Group Title: Historic St. Augustine: Introduction to Block & Lot File
Title: Memorandum to Phillip Wisley regarding Americans with Disabilities Act - Building Evaluations
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Title: Memorandum to Phillip Wisley regarding Americans with Disabilities Act - Building Evaluations
Series Title: Historic St. Augustine: Introduction to Block & Lot File
Physical Description: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Spikes, Tracy
Publication Date: 1992
Subject: Saint Augustine (Fla.)
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine
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M E M 0 R A N D U M

TO: Phillip Wisley, ADA Coordinator

FROM: Tracy Spikes, Museum Curator

DATE: December 11, 1992

RE: Americans with Disabilities Act Building Evaluations
for properties of the Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board

I have completed the facilities survey you requested in your memo
to Ross Fullam dated September 29, 1992. They are being sent
under separate cover and should be in your office on or before
Friday, December 13, 1992.

As a preface to the survey, the divisions of usage of our State
owned, Board administered properties should be noted. With the
exception of the Public Restroom facility, There are three basic
categories: Commercially leased, residential leased, and our
museum/interpretation facilities. Usage is subject to change
with the desires of the Board of Trustees. The type usage
determines the extent of accommodation for compliance with ADA
guidelines. For the current properties on St. George Street
designated for commercial lease (and likely to remain in this
category in the future), please refer to the survey for the
Paredes Dodge house. These properties entrances directly border
the city street and compliance will be based on cooperation with
the city government and adjacent businesses to determine
accessibility. Also, as with most of our buildings, they are
either historic structures or historic reconstructions based on a
plan of the historic district of St. Augustine. Interior
adaptations and signage for compliance will need to be addressed
within new lease agreements specifying lessee responsibility.

Other commercial leases on Cuna Street, where accommodation can
be accomplished for accessible entrances into the buildings, have
individual surveys.

Accessibility of residential leases will also be made on a case
by case basis depending on accommodations necessary for lessee's

Other building categories have individual surveys.

Also, please find enclosed the costs as estimated by Steven
Schuyler, Architect.

Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions or need
more information.

-A1 _5 ^^0 ^/^ /0^^Pl l 6- R Tpo'0

December 8, 1992
Mr. Ross Fullam, Director
Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board
Government House
St. Augustine, Florida
RE: Americans With Disabilities Act
The following report describes deficiencies for access and use
contrary to the provisions of the Americans With Disabilites Act
for properties owned by the Historic St. Augustine Preservation
Board. These items were identified during a site visit with Board
staff on December 1, 1992. Each building identified as non-
compliant is listed along with a short scope of work to remediate
the problem and a budget estimate to perform the work.
The budget numbers were established by interviewing
contractors, vendors and engineers. The costs presented do not
include Architectural or Engineering fees, or administrative costs
for City of St. Augustine Historic Architectural Review Board
application or presentation. These prices are based on current
conditions with the work being by a general contractor.



1 Government House
A. Building accessibility, existing double
doors do not provide required 32" clear
opening per leaf. Provide door head
mounted automatic opener with control
units on the inside and outside to com-
ply with ANSI/BHMA A156.19-1984
B. Building accessibility, existing ramp
railing is 2" in diameter. Provide
new 1 1/2" diameter iron pipe rail
with intermediate rail, primed and
C. Inside accessibility, existing stair rail
not continuous and of non-comforming
grip profile. Provide new 1 1/2" dia-
meter iron pipe rail secured to existing
rail, primed and painted.
D. Inside accessibility, existing freight
elevator does not comply with requirements
or codes for passenger use. Replace with
three stop hydrolic elevator in existing
Remodel public access ways to elevator
E. Public restrooms, currently there are no
accessible toilets in the building. Pro-
vide one Mens and one Womens toilet room
on the main (Museum) level. Provide one
dual station water cooler.

$ 4,070.00

$ 2,010.00

$ 1,360.00



2. Museum Store, St George Street
A. Building accessibility, elevated building
served by steps only. Provide wood ramp
from St. George Street to front door, pro-
vide wood ramp from back door to Spanish
Quarter Museum. Ramps to have wood rails. $ 1,600.00

3. Spanish Quarter Museum, St. George Street
A. Restroom accessibility, elevated building
4-5" above grade. Provide tabby concrete
ramp. $
B. Restroom accessories, no grab bars. Provide
grab bars in both restrooms
4. Triay House, St. George Street
A. Building accessabilty, elevated building
set 4-5" above existing pavement. Provide
tabby concrete ramp and platform. $
5. Public Restrooms, St. George Street
A. Building accessibility, ramp up to building
too step and lacks rail. Provide new tabby
concrete ramp and wood rails. $
B. Building entrance, doors and hall into
restrooms too narrow. Remove storage
closets and provide new 36" dooors. $
C. Restrooms have no handicapped equipped
stalls. Replace one watercloset each rest-
room with a handicap lavatory. Replace
one watercloset each restroom with a handi-
cap watercloset. Relocate non-handicap lav-
atories. Provide new toilet partitions and
accessories. $
6. Cervau House/Haas House. Cuna Street.
A. Building accessibility, both buildings
located next door to each other, are ele-
vated and have no access. Provide a
common wood ramp and rail. $

7. Well's Print Shop, Cuna Street.
A. Building accessibility, elevated building
set directly on the street. Provide wood
ramp and rails at the rear entrance. $
8. Sim's Silversmith Shop( Cuna Street.
-A. B d accessiiiy, elevate building
is sited approximately 18" above existing
street, floor is above grade. Cut existing
curb and provide new tabby concrete walk/
ramp up to grade. Provide wood ramp and
rail to building entrance. $


$ 200.00








9. Blacksmith Shop, Cuna Street
A. Site accessibility, street curb prevents
access to the site. Provide curb cut.
10. Hospital Museum, Aviles Street
A. Building accessibility, elevated building
entered by step. Provide tabby concrete
ramp and landing. Provide wood rail.
B Interior accessibility, entry control
gate too narrow. Reconfigure gate to
provide minimum 32" clear passage.

$ 100.00

$ 600.00

$ 150.00

We hope that these descriptions and estimates are of value to
you. We have strived to be as accurate as possible, and have
obtained actual prices where ever possible. As more defined plans
are implemented and further investigations of unseen existing
conditions made these numbers can be refined.

Thank you,


Steven M. Schuyler
Architect PA




E X H I B I T S (static, historic house and outdoor site)





Hard path surface.
Each house in Quarter has a museum
Group tours, by reservation, are guided.
Inaccessible house exhibits will have

alternative interpretation:
DeMesa House Notebook
Notebook Base
Plus overview interpre-

station by guide.
Gomez House Interpreter can demonstrate
objects and explain
house exhibit from
exterior, no

Museum Store -Until structural changes
for accessibility, store
staff can show sale items
at door.



Mobility accommodations cover those areas
not audible. Interpreter can provide special
Triay exhibit -Audio cassette of written
text, player with earphones.

Hearing Interpretation of individual house
exhibits by laser print hand-
out -----.
cameraa ready layout and typesetting)
150.00 -----. -
ALD'S (4) Type #1
Interpreters with signers for groups
(advance notice requested)



Note: There are currently no plans to have lectures, public
meetings, audio/visual programs, or workshops in this area.



1" P'" 'r%;~~

SPANISH MILITARY HOSPITAL (Living history and static exhibit)



Access needed for front entrance.

House has museum interpreter

Visual Museum interpreter can guide.
Note book.
Hearing Interpretation of individual house
exhibit by laser print hand-out.
(camera ready layout and typesetting)
ALD (1) Type #1
Interpreters with signers for groups
(advance notice requested)

Note: There are currently no plans to have lectures,
meetings, audio/visual programs, or workshops in this













Mobility Structural change to
make entrance door accessible.
Exhibit area paths accessible.


Need to develop condensed text audio
tape, complete with directional
pacing to follow flow pattern of
exhibit space. In-house audio production
with consultation from representatives
from The Florida School for the Deaf
and Blind.
3 small cassette player w/earphones $ 120.00
1 graphics panel (indoors) 1115.00
3 added exhibit pedestals with'
hands on casts of selected objects and
artifacts from three major thematic areas
of existing exhibit (to coincide with
audio tape tour) 1000.00
Notebook 310.00
All group tours by reservation will
have guide.
In house sensitivity training for staff
with consultation from School for the
Deaf and Blind.

3 existing audio exhibits to be printed

ALD for front desk check-out



For groups, advanced reservation
requested for use of contracted
certified signing interpreter.

In house video production of the exhibit
with audio and closed caption for use as
orientation in outreach programs to
schools or advance orientation for group
tours. VCR/TV unit





Cs 'i/

L E C T U R E S (Government House Museum)

Mobility Moveable seating provides front row
Announcements of lecture will request
advance notice of needed assistance.

Visual OK

Hearing Signing interpreter availability with
advance notice. 25.00/hr /5/,
Copy of text of prepared lecture. labor 15.00 '
material 1.00

P U BL I C ME E T ING same space as lectures.
(request advance notice of needs)

Mobility Directional signage 50.00

Visual Provide person to read printed
material presented at meeting.
Volunteer or staff.

Hearing Signing interpreter if available 25.00/hr
Printed copy of minutes. / y.

A U D I O VI S U A L PRO G R A M (not currently scheduled)

Mobility Accessible monitor station. 50.00

Visual sound, sight and signed video
production for exhibit.

Hearing provide printed text.






P S (same as lecture) and/or case by case
according to participation)


Brochure racks lowered.

Provide audio tape of printed brochure.




//BPZ D"


'r c ., C 4

Cost for Compliance with A.D.A.

Small cassette player with earphones $40.00

Notebooks Materials-$70.00
price for notebook includes:
-cost of notebook is $5.00
-each page has 2) 3"x 5"photos or 1) 5"x 7" photo
-pages are laser printer output
-each notebook has 12 pages (@$5.00 per page)

Notebook Support Base Materials-$125.00
price for panel includes:
-support base for notebook is made of plywood and
covered with plastic laminate

Graphics Panel (Indoors) Materials-$335.00
price for panel includes:
-text is laserwriter printout
-two 8" x 10", four 5" x 7"-and four 3" x 5" photos
are used on each panel
-support base for panel is made of plywood and
covered with plastic laminate

Graphics Panel (Outdoors) Materials-$335.00
price for panel includes:
-text and images are screened (2 color) on an
aluminum plate
-aluminum plate mounted to exterior plywood
and supported by two pressure treated 4" x 4" posts

'labor is calculated at $30.00 per hour

Cost for Compliance with ADA

*ALD = Assistive Listening Devices

Type 1. These devices can aid hearing impaired persons by amplifying
sounds from spoken or recorded words. They can be placed on
visitor center desks and used to enhance the voice of the
receptionist, or can be carried on guided tours or used while
walking through the gallery.
Cost: $150.00

Type 2. Designed for an auditorium, lecture hall, meeting room, or
other static seated area, these devices provide amplifications of
meetings, lectures, etc. Accommodates up to five persons.
Cost: $900.00

Sign Language Interpreter for the Hearing Impaired

Cost: $25.00 per hour; they need to be certified interpreters.

Braille Scanning Printer

These printers are capable of scanning a page and printing out a copy in
Braille. These are very expensive, especially since only about 10% of the blind
can read Braille. Possibly Division-wide or community sources of the service
would be more cost effective.

Cost: $3000

TDD's Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf

TDD's, also called text telephones are telephone instruments that can provide
a print-out and /or a digital display rather than a voice transmission. You must
have a TDD to receive a call from a TDD user, or you can receive a call on your
regular phone if the TDD user calls through a relay system. A relay system is
available statewide that can translate calls to and from TDD users.
Cost: No need to purchase this device; the service is offered free.

Methods Matrix for Implementing ADA Programmatic Components

Type of Disability

Mobility Visual Hearing

Walk-in Group Walk-in Group Walk-in Group

Exhibit Text/graphic Same Tape of text, Special Audio portions Signing
orientation; Raised letter/ programs of exhibits interpreter
Inaccessible Tours Braille text; printed as text. with group.
exhibits-have provide Audio library
alt interp. interp. of
in access. area inaccess. area

Lecture With moveable Same; ask in ads OK OK ALDYs* or signing Signing
seating provide for advance interpreter interpreter
area; notice of needs with
hold lecture in advance
accessible area. notice

Hold in accessible
area; request
advance notice for
needed assistance


Provide written
in Braille and/or
person available
to read material.


ALD's; signer;
request advance
notice of needed


Public Mtg

Outdoor Paved or hard- Same; Provide tape Interpreter Audio portions Interpreters
Site surface path; if interpreter stations) to can provide should be with signers
some areas are can provide describe special provided as text/ should
inaccessible information on components program. handouts. provide
provide written inaccessible of the site. special tour.
synopsis of area. area.

Historic If inaccessible, Same; Provide tape Interpreter Audio portions Interpreters
House provide signage interpreter stations) of walk- can provide should be with signers
describing house can provide through of house. special provided as text/ should
info. on program, handouts. provide
inaccess. area. special tour.

Audio/ Controls and Provide an Provide an Same Develop a Same
Visual viewing stations area for audio-only captioned
Program must be accessible. group program, if program, or script
presentations. necessary.

Written OK; OK Provide tape Same OK OK
Material racks must be versions of
accessible. material.

Workshop Hold in accessible Same ? Provide OK with ALDYs* Same, or
area, with special or written provide
appropriate program. instructions. signing
work space. interpreter.




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