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Title: Friends of the Randell Research Center
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Friends of the
Randell Research Center

June 2010 Vol. 9, No. 2

Gill House Reopens

Rehabilitation Project Completed

by Bill Marquardt

May II, 2010, was "Ruby Tuesday" For the Randell Research
Center, but this had nothing to do with the old Beatles song
or the contemporary restaurant chain. On May 11, we began
moving our Furniture, desks, and lab equipment back into the
Ruby Gill House, aFLer an absence oFnearly 6 years. Readers
oFthis newsletter already know the sad history oFHurricane
Charley's destructive visit on Friday the 13th oFAugust, 2004,
which leFL the Gill House flooded and structur- The Ruby Gill House, viewed
ally compromised. It was a long road back, but from the east.
now the house is open once again: stronger,
saFer, and more pleasant than ever beFore.
Following a preservation and rehabilitation
plan created by historical architect Linda
Stevenson and the recommendations oF
structural engineer Bob Rude, contractor Dale
Schneider and his team oFexpert craftsmen
and subcontractors rehabilitated the house
with loving detail. The results are obvious in
the photos, and even more dramatic in person.
Please stop in next time you are in the area to Recycled heart-pine was used by Dale
see the result oFthis transFormation. Schneider to create kitchen counters.
Once again, we express our deep apprecia- Since this photo was taken, we have
purchased a refrigerator. Eventually,
Lion to the many dozens oFpeople who we would like to add a stove, cabi-
we would like to add a stove, cabi-
donated money, materials, and time to this nets, and shelves. Contributions
cause. In addition to the many who helped toward these items are welcome. The renovated bathroom is now
with personal gifts, we are grateFul wheelchair-accessible, as is the
to the Department oFNatural entire Rrst foor.
History oFthe Florida Museum oF
Natural History, the Director oF
the Florida Museum oFNatural
History, the Lee County Historic A
Preservation Board, the Lee
County Board oFCounty
Commissioners, Lee County
Parks and Recreation, the Florida
Division oFForestry, Lee County
Tourist Development Council,
and the Arts and Attractions The enclosed Front porch
Committee oFthe Southwest has a new tile Roor and energy- Original heart-pine Roors have been restored
Florida Community FoundaLion. U efficient windows. throughout the house. The great room will be
used as a library and conference room.

Recent History of the
Pineland Community

Part 4 in a series

by Bill Marquardt

A recent inquiry to our web site asked
for information on the history ofthe
Pineland community. Here is next
installment, this one Focusing on
archaeology at Pineland.

In spite of its prominence, the
Pineland Site Complex did not attract the
attention oFtwentieth century archae-
ologists For over Ave decades after Frank
Cushing's published 1897 description. In
the early 1950s, limited archaeological
reconnaissance work was accomplished
by John Goggin and William Plowden. By
the early 1970s, Donald and Patricia
Randell had recognized the historical
signifcance oFthe archaeological site,
and they deserve much oFthe credit For
protecting it. Pineland was Frst listed in
the National Register oFHistoric Places in
1972 when much oFthe property was
under the ownership oFthe Randells. The
Randells assembled approximately 80
acres oFPineland property and kept it in
agricultural use. They kept a small herd
oFSanta Gertrudis cattle, tended and
encouraged the citrus trees still growing
on Citrus Ridge, and cultivated a vegeta-
ble garden. It was this pleasant, bucolic
ambience that we Frst came to know
during ourwork at Pineland in the 1980s
and 1990s.

Previous to ourwork, the Randells
had welcomed the interest oFarchae-
ologist George Luer, who Rrst visited
in 1980. Luer Focused on Pineland's
historical resources and the Pine Island
Canal, the latter in collaboration with
Ryan Wheeler.
Our own history oFarchaeological
work in southwest Florida dates to the
1980s. I Rrst visited the Pineland site
in 1983, met the Randells, and mapped
the Josslyn Island archaeological site,
then owned by them. Subsequent
Reldwork included archaeological
investigations at Buck Key, Gait Island,
Cash Mound, Josslyn Island, Horr's
Island, Useppa Island, Mound Key, and
other locations. Funded in part by the
National Science Foundation, we also
undertook geological coring neararchae-
ological sites to gather baseline environ-
mental data, created archaeobotanical
and zooarchaeological comparative
collections, and collected marine speci-
mens in order to study paleoclimate and
paleoseasonality. The results oFthese
studies have been reported in books,
monographs, articles, videos, theses,
and dissertations.
With the enthusiastic encouragement
oFthe Randells, KarenWalkerand I under-
took preliminary test-
ing oFthe Pineland
Site Complex in 1988
and 1989, assisted
by students and
volunteers. In 1989,
we began an ambi-
tious archaeology/
education project in
cooperation with the
Lee County School
System, Nature

Archaeological test pits being opened
by volunteers in 1989.

Center oFLee County (now known
as the Calusa Nature Centerand
Planetarium), and the Fort Myers
Historical Museum (now known as the
Southwest Florida Museum oFHistory).
The project, called "The Year oFthe
Indian," was Funded mainly by grants
From the Florida Bureau oFHistoric
Preservation and the National Endow-
ment For the Humanities. The project
Featured three extensive excavation
seasons (two oFthese 1990 and
1992 at Pineland), with over 25,000
hours oFvolunteer assistance; two local
museum exhibits; a summer program
For children; a multimedia slide show;
a speaker series; hands-on classroom
demonstrations and site visits For
elementary school students; teacher
training; curriculum development; and
artiFact replication research. Our
Landings contributed to a permanent
exhibit at the Florida Museum oFNatural
History in Gainesville, as well as two
traveling exhibits, two web sites, and
books For the lay public.
(To be continued.)

Daily visits by school children were a Feature ofthe "Year
ofthe Indian" project in 1990 and 1992.


-- Friends of the

S____- Randell Research Center

Pineland, Florida June 2010
Phone 239/283-2062 Email: randellcenter(scomcast.net

Dear Friend,

You are cordially invited to join, or renew your membership in, the RRC's support society, Friends oFthe Randell
Research Center All Friends oFthe RRC receive a quarterly newsletter and Free admission to the Calusa Heritage
Trail at Pineland. Supporters at higher levels are entitled to discounts on our books and merchandise, advance
notice ofprograms, and special recognition. Your continuing support is vital to our mission. It means more
research, more education, and continued site improvements at the Randell Research Center. Thank you.


William H. Marquardt
Randell Research Center

Please check the membership level you prefer, and send this Form with credit card information
or check payable to U. F Foundation, to:

Membership Coordinator a Randell Research Center a PO Box 608 a Pineland, Florida 33945

" Individual ($30) and Student ($15): quarterly Newsletter and
Free admission to Calusa Heritage Trail
" Family ($50): The above + advance notice and 10% discount on
children's programs
" Contributor ($100-$499): The above + annual honor roll listing in
newsletter + 20% discount on RRC publications and merchandise
" Sponsor ($500-$999): The above + invitation to annual
Director's tour and reception
Permanent Address


" Supporter ($1,000-$4,999): The above + listing on annual
donor plaque at Pineland site
" Sustaining Members ($5,000-$19,999), Benefactors
($20,000-$99,999), and Patrons ($100,000 and above)
receive all oFthe above + complimentary RRC publications and
special briefings From the Director.

Name as it appears on card (please print):

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The Randell Research Centeris a program oFthe Florida Museum oFNatural History, University of Florida.


Books, Videos, Cards, and RRC Gear 0

The Calusa and Their Legacy: South Florida People and their Environments
by Darcie A. MacMahon and William H. Marquardt, U. Press oFFlorida, hardcover, $39.95
Sharks and Shark Products in Prehistoric South Florida
by Laura Kozuch; Monograph 2; softcover, $5.00
The Archaeology oFUseppa Island
edited by William H. Marquardt; Monograph 3, hardcover $35.00, softcover $20.00
New Words, Old Songs: Understanding the Lives oFAncient People in Southwest Florida Through
by Charles Blanchard, illustrated by Merald Clark; hardcover $19.95; soFLcover $9.95
FisherFolk ofCharlotte Harbor, Florida
by Robert F Edic; hardcover, $35.00
Florida's First People
by Robin Brown, Pineapple Press, hardcover, $29.95
Missions to the Calusa
by John H. Hann, U. Press oFFlorida, hardcover, $35.00
Florida's Indians
by Jerald T Milanich, U. Press oFFlorida, softcover, $19.95
Archaeology ofPrecolumbian Florida
by Jerald T Milanich, U. Press oFFlorida, softcover, $27.95
Classic Cracker: Florida's Wood-Frame Vernacular Architecture
by Ronald W. Haase, Pineapple Press, softcover, $14.95
I-Land: At the Edge oFCivilization
by Roothee Gabay, a part-Fantasy, part-historical novel based in the Calusa domain, PublishAmerica Books,
Song oftheTides
byTom Joseph, a historical novel about the Calusa, U. oFAlabama Press, $19.95
Eyes ofthe Calusa
by Holly Moulder, a historical novel For young readers, winner oFthe silver medal in young adult Fiction From the
Florida Publisher's Association, White Pelican Press, $8.95
The Crafts oFFlorida's First People
by Robin Brown, a step-by-step guide to making Florida Indian tools and containers (Forages 10 and up),
Pineapple Press, softcover, $9.95
Images From the Calusa Heritage Trail
Art by Merald Clark, 4"-x-6" postcards, Full-color, set oFll cards, $4.50
The Domain ofthe Calusa: Archaeology and Adventure in the Discovery oFSouth Florida's Past
DVD video, $12.95
Expedition Florida: Three-Program Set (From Exploration to Exhibition;
The Wild Heart oFFlorida; Wild Alachua)
DVD video, $24.95

[-NU -E

















________ $_


RRC logo hat $20.00
RRC logo short-sleeve cotton staffshirt
Specify size (S, M, L, XL) and color (cream or blue-denim) $35.00
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Specify Adult size (S, M, L, XL) $15.00 / Specify Child size (XS, S, M) $12.00
RRC logo tote bag $10.00
RRC logo coffee mug $10.00 Fri
To place order, make check payable to U.F Foundation
or Fill in credit card inFormation and mail to:
Randell Research Center/ PO Box 608 / Pineland, FL 33945.
Questions? 239-283-2157 / E-mail: randellcenter(acomcast.net

Total For items ordered:
ends ofthe RRC who give at the $100
rabovemaydeduct20% Discount:-
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Recent Activities at the
Randell Research Center

The second Saturday ofMay is always International
Gator Day, when University ofFlorida alumni all
over the world perform service projects in their
local communities. We were pleased to have the
local chapter of the Gator Club visit the Randell
Research Center For a day oF vegetation clearing on
top of Brown's Mound. Taking a break From the heat
are (left to right) Mary Ann Graff, Linda O'Connell,
Tommy O'Connell, Melissa Oertel, Gary Fielland,
Brian O'Connell, and Amber Beckwith. Not pictured:
Pete D'Alessandro.



Children enjoyed making pots during Calusa
Heritage Day. (Photo by M. Nanney.)

Elise LeCompte (left) presented a
program at the RRC on March 6
entitled "Preserving Your Family
Heirlooms." Audience members were
invited to bring cherished items that
they wish to preserve, and Elise
offered tips on care, preservation,
storage containers, and display tech-
niques. Here she poses with Mary
Ann Hight, who brought a 1917 tea
cozy to the event. (Photo by K. Walker.)

During Calusa Heritage Day.
Fresh papaya was avail-
able For tasting, along with
examples ofmany other
Foods eaten by the Calusa.
Archaeological research
shows that Pineland resi-
dents were eating papaya
by about A.D. 200, or
1800 years ago. (Photo by
M. Nanney.)

Rui Coelho and Joana Fernandez
de Carvalho answer questions
about the Florida Museum's
research program on sawfish
during Calusa Heritage Day,
March 13, 2010.
Visitors to the class-
room on Calusa Heritage
Day got a close-up look
at what archaeology is
all about.

Florida Museum staff and students discuss archaeo-
logical and environmental findings with visitors on
Calusa Heritage Day. (Photo by M. Nanney.)

SRandell Research Center
PO Box 608
Pineland, FL 33945-0608

Forwarding Service Requested

New and Renewing Friends of the RRC

February 16 through May 25, 2010
(Please let us know ofany errors or omissions. Thank you For your support.)

Sustaining Members
Chris 8 Gayle Bundschu
Tim 8 Judith Sear
Supporting Members
John 8 Gretchen Coyle
Linda 8 Nick Penniman
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Lammot duPont
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Individual Members
Elaine Beluschak
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Student Members
Loretta Blessing

Editor: William Marqu
Writer: William Marqu
Production: GBS Prod
All photos by William
unless otherwise in
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|W S Send questions or comments to:
ardt Randell Research Center
ardt PO Box 608
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uti ft Telephone:(239) 283-2062
Marquardt FLORIDA Fax:(239) 283-2080
dictated MUSEUM Email: randellcenter(Dcomcast net
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