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Volume 5, Issue 3

Fall 2001

The Right Kind of Love
Waka Tominaga
RW 60
1st Place

I found an interesting meditation method presented
on a website. Describing a way of meditation, it says, "You can
sit in your chair or you can sit in whatsoever posture you feel to
be comfortable. Then fold your hands together in your lap with
the right hand underneath the left hand the position is
important because the right hand is joined with the left brain,
and fear always comes from the left brain. The left hand is
joined with the right brain, and courage comes from the right
side"(www.innerself.com/Meditation/weeklv/from fear to lov
e.htm). After reading this article, I thought being in love might
be strongly influenced by the different functions of our right
brain and left brain.
The human brain is divided into the right and left
hemispheres, and each hemisphere has different characteristics.
Vivian Gomick explains the difference between the right and
left in her essay "Watch out: Your brain may be used against
you," "The left half is apparently the seat of logical thought,
speech and language, and the ability to process information
sequentially, while the right half is responsible for orientation in
space, for intuition and imagination, and the ability to integrate
information in a diffused, simultaneous fashion" (Gorick,
1982. p. 14). In other words, the left brain is verbal, rational,
and processes information based on the reality. In contrast, the
right brain is nonverbal, emotional, and processes information
with creativity.
However, today, we live in the left-brain-dominant
society, yet humans used to live in the right-brain-tended world
for millions of years. Unlike the modern times, in the Stone
Age human thoughts were more nonverbal and concrete. What
happened in the past few thousand years is that humans have
discovered that logical thinking is more correct and works
better than intuitive thinking. People also have created
alphabets to write about events and thoughts, which enabled
them to give the knowledge that they gained to the next
generation. Becoming more logical and verbal, that is to say,
becoming more left-brain-dominant, humans have
tremendously developed their skills and built up the modern
technology (Blakeslee, 1980, p.110).
Therefore, we may have to just accept that today's
society encourages people to use their left brains as much as
possible if not only. On the other hand, our right brains are
often overborne and atrophied. Say you are an office worker,
then what kind of person should you be? You must be verbal
because you need good speech and language to work through

documents, convince co-workers, and deal with demanding
customers. For the same purpose, you need good logic, too.
Also you have to be temporal and sequential in order to advance
your work efficiently and finish it on time. We are educated by
schools and work and obtain the abilities to function well in this
being-supreme-logical society. People become more left-brain-
dominant as the years go by and lose the good points of the
right side, even though we are naturally imaginative and
spontaneous when we are very young,
Nevertheless, we still have things which are not for the
left-brain-dominant people but for the right-brain-dominant.
For example, love is not logic. When you are in love, you are
possibly less logical or rational but more emotional and
imaginative. According to the literature, love often comes from
metaphors and imaginations. Swann fell in love with Odette
when he found the resemblance between her and Zephora in a
painting by Giotto in "Remembrance of Things Past" by Marcel
Proust. Thomas loved Theresa because of the metaphor of
Moses as a baby who is sent to him through a river in "The
Unbearable Lightness of Being" by M. Kundera. The right
brain processes information with creativity and fantasy while
the left brain conducts information based on reality. Love is a
child of the right brain.
Thus you start to know the right-brain-dominant
world when you fall in love. However, this new world is
nothing but a terror for left-brain-dominant people because they
will be out of control in this primitive, confused world,
something like the Dark Age. We would lose logical thinking
there whereas we depend on it in our normal lives. The sense
of time would disappear when we are with our beloveds,
although we are quite conscious of time when we are at work.
You might no longer be able to do things in order from the most
important to the least, which cannot happen when you are in
your office, and you may try to stay with your mate even
though you have something else to do. Jealousy is not at all
logic, but you might not be able to avoid being jealous because
you can't stop your imagination running at full blast in your
right brain. Having an affair? Falling in love with a married
person? Suffering from an impossible love? Broken heart?
Committing manslaughter for jealousy? Everything could
happen because you are far from rational when your right brain
becomes stronger than your left brain. I guess it's very difficult
for everybody to separate and forget about the person who
tortures them, while it would be easier to do so if only they
could follow their logical thinking. How terrible, you may
think. Many people actually fear being in love.
However, others admire love because they think love
makes people pure, spontaneous and creative, which is
important especially in today's left-brain-dominant world.
When the right brain flies freely, people become more

ELI Student Voices 1

imaginative, creative and artistic. Love has given artists great
inspirations for their work, like Picasso's wives and girlfriends
have done for his works, or Camille Claudel for Rodin. Similar
to the great artists, while you are suffering from love, you could
write a romantic poem or at least beautiful letters. For another
thing, why are people who fall in love often looking up to the
sky for the sunset and stars? It is because we would be more
sensitive when our right brains become active, and we could be
impressed a lot by environments and nature. Finally, listen to a
couple murmuring to each other. You would find that they are
using something like baby's language or animal's purr to
communicate together. They are nonverbal, and we know that
the most important thing to understand each other is not to
speak well but to feel other's feeling.
To conclude, today, people are too left-brain-
dominant. We are afraid of the things which come from our
right brain, such as emotions and fantasy, and often try to
eliminate and oppress those things, although they are important
parts of our nature. We may fear being in love because love
comes from our right brains. Once we fall in love, we would be
out of control and struggle in this left-brain-dominant world.
Obviously the life could be easier without love. However, there
is something we can gain being right-brain-dominant. It is, for
example, an inspiration, sensitivity, or the truth of life. After
all, I would say we should stop discriminating against our right
brains. It is our nature, and as you know, "everybody needs
love," actually.


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A Wedding in Venezuela
German Borregales.
2nd Place

In my country, Venezuela, weddings are one of the
most important and familiar events. Even for those who don't
have a lot of money for a wedding it is something that they
want to celebrate al least once in their lifetime. I think it has the
same importance in many other cultures and countries because
it is a great occasion where parents, relatives and friends meet.
When both the bride and groom agree to be married,
they arrange first the wedding date and set it with enough time
in order to arrange the preparation for the wedding, such as
looking for a justice of the peace to perform the civil marriage,
place where the party would be held, dresses, rings, church,
number of guests, choosing the food, musician group and

bridesmaid, etc. These activities must start several months
before wedding.
In Venezuela marriages are performed in two steps,
one by the civil law and second by the church. The Catholic
ceremony is more important than the other ceremonies because
Catholicism is our main religion. Before the marriage, both the
bride and groom must take a brief preparatory marriage course
in their parish church. The celebration would come after the
church has married them, although many people celebrate both
weddings, civil and church.
A Venezuelan tradition is that once the bride and
groom are ready to be wed, the groom must ask permission
from the father of the bride. In case the father has passed away
he must speak the mother. Once the father has given his
consent, they will start talking about the ceremony, number of
guests and of the party, etc. Traditionally, the bride's family
pays the wedding cost. However, if they are too expensive both
parents will share the cost. Another important thing is the
choosing of the time of the wedding. It would be during the
day or in the evening.
It would take several months to have all of the
wedding details in place. The bride would be dressed in a
wonderful white dress, which was previously designed for her.
She must have tried it several times, making sure that fits her
beautifully. The groom will be dressed in an elegant black
tuxedo. On the day of the ceremony, the groom would only see
the bride at the church. He enters the church on the arm of his
mother and waits for the bride at the altar. She arrives at the
church with her father. Her father brings her arm in arm
through to the altar and hands her over to him. Then, the
bridesmaids wearing also elegant and beautiful dresses, will
also enter the church and they are placed beside the
bridegrooms. Finally, the relatives and friends would come into
the church seating closely to the soon newlyweds.
During the wedding, the newlyweds sit together in
front of the altar where the priest would be leading the
ceremony. The priest celebrates a mass in order to bless this
marriage. During the mass, the marriage ritual would be
performed. At the beginning, the reading of the promises is
made, and then the priest would ask them the most important
question: Do you accept to be married and be so for the rest of
your lives, until death takes you apart? If the answer is yes, the
priest will declare the marriage and then crossing the wedding
ring is made.
Usually, after the church wedding ceremony both the
bride and the groom will ride in a beautiful old car to go to the
place of the party. When they enter the site, a white bell full of
rice falls down on their heads, and then they will start receiving
the greetings and congratulation from all of their relatives,
friends and guests. The party begins with a dance where the
bride will initially be dancing with her father and then she
would be dancing with groom. At this time, parents, relatives
and friends would also dance and the party will start with
guests enjoying the fabulous food, drinks and pop music. The
party lasts even after midnight until the newlyweds disappear.
They will stay the first night at a very fine local hotel and
would fly the next day to their honeymoon place.

ELI Student Voices 2

Hot Spring Bath
Issei Imagawa

In Japan, people like to take a hot spring bath. Some
people go to a place where there are lots of spas to heal daily
bodily pain and strain. Taking a hot spring bath has an effect
on our bodies because a spa has a miracle power beyond
comprehension of medical science. They call the treatment a
hot spring cure.
First of all, the treatment of a hot spring cure cures
rheumatism, frozen shoulder, poor circulation, and so on. It
improves our constitutions. This remedy is commonly used to
get rid of a disease. When we go to a spa, we don't need a
doctor's permission because hot springs gush out grandly from
nature. Taking a spa is not harmful to the health, so it is very
good for us to take a hot spring bath.
Second, taking a hot spring bath decreases the
influence of symptoms. People who have those diseases like
rheumatism, frozen shoulder, and poor circulation need to take
a hot bath for more than 2 hours per day several times per day.
However, whenever we take a hot spring bath, we can feel more
In summary, taking a hot spring bath is a natural
treatment. Therefore, it has an effective healing effect as well
as a pleasant feeling for us. And I hope that by the treatment, a
lot of people will recover from sickness and be fine.

Folk Medicine
Taiyo Okabe

Folk medicine is used for sick people as the main
medical treatment when there were not enough medicines in the
old time in Japan. For example, they are honey radish, plum
tea, and grilled orange. They are called "Grandma's Wisdom"
these days because folk medicines are taught from elder people
to younger. However, these remedies are not conventional
recently. We usually use scientific medicines instead of folk
medicines nowadays.
Before I describe honey radish as one example of the
folk medicine, I have to introduce the radish. The radishes
which are used for radish honey are special. We call them
Japanese radish. They are 50-60 centimeters long and 10
centimeters in diameter. They look like baseball bats. We can
buy them at every grocery store in Japan. They are very useful
because they are not only cheap but also contain many kinds of
foodstuffs such as vitamin C and some enzymes. Also, they say
that this radish is the most valuable vegetable.
Now, I can tell you how to make and take honey
radish. First, we have to cut them into little cubes. Then, we
put them into a big bottle. After that, we pour honey into the
bottle and leave them all day. Then, take the radish out. This is
honey radish. If you have a sore throat, you can drink this two
or three times per day, for a week. Your throat is going to be
better because radish and honey are good for your throat.

What is the benefit of folk medicines? First of all, we
don't need to have prescriptions. If you are sick you can get
then at many supermarkets. Furthermore, if you feel enough
effect, you don't have to take scientific medicines. Chemical
medicines cause side effects. For example, when women are
pregnant, taking chemical medicine is bad for their babies.
Therefore, folk medicines are highly valuable for females that
have a child inside of the body. Finally, I really trust that these
folk medicines are good treatment because they were made by
great ancestors that had a lot of experience.

A Traditional Saudi Wedding
Abdullah Al-Kobraish

In every culture, a wedding is an important event. For
me, this subject is very interesting because my culture is
different from other cultures. In this case, I'll be talking about
the wedding in Saudi Arabia, beginning from the choice of a
bride, to the preparation, and finally what happens on the
wedding night.
In Saudi Arabia, the mother, sister, or aunt looks for a
bride for the groom. The reason why the groom's mother or
sister searches for a girl for him is because boys and girls or
men and women always work and study separately.
Afterwards, the two families meet to get to know each other.
When the bride's family says welcome, the groom goes to the
bride's home to see if they like each other. If they do, then they
will get married.
After, the groom pays dowry to the bride (usually
around $10,000), the marriage officer comes to write a contract
of marriage between both of them, and two witnesses watch.
First, the officer hears the agreement that the families have for
the wedding. Second, he writes how much the groom should
pay for his wife and the conditions of the marriage.
Since then, the groom's family and bride's family start
the preparations for the wedding night. They buy some jewelry
and new clothes. In addition, the groom buys furniture and
appliances for his home. Often, this preparation takes several
months before the wedding night. However, when the groom,
bride and their families are ready for the wedding night, they
send out invitation cards for their families, relatives, and
friends. During that time the groom's relative and friends give
him some money for help.
At the day of the ceremony the bride goes to the
hairdresser. In the evening, she always wears a special white
dress. At 7:00 PM she and her family go to the wedding place
where they wait for the groom and his family and friends. At
10:00 PM the groom and his relatives go together to that place.
There are around 400 people. The groom rides a nice car.
Moreover, everyone drives behind him. When he and his
family arrive, the bride's family waits for them. Then her
family greets the groom and his relatives with incense, Arabic
coffee, and tea. However, men and women are placed
individually. When everyone meets the groom, they say,
"Congratulations and may Allah bless you and your wife."
Furthermore, they say, "May Allah bestow godliness upon the

ELI Student Voices 3

groom and bride." Then they go to eat dinner. Sometimes the
main plate for the groom and his Father is a special plate; for
example, mutton. It is stuffed with chickens and those are filled
with pasta. After they finish, the groom carries his wife to a
hotel. The party for women has musicians and they all dance.
This party seldom ends before midnight, but it usually finishes
in the morning.
The next day, the groom gives his bride jewelry. That
day in the evening, the groom, the bride and their relatives go to
his family's house to eat dinner. Then the groom and bride both
travel to some place they like.
Finally, when the groom and his wife get back, they
give some presents to their families. Then they begin to start
their new life together.

Saudi proverb (Never buy a donkey in the spring. Never
choose a wife at a party.)

How to Apply Makeup
Gulbatu Akgun

This description is going to teach how to put on
makeup. Makeup is a very important thing for women.
Women like good looks. In order to put on makeup you'll need
the following implements: a cleanser, a moisturizer cream,
some paper towel, a foundation, some eye shadow, some rouge
powder, a mascara, a corrector, an eye liner, a lip pencil, a lip
brush and a lipstick.
First, clean your face before putting on makeup. Then
use the moisturizer cream all around the face. Wait until it
absorbs the cream. Dab the cream off your face with the paper
Second, rub the corrector on the eyehole. Next, rub
the eyeliner to the edge of the eyelid from the inside to outside.
After that, rub the eye shadow only on your eyelid. Use the
mascara for eyelashes.
Third, rub the rouge powder to the cheekbone from the
inside then up and out. Use the lip pencil for the edge off the
lips. Start at middle of the lip and then go to the end of the lip
slowly. After this, rub the lipstick with the lip brush.
Indeed, finish the makeup and you have a beautiful and
different face. You are ready to go to a party. Have fun!

The Evolution of the Seeds
Prapot Prasertsomsook

When you are enjoying eating fruits or vegetables, you
may not ever think about where those fruits and vegetables
came from. There might be many answers, which come to your
mind, such as the kitchen, a tree, a garden, and etc., but they are
not the source. Seeds are the first and basic generators of those
products. The seeds are the indicators of every trait of those
fruits and vegetables. Therefore, if you have some knowledge
regarding seeds, you will know both general information and

the detail in depth. Concurrently, we have been classifying
seeds into three genres, categorized by their generations. Those
are open-pollinated seeds (OP), F 1 hybrid seeds, and
genetically modified organism seed (GMO).
Since our ancestor's era, farmers have been using the
open-pollinated seed to grow produce. OP seeds have been
known for millennia. They are non-hybrid seeds, which
produce offspring just like the parent plants. OP seeds allow
growers to harvest and save seeds for the following year,
thereby reducing the need to obtain more seed from outside
sources. Because farmers obtain the seed naturally, there is no
cost in gathering the seed for the next growing season and then
farmers could save on their cost of investment. By the natural
growing method, products from OP seeds would not only give
the standard nutrition of the normal scale such as protein,
vitamins, and so on, but also provide safe food. In contrast, an
OP seed has not been improved or developed; it gives the
lowest yield compared to those of other seeds. In the same
way, plants of these seeds are sensitive in growing. Only
someone with a green thumb would successfully grow OP
seeds. They also produce many unwanted qualities of fruit and
vegetables such as a bad shape, tasteless fruit, and blackish
Through the development of researchers, F 1 hybrid
seeds are found to overcome all the threats in growing OP
seeds. Growing F 1 hybrid seeds makes possible a higher yield,
an appealing fruit, and an easy cultivation. Hence there is no
doubt why many farmers agree to pay much money to have
them. Fl hybrid seeds could be defined partly. Fl means the
first generation offspring coming from the mating of two parent
plants. This is the first generation resulting from a cross mating
of distinctly different parental types. Normally to launch any
single variety of the F 1 hybrid seed, researchers need more than
3 years to process the selective mating procedure to find the
parent line. Though it has been developed from generation to
generation, farmers still face some disadvantage in using it.
Because it gives an outstanding high yield, it devours nutrition
in the soil swiftly, causing the need to rotate crops or the use of
much more fertilizer. Since most of the F 1 hybrid seeds are
invented for the purpose of faster growth, approximately 5-10
days earlier depending on the crop, their products produce
lower nutrition when compared to the other naturally growing
seeds due to the shorter period of metabolism.
Not only OP seeds and F 1 hybrid seeds but also
genetically modified seed (GMO), most recently introduced, are
known to farmers. A GMO seed is the seed that is obtained
from genetic engineering technology. Genetic engineering is a
laboratory technique used by scientists to change the DNA of
living organisms. The classic specimen of a GMO seed product
is that of the tomato seed. A tomato plant is a crop that is very
sensitive to cold conditions. There is a kind of fish that can
survive in the severe cold conditions. To make possible the
cultivation of tomatoes in cold conditions, the scientists adopt a
gene, which allows the fish to live in the cold, and combine it
with the tomato plant to produce GMO seeds. GMO seed
technology lets scientists perform the duty of God. They could
make plants resistant to any virus, tolerant to any disease,
widely adapt to surrounding conditions, and other specifications

ELI Student Voices 4

as desired. Monsanto is the broadest known, as well as the
most advanced, researcher in GMO world technology. They
have been spending billion dollars in researching GMO
technology. Although the GMO seed seems to have the least
weakness among them, there are a great number of people
opposing the use of it. The representative organization of
global food reservation, NGO, in every country plays the most
important role in rejecting the wide spreading of GMO seeds
into those countries, especially in Europe. They believe that the
products from GMO seeds are not safe to use and no one can
guarantee there is no side effect. Thus GMO seed is still being
quarantined in some nations as well as being openly used in
many other countries.
OP seeds, F 1 hybrid seeds, and GMO seeds are all
fabulous, but which is the best to use? The ratios of the use of
each type in each country are varied on its requirement. For
instance, countries having plentiful arable land and small
populations might not need to use F 1 hybrid and GMO seeds.
If they use those seeds, their prominent yield would affect the
balance of demand and supply of fruits and vegetables and then
lead to the decline of the prices of those produces in their
markets. On the other hand, countries having a great number of
people and a majority of arid land might need to grow the GMO
seeds and F 1 hybrid seeds to conquer these threats. What is
your opinion? Which type of seeds do you prefer? You are the
one to make the decision.

The Ways to Generate Electricity
Jose L. Isoardi

We clearly know that all industries, people's houses
and other things need electricity to manufacture and live. A big
problem for people and their security is way in which the
electricity is generated. It is a controversial topic because the
government has four different ways to produce it. One way is
through nuclear energy, which is very useful, yet very
dangerous for humanity. The second way is solar energy, but at
the moment it is practically impossible in a great scale because
it is much too expensive to create. The third way is with petrol,
which is the best solution when the country does not have
hydroelectric energy, but we know very well that petrol
emanates pollution to the air. Also, it is a natural resource
therefore it is exhaustible. Finally, the best way is through the
hydroelectric energy, and there are several reasons for this.
The main reason hydroelectric energy is the best way
to generate electricity is that it is free and unexhausted. Water
has a natural cycle in its process of production. It does not need
extra items or artificial energy to provide its own source of
generation. It will surely disappear some day, but the day will
come when the earth does not exist anymore. All the water
running on the earth's surface is liberating energy, including
stagnant water, which also has potential energy to liberate. It
depends on man's intelligence to take advantage of it. The only
cost that the generation of electricity has is the initial
investment on the construction of the dam. Once this is built,
the water runs and the impellers generate electricity. Just like

the generation of electricity, its transportation to a city or to a
center of consumption does not cost anything since electrons
can travel freely through a cable.
Another reason is that the dam can regulate floods
avoiding large disasters and human losses. When a river cannot
be controlled during a rise, it can increase its current washing
away every single thing in its way. The sand of its coast is
dragged downriver destroying them and besides creating a big
problem if the coasts are an important tourist attraction. This
activity is usually an important source of income for local
A further reason is the utilization of the dam to supply
a city with drinkable water. Since a dam has the possibility of
controlling the volume of water going into a lake, we can keep
the water's provision secured. The suction of the liquid from a
river is very daunting and expensive because the river cannot
keep a constant level of water and its turbidity is variable. In
times of drought, it is complicated to supply a city with water
taken from a river.
In conclusion, to generate electricity with hydroelectric
energy is highly safe and inexpensive. The initial investment is
useful to create other resources and to avoid irreparable
disasters during a flood. Man must know how to take
advantage of the possibility that nature gives us freely.

A Spanish Wedding
Judith Vails

The wedding is an important event in our life. For this
reason, we usually spend so much money on this ceremony
because it is an unforgettable day. This is an occasion if you
want to join your family together, otherwise it means beginning
to share your life with another person.
One year before the bride and groom get married, they
must start looking for a nice church. In addition, they will need
to bring their birth certificate to church where they are going to
get married.
Second, they must enroll for the pre-matrimonial
course at the church where they belonged since their childhood.
After that, they must decide on a date for the wedding. They
are usually in summer or spring due to the nice weather.
Next, when they have already chosen the church, they
can continue selecting which restaurant is the best place to have
the meal. Furthermore, they have to agree with the restaurant
on the date of the big day.
Six months before, they buy the wedding dresses for
the event. The bride goes shopping with her mother and the
groom goes shopping with either his mother or father. They
can also choose where they want to go for the honeymoon.
After that, they have to prepare the guest list. It is a very hard
process, since they have to decide who is going to be invited.
After making the decision, they must select the cards
for the wedding and order them.
Three months before, more or less, they send the
wedding cards to the invited guests. Besides that, they need to
hire a photographer for the day.

ELI Student Voices 5

One month before the big day, the bride would try out
a variety of make-ups. At the same time, she will have to try
different hairstyles and have the manicure done, as a test.
Furthermore, they will have to hire the master of ceremony.
Also, they need to coordinate the floral arrangements and the
musical accompaniment.
In the end, they have to confirm how many guests will
attend the wedding and decide upon who pays for the wedding
banquet. Some days before, the bride chooses the hand bouquet
of flowers.
At the end of the ceremony they are pronounced
husband and wife. They promise to cherish and love each other
forever and ever. For this reason, Spanish people spend so
much money on this day, since it is sometimes only one time in
our life.

How to Ride a Jet Ski
Jose L. Isoardi

Jet Ski is a vehicle that you can only ride in water. It
basically works by slipping like a skiboard. It consists of the
following special items: a fiberglass "casco" and cover, a
"tower" with a handle bar, the engine, a water propelling system
that works with suction, a propeller and an impeller. The driver
must have some skills and abilities to be able to ride it. These
are balance, physical resistance and a great deal of adrenaline.
When you ride ajet ski balance is very important. It is
the ability to remain standing while the jet ski is moving. It is
very important to control the jet ski from the beginning. As
soon as you start the engine you need to hold the handle bar
tightly. At this moment, you need to kneel on the floor of the
jet using only one knee while the other leg is out in the water.
Then you need to accelerate while you try to stand up with both
legs and hold the handle bar firmly with both hands. Once you
manage to stand up, going straight is not complicated as you
can regulate the speed with the accelerator according to your
own balance. The difficult part begins when you take a curve
since the body tilts with the jet. You need to put pressure with
your feet against the floor in order to prevent the jet from going
straight forward. The point here is to control the jet so that it
follows the curve.
It is after the curve when the second requirement to
ride a jet ski comes to play: resistance. This is necessary so that
the jet returns to its original position. Repeated movements of
this kind can lead to physical exhaustion for which you must
have a good physical resistance.
Finally, you need a lot of adrenaline to be able to ride a
jet ski. Adrenaline in sports is to enjoy vertigo and speed
without thinking about risks. This energy should be used
according to our own resistance so that muscular exhaustion is
not produced.
In conclusion, riding a jet ski is difficult because the
conditions that you need to have are very demanding. Once
you manage this, you can enjoy riding a jet ski very much.

Prapot's Terrible Day
The entire class ofR/W51

Prapot's plane crashed deep in the African jungle early
yesterday morning. His plane was in a very deep swamp. He
fought with mud to get outside the swamp. He finally emerged.
He realized he was surrounded by hungry and angry alligators
who would start to eat him and he was yelling and asking for
help. Somebody heard his cries, but unfortunately they weren't
people. There were hundreds of piranha. The alligators ran
away. The piranha started to eat his toes but they didn't like
him because his feet smell so bad. Finally he got out and
crawled, looking for a safe place. Then he was really hungry so
he tried to eat beautiful fruit for lunch. But he got a
stomachache because the fruit was poisonous.
After eating the fruit he felt very depressed and went to
the plane to get something to eat, but couldn't find any food.
Instead of the food he found liquor. After he drank all the
alcohol which was in the plane, he was thinking about eating
again because he was starving. So he saw a deer and tried to
kill it with his gun. But before he could do that, a group of
indians hunted him and took him to their village.
The hunters tried to cook him like a chicken in a pot,
but before they started to bur him up, a pride of gorillas
attacked them and left Prapot in the middle of nothing. Then he
tried to escape by running into the nearby water to cool down.
After 30 minutes, some alligators attacked him again and bit
him up all over his body, especially his face. So, he swam very
fast to try to escape from death. Then he jumped into the
woods again but didn't notice he was under a bee's hive. While
he was pawing his body because of the bees, the bees got mad
and attacked him. So he started rolling all over the ground to
get rid of the bees, but because of his drunkenness, he passed
Until this time Prapot still had nothing in his stomach.
He tiredly walked about three miles but couldn't find any food.
Instead, he would become food because he confronted some
cannibals. He swiftly ran away through the woods until he
reached a tall cliff. There was no more place to escape, so the
only way to survive was by jumping into the deep ocean below,
which was roughly a mile below the cliff. He decided to do that
before the cannibals could eat him. After jumping, an unknown
tornado appeared and he fell down into its funnel and stayed
there until midnight.
Hours later he landed on an island and woke up. He
had no idea where he was. Then it started raining so Prapot was
looking for a place to sleep and went into a cave. But the cave
was full of vampire bats! He got bitten all over! He tried to get
out of the cave and while he was running, he fell down into a
black hole which was connected to outer space. He kept falling
down for several years. He hit some satellites but finally landed
on Mars. He got caught by the Martians and became their
slave. Unfortunately, there was a war on Mars at that time. He
had to go to the war as a soldier and died for his new planet.
Now he is free from suffering.

ELI Student Voices 6

Social and Emotional Education
Marcela Andrades

Social and Emotional Education (SEE) is a learning
process offered to the students through their school years to
develop values, social skills and knowledge about themselves
and others. This helps them to turn real everyday problems into
opportunities and increase their learning and creativity.
Educators, social scientists and mental health
professionals have discovered that providing a social and
suitable emotional education helps children to develop into
responsible adults with healthy relationships and people who
contribute to the society.
Social and Emotional Education is also about teaching
the process to parents and educators because this is important,
not only at school, but also in the relationships inside the
family. We need to teach parents about the many benefits of
Social and Emotional Education for our children including:
reduces violence and behavior problems, improved cooperation,
flexible problem solving, etc.
We want our children to be:
--Lifelong learners
--Able to work and learn with others in school
--Able to say NO
--Able to have friendship and intimate relationships
--Ask for help when they need it
--Self regulate their emotions
In my own words, we need to try to realize that these
skills and concepts help to develop values and social and
emotional intelligence. And we also need to realize that fewer
children are getting proper emotional education. We need to
know that our behavior influences and determines our
emotional life which provides lessons and opportunities. We
should learn about our mistakes and need to stay aware of our
emotions and the others because we aren't always in touch with
our feelings.
There are social and emotional learning programs
available to educators and parents today. Together, school,
community and families can make the difference. Many people
are working to raise and teach "citizens of the future" now in
many schools around the world.

Juan Marquez.

Terrorism is the biggest concern for many people in
the world. In some circumstances and for some countries
terrorism is the result of factors such as: religion, drugs,
guerrillas, and money. For some countries such as Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Ireland, Egypt, and Palestine, terrorism is a war
instrument of pressure with the objective of causing the enemy
physiological disturbances. However, for other countries and in

other circumstances such as Colombia, Spain and The United
States, terrorism may come from several economical power
branches. In my opinion terrorism is the new enemy for the
international community not only for the east, but also for the
For instance Colombia represents a very particular
case since revolutionary groups supported by drug trafficking
have been growing since 1948 mostly known as "guerrilla".
The first of all is the FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias
de Colombia). This group began during the 50's as a
consequence of two-political parties division, and the Marxist
winds from the Ex-Soviet Union. Nowadays the FARC is a big
threat to the American continent, because it has more than forty
thousand people monitoring drug traffic from Colombia to The
United States and some countries of Europe worth USD 1600
million. In my opinion after finishing the war against Taliban
Regimen in Afghanistan, the FARC should be the second target
for the Pentagon.
Second in the list is the ELN (Ejercito de Liberacion
Nacional). This group was created in 1968 with the support of
The Cuban Government. Currently made up of ten thousand
people the ELN causes USD 1 million losses per day destroying
oil pipes daily around the country.
The last group is AUC (Autodefensas Unidas de
Colombia). They originated in 1985 and their purpose was to
protect some civil society fields, but some years later, terrorism
in Colombia was increased and the actions of AUC against the
FARC, and ELN became more violent. These days Colombia
accounts for 10% percent of the worldwide terrorist groups
according to he State Department of the US.
In conclusion, terrorism does not have laws and does
not operate fields in permanent form. It is important to make
the most of the extraordinary congruence of interests among the
most important countries in the world to combat this threat and
get rid of this scourge. Fortunately, terrorism aroused big
feelings of world community unity with the purpose of creating
a new order in the world. The war against terrorism does not
involve terrorist hunting only but also is an extraordinary
opportunity to rebuild the international system.

A Dark and Stormy Night
Sachiko Kamiya

It was a dark and stormy night. Rain fell heavily
against Michelle's window as she sat alone at home. The storm
had caused a power failure so Michelle nervously read her book
by the dim light of the candles, which only slightly chased away
the darkness. Suddenly she heard a loud knock at the door ....
She slowly walked to the door, and opened the door
timidly. There was her friend, who she hadn't heard from for
several years, at the door. He was sopping wet so she let him
come in even though she didn't know why he was there.
Before she started asking him questions, he started to
talk. They talked for such a long time as if they had lost the
sense of time. She even forgot to ask him the reason of this
visit, why he came to visit her all the way from England---He

ELI Student Voices 7

left America several years ago because he was offered to do
some research there.
They, who lost themselves in conversation, just kept
chatting about old days just like they used to talk. They
laughed a lot like kids. But then, suddenly he fell silent, which
looked like he was brooding on something and he abruptly
stood up and said, "I've got to go now .. ." She was totally
confused and thinking if she did something wrong or not. She
didn't lose any time asking "What's wrong?! John?"
He just said "No, nothing, really .. ." And turned his
back on her. She hurried to him and when she was about to put
her hand on his shoulder to stop him, he suddenly turned to her.
He bent his head sadly and then looked at her straight and said
quietly, "I'm so sorry, Michelle." She had no idea what he was
sorry for. She was just stunned and remained standing as he
walked away, disappearing in the darkness.
Rain was badly coming down. It seemed to be getting
worse. Then suddenly something she had completely forgotten
flitted through her mind---she and he had had a big argument a
long time ago and that was the reason why they hadn't talked
for a long time. He was her best friend, but he suddenly started
to avoid her . just after she was engaged, which didn't work
out at last.
After a while, she, who was standing still, barely
brought herself back by the phone ring. She vacantly walked
up to the phone and answered anyhow. That was her old friend.
She was listening to her silently for a while, and then suddenly
dropped the phone. She even forgot to breathe for a little while.
"Michelle, do you remember John? The guy we used
to hang out with? He just finished his work in England and was
on his way back to the US but .. well, actually, ah ... the
airplane crashed tonight .... I guess a couple hours ago ....
The glass he had just used was glimmering under the
dim light of candles ....

Ilona Drozd

One Saturday in June, after an appointment in West
Palm Beach, I realized that I had a chance to do something
exciting before I moved to Gainesville. Moreover, I could do
this with my friend Aga. Not far away from West Palm Beach
on Singer Island we found a place which provided air and water
attractions. We decided to try parasailing. The special bus took
us to the port where the boat and a crew were ready to take care
of us. Somewhere on the deep ocean water, the process started.
After wearing a life jacket and a lot of different kinds of
protective lines we waited on the back part of a boat for an
immense wave of wind which could fill the parachute to soar us
up into the sky. I was terrified when that happened. The boat
was at high speed during this moment. I held my hands very
tightly on a metal stick which was hanging over me. I was
watching the line that kept the parachute and boat together.
When the rope is straight, the vibration will cease. My
presumptions were right. The tense line made our flight very
smooth. I felt infinite serenity. I hung up with my friend, on

the light parachute construction, and only air was around us. At
this moment an incredible view of an island was only a
background to my feelings. The most important thing was
discovering this kind of endless serenity. I was enjoying the
fact that I've become a part of the sky. I felt that I was free of
earthly problems.

A Traditional Taiwanese Wedding
Chien-I Kao

Weddings are very important events in everyone's
lives, and it is a very big decision for the bride and groom.
They should let their parents agree to their wedding before they
marry. Then, they pick a good day to marry from the calendar.
People believe that if you choose a good day to marry this will
help the marriage. After deciding to get married, the groom's
family always buys a lot of gifts for the bride's family before
the two get married. The families of both the bride and groom
begin to prepare for the big day.
The family of the groom prepares the room for the
couple because the bride will live with the groom and his family
after they get married. His parents arrange the house, and there
is a lot of red in the house. The color red in Taiwan means
wishes for happiness and good things. They paste a Chinese
word "Shi" that means wedding in the bride and groom's
bedroom. Before the wedding, the groom should have a
ceremony to their ancestors, and tell the ancestors about the
At the wedding also, the groom should have a
ceremony to the ancestors before he goes to greet the bride.
The bride should eat with her family before she leaves with the
groom. Then, when the groom arrives at the bride's home, he
gives flowers to the girl he is going to marry. At this time, the
bride's sister or friends should stop the groom. They will let
him go after he implores them, and gives them nine hundred
ninety-nine dollars. This is a wish for the couple to love each
other for a long time. Then, the groom puts down the bride's
veil. The bride and groom pray to their ancestors, and the bride
kowtows to her parents.
Later, when everyone leaves the bride's home, they
never say goodbye to the bride's family. After they leave, the
bride's family throws a bowl of water, rice and paddy to the
bride. This means their daughter is going away from them just
like the spilled water. The rice and paddy are to wish that their
daughter does not have to worry about food and clothes.
The groom's family should bur the artillery piece
when the bride and groom arrive. There are two children who
take oranges to greet the new couple. They should then hurdle
the threshold. The bride should also hurdle the fire pot and
tread the tile. Then, the groom introduces his bride to his
parents. Another ceremony starts now. First, they bow to the
sky and ground. Second, they bow to their parents. Then they
bow to each other. The bride and groom will go to the bedroom
after the ceremony is completed.

ELI Student Voices 8

Cruelty to Animals
Soli Rojas

Bullfighting is something that has been practiced in the
Mediterranean for many years. It started during the prehistoric
times and continues today. In a lot of countries, they really
enjoy this sport because it is exciting, dangerous, and
interesting. On the other hand, some people do not support
bullfighting because the bulls are abused. In my opinion, this
kind of sport is cruel to the animals because the bullfighter
takes advantage of the bull, while the bull is at a disadvantage.
One of the reasons I disagree with bullfighting is
because of the way the bulls are treated before the bullfight.
The people who take care of the bulls do not feed them. They
starve the bulls, so the bulls are weak during the fight. This is
not fair to the bulls.
Another reason I do not agree with bullfighting is
because the bulls are also tortured during the bullfight. First of
all, they put Vaseline in the bulls' eyes so the bulls cannot see
clearly. Secondly, the nerves in the bull's neck are cut so they
are unable to lift their head and stab the bullfighter with their
horns. In addition, the bulls eventually die at the end of the
In conclusion, bullfighting is a controversial subject to
many people because of the abuse of the bulls. Although many
people enjoy watching this sport, they might not realize how
much the bull suffers.

My First Day in Gainesville
(Cheese Boy)

Wherever any body travels, he or she will come across
problems. During this article, I will talk about my first day in
Gainesville as well as the first time I traveled outside my
country. I arrived in Gainesville on Sunday, June 24th, 2001 at
3:15 PM. Then I rented a room in a motel in the downtown
area. I was thirsty so I went looking for any store where could I
buy water but I didn't find one at the time. However, I found a
restaurant. I asked him, "Do you have water?" but he didn't
understand me because my pronunciation was bad. After
10minutes when I wrote for him this word he understood.
Later that night exactly at 2:10 AM suddenly someone knocked
hard on my door and on the window. Actually, I was scared
since this was the first time for me in the US. Another reason
was that I didn't know the police number while I tried calling
the front desk. In 15 minutes someone from the reception came
but he thought I was joking because he didn't find anyone
around my room and he gave me the police number 911. At
last I'll try next time to write about events in the U.S.
Finally, see you later alligator.

Students Decry Idea of Monitoring
Marcela Andrades

With regard to an article about monitoring
international students studying in the US, I agree and disagree
with it. I agree with the commission's recommendation about
monitoring because . for some way it is strongly necessary to
avoid terrorism.
But I disagree with the idea of monitoring all the
foreign students because it seems to me to be an exaggeration.
Maybe at the time when the article was written it wasn't
necessary. It seems like only a "pilot" program. Although for
sure, today it is a reality in many universities around the US.
I disagree about "monitoring" all the international
students because some Americans are also potential terrorists,
like Timothy McVeigh. When this tragedy (Oklahoma)
happened all the eyes were looking for a foreigner.
I think there must be monitoring of all people who are
suspicious for one or another reason. Also INS must investigate
people before issuing the student visa or any other kind of visa.
It is sufficient to make two phone calls to the applicant's home
country and they will know what kind of person you are.
Crazy people can be Hispanics, Orientals, Arabs, etc. I
think that to do evil, it is not necessary to belong to a specific
ethnic group. In each community, society, country there are 1-
2% of the population who are fanatics or injudicious people,
and not all the community are the same.
The ability to do evil or good acts is not distinct
between races, religion, social status, countries, etc. Nothing .
. only our hearts determine this. We are all made of the same

Andy Warhol
Sachiko Kamiya

In a room, which was surrounded by snow-white
walls, I saw this inspiring painting hanging on one of the walls.
The painting was called "Flowers." And a while later, I found
out its artist, Andy Warhol. Even if you are not familiar with
his name, you might be familiar with his paintings. If you have
seen a colorful painting of Marilyn Monroe, that is his painting.
If not, don't worry. You'll see it sooner or later, in a movie,
restaurant, theaters or even a brand name boutique. It is sure
that he had a big influence on American society and received
various reactions to his work. So many people have been trying
to analyze his paintings as well. So, when you talk about Andy
Worhol, his influence, reputation and the messages of his
paintings are things which can't be ignored.
The effect he left can be seen anywhere as I mentioned
above. The reason why he had so big an influence can be
because he did something no one had done before. He was a
pioneer of a new genre, "Pop Art." Until then, most artists tried
to explore different aspects of objects, but what he did was
repetition in a mechanical way. By using a tool called Silver

ELI Student Voices 9

Screen," he created his own way to paint. And the American
art scene shifted from passionate abstraction to the impersonal
and realistic surface of popular culture.
However, it wasn't so easy for people to accept this
new art at first. At Warhol's first exhibition, people thought his
work was a giant joke at their expense. His painting was
completely new and extraordinary to anyone. Some people
didn't consider it as an art and, he was condemned by many
critics at the beginning. Little by little, however, his paintings
were accepted in Europe, Australia and Japan enthusiastically
and American people also began to accept them and love them
as well.
As many people were attracted by them, they began to
wonder what the message of his paintings was. Also, people
tried to analyze them. Some people said, "The message of
repetition is equality" because it was the time when there was
intense discrimination in the US society. And some people
said, "The message is that you don't have to be full of feeling or
supercool anymore." However, the reason why he painted
ordinary things and repeated them was much simpler and
reasonable. "I painted things I always thought beautiful---
things you use everyday and never think about," he once said.
In conclusion, he just painted what he loved and
people also loved it and still, people love it. They never fade
even though it was painted a long time ago. You don't need to
be a specialist to see his paintings and comment about them.
You like it and that would be the best reason for him. No
analysis, no arty comment. You just like it. What else do we
need to say? Nothing. You just like what you like. There is
nothing better than that.

A Korean Traditional Wedding (Hollye)
Haekyung Lee

"Hollye" means wedding ceremony and we do have a
traditional wedding these days. In Korean society, marriage is
not personal but the family unit is emphasized, so the intricate
marriage preparations involve the whole family.
While nowadays, young couples often marry for love,
traditionally most marriages were arranged by the parents of the
bride and groom. When the parents felt they had made a good
match for their children, they arranged for the couple to have a
meeting at a teahouse accompanied by their mothers. The
future relationship depended on the satisfaction of both partners
with their parents' arrangements, and that's how the wedding
Several days before the wedding, the groom and his
friends visited the bride's home. They brought with them a
large chest (ham) to her family. In return, the bride's family
prepared food and drinks for them and before they left, they
gave them money for their work.
The wedding ceremony was traditionally held at
bride's home. The groom and the male members of his family
went to the bride's home to have a wedding ceremony. In the
center was placed the wedding ceremony table and before the
ceremony the groom would present the bride's parents with a

pair of wild ducks, meaning love, harmony, and fertility for
everything, specially, children.
During the ceremony, the bride was not allowed to
show her face, which she hid behind a white scarf held over her
arms. The couple would make many ceremonial bows to each
other and exchange cups of wine.
After the ceremony, the wedding night was spent at the
bride's home. That night, all of the people of the village would
crowd around the home and poke holes in the paper windows
(Korean traditional house windows are made by paper) to watch
the new couple. The next day, the groom took his new wife to
his home. "Shijip" means the woman goes to her in-laws'
home. Once she is at her new home another ceremony was held
to welcome her into her new family "P'aebeak", in which she
had to bow to her husband's parents and relatives.
Today, the Koreans prefer to marry in Western way,
wearing white wedding dresses for women and tuxedos for
men, which is much simpler than the traditional wedding, but
after they celebrate their Western way wedding "P'aeback" is a
mandatory course of the wedding. "P'aeback" is still alive, and
that's why Koreans will never forget their traditional wedding
ceremony in their heart and remind them of the ancestors.

The Death Penalty: Justice or Arbitrarily
Daniella Silva Kleinschmidt

The Death Penalty is a capital punishment accepted in
many countries. Death Penalty is the way to kill murderers or
criminals by electrocution, hanging, shooting or lethal injection.
The United States is one of the very few industrialized countries
in the world that executes criminals. For some people, it can
truly be necessary to find justice. However, for others, it can be
arbitrarily used, irreversible state sanctioned murder. This is a
real issue. In my opinion, it is arbitrarily used to find justice.
One reason is the fact that innocent people are
sometimes executed. Some people are prosecuted, and they are
innocent. Maybe they killed to defend themselves or they have
psychological problems. If they are executed, they don't have
the possibility to become better. The Death Penalty is an
irreversible state sanctioned murder; if the judges makes a
mistake then they cannot do anything to repair this act.
Another reason is the fact that in the United States
many teenagers are executed. I am opposed to Death Penalty in
all cases. However, the execution of teenagers is particularly
outrageous. Teenage offenders under 18 at the time of their
crimes must be exempted from the Death Penalty in recognition
of their immaturity and capacity of change.
A further reason is the fact that no one has the right or
power to kill trying to find justice. If somebody wants justice
capital punishment is not the best way to find it. An execution
is not simply a death. It is just the privation of life. If one
member of your family were assassinated, maybe you are going
to feel relieved if the assassin dies by capital punishment, but
that is never going to return your relatives to life.

ELIStudent Voices 10

In conclusion, the Death Penalty is an arbitrary act to
kill criminals trying to find justice. In my opinion, it is not the
best way to do it. In the United States, since 1976 over 670
prisoners have been executed, while another 3700 await
electrocution, hanging, shooting or lethal injection. This is to
respect the right to life and to recover?

The Pressures of Being a Student in the
Carla Cardenas
RW 42

Being a foreign student in the USA is something that
makes you grow up. I went to the USA as a teenager without
knowing any English at all, and for a very spoiled girl like me
to be far away from home it became really hard. I also
experienced a culture shock, and I had to learn to eat different
food. So, it made me to open my mind to a different new
culture. I also met new friends and people and shared with
them a new language and a new culture. Overall, the pressures
of being a foreign student in the USA are caused by a foreign
language, by being far away from home, and by a different
First of all, English as a foreign language can make
you feel confused and frustrated. For example, when you talk
with native speakers, you do not understand everything. It
makes you feel confused and it even depresses you. In addition,
you do not know how to express yourself, how to order or
describe what you want, or how to express your feelings to
other people.
Second of all, being far away from your country might
make you feel lonely; therefore, when you wake up in the
morning and find yourself in a different space, house,
people... you will feel lost, because you miss your family, your
pets, your friends, and those little things that make you feel at
home. So all these things upset you a lot at the beginning until
you get used to them.
Finally, the culture shock brings out different types of
emotions. You start to eat different kinds of food that you were
not used to before. You adapt yourself to new customs which
are a little different from your own, and also to the parties,
reunions, festivals, parades, and so on. So, it is kind of hard at
the beginning, even more if you have never been away from
Therefore, to reduce these pressures for a foreign
student, you should learn a little bit of English before you go
there. The United States is a wonderful country to know and to
meet nice people, but you must be an open-minded person,
ready to meet new people, new customs and share yours with
them. Also, you need to have a lot of patience because it takes
time. Remember, you will be in a different country and
everything takes a while to get used to. Good Luck!!

Puerto la Cruz
Arnelly Parejo

Puerto la Cruz is a small city located in the north east
of Venezuela. There we can find interesting places to visit and
very nice people.
We have beaches in the coast and islands that you can
visit by boat; however, the best option is "LA PISCINA", a
beach that is like a swimming pool and you can go in boats that
takes 20 minutes.
The nightclubs are very good, they have all kinds of
music, you can dance until 5:00 am and they are always full of
people. The best night club is Baja Beach Club that is located
near the beach and is opened on Mondays and on weekends.
Plaza Mayor and Caribbean Mall are the most
important town centers in the city. Both of them are located
near the beach and they have all the things that a good and a big
town center has.
Puerto la Cruz is a giant city located in the coast. It
has all the things that we like, beaches, clubs and town centers.

A Scary Walk
He Guanyan
RW 42

I experienced a scary moment when I was about
twelve. Thought it occurred many years ago, I often can't help
getting scared while recalling the time.
One night in autumn, the time was one o'clock in the
morning, when I got to the end of a talk with my friend at my
friend's house. I still had to climb a mountain which has many
cemeteries on the way to my home. There was no moonlight,
no torch in my hand while I was walking alone. Suddenly, I
heard something make a scratching noise. I thought someone
was behind me, but I couldn't see anyone when I looked back,
except the calm dark screen of the field and chilly wind. I
suspected that there might be a ghost. So, I walked faster than
before and had no courage to look around the cemetery. The
faster I walked, the stronger the scratching noise became. I felt
as if I were grasped by a ghost and my heart would rush out of
my chest. I began to run though the scratching noise was
becoming stronger and stronger.
When I arrived in my house and sat down, the
scratching noise disappeared. Suddenly, I saw a big leaf of
bamboo tied on a string behind me attached to my waist which
my friend made.

ELI Student Voices 11

The Pressures of Being a Student
Kamolrat Norasetkamol

Have you ever had a student's life? I believe that
everybody was once a student, including me. Absolutely,
everyone must once get a feeling of both happiness and
pressure at some time. Someone might feel happiness more
than the pressure. On the other hand, some people might feel
the pressure of being a student much more than I did. In my
case, I was faced with some pressures of being a student since I
started my school. Sometimes, I didn't even go to school at all
and I pretended to be sick. The pressures of being a student are
caused by several factors, such as a friend around you, parents
who expect you to be the best, and teachers who give you hard
First of all, when you're surrounded by your friends,
you might feel a great deal of competition among each other.
For example, once you need to change the level of educational
institution, whether it's from a high school to a university or to
a graduate school, you want to be in the most famous institute
in the country. It's probable that you'll meet different
competitors whom you don't know. In addition, you will be
among classmates that are smarter than you, and who want to
get a good grade, too. So you must work much harder than
Secondly, some parents expect their children to be the
best. There are many families who want that. Basically, they
obtain happiness and feel so proud when their neighbors admire
their child who is the first in his class or school. Do you know
how parents try to bring up their children? For example, they
try to find a famous teacher for their child for private tutoring
and even they make their child take a course in a tutoring
center. Moreover, they still want their child to join activities'
club and they never ask what their child wants or doesn't want.
The last cause of students' pressures is that they have
to pass hard tests that teachers want them to complete.
According to that, a teacher can determine a grade of a student,
which is important for most students. They need to do their
best for getting a good grade and doing a good job. As a result,
some students are always nervous and have a stomachache and
a headache during an exam period, and some even become
Finally, although these pressures are inevitable as in
the above situations, you can do something that will help you to
relieve these pressures. For example, talk about something with
your close friend that makes you relieve your stress or go
outside with your family on weekends to share their opinion
with each other. However, some pressures you have to solve
yourself. Whether there is a friend around you or whatever
your parents want or how much the tests are difficult, if you can
control it yourself by telling your mind that you're satisfied
with everything you did because you tried your best, you will
conquer these pressures.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold
Francisco Moreno

This is a very weird and funny story about a ghost and
a house that you never heard of. Everything began 5 years ago
when my father decided to buy a big and wonderful land in a
country site away from a big, crowded, and loud city. It always
seems to me like a paradise. The land was beautiful like an
oasis in the middle of the desert surrounded by high green
mountains and clear, quiet, and immense river. But nobody
asked about why such a marvelous land has been there for many
years and nobody wanted to buy it.
We found the answer just one year after my father built
the most wonderful house that we could ever dream about. The
first night that we slept there everybody heard all those strange
noises in the middle of the full moon and silent night. It
seemed as if people were talking very close to the house and
singing with drums, and dancing, laughing, and yelling. Then
my father told us that he would talk with our neighbor about it.
When he came back just one minute after he left the house, his
face looked like he saw a ghost. Nobody lived near our house.
Our next neighbor lived 5 miles from there.
Every morning an old man who was in charge of the
garden came to our home and my father asked him if last night
somebody had a big party around the town. But the answer was
that nobody had one. So if you hear these strange noises, don't
worry about it. You probably built your house on an old Indian
cemetery. And every night the spirits come out to celebrate the
new full moon of the month.

Operations Research
Maria Luz Camargo

Operations research is a topic relative to Applied
Mathematics. The principal objective is to model situations in
all of sciences to find the best solution. First, it considers
deterministic models, probabilistic models, and mixed, which
consider both deterministic and probabilistic models.
Deterministic models study specific cases in many
areas of knowledge. Their most important characteristic is the
behavior of variables. The variables are known or they can be
known with precision. Transportation, assignment, linear
programming, goal programming are examples of deterministic
Probabilistic models are characterized by the stochastic
behavior of the variables. Their values are unknown, and they
can take some values which may occur with a probabilistic
behavior. Line models, stochastic process, decision theory,
games theory, dynamic programming are some examples of
these models. These are very difficult because the probability
of behavior is not easy to find it some times.
Mixed models have deterministic and probabilistic
variables. For example, dynamic programming, problems of

ELI Student Voices 12

investment and other ones have probabilistic variables like the
games problems where there exists a probability of win or lose.
Truly, Operations Research is a very important science
for the solution of problem of real life in many areas like
industry, medicine, agriculture, financial management,
business, mix, etc. If the workers would know about it they
would find a solution to many problems in their work.

Dormitory Ghost
Tomohisa Kurokawa

This horrible story is based on my friend's experience.
I was deeply touched with his words. He is friendly and funny
guy. On the other hand, unfortunately, he is familiar with a
When he went to the destroyed hospital, which was
burned by the fire, he saw the poor and lonely girl in front of
the dusty entrance. He felt strange feeling to her. It was
complete dark and unbelievable chilly midnight. He said to his
friends, "Can you see the girl who is wearing bright and shining
white shirts?" They said, "What are you talking about?" He
recognized that she is the one. And then, he broke his mind
easily. He screamed at the moment and ran away like a tiny
From that night, he has been familiar with ghost. He
has been seeing some ghosts sometime who is staring,
mounting him and walking thorough the veranda to next room
in his dormitory. It seems that he is haunted by ghosts. I have
never seen ghosts, but he has been living next door to my room
in the large and modern but little bit scare dormitory.

Pressure for Japanese Students
Tomohisa Kurokawa

The Japanese word "Ronin" that you can see in the
movie title from Hollywood, has two meanings in the Japanese
dictionary. One is "a samurai who doesn't have a boss." The
other is "a student who is studying to be a University student."
Nowadays, does "Ronin" sound cool? Does "Ronin" have
position in a society? How would you feel if you were a
"Ronin"? Unfortunately, Japanese society tends to judge
people based on their profession. A lot of students in Japan feel
many pressures such as from parents, society, and friends.
First, the parents strongly hope for their children's
success. This is natural. But in the case of Japan, it is more
excessive than in other countries. For example, some parents in
Japan force their children to study so that they are admitted to
kindergarten school. Of course their children don't understand
that. Instead of that, they want to play. Regarding the entrance
examination, children feel the pressure from parents.
Second, society, especially a company, tends to hire a
person who has a higher education. In truth, a company which
is well known in the world requires higher educational
background. Unfortunately, Japanese society tends not to judge

someone's ability but educational background. It makes
students uncomfortable in their school life.
Third, because of the above reason, friends change
attitude based on your educational level. This is not so usual,
but sometimes we can hear it in a conversation. When you
meet some girl, one of them might ask you about your
educational background. If you have a higher education than
her, you would have some kind of respect from her. But, if you
don't have it, she might not be interested in you.
In conclusion, Japanese students feel strong pressures
from their surroundings. As a result, juvenile crimes in Japan
are increasing year by year. We have to consider this fact
quickly. We, the society, have responsibility to make a better
community. Unreasonable pressures should be removed from

Left and Right Hemisphere
Jose Mayorga
RW 60

The brain is divided in right and left hemisphere and
each side controls different aspects of our life. The left side
runs the right parts of the body, and it is the logic side. It is
used for verbal, analytic, symbolic, rational, and scientific
activities. Meanwhile, the right hemisphere controls the left
side of the body and it is the intuitive side. It is used for
nonverbal, creative, concrete, artistic and spontaneous
activities. Both sides are usually fighting to have power over
the other. Usually, the left side controls our life, specially,
because we live in a society that is left hemisphere oriented, but
mankind got to the point where we are now because of the
synergism between both hemispheres. In our life, if we want to
be successful, we need to use both hemispheres. We should
hear the right hemisphere opinion and combine it with the left
side opinion. This does not apply just to important decisions;
we have to use both hemispheres for everything: work, sports
and school.
When we are at work, sometimes we have to combine
the left and right hemisphere to make assertive decisions. We
cannot run a business based just on logic, and I am not saying
that we have to base all our decisions on intuition because it is
obvious that we have to be analytic and rational, but sometimes
we have to hear our instinct. Research said that the most
successful businesses are those that are run by people whose
majors are oriented to communication and philosophical skill.
Business people are more likely to be left hemisphere oriented.
They make decisions based on fact and statistical analysis. In
contrast, people with liberal arts and science majors are more
expected to combine both hemispheres or at least take more into
account the right side belief.
Another example where we have to use both
hemispheres to be successful is sports. Since I was very young,
I have loved to play sports. In high school, I was on the
basketball team, and I learned all the basic techniques to play.
It did not take me too long to discover that knowing how to
shoot, dribble and pass was not enough to be a good player. To
be a good player, it is necessary have intuition and creativity. In

ELI Student Voices 13

a basketball game we only have a fraction of a second to decide
if we should pass the ball, or dribble to the basket, or to make a
jump shot. You don't have time to analyze the situation and
choose the best option. If players use only the left side they
will be like robots repeating always the same play. The
opposite team will learn how to defend against your team, but if
you use both hemispheres, you will add creativity to their game
and your plays won't be predictable.
In school, it is very helpful use both hemispheres
because it can help us to learn more and easier. The right
hemisphere could help to memorize and to find answers to
some problems and exercises. For example, if when I'm taking
a test a get stuck in some exercise, I leave it and continue with
the rest of the test. While I'm doing the rest of the test, my
right hemisphere is still working on the exercise that I could not
do, and when I get back to it I can add something more or
sometimes answer it completely.
In this world right now, we can survive using just the
left hemisphere, but our life will be very monotonous and
boring. In contrast, if we only use the right hemisphere it will
be impossible to live in this society because it is a dominated by
the left side of our brain; we will be called crazy and probably
sent to a clinic. What we need is to mix both hemisphere
opinions. In spite of using the left hemisphere all the time, we
have to give a little chance to the right side, and I'm sure our
life will be better.

Pressures That Foreign Students Have in
the First Months in the United States
Bonifacio Mostacedo

Many foreign students come to the United States to try
to learn more about English language or to seek their own
interest. They have to leave their countries, customs and
families, and they have to adapt to a new life style in the US. In
addition, they have to save money because they do not have
parent's support or maybe they come alone to the US. When
they begin to study, many students are shocked by the
educational system. The US education system is very different
from other countries. Therefore, foreign students have many
different pressures, such as economic, emotional, and
First, economic problems are one of the things that the
foreign students have to take in account while they are studying
abroad. Usually, they have money only for paying rent, food,
and school supplies. Also, they do not receive economic
support from their parents or relatives. So, they need to take
control of their money. For example, my friend has to make a
budget every month for spending his money. He cannot spend
his money on parties, trips or other things.
Secondly, foreign students have many emotional
problems in the first months after they arrive to the US. They
leave behind many things in their country. They live alone
without their family. Also, they leave their friends, and they do
not have anybody there. In addition, sometimes the new
customs affect them emotionally.

Finally, foreign students feel some pressures because
of the different educational system in the US. Every country
has its own system of education. So, when foreign students
come to the US, they have to adapt to a new system. Maybe
they have to study more, and they have to learn new studying
In conclusion, foreign students should prepare for
these pressures before they come to US. Although it is
impossible to eliminate the emotional pressures, maybe it is
possible to solve the economic or educational ones. Foreign
students should save more money or read more about the
educational system in the US before they decide to leave their

Frederico R. Gomes
RW 30

Marketing is a social process that the person or group
of people create products or services ("free negotiation" inside
the market) for supplying the costumers necessity. You can
define marketing as a process of how you'll execute your plan
to decide the price of your product or service.
First, you need to know about: sales promotion,
publicity, sales force, public relations and internet (e-
commerce). After you take your product, for example: shoes,
you have to choose your marketing social economic group.
Second, you need to do a research for you to know
which color, size and other information. Ask about comfort,
when and where they will use these shoes.
Finally, you need to tell your company about your
research result and decide if your company will produce it or
not, if yes you must decide when and where you'll sell your

The Pros and Cons of Divorce
Lionel Favry
RW 30

Today in Belgium divorce has become usual. Since
women freedom in 1968, the number of divorce has grown and
nowadays more than half of the marriages break up after 10
years of common life. Should we accept divorce because we
are more free than our parents and it's our choice to lead our
lives? Or should we respect the traditional engagement and
even if a marriage is going in a bad way, would we have the
obligation to remain together?
In my opinion, divorce is a process that gives more
freedom to couples. If they begin to fight, they have the
possibility to change their lives and try to be happier without
the presence of the partner with whom they had initially
decided to spend their life with.
Love is almost always the reason of marriage but after
a time together in common life, a lot of people consider more
the real character of their partner. It's for me normal to be free

ELI Student Voices 14

and decide to break the marriage if the common life goes
However, the problem becomes really complex when
the couple has children. Actually, the education of children and
money are the biggest difficulties that a couple can meet.
Indeed, without money a parent can't give to his/her children all
they need. And without a good education and the love of both
parents, a child begins his/her life in a wrong way.
In conclusion, I think that divorce is just and can be
practiced when circumstances require it but the couple must
think carefully about it when they have children even if it's
preferable to be separated.

To Go Solar or Not
Mustafa Ozel

To use Solar Power recognizes that we need to
conserve our natural resources. The other side might be the
initial cost to set up and possible maintenance issues in the
future. The possibilities for Solar Power are many and varied.
In my opinion there are very few arguments against
going solar. The paybacks are a cleaner word now and in the
future, less fossil fuel use so less hydrofluorocarbon emissions
adding to the greenhouse effect, and a more economical energy
package for the end user.
One of the most compelling reasons for solar is to
preserve a dwindling reserve of fossil fuels. In the 70's we had
"The Energy Crisis" where not only the gasoline we need to
drive but the oil to heat our homes and businesses was in short
supply. Prices skyrocketed and there were shortages
Another reason for using Solar Power is a purely
economical one. Most people who go solar also are hooked up
to a commercial grid in case of down times or some unforeseen
accident. There have also been instances where the commercial
entities have bought some of the power that you have as extra.
Additionally, we are experiencing a severe warming
trend due to the "greenhouse effect." Using fossil fuels emits
hydrofluorocarbons into the atmosphere. But if we go solar
there would be fewer emissions to add to the atmosphere.
In conclusion, encouraging Solar Power would have
many paybacks for humankind. All the arguments against Solar
Power are just ways to justify our innate laziness with the one
exception for those of us who live where sunshine is a limited

Eucalyptus Tree
Catalina Londono

"Eucalyptus" are Colombia's trees; these are beautiful
trees. These live in the mountains in cold weather. The most
important description of these trees is the color of the leaves,
the aroma and the romance that is felt in the forest.

The leaves of the Eucalyptus tree are special for the
color. There are different and a lot of medium and small leaves
with special platinum colors; these colors could be green-
platinum, pink-platinum and gray-platinum. These leaves give
these trees a spectacular look which you can see.
The aroma that you feel when you smell the
Eucalyptus is very special. This aroma makes people take some
leaves for their home and you can smell the same aroma in your
house and remember the natural smell.
When you always go to the Eucalyptus's forest you
will feel a moment of romance and peace. You will always see
many Eucalyptuses in the same place and these forests of
Eucalyptus are very important for the life of the planet, because
these forests give humidity to the grown and prevent erosion.
In conclusion, the Eucalyptus tree is very important for
the life of people and the world. These trees give feelings and
health to persons and the planet.

My Home State
Armando Lopez

My home state is called Bolivar, and it is located in
South Venezuela. This is a big state, and it is the most
important one because Bolivar state has a lot natural resources,
industrial plants, and beautiful natural parks.
Their natural resources are giant around the different
cities. You can find iron in Puerto Ordaz, bauxite in Los
Pijiguaos, and gold in El Callao. These minerals are produced
mainly to obtain steel, aluminum, and beautiful jewelry.
Their industrial plants are located in Puerto Ordaz. This
is the most important city because it has a lot industrial plants
and it generates opportunities for employees. The main
factories are SIDOR (transform iron to steel), VENALUM
(make aluminium), and FERROMINERA (obtain iron).
Their natural resources are amazing. In the south of
Bolivar, the two most important parks of Venezuela, Canaima
and La Gran Sabana, are located. In Canaima you can find the
highest waterfall in the world "Angel Fall" almost 1 km. high.
In La Gran Sabana, you can look at a lot of rivers, rainforest,
and waterfall, and enjoy the unbelievable night.
In conclusion, Bolivar is a special state because, you can
find all that you need, natural resources, industrial plants, and
natural parks. Also, you will be able build pretty cities with all
these things.

Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Kobraish

The Islamic calendar "Al-Taqween" is a very accurate
calendar. The Islamic calendar started 1,400 years ago, when
the Prophet Mohammed left Mecca to Medina, he established
Islamic country. This calendar uses the moon to account for it.
Almost all the months have crescent moon after the sunset for
one and a half-hour. If Muslims see the new moon that means

ELI Student Voices 15

the month is beginning. After the first quarter in this month the
moon becomes quadrant moon then in middle of the month it
becomes full moon. That night is called "Bader". After that
month the moon decreases until the end of the month. You
can't see it but when they see crescent moon a new month
starts. Actually, the month in Islamic calendar has 30 days, or
incomplete 29 days. The difference between Islamic and
Westerner calendar is 12 days each year.

Why are the Americans Running?
Ilona Drozd

While considering the subject of cultural shock, a
suggested question is: "Why are the Americans running?" In
general, worldwide populations are similar. All of us work to
satisfy the necessities of both material and spiritual life. In
spite of this, the adaptation process for foreigners, coming to
America, can result in culture shock. Being surrounded by
residents, who, in general, look like they are running, well-
rounded individualists, foreigners may be filled with pressure,
like in the proverbial phrase: "keeping pace with them." You
start running with them through the fashionable lifestyle, which
possesses three main stages: first of all is financial
independence, then health and, finally, sharing.
Financial independence is the first cultural statement.
In America, many kids learn how to make money by selling
candy at school. In middle school, students sell candy and hold
car washes. It's common that they are working by the time they
are in high school or college. By learning, the meaning of
money, they usually treat education very seriously and study
hard to build their future financial independence.
The healthy lifestyle is the second cultural statement,
which is indicated by safety-rules everywhere. For instance,
many institutions have signs that say NO SMOKING. To
accentuate health, many stores advertise FAT-FREE foods and,
almost everywhere, jogging people can be seen. To finish, for
national health, you must remember to "smile when you
Satisfying the need to share is the last statement of
America's "marathon" and it is very characteristic of American
culture. The formal education of the sharing process is started
in preschool where the idea of sharing is made a goal of
playing. As a result, you can see many adults, who, instead of a
tight weekly schedule, have space for their volunteering.
Consequently, you can tell that this (financial
independence, a healthy lifestyle and sharing) is a worldwide
desire. You are not "tired" and certainly not in "shock." But,
instead of comparing your culture to the American culture,
don't forget who you really are; because the variety of cultures
makes every society interesting to run with.

A Traditional Ukrainian Wedding
Ganna Zelevska

In every culture, weddings are important events.
When a young man fell in love with a young woman and
wanted marry her, he came to meet her parents. He explained
what he wanted and then her parents ask their daughter her
opinion. Sometimes their parents would force the daughter into
A few months before, the families of both the bride
and groom prepared the wedding. The groom's family usually
buys rings for the wedding.
Two weeks before the wedding the groom and his
bride would start inviting their guests to the wedding. Then
would choose their best man, bridesmaids and candle girl. On
the night before the ceremony the bride's sisters or friends
would traditionally sing songs and bathe her. The parents on
both sides would hire a cook to prepare the food for the
wedding feast. At that time the food was served in deep dishes.
No forks or knives were laid out, only spoons, and napkins were
not provided. The preparation for the wedding would start an
evening before.
On the day of the ceremony the bride's sisters wore
their traditional clothes: an embroidered shirt, waistcoat and
skirt. A flower was sewn on the groom's hat. The groom wore
wide red breeches and white embroidered shirt. The ceremony
began in the church. After the newlyweds went to the groom's
families house and celebrating the wedding.
The guests congratulated the newlyweds, sang songs,
played games, etc. The groom took his bride for the first dance,
following by the best man and bridesmaids. After all guests
have finished eating, singing a song "Mnohoia Lita" (Happiness
for many years). Then the guests left family's house.
Next morning, the bride left her family's house and
went with her new husband to his house. It was both a happy
and a sad day. It was a happy because two families were
joining together and a young couple was beginning a new life.
It was also sad because the bride was leaving her parents to
become part of her husband's family.
After all the celebration, there was the honeymoon.
The couple either stayed with the groom's parents or started
their own home with the help of their parents. Sometimes they
would get a team of horses, a cow and the chickens that were
brought to the wedding. Those were the happy days!

A Special Friendship Ring
See Hee Kim

Some people find that when life gets rough, having a
heart-to-heart talk is helpful. This method helps people succeed
in life. Hearing this statement I know I have already succeeded
in life. This is true because I have three friends that I hold close
to me and have held close for fifteen years.

ELI Student Voices 16

Ten years ago, we purchased friendship rings together.
This is a precious treasure and this event was special to me.
When we all first met we attended elementary school together.
We know each other very well now, what each of us wants out
of life, what each does not want, and know all of our goals and
aspirations. My friends at the university would say that I and
my three friends looked like four princesses when we wore our
friendship rings. I was a junior at that time when my friends
and I started wearing the rings. The rings symbolize ten years of
friendship and we all wear them on the same hand and ring
finger, so this ring is very important to me.
We are women now, and have gone our separate ways.
However, when we get together our time reverses back to when
we were children and our thinking once again becomes the
same. Sometimes when I am down and wonder if I will
succeed at my goals or not, and I am so unsure at times, I will
always surely know though that my three best friends are
everything to me, and the ring reminds me of this special

Energy Crisis
Gulbata Akgun

Energy is a part of our daily life. It's hard to imagine
surviving without energy. The main energy resources are oil,
coal, and natural gas. We use these resources for several things
such as cooking, taking shower, moving cars etc. One
possibility is the main energy resources because the world has
them. Another is that solar energy is a new alternative for
energy. In my opinion, the sun is a giant heat source for solar
energy, which is the best option of the two or several reasons.
One reason is that solar energy is renewable.
Renewable means that it can be replenished in a short period of
time. The main energy resources are not renewable like solar
energy is. Almost all countries have not enough natural
resources to support their lives or factories. All countries need
many more energy resources to develop their lives and
Another reason is that solar energy is friendlier to the
environment than fossil fuels. Fossil fuels contribute to the
environmental problem while renewable energy of solar energy
contributes very little. It's well known that fuels cause air
pollution like smog, acid rain, and global warming. Burning
these non-renewable fuels also pollutes the air we breathe.
Solar energy is not hazardous for human health and
environment. On the other hand, fossil fuels are terrible and
have destroyed our environment.
A further reason is that solar energy can be stored.
The sun does not usually shine at night or during wintertime.
This is the main problem with solar heating; however, there are
several ways to store the sun's energy. One way to collect heat
is to trap solar energy with solar collectors.
The final reason is that you can generate cheap energy
on your own house. It does not need transportation like fuel oil,
gas, etc. For example, when you buy electricity this does not
mean that the actual energy coming to your home is directly

from the sources. First, the energy is generated and put on a
transmission grid. Then, you pull the electricity from this grid.
In conclusion, the solar energy solves the energy
resource problem and for this reason it's a better alternative.
The fuels bur and the supply of these fuels are increased every
day. That is why people are trying to find new ways to heat
their houses, offices, factories and schools without using so
much contaminating oil or gas. The sun is a powerful source
that makes solar energy. The sun rises every morning and
brings us more solar energy.

Date Tree
Abdullah Al-Kobraish

Date trees live in the hot weather. They are enjoyable.
Many of them can be described as having this statement: tall
trunks, long date leaves and raceme. Dates also refer to
Their trunk is well known to grow extremely tall. As
they are they can grow straight up. Also, in Saudi Arabia we
have proverbs that say, "This man is as tall as a date tree." That
is why there are used to support as post in houses.
Their long leaves are very useful. They are used in
many things, for example, roofing material, hats, shoes, rugs
and mats.
They're a lot of racemes furcated from the trunk and
they have dates. After plucking the dates we used them for
People use them to bring to you with Arabic coffee.
Therefore, the best kind of dates in all the world are in Saudi
Arabia and are called "sugary." One kilo is around $40.
The cry of Saudi Arabia has two swords that refer to equity.
Also, it has a date tree that refers to munificence. I advise my
friends to try dates because they are good for your health.

What Happens to People Who Experience
Culture Shock?
Maria Gabriela Medina

Culture shock is a serious condition that needs to be
watched, and checked upon. Improvements in travel have
helped communication between different cultures. It is now
possible to travel to the other side of the world in a few hours.
Although these improvements have benefited humans, people
have been affected by what is known as culture shock. Culture
shock affects humans psychologically in many ways, for
example, depression, difficult communication and even hatred
for the other culture.
Depression is one of the most common effects in
culture shock. Some people have different manifestations, like
crying, eating all day, sleeping and feeling sad. Consequently,
this affects the health and some times causes sickness. It
doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, religious or non-religious,
the odds remain high that you will suffer this illness someday.

ELI Student Voices 17

It is difficult to understand exactly why people become
depressed, as a result of biochemical events, certain factors in a
person's life, extreme period of stress, personal low self-esteem,
and negative thinking patterns. In fact, depression is more
common than high blood pressure.
A second effect is difficult communication. Traveling
to a new destination with unusual habits and traditions can be a
very traumatic experience. For this reason, people have learned
about this language. Therefore, it will make an enormous
amount of difference to you if you learn a little or as much as
possible of the local language before you leave. Take up
classes and try to practice with native speakers. This small step
will make your life a lot simpler and will also give you
immediate respect when you arrive in the foreign country, not
to mention it will open many new doors. If you show an
interest in other people's language and culture, they will show
an interest in you.
Another important effect in culture shock is hatred for
other culture. The people have hatred for other cultures because
they don't know very much about the culture. Differences can
be hard to accept for some people, thus causing hatred. For this
reason, expats in a country can also cause hatred for a culture in
other people. Expats tell all of the negative things about
culture, and that can change the visitor's opinion of the culture,
and keep an open mind.
In conclusion, culture shock basically comes from a
lack of understanding and built up anxiety. Therefore, many
people have suffered from it on numerous occasions and
depression, difficult communication, and even hatred for the
other culture. It is not so much a life threatening disease, but it
can lead to some very serious problems if you do not take a few
precautions. The most important thing is to actually leave with
an open mind. A lot of people fly off without any research and
expect things to be done in exactly the same way and at the
same speed as they were at home, well this just isn't going to
happen, and it is very important to try the culture and people of
the country that you are traveling to.

Student Web Sites

The students of R/W 51 have made a set of web sites
to promote themselves and display their work. Visit them at

Thanks from the Editor
Thank you students for allowing us to share your writing. I
hope you enjoy reading your fellow students' essays and
paragraphs. Also thanks to Noreen Baker, and Stephen Moreau
at the HUB, for arranging the gift certificates; to Todd Allen for
publicizing this issue of Student Voices; to the Reading/Writing
instructors for supporting their students in their writing; and to
Jeanie Mann-Hoehn, Jeff Forbes, and Darion Hutchinson for
reading and evaluating the entries.
Thanks everyone!
Steve Flocks

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