Florida Keys keynoter


Material Information

Florida Keys keynoter
Uniform Title:
Florida Keys keynoter
Portion of title:
Physical Description:
v : ill. (some col.) ; 36 cm.
Keynoter Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Marathon Fla
Creation Date:
June 22, 2013
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Marathon (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Monroe County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Marathon
24.726389 x -81.040278 ( Place of Publication )


General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 31, no. 45 (Dec. 23, 1984).

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 11627669
lccn - sn 85000369
issn - 8756-6427
System ID:

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778679022222 1'77/,/+*7f /:/3-n 97/3+77f (/89'6/+7t /3/43 !54687*4467b 6477;46*r Printed on100% recycled newsprint ""!>tb &" #! %%%&!" rrnnntb $#rbtf"! *!/0 #-'%-%",";424846)<)1/787*/+/3 7+5+6'8+;++0+3* )6'7.+7!846< f)", ,&"-''46'1!.46+7+'637,/678 :/)846<4,7+'743'-'/378 6/:'1+<%+78!846< )0$*("'",,,$.) %-0,$"'-"+F>H==+.3=8H>3>G/ #+3=+@96?8>//<38>2/ +88?+6:938>8>37/-9?8> 90297/6/==:/9:6/38 98<9/9?8>C+=5/. <2/>9<3-+66C+=2/A+65/. +6981>2/>6+8>3-=3./90 /C)/=>98&?/=.+Cb /A+=6995381.9A8+ ,9+<.A+65>2/=?8+8.=?<0 38>2/,+-51<9?8.+8.+ 7+8-?<6/.?:98>2/=6+>= =6//:381A<+::/.38<+1= A3>2+:+3<90A9<89?> --2/=A3>238+<7H= 398= +<9?8.>2/-9?8>9:2C=3-+66C-9?8> 2 97/6/==:/9:6/?=381>2/ .+>+>93809<71<+8>+::63 -+>398=09<0/./<+6+8.=>+>/ +3.b &2/<3.+/C=-9?8> 3=7+8+1/.,C>2/ 98<9/ 9?8>C97/6/==98 >38??790+398b #+3=+09<7/<7/7,/< 90>2//C)/=>3>C ==398+8.23=@96 ?8>//<:+<>8/C7+8+1/< A/8>0<97%9?>2/+-2 +<9?8.>9311=/+-2 >2/898.9A8>6+8>39?6/@+<.=?--/==0?66C -97:6/>381/312>=?<@/C=b &2/03<=>7+8>2/C / 8-9?8>/223= ,/6981381=38+,+-5:+-5 3./8>303/.237=/60+= 3-2+/6+8+>3@/90 /<7+8C63@38138>2//C= 09 6+=>8312> 3-2+/6=+3.F =>+C/.?:+668312>E89 =6//:381bH7+,3>?8?=?+6 38=90+<+==>+C?:+66 8312>+8.98>2/,/+-2 .?<381>2/.+CbG /=+3.2/A9?6.8/@/< +@+36237=/6090>2/-3>CH= /7/<1/8-C38.31/8>29?= 381>2//C="@/<8312> &/7:9<+/<98 %>9-5=6+8.b F!9A+CH7+698/< +8.>9=>+C+A+C0<97 :/9:6/bH738>//.38 +=><9897C+8.=-3/8-/b =:/8.>2/.+C==>?.C381b .98H>635/>29=/:/9:6/G A29?=/"&%b 3-2+/6r=+3.2/3= 9--+=398+66CF,9>2/2/69-+6:963-/./:+<>7/8> A23-2/7:69C//=09?<0?66 >37/F;?+63>C90630/9003 -/<=G09-?=/.98/809<-381 69-+69<.38+8-/=+1+38=> >2381=635/>9B3 -+>398+8.-+7:381b F>H=+6A+C=>2/=+7/G 2/-98>38?/.bF>2385>2/ = >9:+8.-2/-5=29?6./8.b 2+@/>2/<312>>9,/6/0> +698/30H789>,2/6+Ab,/-+7/297/6/== ,C-293-/b*/=>2/b4?=> .98H>635/>9A9<5b1/> +6981bG F,9?>nn:b7bA2/8 >2/,?=38/==/==>+<>>9 -69=/>2/CH66:?>099.9?> 98>2/8/A=:+:/<<+-5=b(96?8>//<=-9?8> -3>C297/6/== 0n70/33+<+<348+6)42frbnrbrt rbtrtfnf ==398>9 -98=3./>2//C)/=> >C==398A366-98 =3./<+::<9@381+=9-+66/. F,2 >2/'b%b!+@C>2+>30 +.9:>/.A366+669A-9-98>38?/-+66381 98>2/"?>/< 96/#3/2/"?>/< 96/+6=9?=/. ,C>2/!+@C>929=>>2/ 1?3./.73==36/./=><9C/< '%%/6+=>A//509< 38=>+8-/29=>/.r-CH=-?<6/+=/ +1938tt/B:3A+=/B>/8./. ?8>36+8bfnb>13@/=>2/ !+@Crt:/<-/8>90>2/ ntbf:/<2/+.-3980//6/@3/. ,C>2/-3>Cb%38-/tt>2/ 6/+=/2+=1/8/<+>/.+<9?8. nt736639809<380<+=>?=>9>2/ :3/2/8/A./+6 6+3.9?>,C$9,/<> -A/66>2/+>/ :<9.?->638/-99<.38+>9< 093/= 8138//<381977+8. %9?>2/+=>38+-5=98@366/ .3->+>/fb:/<:+==/8 1/<:+C7/8>>9>2/!+@C 09<>2/03<=>ttttt:+= =/ 81/<=b>H=fbt:/<:+= =/81/<>2//<,?>89> 6/==>2+8ttt:/< C/+2+:+==/81/<:<9 4/->398+>>2/"?>/< 96/ 09<03=-+6C/+2/-3>C/B:/->= >969=/+,9?>ntttt98 >2/./+6b &2/6/+=/.3=-?==398 =>+<>=+>:b7b38"6.>C +6698b 8/C/98900=/>>381 >2+>-9=>3>C +8+1/< ,(3>+=38+7//>381 A3>2>2/-9773==3986+=> A//5,<9+-2/.>2/=?,4/-> 90<+3=381>2/-3>CH=.3=/7 ,+<5+>3980//b /=+3.>2/03<=>=>/:3= >9F-2/-59?>>2/6/1+63>C 90/=>+,63=238137:+->0//=b &2/:6+83=>9/ 2/-?<.3= /7,+<5+>3980//A23-2 A+=/=>+,63=2/.38+8?+2+=,//8nt C/+<=bG C/8=983=+69-+6 6312>381>/-283-3+8+8.>2/ :?,63-0+-/90>2/ 9773>>// 09<4:+7++07 846'/7+,++7""*("'",,n n'('3'6++=+778',,'3*)437869)8/43;460+67-'8.+6;./1+56+5'6/3-8445+38.+8/0/('66+)+381<596).'7+*(< 8.+193=,'2/1<4,./)'-4 '77+3-+67,6428.+'63/:'1)78'7<7++3/3546843 "9+7*'<'6++').).'6-+*'brn*/7+2('60'8/43,++ ;./).)/8<4,,/)/'17)491*6'/7+brtbttf'3<.42+1+77'6+'886')8+*848.+146/*'+<7,468.+ 3+'6<+'66493*7933<'3*6+1'8/:+1<;'62;+'8.+6 ;./).'114;7,4671++5/3-498*44674)'174)/'17+6:/)+ 46-'3/='8/437)43*9)8'3'339'1)49384,.42+1+77 5+451+43'3t &2/23-+19,+=/. ?8D0+736C3=-9<8/<381 >2/7+<5/>98+=>"-/+8 <3@/-977/<-3+6:<9:/<>C 98/CC/+-2b &2/A/66A80+736C EA29=/09<>?8/A+=7+./ 38,//<+8.A38/A296/=+6/ +8..3=><3,?>398E:?< -2+=/.>2/"-/+8/+-2 ?,29>/698+=>"-/+8 <9?126C>22/ ?8D0+736C:?<-2+=/.>2/ :9:?6+<+.4+-/8>+,+8+ 353,+<0< 979A8/< /&<+-Cb&2/&<+-C0+7 36C+38/.9A8/<=23:90 >2/+,+8+?,+:<3@+>/ =A37-6?,8/B>>9>2/,+398>2+>H=,/3819@/< =//8,C376?8DA29 79=>6C9:/<+>/.>2/ 6?8D+@+<3++?=+ /<7+8,+<+8.+?<+8> 38-+19b ?8D>96.>2//C89>/< >2+>:?<-2+=381>2/A+>/< 0<98>,+<+8.+?<+8> +669A=>2/29>/6>963@/?:>9 3>=8/A?8D"-/+8/+-2 >/6+8.$/=9<>8+7/bF"8/>2381A/A+8>/. >97+5/3>A+=+ >C:/>2381G2/=+3.bF&2+> A+=+63>>6/09+ +>03<=>bG6?8D=+3.>2/0+736C :6+8=>9900/<<997=/<@3-/ +8.,9:>398=>93>= 29>/6:+><98=+8.3=-98 =>381+2312/8./+>/2+>2/=+3.A366,/=/:+<+>/ 0<97>2//B3=>381>353,+29?12> A/8//./.>9?:=-+6/>2/ 7/8?b)/H2/ +,+8+>353,+<+8.+,+< 7/8?G2/=+3.38=3=>381 >2+>>2/-2+81/9@/:?=269-+6:+><98=+A+Cb F)/0/6>>2/CA/2/ 5/C>9>2/=?--/==>95//: >23=:6+-/19381A236/A/ .3.8H>9A83>b>H=,//80?8 >9=//>2/69-+6=-97/9@/< +8.A98./A/H2+>>2/2312/8.+?<+8> A9?6.>+5/?:>2/38=3./ .38381:9<>39890>2/:<9: /<>C+=A/66+=>2/9?>.99< >/<<+-/+>9>2/ >353,++F0+?<+8>G>2+>A366 0/+>?bG &2/0+736C2+=C/>>9 /-3./98+8+7/9<+.+>/ >2+>>2/:<9:/<>CA9?6. 38109<8/B> A//5=97/>37/G6?8D =+3.98+8bfbF)/H9,/9:/8+=0+=>+= 2?7+86C:9==3,6/bG ?8D=+3.>2/19+63=>9 7+38>+38>2/>353,+/<,?>>2+>>2/38-6?./=+0+736C 238-:3DD+,/381 +../.>9>2/7/8?b &2/2+=+6=9:?< -2+=/.+=>-2/312>=/+> 1960-+<>>2+>6?8D=+3. 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Wednesday, January 29, 2014 5A Keynoter KeysInfoNet.com Look for Special Offers only on www.anthonysa.com & www.facebook.com/anthonysa Exclusives Web LADIES APPAREL 2 Days Only! TAKE $15 OFF $3499-$5499 Enter to Win a FREE Pair ofNOT YOUR DAUGHTERS JEANS! TUMMY CONTROL JEANS!Each store will give away one pair on Saturday, 2/1 and on Tuesday, 2/4.Plus, 2 Days Only! Bonus Coupons! WednesdayJan. 29th ThursdayJan. 30th New 2014 ArrivalsNOW $49.99 to $69.99 S pring 40%OFF* Any One SEE EXCLUSIONS. Valid 1/29/14 1/30/14 only. Must have 40% off coupon to receive discount. Cannot be combined with any other discount. Selection may vary by store. No adjustments made on previously purchased merchandise. Must present coupon to receive savings. Strict limit (1) 40% off coupon per customer. %OFF* Any One SEE EXCLUSIONS. Valid 1/29/14 1/30/14 only. Cannot be combined with any other discount. Selection may vary by store. No adjustments made on previously purchased merchandise. Must present coupon to receive savings. Limit (2) 25% off coupons per customer. %OFF* Any One SEE EXCLUSIONS. Valid 1/29/14 1/30/14 only. Cannot be combined with any other discount. Selection may vary by store. No adjustments made on previously purchased merchandise. Must present coupon to receive savings. Limit (2) 25% off coupons per customer.*Not valid on Spanx, Jara, Not Your Daughters Jeans, Kristin Crenshaw, Seabreeze, Beachpointe, I.O. Sport Leggings, Bali, Leon Levin, Foxcroft, Isadela, Neyelle, Flair, Avalin, Breezes, Clara S, Magdalena, Michael Tyler, and Coobie Bras. Island Vision Careis now accepting NEW patients.Dr.John Sheldon's optometry practice services all ages,from kids to seniors.Monday Friday 9AM to 5PM Saturday by appointment6400 Overseas Hwy. MM 50.5 (next to Herbies)743-2020 Business A NEW DAYKeys have lowest jobless rate in stateGov. Rick Scott, whose re-election is expected to hinge in part on employment numbers due to his focus on jobs and the economy, received favorable campaign material Friday as Floridas jobless rate dropped to its lowest mark since June 2008. The statewide unemployment mark fell to 6.2 percent in December, down from 6.4 percent in November, according to the state Department of Economic Opportunity. Out of a workforce of 9.4 million, there were an estimated 584,000 jobless people in December, 18,000 fewer than in November. Among Floridas 67 counties, Monroe County, which includes the Keys, continues to have the lowest jobless numbers, down to 3.5 percent in December, a drop from 3.8 percent in November and 4.6 percent a year earlier. Among the Keys largest employers are the military, government and schools. The next lowest rates for December were found in Walton, Okaloosa, Alachua and St. Johns counties, each at or below 4.7 percent. Hendry County, impacted by long-term cuts in state government jobs, continues to hold the highest jobless mark, with a 10.2 percent in December, down from 11.3 percent a month earlier. Hendry has been the only county to crack the doubledigit mark the past four months. A year ago, four counties recorded unemployment higher than 10 percent. While the monthly rate will garner most of the attention, the numbers dont fully reflect a growth in new jobs the latest state figures show the workforce decreased by 9,000 over the past year. Between December 2012 and December 2013, the estimated number of people listed as unemployed shrunk by 161,000, while in the same period the ranks of the employed grew by 152,000, according to the Department of Economic Opportunity. A Dec. 17 report by the Legislatures Office of Economic and Demographic Research said that 59.3 percent of the states drop in unemployment is due to people dropping out of the labor force or delaying entry.The trend has been steady the past yearBy JIM TURNER News Service of FloridaTHE WORKFORCEU.S. Rep. Joe Garcia (right) joins Matt Strunk Friday during the official grand opening of the Stock Island Marina Village on Shrimp Road; Strunk is a principal in the project. When complete, the complex which the state Department of Environmental Protection has certified as green for its business practices will consist of, among other things, 128 floating docks, a community garden, laundry rooms, bathrooms with showers, a bar and restaurant, pool, retail fish house and an 80-room boutique fish camp.Keynoter photo by SHANE KEWEEN www.Keys InfoNet.com


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Keys LifeFlorida Keys Keynoter WWW.KEYSINFONET.COM WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29, 2014 CLASSIFIEDS INSIDE 5BBSports & OutdoorsFishing CommunityLifestyle 4801 O/S Hwy.|Marathon, FL |(305) 289-2038NEW ARRIVALS DAILY! OUTDOOR FURNITURE SALE IN STOCK 20% to 40% OFF! LivingToddlers embrace selfies as they become the first true smart phone generation. Story, 3B To our valued customers,You are cordially invited to attend our yearly trunk show, featuring Cazel and Caviars mens and womens frames.January 31, 2014from 1 pm to 6 pmWe will be giving a 20% to 50% discount on all frames and lenses.ONE DAY ONLY!!There will be door prizes and refreshments. Please feel free to stop in and bring anyone who will benefit from the Sale of the Year.2357 Overseas Hwy. Marathon, FL(305) 743-8316Canes topple Conchs in hoop rematchTaking an outlet pass as the first-half ticked toward halftime, Coral Shores freshman guard Shaka Smith raced downcourt and launched a long ball. The buzzer sounded as the ball swished through, a 3-pointer that set the tone for the Hurricanes first victory of the season, an 87-68 win over local rival Key West High School. Thats like the world off our shoulders, Cane head coach Bruce Teachey said. We came out really wanting it and fought hard for it, Coral Shores senior forward Anthony Rice said. Two weeks ago, Key West point guard Chase Renner rang up a 37-point game as the Conchs scored a 75-60 decision over Coral Shores in Key West. On Friday, Smith returned the favor and scored a game-high 37 points with a half-dozen treys, seven field goals and a 5-for-6 night at the stripe. Shaka was the difference, Teachey said. We told him, go out and do your thing. Shooting guard Richard Jacobsen added 18 points,Shaka Smith scores 37 for Coral Shores BASKETBALL By KEVIN WADLOWSenior Staff Writer kwadlow@keynoter.comKeynoter photo by KEVIN WADLOWCoral Shores guard Shaka Smith (3) looks for his shot while drawing contact from Key West defender Nathaniel Hayes in the Hurricanes 87-68 win Friday in Tavernier.Key West hosts district wrestlingKey West High Schools wrestling team takes the home mat Friday as host of the eight-team District 161A tournament at Bobby Menendez Gym. Other teams competing in the 4 p.m. contest are Coral Shores, Keys Gate Charter, Palmer Trinity, Pinecrest Prep, Ransom Ever glades, Riviera Prep and West minster Christian. The Conchs will be favored to win the team title at the tournament but coach Chaz Jimenez predicted a more competitive battle.Keys Gate has some tough kids and will bring a full team, Jimenez said. They have the ability to beat us.The Conchs are coming off an 11th-place finish in the John Raich Memorial Tournament, a 28-team event last weekend in Jupiter.Joseph Casasola, a freshman at 113 pounds, stood among Key Wests top performers in the Raich Memorial. Casasola went 4-2 to finish fourth, becoming the first Conch freshman to place in the prestigious contest.Uriel Diaz (170) went 4-1 and lost in the Raich Memorial finals. Hes starting to wrestle like he used to. He looked really good, Jimenez said.Nick Piraino (106) went 32 but lost his match to place. Piraino, who has 34 victories this season, and Jeromy Homerston, who has 29, will have a wrestle-off this week to determine who will start at the lightest weight class in the district tournament.John Piraino (160) and Caleb Ashe (126) reached the quarterfinals.The Conchs traveled without four starters. Angelo Guieb at 120 and Kenneth Sagan (220) were held out because of shoulder injuries. John Pozzi (195) was taking a collegeentrance exam and Daniel Daly Dixon (182) was ill. All four are scheduled to wrestle in the district tournament.The top four finishers in each weight class qualify for the state regional tournament. Florida wrestlers are ranked in a ladder for all the weight classes. In 1A, Guieb is third, Sagain is ninth, Pozzi is 10th.Conchs tune up at Jupiter tournamentBy DICK WAGNERKeynoter ContributorCONCHS WRESTLINGCanes shorthanded going into tourneyAll of Coral Shores wrestling season builds up to Fridays District 16-A Tournament in Key West. With a shorthanded roster, Hurricane coaches Tom Milkovich and Joe Biondoletti focus on using the regular season to let their athletes gain experience to be ready for postseason regional and state tournaments.With only seven guys wrestling, were not going to win a lot of dual meets that score team points, Biondoletti said Monday.Weve been wrestling a lot of bigger schools so we should be in position to start racking up some points, he said.Rion Hunter at 145 pounds owns one of the Canes best regular-season records at 12-6 and has a solid chance to reach the state championships, Biondoletti said. His losses came against really good kids. The Hurricanes expect to field wrestlers in seven or eight weight classes Friday. They include district 138pound contender Jesse Wallangk, along with Pablo Gonzalez at 132, Jacob Fulper (120) and Dylan McGilvra (106). A wrestle-off this week decides between Hunter Anderson and Nick Kaufman at 152, and Kenny Stokes and Clayton Cummings at 160.One of Coral Shores leading hopes for a state medal rests with the Florida High School Athletic Association. The sanctioning group has yet to rule on whether a talented transfer, sophomore Dante Jovinetta, will be able to compete for the Hurricanes at the district. Jovinetta, a 285-pounder who has medaled in national tournaments, moved to Monroe County with his family about a month ago. Dantes incredibly skilled for a big guy, said Biondoletti, a 1986 Florida Class 3A state champion. Were keeping our fingers crossed.But coach optimistic about scoring pointsCANES WRESTLINGBy KEVIN WADLOWSenior Staff Writer kwadlow@keynoter.com See Basketball, 2BBridge fishing action has been hotIts a good thing we have so many of them, because fishing at them is great right now. Im talking about our bridges, of course. Fishing in the waters near the bridges is offering up a variety of species, with some rather large specimens in the mix.Primary among the assortment are mangrove snappers. Were seeing copious amounts of fish up to about 3 pounds. If youre visiting and unaware, mangrove snapper is one of the tastiest of all the fish we have for the catching in our waters.The bridges are also holding some yellowtail snappers, the occasional mutton snapper and hogfish, large yellowjacks and even keeper-size groupers that must be released.If youre looking to load the smoker, youll find plenty of Spanish mackerel on the near-shore wrecks and grass banks in Florida Bay. The reef action has been sporadic, especially for yellowtails. If you want to give it a try, the deeper, 70to 90foot areas, are more consistent than the shallow spots. The sailfish action has definitely had an uptick in the Marathon area. Theyre spraying ballyhoo on the reef as well as in the deeper regions off the reef edge in 160 to 200 feet. There are also scattered dolphin and kingfish along with bigger blackfin tuna in the 15-plus-pound class. If the mid-week warm temps last, this offshore fishing should improve.The weeks bestThe SeaSquared boats did a variety of fishing this past week. Two groups successfully landed sailfish and one of them also got into some decent size dolphin. Both brought in good numbers of snappers also. At the bridges and in Hawk Channel, multiple groups caught all the snappers mutton, yellowtails,Snapper, jacks popular catches at Keys spansFISHING THE FLORIDA KEYSSeaSquared deckhand, Jason Bell, assists angler Richard Becker, from Wellington Kan., with his first sailfish. Chris Johnson CaptainsColumnSee Fishing, 2B


KeysInfoNet.com Keynoter 2B Wednesday, January 29, 2014 including a perfect 8-for-8 from the line in the fourth quarter when bonus fouls slowed the games frenetic pace. Rice, a former Conch, added 12 points and led the Canes in rebounds. He greeted his former teammates warmly at games end. Playing against Key West was just a regular game, nothing special, Rice said. But its good to get a win. The Canes raced out to a 7-0 lead after the opening and were up by 10 before the Conchs narrowed it to 20-15 at the end of the first quarter. Coral Shores defense limited the Conchs to 10 points in the second, and Smiths last-second 3-pointer put the Canes in command at the half, 41-25. The Conchs upped the pressure defense and forced turnovers, including one by Lanre Scott (16 points) that he turned into a late bucket. Renner (22 points) delivered a 3-point buzzer beater for Key West, and Coral Shores 12-point lead heading into the final eight minutes seemed anything but secure. The Conchs cut the lead to single digits, 68-59, with four minutes to play. Then Coral Shores Brian Cash (10 points) scored consecutive buckets and Jacobsen finished his perfect night at the line. Renner, a 5-foot-8 marksman, hit back-to-back treys in the Conchs last surge but Smith and the Canes reeled off the final seven points for the final score. The entertaining match featured a combined 18 3point buckets, each team hitting nine. Smith and Renner both hit six. Alan Greager (12 points) hit three treys for the Conchs, and Jacobsen netted two in the Canes first-quarter run. Coral Shores (1-11) closes the regular season Friday at Marathon High School. The varsity plays at 6:30 p.m. after a 5 p.m. JV start. Results from a Hurricane game earlier this week against Palmer Trinity were pending at press time. The District 16-4A Tournament opens Feb. 5 at Florida Christian.Canes travel to MarathonFrom Basketball, 1B and mangroves plus hogfish and porgy. Celebrating Nicks 10th birthday, the Tignanelli group, from Maryland, added a very large sheepshead to their snapper and porgy catch. And, four anglers from South Carolina, who were enjoying a business trip to Hawks Cay, caught monster yellowjacks on the Klimax. Capt. Chris Johnson is a member of the Yamaha National Fishing Team and specializes in offshore, gulf/ bay, reef/wreck, sailfish, shark and tarpon fishing with Sea Squared Charters out of Porkys Bayside Marina in Marathon. You can reach him at 305.743.5305, http://Sea SquaredCharters.com and http://Facebook.com/ MarathonFishingKeys winter fishing hot at bridge piersFrom Fishing, 1BCane boys head to regionalAs runners-up in District 16-2A boys soccer, the Hurricanes of Coral Shores are working to stay sharp and get healthy before Thursdays state Region 2 quarterfinal playoff at Ransom Everglades.Ransoms Raiders, District15 champions, bring an unbeaten 20-0-4 record into the 7 p.m. Thursday contest at their home field in Coconut Grove. Theyre having a good year, understated Cane head coach Jorge Bosque.Coral Shores ran into longtime rival Gulliver Prep in the District 16 title game Friday, losing in a 6-0 shutout.It did not help when we lost three of our key starters to injury before halftime, Bosque said.Midfielders A.J. Paterson and Joey Miller, plus anchor defender Steve Chadwick, all were sidelined for the second half of the championship. Their status for the regional was uncertain earlier this week.Forwards Paul Pauchey and Jack Hatfield did what they could against Gullivers talented squad, said the coach. But the districts secondplace squad earns Coral Shores (10-5-1) a ticket to the regional tournament, a goal the Hurricanes set when preseason practice started.Winner of Thursdays game advances to the regional semifinals (location to be decided). Coral Shores girls soccer team also advanced to the state regional round this year but were stopped by MAST Academy.CANES SOCCERKeynoter Staff BOOGS PITCH Key West baseball great Boog Powell tosses out the first pitch and signs autographs for opening day of the Key West Little Conch Baseball League. Powell won two World Series during his long career with the Baltimore Orioles and was named the American Leagues most valuable player in 1970. The four-time all-pro who graduated from Key West High School returns every winter.Photos by BERT BUDDE Eagle comeback hits dead endA comeback trail for Island Christian Schools boys basketball team Friday hit a dead end when leading scorer Dylan Kling went down with an injury. The Eagles had closed to within six points of Colonial Christian at 42-36 five minutes into the third quarter when Kling, a junior averaging more than 20 points per game in recent action, hurt his leg and did not return. Without Kling the teams oldest, tallest and best player Island Christian (2-12) scored just four points for the rest of the game in a 56-40 loss to the visiting Patriots. Considering how really young we are, weve come a long way, said first-year coach Craig Campbell, a former ICS player. Its been a great progression through the season. Kling ended with a teamhigh 13 points. Young point guard Cameron Carter drained four 3-pointers to score 12 points against the Patriots. Eugene Kyle scored seven points for ICS. Colonial (2-10) got a game-high 31 points from Brian Alvarez. The Eagles picked up both their wins in recent weeks, a 52-50 victory over Miami Community Charter on Jan. 18, and a 50-40 decision over Colonial on Jan. 8. Dorn scored 23 points in a 43-34 loss to Riviera Prep (712) on Thursday. The Eagles finish the regular season with a 5 p.m. Jan. 31 home game against Divine Savior. All games in the District 16-2A Tournament, beginning Feb. 3, will be played the Island Christians Family Life Center gym. Eagles play Friday before district tourneyISLAND CHRISTIANBy KEVIN WADLOWSenior Staff Writer kwadlow@keynoter.com Keynoter photo by KEVIN WADLOWIsland Christians Dylan Kling (2) goes up for a jumper against Colonial Christian in a Friday home game. Eugene Kyle (left) positions for a possible rebound. Kling scored 13 points before leaving with a leg injury.


Every so often, Brandi Koskie finds dozens of photos of her 3-year-old daughter, Paisley, on her iPhone but they arent ones Koskie has taken. Therell be 90 pictures, sideways, of the corner of her eye, her eyebrow, said Koskie, who lives in Wichita, Kan. Shes just tapping her way right into my phone.The hidden photos, all shot by Paisley, illustrate a phenomenon familiar to many parents in todays tech-savvy world: Toddlers love selfies. Observant entrepreneurs have caught on to these imageobsessed tots, marketing special apps that make taking photos super-easy for little fingers. You can even buy a pillow with a smartphone pocket so toddlers can take selfies during diaper changes.But toddlers arent the only ones taking photos nonstop. Its not unusual for doting parents to snap thousands of digital photos by the time their child is 2. Todays toddlers think nothing of finding their own biopic stored in a device barely bigger than a deck of cards.While the barrage of images may keep distant grandparents happy, its not yet clear how such a steady diet of self-affirming navelgazing will affect members of the first truly smartphone generation. Tot-centric snapshots can help build a healthy self-image and boost childhood memories when handled correctly, but shooting too many photos or videos and playing them back instantly for a demanding toddler could backfire, said Deborah Best, a professor of cognitive developmental psychology at Wake Forest University in WinstonSalem, N.C.The instant gratification that smartphones provide todays toddlers is going to be hard to overcome, she said. They like things immediately, and they like it short and quick. Its going to have an impact on kids ability to wait for gratification. I cant see that it wont. Julie Young, a Bostonbased behavioral analyst, has seen that firsthand. She was recently helping her 3-yearold son record a short birthday video for his cousin on her iPhone when he stopped mid-sentence, lunged for her phone and shouted, Mom, can I see it? Its caught on the end of the video. He couldnt even wait to get the last sentence out, said Young, who has two sons. The second the phone comes out, they stop, they look and they attack.Now Young and her husband make their sons wait to look at a new video or photo until after dinner or until the other parent comes home, when everyone can watch together. They are careful to sit with their kids when looking at photos and have adopted the phrase practice patience as a family mantra.Its natural for toddlers to be fascinated with their own image (think mirrors), and that interest plays an important developmental role as they develop a sense of self, child development experts say. Watching a video again and again can also help move events from shortto longterm memory, Best said. But like any other fun thing kids get obsessed with, too much of it can be bad. Parents should make sure some photos show the child with other family members or friends. Parents can also sit with kids and narrate the photo or video as if it were a bedtime story. On the last Saturday morning in January, Key West High Schools freshfaced boys of spring donned new, brilliant-white uniforms with Conchs across the front in red, and gathered at spruced-up Rex Weech Field to have their pictures taken. With them was their new coach, Ralph Henriquez, who, at 56, returns to lead the Key West baseball program for the third time. His first two tenures produced three of the schools 11 state baseball championships.He was back, this stocky relic, and as expected, had an afternoon practice looming. After all, the first preseason game lies less than two weeks away. Henriquez, in shorts and T-shirt with a cap pulled low on his forehead, sat in the Conchs dugout to consider the approaching season. Whatever goes on here represents me, and my standards are high. I dont run this like a high-school program, said Henriquez, whose resume features coaching stints in the organizations of the New York Yankees and Atlanta Braves. Theres a lot of technique and preparation, he said. This group of kids is determined to play well, and they are very well-prepared. I expect a lot. If [the players] can handle me in practice, theyll be fine. If they miss practice or cut class, they dont play. Behind him, a sign read, No cells phone in dugout (two-game suspension). Henriquez who succeeds eight-year coach Miguel Menendez is determined to give the old ballpark a new atmosphere. Under his direction, the field has added new batting cages and a training center. A new red windscreen is attached to the outfield walls and pennants flutter above the grandstand. The infield has been immaculately groomed. There are big plans for the outer wall of the dugout, which faces fans. One section will list Conchs who have been drafted by pro teams, one will list the Conchs who have made the major leagues, another will have a photo history of the baseball program (Well have an old picture of Rex Weech). Current Conch seniors also merit a section. This will all be lit up, and well have a red carpet, Henriquez said. Like in Hollywood. The coach expects his pitching to carry the team. We have three pitchers who throw more than 90 mph, he said, referring to sophomore Gregory Veliz, and seniors Darren Miller and Steven Wells. Thats the first time Ive seen that in my career.Assistant coach Randy Sterling, a Key West High School graduate who was a top draft pick of the New York Mets and pitched for the major-league team in 1974, oversees the Conch pitching staff. Last seasons southernmost squad lacked power hitting but Henriquez believes his hitting regimen 10 swings with a short bat, then 10 with a heavy bat, and finally a regular bat could cure that. We had multiple home runs at practice last night, he said. The Conchs fielding, often inept in recent years, likely will improve. We are very meticulous about defense, Henriquez said. As Henriquez went to the photo shoot, Wells and Miller described a new attitude under the returning coach. Hes preparing us for the next level, said Wells, who will go on to Santa Fe College in Gainesville. Practices are more upbeat, and the organization and preparation are better, said Miller, bound for Florida State This could be a special year. When Henriquez returned in his No. 17 uniform, he made sure the groundskeeper Bill Owen would be photographed for the program to recognize his countless hours grooming the field. Henriquez and his players at last gathered in left field for a team shot. When a few players seemed less than attentive, their new coach said, Lets go, I want to get this over so we can work. Wednesday, January 29, 2014 3B Keynoter KeysInfoNet.com Your guide to local Health & Wellness related businessesYour guide to local Health & Wellness related businessesHEALTH MIND& BODY HEALTH MIND& BODY Food for Thought CafeGulfside Village, MM 51 Natural Food Books, Cards Special Orders Quality Nutritional Supplements. Ellin Meade 5800 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL 305.743.3297FoodForThought23@gmail.com O r g a n i c C a f e Juices, salads, smoothies & soups. Organic, vegan, vegetarian or raw food. Acupuncture Sessions5 for $325 Save $50Other Treatments Available.Call for details or to schedule an appointment. Angela Marcey (305) 289-9355 12701 Overseas Highway. Marathon MM 54 Henriquez dons red again to guide ConchsFormer coach expects a lot from playersBy DICK WAGNERKeynoter ContributorKEY WEST BASEBALL CALLCLASSIFIEDS743-5551 Living Parenting in an iPhone age By GILLIAN FLACCUS Associated PressRAISING KIDSPhoto by Steven SenneJameson Young, 4, left, plays with a smart phone as his brother Nolan, 3, looks on at their home, in Boston, Monday, Jan. 27. Child development experts say its natural for toddlers to be fascinated with their own image, and that interest plays an important developmental role as they develop a sense of self.Photos by BERT BUDDEFive Conch pitchers at Rex Weech Field Saturday, from left, are Hunter Sellers, Gregory Veliz, Brandon Presley, Steven Wells and Darren Miller.


KeysInfoNet.com Keynoter 4B Wednesday, January 29, 2014 ACROSS 1Far East babys nurse 5Indonesian paradise 9Robbery 14Korbuts namesakes 19Challenge 20Forecaster, of sorts 21Jibe 22English seaport 23Hunk or fox 25Pacific Princess 27Sacred beetles? 28Addisons output 30Persians 31Take a crack at 32Iroquoian speakers 33Lenins predecessor 34TV trophies 37Like Medusas hair 38Letters from Greece 39Tic follower 42Neck garland 43River transport 46Gee-whiz 47The Immigrants author Howard 49Of night: prefix, L. 50Avifauna, uncommonly 51Killer whale, so called 52Conjunction of yore 54Recurrent themes 56Broods 57Alpine area 58C&W singer McEntire 59Mickey Mouse, e.g. 60Residue 62Having identical problems 67HSTs successor 68Exceeds the limit 70Bridge expert Sharif 71Repetition shortcut 73Florida cape 74Burr and Hamilton did it 76Collect on a surface 77Country founded by Esau 78Medicinal plant 79J.R.s mom 81Steak sauce, spelled out 84Aegirs realms 85Recreational vehicle 87Author Rand 88Former Orly arrival: inits. 89___ Well That Ends . 90Brit truck 91Fed the kitty 93Anacondas, e.g. 94Fines partner 95___ media: middle way 96Presides 99Diverts 101Morsels 105Disturb the status quo 107Tethered abode 109Breathing pause 110___ Vanilli 111Bus Stopplaywright 112James or Place 113Cold ones 114Auto type 115Free ticket 116Hammetts The ___ Curse DOWN 1Uses a calculator 2Artist Chagall 3Tract of land, say 4Nourishing 5Chelsea cop 6___ Alonzo Stagg 7Gleestar Michele 8Affect each other 9Playing marble 10Turkish officials 11Quarry 12Snigglers haul 13Collectors car 14La Scala offerings 15Anatomical adjective 16Ruffian 17Jai ___ 18Coteries 24Phobosplanet 26Social calls 29Landlocked Indian state 32Legislate 33Massenet opus 34Tolkien creature 35___ culpa 36Fail to understand 37Damaged 38Chat 39War vessel 40Climb 41Virtuous 44Pole from North America 45Payola, for one 46Beneficial 48Kids plaything 49Vegas glitter 53Wedding VIP 55Pray in Latin 56E pluribus unum, e.g. 59Workers reward 60Reckon the value 61Black suit? 63Dogs 64Correct 65Evergreen shrub 66Kubricks Space ___ 69Shade providers 72La-la leader 74Buys and sells 75Fillet 76Composer Olivier ___ 78Hanks Hannah hit 80Nobles domain 82Louis, Carrie or Bill 83Remnant 86Connective tissue 89Main lines? 91Yes-man 92Collared 93Motorcyclist 94Cameroon seaport: var. 95Workbench devices 96Seafood cake 97Keep ones fingers crossed 98Teen bane 99Roses love 100Pattern 101Harbor sights 102Jot 103Director Jacques 104Baseballs Musial 106Bad ___: German town 108Munson of Gone with the Wind Observer crossword puzzle AFLOAT Solution in the February 1 Keynoter Crossword solutionSolution to the Jan. 25 puzzle. LAST DAY TO REGISTER TO VOTEThe last day to register to vote for the upcoming City of Key Colony Beach General Election is Monday, February 10, 2014. Anyone who is not a registered voter by this date will not be eligible to vote on Tuesday, March 11, 2014. R. Joyce Griffin Supervisor of Elections www.keys-elections.org Published Keynoter 1-29-14 Photo courtesy ALYSON CREANJuniors and seniors at Key West High School have been earning elective credits as they train at the city fire academy. The students spend the first two periods of class training under the firefighting experts, then finish their days with their regular school curricula. Kneeling (from left) are Alex Roberts, Clayton Barrera, Tyler Jones and Andy Perez; Standing (from left) are Key West Fire Department Capt. Greg Barroso, K.C. Sagan, Division Chief Alan Averette, Fire Chief David Fraga, firefighter Sheldon Goodman, and cadets John Pirano and Alex Morales.FUTURE FIREFIGHTERS LIVING BRIEFSQuilters exhibit on Big Pine KeyThe Paradise Quilters have what they call a Mini Quilt Show on display at the Artists in Paradise Gallery in the Winn-Dixie shopping center on Big Pine Key through Feb. 14. A reception is planned for 7 p.m. Feb. 6.The Paradise Quilters has more than 60 members, locals and snowbirds alike. They have donated more than 200 child and lap quilts to service organizations throughout the Keys.Key West library sale is SaturdayThe Friends of the Key West Library have their next book sale from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday in the garden next to the library, 700 Fleming St. A rain cancellation of Januarys sale resulted in a deluge of books, all at superlow prices. Hardbacks, especially mysteries, novels, biographies and childrens books, almost all are $1. There also are DVDs, CDs, and magazines.Lower Keys Rotary marks the Super BowlThe Big Pine & Lower Keys Rotary is putting on a party for Super Bowl Sunday.The club has planned the part for noon to 5 p.m. Feb. 2 at Watson Field, 30150 South St., Big Pine. Admission is free and there will be music, food, vendors and a kids corner. No pets or coolers allowed.Adderley House tours scheduledCrane Point Hammock and Nature Center in Marathon will offer special presentations Sundays at the hammocks historic Adderley House in honor of Black History Month throughout February.The presentations, scheduled for 2 p.m. Feb. 2, 9, 16 and 23, will be presented by board member Stephanie Vedros, and is included with the regular admission to Crane Point. The Adderley House, the oldest house in Monroe County outside Key West, was placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the National Park Service in 1992. In 1890, at age 20, George Adderley left the Bahamas and immigrated to the Florida Keys. In 1896 he married his wife, Olivia, who had also been born in the Bahamas. In 1903 he purchased 32.25 acres on Key Vaca for $100, to be paid over three years. At that time, his property, which is now part of Crane Point, had never been lived on, and was dense, virgin tropical hardwood hammock without the benefits of trails or clearings.Crane Point hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. on Sundays. Call 743-9100.Free parenting classes offeredFree parenting classes taught by experts with Community Health Ministries of Baptist Health South Florida are planned for the Upper Keys from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Tuesdays from Feb. 4 through March 25 at Wesley House Family Services, 175 Wrenn St. in Tavernier.Call 852-1612 or send an email to pamf@baptisthealth .net to register.School fish fry enters 35th yearThe 35th annual Key Largo School Safety Patrol Fish Fry gets cooking Jan. 31 from 5 to 7 p.m. Nearly 40-fifth graders are selling tickets to earn money for a trip to Washington, D.C. Based on past years, more than 1,000 people are expected. Tickets are $7 and to-go orders are available for pickup. For tickets, call Key Largo School at 453-1255, Ext. 57427.Montessori shows TurboThe Montessori Childrens School of Key West hosts a movie night at 6 p.m. Jan. 31 featuring DreamWorks animated film Turbo, about a snail that attains the power of super speed.The film will be shown at the school, 1221 Varela St. Cost is $5, which includes popcorn and drinks. Bring a blanket; gates open at 5:30. Rain date is Feb. 7.FIRM benefits from food salesThe Middle and Lower Keys Association of Realtors runs the concession stand during movie night at the bandshell at the Marathon Community Park on Feb. 1, screening Dr. Zhivago.The movie starts at 6:30 p.m. Starting at 5:30, the concession stand will sell burritos, hot dogs, popcorn, candy and adult beverages. Proceeds will go to Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe. Admission to the movie itself it free.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014 5B Keynoter KeysInfoNet.com The Keynoter Classifieds 305-743-5551 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVYXYZ<>1234567890,./-=_+: CONTINUED IN NEXT COLUMN CONTINUED IN NEXT COLUMN CONTINUED IN NEXT COLUMNAd# 861885 Notice of sale Rainbow Title & Lien, Inc. will sell at Public Sale at Auction the following vehicles to satisfy lien pursuant to Chapter 677.209/210 of the Florida Statutes on February 13, 2014 at 10 A.M. *Auction will occur where each vehicle/vessel is located* 1977 Bonanza Travel TL, VIN# 235373438 Located at: Galloway Bay Mobile Home Park, 1361 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL 33050 Lien Amount: $8,675.00 a) Notice to the owner or lienor that he has a right to a hearing prior to the scheduled date of sale by filing with the Clerk of the Court. b) Owner has the right to recover possession of vehicle by posting bond in accordance with Florida Statutes Section 559.917. c) Proceeds from the sale of the vehicle after payment lien claimed by lienor will be deposited with the Clerk of the Court. Any person(s) claiming any interest(s) in the above vehicles contact: Rainbow Title & Lien, Inc., (954) 920-6020. *All auctions are held with reserve* Some of the vehicles may have been released prior to auction LIC # AB-0001256 Published January 22,29, 2014 Florida Keys Keynoter Ad# 862880 INVITATION TO BID BUILDING CONSTRUCTION PROJECT (RO) SYSTEM REPLACEMENT CITY of KEY COLONY BEACH Sealed Bids for Key Colony Beach R/O System Building Project. Bids will be received no later than 2:00 p.m. on Fri., February 28, 2014 Bidding Documents are available at City Hall, 600 Ocean Drive, Key Colony Beach, FL 33051. There will be a Pre-Bid Meeting on site at 10:00 AM on Monday, February 10, 2014. For the full Invitation to Bid please visit the following web address: http://www.keycolonybeach.net /newsitem.php?id=16454784 If you have any questions call Melanie at 305-289-1212 ext 0, or email her at utilityclerk@key colonybeach.net Published January 18, 22, 25, 29, February 1, 5, 2014 Florida Keys Keynoter A d# 869022 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE 16TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR MONROE COUNTY, FLORIDA CIVIL DIVISION CASE NO. CAK13378 U.S BANK NATIONAL A SSOCIATION, AS TRUSTEE FOR J.P. MORGAN ALTERNATIVE LOAN TRUST 2006A 2 Plaintiff, vs. JAMES R. MARZELLA A/K/A JAMES MARZELLA; JAYNE E. MARZELLA A/K/A JAYNE MARZELLA K/N/A JAYNE ELLEN JURGENSOHN; UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF JAMES R. MARZELLA A/K/A JAMES MARZELLA; JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, N.A.; UNKNOWN PERSON(S) IN POSSESSION OF THE SUBJECT PROPERTY; Defendants. NOTICE OF ACTION To the following Defendant(s): UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF JAMES R. MARZELLA A/K/A JAMES MARZELLA (RESIDENCE UNKNOWN) YOU ARE NOTIFIED that an action for Foreclosure of Mortgage on the following described property: LOT 22, BLOCK 3, AMENDED PLAT OF SUMMERLAND KEY COVE, ACCORDING TO THE PLAT THEREOF, AS RECORDED IN PLAT BOOK 4, PAGE 35, OF THE PUBLIC RECORDS OF MONROE COUNTY, FLORIDA. a/k/a 155 AIRPORT DRIVE N, SUMMERLAND KEY, FLORIDA 33042has been filed against you and you are required to serve a copy of your written defenses, if any, to it, on Kahane & A ssociates, P.A., Attorney for Plaintiff, whose address is 8201 Peters Road, Ste. 3000, Plantation, FLORIDA 33324 on or before February 20, 2014, a date which is within thirty (30) days after the first publication of this Notice in the FLORIDA KEYS KEYNOTER and file the original with the Clerk of this Court either before service on Plaintiffs attorney or immediately thereafter; otherwise a default will be entered against you for the relief demanded in the complaint. If you are a person with disability who needs any accommodation in order to participate in a court proceeding or event, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact Cheryl Alfonso, 302 Fleming Street, Key West, FL 33040, (305) 292-3423, at least 7 days before your scheduled court appearance, or immediately upon receiving this notification if the time before the scheduled appearance is less than 7 days; if you are hearing or voice impaired call 711. WITNESS my hand and the seal of this Court this 10 day of January, 2014. A MY HEAVILIN A s Clerk of the Court By Shonta McLeod A s Deputy Clerk Submitted by: Kahane & Associates, P.A. 8201 Peters Road, Ste.3000 Plantation, FL 33324 Telephone: (954) 382-3486 Telefacsimile: (954) 382-5380 Designated service email: notice@kahaneandassociates. com File No.: 13-00403 SPS Published January 22, 29, 2014 Florida Keys Keynoter A d# 872584 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE SIXTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR MONROE COUNTY, FLORIDA Case No.: 442009CA000422A001PK Section: 6 BANK OF AMERICA, N.A., A S SUCCESSOR TO COUNTRYWIDE BANK, F.S.B. Plaintiff, v. MANUEL J. MARTIN; LAURA A MARTIN; ANY AND ALL UNKNOWN PARTIES CLAIMING BY, THROUGH, UNDER, A ND AGAINST THE HEREIN NAMED INDIVIDUAL DEFENDANT(S) WHO ARE NOT KNOWN TO BE DEAD OR ALIVE, WHETHER SAID UNKNOWN PARTIES MAY CLAIM AN INTEREST AS SPOUSES, HEIRS, DEVISEES, GRANTEES, OR OTHER CLAIMANTS; UNKNOWN TENANT 1 NKA PETER JOYCE, UNKNOWN TENANT 2 NKA DAWN JONES Defendant(s). NOTICE OF SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to an Order of Final Judgment of Foreclosure dated January 6, 2014, entered in Civil Case No. 442009CA 000422A001PK of the Circuit Court of the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit in and for Monroe County,Florida, wherein the Clerk of the Circuit Court will sell to the highest bidder for cash on 18th day of February, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. at the front door of the Monroe County Courthouse, Lester Building, 530 Whitehead Street, Key West, Florida 33040, in accordance with Chapter 45 Florida Statutes, relative to the following described property as set forth in the Final Judgment, to wit: LOT 7, IN BLOCK 9, OF HARRIS OCEAN PARK ESTATES FIRST ADDITION, A CCORDING TO THE PLAT THEREOF, AS RECORDED IN PLAT BOOK 4, AT PAGE 139, OF THE PUBLIC RECORDS OF MONROE COUNTY, FLORIDA. A ny person claiming an interest in the surplus from the sale, if any, other than the property owner as of the date of the Lis Pendens must file a claim within 60 days after the sale. AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT. If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation in order to participate in a court proceeding or event, you are entitled, at no cost to y ou to the p rovision of y,p certain assistance. Please contact Cheryl Alfonso, 302 Fleming Street, Key West, Florida, 33040, (305) 292-3423, at least 7 days before your scheduled court appearance, or immediately upon receiving this notification if the time before the scheduled appearance is less than 7 days: if you are hearing or voice impaired call 711. Dated at Tavernier, Florida this 10th day of January, 2014 Gwen Douglass A MY HEAVILIN, Clerk, CPA CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT Monroe COUNTY, FLORIDA Published January 29, February 5, 2014 Florida Keys Keynoter Ad# 877193 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE 16TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR MONROE COUNTY, FLORIDA PROBATE DIVISION Case No 2013-CP-144-K Hon Peary S. Fowler IN RE: THE ESTATE OF CLIFFORD C. CUTLER Deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS (Summary Administration) TO ALL PERSONS HAVING CLAIMS OR DEMANDS AGAINST THE ABOVE ESTATE: You are hereby notified that an Order of Summary Administration has been entered in the estate of CLIFFORD C. CUTLER, deceased, case number 2013-CP-144-K, by the Circuit Court for Monroe County, Florida, Probate Division, the address of which is 500 Whitehead Street, Key West, FL 33040. The decedents date of death was June 14, 2013. The name of the representative of the estate and his attorney are set forth below. All creditors of the decedent and other persons having claims or demands against decedents estate on whom a copy of this notice is required to be served must file their claims with this court WITHIN THE LATER OF 3 MONTHS AFTER THE TIME OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE OR 30 DAYS AFTER THE DATE OF SERVICE OF A COPY OF THIS NOTICE ON THEM. All other creditors of the decedent and other persons having claims or demands against decedents estate must file their claims with this court WITHIN 3 MONTHS AFTER THE DATE OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE. ALL CLAIMS NOT FILED WITHIN THE TIME PERIODS SET FORTH IN SECTION 733.702 OF THE FLORIDA PROBATE CODE WILL BE FOREVER BARRED. NOTWITHSTANDING THE TIME PERIODS SET FORTH ABOVE, ANY CLAIM FILED TWO (2) YEARS OR MORE AFTER THE DECEDENTS DATE OF DEATH IS BARRED. The date of first publication of this notice is January 29, 2014. Personal Representative: Edward M. Toland Attorney for Personal Representative: Samuel J. Kaufman Florida Bar No. 0144304 Law Offices of Samuel J. Kaufman 3130 Northside Drive Key West, Florida 33040 Email: sam@samkaufmanlaw.com Telephone: (305) 292-3926 Fax: (305) 295-7947 Published January 29, February 5, 2014 Florida Keys Keynoter A d# 879066 NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE The vehicle(s) listed below will be sold at public auction for cash at Florida Keys Towing Inc., 1620 Overseas Hwy, Marathon FL 33050 at 8:00 AM on FEBRUARY 21, 2014 in accordance to Florida Statute Section 713.78 for unpaid towing & storage. Florida Keys Towing, Inc. reserves the right to acce p t or re j ect an y and/or pjy all bids. All vehicles/ vessels are sold as is. 1. 2003 KAWASAKI VIN: JKBVNCA123B511580 Published January 29, 2014 Florida Keys Keynoter Ad# 879093 NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE The vehicle(s) listed below will be sold at public auction for cash at Florida Keys Towing Inc., 1620 Overseas Hwy, Marathon FL 33050 at 8:00 AM on FEBRUARY 26, 2014 in accordance to Florida Statute Section 713.78 for unpaid towing & storage. Florida Keys Towing, Inc. reserves the right to accept or reject any and/or all bids. All vehicles/ vessels are sold as is. 1. 2009 NISSAN VIN: 1N6AA06C79N312994 2. 2005 NISSAN VIN: 1N4AL11D95C235432 3. 2003 CHEVROLET VIN: 3GNFK16Z53G225473 Published January 29, 2014 Florida Keys KeynoterLOST YOUR PET? OR FOUND A PET? CALL US TO PLACE A FREE AD THE KEYNOTER 743-555181CocoPlumDrFriday, Saturday,Sunday7am-2pm AnnualAMElectricYardSaleJan31,Feb1standFeb2ndTools-householditemsand muchmore!Friday,Satand Sunday-305-743-0399-or305 -393-0971MARATHON 742 69TH ST OCEAN Sat, 9-1. Household goods, books clothing, tools and more! COOK TOP STOVE, GE Self cleaning, almost new. Stainless. $350. 2525 Overseas Hwy, Marathon TV 50" Hitachi Projection picture. Used 4 months a yr. Hooked up to view. $200 Call ( 305) 453-9428 PRIVATE COLLECTOR WANTS Rolex Dive watches and Pilot Watches. Old model Military clocks & watches. Call 305-743-4578. MARATHON WATERFRONT 2 BR, 3 BA, concrete stilt home. Nice dock, tiled floors, hot tub. Quick access to Bay. $425,000 Call 231-250-8200 MARATHON SOMBRERO BEACH RD. New A/C, windows & roof. Total spalling concrete, great building! $239K Call 586-405-5123KEYLARGO2BR/2BAup+ KEYLARGO2BR/2BA+1/1& 2CarGarage;FencedYard; NoSmoking;PetsOKw/Dep; $1500/mo;MM102b/s;F/L/S &References;Call(305)8520401 HouseforRent 4/2housefor rentat7539GulfstreamBlvdin Marathon.Househas2docks. $3500.00needfirst/lastto movein.Drivebyandtakea lookifinterestedcall904-3970410.904-397-0410 janet@farsouth.netKEYLARGOMM96 HOME FORRENT.Upstairs 1Br/1BaPorch,Unfurnished NoPetsF/L/S900month+Util 3056190305KEY LARGO MM96. 3/2 home, Oceanside. Direct ocean access w/ocean views! Furn/unfurn. Yearly lease. $2350/mo. 786-258-3127 MM 1011.5BR, 1BA mobile home, behind yellow bait house. Large porch & yard. Unfurnished. $800/mo + utils. First & last. 305-304-7976Oceanside KEYLARGO MM96.Directoceanaccess. Partlyfurnished.2BR,2BA. 10Kboatlift.Updated.Petsok. only$1,850561-236-9317KEY LARGO MM96. 3/2 home, Oceanside. Direct ocean access w/ocean views! Furn/unfurn. Everything included! 786-258-3127 Marathon Luxury 1br, 1.5ba 12th floor, furn, in Bonefish Towers. Bayview and fantastic sunsets! Avail Mar 1. Short/ long term avail. 732-233-5320 MARATHON RV Resort, private, dock avail. Long term $700/mo + util; short term $850/mo + util. Pets fee applies. 305-610-8002RVLotinKeysRVPark$600 month.1Yearlease,1st,last& Security.Tenantpaysutilities. FreeCableTV.786-766-9484 keysrvrentals@gmail.comRV LOTS FOR RENT in MARATHON Adult Park. Please call 305-743-6519MM 96.3 O/S STUDIO for sgl. occupant. 22 long scrn. porch W/D, fully furn incl hi def. TV & WiFi. $1050 / mo. incl. util. No pets / no smoking F/L/S. (305) 853-3779UTILITIES PAID 2/1 ground floor apt. $1,260/mo, F/L, $300 sec. dep. Available now. MM 100.5. 305-453-1880 CLIMATE CONTROLLED STORAGE, MARATHON Call Freds Beds, 305-743-7277 HEART OF MARATHON Retail or Office.1000 sq ft. Next to Publix, the new Walgreens and marina. 561-743-3745 MARATHON 912 sq ft commercial building/retail storefront. Excellent visibility & frontage on hwy. $1475/mnth + tax. (305) 900-0113. HAIR SALON Want To Be Your Own Boss? Make your own hours & prices. Come join our friendly staff at Keys Hairmasters, 5701 Overseas Hwy, Suite 2, Marathon. We have 2 hair stations and 1 room for rent. Call 393-1838 Bookkeeper/Office Assistant for Dynasty Marine Assoc. in Marathon QuickBooks & Microsoft Office experience required. Must be reliable, detail oriented, with good organizational skills. Pay commensurate with experience. Full Benefits package. Email resume & cover letter to info@dynastymarine.net ADMIN ASST MS Office a must; Quick Books a Plus, 24 hours/wk. Burton Memorial U. M. Church Tavernier, Fl. Resume to: burtonmemorial@bellsouth.net or fax to 305-852-4917 MARATHON GARBAGE SERVICE Is now hiring P/T OFFICE ASSISTANT. Computer exp. a must. Min HS diploma/GED. Quick Books, A/R, A/P, exp. a plus. APPLY IN PERSON ONLY. 4290 Overseas Hwy, Marathon Mortage Loan Originator Keys Federal Credit Union Seeking an experienced and motivated mortgage loan originator in the Lower, Middle and Upper Keys. Must have up-to-date knowledge of conventional loan requirements and regulatory compliance, with a proven track record of successful sales. Salary with volume based commission. Excellent benefits package. High school diploma or equiv. req.; college degree preferred. Visit keysfcu.org/keys_career.php to obtain an application. Send application/resume to hr@keys fcu.org or fax to 293-6056. E.O.E. NEED RELIABLE appliance delivery & installation / service tech. trainee. Clean driving record a must! Call (305) 664-3662.POOL TECHNICIANneeded. Clean driving record. Must be available Saturdays. Middle Keys. Call 849-5934 NewTropicalWicker BedroomandLivingRoomDinettes,Futons,Recliners SimmonsBeautyrest www.fredsbeds.com FRED'SBEDS100sofBedsFactoryDirecttoYouMarathonMM53.5743-7277 BigCoppittMM9.5295-8430FREEDELIVERYP arkRangerT railMaintenance TheFloridaDepartmentofEnvironmentalProtection(FDEP), FloridaKeysOverseasHeritageTrail(FKOHT),isseekingaTrail MaintenanceRangertoperformtrailmaintenanceandoperationaldutiesalong106milebike/multiusepaththroughoutthe Keys.Abilitytooperateandmaintainlandscapingandmiscellaneousfieldequipmentneeded.Ability/skilltooperateandpull trailersamust.Dutiestoinclude,butnotlimitedto,mowing, cleaningandmaintainingtrail,anddailytrashpickup.Trail Rangerwillworkindependentlyattimesandwithco-workers. Positionrequiresdailycontactwithco-workers,community,and recreationaltrailusers.PrimaryreportinglocationisinKey Largo.WorkareaisfromKeyLargotoKeyWest.ExtensivedrivingrequiresvalidFloridadriver'slicense.TheStateofFlorida supportsadrug-freeworkplace.Allemployeesaresubjectto reasonablesuspiciondrugtestinginaccordancewithState Statutes.Thisisanon-benefitposition.Itisanoutside,4-day workweekof10hourdays.Someweekendsandeveningsmay berequired.MustsubmitStateofFloridajobapplication. Contactshelley.welch@dep.state.fl.us,ormailto3LaCroix Court,KeyLargo,FL33037,orfax305-853-3574.Formore informationcall305-853-3571.DeadlineforreceiptofapplicationsisMonday,February10,12:00Noon. MakeBIG $$$$Bartender,Dancers Servers&SecurityHousingavailableMonday-SaturdayCallMrFord664-4335 WOODYSMM82 CALLCLASSIFIEDS743-5551


KeysInfoNet.com Keynoter 6B Wednesday, January 29, 2014 The Keynoter Classifieds 305-743-5551abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVYXYZ<>1234567890,./-=_+: Home Health Care Company is currently hiring part time RN, LPN, OT, OTA, PT, PTA. Serving the area of Marathon. Call 305-942-4281 or please fax resume to 305-225-3940 or email: homelifellclife@aol.com Bluegreen The Hammocks At Marathon has the following positions available: Maintenance Technician Full Time Experienced Line Cook Front Desk Clerk Part Time Bartender Apply in person: 1688 O/S Hwy, Marathon. MM48.5 EOE/Drug Free WorkplaceFT / PT Front Desk Assoc. with mgmt. potential for Key Largo Dive Resort. Clean cut, courteous, non smoker, some nights and weekends. Send resume to amyamoray@aol.comHOUSEKEEPER/ CUSTOMER SERVICE P/T 5 days/week, includes Sat Attention to detail a must! Must speak & read English. .A permanent position for the right person. See Carmen for interview. The Hawks Nest, 1 Kyle Way S. Marathon, Fl 33050 (305) 743-6711 Housekeeper needed for daily condo rentals. English/ Bi-lingual. Experienced only. Must have own transportation. Apply in person Continental Inn, 1121 W Ocean Dr., Key Colony Beach.Landscaper Appx 20-25 hrs per wk, flexible daytime hours. Desk Clerk Part time 30-32 hrs per wk. Must be flexible. Apply in person only: 57612 Overseas Hwy, Grassy KeyP/T GROUNDSKEEPER Morning shift. Must have own transportation. Apply in person or email. 1121 W Ocean Dr. admin@marathonresort.com EXPERIENCED WEBSITE MANAGER P/T Marathon Office. Please call Michael (305) 481-4301 The Early Learning Coalition currently seeks to fill its vacancy in the Marathon office: Part Time Early Learning Specialist Eligibility/Child Care Resource & Referral Duties include determining eligibility for child care assistance and assisting parents to enroll in early learning programs. Experience in eligibility, early care and education desirable; Bi-lingual English/Spanish strongly preferred. This is a part time position 25 hours per week; excellent salary; no benefits.Forward resumes to mwilliams@elcmdm.org by Monday, February 3rd. Make some Extra Cash Deliver our newspapers 7 days a week between 4:30 am and 7:30 am in Key West or Big Pine Key (2 positions needed) Potential income $350$450 per week For more information call Alex 305.522.1450 EXPERIENCED HELP ONLY Breakfast Cook Prep Cook, Line Cook Host/Hostess Waitstaff Bartender Bus Person Front of House Managers Apply in person: Sunset Grille & Raw Bar, 7 Knights Key Blvd, Marathon.IMMEDIATE HIRING Line Cooks Dining Room Bus Person/ Food Runner at Hideaway Cafe. Call Robert 289-1554, 10am-12pm.NOW HIRING: SERVERS & LINE COOK Apply in person BRUTUS SEAFOOD 6950 O/S Hwy, Marathon SERVERS F/T or P/T Private Yacht Club in Marathon seeking professional well groomed servers. Must have at least 3 yrs. exp in food industry ref. reqd. Good salary/benefits Fax resume 305-289-2076 Servers with experience Now hiring, part & full time. Apply in person to: KEY COLONY INN 700 W. Ocean Drive, KCB. Ladies Luxury Retail: Leggiadro www.Leggiadro.com Is seeking luxury FT and PT sales for our beautiful store at the Ocean Reef Club. Knowledge of luxury selling and superior customer service skills are a must. Please email your resume and salary requirements to: GAMcColough@Hotmail.com All resumes will be kept in strict confidence. RetailMerchandiser AMERICANGREETINGSis lookingforRetailGreeting CardMerchandisersin Marathon,FL.Asamemberof ourteam,youwillensurethe greetingcarddepartmentis merchandisedandmaintained toprovidecustomersthebest selectionofcardsandproduct tocelebratelifesevents.Join theAmericanGreetingsfamily todaybyapplyingonlineat: WorkatAG.comorcall 1.888.323.4192 AreaSalesManager PerformanceFoodservice Miamihasanopportunityfor AreaSalesManagersinthe UpperKeysandKeyWest areas.Musthave1to3years foodservicedistributionexp.If interested,pleaseapplyonline towww.pfgc.com.EOE305953-4900OFFICE/SALES MANAGER ASSISTANT Marathon Office. Please call Michael (305) 481-4301 YACHT & BOAT SALES. F/T & P/T. Top commissions. Sales exp required. Retirees welcome. (305) 872-3123, bluewaterboats@comcast.net Dolphin Research Center has a FT opening for a Habitat Specialist : Must be diver certified, physically fit, and able to lift 75 lbs. Must have a clean driving record, work well with animals and have knowledge of dive equipment maintenance and repairs. The successful candidate will be responsible, organized, and motivated with excellent team player skills. Benefits include med insurance, 401(k), vacation and paid holidays. Job description available at www.dolphins.org E-mail your resume to drc-hr@dolphins.org EOE EXPERIENCED & RELIABLE, appliance repair tech. Must have valid drivers license & tools! Call (305) 664-3662. Part Time Security Guard needed in Islamorada. Please call 305-684-0033 TREE TRIMMER F/T, must be experienced and dependable. Year round work. Apply in person: Dot Palm, 5200 O/S Hwy, Marathon Fuel&TransportDriver Must haveValidClassACDLw/ Hazmat&TankerEND.Fuel deliveryexp.preferredbutnot required.DOTPhy.&TWIC CardAPLUS.Emailresume describingworkexp.&refs.to marlinfuel@bellsouth.net 2005KeyWest2020DC 140HPSuzuki.Garmin541s fishfinder/chartplotter,Bimini &coverd.$13700.Locatedon BigPineKey,Call305872 0033 $13,700 jerrybailey2@yahoo.com23 FORMULA "B" BRACKET 200 HP YAMAHA $6800. (305) 852-1770 25 PURSUIT 241998, CC T-150 Yamahas, galv. trailer w/ new tires, EC. Loaded! In the water, ready to fish! Low $20s OBO. 419-356-390143 PEARSON TRAWLER 1973 Twin 330/454. Low hrs. Well maintained, great live aboard or weekends. Asking $47K. Located in Key Largo. Call (305) 713-262024 Columbia Sailboat 1968 New: roller furling, O/B motor. Good liveaboard. $3,000 OBO. MM 99 oceanside. Dockage available. 305-942-3055 Boat slip for rent $200/mo. Up to 30. Can accommodate up to 40 catamarans, etc. No liveaboards. Water & electric included. (305) 942-3055 1 DAVE BUYS PERMITS So Atlantic Snapper, Grouper, Gulf Reef, K/Mack, Shark, Sword, Tuna. $$$ in 48 hours! 904-262-2869, 904-708-0893 All types of permits for sale! Rock Shrimp, King Fish, S Atlantic Snapper, Grouper, Gulf 6 Pack reef & pelagic, Commercial Gulf Reef Fish, Gulf Snapper IFQs, Long Line Pkg. Many other permits avail. We buy, sell & broker all types of permits. Call before you buy or sell! Please call for prices. Licensed & Bonded. All permits guaranteed valid for transfer, many refs avail. John Potts Jr.321-784-5982, 321302-3630. www.shipsusa.com ELECTRIC BOAT DAVIT 1000 # capacity. $250 Call (305) 323-8839 2005 Ford Mustang Conv. RED auto V6 clean title and carfax. 59K miles. Tan leather. New top / tires. Runs Great. (305) 240-0592 2005 NISSAN 350 Z Automatic. Original owner, beautiful condition. 55,000 miles. $18,000. 305-393-1415 AAA AUTO ALL YEARS! Junk-Used. Cars-Vans-Trucks Running or not. Cash. 305-332-0483 PARADISE TOWING is buying junked cars. Call (305) 731-6540 WOW LOOK !!! POSITIONSAVAILABLEAT:TheGuidance/CareCenter Inc. BehavioralHealthTherapist#187Providingindividualandgroupcounselingformentalhealth andsubstanceabuseclientsintheMarathonoffice.Florida LicenseRequired:LCSW,LMHCorLMFT.Bi-lingualpreferred. Fulltime.PerDiemRN-Marathon#253 FloridalicensedRNtoprovideServicesonCrisisStabilization/ Detoxunits. ClientAdvocateAssistsindividualwithmentalillnessinaccessing communityservices.MarathonJob#257.BehavioralHealthTechnician-Marathon CrisisStabilizationUnit. PartTime#252 Fulltime#323 DriverMarathon#400 Maintainsanddrivesvanstotransportclients. CDLw/passengerendorsementrequired. CaseManager CoordinatingandprovidingservicestoadultsinMarathon. Bachelor'sdegreeinHumanServicefieldand1year experiencerequiredFulltimeposition.Allapplicantsmustsubmit:1)resume;2)threereferences; 3)undergobackground,fingerprint,anddrugscreening priortoanyofferofemployment.Applyonline@http://careers.westcare.com hr -gcc@westcare.com EEOC/DFWP M e d i c a l T e c h n o l o g i s t ( 2 ) E c h o T e c h n o l o g i s t ( P e r d i e m ) E x e c u t i v e A d m i n i s t r a t i v e A s s t E n v i r o n m e n t a l S e r v i c e s A i d E n v i r o n m e n t a l S v c s S u p e r v i s o r P h a r m a c y T e c h n i c i a n ( P e r d i e m ) Applyonlineat:h t t p : / / w w w f i s h e r m e n s h o s p i t a l o r g isnowacceptingapplicationsfor: FishermansHospitalislocatedinMarathon,FL E.O.E./DrugFreeWorkplace/E-verify Deliverournewspapers7daysa weekbetween4:30amand7:30am inKeyWestorBigPineKey (twopositionsneeded)Potentialincome $350-$450perweekFormoreinformationCallAlex305.522.1460 MAKESOME EXTRACASH MAKESOME EXTRACASH M I D D L E K E Y S F I E L D I N S P E C T O R 2yrContractwithBenefits BasedoutoftheMarathonF acility ApplicationDeadlineFebruary7,2014 Responsibleforsurveyingforadultandlarval mosquitoesinafieldandresidentialsetting; Understandinganduseofmosquitoabatement materialsandeducationofhomeowners; Mustbewillingtoworkoutsideandwork independentlywithlittlesupervision;Musthave CleanDrivingRecord,HighSchoolDiplomaor Equivalent.PreferredQualification:Biologyor EntomologyBackground FKMCDisaDrugFreeWorkPlaceandEOE Tobeconsideredcandidatesmustsubmitan applicationto:MichaelBehrend Email:Mbehrend@k e ysmosq uit o.org Fax:305-292-7199 ApplicationscanbeobtainedatanyFKMCD Locationoronlineatwww .k e ysmosq uit o.org ABASSPROSHOPSAFFILIATEComeworkinourModernRestaurantWEAREACCEPTINGAPPLICATIONSFOR: FishCutterHost/Hostess Server/BartenderLineCookApply@RestaurantAdministrativeOffice 81532OverseasHwy.,MM81.5Bayside Islamorada,FL33036NOPHONECALLSPLEASEEqualOpportunityEmployer-DrugFreeWorkplace Parttime.Mustbeexperienced TOMTHUMBFoodStores,Inc.OffersthefollowingpositionsinMONROECOUNTY*Managers&ManagerTrainees *AssistantManagers *StoreClerksThreeshiftsavailable:6amto2pm 2pmto10pm 10pmto6amToapplypleasecall786-295-5307 andaskforClevelandMathis Wewilltrain. Noexperienceneeded. Competitivewagesandbenefits.DFWP.E.O.E. ImmediateopeningforaHVACServiceTechnicianGreatPay-PaidHolidays-PaidVacation SickPay-MedicalInsuranceApplyinpersonorfaxresume 171HoodAve,MM91.5,Tavernier Phone-305-852-2960 Fax305-852-852-0656 A/C ARTIC TEMP Res & Comml, Marine, Sales, Repair, Refrig, Ice Mach. Lic#CAC 053827, 743-5288 ELECTRIC Kelly Electric Serving the Middle Keys since 1980! Fair prices, dependable! Lic# EC525 743-6098 Plumbing Ernest E. Rhodes Lic# CFC1427241 10700 5th Ave, Gulf, Marathon 743-7072 PEST CONTROL Charter Pest Control Your Local Company. All types of pest control. Ocean Reef to Key West. Contact us at 305-451-3389. service directorywere at your servicecall us: 743-5551 | ads@keynoter.com WindsweptA/C&Appliances"ShutYourWindows ShutYourDoors, YouAin'tGonnaBeHotNoMore!"LicCAC056989.289-1748 CABINETS KITCHENKORNER RealWoodCabinetsat ParticleBoardPrices! CallFRED'SBEDS MARATHON743-7277 ARTISTICCONCRETEDESIGN AllTypesofDeco ConcreteCoatingsLic#sp3136305-923-0654www.keysdecoconcrete.com T I K I H U T S N E W & R E P A I R 3 0 5 6 6 4 0 0 0 9 L i c # C Y C 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 FLKEYSEXPRESSSHUTTLEWiFi,PrivateSUV,Limo&Luxury VanAvail.WecovertheKeys,MIA, FLLAirports&CruiseShipPorts.www.floridakeysexpressshuttle.com;fkes2011@gmail.com 305-743-7454 CALLCLASSIFIEDS743-5551 Keys InfoNet.com Find us online atKeys InfoNet.com M I D D L E K E Y S F I E L D I N S P E C T O R 2 yr Contract with Benefits Based out of the Marathon F acility Application Deadline February 7, 2014 Responsible for surveying for adult and larval mosquitoes in a field and residential setting; Understanding and use of mosquito abatement materials and education of homeowners; Must be willing to work outside and work independently with little supervision; Must have a Clean Driving Record, High School Diploma or Equivalent. Preferred Qualification: Biology or Entomology Background FKMCD is a Drug Free Work Place and EOE To be considered candidates m u s t submit an application to: Michael Behrend Email: Mbehrend@k e ysmosq uit o.org Fax: 305-292-7199 Applications can be obtained at any FKMCD Location or online at www .k e ysmosq uit o.org