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August 2005


I From the5PhysicalPlantDvsnoteUirtyfFrd

Vol. XXI. Number 8

Dave O'Brien

Jeremiah Mclnnis

In This Issue:

OB'Gram: Tips For
Hurricane Season

August Comm.
Breakfast Recap

Football Fridays

A huge crowd ofPPD emp
August 10 to enjoy a free I

The Importance OfEnsuringA CorretAddress
by Kevin Clarke, PPD HR Manager
As we all move on with our busy schedules and lives, you don't want to have any-
thing important slip through the cracks. Relocating, or finding a new place to live can be
such a crazy experience, you can easily forget to do one of the most important tasks in the
process. You must remember to change your address with your employer.
It is not enough to tell your supervisor you have moved, or even to give your imme-
diate supervisor your new address written on a piece of paper. You must take it upon
yourself to ensure that the University has your correct, updated address so that you can
be contacted about important information.
The University will not send you junk mail or sell your information to anyone else.
Updating your correct address is safe and important. Some of the things that are affected
by your address in the PeopleSoft system include: mailings that inform you of any changes
with benefits, rule changes, tax information and W-4 mailing locations, and any other mail
correspondence that is needed to inform you of important information regarding your job.
So, how do you change your address in the official University system? There are
several ways to do this. The first
way is to stop by the PPD-HR
office located in room 106 of
building 702 and see Jackie. She
will have you fill out a new W-4
and will ensure the new infor-
mation is properly placed in the
PeopleSoft system. The second
way, if you feel you are com-
puter savvy, is to go to the
myUFL portal. First click on
'My Account', then click on
'Update My Directory Profile'.
In this profile, click on the or-
ange colored 'Addresses and
Phone Numbers' header. Then
input your correct information
in the system. When you are fin-
ished, click 'Save' and you will
have successfully changed your
loyees and others turned out on Wednesday, Even if you haven't moved
unch, prizes and gifts at the 3rd annual Fi- in the past two years, I would

nance andAdministration Employee Appreciation Day. For more pic-
tures, see page 3.

See ADDRESS Cont. On Pg. 4

August Communication Breakfast Recap

Mr. O'Brien began by mentioning PPD's APPA Award For Excellence, and announced that over the weekend of
August 4-6, he and several other members of the PPD organization attended the APPA conference in Orlando, where they
were presented with the Award by APPA President Ed Rice. Mr. O'Brien thanked PPD employees for all their hard work,
and stated, "The work that our employees do is what has allowed us to receive this award. All that hard work pays off -
it is obvious to me, and should be to you as well, that we are now in the company of elite Physical Plants across the
OB said that the merit raise has been approved by the union management and AFSCME representatives have been
able to work out the issues at hand, and the next step for the University of Florida to approve the program. Mr. O'Brien
said he is hopeful that this will happen on Sept. 9, when the Board of Trustees meets in Gainesville. He said that once this
approval is granted, he will begin meeting with supervisors and working on the process of identifying worthy individuals
to receive the merit raises. OB said, "I am very excited about our
ability to provide these raises to our employees."
.4 m The UF Community Campaign starts on Sept. 26. OB said, "I
just want to mention that if it is possible for you to assist these
charities, please do so, as it is a very worthy cause. PPD has al-
ways been one of the most generous organizations on campus, and
I hope to see that generosity continue."
As every employee knows, classes have begun again for the
fall semester, and with that comes thousands of new students. Mr.
O'Brien said that with UF approaching 50,000 total students, this
year we will have more freshmen than usual. He said, "This is a
APPA President Ed Rice (left) presents great university, and we should feel privileged to be a part of it."
the 2004 APPA Award for Excellence to DOT has begun their project to re-pave SW 2nd Avenue. The
UFPPD Director Dave O'Brien andAward project started just west of 34th Street, and will work east as it
Committee members Allan Preston, Mark goes. It is scheduled to last until December, 2006. If you currently
Ivanowski, Pam Walker, Donna Agerton use SW 2nd Avenue frequently, you will probably want to look for
and Bob Bell. alternate transportation routes, as traffic in this area will be very
UF President Bernie Machen has now been in office for a year and a half, and has completed his top-level staff. Mr.
O'Brien said he feels that employees will soon begin to see the University moving forward with increased energy and
effort the goal is for UF to become one of the top 10 public universities in the country (we are currently ranked #16 by
US News and World Report). He said, "We are all a part of this goal. The service that we provide helps support the
students and faculty, and is an integral part of the University's success."
The search for replacements forAsst. Directors Bell and Callaway is in progress. Mr. O'Brien said that candidates are
being interviewed for both positions and he hopes to make a selection within the next 14-30 days.
Major renovations are underway at the East Campus on Waldo Road, the future home of the Bridges staff. Mr.O'Brien
said that a master plan has been developed for the establishment of a UF presence on Waldo Road, and that within the next
ten years, there will be sizeable growth in that area.
Finally, a drawing was held for a $25 Outback gift certificate all employees who had completed and turned in their
TOPGUN training homework were entered in the drawing, and Jill Lee, of Building Services, was chosen as the winner.
Congratulations, Jill!
Question and Answer:
Q: I've heard that there is about to be a whole lot more publicity around the University, with TV ads and things like
that is that true?
A: Well, there is a concerted effort being made to "brand" UF to establish an image that people associate with our
university. Slogans and advertising are part of that effort, and the University has contracted with a PR firm in order to
work towards this goal. This is all part of the effort to make us into a top 10 public university.
Q: Is the 4-10 workweek program going to be done away with?
A: Right now we plan to continue that program. Of course there may be some staffing issues with the holidays
coming up where it won't be possible for some employees, during that period, but that program is still in effect and we
have no plans to discontinue it in the near future.

The Return Of "Football Fridays" Mr O'Brien has authorized all PPD employees to dress
down on Fridays throughout the football season. The casual dress should be in good taste
and hopefully visibly show support for the Gators. Shorts are not authorized except for those
employees that are currently allowed to wear uniform shorts.

August OB 'Gram: Being Prepared For Hurricanes
Special Guest Column by Ron Hambrick, PPD Risk Management Coordinator
" .'"" As many of you know, part of my job here at PPD is to maintain our 'Disaster Plan' to ensure that
if a hurricane or other natural disaster impacts our campus, we're ready to respond. We all know that
we need to be ready at home as well. Even though we may have talked about these before, it's always
a good idea to review what steps should be taken before a storm hits:
Store water in plastic containers. Estimate one gallon/person/day for a minimum of 5 days.
Clean bathtubs and sinks and fill them with water to use for bathing, flushing toilets, etc. You can even
fill your washing machine with extra water. If water needs to be purified, it should be brought to a
rolling boil for one minute and add 8 drops (1/8 teaspoon) unscented bleach per gallon.
Stock up on non-perishable food. Be sure you have plenty of propane, charcoal, and sterno on hand.
Our Grounds Department goes around campus before a storm to pick up loose items. We should do the same
thing at home. Bring in lawn chairs and tables, etc.
Fuel your vehicles. Don't wait until the last minute. Previous hurricanes have proven that fuel shortages may
occur days before a storm and last for weeks after. Don't forget, if you store fuel for generators be sure to store
it safely in proper containers and in well-ventilated areas.
Be sure you have cash ATMs and bank cards may not be available to you.
Turn your refrigerators/freezers to their lowest setting. This will cool the food down and keep it cooler longer.
The same goes for your house. Turn the AC down to a low setting prior to the storm. This will help keep the
house cooler for a longer time if your power is lost.
If you plan to evacuate go early. If you live in an evacuation zone or mobile home, listen to local emergency
management officials and evacuate when the orders are given. Take a change of clothing and any personal items
you or your family might need such as medications, toiletries, and special food items including baby formula.
Don't forget your identification documents. Bring games and books for the kids (and yourself), blankets,
pillows, sleeping bags, snacks and battery operated flashlights and radios.
Have a plan for your pets public shelters do not accept pets so so other arrangements will need to be made.
Hopefully, we won't need to use any of our disaster plans this hurricane season. But let's be ready -just in case!

PPD And Professors

PPD Employee of the Year Shauna Rawlins
and Work Mgmt. Coordinator Bob Estling
were on hand to answer questions about
Physical Plant at New Faculty Orientation,
held at the Ham Museum, August 17.

F&A Employee Appreciation Day

Top: (left to right) HSC employees Rhonda Britt, Effie
Jackson, and Annie Henry enjoy the festivities.
Bottom: (left to right) PPD's Nick Florentine, Chandler
Rozear and Lou Schillinq handing out qift baqs.


Alonzo Bivins, Building Svcs.
Marion Boston, Building Svcs.
Terra Dailey, Building Svcs.
Antoinette Filer, Building Svcs.
Glen Griffis, Grounds
Ron Hambrick, Risk Mgmt.
Ola Hill, Building Svcs.
Edith Jackson, Building Svcs.
Jacqueline Kimbrough, Building Svcs.
Judy Koontz, Building Svcs.
Jason Lindsey, Motor Pool
Addie Pons, Business Ops.
Catherine Terry, Building Svcs.
Dwayne Walker, Building Svcs.
Ayesha Williams, Building Svcs.

Willie Hill, Operations Engineering
UF Service Pins^B


July Employees of the Month:

Kevin Drye Mark Lampp Aaron Munnerlyn
Building Svcs. Systems Health Center

S Not Pictured:

Maurice Batey,
I Grounds

Bozie Thomas Luis Vazquez
Building Svcs. Building Svcs.

ADDRESS Cont. From Pg. 1
strongly encourage you visit your profile location in PeopleSoft to confirm your correct address in the system. If you are
unsure, or can't get confirmation that your address is correct, stop by the PPD-HR office and complete a new W-4 just
in case. The hassle you save may be your own.
As usual, if you have any questions regarding your PeopleSoft account or any other HR related question, feel free to
come by our office. Our door is always open!

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