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Title: Franklin chronicle
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R~AcU4I N1tW R" AEU64y D& f


Volume 13, Number 19 A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER September 17- 30,2004

At St. George Island in May 2004

F-15 Crash Investigation Completed

Chain of Events Led to Pilot's Unintentional Ejection
From Aircraft
The Air Force has completed its investigation of the May 21, 2004
crash of an F-15C aircraft on the shoreline of St. George Island.
The Investigation board determined that the accident was caused by
a chain of events that led to the pilot's unintentional ejection from the
aircraft, which ultimately led to the crash. The pilot, Lt. Col. Patrick
A. Marshall, was assigned to the 1st Fighter Squadron, Tyndall Air
Force Base, Florida, when th'e mishap occurred, and he ejected safely.
Lt..Col. Marshall was conducting an air combat training flight when
an air-regulating valve detached from his torso harness and became
. lodged in the area of the ejection seat handle. When Lt. Col. Marshall
turned his head to check his position and pulled the stick towards
him, enough tension was put on the detached valve to raise the ejec-
tion seat handle, causing the pilot to eject.
On 21 May 2004, F-15C assigned to the 325th Fighter Wing at Tyndall
Air Force Base, Florida, crashed approximately 50 nautical miles
southeast of Tyndall Air Force Base. At approximately 11: 57:15 local
(CST), during a three-thousand-foot defensive basic fighter maneu-
vers engagement, the mishap pilot (MP) was ejected from the mishap
aircraft (MA). The MA continued to fly for approximately one minute
and forty-nine seconds before it impacted the ground along the marshy
shoreline of St. George Island, Florida. The MA was destroyed upon
impact, but there was no other damage to government property. The
MP, an instructor pilot and flight examiner, suffered only superficial
injuries. Some local property owners have indicated they suffered
minor property damage caused by the impact, and one individual
has indicated he sustained minor injuries as a result of the impact.
There is clear and convincing evidence that the following, in sequence,
caused the accident:
* The MP's connector to regulator unit an air regulating valve, be-
came detached from the torso harness dovetail bracket, the device
that attaches the regulator unit to the pilot's torso harness; addition-
ally, the MP's combat edge vest hose, the hose that provides air to the
pilot's combat edge vest, was not attached to the unit.
* The MP's detached regulator unit became lodged in the cavity of the
ejection seat right handle;
* The MP turned his head to the right to look over his right shoulder
to view his six o'clock high position and pulled the stick back toward
him; and
* The MP's movement placed enough tension on the oxygen hose and
regulator unit to raise the-ejectionrr'seat handle and initiate the ejec-
tion sequence.
It is unclear how the regulator unit became detached; however, clear
and convincing evidence indicates the mishap was caused when the
CRU-94/P became detached from the torso harness dovetail bracket
and set off the chain of events that led to the initiation of the ejection
sequence, which ultimately led to the crash of the MA.
An F-15C crashed after the pilot was ejected from the aircraft during
an combat training (ACT) sortie on 21 May 04; the plane impacted
the ground along the marshy shoreline of St. George Island, Florida.
The mishap pilot (MP), Lt. Col. Patrick A. Marshall, who was the Com-
mander of 1 FS at the time, ejected safely, was rescued from the Gulf
of Mexico, and sustained only superficial injuries. The aircraft was
totally destroyed upon impact with the loss valued at approximately
$36,522,000.00. The mishap aircraft (MA) impacted along the shore-
line of a civilian residential community. While no local residents have
filed claims for property damage, some have reported minor damage
they claim was caused by the impact. One local resident also indi-
cated he sustained injury to his ears, neck and back as a result of the
The MP departed the squadron for the flightline, which is also known
as the step process, on time. Just before he departed the squadron
for the flightline, the MP received a briefing, which is known as a step
briefing. The step brief was standard. At that time, the forecast weather
was clear with a minimum of seven miles visibility. Upon arrival at
the aircraft, the MP stated he conducted aircraft forms review, pre-
flight inspections and strap-in in accordance with required check-
lists and procedures. The MA's crew chief assisted the MP with his
shoulder harnesses, but did not help him with his connector to regu-
lator unit (CRU-94/P) or any other part of his life support equipment.
The CRU-94/P is an air-regulating valve that provides pressurized
air to the pilot's oxygen mask and the bladders located inside the
pilot's combat edge vest. Analysis by Brooks Life Sciences Equipment
Laboratory (LSEL) and Bryant-Lee Associates (BLA) indicated the MP's
CRU-94/P was not properly connected to the dovetail bracket of his
torso harness. The dovetail bracket is the device that attaches the
CRU-94/P to the pilot's torso harness. Analysis by LSEL and BLA
further indicated the MP's combat edge vest hose, which is the hose
that connects the combat edge vest to the CRU94/P, was not prop-
erly connected to the CRU-94/P at the time of ejection.
During the MP's testimony, he stated he had previously experienced
a problem with his oxygen hose catching on the end of the right side
of his life preserver unit. Based on this testimony, the Al 13 created a
questionnaire for all pilots at Tyndall AFB who have flown with the
LPU-38/P and the life support technicians who supported them. Ap-
proximately 50% of the pilots reported a problem with restricted move-
ment when wearing the LPU-3 8/Ps caused by the oxygen hose being
caught on the right end of the LPU-3 8/P. Several pilots indicated
they fixed this problem by flipping the oxygen hose off the end of the
LPU-38/P to place it back on top or underneath of the LPU-38/P.
The MA, call sign Bonho 02, taxied uneventfully to Runway 13L end
of runway (EOR). The MP stated everything was standard during taxi
and before take-off checks Bonho flight took off at 1055L on a PAM
470 stereo flight plan to W470A. Bonho flight entered 470A and com-
pleted all standard in-flight checks V-3.5). The MP then completed a
180-degree G-warm up and a 180-degree G-exercise in accordance
with Air Force Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (AFTYP). Bonho
flight then proceeded to the combat air patrol (CAP) to set-up for the
beginning of the vul.
Bonho flight presented four different tactics to Rash flight during the
vul period. After completing all required checks, Bonho 01 called for
the 45-degree check left to begin the setup. The MP stated during the
setup for the 3K BFM defensive engagements, that he transferred his
left hand to the stick and used his right hand to push against the
right side of the canopy and rotate his body. The MP maintained this
makes it easier to look over his right shoulder above the NIA's right
vertical tail, which is also known as checking six o'clock position.
Parameters were as briefed, beginning a right hand turning, engage-
ment when Bonho 01 was 3,000 feet from the MP, heading 217.
At the 3,000-foot or fight's on call, Bonho 01 aggressively maneu-
vered his aircraft to take a simulated gunshot. The MP aggressively
rolled into approximately 110 degrees ofright bank, selected idle power
and pulled the stick aggressively aft towards the seat with 5.9 Gs. As
the MP perceived Bonho 01 repositioning to the MP's high six o'clock
position, the MP applied smooth right rudder to perform a loaded
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Record Deficit ........ 1, 7 Cape St. George Lighthouse
Key Estate .............. 1, 4 .................................. 6
Hurricane Frances. 1, 3, 4 Franklin Bulletin Board ...
Franklin Briefs .............. 2 .............................. 6, 7
Carrabelle City ........... 2 Library Happenings ....... 7
Education Encore ...... 2, 8 'FCAN........................... 8
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Boyd Calls For Fiscal Responsibility

In Response To Record Deficit
Congressman Allen Boyd (D-North Florida), a leader of the Blue Dog
Coalition, released the following statement after the Congressional
Budget Office (CBO) projected that the federal budget deficit will be
$422 billion this year, the largest deficit in history:
"The exorbitant $422 billion deficit forecasted by the CBO will be the
largest budget deficit in the history of out country. While CBO esti-
mates that the deficit for 2004 will be a record $422 billion, this num-
ber leaps to $574 billion when the Social Security trust fund is ex-
cluded. This record deficit demonstrates the extent our fiscal health
has deteriorated since the $236 billion surplus just four years ago.
The surpluses of 2000 have given way to a national debt that will
exceed $10 trillion by 2009 under existing law.
'The budget shortfalls ultimately will mean higher interest rates, a
weaker economy and a strapped military, while also threatening So-
cial Security and Medicate. America cannot remain strong if it is fi-
nancially weak.
'These staggering numbers are an unacceptable and unsustainable
course for out country, but there is hope if we tackle out .budget
problems now.
"As a leader of the e Blue Dog Cc.-'.ton. I am dedicated to developing
reasonable, responsible and realistic solutions to out nation's deficit,
and I will continue to fight for a policy of fiscal responsibility. Con-
gress must work- together with the Administration to balance the
budget, extend tax relief for working families, and meet out nation's
most important priorities. With hard work- and bipartisan efforts,
our country can get back on the road to financial freedom."
Blue Dog Notes on CBO September Budget Update
On September 7, 2004, the Congressional Budget Office issued re-
vised budget projections. The report projects a record budget deficit
for the current fiscal year and deficits in excess of $300 billion for the
test of the decade.
The Congressional Budget Office now projects that the unified
budget deficit will be $422 billion this year (fiscal year 2004).
- This would be the largest deficit in history.
* The $422 billion deficit projected for this year is a reversal of $658
billion from the $236 billion surplus in fiscal year 2000.
* CBO projects that the deficit will equal 3.8% of GDP this year, which
would be the largest deficit as a percentage of GDP since 1992.
* When the Social Security trust fund is excluded, the on-budget
deficit is projected to be $574 billion this year and will exceed
$500 billion every year this decade except fiscal year 2006 (when
it will be $491 billion).
* CBO projects that the government will run unified deficits of $1.584
trillion from 2005 2009 under current policies and $2.294 trillion
from 2005-2014 under current law. Excluding Social Security, the
government will tun deficits of $2.631 trillion from 2005 2009 and
$4.712 trillion from 2005 2014.
* The CBO baseline projections assume that the tax cuts expire. If all

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Apalachicola City
September 7, 2004

Key Estate

Proceeds To Be
Reviewed By ,


Denise Roux Appointed
to Library Board
Many minutes of discussion were '.
devoted to Van Johnson's vocal- ,'a.
ized concern that new appointees ''
to the Apalachicola Municipal Li-
brary be solicited through formal
advertising and review by the
County Commissioners instead of
the traditional method of solicit
ing names from the Philaco Club.
Van Johnson raised this issue
prior to the identification'ofnomi-
nees for the library board, chal-
lenging the method unique to the
library operation, that of relying
upon the Philaco Club recommen- I
dations. '

His complaint ushered in a long '.
discussion about the Philaco Club "i" '
role in establishing the city library This tree on Begonia Street
and the Mayor's perception that s tree on Begonia Street
the 1959 Resolution passed by is mute evidence of wind
damage from the Sunday
storm, September 5, 2004.

Alan Pierce was the contracted public affairs spokesper-
son for the county and the Emergency Management Cen-
ter. He is shown here being interviewed by a Channel 27
reporter from Tallahassee.

" - ---

MIr. Pierce conferred with a reporter from the St. Peters-
burg Times at the Emergency Management Center.

Several businesses including the new seafood house west
of Apalachicola were appropriately boarded up for the ex-
pected storm that did not arrive.

.. -.

CLOSED : ', -

The bridge to St. George Island was closed for about one
day, after a mandatory evacuation was ordered for Sun-
day, September 5th.


More media trucks as these cluttered the parking lot in
downtown Apalachicola.

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Frances Rates Considerable Media Attention

Hurricane Frances Skirts Franklin

County With Only Minimal Damage

For the second time, Franklin County escaped serious flood
and wind damage due to passing hurricanes. Frances was
the second; Charlie the first. Now, eyeballs are focused on
the direction of Hurricane Ivan.


Page 2 17 September 2004


The Franklin Chronicle



September 7, 2004
.-Present: Commission
-'Cheryl Sanders;
:Commissioner Eddie
:Creamer; Commissioner
Clarence Williams;
.Commissioner Jimmy
Mosconis and
Commissioner Bevin
.Mayor Brown (City of Carrabelle)
explained to the Commissioners
.hat the City of Carrabelle was
"under the impression" that the
St. Joe Company owned all of the
property adjoining Lake Morality
Road. In one corner of that land,
there is an 80-acre tract that is
owned by someone else from
Marietta, Georgia. The County
Attorney added that a portion of
the road appeared to be owned by
a Mr. Fowler of Marietta, Georgia.
The owner is not interested in
donating a 80-foot wide corridor
along the road for utilities but
they are interested in negotiating
a fair-market sale of the property
needed for running the utilities
through to the site of the new cor-
rectional institution currently
under construction.
The County Attorney added that
the City of Carrabelle would pre-
-fer to run the utilities along the
right-of-way, not down the center
of the road. But, the County does
not own the right-of-way. An ap-
praisal of about 1500 feet involved
is pending, not confirmed by sur-
vey. Michael Shuler, County At-
torney, concluded that an
- engineer's advice would be needed
to answer the question concern-
ing re-routing the utilities down
the center of the road. The possi-
bIility also exists that-the St. Joe
Company might re-route Lake
Morality Road, solving the
right-of-way issue.
Mayor Brown expressed a desire
to negotiate directly with the
oWner and layout his options. The
Board approved. Mr. Brown said
he would inform the Board as to
the outcome of his discussions
W(ith the owner, Mr. Fowler.

Solid Waste Director
Van Johnson asked the Board for
a, motion to appoint Gayle Dodds
to the Animal Control Board, the
commissioners approved the

Extension Director ,.
Bill Mahan reported 'that
Preble-Rish is in the final stages
of preparing the grant application
for the proposed boat ramp off of
Bluff Road.

Supervisor of Elections
Doris Shiver-Gibbs, Supervisor of
Elections, requested the Commis-
sioners to amend the budget, per-
mitting fees from the sale of ab-
sentees voting lists, labels and
other items to be applied to her
expenses in the recent primary.
She reported that absentee vot-
ing and early voting involved al-
most 2000 people, "a tremendous
success, she concluded. Her.of-
fice had to hire additional help
both in the annex and in the of-
fice during the weekends, along
with many unanticipated addi-
tional expenses. The board ap-
proved her request. Early voting
will start on October 18, 2004,
with her office open both Satur-
days prior to the general Novem-
ber elections.

St. James/Lanark
The Board approved turning over
a generator and miscellaneous
surplus equipment to the St.
James/Lanark Volunteer.

Tarpon Crossing
The Board of County Commis-
sioners approved a public hear-
ing to reconsider the Tarpon
Crossing, LLC Ordinance and re-

Franklin County Planner
Mark Currenton informed the
Board that the Board of Adjust-
ment did not hold a ,meeting last
Wednesday because they did not
have a quorum. Their meeting has
been rescheduled for tomorrow,
September 8. There are still two
Seats vacant on the Board of Ad-
Mr. Currenton told the Board that
the Fish and Wildlife Commission
erroneously sent a letter about
boat ramp maintenance to me as
SCounty Administrator. I have pro-
Svided each Board member with a

copy as well as Mr. Chipman and
Mr. Johnson. Evidently -the Fish
and Wildlife Commission is get-
ting out of the business of boat
ramp maintenance and construc-
tion. They will be providing grant
funding for local maintenance of
five boat ramps in the county:
Bloody Bluff, Gardner Landing,
Graham Creek, Whiskey George,
and Cash Creek.
On August 3 this Board voted to
authorize Preble-Rish to submit
a Forever Florida Water Manage-
ment District grant for improve-
ments to Pine Street on St. George
Island. In reviewing the grant re-
quirements PrIeble-Rish has come
to the conclusion that the County
might be in a better position to

receive funding from this grant if
it submits the application for Saw-
yer Street instead of Pine Street.
The project would start at or near
Lot 1, Block 81. Unit 5 and go
west to around Lot 2, Block 88,
Unit 5. The project will tentatively
consist of shoreline stabilization
to reduce sedimentation, perhaps
extending the existing rock break-
water put in by the Research Re-
serve to help slow erosion, reshap-
ing the road and swale system so
that it works properly and pro-
vides some stormwater treatment
for road run-off, and placing some
type of surface on the road which
will also reduce sedimentation. I
need Board authorization to
change this grant request from
Pine Street to Sawyer Street. The
Board so approved.

County Attorney
Tom Michael Shuler informed the
Board that a representative of
MediaCom, the CATV firm, would
be attending the next county com-
mission meeting on September
Attorney Nick Yonklas has re-
quested the Board of County
Commissioners to conduct a
hearing concerning the lease of
the airport facilities. Attorney Ben
Watkins, representing the airport
advisory board, opined that the
proposed hearing would likely
take one full day. County Attor-
ney Shuler recommended that the
Board conduct their hearing af-
ter the regular board meeting,
devoting one-half day to the mat-
ter. The Board decided to conduct
the hearing after lunch, beginning
at 1 p.m. September 21, 2004.
The County Attorney added that
the county is being asked to ter-
minate the lease of the airport fa-
cilities with the current leasee.
County Attorney Shuler distrib-
uted a letter from the Lanark
Water and Sewer District to the
county commissioners. This is the
subject of a separate story pub-
lished elsewhere in this current

Carrabelle City
Council Meeting
September 2, 2004

Vacuum Sewer Is

Complete ...


The vacuum sewer project, run-
ning for years in Carrabelle, was
declared complete by Robert
Simmons, of Baskerville-
Donovan. All but for a "couple of
small leaks". Those small leaks
caused' the citv to withhold
$25.000 of the final payment to
the contractor Royal American
Mayor Jim Brown set the time for
final inspection to be 90 days from
today's meeting date.

Approval of Bills
All OK'd, with the above excep-

Commissioner Reports*
Mayor Brown read the draft of a
city resolution, commending and
thanking Freda White for her gen-
erous donation of a new sound
system to the city for public meet-
ings. The draft was approved
unanimously, and will be pre-
sented to Freda in the form of a
Commissioner Williams asked for,
and got, a vote to advertise for an
engineering firm to consult on air-
port development.
Attorney Dan Cox had 3 subjects:
1. Asked for a vote to advertise
the change in R2 setbacks to al-
low larger 70' trailers to fit. Ap-
2. Asked for a form of developer
application form, listing fees, to

be introduced next meeting. Ap-
3. Introduced the Coastal Part-
nerships Initiative, with funding
available up to $50,000. Applica-
tion deadline is October 15.
Helen Blanton noted that yearly
budget hearings will be on the
13th and the 29th of this month.

Board of Adjustment
1. John Chandler requests a vari-
ance of 5 feet in back yard, from
10 feet. This to accommodate a
70'mobile home.
2. Milton Cox requests an 8' set-
back variance to build a retain-
ing wall to stop erosion.

Public Hearing
1. Gene Langston introduced the
request to enact City Ordinance
336 to: abandon Ave D from Ma-
rine Street to 3 Street, Clare Street
from Marine Street to 3 Street and

Ridge Street from Ave E to Ave D;
allow the paving of 3 Street from
30-A to Ave D and repave Ave E
of Kelley's Plat.
2. City Ordinance 338, a paper-
work change of Riverwalk Park
from I-1 Industrial to Z-1, Public

Unfinished Business
1. Mark Curenton, of the Franklin
County Planning department, got
renewal of the Community Rating
System Annual Certification. This
certification gets city residents a
break of 5% in flood insurance.
2. (from Board of Adjustment)-
approved setback variance drop
of 5' to allow a 70' mobile home.
3. (from Board of Adjustment)-
approved 8' variance.
4. World's Smallest Police Station
move: Skip Frink, of the
Carrabelle Area Chamber of Com-
merce, described the latest plan.
Only one objection was registered
to the idea to install the station
across the street on the unused
building slab next to the cham-
ber office. Local donated labor
would fix up the picnic tables and
general area, trim the trees and
mark parking., Ron Treutel is in
contact with the Carrabelle Artist
Association about donating a
"History of Carrabelle" mural to
run the length of the building,
behind the new police station dis-
5. Robert Simmons presented
updates on the following:
a. Vacuum sewer system (see
top of story)
b. Phase 1 reclaimed water
andsgewer.force mains: final
testing of pipe on 98.
c. Phase 4 Timber Island Lift
Station and Force Main: re-
work of some pipe installation
has been necessary due to
high ground water.
d. Council voted to approve
low bid ($338,400 vs
$442,790) of Caldwell Tanks
to supply an elevated water
tank (DOC/prison applica-
e. J & P Construction Co. is
building the storage tanks at
the wastewater treatment
6. At Commissioner Williams' sug-
gestion, the vote was to present a
plan at the October meeting for
use of the $300,000 that sale of
the city river lot will bring.
7. Accepted Audrey Messer's bid
of $400 for a surplus 1994 Crown

New Business
1. Carraway Bay Plantation
(across from Julia Mae's) got pre-
liminary plat approval, C-1 zon-
ing, for 81 "or fewer" lots in a resi-
dential subdivision. Request for

B( T JOHN'S Licensed & Insured
JOHINS RG0050763

Quality Craftsmanship For Over 40 Years
Specializing in Custom Homes-Remodeling
Additions-Vinyl Siding-Roofing-Repairs

Fax: 697-4680


E-mail Johnscons2@aol.com
P.O. Drawer JJ Carrabelle, FL 32322




Call (850) 670-8100
For more information

PUD to be approved at time of fi-
nal plat approval. Commissioners
made note of the fact that devel-
opment fees must be paid up
2. Pam Collins' request to increase
density from 9 to 11 units on lots
1-5 and 6-10 on block 78 (B8) of
Pickett's Addition was not ap-
3. D.B. Donahoe was approved to
have a public hearing on October
7 to vacate/abandon Ridge Street
from Ave C to Ave D.
4. Gilbert Barfield requested
abandonment of the 20-foot alley
on the East Side of lots 14-16,
Block 31(39) of Kelley's Plat. This
is on the Marshall Marine prop-
erty. Approved, with the caveat by
Dan Cox (he knows Latin) that the
owner's use is subordinate to the
city's in case of any necessary fu-
ture easement.
5. Approved request of Skip and
Kathy Frink to advertise and have
an October 7 public hearing to
annex the last lot on Three Riv-
ers Road into the city.
6. Approved the City of
Carrabelle's request to annex the
Carrabelle Wildlife .Park into the
City of Carrabelle, and hold an
'October 7 public hearing.
7. Approved a public hearing on
land use change presented by at-
torney Pat Floyd at The Lakes of
Carrabelle near airport from R-5
Limited Residential to R-1,
The project plans to build 1-acre
homesites, each with its own han-
gar. Four different areas are 12.13
acres, 14.68 acres, 14.12 acres
and 25 acres. Lot sizes to be one
or 1/3 acre, and the project in-
cludes 40 aircraft hangars, to be
part of a "Fly-in" community.
8. Approved Carrabelle High
Homecoming to close part of High-
way 98 on October 8.
9. Discussion and agreement to
enforce the age requirement and
licensing on drivers of 3- and
4-wheel ATV's, according to
Florida statutes.
10. Approved changes within City
Hall: Helen Blanton to return to
Deputy City Clerk, Courtney
Millender to Interim City Clerk
and Auditor, to assist City Clerk
Becky Jackson.

Second Reading and adoptions of
proposed City Ordinances 333,
334 and 335 by, respectively,
Donald Wood, William Parker and
James Fred Norris.
First Reading of proposed City
Ordinance 336. Paul Williams arid
Lo-uis (Oliver; v.ith Gene Langston.
First Reading of proposed City
Ordinance 338, the Carrabelle
Riverwalk Park zoning change.

Public Comment
'One citizen, new to the area,
asked about locations of Franklin
*County hurricane shelters. There
are none.

10:25 p.m.


Stup adrotg rind-



By Dawn Radford
Gulf Coast Community College's
Office of Lifelong Learning has
determined Fall 2004 classes for
Education Encore. Registration,
beginning September 7, is open
to all area adults over 50, whether
permanent Florida residents or
out-of-state visitors. Beginning
September 22, classes will meet
at the Gulf/Franklin campus on
six (6) consecutive Wednesday
mornings and range in subjects
from computer basics and veg-
etable gardening to yoga and
Shakespeare. A registration fee of
$60.00 will allow a participant in
the program to take one, two or
three classes.
St. George Island resident Sandra
Adkins, volunteer Education En-
core coordinator for the Gulf/
Franklin area, has engaged new
and previously popular instruc-
tors for the Fall 2004 classes.
Returning proficient, and
long-lived computer instructor,
Bill Barker, will return to teach
two classes of computer basics as
well as "Computer: Internet and
E-mail." According to Ms. Adkins,
Mr. Barker's courses are limited
to 20 students and generally fill
up during registration, so she
encourages interested students to
register early for Mr. Barker's
Applications for GCCC's Educa-
tion Encore classes are printed on
the program's brochure, available
at the Franklin/Gulf campus at
Port St. Joe, and distributed to
Franklin and Gulf County librar-
ies, chambers of commerce, and
Ed Tiley will return to teach "Ev-
erything You Wanted to Know
About Computers, But Were
Afraid to Ask." Students should
be familiar enough with cofaput-
ers and Windows to recognize the
difference between a keyboard
and a mouse. The class will con-
centrate on Microsoft Word pro-
cessing and creation of docu-
ments, including reports, letters,
and flyers. Mr. Tiley, a writer and
publisher, is the author of a num-
ber of books in the field of com-
puter programming. This course
is restricted to 20 students, lim-
ited to the number of computers
A new course offering this session
is "Where the River Ends," coop-
eratively taught by local residents
Roger Martin, Dan Tonsmeire and

David McClain, staff of
Apalachicola Bay and Riverkeep-
ers (ABARK). This class will ex-
plore the uniqueness and impor-
tance of the Apalachicola River
Basin. Topics of investigation and
discussion will include current
challenges to the system, fresh-
water resources, and the seafood
industry. The three instructors
are locally and widely recognized
for their knowledge, expertise,
and accomplishments on behalf
of natural resources.
Local writer Dawn Radford will
return to teach two separate
classes, "Spanish for Travelers"
and "Creative Writing." The Span-
ish course will emphasize tech-
niques for communicating with
non-English speakers of Spanish,
as well as encourage understand-
ing and appreciation of the Span-
ish language and its relevant cul-
tures. Students should expect
games, songs, and interaction,
rather than tests and grades. Ms.
Radford, who holds post-graduate
credentials in Spanish, has or-
dered a practical textbook (avail-
able at Books-a-Million in
Panama City) for the class and
recommends a paperback
Spanish-English dictionary for
in-class use.
"Creative Writing" is structured to
encouragejournal writing and the
creation of finished works (mem-
oirs, poems, stories) from journal
entries. Students will need note-
books and pens and a desire to
write. Ms. Radford, who holds
MA-English and NTA-Creative
Writing degrees, conducts this
test-free writing workshop with
open discussions, practical exer-
cises, individual critiques, and
collaborative work.
Thom Lewis, of the Florida Fish
and Wildlife Conservation Com-
mission and a resident of St.
George Island, will return to teach
"Bird Watching and Identifica-
tion." A popular class last year,
the course will teach basic tools
and skills needed to enjoy finding
and viewing area birdlife. Stu-
dents at all levels of birding expe-
rience will be guided in develop-
ing their skills and knowledge of
location, timing, viewing and iden-
By popular demand, Marlene
Womack will again teach "North-
west Florida History." Beginning
with Native Americans and early
explorers, the class will study area
history through World War 1, in-
cluding early town development,
lost towns, steamboats, the lum-
ber industry and railroads. Ms.
Womack is an author and news-
paper columnist.
Continued on Page 8

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A. xx A & "AXAMIRAKA %-,ARA luxxxqsw

- m


The Franklin Chronicle


17 September 2004 PaPe 3

Boyd Pushes Funds For Hurricane Relief

On the night of September 7, 2004, Congressman Allen Boyd (D-North
Florida), a member of the Appropriations Committee, voted in favor of
a $2 billion emergency supplemental applications bill to help Florida
repair the damages caused by Hurricanes Charley and Frances.
Passed by voice vote, the bill (H.R, 5005) allows the Federal Emer-
gency Management Agency (FEMA) to use the funds for emergency
cleanup, protective measures and aid to individuals and families. The
legislation also permits FEMA to transfer up to $30 million to the
Small Business Administration (SBA) for administrative costs of di-
saster response.
"After visiting areas that were struck by Hurricane Charley and per-
sonally experiencing Hurricane Frances, I have witnessed the remark-
ably well-orchestrated response to this disaster on the part of out
state, local and federal emergency agencies and organizations," Con-
gressman Boyd stated. "Hurricanes Charley and Frances reeked havoc
across the state of Florida, and in the wake of these natural disas-
ters, it is imperative that the federal government grant the necessary
funds for FEMA, so they can adequately and expeditiously repair the
destruction across our state."
Congressman Boyd, along with the bipartisan Florida Delegation,
spoke at a press conference yesterday to discuss federal aid for
Florida's relief and recovery from Hurricanes Charley, Frances and
other disasters. Members of the Florida Delegation stated that the $2
billion appropriation would not be enough for complete hurricane
relief due to FEMA's exhausted funds, but it will cover immediate
known needs.
"Although damages to Florida's agricultural production have yet to
be fully assessed, funds will be needed to repair and rejuvenate many
of our agriculture industries that were hurt by the storms," said Con-
gressman Boyd. "Ensuring that Floridians get back on their feet in
the aftermath of Hurricane Charley and Frances and reviving our
economy by assisting those in the agricultural industry will be my
utmost priority."

Boyd Staff Holds Office Hours In

Carrabelle And Apalachicola

A member of Congressman Allen Boyd's (D-North Florida) staff will
be visiting Carrabelle and Apalachicola on the fourth Wednesday of
every month so the people of Franklin County have the opportunity
to personally discuss issues concerning them.
Congressman Boyd's staff is trained to assist constituents with a va-
riety of issues relating to various federal agencies. It is important to
the Congressman that his staff is available for those who are not able
to travel to either his Panama City or Tallahassee offices.

Office Hours with Congressman Boyd's Staff
Wednesday, September 22, 2004
9:30 a.m. 11:00 a.m.
Carrabelle City Hall
1:30 p.m. 3:00 p.m.
Franklin County Courthouse Commission Room

Potential Water Wars in Eastern Franklin

Lan ark Village Water And

Sewer District May Cut-Off

Service To St. James Bay

Dispute Looms Over Water Rates
The Board of the Lanark Village Water and Sewer District has asked
their attorney to notify the Franklin County Commissioners concern-
ing the status of negotiations for providing water by Lanark Village to
St. James Bay. The letter was presented to the Franklin County Com-
mission at last Tuesday's meeting, September 7, to be officially taken
up on the agenda at the next meeting, on September 21st.
The Lanark Village Water and Sewer District, through their attorney,
Michael A. Palecki (Tallahassee) wrote to the Commission that the
Lanark Village District has been providing water to St. James Bay
since 1977. "While Lanark would like to, and is well able to continue
providing water to St. James Bay, it may soon become necessary for
Lanark to cease providing this service," wrote Mr. Palecki.
He added, "Almost two years ago, St. James Bay contractually ar-
ranged for the City of Carrabelle to provide it with water from wells to
be drilled at St. James Bay. As a good neighbor, Lanark Village agreed
to continue providing water to St. James Bay during construction of
the golf course, while the new wells were drilled. The golf course is
complete and the wells are now in place. St. James Bay and the homes
therein are now served by the City of Carrabelle. Under Florida law,
Lanark is under no obligation to continue providing service."
"Nonetheless, at the request of St. James Bay, Lanark has continued
to provide service. Specifically, St. James Bay has requested an ar-
rangement wherein Lanark would provide up to 150,000 gallons of
water per day for emergency services."
"In an attempt to determine an appropriate rate for such service to
St. James Bay, Lanark went to an independent, impartial third party,
the Florida Rural Water Association (of which Carrabelle is also a
member). For the type of service and volumes of water requested by
St. James Bay, the Rural Water Association employed an
industry-accepted methodology. The resulting rate obligated Lanark
to provide up to 2.25 million gallons of water per month to St. James
Bay for a flat rate of $4,500 per month."
The Palecki letter continued, "St. James Bay has refused to pay this
rate, and has made no counterproposal other than the status quo,
which is unacceptable to Lanark. Meanwhile, St. James Bay's recent
usage indicates that it needs not only emergency service, but also
daily supplementation from Lanark."
"Lanark has an excellent water supply and has the ability to supply
abundant, clean water to others in the area such as Arvida's Summer
Camp, and Alligator Point. Despite this the City of Carrabelle has
now announced that it wishes to become the sole water provider not
only for St. James Bay, but also for the entire region, including areas
that Lanark is better able to serve with currently existing facilities. In
addition, Carrabelle has proposed a water project to interconnect
Franklin County with Panacea and Sopchoppy, and has not invited
Lanark to participate. With the best water supply in the area, Lanark
will make every effort not to be excluded from this project."
"With the current and projected demand for water in Franklin County
it is not in Lanark's best interest to commit significant water resources
to St. James Bay for revenues that are not acceptable under
industry-accepted rate-making methodology."
"Lanark would like to continue to provide service to, and will once
more request payment from St. James Bay. The bottom line however
is that Lanark may soon be forced to cease providing water service to
St. James Bay."
"We would welcome the opportunity to discuss these matters with
you at your earliest convenience."
Michael A. Palecki


Close Races in Franklin Primary

Clerk of Court
Marcia Johnson polled 2,467 votes on a tedious manual recount
on Thursday, September 2, 2004, becoming Clerk of Court with a
four vote margin, or 50.04 percent of the vote. Renee Griffin polled
2,463 votes or 49.96 percent of the vote.

School Board
Denise Butler will face C. Rex Pennycuff in District #1 in Novem-
ber. Butler polled 494 votes to Pennycuffs 431 votes, neither can-
didate winning 50% (or better) of the total votes cast. Two other
candidates, Teresa Howard and C.J. Ogles were eliminated in
the. District #1 race for school board.

Hurricane Frances from Page 1

Alan Pierce being interviewed by Channel 6, Tallahassee.

The Emergency Management Center staffed with Red Cross
representatives, the interim director, Melanie Hutchins and

Stephanie Abrams was typical of the reporter "standupper",
placed into the rain and storm elements, slashed around-
with wind gusts and water. Sticking the reporter into the,
story context presents some problems of the journalistic
ethic, particularly the silly demonstration by one reporter,
blown about a city street in the midst of winds reaching,
65 mph. ..
m .., .-7":a

> 1 ^. 850-670-1687 (OFFICE)
'0I o Facsimile 850-670-1685
aO" e-mail: hoffer531 @gtcom.net

Vol. 13, No. 19


September 17, 2004

Publisher Tom W. Hoffer
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and Production Artist Diane Beauvais Dyal
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Dr. Jon Nese was the expert advisor for the Weather Chan-
nel. A great deal of the weather reporting was devoted to
driving and flood conditions with anecdotal items on the
human reaction to the storm with only a light coverage of
the science of the storm activity. There could have been
better, more in-depth explanations of the variables involved
in forecasting storm intensity and direction. Instead, the
Weather channel contained a heavy proportion of old fash-
ioned "hype" attempting to keep viewers tuned to the chan-
nel with veiled promises of late developments "just ahead
of the storm." The commentary from CNN was not much
more definitive, except for continued emphasis of "good

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Franklin Adopts

A Tentative
At a special meeting Tuesday,
September 7, 2004, the Franklin
County Commission adopted a
tentative budget and tentative
millage rate. County Clerk
Kendall Wade determined it will
take 4.8684 mills to fund the bud-
Set, which has a tentative total of
26,068,537.00. The tentative
millage rate of 4.8684 mills is
19.24% over the rolled back rate
of 4.0827 mills.
The date set for the final budget
hearing to adopt the final village
rate and budget for Fiscal Year
2004/2005 is Monday, Septem-
ber 20, 2004, at 5:30 p.m. at the
Franklin County Courthouse An-
nex, County Commission Room,
34 Forbes Street, Apalachicola,


Continued on Page 4


Page 4 17 September 2004


The Franklin Chronicle


Community Rating System and Mitigation

County Planner Presents Progress

Report To Commissioners

Mark Curenton, Franklin County Planner, presented a progress re-
port on the community rating system and local mitigation strategy to
the Franklin County Commission at their last meeting on Tuesday,
September 7, 2004. His report stated that the county was revising its
local mitigation strategy "at this time." He concluded that the county
would adopt a revised local mitigation strategy in the fall of 2004.
The Elements of the Franklin County Local Mitigation Strategy as
presented to the Franklin County Commission on Tuesday, Septem-
er 7, 2004, are as follows:
1. Protect CR 370 (Alligator Point access road) from storm surge.
A feasibility study has been performed on protecting the Alligator Point road.
The County is working on obtaining sand from the Apalachicola River to replenish the
beach in front of the road and has applied for state funding to construct T-groins in this
area to replenish the beach. No actual construction work on any of these projects has
been accomplished yet, although it is anticipated that the Corps of Engineers will begin
moving sand from the Apalachicola River to Alligator Point to begin renourishment of
the beach in late 2004, after the end of turtle nesting season.
2. Buy out repetitively damaged structures on Alligator Point.
The County has purchased and demolished three houses (RL # 0076494,0076759
and 0098739). The County has received a Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant to purchase
another repetitive loss property on Alligator Point (RL #0074248). The contract is
waiting to be signed by the State of Florida.
3. Develop and maintain ability to use alternate evacuation routes to Hwy. 98.
The County has been awarded a Community Development Block Grant in the
amount of $700,000. One element of this grant will pay for paving Twin Lakes Road in
Eastpoint, which can be used as an alternative evacuation route. The contractors are
currently working on this project. They are scheduled to complete the work by January
The County has also discussed with the Division of Forestry the necessity of
using roads in Tate's Hell State Forest as alternative routes if Highway 98 is damaged.
The recent purchase by the state of additional acreage to add to the state forest means that
the entire stretch from Highway 65 to River Road in Carrabelle is in state ownership.
The Division of Forestry and Franklin County have agreed on certain roads in the state
forest, North Road and Buck Siding Road, which will be used as an alternative route
from Eastpoint to Carrabelle in the event Highway 98 is damaged. ;
4. Raise bridge on Highway 67 where it floods at Crooked River (evacuation route
for Carrabelle).
The County applied for grant finding for this proposal, but did not receive the
funding. Nothing further has been done on this project.
5. Mitigate flooding on Brickyard Road.
Nothing has been done on this proposal.
6. Mitigate flooding on Bloody Bluff Road.
Nothing has been done on this proposal.
7. Extend Bluff Road and construct bridge to meet Gulf County road to enhance
evacuation of Apalachicola.
Nothing has been done on this proposal.
8. Acquire property on Bald Point for recreation and to prevent vulnerable
The State of Florida purchased land at Bald Point for the Bald Point State Park on
August 30, 1999. In December 2002 the State of Florida purchased an additional 2,851
* acres of land at Bald Point from the St. Joe Co. to expand the park further.
9. Consider elevating homes in flood prone area (7th St. area floodplain).
Nothing has been done on this proposal. .
10. Sekfuinds to purchase mobile fire proofing sstem (truck ,ith fireproof foam
application system). '".-
Nothing'las been done on'this proposal.
11. Extend water lines (and sewer lines) along Bluff Road to provide for fire
hydrants and fire protection,
The City of Apalachicola has not extended any water lines. The City is just
completing upgrades to its existing water system and sewer system that should allow
. them to begin expanding the systems in the future if the demand is there.
12. Extend water lines (and sewer lines) along River Road to provide for fire
hydrants and fire protection.
The City of Carrabelle has extended water lines along River Road west of the
Carrabelle River. Sewer lines have not yet been extended to the west side of the
Carrabelle River.
13. Seek funds to purchase and maintain automated emergency telephone warning
notification system to facilitate the rapid notification and evacuation of county.
The county has investigated the possibility of such a system and determined that .
the costs associated with it are too high for the county budget at this time. Nothing
further has been done on this proposal.
14. Floodproof two lift station in Apalachicola on Market Street and Avenue M.
These two lift stations were removed when the city installed its new sewer
15. Shutters for Senior Citizen's Center in Carrabelle.
Hurricane shutters have been installed at the Senior Citizen's Center in
Key Estate from Page 1
the City Council was a method of
ensuring continued involvement
of the Philaco Club with the mu-
nicipal library. Finally, when the
nominee for the board was iden-
tified as Denise Roux, and her Collins Realty, Inc.
remarks to the Board, the
Apalachicola City Council ap-
proved of the nomination.
Last month, at the August 3rd
meeting, Betty Taylor Webb, city
administrator, informed the
Board that Attorney Rachel
Chestnut, representing the per-
sonal representative of the Mar-
garet Key estate, had submitted
two checks totaling $404,715.86
along with an accounting of the Bay View 3BR/3BA home with
personal representative, and a pe-
tition to determine payment o0 large addition in 2003 that
claim. Margaret Key left her es- added new kitchen/dining/liv-
tate to the municipal library in
Apalachicola upon her death sev- ing, master, BR & screened
eral years earlier, and only after porch. Home has pergo floors
formal inquiries and a legal peti-
tion filed in Second Circuit court and electric fireplace.
has an accounting been brought MLS#99755........ $599,000.
At the September 7, 2004 meet-
ing last Tuesday evening, Betty I '
Taylor Webb indicated that the
paperwork recently transmitted to
the City offices would be turned BAY FRONT cleared one acre lot
over to city auditor Michael place. MLS#00159
Tucker for review. Following that lace L 0159..................

16. Place shutters on critical facilities: 2 city halls, sheriff office, planning office, 6
Shutters have been installed at the two city halls, the sheriffs office, and the
former planning office. Shutters were not installed at the various firehouses because the
structures themselves could not be certified to withstand the wind forces.
17. Replace, firehouse (Eastpoint) gable roofwith wind resistant hip roof.
Nothing has been done on this proposal.
18. Back-up power generators for sewer station lift pumps in Eastpoint.
Nothing has been done on this proposal.
19. Better water system pumps in selected locations in Eastpoint.
Nothing has been done on this proposal.
20. Upgrade Carrabelle sewer system.
The City of Carrabelle has upgraded its sewer system.
21. Encourage full service medical clinic to locate in Carrabelle.
There are currently two medical clinics in Carrabelle.
22. Extend sewer lines west of Apalachicola (Brownsville Area), especially to areas
with septic tanks vulnerable to repetitive flood damage.
Nothing has been done on this proposal. Apalachicola has recently completed
renovations to their sewer plant and collection lines. The moratorium on new hook-ups
has been lifted from Apalachicola's sewer system, so it is now possible to expand the
sewer lines if a project is available.
23. Relieve occasional flooding from stormwater backing up at culvert under Hwy.
98 at 12th St. in Carrabelle.
Nothing has been done on this proposal.
24. Submit Local Mitigation Strategy to NFIP for Community Rating System credit
as Floodplain Management Plan (210 maximum points).
The County has received points for the LMS.
25. Relieve flooding from stormwater backing up in the Wilderness Road, Ridge
Road and Bear Creek area.
The County has installed new driveway culverts in this area to relieve the
flooding problem. This is part of the County's match for the Community Development
Block Grant it has received for improvements in Eastpoint and Lanark.
26. Pave Twin Lakes Road to provide safe roadways for local traffic and in
furtherance of "Develop and maintain ability to use alternate evacuation routes to
Hwy. 98".
The County has received funding for a Community Development Block Grant to
accomplish this proposal. Construction has started on the project and is scheduled to be
completed by January 9, 2004.
27. Extend sewer and water lines on RidgeiRoad and Bear Creek Road in to avoid
flooding of septic tanks and provide adequate fire protection.
The County has been awarded a Community Development Block Grant that
includes extension of water lines along Bear Creek Road as an alternate project if there is
enough money remaining after all the original projects are accomplished. This project
would serve four very low-income households. This project will probably not be funded
out of this Community Development Block Grant because there will not be any funds
remaining for the alternative projects.
28. Relive flooding from storm water in the Lanark Village area.
The County has received funding for a Community Development Block Grant to
accomplish this proposal. The design for the project is complete and is being reviewed
by FEMA for possible additional funding. Franklin County is working to acquire the
necessary easements to install the drainage pipes. It is anticipated that construction will
start on this project before the end of 2004.
29. Purchase 20 acres at Eight-Mile to preserve the property in the floodplain from
The County has submitted a grant application to the Florida Communities Trust to
fund purchase of this property. The County is awaiting the decision from the state on
funding availability.


v' Hurricane Charley



This fund established by Governor Jeb Bush


Hurricane Frances from Page 3

This report from New Symrna Beach, Florida, is nominated
as the most absurd example of a reporter getting into the
middle of a story with mixed results. He delivered a three
minute pitch while being thoroughly hosed down with
storm water.

1- .1

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review, City Attorney Pat Floyd
indicated that a notification would ONE ACRE LOT in gated comr
be made to Judge Ferris, 2nd Cir- marsh. Short walk to the tennis coi
cult Court, describing the status
of the legal petition filed weeks BAYFRONT lot in gated commur
ago. launch into slough connecting to t'
At the August 3, 2004 City Meet- BAYVIEW one acre wooded lot in
ing, Commissioner Van Johnson MLS#100372
moved to remove Ms. Barbara 002......
Holmes from the library board,
unanimously approved by the e
Board. Commissioner Davis at
that same meeting moved that all t*o:t
accounting for the Library Board
and the Key Estate'be one "in
house" at City Hall, unanimously iiS
approved by the Board. e

For sale: MLS#101445, mobile home, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 14 x 70 feet, singlewide.

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I~ I -



17 September 2004 Page 5

The Destruction Of The Negro Fort

In East Florida

Part IV of the Fort Gadsden history
Publisher's Note: The following narrative is excerpted from a letter of
the Secretary of the United States Navy that transmits the story of
the destruction of what would later be called "Fort Gadsden" during
the month of July 1816. What is republished here are excerpts from
the original printing by E. De Krafft in 1819, three years following the
The letter is addressed to Commodore Daniel T. Patterson, U. S. Navy,
Commanding Officer at the New Orleans station. Commodore
Patterson sen the report the report by J. Loomis to the Secretary of the U. S.
Navy, Washington, D. C., who subsequently sent it to the President of
the United States. The value of this document is that it is a first
person observation of the destruction of the fort.

Bay St. Louis, 13 / August, 1816.
U. S. Gun Vessel, AVo. 149.
In conformity with your orders of the 24th June, I have the
honor to report, that with this vessel and No. 154, sailingmaster
James Bassett, I took under convoy the schooners General Pike and
Semelante, laden with provisions and military stores, and proceeded
for Apalachicola river, off the mouth of which we arrived on the
10th July: .at this place I received despatches from lieut. col. Clinch,
commanding the 4th regiment, United States infantry, on the Chata.
hoochie river, borne by an Indian, requesting me to remain off the
mouth of the river, until he could arrive with a party of men- to as-
sist in getting up the transports, desiring me also to detain all vessels-
and boats that might attempt to descend the river.
On the 15th, I discovered a boat pulling out of the river, and
being anxious to ascertain whether we should be permitted peacea-
bly to pass the fort above us, I despatched a boat with an officer to.
gain the necessary information; on nearing her, she fired a volley of
musketry into my boat, and immediately pulled in for the river; I
immediately opened a fire on them from the gun vessels, but with no
effect. ' "
On the 17th, at 5 A. M. I manned and armed a. boat with a
swivel and musketry and four men, and gave her in charge of mid-
shipman Luffborough, for the purpose of procuring fresh water, hav-
ing run short of that article. At 11 A. M. sailing master Bassett,
who had been on a similar expedition, came alongside with the body
of John Burgess, 0. S. who had been sent in the boat with mid-

shipman Luft borough; his body was found near the mouth ot the ri-
ver, shot through the heart; at 4P. M. discovered a man at the mouth
of. the river on a sand bar, sent a boat and brought him on board, he
proved to be John Lopaz, 0. S. the only survivor of the boats crew,
sent with midshipman Luffborough: he reports that on entering. the.
river, they discovered a negro on the beach, near a plantation; that
Mr. Luffborough ordered the boat to be pulled directly-for him; that
on touching the shore he spoke to the negro, and directly received
a volley of musketry from two divisions oft negroes and Indians who
lay concealed in the bushes on the margin of the river; Mr. Luff-
borough, Robert Maitland, and John Burgess, were killed on the
spot; Lopaz made his escape by swimming, and states that he saw
the other seaman, Edward Daniels made prisoner, Lopaz supposed
there must have been forty negroes and Indians concerned in- the
capture of the boat.
On the 20th July, I received by a danoe with five Indians, des-
patches from colonel Clinch, advising that he had arrived with a par-
ty of troops and'Indians, at a position about a mile above the Negro
Fort, requesting that I would ascend the river and join him with the
gun vessels; he further informed me, that he had taken a negro bear-
ing the scalp of one of my unfortunate crew to one of the unfriendly
Indian chiefs. On the 22d, there was a heavy cannonading in the
direction of the fort; on the 23d, I received a verbal message from
colonel Clinch, by a white man and two Indians, who stated that
colonel Clinch wished me to ascend the river to a certain bluff, and
await there until I saw him. Considering th;\t by so doing in a nar-
row and crooked river, from both sides of which my decks could be
commanded and exposed to the fire of musketry, without enabling
me to act in my own defence, and also, that something like treache.
ry might be on foot from.the nature of the message, I declined act-
ing, retained the white man and one of the Indians as hostages, and
despatched -the other with my reason for so doing to colonel Clinch;
that,his views and communications to me in future must be made in
. writing, and by an officer of the army. Lieutenant Wilson and thir-
teen men, joined me on the 24th, to assist in getting up with the
transports; he likewise informed;me that colonel Clinch had sent the
canoe the day before.
On the 25th, I arrived with.the convoy at Duelling Bluff, about
four miles below the fort, where I was met by colonel Clinch; he in-
formed me that in attempting to pass within gun shot of the fortifica.
tions, he had been firedupon by the negroes, and that he had also been
fired upon for'the last four 6r five days, whenever any of his troops
appeared in view; we immediately reconnoitered the fort, and de-
termined on a site to erect a small battery of two eighteen pounders,
to assist the gun vessels to force the navigation of the river, as it was
evident-from their hostility, we should be obliged to do.
On the 26th, the colonel began to clear away the brushwood for
theerection of the battery, he however stated to me, that he was not
acquainted.with artillery, but that he thought the distance was too
great to. do execution; on this subject we unfortunately differed to-
tally in opinion, as we,were within point blank range, he however
ordered his men to desist from further operations; I then told himr
that the gun vessels would attempt the passage of the fort, in the
morning., itlout his aid. At 4 A. M. on the morning of the 27th,
we began warping the gunt vessels to a proper position; at 5, getting
within .gun shot, the fort opened upon us, which we returned; and
after ascertaining our ,eal distance with cold shot, we commenced
with hot, (having cleared away'our coppers for that purpose) the
first one.of which entering their magazine, blew up, and completely
destroyed the fort. T''he negroes fought under the English Jack,
accompanied .wth the red or bloody flag. This was a regularly con.'
structed fortiticauon, built under th'e immediate eye and direction of
col. Nichol's of the British army; there was mounted on the walls,
and in a complete state of equipment for service, four long 24 poun-
ilers, cunnoa, f4ur long G.ditto. one four pounder field piece, and a.
5 1.2 inch brass howitz, with three hundred negroes, men, women,
and children, and about 20 Indian warriors of the renegad.o Choc-
taws; of these 270 were killed, and the greater part of the rest mor.
tally wounded, but three escaped unhurt; among the prisoners were
the two chiefs of the negroes and Indians. On examining the pri-
soners, they stated that Edward Daniels, 0. S. who was made pri-
soner in the boat on the 17th July, was tarred and burnt alive; in
consequence of this savage act, both the chiefs were executed on the
spot by the friendly Ind ans.'

From the best information we could ascertain, there were
2,500 stand of musketry, with accoutrements complete.
500 carbines.
500 steel scabbard swords.
4 cases containing 200 pair of pistols.
3o0 quarter casks of rifle powder.
162 barrels of cannon powder, besides a large quantity of mill-
tary stores and clothing that I was not able'to collect any account of,
owing to an engagement made by colonel Clinch with the Indians, in
which he promised them all the property captured, except the cannon
and shot. .
The property captured on the 27th July, according to the best
information we could obtain, and at the lowest calculation, could not
have been less than S200,000 in value; the remnant of the property
that the Indians did not take. was transported to Fort Crawford and
to this place, an inventory of which, I have'the honof- to transmit for
yodr further information.
On sounding the river, I found it impassable for vessels drawing
more than 4 1 2 feet water, consequently col.. Clinch took the provi.
sion from the General Pike into flats, and lightened the Semelante,
so as to enable her to ascend the river as high as Fort Crawford.
On the Sd August, after setting fire to the remaining parts of the fort
and village, I left the river, and arrived at this anchorage on the 12th
I cannot close this letter, without expressing to you my entire
approbation of the conduct of sailing master James Bassctt, com-
mlinding gun vessels, No. 15,4, for his coolt, deliberate, and masterly
conduct,and the support I received from him in all cases of difficulty
and danger. In fact, sir, every officer and" man did his duty.
Very resuectfully,
Your obedient servant,

Commodore Daniel T. Patterson,
Commg. U. S. .Vaval forces, XN". Orleans stei'ion.


American Red Cross

All American Red Cross disaster assistance is free, made pos-
sible by voluntary donations of time and money from the Ameri-
can people. You can help the victims of Hurricane Frances and
thousands of other disasters across the country each year by
making a financial gift to the American. Red Cross Disaster Relief
Fund, which enables the Red Cross to provide shelter, food, coun-
seling and other assistance to those in need. Call 1-800-HELP
NOW or 1-800-257-7575 (Spanish). Contributions to the Disas-
ter Relief Fund may be sent to your local American Red Cross
chapter or to the American Red Cross, P.O. Box 37243, Washing-
ton, DC 20013. Internet users can make a secure online contri-
bution by visiting www.redcross.org.

Revising Development Plans for Resort

Franklin County Commission Adopts
1 th Amendment To The 1977

St. George Development Order

Plantation Sanctions Removal of Advanced
Wastewater Plant

The Franklin County Commission
adopted formal proposals to re-
vise the St. George Development
Order, eliminating commercial
activity in the Resort Village, re-
ducing the density to one unit per
acre, and conversion of the Resort



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Village hotel to residential condo-
miniums. The Department of En-
vironmental Protection has ex-
pressed concerns about the re-
moval of the advanced wastewa-
ter plant but Director Lee R.
Sewell wrote to the Commission-
ers that "...it is our opinion that
the density required for the plant
to operate efficiently (at least 2
units per acre, if not more) would
have been a different form of "pol-
lution" and unattractiveness for
our community."
The letter quoted above was sent
to Cheryl Sander, Chairperson of
the Franklin County Commission-
ers. In part, St. George Plantation
Director Lee Sewell wrote, "I am
writing you and the other com-
missioners as chair of the St.
George Plantation Owners'
Association's Relationship Com-
mittee with the Resort Village de-
velopers. As you know this prop-
erty lies entirely within our gated
community but is not a part of our
homeowners' association. For
many years we have struggled to
establish a satisfactory relation-
ship with the owners of this
unique property. As you know, in
May we completed an agreement
regarding their development of
their property and the relation-
ship of that property's future own-
ers with the Plantation. This
agreement received the positive
votes of 99.5% of our voting mem-
bers. This is the strongest en-
dorsement for any proposal on
any topic from our members since
the Plantation was created in
Ms. Sewell's letter continued, "As
our commissioners are well
aware, there have been several
proposals for high-density devel-
opment of this property over the
years, most of which were soundly
opposed by our association, as
well as by many of our owners
individually. Our new agreement
is a reflection of the enthusiastic
support of the Plantation Owners
Association, as well as a substan-
tial majority of our owners for the
plan you are now considering. In
particular, we are greatly pleased
that the density is consistent with
that of the majority of the devel-
opment west of the Plantation
gate (one unit per acre). We are
also pleased that there will be no
commercial activity on the prop-
erty. Finally we think that the
conversion of the hotel to residen-
tial is more consistent with the
Plantation ambiance."
"We are excited to support this
development as outlined in our
agreement and before you. We are
highly confident that at long last
we will have peace in our neigh-
borhood and that the beauty and
tranquility of our unique piece of
beautiful Florida with be pre-
served. We urge your approval of
this application and the related
amendments to the Comp Plan
and the DRI. We also support their
PUD. While our agreement with
the Resort Village owners gives
them complete control of their lot
layout they have shared their cur-
rent plan with our committee and
we approve it and endorse your
approval of it."

You, YOU






I want to thank all of the people who voted for me in

the Primary Election and ask for their continued

support in the General Election on November 2nd.

Represented 50,000 pilots in my 33 year career as a
commercial airline pilot.

Extensive educational background, Member of several Boards
of Directors, Florida Teaching Certificate.

Aware of many of the issues affecting Franklin County.

Will be available to, and seek input from, the citizens of
Franklin County.



'nie v'ranxiin unronicie A-A JL4tX%,rXjjALdjE %.X 7 r I --A


9Ph- ChlP-,nlMlld4AA

Pawye 6 17 Sentemher 2004


A- 94-^-%- %P - -- -E-- - I--I--------I----- -K A, A- -KR - -

Meeting Called to Save Lighthouse

Citizens Initiative Started To Discuss

Future Of Cape St. George Lighthouse

.i~* .

A citizens initiative has scheduled
a meeting to discuss the future of
the Cape St. George Lighthouse
for Wednesday, September 22,
2004, at the Franklin County
Courthouse Annex starting at
7:00 p.m.
~ Presently, the lighthouse is sur-
" rounded by ocean surf pounding
l away at its foundation despite a
Stabilization project concluded in
2002 on the structure. Then, a



-By Judi Rundel
Franklin County Public Library's
WITH-IT! students will turn their
attention to sports during the next
two-months as part of the second
arts-based project. Weather per-
mitting, a field trip to Tallahas-
see to see the United States Olym-
pic gymnastic team is scheduled.
This is the team's first stop on a
national tour following last
month's Olympic Games in Ath-
ens, Greece.
September is a busy month for the
TIGERS participants, too. They
will be going to Rock-It Lanes in
Panama City where they will be
given a "behind the lanes" tour of
the facility as part of their career
development focus. They will also
have an opportunity to enjoy the
activities offered at the Lanes.
The Library's new on-line book
club, provided at no cost to the
user by the Friends of the"
Franklin County Public Library,
is now available. Call Judi at
670-4423 for information or log
on to www.dearreader.com/li-
brary/frank to sip up for this ex-
citing new way to read and share
thoughts about great new books.
The Library's Advisory Board will
hold its regular monthly meeting
on Monday, September 20th be-
ginning at 5:30 p.m. at the,
Carrabelle branch. The public is
. welcome to attend.
The Franklin County Public
Library's programs-FROG,
WITH-IT!, and TIGERS-are of-
fered at no cost to participants.
Registration however is required.
For information about the
WITH-ITI and TIGERS programs
call 653-2784 in Apalachicola,
670-5250 in Eastpoint, or 697-
9216 in Carrabelle.'The FROG
Family program can be reached
by calling 697-2091 in Carrabelle
or 670-4423 in Eastpoint. For in-
formation about upcoming
events, becoming a volunteer tu-
tor, or becoming a library volun-
teer, please call 670-8151,
697-2366, or 697-2091, or view
the Library's website located at

citizen group known as the "Cape
St. George Lighthouse Society"
obtained .$16,0,00. in state
grants, and raised nearly $50,000
more from visitors and local resi-
dents, to save the tilting struc-
ture, sitting on the water's edge
after years of beach erosion. The
group hired Grimes, Inc. a Talla-
assee construction company to
L-.,t h lih- h 1iilirO i-oiht ib UAisirn

The conical structure is 74 feet
high with four foot thick brick
walls at the base. Grimes drilled
20 holes around the base of the
lighthouse, filling the holes with
fiberglass bars and concrete and
attached spokes to an encircling
ring of concrete. The base was
placed on 20 wooden pilings sunk
about 15 feet into the ground. The
entire structure was then sur-
rounded by a circular,
concrete-filled seawall placed
about 10 feet into the ground.
The lighthouse is located within
the Cape St. George State Re-
Cape St. George State
Cape St. George State Reserve is
a pristine section of the 28-mile
long barrier island, St. George,
that separates Apalachicola Bay
from the Gulf of Mexico. The
10-mile long cape, known locally
as Little St. George Island, was,
separated from the rest of St.
George Island by a man-made
ship channel in 1954. The cape,
was purchased in 1977 under the
Environmentally Endangered
Lands program to protect it from
development and to contribute to
the protection of Apalachicola
Bay. The lighthouse is located :
about mid-point on Little St.
The lighthouse was built about"
400 yards from the beach in 1852.
Hurricane Kate brought vast
changes in the landscape, and in
the 133 years since construction,
the beach has moved 400 yards
north. Today, the lighthouse is
surrounded by water despite a'
renovation project undertaken to
secure the footing of the struc-
The work by Grimes, Inc. was
about $200,000.

Lighthouse Popularity
Jacksonville architect Kenneth
Smith has noted that five Florida
lighthouses became a flourishing
trade by 2002. The two most
popular are in St. Augustine and
Daytona draw hundreds of thou-
sands of visitors each year, and
earn more than $1 million annu-
ally in admission fees and
gift-shop sales, according to an.
article published in the Tallahas-
see Democrat in July 2002. Smith
then estimated it would cost
$509,000 to prepare the Cape St.
George lighthouse for visitors, in-
cluding new stairs, windows, an
electrical system, the light, and
other small fixtures. Such invest-
ment potential might make it very
practical to physically move the
lighthouse to a more accessible
location.' such as St. George Is-
land. within the Franklin Boule-:
yard area.
Organizers of the effort to inves- "'
tigate the potential for saving the
lighthouse include Roy Ogles, Ed
Tiley and selected members of the
Apalachicola Riverkeeper organi-

seL em g gLJ.nLouser gn L, Jing ing
the tilting structure to an upright
posture in April 2002.

<-E Ldofzo $ (storfmte


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We love private
parties! Highway 98 Downtown Carrabelle
Catering available
*- \




Walk To Remember: The Bay,
Franklin Gulf Healthy Start Coa-
lition, Inc. will hold its 8th Annual
"Walk to Remember" on Saturday,
October 2, 2004-Rain or Shine
at 9:00 a.m. at The Martin The-
atre, 409 Harrison Ave. in Down-
town Panama City. The Walk is
designed to provide caregivers
and loss survivors with an oppor-
tunity to memorialize their prena-
tal and infant loss experience. It
will also help raise awareness
about the importance of the grief
process for families and the com-
munity. For more information
. please contact the Healthy Start
Coalition at 872-4130.

11 .

.4 4Z


Public Meeting to Explore Res-
toration of Cape St. George
,-" Lighthouse: A public meeting to
-_ discuss and explore relocation
and restoration of the Cape St.
George Lighthouse will be held
September 22 at the Franklin
County Courthouse Annex at 7:00
p.m. Currently, the lighthouse
stands in the Gulf of Mexico sur-
rounded by the surf with consid-
S, erable beach erosion. An informal
"exploratory committee" of Roy
Ogles, Lauren Levi, Roger Martin,
Dennis Barnell and Ed Tiley has
formed to explore what might be
done. The purpose of the meeting
on 22 September is to put to-
. -. gether a community coalition to
act on the problem.

Apalachicola Bay Chamber of
Commerce First Annual Invita-
tional Golf Tournament October
7, 2004: Tee up with business
members from around the
Franklin, Gulf, Leon and Wakulla
County areas at the first annual
Apalachicola Bay Chamber of
Commerce Golf Tournament on
Thursday, October 7, 2004.
Tee-tlme is 1:00 p.m. on the beau-
[ tiful, new St James Bay Golf
:, ,Course in Lanark. Well-known
Ml. ~ golf course designer Robert
i Walker created this perfectly
R manicured 18-hole championship
course that creates a challenge for
even the most skillful golfer, yet
is still a course golfers of all abili-
..? 7" ties will love. The tournament will
be a four man scramble, low score
wins with prizes worth $4,000 for
the top three teams. Scores will
be totaled and prizes awarded at

*,- -. Continued on Page 7


Fiber glass & paint supplies, fishing tackle, trailer parts, frozen bait, live bait,
rope, team fish line, deep sea & flat rods & reels.
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A Re lt HDog Island Properties

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the 2nd floor, screened-in porch overlooking the river from
the first floor. Home has 1080 sq. ft. carport under the house
with two storage rooms, 10' ceilings, elevator, dock with boat
lift, central sound system, and an irrigation system with well.
* Bayou Harbor-One acre overlooking Dog Island and St.
George Island. Direct Bay access. $700,000.00.
* New Home-2088 sq. ft. home overlooking the #8 Green.
3BR/2BA, metal roof, Hardiplank siding, marble countertops,
hardwood floors, Andersen windows and much more.
Bayside Realty, Inc.
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697-5470 697-3919 877-577-7177 Fax: 697-9607
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The Franklin Chronicip

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The Franklin Chronicle


17 September 2004 Page 7

F-15 Crash from Page 1

plane of motion change. As the MA rolled to the right, the MP as-
sessed Bonho 01 to have a closure problem, so he attempted to
re-orient his lift vector directly onto Bonho 01 while he selected maxi-
mum after-burner.
To accomplish this, the MP looked forward momentarily to move the
throttles to maximum A-B; he then moved his left hand from the
throttles to the top of the stick and began to look back over his right
shoulder to look high above his right vertical tail. As he did this, he
heard a loud bang and could no longer see. He closed his eyes and
felt the windblast hit his face. At 11:57:15L, with the aircraft 20 to 30
degrees nose low, 20 to 30 degrees of left bank, 14,700 feet mean sea
level (MSL) and 250 knots, the MP was ejected from the aircraft. At
11:57:20L the emergency locator beacon in the ejection seat survival
kit began broadcasting on 243.0 MHz (Guard frequency) indicating
manseat separation.
After the MP ejected, the MA continued to fly for approximately one
minute and forty-nine seconds. At 11:59:03L, the MA impacted just
off the north side of St. George Island At the time of impact, air com-
bat maneuvering instrumentation (ACMI) shows the MA was approxi-
mately 90 degrees nose low, traveling Mach 1. 14, 3.7 Gs, and 10
units angle of attack (AOA). The ACMI coordinates indicated were
N29 38'48" and W84 54'29". The MA impacted approximately 100
feet to the north of a private dock, creating a large crater. Pieces of
debris scattered in an area of approximately 400 feet by 240 feet with
a majority of the debris buried inside the crater and was covered by
mud and water as the crater filled.


A large number of tests were conducted on surviving equipment in-
cluding the ejection seat, the right handles on the ejection seat, the
left handle, life support equipment, the MP's anti-G Suit, the MP's
flight suit, the torso harness, the MP's gloves, helmet and mask. With
regard to the testing of the ejection seat, analysis showed no me-
chanical deformation of the ejection seat structure.caused the initia-
tion of the ejection. No fibers from the MP's anti-G suit, flight suit or
gloves were found on the right ejection seat. handle. The original
CRU-94/P was lost at the time of ejection. Further analysis of the
MP's gloves enabled the investigators to conclude that there was no
evidence that the MP initiated ejection by pulling the ejection handles
with his hands.
Excerpts of Official Opinion Statement of Investigator
John C. Burgess, Jr., Colonel, USAF
The investigating officer's excerpted opinion on this accident con-
tained the following language:
"I find by clear and convincing evidence that the mishap was caused
when the MP's CRU-94/p, an air regulating connector, became de-
tached from the torso harness dovetail bracket, a device which at-
taches the CRU-94/P to the pilot's torso harness, and set off the.
chain of events that led to the initiation of the ejection sequence,
which ultimately led to the crash of the MA."
"The board considered all aspects of operations: supervision, mission
planning, briefing, preflight, takeoff, and human factors; and found
none to be a cause or factor in the mishap. The board also considered
all aspects of maintenance: supervision, delayed discrepancies, un-
scheduled discrepancies, inspections, procedures, practices, and
policies; and found none to be a cause or factor in the mishap. Fi-
nally, the board considered weather, aircrew qualifications, medical
qualifications, crew rest, crew duty day, and lifestyle; and found none
to be a cause or factor in the mishap."
"The mishap sortie was scheduled and briefed as direct support red
air for a two-ship F- I 5C ACT1 syllabus sortie with a planned alter-
nate mission of 3K defensive perch setups for the MP. At the conclu-
sion of the red air syllabus support portion of the mission, the MP
and the MP's flight lead transitioned to the briefed alternate BFM
mission. During the third engagement at the "fight's-on" call, the MP
rolled aggressively into a right-hand break turn, selected idle power
and performed a loaded plane of motion change maneuver. At ap-
proximately I 1:57:15L, as the MP selected maximum AB while at-
tempting to re-orient his lift vector and pulling the stick back toward
his body with both hands, the MP was ejected from the MA. There
were no known aircraft malfunctions identified prior to the MP being
ejected from the MA.

The board focused its investigation on three scenarios that could have
led to the MP's ejection from the MA: (1) Ejection seat self-initiation,
(2) Inadvertent ejection initiated by the MP, and (3) Unintentional
ejection initiated as a result of some foreign object providing suffi-
cient force to raise the ejection seat handless.
(1) Ejection Seat Self-Initiation
"After the mishap, the ejection seat firing handles were in the down
position with the sear pins of both JAU-8 initiators retracted from the
body of the initiators, and both initiators fired. The sear pin linkages
were deformed when the handles were forced back down by the resis-
tive force of the ejection handle springs, and the sear pins/linkages
collided with the top portion of the JAU8s. The seat structures adja-
cent to the JAU-8 initiators/initiator linkages and the ejection seat
handle interconnecting tube were undamaged; therefore, mechanical
deformation of the ejection seat structures is not considered to have
caused ejection initiation. The damage present on the ejection seat
indicates that JAU-8 sear pins were pulled, initiating ejection, by
upward rotation of the ejection seat handles. The ejection seat func-
tioned normally; evidence does not support self-initiation."
(2) Inadvertent Ejection Initiated by the MP
"Some gray material was present on the ejection seat handles, but it
did not match the gray palmer leather of the MP's flight gloves. BLA
tested the MP's flight gloves for indications of contact with the ejec-
tion seat handles, such-as paint transfers from handle to glove, but
found none. As such the evidence does not support a pilot-initiated
(3) Unintentional Ejection Initiated as a Result of Some
Foreign Object Providing Sufficient Force to Raise the
Ejection Seat Handle(s)
"The board investigated three scenarios related to unintentional ejec-
tion: (1) The CRU-94/p lodged in the ejection seat handle, and the
combination of the MP turning his head to the right to view his six
o'clock high position and applying aft stick input raised the ejection
handle; (2) The CRU-94/P caught between the ejection seat handle
and the pilot's right knee raise the handle as the right leg returned to
the neutral position after pressing the right rudder pedal; and (3) An
opening in the G-suit leg hooked on the front of the ejection seat
handle, and movement of the right leg raised the handle."
"The MP's CRU-94/P was not attached to the harness at the time the
MP was ejected from the MA, because the CRU-94/P was not at-
tached to the dovetail bracket after the ejection and the dovetail bracket
sustained no damage from ejection forces. Technical data and exten-
sive analysis show the force required to remove a properly secured
CRU-94/P from the harness would cause extensive damage to and/
or failure of the CRU-94/P harness dovetail bracket or the CRU94/P
itself The MPs CRU-94/P and helmet were lost during the ejection
and were not available for analysis. The dovetail bracket on the torso
harness was analyzed and found to have no markings or damage
consistent with forceful removal of the CRU-94/P. The MP testified
that he did not detach the CRU-94/1) from the harness after secur-
ing it prior to launch. It is unclear how the CRU-94/P became de-
tached; however, there are no known reports of CRU-94/P and har-
ness attachment deficiencies that would result in the CRU-94/P de-
taching itself due to material failure."
3. Conclusions
After a comprehensive investigation into this aircraft mishap, I find
by clear and convincing evidence that the mishap was caused when
the MP's CRU-94/P became detached from the torso harness dovetail
bracket and set off the sequence of events that led to the initiation of
the ejection sequence, which ultimately led to. the crash of the MA.
John C. Burgess, Jr. Colonel, USAF
President, Accident Investigation Board
July 16, 2004
On 10 June 2004, General Donald G. Cook, Commander, Air Educa-
tion and Training Command, appointed Colonel (Col.) John C. Bur-
gess, Jr. to conduct an aircraft accident investigation of the 21 May
004 crash of an F- 15C aircraft, serial number (S/N) 81-0027, near
Apalachicola, Florida. The investigation was conducted at Tyndall Air
Force Base (AFB) Florida, from 20 Jurie 2004 through 16 July 2004.
Technical advisors were Lieutenarit616Colonel (Lt.'Col.) Glen Nagasawya,
Medical Advisor; Major (Maj.) Catherine Fahling, Legal Advisor; Maj.
Harlie Bodine, Pilot Advisor; Captain (Capt.) Jason Ross, Maintenance
Advisor; and Second Lieutenant (2Lt.) Julio Alboni, Recorder.

Boyd from Page 1

of the tax cuts were made permanent, the deficits would be $350 -
$400 billion a year for the next ten years.
* The projected deficit for 2004 is more than the total of all discretion-
ary spending except defense and homeland security
* CBO projects that Treasury may exceed the current $7.384 trillion
statutory debt limit by the October under current policies, which would
require the third increase in the debt limit in three years.
* The total national debt will increase by more than $3.8 trillion from
2005 through 2009 under current policies.
* The national debt will exceed $10 trillion by 2009 and more than
$13 trillion ($13.298 trillion) by 2013 under current law.
* The debt held by the public will exceed $5 trillion by the end of 2006
under current policies.
* By 2009 the debt held by the public (excluding debt held by govern-
ment trust funds) will have increased by $2.07 trillion from the end of
2003-an increase of more than 50% in publicly held debt under
current policies.
* The federal government will spend $322 billion for interest on our
national debt in 2004. This "debt tax" will consume 17.2% of all taxes
paid to the federal government.
* Total spending on interest will exceed $400 billion by 2006 and
$500 billion by 2008.

Franklin Bulletin Board from Page 6

a reception following the tourna-
ment. Cost per team is $350, $90
per player. Fees include range
balls, golf carts equipped with the
latest color GPS systems. Tour-
nament proceeds will go toward
the Chamber's building fund. For
more information contact the
Apalachicola Bay Chamber at
(850) 653-9419 or, email us
National Wildlife Refuge Week-
Twenty First Annual Fall Open
House Tours: St. Vincent Na-
tional Wildlife Refuge will conduct
the twenty first annual fall Open
House Tours during the third
week of October. Participants will
have the opportunity to become
better acquainted with their ref-
uge and its varied wildlife and
wildlife habitats. The Open House
is part of the U.S. Fish and Wild-
life Service, "National Wildlife Ref-
uge Week", October .10-16, 2004.
One tour will be conducted daily
October 13, 14 and 15 (Wednes-
day through Friday). The tours are
scheduled to leave the Refuge's
Indian Pass boat dock at 8:00
a.m., E.D.T. and will return at
approximately 1:00 p.m., E.D.T.
Transportation across Indian
Pass will be provided for partici-
pants of the Open House Tours.
Those wishing to participate must

make reservations by phone at
850/653/8808 beginning on Sep-
tember 27. Reservations will be
limited to four individuals per
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
former Director Mollie Beattie said
the third week in October will be
observed annually as NATIONAL
Beattie said, "We hope to make all
Americans aware of the National
Wildlife Refuge System as places
to enjoy wildlife, to hunt, to fish,
to watch, and to learn about our
natural heritage."
In addition to the open house
tours, the Refuge will be conduct-
ing a birding tour, October 8 and
9, 2004, as part of the Florida
Panhandle Birding and Wildflower
Festival (October 7-11, 2004). For
more information on the festival
you can visit www.birdfestival.org
or e-mail info@birdfestival.org
As a reminder, the Refuge is open
to the public year-round during
daylight hours except during hunt
periods and prescribed burns
and/or wildfires. Special permits
or prior notice are not required to
visit. Transportation to the Ref-
uge is the responsibility of the
visitor when not in conjunction
with a specific refuge activity.

-i= TH-E


fi uors & i
:> Ots
82 Coastal Highway 98
I vJ/ 850-894-3563
By the Ochlockonee Bridge
Great Prices Great Gifts
Open 7 days a week 10 am. I I pm

S. Located at the intersection of
7a 4 319 & 98, Medart
S1 Serving Wakulla and Franklin
Counties Since 1986
-- 50926.6181 The oldest and most trusted
3140 Coastal Highway body shop
Crawfordville, FL 32327
Fax: (850) 926-6182 Insurance Claims Welcome
WRECK, HECK' www.mikespaintandbody.com
MV #12153


Experience Making Dreams Come True
Serving the St. George Island and
Apalachicola Bay Area since 1978

Real Estate Sales

Rental Management

Long Standing Staff

Award Winning Realtors

Check out our website:
Suncoast Realty & Property Management, Inc.
224 Franklin Boulevard
St. George Island, FL 32328
800/341-2021 850/927-2282

Reduced Rates on Select Services
Call for details
329 Water St, Apalachicola


jfirmt apti t Cur)
St. George Island
501 E. Bayshore Drive
R. Michael Whaley, Pastor
Join us as we praise and
worship the living Christ!

Sunday Bible Study 10:00 a.m.
Worship & Praise 11:00 a.m.
Sunday Night 7:00 p.m.
Wed. "Power Hour" 7:00 p.m.

"Walking in Christ"



S rtnitp

Highway 98 & 6th Street
EST. 1836
8:00 A.M.

I I I -

Pane 8 17 Sentember 2004


The Franklin Chronicle .

SCAN Florida Classified

F 4 Advertising Network

Each of the classified ads in this section reaches an audience

of 1.8 million subscribers through 112 Florida newspapers!

The Chronicle can place your advertising into this network. Please call the paper

with the FLORIDA REACH at 850-670-1687, fax: 850-670-1685.


IRS AUCTION: Beautiful mountain home & 10.6 acres in
Andrews. NC. September 29, 10:00 AM. Open House/ '
Inspection. September 28. 9:00 AM-4:00 PM.
www ustreas gov/auctionf/irsorcallMikeHarper(843)414-

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Heavy Equipment Operator CERTIFIED. Training at
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Legal Services

DIVORCE $175-$275 COVERS children, etc. Only one
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AUCTIONS. Sept 21: 7.6 Acre Land in Palmetto. Oct.
2: Luxury Home in Naples. Oct. 6: Canal Front Home on
Longboat Key. Oct. 23: Home w/7 Acres in Port Charlotte.
Call forBrochure 1(800)749-7450. Neal Van De ReeAuction-
eers/Realtor. www vanderee corn
Buy Mountain Land Now! 4 acres, spectacular view,
secluded,wooded. paved road,driveway, house site.$35,000.
Owner financing. Bryson City, NC Call owner (800)810-
1590. www mountainoverlookproperties corn

Beautiful chalet-style log home. Choose from beautiful
mountain view parcels starting at Only $19,900! (800)455-
1981. Ext. 415.

Tallahassee Lodge 162

July 28, 2004

To: Robert Bruce Barnes

From: John A. Beeman, President Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 162

Subject: Results of FOP District 1 Candidate Screening

First let me take a moment to thank you for taking the time out of your
busy campaigning schedule to attend the F.O.P. 162 candidate screening. It
is with great pride, and enthusiasm that we are able to endorse your
candidacy for Franklin County Sheriff. Based on our screening, we believe
that your candidacy represents similar principles, values, ideas and
commitment to the citizenry of Franklin County and that of our lodge
members, and its goals. We believe that once elected to office, you will be
the best choice in making the Franklin County community the safest, most
economically sound, and best place to raise a family. We will encourage our
members, their families, and their friends to also support your candidacy,
and most important to get out and vote for you in this election. If the lodge
or I can assist you in any manner please feel free to call upon me. Thanks
again for your time, best of luck and God bless and keep up the faith.

I //

Fraternally yours,

John A. Beeman
President, FOP Tallahassee Lodge 162

Political Advertisement paid for and approved Bruce Barnes, Republican, for Sheriff

Real Estate

WESTERN NC MOUNTAINS. North Carolina Where
there is: Cool Mountain Air, Views & Stream, Homes,
MOUNTAIN PROPERTY SALES. (800)642-5333. Realty
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Cabins, Acreage & Investments. Cherokee Mintciain Realty
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20-900ACRE FARMS. Beautiful view of lakes and rivers,
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BELOW NADA RV SALE! Nations # I-Selling RV
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WORLD-Melbourne- 1-800-700-1021; Winter Garden -I-
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Steel Buildings .

BUILDING SALE! "Rock Bottom Prices!" Quick Deliv-
ery. BeatNextPrice Increase. Godirect/save. 20x26.25x30.
30x40. 35x60. 40x80. 45x90. 50x100. 60xl80. Others.
Pioneer (800)668-5422.

Education Encore
from Page 2,.

"Mini Vegetable Gardening" will
teach students basic plant science
and practical knowledge of con-
tainer gardening, herb and veg-
etable gardens, landscaping, soil
preparation, and pest control. Roy
Lee Carter will teach the class.
John Anderson, choir director at
the First United Methodist
Church in Mexico Beach, will
again teach "Music Appreciation."
Students will learn and practice
listening skills that will enhance
their enjoyment of music.
Another returning instructor,
Shirley Brown, will teach "Fun
with Digital and Film Cameras."
Students will need their own cam-
eras and film and a desire to learn
a little history, camera operation
and maintenance, as well as tech-
niques that will improve their
photography know-how: lighting,
,- restoration, and composition. Ms.
Brown, an accomplished profes-
sional photographer who lives in
Panama City, plans a photo-field
trip as part of the course.
Financial planner Bobby Roberts
of Panama City returns to teach
his popular "Estate and Financial
Planning," which features finan-
cial matters of interest to seniors.
Topics include investments, in-
surance, and estate management.
Kathleen Jansen will teach
"Hatha Yoga," in which students
will learn and practice basic yoga
postures, breathing and medita-
tion. Participants should wear
loose and comfortable shoes and
clothing for this class.
A new offering this session is
David McClain's "Brush Up Your
Shakespeare." McClain, ABARK
Executive Director and a former
literature instructor, will review
Shakespeare's achievements and
lasting universal impact and im-
portance. The classes will select
specific Shakespearean works for
meaningful discussion and study.
Mr. McClain plans a test-free
learning workshop.
A special Education Encore recep-
tion at Gulf Coast Community
College's Gulf/Franklin campus
at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Sep-
tember 15 will introduce Educa-
tion Encore staff, instructors, and
classes. All former and interested
potential students may attend the
reception to learn more about the
program, meet fellow participants,
and enjoy free refreshments.
Education Encore is an education
opportunity for adults over 50
who wish to participate in enrich-

ing personal, social, academic,
and cultural learning experiences.
Courses involve a stress-free for-
mat free of tests and grades. In-
terested adults may learn more
about the program by attending
the September 15 reception, by
accessing the Education Encore
web site (http://lll.gulfcoast.edu/
encore), or by calling (850)
872-3823 or (800) 311-3685, ex-
tension 3823.

Cook Insurance Agency, Inc.


+ Specializing in Coastal Properties
from Alligator Point to Mexico Beach

23 Avenue D, Apalachicola, Fl 32329
850-653-9310 800-822-7530

Establishedi1913 AIent.

Mexican Restaurant
IE B A lBn SE C< 105 Highway 98
MEXICAN FOOD Eastpoint, FL 32328
* Phone: 850-670-5900
Open 24 Hours Friday and Saturday
Breakfast: 5 a.m. 11 a.m. A
Lunch: 11 a.m. 3 p.m. :
SDinner: 3 p.m.- 11 p.m.
Authentic Flavor of Old Mexico

St. George Island

United Methodist Church



1201 E. Gulf Beach Drive on the Island
927-2088 Website: sgiumc.org Rev. Anthony F. D'Angelo

SIT W ELECTRONICS Adult & Children's Boots Anchor Retrieval
0 Systems Rope Frozen Bait Team Fish
ICOM RADIOS Line Deep Sea & Flat Rods and Reels *
FURUNO Live Bait and Crab Traps Fishing Tackle *
GARMIN Fiberglass & Paint Supplies Trailer Parts

Marshall Marine
Highway 98 East Carrabelle


850-697-3428 850-899-5319
www.bou transport.net

Marine Construction Specialist Since 1967


Sagos Camellias Century Plants

*- Bulbs Custom Pots
Located corner of
1st St. & Ave. A, Eastpoint, FL
"*'. "'l "' "'i "'i i" "'i "' "'i "i- yi "* "i^ "*> "* 'is '* 'i^ 'i '* '* 'i> '* ',> '* ,^ '-' , ,^

St. George Island Beach Access: "Snail's Pace," 1752 Lilac
Lane. Lovely 5BR.4,5BAm 2730 +/- sq. ft. home offers 3 masters,
hardwood floors, fireplace, great room, screened porch, heated pool,
elevator shaft for future use. Home rests on approx. I acre lot in
Plantation gated community. $995,000. MLS#101447.

Select Land Value
St George Island Gulf View-Lot 45, Pelican Beach Village, .5 acre MOL,
approx. 177' frontage. $749,000. MLS#101601.

S Prudential Toll-Free: 800-974-2666
Resort Realty Phone: 850-927-2666

123 Gulf Beach Drive West
St. George Island, Florida 32328

e-mail: info@stgeorgeisland.com

An Independently Owned and Operated Member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates nc.



--7 --


The Franklin Chronicle


17 September 2004 Page 9


Marine Auto Furniture

3215 Crawfordville Highway Crawfordville, FL

COUNTY 850-670-4531 AMPS, DRUMS
T We Don't Have It, We Can Get It!
191 Highway 98 Unit D Eastpoint, FL 32328
Store Hours: Mon. Fri. 10 to 6 Sat. 11 to 5 09-03/09-17

Karen's Deli ..F
--'. .:_ .,
Dine In and Take Out 1

191 U.S. Highway 98 -
Eastpoint, FL 32328 ..
Phone: 670-8717 : .. -
Fax: 670-8716 1 '. fr .. :" ...
E-Mail: karensdeli@gtcom.net 9. -

Crown Lift Trucks, a leader in the lift truck industry, is seeking Service
Technicians, Parts & Sales Representatives, Office Support, and more for the
newTampa and Orlando locations scheduled to open November I, 2004.
Crown provides on-the-job training and is seeking team players committed to
providing customers with exceptional support. Experience in the forklift, electrical,
automotive, or mechanical fields is ideal.
Crown offers an excellent compensation and benefits package including
health/dental/prescription drug plan, flexible benefits plan, 401 (k) & company
pension, life & disability benefits,'paid holidays;, paid vacation, and more!
Attend a Career Fair to meet with Company representatives and to leam more:

Thursday, September 9
12PM 4PM
Expo Centre
500W Livingston St
Orlando, FL 32801
Friday, September 10, 12PM 8PM
Saturday, September 11, 8AM 4PM
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
5223 N Orient Road
Tampa, FL 33610

Send or e-mail r6sum6 to:
Crown Lift Trucks
44 S Washington Street
New Bremen, OH 45869
Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/HNV

Esadluhsd 197
25' x 30' x 12' $1,936."
10' x 120' x 8'-6" $4,467."
30' x 44' x 16' $7,357."
52' x 48' x 16' $15,889."
50' x 60' x 20' $17,833."
60'-3" x 152'-5" x 16'Hs/13'-6"LS ........ $37,820."

Per Florida Statutes 713.78 (3) (b) File No.
Date of this Notice 09/13/04 Invoice No. 10479
Description of Vehicle: Make Chevy Model 3500 PK Color White
TagNo None Year__ State GA vinNo. 1GBKC34F6SJ113694
To Owner: Brooks Welding, Inc. To Lien Holder:
2145 Briggs Street
Valdosta, GA 31601-5947

You and each of you are hereby notified that the above vehicle was towed on
09/13/04 at the request of Seller Tire, Darren Johnson that said vehicle is in
its possession at the address noted below. They the undersigned claim a lien for
towing, storage and cost. The vehicle will be sold after 35 days from the date of
impound free of prior liens. Payment by the above date of notice in the amount
$ 110.00 plus storage charges occurring at the rate of $ 20.00 per
day from the date hereof will be sufficient to redeem the vehicle from the lien of
the lienor; that subsection (4) of Florida Statute 713.78.

To subsection (5) of Florida Statute 713.78
You and each of you are hereby notified that on 10/18/04 at 12:00 noon
o'clock, the vehicle described above will be sold at public auction
at: 620 Houston Rd., Eastpoint, FL From the proceeds will first be paid all
towing and storage charges plus all costs including cost for this sale. Any excess
will be deposited with the Clerk of the Circuit Court.
You and each of you are urged to make satisfactory arrangements to pay all
charges and take possession of the said vehicle. In order to obtain a release of the
vehicle you must present personal identification, driver's license and PROOF
OF OWNERSHIP (title, registration, etc.) at the address below and pay the
P.O. Box 971
Eastpoint, FL 32328
(850) 670-8219

The BUSINESS CARD DIRECTORY in the Chronic/epages is an
efficient way to promote your business to the public and save money
at the same time. These ads are strictly business cards magnified
to 2 columns by two inches, offered to you at 50% discount for two
insertions. Send your business card or copy to: Franklin Chronicle,
P.O. Box 590, Eastpoint, FL 32328 or fax 850-670-1685. Your
check for $15.00 will guarantee position in the next issue.

PENNyS Shoes & ThiINq


312 Highway 98 Eastpoint, FL (850) 670-8718
Mon. Fri. 10:00 6:00 Sat. 9:00 5:00 Sun. Closed


Phone: ([850) 926-7876 Cell: 545-6906 Fax: 928-1011
4851 Coastal Highway 98 Crawfordville, FL 32327



(800) 794-73"
J.G. Wentworth means CASH O
for Structured Settlements! -

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Gun & Pawn

Full line of Ammo, Tackle & Guns,
Propane Exhange: $16.95 + tax

PHONE: (850) 670-8444 08-20/09-03/09-17

A Very Good Thing
Swedish Relaxation and Medical Massage
Pamela Register, LMT
29 Island Drive Unit 8 Eastpoint, FL 32328
Lic.# MA-0029164 09-03/09-17



SHurricane Charley


This fund established by Governor Jeb Bush



Apalachicola, Fla.
Presents the return of Movies!
For the 1st Time since 1967

Before Sunset
17, 18, 19 & 22
Friday & Saturday-8 p.m.
Sunday-3 p.m
Wednesday-8 p.m.
All Tickets $5.00

Coming October 1
the nationwide

Apalachicola Mayor Brown (far right) and three councilmen posing with artist's conception
of renovated City Hall.


Page 10 17 September 2004


The Franklin Chronicle

Per Florida Statutes 713.78 (3) (b) File No.
Date of this Notice 09/09/04 Invoice No. 10471
Description of Vehicle: Make Acura Model Legend color Black
TagNo 890WYL Year 1993 State MO vinNo. JH4KA7664PC019197
To Owner: Mary Ellen David To Lien Holder:
920 W. College Street
Springfield, MO 65806

You and each of you are hereby notified that the above vehicle was towed on
08/30/04 at the request of FHP that said vehicle is in its
possession at the address noted below. They the undersigned claim a lien for
towing, storage and cost. The vehicle will be sold after 35 days from the date of
impound free of prior liens. Payment by the above date of notice in the amount
$ 326.00. plus storage charges occurring at the rate of $ 20.00 per
day from the date hereof will be sufficient to redeem the vehicle from the lien of
the lienor; that subsection (4) of Florida Statute 713.78.

To subsection (5) of Florida Statute 713.78
You and each of you are hereby notified that on 10/14/04 at 12:00 noon
o'clock, the vehicle described above will be sold at public auction
at: 620 Houston Rd., Eastpoint, FL From the proceeds will first be paid all
towing and storage charges plus all costs including cost for this sale. Any excess
will be deposited with the Clerk of the Circuit Court.
You and each of you are urged to make satisfactory arrangements to pay all
charges and take possession of the said vehicle. In order to obtain a release of the
vehicle you must present personal identification, driver's license and PROOF
OF OWNERSHIP (title, registration, etc.) at the address below and pay the
P.O. Box 971
Eastpoint, FL 32328
(850) 670-8219



.; 'l




Setting New Standards With Our
Surecrete Design Products Certification In
Pool Decks, Patios, Porches, Walks, Drives & Morel
We now offer crack treatments of existing concrete that can
then be overlayed in the color of your choice with a
broom finish, stamped in many styles such as brick,
cobblestone, starfish & scallop shells and many more. CEI/E
These styles can also be done in new concrete.' /
For interior and exterior we also offer a chemical stain.
The concrete can be cut to your specifications then we
will stain each section in your color choice, grout the cuts and seal
it for a beautiful gloss finish.
Our spray texture over new or existing concrete is available in
stencils of various patterns and grout lines in various colors or even
multiple colors.

The possibilities are endless, just use your
imagination and call us today

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i(305) Hobo-ing America by Richard Edward Noble, Pa-
,perback. A humorous, light-hearted, workingman's, true
!life, travel adventure story. Work your way around
America with Dick & Carol ... feel the pain and, the joy ...
,shake the callpused hands that make America what it is.
Bookshop'price = $14.00.

(307) The Library of Congress Civil War Desk Refer-
ence. Simon and Schuster, 2002, 949 pp. This work is a
comprehensive yet accessible compendium organized into
chapters that address broad themes such as "Antebel-
lum America," "Wartime Politics", "Armies," etc. with each
chapter including more specific topics. There are timelines
that chronicle major events, brief profiles of significant
players in the war and extensive bibliography. The work
examines the lives of the common soldiers, the role of
women in the conflict, medical treatment, home front
events, maps, excerpts from journals and letters. Other
chapter titles include "Battles and the Battlefield", Weap-
onry.", "War on the Water" "Prisons and Prisoners of War",
"Reconstruction and the Aftermath of the War" and "The
Civil War in Literature and the Arts". A final chapter dis-
cusses places for further research,-archives, important
published sources and national historic sites. This is one
indispensable one-volume reference. on the Civil War,
originally sold for $45.00. The 949 pp work is available
in limited copies from the Chronicle bookshop for $35.00

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Mail Order Dept., Chronicle Bookshq

q sM
Hickory-smoked the old-fashioned
way with all the fixns prepared from
our own recipes.
1593 West Highway 98-Carrabelle
'Wort0h Driving 100 Miles For."
Open 6 days 11:00 a.m. 9:00 p.m.
Closed Tuesday
Thank you for letting us serve you!


A Biography of Dr John Gorrie

(192) Vivian Sherlock's biography of John Gorrie, The
Fever Man, is available once again after being out-of-print
for more than a decade. This is the story of John Gorrie,
young physician who invented an "ice machine" that many
argue was a forerunner to air conditioning dozens of years
" later. His cooling device was developed to provide relief
to his suffering yellow fever patients. A museum in
Apalachicola to this day marks the work of John Gorrie
just across from his last resting place in Gorrie Square,
down from Trinity Church. This book tells what is now
known about Dr. Gorrie, his work and his ice machine.
Paperback, New, 151 pp. Bookshop price = $10.00

F (21) Outposts on the Gulf by William Warren Rogers. Uni-
versity of Florida Press, Hardcover, 297 pp. In this book,
Rogers traces and documents the economic, social and
political emergence of the Gulf coast port of Apalachicola
and the pristine barrier island, Saint George. From the
earliest times, both the island and Apalachicola have be-
come intertwined. The account of the machinations of con-
troversial developer William Lee Popham is the first phase
of area development, later leading to the controversial
struggles of the 1970s when environmentalists and sea-
food industries fought to determine the ecological and eco-
nomic fate of the Bay area. The Chronicle has obtained
a fresh supply of newly reprinted volumes at an at-
tractive price. Available elsewhere for $35.95 plus ship-
ping and handling. The Chronicle Bookshop price is much
cheaper at $25.00 per volume.

amt George Ishnd &Apaachicola
from Ea rl Explorat'on '
S "' .... .. .o : br..........
, L "
., .. ,..::. ,z. ... "k = ~ ~~. 7 ,- "- ". ; .- . .f


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St James Island Gulf
Front: Beautiful Gulf
front lot with 3 bedroom/
1 bath house. Home has
been freshly painted and has central air and heat. Remnants of
concrete dock approach exist and a concrete boat ramp. This prop-
erty is located less than a mile from the entrance to St. James Bay
Golf Course. Call for a viewing. MLS#100097.
Office: (850) 697-9000 314 St. James Street
Toll-Free: (800) 613-5962 Carrabelle, FL 32322
Cell: (850) 899-0582 Fax: (850) 697-4311
Email: allynj@florida-beach.com






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