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The Florida Forest Steward

A Quarterly Newsletter for Florida Landowners and Resource Professionals

Winter 2007

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It's tour season!
Join us for a property tour in your region.
Photo by Chris Larson, Shoal Sanctuary, 2006

Forest Stewardship Program
By Chris Demers

The Forest Stewardship Program was
founded in 1990 by Congress to
encourage and help landowners to
actively manage their forest resources
for multiple benefits including habitat
for fish and wildlife, wood products,
clean air and water, recreational
opportunities, and aesthetic beauty.
Another function of the program is to
recognize landowners who practice good
land stewardship through certification.
The Florida Division of Forestry
administers Florida's Forest Stewardship
Program and provides technical
assistance with forest management.
Technical assistance for wildlife
management is provided by the Florida
Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Commission and educational services
are provided by the University of
Florida. As of September 30, 2007 there
are 2,784 landowners enrolled in
Florida's Forest Stewardship program,
collectively owning over 780,785 acres
across the state. Of these ownerships
375 are certified Forest Stewards. We
recognize those achieving certification
so far in 2007 in this
issue. A 1 *




Volume 14, No. 3

The leaves on the tupelo trees on my
property in Gainesville have been bright
red since early September and a few
more species are following suit it must
be tour season! This year our
geographic range for tours has expanded
greatly. We're getting down to Lee
County to visit three properties on
October 26, which will have come and
gone by the time you read this. We'll be
in Gadsden County on November 14 to
visit a property certified in both the
Stewardship and Tree Farm programs.
On December 6 we'll finally get to
Cognito Farm in Bradford County, a tour
that was rescheduled from October due
to flooding. Ernest and Jo Ann Palmer
are hosting us on January 8 at their Tree-
Top Lodge in Lake County, a property
surrounded by Ocala National Forest;
and back up to northeast Florida in
February (date to be arranged) to visit
Doug Moore's property in Baker
County. We may have one more in
West Florida before all is said and done.
Hope you can join us for at least one of

Best Management Practices
Update: New Mat Logging
By Robin Holland, Florida Division of

The Florida Division of Forestry's
Silviculture Best Management Practices
Program was originally established as a
result of the 1972 Federal Clean Water
Act. The objectives of the Program as
given by Florida's Department of
Environmental Protection are to develop,
implement, and monitor the use of
Silviculture Best Management Practices
(BMPs) in Florida. Regulation of BMPs
is not a responsibility of the Division of
Forestry but is carried out by DEP, the

Water Management Districts, and in
some cases local governments.

Monitoring of BMPs is accomplished
through a biennial sampling of
silviculture activity within the state to
determine the overall level of BMP
compliance. Implementation is
accomplished through a variety of
outreach programs including voluntary
BMP Compliance Surveys, BMP
training workshops, and field visits by
one of the State's three BMP Foresters.

Since 1991, the development of
Silviculture BMPs has been
accomplished through a 22 member
Technical Advisory Committee
consisting of a variety of professionals in
the field of forestry including loggers,
timber industry representatives,
academia, government agency
representatives, and environmental
organizations. This committee meets as
needed to examine current BMPs and
determine what, if any, changes are

The most recent meeting occurred in
March 2007. At that meeting the
Committee approved the adoption of
several new BMPs to cover the use of
mat logging in forested wetlands. While
mat logging has been a practice used by
loggers for many years, no BMPs
existed which specifically addressed the
use of such mats. Below is a listing of
the new BMPs to cover Mat (Shovel)

*Minimize the width of skid trail mats
mats should not exceed 20 feet in
width, on the average, except for
sections of the trail where it is
necessary for equipment to pass in
these sections the minimum width
may be doubled.

* Minimize the number of skid trail
mats typically, trails should not be
spaced closer than 200 feet, on the
average. Where conditions prohibit
tracked machines from operating off
the mat, spacing may be reduced to
50 feet in order to minimize site
disturbance. However, under no
conditions should skid trail mats
exceed 25% of the harvest area.
* Timber for skid trail mats should be
laid down (lengthwise) in the
direction of the trail under normal
* Use only one layer of timber for skid
trail mats, except where multiple
layers are necessary to prevent site
* Where multiple layers of timber are
necessary to construct the skid trail
mat, the bottom layer may be laid
down perpendicular to the trail, and
may exceed 20 feet in width to
maximize weight distribution.
* Merchantable material in skid trail
mats should be removed after
logging operation is complete.
* For stream crossings with skid trail
mats, refer to the stream crossing
section of the BMP Manual.

When wetland harvesting is conducted,
the use of mats to build skid trails can
significantly reduce the negative impacts
of the heavy equipment used for logging
on the site by reducing the disturbance to
the soil. Reduced disturbance means
reduced potential for erosion on the site
and a shorter time for the site to recover
from the logging activities.

Other categories covered in the BMP
Manual include: Special Management
Zones, Public Lands, Wetlands, Canals,
Sinkholes, Forest Roads, Stream
Crossings, Timber Harvesting, Site
Preparation and Planting, Firelines,

Pesticide and Fertilizer Application,
Waste Disposal, Wet Weather
Operations, and Emergency Conditions.
Any questions about the new Mat
(Shovel) Logging BMPs, the BMP
Manual in general, or any of the many
other outreach programs offered though
DOF's Silviculture BMP Program
should be directed to your local BMP

The Panhandle: Cathy Hardin in
Bonifay, FL; (850) 547-7008
North Florida: Greg Marshall in Lake
City, FL; (386) 758-5706
Central & South FL: Robin Holland in
Ocala, FL; (352) 732-1273

National Wild Turkey
Federation: Operation Oak
Landowner Program for 2007-08
By Brian M. Zielinski, National Wild
Turkey Federation

The National Wild Turkey Federation
announces the continued expansion of its
Operation Oak Program that is dedicated
to restoring and creating wildlife habitat
throughout the Southeast. The FL State
Chapter of the National Wild Turkey
Federation has made 10,000 select oak
seedlings available FREE to private
landowners in Florida. A total of 4,000
Live Oak, 3,500 White Oak, 1,500
Swamp Chestnut Oak, and 1,000
Persimmon will be available to
landowners, with a minimum order of
100 trees. In addition, membership to
the NWTF will also be required of all
participants. These native seedlings are
grown under a specialized nursery
protocol at the Flint River Nursery in
Georgia. The result of this nursery
protocol is a large, vigorous seedling
with high survivability, high growth
potential, and the potential to produce
mast in 7-10 years.

THE STATE. Pick-up locations and
dates will be finalized in January and
trees will be made available in early to
mid February.

If you are interested in receiving FREE
seedlings you must complete an
application form and mail, e-mail or fax
it back to the attention of:
Kay Morris, Operation Oak, P.O. Box
530, Edgefield, SC 29824,
kmorris(@,nwtf.net, fax (803) 637-9180.


If you would like to receive an
application or have additional questions
about participating in our 2007-08
program, please contact Brian M.
Zielinski, NWTF Regional Biologist, @
386-804-6691 or via email:
bzielinskinwtf@hotmail.com. Thank

Timber Price Update

The timber pricing information below is
useful for observing trends over time,
but does not necessarily reflect current
conditions at a particular location.
Landowners considering a timber sale
are advised to solicit the services of a
consulting forester to obtain current
local market conditions. Note that price
ranges per ton for each product are
included in parentheses after the price
per cord.

Stumpage price ranges reported across
Florida in the 3rd Quarter 2007 Timber
Mart-South (TMS) report were:

* Pine pulpwood: $15 $26/cord
($6 $10/ton), [ (on average from
2nd Quarter)
* Pine C-N-S: $46 $62/cord
($17 $23/ton), [
* Pine sawtimber: $81 $113/cord
($30 $42/ton), i
* Pine plylogs: $86 $111/cord
($32 $41/ton), T
* Pine power poles: $111 $203/cord
($41 $76/ton), T
* Hardwood pulpwood: $12 $25/cord
($4 $9/ton), "

Trend Report

Average South-wide sawtimber and
pulpwood prices remain steady with
pulpwood prices continuing their slow
rise, nearly back to 1999 values.
Average prices for chip-n-saw continue
to fall due to a flooded market and are
now at a 10-year low. Hardwood
pulpwood was the biggest winner this
quarter with the regional average price
up over 20% from last quarter. The
financial market crisis continues; driven
by foreclosures and poor housing sales;
and fuel prices are high.

Average Pine Stumpage Prices for Florida
3rd Qtr 1997 through 3rd Qtr 2007

73 81 83 91 93 01 03 11 13 21 23 31 33 41 43 51 53 61 63 71 73
Year/Quarter (beginning third quarter 1997)
-*-pulpwood ---chip-n-saw -m-sawtimber

Congratulations to these
Landowners Achieving Forest
Stewardship Certification in
Spring and Summer 2007

The following landowners have achieved
Forest Stewardship certification and
been recognized by Florida Division of
Forestry for meeting Forest Stewardship
Program standards for land stewardship:

Landowner County
Thomas G. Jackson Bradford
Gerald Williams Bradford
David Evans Calhoun
Leila Shiver Calhoun
Helen Griffith Calhoun
Randy Hulsey Calhoun
Paul Wikle Dixie
Charles Maynard Gadsden
Rick Beauchamp Gilchrist
Willard Gilbert Gilchrist
Don May Gilchrist
Ben Williams Holmes
D. Dykes Jackson
Steven Smith Jackson
C. L. Thomas Jackson
A. C. Beal Jefferson
John Brinson Jefferson
Roger Joyner Jefferson

Receive Stewardship Program
Event Announcements by Email

Email is the quickest and cheapest way
to get the word out about upcoming
Stewardship workshops, tours and other
events. Email announcements go out
before mailings so it's the best way to
stay informed of upcoming programs. If
you don't get announcements by email
yet and want to, just send an email to
Chris Demers at cdemers(@,ufl.edu and
you'll be included in periodic electronic

It's all on the Web too: a calendar of all
upcoming events is on the Florida
Forestry Information Web site. Google
"Florida Forest Stewardship" or use the
link below the calendar on the backpage
of this newsletter.


Landowner County
Fred Butler Lafayette
Schulz Partnership Lake
Matthew Ragan Lake
John Verscharen Levy
William Winter and Nancy Hardt Levy
Gordon Parker Revell Liberty
Bill Querin Madison
Kent Adams Putnam
Robert Jenkins Putnam
Edward Lehmann Putnam
Wayne Frier Suwannee
Robert McGranahan Suwannee
James McMillan Suwannee
Calvin Melton Volusia
Schweizer / Cook Family Walton
Forest Townsend Walton
Dwight Brock Washington

Mr. and Mrs. David Evans, Calhoun County

Ms. Helen rittith, Calhoun County

Ms. Leila Shiver, Calhoun County

Calhoun County Forester John Sabo presenting certifications, photos by Jayne Foran, Florida DOF.

If you have a Forest Stewardship Management Plan and have some or all of the recommended
management practices in your plan implemented you may be eligible for Forest Stewardship
certification. Contact your County Forester to see if you meet the standards.


vpwirdship ---------
Stewarip Farm Tour

(Cognito Farm
Stewardship Property of Jerry and Sandra Williams
Bradford County, FL

Date: Rescheduled for Thursday, DECEMBER 6, 2007; meet at 9:00 AM ET

Activity: In 2004 Jerry and Sandra Williams found themselves semi-retired and looking for
a "project". They bought about 200 acres in Starke in April 2005 and called it
"Cognito Farm". Some of the projects they started here include managing cattle
for "all natural" beef; raising chickens for cage-free eggs; growing herbs with no
pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers for a Farmers Market; providing
pasture for a goat retirement program; managing timber and providing wildlife
habitat. With the help of the University of Florida, Florida Division of Forestry,
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, USDA and the Internet they
have made great progress on all of these projects. The services provided by the
Forest Stewardship Program provided a holistic plan for timber harvesting,
natural regeneration of harvested stands, and promoting diverse wildlife habitat,
while reducing invasive plants using a minimal amount of herbicides. Join us for
a tour of Cognito Farm to see a naturally managed forest stand with multiple
successional stages for wildlife, a growing cattle operation that includes rotational
grazing and a cattle-working area, a place for 4-H show goats to retire, and cage-
free chickens that also help maintain a vegetable garden. Last year Jerry and
Sandra started and finished building a home on the farm, doing a lot of the work
themselves, which led to the creation of a pond that will eventually support catfish
and wildlife. This will be a walking tour so please wear appropriate clothing and
boots. Take a pre-tour look at http://cognitofarm.com/.

Register: A sponsored lunch will be served on-site after the tour, sponsors TBA. This
program is free but you must preregister. Contact Chris Demers at
cdemers(aufl.edu or (352) 846-2375. Attendance will be limited so please
register soon! We'll meet at 9:00 AM ET at the property and the tour will begin
promptly at 9:30 AM. Directions are on the back of this announcement. Please
share with others who may be interested.

A Service of: Florida Division of Forestry, Forest Stewardship Program
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
University of Florida, IFAS, School of Forest Resources and Conservation
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Cognito Farm
Forestland Management, Inc.
Shongaloo Fisheries

Funding for Florida's Forest Stewardship Program is provided by the USDA Forest Service through the
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Forestry
and a grant from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Directions to Co2nito Farm


-Take SR 301 to Starke.

-Follow the billboards to "Ceremonial Fireworks". Ceremonial Fireworks is on the
corner of SR 301 and NW 185th Street.

-Turn onto NW 185th Street by the yellow roofed fireworks store, heading East on NW
185th Street.

-Cross the railroad tracks and continue one mile.

-Look for an orange and blue "Cognito Farm" sign and the green and white Forest
Stewardship Property sign on the left hand side.

-Turn left up lane. Park next to the lane near the house.

If you need assistance call the house at 904-964-2616 or Jerry's cell: 904-364-8395.

Meet at the property at 9:00 AM ET
DECEMBER 6, 2007

IFAS Extension

Questions about this or other Forest Stewardship Program activities can be directed to Chris
Demers at 352-846-2375 or by email at edemers(&ufl.edu. For more information and events
see the UF Forest Stewardship Web site at:


vptardship ---------
tewardsip Property Tour

Tree-Top Lodge
Stewardship Property of Ernest and Jo Ann Palmer
Lake County, FL

Date: Tuesday, January 8, 2008; meet at 9:00 AM ET

Activity: Venture in to the largest concentration of sand pine in the world! Tree-Top
Lodge, on CR 42 in Lake County, is surrounded by the 400,000 acre Ocala
National Forest. This habitat is commonly referred to as "scrub" and has many
characteristics of a desert (sandy, dry, scattered dense shrubs and trees). Ernie
and Jo Ann Palmer started buying the property in 1971, now totaling 80 acres. It
is a place for their young family to fish, swim, breath clean air, plant pine trees,
build a cabin (now 30 years old) and explore the aesthetic beauty of Central
Florida. With the help of all those connected to the Forest Stewardship
Program, we have created fire breaks, planted food plots, built brush piles
established wildlife corridors, managed timber and are leaving a legacy for our
family to enjoy for many years to come. This will be a walking tour of trails,
firebreaks, wildlife corridors, and balm for the soul! Wear appropriate clothing
and boots.

Register: A sponsored lunch will be served on-site after the tour, sponsors TBA. This
program is free but you must pre-register. Contact Martha Thomas, Lake
County Extension Office at marthat(&ufl.edu or (352) 343-4101. Attendance
will be limited so please register soon! We'll meet at 9:00 AM ET at the
property and the tour will begin promptly at 9:30 AM. Directions are on the back
of this announcement. Please share with others who may be interested.

A Service of: Florida Division of Forestry, Forest Stewardship Program
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
University of Florida, IFAS, School of Forest Resources and Conservation
University of Florida, IFAS, Lake County Cooperative Extension Service

Funding for Florida's Forest Stewardship Program is provided by the USDA Forest Service through the
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Forestry
and a grant from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Directions to Tree-Top Lodge


From 1-75, SR 40, SR 19:
-From 1-75, take SR 40 east past Ocala and Silver Springs to SR 19 (which runs north-
south through the middle of the Ocala National Forest).
Go south (right) on SR 19 to Altoona.
-Turn left on CR 42 and take it east through Paisley.
-Travel 5 miles past Paisley, and 14 mile past DeerHaven Rd to 30019 CR 42 on the left
(north). Look for the "Tree-Top Lodge" sign and green gate.

From US 17/ 92, SR 44 / DeLand:
From US 17/92 Deland, take SR 44 west, over the St. Johns River.
4 mile past the St. Johns River, turn right on CR 42, go 5 miles to 30019 CR 42. Look
for the "Tree-Top Lodge" sign and green gate.

From US 441 / Tavares:
Take US 441 south to SR 19.
-Travel north on SR 19 past Eustis and Umatilla to Altoona.
-Turn right (east) on CR 42 and take it through Paisley.
-Travel 5 miles past Paisley, and 14 mile past DeerHaven Rd to 30019 CR 42 on the left
(north). Look for the "Tree-Top Lodge" sign and green gate.

Mobile contact if necessary: Chris Demers, (352) 514-0819

Meet at the property at 9:00 AM ET
January 8, 2008

:l' fl_,r|^|'tl'I I :ri tai^K i[imi] f? ir II'nJ[sln[T[I]1

IFAS Extension

Thanks Deer & Turkey Shortcourse Sponsors
Mike Wilson, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

On behalf of everyone involved, we would like to acknowledge and thank the following
companies for their support and generosity by donating their products to be given away at
the 2007 Deer & Turkey Short Course held on October 4-5th in Quincy, Florida. They
helped make the Course a great success.

Real TurkeysTM
Dr. Lovett Williams-Owner
(352) 543-9530

Hunters Edge, Inc
Jamie Bulger-Owner
(888) 455-0970

Kershaw Knives
(800) 325-2891

Whitetail Institute
(800) 688-3030

Cabelas, Inc
(800) 237-4444

Evolved Habitats
(225) 638-4094

Pennington Seed Company
(800) 285-7333

Seminole Outdoors & Archery Pro Shop
Tray Brittle-Owner
(850) 576-5103

Messina Wildlife Management
(888) 411-3337

Moultrie Feeders
(800) 653-3334

BuckWing Products, Inc
(800) 555-9908

Outside Ideas, LLC
(334) 272-5559

Antler King

Quaker Boy, Inc
(800) 544-1600

University of Florida
School of Forest Resources and Conservation
PO Box 110410
Gainesville, FL 32611-0410

Non Profit Org.
US Postage
Permit No. 94

Date Event, Location, Contacts
Forest Stewardship Property Tour at Buford-Cochran Tract, Gadsden County, 9 am 12:30pm
November 14 ET. Call the Gadsden County Extension Office at (850) 875-7255 to register.

Forest Stewardship Property Tour at Cognito Farm (Rescheduledfrom 10/10), 9 am 12:30 pm
ET, Starke, FL. Contact Chris Demers at cdemers#_,ufl.edu or (352) 846-2375 to register.
anuy 8 2 Forest Stewardship Property Tour at the Property of Ernie Palmer, Lake County, 9 am 12:30 pm
January 8, 2 ET. Contact Martha Thomas, Lake County Extension at marthat(@ufl.edu or (352) 343-4101.
Forest Stewardship Workshop: Invasive Exotic Plants and Their Control, 9 am 4 PM CT,
Jackson County Extension Office, Marianna, FL $20 collected at the door (cash only). CEUs and
January 23
CFEs for pesticide applicators and foresters. Contact the Jackson County Extension Office at (850)
482-9620 to register.
Forest Stewardship Workshop: Invasive Exotic Plants and Their Control, 9 am 4 PM ET, Lee
January 31 County Extension Office, FortMyers, FL. $20 collected at the door (cash only). CEUs and CFEs
available for pesticide applicators and foresters. Call Letha Giacinti at (239) 461-7514 to register
Forest Stewardship Workshop: Invasive Exotic Plants and Their Control, 9 am 4 PM ET, Austin
F y 7 Cary Memorial Forest near Gainesville, FL. $20 collected at the door (cash only). CEUs and CFEs
Febuay 7 available for pesticide applicators and foresters. Contact Chris Demers at cdemers#@ufl.edu or (352)
846-2375 to register.

The Florida Forest Steward is a University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service and Florida Division of Forestry
joint project:

Chris Demers (editor), School of Forest Resources & Conservation, UF, P.O. Box 110410, Gainesville, FL 32611-0410, (352)
846-2375 or cdemers(tuufl.edu
Dr. Alan Long (co-editor), School of Forest Resources & Conservation, UF, (352) 846-0891 or ail2(tufl.edu
Bonnie Stine (co-editor), Florida Division of Forestry, 3125 Conner Blvd, Tallahassee, FL 32699-1650, (850) 414-9912,
stineb (idoacs. state. f. us
B. Wayne Harris (co-editor), Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, P.O. Box 447, Apalachicola, FL 32329,
Wavne.Harris(iMyvFWC. com

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