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 Old publication model
 OA publication model
 OA policies mandating deposit
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 NIH public access policy
 Threat to NIH public access
 Supporting OA nationally
 What is a public record?
 Status of the IR@UF repository
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Title: Open access presentation for Florida Free Culture
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Title: Open access presentation for Florida Free Culture
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Creator: Haas, Stephanie
Johnson, Margeaux
Publisher: George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: February 10, 2009
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Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Table of Contents
    Front Cover
        Page 1
    Open access overview
        Page 2
    Objectives of the open access initiative
        Page 3
    Old publication model
        Page 4
        Page 5
    OA publication model
        Page 6
    OA policies mandating deposit
        Page 7
        Page 8
    Supporting OA nationally
        Page 9
    NIH public access policy
        Page 10
    Threat to NIH public access
        Page 11
    Supporting OA nationally
        Page 12
        Page 13
    What is a public record?
        Page 14
        Page 15
    Status of the IR@UF repository
        Page 16
        Page 17
        Page 18
    GatorScholar: the newest development
        Page 19
    UF stance
        Page 20
    For authors
        Page 21
    For students
        Page 22
    To keep up on open access
        Page 23
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,, 'N.." .

f r *F a a

ae S0, 660

pen Access Overview

n Access (OA) is free, immediate, permanent online
ess to the full text of research articles for anyone,

\ self-archiving is not self-publishing nor is it about
line publishing without quality control (peer-review);
r is it intended for writings for which the author wishes
be paid such as books or magazine/newspaper
"cles. OA self-archiving is for peer-reviewed research,
en solely for research impact rather than royalty
Borrowed from What is Open Access?

objectives of the Open

Access initiative:


changee the economic publishing model by unlinking
the distribution of research results to publishers

encourage the
repositories of
deposit copies

development of online open access
articles and encourage researchers to
of their articles in these repositories

inform researchers about alternatives to accepting
publisher copyright agreements, i.e., to explain how
authors can negotiate distribution rights

ilitate the development of alternative online journals
twill compete with the existing journals

- *4 "

"l-. ",

;F, 1'!:Q`? ~t.I!

Id Publication Model

(Most often







Id Publication Model
commerciall publishers turn
researcher's articles into "economic
Additionally, faculty often:
- Edit journals without pay
- Peer review articles without pay
,Sometimes faculty:
. Copy edit journal articles without pay
y page fees to publish

SA Publication Models
old Road
Complete Open Access
Articles are freely available and fully archived
online through OA Journals
Journals sometimes rely on "page fees"
Green Road
- Author retains copyright to their own work
"Can submit to a Central Repository, an
institutional Repository or post on a personal

A Policies Mandating

erlin Declaration agreed to:
- Implement a policy to require their researchers to
deposit a copy of all their published articles in an
open access repository.
- Encourage their researchers to publish their
research articles in open access journals where a
Suitable journal exists and provide the support to
Enable that to happen.
er 250 Academic Institutions and Organizations
itted (mainly European)

.A Policies Mandating

World-wide: Australia,
e Europe, Asia, & North
US Institutions are
underrepresented, but
University of
www.eprints.org/openaccess/ Cornell


orting OA Nationall

lis is an issue for the Chief
logy Officer (CTO)
)amacto. uservoice.com/

1;75_ vote Require open access for publicly-funded research
Require open access to the results of non-classified research funded by taxpayers.
Extend the exemplary policy now in place at the NIH to all federal agencies.
is it? spam duplicate inappropriate

voting trends (last so days)

H Public Access Policy

'The NIH Public Access Policy ensures that
the public has access to the published results
of NIH funded research."
NIH-funded scientists must submit final
articles to Pub Med Central within 12 months
of publication.

hreat to NIH Public

"Fair Copyright in Research Works
Act" (H.R. 801)
- Introduced by John Conyers
- co-sponsored by Robert Wexler (D)-
Florida ((202) 225-3001)
Frames Open Access as a threat to
ames the NIH policy as a threat to I
Intific intellectual property

Supporting OA Nationally

Contact your representative to let them
know that you support the NIH's Public



http s ://writerep hou se iov



I *% I


Today is February 0, 20091


Bill McCollum

Enter searchG
AG Bill McCollum
Office Information
Programs and Units
Open Government
Crime and Fraud
Consumer Protection
Citizen Safety
Victims' Services
AG Opinions

Keep up wit our lates
ne%-vs and consumerH

en Espaiol

Government in the Sunshine

In Florida, every person has been granted the Constitutional right to inspect or copy any public record
with some exemptions, and the Sunshine Law provides a right of access to government proceedings at
both the state and local levels. These essential laws afford citizens of our state the ability to see behind
the curtain of government and remain involved in the processes that affect their lives. Without this
access there is little accountability, and accountability is vital for good government.
o About the Sunshine Law and Public Records Law
o Frequently Asked Questions About Florida's Open Government Laws
o View and Search Government-in-the-Sunshine Manual
o Download an abridged version of the Government-in-the-Sunshine Manual
o How to obtain a published copy of Government-in-the-Sunshine Manual
The Attorney General's Office plays a key role in keeping Florida's government open to all Floridians.
The office is charged with mediating disputes involving access to public records and provides a
mediation program to that effect a resource which can be requested by any member of the public and
was put into action more than 75 times in 2007. The mediation program involves an impartial individual
who encourages and facilitates the resolution of a dispute involving access to public records. The
mediators assist the participants in fostering joint problem-solving and exploring settlement alternatives.
By allowing parties to resolve issues in an informal mediation process, we prevent expensive and
time-consuming litigation which is often not an option for a citizen who is merely trying to hold his or her
government accountable and responsible for its actions.
o Members of local government entities or law enforcement agencies seeking to resolve public
records issues may contact the Attorney General's Office at 850-245-0197.
S- ...-..- -I.: ... -I:- :-.. -.. .-- I .... ... -.- AII- M .- -I 1c 0001 A*

What is a public record?

A. The Florida Supreme Court has determined
that public records are all materials made or
received by an agency in connection with official
business which are used to perpetuate,
communicate or formalize knowledge. They are
not limited to traditional written documents.
Tapes, photographs, films and sound
recordings are also considered public records
subject to inspection unless a statutory
exemption exists. There are exceptions!

httD://www.flqov.com/oq commission home

Commission on Open Government
Final Report submitted by the Commission on Open Government Reform New!
On Jui'e ir- -:o7, Governor Ci irhlie Crin i-t iued Executi"'e il di o--i-' creating the tlih
'-'iiiiiiil-i'-'ii oii ''pen Governiniiit rF.er-il ii.

Th:e niiiie ireltber commiiszion ha: bheen -i Caitred within the C'-'"'- ii-' C' i'i of Open Go"et einLeiitL
t ie le ae 'luate, dand is;ue r e': ''mliid.i aticnz regarding Flo' idai' public records andd public
imeetini2- li' *. The Commisioii 11 ill i 1 tlhe public's n'lit .to aces.: 2:- eminent el meetirri aiind
I-c-di a-cc-- dii.r to Section 11i aid Zec til' :. 6.011i of the Fl-R ildai Ztatltes, as well as Ar tirle i,
c: l,:,_ .',fthe Floridal 0:ri: iitrij l:,.

Clik: here rt contact the Office ouf '-'pen G':-erinment.

FPl: P-.ele- i
' "ti [i :: I'- Hi ine
C':'iiiii-i- ':' I.lembers

SStatus of the IR@UF Repository

Three years ago, the Library began exploring
the potential role of a UF Repository with the
goal to:

"collect, serve, and archive the digital
resources created by the university
Community for the university

o where are we now?

http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?c=ufir "

George A' _l. Smathers Librallll:riesUneri t lrdaDiitlColetin

Search Collection:

Ti,.; Institutional Repository at te bnUnersit of Florida I; i [lim- I -- -,. 111, i FI'r .-.r
Reposriork at tne Unr ersriy of Florida 11-'. I L"-4A'' i I [I I j. I
1:111211 1111 lijl jldl l I IIIri, I. Ji.( j 1 v...- III r III il 11 -.il i.-j IJ ill o i UI- I
fl!"E iJlIlll-lll I", I 111 1111 1 1,i I il 1. 1 31 1 1.1111 J- 1131 1 j~ll III Illl ..

I i a Iu I .tr I--.. w-i ii .,i + I I.
r iiru'4'. I r' I ir L" r1I,:,'-.L I rI'.' L I,: I I I ,: *I I r- I r r. I
ins iurinral Repos~rorl at the tin~veisaj of FlorelPa r- -i np rr, .-n .

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I "%

i UF Stance

In Dr. Machen's Achievement to Recognition plan
http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00076703, his emphasis
on "sharing knowledge to serve the people of
Florida and the world" implies using effective
distribution networks, essentially the internet.
Whether or not the university administration will
mandate submittal of faculty papers to a central
institutional repository remains unclear, but the
growing impetus by funding agencies may make it
a moot point.


* Romeo/Sherpa site
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given as part of each publisher's copyright transfer agreement.

Creative Commons site
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protections and freedoms for authors, artists, and educators.

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r To keep up on Open Access


Open Access


Hi, my name is Stevan Harnad and I am
haunted by a koan (defl:
Why did 34 000 researchers sign
a t ire -', '. I : .It l ii- r
jou. ''-e ,':'o-, ,c' '-
agr e. ". '''" -r- :,-r .- .
tot r t i' :t: whNi' ,'e

the,' ..*w ;'i' .
set &'.: I,; livn1 :.* "' e ,'.'
ins; I'' 0,
Not only hi ':' .. I l rm-, .:
through SEl :i i :I il i I"'iJ I, l
a. ... .,.......

What is Open Access?
Open Access (OA) is free, immediate, permanent online access to the full text of
research articles for anyone, webwide.
There are two roads to OA:
(1) the "golden road" of OA iournal-publishing where journals provide OA
to their articles (either by charging the author-institution for
refereeing/publishing outgoing articles instead of charging the
user-institution for accessing incoming articles, or by simply making their
online edition free for all);
(2) the "green road" of OA self-archiving, where authors provide OA to their
:. .. l, l l, hl'. d il ,,:le' 1 III ',,) lleh o:..... ,. l. hee :,, llI
TI, I.....:: ,: d Ii:' '"- '* i :-.' ld i 1.:11 L-e i: :i e u :l ':, :,l d I 'l*: iie I 1
,*: i:rril', l rr ier| l*l j. I ,,T l e ,'; i| i :,,i : I' ij l' l. ,*:': ll:e i ile'h I,:I' :E ,J L,',: l~ i J il ii
Il ,l i 6 .l l i. l ; IJ ;I l ij ll .ll l l' lll ,llll J1I l l II .: I llll- I 11ij Illl' h lll* I .l '. lh 'J

,I' ll hl', ,:I, II 111 -:: 1 I,. ,l i I lhl hJ ,J 1 'III*1111 i i .l: l lh I m- llHlhl ,l

i ~Il ,I I li,. 1 li I ,l.l l, .. lV i l l '.Jllll h i :, l. l i l: l h .: l

Stevan Harnad's Oen
Access Archivangel ism

Key Resources
ROAR tracks the growth of
existing OA Archives.
ROARMAP tracks the
growth of institutional
self-archiving policies.
ROMEO tracks

. ..... .. .. I . .. ..... .. .
I .I i .'.i I .' 'I' i

S-I *: i h ii : li he

hu la I uF iL,,u l i, .
. . . . .. ... ... .. .....I.' '
I ,S

,I i, i ...,..U.. .. .j.

-1_E I S W I I "IFE ; r-


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