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Chrran klin


Volume 13, Number 21 A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER October 15 28, 2004

At The St. George Plantation Owner's
Association (POA)

Property Owners 'Confionted With
8% Dues Increase On $1,834,296

Revenue With A Surplus

Treasurer Lee Sewell rationalizes "...The
composition of the Plantation is changing materially
and this has impacted our operations and capital
and reserve planning."
The treasurer of the St. George Island Plantation Owners' Associa-
tion, Inc., Ms. Lee Sewell, has informed the membership of the Asso-
ciation that she will be unable to attend the 2004 annual meeting
now scheduled for Saturday, October 9, 2004, at 10 a.m. at the club-
house, 1712 Magnolia Road, St., George Island, Florida. Instead, Ms.
Sewell has sent by mail a "2005 budget overview" dated September
27, 2004 announcing a dues increase and an analysis of Plantation
The 2005 budget consists of $1,834,296 in revenues, including
$1,546,290 from regular association dues, now scheduled at $2450
per house and $1160 per lot. Additional revenues come from the Bob
Sikes Cut Association, Resort Village, and "entrance fees", totaling
$1,834,296. Total expenses are $1,341,341 including $701,072 for
Personnel, $93,000 utilities, Salaries and Wages $475,600, benefits
$214,472 and Administration $171,170.
The complete budget drafted by Ms. Sewell is presented as Table 1.
The board of directors of the association has increased assessments
for all property owners by 8 %, up to $2540 for a house and $1160 for
a lot. Since 2002, homeowners have paid $7050 into the Plantation
treasury or, as treasurer Sewell described, " we had 3 years xiWith
no increase." She added that by the end of 2003 the Plantation passed
the 50% built out point. At the end of 2003, the Plantation was about
50-50 rental-owner occupied. Homeowners pay additional property
tax on top of their homeowner assessments.
The treasurer described the planning for assessment revenues "was
complex this year." New agreements were made with three of our af-
filiated neighbor associations (Bayside, Bluffs, BSCA, Pelican Point
and RVA). As you know we approved a new agreement with the RVA
owners. For this year their contribution will be $12,000. The Bluffs
association has approved a service agreement with the POA that will
set their assessments at the same as the POA. Previously their as-
sessment had been determined by the Ben Johnson agreement and
had averaged about 85% of the POA full assessment. In return for
their paying more, the POA will provide certain defined services such
as maintenance of their boardwalks and pool, general insurance, land-
scape and other services.
The complexities of Plantation finances get more complicated as il-
lustrated in Mr. Sewell's commentary on assessments from other
"Our process was complicated this Year by having to ne-
gotiate an assessment level with the Bob Sikes Cut Asso-
ciation (BSCA). Many owners are unaware that the lots
in Casa del Mar, certain undeveloped acres between Casa
del Mar and Schooner Landing and 17 lots in Schooner
Landing are not "regular" members of the POA. Their
assessment to the POA is governed by the 1990 Andrew
Jackson Agreement (AJA). The AJA defines those ex-
penses that BSCA must contribute to for their assess-
ment to the POA. For the last seven years, assessments
for BSCA had been defined by a side agreement to the
AJA, which expired after the 2004 assessments. The side
agreement did not require BSCA to consider or approve
the AJA budget. Consistent with the AJA, after the POA
board approved the preliminary budget, certain expenses
were allocated to the AJA and an assessment level for
houses and lots for BSCA was calculated from these ex-
penses. After negotiations, the POA (through its BSCA
committee) and BSCA agreed that their assessment would
be 45% of the POA assessment for 2005: The POA's BSCA
committee noted that this is, in their opinion, below the
defined and appropriate assessment level as calculated
by the POA, but they approved this level (as did the board)
to reach timely resolution on the matter. This level of
assessment is for the 2005 year only. The POA's BSCA
committee also notes that their owners did not contrib-
ute to the costs of the Firehouse, although they benefited
materially from the reduction in insurance premiums
based on the location of the Firehouse. Further BSCA
did not contribute to the renovation of the Guardhouse.
Bayside, while not a member of BSCA, has its assess-
ments set at the same level as BSCA under a separate
legal agreement.
Ms. Sewell's report also addressed Plantation (POA) expenses.
"Looking at Expenses, we start with Administration. The
most material line item is Legal Expenses. We expect 2005
to be down from 2004, as there should be lower RVA
legal expenses. ACC legal expenses have been the next
largest category. We are planning a workshop between
the ACC and counsel to try to reduce that category. At
the same time counsel is working on a total review and
revision of our documents, which will be a onetime cost.
Meetings and Committees expenses will be lower in 2005
than in 2003 when we had two General Manager recruit-
ing searches. Postage, Printing and Newsletter is a large
line item. We have several mailings each year to owners,
plus the Soundings is sent monthly. Our accounting and
audit costs increased when it became necessary to en-
gage a separate firm to perform the audit from the firm
that assists us with our bookkeeping. Finally ACC ex-
penses, primarily the Consulting Architect, are budgeted
to be about 10% of this expense."
"The increase in Equipment and Other Assets reflects
the price of many years of delaying and postponing the
purchase of equipment. Three-quarters of the amount is
or Maintenance and Security. The single largest item for
Maintenance is a new heavier duty chipper, which will
enable us to mulch more of our vegetation trash, avoid-
ing dumpster fees. No single Security item is over $1000."
"Insurance is up in anticipation of premium increases
and increases in the valuations on our property, which
had not been reviewed in a number of years."
"Personnel is flat to the 2004 budget. We have added
positions since 2003 in Security and Administration. The
costs of our benefits have increased as well as we added
disability insurance as a benefit. We added a shift differ-
ential to the "graveyard" shift for Security. Supplies are
dominated by Pool Supplies (chemicals), Maintenance
(line for weed eaters, signs, filters and such) and Office.
We are upgrading much of the software used by the of-
fice and Security."

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POA St. George Island............. ............... 1, 5
Emerystat and Weems Hospital..................... 1
Hurricane Ivan ........... ................................. 1
Franklin Briefs ............................................. 2
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Emergystat Claims Hospital Is
Behind In Subsidy Payments For

Ambulance Services

County Board Asked To Intervene
A Mr. Carmichael of Emergystat, the ambulance leasee, advised the
Board of Franklin County Commissioners that the Weems Hospital
leasee, Dasee, was about $60,000 behind in their subsidy of the am-
bulance services. Mr. Carmichael said, "Once again were asking for
your help of some sort."
The owner of Emergystat, Glenn Crawford, was not present at the
meeting but involved at corporate headquarters in an audit, accord-
ing to Mr. Carmichael.
During this presentation,,Commissioner Cheryl Sanders interrupted,
expressing some frustration about the lack of ambulance facilities at
a Friday night football game. "It took them over 30 minutes to get
there," she exclaimed. She pointed out that ambulances had been
available at football games when requested. She counseled Mr.
Carmichael to have ambulances available in the future. In regard to
the mounting debt of Dasee to Em6rgystat, Commissioner Mosconis
moved that the County AttorneyWhlte Michael Lake (Dasee) a letter
about the debt owned Emergystat.
Then, a citizen, a Mr. Shiver, testified before the Board of another
problem involving the lack of ambulance services for a heart victim,
taking up to four hours to respond. Commissioner Sanders asked
Mr. Carmichael to look into the scheduling of a second ambulance.
Mr. Carmichael said there were some problems of staffing two ambu-
lances at the present time.
A latent, but smoldering issue was submerged in the discussions
until references were made to some correspondence between Weems
Hospital and the owner of the ambulance service, Emergystat. This
involved some allegations about the use of county-owned ambulances
from Dasee to Glenn Crawford. The letter read, as follows:


8660 HWY 18
P.O. BOX 1497
VERNON, AL 35592

Weems Memorial Hospital
135 Av. G
Apalachicola, Fl. 32320


Former minister of the St. George Methodist Church,
Jim Trainer (far right), pictured with an unidentified
parishioner. The generator delivered from Franklin County
is in the foreground of this picture. Below are pictures of
the damaged homes in the Hobe Sound vicinity taken by
Joyce Estes.


(205) 695-9800
FAX (205) 695-6593

s EP z 0I 70fl'

. f

Attn. Mr. Mike Lake CEO
Mr. Anthony Adamcryk M

Re: Use of Ambulances in Franklin County, Fl.

Dear Sirs

I am In receipt of your faxed letter dated on September
14, 2004 in reference to ambulances in Franklin, County, Fl..
First of all since Dasee Is currently in default on the contract
both to Emergystat Ambulance Service and the County of
Franklin, I personally do not see where Dasee or any
Physician has any right to decide!or comment on any activity
Emergystat Ambulance Service does with County property
that is in our possession and under our use. Much less any
right to be able to tell the County officials what they are
allowed to do or decide on concerning anything much less
the use of County owned equipment Under the terms of all
agreements Emergystat is allow to use the ambulances and
transport them to any location (Our company owned
maintenance shop or anywhere else) as deemed necessary
by the company. We first of all do: not appreciate the letter
and how it was distributed out, the tone of the letter and the
accusation as to the use of the County property
(ambulance's) for personal gain. This equipment was
brought to Vernon, Al. to allow repairs by a company
employee while traveling this )ay. Dasee as I stated earlier
needs to worry about the Hospital operation and how to pay
the 60,000.00 plus dollars owed to Emergystat instead of how
we move vehicles around. Welwill consult our attorneys also
as to the statement of using tlis equipment for personal use,
resulting In a wrongful allegation as to what actually
happened and could possible cause harm to the company as
being an untrue statement This was handled Inappropriately
and will be looked at as to legal recourse on this issue. I will
forward a copy of both letters to the County to allow them to
comment on there position you so boldly made on there
ability to use county property.!

If I can be of any further help to you please call.

Glenn Crawford
President I mergys

.~ ~;fr~
~ 'A~,-

Funding For Hurricane Victims

Boyd Amendment Would Rescue Florida's Farmer
Along with Florida Democrats in the House of Representatives, Con-
gressman Allen Boyd encouraged the Administration to provide ad-
equate disaster aid for Florida's hurricane victims. Currently, the
emergency supplemental bill for disaster relief (I-.R. 5212) calls for
approximately $10.9 billion in disaster assistance, excluding certain
storm-related costs as well as many in the agricultural community.
The House and Senate Appropriations Committees developed a hur-
ricane relief package based on information gathered from the various
states that were impacted by federal .disasters. The bicameral and
bipartisan negotiations by the committee determined that approxi-
mately $12.9 billion was necessary to repair the damages caused by
the devastating hurricane season. The Administration rejected this
request, instead opting for a disaster aid package that falls short by
nearly $2 billion.
Testifying before the House Rules Committee, Congressman Boyd
offered a substitute amendment to add $1.6 billion to the emergency
supplemental bill in response to the shortfall in funding. Providing
much-needed aid to Florida's farmers, Congressman Boyd's amend-
ment grants relief to livestock producers, dairy farmers, pecan farm-
ers, tree fruit growers and sugarcane growers, who suffered signifi-
cant losses, but will receive nothing under the current disaster bill.
The House Rules Committee voted against Congressman Boyd's
amendment, prohibiting it from reaching the House floor for a vote.
Congressman Allen Boyd (D-North Florida) voted in favor of the in-
clusion of full state sales-tax deductibility in the American Jobs Cre-
ation Act (JOBS). A critical provision of the JOBS bill, this gives tax-
payers the option to deduct the higher of their state and local income
or sales tax from the individual's federal income tax burden.
The entire Florida delegation pushed for the inclusion of the state
sales tax deductibility in the JOBS bill. Under the new provision,
taxpayers must use tables created by the IRS or receipts to deter-
mine their deductions.
Tax reform legislation enacted in 1986 removed the deductibility of
states sales taxes, but state income taxes remained deductible. Nine
states, including Florida, do not have income taxes, using, instead, a
state sales tax.


V Florida Hurricane


This fund established by Governor Jeb Bush


In South Florida

Franklin Residents Bring Supplies

To Hurricane Victims

Group From St. George Methodist Church Responds
to Call
Joyce Estes and Peggy Moore, of Eastpoint and St. George
Island respectively, drove supplies to Hobe Sound, near
Stewart, Florida, in response to needs of Hurricane victims
living there. The eye of Ivan went through Stewart. Joyce
Estes took these pictures of the devastation in a trailer
park where former pastor of the St. George Island Methodist
Church was located, Rev. Jim Trainer and his wife, Wanda.
Some of the members of the St. George Island Methodist
Church donated supplies and a generator to the Hobe Sound
United Methodist Church.

c OL
I' .. ....


Paee 2 15 October 2004


The Franklin Chronicle



October 5, 2004
Present: Commissioner
Bevin Putnal;
Commissioner Eddie
Creamer; Commissioner
Cheryl Sanders;
Commissioner Jimmy
Mosconis and
Commissioner Clarence
Board Secretary Mrs. Amelia
Varnes wanted to publicly thank
everyone in Franklin County,
Board members, her co-workers,
for all their prayers and support
during her recent illness with
breast cancer. She reminded lis-
teners that October was Breast
Cancer Awareness Month. "Early
detection saves lives," she added,
and "that's exactly what hap-
pened in my case. She encour-
aged all those appropriate to take
a mammogram, "...That saved my
life ... Sometimes it's a pain, but
believe me, it was worth it when I
went..." (Applause).

County Clerk
The County Clerk, Kendall Wade,
asked that anyone with knowl-
edge of an accident to notify the
Clerk's Office as soon as possible.
An accident report must be com-

Public Works
Mr. Herbert Chipman reported on
cleanup progress from Hurricane

Solid Waste Director
Van Johnson did not have a for-
mal report for the Board but Com-
missioner Mosconis raised a
question of equity in regard to an
advertised starting salary for a
position in Van Johnson's office.
Commissioner Mosconis said he
wanted to "...keep peace in the
family... and to hold off on hiring
anyone until the next meeting.
Commissioner Mosconis added
that there were some persons
working for the county for a num-
ber of years that did not make as
high a salary as that advertised.
Van Johnson said that he had a
unanimous decision from the
Board at the previous meeting for
the advertised salary, a "highly
skilled position" he added. For a
time, there was some confusion
if the advertised salary included
fringes, health insurance, etc. The
matter was left unresolved until
the next meeting.

Extension Director
Bill Mahan, Extension Director,
informed the Commissioners that
site surveys of the oyster bars and
clam leases in Alligator Harbor
revealed very little physical dam-
,age was done by Hurricane Ivan.
The inspections were completed
by John Gunter, Dept. of Agricul-
ture and Consumer Services
Several of the clam farmers have
expressed an interest in establish-
ing a land-based clam hatchery
in Franklin County. However, cur-
rent county zoning regulations
prohibit agricultural operations in
residentially zoned areas.
Preble-Rish is currently complet-
ing the topographic mapping of
the proposed Bluff Road Boat
Ramp area. Alan Pierce informed
Bill Mahan that Preble-Rish
would inspect Fish and Wildlife
Conservation Commission boat
ramps at Bloody Bluff, Gardener
Landing, Graham Creek, Whiskey
George and Cash Creek to see if
any maintenance or construction
is needed at the sites. If work is
required on those sites, Mahan
will submit a proposal to FWC.

County Planner
Mark-Currenton reminded the
Board that there are still two va-
cancies on the Board of Adjust-
ment, and another member in
poor health that needs to be re-
-The Department of Community
:Affairs has issues another
'Supplemental order which delays
the Objections, Recommenda-
tions and Comments Report on
the Franklin County Comprehen-
sive Plan update. The new dead-
line is October 15, 2004.
The Department of Community
Affairs has issued a Notice of In-
tent to find the comprehensive
plan amendment for the Sound-
ings not in compliance. DCA cited
two provisions in the proposed
amendment, one dealt with

Coastal High Hazard Area issues
and the other dealt with wetlands;
Currenton stated he had dis-
cussed these matters with the
developers and DCA. "We're work-
Sing on trying to get these issues
.resolved," Currenton concluded.
SThe Board approved a surveyor's
Affidavit to show the correct loca-
tion of the wetlands in the Fair-
,way Park subdivision in Lanark.
SThe County Attorney has reviewed
'it and approves it from a legal
-Lee Edmiston of the National Es-
tuarine Research Reserve has pre-
:pared a grant proposal to be sub-
.mitted to NOAA. The amount re-
:quested in the grant is $131,114.
This money will be used to pro-

vide the County with data, equip-
ment, software and training for a
Geographic Information System
to enhance the work of the Plan-
ning and Building Department.
This grant would also fund a tem-
porary position in the Planning
Department for a GIS operator to
set up the equipment and pro-
grams and train the staff in us-
ing it. This grant does not require
any cash match on the County's
part. If funded the County would
have to provide some information
and some employee time. The
Board approved participation in
the grant.
Debbie Belcher has notified Lester
Appraisal Services to begin the
appraisals for the Lanark Village
drainage project. We should have
those appraisals by October 21.
If the drainage easements are ap-
praised for over a certain amount
the appraisals will have to be re-
Viewed by another appraiser,
Northridge Appraisal Company.
Currenton also said he is still
waiting to hear from FEMA (Fed-
eral Emergency Management) on
funding for the Lanark Village
drainage project. Winston Thaxter
with DCA has promised to give me.
an update.
In the original CDBG applications,
the County agreed to contribute
$65,000 toward the necessary
match for the road construction.
It was envisioned that this was
going to consist of in-kind services
provided by the Road Dept. on
Twin Lakes Road. However, the
bid for the Twin Lakes Road wa-
ter line and paving did not make
provisions for the County to do
any of the work. "....Sometimes,
it's hard for the County crews to
coordinate with a private contrac-
tor..." Debbie Belcher has stated
that the County needs to provide
some match for the construction
now taking place. Mrs. Belcher is
here to provide an update on the
project and the match require-
Mrs. Belcher said, "...As Mark was
saying, we don't know how much
money we're going to have from
FEMA for the Lanark Village
project. We also knew at the time
that the C. W. Roberts contract-
that bid was over the engineer's
estimate in the budget for the
grant... What we're doing right
now is guessing at how much
cash you're going to have to put
out. My scenario that I hope holds
out is ... to receive $26,000 to be
used for materials, if the Road
Dept. can do some of this drain-
age work. An advantage to doing
that instead of the roadwork is
that can be a stop-of-go activity...
Then we can use some of that
FEMA money to pay the
out-of-pocket costs... She distrib-
uted,the following written report
to the Commissioners:

Franklin County 2003 CDBG, Budget Status as of 10/1/2004

The road construction portion of the C. W. Roberts Contracting, Inc. contract is priced at $452,529.50.
The County had pledged $65,000 in local funds toward the project Even with the local match, the
contract is over budget by $90,529.50. The water line and service connection portion of the contract is
only $244.50 over budget
The Lanark Village drainage work is being delayed because we still don't have a commitment from
FEMA. We are hopeful that FEMA will pal the entire cost of this project, other than land acquisition for
the easements. The CDBG budget includes $40,000 for easements, which may or may not be enough
money with the rapidly increasing land prices. We don't have the appraisals back yet, and I have not
located one property owner to accept notice of the County's intent to purchase an easement. The CDBG
also includes $124,000 for Lanark Village drainage, with the assumption that the County would contribute
$S 120,000. The $244,000 total for this drainage work is probably a high budget figure, which maximized
the points for match because we expected FEMA funds to arrive.
The sewer manhole rehabilitation project, budgeted at $35,000, has been planned for bidding along with
the Lanark Village drainage work. We may proceed with bidding this work separately due to the delays
with the drainage work.
The Board of County Commissioners should be aware that the overall project will require some local
funds, although we hope to minimize the amount required. If the property acquisition and sewer manhole
components come in at budget, and the County Road Department can do the Lanark Village drainage
work at a direct cost of $34,000 charged to CDBG (with no FEMA), then $90,000 in CDBG funds will be
available to transfer into the road construction contract fee. That will leave only about $1,000 short, in
addition to the original $65,000 local match. At present, without a FEMA commitment update or bid
oa Lanark work, County could assume approximately $66,000 in County funds will be needed.
FROM CDBG TO TRANSFER TO ROAD COSTS. Then the County would possibly Day only $31 774
cash match for Road work.

Activity. CDBG Non-CDBG from Encumbered/ Available to contract/
Budget County (may Spent transfer
include FEMA for
per CDBG
Property $40,000 SO $4,800 survey $0 ?
Acquisition $954 title rev. Assumes full budget;
$2,250 appraise could have deficit if
$1,200 app.rev. property values are higher
$ property
$ closing
Expect 40,000+
Drainage $124,000 $120,000 $S15,106materials $0 if Lanark bid at
cash(FEMA?) & labor $244,000.
For Lanark, and Eastpoint;
$11,000 Best case: County may do
culverts&labor for Expect Lanark labor & FEMA pay all
Eastpoint bid $155,000? costs, transfer CDBG $ to
Other option:
No FEMA, County does
labor & CDBG pays out-
of-pocket, transfer CDBG
balance to road deficit
Sewer $35,000 $0 expect $35,000 $0
Road paving $297,000 $65,000 gas tax cash $452,529.50 with ($90,529.50) deficit
no changes beyond $65,000 local
Water lines $115,000 $0 $118,924.50 ($3,924.50)
Water $6,000 Eastpoint fee waiver $2,320* (only 4 +$3,680
connections paid by CDBG)
Engineering $27,000 $5,000 $27,000 + $0
Admin. $56,000 $2,500 (audit, etc.) $56,000+ $0
Totals $700,000 $203,500 $986,774.00 ($90,774.00)
$185,000 cash for deficit beyond $185,000
road and Lanark cash pledged
drainage construction

Public Hearing
The Board approved a rezoning
request for Lot 92 (Tarpon Shores,
Eastpoint) from R-2 Single Fam-
ily to R-4 Single Family Home in-
dustry, enabling the owners to
operate a business out of their
home. No public comments were
received by the Board. The Board
approved the request.

-^S Lornzos fRJstorante


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We love private
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Catering available

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850-697-3428 850-899-5319

On March 9, 2004, the Planning
and Zoning Commission approved
a sketch plat for a nine-lot subdi-
vision off of Mill Road. The Board
of County Commissioners did not
approve the sketch plat because
i'you were waiting for the public
hearing rezoning the property.
The property was rezoned on April
20, 2004, but we forgot to ever
bringthe sketch plat back to you.

It needs to be approved now. Five
lots would front on the New River
and there would be four inland
lots. The property will be accessed
by an easement off of Mill Road.
The Board approved the plat.

One bid was received from Ring
Power, Tallahassee for $18,780.
Melanie Hutchins and Ted
Moesteller received the materials
and reviewed them while the
meeting continued.

Clerk of Court
Mr. Kendall Wade announced a
redrafted health insurance plan
affecting a limited number of re-
tirees. Ms. Lucy Turner, county
labor specialist, has drafted new
personnel rules relating to this
insurance. The plan includes the
Board of County Commissioners
and all the Constitutional Offic-
ers. Beginning October 1, 2004,
Franklin County Board of County
Commissioners will pay 50% of
the monthly premiums of indi-
vidual health-insurance costs tor
eligible employees who retire from
employment with the County.
In order to be eligible for the plan,
retirees must meet all of the fol-
lowing criteria: (1) Employee re-
tirement date is on or after Octo-
ber 1, 2004. Under this provision,
the only retirees eligible for this
benefit who have retired prior to
the implementation of this date
are Jack Taylor, Jr., William T.
Henderson, John James, Jr. and
Lois C. Watkins. They are the in-
dividuals who stayed on the in-
surance program when they re-
tired. (2).The Employee must be
eligible for and receive retirement
benefits from the State of Florida
Retirement System, (3) The
Employee-retiree was in the em-
ploy of the County at the time of
their retirement (4) The
Employee-retiree was enrolled in
County group health insurance
plan while employed at the
County up to and including the
time of their retirement.
Margaret Mathes appealed to the
Board to obtain health insurance
on behalf of her husband. Mr.
Mathes was employed by the
County for 27 years. When he re-
tired, he did not receive enough
pay to keep his insurance up.
Now, he's in trouble. He needs it
badly. Kendall Wade also spoke
to Mr. Mathes. At present, four
retirees are on the insurance plan,
budgeted. Once the. decision is
made to stop the insurance, one
cannot reinstitute the policy, but
one would have to check with the
insurance co. Only four retirees
who retired on the plan, contin-
ued the plan, and are budgeted
for coverage by the County.

The Board has requested Mr. Gary
Barber to appear to discuss pros-
pects for adding other retirees to
the health insurance plan and
other matters related to those
The Board also appointed
Clerk-elect Marcia Johnson to
serve on the Apalachee Regional
Planning Council effective Janu-
ary 1, 2005.

Carrabelle City
Council Meeting
October 7,2004


Learns from


There's this little spot down on the
river, not far from the bridge,
' owned by the city. The city, could
use some money (about
$467,000) to take care of some
things. So It's time to sell.
At current zoning (RI), valuation
is around $300,000. Roger Bybee,
local engineer who frequently has
well-researched comments for (or
against) new development
schemes, suggested that the city
rezone its own land, "Like the de-
velopers do," to improve the ap-
"The land is next to the Angler's
Harbor condo property, which is
R-4 or C-1. If the city doesn't
change the.zoning, the buyer will."
The instant effect of that change
on the appraisal could make the
difference between paying some of
the city's obligations, and paying
all of them. Commissioners voted
to put the lot up for sale'"at a
minimum sale price of $325,000".

Approval of Bills
All OK'd, with the exception of
$4000 to the Franklin Correc-
tional Institution (the new prison)
and the Hughes Supply invoice for
$34,973.64. Mayor Brown noted
that if we paid the Hughes bill
before delivery of materials, we
would be in a deficit position on
the job.

Commissioner Reports
Mayor Brown explained the need
to renew, by resolution, Carra-
belle's status as a critical eco-
nomic need area. The eight rural
counties that qualify for this sta-
tus are qualified to receive assis-
tance in the form of grants

Continued on Page 10

For County Commission-District 1

Dear Franklin County Voter,
My name is Joyce Estes and I'm asking for your vote for County Commission District 1.
L have a plan and the experience to move Franklin County forward and with your help we'll make it
happen together. I would like the opportunity to share it with you.

Keeping property taxes low so you keep what you earn.

You've seen your property taxes increase 34% over the past year. Yet you haven't received any
additional services, such as the infrastructure, roads, water and sewer.

As your county commission I'll make sure Franklin County keeps spending priorities in order so your
property taxes are low so you keep more of what you earn.

Helping our fishermen through job training and job place-

Our fishermen have been attacked by job killing government regulations and imports.
Worst of all, our county leaders have not stepped to the plate to help our friends and neighbors who
have provided us seafood to eat for generations.
Nor have any of the other County Commission candidates stepped forward to help.
That's why I will work to provide job training and job placement services for our fishermen. It's flat
wrong to turn our backs on them and I'll make sure we extend a hand to help them up.

Protecting our coastal way of life while protecting your
drinking water as Chairman of the Northwest Florida Water
Management District.

As Chairman of the Northwest Florida Water Management District we've invested more than $85
million making sure you have fresh water to drink. This money goes to protect our coastal wetlands
that cleans and purifies our water, buying land to prevent ground water from being polluted, and
building facilities to collect stormwater runoff that harms our water supplies.
This also protects our rural character and our coastal way of life. These are the very reasons we
welcome new neighbors every day and our families continue to stay.
I want to make sure we continue to do this.
And this has provided invaluable experience in establishing relationships with state leaders and
building priority-based budgets making sure your needs are provided for.

Three decades of dedication.

For three decades I've lived in and supported Franklin County as a resident and job provider in both
Eastpoint and St. George Island.

I submit to you that my opponents have not offered you a
solid record and lack the experience to provide for and
protect your interests.

We are at a turning point and this election is too important to leave to those who don't have a stake or
lack the experience to move Franklin County forward.
That's why I ask for your vote for County Commission District 1. With your vote we will move forward.

Joyce Estes

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Joyce Estes, Republican, for County Commission District 1

I -

The Franklizi Chronicle


I .J Ovtnh&r)1 amL 3 a A


Free Fishing Pier

After over twenty years of scratching out a living here in
Franklin County oystering, entrepreneur-ing my husband and I
are right back where we started.
On that first day when we arrived here in the county and we
waited at the turnstile as the shrimp boats passed under the
Apalachacola bridge, we looked around at the beautiful river and
,Bay and thought; "Can you believe this? a true fisherman's
We parked our travel trailer at the first campground we
found in Eastpoint, got out our fishing gear and scooted over to the
Bay bridge. To our great delight we found that this bridge sported a
"cat walk" clinging to its side. We knew, right off, that any
community that cared enough about that simplest and most
pleasurable of pastimes to actually hang a free fishing pier right to
the side of their bridge, was our kind of town. We simply had to
visit here for a time. We have never left.
On that first fishing expedition in Franklin County we
caught a giant Red Fish and the biggest Flounder that either of us
had ever caught, or even seen, in our entire fishing careers traveling
all over the U.S.A. We showed our catch to Marion Millander, the
man who owned the campground where we had decided to stay,.
and he pretended to be excited. Marion had been fishing, crabbing
and oystering here in Franklin County since he was a small boy.
Later that evening, at our campfire, he told us stories about how
the fish were so abundant here in the bay when he was a boy, that
they used to just wade out into the water and spear them with a
pointed stick. It was all rather difficult to believe but after catching
two of the biggest fish of our careers, we were eager listeners.
In this last couple of months, after twenty years of
neglecting our initial reason for settling here in the first place -
fishing; our enthusiasm for the sport has been revitalized. We
decided to try our luck out on the Eastpoint-side of the Old St.
George Island bridge now a fishing pier.
From that very first evening out on that pier we have been
eating fish. We've been catching good sized Croakers, giant
Whiting, lots of Speckled Trout, a few Silver Trout, a couple of
Flounder, some good sized Sail Cats, a few Red Fish, and an
endless variety of bait-steeling Pinfish, and small Catfish. Last
Sunday a man hooked into a huge Shark that dragged him up and
down the pier for over an hour. He and his family had a great time,
and so did all the observers. On the pier each evening you will meet
old friends, tourists, hikers, folks just out for an evening stroll,.
people exercising themselves or their dogs, and eyen-.folks in
wheelchairs who find the pier accessible and great fun.
Fishing off a pier is an afternoon of fun and excitement that
no one who has the chance to experience should ever miss. And
these new fishing piers have FISH under them. Almost any sized
kid can learn to do it in no-time flat. If you are just visiting the area
stop into one of the small fishing and tackle shops, like Fishermen's
Choice here in Eastpoint, or Survivor's Bait and Tackle out on the
Island and pick yourself up some bait and some inexpensive gear.
I'm sure the owners will tell you all the things you need to know,
and it really doesn't cost a lot of money. -If your little boy or girl
catches even one small fish, the excitement on their faces will be
worth every penny you've spent. And Remember, we have two
giant piers, one extending out from the Island and the other from
And while you are down there, at Fisherman's Choice, sign
the petition for Florida's longest FREE fishing pier. And all you
local" fishermen ought to get down there and sign it also. The,
petition has a number of good ideas on how we can incorporate the,
Old Highway Bridge fishing pier into a great Free tourist attraction
and hometown entertainment. A Free fishing pier can be one of this

*4. ^ Mexican Restaurant
6E1 ,-0 S B 4Oo 105 Highway 98
MEXICAN FOOD Eastpoint, FL 32328
Phone: 850-670-5900
Open 24 Hours Friday and Saturday .P. --
Breakfast: 5 a.m. 11 a.m.
Lunch: 11 a.m.- 3 p.m.
SDinner: 3 p.m. 11 p.m.
Authentic Flavor of Old Mexico

850-670-1687 (OFFICE)
SFacsimile 850-670-1685
^ ,e-mail: hoffer531
Vol. 13, No. 21 October 15, 2004
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county greatest attractions, next to the beautiful FREE beaches on
St. George Island itself. There is nothing that can attract more
people at a cheaper price.
The petition suggests how the pier could be a free learning
center, with signs and placards telling about our area, the estuary,
the different types and kinds of fish and more. Maybe the National
Estuary could even get some funding to help support the project.
Another idea is that it could be made into a County, or even
State Park, as they have done with their old bridge at Port Isabel,
Texas, or incorporated as a part of the Florida walking trails. These
are all potential sources of funding. You don't have to get fancy,
nor do you even have to get commercial. Keep it simple and it will
bring plenty of new customers to all of our local businesses.
We should get some of our County Commissioners
interested in this. Maybe it could be named the Bevin Putnal
Peoples Pier, or the Jimmy Mosconis, Free Fishing for all Veterans
and Non-veterans Memorial Pier, or the Cheryl Saunders, Woman
and Children for Salamanders, Baby fish and All God's Creatures -
Great and Small Pier.
Whatever, as you can tell, I personally think that this would
be a great idea. If any of you local citizens agree, get down to the
Fisherman's Choice Bait and Tackle, read and sign the petition, call
your County Commissioner, tell somebody.
It is not a big idea, and it certainly isn't something that will
change the world, but it is a lot of fun and it could be a lot of fun
for a good variety of people, both visitors and locals, for decades to
come. This is an easy social activist program to get behind. It is not
political; it is not religious; it is not racial. It is just good, clean,
outdoor fun for all the family. Get involved! Just do it, as they say.
Richard and I will see you all at the next FISH-IN protest rally.


Carol ble,

Conceptual Drawing of
Fithing Pier, done by
Landscape Architect
Kent McCoy

St. George Island
United Methodist Church


1 201 E. Gulf Beach Drive on the Island |
Z927-2088 Website: Rev. Anthony F. D'Angelo

407A Highway 98
C Eastpoint, FL 32328
Phone: (850) 670-5220

| (t Pr P P ori e -q0 )

Apalachicola, Fla.

2004 2005 SEASON

A New Comedy by David Lindsay-Abaire
Contains Adult Themes & Language
October 22, 23, 29 & 30

HM Josph, Hed & tNa
T4& T9 SOu 12 Ht (W4A a Pa Tw4
A Christmas Entertainment by William Gibson
December 16, 17, 18 & 19

) r ",'-,.

SYLVIA by A R Gurney
Our Inaugural Hit ~
Back by Popular Demand!
February 18, 19, 25 & 26 .

Forever Pfaid
The Heavenly Musical by Stuart Ross
March 18, 19 & 25 & 26

850-653-3200 ~
Plays &.Schedule subject to change

Dixie Theatre 2004 2005 Professional Season Tickets
will soon be available!
The Dixie has partnered with Gulf State Community Bank to make it
convenient to purchase tickets. Gulf State Community Bank has branches
in Apalachicola, Eastpoint, Carrabelle and St. George Island. An
individual will save money by purchasing a Season Ticket vs. a ticket for
each individual performance.
The Dixie Theatre Foundation has a great line-up of professional plays
scheduled for their 2004 2005 Professional Season.
A Season Ticket includes all 4'Professional Plays andis $90 per person
a ten percent savings over the $25 per person per play ticket price.
Once the individual purchases his/her ticket, it is important s/he call the
Dixie Theatre to reserve his/her seat prior to each individual play.
We would like to suggest that Dixie Theatre Professional Season Tickets
would make great early Christmas gifts, birthday/anniversary gifts or can
be used as a special "thank you" to reward a hard working, loyal
Please help us spread the word about Dixie Theatre Professional tickets
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the Dixie Theatre to order tickets by phone at 850-653-3200 or place
your order via e-mail at

Cook Insurance Agency, Inc.
Specializing in Coastal Properties
from Alligator Point to Mexico Beach

23 Avenue D, Apalachicola, FI 32329
850-653-9310 800-822-7530/ r

Established 1913

MAvantage 0


Fiber glass & paint supplies, fishing tackle, trailer parts, frozen bait, live bait,
rope, team fish line, deep sea & flat rods & reels.
Coming soon: Diesel & gas motor repair, new t-tops and canvas and repairs.
Adding over 7,000 sq. ft.

Michael Glover Owned and Operated by
18 Years Experience Michael & Katrina Glover
S uulla Jewelper M-F 10-6

& Repair
Come in and let us be your family jeweler!
2543 Crawfordville Hwy., Ste. 1 850-926-8331
Crawfordville, FL 32327

S0. ree S service, LLC

58 FT. Bucket Truck & Chipper Tree a Limb Removal, Etc. j
Call John@ 850-670-8432 or 335-0580 f



Heaven Is A Little Closer
In A Cottage By The Sea: ,
This cottage has 2 bed- .
rooms and 2-1/2 bath-
rooms and is ideal for a vacation cottage or for your perma-
nent lifestyle by the Bay. Great views overlooking Dog Island
and the Gulf. Share a dock with four slips. Also great fishing
and a sandy beach. Call for your appointment now!!
Office: (850) 697-9000 314 St. James Street
Toll-Free: (800) 613-5962 Carrabelle, FL 32322
Cell: (850) 899-0582 Fax: (850) 697-4311

Franklin Chronicle

Now distributed in Franklin,
Wakulla and Gulf Counties.


'P! --A OAL

Final Plat Of SummerCamp Approved By

Franklin County Commission

I I/ On October 5, 2004, the
1/ I Franklin County Commis-
/ sion reviewed and approved
S... a final plat of the Summer
Camp development, Phase I
///East and Phase I West. The
developers, the St. Joe Com-
/ pany, had asked the Board
of County Commissioners to
delay final plat approval un-
til they were further along
in their permitting. Last
week, St. Joe was ready for
the Board to make their re-
1 24123 .122 1 view of the final plat.
125 - -
FircRy cicl19

13 .0!* 1 J 6.10 ACRES \ a L1--a
1 3 1 424.9 150 2 611 on-
139 ---'"'-- 83) '~112-- ----/tMW L -

*/ 1r 1414 WETL 7 2 \ D

97 96 932 916 70 Billy Buzzett, St. Joe com-
9 67 pany, informed the Board of
64 County Commissioners that
5 59 60 61 62 the Company was "...moving
PHASE I, WEST forward with the advanced
wastewater treatment plant
north of highway 98, and
- we're also pursuing the final



Ice Cream Social: Meet Estes, Candidate for County Com-
mission, Distnct One. ASK YOURL
QUESTIONS.1Ice Cream Social at
- the Eastpoint Firehouse, October
17, 2004, 3 5 p.m.
The Dixie Theatre Opens Its 6th
Professional Season With KIM-
BERLY AKIMBO: The Dixie The-
4tre in Apalachicola Florida opens
its 6th Professional Season on
Friday October 22, 2004 with a
rlew Adult Comedy by David
Lindsay-Abaire, with original
rhusic by Jason Robert Brown.
Set in the wilds of New Jersey,
kIMBERLY AKIMBO is a hilarious
And heart-rending play about a
teenager with a rare condition
causing her body to age faster
than it should. When she and her
family flee Secaucus under dubi-
ous circumstances, Kimberly is
forced to reevaluate her life while
contending with a hypochondriac
mother, a rarely sober father, a
scam-artist aunt, her own mor-
tality and, most terrifying of all,
the possibility of first love. Ernest
Zulia (Adapter & Director of "All I
Really Need To Know I Learned In
Kindergarten" & "Uh-Oh, Here
Comes Christmas") returns to di-
rect this wonderful new piece. The
cast includes audience favorite
Cleo Holladay and in from New
York is Judy Chesnutt-DIXIE Pro-
ductions of "Steel Magnolias"
2000 & "Vanities" 2001. Return-
ing to the Dixie Theatre from Cali-
fornia is Kalon Thibodeaux-2002
DIXIE Production of"Uh-Oh, Here
Comes Christmas" and joining the
DIXIE Company for the 1st time
is Howard Elfman, from south
Florida. Rounding out the cast is
Dixie Partington. KIMBERLY
AKIMBO contains Adult Themes
& Language. Performance Times:
Friday-8 p.m., Saturday 3 & 8
p.m.-October 22, 23, 29 & 30.
850-653-3200 AND ALL GULF
CATIONS, get yours before Octo-
ber 30th.
Serviceman Salute November
11, 2004: Three Servicemen
Statue South salutes the nearly
three million people who served
in Vietnam during America's long-
est war. To honor the veterans of
all wars and raise money for the
Three Servicemen Statue South
project, the Dixie Theatre and
Three Servicemen Statue South,
Inc. present a benefit showing off
Paramount Pictures' We Were Sol-
'diers on Veterans Day, November
11, at the Dixie Theatre in
Apalachicola, Florida. We Were
Soldiers, starring Mel Gibson, is
"based on the story of the first
major battle of the American
phase of the Vietnam War and the
soldiers on both sides that fought
it." One person, commenting on
the Internet about the movie, has
said it has "fighting men fall from
the sky." Mel Gibson's character
is modeled on the real life com-
mander Lt. Col. Hal Moore. Moore

Continued on Page 5

environmental permits. Be-
cause of Hurricane Ivan,
DEP has delayed the issu-
ance of our dredge and fill
permits. We expect that in
very short order." Eddie
Creamer moved to approve
the final plat, seconded by
Commissioner Jimmy Mos-
conis. The Board approved
the plat unanimously.
The approval is subject to
review by the Franklin
County Attorney. '


Tractor Work
* Aerobic Sewage Treatment Systems
Marine Construction
Septics Coastal Hauling

Foundation Pilings
. Commercial Construction
Utility. Work-Public &


Eastpoint Magnolia Bay: "Magnolia Hideaway," 279 Bay Holly
Ct. Gorgeous new 3BR/2.5BA +/- sq. ft. home offers tile floors,
granite countertops, fireplace, office/study, great room, bonus room
over 2-car garage and much more! Home rests on landscaped approx.
1 acre lot. $649,000. MLS#101864.
Select Land Value
Carrabelle Riverfront-Lot 14, New River Run, I acre MOL. Large homesite
with boating access to New River via community boat ramp. $225,000.

Amey Prudential Toll-Free: 800-974-2666
Resort Realty Phone: 850-927-2666

123 Gulf Beach Drive West e-mail:
St. George Island, Florida 32328
An Independently Owned and Operated Member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

As your mortgage broker, we're in touch with hundreds

of lenders every day. Which means that somewhere,

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Why not let us find a loan you can live with?

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X "we sa),Yes...for less"


A&A Mortgage, Inc. 3295 Crawfordville Highway #12* Crawfordville, FL 32327
Office: (850) 926-9959 Toll Free: 1-888-598-3766
Email: edd Web Site:



The Franklin Chronicle

-Page 4 *15 Octobe~r 2004


The Franklin Chronicle


15 October 2004 Page' 5


O .... ,

of the POA boardwalks, which is very labor intensive.

onAyear-to-date tRrough June."
In 2003, there was $38,000 in repairs to an owner's home extension of the Bike Path and initial installation of the
included in Other Expenses This has been billed to the bar code system at the entry gate. Unanticipated expen-

owner and is now a past due receivable. The single larg- ditures were replacement of the roofs of the Clubhouse
est item i the budget is $22,000 for income tax on our and the Security Residence and replacement of the trac-
taxable hcome (entrance fees, airport fees, Security vio- etor Expenditures on the airport were $26,050 over bud-
oftePObordak hic is.very labor In

nation ees, etc.). get because work done in 2002 was not billed until 2003.

"Th soar ha o t ,t f i / / The 2003 airport projects were under budget. The T-Roadof

$c d toresesiTn on an s e basi. Te paying project 5as substantially,under budget because
thet rnlmbar e loetn the f y orecst a n \b pasg o lue Heron Trail as postponed, pending engi-
onyar-t-dat t rughJ ne" Co neeonst nalcion, of dratnge pln thed OreT nenta nt
POI 200e, tere was $3,0 Th e 1in repai de., c extension ofnth eow mikeuathh to andi nitialinstallation-o

transfer to reserve is to be reviewed after e get the full "Our Debt Payments were $100,000 more than budget

year actual results for 2004. want to remind you that because we applied $100,000 of the 2002 surplus to pre-

we funded $150rers300 in rese rve ulrin $ o00 redct basf p "eb y une b bea
the relminay bdget relectng he rvison ad i- c-, .. --" paingof Bue eronTral wa potpond, endig egi)
" A ,, /,VeriganlsiofdaNag nE35 afTene esiti
": ..... ". tha Captal mproemens wee $9,660Unde budet.
'' ~rese~fi;; aptal Irns Oireil~t'(tp-'90100'.or.T -i0 as \ ..
for ~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ >A BleHeo ral.Th inldciinono mc o A"--
trasfe toresrve-isto e rvieed fte wegettheful .'NT "ur ~eb Pamens wre 100000mor thn bdge
yearactul, esuls fr 204. wan toremid yu tht ecaue w appied$100000of teE202IsrplsLtopre
wefun ed 150300in r. ev dnlna9Orlt h l ,, ....l ., ^ ^ .^ +-.^. ... ....... l, l...318

- ---,--- W I UIIII!izuu%, oasea on
2003 actual results. This represents our firstreserve fund-
ing since 1997. This is a significant accomplishment for
our association."
"The board has estimated that there will be a surplus of
at least $120,000 carried over from 2004. If this is ac-
complished, it yields a net deficit after costs and reserves
of $19,378. The board is confident that 2005 will accom-
plish a balance in the actual costs, or we will reduce the
reserve funding."

LGeo, is
R ety


Nice First Tier beach home on a
unique street-to-street Gulf View
lot on St. George Island. Vaulted
ceilings in living areas, fireplace,
2 Master suites, large screened
porch and a Jacuzzi tub offer a
great beach retreat! MLS#100804.

Phone: 850-927-4777
Toll Free: 800-344-7570


Enjoy Gulf and Bay views from
this 3BR/2BA home on a one
acre tropical landscaped prop-
erty in the East End of St. George
Island. Extras include 270 sq. ft.
office, 444 sq. ft. screened porch,
800 sq. ft. enclosed storage and
an easement to the Bay! SEE this
one! MLS#100466. $729,000.

2003 Results
This analysis is based on unaudited results. The good news is that
revenues exceeded operating expenses, capital improvements and debt
payments by $143,000. The "not so good" news is that much of the
excess is because we did not make capital improvements that had
been budgeted and we were without a General Manager for more than
6 months.
"We did not complete a number of our budgeted Capital
Improvements in 2003. While this enhanced our overall
net performance for 2003, it meant we had more projects
shifted to 2004. Postponed projects include major board-
walk replacements, major renovation to the Tennis

St. George Island Realty
235 E. Gulf Beach Dr.
St. George Island, FL 32328

Nice Lot in St. George Plantation! Ad-
jacent to beach easement 3 lots from
Leisure Lane with proximity to the
beach, tennis and the airstrip. Walking
paths provide easy access to this lovely
dry building site in the prestigious
Plantation gated community. MLS
#101585. $699,000.
Bayview Lot on St. George Island!
Great private location. This property
has been kept trimmed & there has
been some site preparation. Don't
miss this unbeatable value for your
dream home. MLS#100841. $299,000.
Fairway Lot in St. James Bay! One of
the best Fairway lots on St. James Golf
Course. Located on the 10h hole, the
perfect distance from the tee to watch
shot over water hazard. Short walk to
clubhouse and restaurant. MLS
#100717. $229,000.

Franklin Bulletin
from Page 4
contributed to the writing of the
movie. He lives today in Auburn,
Georgia, and has been invited to
attend the Apalachicola benefit
showing. Admission to the show
is a donation to Three Servicemen
Statue South. A drawing will be
held for a named commemorative
brick (value $250) to be placed in
the "Circle of Freedom" surround-
ing the statue. The evening begins
at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Novem-
ber 11. Please note: this film is
rated R. No one under 17 unac-
companied by an adult will be
admitted. This movie is a realis-
tic picture of the courage and sac-
rifice required in war, but there
are sustained sequences of
graphic war violence and lan-
guage. For some, at times, this
movie may be very difficult to
Franklin County Republican
Meeting On October 18, 2004:
The Franklin County Republicans
will meet the 3rd Monday of the
month, October 18, 2004, at the
Eastpoint Volunteer Fire Dept. at
7:00 p.m. Agenda items will in-
clude filling precinct committee-
man/woman positions for the
2005-2008 term. Most precinct
committeeman, and all commit-
teewomen, positions need to be
filled. If you are interested in be-
coming a more active participant
in the Republican Party this is the
perfect opportunity.
ARROW Website Promotes
Awareness About the Apalachi-
cola River Region: The Florida
Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI),
part of Florida State University
(FSU) announces a website con-
taining maps of the history and
resources of Calhoun, Franklin,
Gadsden, Gulf, Jackson, Liberty,
and Wakulla counties. Funding
for the two-year project is from the
National Oceanic and Atmo-
spheric Administration (NOAA).
The Apalachicola Region Re-
sources on the Web (ARROW) site
is free of charge and can be viewed
from any computer with Internet
access (e.g., at home or a local

Continued on Page 7

pay UeUL. 1As re Ault, L he tL UUck. loans Were c UUIompletely paiU
off and the Leisure Lane loan was reduced to $5778 and
paid in full by January 31, 2004. Since the 2001 annual
meeting, our debt has been reduced from close to
$1,500,000 at that time to less than $200,000 at this
time. We have not had to draw on our credit line since
then either. The remaining loans (Airport, Firehouse and
Sea Dune Lot) are due over the next 5 years. The board
has decided to focus the 2003 surplus this year on fund-
ing reserves."
"Following a review of the revised 2004 budget and analy-
sis of the 2003 results, the Board voted to fund $100,000
in the Leisure Lane reserve account and $50,000 in the
Buildings reserve account. The other reserve accounts
are Airport, Amenities, and T-roads. As previously re-
ported in the Soundings, we have established and funded
our reserve accounts with very conservative investment
policies pending the completion of our reserve study,.
which is planned for early 2005.
"In summary, 2003 was a transition year. While we were
able to keep up our T-road improvements program, sev-
eral projects were not undertaken."
['he report of the Director of Security, Charles R. Shiver, provides an
interesting profile of the growth of the Plantation Association since
he beginning of 2004. As of late August 2004, about 5000 guests
lave been admitted to Plantation homes as guests, not including rent-
:rs. In that same time frame, 1244 rooms were rented in Resort Vil-
age. Service-related entries into the Plantation number about 85 each
lay, with 86 individual companies and 150 service employees in-
'olved including house cleaners, air-conditioning repair, septic sys-
em and appliance repair, lumber deliveries, etc. There are 142 pri-
'ate swimming pools in the Plantation. In the first 8 months of 2004,
here were 351 landings at the Plantation airport. Since 1 January
!004 through August 2004, there have been 3,516 rental agreements
recorded at the main gate with about 30,000 persons residing in 256
tomes available as rentals. June and July are the months with the
irgest occupancy. The number of homes managed by real estate agen-
ies in 2004 is as follows: Sun Coast 5; Anchor 48, Century 21 Collins,
,4 and Prudential 149. At present, there are 25 homes under con-
truction in the Plantation.

Table 1 is reproduced on Page 9


MLS#101445, mobile home, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 14 x 70 feet, singlewide, $14,000.

198 Fifth Street Apalachicola, FL 32320
Office: (850) 653-8486 Fax: (850) 653-9049 E-mail:


Page 6 15 October 2004


The Franklin Chronicle


Letter To The Editor

Before the 1st District Court of Appeals in Tallahassee on October
19th at 9:00 a.m. Attorney Ronald A. Mowrey will argue on behalf of
the people, the environment and the economy of Florida. Mr. Mowrey
will argue in support of the Honorable Judge Sander Sauls order
supporting fishermen using nets that comply with Florida's Consti-
tution and Statutes.
The Honorable Judges ruling establishes that the position of the
Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission establishing a requirement of
2" stretch mesh seines violated Florida's Constitution.
Fishing for Freedom is asking citizens to attend a protest in front of
the 1st District Court of Appeals at 7:30 a.m. on October 19, 2004 to
support that the environment, the people and the Florida economy
are not irrelevant when making rules by the FWC. The protest is not
over nets, but that in 1998 the 1st District Court of Appeals sup-
ported the political goals of the Florida Marine Fisheries Commission
-could take precedent over the goals of the people mandated by 370.025
Florida Statute.
1983 The Florida Legislature passed 370.025 F.S. establishing stan-
dards of good over evil. The Statute attempted to protect the citizens,
environment, and economy from political goals of special interest.
The 1090 Legislature mandated that the FMC use 370.025 F.S. when
implementing Article 10, Section 16 "Limiting Marine Net Fishing".
The 2000 Legislature mandate that the FWC, use 370.025 F.S. when
implementing Article 10, Section 16 "Limiting Marine Net Fishing".
370.093(6) has always requiring the Net Limitation be implemented
using 370.025 F.S. requiring good over evil.
Please stand with us, demanding that the 1st DCA consider 370.025
F.S. the people, the environment and the Florida economy when rul-
ing on FWC matters. Political goals of the FWC can not stand over
Join us October 19, 2004 at 7:30 a.m. to protest the past action of
the 1st DCA. For more information go to
Thank you,
Ronald F. Crum
President, Fishing For Freedom

Tourist Development Tax

The Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce has articulated their
support for the Tourist Development Tax. Their arguments in
support of the proposed tax are excerpted from the October 2004
newsletter to Chamber members in the expectation of reaching a
wider audience.
For the past five years a joint committee of the Apalachicola Bay and
Carrabelle Chambers has worked cooperatively researching the pros
and cons of implementing a tourist development tax 'in Franklin
people from around the county, some in support of the idea, others
against, participated in these discussions. Committee members stud-
led other communities that have the tax and looked at how they used
the proceeds. They research the legislation and consulted with the
Florida Department of Revenue on the collection and uses of the money
hnd projected the amount of income that could be generated in
Franklin County.
Last year the committee presented their findings to the Franklin
County Board of County Commissioners who then appointed a nine
member Tourist Development Council (TDC) and charged with devel-
oping a two year plan for spending the funds so the issue could be
brought before the voters. The TDC held public meetings and devel-
oped the plan.
Franklin County sits in a unique position as it enters the new cen-
tury. The seafood industry, long the mainstay of the local economy, is

Specialists in Painting,
Fiberglass Repair and Boat
Detailing, 20 Ton Lift Capability

329 Water St, Apalachicola

Jfirit ^aptist Qlurt)
St. George Island
501 E. Bayshore Drive
R. Michael Whaley, Pastor
Join us as we praise and
worship the living Christ!

Sunday Bible Study 10:00 a.m.
Worship & Praise 11:00 a.m.
Sunday Night 7:00 p.m.
Wed. "Power Hour" 7:00 p.m.

"Walking in Christ"


Highway 98 & 6th Street
EST. 1836
8:00 A.M.
10:30 A.M.

impacted by low-cost imported goods. Property values are increasing
rapidly while the labor force has limited employment opportunities
retail and tourist rental market is subject to off-season valleys and
increased competition from other better-financed communities. With
the county's limited tax base, the community is challenged to meet
the infrastructure needs of existing tourists.
The Tourist Development Council has prepared a plan that is de-
signed to address the pressing needs of the county. The revenues
envisioned in this plane re anticipated to assist the community in the
following general ways: 60% of the money generated by the tax would
be spent on infrastructure throughout Franklin County; including
beach facility maintenance and beach clean up, enhancement to
countywide recreational facilities, construction/maintenance of piers,
public amenities and restrooms. Forty percent would be utilized for
off season promotion of the area, promotion of local events, funding
visitor center activities currently paid for by area businesses and ad-
ministrative costs. The tax would generate approximately $544,580
per year.
For more information contact us at (850) 653-9419 at the Apalachicola
Bay Chamber of Commerce.

From the James Madison Institute

The Journal of the James Madison Institute (Fall
2004, No. 29)
Publisher's Note: Issue 29 of the Journal of the James Madison
Institute, Tallahassee, is devoted to a discussion and analysis of
"Florida's Politicized Constitutional Amendment Process" and the
eight amendments now pending. J., Stanley Marshall's "Message
From the Publisher" of this Journal is a wake-up call to Florid-
ians concerning the process of amending the state constitution.
The voter education guides are available from the Institute at
their address published below.
By J. Stanley Marshall
Florida voters face a choice this fall-and not just in the Presidential
race. The assault on the Florida Constitution continues unabated,
with voters asked to decide the fate of eight more amendments. This
is a risky business. The risk is reducing the Constitution to a wish
list generated by single-issue special interest groups. Most of these
groups don't seem to understand-or even care about-the
Constitution's proper role in securing the liberty and the welfare of
the people.
Arguably, the plague of dubious amendments began at least a decade
ago with the adoption of the "gill-net ban" barring -certain kinds of
fishing gear. It reached another kind of milestone in 2000 with the
passage of a mandate for the state to fund a costly system of high-speed
rail. Then, in 2002, came the notorious "pregnant pig amendment"
instructing hog farmers on how to house their expectant sows.
This strange assortment of amendments adopted in recent years
should have been a wakeup call to all Floridians, and it surely was to
some. But for those who see amending the Constitution as a way
to enact pet schemes that by no reasonable measure belong in
the state's basic charter, it's a chance to circumvent the legisla-
tive process on issues that rightly ought to be in the purview of
our legislators.
The James Madison Institute's mission is "to inform Floridians about
their government and to shape our state's future through the ad-
vancement of practical, free-market ideas on public policy issues."
To carry out this mission, we advocate for policies that our directors
and officers believe would benefit Floridians.
In this issue of the Journal, we attempt to inform our readers about a
public policy issue-the process by which the Florida Constitution is
amended-that we believe desperately needs to be changed. Most of
the eight proposed amendments that will come before the voters on
November 2 remind us of just how seriously flawed Florida's amend-
ment process is... .,. 'im ..

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sq. ft. carport under the house with two storage rooms, 10' ceilings,
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Freda White-Owner/Broker
Raymond Williams-Broker/Sales
Realtors-Beth Barber, Petra Myrick, Karla Bass, Deene Cook

...we believe it would be helpful if our members urged the Florida
Legislature to give voters in 2006 a chance to change the amendment
process to one that encourages more deliberation before notions that
might or might not make good statutes are "chiseled in stone" in the
state Constitution.
As for this year's proposed amendments, in the brief time remaining
before Election Day we expect to distribute several thousand voter
education guides on the amendments that will provide analysis from
a freemarket perspective. We hope you will look for opportunities to
share these voter education guides with others in your communities.
Meanwhile, the public policy issues raised by the .recent plethora of
amendments-so often overshadowed by the ballot's high-profile races
for Congress and the White House-are too important to ignore. After
all, these seemingly esoteric issues can have an enduring impact on
our state-occasionally for good, but much too often for ill.
The James Madison Institute is a Florida-based, nonpartisan, nonprofit
research and educational organization dedicated to advancing such
timeless ideals as economic freedom, limited government, federalism,
traditional values, the rule of law, and individual liberty coupled with
individual responsibility.
The James Madison Institute
P.O. Box 37460
Tallahassee, Florida 32315
Voice: 850-386-3131
Fax: 850-386-1807

From Florida Public Interest

Research Group

Big Water Grab On Tap Post-Election
Due in part to the work of Florida PIRG and the environmental com-
munity, and in part, perhaps, to the upcoming election, big develop-
ers have so far failed to win support for the Big Water Grab, a pro-
posal to pump, privatize and pipe water from north Florida to sup-
port sprawling development in central and south Florida.
However, Florida PIRG and other environmental leaders predict that
once the election is over, the developers' behind-the-scenes lobbying
and legal finagling could quickly come to fruition.
Florida PIRG is working to keep the issue in the public eye and to
educate policy-makers about the potentially devastating consequences
of the plan, in order to prevent developers from slipping their pro-
posal quietly through the state Legislature.
The Big Water Grab's primary architects are the Council of 100, a
group of powerful, politically connected developers, landowners and
business representatives appointed by Gov. Jeb Bush.
Their plan would allow developers to pipe water from Florida's
water-rich northern regions to the rapidly growing central and south-
ern parts of the state. Doing so would have a damaging impact on the
region's wetlands, lakes and rivers, and the wildlife and local econo-
mies that depend on these bodies of water. It would also compromise
the health of waterways throughout the state and, by privatizing much
of the state's water supply, cost consumers money.
To facilitate developers' use of state water resources, the Council of
100 has proposed that water supply decisions be taken away from
local governments and handed over to a statewide commission.
Some special interests would make water supplies, which are cur-
rently owned by the public, available for sale. One attempt by an
Enron subsidiary in 1999 died only after Enron imploded in scandal.

Continued on Page 7



Florida PIRG from Page 6
"The water that makes up our lakes, rivers and groundwater is not a
commodity to be sold to the highest bidder," said Ferrulo. 'To overpump
and transfer water away from its naturally occurring location is to
destroy an environment."
To understand the impact of removing a region's water, one need only
remember Big Fish Lake. Big Fish Lake was once a thriving 100acre
lake and home to some of the best bass fishing in Florida.
600,000 Tell Administration To Stop Mercury Pollution
A record number of Americans have joined Florida PIRG and other
state PIRGs in publicly opposing a Bush administration plan that
would delay reducing mercury pollution from power plants for at least
10 years.
During a 60-day comment period, over 600,000 citizens, including
thousands from Florida, objected to the plan in e-mails, postcards
and letters to the EPA.
"We already have the technology to virtually eliminate mercury emis-
sions from power plants. But the Bush administration is letting the
big energy companies dictate what should be a common-sense deci-
sion to protect our children's health," said Florida PIRG's Derek
Brockbank at a June 29 news conference.
Brockbank cited EPA estimates that one in six women of childbear-
ing age have enough mercury in their blood to impair fetal develop-
ment, putting their children at risk for learning disabilities and other
problems. Eating contaminated fish is the primary way people are
exposed to mercury.
The administration's plan would let power plants emit more mercury
than current law allows.
Florida PIRG
Florida PIRG is an advocate for the public interest. When consumers
are cheated or our natural environment is threatened, or the voices
of ordinary citizens are drowned out by special interest lobbyists,.
Florida PIRG speaks up and takes action. The organization uncovers
threats to public health and well-being and fights to end them, using
the time-tested tools of investigative research, media exposes,
grassroots organizing, advocacy and litigation. Florida PIRG's mis-
sion is to deliver persistent, result-oriented public interest activism
that protects our environment, encourages a fair, sustainable economy,
and fosters responsive, democratic government.
To CONTACT FLORIDA PIRG by mail, 704 West Madison Street,
Tallahassee, FL 32304 or phone (850) 224-3321 or email at and on the web

Thomas E. Lewis Case
By Richard Noble
Thomas E. Lewis, a resident of St. George Island, appeared
before the County Commission with a lingering complaint. Mister
Lewis lives on East Pine Avenue on the Island, and has had a
problem with water drainage from the road flooding his property.
I'll quote from a letter in which Mister Lewis summarized the
problem to the Commission:
"The problem began in the summer of 2000 when the
County road department added fill to East Pine Avenue to try to
dry out a wet spot in the road. Unfortunately, that and subsequent
filling has blocked the flow of storm water from the' south side of
East Pine Avenue. At that time I had suffered no damage and
simply wanted the County to correct the problem with a culvert or
low water crossing to restore the storm water flow to the bay.

"After trying to deal with the County Planner on this issue
for over a year and getting nowhere, I and Barbara Sanders
presented my case to the County Commissioners on August 7,
2001. The County Planner and Engineer ... suggested that a culvert
would not work, but a low water crossing would solve the problem.
"(By) March 5, 2002 ... the standing water was causing
property damage and serious inconvenience to me.
"... in late August of 2002 the county dug a ditch across the
road and filled it with small gravel. They did not build a low water
crossing that was discussed by the County Planner and Engineer.
Within a week the County road crew graded over the project and
filled it with sand. During the subsequent storms the project failed
to allow water to cross the road. After two years, the County
employees were unable to carry out the wishes of the
Commissioners and resolve the issue.
"It is now October 2004 ... At this point I have suffered
property damage and spent a considerable amount of money on
legal fees ... A damage settlement was agreed to months ago, even
though my attorneys' fees keep escalating because the County can't
settle on legal language of a settlement for the low water crossing.'
"I am still asking for what-the County Planner and Engineer
suggested in 2002, a low water crossing to restore the flow of
storm water that was blocked by the road filling. I would like some
assurance that the low water crossing will be maintained in working
condition ... Each time my attorney thinks that we are close to a
settlement the County attorney adds or changes something in the
language ... I and my attorneys are extremely frustrated.
"I am willing to sign a settlement agreement that the County
attorney prepared and sent to us in July. This is an agreement that
my attorney and the County attorney agreed on before the County
attorney unilaterally changed his mind and made more changes even
though my attorney had instructed him that no further changes
would be acceptable ... This agreement does not provide any
deadline for the work to be completed or any guarantee that the
project will be maintained. These seemed like reasonable requests,
but the County attorney would not agree to a stipulation for
maintenance ... I would hope that you would, agree verbally that the
work will be completed within four months as the county attorney
has agreed to in his latest rewrite of the settlement agreement.
"My wife Jo Anne has signed this agreement and I am
willing to sign it in front of you right now to get this over with. ... It
is not in the County's, the taxpayers you represent or my interest to
allow this to continue to drag on. The only people benefiting from
the continuation of this case beyond today are the attorneys who
continue to get paid as long as this is dragged out."
The discussion that followed, demonstrated the real root of
the controversy aside from the fact of the inadequate drainage
problem. It involved the county's right to protect itself and a
citizen's right to retrieve damages.
Mister Lewis felt that a paragraph added in the last proposal
by the County's attorney was usurping his rights to any possible
damages even if they were due to the County's negligence or
inability to build and maintain an adequate low water storm
drainage system at the problem site. Several of the County
Commissioners tried to assuage Mister Lewis' fears about losing his

individual rights while the County's attorney confirmed that Mister
Lewis was indeed correct in suggesting that he would be waving his
rights if he signed the last proposal submitted to his attorneys by the
As an observer it was difficult not to notice that the County
attorney would not look Mister Lewis in the eye as he presented the
County's case. Mister Lewis kept trying to get the County
attorney's attention, holding up papers and directing his
conversation to the attorney; but invariably Mister Lewis ended up
talking to the back of the County attorney's head. Finally the
County attorney announced that he was not permitted by Law, to
look or speak to Mister Lewis except via Mister Lewis's attorney.
This incident immediately transposed me to my third grade
grammar school class with Sister Agnes. She used to make me
stand in a corner, lock my lips with an imaginary key, and not look
or talk to anyone until my behavior had improved, after which time
she would return the invisible key. I wondered as I sat there in the
County Commission room, had Sister Agnes actually been to Law
The discussion went on and on. The Commission did not
sign Mister Lewis' paper and Mister Lewis did not sign any paper
presented by the Commission. It was suggested that a road crew be
sent out to East Pine Avenue at the nearest opportunity with the
hope and prayer that somehow they would be able to solve Mister
Lewis' problem.
I don't know. I have the strong suspicion that this will be a
continuing story that I may have the opportunity to cover in greater
depth at a later date.
From Southeast Fisheries Association

NOAA Opposes House Bill To Take
Agency Out Of Commerce Dept.

And Move It To Interior Dept.
Publisher's Note: Whether to publish excerpts of this testimony
of Timothy Keeney, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for
Oceans and Atmosphere National Oceanic and Atmospheric Ad-
ministration (NOAA) for our local audience was problematic and
risky. The local angle here is that Franklin County's Research
Reserve is a distinct part of the NOAA activities. Mr. Keeney's
remarks do remind us of the significance of the seafood indus-
tries and the changing environments impacting upon those in-
dustries, including tourism. There are some very "sobering" facts
that ought to give us pause before we reach for closet solutions to
development or economic stagnation. .One of these assertions is
the clear-cut conclusion that "more than half of our (U. S.) popu-
lation resides within 50 miles of the coasts and Great Lakes."
Another is the conclusion that the commercial fishing industry
"adds approximately $28.5 billion, and marine recreational fish-
ing activities add approximately $25 billion to the national
economy on a yearly basis." The remainder of Keeney's remarks
underscore the incredible importance of the NOAA program, and
the great significance of our Research Reserve in Franklin County.
And, if more relevance to the Keeney speech is needed, I would
remind our readers that the two fishing piers from St. George
Island and Eastpoint would potentially become an integral and
perhaps profitable part of the local recreational fishing economy
whenever the decisions of who will operate what, and how, are
eventually decided by the Franklin County Commission. We are
all players in this game.

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Continued on Page 8

Franklin Bulletin
from Page 5
public library) at http:// Maps de-
picting information such as the
location of sinkholes, springs, and
historical sites as well as future
land use are now viewable from a
user's computer desktop. FNAI is
also announcing a photography
and art contest to promote the
availability of the ARROW site.
The contest seeks photographs
and graphic art that portray the
region's unique lifestyles and re-
sources. Entries are accepted in
three age categories: 12 and un-
der, 13 to 18, and over 18. In ad-
dition to prizes, the top entries will
be displayed in selected locations
in each of the seven counties. For
further information about the
project or contest or to provide
input on how to make the ARROW
web site more useful for local citi-
zens, e-mail Mr. Jue at by regular mail to
the Florida-Natural Areas Inven-
tory, 10 18 Thomasville Road,
Suite 200-C, Tallahassee, FL
AARP Driver Safety Class: "A
Fall Driver Safety class will be
conducted at the Carrabelle
Branch of the Franklin County
Library in Carrabelle on Tuesday
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to senior's safety needs. It is a
classroom course only; there are
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membership is not required. At-
tendance at both sessions is re-
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ceive an Auto Insurance Discount
certificate to present to their in-
surance carrier for a multiyear
discount. Any person over 50 may

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The Franklin C~hronicle

15 October 2004 Page

Page 8- 15 Octnhobr 2004


The Franklin Chronicle

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NOAA from Page 7

October 1, 2004 Statement of Mr. Timothy R.E. Keeney Deputy As-
sistant Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration before the Committee on
House Resources Subcommittee on Fisheries Conservation, Wildlife
and Oceans.

NOAA as an Integral Part of the Department of

On October 3, 2005, NOAA will celebrate its 35th anniversary as part
of the Department of Commerce. In a July 1970 statement to Con-
gress, President Nixon proposed creating NOAA to serve a national
need '...for better protection of life and property from natural hazards
... for a better understanding of the total environment ... [and] for
exploration and development leading to the intelligent use of our
marine resources...'

By every objective measure, NOAA has met or exceeded these expec-
tations. As events of the past month have shown, the United States is
the most severe-weather prone country on Earth. Approximately 90
percent of all Presidentially-declared disasters are weather related.
The modernization of the National Weather Service and dedication of
our employees has resulted in the average warning lead time for tor-
nadoes increasing to 13 minutes from less than two minutes when
NOAA was created.



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When President Bush visited the National Hurricane Center in Miami
earlier this month he personally thanked our employees for the accu-
racy of their forecasts and warnings which helped to save lives and
property when Hurricanes Charley and Frances swept through. the
southeastern U.S. and the Caribbean. This success was truly a
NOAA-wide effort, with virtually every line office in NOAA contribut-
ing in some way to the more accurate forecasts.

We also point with pride to NOAA's,response to the increasing migra-
tion of the U.S. population to our coasts. Currently, more than half
our population, approximately 141 million people, resides within 50
miles of the coasts and Great Lakes. New programs have been cre-
ated to manage this historical migration to the coasts, such as the
Coastal Zone Management program, which now encompasses virtu-
ally every coastal and Great Lakes state.

It should be stressed that during the time-frame being referenced,
NOAA has been an integral part of the Department of Commerce.
Due to its strategic impact on the economic and environmental wel-
fare of the Nation, NOAA commands a central place within the De-
partment of Commerce. As Secretary Evans noted when he announced
the transmittal of the Administration its proposed NOAA organic act
to Congress, NOAA's products and services touch 30 percent of the
Nation's GDP and supports lobs for more than 13 million citizens.

Continued on Page 9

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Per Florida Statutes 713.78 (3) (b) File No.
Date of this Notice 10/05/04 Invoice No. 9861
Description of Vehicle: Make Mazda Model PK Color Gray
Tag No HOOAIM Year 1998 state FL__ inNo. 4F4ZR17X8WTM07844
To Owner: Jeffrey Wayne Page i. L.,,..-, H...,:r Tyndall Federal Credit Union
,--. PO-Bo,9 6"40 .. ". --" PO. B'. 59760
Eastpoint, FL 32328 P' nam.a CI), FL 32412

You and each of you are hereby notified that the above vehicle was towed on
09/28/04 at the request of Owner that said vehicle is in its
possession at the address noted below. They the undersigned claim a lien for
towing, storage and cost. The vehicle will be sold after 35 days from the date of
impound free of prior liens. Payment by the above date of notice in the amount
$ 503.00 plus storage charges occuring at the rate of $ 20.00 per
day from the date hereof will be sufficient to redeem the vehicle from the lieh of
the lienor; that subsection (4) of Florida Statute 713.78.

To subsection (5) of Florida Statute 713.78

You and each of you are hereby notified that on 11/04/04 at 12:00 noon
o'clock, the vehicle described above will be sold at public auction
at: 620 Houston Rd., Eastpoint, FL From the proceeds will first be paid all

towing and storage charges plus all costs including cost for this sale. Any excess
will be deposited with the Clerk of the Circuit Court.
You and each of you are urged to make satisfactory arrangements to pay all
charges and take possession of the said vehicle. In order to obtain a release of the
vehicle you must present personal identification, driver's license and PROOF
OF OWNERSHIP (title, registration, etc.) at the address below and pay the
P.O. Box 971
Eastpoint, FL 32328
(850) 670-8219


Per Florida Statutes 713.78 (3) (b) File No.
DateofthisNotice 10/05/04 InvoiceNo. 9580
Description of Vehicle: Make Nissan Model PK Color Gray
TagNo J44ILP Year 1996 state FL vinNo. 1N6SDllS3T0339015

To Owner: Hubert A. Crosby To Lien Holder:
4317 NE Highway 301
Hawthorn, FL 32640

You and each of you are hereby notified that the above vehicle was towed on
09/27/04 at the request of. FHP that said vehicle is in its
possession at the address noted below. They the undersigned claim a lien for
towing, storage and cost. The vehicle will be sold after 35 days from the date of
impound free of prior liens. Payment by the above date of notice in the amount
$ 392.00 plus storage charges occurring at the rate of $ 20.00 per
day from the date hereof will be sufficient to redeem the vehicle from the lien of
the lienor; that subsection (4) of Florida Statute 713.78.


To subsection (5) of Florida Statute 713.78

You and each of you are hereby notified that on 11/04/04 at 12:00 noon
o'clock, the vehicle described above will be sold at public auction
at: 620 Houston Rd., Eastpoint, FL From the proceeds will first be paid all
towing and storage charges plus all costs including cost for this sale. Any excess
will be deposited with the Clerk of the Circuit Court.
You and each of you are urged to make satisfactory arrangements to pay all
charges and take possession of the said vehicle. In order to obtain a release of the
vehicle you must present personal identification, driver's license and PROOF
OF OWNERSHIP (title, registration, etc.) at the address below and pay the
P.O. Box 971
Eastpoint, FL 32328
(850) 670-8219



The Franklin Chronicle


15 October 2004 Paee 9:

Stacy Wlliams, Stylist
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Plantation Owners

2005 Budget

Table 1
Continued from Page 5

ACC deposits
Regular Association Due!
Bob Sikes Cut Assn.
Resort Village
ACC fees
Entrance Fees
Total Revenue
Equipment & Other Assel
Maintenance & Repairs
Salaries & wages .
Income in dispute
Debt Prepayment
Total Expenses
Reserves funding

Surplus carryforward
Net surplusl(deficlt)
Budget approved by Board 9/18/04

St. George Plantation Owners Association
2003 20185 Budget 2004
Actual June YTD Budget
35,000 100,000
1,360,572 708,664 1,243,572



155,385 70,695
35.204 22,832



18,063 13,892
25,233 11,875





352,557 196,230 475,419
9,494 3,417 11,000
198.742 97,667 218,175
560,793 297,314 704,594

27,520 25,213
64,485 34,570




1,175,289 610,421 1,313,599

143,569 167,896





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P.O. Box 736 347 Highway 98 Eastpoint, Florida 32328
Phone: (850) 670-4000 10-15/10-29


3BR/2BA house, unfurnished, on
St. George Island.
Lease only: first, last and security deposit.

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NOAA from Page 8
The commercial fishing indtistry adds approximately $28.5 billion,
and marine recreational fishing, activities add approximately $25 bil-
lion to the national economy on a yearly basis. In fact, important
economic decisions are made every day based upon science and ser-
vices that NOAA provides, including weather and climate forecasting,
sustainable fisheries, coastal zone management, and navigational
safety. With NOAA as an integral element of this agency, the Com-
merce Department is the only Federal department that integrates
economics, technology, trade, and the environment as part of a for-
mula to expand the economy; it is a synergy that exists nowhere else.
Let me provide a few examples:
* The Economic Development Administration (EDA) and NOAA have
collaborated closely in the development and implementation of the
NOAA-led Portfields Initiative. As sister Commerce agencies, EDA and
NOAA have been close collaborators on brownfields redevelopment,
coastal development, and marine transportation system development
issues; which come together nicely within the Portfields framework.
The Portfields Initiative, a spin-off from the larger Brownfields Inter-
agency Working Group (IWG), is a federal interagency project that
will focus on the redevelopment and reuse of brownfields in or around
ports, harbors, and marine transportation hubs with emphasis on
development of environmentally sound port facilities.
* The economic value of the commercial fishing industry is $28.5
billion annually. In 2002, the seafood processing and wholesale
sectors alone employed 72,000 people. NOAA is working with
the Economic Development Administration (EDA) to provide eco-
nomic assistance to fishermen and fishing communities that have
been affected by NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service fisher-
ies restrictions.
* The value of the marine recreational fishing industry is approxi-
mately $25 billion annually. NOAA aims to protect the value of fish
stocks to the economy by promoting healthy marine recreational fish-'
* Last month, NOAA Fisheries released a draft of an options paper for
the economically distressed U.S. shrimp industry. The paper pro-
vides guidance to shrimperss on how to remain competitive...
* Aquaculture is the world's most rapidly growing sector of food
production. Within the Department of Commerce, NOAA and NIST
are both working to develop technology that could help restore
depleted salmon species, manage many wild fish stocks, and ben-
efit the growing world aquaculture industry. By the year 2010, it
is estimated that nearly 1 billion hatchery fish will need to be
processed worldwide. Current vaccination practices in hatcher-
ies are not fully reliable and add stress to the young fish. The
NIST Advanced Technology Program is funding a three-year
project for $2 million for the development of a faster, cheaper,
and more reliable mobile vaccination technology to vaccinate up
to 2 fish per minute in a hatchery with traceable tags. This re-
search could greatly enhance NOAA's vision for sustainable aquac-
ulture for food production and stock enhancement.
* Waterborne cargo contributes more than $742 billion to Gross Do-
mestic Product and sustains more than 13 million jobs. Promoting
safe navigation is a critical contribution of NOAA to the nation's
economy. Ninety-five percent of all goods in U.S. foreign trade enter
and leave this country by ship. On June 30th, NOAA announced it
would provide operational forecasts for ship traffic in Galveston Bay,
the second largest port in North America. This system provides mari-
ners, port managers and emergency response teams with present and
future conditions of water levels, currents, temperature and salinity.
All of this results in savings to shippers and the American exporter
and consumer.
* Geomagnetic storms can wreak havoc on our Nation's electrical
grid, commercial aviation, and telecommunications. In 1997, a solar
storm partially destroyed-a communications satellite. NOAA helps
provide early warnings allowing industry to take measures to pre-
pare for these storms. The net economic value to industry of these
forecasts has been estimated at over $350 million over a period of
three years, far in excess of the $100 million cost of the system.
* The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) works
closely with NOAA in developing hurricane-resistant structures. For
example, in 2001, NIST used propeller blasts from Hercules C-130s
turboprop aircraft to subject instrument-laden test homes to sus-
tained wind levels comparable to those of a hurricane. The wind re-
sistance of houses cannot be tested in traditional wind tunnels, which
are too small. Data analysis yielded computer models that can tell
home-builders and manufacturers the actual wind resistance of dif-
ferent types of residential buildings and materials under realistic wind
* Travel and tourism is the nation's largest employer, and second
largest contributor to the Nation's Gross Domestic Product, gen-
erating $700 billion annually. Beaches are the largest tourist des-
tination, with coastal states earning 85 percent of all tourist
revenues. Through its National Marine Sanctuaries; National Es-
tuarine Research Reserves; Coastal Zone Management activities;
coral conservation programs; and partnerships with states to
manage access to coastal areas on a sustainable basis and pro-
vide recreational opportunities, NOAA helps contribute to the
vitality of this industry.

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(DOI), which provide evidence that merging NUAA with Interior is not
necessary to ensure effective cooperation...
NOAA, through the National Marine Fisheries Service, works with
DOI on many protected species and hydropower issues. The agencies
share jurisdiction for the conservation of marine turtles; FWS focus-
ing on nesting beach conservation activities, and NOAA working on
conservation and recovery of these species in their marine habitats.
NOAA provides scientific expertise and management advice on ma-
rine species listed under the Convention on the International Trade
in Endangered Species (CITES), which DOI is the lead agency for the
United States government. The agencies have multiple joint policies
and guidelines related to implementation of the Endangered Species
Act. Also, NOAA and DOI share authority under Section 18 of the
Federal Power Act to prescribe fishways to ensure safe fish passage
at non-Federal hydropower facilities licensed by the Federal Energy
Regulatory Commission.
NOAA, through the National Weather Service, supports the inter-:
agency fire program efforts by providing targeted weather forecasts to'
support DOI's ire pre-suppression and suppression activities. Also,
NWS and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) cooperate on the Federal
Hydrology Infrastructure, which provides river and flood forecasting...
The U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy, after three years of studying
the United States government's ocean policies, how agencies are struc-
tured, and how they function, did not see any need to remove NOAA
from the Commerce Department at this time. In answer to my second
question, the Administration strongly believes that the American
people benefit from the strong integration of economic and environ-
mental issues which results from NOAA being part of the Commerce
Conclusion...The Administration cannot support the types of changes
made in H.R. 4368 without having been afforded the opportunity to
fully review the final report of the Ocean Commission. We ask you to
allow the Administration to have the 90 days Congress authorized in
Public Law 106-256, as amended, to review the final report and dis-
cuss with you and with other critical stakeholders how best to achieve
our common goals...

* NOS and the Office of Coast Survey have worked well with the Bu-
reau of Industry and Security (BIS) on Marine Transportation System
issues as co-leads for Commerce on the Interagency Committee for
the Marine Transportation System (ICMTS). NOS and BIS look for-
ward to further interagency cooperation in support of marine trans-
portation improvements for economic, safety and security reasons.
In addition to these examples of cooperation with other.agencies within
the Department of Commerce, there are numerous examples of inter-
agency cooperation between NOAA and the Department of Interior


~ ~4 DIA

Pano 10 15 October 2004


The Franklin Chronicle

...1no matter where you are-
ours is a service you can trust.

serving all of Franklin County
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Per Florida Statutes 713.78 (3) (b) File No.
Date of this Notice 09/27/04 Invoice No. 10494
Description of Vehicle: Make Toyota Model Avalon Color Black
Tag No 7732AJW Year 1999 State GA vinNo. 4TBF18BXXU10660
To Owner Joyce Mills Whitfield To Lien Holder:
1275 Platt Avenue
Cairo, GA 31728

You and each of you are hereby notified that the above vehicle was towed on
09/21/04 at the request of FHP that said vehicle is in its
possession at the address noted below. They the undersigned claim a lien for
towing, storage and cost. The vehicle will be sold after 35 days from the date of
impound free of prior liens. Payment by the above date of notice in the amount
$ 265.00 plus storage charges occurring at the rate of $ 20.00 per
day from the date hereof will be sufficient to redeem the vehicle from the lien of
the lienor; that subsection (4) of Florida Statute 713.78.

To subsection (5) of Florida Statute 713.78
You and each of you are hereby notified that on 10/28/04 at 12:00 noon
o'clock, the vehicle described above will be sold at public auction
at: 620 Houston Rd., Eastpoint, FL From the proceeds will first be paid all
towing and storage charges plus all costs including cost for this sale. Any excess
will be deposited with the Clerk of the Circuit Court.
You and each of you are urged to make satisfactory arrangements to pay all
charges and take possession of the said vehicle. In order to obtain a release of the
vehicle you must present personal identification, driver's license and PROOF
OF OWNERSHIP (title, registration, etc.) at the address below and pay the
P.O. Box 971
Eastpoint, FL 32328
(850) 670-8219



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City of Carrabelle
from Page 2
through Opportunity Florida.
Voted to renew.
Commissioner Doc Saunders,
back after a two-month medical
absence, thanked well wishers for
the cards and letters he received
during his hospital time.

Board of Adjustment

Planning and Zoning Board

Public Hearing
1. No comment on the subject of
the city assuming cost of repair,
maintenance and/or replacement
of the grinder pumps that are part
of the new vacuum sewer system.
2. No comment re City Ordinance
337 to change the land use and
rezoning of' Lot 10, Block A of
Baywood "Estates from Al,
Agriculture-Conservation to R1,
Single Family Residential.
3. No comment for D'.B.
Donahoe's city ordinance to va-
cate/abandon Ridge Street from
Ave C to Ave D.
4. Significant comment on City
Ordinance 344 to annex and
change zoning on the city prop-
erty called the AmVets lot on River
Road. See top of article.

Commercial Review


Unfinished Business
1. Per Keith Mock's recommenda-
tion (he is in Atlanta)., the council
voted to hire John Lee Daniels for
the Water/Sewer department.
2. 2 bids of statements of qualifi-
cation and experience were re-
ceived for projects and future de-
velopment at our airport. URS
was chosen, commissioners now
to pursue negotiation of fees.
3. World's Smallest Police Station
move: Skip Frink, of the
Carrabelle Area Chamber of Com-
merce, described the latest plan.
The Carrabelle Art Association
has agreed that when a former
college art professor and artist
completes his permanent move to
Carrabelle, he is willing to super-
vise/design the history of
Carrabelle mural to backdrop the
Police Station. They ask for assis-
tance with their cost of materials,
which seem to be only backboards
for wall mounting and paints. The

Apalachicola, Fla.
Presents the return of Movies!
For the 1st Time since 1967
Sky Captain
And The World
of Tomorrow
13, 15, 16 & 17
Friday & Saturday-8 p.m.
Wednesday-8 p.m.
Sunday-3 p.m
PG: Parental Guidance
All Tickets $5.00
Box Office opens 30 minutes
prior to showtime.
Movie Info Line

I l*i 3 ll[ ,I

-j.A- =!l=i

'- SM
Hickory-smoked the old-fashioned
way with all the fixns prepared from
our own recipes.
1593 West Highway 98-Carrabelle
'Worth Driving 100 Miles For."
Open 6 days 11:00 a.m. 9:00 p.m.
Closed Tuesday
Thank you for letting us serve you!

St. Joe Community Foundation
and Coldwell Banker both offered
to help with the project. The com-
missioners voted to hold over the
4. Billy Buzzett, from St. Joe, up-
dated on the Timber Island Com-
prehensive Plan Amendment. Re-
port to be available "weeks" be-
fore voting date at City Hall.
5. James Durham of Lake Pris-
tine, Phase II obtained final plat
approval and permission to record
the plat, contingent upon the City
Attorney's review. Infrastructure
is already installed.
6. Baskerville-Donovan: vacuum,
sewer system is about 60 days
from final inspection by the city.
7. B-D: Phase 1 Reclaimed water
and sewer force main: both lines
are in, and tested, certification
package at the State. 1-2 weeks
estimated to start-up.
8. B-D: Phase IV Timber Island
Lift Station and Force Main: pip-
ing (Crowder is contractor) near
completion. Next is start of sta-
tion work.
9. B-D: Storage Tanks: 3 of the 5
are complete.
10. B-D: Department of Correc-
tions Lake Morality Road Force
Mains: pipe work starts week of
10/18, expect completion at the
end of January.
.11. 123 River Road (the city river
lot): see top of story.
12. Tabled discussion of hiring a
city manager, planner, or admin-
istrator to handle the
more-than-fulltime job of city de-

New Business
1. Jesse and Mayme Millender
request that the city open NE 5
Street and NE Ave G on the East
and South of this block. Will rec-
ommend to the county.
2. The Millenders also request city
water and sewer if possible. Wa-
ter is in place, sewer may be diffi-
3. Allen Pierce, Apalachicola, ap-
peared for discussion of the PUD
for Carraway Bay Plantation. He
suggested, and commissioners
agreed by vote, that 2 city codes
be changed. The city had put ter-
minology in these codes that does
not correspond with state or fed-
eral terminology, so would need-
lessly bog down future develop-
ment work.
4. Approved Lou Turner's request
to subdivide Lot 20, Block A in
Baywood Estates into 6 lots, and
rezone from Al to R1.

5. Approved Carraway Landing's
request to rezone and change land
use from R5 to PUD. This is 25.97
Acres north of Airport Road. Pub-
lic hearing November 4.
6. Gene Langston discussed re-
zoning the Long Point area, past
the bridge on the north (east).
7. Approved Theresa Linscott's
request to rezone and change land
use from Al to Cl. This is Long
Point, 9.67 acres.
8. Approved Ben Watkins' request
to rezone and change from Al to
Cl, 9.60 acres in Long Point.
9. Approved Steve Watkins' re-
quest to do the same with 93.85
10. Sketch plat approval for Ma-
rine Street, LLC, Block 25(5), Lots
1,2 and 3 of Kelley's Plat.
11. Sketch plat approval for
Honsueleu, LLC, Block 31(5), Lot
2 of Kelley's Plat.
12. Sketch plat approval for CP
Holding, LLC (ex-Riverwalk at the
Harbor), Block 30(50), Lots I and
2 of Kelley's Plat.
13. Sketch plat approval for Top
of the Hill, LLC, Block 25(5), Lots
1,2 and 3 of Kelley's Plat.
14. Mayor Brown noted that the
League of Cities requires that con-
struction lien waivers must be
prepared before start of work, or
are invalid. Commissioners
agreed to act accordingly from this
point on.
15. Approved budget amend-
ments for FY 2003-2004 and

Second Reading and adoption 'of
proposed City Ordinance 336 by
Paul Williams and Louis Oliver.
Second Reading and adoption of
-proposed City Ordinance 338, the
Carrabelle Riverwalk Park zoning
First Reading of proposed City
Ordinance 309, City of Carrabelle
vacuum sewer system. (see Pub-
lic Hearing, number 1)
First Reading of 343, D.B.
Donahoe. '
First Reading of 344, the AmVet
river property (annexation).

12-2004: that the City of
Carrabelle has set fees for all
development-related city services,
to be charged from now on.
13-2004: that the City adopts a
League of Cities resolution oppos-

ing a state constitutional amend-
ment requiring that every Comp
Plan amendment would require a
citizen vote.

Public Comment
Two houses near the Sands of
Carrabelle project are apparently
being used as boarding for a large
number of workers, and Mayor
Brown agreed to discuss it with
the contractor.
Pat Maier registered her opinion
that the city was "giving the city
away" to developers.

9:25 p.m.

Franklin Bulletin
from Page 7
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traffic laws, rules of the road and
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age-related changes in vision,
hearing and reaction time. Mil-
lions of people have taken advan-
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ister by calling Peggie at 697-4642
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Career Law Enforcement
will deliver
Higher Standards
for Franklin County
Responsibility, Accountability, Accessibility

Bruce Barnes is the only Franklin County Sheriff's Candidate Endorsed by the
Police Benevolent Association (PBA) and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)

30 Years of Professional Law Enforcement

Fort Lauderdale Police Department
(Police Officer 1973 1976)
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
(Special Agent 1976 1981)
Drug Enforcement Administration
(Special Agent 1981 2003)
Vietnam Veteran
(U.S. Army 1/1966 12/1967)
Florida State University
(BS Criminology 1973)
Florida Law Enforcement Certification
(1973 Present)
Tallahassee Police Department Reserve Officer
(7/2004 Present)
Franklin County Property Owner
(1991 Present)

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