Title: Chemical bond
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Title: Chemical bond
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Creator: Department of Chemistry, University of Florida
Publisher: Department of Chemistry, University of Florida
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: Fall 2009
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W C'
Mil N

k 'I I iru ,j 1 k r i.-r, .' l r rh', u l' l l I.r ,i t, i r I i I. I hII. i rl
-iron their H Il. anniversary of l r rhtr c c t ill .

department awarded M.S. degrees to John Bane (Prof Butler),
,Perla Lopez (Prof Anthony) Neville Stone ( ..v Prof. Adantn,
and Alv'in rkcs -l..Prof Cramer. 'L e stuentrs i Iaded ia Ph.D.
r. hvl', i, l.ru r, l d,,,ur tun'ni iln.l'ir Il il'v,..r t t h'v nl .|r| uvh l', ,
.d e that', p..year were tRob.' ir i ,r ohnn. tr, (Pro.. rh rnil), G or
r itr ..er (Pro S r), an Donauma brkar iio M ii i chd (Prf rc).lk
11 -,.' 1 rlk, r 1 v ,, .1 rlk, r, Inv I. inr, 1vf r c i .-. Il thih.lr, .1 l
! ', l v ' , , ,, , 'v l h^.v . ," . i ..1
. \\ I1 IB 11 I I t N I, l air v I uppf .I r.1 [,
rl',. N ,r i,. l I[ ..r iv i,,u1- ,- triw r, .A t .-1 Ii, ..i I ",v ri.w rh'.
i '. 1, r rn . i'r lt' t I i, I r I.'r, rl ', Ir. r t'. 1 t r i ,,, % ,

50 Years Since Graduation!
Congratulations to our masters and doctoral graduates of 1959
on their 50' anniversary of their commencement day. Our
department awarded M.S. degrees to John Bane (Prof. Butler),
Perla Lopez (Prof. Anthony), Neville Stone (Prof. Anthony),
and Alvin Marcus (Prof. Cramer). The students awarded a Ph.D.
degree that year were Robert Johnson (Prof. Tarrant), George
Savitsky (Prof. Gropp), Paul Schmidt (Prof. Brey), Robert
Whitaker (Prof. Sisler), and Donald Pilipovich (Prof. Brown).

A note from The Chair
Faculty recognition in the form Teacher-Scholar Award from
of awards and honors is one of the the Dreyfus Foundation. Last
best indicators of the health of a year, Hirata was also awarded the
department. Quality departments 2008 Annual Medal of the Inter-
have quality faculty teaching class- national Academy of Quantum
es, performing research, and con- Molecular Science.
tributing to the university and the Master Lecturer Jim Horvath
community. The academic reputa- received a College of Liberal Arts
tion of the department, or of the and Sciences Teaching Award.
university for that matter, parallels Graduate Research Professor
the distinction of its faculty. Alan Katritzky has been named
So how is reputation estab- the recipient of the 2009 Robert
lished? Certainly, it is a cumula- Robinson Award by the Royal
tive process. How well graduates Society for "his many outstand-
are placed and how successful they ing contributions to the synthesis
are in their careers, the number of and reactivity ofheterocycles."
scholarly publications, and grant *Crow Professor Charles R.
dollars received for research all add Martin received the 2009
to a department's reputation. How- Charles N. Reilley Award given
ever, one of the most visible con- by the Society for Electroanalyti-
tributors to reputation is awards, cal Chemistry.
and our faculty have received some Professor Lisa McElwee-White
very high-profile honors this year. was selected as one of five recipi-
Here are a few. ents of the University's Doctoral
*Graduate Research Professor Dissertation Advisor/Mentoring
Rodney J. Bartlett was named Award for 2008-2009.
recipient of the Royal Society of Professor Kennie Merz has been
Chemistry S. F. Boys/A. Rahman named the 2010 recipient of
Award for his "pioneering devel- the American Chemical Society
opment and applications of the Award for Computers in Chemi-
coupled-cluster theory of quan- cal and Pharmaceutical Research.
tum chemistry." *Assistant Professor Nick C.
*Associate Professor So Hi- Polfer received the 2008 Ameri-
rata received a Camille Dreyfus can Society of Mass Spectrom-

etry Research Award at the 56th
ASMS conference in Denver,
*Professor Kirk Schanze was
honored with the 2009 Florida
Award presented annually by the
Florida Section of the American
Chemical Society.
*Butler Professor of Polymer
Chemistry Kenneth Wagener,
was honoredwith the Max Planck
Institute for Polymer Research
Award on June 13th, 2009.
You can see that recognition
for our faculty comes from all lev-
els, local, state, national and inter-
national. It is good to know that
just as our graduates are out there
earning distinction and making
us famous, our faculty colleagues
are doing their part to add value
to those degrees for which they
worked so hard.
-Daniel R. Talham


Welcome New Faculty

Dr. W. David Wei joined our department in August, 2009 as an
Assistant Professor working in Analytical, Physical, and Materials
Chemistry. Wei's research interests include novel electronic and
optical properties of metallic and semiconductor nanomaterials
and their applications in solar energy harvesting, conversion
and storage, visible light photocatalysis, chemical and biological
detection, drug delivery, and cancer therapeutics. David received
his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin with Mike
White and trained as a postdoctoral researcher at Northwestern
University with Chad Mirkin. He has also held a research position
at Pacific Northwest National Labs. David has more than twenty
publications, eleven invited talks, and five pending patents. His
teaching interests span a number of fields, including analytical
chemistry, physical chemistry, surface science on nanomaterials,
nanophotonics, and nanochemistry.

Dr. Benjamin Killian joined our department on August 17, 2009
as a Lecturer and Director of the Upper Division Teaching Labs.
Ben received his B.S. (1998) and Ph.D. (2005) in computational
chemistry from the University of Florida, under the direction of
Yngve Ohm. He did his post-doctoral work with Mike Gilson
at the Center for Advanced Research in Biotechnology at the
University ofMaryland Biotechnology Institute in Rockville, MD.
His research interests include computation of configurational
entropy changes in molecular processes, molecular reaction
dynamics and developing computational chemistry modules
for use with teaching. Ben teaches the physical, biophysical, and
instrumental analysis labs.

UF Chemistry:

One of the Biggest
S11 .t.n Schoo m'i ld ne .. 'ire op r5 .is tn'r c ..L
hre l .d r i It '. t Is n .tl 00 i-OS. I ,llnirr. ,
l] ,,[ ,,, l] Il 1 ,m [ .i i, r, i rh tr ['I lt ,niiur[ i, ,nn
,t ', n ,.ig d | rn ,ni'tr, !Ho rl', I'^ rl ir ntr in ,iii rl',v In t..L t,
ti i i s grlk ..r. [g,, 1- i.li Ic, r,1 ir r u'id IP I ) L'il
.itlll d rhnli,.1 I1 rk [IN in Ph, 1) ..k .; ',K hin, ..i il L'it
Il rkIll ilia P Il-I.hiI

Seven Schools made the top 25 list at all
three degree levels in 200--08.

;N; I-

mim L'4 1>1 ill -t 1IS
\ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I Ik 1II III 4 i IVS
N -rrk ( ii --ll-. I Li .1' if.,I H ill""i
NllhlIc, 1 't Ac rk [



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