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I~ Cn~r~n 1 From tePyclPaDiiioftenvri5fl a-

Vol. XXII. Number 11

Dave O'Brien

Jeremiah Mclnnis

In This Issue:

Holiday Leave
Cash-Out Info

Eye On Safety:
Holiday Safety Tips

Physical Plant
Halloween Costumes

Healthy Gators
What Is It?
Healthy Gators 2010 is a
coalition of students,
faculty and staff working
together to create a
healthier campus. UF First
Lady Chris Machen is the
chair of Healthy Gators
2010, whose mission is to
promote a campus
environment supportive
of the development and
maintenance of a healthy
body, mind and spirit for
all members of the
University of Florida
community. She welcomes
all Gators to get involved!
To learn how you can
participate, visit

Al Krause Leaves Physical Plant
When Al Krause came to the University of
Florida in February of 1988, he had no idea that
he would retire eighteen years later as the archi-
tect of one of the most successful institutional
recycling programs inthe United States. The re-
tired Army veteran, who had risen to the rank of
major during his twenty years in the armed ser-
vices, was just looking for ajob.
"I adjust retired from the military," he said.
"My wife and I had moved to Florida, down to
Miami, to live near some older relatives of hers,
and those relatives had passed away. So I started
looking for work, and I came up here to Al Krause and Dave O'Brien
Gainesville to the University to drop off my re-
sume. Itjust so happened that as I was in the personnel office, they were looking for someone
with my qualifications to fill a position at the Physical Plant. So I went for an interview the same
day, and I ended up getting the job."
Originally, Al was hired to develop and implement policies and procedures for PPD to deal
with outside contractors. But when Florida's Solid Waste Management Act was passed in 1988,
UF (along with all other state institutions) was required by law to implement a recycling initiative
on campus. Then-PPD Director Robert Kramer offered Al the position of coordinator of the
fledgling program, and he accepted. Thus, the university's Recycling Program was born.
Al began putting the pieces in place for the program as quickly as possible. He combed the
campus, looking at waste types and the activities that created them, and figured out what types
of waste material were the best candidates for recycling. 'dild \\ .sle paper, concrete and scrap
metal," he said. "Those were the items that brought in the most revenue at the beginning, and
those are still our most valuable recyclable resources."
Thanks to Al's efforts, UF's recycling program hit the state goal of recycling 30% of campus
waste after just eighteen months, creating significant savings for the University. And the pro-
gram continued to grow as more members of campus became aware of its existence and began
Today the University of Florida recycling program stands among the best in the nation.
Annually, an average of 37% of the total campus waste is recycled, and that number is increas-
ing every year. "We recycle almost everything that Physical Plant touches," says Al Krause.
"Al has been running our program for so long that his name is synonymous with recycling
here at Physical Plant and the University of Florida," said PPD Director Dave O'Brien. "He has
built the program from the ground up, and has done an outstanding job of managing our
resources. Al has created a recycling effort that consistently exceeds the standards set by the
State of Florida, and has brought UF and PPD national acclaim."
Now that he's retired from Physical Plant, Al says he plans to take things easy until after the
Christmas holidays. "I have a lot of catching up on stuff to do at home," he said. "And I plan to
See KRAUSE Cont On Page 3

The Pirates OfPPD

Left to right:
Michael Richarme,
Dan Walker,
Oquendo, Joy
SJeffcoat, Nancy
McCullough, and

FoodOn Safe
Dolly Warner show
off their Halloween
costumes at Bldg.

by PPD Risk Management Coordinator Ron Hambrick
The Thanksgiving Holidays are only a few day away and many of us will be taking time away from work to visit family, friends,
and pursue personal hobbies. Remember that safety is as important off the job as it is on the job. A personal injury or illness can
leave you unable to work, care for your family, or pursue personal hobbies. A few tips to remember:
When working around the house, remember a few basic safety tips, as you would at work.
Wear ear and eye protection while mowing or using blowers, weed eaters, saws, etc.
Wear gloves when pulling weeds or making repairs around the home.
Practice ladder safety. Fully open A-Frame ladders, and do not step or stand above the second to top step.
Drive defensively. Thanksgiving is one of the busiest holiday travel seasons. Give yourself plenty of time to reach your
destination. Obey traffic laws don't drink and drive.
Food Safety
Food-borne illnesses have been in the news recently. Take extra precautions when preparing that special Thanksgiving
Don't cross-contaminate uncooked poultry and meat with vegetables and other uncooked items.
Defrost turkeys in the refrigerator, not on the counter.
Follow cooking instructions for the turkey or other meat you may have. The USDA recommends that a turkey must reach 180
degrees F, and the stuffing must reach at least 165 degrees F to kill bacteria.
Left-overs should be refrigerated promptly. Food left at room temperature for as little as two hours can grow enough bacteria
to cause illness.
Many people choose to hunt during the holiday season. But remember a few basic rules:
Follow all local hunting laws and regulations
Wear hearing and eye protection
Take a Hunting Safety class
Be sure of your target, what is in front, and beyond it.
Only aim at what you intend to shoot; If in doubt never take a shot
Know your safe zone; know where your companions are; wear daylight florescent orange so that you can be easily seen.
Control your emotions.
Keep fire arms locked, unloaded, and away from children at all times.

October Communication Breakfast Notes
Mr. O'Brien began the breakfast by mentioning the Ficke Gardens project, just south of the Baughman Center on Museum
Road. Recently, 30 palm trees were donated to the project. The trees were used in the O'Connell Center as part of a fundraiser, and
were donated by UF alumnus Jack Katz, founder and president of the Panama Jack corporation.
The Department of Environmental Protection is requiring PPD
to increase our signage alerting people that the UF campus is
irrigated with reclaimed water. OB said that reducing the number of
obtrusive signs on campus has been one of his priorities during
his tenure, but that the new reclaimed water signs will be fairly
small and he doesn't feel that they will detract from the campus
Building Services has received a flood of positive emails re-
s guarding our new paper products in campus restrooms. OB said
that it is PPD'sjob to provide our customers with the best possible
products, and that the positive response to the new products is a
result of good customer service.
S The old metal buildings out at the East Campus on Waldo
Road are being renovated and turned into brick buildings. Mr.
O'Brien expressed that this will beautify the area considerably. He
said that there have been some talks about relocating certain office
M ty W ts and Dve O rien staffs out to the East Campus, but Physical Plant employees have
Marty Werts and Dave O'Brien
not been considered for relocation.
Rinker Hall's patio is receiving a "green roof', comprised of living vegetation. OB said that the Rinker administration has
agreed to let their students take care of the roof, and its maintenance will not be a PPD responsibility.
PPD Grounds Landscaping/Groundskeeping Supt. Marty Werts was recently honored by the Board of Trustees for his
outstanding service to the University. This award is a new honor, according to Mr. O'Brien, and Marty was one of the first two
recipients in its history. OB said that it speaks very highly of Physical Plant to have an employee recognized in this manner.
Question and Answer:
Q: Is PPD moving across 34th Street?
A: No. There has been some discussion over the years about moving the animal housing from across 34th Street, and
converting that area to academic space, however.
Q: How are the percentages determined for merit increases?
A: A pool of money was given to each division, totaling 3% of total salary dollars per division, and that money was used to
distribute merit increases. Here at PPD, we decided that our standards for an individual to receive a merit increase were: the
individual had to have no discipline in the last year, and they had to have received an "Above average" or "Exceeds" rating on
their last performance appraisal.
Q: Is there a major difference in the old performance appraisal system versus the new one?
A: With the old system, 80% of our employees were receiving "Exceeds" ratings, and that isjust not a realistic number. The
new system allows for more flexibility in rating employee performance currently, 50% of our employees have received an "Above
Average" or "Exceeds" rating with the new system, and we feel that this is a more accurate representation. Remember that an
"Achieves" rating means that you are doing your job the way you are supposed to you must demonstrate exceptional
performance in order to receive a higher rating. If you received a merit increase, I applaud you on your outstanding effort, and if
not, meet with your supervisor and find out what areas of your work need improvement in order for you to increase your standard
of performance.

KRAUSE Cont. From Pg. 1
go out to California and visit some relatives. After the new year, though, I want to work on expanding my own consulting
business I provide advice to organizations and individuals who work with caves, on cave management and protection,
development, and related policies and issues."
It would not be possible to list everyone who helped make the recycling program a success over the years, according to Al.
"There were literally thousands of people who have helped build the program some in an official capacity, some as volunteers,
some in countless other ways," he said. "I would, however, like to thank PPD Director Dave O'Brien, VP of Finance and
Administration Ed Poppell, and PPD Associate Director of Operations Eric Cochran. They have all been extremely supportive,
reliable and helpful through the years, and gave our recycling program their whole-hearted support. Also, the day-to-day
contributions of UF and PPD staff have been invaluable, and much appreciated. There are just so many people who gave time and
effort and really made the program and myself a success."



Radames Ayala, Building Svcs.
Michael Davis, Building Svcs.
Sam Fisher, Systems
Heath Gregor, Systems
Billy Hardin, Grounds
Tameka Howard, Building Svcs.
Barry McAndrew, Systems
Dale Morris, Grounds
Deloris Patterson, Building Svcs.
Tameeka Robinson, Building Svcs.
Thomas Sanford, Building Svcs.
Abron Smith, Building Svcs.
Edward Toby, Systems
Rankin VanArnam, Health Center

Alan Stevens, Facilities
Amy Thacker, Work Mgmt.
Willie Touchton, Systems

September Employees of the Month:

Lan Cao Edward Dampier
Building Services Systems

Nancy JasinsKi
Building Services

I.-- s O T Quarter

Douglas Boyd Jim Brillhart
Systems Health Center

h'aui uoieman

Asniey Jacoos Larren hooie
Resource Mgmt. Grounds

Michael Richarme

Lori Wooten
Building Services

Caron DeWitt Nathan Gholz
Facilities Building Services


Benjamin Layfield,

Kathenne Pons Peder S. WinKel
Building Services Health Center

Cashing Out Leave For The Holidays
TEAMS employees: Plan now for December leave cash out. TEAMS employees are eligible to cash out up to 16 hours of vacation
leave regardless of FTE during the pay period of November 17th to November 30th, provided 40 hours of vacation leave remain
on balance after the end of that pay period. If you are eligible, you will receive the cash-out payment in your December 8th paycheck.
Please note: The on-cycle pay period of November 17th November 30th is the only pay period that the cash out can be requested on a
APPLICATION FOR LEAVE form, which is turned in to your supervisor. The DLC (December Leave Cash out) time reporting code
may be used only between November 17th and November 30th. It is the department's responsibility to ensure that no more than 16
hours of vacation leave are cashed out and that 40 hours of vacation leave remain on balance after the end of the November 17th-30th pay
period. Supervisors, be sure these Applications are forwarded to PPD Payroll in a timely manner in order to avoid missing this deadline.

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