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March 2006


I FromthePhysicalPln D i n of te Uy of Frid

Vol. XXII. Number 3
Dave O'Brien
Jeremiah Mclnnis

In This Issue:
EAD 2006: Fiesta At
Physical Plant
OB'Gram: Hard
Work Recognized
Breakfast Notes

PPD Divisional Employee Of The

Year: Bill Munden
Nine years ago, Bill Munden was ready for a
change of employment. He had owned and operated
his own sheetmetal business for over half a decade,
and he was looking for a less stressful line of work.
"My youngest child was getting ready to finish high
school, and I felt like that I needed to start doing
something that was a little less taxing on my time,"
he said. "I was ready to be able to be around the
house more, maybe even have weekends off work. I
think that was a big part of what led me to start Dave O'Brien andPPD Divisional
working at PPD." Employee of the Year Bill Munden
These days Bill might have his weekends free,
but his work ethic remains as strong as ever, and that ethic has not gone unrecognized. Munden,
a maintenance mechanic at the Health Center's Machinery Shop, has been chosen as Physical
Plant's 2006 Divisional Employee of the Year.
See MUNDEN Cont. On Pg. 3

2005 PPD Departmental Employees Of The Year


Left Photo(left to right): Bill Munden, Health Center; Fronz Macy, Grounds; Jackie Doby, Support Staff;
Vincent Herman, Resource Management; Mary Ann Daniel, Building Services; Ruthie Noland, Systems.
Right Photo, Top: Jay Beckenbach, A/E. Right Photo, Bottom: Terry Matchett, Facilities.
Congratulations to these fine employees!

February Communication Breakfast Recap
Mr. O'Brien started off the breakfast by mentioning the recent FLAPPA conference, held March 1-3 at the UF Hilton
Conference Center. FLAPPA is the Florida chapter of the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers, the worldwide
organization which awarded UF PPD with its 2005 Award for Excellence. The conference brought together representatives from
many state university physical plants, and featured speakers such as UF Vice President of Finance and Administration Ed Poppell.
Following the Orange and Blue game in April, the losing team will once again team up with PPD and the Inter-Fraternity
Council to plant trees on campus. OB said that this is part of Coach Meyer's philosophy of integrating the football players with
the rest of the UF community, and it will be a great opportunity for them to contribute to campus beautification.
A smoke evacuation system has been installed and is being tested at the O'Connell Center the system consists of large fans
in the top level of the dome. The fans are designed to suck smoke out in the event of a fire or other hazard, allowing people in the
top levels to be able to breathe freely and evacuate the building more smoothly.
OB talked briefly about a project PPD is involved with to install a generator at Gator Dining Comer. In the event of a hurricane
or other natural disaster which knocks out power to that area, the generator would be able to power the entire dining area as well
as the Southwest Rec Center, which has been designated as a hurricane shelter.
An open house for Physical Plant is being planned for fall 2006 OB said that this is still in the planning stages, but that
things like tours of our facilities might be offered. This will be a good opportunity for the rest of campus to see how PPD works
on a day-to-day basis.
Finally, Mr. O'Brien talked about an event called Civic Lights. This event has been on-going in Europe for several years it
involves displays of creative, decorative lighting on city streets and parks. UF will be bringing many of the designers involved to
Gainesville, in order to re-create the lighting displays on campus. OB stated that PPD will be involved in the event, and that it is
the first time the Civic Lights event will be held in the United States.
Question and Answer:
Q: If there is not enough money in the budget to cover campus electrical costs, will some buildings be shut down to conserve
A: No, we think that the utilities shortfall will be covered. The indications from Tigert Hall are that we will receive enough
money to cover our campus utility bills.
Q: Will employees need parking permits in order to park at the East Campus?
A: No, right now that area is designated for open parking.
Q: Did you know that parking garages at Shands will ticket UF employee vehicles if they see the employee parking pass on
your windshield, even if you pay to park in the garage?
A: The Health Science Center has been trying to discourage UF employees from taking up visitor's spots in the garages by
parking their vehicles there all day. If you park there, be sure to remove your decal. If you forget, and receive a ticket, you may
appeal to the Traffic and Parking Committee, and they will usually throw out the ticket.
Q: What is UF doing about making the pay at PPD competitive with other state institutions?
A: President Machen is committed to attracting the best scientists and professors to UF, and I firmly believe that you need
a top-notch physical plant in order to support them. Accordingly, we need to find the money to pay our staff a competitive wage.
I'm hopeful that we can address this issue soon.

^a OB'Gram: Employees' Hard Work

Does Not Go Un-noticed
by Dave O'Brien
This edition of Gatortales has an article about Bill Munden, PPD's Employee of the Year for 2005. Bill
is very deserving of this award. We always ask our Employee of the Year to attend the New Faculty
Orientation in August to help introduce PPD to the university's new faculty, and I am confident that Bill will
represent us well.
Bill was chosen from an impressive group of people, each representing their individual departments as
the Employee of the Year in their area. I enjoyed congratulating each of them on their accomplishments. Being recognized by your
colleagues for your hard work is a great honor and they should all be very proud.
I am frequently reminded that we have many people here at PPD who deserve our thanks. The March 7t edition of the
Alligator contained a thoughtful letter to the editor from a UF student expressing her appreciation for our work. She stated,
"...employees at our university work very hard to keep it looking beautiful and running like clockwork." Her letter ended with a
challenge to her fellow students: "Come on, students. We've got it good. How about a little appreciation?"
I believe that many members of the university community, students, faculty and staff, realize the importance of the role PPD
plays at UF. It's just nice to see it in writing, isn't it? So thanks to everyone at PPD for your efforts!

UF Physical Plant will hold ourtenth annual Employee Appreciation Day on Friday,April 28. "Fiesta" is the theme, and
there will be horseshoes, volleyball, and individual games such as word scrambles and card games on the tables under
the lunch tent. The County Fair Cooking Contests will be held in Main Street as usual for more information or to sign
up, contact Brenda Wright (273-5905) or Kenya Greene (392-4415.
Vice President Ed Poppell will be in attendance, and President and Mrs. Machen are tentatively scheduled to attend. EAD
is a great time for relaxation, fun and good food we hope to see everyone there!

MUNDEN Continued From Page 1
Maintenance Supervisor Tommy Black said, "Overall, Bill's daily work speaks for itself. He's a self-starter and willing to tackle
any problem that might arise. I know that I can depend on him to do things to the best of his abilities and pick up the slack
wherever necessary in our department. He's just a really good, dependable employee, and one of the best we have out here at
Physical Plant."
Bill said, "I'm really proud to accept this award. The only thing I feel like is that Tommy deserves a lot of credit too. I'mjust
a blue shirt worker and I think I'm pretty lucky to have him as a supervisor a lot of the things I've tried to do, he could've kept
me under his thumb and not allowed them, or he could've taken all the credit for them. But he's not the type of guy to do that, and
I feel like I owe him a lot of thanks for his help."
At the HSC Machinery Shop, Bill works on a broad spectrum of devices from air compressors and vacuum pumps to chilled
water and fire prevention equipment. "When I first came to PPD, I was happy just getting to work on all that big equipment," he
said. "But as time went on, I started noticing that a lot of this stuff was worn out, or obsolete. I'm the kind of person that likes to
pay attention to things and improve them, rather than just fixing them till the next time they break. So I decided to see if I could
figure out ways to help improve our equipment."
He began taking external classes, and making suggestions for ways to change old machinery for the better. "I would do
things like study new equipment on my own time, get training videos of stuff and watch them at home. Then I'd come in to work
and tell Tommy the things that I was learning and how I felt they could be used at PPD," he said.
"The equipment is always changing out here," said Tommy Black. "As new buildings come online, or old machinery gets
upgraded, we have to learn and adapt to new processes and procedures. Bill's always been real energetic, and a real go-getter at
learning those new processes and how best to operate the equipment we have."
In 2001, Bill received a Davis Productivity Award for his efforts to maximize productivity on the job. "At the Health Center, we
have these giant air compressors that are used to pump compressed air into labs and classrooms," he explained. "The buildings
here have compressed air lines in them, just like chilled water lines or electric lines in regular buildings, and they use that air to do
things like power dental vacuums and tools, or to create vacuums within certain labs in order to perform experiments. What I
found out was that those air compressors were only being used to about 33% capacity. So I submitted a plan for taking the
compressors to full capacity that way they could be used to send air to the entire Brain Center, as well as the Health Center where
they were currently used. I felt like that was a great opportunity to get more out of the equipment we already had, rather than
having more money spent on unnecessary machinery."
HSC Interim Assistant Director John Lawson said, "Bill's dedication, experience, and persistence has led to increased
efficiencies and energy savings in our compressed air systems and vacuum pump systems, as well as increased testing ability to
ensure fire pump systems operate as required. Bill is a positive, outgoing individual, and we are fortunate to have a mechanic of
his caliber working withinPPD."
Bill was bor, raised, and makes his home in the Gainesville area. He and his wife, Becky, have five children, who are all grown
now and beginning families of their own. "I've got one grandchild so far," he said. "Me and him go riding around in my old Jeep
out in the woods, hunting and fishing and stuff."
At home, Bill has an 1800 square foot shop with two hydraulic lifts, in order to follow his passion for custom hot rods and
motorcycles. "Well, I've always been into bikes and cars," he said. "In high school I used to have myself a chopped '48 Ford with
Corvette orange paint. That thing was mean, but it sure got me a lot of tickets!"
His current collection includes an '01 Harley Road King Classic, a '49 Dodge pickup, a '37 Chevy street rod with Corvette
running gear, and a custom Softtail bike with a 38 degree rake that he's building for his wife. "Yeah, she rides bikes," said Bill. "All
the kids do too I taught them all how to ride when they were young."
Bill says he usually rides his Harley to work, but that's about to change. "I'm going to buy myself this old Yamaha 650 that
I saw, and ride that to work. I get too worried bringing my nice Harley on campus and leaving it around all those scooters the
students drive they park those things all kind of crazy ways! I know I might take some grief from the guys at work for driving a
beat-up old Yamaha, but I don't care," he said, laughing.
Nine years ago, Bill was looking for a change of employment, but these days he says he feels perfectly fine with his work
situation. "I really like PPD, I enjoy working with my co-workers and my supervisor. I plan to stay here a long time," he said. "I feel
like staying here as long as the work still challenges me, and you know, with the way technology is changing, that could be
forever. I've been interested in tinkering and building things all my life, and as long as somebody's around that will listen to my
ideas, I'll be around to offer them."


Laurence Cotman, Building Svcs.
Selena King, Building Svcs.
Noeurn Kong, Building Svcs.
Andrea Toombs, Building Svcs.
Hai Tran, Building Svcs.
Sabrina Walker, Business Operations
Shawanna Williams, Building Svcs.

Harry Walko, Operations Engineering

January Employees of the Month:

L i' .

Ken Combs Maurice Corbin
Systems Building Services

Keith Feagle


Robert Frame Billy Harrison
Building Services Health Center

Clarissa Jackson
Building Services

Not Pictured:

James Graham, Grounds

Charles Henry, Building Services

PPD Valentines
On Valentine's Day, the
National Council of Negro
Women stopped by Physical
Plant with boxes of candy
packets for PPD employees.
At left, HSC Building Services
employees (left to right)
Shirley Henry, Theresa Young,
Nathan Gholz and Freida
Taylorshow off their unex-
pected presents.


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