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Volume 6, Issue 3

Fall 2002

Olga Silva
(1st Place)

She never tried to convince me to go to the secret
meetings because she knew that I didn't want to be involved in
these activities. She began to miss classes, and that was very
odd for my teachers and classmates because she was a very
good student. In my mind, I preferred to think she was sick and
would have returned to class when she was healthy again;
unfortunately she didn't. The teachers told us to tell her that
she would fail her courses if she missed more classes. So, she
began to attend classes again, but not full time. She arrived two
or three days per week at the last hour to copy our notebooks or
to see what homework we had to give the teachers.
One day, we heard that she was in jail for terrorism
activities. It was a surprise for my classmates, but not for me. I
felt sad for her situation, and I didn't want to think that she had
done something wrong. She was in jail for three months.
When she was released from prison, she returned to the
university. Nobody wanted to talk with her because they felt
afraid to be in trouble. So, she asked me many things about the
university because I was the only person who associated with
her. One day, she was very sad, and asked me if we could go to
the cafeteria. She told me that she never did any bad thing
against Peruvian people, only attended the secret meetings. She
told me about the terrible things she experienced in jail. She
said that the police took her very early in the morning. They
were very rough. All that time, she was in a special jail. She
could hear many people who were being tortured by the police.
She saw people who were injured, yelling, and crying. She told
me that some of them told her that the police put electrodes on
their bodies, took off all their clothes and threw cold water on
them. They were forced to sign confessions. All these things
were devastating for her. Each day she was afraid that the
police would take her and do something bad to her. The police
told her many bad things and tried to reduce her self-
But, the police could never do anything to her because
her mother was a member of a feminine political organization.
So, her mother asked for some help from the leftist politicians
who then visited the jail and warned the police not to torture
her. The politicians and the lawyers worked to obtain her
freedom. They said in her defense that the police didn't have
any true evidence against her, only the word from a man who
could have been tortured to make the allegation.
She studied one semester more; after that she never
returned to the university. Someone told us that she traveled to

Spain. I don't know if this is true or not, and I have never seen
her again.

A Day in Three Months and a Half
Leticia Pinto
(2nd Place)

"Write something, whatever you want, things from
your mind ... ." Here I am. My mind does not have memoirs;
it does not have any specific thought. It wants to think about
family, about this moment alone, but its owner does not permit.
I think that I have to be happy all the time. I do not have a big
reason to be sad. I just feel myself alone. It is Sunday, a sad
day by itself. I know that I can go to church, pray and feel
better, but how?
In this moment, I am sure that everybody needs
company, friends, voices, laughs, hugs, kisses, love, and tears
too. Sadness and happiness are together. They depend on each
other. Sometimes we have to be sad to be grateful for our
happy moments. And many times we gain maturity from this.
Those moments make us think about life desires, goals, etc.
I know, I am sure that I will be better, tomorrow is
another day. Tonight is only one night, in weeks, in weekends,
in three months and a half.

Changes in Traditional Roles Between
Males and Females
Mooneue Choi
RW 60

From the beginning of human life, there were females
and males, and they have played their own roles so far. If
someone asked, What are the differences between male and
female?" What would you answer? From a long time ago, a
male has been a symbol of power while a female has been a
symbol of a householder. People may ask who decided these
roles and why people's roles are decided like this. Nowadays
people are changing their traditional roles because they want to
do something that they want, not what the society wants. They
deny their traditional roles and want to get their own roles.
At first, people can find the biggest changes in
children's pastimes. For example, not so long ago, females were
required to be like their mothers. Because their mothers and
most of females' roles have been cleaning house, cooking
something for their families, having babies, and waiting for
their husbands in home, little girls' pastimes were also limited
to domestic stuff. Girls have been supposed to play girly games

ELI Student Voices 1

like jumping rope, playing house while little boys' pastimes
were very different from girls like playing war or playing
knight. Boys have been supposed to be as strong as their fathers
usually are so they tended to like to play in large groups with a
leader who tells others what to do. Their play was about
winners and losers.
However, what are today's children's pastimes?
People can see easily that boys hang out with girls and girls also
hang out with boys. They sometimes play computer games
together and they play house changing their roles like working
mothers or cooking fathers. Some girls want to play with guns
and robots and others want to play with dolls or other girls'
Second, males' and females' roles are also changing in
their home. In the past, it was natural that mothers were
cooking, housekeeping, and staying at home all day long. Even
though they had jobs, they had to housekeep and take care of
the children. It has meant that women had a lot of things to do
not only in the workplace but also in home compared to males.
In contrast, today's males take care of their children while their
wives are working as well as cook and clean their houses. Some
people insist that it is stupid for males to stay at home, and
housekeep; however, the number of families sharing their roles
is increasing. As the number of career women is increasing,
males are spending more time in their home but females are
spending more time in their workplace. These are obvious
phenomena among today's young families and nobody can
deny these.
Last, these changes between males' and females' roles
have caused to decide their jobs. For example, in the past, if
people asked little girls, "What's your dream in the future?"
They usually answered, "teacher," "nurse," or "mom" while
today's girls answer, "engineer," "architect," or "doctor."
Different from girls, if people ask boys, some boys answer
"fashion designer," "hairdresser," or "chef." It means that their
roles are totally changed when they choose their jobs, too.
Females have been forced to have inactive, simple, easy and
girly jobs while males have been forced to get active, social,
honorable and manly jobs.
On the other hand, today their jobs are more different
and various than past's. Females want to get new jobs people
couldn't imagine in the past, like programmer, engineer,
mechanic, architect and firefighter. However, males want to be
a hairdresser, artist, entertainer and nurse. These changes must
be the most surprising things to the old generation and people
who believe men are men, and women are women.
In conclusion people can find lots of changes in the
traditional roles of males and females. Though there are original
differences between males and females physically and mentally,
people have wanted to be dealt with as the same human being,
not males and females. The new generation has been denying to
be defined like their predecessors. Instead of these, they are
making their own roles. They don't care about society or others
but just do what they want and what they want to be. Even
though people have blamed the young generation who deny
their traditional roles, they are encouraging their descendants to
choose their own roles as human beings. Instead of people

clinging to their roles, they can decide their ways by
themselves, not by society.

Sharing Roles and Respecting the Desires:
A Way to Enjoy a Life as a Couple
Ronald Madrigal

Is it easy to enjoy a "couple life" in the middle of
today's family? No, but it is possible. One out of every three
couples get separated or they stay together in spite of the fact
that their lives are miserable. It is necessary to be aware about
this difficult reality. Today's couples should develop efficient
ways how to conquer this challenge. Business and job, friends,
house chores, social activities, and children's associated
responsibilities are some things that make the couple life
difficult in our modem society. My experience has allowed me
to recognize that today's couples can enjoy the couple life
better when sharing roles and respecting each other desires.
First of all, there are some roles that today's couples
should share in order to enjoy themselves and their family life.
Furthermore, house chores and children's responsibilities are
not exclusive roles for the wife. Today, the man needs to
become involved in these activities and he should enjoy it daily.
Likewise, family's economical support is not an exclusive role
for the husband. Many women want to assume this
responsibility or at least participate in it.
Secondly, by being flexible and respecting each other's
desires, a couple can enjoy more their life. Usually, today's
women want to assume leadership positions as professionals
and inside of the family, too. This way the couple needs to be
flexible and respectful because it is not easy to accomplish the
desires for both at the same time and at the same magnitude.
For example, my wife has her own enterprise and both of us are
involved in community and environmental activities. It has not
been easy, but today we enjoy a lot this opportunity.
To conclude, sharing roles and respecting each other's
desires could be helpful for a couple in order to enjoy their
common life. Each one needs to be aware about these new
realities before they commit to a relationship.

Younghee Choi
RW 300

Obesity is the result when we use up fewer calorie than
we consume. Obesity is of the biggest topic of conversation in
21st century's health medical treatment because the ratio of
fatness is rising continuously. We can guess how serious the
fatness problem is. The main reason of fatness is poor eating
habits. Because of the habits, people got diseases easily. Now,
fatness is not "a question of appearance" anymore. It is "a
disease" that is in need of medical treatment.
One of the worst eating habit is fast food. Fast food is
high in calories and fatty. In addition, it is the biggest reason of
obesity. It is very popular in the world because it has special

ELI Student Voices 2

qualities. It is "cheap, fast and delicious." Fast food is a high-
caloric and fatty food, so it incites the obesity of the people who
lack impetus. In fact, many people in America demand
damages against company which relative with fast food because
they think that the main reason of their disease is eating fast
food. There is abundant evidence that fast food has a bad effect
upon obesity.
Overweight people have a higher possibility of getting
diseases than people at large. It also means that it is a high
figure of cholesterol. In addition, fatness is a bad element of
heart attack and diabetes. In the case of women, obesity can be
a result of melancholia. According to a study, becoming fat
makes women unhappy. So, if they get fat, it is easy to lose
confidence and it makes women melancholic.
Bad eating habits lead to obesity and it can have bad
effect on body and mental, and we can solve these problems in
some ways. One way is medical treatment, pills, and fat
inspiration. However, it is a temporary expedient. Experts of
obesity said the rule to lose weight is exercise and eating less
food. So, if we do according to the rule, for example, proper
exercise and eat a few food, we can lose weight, and we can
also promote our health. As I stated before, the fatness makes
ill our bodily and mentally. We have to bewell aware about the
evils of fatness, and we have to deviate from disease of fatness,
through improving our way of eating life and proper exercise.

Tae Kwang Woo

I have many friends. I still keep in touch with many of
my friends from elementary school. Every year I try to go to
our reunion. Of course, I have friends from university, too.
However, just a few people are truly my friends. It is difficult
to have many true friends. With a true friend, you can talk
about anything and they will understand.
My true and best friend, Young-jin, is a good person.
He can understand me almost perfectly because we have known
each other for 10 years. In addition, sometimes he gives me
sensible advice. Since I arrived here, I have not been able to get
in touch with him often. We just write e-mail to each other
occasionally so I am anxious to hear of him.
Jun is also one of my familiar friends. We have
known each other for 11 years. He is also a likeminded
company. He has a passion for cars. I like cars, too. Because
of a car, we had become good friends. We talked about cars
everyday, and we enjoyed that very much. The same interest is
helpful to make a friend. He is pure and comical. However, he
is an only son, so he sometimes puts himself first. It makes me
tired seldom. I want to remedy his selfishness.
Actually, I met many good people in the US. I think it
seems like I met them a long time ago. I have received help
from many Koreans, ELI people and roommates. I didn't
expect to make a good friend in here, but now, I'm so pleased
because of my good friends. I shall always remember their
kindness to me. In addition, I will try to stay in touch with

I think true friendship is more than just liking
someone. With a true friend, you can talk about anything and
they will understand. I know that it is hard to make a true
friend. That is why people say that they have just a few truly
friends. Luckily, I met many good people. If someone asked
me, "How many true friends do you have?" I answer the
question confidently, "I have many true friends." Because I
love everyone around me. They are the most valuable worth in
my life.

Hola Baile
Taiyo (Pooh) Okabe
RW 60

When people think about dance simply, what do they
imagine about it? People who are very religious from some
kinds of god would say that dancing is for god. Some people
use dancing as a function for expressing own aesthetic sense
like other types of artists. And other people perform to enjoy
with a partner or friends. Sometimes they dance with one big
group like Line Dance, Bon Odori. Also, there is pair dance,
which people dance between man and woman such as Salsa,
Merengue, Tango, Swing, and Country. Especially Salsa,
Merengue, and Tango, all of which are Latin dances, are usually
very passionate movements. Pair dances were one of the most
important activities to find a wife among nobles in old
European society. This pair activity has become more common
for everyone and has been changed by many kinds of music.
Salsa, born in New York, grows up in many places in Latin
America, is loved by many people all over the world.
Dance has very convenient function for making new
relationship between a man and a woman. It is difficult that a
man asks an unknown woman if she wants to go out for dinner.
But if he asks her if she wants to dance with him at a dance
club, it is less hard to ask her out to dinner. At least they have a
nice time because of dancing. A man can ask a woman to dance
though they hold hand and move really closely. They don't need
many words. All that they need is holding partner's body and
moving with music. If you have no experience about pair dance,
can you imagine how close they are? (I am talking to Asians)
Because American and European cultures accept hug or kiss,
they don't feel dancing has special meaning but probably
Asians think these couples are in too close range to each other.
I absolutely love dancing now. If I hear music, my
body will start to dance automatically. Because I believe that
Latin dances bring a lot of fun and benefits for us, I like it. I
recommend that we dance more often as a social activity. Also.
I am focusing on dancing view of physical advantage. The
advantages of pair dancing are couple can share the time
together; people can exercise easily while having fun. I know
some old couple who don't have any shared interests and spend
boring days. I think that they should dance Salsa. It is very
passionate to dance it. Salsa music also makes me feel sexier.
Midage couple often gets bored with their life because they
have been together for a long time. If they dance, they can share
time and keep their health.

ELI Student Voices 3

First, since a couple starts to have their children, there
is no time to have fun for the couple. They have to organize
their time for family time which is not for the couple. However,
if they try to dance, at least for the moment they spend time
together without their sons and daughters. Certainly, family
time is very important for them, but they also have to keep their
time as a man and a woman. When they try new steps, they
have to help each other to figure them out. Normally, a man has
to lead a woman how to move next. Also, a woman has to know
what he wants to do. Step matching is very difficult, but it is
significant to time correctly between a man and a woman when
we dance. However, if this timing is matched, we feel really
good and comfortable. It is almost ecstasy. Therefore I believe
that dancing keeps a couple better relationship.
Another reason why dancing is good for old couples is
it is good for their physical health. Nowadays, dancing has been
one of the most popular exercise events. Dancing makes us
forget time to run. If people run for an hour, they get bored
mentally. Running is always the same action which is to move
your feet. During dancing, people have to step variously. So, we
can have reasonable physical activity. When old people play
basketball or soccer, they can have fun, but these sports would
be too dangerous and too much load for them. Also, I want to
mention music magic. While music is being played, I feel that I
can't stop dancing. There is no reason. Therefore, we can get or
have sufficient amount of aerobic training.
I suggest that people try to pair dance, particularly old
people. I want them to dance more often and broadly. There are
many reasons as I said, but I have to say the most important
reason: DANCING IS FUN. Benefits that I explained are only
parts of dance appearance. Dancing is very profound and
historical. It would mean that dancing is the most acceptable
fun activity which was made by human. Salsa that I love has
special magic. Even though a dancer is not sexy, the audience
feels dance movements make her/him more passionate. If a
woman dances with a good dancer, she would feel she is a
professional dancer though she is not. What a man does is much
more important than what a woman does. When a man can
control their movement, they look nice and sexy. Thus, men
need more practice than women. If a woman wants to be sexier,
why doesn't she dance Salsa with a nice dancer before she starts
to go on a diet?

Valuable Lessons
Luis Marquez

It is easy to have a farm, but it is difficult to maintain
it. Life in farm could be easier at the beginning, but complicated
with the happening of the time. Let me tell you about three
lessons that I learned during my work in my farm.
First of all, put aside your ego and try to be humble.
Being humble is an excellent tactic for selling your
merchandise; buyers love it. It is good for the worker-boss
relationships because worker prefer to work with a humble boss
more than an ego boss. Finally, this could be an excellent tactic
to discover your enemies.

Second, never get too close to your employees. They
want to be friends with you however they cannot. They want
your friendship for their own benefits, not for the company.
Please be aware of this because if you permit this to happen,
automatically you will lose their respect.
Third, never show your desperation to the buyers.
Sometimes, you could be in a difficult economic situation at
your farm. Consequently, you need to sell your merchandise.
So, if you call the buyers and show them that you are desperate
to sell your animals, they can use it in their advantage to buy
your animals at a cheaper price.
In conclusion, if you have a farm and you are a
beginner like I was, remember these three valuable lessons. Try
to be humble person and put aside your ego, don't get too close
to the employees, and never show your desperation to sell to the
buyers during a difficult economic time.

Benefit of Having the Older Brother
Jason (Hee Bong) Jung

Recently, there are many families that have one child.
It seems that parents give good education to their child however
it has less benefit for the child who does not have an older
brother or older sister. There are many benefits from having an
older brother. For example, my older brother experienced many
things before I did, so I have more time to prepare for future
One benefit is that my older brother experienced things
before I did. So he always gave me good advice. For example,
in my country if men are twenty to twenty-seven years old, they
are drafted by the army. If they do not have an older brother,
they do not know what an army's life is about. So it is very
difficult for them. But I had it easier than other men who do not
have older brothers because I learned many things about the
army's life from my older brother who experienced the life of
army before I did.
The other benefit is that my parents were always more
strict with my brother than with me. He was usually restricted
by my parents for whatever he did because he is the first child
in my family. In contrast to my brother, I enjoy much better
time and freedom.
Some people hate having an older brother because an
older brother can usually interfere with their work. But they
gain more than they lose from having an older brother. I think
that being an older brother is a pleasure for you and a gift,
which is given by God.

Good Family Communication
Hassan Mozahab

One of the factors that causes families to have proper
relationship is communication between members of families.
Good communication in family leads children to trust their

ELI Student Voices 4

parents, solve their behavioral problems and become more
Statistics show that one of the most important reasons
that children run away from their houses is because they do not
have good communication with their parents. Children cannot
trust their parents because they think their parents are from the
past generation, and therefore, they cannot understand them and
have the same opinion as theirs.
If a family does not have good communication,
children get far away from their parents. As a result of that,
children's behaviors change from what their parents expected
which causes a lot of problems. For example, when teenagers
pierce their bodies just because their friends do that, and they
want to try it too, they start to have problems with their parents.
Another reason that good communication in families is
important is because it helps children to get ready for a more
successful social life. For example, when children have good
communication with their parents, they can communicate with
their spouses or their children easier.
Good communication leads families to proper
relationship. Therefore, families have an important role in their
children's lives, which leads them to be successful in their
personal life as well as their social life.

Difference Between My Brothers
Mariluz Bravo

My older brother has a strong temperament; he is very
strict with anything. While my younger brother has a funny
temperament, he can adapt to any situation. They are different
in all aspects of their life. For example, when they are working
or when they are with our family.
Although my older brother has a strong temperament,
he has good relations with people. He is a polite man and he is
very strict with all. For example, when he lived in our parent's
house, he fought with all our siblings and me for anything. Also
he wants to make the decision in our company. He is stressed,
and he is very quiet. Furthermore, he doesn't like the noise, he
is attentive with our family, but all the time he is serious.
However, my younger brother has a funny
temperament because he is joking with everybody. Nonetheless,
every day he is funny, he works every day with a smile, and he
doesn't fight with anyone. Also when he comes to my house,
our family is happy because all the time he is talking and
joking, so he is flexible and very attentive.
In conclusion, my brothers are of the same generation;
in contrast, they have different temperaments. However, they
have a good relationship because they recognize what are their
differences, and they respect each other. Furthermore, they can
share anything together for example, work, friends, and enjoy
free time.

Like Father Like Son
Ana Sabal

We are four siblings in my family, three brothers and I.
All of us are different from each other, but every one of us has
similar skills and manners to our parents, especially my brother
Luis. Luis always said, "I am never going to be like my father."
Therefore, my brother does not recognize that he is very similar
to our father. There is a saying "Like father like son". There are
many similarities that can be found in my brother and my
father's character and life. Like my father, my brother is very
friendly and authoritative with his children. My father and my
brother have a lot in common.
First of all, my brother is very friendly and careful
with my nephews, but he is also very authoritative. When his
children do something wrong, he reprimands them aloud and
does not speak to them until many hours later. But then he
kisses and hugs them very much. In contrast, when they do
something good, he plays and goes out with them, as my father
Also another similarity Luis learned all that he knows
from my father, and he keeps it to himself. Consequently, they
have a lot in common in their own lives. My brother has his
own family as beautiful as ours when we were children. For
example, he has two sons--Diego, 5, and Andres, 3. They have
good manners, they share their toys and their clothes like my
brothers and I did. Also Luis has a house with a garden and pets
similar to our home when we were children. Like my father,
Luis learned how to be a pilot of an airplane; he likes to fly to
many places around my country. He also likes to travel a lot as
my father does.
Perhaps, some times people do not realize that the
person whom they judge is very similar to them just as my
brother thinks that he is different from my father. He does not
realize that he is very similar to him. People need to recognize
their own weaknesses and strengths, and then they can talk
about the others.

A Good Relationship
Leticia De Carvalho

I have only one sibling: a sister. She is older than me,
but we get along very well. My sister and I have a lot in
common such as an appearance and good relationship with our
parents. We also have many differences for example our
personality and interests.
The most important similarity is our appearance; we
look very alike. Like my mother, we have dark skin, and both of
us are tall like my father. The other similarity is about the good
relationship between my parents and us. My sister and I show
respect by listening to them carefully. In addition, we give them
affection and a lot of love. We worry about their happiness.
On the other hand, my sister and I have many
differences. Our personalities are the opposites. My sister does

ELI Student Voices 5

not study, she only cares about meeting new people and going
out while I am more responsible and I worry about my school.
Whereas my sister does not do the housework and does not help
my mother at all, I do because I think it is important to help my
mom. The second difference that we have is about our hobbies.
Different from my sister, I like to read and learn new things
about politics. She hates that; she likes to learn about cars and
Everybody can think that our differences are bad for
us; however, my sister and I are very good friends. Moreover,
our similarities make us a good company for each other. Having
an older sister like mine is something very special for me.

There Are Two Mothers in My Family
Catherine Yu

Can you believe that after July 21, 2002, I have two
mothers? The day was my wedding. I entered another family.
Now I have two mothers in my life who are very important to
me. One is my own mother and the other is my mother-in-law.
My own mother is a tender and patient madam. She organizes
all domestic chores. Although she is sixty-five years old, her
activities are like young woman. She has long and curly black
hair. My mother-in-law is a clever and a keen judge. She always
makes a fast and accurate strategic decision in business. She has
short brown hair. They are good friends and relatives. I learn
how to organize all domestic chores and manage business from
my two mothers. However, they are different in everything.
First, my mother is a housewife. She was a teacher in
junior high school. When my elder brother was born, she quit
her job. Her family is her life. She cares for everyone and
everything in her family. She has many skills for handling
complicated domestic chores. She told me how to cook fast and
organize kitchen stuff. For example, when my mom is cooking
a soup and waiting for it to be done, she always washes the used
dishes and prepares the next food. Besides, when she buys new
clothing, she always re-stitches the buttons because they usually
are not firm. Although she has four children, she never favors
one of us; she treats us equally. Not only is she patient, but also
she is affable. She does many domestic chores every day, but
she is always relaxed and never in a rush.
The other mother is my mother-in-law. She is a typical
character for a businesswoman. She is very smart and
competent. She is a general manager of a company. Both at
home and out, my mother-in-law is always an authoritative
person. She always orders someone to do something. She
doesn't like to do domestic chores. She is always busy and has
many meetings or social activities.
Last of all, like other married women, I call my
mother-in-law my mother. Although she is not my real mother,
I respect her. So there are two mothers in my family who are
important and who influence my life. My mother-in-law loves
me as well as my own mother. I have learned many
housekeeping skills from my own mother; similarly, I have
learned a lot from my mother-in-law as for example how to
manage my time and help my husband to manage our business.

Despite the fact that they are so different, they are very
important to me. I am so lucky that I have two mothers. I love
them very much.

Special Education
Sook Hyoun (Suji) Kim

Every human being during his life is taught many
things by someone. Of course I also received many lessons
from other people. One of them is my mother. She is my best
teacher to me in my life. My mother taught me many helpful
things for my life. Through her teaching, I learned many wise
things about managing my life by myself.
First of all, I learned studying spontaneously by myself
without my mother's compulsion. For example, she showed me
how to study. After seeing this, I could learn studying habit
more easily. She always prepared good circumstance for
studying. In addition, I could study with an interest and joy
because I always studied with my mother.
Second of all, I learned how to love people through my
mother's life and teaching. For example, she always helps
people in difficult time. Whenever winter comes, she helps poor
neighborhoods around us. Furthermore, she taught me to be
unselfish and to help others. As a result, I can see more
beautiful and loving world through my eyes.
Finally, I learned how to solve my problems through
conversation with my mother. We talk to each other frequently.
After school, I always talk to her about my school life.
Sometimes I tell her about interesting events. Sometimes I tell
her about my mistakes and problems. Whenever I talk to her,
she listens to me very carefully. She is a great counselor to me.
She is a like a friend. When I grow up, I confide in my mother
like a sister. We are familiar with each other. Furthermore, she
gives me courage and self-confidence. Because of her
education, I became a strong person.
Every child receives education from his parents. My
mother made me a mature person through her special education.
I'd like to be a good mother like my mother in the future.

My Favorite City
Young Seong

I love Pusan. Most people don't know it well because
it isn't famous as a city. First of all, it has a beautiful sea. I
grew up to see the sea everyday, but I don't see it now because I
live in the U.S.A. I can still feel the calmness of the sea, and I
remember how sometimes it changed to a very strong typhoon.
Secondly, my family lives in Pusan. My parents don't love
another city; instead, they love Pusan. They have loved the sea
and the nature. Finally, I know everything about the city. Also,
I used to walk everywhere. I left this city; nevertheless, I love
and miss it.

ELI Student Voices 6

"Early to bed and early to rise makes a
man healthy, wealthy, and wise"??
Atsumi Makino

Today, we have a lot of proverbs that give advice or
say something that is generally true. For example, "Waste not,
want not", "Crying over spilt milk is no use" or "A man can
only die once". These are quite plain to understand. But, this
old saying "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy,
wealthy, and wise" is doubtful because to make a person to be
healthy, wealthy, and wise demands a lot of hard work, such as
exercise for health, striving to be wealthy, and having
experience to be wise.
First of all, building a good healthy body needs proper
exercise and a well-balanced diet in addition to keeping regular
hours. Daily exercise builds muscle, a shapely figure, and
makes you feel relaxed. In addition, if you take care to have
nutritious meals and have them on time everyday, it helps you
to keep your health perfect unless you do overeating.
Second, to be wealthy you have to strive and have
good luck instead of keeping early hours. You need to study
hard to get a high education and a high-paying job that produces
the wealth for you. Added to this, the good luck is also
necessary. For instance, you can get a chance to make a
connection with an executive of the office where you want to
work if you have fortune on your side. So, you probably can't
be wealthy with only keeping early hours.
The way a person becomes wise is done by long
experience, a large stock of knowledge, and meeting many
different people. One material to become a wise person is that
you have a right philosophy by your past experience that lets
you know what you should do in the situation where you are. In
addition, affluent knowledge leads to sound judgment and
forms you as a clear-sighted person. Finally, meeting a lot of
people and finding their personality may give you the
motivation that helps to be bright.
In conclusion, I think there are more important
requirements for being healthy, wealthy, and wise than keeping
regular hours in sleeping. Just going early to bed and rising
early are not enough. We must know that in some proverbs, the
causes are not included, only some of them.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having
a Big Family
Pedro Rojas

Having a big family is sometimes good and sometimes
it is bad. Some people prefer to have a big family because you
can share many things with all of them, and some people think
that it is a problem because each one of them thinks different
and sometimes that results in troubles with some of them.
While sometimes it is good because when I meet them
in a place, we have a lot of things to talk about, we play and

have fun. For example, last year we met in Miami for Christmas
and we talked about all news that happened in the old year, and
we played dominos, and we joked with everybody.
However, sometimes it is bad because when we want
to take vacation. For example, everybody thinks differently
about the choice of a place and then it is difficult to decide
where to go. Last year after Christmas we planned to go to
another city but everybody choice was different. Some of us
wanted to go to Orlando and the other to Ft. Lauderdale; and it
was difficult to decide. At last, we went to both places but that
doesn't happen all the time.
In conclusion, it is difficult to live with many people
because all of us think differently but it is nice when you meet
with everybody and have fun with them. Sometimes we have a
little quarrel but most of the time we enjoy being together and it
is very good to know that you can count on a lot of people like
parents, related, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, etc. So,
despite sometime you can have a little discussion with your
family, you can have the better advice and help from them.

My Parents Are Very Important to Me
David Tasende

Ever since I was born, my parents have taken care of
me. Both my mother and my father raised me. Whenever I
need them, they are always there to help and listen to me. In
good and bad situations, they are always with me. They are
always a good example for me. They have good and bad
moments, but I know that they always do the best as possible. I
consider my parents the most important people in my life
because of their dedication to me, their patience, and also
because they are a good example for me.
During my life, my parents have been very dedicated
to me. When I was a child, my parents helped me when I
needed it. They worked a lot during the week, but on the
weekends they talked a lot and did that which I wanted to do.
Just God knows how I enjoyed those days. They enjoyed it
when I played any sport. They have gone to all my soccer
games since I was six years old. My parents have always been
right where I need them. I always thank them for their
Even in the worst circumstances they have shown me
that they are incredibly patient with me. They had patience to
repeat to me things sometimes to help me. Sometimes I lost
control and I talked bad to them and they never said something
bad to me. When I was doing some homework and I needed
some help they sat with me and explained everything to me.
They only gave me a chance to recognize what I was doing.
During good and bad moments they have always been very
My parents are role models to me. They talked to me a
lot about the things in life and all the time they tried to give the
best example about what I have to do. When I became a
teenager, my parents clearly explained all to me about the bad
things in life that I have to be careful such as drugs, alcohol,
and sex. I am very glad with them because of their

ELI Student Voices 7

recommendations. In the evenings my mother prayed with me.
They are models to follow because my parents never do
anything bad and they are good people.
I really admire my parents. They are still teaching me
things. They are almost perfect role models. They have been
not only exemplary parents, but also my best friends. From the
time I was born up to today, they have never let me down. If I
need something, they will do their best to help me with
anything. My parents are open-minded people. I cannot
imagine how my life would be without my parents. They are
the best in the world because they're tolerant, dedicated, and
they are role models.

Second, when we spend time together, we talk about
past and futures plans. First we talk about the memories when I
was a teenager, and when my brother and I were practicing
BMX racing. Second, we remember other happy times in our
family life. Third, we think about futures holidays. Lastly, we
discuss our future business together.
Finally, every father around the world should spend
and enjoy more time with his children. People around the world
could be friendlier if their first and very good friend who taught
them was "Their Father."

Take Care of Your Health

Diana Mejia
Cultures--One World, Many Ways of Life R/W500
Leticia Pinto


It is incredible to live day by day with people from
different parts of the world: little eyes, dark skin, blond hair,
habits, language, food, religion or no religion, and beliefs.
These represent different cultures in only one world. Maybe in
the same place.
In this environment, the perfect beauty does not exist;
each person has your own pretty stereotype. We cannot define
the best religion, it is in our inner, something that works in
different ways for each one. The way that you think about the
life is not the only one and the correct one. Only mixing culture
do you realize that.
When you accept to live with people with different
cultures, open your mind and your heart to learn about new
things and to make new friends, you conclude that the world is
so much bigger than you imagine and really special people can
be from the other side of the world, across the ocean.

Have You Had a Friend in Your Daddy?
Carlos Vargas

For my whole life, I have asked myself why most of
my friends have never had a good relationship with their
fathers? I think their fathers are not friendly and do not give
them confidence; instead, they take it away from them. In spite
of the fact that my friends have never had a good relationship
with their fathers, I have always had a great relationship with
my father. I have been learning through his experiences and
when we spend time together, we have talked about past and
futures plans.
First of all, I have been learning through his
experiences. Then my dad taught me how I can enjoy my time
with my family since I was a child. After, he told me about the
efforts that I need to do, if I want to reach my goals. Also he
showed me how much attention and confidence a child needs
when he is growing up. Maybe in the future, all of this
knowledge that I learned from him, it could be useful and
helpful when I will be a father.

To keep a good health is one of the most important
things in the life of any human being. Without health one
person cannot do other things like to work, to play, to think or
enjoy life. So, that is why is necessary that people care their
health either physical or mental.
There are many things one person can do in order to
keep their body in a good condition. Personally I try to do
some things to care my body; for example, to feed well, it
means to eat balanced food, with proteins, carbohydrates,
vitamins and minerals; to do exercises at least 3 times per week,
any kind of exercise can help like jogging, walking, swimming,
dancing, aerobics or spinning. Other things like visit doctor in
order to check my body health, to have enough rest and do not
smoke or drink alcohol.
I think that all these activities helped me to keep my
health in spite of difficulties or problems that can cause stress.
What is important is to have a good routine of exercise, do not
make it only one month, but to try to continue it because
exercise helps to maintain our defenses. It is also important to
have a good attitude about life, in other words, to take care of
our mind and get away negative thoughts.

What is Organic Food?
Dora Mouallem

Organic food is a labeling term that denotes products
produced without artificial chemicals or genetic modification.
The word "organic" means no chemical fertilizers, pesticides,
insecticides or preservatives. It refers to the way food is grown
and processed. The principal guidelines for organic food
production are to use materials and practices that enhance the
ecological balance of nature and the respect for animals'
welfare. Useful methods are used to minimize pollution in the
air, soil and water but the primary goal of organic food is to
optimize the health for plants, animals and above all for people.
In order to produce healthier food, organic farmers
work the soil. Organically managed soil receiving compost and
manure can have up to 85% more healthy soil life than soil
bombarded with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. After
treating the soil, organic crops contain significantly more

ELI Student Voices 8

vitamin C, Iron, Magnesium and Phosphorus, and fewer nitrates
than conventional crops, as well as a better quality and higher
content of nutritionally significant minerals. These can be found
in lower amount of some heavy metals in organic crops
compared with conventional ones.
The nutritional content of a particular vegetable doesn't
change; nevertheless, the lack of synthetic pesticides residues
on organically grown produce definitely makes for a safer
product. Moreover, chemical products in high doses might
cause toxicity in human beings, and organic food must not be
treated with any prohibited substances like toxic, persistent
chemical, and fertilizers for three years prior to certification.
Nowadays, a conventional apple for example has 20-30 poisons
on its skin, even after rinsing; in this case organic food has an
advantage because it is not covered in a cocktail of poisonous
chemicals. Its core relies on a healthy rich soil to produce
strong plants that resist pests and disease. Organic food contains
on average 50% more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other
micronutrients, and such more antioxidants and less water, as
well as higher phytonutrients (that prevent illness). Also, these
are produced without genetically modified organisms. Organic
foods are less dependent on non-renewable resources such as
fossil fuels that avoid pollution.
Nutrients levels are 85% higher in organic soil.
According to some regulation on quality control of organic
food, they should have a clear reference which relates to a
method of agricultural production in the sales description of a
product, which are labeled and advertised for people to know
more about the ingredients. There are three types of new
organic seals, additional to the products that are "entirely
organic" that will now be labeled as 100% organic.

The first one: products labeled "organic" are made with
95% organic ingredients. For example: organic cornflakes.
The second category: food labeled "made with organic
ingredients" is products that have 70% or more of organic
ingredients. For example: tomato ketchup, made with organic
The last one: foods that are less than 70% organic may list
organic ingredients on the side of the package but can make no
organic claims on the front. In this case we have to read the
back what ingredients are made of to see if it is organic or not.

Meat can be certified "organic" if livestock has been
raised on organic feedstuffs for at least a year, and not given
any antibiotic or synthetic hormones. All livestock must have a
good life condition free from any unnecessary chemical
medicine, because these drugs and many other medicines are
passed directly to the consumers contributing to diseases like
coronary heart disease and high blood pressure.
It may be helpful to think of organic as a process, not
as a product. Organic foods are more expensive than
conventional ones. Since organic is grown without synthetic
pesticides or chemical products, it is more labor-intensive.
While organic food may cost more, the rewards for the future
and the children's future may be immeasurable. This is one of
the gifts of the organic movement.

By remembering where food comes from, and making
choices about how it should be grown, we can reclaim our
connection to life, to health, and to the land. Small choices can
make the difference.

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