Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 7 - Lot 1, Gallegos
Title: [notes from] Escrituras (reels 169-170), 16 March 1787 - 20 December 1792
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Title: notes from Escrituras (reels 169-170), 16 March 1787 - 20 December 1792
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Block 7 - Lot 1, Gallegos
Physical Description: Research notes
Language: English
Creator: O'Brien, R. H.
Publication Date: 1974
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
21 Saint George Street (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Gallegos House (Saint Augustine, Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine -- 21 Saint George Street
Coordinates: 29.897052 x -81.313361
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Escrituras (reel 169) 16 March 1787
6 December 1790

p. 70 Will (Lucia Escalona) Sept. 24

In the name of God all powerful and of the ever Virgin Mary His holy mother,
conceived without original sin amen........................... my body I
commend to the earth from which it came, to return to earth.

And, I declare that after I die my body be dressed in the habit of the Seraphic
Father St. Francis and if I die in this city my body be buried in the parish
church said funeral will be made by disposition of the executor that I will
name. This is my will.

And, I order alms be given to the mandas ? lossosas ? two reales each once
and no more from my estate, and to the confraternity of Our Lady of the
Rosary of this city six pesos to the Seraphic Father St. Francis of Assis of
the city of Havana six pesos, to Our Lady of the Milk after she is returned
to this province, five pesos, and to the Blessed Sacrament ten pesos at one
time, to be paid from my estate.

And, I declare I was legally married and veiled in ? of the Holy
Mother church to Francisco Dardy, deceased, and during our marriage pro-
cured a legitimate son, Ignacio Dardy, who also died as an adult. Thus I

And, I declare I have as my possessions the house in which I live, made of
wood [ boards ? maderasj not to include the lot on which it is located, only
a piece on the east side that is like panse ?, by the fences which are mine,
and said house is situated on the street called St. George near the land gate
which borders on the west to the north, alley that sosler ? to the gate of the
castillo, to the south lot of Antonio Perdomo and the east said gate of the
castillo, free from all taxes, and the cited lot belongs to Joaquin and Rosalia
Martinez my niece and nephew, Thus I declare.

And, I have as my possessions a Negro slave named Maria of twenty-five
years of age at least, with a daughter 6 months old named Paloma that I
bought on ship [Armazon] before Don Nicolas de Frias, Scribe of said Havana,
free from all defects or obligation.

And, another Negro called Antonio sixteen years old I inherited from Francisca
Escalona, my sister, together with my niece and nephew to whom I paid in
cash their corresponding share; said Negro taking note of how well he has
served me, and the affection I have for him I grant him letter [ carta] of free-
dom the format so that it can only use to not remain subject to ?
nor to another ? after I die and not before, this is my will.

And, more I have in my possessions metal mortars with the cylindrical stone,
a used kettle, an iron caldron, and another smaller one, new metal tongs,

six small used stools, a mahogony table, one of pine and another of cedar, a
bedstead with gilted back [headboard] a statue [bulto] of St. Anthony, which
I leave and order be turned over to Maria Sanchez, daughter of Maria
Castenada, my sister, Thus is my will.

And, lastly I have in my possessions a painting of the image of our Lady of
Carmen, with gilted decoration.

And, I declare that I plan to travel to Havana with the intent to collect from
the Royal Cash Boxes, what is owed me, which will be something like 500
pesos, as one of one the Florida families, and if I collect said amount I will
make a note of it in case I die before returning here so that what remains is
added to the completion of this testamentary, with a pair of gold buckles of
forty-six pesos value, and a rosary of same of thirty-five [pesos] which was
the cost of said. I note this in case it is not shown in the cited Havana, Thus
I declare.

And, I order taken from my estate fifty pesos, twenty-five to be converted in
said masses for the soul of Francisca Eacalona, my sister, and the other
twenty-five [pesos] for Miguel Terribu, husband of the before-mentioned,
this is my will.

And to fulfill and pay [for] this my testamentary, bequeath and legacy in its
contents, say and name as my executor and well doer of my soul, D. Mariano
Lasaga, Artillery Storehouse Guard, in this city, to whom I suplicate accept
it, and I give my power of attorney and authority that by right is requi red to
accomplish this disposition, even though it be past the executorship's year,
with prolongation of the most term necessary and fulfill and pay this my will
and all its contents instituted by me only, and uniberes ? the heir of all my
possessions, debts, rights and actions that for whatever title falls to me and
pertaining to my soul, that of the cited Ignacio, my son, deceased and other
obligations so that it all be converted in its frajios ? for them by direction
of said executor, and with this revoke and null any other dispositions that were
made prior to this one, in writing, by word, that I with they do not count ex-
cept this one that I grant by my last and ? will sign in said city
of San Agustin, Florida on the twenty-fourth of September of seventeen hundred
eighty-seven and I and the grantor that I the Scribe give faith of knowing her,
and of being in disposition of mind and thought according to my observation
thus the said grantor did not sign because she could not write. At her re-
quest it was signed by her witnesses, Miguel Hernandez, Tomas de Aguilar,
Josef Baptista, D. Manuel de Almanza and Don Francisco Entrealgos, present
as witnesses Miguel Antonio Hernandes Josef Bautista Lerdono

As witness
Manuel de Almansas Before me
Domingo Rodriguez Leon
Governor's Scribe


12 January 1791
20 December 1792
Escrituras (reel 170)

P. 513 Will August 3 (Lucia Escalona)

Testamentary. In the name of God, all powerful amen. Know that I, Dona
Lucia Escalona, native and resident of this city, legitimate daughter of Don
Alonso Escalona and Dona Sebastiana de Bargas, being gravely ill, but
? in my entire faculties, complete senses and comprehension
that God has given me ........

My body to the earth from which it came; and after death it be shroud in the
habit of our seraphic Father San Francisco, the sepulture and rest that re-
lates to my funeral and burial I leave to the disposition of my executors to
do as they wish, thus is my will

Idem, I request the three masses for souls be said for my [ soul] with more,
ciento (?) (100 ?), to be applied in the same manner, and that two reales be
given each of the requests for masses (?) which I separate from my estate,
thus is my will.

Idem. I order that forty more masses be said for the soul of my son Ignacio
Dardy. Fifteen more for the holy souls in purgatory. Fifteen more in behalf
of Dona Francisca Escalona, my sister, and of Miguel Terrugi, her husband,
and my brother-in-law, deceased, thus is my will.

Idem. I declare to have been married to Don Juan Dardy, deceased, from
which matrimony no child survives to which I state so that it is recorded.

Idem. I declare that when we contracted said marriage we brought to it no
capital and less when the expressed, my husband, died he was inventoried,
as there was no wealth on which [ for them] to fall back on, because that which
I have today was acquired by my wits and work which I manifest so that it be

Idem. I declare as my current possessions the house in which I reside con-
structed on lot or land belonging to his majesty (?), however, by documents
existing in my possession, I have right to it, although they [documents] have
been obscured by the confirmations (?) and grants (?) that under them the
residents of this city when it was turned over to the English. As a paper (?)
with this, my heirs or executors can dispute their right to their convenience
and have it for their use and to have effect I supply the corresponding note
which I declare so that it be recorded.

Idem. I declare also in my possessions all the household furnishings of said
house, more, four cows and four calves. A negro named Maria del Reario,
with a daughter named Francisca, now an adult, both appraised at one hundred


and forty pesos which amount I leave them fourth part without which they can
be sold in greater amount, and always by the said they can find their freedom
if I bequeath the corresponding instrument or letter to whom it may pertain
without aliendo (?) in any manner said price, this is my will.

Idem, I declare additional possessions a negro named Antonio that I leave
quartered in the same terms and circumstances as the two cited above, and
fifty-four pesos in money in my power which I manifest so that it be recorded.

Idem. I declare that I have in the hands of Don Juan Vicente Adat, resident
and merchant in Havana, two hundred and ninety-nine pesos, four and one-
half reales according to recorded letter of advisement (?) to D. Mariano
Lasaga in whom ?__ to convert them into [purchasing] a
negro and important (?) works for the expense and use of my house to which
I state so that it be recorded.

Idem. I declare I am in debt to Don Matheo Guadarrama for nine pesos, cost
of a barrel of flour, which I got from him which I manifest so that it be re-

Idem. So that the referred [will) to has effect, completion and pay all that
in this my disposition manifest, I name as my executor testamentary Don
Mariano Lasaga, first and second, Juan Sanchez, my brother-in-law to whom
I give all my power of attorney and authority that by right is required so they
can complete and follow this my disposition although it be past the year of
executorship, that I extend the necessary time, that thus this is my will.

And the rest of my possessions, debtors, rights and action that today pertains
to me, and may be in the future, institute and name as my only and universal
heirs Joaquin Martinez and Rosalia Martinez my blood niece and nephew,
children of Juan Martinez and Victoria Escalona, deceased and Maria Rosas,
daughter of Juan Rosas and Josefa Castenados, also deceased. Teadora
Rosas, sister of the referred to. Maria del Rosario and Maria Dolores
Sanchez daughter of Juan Sanchez and Maria Castaneda, my sister, and
Josefa Ortegas daughters of the referred to, rmy] sister and of Josef Ortega
her first husband, all my nieces and nephews to which I leave [as] heirs in
this form. Each one be given twenty-five pesos provided if my remaining
wealth endures it entering among said nieces and nephews as one of so many
to procure equal amount the cited Maria Castaneda, my sister and if my wealth
does not endure it the same proportional or division be made by equal parts
to get their share. And if they exceed this circero (?) they be applied in their
fragion (?) for the holy souls in purgatory and in particular for those of my
greatest obligation, as is those of my parents and other debtors. And said
bequeath or inheritance I leave to the referred to nieces and nephews and
sister so that they may enjoy them and inherit with God's blessing to whom
they commend my soul and in recognition of the great love I profess for them.

I revoke and null any other testamentaries, powers of attorney, cobidicilos (?)
and other dispositions that to attest before this one was made, that I do not
wish they be valid nor ?____ faith in judgment nor outside it, save
this one, that I wish be kept, completed and executed as my last will in that
form and empower, and ? give in right. On said testamentary
dated in this city of San Agustin, Florida on 3rd of August of seventeen hundred
ninety-two. I the Scribe give faith that I know the attestor that appeared before
me in her entire judgment and with sufficient disposition to testify. She did
not sign because she does not know how and at her request was done by one of
the witnesses of which were D. Jose Ponce de Leon, Miguel Marcos and D.
Manuel de Almanes, present residents.

Attest as witness
Manuel Almanes

Before me
Jose de Tubizarreta
Governor's Scribe

R. H. O'Brien

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