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Title: Friends of the Randell Research Center
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/ /-

Friends of the

'Randell Research Center

State Grants Matching Funds for Classroom
by Bill Marquardt

,1 -.

V** 40 -i
'y r __- .j..^

The State Legislature has granted matching funds of
$148,000 through the Alec Courtelis Capital Facilities Enhancement
Challenge Grant Program. The intent of this program is to provide
incentive for private giving toward the construction of state university
facilities. Because the Randell Research Center is a part of the Florida
Museum of Natural History, which is administered under the University
of Florida, the RRC classroom is considered a UF '., i i i What this
means is that we have enough money to complete construction of our
public facilities at the Pineland site. The classroom will be located at the
beginning of the Calusa Heritage Trail.
When completed, the 20-x-32-foot classroom will seat 50 people
in an attractive space with exposed beams and ceiling fans. Adjustable
louvers will provide ventilation and light control. Built-in projection
equipment will enable the showing of slides, computer-assisted

The classroom, book shop, and storage rooms will be built where the
pilings now stand, next to the existing pavilion and rest rooms.
Construction is expected to begin by late October. (photo by W. Marquardt)

presentations, and videos. The classroom will provide a comfortable
learning environment that will serve all our audiences, from visitors
to school children. In addition to the main classroom space, we will
also offer a 12-x 16-foot book-and-gift shop. Behind the shop there
will be two 60-square-foot storage rooms, one for teaching materials
used daily by docents, the other for equipment and bookshop stock.
Again, we thank those who have donated to the construction
fund -your gifts have been doubled! But without your generosity,
there would have been nothing for the state to match. We will report
on our progress in future newsletters, and please come visit the site
when you can.

Clams for Climate Change
by Karen Walker and Donna Surge

I )o)II11.1 lI II '' (l t )\\ ll)M l .I1 '0 ld I Ili I lli)t- I ll 1111
(.1.1 I ill l l ll 1 (li l 1|) y1 Il i n h p )h 11) 11 II rIpi h1
\\ ll1, 11 li 11.elI I I li l'l lll ll ll _' )i l l ilt hI .ll
\\ Il ill II l Illllllll \\M1 \\t It' ll 11111 I \ 1 It\\ *I
L'I.. iI I l ill. i ll. l i. iI...i..i., ... 11.. . . i. .
I,,*, I ".,.._

There were so many sand gnats gnawing at our bare legs and
arms that it was difficult to concentrate on locating clams in the exposed,
grassy mudflat. Yet, finding a good sample of live, native quahog clams was
a major objective of our June 2005 fieldtrip to Pine Island Sound. So, persevere
we did, until our count totaled 19. Our team consisted of geochemist Donna
Surge and her graduate student Ann Goewert, both from the University of
North Carolina, and me, an environmental archaeologist long associated
with the RRC. We were ably assisted by Pat Hagle of Pineland, who captained
the boat.
Another objective was to retrieve an electronic data
logger, called a tidbit, that had been recording water
temperatures on an hourly basis since before Hurricane
Charley came over Pine Island Sound on August 13, 2004.
Here too, we were successful and moreover, fascinated,
to see that the tidbit had recorded Charley's signature in
the form of a dip in temperatures (see graph).
The shells of our collected clams, the temperature
data, and water samples collected previously are all
being studied by Donna and Ann in order to better
understand the relationships between seasonal changes

Ann Goewert (right) proved to be proficient at
finding clams in this grassy mudflat; Ann later
prepared the clam shells at the University of North
Carolina for geochemical analyses. (Photo by K. Walker.)

in water conditions and how they are recorded as isotopic/geochemical
variation in the clam shells themselves. Then we will apply this under
standing to ancient clam shells in order to interpret past climate change at
seasonal time scales. For these, I have selected shells discarded by Calusa
people at Pineland over a time span from about 400 to 2,000 years ago. By
this method, we hope to produce a record of climate variation that relates to
the lives of Pineland's original residents while at the same time contributes
to the understanding of global climate change for the last two millennia.

Office Manager Update
by Jennifer Jennings

Even though it's summertime, the staff and volunteers here at the
Randell Research Center are always keeping busy. In July, we continued to
give tours to children in summer camps from the Lee County Parks and
Recreation and the Calusa Nature Center. Our own Pine Island Boy Scouts
from Troop #20 were out at the Pineland site doing community work to show
leadership on Eagle Scout projects, such as Brian Reinhardt's recent project
to paint the block house, construct the railing on the second observation
deck on Brown's Mound, and help clean up overgrown vegetation. We thank
all of you for doing such a great job. We also thank Pine Island Paint & Frame
Store for donating the paint for the block house, andJ. F. Si i nl I 1i i I. 1
Contractor Inc. for donating the wood and hardware for the railing.
We attended Mango Mania this year with John Worth as a special guest
speaker in the education tent. Everyone who knows Dr. Worth was anxious
to hear him; all seats were full. ( ,1 il .1 -i, p was run by Rona Stage with
RRC t-shirts, caps, and a variety of books on the Calusa Indians, as well as
Calusa inspired bowls made by Chuck Koucky of Koucky Gallery & Gardens
right here on Pine Island. RRC Advisory Board member Dick Workman was
also there teaching the art of weaving bracelets and baskets out of cabbage
palm fronds. I would also like to personally thank the following volunteers
for all their help with Mango Mania: Joanne Bielfelt, Joanne Bucaro, David
Hurst, Diane Maher, Terry Pierce, and Gina Poppell.
Ongoing and upcoming events include archaeological lab work on
Wednesday as well as docent and greeter training programs on scheduled
Friday throughout the fall season. We are particularly excited about our
greeters program, in which trained volunteers sign up for morning or afternoon
shifts from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., greeting visitors and
answering questions. Anyone interested in becoming an RRC volunteer,
please feel free to contact me for an application.

*1-.~ -

Scouts Grant Conlyn, Shane Reinhardt, Tim Sanboan, and Kasey
Davis (top) paint the block house, used for storage of archaeological
tools and supplies. (Photo by D. Reinhardt.)
Pictured clearing brush (bottom) from the north end of Brown's
Mound are Grant Conlyn, Bobby McDaniel, Shane Reinhardt, and
Thomas Mutcher. (Photo by D. Reinhardt.)

New and Renewing Friends of the RRC
fromJune 1 through September 1, 2005
(Please let us know of any errors or omissions. Thank you for your support!)

Supporting Members
($1,000 $4,999)
Penniman Family Foundation
Sponsoring Members
($500 $999)
Bob Rude Structures, Inc.
Don Cyzewski
Joan McMahan
Contributing Members
($100- $499)
Anne M. Allen
Joseph P. Brinton III
Barbara Dobbs
The Hendry Law Firm
Robert & Jacalyn Kish

Karl & Kathryn Schroeder
John & Glenda Simans
Ann Winterbotham
& George Campbell
Family Members
Maria Cochran
& Aaron Adams
James & Jacob Bates
Robert & Nancy Brooks
Robin & Lin Fox
Norm & Marie Gowan
William & Rosemarie
Wayne & Shirley House
John & Martha Kendall

Stephen W. Kent
Arlene & Jacob Miller
Cynthia Ofer
Deborah & Joe Peloso
Sear Family Foundation
Randolph & Lisa Marie Tully
Leonard & Ruth Walker
R. E. & Dorothy Worth
Individual Members
Judith J. D'Agostino
Harold Bruner
Louise Bryans
Ernest Dumas
Barbara A. Fleshman
Jill Fontaine

Donald R. Hall
Lee Harrison
Elise V. LeCompte
James Marshall
Bonnie G. McEwan
Fran Miller
Michael E. Moseley
Gina Poppell
Mary Ann Scott
C. Gail Swanson
William Vernetson
Patty Jo Watson
Student Members
Sharon O'Connell

III f=

Your Investment

in Pineland
by Craig Timbes, RRC Operations Manager

To get a good visual imageofhowyourcontri
butions to the RRC are used, all you have to do is visit the Calusa
Heritage Trail. Thanks to operating funds made possible by
donations from Friends of the RRC as well as site visitors, we
are now well on the way to having the proper equipment to 7-.
maintain and control the growth along the trail with a 48 inch
riding mower, a weed eater, and a leaf blower. Even with this
equipment, the 35 acre public portion of the Pineland site
needs constant attention (especially in rainy season), and the Full time volunteer Terry Pierce poses next to the RRC's 1965 Ford tractor, which,
equipment itself has to be maintained, not to mention the price thanks to Terry's restoration job, looks and works like new. (Photo by C. Timbes.)
of fuel these days. .................................................................................

The results speak for themselves. The Trail is coming along beautifully.
Terry Pierce, who volunteers 40 hours a week, has been my right hand man
in getting to where we are today, and with his assistance we have refurbished
our good-as-new 1965 Ford 3000 tractor. With a little love and care, it will be
around another forty years. The equipment we have is generally residential
equipment, which we use to cover a commercial-sized area, causing great
strain on what we have. Just as an example, we have had our riding lawn
mower for just over six months and already have over 230 hours on the
machine. You would have to mow your yard every weekend for two years to
come to 230 hours, and we've done it in six months. Equipment mainte

William Marqu
Jennifer Jenni
William Marqu
Donna Surge
Craig Timbes
Karen Walker
GBS Productio

nance alone is a major task, but we've found that by learning the seasonal
rhythms of the site and its vegetation, we can work together with nature at
our wetland paradise in a way that commercial lawn services simply can't imitate.
The contributions of the Friends of the RRC have gotten us a long way,
and we appreciate it greatly. Without your support, along with our endow
ment, grants, and visitorship, we would not have the wonderful trail that we
have today. So come out to the trail to catch a sunset and enjoy the fresh Gulf
air, and enjoy the fruits of your support. Thank you for helping ensure the
future of the Calusa Heritage Trail and the Randell Research Center.

S Send questions or comments to:
John Worth
Randell Research Center
ngs PO Box 608 FLORIDA
ardt MU SEUM
Pineland FL 33945-0608 MUSEUM
Telephone (239) 283-2062
Fax (239) 283-2080
Email: randellcenter@comcast.net UNIVERSITY OF
ns Website: www.flmnh.ufl.edu/RRC/ # FLORIDA

SPO Box 608
PINELAND, FL 33945-0608

Pineland, FL
Permit No. 26

Forwarding Service Requested

/ -

Friends of the

Research Center

Pineland, Florida* September, 2005
Phone (239) 283-2062 E-mail: johneworth@comcast.net

Dear Friend,

You are cordially invited to join, or renew your membership in, the RRC's support society, Friends of the Randell
Research Center. (Current members can find out when their memberships expire by looking at the address label on
their newsletter.)
All Friends of the RRC receive a quarterly newsletter and free admission to the Calusa Heritage Trail at Pineland.
Supporters at higher levels are entitled to discounts on our books and merchandise, advance notice of programs, and
special recognition. Your continuing support is vital to our mission. It means more research, more education, and contain
ued site improvements at the Randell Research Center. Thank you.

I/ _linF \\k i F'I h.D.
S n i I i i. i I Reksearch Programs and Services
R., l i I R . i t Center

Please check the membership le el i ou prefer, and se nd this form, along with your check
payable to Friends of the Randell Research Center, to:
Membership Coordinator Randell Research Center PO Box 608 Pineland, Florida 33945

" Individual ($30) and Student ($15): quarterly Newsletter
and free admission to Calusa Heritage Trail
" Family ($50): The above + advance i ..i,. and 10%
discount on children's programs
Q Contributor ($100-$499): The above + annual honor
roll listing in newsletter + 20% discount on RRC
publications and merchandise
0 Sponsor ($500-$999): The above + invitation to annual
Director's tour and reception

Permanent Address



City / State / Zipcode

" Supporter ($1,000-$4,999): The above + listing on
annual donor plaque at Pineland site
Sustaining Members ($5,000-$19,999), Benefactors
($20,000-$99,999), and Patrons ($100,000
and above) receive all of the above + complimentary
RRC publications and special briefings from the
Please use my gift to obtain matching funds from the
I i ili 1 Endowment for the Humanities.

Seasonal Address (so we can send you your newsletter while you are away)



City / State / Zipcode

Use my seasonal address from



The Randell Research Center is a program of the Florida Museum of Natural History, University ofFlorida.


Books, Videos and RRC Gear

dU t The Calusa and Their Legacy: South Florida '
People and Their Environments
by Darcie A. MacMahon and William H. Marquardt
U. Press of Florida, hardcover $39.95
Culture and Environment in the Domain of the Calusa
edited by William H. Marquardt; Monograph 1, softcover $25.00
Sharks and Shark Products in Prehistoric South Florida
by Laura Kozuch; Monograph 2, softcover $5.00
The Archaeology of Useppa Island
edited by William H. Marquardt; Monograph 3, hardcover $35.00, softcover $20.00
New Words, Old Songs: Understanding the Lives of
Ancient Peoples in Southwest Florida Through Archaeology
by Charles Blanchard, illustrated by Merald Clark
hardcover $24.95
softcover $14.95
Fisherfolk of Charlotte Harbor, Florida
by Robert F. Edic
hardcover $35.00
The Domain of the Calusa: Archaeology and
Adventure in the Discovery of South Florida's Past
VHS video $19.95
Expedition Florida: From Exploration to Exhibition
VHS video $19.95
Expedition Florida: The Wild Heart of Florida
VHS video $19.95
Expedition Florida: Wild Alachua
VHS video $19.95

RRC logo Hat
(specify color: bone, charcoal, or blue) $20.00
RRC logo short-sleeve cotton staff shirt /
(specify size: S, M, L, XL) $35.00
RRC logo short-sleeve cotton T-shirt -
(specify size: S, M, L, XL) $12.00 ,
RRC logo tote bag $10.o/
RRC logo coffee mug $10.00oo

To place order, make check payable to: Randell Research Center ii .. .1 11 11i
Randell Research Center / PO Box 608 / Pineland FL 33945.
Check or money order only. Sorry. no credit cards.
Inquiries and Questions? 239 283 2062 / E-mail: randellcenter@comcast.net

Total for items ordered:
Friends of the RRC who give at the $100 level
or above may deduct 20% Discount:
Florida residents add sales tax:
Shipping: Add $2.00 for first item,
$0.50 for each additional item:




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