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Summer 2001

The Ideal House
Mariana Meyer
R/W 30
1ST Place

The perfect home must be in a beautiful place and have enough
space for everything that you want. This kind of house shows
your personality and you can look the way that a person thinks
about life. It has to have a big main bedroom and bathroom, a
useful kitchen and living room and a big garden around of the

A great house has to have a big and spectacular bedroom. It
must be spacious and all the walls are large windows where you
can look at everything. The view is amazing because you can
look at the sea and marvelous beach with clean and white sand.
The bathroom must be spacious too with a great Jacuzzi. The
ceiling and walls have to be of windows too. Anybody cannot
see you because the house is on a little private mountain. If you
are in the bathroom taking a great bath in the Jacuzzi, you can
look the marvelous garden with a lot of different kind of

The kitchen and living room should be integrated in a same
space without division. Only a little division can be special
table where you can eat and drink everything that you want. If
you are in the kitchen, you can see the beautiful garden through
the living room and have a conversation with your friends at the
same time. The area of the kitchen must be spacious and
functional. It should also posses all electronics and digital
appliances and plenty of cabinet space to store dishes, pots,
pans, food, etc. Next to the kitchen is the living room where all
the walls around it are windows with special electrical blinds
that you can drive through a remote control. In addition, the
living room has a digital sensor light systems and you can drive
it with remote control, too. The furniture should be smooth,
gorgeous and soft shaded because the light and soft decoration
is the best for relaxing. From the living room, you can look at
different kinds of view. To the left side, you can look at a
beautiful and spectacular golf course where behind it, there is
the sea. To the right side, you can look at the sea with fabulous
beach. From the middle of the living room, you can enjoy an
original garden with a lot of flowers and a bridge and water
with special design for relaxing.

The perfect house must have a wonderful, beautiful and exotic
garden. It should be around the house. The exotic garden has to
have many kinds of flower that decorate the little roads made of
stones of different colors. In the middle of the garden there is a

bridge and a spectacular swimming pool with an original shape,
a fountain and many lamps into it. Diagonal to the garden,
there is special furniture where you can do meditation. It is
very important for your mind, spirit and health.

In conclusion, the ideal house is not only to think of the inside
of it as a big bedroom, marvelous bathroom, beautiful kitchen
and living room. I think that people should incorporate to the
house a beautiful view like an exotic garden that you can look
from all the places where you are. If you can feel relax and
share pleasantness with your family and friends, you are in the
ideal house.

A Trip to Atlantis
Ulrich Fiolka
RW 500
2ND Place

It was 4:13 o'clock on Thursday, July 12, 2001 when we
discovered a yellowish light far away across the sea from Cape
Canaveral. That, what we were able to see, was what Atlantis
looked like. It was tied to something that looked like a church
tower. It wasn't exactly what we had expected.

The crystal clear sky was our reason why we left our houses at
around 12:30 a.m. and also gave us hope that we would be able
to find our goal, Atlantis. We drove in a convertible and
enjoyed our trip through the mild, dark blue night. The warm
wind whistled around us while we were driving south on
Highway 27.

When we arrived at a small city named Titusville, we were not
the only people there. A huge crowd of cars pushed themselves
through the city's narrow streets. After we found a parking
space, the flashes of the people's cameras blinded us. Every
movement was recorded on tape. The shoreline was full of
multi-cultural people. It was not even possible to find a place
along the 4.5-mile long coast where you could stand alone for
just one second.

At 5:00 o'clock a.m., everybody looked to the East and saw a
huge, reddish colored dragon in the direction of Atlantis, what
seemed to be the tower. He began to hiss and started to give off
smoke. We could hear him trying to escape from his captivity.
A snarling wave of sound reached our ears. When it started to
spit more fire, everything around us became brighter and
brighter and looked like the sunset. At 5:04 o'clock a.m., he
broke his chains and managed to escape. He took off very
slowly and moved cumbersomely straight into the cloudless
sky. A big flame and a reverberating sound followed his flight.

ELI Student Voices I

Volume 5, Issue 2

We saw him drop the gloomy pieces of his chains and how they
fell down like shooting stars. He reached his goal of freedom.
Not only he left but also Atlantis left and everything became
dark and cloudy.

This escape was a rare event which happens maybe only twice a
year. The interaction of light, sound and smell is so impressive
that you will never forget what you will have seen in these few
seconds. Neil Armstrong was absolutely right when he said, "It
is a small step for a human but a big step for the humanity", and
laid down a milestone in Space Research.

Jian Zhang

Manners are the ways that you treat people. Good manners give
someone a gentle impression; it will be an auspicious beginning
so that you deserve success and respect from and of the people
who know you. But it is difficult to express your manners when
you meet people that are from different race or country. So are
there universal good manners? The answer is positive,
universal good manners do exist, but different cultures create
their own standard to judge people's manners.

Shaking hands is the good manner that is recognize by most of
the people in the world. It does not matter which country or
race you are from, it is the symbol of friendship and peace. It
can be used in any of the situation, such as business, friendship,
politics even wars. In fact, you do not need to learn this manner
from some other people; you will be influence by your
surrounding, when you look at two people are shaking their
hands, from their impression or action, you will be informed
what that means. After a period, it becomes your instinctive
reaction and custom when you meet your friends or attend
official situation. In my opinion, this is the most powerful
universal manner in society.

Smiling has the equal advantage as shaking hands. When you
see someone is smiling to you, you do not need to worry that
she/he will attack you. At least, she/he is not your enemy. It is
another good manner that you should handle. The distance
between two people will be minimized by smile. It is more
useful than thousands of words when you are in trouble. For
instance, you are misunderstood by your friends, and they are
very angry with you, you do not need explain too much; on the
other hand, if you can keep silent and give them a smile, I think
they will be cool down to listen your explanation. So keep your
smile, everybody will accept you.

However we cannot say that the standard of good manners is
the same in every country. There are also hundreds of manners
that we do not know; it is very normal, everything in this world
should have some things in common, and some are complete
opposite. The manner depends on each individual culture, race
custom, and development of the country and race.

Overall, some universal manners are familiar with most of the
people; it has become a part of habit that cannot be omitted
from life. But we also should know much more manners that
are from different area; it will give us lots of convenience. At

the same time, I appeal to you that we should recognize more
and more good manners so that different people can be easy to

Soon Young Lee
US Culture

I am here with a goal for my future. Like other foreigners, I
have an American dream. Whenever I think of the USA, I
come down to the two words free and rich -. If I try to do my
best, I can take everything in the USA. How nice words! I am
able to become the 2nd Bill Gates, who is a hero in America.
However, I don't hope to give priority to materialism, even if I
would achieve a lot of things, because it lead to bad behavior
neglect of more important things, and inequality.

Materialism makes people emphasize the results rather than the
process. This means the end justifies the means. This is not
right. We can imagine a rich man who has sold drugs to
teenagers. He sometimes contributed lots of money to the
hospital and school. Most people, who don't know how he
makes money, admire him and his charity. "He is a very nice
man like an angel." However, you already know the method he
did. Can you say he is a really good man? Many people use
bad ways to get the money they want. It is a very dangerous

Money is one of the most important things in our lifetime, but
it is not everything. To live rightly, and happily we need a good
family, friends, relatives, neighbors, and society. We can never
buy friendship, love, and honor with money. If you think
money is the best, you cannot realize what is the most important
thing. Sometimes we forget other things that are more

Besides, materialism makes people snobs. Sometimes we
divide the people into two groups. One group is the rich and
another is not the rich. When we meet the former, we use good
manners. On the other hands, when we meet the latter, we
don't. It can't be denied that we have been doing this.

It is a time to look back upon. We need the time to regret.
Haven't you missed important things in your life to get
materialism? Don't you emphasize the results rather than the
process? Don't you divide the people into the rich and the
poor? I wish you would find the best way to live.

ELI Student Voices 2

Maria Padua
US Culture

For a long time, materialism has existed in our societies.
Usually people have a preoccupation with material rather than
intellectual or spiritual things. Although people think that
materialism has many disadvantages for the society, it has some
benefits too such as the creation of consumption, generation of
tax revenues, and development of technology.

Materialism brings consumption, because each person wants to
have his/her own things. Likewise, each person wants to have
modern and better things. So, the society has to produce more,
new and better stuff. Also it can bring more opportunity for
jobs and better employment. In this way, each country can
develop its own economy and exchange merchandise with other
countries around the world.

Similarly, governments can get more taxes from their citizen
since they have more income; or from their industries because
they have more production. These taxes can be used in order to
help other people with other kinds of problems such as
disabilities, homelessness, etc. Likewise this money can bring
other kinds of social benefits, like for example: police, social
security, better schools and hospitals, etc.

Moreover, materialism allows the development of technology
since people want to get modern and better things. In this way
researchers and workers work hard everyday in order to
produce new stuff of excellent quality. In addition, young
people have to study more everyday because they need to
increase their knowledge for the future time.

In conclusion, even though materialism has some
disadvantages, it is the principal economic movement around
the word. Also, it has brought technological development and
economic growth for many countries.

Taelyong Eom

What do "manner" and iuiiani.is" mean? Manner is away of
doing something or the way in which a thing is done or
happens, a way of acting; bearing or behavior. Manners are
socially proper behavior, the prevailing customs of a society or
period, as the subject of a literary work, practice, style, or
method in the arts, and kind or sort. Manner originates in
Manuarius, which is Latin. Manuarius is a compound word
composed of Manus and Arius. The meaning of Manus is hand
and the meaning of Arius is more at manual, more by the
manual in English. This meaning is a method and form. What
do you think about a core of good manners in the world? I
think the core of good manners is good acting and behavior,
which is based on the true heart; politeness, mercy, kindness,

and so on. In my opinion, these are core factors in good
manners. We can see the different ways of manners in the
world. Why? These depend on their custom, environment,
race, and history.

What are the common good manners, which can be used all
around world? They generally consider another person:
opening the door for the next person, giving the first turn to a
lady, talking politely, respectful acts for older people, and so
forth. This means helping other people even sacrifice some of
yours. We can think another way, which is called Golden Rule.
The Golden Rule means you have to do something, which you
expect to act to another persons. If you want a favor from
somebody, you should do a favor for him or her.

In the world, we have a lot of different manners in different
countries. Moreover, they have many specific methods in
manners. Oriental and western cultures have characteristic
manners. In Korea, China, Japan people can't make eye contact
when they talk with older people but western culture is the
opposite of this way. They think eye contact while talking with
others is good manners.

If there is a party, some countries and cultures think it is good
manners, if they go later than the promised time, however some
countries consider this is not good. And when a person shakes
a women's hand, some countries and cultures think this is not
bad, but some countries and cultures think this is too rude.
Many countries have manners about many parts in life; party
manners, table manners, indoor manners, outdoor manners,
public place manners, conversation manners, dress manners,
time manners, greeting manners, telephone manners, and
restroom manners. When we go to a party we have to wear
proper clothes for the party type. When we are invited by
someone who is from a foreign country, then we have to know
about the table manners, because some cultures eat by hand,
using a lot of glasses, putting both hands on the table or just one
hand, even napkin's usage is different. Some cultures take off
their shoes in a house, but the others are not like that. When we
stay at outside, some cultures can't take off our shirts. If we
want to do some public places we have to wait our turn, though
we are so busy so we don't have any time. Some cultures speak
silently but some cultures say loudly. If we meet someone,
some cultures shake hands or some cultures bow, hug or kiss.
Why do they have had many difference manners? I think it
depend on regional feature.

I said about manners, which are similar in this world and
different type of difference regions. Many manners are being
made and disappearing. What is the important thing? Humans
don't live without others. You have to keep in your mind
because this is the most important thesis.

ELI Student Voices 3

Universal Golden Rules
Carlos Guinan

The behavior of a person tells us about his/her attitude towards
other people around him/her, but whether to consider the
behavior as good or bad is a very difficult decision. For this
reason, it is necessary to examine deeply whether manners are
defined independently by each culture. Accordingly with this
idea, the main topic of this essay asks the question: "Are good
manners universal?"

First of all, good manners are considered to be the key to a
happier world. Actually, people in all countries say that
everybody knows how useful and necessary good manners are.
In fact, with cultural interchange it is possible to see how each
culture is learning and teaching good manners and which
behaviors are acceptable or not. People want to know which
attitudes are disapproved of in each country because they want
to be acceptable in those countries. Regardless of that, there
exists the conviction that the human being has inside of his
heart which ones are basic rules for living together: they are
called "Universal Golden Rules".

It is known that it is possible to find a custom that could have
two different connotations in two different places. Despite that,
Universal Golden Rules have basic ingredients that are similar
in every place:

"Justice" is the first one: this is a strong and innate
sense of fair play.
The second one is "Empathy": a quality that enables a
person to see into the mind or heart of some one else.
And the last one is "The capacity to treat all people
The above basic ingredients are presented in many
cases, but this is not enough. Therefore, it is also necessary to
present the ways to improve one's manners (they are taken from
"Courtesy: key to a happier world", by: Dr. Norman Vincent
A,- Practice Courtesy.
1.- All skills require constant repetition to
become second nature.
2.- Don't let others bad manners make you
B.- Think in a courteous way.
C.- Be able to accept courtesy.

As has been noted, it is very complicated to show which
behaviors are right and which are wrong, because perhaps each
culture has different manners in many specific situations.
However, the general idea is to explain that even though there
are similarities and differences of good manners in the many
cultures around the world, people are working together in the
search for Acceptable Universal Golden Rules.

What Is Life Like for an International
Gina Perna

In my opinion life isn't easy for International Students; as a
result, many of them change their personality to be more
independent than before because they are beginning a new life
by themselves

Since February, I have met some students from different
countries, and I have talked with them about their new lives.
Most of them think that it is great to live alone without any
adult's supervision; however, some students think that it has
been a difficult experience because, probably, they have a
strong relationship with their family and friends. For me it
wasn't so cool to live alone without my parents and brother,
because I have the best relationship in the world with them; and
before I came here we used to have dinner and talk every
evening. Moreover, international student have to learn so many
things like cooking, doing laundry, ironing, cleaning and paying
bills, and sometimes this can be very difficult for some students
like me, who have never done some of these things. But I have
to learn because I want to stay here for studying because I want
a better future in my professional life as a businesswoman.

For those reasons, and others, International Students sometimes
give up because they think that all the things are bad and
complex in their new life, but this isn't true. During the last 5
months that I have been living here, I have met good friends
and I have learned a little more about Asian and European
culture, and these kinds of exciting experiences are the aspects
that we have to appreciate because not everyone has an
opportunity to be in a different country with different people.

My advice as an international student is that we have to fight to
have what we want; however, in this world nothing is perfect or
easy. Therefore, we must learn from the mistakes that we do to
be a better person in our personal and professional lives.

Fishing in Florida
NamHak Hur

Fishing should be one of the most popular recreations in
Florida. Usually, many people carry fishing tackle in their cars,
and whenever they want, they go to the coast and enjoy fishing.
Also, I saw many people who fish whenever I went to beach or
coast. It was very strange to me that they were fishing under
the sun without any shadow. They spent a long time to keep
their seat, to have all eyes on a fishing rod without moving.
Sometimes they looked foolish, because I couldn't understand
why they stayed under the sun.

ELI Student Voices 4

In this summer break, I bought fishing tackle and went fishing
three times to Tampa and Cedar Key. After that I know why
people fish under the sun. The simple reason is because there is
no shadow around allowed fishing area.

I enjoyed fishing and caught many kinds of fish. Whenever I
caught a fish, I asked another person about the name of the fish.
Most of the fish that I caught were thrown away or given to
pelican, because those were small or couldn't be eaten.
Although I caught few fish, it gave me another pleasure in
Gainesville. When fish eat bait and catch a hook, the feeling
from the hand is very nice. Although I went fishing many times
in my country to river or lake, the feeling is different. Salt-
water fish are stronger than fresh-water fish; however, the
fresh-water fish are bigger.

I will go fishing again after finishing this semester, and I will
never think the people who fish under the sun are foolish. I
became a kind of foolish person. Fishing is a good recreation.
Fishing needs less money than others, because fishing tackle is
cheap. Also, every fishing spot and all the fish under the sea
are free of charge. The only bad thing is that my skin has
become darker than other people who don't fish.

Chan Yoon

Everyone has either a person or a thing that is really precious to
them. There are several people who are precious to me: my
family, friends, and my girlfriend. Each of them has unique
reasons that explain why they are precious to me.

First, my family members are so sweet to me that they always
give me hope when I'm in bad situations. I often felt
disappointed with myself while I attended the science high
school because there were a lot of smart students and I felt it
really tough to compete with them. My family members always
tried to encourage me by giving me good advice and praying for
me. I could feel their warm and soft hearts and that gave me
big hope and strength.

Second, I have some friends whom I can really trust and rely
on. I can divide my friends in to two groups. My friends in the
first group are whom I met in my middle school. Almost all of
them have huge and muscled bodies like Macho men. They
were guys who knew how to fight and they always protected me
from gangs. Actually, now, some of them are working in gangs,
some of them are studying to be a policeman. We usually hang
out together when I visit my hometown. I'm sure that
whenever I'm in trouble, they will help me. My second group of
friends is whom I met in high school. They are really smart
guys who are called "geniuses". Since I was in the science high
school and now in a science college, I usually hang out with
them and they give me a lot of help in many ways, especially
with studying.

Last, my girlfriend, Jaesun, is a pretty precious person to me.
Her existence means a lot to me. She is a beautiful girl with
shining black hair. She always smiles like an angel and she
looks perfect in yellow shirts. She is really smart and kind. She
always takes care of me. She checks whether I ate breakfast or
not and if I didn't, she usually cooks food for me. She also
checks my schedule and lets me know what I need to do that
day. She can be my lover, older sister and my best friend.

As you can see, there are a lot of people who love me and
whom I love. I always thank them for all the things that they
have done for me, and all the words they have said to me. I am
lucky t\o know them and be related to them.

Eloquent Tranquility at Nae-so Temple
Jung-Hwa Lee

Have you ever heard the saying, "silent as a temple"? Koreans
usually use this phrase when a place is extremely silent. The
best way to understand the real meaning of this phrase is to visit
Nae-so Buddist Temple. It is a snug haven, especially for
people who are tired of noises, hassles, and yelling in city life.

During a summer vacation several years ago, I felt that my
exhausted soul called for something. The moment I stepped on
the narrow trail leading to the temple, I knew what my soul had
called for--stillness. It was not a good day for a trip because it
was rainy. But sometimes nature kindly offers us an
unexpected gift.

Walking along a trail to the temple, I heard drops of rain
crackling on my raincoat. Birds competed with each other with
their melodious voices to decide who was the best singer. Trees
warmly welcomed me with open arms, and rich soil smell
boosted my fatigued spirit. As an uninvited guest, I enjoyed
this welcome ceremony.

When I reached a gate of the temple, I found that Nae-so
Temple was smaller than I had thought. It was not a solemn
and overwhelming temple, but a homely and simple shelter
made of natural wood. The reddish brown wood pillars against
the hazy sky seemed to tell me an old, mysterious story.
Numerous people must have touched those pillars over
hundreds of years. I was excited to imagine that this temple had
heard all their sighs, complaints, and pleasures without a word.

Sometimes people need to spend time talking with nature.
Nature is never talkative but it tells lots of secret stories that
might enrich my soul. Moreover, in nature, I can hear my inner
voice such as my dreams and hopes. Stillness in Nae-so
Temple taught me how to speak many things without shouting.

ELI Student Voices 5

The Emergency Center
Iltae Kim
RW 60

It was a Friday evening in March. As usual, I was playing
basketball at the South-West Recreation Center, a gymnasium
in the University of Florida. At the end of the game, I was just
about to block the other man's shot, so I jumped over the man
and fell on the court. His heavy weight, probably over 200
pounds, came down on my back. I felt I wasn't OK because my
neck and right wrist were sore. Other people who were playing
with me helped me get a first-aid from staff.
I came back home to relax after getting a first-aid at the gym.
It seemed to be a serious injury when I looked at my swollen
wrist again, but it was a Friday night. I thought most hospitals
were probably closed at that time, so I decided to go to a
hospital on Saturday morning. After taking a shower, I tried
sleeping earlier than usual because I was tired by my
misfortune. At midnight, I woke up and knocked on my
roommate's door because of an extreme pain. When we asked
me what happened to me, I showed him the swollen wrist. He
told me he would take me to a hospital, and I called my
insurance company before we left.

While we were going to Shands hospital, I watched outside. It
was completely dark. As we were coming close to the hospital,
my anxiety increased. I wished nothing would happen to my
right wrist and neck. After 5 minutes, we arrived at the
emergency center, and filled out a registration form as a patient
at the desk. When I gave the form to staff, he told me I had to
wait at least one hour, and he added that an extra charge would
be added to my payment because I was at the emergency center
at night.

Before my name was called, I had waited one and a half hours
in the lobby, and my roommate was sleeping on a sofa. I
opened a big, heavy, metal door and was able to see what was
happening in the emergency center where only authorized
personnel come in and out. The staff in this center seemed as
busy as bees, so they didn't pay attention to me while I was
standing in front of the door. After a few minutes, a nurse, who
was wearing an extraordinary uniform that I had seen on TV, let
me enter a small room that smelled of acid, like formaldehyde.

There were an electrocardiograph, an oxygen mask, and an
operation bed, which made me scared, in the small room. I
looked around the room and found a trash box that was filled
with bloody tissues like dyestuff. I muttered quietly, asking
why a doctor didn't come to me while I was sitting on the old
black bed for 2 hours. Even though many doctors and nurses
went around each room, nobody seemed to be concerned with
this messy room and a trivial patient.

It was 5 minutes to 4 a.m. when a doctor came into the room.
The doctor introduced himself and asked me carefully how I
was feeling, like a priest. After a short conversation, he took
me to a radiation room, dark inside, and my wrist and neck

were photographed by a dismal X-ray machine. I had to stare at
the small room, up and down, for one hour again until the
doctor examined the photos. The doctor said, "Your neck is
OK, but you have to take a plaster cast for three weeks on your
right wrist and also take X-ray again before you take it off." It
was fortunate my wrist wasn't broken, so I was pleased to tell
my roommate, who had been waiting for me for 6 hours in the
lobby, the result. While we were going home, I was sleepy,
even though the sun was splendidly rising from the East.

Two Teachers I Have Admired
Iltae Kim
RW 60

When I was a high school student, my favorite subject was
mathematics. Math required both steady practice and much
patience to master it, so I spent much time studying math.
Actually, I was motivated to have a great interest in math by
two teachers.

Kim was a small and old teacher. When I was in the second
year in the school, he was in charge in my class. Because he
was the oldest teacher in the school, no one expected that he
would take charge of a class. Unlike many other teachers
whom I had met, he never smiled and talked when we had a
class meeting in the morning. He just checked the number of
students at the meeting and went to his office without saying
anything. The only time I could hear his voice and laugh was in
math class, and he seemed to be happy when he taught math to
us. In class, he always emphasized that we should understand
the meaning of theories rather than techniques that might be
helpful for raising our scores. And, when I went to his office to
ask a question, he just gave me some short advice, but not an
answer, told me I could figure out the problem by myself.

Jang was a tall, slender and young teacher. When I was a senior,
he was just transferred to my school and took charge of my
class. He was an outgoing man and tried to talk with students
as much as he could, so he was popular with the female
students, unlike Kim. He gave us lots of instructions that we
had to do and follow in the school, and called each student's
name to check attendance in the morning. Because he taught us
how to solve problems rather than how to understand theories, I
had to take notes all the time in class. If I asked him a question,
he always gave me an exact answer including extra information.
I never forget the two teachers. Kim probably has retired under
an age clause, and Jang has been teaching math at another
school. I got a good math grade on the test for entering a
university, but the more important thing was that Kim and Jang
helped me enjoy studying math. One teacher taught me basic
skills, and the other teacher taught me how to use the skills. If
they were not at my school, I wouldn't have had an interest in

ELI Student Voices 6

The Retired Horse Farm
Sangchul Han

Sangchul Han R/W 50
The Retired Horse Farm.

When I told him about a retired horse farm, my roommate
laugh loudly, "what retired horse farm? They promise their
owners that they never make the horses riding." I replied, "yes,
I know. It still sounds strange to me." While walking in the
hallway in Norman Hall, I could see a board next to the ELI
office. The board told me about volunteer day on that weekend.
I continued reading the board and I stopped at the section about
the horse farm. It sounded interesting and I thought I could
have a chance to ride a horse, even though I remembered that
the retired horse farm takes care of retired horse and it is
forbidden to ride a horse. I decided to go there and signed up.

That morning was not so good for me because I got up 8
o'clock and I was expected to be there at 8:30. I didn't have
time to eat or even take a shower. I went to the place where I
usually keep my bicycle as quickly as possible, but I didn't
remember I left my bike at school. The time went very fast and
it became almost 8:20. I was angry at myself because I broke
an appointment with myself. I started running to school.
Usually it takes 30 minutes by running. I didn't expect I would
be there on time, but I didn't have another choice. I wanted to
do my best to keep promise with myself. I was at the ELI at
8:40, and with the help of God, I could meet my team, which
reserved to go to the horse farm.

The first things made me scared were the dogs which the farm
cares for with the horses (to be honest with you, I probably
couldn't distinguish them from pigs in the dark night.) The
number of dogs made me more scared. When I was just
stepping into the farm, they surrounded me with their tails,
which were wagging. I showed a smile that was frozen with
fear of them. After a short time we became friends and we rode
a cart to the horses.

At first the people who work for the horses showed me how to
deal with horses and then taught me about feeding, combing,
cleaning, rinsing and digging the horses' hoof. After I learned,
I, who pretended to be brave, entered the pen very bravely but
being honest, I was afraid of horses, but it disappeared pretty
soon. Probably they knew how to deal with us. I chose the
horse that stood a little behind the gate and brought it to the
gate. While bringing it, another horse that stood near by gate
blocked me and looked at me straightly. It seemed that it said,
"I am the first and you are going against our law." I said,
"Sorry, you will be my second." The horse moved a little away
for making a way out of the pen. After I came out from the pen,
I tried to clean the horse but I couldn't because it was fidgety,
so I gave it a carrot and told her, "be calm young lady. I'll
make you more beautiful." I knew it was a really old horse, but
I didn't want to hurt her mind. Soon it didn't move a lot. I

don't know whether it understood my words or not, but I could
finish combing, cleaning, and rinsing successfully; otherwise I
couldn't finish digging the hoof because it didn't want to fold
her leg. I gave her a carrot once more but it didn't work well. I
carefully looked at her for a little while and I found the leg that
I tried to fold was supporting her weight. So I folded another
leg and I could dig her hoof. After I finished the first one, I
cleaned some of them.

While cleaning the old, weak horses, they reminded me of
my grandmother who died when 12 years ago. When I was a
kid, my mother usually cleaned my grandmother because my
grandmother was very old and got sick. Soon I remember my
mother also. Now she is becoming an old woman, the same as
my grandmother to me. Also she will be older than now when I
return to my country after finishing my studies. She will
always stay the same age in my mind, but when I meet her,
probably I have be prepared for her old features. It makes me so
sad because I don't want her to become old. She always works
for me and I hope that she has time for herself. It is so sad that
she is becoming old without having a chance to live for herself.

In the retired horse farm, I could feel lots of things concerning
the life of the aged, yet it is different from my first purpose,
where I wanted a chance to ride a horse. In the zoological
viewpoint, they are different; one of them is a horse and the
other is human. On the other hand, it is same between old
horses and humans that they need people who take care of them
and want talk with them.

The Most Serious Car Accident in my Life
Suwat Khemarphirom

Since I began driving a car in 1989, I have been known as the
safest car driver among my friends. However, no one can avoid
a mishap. I have experienced 2 accidents, though I always
drive carefully. One of them was the most serious accident that
I will never forget for the rest of my life.

On June, 30 1999, I started my working day just as I did
everyday, but my mind felt unusual. During the day, I worked
like a retired, old man who had not worked in 10 years. I felt
bored, exhausted and lethargic. I worried about something that
I didn't know. When I finished my work, I drove home
immediately. I felt a powerful fear inside. Therefore, I put
more stress into my chilly, damp hands to hold the steering
wheel firmly. I drove as slow as an old turtle strolling along the
beach. I paid attention to driving more than I usually did. I
turned off the radio in order to concentrate on the sounds
surrounding me. However, this was not enough to dissolve my

One mile from home, I got stuck at the traffic light waiting for
the left turn. The most terrible experience of my life was just
beginning. After turning left, I suddenly saw a small circular
shimmering light shining against my eyes. t became bigger and

ELI Student Voices 7

bigger in only a few seconds. I had no time to do anything, not
even to think. I immediately crushed the brake pedal as hard as
I could. My tires screamed deafeningly just like someone
screaming for help. My car completely stopped, but the
oncoming light seemed to enjoy its show and wanted
reverberating applause when it finished. Finally, it
disappeared with a thundering sound into the front of my car.
Just few seconds after crashing, many people came rushed to
my car and muttered about the accident. I called the police,
then got out of my car slowly and walked to see the recent
beautiful circular light again. Oh my God! I saw a man lying on
the floor unconsciously. His face was pallid. He was not
bleeding; however, he looked dead. An acrid alcohol smell
came from him. With my shaking voice, I asked the woman
who tried to help him, "Is he alive?" She said, "Yes, he is still
breathing." "Huhhhhh," I felt as someone just lifted a big
mountain off my chest.

On the first day of the new month, I started my working day
again, but with new feelings. I was totally different from the
day before. All of my unusual feelings had gone. I was in my
normal situation again. In the evening, I went to the police
station for investigation. The police told me that I was not
guilty. The rider was drunk while riding his motorcycle last
night. Both of his legs were broken, and he had to stay in the
hospital for at least 2 weeks. The police also said that he was a
poor man with 4 children, and that he had no money to pay for
the damage. Therefore, I had to pay it by myself.
I think that this will be the worst luck in my life, and I hope it
will be the last one. Although I had some special senses that
made me more careful than usual, I nonetheless had an
accident. Accidents can happen at any time, in any place, and
to anyone. Even though you always play by the rules and never
do anything wrong, accidents can reach you if you are in the
wrong place and at the wrong time. They are inevitable. It
depends on your destiny. The only thing that you can do is just
accepting them.

Learning a New Language
Oscar Aular

It is very hard to be alone in a strange place, even more when a
person is not familiarized with the language spoken there.
Although she/he wants to learn a new language, sometimes
she/he rather speaks by himself. At this point, she/he has to
make a decision, and think about what is she/he doing in this
place? Is she/he really doing her/his best? Answering these
questions is not easy.

On one hand, learning a new language is a complex process that
involves a lot of varieties and puts a person against her/his own
desires, expectations and limitations. The different skills needed
in order to speak a language fluently are deeply connected with
individual attitudes or intentions to learn the new language.
The more she/he pursues a goal, the more she/he has to work.

On the other hand, this process sometimes pushes the person
into a difficult situation, loneliness. The need to communicate
is a human feeling and not only she/he could feel it, but
everyone, particularly, when she/he is in an unknown
environment, far from her/his culture and surrounded by strange
people. In this sense, when this person finds people with similar
characteristics, she/he is tempted to make a connection,
especially, she/he is compelled to speak her/his first language.

Consequently, anyone who wants to learn a new language is
now among people speaking and interacting in their native
language, loosing the focus on what at the beginning was the
main goal. As a result, the questions, which were mentioned
above, gain sense. To sum up, it is time to answer the questions
from each individual's perspective and take the right direction
according to each person's point of view.

In other words, learning a new language is not an easy ride, so
to keep in mind what the right way should be, is useful to have
success in this challenge. Finally, it could be interesting citing
a work of Edgar Allan Poe, named A few Words on Secret
Writing: "As we can scarcely imagine a time when there did
not exist a necessity, or at least a desire, of transmitting
information from one individual to another, in such manner as
to elude general comprehension; so we may well suppose the
practice of writing in cipher to be of great antiquity."

My Ideal Japanese House
Tomoko .\/lig iake

An ideal house should be comfortable, useful, relax and good
location. It is a traditional Japanese house. The Japanese house
has a useful kitchen, comfortable living room and luxurious

The kitchen is useful. For example, it has system kitchen where
has huge refrigerator and all kind of utilities for cooking. Even
if I invite my house any friends from other countries, I can cook
all kind of foods. Of course, I can stock a lot of foods in my
refrigerator. Generally, when I cook some foods, I can't talk
with my guests. But in my kitchen, I can talk with my guests
because it doesn't have wall from living to kitchen.

The living room should be comfortable. It has many "Tatami -
Mat"; it's like a carpet. We can take off our shoes when we get
in the living room.

Not only we can take off my shoes, but also we can lie down
the floor. In winter, the dining table change Kotatsu"; it's a
covered table with a heat source underneath. Even if it is so
cold day, you don't worry about it. The reason is we can warm
it. While we watch TV, we can relax.

The bathroom should have a wide space. It has a shower which
can be useful and so a big bathtub which was made from a
Japanese cypress in the center of the room. The water was

ELI Student Voices 8

drawn from hot springs. We can be beautiful and healthy. We
can see a good view in the bathroom. If you take a bath at
night, you can see a good night view.

It is my dream that I build up this house. If it comes true, you
can come my house. I'm looking forward to meet you in my
ideal house in the future.

Are you Looking for your Own Proper
Suwimol Bee Kruasophon
R/W 50
To survive in Depression era, people must struggle and select
something which is appropriate and can support their own lives
to flourish; as a result, the original concept of selecting
appropriate mate is not practical. Currently, there are many
factors that influence and change people's concepts of selecting
their own suitable mates. There are 3 variables which most
people in present are likely to use to choose their own proper

The first variable is similarity of conception and background
such as level of education, interests, socioeconomic background
and so on. It is the most important factor in present economic
condition. Most people quest for something superior to or at
least something equal to their status to support their work as
well as their own life's blossom and happiness. On the other
hand, it is a tragedy and a fiasco if you select an unsuitable
mate. For example, the inappropriate marriage of Prince
Charles and Lady Diana led to the failure of their marriage due
to differences such as age and education.

The second variable is different behavior of couple. Possibly,
harmony mars a relationship but contrast makes a relationship.
While one is hot-tempered, the other is cool-tempered or one is
lazy but the other is sedulous. For example, John McEnroe and
Tatum O'Neil's marriage is not successful due to their hot-
tempered habits.

And finally, the last variable is real love. Real love is mutual
understanding and forgiveness. It is the best factor that assists
couples to sustain their own marriage. Unlike superficial or
fake love, real love must spend a lot of time to study and
understand each other profoundly. Certainly, selecting a mate
by the first factor may make your own life comfortable.
However, it is merely physical comfort. On the contrary, real
love fills your mind with comfort, pleasure and happiness.

If you can combine the contemporary conceptions, the 3 factors
above, suitably, they can make your marriage successful. On
the other hand, if you amalgamate them improperly, they can
mar your marriage permanently

Why Do People Work?
Jose A. Prieto

Work is the duty in which any person obtains benefits. There
are many reasons that explain why or for what people work.
Three reasons that may explain why do people work are:
Surviving or Necessity, Social environment and Pleasure.

One of the first reason is surviving or necessity. People work
because they need to earn money to survive because people
need food and some other basic things that are important for the
family. In this case, the majority of the people work for this
reason only, there is no other reason for them to work. For
example, maybe this kind of people work for surviving but they
don't work to have some vacations too. Most of this people are
poor or lower class people.

Another reason that explain why do people work is the social
environment. Our social environment has a kind of rule that
people have to work. This is for dignity or something similar,
people are used to work because of the society. For example, if
you ask somebody if s/he is working right now and that person
tells you that s/he is not working, people start to think bad on
that person.

Finally the last reason is pleasure. People work for pleasure
because they like what they do, or it's something that they have
always wanted. Another reason could be that they don't need to
work because they are wealthy people, and they only see work
as a hobby.

In conclusion, people are always going to work because it's
something that is in our environment, even if people are
wealthy or not. For example, Bill Gates is wealthy and he is
still working. People work for many reasons and those reasons
depend on what they need or what they want.

Hyoung-Tae Kim
R/W 50

I think marriage means not only just living together but also a
permanent relationship. In Korea, there are two ways to get
married which are dating and by matchmakers for arranged
marriage. If someone gets married by dating, she or he will
find someone as a spouse by herself or himself. But someone
who gets married by matchmaker for arranged married, the
matchmaker looks for someone of similar back-ground and
temperament for someone's successful marriage because if you
get married by matchmaker as arranged marriage, it is very
important to marry someone with whom you have many things
in common, such as level of education, interests and
socioeconomic back-ground. Someone is looking for her or his
husband or wife that means finding a companion for one's
whole life.

ELI Student Voices 9

If you meet someone as a spouse, you'll share many interests
such as movies, food, hobbies and academic things with her or
him, and then your life can be more enriched because you can
express and share ideas, emotions and feelings with each other.
Also, you can get help and rely on your spouse when you face
something that you need to resolve. Therefore, marriage means
to get on the same ship. When you sail on the ocean, there is
not always calm and peaceful. There are a lot of big waves and
storms like wild beasts that you have to go through. If there is
no one as a companion for your whole life, it can be harder to
go through, and you might feel isolated and depressed in your
life. Therefore, it is important to marry someone who can share
many things such as hobbies, interests, etc with you.

The words wife and husband mean not only legal status but also
a companion for one's whole life, someone who can share
everything in each one's life.

My Colombia
Natalia Araujo
R/W 30

Have you anytime listen about Colombia? What are the ideas
that comes to your mind when you hear that country's name? If
the answer to one of this questions is different to a place that i
would like to know", here there are some good reasons to
change your opinion.

Colombia is a place divided in 5 regions: Caribbean, pacific,
Andin, Orinoc and Amazonic. Each area involves a
determinated number of cities, and with it, a variety of cultures
and customs. It is possible to find diversity of weather, and
according to this, different fauna and flora.

The agriculture is rich in coffee, cotton, corn, and banana, and it
is very known for their beautiful flowers. This country has the
privilege of having both oceans, Atlantic and Pacific, and this
fact helps it to develop the economy and business of
importation and exportation, specially of petroleum and carbon.

Although Colombia is a country rich in natural resources, it is
more important by the warmth threat of it people, who also
enjoy welcoming tourist from another countries to show them,
traditional parties like the carnival, and been friendly just giving
their houses like yours.

In conclusion, there are many things that Colombian people
would like to show at the world, because we want to teach the
beautiful face of Colombia, a country which suffers and cries
because it problems, but that wish to make the dream of peace
and happiness come true, and also be known as far as it can,
like the country with lovely people, who enjoy playing a soccer
game, and drinking a delicious coffee with family and friends,
and of course, with all of you that are invited to join us!

I Became So Rich
Hee Jee ,\lN
R/W 30

When I was in Korea as a student, my life seemed to be
simple and somewhat meaningless. I felt bored and tired
because I had to go to school and study every day. Everything I
did was repetitive one day after another. However, my life has
changed since I came to the USA. I have encountered and
learned many new things through different experiences with
Americans and other people from different countries.

It has been six months since I attended the ELI where I study
English with those who came from all over the world.
Although I am not able to speak English well, I sometimes find
myself amazed when I am talking to them in English. As a
matter of fact, I've learned a lot of things from them which
would be impossible to learn in Korea. They told me about
their culture, lifestyles, and languages which sound to me
very peculiar and interesting.

Now, I want to talk about my most precious American friend
who is my roommate. Her name is Amanda. Not only she has
been very kind, but also she always has helped me when I
needed her. One day, she invited me to her house. I was very
exited to meet her family because it was my first time to be
invited to see American family. It was an incredible
experience. I had so much fun and will never forget it.

Every Saturday I volunteer at the Shand's hospital. I feel very
proud of myself working there because of the fact that I can
help somebody. Moreover, this volunteering will benefit me in
the future since my major is architecture hospital. After
graduating from the graduate school in Korea, I wish to have a
job in the hospital like Shand's.

Sometimes, I've faced with new challenges and difficult
situation here, but I tried to convince myself that these are
precious experiences which might change the way I live and
think. That is why I feel so rich to be here and try to spend
every moment as valuable as my life.

How to Make Japanese Haiku
Yuko Sugimoto
R/W 30

Japanese has three different words "Hiragana", "Katakana" and
"Kanji". Haiku is the shortest poetic form in the world. When
you write a "Haiku", you need some calligraphy skill. There
are several necessary things to make "Haiku".

First, you should understand Japanese culture, words and make
imaginations. In fact, most of "Haiku" include a season word,
for example, cherry blossom is in Spring, a frog is in Summer,
maple tree is in Fall and snow is in Winter.

ELI Student Voices 10

Second, "Haiku" forms become 5-7-5 words. You have to
express your feeling and your condition in it. If you write over
rule words, you have to change to another similar word.

Third, you should read a lot of "Haiku", because you can find
unknown words. Sometimes it uses rhyme to make a beautiful

Fourth, you must not copy of others. It is the most important
thing, because it can break an individual character.

Finally, you don't use only your brain but also the five
senses. If you follow all these steps, you can enjoy making a

A Memorable Day
Marcela Andrades
R/W 30

January 30, 1983, was a day that I'll never forget. It was the day
I experienced the great moment I became a mother.
That morning, I woke up with a bad dream and I was crying,
every day during the last week of my pregnancy I have terrible
dreams about my baby.

My husband took me to the clinic. The doctor said that the baby
would be born in the next fifteen hours. But she was not
engaged to be born.

We spent all day walking and they prepared me for the birth.
They gave me some medicine to prepared me better.

Late at night, the baby finally engaged and she was ready to be
born; however, I was very tired to push.

My doctor gave me encouragement at the last moment, because
it's the most difficult and could be exhausted.

I was so afraid because I was only nineteen years old and I
could not believe this kind of experience happened to me.

Finally, my beautiful little girl was born at 3:15 am after a log
process in which I pushed and felt so strange with many people
looking and helping me, but I didn't cry, I didn't feel pain, I
only felt the great emotion of becoming a mother.

God gave me a special gift; her name is Sofia, now she is 18
years old.

My Husband Rene
Marcela Andrades
R/W 30

My ideal partner is Rene, my husband and I love him. Maybe it
is because he stayed with me for a long time or because really

I'm still in love with him after fifteen years. Anyway he is
ideal for me in many ways, but the most important reasons are:
he is kind, funny and a good father.

Kindness is a strange quality in a man today, but is the most
important characterized in an ideal man. I think if a man is rude
or impolite, he is able to kill the most beautiful love in few

Rene still is kind with me, with others and with his children.
Everybody says the same about him. And I like it.
When I laugh I feel happy and maybe this is the secret of the
good and long love. All the problems look light if you take
them with humor. A good sense of humor and positive thinking
are the tools for a fun love.

A good father and a good son with his mother. For our
daughter he is her real father because I married with him when
she has 2 years old. I feel happy for this right decision. He is
patient and he is thinking about them all the time. Tomas, the
second one, loves his father and he likes to do everything with
him. Sometimes I feel jealous. First for him are the children
and second himself.

Marcela's ideal man is a kind of man just like her husband. It's
because she is a person who likes family.

Rene is a gentleman, charm, good father, son and husband.
And for all of this I love him.

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