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September 2005
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I From the5PhysicalPlantDvsnoteUirtyfFrd

Vol. XXI. Number 9
Dave O'Brien
Jeremiah Mclnnis

In This Issue:

UFCC Coverage
Stan King Retires

Gators Give In A

Million Ways
by Pam Walker
The University of Florida Community Campaign, themed "Gators Give in a Million
Ways," kicks off September 26 and runs through October 7, with the goal of reaching the
$1 million dollar mark. This is a wonderful opportunity for each of us to join others in
helping to fund the critical services extended by the 76 charitable agencies supported by
UFCC. These organizations work every day to support and improve the lives of people in
North Central Florida. Services range from providing low-cost medical and dental ser-
vices for low-income residents to sheltering abused women and children. They may also
fund research to ease suffering from diseases like diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer's or
extend end of life care for our elderly and ill.
Once you receive it, please take a moment to complete your pledge card and return it
to your department repre-
sentative. Supporting the
Raising The UF Community Campaign
STemperature couldn't be easier with pay-
roll deduction. You can
Paul Huntley, ofSystems even specify the agency
Department, maneuvers you'd like to receive your
one of three giant UFCC donation. PPD's UFCC
thermometersigns into committee has worked hard
place at the corner of to think of ways to encour-
SW 13th Street and age our staff to participate.
Union Road. The sign This year, the committee
was one of three that will place the names of all
were put up on campus PPD employees who pledge
in a joint project be- at least $1.00 per payday
tween Systems and into several drawings to
Facilities. win $25.00 gift certificates
Employees who helped to local businesses includ-
complete the project ing Lowe's, Wal-Mart,
included Huntley, Larry and several restaurants.
Ramsey, Keith Feagle, This is just the committee's
Jeremy Tetstone, Paul way of saying "Thanks for
Friese, Brian Kelly, helping others"!
Chuck Rolling, Leon Did you know that a
Cauthern, Tracy Smith, donation of $1.00 apay pe-
and Buddy Vaughan. riod can provide 1,000 in-
UFCC Cont. On Pg. 4

PPD And UFCC: Close To Home
Most PPD employees are aware that the University of Florida Community Campaign is a great way to support charitable
organizations, such as the United Way and the American Cancer Society. However, what many do not realize is that in order to be
eligible for UFCC funds, these organizations must provide services in Alachua County or the surrounding counties of Bradford,
Columbia, Clay, Gilchrist, Levy, Marion, Putnam, Suwannee and Union. This ensures that your donations will be used primarily to
help fund charities and services in your local community.
Many of these same local organizations have ties to members of the UF Physical Plant organization. Gatortales sat down with
several PPD employees to learn about their personal experiences with some of the many charities and agencies that are part of the
UFCC's fundraising effort.
Irene Thomas, Program Assistant, Central Stores
The Ronald McDonald House of Gainesville is where Irene chooses to volunteer her time. Ronald McDonald House provides
comfort and lodging to families from out of town whose children are undergoing major medical treatments.
Irene said, "Every year my church, Cross Creek Baptist, prepares two full-course meals which we serve at the Ronald
McDonald House. All the churches in Gainesville take their turns providing this service. Besides
cooking and serving the food, we also visit with the parents and stay with them during the meal to
provide support and counseling if they would like basically we're there to lend an ear and try to help
take their mind off the situation they're going through at that time."
As well as the meal, Irene's church also organizes soda can tab drives. "Those little pop top tabs
on soda cans, the children at our church collect them and we have a big plastic house container that we
fill up and donate," she said. The donated tabs are recycled for 35 cents a pound, and Ronald McDonald
House uses this money to help pay for treatment costs for sick children.
"The Ronald McDonald House is just a wonderful organization, and deserves your support," said
Irene. "And I would also encourage anybody who has some extra time on their hands to just call down
there and find out if there's any way you can volunteer to help I can guarantee you that it will be a
very rewarding experience." Irene Thomas
Ronald McDonald House of Gainesville official website: www.rmhgainesville.com
Valerie Peoples, Custodial Supervisor, Building Services
Valerie always dreamed of being a mother and raising her own family. Unfortunately, she suffered through several miscar-
riages, and had begun to wonder if she'd ever get that chance. That's when the Children's
Home Society of Florida entered the picture. The Society is an organization dedicated to
finding foster homes for displaced children, and to helping parents who wish to adopt these
Valerie said, "I had worked with CHS for about a year, just as a volunteer, before I
became involved with the adoption process. I wanted to be able to have a family, but I
wanted to be comfortable with the process and understand everything that was going on.
CHS was wonderful they conduct a background check on all prospective parents, and
they send you to a class which walks you through what you can expect. I was able to meet
my girls beforehand, and to visit with them for several weeks in order to get to know them
better before any decisions were made."
In 2002, Valerie legally adopted her three daughters, Artesia, Ariana, and Artiana. "I was
so proud and so happy!" she says, smiling. "I mean, I finally had a family, finally had
children of my own. And I could not be more pleased with the way things worked out, or
more proud of these three beautiful little girls."
The Peoples family, The Children's Home Society pays all legal fees associated with adoption, as well as
clockwise from left: providing a monthly stipend for foster parents and adoptive parents. They also provide
Valerie, Ariana, Artesia, health insurance for the children, and a college tuition fund for qualified high school gradu-
George, andArtiana. ates. "It's just a wonderful, wonderful organization," says Valerie. "If you have any ques-
tions about adopting a child, or becoming a foster parent, these are the people that you need
to see."
Children's Home Society of Florida official website: www.helpfloridachildren.org
Nick Florentine, Project Manager, PPD Architecture/Engineering
Nick has personal experience with the kindness and compassion of Hospice of North Central Florida. He tells his story: "My
wife, Erika, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in January of last year. The doctors at Shands said if she took radiation
treatments, we could limit the pain and maybe extend her life until June. The otherwise that went with that was that she would
probably only make it to March. With the help of Drs. Toskes, Marsh and Zlotecki, we decided on a regimen of radiation therapy,
with no chemotherapy."
"Even with the radiation treatments, Erika's pain grew worse and worse. She was no longer able to get relief from pain killers

taken by mouth, and pretty soon the patches failed as well. Our family physician, Dr. Gaines, recommended that we turn to
Hospice. We have a good Hospice Center in Palatka, but they weren't equipped to handle developing a drug program of the kind
that would keep Erika relatively pain free, yet not drugged so much that she couldn't function. They sent her to the center here
in Gainesville where Dr. McCollough fitted her with a drug dispensing pump and developed a dosage for her. The Palatka Hospice
staff, Dr. Findlater, RN Smith, and CNAHills cared for Erika at our home."
"You will recall that she was given a prognosis of June; she died in October at our house the morning of the 23rd. That was
to the credit of Hospice. The care she received from Hospice kept her alive and functioning right up until the moment she died. I
know, I was with her at that moment when she folded her hands on her chest, closed her eyes and took her last breath."
Hospice of North Central Florida official website: www.hospicecares.org
James Brown, Custodial Worker, Building Services
James is a volunteer youthbasketball coach with the Boys and Girls Club ofAlachua. The Boys
and Girls Club provides children the opportunity to participate in specially designed programs.
James said, "The Club is basically a place for kids to go after school and during the summertime,
where they can participate in sports, afterschool programs, and other activities. There are football,
basketball and baseball leagues, and kids can get help with their homework from tutors, as well."
"When I was younger, I used to go to the Boys and Girls Club all the time," he continued. No\\
S- I like to give back to the organization by working as a coach. Last year I got to coach my younger
S cousin's team, and that was a lot of fun."
There are three locations in Gainesville, and James said all ages are welcome, from 6-18 years
James Brown old. He says that he feels the Boys and Girls Club is a very deserving organization for donations.
"You know, I think this is just a great program to give kids an opportunity to do something construc-
tive with their time. The Club helps kids with their schoolwork, with their mental and physical health,
keeps them out of trouble, and just generally offers some great opportunities."
Boys and Girls Club official website: www.myboysandgirlsclub.com
Victoria Hudson, Senior Clerk, Health Science Center
For the past four years, Victoria has been volunteering with both St. Francis House and the Interfaith Hospitality Network.
These organizations work to feed, clothe and shelter homeless and displaced families.
Victoria said, "I go around to different yard sales and find cheap clothing, and I get my friends and co-workers to donate old
clothes of theirs that can be given to folks at these shelters. I also volunteer at the shelters and help cook meals and that sort of
thing. I first got involved in caring for the homeless when I was doing a census several years ago at a SalvationArmy event I was
so deeply affected by the stories that I heard that I went home and got all my late husband's old clothes, and I came back and
handed them out to as many people as I could. One man was just so happy to have a new pair of jeans and a western-style shirt,
he could not stop smiling a week later he came back and told me that he wore those clothes to ajob interview and he got hired,
and he just thanked me over and over again."
"I would encourage anyone who wonders about donating to St. Francis or IHN, to just go down there and spend a day, or an
hour, or whatever you can spare, volunteering," she said. You c ill understand how well every penny of those donations is being
spent. I mean, simple things you just can't imagine, that we take for granted, are huge luxuries to these people. You will see how
much just a pair of jeans, and a new shirt, can turn a person's whole life around."
St. Francis House official website: www.stfrancishouse.org
Interfaith Hospitality Network of Gainesville official website: www.ihngvl.org
(Note: To make a donation to IHN, you must designate it as a specific organization that you wish to donate towards in the
appropriate section of your UFCC pledge card.)
Erick Smith, Urban Forester, Operations Engineering
Erick is a volunteer with the Gainesville Harvest organization, a network of volunteers who pick
up donated food from local restaurants and grocery stores, and drop the donations off at local
shelters, soup kitchens, and organizations which feed the hungry.
"The purpose of Gainesville Harvest is to redistribute food, basically there's a crazy amount of ..
food, good food, edible food, from restaurants, supermarkets, sorority kitchens, you name it, thatjust
goes to waste every day," he said. "We are the bridge between people who donate and people who
can use those donations. I've been doing this about eight years, and about once a week I go and
pick up stuff from the Albertson's on 13th Street, and drop it off at the Thelma Boltin Center downtown.
There's a network of about 250 volunteers here locally, with one central director, who coordinates
While the Harvest network is primarily made up of volunteers, Erick said that donations are very Erick Smith
much appreciated and put to good use. "I think this is an excellent cause to contribute toward," he
said. "With this organization, a little bit goes a long way. They can take a small amount of money and
do amazing things with it."
Gainesville Harvest is located at 703 NE 1st Street, Gainesville.

September Communication Breakfast Recap
OB started off the breakfast with the announcement that replacements have been found for former department heads Bob Bell
and Theotis Callaway. Eric Cochran will be the new Associate Director of Operations, replacing Bell, and Derrick Bacon will be
replacing Callaway as Assistant Director of Building Services. Look for interviews with Cochran and Bacon in next month's
The UF Community Campaign is kicking off onAugust 26, and Mr. O'Brien encouraged all PPD employees to help make it a
success. He said, "I am sure that all of us here have been touched
... ...--.- j by, or know someone who has been touched by, one of these
i organizations which the UFCC is helping to fund. This is a
Wonderful opportunity to be able to share a buck or two and
_4.. help others down the road."
Superior Accomplishment Award nominations have
opened, and will run through October 30. OB encouraged all
supervisors to nominate deserving employees for these awards.
Gator Fridays have been extended to include all Fridays
during the football season. PPD employees are allowed to dress
casually on these days.
OB mentioned the recent gasoline shortage in the wake of
Joe Bright, Joe Shaw, and Norman Long received a Hurricane K
TOPGUN award at the Sept. breakfast, for their work atna and encouraged employees to be energy
S a the w rea at fr i conscious and look for ways to save energy. "If you see waste-
in keeping the wastewater treatment plant running
n k g te wt p t r in ful usage, report it," he said. "If you see lights on that don't
smoothly while supervisor Chuck Fender was out.
need to be on, turn them off. PPD's electric bill is rising all the
time, and extra funds are in short supply, so let's all see what we can do to reduce
energy consumption."
The merit raise for union employees has been approved by the Board of
Trustees. OB said that supervisors are currently in the process of submitting
qualified employees for increases.
Question and Answer
Q: I had heard that Gov. Bush mentioned going to a 4-day workweek for all
state employees in order to help save gasoline, is that true?
A: There has been some discussion about that there are some benefits to
that idea but then again classes here go on five days a week, and we have to
provide service five days a week. I'm not sure that we'll ever adopt that plan
completely. One thing, though, which has been mentioned is carpooling for out-
of-town employees, and I would encourage all our people to do that.
Q: If Homecoming is a 12 day holiday from 1-5, how will that be adjusted for
different work schedules like the overnight shift? A carpool board (with map) has been
A: We have been discussing that and though we don't have a 100% solu- set up in Bldg. 702 to help lower gas
tion right now, we will get it taken care of before the holiday. bills for commuting employees.
Q: Will the new merit raises be retroactive to January 28?
A: Yes, they will.
Q: Is it true that the university is thinking of canceling TEAMS and making everyone USPS again?
A: When UF "separated" from the state system, and TEAMS was created, the assumption was that the old union contracts
were over. However, the recent ruling by the Public Employee Relations Committee states that those contracts are still applicable,
and this is a ruling that could potentially do away with TEAMS and return UF to our old USPS/A&P system. No one is sure yet
that that will happen, though.
Q: Will there be another Christmas bonus this year?
A: No, we received that bonus last yearbecause we didn't get a raise. This year, we got the 3.6% salary increase, and we hope
to continue receiving similar increases each year.

UFCC Cont. From Pg. 1
dividuals with diabetes risk tests through the American Diabetes Association; or provide 2 mental health therapy sessions
for an abused child at the Child Advocacy Center; or provide 13 hours of dental or medical care at the Alachua County
Organization for Rural Needs (ACORN) Clinic which serves residents in Alachua, Bradford, Columbia, Union and other
counties in North Central Florida. There are many other examples of ways that your donations can help. For more
information or to see the list of agencies, visit www.ufcc.ufl.edu
Don't miss out on an opportunity to provide assistance to people in our own neighborhoods...

V September OB 'Gram: Consider Supporting UFCC

This month's edition of Gatortales talks very seriously about some of the agencies who receive
support from the University of Florida Community Campaign (UFCC). I want to thank each of our employees
W who volunteered to be interviewed about their participation in these programs. There are over 900 employees
at PPD, and all of us at one time or another have either benefited from programs supported by the UFCC
ourselves, or certainly we know someone who has. Perhaps you have volunteered to help at a local organiza-
tion the way Irene Thomas has helped at the Ronald McDonald House.
Because we know the organizations in the UFCC are dedicated to assisting the people who live in
our neighborhoods, I hope you will consider supporting the campaign this year.

Last Of The Meter Readers
PPD Energy Mgmt. Coordinator Jeff
Johnson, left, is shown presenting outgo-
ing Senior Clerk Stan King with a certifi-
cate of appreciation for his 17 years of
service with PPD.
Since the University has moved to elec-
tronic readings on all electric meters, Stan
was the last remaining official meter reader
on staff.
Congratulations Stan, and good luck in
your retirement!

Physical Plant UFCC

Front row, left to right: Irene
Thomas, Nick Florentine, Pam
Walker, Nong Owens, Jackie
Second row: Donna Bloomfield,
Valerie Peoples, Kenya Greene,
Leila Cantara (UF Business
Services Division UFCC coordi-
Third row: Jim Beck, Brenda
Wright, Dolly Warner, Ken Gotay.
Back row: Mark Ivanowski, Matt
Graham, Caron DeWitt, Jean
Sweitzer (College of Dentistry
representative), Bernie Rieg.
Not pictured: Steve DeRobertis,
Phil Seay, James Carsey, Dave
Garzon, Jon Priest, Glenn Hayes,
Sharon Holmes, Jay Lancaster,
Danny Grant, Betty Standridge,
Joe Rogers, Donna Agerton,
Sherry Martensen, Charles
Cochran, and Harold Barrand.


Melinda Augustus, Building Svcs.
Lan Cao, Building Svcs.
Earl Carter, Building Svcs.
Jerome Cookesly, Systems
Derrick Dampier, Grounds
Lee Eagle, Building Svcs.
Charles Henry, Building Svcs.
Tameka Howard, Building Svcs.
Dwayne Jones, Systems
Marsha McNish, Building Svcs.
Carla Oliver, Ops. Engineering
Johnnie Plumber, Grounds
Donald Short, Systems
Hoa Tran, Building Svcs.
Tam Troung, Building Svcs.
Vickie Woody, Building Svcs.

Bill Mikulski, Facilities

August Employees of the Month:

Kevin Drye Mark Lampp
Building Svcs. Systems

Aaron Munnerlyn
Health Center

Not Pictured:

Angela Carter,
Building Svcs.

Mary Ann Daniel,
Building Svcs.

Evelena Richards Joseph Rogers
Building Svcs. Facilities


Richard Runyon was
incorrectly identified as
Facilities Employee of
the Month last issue;
instead he was Facilities
Employee of the Quarter.

2005 PPD UFCC Goals and Events

* Increased sense of community involvement
* Site visits with PPD employees to better explain UFCC and its mission
* 50/50 drawings weekly, with "Mega 50/50" drawing to be held Oct. 18 (contact
Jackie Doby @ 2-7899 for more information)
* Drawings for gift certificates for all employees who donate $1 or more per payday
* 4-Man Scramble golf tournament on Nov. 11 (contact Chuck Hogan @ 2-1155,
ext. 412 for more information)


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