldl Principles of Group. 11th Ed 2005) Iiith Kainisar
International Business Transactions LaFa've and King) Crlinlral
(Vi~jI.Iroup, 2005) (with Folsom Procedure and the gatutnon
arj ianogle). NAFTA and Free (West Gioup, 1999 Eds ) i,,rtlh
Tin the Americas A Problem- Kamisar and LaFa'v Vite Collar
Oriented Coursebook ilrh do:.u- Cin a Nutshell, wiTh 2006
merits sulpplement and teacher' s supp ent West Group. 3rd Ed..
manual (West -Group 2a 200 nith Podgorl Prnciples of
2 (with Fol ie esilgat
nation i Dispute e _up. 20041 I LaFar
Rion oblen- Orienre, KI Prlcirpls nmnal
C bool, documents Pro- re. Post-lil arn
S ment her's manual Gro 0041I tt th e and .
I GrolIp. In, C al Procedu rnboo
B anid Epsrein with 6 Pocket I Group
Bt s ss Transactions in a Nu Eds I4) (with La and K
S Grou 7th Ed .2004) Whi 1/ar Crirme. and
1 uolso d Spanoglei Pia (West Gru n Ed .
* ntati3 le aird Eco (witl nan Henr and Po ).

Christine A. Klein: Natural
Resources Law A Place-Based Book
of Problems and Cases (Aspen
Publishers, 20051 l( ith Federico
Cheeler and Brer C Birdsongi

Lyrissa Barnett Lidsky: Mass Media
Law: Cases and Materials (7th Ed .
20051 (with Mari Franklin and David
A Andersoni togetherr wiAth update
Inmemo for 20051 Freedom ot the
Press: A Reference Gurde to the
U.S. Corsotitrion i2004).

Joseph W. Little: worker s
Compensation (Revised Ed 2005)
(wvrTl Eaton and Sinithl

Lawrence Lokken: Fundamentals of
International Ta.xation (Warren
Gorham and Larnont. 2006. 2007 Ed I
I(wvTl Boris I Bitikei) Federal
Tax.:ation of Employee Compensationr
(Warren ,Gorham and Lamonr. 2006)1
with Boris I Birker) Federal
Taxation of Income. Estates and
Gifts. 'ol 3 and 4 (Warren Gor ham
and Lamint. 3id Ed 2003 and 20051
(wvril Boris I BEtlkei)

Pedro A. Malavet: America's
Colony The Polrical and Cultural
Contl/ct Between the United States
and Puerro Rico (NYU Press. 2004)

Martin J. McMahon, Jr.: Federal
Income Taxation of Partnerships
and S Corporanions, Fourth Edition
(Foundation Press. 2006) (with Paul
McDaniel and Dan Snmmons, UC -
Davisl Federal Income Taxation
of Corporations Third Edition
iFoundation Press, 2006) (wiih
Paul McDaniel and Dan Simmrnons,
UC-Das is Federal Income
Tax::ation of Business Oi garnations
Fourth Edl ion (Foundation Press
2006) lAith Paul McDaniel and Dan
Simmons. UC-Dav'is Federal
locome T.vaaton Cases and
Materials and accompanying class
discuLssion problems IForundation
Press. 5tli Ed.. 2004) (with Paul
McDaniel Dan Smmrnrnons aind
Alice Abreu)

Lars Noah: Law, Medicine, and
Medical Technology Cases and
Materials (Fourndaiion Press, 2nd
Ed forthcoming 2006)

William H. Page: The Mrcrosoft
Case Antitrust, Hfgh Technology:
and Consumer Welfare (Uniersityl
of Chicago Press, forthcoming
20071 Kintner s Federal Antitrust
Lat 11 ols and supplements
(foutlloining 2006) (vvitli John
Lopatka and Joseph Bauer ri

Juan Francisco Perea: Race arnd
Paul R. McDaniel: Federal Income a Fr isco nPerea s
o of P p hRaces Cases and Resources for a
Ta.xation of Partnerships arnd
S Corporations, FOh Li tin Diverse America (2nd Ed forth-
5 Corporatins u itnion coring 2006) (vith Richard
(Foundation Press 2006oo( irh
Martin McRa/lahon Ji and Dan D e r s Jea
SrrinS UCDah s Federal Stefancic and Stephanie Wildman)
SIrnrnons. UC-Dausl Federal
locore Taxation of Corporations. Don C. Peters: Paper-Chasing
Third Elition iFoundation Press Types.,e Myers- Brggs and Last
2006) (with Martin McMahon, Ji Srudis5)
and Dan SillnTions UC-Da'-is). *
Federal Income Taxarion of Christopher L. Peterson: Taming
Business Organizations Fourt the Sharks: To\ aids a Cute for the
Edition iFoundation Press. 200 High-Cost Credit Market (Unri of
,vvit!aIullllillllimon.f rlonri f ss. 2004) S

Katheryn Russell-Brown:
Protecting Our Own Race. Crime.
and African Americans 12006.
Rowman and Littlefield) *
Underground Codes Race. Crime,
and Related Fires (2004, New Y'o k
University Pressi

Michael L. Seigel: Improbable
E ents: Murder at Ellenron Hall.
(iUnreise 2005)

Christopher Slobogin: Proving the
Unprovable. The Role of Law.
Science and Speculation in
.Adudcatirrg Culpabrihti arnd
Dangerousness (Oxford Uni.ers ly
Press) Mindirng Justice Laivs that
Deprive People with Mental
Disability of Life and Liberrv
(Harvard Unimersitv Press 2005) *
Law and the Mental Health System
Civil and Criminal Aspects (4th Ed .
20041 (with Relsner and Rail

Steven J. Willis: Federal Tax
Accounting. wvith Michael B Lang
and Elliott Manniiig (2006)
Tax Accountrng (West. 20051)
Electronic Teachirri Materials for Tax
Exempt Organizations (Thornson
West. 2004) Financial Calculations
for Lawyers, with electronic calcula-
rors (Book World Publishers, 2004)
* The Tax Law of Cihatties and
Other Ex/enpt Oigarizatrons: Cases.
Materials Ouestons, and Aciiviries.
with accornpaniling insltuctor's
manual IThomsonr West. 2003) with
Daiiyll K Jones. Da,'id A. Breennen.
and Beierly I Moran)

Michael Allan Wolf: Strategies lor
Envirorrnenral Success in anl
Uncertain Judiial Climate (ELI, 2005)
With contributions by Mary Jane
Angelo and Al'son FIouIno',) *
Powell on Real Properrt iGeneral Ed
17 vols ) (iL heaiI

One .f th.-. laqr.jet 3 andi most .o i.-rn l irehensi.e la* .I schools in th c...untr-,
ith aplpro mlnat-el 1 l300 stuilelnts 100 full-time fac:ulr, and 40 a djunrctr
SOne .of thei nation s top Ta'ation piiogiam offering the
as a'ell an fojr t.i-reicjn la-. -tutert
0 Comprehensi.e J D CulIi:uluin .uirh III
Eni.lonmnental and Land Use Lawv Estatte and Ill uts Prai:tiie FarIIl,
Lavv Intellectual Pioperl, Lawe. and Interniational aind C.holmparati.e Law.
I than an. ihere ele in the coulntr
and stro.iig pel lelntial leaning o.,plo.iunitiet thioug.h .e.-cialihel
centers institutes pii.Jogramn .a as and cll:ncal o.fferlngs
SIulstantial moie than thpee dc.ae
v.ith ni.meio us fa Ilt, expetii in iiiternational le.jal i'R ues
I Alumni include since 197. aild

UF Law Online: Infoiinarion on coinfrence inpo-ia facu': It,
scholaishir. p.igiamn and .-int. and molie is a..ailable on thte Le.m
J *,llege of La.,' Ae.lsite at www.law.ull.edu.

UF Levin College of Law FIRST-CLASS MAIL
P.O. Box 117633
Gainesville, FL 32611-7633 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

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