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Spring 2003

Puerto Rican Satos: Their Search for the
American Dream
Diana Acevedo
(1st Place)

It is incredible how people here in the United States
take care of their pets, especially dogs. They have the
opportunity to be treated like humans breaking the barrier of
species. Many of these dogs live better than humans with
commodities like spas and expensive high quality food to pet
schools and five star hotels. Unfortunately, not every dog in the
world has this comfort, even the love or care of someone. Even
though they live on a tropical island, their lifestyle is worse than
in a desert or even the Antarctic. That's a sato 's life: homeless
dogs in Puerto Rico. Some of these dogs are abandoned, others
born and raised on the streets. "It's believed there are over
200,000 stray dogs in Puerto Rico. They are mutts," said Nora
Angstead, officer from Rosenberg Animal Control (Zagrzecki).
When you are driving on highways like I- 75 or
Florida's Turnpike, like any other state, it is usual to see some
road killed wild animals like opossums or raccoons. Maybe that
doesn't affect you but, what about a dog? In Puerto Rico,
instead of opossums' or raccoons' rotten corpses in the street,
we have cats and dogs. So, if you're bored driving from one
place to another in Puerto Rico you can get entertained counting
dead cats and dogs on the street. If you drive highways like PR-
30 from Caguas to Humacao, in just 45 minutes you can easily
find 10 dead dogs and if you pass there every day you can learn
all the process of decomposition. Interesting isn't it? But, what
if that "dead thing" was your dog? You probably wouldn't like
to see how it disappears or just goes to be dust again. Strays
dogs in Puerto Rico are like squirrels in the United States; they
are everywhere. Unfortunately most of them live their last
seconds of life agonizing in a middle of a street after being hit
by a car.
That is only one of the many things that could happen
to satos. They also suffer of starvation and isolation. They are
nomads who walk everywhere in search of food in the
dumpsters with the intense Caribbean sun over their coats.
More of them are born "free," others begin their stray life
thanks to the negligence of owners who don't want to take care
of their pets anymore or didn't spay their pets leaving their
offspring on the streets. They are in danger of people's cruelty
and brutality against them. These satos are kicked, poisoned or
even burned by these senseless people and they can't defend
themselves. Only the society with their laws can punish these

Law 67 in Puerto Rico defends animal rights and also
sanctions by a fine of approximately $300.00 or jail. In 2002,
law 304 emended this law to raise fines to $5000. This law
should be respected but it seems that nobody follows it or even
worse, nobody knows about it. If the people know, they don't
care; just a small group of greathearted people care about these
helpless beings. Also there are no designated police officers to
handle this problem compared to here in the United States
because the Puerto Rican government is more focused in drugs
and criminality problems than stray dogs. The Humane Society
of Puerto Rico says, "Unintentional cruelty can usually be
resolved through education," (law 67) but apparently there's no
one who can teach that.
There are not too many shelters for that large number
of dogs. By law, every municipality in Puerto Rico should have
a shelter but there are only six shelters for all the 78
municipalities. Even in the veterinary office there are at least
three satos rescued by someone that pays for their medical
attention. These doggies, after their treatment, are available for
adoption. That means that vet's offices are also used as animal
shelters because all shelters in Puerto Rico are overpopulated.
Rescued dogs still suffer in the shelter, living long days inside
small kennels waiting for their "pet guardian" but these "dog
breed racist" people prefer paying big amounts of money for a
breed dog with funny names like Bichon Frise or Shih-Tzu
instead of mutts called with the despicable name of Sato. So,
the fastest solution for this problem is euthanasia.
Many organizations are trying to save these canines of
been killed on the street or in shelters but it is hard work. First,
this is voluntary work which means that there's no money
involved. It will cost a lot of money to cure these stray animals
and most organizations don't have enough money to pay for
medicines and treatments. Not too many people in Puerto Rico
expend their money on their pets and even less on one that
doesn't belong to them. Also, there are too many homeless dogs
and there are not enough people who want to adopt them. A
possible solution of this problem is sending them to shelters in
other states of the United States. Non-profit organizations like
Save a Sato does this kind of thing: rescuing dogs from the
streets and giving them "a new opportunity in life."
"I read a lot about how hard their lives are in Puerto
Rico. It just affected me so much. I had to do something. If I
had a farm, I'd have more," said Marianna Massa, who got her
dog Peluso at an animal shelter in Salem MA (Brook, 2003).
Peluso was one of 14,000 Puerto Rican stray dogs that are
transported to the United States by the Save a Sato organization.
Forget about American puppies, get Latin ones. Now these
Latin puppies can live as Americans with all the luxury and
comfort. The best of all is that they are loved and pampered so
they don't suffer anymore.

ELI Student Voices 1

Volume 7, Issue 1

Satos, like human immigrants, go to the states to get a
better lifestyle. It seems that dogs have this American dream
too: a life without breed racism, without any restriction. But, if
we educate the Puerto Rican society about all the
responsibilities of taking care of a pet or if we use the amount
of money to create more shelters in the island instead of using it
to bring these dogs to the States, that four-legged American
dream could be possible without emigration. By the way, Puerto
Rico is part of the United States, which means that these
animals are Americans too, but they don't know that. That's a
funny reason to let these hairy pals live the American dream in
their home place. Awareness and education are the best possible
solution to this problem. If you see someone who does some
animal cruelty, do not call the police, call the Humane Society.
Forget about dog breeds, save a sato and take care of it. He or
she will be thankful and you will get the best friend you could
imagine for free.


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Dream or Reality?
Yuriy Nikitin
RW 30
(2nd Place)

The sky is very blue, and the wind is in my face. I am
moving easily through the air. I look to my left and see an
eagle. I am flying, and I want this feeling to continue forever.
Then I wake up.
It is 10:00 a.m. and I'm at the Russian Air Force
aerodrome. Today in the morning, I will make my first flight
all alone. I got up early because I had my childhood dream, my
dream of flying with the eagles, and it woke me up.
At 12:30 p.m. I'm allowed to get into my plane. I sit
in my plane and smell the jet fuel. I get permission to take off
for my first flight. I'm very excited, but I don't lose control of
my feelings. I have to keep my concentration. The time comes,
and I finally take off. The sky is very blue, and I remember this
blue sky from my dream. I look to my left and see an eagle.
I'm flying, but this time it is not a dream. It is reality. It is the
realization of my childhood dream. After one hour of flying
with the eagles, I have to return to the aerodrome. Farewell my
eagle. It is time for this real flight to end, and I must land.

In the evening, when I go to bed, I can't sleep. Only
after midnight do I fall asleep and see again the blue sky and the
eagle of my childhood. Am I asleep, or am I awake?

Don't Worry
Banky Wisaratana
RW 30

One month ago, I arrived to the United States of
America. It was the first time for me in the US. I was excited
when I came to Minneapolis Airport. I saw many people from
other countries. I thought this was a good opportunity for me.
On Jan. 6, I came to register at the ELI office. What
they spoke, I didn't understand. I thought maybe I was too
excited when I talked with someone who spoke English.
Classes began on January 15th. I am in level 30 in all of my
classes. It is the best for me. I have Reading/Writing and
Grammar class in the morning, and Listening/Speaking in the
afternoon. Before class everyday, I am talking with my
classmates. We are practicing speaking phrases between us such
as "how are you doing? What's up? How about last night?"
Now I don't fear to talk with someone. So I sometimes make a
mistake. I think only "Don't worry."
Finally, I'm very happy. I have a lot of friends here.
Most of my friends come from Asia same as me. I will write
about my close friends next time.

How to Be a Winner
Carolina Alvite

You don't need to win to be a winner; you just need to
do your best and know to take the opportunities in your life. In
my life, I always wanted to study marine mammals, but I did
my University so far from the ocean. There wasn't anyone who
did research about these animals. So, I found one woman who
studied animal behavior, and her species focus was the
capybara. I started to work with her and researched these
animals. In my last year at University, I did a wonderful final
research paper about the capybara's feeding behavior. It wasn't
what I really want to study, but I did a good job and learned a
lot of things about behavior methodology and how to do a good
research project. So, when I finished my University, my
research supervisor recommended me for a job on the northeast
coast of Brazil, to research manatees, the most endangered
marine mammal in Brazil. Despite the fact that I didn't want to
study capybara, this work showed me the way to find a job with
marine mammals and achieve a dream.

The Changing Role of Women
\heng-Chien Yu (Catherine)

From ancient times to the present, women have been
expected to depend on men or their families. Women do not

ELI Student Voices 2

always play the role of housewives now, even though women
still need to organize lots of domestic chores. What causes the
changing role of women? Three of the principal causes are:
education, occupation, and social status.
First of all, education is the foundation of everything.
In the past, people thought only men should be educated, and
women should just follow men. Education has been
popularized in many countries these years; most people can go
to school to get even higher education. For example, the ratio of
females to males is almost equal in Taiwan's university now.
Women get a lot of knowledge from school; moreover, they
understand the world is vast. Life is not only family but also
other things are worth doing.
In addition, when you have excellent skills or
education, you get an occupation easily. You will get
achievement from your job. Furthermore, you earn
remuneration from your occupation and you are economically
independent. When women work hard, their working abilities
and efficiency are approved. They will be promoted at the
office. Women do not always do those routine and simple jobs.
For instance, there are many women, outstanding and
competent, who become the leaders of companies or play
decisive roles.
Finally, the social status of women should be promoted
when they possess enough capabilities. For example, the first
female vice president of Taiwan was elected in 2000. Besides,
one-third of the councilors on the Taipei City Council are
women. Moreover, Shirley M. Tilghman, a biochemistry
professor, became the first female president of Princeton
University in 2001. Princeton University has been established
for two hundred seventy-seven years.
In summary, the role of women has changed. Women
are able to receive complete and substantial education.
Moreover, they will develop their advantages and wisdom in
their occupation. Finally, women will be promoted in social
status. For all these of reasons, I believe that the women's role
has changed dramatically even though they still have to take
care of their families.

Winner and Winning
Sandra Hoyos

There are three reasons why I think life is like the
practice of sports. First, when you start to play any sport, you
do it for pleasure, like a baby who chooses her or his activities
only for attraction, and your only interest is winning and
enjoying. Second, when you choose any sport to practice, you
start to meet problems and difficulties. If you don't control
yourself, maybe it will be the cause of obstacles like a
handicapping in sports, but you can strengthen yourself through
practice in life and in sports. Then those which at one time
were your insecurities later can become your fortress. Finally,
you're all that you build into your life. Like in sports, all you
do will be the result of your effort.

The Ways of Life
Yong Sik Kim
RW 400

There are various ways in leading a life. It is never
easy to choose some ways of life because life is very
complicated. The happiest man is the one who lives worthily. It
is the most successful life, I think. I dare to say some ways of
life. First of all, a man ought to be honest. A proverb says that
honesty is the best policy. In Korea, some businessman who
makes a long march flushed with victories was finally ruined on
account of his lie. Also, one ought to be modest. To stoop is to
conquer. Self-conceit is the shortcut to ruin. As a matter of
course, one should lower oneself. The third factor is that one
ought to think about everything and behave affirmatively. Even
though a person undergoes a lot of hardships and privations, he
should endure and overcome. The fourth way is never to give
oneself over to despair. Never give up! As long as there is life,
there is hope. I cannot forget Seri Park who is a famous golf
player. A ball she hit fell just beside a pond; she stepped in and
hit the ball successfully. Finally she won the title in that
tournament. At that time we, all Koreans, were deeply
impressed by what she did. The fifth is that one ought to live
with self-confidence. If one does not have self-confidence, he
will almost always lose, for it is driving force in life. Finally,
one ought to have a lot of good friends. In particular, when in
need, his friends are able to help and save him. A faithful friend
is a kind of blessing in life, especially for a man who works in a
firm or other organization. The above is only my personal
opinion. In conclusion, a man should live by his principles in
order to succeed in his life.

Advantages of Studying in the U.S. for
International Students
Hassan Mozahab

Many young people do not want to be away from their
home countries. However, there are a lot of people coming to
the U.S. each year to continue their education at universities
and college. The reason is the high quality of the academic
programs in American colleges and universities compared to
the educational systems of other countries. Although
international students have many difficulties living in the U.S.,
where language, culture, and even beliefs are different from
what they have been raised with, most international students
prepare for their careers by studying in the United States. Being
an international student in America has brought three
advantages to my life: having the chance to attend Building
Construction school, increasing my job opportunities in the
world, and gaining knowledge about different cultures.
The most important advantage of going to college in
the U.S. for me is having the chance to major in Building
Construction, which was almost impossible when I was in my
country because of the limited capacity at the university. In my
country, Iran, students have the chance to take the annual

ELI Student Voices 3

entrance exams of universities. The difficulty of these exams,
because of the very limited capacity of universities compared to
the high number of applicants, makes secondary education
merely a dream for a lot of students. Since I came to the U.S.,
this dream is coming true.
Another benefit that attending university in the U.S.
has brought me is increasing my job opportunities around the
world. By studying in English, which is an international
language, I will be able to communicate and share my
knowledge better with people from other countries. This will
enhance my chance of being hired by many international
companies, since most of them need bilingual employees who
know English. In addition, studying in an American university
gives me knowledge of the latest technology in the world. All
these benefits from studying in the U.S. upgrade my job
Becoming familiar with other people's culture is also
an advantage of attending university in America. During almost
a year in America at the University of Florida's English
Language Institute, I have made many friends from different
parts of the world including China, Spain, America, etc.
Communicating with these friends, I have learned a lot about
their behavior, beliefs, and norms that they culturally hold. For
example, most Spanish students hug and kiss each other
whenever they meet. They usually go out in a group and even
study more in groups. They are happy people with kind hearts
that hold their relationship very well even with non-Spanish
students. Besides Spanish culture, I have become familiar with
other cultures as well because of studying at the English
Language Institute.
Overall, I will experience three advantages from
attending college in the U.S. These benefits include, most
importantly, the chance to study Building Construction,
increasing my opportunities of having a better job in this
competitive world, and also gaining information about other
cultures. Since studying in the U.S. is beneficial in a variety of
ways for all people around the world, I encourage everyone to
experience a period of time studying in an American college or

An Unforgettable Day
Mariana Zavala

When I was sixteen years old, my family gave me a
very nice gift. The best one that I ever received. It was a ticket
for a travel around many exotic islands on a luxury ship, so I
immediately went to the mall to buy bathing suits, shorts, and
many items for the beach (sun block, sandals, etc.). Then I went
to my house, and my sisters helped me to pack my things. That
night I couldn't sleep because I was excited. I was thinking
about everything, the ship, the food, and guys that I was going
to meet.
The next morning, I woke up early. It was 4 a.m.
However, we lost the car keys and that made us late to the
airport. I thought that I would never get on the plane, but I
made it. When I got on the plane, I met a lot of young people

who were going on the trip, too. After many hours, we arrived
to Miami, and we took the ship. It was amazing. It was huge
and very nice. My room was pretty nice too, with a blue marine
color on the walls. That night all the people on the ship had a
special diner in the main restaurant. Then we went to the
discotheque inside the ship and we spent all the night talking,
laughing, and dancing.
Finally, we went to sleep. That was my best day in my
life. This day was a lot of fun. I met many interesting people
and one special guy that right now is my lovely boyfriend. I
will never forget this day.

My Birthday
Pietro Menegaldo Scionti

My best day was the day of July 3, 2002. That day was
my birthday and my graduation, too. On July 3, I woke up at
7:00 a.m. I used to go to my school every day, but that day was
my birthday, so I went to my friend's house instead, and we
saw the Football World Cup.
Then at 11:00 a.m., we went to school to practice our
graduation ceremony. At 3:00 p.m., everyone left to his house
to get ready. At 7:00 p.m., we returned to school, and we went
to the graduation ceremony. After that, the graduation party
started and the fun began! I was very excited because my
teachers and friends had a surprise for me. They did a video
with pictures of me since I was little until present. My mother
and I cried a lot after watching the video; it was great!
Finally, we went to the nightclub. My family, friends,
girlfriend, and my teachers were there. The club was opened
just for us, but now I have a problem because I can't remember
anything after that! I just remember that the next day I woke up
at my best friend's house. All in all, that was my best day in my

The Ways Colors Affect You and Me
Kaori Yamamoto

There are a number of colors, which affect our daily
lives and feelings. We live surrounded by color. First, weather
changes everyday. The orange sun makes me feel cheerful and
happy. The blue sky makes me healthy. The white clouds make
me feel fresh. But gray weather makes me feel sad. In the
spring, we can see bright trees. They have various greens. Here,
in Gainesville we can see many green leaves and colorful
flowers. I love it here because I can't see greens like these in
Tokyo because it is surrounded by many gray buildings. Colors
do affect our daily lives. In other words, we can coordinate our
lifestyles with colors, and this is second point. For example,
room lights affect our condition. If I want to be calm in my
room, I can change my room light to darker colors. And, I can
arrange or harmonize colors in my room. Colors are usually
important for coordinating. That's also true about our clothes.
Clothes decide a day's mood. We can choose some colors by

ELI Student Voices 4

daily feelings. In Japan, we have to wear black suits to a
funeral. It's bad manners to wear any color except black. On the
other hand, we can wear white or colorful dress in a wedding.
In addition, colors sometimes will affect others' first impression
of use. They express one's character. Personally, my favorite
color is green. I'm collecting all sorts of green goods. Anything
is good for me if it's green. I wonder why I like green so much,
but I do wear green somewhere everyday. Green makes me stay
calm. It has an effect of healing. Finally, I like natural colors
too like the Gainesville greens. It's also a pleasure to take
pictures of natural colors. When I take a picture in the market, I
need colorful fruits and vegetables. It's more attractive and fresh
if colorful. And it's my pleasure to eat those colorful foods too.
Our daily lives really need fresh colors!!
Then, when we cheer for the Gators, we wear blue
and orange costumes. We can cheer in a body. Blue and orange
gives us a feeling of identification. In that moment, we can
become united. That's team COLOR. Go Gators!

Men in Black
Banky Wisaratana

This month is a month of love. Everyone has known
that for a long time. It's my first Valentine's Day in the U.S. I
had a new experience.
My American's friend asked me out. He told me about
a plan for the weekend. We usually meet each other everyday
and talk together. He helped my Thai friends and me at the ELI.
He wanted to be a conversation partner with us. Then, the plan
this week was to go to the party in somewhere. We agreed with
him. On Friday the 14th, we met at his home around 11 P.M. We
left to the party at midnight. First, we visited his friend at
another party. When we arrived to the first party, I couldn't
believe my eyes. It was a punk party. Most of guys were
wearing clothes in a punk style. "HI, come in!" said the owner
of the house. So, we all said "Hi" to him. He looked at me and
asked, "Are you Thai?" I was very surprised. Then he kept on
speaking "I'm Thai, too." He was Thai-American. I talk to him
for about 30 minutes. I was very confused because he wanted to
speak Thai, but I wanted to speak English. After that, my friend
told me "We gonna go now" although I wanted to stay on.
At the other party, it looked like a dark warehouse. Suddenly, I
heard a sound of music. A lot of people walked in. We paid
$4.00 per person to enter the party. It was very interesting,
many guys danced, many guys drank, we danced and drank a
lot of beer, too. After 25 minutes, we saw men in black come in.
They went straight to the DJ. They looked around and said
something to him. He turned off sound of music immediately.
We have seen these men in black before. Oh my god! They
were police officers. They stopped the party and hurt my heart.

How to Correctly Clean Your Contact
/lirng-Chien Yu (Catherine)

Nothing is more important than our health especially
our eyes. More and more people prefer to wear contact lenses
because it is pleasing to the eye and convenient. The eye is one
of the body's vital organs which is very tender. Air pollution is
a critical problem today. The air contaminates our contact
lenses too. It is very important to know how to correctly clean
your contact lenses. There are some steps to follow in order to
clean your contact lenses. They are easy and important when
you follow this procedure.
First of all, you must choose a bottle of contact lens
solution. It should agree with you. Before you take off your
contact lenses, you had better wash your hands carefully. When
you take off one of the lenses, you can put it in the center of
your palm. Next, drop two drops of contact lens solution on the
lens. Meanwhile, you could use the ring finger of the other
hand to rub and clean your contact lens about thirty seconds.
Rinse your lens thoroughly with the contact lens solution. Do
you know why I choose my ring finger to rub the lens?
Because I think we usually use our thumb, forefinger, and
middle finger. Their skin is rougher than ring finger's and little
finger's. However, the little finger is not convenient to use so I
always use my ring finger to rub and clean my contact lens.
For the next step, you should rub and clean other side
of the same lens. You drop two drops of contact lens solution
again. You still use the ring finger to rub it. After that, you put
some contact lens solution in the lens case and transfer the
cleaned lens to the case. Make sure the solution covers the lens.
Finally, take off your other contact lens. You just use
the same procedure to rub, clean, and store it. From then on,
you had better wait for six hours to overnight. It is proceeding
with the disinfection. For additional comfort, place one to two
drops of contact lens solution on the inner surface of the lenses
before wearing the cleaned contact lenses.
Do not forget you must take off your contact lenses
every day otherwise it will harm you eyes. The critical step of
cleaning contact lenses is rubbing it with your finger. The
contact lens is the technological product which brings
convenience and comfort for humans. Moreover, health is the
most important thing. Just keep good habits and correct
cleaning procedure, and you will have health and convenience

ELI Student Voices 5

Arts of My Life
Tanapan Wisaratana

A long time ago, I was born into the world. My family
was very happy because they got a son. They expected me, so I
grew up with love. When I was young, they took me to many
places such as science museums, aircraft museums, zoos, etc.
They helped me in everything. They wanted me to be an
astronaut in the future.
At the age of twelve, I was attending a science
program at my high school, as my father and my mother hoped.
The last semester at my high school, my friends and I went to
see a movie. The story of the movie was about how to be an
artist. At the end of the movie, I thought I wanted to change my
life to the way of arts and leave science behind. After that, I
came home. I talked about the movie, and I told them, my father
and my mother, about my intentions in life. They were the best
family in the world. They understood me. Two years later, I
went to the best university in Thailand, Chulalongkorn
University, and enrolled in the College of Arts. My family was
proud of me.
I graduated from the university when I was twenty-
two. I started to work at Index Promotion Event in a position of
Art Director. It was a big event company, so they had a lot of
big projects. Six months later, my boss gave me a new project.
It was a big project from Lux, a consumer product from
Unilever Thailand Company. They wanted to make a big event
for launching a new product. We, my company, created this
project in the name of The Longest Catwalk of Lux. It meant
that we would set it up someplace and make it big.
On the day of event, we invited the best models, in
total 111 women, who would walk on a catwalk. I was working
for the back stage crew. During that time, a lot of beautiful
women walked into the back stage and waited there for the
beginning of the show. I never saw a bigger beauty than this
one. I thought this was the real beauty. These women were a
beauty of art in my life. Oh! I love them.

Overcome Yourself
Mika Nozawa

To overcome yourself is the most important challenge
in everything. First of all, when I was student, I really didn't like
English. I did not expect to come to U.S.A. at that time, but
since then I have accompanied my husband to live in the U.S.A.
I could have chosen to stay at home, but I chose to come to the
E.L.I. I wanted to overcome English. As a result, I have made
friends with people from different cultures. Moreover, I have
many opportunities to keep in touch with them. I now want to
know about other countries. In addition, never giving up is also
important to overcoming yourself. When I was student, I
belonged to a lacrosse club, but my house was far from school.
I thought I should give up, but my friends encouraged me, and I

continued in this club. I have many good friends from this club.
All these challenges and experiences have changed my life.

Terrible Day
Do Hee Kim

I have a bad memory about a car accident. If my
memory serves me right, I was six years old. Sunday morning, I
went somewhere with my sisters by car. My sister and the
driver were sitting in the front. My other sisters and I were in
the back of the car. I sat in the middle. When we were coming
home, it suddenly happened. On the intersection, we took off as
soon as the light changed green. At the same time, a big truck
hit the side of our car. Our car was crushed on that side. My
oldest sister fell senseless on me. I thought that my sister died.
All glass pieces flew onto my other sister, so her face was
bleeding. My other sister hit her head on the front windshield
because she didn't wear a seatbelt. I was crying. People from
the road helped us. We went to near a hospital, but they were
closed, so we got a taxi and went to a hospital. I really don't
remember exactly that situation. I think I was fine, but my
sisters very hurt. Fortunately, we all survived.
Later, my mom and dad came to the hospital. They
seemed very shocked. I don't remember anything after that.
Anyway, that day was a terrible day. I don't want to remember
it. I learned that you always have to be careful about everything.
People must always wear seatbelts. Nowadays, we are happy
and healthy.

Chicken Soup
Yuriy Nikitin

Since I was a child, I have loved chicken soup. Even
now, when I'm sick or not feeling well, my stomach calls to me
"ku-ka-re-ku." It's like a long distance call from my
childhood. Until I eat chicken soup, I have no satisfaction. As
I eagerly gulp down my liquid of life, my feelings resurrect. It
is amazing how small childhood impressions can be such a big
comfort in adulthood.

Achieving Success
Lucy Anny Daza Ariza

There are several very important factors in achieving
success. When you want something you must be a passionate
person about that and you must work every day in order to get
what you want, so the first important thing is to be passionate.
That means you must think and think every day about that and
do the best you can. One example about me is that I wish to talk
English soon. I think and think every day about the best way to
reach it. The second thing is never to give up in spite of
obstacles or things that make your ride difficult. For example in

ELI Student Voices 6

some circumstances I feel I never will speak English soon
because I don't understand when people talk to me, but isn't a
obstacle because I know I learn a little more English every day.
These are the reasons that we always need to work for our

My Love!
Banky Wisaratana

On Friday February 7th at noon, my friends and I had
planned to go to Butler Plaza after our last class. We wanted to
see a movie. We took a bus at the bus stop close to the ELI.
After about 15 minutes, we arrived there. At first, we looked for
a restaurant and decided to eat lunch at China King. It's
Chinese food similar to Thai food. We went shopping at Ross
shop and Dollar Tree before we bought our tickets. We stood in
front of a Regal Cinemas Theatre, and thought about which
movie we want to see. We voted and decided to see How to
Lose a Guy in 10 Days. It's a romantic comedy. The actor who
plays in this movie, I have seen him in another movie before.
He's a good actor. The movie's very funny. We love movies
like these ones. Especially actress Kate Hudson, she's very
cute. I love her. When the movie finished, we went to our
homes, but I didn't go home alone. I went home with Kate
Hudson, my love.

The Process of Effort
Jung Yun Lee
RW 400

Many peoples run to get success, but success isn't
everything in life. Actually success is just one of the results
from what you did. Surely successful result makes us more
happy than a failed result. Recently we worship just the result,
and not the process. It can cause us to miss many important
things in our life. There is some proverb about achieving
success, consisting of 99% effort and 1% fortune. It exactly
describes success. This proverb means that most of our success
is based on effort. We think that effort is only the process for
getting good result. However effort in the process itself is
important regardless of the result. Of course, we can raise our
success possibilities through effort, but you can get more things
through the process of effort. In this process, we can get the
wisdom of life. You get more benefits doing your best in daily
life than only desiring success.

Disposing of Garbage
.\heng-Chien Yu (Catherine)

People generate a lot of garbage everyday. If your
habits resemble those of average Americans, you generate about
four pounds of solid trash per day. This adds up to big trouble
for the environment. People are generating waste products

faster than nature can break them down and using up resources
faster than they can be replaced. Therefore, recycling and reuse
are very important for disposing of garbage.
First, I think we have to reuse before recycling. For
example, I carry cloth bags with me wherever I go. I put my
goods in the bags and reuse them.
In addition, some garbage should be recycled. For
instance, when I drop off soda and milk bottles, cardboard,
glass, paper, and cans, I put them in different garbage bins.
Also, plastic grocery bags can be easily reused as trashcan
liners. That is easy to do.
In summary, we have only one earth. Although we
cannot avoid generating garbage everyday, we should reduce
the amount of garbage we produce. It is better to reuse and
recycle what we have.

Thanks from the Editor
Thank you students for allowing us to share your writing. I
hope you enjoy reading your fellow students' essays. Also
thanks to Noreen Baker and the HUB for arranging the gift
certificates, to Todd Allen for publicizing this issue of Student
Voices, to the Reading/Writing instructors for supporting their
students in their writing, and to Karen Eberly, Darion
Hutchinson and the Forbes family for reading and evaluating
the entries.
Thanks everyone!
Steve Flocks

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