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Title: Friends of the Randell Research Center
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!II I_ c

SFriends of the

=Randell Research Center

September 2007

01o frlT cajje'I .i'i
FIZ-1 ir irs i .100

W ork has begun to restore a venerable structure of thePineland
community. Owned by Lee County and leased in 2001 to the Randell Research
Center for use as its headquarters, the Ruby Gill House was severely
damaged by Hurricane Charley in 2004. Re-roofing of both the house and
the post office next door were funded by the Florida Museum shortly after
the storm. In 2007, Lee County historic preservation funds, a grant from
the Arts and Attractions Committee of the Southwest Florida Community
Foundation, and private donations have helped us stabilize both -. ,,1ii. 11,
and begin the restoration process. A new heating/air-conditioning system
and new wiring are also partially completed. Additional work on the Gill
House will include architectural and engineering assessments, external
structural work, and interior restoration.
Historically the Gill House and the Pineland Post Office are closely

Structural Engineer Bob Rude (left) confers with Dale Schneider
about the roof on the Gill House. (Photo by W. Marquardt.)

connected. In 1922, Ruby Vance Gill, then age 35, moved to Pineland
with her husband Percy. The Gills bought several acres of groves and built
the two-story house. In 1924, Ms. Gill succeeded James Wheeler as
postmaster. Soon after, a storm swept away the tiny post office, which was
then on the waterfront. Ms. Gill built a new post office next to her home,
where it still stands today. Here, she was postmaster until 1957, serving 33
years. Early on, she operated a small store in the same building. She also
served on the county electric board and was instrumental in bringing
electricity to Pineland in 1941. In 2005, the Gill House was listed as a Lee
County historic resource. continued on page 2


Vol. 6, No. 3

continued from page 1

From left to right, Gladys Schneider, Karen Walker, and architect
Linda Stevenson confer about the interior of the Gill House, now
being renovated. Gladys wrote an architectural history of the house,
and Gladys and Karen worked together to provide measurements to
aid Linda in completing detailed drawings to document the structure.
(Photo by W. Marquardt.)

We Need Your Help
We would like to see old photographs and newspaper articles concern
ing the Gills, the Gill House, the Pineland Post Office, and the Pineland
community. Volunteers are also needed to help with carpentry, painting,
native plant landscaping, and gardening. Please phone (239) 283-2062 if
you are interested, or write to RRC, PO Box 608, Pineland, FL 33945.

Recent Donations of
Funds and Services to
the Gill House Project

Lee County Historic Preservation Board
Arts & Attractions Committee,
Southwest Florida Community Foundation
Baker's Heating and Air Conditioning
Nisus Corporation
Pine Island Pest Control
Bob Rude Structures
Perry Roofing
Dale Schneider
Gladys Schneider
Linda Stevenson

Karen Walker
Karen Walker

Contribute to the Building Fund
Funds are needed to restore the walls, floors, and ceilings. When
completed, the building will be open for viewing by the public. All contribu
tions are welcome, and are tax deductible. Make checks payable to Randell
Research Center, identify as "building fund," and mail to PO Box 608,
Pineland, FL 33945.

Architect and RRC advisory board member Jeff Mudgett (left) confers
with contractor Dale Schneider about the new double flashing Dale
installed to stop the leaks around the upstairs window at the Gill
House. (Photo by W. Marquardt.)

Research Update:

Useppa Analysis

Nears Completion

by Bill Marquardt

Analysis of the materials excavated from Lot III17 at
Useppa Island (see Friends Newsletter volume 6, no. 1) is nearly finished.
Radiocarbon dates show that the entire deposit accumulated about 3,000
years ago, over perhaps a 100 to 200-year period. Michelle LeFebvre and
Meggan Blessing have identified the shells and bones contained in two samples,
finding that an abundance of oysters and scallops were eaten, as well as clams,
certain conchs and whelks, and sea urchins. Fish taken in nets included
herring, shad, grunt, pigfish, and mullet.
Meanwhile, Irv Quitmyer and Doug Jones will soon finish their report on
the seasons in which people lived on Useppa some 3,000 years ago, and on
the climate as revealed by the water temperatures in which the clams lived.
For example, the shells of surf clams (Spisula solidissima) record annual
changes in the concentration of the stable isotopes of oxygen 180/60 in
seawater. The ratio of these two isotopes is strongly temperature-dependent
and thus the shells represent a record of seawater temperature. The yearly
variation is discovered by isotopic analysis of tiny samples taken from the
ancient shells. Irv will also determine what times of the year the Indian people
collected the clams for food by measuring growth bands in cross-sectioned
shells. Like tree rings, these growth structures have a predictable annual
progression and can be used to interpret the seasons in which the clams
were harvested.

Close-up of the microdrill being used by Matt to collect minute
samples from individual growth rings of surf clams from the Useppa
Island midden. Here Matt uses an Exacto knife to collect the material
he has just drilled. (Photo by W. Marquardt.)

New and Renewing Friends of the RRC
from May 16 through September 22, 2007
(Please let us know of any errors or omissions. Thank you for your support!)

Sustaining Members
($5,000- $19,999)
Kathryn & Karl Schroeder
Mike & Joan Shevlin
Supporting Members
($1,000- $4,999)
Paul G. Benedum, Jr.
William H. Marquardt
Rick Joyce
Nisus Corporation
Pelican Nursery
Bob Repenning
Gladys Schneider
Karen J. Walker
Sponsoring Members
($500 $999)
Bonita Bay Group
Busk & Associates Landscape
Calusa Land Trust
Don Cyzewski

Forestry Resources
Landscape Supply
Jeff Mudgett
Pine Island Pest Control
Tim & Judith Sear
Contributing Members
Cindy Bear
William & Mary Cyzewski
Stanley Farnham
Guy P. Fisher
Nancy Glickman
Barbara A. Harcourt
John & Diane Maher
Joan McMahan
Margi Nanney
Denege Patterson
Pine Island Growers
Donna L. Ruhl
John & Glenda Sirmans
Doug & Carolyn Stafford
Patty Jo Watson

Family Members
Ann Campbell
Karen Forsyth
Norm Gowan
Stephen & Marion Hall
Bill & Rosemarie Hammond
Shirley F. House
John & Martha Kendall
Phyllis & Peter Kolianos
Craig S. Sparks
William Spikowski & Alison
Stuart & Rita Stauss
Ruth & Len Walker
Individual Members
Boca Grande Historical
Beverly H. Brazill
Harold Bruner
Louise F. Bryans
Lois E. Clarke

Joanne Cole
Judith D ii i
Denise Duckworth
Ernest M. Dumas
Barbara A. Fleshman
Marc Fontaine
Gaea Guides
Janet A. Gooding
Lee Harrison
Marjorie K. Johnson
Lona Meister
Michael E. Moseley
MarkJ. Plotkin
Gina Poppell
Joan Rogers
Mary Ann Scott
Alice R. C. Sharp
David Steadman
William G. Vernetson
John Worth


Native Plants
Transform RRC

Invasive Exotic Plants Are Being
Replaced with Florida Natives

by Bill Marquardt

Thanks to a generous grant from the Florida Division of
Forestry, the Randell Research Center will soon have over 900 new native trees,
including a variety of tropical hardwood species and nearly 200 cabbage
palms. As of the middle of September, 285 palm trees and 160 hardwoods
had been planted, and we are hoping to have all trees in the ground by the
end of October.
Trees are being planted both at the Gill House property and at the larger
property where the pavilion/classroom is located. Our ultimate aim is to
eliminate invasive exotic vegetation and encourage trees native to the southwest
Florida coastal zone. A new walking trail northeast of the pavilion will be
focused on native plants and their uses. We also plan a native plant demonstra
tion area at the Gill House/post office property that will provide a pleasant
place to visit as well as to learn about natives that can be grown success
fully in Southwest Florida.
With John Worth's departure, Karen Walker has taken over as project
director of the reforestation project. She has been ably assisted by experts
Bob Repenning (above) delivers tropical hardwood trees to their
planting sites. (Photo by M. Nanney.)
Chris Browning (left) of Browning's Nursery and Landscaping
places a palm tree in hand dug holes near the RRC teaching
pavilion. (Photo by W. Marquardt.)
A team effort (below) is called for when planting the trees. From
left to right, Tylar Samuels, Jessica Malone (with shovel), Clark
a Ra t...Rhodes, Ed Chapin, and Mark Chargois. (Photo by M. Nanney.)

fro m l , ., I ..111 I' ,II I ,, l I, Il, I -1...i 1 111 1 '. 1 1- 1 .1 1. 11 .1I 1- 1 -, ,1 11 I 1 -I ll I
F lo rid Ii III I Ii l II 11 1 ii Iii i'i I Ii I .. I i '. 1. i, I I.i. 'l Il I -1 .ii 11. 11. l .II I I l
w h o fl I ii I ii. i- II i .II III i I li . ',. I .. i .l II i' 1 1. l I I_ I I I I -
certif ,l 1i 1h,--l- ll 1' I l ",I l I I h. I ...h- 1 l II l I I II -- I 1 -lI ,, I ll, l..- I
F o re s -i ', -. ..II ,- i',,l 1, . 1 I', ll. 1 111-1, 1--I-, I 1,, 111- h 1 ll i ,I , ,l '.1 1-I
a n d A -. .. .. I i II i..1 11 1I I..1 1 1 .. ll .i ,l1.. .,I1..- I ., 1 1.h 1 l .1 1 I l.,1..1 11.i 1
e q u ip l .l i l ri ._ .,I I I II. I l.i, I Iii il,, 1 11 1 le. I 1 '' bl. I I l, ,II. 1 111. 1 1111l11111
helpei, buil llt Im lictv bttI iclllCliy ullltla, lIudyii ig lllllltblui, ul lil, Ii ct dviauly bucad, lilt
local Coccoloba chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society, the Pine Island Garden Club, and
the Calusa Land Trust.
Volunteers have been participating since August, watering the steadily increasing number
of new trees. Our need for volunteers will not end with the planting of the final tree in a few
weeks -we will need to nurture the trees for many months, watering, fertilizing, and mulching.
Mulching will help to conserve water, and this will be particularly important if the predicted
La Nina this winter and spring leads to dry conditions in South Florida as expected. If you
are interested in joining the effort, please call our office at (239) 283-2062.
Pat Hagle (above) waters the newly planted palm trees next to the RRC classroom.
(Photo by W. Marquardt.)
RRC staff member Michael Wylde takes notes while volunteer Alan Gruber
(center right) excavates a shovel test. The test excavations ensure that the trees we
plant do not inadvertently disturb archaeological deposits. (Photo by K. Walker.)
Volunteers Stephanie Malone, Jessica Malone, and Roberta Gerber (bottom right)
pause among recently planted cabbage palms at the Gill House property.
(Photo by M. Nanney.)


I yll


\II I_ c

rTRandell Research Center
Pieadzlrd* etme,20

Pineland, Florida September, 2007
Phone (239) 283-2062 E-mail: randellcenter@comcast.net

Dear Friend,

You are cordially invited to join, or renew your membership in, the RRC's support society, Friends of the Randell
Research Center. All Friends of the RRC receive a quarterly newsletter and free admission to the Calusa Heritage Trail at
Pineland. Supporters at higher levels are entitled to discounts on our books and merchandise, advance notice of
programs, and special recognition. Your continuing support is vital to our mission. It means more research, more educa-
tion, and continued site improvements at the Randell Research Center. Thank you.


William H. Marquardt
Randell Research Center

Please check the membership level you prefer, and send this form, along with your check
payable to Friends of the Randell Research Center, to:
Membership Coordinator Randell Research Center PO Box 608 Pineland, Florida 33945

" Individual ($30) and Student ($15): quarterly Newsletter
and free admission to Calusa Heritage Trail
" Family ($50): The above + advance notice and 10%
discount on children's programs
Q Contributor ($100-$499): The above + annual honor
roll listing in newsletter + 20% discount on RRC
publications and merchandise
0 Sponsor ($500-$999): The above + invitation to annual
Director's tour and reception

Permanent Address



City / State / Zipcode

" Supporter ($1,000-$4,999): The above + listing on
annual donor plaque at Pineland site
Sustaining Members ($5,000-$19,999), Benefactors
($20,000-$99,999), and Patrons ($100,000
and above) receive all of the above + complimentary
RRC publications and special briefings from the
Please use my gift to obtain matching funds from the
National Endowment for the Humanities.

Seasonal Address (so we can send you your newsletter while you are away)



City / State / Zipcode

Use my seasonal address from



The Randell Research Center is a program of the Florida Museum of Natural History, University ofFlorida.

SFriends of the


books, Videos and RR

The Calusa and Their Legacy: South Florida People and Their Environments
by Darcie A. MacMahon and William H. Marquardt, U. Press of Florida, hardcover $39.95
Sharks and Shark Products in Prehistoric South Florida
by Laura Kozuch; Monograph 2, softcover $5.00
The Archaeology of Useppa Island
edited by William H. Marquardt; Monograph 3, hardcover $35.00, softcover $20.00
New Words, Old Songs: Understanding the Lives of Ancient Peoples
in Southwest Florida Through Archaeology
by Charles Blanchard, illustrated by Merald Clark; hardcover $19.95, softcover $9.95
Fisherfolk of Charlotte Harbor, Florida
by Robert F. Edic; hardcover $35.00
Dearest Daught and Popsy Wells: Two Artists Named Sawyer
by Marion S. Gilliland, hardcover $20.00, softcover $8.00
Florida's First People
by Robin Brown, Pineapple Press, hardcover, $29.95
Missions to the Calusa
by John H. Hann, U. Press of Florida, hardcover, $35.00
Indians of Central and South Florida, 1513-1763
by John H. Hann, U. Press of Florida, hardcover, $39.95
Florida's Indians
by Jerald T Milanich, U. Press of Florida, softcover, $19.95
Archaeology of Precolumbian Florida
by Jerald T Milanich, U. Press of Florida, softcover, $27.95
The Florida Journals of Frank Hamilton Cushing
edited by Phyllis E. Kolianos and Brent R. Weisman, U. Press of Florida, hardcover, $49.00
The Lost Florida Manuscripts of Frank Hamilton Cushing
edited by Phyllis E. Kolianos and Brent R. Weisman, U. Press of Florida, hardcover, $59.95
Indian Art of Ancient Florida
by Barbara Purdy, U. Press of Florida, hardcover, $35.00


The Domain of the Calusa: Archaeology and Adventure in the Discovery of South Florida's Past
DVD video, $12.95
Expedition Florida: Three-program Set
(From Exploration to Exhibition; The Wild Heart of Florida; Wild Alachua)
DVD video, $24.95

RRC logo Hat
(specify color: bone, charcoal, or blue) $20.00
RRC logo short-sleeve cotton staff shirt
(specify size: S, M, L, XL) $35.00
RRC logo short-sleeve cotton T-shirt
(specify Adult size: S, M, L, XL) $15.00
(specify Child size: XS, S, M) $12.00
RRC logo tote bag $10.00
RRC logo coffee mug $10.00


--- ~ "
/ :*

To place order, make check payable to: Randell Research Center and mail to
Randell Research Center / PO Box 608 / Pineland FL 33945.
Check or money order only. Sorry, no credit cards.
Questions? 239 283 2157 / E-mail: randellcenter@comcast.net

Total for items ordered:
Friends of the RRC who give at the $100 level
or above may deduct 20% Discount:
Florida residents add sales tax:
Shipping: Add $3.50 for first item,
$0.50 for each additional item:


A Wi
I "Z--


RRC Hires New



by Bill Marquardt

We are pleased to welcome Mark Chargois as
our new Maintenance Specialist. Mark will be
responsible for upkeep of the grounds E n. I I. li i
of the RRC's 60-acre campus in Pineland. A resident
of Pine Island for more than 35 years, Mark has
worked as a commercial fisherman as well as in
construction and landscaping. He can operate
heavy equipment and boats up to 80 feet. Most
recently Mark was Maintenance Specialist for Lee
County Parks and Recreation. He has also served

Th RRC isni gae ie s o ilcet


Mounds are Up

for Adoption!

by Karen Walker

8 aThe RRC will begin a new volunteer program
this winter that involves groups of people
"adopting" a particular mound at the Pineland
Archaeological Site and thereby becoming
stewards of that mound. Mound stewards will
learn what archaeologists know about the
mound and will care for it by removing exotic
invasive vegetation (by both clearing and
herbicidal treatment) and maintaining the mound
surface. Mounds in need of adoption are Brown's
(Photo by W. Marquardt.)
Mound 1, Brown's Mound 2, Randell Mound 1,
as a store clerk at the Harbor Hideaway Marina in and Old Mound. Other, non mound adoption
Bokeelia, as a carpenter for Don Gessman Custom possibilities include sections of the Calusa
Homes, and as a cook for three different Pine Island Heritage Trail, the Pine Island (Calusa) Canal, our
restaurants. He has worked as a landscaper for a front entrance and pavilion area, and our fences.
local nursery, and has done exotic plant removal Stewards can be organizations (e.g., Garden Club,
on Cayo Costa. Mark has many varied skills needed Boy Scouts) or groups of individuals. Contact
for the challengingjob of maintaining and improving Karen Walker at kwalker@flmnh.ufl.edu or 352
the Randell Research Center's facilities, and we are 215 3111, or call the RRC office at 239 283 2062 if
glad to have him on our team. interested.

William Marquardt
William Marquardt
Karen Walker
Dick Workman
GBS Productions

Send questions or comments to:
William Marquardt
Randell Research Center
PO Box 608
Pineland FL 33945-0608
Telephone (239) 283-2062
Fax (239) 283-2080
Email: randellcenter@comcast.net
Website: www.flmnh.ufl.edu/RRC/



i --- PO BOX 608
PINELAND, FL 33945-0608

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Pineland, FL
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