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Group Title: Report from the faculty, University of Florida College of Law
Title: Report from the faculty
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;; ii. **;

Fredric G. Levin College of Law

. i,.
ii I;,


A (Word From the Dean
"I am.both honored and proud to introduce.this Report
From the Faculty at the Levin College of Law at the
University of Florida. UF's law school has long been a very
good institution, but thanks to careful planning, hard work
by our faculty, and support from our alumni and friends, it
is getting stronger every year.
Among the most visible signs of our progress is a sub-
stantial, ongoing construction project that will renovate,
replace or build anew 150,000 square feet of academic space
at the college. Our new classroom education towers, which
opened this fall, provide our students and faculty with I I
spacious, state-of-the-art classrooms The expansion and ren-
ovation of our Legal Information Center, including our new
reading room, rare book room and new or renovated class-
rooms, will be completed next summer The challenge of
inhabiting a facility under construction has been formidable,
but we look forward to celebrating in the Fall of 2005 our
top quality .facilities and new technological capabilities
We also have undertaken a close examination of our
organizational structure and academic programs, and we are
in the process of implementing a strategic plan articulated
by the faculty that builds upon our strengths As is true at
any law school, whether we achieve our aspirations will ulti-
mately depend upon our faculty
The pages that follow showcase a highly productive and
energetic community of scholars who are known and respect-
ed for their research and law-reform efforts in both acade-
mia and the legal profession. They have organized and led
conferences this year in such diverse areas as transformative
mediation, law and technology, race and race relations, chil-
dren and families, growth management, professionalism, and

global trade Many of their books, treatises and articles are
definitive works.
No less significant has been our ability to recruit many
new, outstanding colleagues In the current year, for exam-
ple, we have welcomed to our college former New York
University Tax Program Director Paul R McDaniel, Harvard
Law School faculty member Diane M. Ring, and Mary Jane
Angelo, former senior attorney for the U S Environmental
Protection Agency in Washington, D C
I am proud of the faculty's many accomplishments, but
we aspire to accomplish much more We are pleased that
our efforts to enhance faculty recruitment, retention and
support will be assisted by newly installed University of
Florida President Bernard Machen, who has identified faculty
development as a priority for his administration.
This is an exciting time to be part of the University of
Florida Levin College of Law, but I firmly believe our best
years are in our future
Robert H Jerry, II, Dean,
Levin. Mabie and Levin Professor


.:;;; .........

The Fredric G. Levin College of Law
m With 1,200 students, 100 full-time faculty and some 40 adjuncts,
the Levin College of Law Is the nation's 12th largest law school, ........... ... .....
with a broad and comprehensive curriculum that allows students to
focus on and demonstrate Interest In specific areas through six J.D.
certificate programs and numerous joint degree programs. The
school's strong clinical offerings provide quality experiential learning
experiences to students while delivering competent legal services to
Indigent citizens.
" The college's LL.M. and S.J.D. In Graduate Tax and LL.M. In
Comparative Law, together with Its specialized centers, Institutes
and program areas (see page 12), enhance the school's curriculum
and rich International offerings and strengthen Its ties with other
programs and scholars around the globe.
" The college and a number of Its programs particularly Graduate Tax and Environmental Law are
consistently ranked among the best In the country.
" More than 10 prospective students apply for each available seat (17.5 applied for every seat In Fall 2003 and 2004),
and recent classes are the most qualified In law school history. The quality of the student body also Is reflected In Its
activities, and student organizations such as Trial Team and Moot Court have placed at the top In regional and nation-
al competitions In recent years.
" The school's alumni and friends collaborate with faculty In new Initiatives, and have been Increasingly active In
fundralsing and participation In school events. Their help enabled the college to begin construction In 2003 on a major
expansion and renovation project (see page 17) scheduled for completion In 2005. 71

Report from the Facufty

Faculty Overview
The Levin College of Law faculty as
evidenced in the following list of significant
scholarship since 2000 have earned their
excellent reputations through years of innova-
tive research and writing and their leadership
and involvement with academic, professional
and legal organizations in this country and
abroad. Many have made a profound impact on
the legal profession as it is studied and prac-
ticed, and even in shaping policy on a global
UF law faculty also are focusing on
improving their already strong institution -
from academic programs to facilities to
better prepare students for today's legal envi-
ronment, advance legal knowledge, fulfill the
college's public service mission, and make its
collective vision of joining the nation's top law
schools a reality.
Under the leadership this year of new Dean
Robert Jerry, faculty are following a strategic
plan developed and approved in May 2002 that
is improving the student-teacher ratio, aug-
menting skills training, better supporting and
thereby enhancing faculty scholarship and
teaching, and making dynamic changes in the
school's institutional focus.
UF law's faculty is larger than that of
many schools, and frequently partners with
leading private practitioners to keep course
offerings relevant. The college's 59 full-time
and four affiliate tenured or tenure-track
faculty includes 22 (37 percent) women, and
10 (16 percent) minorities (five African-
Americans, four Latinos/as, one Native
American). In addition, 41 faculty support the
college through clinical, research, writing,
information and administrative programs, and
about 40 adjuncts teach in specialty areas and
courses such as patent and agricultural law.
Student evaluations reflect high satisfaction
with professors (overall 4.20 rating, with five
denoting "excellent"). Also:
* Most faculty members graduated from out-
standing law schools at or near the top of their
classes, and were editors or members of their
respective law reviews. More than 20 clerked at the
appellate level (half in federal court) and two for the
U.S. Supreme Court, and 35 were associates or part-
ners at law firms (15 for five years or more). More
than a dozen earned Ph.D.'s, 13 have LL.B. or
LL.M.'s, 43 hold master's degrees and seven
received Fulbright awards.

2004-05 Books & Casebooks
11 1 11 1 1 1 < ( l ii ..... LI, *ii, i., ,, *i . I i, A ,
I ,, 1. ,, ,4 .,l1 ,\ ..i..'l
Il i..In I ( 1 ,' ,. ;" ,' [ ..... ', / ........ .. ,1.1 .... '/ ....... ,

i Nl nk ,ll.l I K .l l .l ,i ., ,. I I.. I'.. '.' .. l ,', ..., . Ill I ,. _'1 4 ,
I I ,,,

.1, 11.11I I. 1 1

-Ii '* ii* ..il. l . I L. I. 9.. 9 .. .. I .9 *l 9.
I \ l l ,, , ; \ ,', ... I ., . , ,, , , ,,, i

I, .... ...i .i i...'. I .. .1 .,... .I .11 l II I . -'

l .\ l l 'l l l i I I IIIII I II, i I 'I 1. I I. III . i l. I I i i I I I" IL

IV~. b I L DOWI.. .

* 1. 1 11. ll l,... ,ii ,, .J I l ',. i '. ,. .'. I .. ..

1h. J q ... l .,ll. %I lh I .... ,, ,' .1, ., ,. 9. ,,, . ,,. ',. .' I
', h r ' l, ', ll. [ll l. ll : 'll> 1 ,t l -" l h I ,I .. ,, l l .l l ,, ,. I

S. ,I I I ll .II .II ;. ..

i." l ..... 1 1,, . . V I ,.. . I. I .... I .. .

* \\ ',l ,l.l lll II ,I.n.,I ,.'.l ,'. i. I ;. , ,,,i [Il l ..1 . 1 1. 4 .'. .' l '

II h ll'l ll I II' *% IL' II II, I ... .. .IN l I '. "r.1 1, ,''' / ' 1 . i.
I | ll. l I ll h11 .1 . . |'.' 1 I .. i l .. I -
l 1,. .. 1, n I .k ,I I
H I .I I l,+. I h. .li "_""'4-I %_Ill :l lIIi il I. ,h
lr, r l l I . 1 1 lll l i l l i l l l .

'. 1. I, ...is.. i


* UF law faculty also are publishing more and in more
distinguished venues than ever before, with 61 treatises,
casebooks or similar major books in the past seven years. The
per capital rate for 2000-01 was 0.45, representing 25 books by 13
faculty. From 1996-2003, the faculty authored 264 articles in law
reviews and specialty journals published by law schools, compared
to 141 such articles in the previous self-study period -almost a 90
percent increase. Placement also improved, with 73 articles appear-
ing in reviews published at the top 50 schools in U.S. News &
World Report rankings (compared to 32 before, an increase of 130
percent). Twenty-two appeared in reviews published by the top 25
law schools in U.S. News rankings (compared to 16 previously, a
27 percent increase). Statistics now being compiled regarding
placements in top law reviews indicate that this positive trend is
continuing, with multiple placements in reviews at Harvard,
UCLA, California, Minnesota, Northwestern, Vanderbilt and
Comell, to list a few. In addition, a number of faculty are now
working on books with contracts from Harvard, Cambridge and

Influence Significant and Widespread
The influence of faculty at the UF College of Law reaches far
beyond campus. As teachers, they shape future professionals,
teachers, leaders and decision makers. And as researchers, scholars,
writers and activists, their work impacts the study and practice of
law, political agendas and policy making from the local to the glob-
al level. To list a few examples drawn from diverse areas:
* Associate Professor Cally Jordan was i.0.il asked by the
World Bank -at the request of the Vietnamese government -to
work on the second stage of reforms to its corporate law. Jordan
helped prepare the first business enterprise legislation introduced in
Vietnam. Its business community attributes the stunning economic
growth in Vietnam since 1999 (fourth fastest growing economy in
the world) in large part to this legislation.

* Professor Winston P. Nagan, FRSA, Samuel T. Dell Research
Scholar, affiliate professor of .oli 1, 'p.!' i, -. and founding director
of the Institute for Human Rights and Peace Development, has
served as board chairman of Amnesty International USA, and
works to enhance understanding of governance and human rights in
Africa and other countries. He facilitated creation of the Human
Rights and Peace Centre at Makerere University in Uganda, and
helps coordinate Southeastern European peace conferences.

* Stephen C. O'Connell Professor Christopher Slobogin is wide-
ly published and quoted by the media on mental health and search
and seizure issues, and was reporter for two American Bar
Association Task Forces -Non-Responsibility for Crime and
Technologically-Assisted Physical Surveillance -which produced
standards adopted by the ABA House of Delegates. He also drafted
commentary for the three Recommendations 11"'i.11 proposed by
the ABA Task Force on Mental Disability and the Death Penalty,
and is chairing the Florida Committee on Implementation of the
ABA's Moratorium on the Death Penalty. In Virginia, he drafted
legislation- i-...1 .4i.cl.11 passed -concerning evaluation of
people with mental disability who are charged with crime.

* Research and scholarship by the school's top-ranked Graduate
Tax faculty (also see page 14) continues to impact the study and
profession of tax law. The work of Professor Patricia E. Dilley, for


Focus on Interdisciplinary -
UF's law school is home to one of the
country's largest concentrations of faculty
publishing in Critical Legal Studies, an
interdisciplinary approach to the law.
With the creation of the Center for the
Study of Race and Race Relations in the
late 1990s, the UF College of Law has
emerged on the forefront of Critical Legal
Studies and Critical Race Theory, with
books by six faculty Katheryn Russell-
Brown (pictured, from left), Berta
Hernandez-Truyol, Juan Perea, Michelle Jacobs, Nancy Dowd and Pedro Malavet included in New York University Press'
celebrated Critical America Series, more than any other school.
Faculty with significant scholarship in related areas also include Kenneth Nunn, Sharon Rush and Sherrie Russell-
Brown, as well as many others who study the law and how it intersects with other disciplines. Dozens of other UF law
faculty also have participated in scholarship that attempts to view law in the broader context of the social sciences and
other academic disciplines, including Paul Magnarella (Anthropology); Thomas Cotter (Intellectual Property); Jeffrey
Harrison and William Page (Economics); Cally Jordan (Finance); Alyson Flournoy (Environmental Philosophy); Elizabeth
Dale, Michael Wolf and Danaya Wright (History); Jonathan Cohen and Charles Collier (Philosophy); Robert Moffat
(Philosophy & Sociology); Barbara Noah (Medicine); Mark Fondacaro and Christopher Slobogin (Psychology); Winston Nagan
(Society & Policy Sciences); Nancy Dowd, Michelle Jacobs and Barbara Bennett Woodhouse (Families and Gender); Bill
Chamberlin and Lyrissa Lidsky (Mass Media); Michael Seigel (Pragmatism & Philosophy); and Mark Fenster, Martin
McMahon, Sharon Rush and Walter Weyrauch (Society & Culture).
The college also draws on the University of Florida's curricular strength in other ways, such as by teaming with UF
specialists on research and cross-disciplinary training, or by featuring guest presentations by UF experts. Students can
take courses in other colleges or earn joint degrees, which the college offers in nearly unsurpassed numbers. O

example, was referenced in the Virginia Tax Review as "semi-
nal in the area of Social Security tax-I i;l, .i _" and her work
is cited in leading journals and by top tax faculty nationwide.

* Professor Jeffrey Davis, as reporter for the Special
Committee on Post-Judgment Remedies of the Business
Section of The Florida Bar, was principal draftsman of
Florida's new and highly creative Judgement Lien Law, F.S.
55.200 et. seq. Davis continues to be deeply involved in refin-
ing and further developing the law. In June 2004, at the annu-
al meeting of The Florida Bar, Davis and Associate Dean for
International Studies/Professor Stuart Cohn became only the
second and third recipients ever of the Business Section's
Distinguished Lifetime Service Award.

* Center for Governmental Responsibility Director/Dean
Emeritus/Professor Jon Mills was involved with a series of
cases in the Florida Supreme Court on constitutional and pri-
vacy issues including the controversial Dale Earardt case.
He now chairs a Florida Supreme Court Committee on
Privacy and Court Records aimed at developing a uniform
statewide policy to ensure this information is filtered out of
court records before it is placed in media like the Internet and
bulk electronic access systems.

* William H. Page, Marshall M. Criser Eminent Scholar in
Electronic Communications & Administrative Law and
Associate Dean for Faculty Development, has ,.. >.., l,. studied
the role of expert economic testimony in antitrust litigation, the

effects of state antitrust class actions on consumers, the limits
that federal antitrust law places on state regulation, and legacy of
the Microsoft antitrust case.

* Research on legal dimensions of apology by Associate
Professor Jonathan R. Cohen, Associate Director of the
Institute for Dispute Resolution, helped lead to new eviden-
tiary rules in a number of states including Florida
which previously excluded apologies (in medical malpractice
actions) and expressions of i'p."1li (in civil actions general-
ly) from admissibility into evidence.

* Faculty have been involved, pro bono, in scores of
international, national, state and local endeavors -
including the American Bar Association and Association
of American Law Schools. Since 1996, faculty have served
as chairs of the ABA Committee on Teaching Taxation (Tax
Section), Antitrust Committee (Administrative Law Section)
and Ad Hoc Committee on Law School Outreach (Criminal
Justice Section); co- or vice chair of the International Law
Section, Food & Drug Law Committee (Administrative Law
& Regulation Practice Section) and Committee on
Negotiation (Section on Dispute Resolution); and as members
of many other committees and task forces. They also chaired
AALS sections on Criminal Justice, Jewish Law, Property,
Socioeconomics and the Law, and Tax, and served on others.

Note: Also see recent faculty accomplishments under
"Specialty Areas," beginning page 12. O


Taculty Scholarship

Significant faculty scholarship, 2000 to date. Compiled byAssociate Dean for Faculy Development William Page.
Complete faculty publication lists and resumes are online at www.law.ufl.du/faculy/.

Director, Conservation
Clinic and Costa Rica
Law Program; Legal
Skills Professor
m "Bioregional and
Conservation Planning on
Costa Rica's Osa
Peninsula," Futures J (forthcoming 2004)
(with Steven A. Mack). m "Inside the
Polygon: Emerging Community Tenure
Systems and Forest Resource Extraction,"
Working Forests in the Tropics: Conservation
through Sustainable Management (Columbia
Press, 2004) (Zarin & Schmink, eds.) (with
Grenville Barnes). m "Applying Clinical
Legal Education to Community Smart
Growth: The University of Florida
Conservation Clinic," University Efforts to
Encourage Smart Growth (Lincoln Institute
for Land Policy, 2004) (Knaap & Wiewel,
eds.) (with Nicole Kibert). m "Shared
Knowledge, Shared Jurisprudence: Learning
to Speak Environmental Creole (Criollo)," 16
Tulane Envt'l L. J 807 (2003).

Chesterfield Smith
Professor; Honorary
Fellow, Institute for
Advanced Legal Studies,
University of London;
Director, Center for
International Financial Crime Studies;
Professeur au Centre de Droit du
l'Entreprise, Montrpellier I
* "The Rule of Law, Terrorism, and
Countermeasures, Including the USA Patriot
Act of 2001," 16 Fla. J Int'lL. 43 (2004).
* "The Rule of Law, Human Rights and
Proportionality as Components of the War
Against Terrorism: Is the USA Judiciary in
Self-Imposed Exile?" 7 J Money Laundering
Control 218 (2004) (Univ. of London, Henry
Stewart Pub'l.). m "Terrorism and the USA
Patriot Act 2001 -An Analysis," Money
Laundering, Asset Forfeiture, and Financial
Crimes (Oceana Publications, Inc., 2004).
* "Le terrorism et les measures de r6torsion
incluant le USA Patriot Act de 2001," La
Semaine Juridique, Entreprise et i
(2003). m "USA Patriot Act of 2001 -An
Analysis," Money Laundering, Asset
Forfeiture, and Financial Crimes (Oceana
Publications, Inc., 2002). "Money
Laundering Countermeasures with Primary
Focus Upon Terrorism and the USA Patriot
Act 2001," 6 J Money Laundering Control
105 (2002). m "Organized Crime, Terrorism

and Money Laundering in the Americas," 15
Fla. J Int'lL. 3 (2002). m "E-Commerce,
Privacy and Financial Crimes: Threat or
Hype, Self-Preservation or Erosion of
Constitutional and Human Rights?,"
Cybercrime and Security (Oceana
Publications, Inc., 2001). m "Observations
Concerning the Proposed Civil Asset
Forfeiture Reform Act 2000," International
Money Laundering, Asset Forfeiture, and
Financial Crimes (Oceana Publications, Inc.,
2001). m "E-Commerce and Financial
Crimes," Money Laundering, Asset
Forfeiture, and Financial Crimes (Oceana
Publications, Inc., 2001). m "United States
and Civil in Rem Forfeiture: The History and
Its Ancient Roots," 3 J Money Laundering
Control 204 (2000). m "Organized Crime in
the Americas and Transnationally," 13 Fla. J
Int'lL. 79 (2000).

Alumni Research Scholar,
m Federal Estate and Gift
Taxation and accompanying
Instructor's Manual and
Study Problems (Warren,
Gorham & Lamont, 8th ed.,
2002) (with Richard B. Stephens, Guy B.
Maxfield, Stephen A. Lind and Robert B.

Associate Professor;
Associate Director,
Institute for Dispute
"Future Research on
Disclosure of Medical
Errors," 141 Annals of
Internal Medicine 481 (Sept. 21, 2004).
* "In God's Garden: Creation and Cloning
in Jewish Thought," The Human Cloning
Debate (4th and 3rd ed., Berkeley Hills
Books, 2004 & 2002) (Glenn McGee &
Arthur Caplan, eds.). m "The Immorality of
Denial," Tulane L. Rev (forthcoming 2004).
m "A Taxonomy of Dispute Resolution
Ethics," Handbook ofDispute Resolution
(Robert Bordone & Michael Moffitt, eds.)
(forthcoming 2004). m "Toward Candor after
Medical Error: The First Apology Law," 5
Harvard Health Policy Rev 1, 21 (Spring
2004). m "The Ethics of Respect in
Negotiation," What's Fair: Ethics for
Negotiators 257 (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass,
2004) (Carrie Menkel-Meadow & Michael
Wheeler, eds.). m "Let's Put Ourselves Out of
Business: On Respect, Responsibility and

Dialogue in Dispute Resolution," 108 Penn
State L. Rev 227 (2003). m "Adversaries?
Partners? How about Counterparts? On
Metaphors in the Practice and Teaching of
Negotiation and Dispute Resolution," 20
Conflict Resolution Quarterly 433 (Summer
2003). m "The Ethics of Respect in
Negotiation," 18 Negotiation J 2 (2002). m
"Legislating Apology: The Pros and Cons,"
70 U Cinn. L. Rev. 3 (2002). m "When
People Are the Means: Negotiating with
Respect," 14 Geo. J Legal Ethics 739
(2001). m '"..i'.l and Organizations:
Exploring an Example from Medical
Practice," 27 Fordham U L. J 1447 (2000).

Associate Dean for
International Studies;
Professor; Gerald A.
Sohn Scholar; Director of
International and
Comparative Law
Certificate Program
* "The Non-Merger Virtual Merger: Is
Corporate Law Ready For Virtual Reality?,"
29 Del. J Corp. L. 1 (2004). m "Poland and
United States Business Laws: A Commentary
on Differing Historical and Doctrinal Bases,"
3 Warsaw U L. Rev 20 (2004). "Capital
Market Development and Regulation,"
United Nations Inst. for Training and Res.,
(online course, Feb. 2004). m Florida
Business Laws Annotated: Commentary,
Cases and Forms (2003-04 ed.). m Securities
Counseling for New and Developing
Countries (Westgroup, 2003 and 2002 eds.).
* "The Development of Micro-Cap
Securities Markets," Sub-Saharan Africa:
New Approaches to Fostering Enterprise
Growth (U.N. Institute for Training and
Research, 2002). m "Confidence Building in
Sub-Saharan Stock Markets," Capital Market
Development: The Road Ahead (U.N.
Institute for Training and Research, 2000).

Professor; Affiliate
Professor of Philosophy
S"Affirmative Action and
the Decline of Intellectual
Culture," 54 J Legal Educ.
S (2004). m "The Harsh
Judgment of History: The
Terrorist Worldview and Intellectual Values,"
50:1 Dissent 62 (2003). m "The Wrath of
History," 12 The Responsive Community 57
(2002). m "Hate Speech and the Mind-Body
Problem: A Critique of Postmodern
Censorship Theory," 7 Legal Theory 203


Faculty Take Priority With New University of
Florida President J. Bernard Machen
University of Florida President Dr. James Bernard Machen
announced an initiative this August designed to increase the number
of faculty, and bolster faculty salaries and research dollars. The UF
Faculty Challenge aims to raise $150 million to give faculty the tools
they need to enhance classroom instruction and conduct world-class
research. The Challenge is part of a plan to make UF one of the
nation's premier research universities.
"In order for the University of Florida to reach its potential, we
must find ways to do a better job supporting our faculty," Machen
said. "The purpose of this initiative is to build an endowment to provide for
competitive salaries, so the university can attract and retain the best and
brightest faculty and give them the tools they need to excel."
By appealing to donors to support the challenge, the university intends to
provide more discretionary funds for faculty research, which could be used for
equipment, studies or stipends for student research assistants. Gifts to the
Challenge of $100,000 or more are eligible for state matching funds. In an effort
to garner more support, for every gift of $1 million or more, Machen has pledged
to add $250,000 from a discretionary fund of private donations specifically for
the Faculty Challenge. These additions will follow state matching funds and will
continue until the fund is exhausted.
The University of Florida Board of Trustees unanimously elected Machen as
the university's I Ith president Oct. 8, 2003. Dr. Machen, who previously served
as president of the University of Utah, assumed his new position Jan. 5, and
quickly identified recruitment and retention of quality faculty members as a top priority.
Prior to Utah, Dr. Machen was provost and vice president for academic affairs and dean of the School of Dentistry at
the University of Michigan; assistant and associate dean in the School of Dentistry at the University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill; and associate professor and professor at UNC-Chapel Hill. He attended Vanderbilt University and received his
doctor of dental surgery degree from St. Louis University. He also has a master's in pediatric dentistry and doctorate in
educational psychology, both from the University of Iowa. He is a diplomat of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry,
was president of the American Association of Dental Schools, and served on the Board of Trustees of the 2002 Salt Lake
Olympic Committee. O

(2001). m Basic Themes in Law and
Jurisprudence (Anderson Publishing, 2000).
* "Law As Interpretation," 76 Chic.-Kent L.
Rev 779 (2000).

UF Research Foundation
Professor; Director of
Intellectual Property Law
f "Accommodating the
Unauthorized Use of
Copyrighted Works for
Religious Purposes Under the Fair Use
Doctrine and Copyright Act Section," 110
(3), 22 Cardozo Arts & Entertainment L. J
43 (2004). m Intellectual Property Economic
and Legal Dimensions of Rights and
Remedies (Cambridge University Press,
forthcoming 2004) (with Roger D. Blair). m
"An Economic Analysis of Enhanced
Damages and Attorneys' Fees for Willful
Patent Infringement," 14 Federal Circuit Bar
J (forthcoming 2004). m "Antitrust
Implications of Patent Settlements Involving
Reverse Payments: Defending a Rebuttable
Presumption of Illegality in Light of Some
Recent Scholarship," 71 Antitrust L. J 1069
(2004). m "Market Fundamentalism and the
TRIPs Agreement," 21 Cardozo Arts & Ent.
L. J (forthcoming 2004). m "Law,

Economics, and Intellectual Property," (Book
Review of William M. Landes & Richard A.
Posner, The Economic Structure of
Intellectual Property Law,
Antitrustsource.com (March 2004). m
"Gutenberg's Legacy: Copyright,
Censorship, and Religious Pluralism," 91
Cal. L. Rev 323 (2003). "Prolegomenon to
a Memetic Theory of Copyright: Comments
on Lawrence Lessig's The Creative
Commons," 55 Fla. L. Rev 779 (2003). m
"Refining the 'Presumptive Illegality'
Approach to Patent Settlements Involving
Reverse Payments: A Comment on
Hovenkamp, Janis, and Lemley," 87 Minn. L.
Rev 1789 (2003). m "Written on the Body:
Intellectual Property Rights in Tattoos,
Makeup, and Other Body Art," 10 UCLA
Ent. L. Rev 97 (2003) (with Angela M.
Mirabole). m "Strict Liability and Its
Alternatives in Patent Law," 17
Tech. L. J 799 (2002) (with Roger D. Blair).
* "Introduction to Symposium on
Intellectual Property, Development, and
Human Rights," 14 Fla. J of Int'lL. 147
(2002). m "Are Settlements of
Pharmaceutical Patent Disputes Illegal Per
Se?," 47 Antitrust Bull. 491 (2002) (with
Roger D. Blair). m "Rethinking Patent
Damages," 10 Tex. Intell. Prop. L. J 1
(2001) (with Roger D. Blair). m "The Elusive

Logic of Standing Doctrine in Intellectual
Property Law," 74 Tul. L. Rev 1323 (2000)
(with Roger D. Blair). "Pragmatism"
(Update), in 4 Encyclopedia of the American
Constitution Supplement 1983 (2d ed. 2000)
(Leonard W. Levy & Kenneth J. Karst, eds.).

Professor; Gerald A.
Sohn Scholar
U "Ending the Nonsense:
The In Pari Delicto
Doctrine Has Nothing To
Do With What is Section
541 Property of the
Bankruptcy Estate," Emory i .- -
Developments J (forthcoming 2005). m
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Exactions and the
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Associate Professor
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Dawso Named" Associ",ae D an

Profsso Gog ,' aw-onI (lright)l began I h'-.is Iappo=in

in AugusI~t 2004 asassociatedean 'or academicaff irs, II

2004 Faculty Promotions
Earning promotions in 2004 were (from left) Sherrie Russell-Brown
(to associate professor), Tracy Rambo (senior lecturer), Iris Burke (senior
lecturer), Mark Fenster (associate professor), Peggy Schrieber (senior lecturer),
Alison Gerencser (senior lecturer), Pedro Malavet (professor), Danaya Wright
(professor) and Leanne Pflaum (senior lecturer). Also promoted, but not
pictured, were Anne Rutledge and Patricia Thomson (senior lecturers).

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Professor; UF Research
Foundation Professor
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Defamation and Discourse in Cyberspace,"
49 Duke 855 (2000). m Book Review, "The
Reasonable Woman and the 'Warrior Code,'"
Jurist: Books-on-Law (2000).


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Alln ol, ar JneAnel, efre WaeStvePoel, icar HrnU n

programs, centers and institutes, faculty complement and enrich the
curriculum and legal scholarship by concentrating in specific fields and
practice areas:

Center for Estate & Elder Law Planning
The Center for Estate and Elder Law Planning, directed by
Professor C. Douglas Miller of the Graduate Tax faculty, integrates
teaching, training, research, scholarship and public service, and
advances estate planning and elder law knowledge, professionalism,
skills and policy by educating and training students and lawyers. As
the newest UF law center, its goals are to sponsor institutes and sym-
posia, develop an estate planning and elder law library and software
collection, and provide community service though judicial externship
programs. It works closely with the Graduate Tax Program and UF
Center for Gerontological Studies.
The center also administers the highly successful Certificate
Program in Estates and Trusts Practice, which prepares students to
counsel clients on complex issues related to aging and the preservation
and efficient disposition of assets. The curriculum covers elder law,
estates and trusts, estate planning, probate and taxation of individual
income, and gratuitious transfers of property.

Center for Governmental Responsibility
The Center for Governmental Responsibility (CGR) Florida's
senior legal and public policy research institute was founded in
1972 and is directed by UF law Dean Emeritus Jon Mills, former speak-
er of the Florida House of Representatives. Faculty and students con-
duct grant and contract-funded research often interdisciplinary in
nature on issues relating to public policy development and imple-
mentation at the local, state, federal and international level.
CGR faculty teach and research on topics including environmental
law, water law, land use, ecosystem management, sustainable develop-
ment, environmental justice, health law and policy, bioethics, poverty
law, family law, state and federal constitutional issues, emerging
democracies, historic preservation, conflict resolution, comparative
law, European community law, international trade law, and election
and campaign finance law. Faculty also direct externships in the public
policy arena, including at the Florida Supreme Court, and administer
fellowships funded through The Florida Bar.
CGR's specialized programs include the Conservation Clinic, Costa
Rica Summer Program, Center for American Law Studies at Warsaw
University in Poland, Rule of Law in the Americas Program which
offers the annual Conference on Legal & Policy Issues in the Americas

Working to fulfill the Center for Governmental Responsibility's public
service mission are faculty and staff (from left, back) Thomas Ankersen,
Barbara Noah, Jeffrey Wade, Ewa Gmurzynska, Richard Hamman, Director
Jon Mills, Joan Flocks, Stephen Powell, Clifford Jones and (seated) Laura
Coates, JoAnn Klein, Barbara Sieger, Linda Baldwin, Lenny Kennedy and
Timothy McLendon.


- and International Trade Law Program, which, under the direction of is working with the Institute for Advanced Legal Studies at the

Steve Powell, a long-time federal trade negotiator and chief counsel, is University of London where Baldwin is an Honorary Fellow to
developing legal services for translation into global business strategies, develop and strengthen knowledge in areas of international expertise.
creating courses to complement the international curriculum, and Baldwin also has participated in training law enforcement officers at
providing seminars and presentations on related topics. the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center's Financial Fraud
Institute, money laundering countermeasures at the Financial Crimes
Center for International Financial Crimes Studieummit in Sydney Austalia, the Law Society of Scotland's Confeence
Directed by Chesterfield Smith Professor Fletcher N. Baldwin, Jr., on Money Laundering and Terrorism in Glasgow, and money laundering

the Center for International Financial Crime Studies provides global seminars at Montpellier University, France, and was consultant to the
studies, consultation, training and education in anti-money laundering government of Indonesia's Financial Intelligence Unit, Checchi and
strategies, hosts leading experts as classroom lecturers, and coordi- Company Consulting, Inc.
nates national and international conferences, held to date in New
York, Washington, D.C., Miami, San Francisco, Aruba and Curacao. The Center for the Study of Race and Race Relations
center also is actively involved with the annual International The Center for the Study of Race and Race Relations (CSRRR) is an
Symposium on Economic Crime at Cambridge University, England, and academic research and resource center whose mission is to create and
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foster communities of dialogue on race and race relations and promote
historically- and empirically-based thinking, talking, research, writing
and teaching on race. The Levin College of Law is one of only five law
schools in the nation housing a center devoted to the study of race.
Under the direction of Professor Katheryn Russell-Brown and Assistant
Director Melissa Bamba, CSRRR hosted its fourth annual conference,
"Rhyme, Rhetoric and Race: Exploring the Influence of Literature,
Language & Lyrics on Race Relations," in 2003; co-hosted the confer-
ence, "Beyond Brown, an Interdisciplinary Look at Issues, Impacts &
Challenges of Landmark Desegregation Case," in March 2004; and
launched an innovative Faculty Reading Initiative to encourage
thoughtful discussion of race and racial issues in September 2004.

Institute for Dispute Resolution
Under the direction of Trustee Research FellowlProfessor Don
Peters and Associate Directors Jonathan Cohen and Alison Eckles
Gerenscer, the Institute for Dispute Resolution encourages and
enhances teaching, research and service in mediation, negotiation, col-
lective bargaining and arbitrationlinternational litigation. IDR trains
students to become mediators through actual proceedings involving
county civil disputes (such as landlord-tenant disputes or consumer
cases), thereby helping to prepare them to resolve issues for future
clients without going to trial. IDR also hosts and co-sponsors an annual
conference with Upchurch Watson & White on high stakes mediation
practice, and has joined with the Florida Dispute Resolution Center to
hold a highly successful transformative mediation symposium. These
well-attended and highly rated events blend theory and practice, and
award continuing legal and mediation education credits.

Peters also directs the Virgil Hawkins Civil Clinics offering the
Pro Se Family Law Clinic, Full Representation Clinic, and Gator
Teamchild/Juvenile Law Clinic which provide quality, intensely super-
vised, clinical learning experiences in family matters while delivering
competent legal services to those in need.

Institute for Human Rights, Peace & Development
Led by Winston P. Nagan, former board chairman of Amnesty
International USA, this institute seeks to enhance understanding of
governance and human rights in Africa and other countries; facilitate
creation of the Human Rights and Peace Centre at Makerere University
in Uganda, and assist with coordination of Southeastern European
peace conferences.

Intellectual Property Law Program
The Intellectual Property Law Program enables the college to be
one of the few in the nation and only one in the Southeast to
offer a Certificate in Intellectual Property Law. More than 30 students
have earned the certificate, and many more take a substantial number
of IP courses. UF Research Foundation Professor/Program Director
Thomas Cotter also coordinates an annual Law and Technology
Conference to share information on this fast-moving subject area with
practitioners. The third annual conference held in Orlando in February
2004 brought more than 60 top practitioners in the field and academ-
ic representatives to focus on issues of pressing interest, including cor-
porate, transactional, licensing and international issues, "music wars,"
and litigation. O


Professor; Alumni
Research Scholar
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the Constitutional Right to
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Hugh E Culverhouse
Eminent Scholar in
m Federal Taxation of
Employee Compensation
(Warren Gorham &
Lamont 2004) (with Boris
I. Bittker). m Fundamentals ofInternational
Taxation (Warren Gorham & Lamont
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Affiliate Professor;
Professor of Criminology
and Law; Affiliate
Professor of
Anthropology, African
Studies, and European
* Chapter, "The Consequences of the War
Crimes Tribunals and an International
Criminal Court for Human Rights in
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"Afterword: Outsider
Citizenships and
Multidimensional Borders:
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Ethical Guidelinesfor
Settlement Negotiations (as
reporter, 2002, American
Bar Association, Litigation
Section publication). m
"The Criminal Defense
Lawyer's Fiduciary Duty to Clients with
Mental Disability," 68 Fordham L. Rev 1581
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UF Research Foundation
S Professor
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Tell' Unconstitutional After
Lawrence? What It Will
StTake to Overturn the
Policy," 15 Fla. J L & Pub.
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James J. Freeland
Eminent Scholar in
Taxation, Professor
Federal Income Taxation
(with McMahon, Simmons,
and Abreu) (Foundation
Press: 5th ed., 2004). m
"Trade Agreements and Income Taxation:
Interactions, Conflicts, and Resolutions, 57
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Director, Center for
Responsibility; Professor;
Dean Emeritus
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Citizenship & Perils of
Identity: How the Law
Defines You in the Globalized World," Vol.
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Professor; Affiliate
Professor of Philosophy
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Professor; Samuel T. Deli
Research Scholar;
Affiliate Professor of
Anthropology; Director,
Institute of Human Rights
& Peace Development;
Director, Study Abroad
Program with Cape Town

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* "Human Rights and Revolution," 1 Social
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Reviews & Journals Spotlight Legal Scholarship
* Faculty in the Levin College of Law's Graduate Tax Program edit and publish The Florida Tax Review.
This innovative law review, which has become one of the country's best, publishes articles on a wide
range of timely and important tax law and policy issues. Articles are selected and edited by Faculty
Editor Professor David Hudson (at right, standing), with assistance from a board of editors consisting
of UF Graduate Tax Program faculty and tax scholars from other leading law schools. Recent issues -
have included pieces on the need for progressivity, estate tax contingencies, bankruptcy tax reform,
the Tax Court's equitable powers, capital cost recovery, taxation of worldwide income, standards of
tax review and recent developments in income taxation. C I
* The Florida Law Review includes articles by legal scholars expert in various areas of the law and
works by students, and is published up to five times a year. In addition, the Review brings one of
America's preeminent legal scholars to the law school each spring as part of its Dunwody
Distinguished Lecture in Law series to speak on a compelling contemporary legal or social issue. The
2004 Dunwody Lecture in Law was given by Georgetown Professor Viet D. Dinh, who spoke on "Nationalism in the Age of Terror."
* The Florida journal of International Law publishes four issues per year containing scholarly works with global perspectives by
professors, practitioners and students on public and private international law topics. The journal also publishes the Annual
Conference on Legal and Policy Issues in the Americas, which brings together practitioners, scholars and government officials to
discuss issues affecting North, Central and South America, including international trade and the Free Trade Area of the Americas,
terrorism, financial crimes, and human rights issues. Recent articles have focused on subjects as varied as International
Commercial and Trade Law, Intellectual Property Law, Human Rights Law, Terrorism, War Crimes Tribunals, International
Environmental Law, and Maritime Law.
* The journal of Law & Public Policy is an interdisciplinary student publication devoted to public policy implications of legal issues
and to fostering discourse on judicial decisions, legislation, law reform, and other legal issues facing public policy decision-makers.
Its members which include University of Florida law students and joint-degree and other graduate students publish three
issues a year and sponsor a spring symposium.
* The Journal of Technology Law & Policy is a student-edited journal (also online) published twice a year devoted to the discussion
of relevant technology issues, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, antitrust, and computer law. O


Associate Director,
Environmental and Land
Use Law Program;
Affiliate Professor;
Professor of Urban &
Regional Planning
"The Ups and Downs of
Growth Management in Florida," 12 Fla. J
L. & Pub. Pol'y (2001). m "Growth
Management and Smart Growth in Florida,"
35 Wake Forest L. Rev. 645 (2000) (with
Ruth Steiner).

Research Associate,
Center for Governmental
E "Politicizing the End of
Life: Lessons from the
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coming 2004). m "Paradoxes in Dietary
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Elderly Patients: Alternative Approaches for
Postmarket Surveillance," 33 J Health L.
383 (2000) (with David Brushwood).

UF Research
Foundation Professor
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Mathematical Blunders in
Applying the Loss-of-a-
Chance Doctrine," 70 Mo.
L. Rev (2005). m "Medical
Education and Malpractice: What's the
Connection?," 15 Health Matrix (2005). m
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Associate Dean for
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Director, Institute for
Dispute Resolution;
Director, Virgil Hawkins
Civil Clinics; Professor;
Trustee Research Fellow;
Associate Director, Center
on Children and Families
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and Law Study (forthcoming 2005). m "It Felt
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Assistant Professor
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Senior Legal Skills
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Irving Cypen Professor;
Associate Director,
Center on Children and
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Director, Center for the
Study of Race and Race
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Race, Crime and Related
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Associate Professor;
Associate Director,
Center on Children and
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Assistant Professor
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Associate Dean for
Students, Professionalism
& Community Relations
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Name is Still a Drug: Why
the Florida Judiciary
Should Start Treating A
DUI as Any Other Drug Offense," 13 J L. &
Public Policy 299 (2001).

Improbable Events
(novel, forthcoming 2005).
"On Collegiality," 54 J
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Stephen C. O'Connell
Professor; Affiliate
Professor of Psychiatry;
Adjunct Professor,
University of South
Florida Mental Health
Institute; Associate Director, Center on
Children and Families
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Distinguished Professor;
Stephen C. O'Connell
Chair; Associate Director,
Center on Children and
a Families
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Professor; Associate
Director, Center on
Children and Families
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Director, Center on
Children and Families;
Director, Family Law
Certificate Program; David
H. Levin Chair In Family
Law; Co-Director, UF Institute for Child
and Adolescent Research and Evaluation
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Director, Gator
TeamChild /Juvenile Law
Clinic; Legal Skills
Professor; Associate
Director, Center on
Children and Families
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Children in a Unified Family Court System in
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Director, Trial Practice;
Legal Skills Professor;
Coordinator, Gerald T.
Bennett Prosecutor/Public
Defender CLE Course
t "Re-thinking Your
Practice Habits -Seven
Ways to be a Better Lawyer in the Criminal
Courts," 33 Fla. Crim. L. J (2003). D

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