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Sponsored By Hillside Coalition of Laborers
for Apalachicola (HCOLA)

Second Political Forum

Staged In Apalachicola On

July 30th

Featuring Candidates for Sheriff, Superintendent
and Clerk of Court
Tammy Ray Hutchinson introduced the second political forum of the
campaign season staged in Apalachicola, on Friday, July 30, 2004 at
the 6th Street Recreation Center. The event, consisting of two eve-
nings of political candidates, began at 6 p.m., featured on July 30,
candidates for Sheriff, Superintendent and Clerk of Court. A second
evening of politicians, also starting at 6 p.m. featured candidates for
the Franklin County Commission and the Franklin County School
Board. The sponsoring organization of the two political forums was
HCOLA, the Hillside Coalition of Laborers for Apalachicola.

Tammy Ray Hutchinson




Volume 13, Number 16 A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER August 6- 19, 2004
-- .- .. .:c

School Board from left, Teresa Ann Martin, Denise Butler,
and Richard Bell.

The format differed from that of the political education committee
forums started through the St. George Civic Club. The first was held
at the Carrabelle Senior Citizens Center last week, on July 26th, with
one Moderator asking all of the questions. At the Apalachicola forum,
a panel of six citizens each asked the candidates a series of ques-
tions. All of the candidates in the HCOLA forums answered the same
question, with the order of speakers alternated. In the generalized
summary of the dialogue that follows, the reader is advised that not
all of the answers have been transcribed, nor have all of the ques-
tions been included here. Some excerpting of questions and answers
has been done in the interest of space. The HCOLA forums have now
been completed, while the political education committee forums are
continuing with the next scheduled meeting involvingCounty Com-
mission and School Board Candidates at the Dixie Theatre, Tuesday,
August 3, 2004. The Dixie Theatre will again be the site of a third
political education committee forum on Tuesday, August 10th at 7
p.m. featuring candidates for Superintendent of Schools. A schedule
of remaining political forums is published on page 3 of this issue.
The citizens on the HCOLA panel consisted of:
Deanna Simmons-Recent Apalachicola High School graduate and
registered voter'
Eddie Joseph-Apalachicola High School Assistant Principal
Willie Speed-Retired Educator
Lillie Turrell-Retired Homemaker
David Walker-Pastor Covenant Word Christian Center
Marcia Thomas-Replacing Rose McCoy, who was out of town due to
family medical emergency
The candidates for Franklin County. Sheriff who appeared at the
HCOLA forum were: Mike Mock, Skip Shiver, Wayne Williams, Joel
Norred and Bruce Barnes.
QUESTION: What actions would you take as Sheriff to prevent the
use of illegal drugs?
MIKE MOCK: ... One of my top priorities would be to lead an aggres-
sive, a stronger attack against illegal drugs. I assure you we
would work consistently and we will be effective in the fight
against illegal drugs. I have the same concerns that you have.
I have children just like you do. I will be committed to fighting
this drug epidemic. I will work with local .law .enforcement in
the county, the Apalachicola Police Department,and the other
agencies that surround us. I have a good working relationship
with the other agencies, the sheriffs. We will use every resource
available to fight this epidemic. I can assure as Sheriff that will
be my top priority for this county. Thank you.
SKIP SHIVER: I would implement a drug task force made up of local,
state and federal agencies all joined together to tackle this ex-
treme drug problem that we are carrying in the county at this
time. I would also like to increase the count of drug-narcotic
officers that we have. We only have two officers right now doing
this whole county. That is not enough. I feel like they're over-
whelmed; they're overworked... I would also increase the num-
ber of canine units within the dept. And, I would have those
canine units work the drug traffic, work the traffic enforce-
ment on a routine basis, and this will hopefully, decrease the
amount of drug dealers in the county...
WAYNE WILLIAMS: I agree. (Mr. Williams could not be heard distinctly
as he spoke) You have got to pull the roots (of the problem) up,
and then go back later and destroy the seeds.
JOEL NORRED: I have been dealing with the problem for 30 years, as
I worked with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. ...It
will be an aggressive program against drug use and abuse in
this community...I don't think that Franklin County is any dif-
ferent than any other county as it relates to drug use and abuse.
Now, we may have a problem of it being wide open to some
degree... However, I think we have to have an integrated ap-
proach to the problem. We can't do it on a law enforcement
basis (exclusively). We have to have the community involved,
and that's what I plan to do as Sheriff. To have a
community-oriented police unit which the officers are dealing
with the community on a daily basis. The eyes and ears of this
community are you the citizens. Without that, law enforcement
really takes a back seat...
ROBERT BARNES: ... I retired from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Ad-
ministration after 23 years of service ... There's a multitude of
things out there that can be done ... There is nothing new out
there for all practicable purposes. These programs, such as
DARE, is a great program but it only goes as far as the elemen-
tary school, leaving the middle school and the high school very
vulnerable ... There are other programs involving undercover
QUESTION: What makes you the best choice?
SKIP SHIVER: My experience. I have 15 years of state law enforce-
ment experience. All of it in Franklin County. I chose to live in
Franklin County... I think that gave me the advantage of know-
ing the people, knowing the needs and knowing the problems
that we face. I have a well thought-out plan and I have the
ability to implement it. I'll be consistent on illegal drugs. I'll
spend out money wisely. And, I'll do everything in my power to
provide you and your family a safe place to live.
WAYNE WILLIAMS: I'm not necessarily the best choice. I know that I
will protect you. I'll be there when you need me. (Voice trails
JOEL NORRED: I think there's some good news about this race and
there's some bad news. The good news is that there are five
good men running. The bad news is that we don't all have the
same philosophy as to how we would run the office... I think
I'm the most qualified to be the Sheriff of Franklin County. I've
spent 34 years as a law enforcement officer. I have a degree in
Criminology from Florida State University... I've had a long ex-
perience with major investigations... But, I've also work mi-
nor investigations and drug investigations... I've trained offic-
ers in the State, out-of-state, overseas, and I've worked in every
jurisdiction in the State of Florida.
BRUCE BARNES: I too have experience overseas and in the U.S. People
came to me and said, 'There's a problem there ... I am an out-
sider ... I wasn't born and raised in Franklin County. This is

something I think that will work to my advantage..
MIKE MOCK: I do feel I am the best candidate for Sheriff... I have 18
years with the Franklin County Sheriffs office. I have served
the people of Franklin County for 18-1/2 years as a deputy
sheriff and investigator and a Major in the Sheriffs Office. That's
my only place of employment. I do disagree with the theory that
we need someone from the outside. My reason is that I feel I
know this community inside and out. I feel I have the heart to
be Sheriff...
QUESTION: What measures are needed to ensure efficient planning
and budget management?
SKIP SHIVER: First of all, I'm a fiscal conservative. I would handle the
budget in a conservative manner by cutting costs and cutting
waste ... I will get your "best bang for the buck." I recommend a
budget advisory council. This council will be made up of six
volunteers throughout our county. They'll have extensive expe-
rience in budgeting, financing, accounting, human resource
and insurance...
WAYNE WILLIAMS: I believe the Sheriff has "common horse sense"
and good judgment ... thrifty spending ... (Voice trails off).
- JOEL NORRED: ... First of all, the Sheriffs budget is above 4 million.
Whether that's exorbitant, I don't know. I haven't had a chance
to determine if it is or not. We may require more as we go along,
as we grow..,. The accountability of the Sheriff is a tremendous
responsibility. However, I do not believe that this office... the
Sheriffs office, can go forward without becoming a professional
agency that has professional standards ... My proposals will be
voluminous pages stating goals and objectives; how I attempt
to reach those goals. There will be measurable goals ... There
will be a process that tells exactly what we are trying to accom-
plish and how we're going about doing it... I intend to publish
how we're doing in every program every three months. We have
to professionalize the agency to make sure those standards are
there and then move in compliance with those standards.
BRUCE BARNES: I think Joel and I are on the same page... I also
maintain that I would publish (results) on the county website
... I do believe fiscal responsibility and accountability is most
important... Everything should be transparent... I had the op-
portunity to talk to the Walton County Sheriff... Destin area.
His budget is $12,000,000. He has 197 employees and a popu-
lation of 148,000. We have around 70 or 80 employees and
11,000 population. Something is askew... one of the first things
I would ask for is an outside audit...
MIKE MOCK: One of the ways I will offset the budget would be with
grants. We already receive over $200,000 in grants. ... We have
state inmates. I can assure you, if elected as your Sheriff, that
I will spend' the taxpayers money wisely. I will have people in
place that will be effective in that position... one of the prob-
lems the Sheriffs office has is that we run 24 hours a day,
seven days a week. Your other offices (at the county level) do
not do that. We have to provide protection for the citizens of
this county 24-7 ... one thing people may not understand is
that retirement for the Sheriffs office is 3% ... The average re-
tirement on a regular (county) job is 1.5% ...That makes up a
lot of the Sheriffs office budget...
The next question asked by the panel was whether any of the candi-
dates were proponents of racial profiling. All of the candidates denied
any preference for racial profiling; Candidate Barnes called it Illegal.
AUDIENCE QUESTION: There have been instances of officers cluster-
ing in groups to harass African-Americans that gather at night,
while the Caucasians gather elsewhere with no one to keep
them in check. What are your plans about this issue?
BRUCE BARNES: In answering your question,,, I'm not sure why
they're clustering there. Often, it's the community that asks for
this type of enforcement. Often, it is just a way of being in
highly visible enforcement. It is difficult for me to address this
JOEL NORRED: It is very disturbing to me that children (and others)
have to gather in a certain place just to hang (out). I don't think
we have enough programs in this community, I'm talking in
Franklin County. I do know that it occurs, and it is the duty
and responsibility of law enforcement to monitor all of those in
unsupervised activity or whatever... I took the time to look into
this. I know that there are crowds that gather... I know that
there are a lot of young folks that gather at 10-foot hole... I
have been there at least for an hour and a half at a time, and I
didn't seen any police officers, and that disturbs me. I would
like to have a deputy be out there among them ... not just sit-
ting in a car, but talking to them... to make sure they are safe.
Wayne Williams, Skip Shiver and Mike Mock agreed that there were
not enough activities for youngsters. Mr. Mock emphasized that he
would not target one group over another.
Another audience question was submitted, asking if any of the Can-
didates for Sheriff would hire any of the other Candidates? Mr. Mock
said that such hiring decisions would be reviewed by a council al-
ready established in the Sheriffs Department, and that all applica-
tions would be considered. Skip Shiver said he believed strictly in
qualifications and experience as major criteria for job hiring deci-
Joel Norred made no promises but with qualifications, he would not
have any problem in hiring one. Bruce Barnes generally agreed witH
the other candidates, but he emphasized he wanted to implement
some sort of career service so resignations would not have to be sub-
mitted every election for Sheriff. He considered all the candidates
highly qualified.
Another audience question raised the issue of handling drug-related
cases equally between blacks and whites in Franklin County. Skip
Shiver said he would increase the number of officers working drug-
related cases, equally and fairly across the entire Franklin County.
Wayne Williams stressed that the drug problem is a people problem,
not a black problem or a white problem. Joel Norred, said the drug
issue is a social problem; having to stop the demand for illegal drugs.
He emphasized consistent enforcement. Bruce Barnes agreed with
the other candidates but he emphasized that the drug issues appear
to be the number one problem facing county law enforcement... Mike
Mock promised consistent and aggressive enforcement across the
Franklin County.

The second half of the 30 July HCOLA forum consisted of the two
candidates for Franklin County Clerk, Ms. Rene Griffin and Ms.
Marsha Johnson.
QUESTION: What factors inspired you to seek the office of Clerk of
RENE GRIFFIN: Many years ago, I first started working at the Clerk's
Office, at the age of 17. It was a fascinating job. Immediately, I
began to realize how big and how complex the Clerk's Office
.really is. I have some ideas that I feel will be an asset to our
office, as well as the community. At the beginning of the cam-
paign, I wrote some goals that could enhance the office.
MARSHA JOHNSON: Well, I guess the main motivation is that I love
my job. I've been there since I was 16. It has been most of my
life. The other motivation has been, I felt like the timing was
right, my children are all older now, and I'll admit the salary
increase (audience response).
Both candidates discussed prospects for additional storage of gov-
ernment documents and the electronic recording of county commis-
sion meetings, in a video format along with concerns about security
and terrorism. Candidate Rene Griffin cited the need for more
cross-training and developing greater depth in staffing, claiming she
had a plan for this evolution. In response to a question about racial
diversity,. Marsha Johnson said that race was never a problem for
her. "Anyone who wants a job is welcome..."
Each candidate outlined her experience in the Clerk's Office. Marsha
Johnson did county commissioner minutes in shorthand. She was
the Secretary to the Clerk, under Bobby Howell. She-is now the Clerk
of the Criminal Court, doing misdemeanors and felonies and criminal
traffic. She worked in the Traffic division, taking traffic tickets. She
worked in the Civil dept. for several years including filing, recording
deeds, managed child support, probate. Rene Griffin outlined similar
experience, maintaining docket books for every division.. She trained
through various automated procedures and developed specializations.
She sets up the financial codes for civil and criminal and has per-
formed several recording functions.
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Sponsored by St. George Political Education

First Publi Political Forum

Held At Carrabelle Senior

Citizen Center On July 26th

County Commission and School Board Candidates
for District #5 Featured Guests
President Richard Harper, St. George Island Civic Club, introduced
the candidates for 5th District School Board and Franklin County
Commission at the Public Education Forum held at the Carrabelle
Senior Citizens Center on Monday evening, July 26th.
Candidate John Richards, running for School Board, District #5 was
present at the forum. Incumbent Katie McKnight was attending a
school board workshop and meeting at the Carrabelle School and did
not attend the forum.
Please note in the following dialogue with each candidate, occa-
sionally for purposes of brevity and conciseness, the questions
are re-phrased more succinctly. The candidates answers are gen-
erally verbatim, and if there are pauses, or dropped phrases, these
are indicated by three dots... (words in parentheses) are added to
the text to enhance continuity. The transcript has been edited to
conserve space.
The first question was concerning the salary of school board mem-
bers. John Richard responded, "Too high $20,000 plus ... Well, the
appropriate salary, if you want to find out who is really concerned
about the kids is zilch. That's how you would find out about who is
really concerned about the kids..."
MODERATOR: "So, do you think it would be a good idea to make it a
volunteer board?"
RICHARDS: Yes, I do.
MODERATOR: As a school board member ... what is your position as
to the Superintendent's salary?...
RICHARDS: I think a good Superintendent is well worth, just like any
other person who would hold office. Our kids are important.
That's why I'm sitting here tonight, as nervous as I am. A good
Superintendent is well worth the money. A school board mem-
ber is well worth the money, but not to where you're a school
board member going to a meeting once a month, if that's all
you do... And, you're making what a teacher is making every
month, that's' beating' their bones everyday trying to help our
MODERATOR: Should all aspects of the county budget be merged
into one budget, including the school system costs? Richards:
I think we should merge all aspects of the county budget...
MODERATOR: School consolidation is a big issue in the county. Would
you lay out for the District #5 voters what your position is on
RICHARDS: ...Right now, I got a little story that I would like to tell.
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Page 2 6 August 2004 A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER The Franklin Chronicle


August 3, 2004
Present: Chairperson
Cheryl Sanders;
Commissioner Jimmy
Mosconis; Commissioner
Eddie Creamer;
Commissioner Clarence
Williams and
Commissioner Bevin
Victor Rowland introduced him-
self to the County Commission-
ers indicating that Tony Millender
had retired. He recommended the
Commissioners review and ap-
prove a new agreement which
they approved unanimously.
Public Works
Larry Brown appeared before the
Commissioners- for vacating
Hubert Chipman. The Commis-
sioners approved opening up a
road in Carrabelle between Av-
enue 8 and Avenue I. Commis-
sioner Sanders asked that a way
be found to pave Lake Mot.hlty
Road,, perhaps forming an infor-
mal "partnership" with the St. Joe
interests and Dept. of Corrections,
inasmuch as the road borders the
new correctional facility. This
would become another paved es-
cape route connecting to Highway
67 and areas north of Carrabelle.
Extension Director
Bill Mahan presented recent is-
sues to the Department of Agri-
culture aquaculture newsletter
along with some important an-
nouncements of upcoming meet-
ings and events. Please refer to
these items in Franklin Bulletin.
Commissioner Putnal asked Mr.
Mahan to help .coordinate a pos-
sible location for a county boat
ramp near the'old ferryboat site
at Cat Point. The Commissioners
.endorsed the idea with a unani-
mous vote.
Public Hearing
The Commissioners unanimously
approved the abandonment of a
portion of a public alley in Unit
'#4, Block 6 east, lots 22-23, St.
George Island. Attorney Kristy
Banks represented adjacent prop-
erty owners; there was no public
Solid Waste Director
"I have for the Boards approval
and the Chairman's signature the
Small County Solid Waste Grant.
The grant is an appropriation
from the State and administered
through the Department of Envi-
ronmental Protection. The grant
period is from October 1, 2004 -
September 30, 2005. The State
awards the grant to counties with
populations of less than 100,000,
to help with solid waste manage-
ment. The grant awards total 6.5
million and Franklin County's
portion of that is $191,176." The
Commissioners approved.
"During last weeks budget devel-
opment, the utility line item in the
,'Parks & Recreation budget was
reduced. The reasoning was that
monies received from renting the
Armory would offset the cost of
operating the Armory during the
year we receive the money. How-
ever, this is not so. Monies re-
ceived from rentals will not di-
rectly come back to my budget.
They will be placed in the Gen-
eral Fund. Therefore, the total
expense of utilities to operate the
Armory has to be budgeted. If not,
the line item will experience a
shortfall. Because of this, I am
requesting that you. return the full
funding of $18,075, to cover the
expense of utilities at the Armitory."
The Commissioners approved.
Road Paving Bids
Mitchell Brothers, (Tallahassee)
erts (Hosford) bid $2,928,510.40
for the Franklin County paving
;and re-surfacing projects. The
bids were turned over to a com-
mnittee consisting of the Road
-Dept., Alan Pierce and David
.Kennedy. They recommended
.that the Commissioners accept
the lowest bid from C. W. Roberts.
The list of paving projects and
re-surfacing work is as follows, by
-District and/or community:
Carrabelle, Florida
1. Three Rivers Road from Hwy 67
to Ryan Dr
2. Ryan Drive, from Hwy 98 to

Three Rivers Rd
3. West 10th Street from Hwy 98
to Ave D
S4. West 9th Street from Hwy 98
'to Ave D
5. West 8th Street from Hwy 98
to Ave. D
6. West 7th Street from Hwy 98
to Ave F
:7. West 6th Street from Hwy 98
to Ave F

8. West 5th
: to Ave F
'9. West 4th
'to Ave D

Street from Hwy 98

Street from Hwy 98

10. West 3rd Street from Hwy 98
to Ave F.
11. West 2nd Street from Hwy 98
to Ave C.
12. West 1st St from Ave C to Ave
13. Ave C West to Hwy 67 to Ryan
14. Ave C East from Hwy 67 to
N.E. 5th Street
15. Gray Ave from N.E. 5th Street
to 12th Street East
16. 12th Street East from Hwy 98
to Gray Ave
17. 3rd Street S.E. from Hwy 98
to Meridian
18, East Meridian from Hwy 67
to E 1st Street.
19. East 1st Street from Hwy 98
to Ave C
20. Ave A from Hwy 67 to N,E, to
1st Street
21. Ave A West from Hwy 98 to
Hwy 67
Apalachicola, Florida
Market Si t from Avenue F to
Scipio Creek including cross
street at end 0.8 miles
Avenue M from Market Street to
12th Street 0.6 miles
5th Street from Highway 98 to
Avenue M 0.5 miles
Bay Avenue from Battery Park to
13th Street 0.4 miles
11th Street from Avenue M to End
of Housing Authority 0.4 miles
Avenue L from 12th Street to 14th
Street Intersection 0.2 miles
MLK (Avenue J) from 12th Street
to High School .0.2 miles
14th Street from Highway 98 to
Avenue L 0.5 miles
Avenue H from 12th Street to 17th
Street 0.3 miles
Avenue L from 8th Street to 12th
Street 0.5 miles \
Avenue K from 8th Street to 12th
Street 0.5 miles
Avenue F from Market Street to
12th Street 0.6 miles
Avenue G from Market Street to
12th Street 0.6 miles
4th Street from Highway 98 to
Avenue G 0.2 miles
9th Street from Highway 98 to F
0.1 miles
10th Street from Highway 98 to
Avenue M 0.5 miles
11th Street from Highway 98 to
Avenue G 0.2 miles
Avenue B from Battery Park to
17th Street 0.7 miles
Avenue C from 4th Street to 17th
Street 0.7 miles
Avenue D from 4th Street to 17th
Street 0.7 miles
17th Street from Avenue H to Av-
enue J 0.2 miles
Clairmont Street from Highway 98,
to Prado Street 0.2 miles
Shadow Lane from Highway 98 to
Prado Street 0.3 miles
Ellis Van Vleet from 17th Street
to Butler Street 0.1 miles
22nd Avenue from Fred Meyer
Street to 17th Street 0.2 miles
22nd Avenue and Prado Intersec-
tion 0.1 miles
Chestnut Street from Highway 98
to End 0.2 miles.
Avenue H from 4th Street to 10th
Street 0.4 miles
Avenue I from Market Street to
12th Street 0.6 miles'
Avenue J from Market Street to
12th Street 0.6 miles
7th Street from Avenue IF to Av-
enue M 0.4 miles
8th Street from Highway 98 to
Avenue M 0.5 miles
9th Street from Avenue F to Av-
enue M 0.4 miles
13.4 miles
Roads to be paved in
Commissioner.Creamer's District:
1. C. A. Gillespie Road-Eastpoint
2. Lucius Crum Road-Eastpoint
3. Apple Way-Eastpoint
4. Carroll Street-Eastpoint
5. West Pine Street between Island
Drive and 3rd Street-St. George

Roads to be re-surfaced in
Commissioner Creamer's District:
6. North Franklin Street-

7. Washington Street-Eastpoint
8. Widen N. Bayshore to Twin
Lakes Road-Eastpoint
9. Raise Las Brisas Way in accor-
dance with agreement with Mor-
ris Palmer-Eastpoint (to be paid
by developer)
Roads in Commissioner Putnal's
District to be paved in Eastpoint
1. Gulf View Road, through the
Gulf View Campground
2. Re-pave River Road
3. Alabama
4. Kentucky
5. In front of Post Office Pine in
Oak on Hefernan
Opportunity Florida and
Habitat for Humanity
Representative Rick Marcum
briefed the Commissioners on
Opportunity, Florida, an eco-
nomic development program.
Chamber of Commerce Executive
Director Anita Grove endorsed the
program. The subject of affordable
housing emerged, complimented
with a discussion by Habitat for
Humanity executive Max Brown,
who briefed the Commissioners
on the progress of their program
locally. One home is partially con-
structed in Apalachicola. Another
family will be selected to receive
a Habitat home in Carrabelle, with
construction to begin in October.
Next year, a third home is planned
for Eastpoint. The web site is
St. James Bay
The General Manager of the St.
James Bay Development, Bob
Klein, appeared before the Conm-
mission to request a non-
exclusive franchise of a cable tele-
vision system to serve only those
living in the St. James Bay De-
velopment. The Commissioners
approved the request.
County Attorney
County Attorney Michael Thomas
Shuler outlined some qualifica-
tions contained in a letter from
John Sauls,. the prospective lic-
ensee of the fishing piers in
Eastpoint and St. George Island.
Technically, the attorney ex-
plained, the bridge has not yet
officially been turned over to
county authority. There were sev-
eral provisions that remained to
be negotiated in the meantime; no
official action was taken on the
Sauls' letter.
Airport Concerns
Ted Moesteller of the airport ad-
visory committee presented a.-
resolution for the Board's ap-
proval. The resolution recited the
lengthy history of the
Apalachicola airport with the aim
of establishing a relationship with
Gulf County in support of the
Apalachicola airport. Mr.
Moesteller explained that a com-
mittee had been formed to explore
and act on the concept of
"partnering with Franklin County
to support and nurture develop-
ment of the airport." He said a
committee has been formed from
Gulf County to explore and act on
this concept and to work with the
Franklin County Airport Advisory
Committee. Some sort of regional
airport is envisioned, he con-
County Planner
Gina Irvin has submitted her let-
ter of resignation. Her last day on
the job will be Friday, August 13.
I would like permission to adver-
tise for her replacement. Granted.
I have a change order for the Twin
Lakes Road paving and water line
extension project. It changes the
diameter of the water line to 8
inches from 6 inches. There is no
change in the amount of the con-
tract. Eastpoint Water and Sewer
District is taking care of any in-
creased costs associated with this
change. I need the Board to au-
thorize the Chairman to sign this
change order. The Board ap-
I have received the Objections,
Recommendations and Com-
ments Report back from DCA on
the amendment to the Compre-
hensive Plan relating to Resort
Villages on St. George Island.
There were three basic objections
that the state asked for more data
and analysis about: septic tank
suitability, natural resources and
density. The applicant is working
on this. The Board had agreed to
advertise a public hearing to con-
sider this proposal on August 17.
Bob Apgar has requested that the
public hearing be, rescheduled for
September 7 to meet some of the

advertising requirements we can
not hold a public hearing on the
comprehensive plan amendment
until 30 days after receipt of the
ORC Report. The board approved
to reschedule the public hearing
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Marshall Marine
Highway 98 East Carrabelle
850-697-3428 850-899-5319





If Elected Your Sheriff My Vision For Franklin County Is To:



* Develop a Sheriff's Budget Advisory Council. Made up of 6 volun-
teer citizens who have extensive experience in finance, accounting,
budgeting, insurance, and human resources. This council will provide
advice on our 4.3 million dollar Sheriff's budget to ensure your tax
dollars are spent wisely.

* Implement a Sheriff's Targeted Anti-Crime Response Team.
(S.T.A.R.T.) Basically a drug task force made up of local law enforce-
ment, surrounding county agencies, state agencies and federal agencies
who will work together to tackle the extreme drug problem in our
county. I will not only arrest the dealers but also the buyers. We must all
be held responsible for our actions. I will also increase the size of our
present narcotics squad. Taking back our county from drug dealers will
be a main priority!

* Implement a Coalition Against Marijuana Planting. (C.A.M.P.)
Some find Franklin County, with all the state and federal forest land, the
perfect location to plant marijuana. This program, with the help of vol-
unteer pilots and state agency pilots, and our deputies on the ground will,
at a very low cost, help to deter planting and aid in confiscation.

* Increase the Number of Sheriff's Department Canine Units. Statis-
tically one in 10 cars traveling on the roadways are carrying drugs, Rou-
tine traffic stops could turn into drugs being taken off our streets before
they get to dealers. Also, the Department will implement these Canine
Units to visit our schools on a more frequent basis to help deter drug use
at school. Let's send our children to school without the fear of drugs
being offered to them. '

* Develop Franklin County Crime Stoppers. Bring to our county a
non-profit volunteer civilian organization that will pay tipsters for infor-
mation regarding crime in our county. It is funded by tax deductible
donations from individuals, businesses, and associations.

* Develop a Junior Deputy Academy. A week long summer camp for
the children of our county to learn what law enforcement officers duties
are and to teach safety. The academy will be taught by DARE officers
and teachers of the community.

* Work to Receive National Accreditation Status for Franklin
County Sheriff's Department. A three-year process that will strengthen
our deputies through education and increased knowledge of proper pro-
cedure and policy.

* Manage our County Jail Effectively. Ensuring state standards are
being followed.

* Implement the Use of a Grant Writer. Other Florida counties have.
proven free money is available to Sheriff Departments in great amounts.
This will save the county money and enable new technology into our
Sheriff's Department without expense to the taxpayers.

These are some of the programs I plan to bring to our county. Please feel
free to call me at 927-2515 or 653-7291 to discuss your concerns.










Political advertisement paid


for and approved by Skip Shiver (Democrat) for Sheriff of Franklin County, Florida

****** ********************



Page 2 6 August 2004

The Franklin Chronicle -


The Franklin Chronicle


6 August 2004 Page 3


Letter To The Editor
Dear Editor:
Well before the end of the last century, two Wakulla County fisher-
men, Ronald Crum and Ray Pringle, filed a complaint for declaratory
judgment with the circuit court. These men sought a court determi-
nation on the constitutionality of their proposed large mesh nets. The
Honorable Circuit Court Judge, Sander Sauls, the same Judge whom
settled the presidential race between Bush and Gore with a stroke of
a pen, agreed with the fishermen's arguments. Judge Sauls declared
the Crum-Pringle 500 square foot large mesh nets "constitutional."
The proposed larger mesh nets reduced by-catch and waste of the
resource by nearly 100%, allowing juvenile fish to escape alive and
unharmed. The larger mesh nets fit neatly into the framework of the
Net Limitation Act by stopping the "unnecessary over-fishing, killing
and waste of the resource."
In 1997, the Legislature passed FS 370.093, a statute that allowed
fishermen to utilize the same net that Crum and Pringle are currently
fighting for. But in 1998, the WC decided that making the fishermen
fish with nets that wasted the resource and were court declared as
"commercially not viable" in 1995 by A.L.J. Davis was the way to go.
Showing their true intentions to destroy the commercial fishing com-
munity, not preserve the resource, the State, aided by the Coastal
Conservation Association immediately appealed Sauls' decision to the
1st DCA. Due to the eloquently written 27 page decision by Judge
Sauls, the State decided to attack the decision by stating Crum and
Pringle "failed to exhaust their administrative remedies." Though the
1st DCA agreed with the State's argument, it turned out to be noth-
ing more than a delay tactic. When Crum and Pringle returned to the
FWCC for a decision on the nets, they refused to make any decision.
The FWCC and the CCA wrongfully announced that the case was
over. Incredibly, it seems that neither the FWCC, nor the CCA real-
ized that a ruling on the "Doctrine of Primary Jurisdiction" simply
delays the decision of the court until further review from the admin-
istrative agency that the court felt was bypassed.
The state's delay tactics have come to an end with oral arguments
slated for October 19, 2004 at the 1st DCA in Tallahassee. Crum and
Pringle want an answer this time on the merits of the case. If the
court rules on the merits as listed in Judge Sauls' decision, it is hard
for any reasonable person to imagine that Crum, Pringle, or the envi-
ronment stand a chance of losing.
Thank you,
Dave Grix
V.P. Southern Branch of the Wakulla Fishermen's Association


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Vol. 13, No. 16

August 6, 2004

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and Production Artist............................ Diane Beauvais Dyal
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Skip Frink ................................................ Carrabelle
David Butler ................. Carrabelle
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Barbara Revell ...................................... Lanark Village
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Franklin County School District

Changes Code Of Conduct And

Approves Progression Plan

By Crystal Everett
The school board, on Monday, July 26, 2004, approved their pro-
posed budget for the Franklin County school district of $19,134,493.
The budget breakdown appears in Table 1 (below), and represents an
8.2% increase over the previous year's operating expenditures. Capi-
tal projects will take $7,430,676 including the county's share of costs
for one new K-12 school, roof replacements, various maintenance
projects, the purchase of ten school busses and four maintenance
trucks, office copiers and heating and cooling retrofits. Instructional
costs are budgeted at $6,346,038.
The millage levy approved by the board is depicted in Table 2.
On Monday, July 26th, the Franklin County School District proposed
and approved Franklin County's School Board Code of Conduct. The
conduct changes were brought to the agenda by Barbara Wilson. The
changes began in the elementary code of conduct. One change was
that if a student is suspected of a drug use, they may be referred to
proper authorities for verification of evidence which may include al-
cohol and drug testing. If there is a failure to comply the student may
be suspended, expelled, or have some other decided disciplinary ac-
tion. The school will also pay for the drug test if it is decided to be
administered. There were also changes in this Code of Conduct that
if a student had been arrested before, the principal, or designee, may
decide that the student's preserice on the school campus or in a school
bus may threaten the order of the school or the safety of others. The
student may be assigned to an.alternative educational setting, pend-
ing the seriousness of the incident and filing of formal charges.
The Franklin County High Schd'ol Code of Conduct also had a change.
The use of cell phones on campus during school hours is prohibited-
Cell phones still may be used'bn campus after school. It is under-
standable that the students may need to call home for a ride, or to
inform parents of extracurricular activities.
Many changes were also made in the Franklin County School District's
student progression plan. There, is now a parental notification of a
reading deficiency in K-3. The FCAT writing performance for elemen-
tary has been increased from 3,0 to 3.5. The identification of reading
and math non-proficiency now is increased from the 25th percentile
to the 40th percentile. There is also a flag education plan which will
teach proper flag display and the proper flag salute for all Franklin
County Schools. A new review of AlP for all 3rd grade students who
scored a level one on the FCAT Reading, now will be made, then a
portfolio will be developed. A mfid-year promotion is possible for 3rd
grade students. A read at home contract was made for the students
to read books and parents to assist and sign the papers stating their
child read the books.
The Franklin County middle schools will also have a progression plan.
A middle school succession for each 6th grade student who scores
below a level 3 was made. The students who are promoted for good
cause exemption who have beep retained for two years and have re-
ceived intensive reading instruction for 2 years, must be served an
altered instructional day the next year, based on AIP. Middle school
students must receive reading class if they exhibit reading deficiency,
The high school progression plan doesn't include a foreign language
requirement. College prep 18 credit diplomas, requires 6 of 19 credits
to be honors, dual enrollment, or AP courses. Students in college
prep may take foreign language, sign language, or demonstrate profi-
ciency in a second :anguaee. Tihe FCAT is not a sole determiner of
promotion. Therieare,chianges in reading levels, range of scores., and
achievement levels that were als-..determined.


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Federal Sources 1,715,919
State Sources 318,795 2,087,795
Local Sources 4,004,222 10.804,482
TOTAL REVENUE 4,323,017 14,608,196
Transfers In 631.813
Fund Balance July 1, 2004 3,107,659 3,894,484
TOTAL REVENUE AND BALANCES 7,430,676 19,134,493

Instructional 6,346,038
Pupil Personnel Services 466.500
Instructional Media Services 234,000
Instructional and Curriculum Services
Instructional Staff Training 21,000
Board ofEducation 330,000
General Administration 365,536
School Administration 525,500
Facilities Acquisition and Construction 6,013,344 6,063,344
Fiscal Services 300,000
Food Services 486,105
Central Services 190,000
Pupil Transportation Services 480,000
Operation ofPlant 800,000
Maintenance of Plant 470,000
Community Services
Debt Service 1,085,519 1,085,519
TOTAL EXPENDITURES -7,098,863 18,163,542
Transfers Out 331,813 631,813
Fund Balance. June 36, 2005 339,138
BALANCES 7,430,676 19,134,493

Local Required
Capital Outlay

18 Years Experience


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Michael & Katrina Glover
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Represented 50,000 pilots in my 33 year career as a
commercial airline pilot.

Extensive educational background, Member of several Boards
of Directors, Florida Teaching Certificate.

Aware of many of the issues affecting Franklin County.

Will be available to, and seek input from, the citizens of
Franklin County.


The County needs a long-range, as well as, a short-range plan; and more
paved roads. I will be active in school improvement and help maintain
the quality of the Bay.

Vote for Russell Crofton for County Commissioner, District #1,
Democrat. Make your vote count-vote for the most qualified candidate.





Page 4 6 August 2004



Boyd Opposes Regulatory

Changes To EDA Program

pn July 27, 2004, Congressman Allen Boyd (D-North Florida) joined
a bipartisan group of House members in a letter to the U.S. Secretary
Af Commerce, Donald L. Evans, opposing potential regulatory changes
o the Economic Development Administration's (EDA) planning pro-
ram for rural areas.
Although the EDA's rule changes are in the early stages of develop-
ment, the potential changes would make it difficult for our small towns.
o remain competitive in a difficult economic environment," Congress-
an Boyd, Co-Chair of the Congressional Rural Caucus, stated. "It is
imperative our rural communities in North Florida have the same
economic opportunities as urban and suburban areas."
*the EDA district planning program currently helps local communi-
ties work together on a regional basis through the national network
of economic development districts to develop comprehensive economic
strategies and improve job creation.
The bipartisan letter sent to Secretary Evans is published below.
July 27, 2004
The Honorable Donald L. Evans, Secretary
U.S. Department pf Commerce
1401 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20230
Dear Secretary Evans:
As Members of Congress firmly committed to advancing the economic
growth and competitiveness of our local communities, we want to
express out appreciation for your leadership and hard work to reau-
thorize the programs and operations of the Economic Development
Administration (EDA). Because of the traditional intergovernmental
partnership philosophy and financial assistance provided by the U.S.
Department of Commerce and EDA many of out distressed commu-
rtlties are in a stronger position to pursue new economic development
and job creation initiatives.
IHowever,.we are concerned that EDA is crafting and considering regu-
latory changes to one of the agencies most successful and. proven
programs-the planning program for economic development districts.
While we recognize that the agency has the legal authority to review
and update its program regulations,. we believe it, is more prudent
and traditional protocol for the agency to wait until Congress has
finished its work on the bipartisan reauthorization bill passed in the'
House and pending in the Senate. This is particularly true with re-
spect 'to the district planning program, since neither of the pending
bills makes or intends for any major policy or programmatic changes
to the program.
As confirmed in numerous program evaluations and from out practi-
cal experience, the economic development district planning program
is at the core of the agency's success and effectiveness in helping
impoverished communities create and retain high quality, private
sector jobs. While our nation's wealthier communities often have teams
oft high-paid, professional planners, ..engineers and business recruit-.
es., the vast majority of ournation''s distressed'urban and rural com-'
munities rely heavily on the network of EDA economic development
districts for the resources, professional staff and technical expertise
td catty out competitive economic development initiatives.
W, remain committed to creating and retaining quality jobs in a diffi-
cult economic environment through the EDA planning program. While
we always remain open to options to improve the economic prospects
of our local communities, any planned regulatory changes should
encompass broadly recognized best practices that are feasible in the
k- "'-

tn the Aftermath of
Summer Camp

4ames "Tim"

Turner Sues

franklinn County

leeks Reinstatement,
compensation n for Lost
Wages, Attorney's Fees,
Jimes 'Tim" Tirner, former head
of Franklin County's Emergency
Management Division, has sued
his former employer, alleging that
his dismissal was a result of
-"*histle blowing" in that he was
discharged for disclosures of sus-
pected acts of gross mismanage-
.pent, malfeasance, misfeasance,

gross waste of public funds or
gross neglect of duty by an em-
ployee or agent of the County.
The narrative in his "Statement
of Ultimate Facts" says that dur-
iig the scope of his employment,
Turner was asked, to investigate
and report on a proposed sum-
mer camp development that was
supported by certain individuals
Within the County government.
Turner claims that his investiga-
tion of summer camp determined
that the size of the proposed de-
velopment violated or appeared to
violate one or more laws rules or
.regulations, unspecified in his le-
gal brief.
Turner reported the actual or ap-
parent violation to county officials
and was "thereafter ostracized in
the workplace, because the con-
sequence of his work was that the
development and revenue gener-
ated from it would have to be re-
duced significantly. He says his
report made to the Department of
.Community Affairs agreed with
him. Shortly after the reduction
was determined, Turner was fired.
based on the county's claim that
his position had been "downsized"
due to funding issues.
His lawsuit also cites the "Whistle
Blower" statute under Florida law
as a part of his complaint seek-
ifig redress. He seeks an injunc-
tion restraining continuing viola-
tions of his rights, reinstatement
to the same position, full fringe
benefits and seniority rights, com-
plensation for lost wages,
attorney's fees and the cost of this

rural, urban and suburban districts that we represent. Let us close
by clearly stating that we oppose any efforts to significantly alter,
modify or revise the purpose, intent and scope of the EDA district
planning program outside of the inclusion of widely recognized best
practices. This includes allowing the continued use of planning funds
for the development and implementation of local strategies, including
the valued professional technical assistance offered by the planning
districts. They also should preserve the leadership role of local elected
officials in the planning process.
We would welcome any feedback or response on the agency's pro-
posal to change the regulatory framework for this highly successful
economic development planning program.

Apalachicola City Library Issues

Dear Editor:
With some consternation, I read 'a letter to the editor in your most
recent issue. In the subtext of Ms. Anne Allen's letter I detected no
little amount of disapprobation, aimed at an institution, Philaco
Woman's Club of Apalachicola. Being an active, dedicated Philaco
member, ESO committee chair, and officer, I feel compelled to defend
the honor of this century-old organization, as well as that of its par-
ent groups, the Florida Federation (FFWC) and the General (interna-
tional) Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC).
In official discussion of the Margaret Key matter at the City Commis-
sion meeting in early August, an Inquiring Commissioner questioned
whether the conflict between the Library and Philaco might be a mat-
ter of "personalities." Certainly, it started out as purpose and prin-
ciple rather than personality; yet. I see apparent, gradual develop-
ment (or deterioration) in the personality direction, and suspect that
such development may be guided by interests wishing to deflect at-
tention away from our original vision: proper and expedient dispens-
ing of an uncommonly attractive heap of public money, long past its
due date.
Forgetting for a moment that the above-mentioned letter seems to
skirt the central issue of "why the money's not in the library after
over," halfa decade, "I wish to 'respond to certain raised questions
about the integrity and credibility of Philaco Woman's Club.
Established in 1896 as one of Florida's oldest Women's Clubs, Philaco
built up a private library, and in the 1950's made a gift of that library
to the City of Apalachicola, receiving from the City a promise in the
form of a resolution (an official act incorporating the qualities of de-
termination, and firmness). This resolution granted and assured
Philaco of a generous measure of control of the Library in its right to
recommend any new Library Board members to the City.
Somehow (few really know how), ifi'the course of changes in Philaco
leadership in the 1990's around the:time of the benevolent Margaret
Key's Last Will and Testament, the Library and its Board slipped away
from Philaco control. Most current members, including this author,
were surprised this year to learn of the City's resolution, unearthed
by an attorney involved in the present Philaco-Library matter. But
then, most of the 100+ Philaco members, including officers, have less
than ten years membership generallyy less than five years). We can-
not act on what we know nothing about.
In early 2003, the Philaco Board, presented with the matter concern-
ing Margaret Key's slumbering legacy to the Library, enthusiastically
voted, as a service to the people of Apalachicola, to help expedite a
proper and ethical closure. 'Why would we decide to assume this task
in the face of opposition from some directions and resignedness and
passiveness from other directions? Because our Club's name and our
purpose call for integrity!


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The name "Philaco" was derived from foreign word roots, which trans-
late as: brotherly love; hospitality, bravery and growth; and dignity.
Each Philaco member and the group as an entity are expected to
represent, express and practice these qualities. The FFWC's motto is
"Community Improvement Through Volunteer Service," and calls for
unity, liberty, and charity among its membership. The international
GFWC's anthem stresses that its members "put into action our better
impulses, straightforward and unafraid." Notable Women's Club mem-
bers have included Eleanor Roosevelt, Jane Addams, and Julia Ward
Howe. state governors, mayors, and congresswomen, so it's no place
for stay-at-home sissies.
Of all the above character elements, I have recognized that those we
are presently utilizing fall into the "bravery" and "unafraid" catego-
ries. Not one of us will receive a nickel for our efforts on behalf of the
Apalachicola Municipal Library, but we all stand to lose time and
friends. I have observed in other times and places, community con-
flicts that tried longtime relationships, that forced choices on inno-
cents caught in the middle, and I fear that such will happen here if
the central issue (Why?) sinks under the muck of a "matter of person-
alities" morass.
As to whether the GFWC knows of and "condones" Philaco's involve-
ment in the present library issue: the matter was a topic of lively
discussion at several lunches and workshops I attended last month
at the international GFWC convention in Orlando. Interested state
,presidents and other national officers sent words of encouragement
and advice to Philaco towards our efforts on behalf of the Apalachicola
library and its patrons.
In response to questions concerning Philaco's involvement in Library
functions, eye witnesses will testify to this truth: we have been to its
book sales and displays and have chatted with other Philaco mem-
bers there, and if we had learned of any lectures, would have been
seated there on the front row, half an hour early. I volunteered and
served there last year in storytime activities for small children and
their parents, receiving intangible benefits much more precious to
me than monetary reward. My greatest disappointment in the pro-
gram was its very short life. Last year, Philaco members voted to offer
ourselves as a cadre of library volunteers; our offer received no ac-
ceptance, no thanks, no recognition. .I even attended a number of
Library Board meetings in the past year (alone and with another
Philaco member), and in 2004 attended two meetings along with most
of the Philaco Board and the FFWC District-2 Director. After these
two meetings, Philaco members arrived at a third to find the Library
meeting canceled (without any prior notice whatsoever), and a fourth,
with a notice posted there less than three hours before, indicating
that the Board meeting was being canceled until further notice (I'll
give some other writer the opportunity to explain what's wrong with
this picture).
Referring to the above mentioned letter, I must make a correction in
reference to a charge about a past Philaco president having chosen a
replacement for a Library Board member. Philaco by-laws do not al-
low our president to act alone on Club decisions. Such decisions must
be duly presented to the Board, and if duly accepted, presented to
the general membership.
A second and vital correction concerns the suggestion that Philaco
no longer is "riding herd." (As an aside, we didn't merely remove cows
and Brahma bullsfrom' running the streets; numbers of sows, hogs,
piglets and billygoats got "put out" by our projects as well.) And while
animal confinement was in debate at Apalachicola's City Hall, Philaco
wvs workingwith -the FFWC in establishing the Everglades National
Park, the Florida State Highway Patrol, state-wide law enforcement
training, dotted lined down the middle of the highway, and the stomp-
ing out 'of them pesky sandspurs in a host of public parks and play-
grounds (this last project a lost cause). Not to mention today's local
scholarships, hundreds of Seafood Festival hours, hospital service,
tutoring at local schools, contributions to local Boy and Girl Scouts,
and much, much more. Philaco members locally give thousands of
; Continued on Page 7

The Franklin Chronicle

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The Franklin Chronicle


6 August 2004 Pane 5

First Public Forum from Page 1
(He told of an episode of fishing offshore with his brother-in-law).
"We were out in the Gulf. He had baling wire, rope, trying to
keep his motor running. Now, we're offshore and you can't see
land. We're trying to make a living and I was scared to death.
That's the way I feel like school is right now. You got somebody
with baling wire and string trying to keep this thing together.
We don't need to be this way. We can put everything under one
roof ... We are adults ... Let's put these kids under one roof.
Let's bring this money together. Our teachers are not going to
be stretched so thin ... That's why our test grades are so low,
our teachers are stretched so thin. We've got great teachers
here. Let's put them together...
MODERATOR: Assign a grade to our school system and explain why.
RICHARDS: "...Our school system as a whole would be a D ... The one
big issue I feel we're missing out on is vocation. Our vocational
program, we have no vocation... Performing arts. The drama
clubs that were so exciting...
MODERATOR: How do you see the role of the school board... ? Should
the board define school policy?
RICHARDS: I think so... You have to make yourself heard. I think the
school board should play a part in making those decisions.
MODERATOR: What is your plan for raising the FCAT scores?
RICHARDS: As I said before, consolidation is going to be your answer
to raising FCAT scores. Until you take the load off of these
teachers, I feel the FCAT test is a pile of dung ... And we're
paying them so little...
MODERATOR: The question sought the candidate's opinion as to the
impact of the high turnover of Apalachicola high school princi-
RICHARDS: I think there's a lot of reasons for not staying. If you
walked around Apalachicola High School and you saw the old
facilities, they're run down ... I know there's been some
back-biting. I

BaySidCe Residential, Waterfront &
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Immaculate New 3370 sq. ft. home on Carrabelle River. Three
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in porch overlooking the river from the first floor. Home has 1080
sq. ft. carport urider the house with two storage rooms, 10' ceilings,
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system with well. $925,000.00.
Bayou Harbor-One acre overlooking Dog Island and St. George
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One Bay Front Lot-49 x 138 lot on the Bay, located in St. James.
Spectacular view. $495,000.00.
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Freda White-Owner/Broker
Raymond Williams-Broker/Sales Beth Barber-Realtor

MODERATOR: Would you favor linking the salary of school officials
with student FCAT scores?
RICHARDS: No ...(He is critical to teaching to the test)
MODERATOR: What does it say about our school system when stu-
dents leave our system to attend classes in adjoining county
RICHARDS: ... They see what's happening in surrounding counties
(such as) Wakulla county... I know the kids who have left this
county. You just look at the surrounding counties and see how
well they're doing... We're in the center of all of this ... If we
were to consolidate, we would probably be pretty close to
Wakulla County... (He points out the strength of their athletic
programs, etc.). They're interested in athletics. Academics is
the tops for me... As far as athletics, people are following that...
Whenever you dig into (the reasons) people are leaving, they're
leaving to play ball...
QUESTIONS FROM THE AUDIENCE: Richards then spoke about his
RICHARDS: He introduced his family. (applause) Consolidation is re-
ally the big issue... I'm really pushing this issue... I think that
things would be so much better financially... Through consoli-
dation, you're going to see the kids who have left this county
return. I just know they will because I have talked to the par-
ents ... We're looking at 140 plus acres to build our new school
... They said there are going to be vocational buildings ... We
have vocational buildings right now but we don't have a voca-
tional program... From the gitgo, I can only promise you hard
work...I want to be talked about as the best school in the State
of Florida. It can happen. It can happen...
AUDIENCE QUESTION: What plans do you have to help our commu-
nity understand the challenges our schools face ... ?
RICHARDS: If I say I'm gonna do something, I'm gonna do it ... What
I would really like to do is to keep our community informed of
school board issues. Right now, I think we're all lost. ... You're
not going to hear very much from them unless you call them...
You might ask them a question. They could be sitting here (he
nods toward an empty chair)...,
AUDIENCE QUESTION: Do you view the charter schools as a welcome
competitor... if not, why not?
RICHARDS: ...This is the big bomb. I've been waiting on this one.
Well, the charter school, I'll be honest with you. I don't support
at all... There's no reason in expanding... If you've got a wound,
you don't stick a knife in it... I think that it's a form of trying to
consolidate within a community. They're talking about adding
grade levels... I just don't support it...
AUDIENCE QUESTION: What do you see as the most serious problem
facing county schools?
RICHARDS: I think that the most serious problem is the school board
... not totally agreeing ... as far as the issues facing our county.

... Our school board needs to get teacher's input, our'
community's input...
AUDIENCE QUESTION: What inspired you to run for school board in
Franklin County?
RICHARDS: I love kids. I love my kids. I want to see my kids experi-
ence a little bit of what a great school is. I know that we can do 3
better ... It's no secret that our school system is lousy ... It.'
inspired me because through the last 11 or 12 years I have
been coaching little league football and baseball on up through
pony league and junior varsity. I look at those kids; there's
something inside of me that I cannot give up on. And, when I
hear their concerns, I wish we were all together. That's why the'
consolidation issue is so big to me... Yes, I am big on athlet-"'
ics... I want the best...
AUDIENCE QUESTION: If elected how do you propose to turn around' .
the grade for each of the schools in Franklin County?
RICHARDS: I don't know what a teacher does in a day ... What I would, '.
like to do is to get in there, dig deep and find out what a teacher's ;,
job is at every grade level. And, find out the stresses that they .,
have had... I would like to reduce those stresses... I doh't know
exactly what it's going to take to raise our,scores ..' Let's take-
the stress off the kids too. (He does not agree that "teaching the
test" is the way to raise scores; he sees "teaching the test" as-
one of the reasons for lower scores).
County Commissioner District #5 Race-
Thomas Lee Brannan and Bevin Putnal
MODERATOR: Are you willing to impose an impact fee on developers?
MODERATOR: How would you work to cleanup Franklin County, and.:
more specifically, cleanup the city of Carrabelle?
BRANNAN: ... The county has maintenance crews.i. If somebody has
trash in their yard, they'd have to clean it up. It's an eyesore.
MODERATOR: Will you follow the new high hazard maps that FEMA":
and the Corps of Engineers have approved to limit coastal den-
MODERATOR: If elected, would you make sure that District #5 gets
its share of county road funds?
BRANNAN: I surely will. That's one reason I'm running... I would make
sure that District 5 would get their share of road money.... If.'
District 5 has been getting their share, I don't know what they've*
been doing with it. That surely hasn't been used to fix the roads.
(laughter from audience). Go by Carrabelle High School. They
don't have to put in speed bumps. (laughter).
MODERATOR: What is the role of a county commissioner?...
_ BRANNAN: I reckon to build new roads ... and new development corn-
ing into the county... and let the taxpayer know where .the tax.
money is going. And, another thing, our school system is bad :
in Franklin County...

Continued on Page 6


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F franklin County Schools are facing daunting issues: Low
morale, failing grades, diminishing public confidence
and lack of community involvement. It's time for positive
changes that will make a difference.

Denise Butler has a solid record of achievement as
an educator, principal, administrator and community
volunteer. She will bring an experienced perspective and
understanding to ,our public school problems.

Best of all, Denise Butler is well qualified and will serve our community with
dignity, dedication and hard work. She believes in service to the community.

'Your vote on August 31 is a vote for our children. Make it a positive one. Our
children deserve., less."

A vote for Denise Lutler is a vote to help to restore pride and public confidence
in our Franklin County Schools.

Denise Butler...Let's Build a Foundation for Excellence.

Vote for and Elect

Denise D. Butler

S Franklin County

School Board

S Di str District I

Political Advertisement paid for and approved by Denise D. Butler for School Board Member District I

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Thank you for letting us seven you!.

Here ye, here ye, here ye: You, the citizens and voters of Franklin County, are invited to a series of
public forums during which the candidates for county public office will discuss their views and ideas.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 10, 2004 AT 7 P.M.
'Dixie Theatre"in Apalachkio/a:.

Superintendent of Schools
(county wide election):
Jo Ann Gander, Democrat
Frank Stephens, Democrat
Jeff Weiner, Democrat

TUESDAY. AUGUST 17, 2004 AT 7 P.M.
Eastpoint Fire Station.:

District #1-County Commission Candidates:
David Ard, Democrat
Larry Boatwright, Democrat
Russell Crofton, Democrat
Kenneth Shiver, Democrat
Willard Vinson, no party affiliation

District #1-School Board Candidates:
Denise Butler
Teresa Howard
C.J. Ogles
Rex Pennycuff
The St. George Island Political Education Committee
(PEC) is a nonpartisan community association comprised
of volunteers from St. George Island and all other areas
of Franklin County. Our mission is to help inform the
public on matters of common concern by sponsoring open
dialog through appropriate and fair public forums, town
meetings, debates and discussions. We encourage and
solicit countywide participation in this venture in order
to provide all areas of the county with the opportunity
to promote an informed and responsible electorate. It is
our belief, and it is our desire, that informed citizens
will choose qualified, responsible representatives and
those representatives will better respond to our com-
mon concerns and needs.

St. George Is/and Fire Station.:
District #1-County Commission Candidates:
David Ard, Democrat
Larry Boatwright, Democrat
Russell Crofton, Democrat
Joyce Estes, Republican
Kenneth Shiver, Democrat
Willard Vinson, no party affiliation

District #1-School Board Candidates:
Denise Butler
Teresa Howard
C.J. Ogles
Rex Pennycuff
TUESDAY, AUGUST 24, 2004 AT 7 P.M.
"Dixie Theatre" in Apalachicola:
Clerk of the Court (countywide election):
Renee Shiver Griffin, Democrat
Marcia Johnson, Democrat

Apa/achicola High School

Sheriff (county wide election):
John Crum, Democrat
Mike Mock, Democrat
Joel Norred, Democrat
Skip Shiver, Democrat
Wayne Williams, Democrat
Bruce Barnes, Republican

x l ^--,jtq- -- A XII

; ,

Page 6 6 August 2004 A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER The Franklin Chronicle

First Public Forum from Page 5
MODERATOR: How do you see your role as a Commissioner as it re-
lates to the school system?
BRANNAN: That's the most important thing in a kid's life is his edu-
cation. I believe you need good schools and good teachers ...
MODERATOR: Are you in support of the provisions of the county's
comprehensive plan?
BRANNAN: I really support it, but I would have to look further into it.
To see what they're doing and what their-goals are.
MODERATOR: What is your motivation for wanting to be the Commis-
sioner from District 5?
BRANNAN: I just feel like I can help the people from District 5 ... In
Franklin Cbunty... The main thing is the roads ... And, the
county employees, making sure their salaries are equal to those
working in other counties surrounding us ....
BRANNAN: I am a resident of Franklin County, graduating from
Carrabelle High School. I've been here for about 61 years. I've
had my own business and have worked for a lot of men...
MODERATOR: I asked you...if you have lived your whole life in Franklin
County and you said No cause I ain't dead yet. (Laughter).
MODERATOR: By golly, you can't disagree with that.
MODERATOR: I'll direct this question to Mr. Brannan. Why do all
towns in Franklin County have a recreational facility and
Carrabelle does not.
BRANNAN: I don't know why Carrabelle don't have one. I think
Carrabelle needs one. I hear they're in the process of building
one ... a county park, here in Carrabelle. If elected, I would try
to get the other county commissioners to get a company or
underwriter to try to get grants for Franklin County...
MODERATOR: How would you better involve the citizens of Franklin
County in building that budget?
BRANNAN: ... Try to get citizens to attend the workshop...
MODERATOR: How do we preserve our quality of life with regard to
controlling development?
BRANNAN: ... (The developers) just need to follow guidelines and the
laws; they just need to be reinforced. (Bevin Putnal appeared to
join the panel. He explained that he had taken his wife to her
physician for medical attention.)
MODERATOR: (directing the question to Mr. Putnal) How important
do you think enforcement of the county comprehensive plan is
and if the enforcement is important to you, how would you
improve the enforcement of this plan... ?
BEVIN PUTNAL: Well, the comprehensive plan is very important. That's
why we as a Commission took citizen input and redoing the
comprehensive plan to suit the development that we think is fit
for our county at the present time. Occasionally, you do have
to change the way you do things in the county to keep up with
the growing times. Because if we never changed anything, you
would never see any-development nor improvements in the
county, so you're constantly changing ... Every ten years of so
we have to go in there and change it to suit what we're trying to
do ... If we're very careful and stay with the comprehensive
plan and do the things that we think is clean, environmentally,
and is not a hindrance to our Bay, I think we can have the best
of both worlds. I think you can have .good development and
also have your seafood industry, oystering, and your clams and
different things if you do it right...
MODERATOR: Mr. Brannan, it has been said that the seafood indus-
try is dying in Franklin County. Do you believe so, and if so,
BRANNAN: Yeah, I believe it's dying. Shrimping industry, especially
in Carrabelle. Developers are offering so much money for prop-
erty.... That's a property owner's right...
MODERATOR: People are fearful that the fishing village concept will
be removed from the comprehensive planning process. How do
you see this with development coming?

BRANNAN: I remember back 20 years ago... shrimp boats would be
here. Now, you would see only four or five shrimp boats ...
Commercial business is getting so much money for their land,
they're selling.
MODERATOR: The Franklin County Commission has agreed to re-
zone most requests they receive. Would you agree to the rezon-
ing of property to maximize profits for each individual land-
PUTNAL: I would support a certain amount but as you know a lot of
time I would be the only one voting against something if I don't
feel like its right. I think before we rezone all these properties
on the beach in Eastpoint, which is just beginning, I think we
need for find some more land upland that we can build oyster
houses before we zone ourselves clean out of the business...
That's one thing I've been talking to planning and zoning offi-
cials about. We have got to find some more property to build
facilities off of the beach... Right now is a critical time in Franklin
County's history...
Both candidates agreed on the proposal to have county commission-
ers in their office on a particular day of the week to talk with con-

Sheriffs candidates, from left foreground, Mike Mock, Skip
Shiver, Wayne Williams, Joel Norred and Bruce Barnes

l A

(From left) Bevin Putnal and Tom Brannan



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C a. 6 a- F.2

(From left) Rene Griffin and MarshaJohnson

(From left) Rene Griffin and Marsha Johnson.


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Cora Russ



For District 3,


Cora Russ has announced her
candidacy for county commission
District 3 race. "I'm running from
the heart," said Cora, "because I
believe the heart of a democracy
is concerned citizens who care
about their community, their
children's future, their neighbors
and their right to freedom by
"I see so much in our community
and Franklin county that needs
to be done," continued Cora. "We
need better leadership to revive
meaningful economic develop-
ment and revitalize neighbor-
hoods. She lists rebuilding a
Neighborhood center in District 3
at the Holy Family site and work-
ing with the City of Apalachicola
to pave the roads, build sidewalks
or pathways and provide safer
streets as community goals.
The campaign for District 3
County Commission seat should
be about positive change in
Franklin County and leadership
that listens to all the people and
votes for the best future we can
offer our children, community,
natural and heritage based re-
sources. That is why my slogan
is: "If not now, when? I say now!"
Cora Russ was born and raised
in Apalachicola. She graduated
from Wallace M. Quinn High
School. graduated in 1956 from
FAMU with a BA and continued
graduate studies at the Univer-
sity of New Mexico, Georgetown
and FAMU. Her studies In French
and Spanish led to a career with
the U.S. Information Agency with
international posts in half a dozen
countries. As a Peace Corps Vol-
unteer she was a professor of
English in Venezuela and also
served her country in Vietnam.
Her community service includes
Habitat for Humanity, Franklin
County Library, Apalachicola
Chamber of Commerce, Gulf Alli-
ance for Local Arts, Keep Franklin
Beautiful and Franklin's Promise.
"Although I am a black woman
from Apalachicola, it is not a rea-
son for anyone to vote for me,"
concluded Cora. That I believe in
equality for all, tolerance, commu-
nity involvement, listening to all
residents and working for positive
change with better local leader-
ship are good reasons to vote for
me. I'm running from the heart."


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The Franklin Chronicle


6 August 2004 Paoe 7

HCOLA Forum from Page 1
She has also attended court functions and worked with juries. An-
other question brought some audience responses, asking if each of
the candidates would work for the other if she did not win the next
election, why or why not? Rene Griffin said she would certainly hire
Ms. Johnson. "We've grown up, almost together. We played ball with
her father. We've had babies together. I've filled in for her whenever
she would be out having a child and she has done the same for me. I
have promised her many times she would have her job... "And, I would
love to have my job." As to the other clerks in the office, I would want
them to stay too." Marsha Johnson admitted that this was a loaded
question, but "...I gotta say that I've been fighting the rumor from day
one that I told Rene that I was gonna fire her if I was elected... Well...
I have never said that Rene would NOT have a job If I got Clerk. As far
as the whole staff (is concerned), and what is gonna happen, I don't
really think that is an issue until I'm elected. And, after I'm elected,
there will be four months to think about it. I don't have any inten-
tions now of getting rid of anybody, but I want to consider all the
options. I'm gonna surround myself with loyal people who want to
The second half of the Friday HCOLA forum consisted of candidates
for the Franklin County Superintendent's race. All three contenders
appeared on the forum: Frank Stephens, Jeff Weiner and incumbent
JoAnn Gander.
QUESTION: What are the major principles involved in the decision
making process of education?
JOANN GANDER: Student heeds. In reality, it's based on require-
ments passed down by the State (of Florida), including the re-
sources that we have available. Certainly, student needs is our
top priority. We bring into the program the resources that are
available to us to meet the needs of our students. Our goal is to
prepare the students for the challenges that await them...
JEFF WEINER: The ultimate commitment in educational enterprise
are the kids. I think the Administration and the Board, work-
ing together, with the community, has to put together a plan
that puts the five components on how to help the kids across
the board. First you need to treat each child fair and equal, and

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ifteel o elanotteefryu

give a quality education for all students. I think you also have
to support the teachers more than we currently support teach-
ers, that includes financially as well as recognition and helping
them become better teachers in the classroom. I think that you
have to expect higher academic achievement as Mrs. Gander,
said there are rules set down by the state and Federal govern-
ment. Aside from that it is our responsibility to ensure that our
kids are very, very high achievers, not just academically but
socially as well; that's very important... I think you have to give
the children opportunities beyond academic educational ap-
proaches ... extra curricular activities, give them opportunities
for sports ... And, last, you need to keep all this within your
FRANK STEPHENS: ...I keep looking at things that are left out, when
you talk like that... What is the individual kid need? .... They're
not all the same. We need to look at where they're at ... And,
actually build an individual education for every student. Aca-
demic, yes. Many, many areas, though in the vocational world
.... Many of our students end up working for a living. I think
we're losing out on a lot of things. We're not doing everything
we should be doing. I want to look at the broader aspect. I
know we don't have a good vocational program developed at
this time ... or a technical program. I think we need to analyze
every student and give them. the best academic program that
we can create for them ... And, build in a lot more remedial
programs for those that need it. Many of our students are not
capable of doing the classwork that they need to do, and why
not? ...
The three candidates for Superintendent generally supported the con-
cept of consolidating the school system, K-12. Jeff Weiner argued
that this would bring together a large number of resources into one
Frank Stephens recalled that he was the only candidate in previous
years that came out for consolidation. We can now offer a better cur-
riculum. This, incidentally, was the heart of a recommendation to an
earlier school board that commissioned a citizen group study on con-
solidation in the early 1990s, and then promptly buried the report
during the superintendency of C.T. Ponder. JoAnn Gander reported
the current status of the school board's program seeking consolida-
tion and a new K-12 facility. The approval is one final step in the long
process, scheduled next month. All of the students would be placed
in one school. She added that enrollment has declined over the re-
cent years from 1600 students in 1966 to 1139 students today. Pro-
jections continue to show 'a decline in student enrollment, thus "we
cannot continue to offer a four school system yet maintain a bud-
get..." The cost of education continues to rise, recalled Frank Stephens.
He came into the Franklin County system when there were 32 teach-
ers now there are 16. We had about 100 more students 15 years ago.
Stephens was critical of the way the Franklin system goes about hir-
ing their teachers, waiting until late in the season when many offers
to other teachers have been made and accepted. Candidate JoAnn
Gander pointed out that the school board does not approve the bud-
cess stymied. Chairperson Jimmy Gander is the President of the school
board and would seem the responsible party for such delay although
no names were mentioned at the forum in that regard. Stephens ex-
plained the delays in the hiring process which, in his opinion, ought
to have started in early March instead of waiting until August.
Candidate Jeff Weiner said one of the roles of the Superintendent is
to bring the community together, and that means civic leaders, com-
munity leaders, business leaders, the parents, the teachers .... every-
body. Despite the fact that the state imposes certain mandates on the
county school systems, Mr. Weiner responded, 'That's life... Other
districts are out-performing the Franklin district anyway, he said. He
rejected the argument by Mrs. Gander that the government is impos-
ing too many requirements that take away funding freedoms.
QUESTION: What would you do to improve the FCAT scores?
GANDER: Each school has had a workshop this summer to set up
individual plans for each student to deal with the low scores.
Individual plans have been written for these students. She in-
formed the audience that all of the teachers were devastated at
the low scores, indicating that even surrounding counties had
low school scores. Mr. Weiner rejected the rationalization that
even other schools were having low scores.

JEFF WEINER: I expect our schools to be the best schools in the state.
I cannot accept that rationalization that other schools have also
suffered. I cannot accept this rationalization, "Well so and so
county schools did as poorly as ours" personally I cannot ac-
cept that rationalization. Have we become so complacent to say
"Average is OK or below average is OK" because everybody else
is like that in our area. Almost 80 per cent of the other schools
throughout the state are out-performing ours. A strong foun-
dation in the elementary area is needed... I think you need to
start working on the dropout rate in middle school. And, we
need to help at risk children IMMEDIATELY during the middle
school year by offering them help through the federal govern-
ment programs... I think you need to have a college-bound pro-
STEPHENS: Many of the students need help ... We have to identify
them and we have to give them remedial programs... (He de-
scribed taking 18 students last year and putting them into a
remedial program.) All 17 eventually passed the FCAT exam a
second time. Parents, he said, also need motivation. I would
like to see an individual program written on every student.
The second night of the HCOLA political forum presented candidates
for the Franklin County Commission and the Franklin County School
Candidate Bryant Hand, Noah Lockley, Jr. Clarence Williams and
Michael Moron appeared as candidates for the Franklin County Com-
Candidates Jack Frye, David Ard, Larry Boatwright, Joyce Estes,
Kenneth Shiver and Willard Vinson did NOT appear on the Saturday
School Board candidates Richard Bell, Fonda Davis, Sr. and Teresa
Ann Martin were on the Saturday HCOLA panel. Those school board
candidates NOT appearing on the panel were: C. J. Ogles and Katie
mflHB't i "' J

(From left) Richard Harper, head of the St. George Political
Education Committee, Bevin Putnal and Thomas Brannan
Letter to Editor from Page 4
hours annually, under ana ouislde the umbrella of Philaco, to their
churches, civic organizations, government agencies and commissions,
fire departments, Meals on Wheels, schools, libraries, museums ...
Need I drag this out more?
'I recently heard from a little bird that Philaco members have been
called "a bunch of troublemakers." While this in itself may not always
be a pejorative term, I personally prefer a more euphemistic "agita-
tors," or perhaps even "cowgirls." Because you can bet your boots
and jangling spurs we're still "riding herd."
Dawn Evans Radford
First Vice President
Philaco Woman's Club of Apalachicola

Franklin Briefs from Page 2

to September 7.
Lee Edmiston asked me if the
County were interested in apply-
ing for a grant with the
Apalachicola National Estuarine
Research Reserve that will result
in ,the County getting some geo-
graphic information system hard-

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ware, software and training. This
will not cost the County anything.
I told Lee we were interested and
he has submitted a letter of in-
tent to National Oceanic and At-
mospheric Administration. I have
a copy of the letter for the Board's
I have a Homeland Security Grant
for $50,291 between Franklin
County 'and the Department of
Comminunity Affai-sTor the B6ard's
approval. This grant' provides for
upgrading the EOC, planning and
training. I need Board approval for
the Chairman to sign the con-
tract. Approved.
I have a Flood Mitigation Assis-
tance Program Grant for purchas-
ing a repetitive loss property at
Alligator Point. This is the house
of Melanie Perez at 1347 Alligator
Drive, west of the campground.
The grant is for $367,763, which
is the 75% federal share. The 25%
match that the County would
have to come up with is $122,587.
In the past the homeowners have
provided this match. Before the
Board commits to this grant, I
would like to check and confirm
that this is going to be acceptable
to the state and property owner.
Two weeks ago I met with Van
Johnson, Betty Webb, Anthony
Taranto and representatives of
the National Guard at the Armory.
The National Guard is proposing
to apply for a historic preserva-
tion grant from the state to pre-
pare a plan for upgrading and
renovating the Armory. This
would be a 50-50 matching grant.
The National Guard has stated
that they do not have the funds
for the match. They have re.-
quested that Franklin County and
the City of Apalachicola provide
the match. I do not have a final
estimate from the grant writer yet,
but an early estimate is that the
entire grant would be for $40,000,
so the match would have to be
$20,000. The board deferred ac-
tion on the request.
I have a Federal Aviation Admin-
istration Grant Agreement to pay
$147,311 for the installation of
signs and remarking of runway
13/31. I1 need Board approval for
the Chairman to .sign the agree-
ment. Approved.
Rich Reeves has negotiated with
URS on the engineering contract
for the fencing at the airport. The
new contract is for $17,600, down
.from the original $25,000. I need
Board approval for the Chairman
to sign the contract. Approved.
The County has received notifica-
tion from DEP that a private com-
pany plans to drill five exploratory
wells in the Gulf of Mexico 155
miles south of Mobile Bay and 189
miles southwest of Cape San Bias.
Comments on this proposal can
be submitted to DEP by August
27. 1 have a copy of this notifica-
tion for the Board's files.
Wade Brown has brought to my
attention that the recorded plat
of "Fairway Park" at Lanark has
a drafting error in the location of
the wetlands. They need to replat
certain of the lots. I have spoken
with Michael Shuler about this
and he has stated that the por-
tions of the existing plat that are
being replatted will need to be
abandoned. A public hearing was
also scheduled.

I _

Pane 8 6 August 2004


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.g4 Tarpon Run Lot 9! One acre lot in
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S-' between Eastpoint and Carrabelle.
Paved road, underground utilities
and protective covenants make this
a wonderful neighborhood. Private
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#100840. $250,000.
Bayview lot on St. George Island!
Great private location perfect for
AN ISLAND BREEZE: your island retreat! Lot has been
3BR/2.5BA Plantation Home kept trimmed, some site preparation
and some of the leg work toward
featuring an elevator, screened building permit has already been
and open porches & decks, and done. MLS#100841. $299,000.
a garden tub. Quality construc- Nice high lot! Outstanding view po-
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create pilings and a metal roof. Lovely vegetation including wind
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A full-service Restaurant
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* MATURITY: Joel Norred, age 55, has spent 34 of those 55 years as a law enforcement officer.
Webster defines mature as "based on careful consideration" and "having attained a desired
state". With his wealth of training and experience, Joel Norred exemplifies the kind of maturity
desired in a law enforcement leader.

* EDUCATION: Joel earned degrees from Tallahassee Community College and Florida State
University while working full time in law enforcement. His college days were not filled with
midnight parties, but midnight shifts & double duty on weekends. That shows CHARACTER.

* TRAINING: Joel has logged hundreds and hundreds of hours attending training sessions &
seminars during his career. He also served as a trainer with the Florida Department of Law
Enforcement & trained other officers throughout Florida, the U.S. & in foreign nations.

* EXPERIENCE There is no substitute for experience. Joel Norred began his career at the
Franklin County Sheriffs Office in 1969. From 1970-1973, he worked as a Special Agent with
the Office of the Governor, He worked more than 30 years as a Special Agent for the F.D.L.E.
While at FDLE, he participated in many major & minor criminal investigations and received the
Investigative Star Medal for his work. He was the founding President of the Florida DARE
Officers Association, the Florida Statewide DARE Coordinator, and was honored in 2003 with
DARE America's most prestigious award, the "Lifetime Achievement Award". Read about
Joel's impact on others at

* HUMBLE: It is said that a humble person is God's gift to the common man. Modest, polite,
unassuming & respectful... these words best describe Joel Norred.

TRAINING, EXPERIENCE & the virtue of being HUMBLE, there is
only one choice.

Joel Norred is simply the most qualified candidate for the
Office of Sheriff

Experience Counts! Let Joel put his 34 years of experience to work
for you and your family.



Political Advertisement Paid for and Approved by Joel Norred, Democrat, for Sheriff






ICuanj A

Th.rnki.honceA.OAL.ONDNESAE 6 Auut204*Pg


"We Furnish Storage Boxes" Cube

Owner il
Mark Mitchell Company
P.O. Box 8 Panacea, FL 32346
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Turner Branch and Margaret Branch, residents of St. George Island,
and partners in The Branch Law Firm in Albuquerque, New Mexico
and Houston, Texas, are interested in an experienced part-time legal
assistant to assist them during their stays at their home on the Island,
approximately four months out of the year. Extensive computer skills,
typing (70+ wpm), organizational skills, and general case management
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Branch Law Firm, 2025 Rio Grande Boulevard, N.W., Albuquerque,
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FURUNO Live Bait and Crab Traps Fishing Tackle *
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Library Happenings
By Judi Rundel
The Franklin County Public Library's new after school program,
WITH-IT!, has 'kicked off its first evening program at the Carrabelle
branch on Thursday evening. Parents and students are excited about
the theater project which is underway at all three program sites. The
Apalachicola site (located in the New Life Center on 8th Street), will
hold their evening hours on Monday nights while the Eastpoint branch
will hold evening hours on Friday nights. WITH-IT! is a program for
students between the ages of 10 and 17. Wednesday, Thursday, and
Friday after school programs hours include time for homework, corn-

puter skills, tutoring, life skills, and career development. The first
creative project, theater and dramatic arts, add a cultural dimension
to the program. For the next couple weeks-during the listed evening
hours-guest speaker, Jonathan Farmer, will introduce the partici-
pants to all aspects of the theater. As part of the project, students will
be going to the Monticello Opera House to see a live production of
Romeo and Juliet. Call 670-5250, 697-9216, or 653-2784 to register
your child.


P.O. BOX 429 HWY. 98 PANACEA, FL.32346
PHONE: (850) 984-5637 (850) 984-5693 FAX: (850) 984-5698
HOURS: MON., TUES., THURS., FRI: 8:00 6:00
WED.: 8:00 1:00 SAT.: 8:00 5:00
PONTOON BOATS SEA PRO G-3 07-09/07-23/08-06/08-20

Gunsmoke and Nascar Collectibles



for $21 995 Cash Sale
New-In The Box
Also a large variety of other guns
Nascar Collectibles:
at reduced prices!
Behind Petty's BP on Highway 319
in Crawfordville
Phone: 850-926-5500 08 06/08-20

* Espresso
* Pastries
* Coffee
* Sandwiches

* Ice Cream
* Soups
* Salads

88 Tallahassee Street 697-9550
Across from the Post Office
Carrabelle Junction
Live Music! Open Mic! Wednesday 7:00 p.m. til

Waterfront Acreage for Development

Call Buddy or Larry
1'877-426-2326 i


(30 tabs)- 100mg $79.95
(60 tabs)- 100mg $129.95
Order Online with Credit Card
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S 1025 SW 59th at
I '- '- c. OKC OK 73109


jI (60 tabs)-37.,5mg $79.95
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OK OK,.i..i~+[. ~r ~ 73109n

I .-- ......-- u ........


Smokehouse 74hti( es
Furniture Jewelry
Coming Soon: Smoked Fish
16 Avenue E Apalachicola, Florida
08-06/08-20 *

LorIoO Si storante|

Dine-In and Take-Out* 850-6974084
We love private
parties! Highway 98 *Downtown Carrabelle
Catering available

The FROG Family Learning Program also offers one-on-one or small
group computer classes as well as individualized tutoring for stu- 4
dents who want to be prepared for the coming school year. As with
most other programs, these services are provided at all three of the ,4
Library's program sites and at no cost to participants.
The Franklin County Public Library's programs-FROG, WITH-IT!, '
and TIGERS-are offered at no cost to participants. Registration how- *
ever is required. For information about upcoming events, becoming a 3
volunteer tutor, or becoming a library volunteer, please call 670-8151, j
697-2366, or 697-2091, or view the Library's website located at 4


The Franklin Chronicle

6 August 2004 Page %~

Page 10 6 August 2004

S reeS Jrr Service, LLC

58 FT. Bucket Truck & Chipper Tree & Limb Removal, Etc.
Call John @ 850-670-8432 or 335-0580


the Chronicle Bookshop

Mail Order Service *

P.O. Box 590.
Eastpoint, FL 32328

The Franklin Chronicle

A Biography of Dr John Gorrie


Home, Auto, Life, Business, Marine, Bonds
and Other Lines of Insurance
See us for your insurance needs at:
61 Avenue E
Apalachicola, Florida 32320
850-653-2161 800-586-1415

Wefing's Marine, Inc.

:9 IN I W116 0 imSi .


(850) 653-9218

(850) 653-1333

Apalachicola, FL 32320

Check us out at our new location!
131 U.S. Highway 98, Eastpoint, FL
7I 111 850-670-8100

rnRR~n~ ____

Now is the time to
subscribe to the


The Chronicle is published every other Friday.
Mailed subscriptions within Franklin County
are $16.96 including taxes for one year, or 26
issues. The out-of county rate is $22.26 in-
cluding taxes.

City State
J Renewal*
Basic Subscription, 26 issues.
Q Out of County Q In County
*If renewal, please include mailing label
Please send this form to: Franklin Chronicle
,* Post Office Box 590
Eastpoint, Florida 32328
850-670-1687 or 850-927-2186

t(305) Hobo-ing America by Richard Edward Noble, Pa- -
erback. A humorous, light-hearted, workingman's, true (192) Vivian Sherlock's biography of John Gorrie, The
America with Dick & v Carol feel th your way around Fever Man, is available once again after being out-of-print
shAmerica withe calloused handsDick & Carol ... feel the pain andthe joy ... for more than a decade This is the story of John Gorrie,
Boohake the calloused hands that make America what it is. young physician who invented an "ice machine" that many
.B.. p..r... ........ ..... argue was a forerunner to air conditioning dozens of years
later. His cooling device was developed to provide relief
to his suffering yellow fever patients. A museum in
'Apalachicola to this day marks the work of John Gorrie
-i, just across from his last resting place in Gorrie Square,
S( ) [' fJ [ down from Trinity Church. This book tells what is now
.. .. known about Dr. Gorrie, his work and his ice machine.
[ Paperback, New, 151 pp. Bookshop price = $10.00

S \7 (21) Outposts on the Gulf by William Warren Rogers. Uni-
versity of Florida Press, Hardcover, 297 pp. In this book,
/ Rogers traces and documents the economic, social and
political emergence of the Gulf coast port of Apalachicola
S.-...." .r:- g and the pristine barrier island, Saint George. From the
S: j i 'C c ... earliest times, both the island and Apalachicola have be-
come intertwined. The account of the machinations of con-
troversial developer William Lee Popham is the first phase
S-- of area development, later leading to the controversial
struggles of the 1970s when environmentalists and sea-
food industries fought to determine the ecological and eco-
... '. nomic fate of the Bay area. The Chronicle has obtained
a fresh supply of newly reprinted volumes at an at-
tractive price. Available elsewhere for $35.95 plus ship-
ping and handling. The Chronicle Bookshop price is much
cheaperat $25.00 per volume.

(307) The Library of Congress Civil War Desk Refer-
ence. Simon and Schuster, 2002, 949 pp. This work is a
comprehensive yet accessible compendium organized into
chapters that address broad themes such as "Antebel-
lum America," "Wartime Politics", "Armies," etc. with each
chapter including more specific topics. There are timelines
that chronicle major events, brief profiles of significant
players in the war and extensive bibliography. The work
examines, the lives of the common soldiers, the role of
women in the conflict, medical treatment, home front
events, maps, excerpts from journals and letters. Other
chapter titles include "Battles and the Battlefield", Weap-
onry", "War on the Water" "Prisons and Prisoners of War",
"Reconstruction and the Aftermath of the War" and '"The
Civil War in Literature and the Arts". A final chapter dis-
cusses places for further research, archives, important
published sources and national historic sites. This is one
indispensable one-volume reference on the Civil War,
originally sold for $45.00. The 949 pp work is available
in limited copies from the Chronicle bookshop for $35.00

Y Apalachicola, Fla.

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Saint George Island & Apalachicola
from Early Exploration
to World War II

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