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RdAs Ntw RKu Evy D"

kl PERMIT #8



Volume 13, Number 13 A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER June 25- July 8,2004

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Apalachicola Fireworks 6
Franklin Briefs .......... 2
Denise Butler ............ 1
SE Fisheries Assn... 1, 3
Apalachicola Bay Charter
................................. 1
FFWCC ................... 1, 4
First Baptist Church... 1
Business Card Directory
................................ 7
FCAN...................... 8
Carrabelle City ........... 9
Library ..................... 9

Bookshop ................. 10

Denise Butler
To Run For

ing cur- School Board,
E, train-
for the District 1
h of the
re com-
two full I have filed my intent to run for
accom- School Board member from Dis-
)le. The trict 1 which is the west side of
;d in the Eastpoint and St. George Island.
ect dur- I have lived in this district for 27
martedly years.
fdations I have been actively involved in
inishedtiat education and community volun-
initiate. teer activity for all of my adult life.
Retreat I was a professional educator for
n Bible' 20 years- having'taught one year
he week in Leon County and 16 in
n, four Franklin County, I was principal
ovations of Apalachicola High School for 3
remain- years. I have been recognized for
onal in- my teaching on local, state and
the Re- national levels. I hold a Bachelor's
ristian- Degree in Education and a
ler con- Master's Degree in Educational
Leadership, both from FSU, and
am certified and endorsed in
seven different areas K-12 includ-
a ing Principal.
I am now a licensed General Lines
insurance agent and am the of-
fice manager for Cook Insurance
sAgency. I have maintained my in-
terest and concern for our stu-
dents and schools. I continue with
active involvement in several com-
of munity endeavors. I have been
of Chairman of the Franklin County
Library Board since 1992 and
continue to serve our community
with Habitat for Humanity, the
Dixie Foundation and the Forgot-
e State ten Coast Builders Association. I
mously am Clerk to the Vestry of Trinity
ichicola Episcopal Church. I have recently
al, thus been appointed a Trustee for Gulf
ent of a Coast Community College.
,, 7 and
franklin Many issues face our schools: dis-
had re- appointing achievement test
evelop- scores, declining student enroll-
by the ment, lack of public confidence in
organi- our system, to name a few. I be-
menda- lieve that I have the educational
the in- background and experience to be
JoAnn an asset to the Board as it faces
the task of consolidation. I have
a reputation for sound leadership
id Prin- . -. ,i

By Janice Radel,
The First Baptist Church is build-
ing a Christian Retreat Facility on
thirteen acres of beautiful bay
front property on St. George Is-
land. Dozens of volunteers re-
turned to St. George Island in
June to erect four additional cab-
ins in the second phase of build-
ing the Retreat. Many of the vol-
unteers participated in the con-
struction of several Retreat build-
ings during 2003. The Retreat will,
provide the- opportunity for vari-
ous groups to experience glorious
views, solace and tranquility con-
ducive to meditation and spiritual
During May of this year, trees
were cleared and pilings were
placed in preparation for the new
buildings. During the week of
June 6, 2004, the volunteers

.. A. _

erected four additional 20-foot by this year. The la
20-foot cabins similar to the origi- rently houses c
nal four cabins. Over the course ing and office
of five days, they completed floors, Church and Ret
walls, windows, and roofs on all four original ca
four cabins. The interiors of these pleted with tile
buildings will be completed dur- bathrooms, and
ing the remainder of 2004. Future, modations for e
plans include a new church sanc- returning volunt
tuary and additional cabins. The cabins that they
current sanctuary will be con- ing 2003. They
verted to a common meeting area approved of the.
for retreat participants, and the and were happy t
downstairs of the present sane- product that the
tuary will be converted to a din-
ing area to support the Retreat The next occupa
facility. Facility .vll bel

During 2003, volunteers
churches in Georgia, Alab
and Florida and members o
First Baptist Church bu
30-foot by 72-foot building
nected to the existing sanc
and four 20-foot by 20-foot s
ing cabins. The interiors of
buildings were completed e

Vj bl

lilt a
^ .**


rr -

I -

Fish And Wildlife Conservation
Commission Receives An Earful
From Area Fishermen At Public

The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission conducted a series
of public workshops concerning net measurement beginning in.
Apalachicola on Monday evening, June 14th, and received a tumul-
tuous reaction from a group of angry fishermen assembled at the
Courthouse Annex.
Major Bruce Buckson began the meeting with the stated purpose of
gathering public testimony on a preliminary draft rule regarding the
measurement of nets to determine compliance with the Florida Con-
stitution, Florida Statutes and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conserva-
tion Commission (FFWCC) rules. A FFWCC Division of Law Enforce-
ment Interim Policy Memorandum (IPM 04-3) was explained in a hand-
out " Insure standardization of our enforcement efforts..." The
IPM was not a change in direction but a consolidation of previous
memoranda placed in policy until such time as net measurement can
be codified in FFWCC rules.
From the outset, led by Representative Will Kendrick, who expressed
dismay on, the short notice of the workshop meetings, a barrage of
criticism was leveled at the FFWCC, Assistant Attorney General
Charles Shelfer, and the ambiguity of the net limitation rules, with
particular attention concentrated on the prohibition of the two inch
mesh rule as wasteful and "stupid". At the beginning, the most out-
spoken critic, Van Lewis, shouted to Major Buckson:
"You're trying to expand that rule-you're telling us a falsehood..."
The public testimony followed with a barrage of criticism and uncer-
tainty that has characterized the ambiguous road of rule definition
since the net limitation requirements were imposed ten years ago.
Elmo Sander said, in part, "...I just kinda got disgusted... Haven't
been involved in it for several years. I was just wondering, are you
trying to say that we can't use this 500 square feet, we can't use any
shape that we want? I thought that was given to us in the Constitu-
tion." Ron and Fred Crum said, "I do think we have to come up with
a uniform way of measuring the net..." Another voice: "When you
gotta guy on the ground, you're not supposed to start stompin' him
when you got him down. Ya at least give us something to work with.
We need something to work with..."
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School students
of June 20th. I
separate groups ]
for the Retreat du
der of the summ
formation can be
treat website w (curr

rge build
reat. Eac
bins wer
eight peop
eers stayed
helped er
:o see the:
y helped:
nts of the
during tI
n addition
have reser
during the
er. Additi
found on
ently und

Bay Charter
School Wirn
Appeal To
State Board

On June 15, 2004, the
Board of Education unani
voted in favor of the Apala
SBay Charter School appeal
permitting the establish
3 middle school for grades 6
8. Months earlier, the F:
County School District 1
! ejected a proposal for the d
ment of a middle school
Apalachicola Bay Charter
nation despite the recomr
tion for the new school by
cumbent Superintendent,
Don Hungerford, CEO an
cipal at the Apalachico
Charter School explained t
plan for expansion woulc
with one grade at a time c
next two years. Tied to th
'is a grant application cu
pending that would p
startup funds up to $25
This would be submitted
State of Florida Dept. of
tion through the Franklin
School Board. A third r
ment would also have to b
fled and that is a contra
the Franklin County Schoc
to conduct the middle E
once funding is in place a
curriculum plans are fin
Such a contract would har
negotiated with the Fr
County School Board so:
this summer, most likely
The review of the case by th
Board of Education took p
Miami, attended by Don H
,ford, JoAnn Gander and
Kozlowsky, Apalachico
Charter school board Pres

la Bay
that the
d occur
>ver the
at plan
to the
e satis-
ct with
)1 Board
and the
ve to be
in Au-

le State
)lace in
la Bay

is the time to

subscribe to the
Franklin Chronicle

and the willingness to serve. 1
have a record of implementing
positive change. I have always
welcomed dialogue that results in
Our schools affect every business
in Franklin County. We have a
difficult time attracting qualified
teachers to replace fine ones who
have retired, resigned or moved
away. This issue must be re-
solved. Our children need to be
prepared for the work force and/
or for post secondary work.
I believe that excellence is possible
for our schools but only through
careful planning, hard work and
cooperation of parents, teachers,
administrators, and community
I appreciate the many people who
have encouraged me to run. If I
am elected I will serve with dig-
nity and diligence.



Southeastern Fisheries Association

President's Report
Publisher's Note: Grant Erickson has been President of the South-
eastern Fisheries Association for the past two years. This is his
address to the assembled annual meeting of the Association in
June 2004.
Welcome to Southeastern Fisheries Association's (SFA's) 52nd an-
nual meeting. We hope you like this beautiful Hyatt Hotel and please
get ready for a fast paced business meeting and then a wonderful
dinner cruise on Sarasota Bay this evening. This will be a great day.
These past two years serving as your president has been a very good
learning experience for me. I never fully realized all the work SFA
does on behalf of the industry on a daily basis but if you walk in the
shoes of the people who are working for you at SFA you will see how
so many members are assisted every day of the year.
SFA was involved in projects affecting every segment of the industry
this year.
We worked on oyster problems and helped the industry meet the re-
ductions in illnesses mandated by ISSC. At present SFA is working
with the oyster industry to change the opening of the season. We are
not going to be able to get the new regulation in place this year but
should be on the books by the next season. SFA congratulates Grady
Leavins and Tommy Ward for their leadership in preserving and pro-
tecting the Florida oyster industry. They were the movers, along with
Dr. Steve Otwell, in the establishment of an oyster lab in Apalachicola
that will. be very helpful in making oysters safer for those with an
immune suppressed system. The lab will install a $90,000 piece of
scientific equipment that can receive data on the quality of the water
and have an analysis in 90 minutes instead of the current 48-hour
wait. We salute Congressman Allan Boyd for getting this help to the
oyster industry and for all his help in getting relief funds for the shrimp
industry. Having a Congressman on the Appropriations Committee
of the House of Representatives is very important to all the citizens in
his District.
A majority of the work this year by SFA has been in assisting the
shrimp sector. We shrimpers are the ones who have been hit the hard-
est by the pond raised imported shrimp. Our situation has become so
bad both the International Trade Commission and the US Depart-
ment Of Commerce have ruled the domestic shrimp industry has
been severely hurt by imported shrimp products. Whether or not the
government will put a tariff on imported shrimp from the 6 countries
identified by the Southern Shrimp Alliance we don't know. We do,
know we cannot compete with shrimp sent over here and sold for less
than what it takes to catch and land by our domestic shrimp fisher-
men. With diesel fuel at $1.18 and higher there is no way for the
domestic shrimper to compete with subsidized foreign shrimp.
Congress realized the shrimp industry needed some help and sent
almost $7 million dollars to Florida under a federal shrimp disaster
appropriation. Most of the money went to the individual harvester
but $1.2 million was set aside creating a Florida shrimp marketing
program. You will hear more about this program from Joanne McNeely
later today but I wanted to let you know just how difficult it was to get
this money released from the state treasury.
There was a great deal of bad blood spilled over how the funds would
be distributed and hard feelings still remain within the industry against
those who held up the distribution for over six months.
SFA was involved in every step of the way supporting the distribution
of the funds based on verified landings from a shrimper's trip tickets.
SFA's position was if anyone sold their shrimp for cash they had al-
ready gotten some relief and should not be eligible for any of the
federal funds. This is the position finally approved by the Florida
legislature. Many people fought hard for these funds but I have to
single out Sal Versaggi, John Williams, Ernie Donini, Dennis
Henderson, Bobby Lawrence and several other SFA members.
The Organized Fishermen of Florida and the Florida Fishermen's Fed-
eration voted with the mainstream shrimping industry. Both Jerry
Sansom and Ray Pringle stood up for doing things the right way. I.
thank them for their support.
This was a major project for SFA resulting in a great deal of financial
assistance going to many of the shrimpers in Florida, not just SFA
members. SFA also provided leadership to have Florida shrimpers
qualified under the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program of the US
Department of Agriculture. SFA filed a petition with USDA, which
included all species of shrimp. This petition was rejected because the
decline in shrimp prices didn't go below the 20% loss threshold es-
tablished by the TAA regulations.
The reason for this is the price of our Florida pink shrimp has histori-
cally been higher than the shrimp from most other states. Couple
this higher value for pink shrimp with the rock shrimp harvest whose
price did not decline enough and the state of Florida could not qualify.
After being rejected in our first petition, SFA dropped rock shrimp
from the petition and was able to get the rest of the shrimping indus-
try in Florida qualified at a rate of about 6 cents per pound. This
assistance goes to shrimpers who provide all the financial and re-
porting background required under the program. This didn't sit too
well with several of the rock shrimp producers but we were in a posi-
tion of getting help for every shrimp fishery except rock shrimp or

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St. George Civic Club Forms

Political Education Committee

In Time For Fall Elections

Seven Public Forums Scheduled
President Richard Harper, St. George Island Civic Club, on Thursday
evening, June 17, 2004, announced the formation of a political edu-
cation committee, a non-partisan community association comprised
of volunteers from St. George Island and all other areas of Franklin
County. Mr. Harper added to his announcement that the mission is
to help inform the public on matters of common concern by sponsor-
ing open dialogue through appropriate and fair public forums, town
meetings, debates and discussions.
The mission statement of the political education committee contin-
ued, "...we encourage and solicit county wide participation in this
venture in order to provide all areas of the county with the opportu-
nity to promote an informed, responsible electorate. It is our belief,
and it is our representatives and those representatives will better
respond to our common concerns and needs."
In conjunction with the Franklin County Supervisor of Elections Of-
fice, the current objective of the political education committee is to
provide for and manage seven public forums scheduled from July 27,
2004 through August 28, 2004 for the purpose of introducing candi-
dates to the voting public which are running for public office in
Franklin County.
The schedule of events, while incomplete as to location, is as follows:
(All events are scheduled to begin at 7 p.m.)
Monday, July 26, 2004: District #3 Races. Location undetermined.
Tuesday, August 3, 2004: District #5 and School Board Races. Dixie
Theatre, Apalachicola.
Tuesday, August 10, 2004: Superintendent of Schools Races, Dixie
Theatre, Apalachicola.
Tuesday, August 17, 2004: District # 1 Races, to be held in Eastpoint.
The Second Forum for District # 1 will be held on St. George Island at
the Fire Station on August 19th.
Tuesday, August 24, 2004: Clerk of Court Races, Dixie Theatre,
Saturday, August 28, 2004: Sheriffs Races. Location undetermined.
The political education committee is a non-partisan group of volun-
teers that is prohibited from endorsing candidates nor contributing
to particular campaigns. Mr. Harper stressed several times that the
committee is strictly non-partisan designed to introduce the candi-
dates to the voters in some systematic fashion. There are about 35
members of the group actively involved in the planning and execu-
tion of the proposed meetings. The group meets Tuesday nights at 7
p.m. at the St. George Island Fire Station.

First Baptist Church, St. George

Island, Building A Retreat Facility,



June 15, 2004
Present: Chairperson
Cheryl Sanders;
Commissioner Jimmy
Mosconis; Commissioner
Eddie Creamer;
Commissioner Bevin
Putnal and Commissioner
Clarence Williams.

Solid Waste Director
Van Johnson, Director, recom-
mended to the Board of County
Commissioners that a fee of $300
be charged as monthly rental rate
for the'City of Apalachicola and
the Senior Citizens Group. The
Board approved the recommenda-
tion. Mr. Johnson provided the
following information regarding
liability insurance.
The County's property insurance
carrier. Pat Thomas & Associates,
strongly recommend that the
county require individuals wish-
ing to rent the Armory show proof
of insurance. In addition they
must list the county as an addi-
tional insurer on their policy. The
company has recommended this
measure to ensure that the
county would not have to carry
the liability burden alone. How-
ever, the cost to obtain this cov-
erage is about $800 per event.
When added to the rental fee of
$300, the Armory becomes cost
prohibitive to rent by the local
However, there is a policy that an
underwriter provides to Pat Tho-
mas that the Board can purchase.
This type of policy requires that
the Board pay a deposit premium
up front. Individuals wishing to
rent the building, would then
have the option of buying from
this policy. Premiums collected,
are then used by the Insurance
Company to reimburse the
Boards deposit. This type of policy
would cost an individual around
$100 instead of $800. The new
Civic Center in Liberty County has
just purchased this type of policy
and the Franklin County School
Board has this type of policy, in
The deposit premium is based on
the type of events and their fre-
Suency. At this time I am waiting
or a reply from Pat Thomas &
Associates to my June 4, 2004,
letter, requesting'.a written policy'
quote for your consideration. -
During the Board's June 17,
2003, meeting, Van Johnson re-
ported the need for additional
Landfill space to dispose of Class
III waste. The County's Engineer-
ing Firm (Preble-Rish, Inc.) has
proposed a fee of $17,350.00, to
conduct the necessary engineer-
ing work to expand the current
site eastward at the Landfill. Once
permitted the expanded area
should last approximately
However, the expense for this
project is not a budgeted item.
Therefore, because of its urgency,
I am requesting Board approval
to transfer the money from the
Landfill Tipping Fee Account to
pay for this expenditure. Also, the
Board really needs to start look-
ing for new land as soon as pos-
tion authorizing the Solid Waste
Director to Transfer $17,350.00
from the Landfill Tipping Fee Ac-
count to pay Preble-Rish, Inc., for
engineering work to expand the
Class III disposal area at the
Landfill. The Board approved.

Sheriff's Office
The Board earlier approved
$75,000 for the medical portion
of the Sheriffs budget with the
understanding that the Sheriff
could return to the Board with
additional requests for medical
money. The Board approved the
transfer of $25,000 from Contin-
gency funds.

R.L. Ingraham
He brought forward a property
dispute involving county property.
He is asking the county for their
survey. The County Attorney rec-
ommended consulting with the
two surveyors to see if some
agreement exists on any error.
Commissioner Sanders specu-
lated that a special meeting might
be necessary to resolve the situa-
tion. The matter was left open
Spending the receipt of additional
information from the surveyors

County Planner

Mark Curenton recommended a
letter be addressed to the
Apalachee Regional Planning
Council regarding their Compre-
hensive Economic Development
Strategy Annual Report. The
Board approved.
I have Issued the Notice to Pro-
ceed to URS, the airport engi-
neers, for updating the airport
master plan and installing secu-
rity fencing and gates at the air-
port. The Board received copies of
the letters.
We still have three vacancies on
the Planning and Zoning Commis-
sion: two at large and one alter-
nate. Paul Riegelmayer from St.
George Island has written a letter


to the Board expressing interest
in being appointed to a seat.
For the Board's information we
received a Notice of Proposed
Change for the St. George Island
Development Order on June 1.
This is in regards to the Resort
Village property in the Plantation,
and changes the permitted uses
from commercial to residential.
On July 6, anticipate asking the
Board to set a public hearing to
consider this proposed change.
The public hearing will probably
be in August. At that same Au-
gust date the Board should be
able to hold the adoption hearing
on the land use change requested
on this property as well as pass
the PUD ordinance for this prop-
erty. We need to set a public hear-
ing on the amendment to the
Comprehensive Plan originally
transmitted back in 2003 for 'The
Soundings." I recommend setting
it for the second meeting in July.
Update on Lanark Village drain-
age work. FEMA has stated that
they will not fund the current de-
sign for the Lanark Village drain-
age project because it was only
designed to handle a ten-year
storm. They have requested that
the project be designed to handle
a hundred-year storm. I have spo-
ken with Debbie Belcher and
David Kennedy about this. David
estimated that it would take about
five weeks to redesign the project
and cost about $5,000, although
Preble-Rish would bill on an
hourly rate. If FEMA funds the
project the County would be re-
imbursed for this additional cost.
The Board approved.
We received amended contract
from DEP for the Alligator Point
Feasibility Study and a new con-
tract for the Alligator Point Beach
Restoration. These contracts pro-
vide the funds necessary to com-
plete the study Preble-Rish is cur-
rently doing on designing the
beach restoration and T-groins.
Because of a lack of public access
at the eastern end of the proposed
project the State will cost share
on 84.44% of the project. The
County will end- up paying for
57.78% while the state pays for
42.22%, unless the project is
modified. I need Board approval
for these contracts, contingent on
the County attorney reviewing
them. The Board approved.

The Crooked River Plantation
subdivision is ready for final plat
approval. There is one minor
problem with the legal description
in the title letter not matching the
legal on the plat, but I recommend
approving the subdivision contin-
gent upon review by the County
I have hired Richard Reeves for
the grant administration position.
He will start to work on Wednes-
day, June 19th.

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Planning & Zoning
Commission Action
By Rachael Ward
The Planning and Zoning Com-
mission met on Tuesday, June 8,
2004. This meeting lasted almost
5 hours. They elected Mary Lou
Short as Chairman and Tony
Millender as Vice Chairman. They
welcomed Larry Perryman as a
new member. John Murphy was
present, and it is my understand-
ing that the Board wants to ap-
point him to the Commission (ac-
tion from the Board).
Planning Commission Member
Steve Davis stated his, concern
that the Department of Environ-
mental Protection is proposing to
build a large building on property.
they purchased from Bruce
Millender several years ago. Mr.
Davis said that he understands
the State told Mr. Millender that
the property is environmentally
sensitive and is not buildable, and
yet they are now proposing to
build on this property.
The Commission voted to recom-
mend approval of the following
applications within the Critical
Shoreline District. The Board ap-
proved all of the following:
Carrabelle Properties Ltd. to con-
struct a Multi-Family recreational
pier at 3068 US Highway 98, St.
James. The pier will extend 225x4
with a 10x12 platform.
Bijan Neshat to construct a
single-family pier at 977 US High-
way 98, Eastpoint. The pier will
be 250x4 with a 6x16 platform.
Alvin Morris to construct a single-
family pier at 435 Mill Road,
Carrabelle. The pier will be 150x4,
with an 8x30 platform.
Donald Hungerford to construct
a single family dock on Tract 60-1,
North Bayshore Drive, Eastpoint.
The dock will be 300x4 with a
6x20 platform.
Ed Lyon to construct a single fam-
ily private dock on Lot 1, Block S,
Peninsular Point, Unit 5, 1550
Alligator Drive, Alligator Point.
The dock will be 220x4 and two
boat slips.
William and Myra Allmond to con-
struct a single-family private dock
at 2085 US Highway 98,
Carrabelle. The dock will be 160x4
with a 20x8 platform and two boat
Frank Gomez to extend an exist-
ing single family private dock 50
feet at 215 Harbor Circle, Alliga-
tor Point.
The Commission recommends
approval of a request to rezone
Lot 5, Gulf View Woods, east of
Lanark, from R-1 Single Family
to R- I A Single Family Residen-
tial-Subdivision District, contin-
gent upon proof of water and
sewer availability. Request sub-
mitted by Beecher Lewis.

ri g e UzRI43 1 u "v-p-

The Franklin Chronicle





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The Commission recommends
denial of a request to rezone 21.
and 25-4th Street, in Eastpoint
from R-4 Single Family Home In-
dustry to R-7 Multifamily High
Density. Request submitted by
Jamie Crum. The Board approved
the denial.
The Commission recommends
approval of a request to rezone
contingent upon the use of aero-
bic systems for 3.77 acres from
R-3 Single Family Estate to R-1
Single Family and rezone 6.33
acres from A-2 Forestry Agricul-
ture to R-1 Single Family which
will require a land use change as
well. Property lies in Section 13,
Township 7 South, Range 5 West,
Carrabelle. Request submitted by
Garlick Environmental Associ-
ates, Inc., agent for Coastline
Properties of N Florida, LLC.
The Commission recommends
approval of a request to rezone
contingent upon the use of aero-
bic systems 9.37 acres from A-2
Forestry Agriculture to R- 1 Single
Family Residential as well as a
Land Use Change for property ly-
ing in Section 13, Township 7
South, Range 5 West, Carrabelle.
Request submitted by Garlick
Environmental Associates, Inc.,
agent for Coastline Properties of
N Florida, LLC.
These two parcels are in the same
general location but are not adja-
cent to each other.
The next request was submitted
._as a two-fold request, a special
exception and a rezoning, the
Commission took the following
The Commission recommends
approval to the Board of Adjust-
ment for a special exception to the
C- I District to-allow a recreational
marina with upland support fa-
cilities provided that there are no
more than 59 boat slips on this
property which is approximately
1,000 feet on the south side of
Highway 98 in Eastpoint. Prop-
erty is located at 449 US High-
way 98. Request submitted by
Garlick Environmental Associ-
ates, Inc., agent for Paradise Bay.
The Commission agreed to send
on to the Board of County Com-
missioners without a recommen-
dation, a request for a rezoning
from R-4 Single Family Home In-
dustry to R-7 Multifamily High
Density (15 units per acre). The
Commission discussed this re-
quest at length. The Commission
was very concerned about the
density that is allowed under 4-7.
There was a suggestion that the
applicant apply for R-8 Multifam-
ily Medium Density (8 units per
acre). This property is on the
*north side of Highway 98 in
The Commission recommended
approval of a request for a rezon-

Ing and land use change of Lot
26, Cannonball Acres unrecorded
from P-1 Preservation to R-1I
Single Family Residential. The
applicant John Woods has been
,approached by The Nature Con-
servancy about swapping this lot
for one Mr. Woods owns located
next to the Nature Conservancy
property. Lot 29, Block 1, Dog Is-
land, Unit 3. This property will be
rezoned to preservation. Rural
Conservancy has submitted a let-
ter of support for this rezoning.
The property being swapped Lot
29, Block 1, Dog island, Unit 3
this property will be rezoned to
Mr. Everett Hawker, K & H Invest-
ments, LLC, has approached the
county about reconfiguring Lots
18, 19, and 20, Block Y, Lanark
Beach, Unit One. The lots are lo-
cated on the south side of High-
way 98 and because of erosion,
the lot running perpendicular to
the shore is non-buildable. He
proposes to change the lot lines
to run vertical thereby creating
buildable lots. Mr. Shuler has de-
termined that if the plat is aban-
doned, the one-acre rule will ap-
ply, and the owners will loose the
density they have with three plat-
ted lots. The Commission sent
this on to the Board for their de-
termination. Board Action.
The Commission recommends
approval .of a replat of Lots 7, 8
and 9, Palmetto Village, lying in
Section 30, Township 8 South,
Range 6 West, Eastpoint, as re-
quested by Brandt Rudzinski,
agent for Magnolia Ridge, LLC.
Because of stormnwater issues, the
lots have to be reconfigured. A
part of the original plat will have
to be abandoned prior to
replatting these lots. Board Ac-
The Commission recommends
approval of a Sketch Plat of an 81
lot subdivision, Magnolia Ridge
Estates, The Reserve, lying in Sec-
tion 30, Township 8 South, Range
6 West, Eastpoint, as requested
by Brandt Rudzinski, agent for
Magnolia Ridge, LLC.
The Commission recommends
approval contingent upon rezon-
ing a Sketch Plat for a 30-lot sub-
division named The Soundings,
lying in Section 18, Township 8
South, Range 5 West, between
Eastpoint and Carrabelle. Re-
quest submitted by L&W Engi-
neering, agent for The Soundings,
The Commission recommends
approval of a request for Final Plat
approval of Lakes on the Bluff, a
lot subdivision in Eastpoint. Re-
quest submitted by Preble-Rish,
agent for Core Development.
There was much discussion con-
cerning water tap availability to
this property.
The Commission recommends
approval for site plan approval for

- I

St. James Bay condos on BlocK "
U, which is part of the St. James
PUD. Request submitted by Will
Freeman, agent for St. James Bay.
There was much discussion con-
cerning which zone would be ap-
propriate for a private recycling an
incinerator business which
,wishes to locate a facility in the
'county. The Commission deter-
mined that an industrial site
would be the best location for this
type of business.
Finally, I have asked the Planning
and Zoning Commission if they
would agree to move the next
Planning and Zoning Commission
meeting up to Thursday, July 8.
They had no problems with this.
I have to take a continuing edu-
cation course which wili take
place the week of July 12, through
July 15, In Savannah, Georgia.
This is necessary for me to keep
my building inspector and plans
examiners' license.
While I do not do many inspec-
tions, there are times when it is
necessary for me to go out in the
field. I assist Robin Brinkley with
reviewing plans and it is neces-
sary that I keep my licenses ac-
tive. The Building Department
has in its budget funds for edu-

Lanark Water and Sewer
Attorney Mike Palecki appeared
before the Board of County Com-
missioners to ask them to recon-
sider an earlier decision concern-
ing the election of the Lanark
Water and Sewer Board. 'To have
them go up for election is to im-
peach them, and it would be im-
proper and unlawful," he claimed.
The Board deferred the matter to
the two attorneys involved to meet
sometime within the next few
days. The Franklin County Attor-
ney may solicit an opinion from
the Attorney General of the State
of Florida as to the final disposi-
tion of the issue of appointment
versus election. At present, the
county board has indicated it fa-
vored an election even though
there are only three candidates for
the three elected positions.

Legal Services of North
John Fenno requested money for
legal services to the poor from the
county budget, first for $576 for
the. last quarter and another
$2,305 for Legal Services of North
Florida to be budgeted in the
2004-2005 budget pursuant to
new legislation. At the end of the
year, consideration of increasing
the budget in the event that col-
lections are significantly more
than forecast. The County Attor-
ney recommended that the Com-

Continued on Page 5

The Franklin Chronicle


25 June 2004 PaPe 3


Letter To The Editor

The FWCC ... The New Evil Empire

Citizen's livelihoods, and the laws that protect them, apparently mean
nothing to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
The latest document acquired by the Wakulla Fishermen's Associa-
tion proves it for years, citizens have been protesting that rules im-
posed against them by the FWCC appear to completely ignore the
"Standards" of Florida Statute 370.025. These "Standards" require
FWCC rulemaking decisions to be fair and equitable to all the citizens
of this state. In addition, the Standards require the FWCC manage-
ment decisions to be based on the best available biological, sociologi-
cal, and economic information, in order to make maximum sustain-
able use of the state's resources.
In a document dated June 2, 2004 signed by Ken Haddad, Executive
Director of the FWCC, the FWCC claims that they do not have to obey
the Standards of the Florida Statutes. If the FWCC truly has the abil-
ity to ignore the Standards as Mr. Haddad and the FWCC attorneys
claim, then there is nothing left to protect the citizens whose lives are
governed by the FWCC from pure tyranny.
If our courts were to uphold the FWCC's claim of being exempt from
obeying the Standards, there will be no ability for citizens governed
by the FWCC to access justice through the court system. This situa-
tion would occur because there wouldn't be any laws to hold the
FWCC accountable to.
The FWCC's latest declaration has once again undermined voter in-
tent by ignoring the passage that states that the rules of the marine
fisheries are transferred to and are to become, rules of the FWCC. In
addition, Article IV Section 9 of the Florida Constitution requires that
the FWCC ensure "adequate due process." The FWCC Commission-
ers apparently feel they also have the god-like ability to ignore the
Florida Constitution, while entering to special interest groups such
as the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) and Charter Fishing
Perhaps the Florida Supreme Court is just considered an "annoy-
ance" to the FWCC when they issued this statement in the Caribbean
Conservation Association versus the FWCC Supreme Court case on
January 16, 2003. "... we are persuaded that the commission's
(FWCC's) rulemaking power is circumscribed only by the requirement
in the statute that the commission act reasonably pursuant the policy
and standards in 370.025.99
Many honorable Floridians have had a good portion of their lives de-
stroyed by this out of control commission and their henchmen. It Is
time for our legislators, judges, and citizens who are concerned about
our constitutions, laws, and civil rights to stand up and initiate change.
The time has come to show this power hungry commission that this
is America, not Nazi Germany or a "New Evil Empire."
Anyone wishing to use this article has my permission to do so, and
my permission to edit it for space."
Dave Grix
9122 Rose Marie Circle
Boynton Beach, Florida 33437

Congressman Boyd Votes For

Workers, Farmers And All

Taxpayers In Florida

Congressman Allen Boyd (D-North Florida) voted for H.R 4520, the
American Jobs Creation Act, which passed in the U.S. House of Rep-
Ffrfst, and foremost, the bill provides real tax relief for all Floridians.
For the first time in almost twenty years, Floridians will be able to
deduct state sales taxes from their federal income tax. This provision
will benefit all citizens of Florida and will restore fairness to the fed-
eral tax code by treating individuals who live in states that rely on
state sales taxes the same as those who have a state income tax.
The bill is designed to address the World Trade Organization ruling
which resulted in significant tariffs being placed on many products
made in the United States which are sold in Europe. One of the U.S.
Industries faced with this tariff is the paper products industry, which
employs hundreds of people in North Florida through paper mills
and individual silvaculture operations. The first steps are being tak6n
towards removing this tariff with the passage of this bill.
Lastly, the bill provides relief for tobacco farmers in North Florida by
providing a quota buyout and transition payments to enable them to
get out of the tobacco business while ensuring they receive fair value
for the quota they purchased from the federal government.
"This bill is not perfect by any means," said Congressman Boyd. "How-
ever, families in North Florida need and deserve this tax break. Being
able to deduct sales taxes from our federal taxes will provide great
relief to all Floridians. This bill will also provide relief from tariffs that
are hurting Florida businesses, and create a way for tobacco growers
to transition to new crops. While there were aspects of the bill I was
not pleased with, these provisions will positively effect the lives of the
people of Florida."

850-670-1687 (OFFICE)
V Facsimile 850-670-1685
'4 o- L e-mail:

Vol. 13, No. 13

June 25, 2004

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SE Fisheries Assn. from Page 1

f irSt aptit lc)urdr)
St. George Island
501 E. Bayshore Drive
R. Michael Whaley, Pastor
Join us as we praise and
worship the living Christ!

Sunday Bible Study 10:00 a.m.
Worship & Praise 11:00 a.m.
Sunday Night 7:00 p.m.
Wed. "Power Hour" 7:00 p.m.

"Walking in Christ"



Highway 98 & 6th Street
EST. 1836
8:00 A.M.
10:30 A.M.

There was a meeting in mid-May between industry and the inspec-
tion agencies in Tallahassee. There is a good chance FWC officers will
no longer inspect wholesale dealers or processing facilities. That will
be left to DACS, FDA and local health authorities. However, FWC will
still check the vessels to make sure their quality control code is being
obeyed. They will also create a liaison program with the inspecting
agencies when they see unsanitary conditions at a fish house.
All in all, this has been a very exciting 2 years serving as your Presi-
dent. I learned a lot about other segments of the industry and saw
with my own eyes just how much work our Tallahassee office does
every day. We are lucky to have the staff we have working on our
behalf. My special thanks to Malinda Jones and Marie Mills for all
they do for us.
I would like to acknowledge this is Bob Jones's 41st year serving
SFA. He has indicated he hopes to work for us NINE more years then
retire at the young age of 80. If he does this it means he will have
.worked for SFA for 50 years.
This would probably be the record for full-time fishery association
employment in the country.
I told him we would cross that bridge when we come to it.
Thank you for all your support.
Grant Erickson
President 2002-2004

keeping rock shrimp in the petition and getting no assistance for'any
shrimpers. This turned out to be a no brainer.
All in all SFA did a great job for the Florida shrimp industry, espe-
cially over the past two years. It's too bad more of the people in the
shrimp industry don't financially support our activities. Some shrimp-
ers don't contribute to any organization but take advantage of those
who do. Any packinghouse that unloads shrimp should be a member
of Southeastern Fisheries Association and participate in its programs.
SFA continued to work with Southern Offshore Fishing Association
(SOFA) for the preservation of the very important reef fish industry.
The Gulf Council has several members who would like to ban all
longline fishing for grouper by moving this historical gear out past 50
fathoms. There is no justification to do this so the ""rule of law" has
thwarted these efforts by the Council.
SFA is working to cap effort in the shallow water groper fishery by
removing some of the reef fish permits that are not being used. It
makes no sense to create a buyout program for longliners to reduce
mortality only to be replaced by an upsurge of other gear types in the
commercial fishing sector of this fishery. There is a way to preserve
grouper fishery as sustainable if the effort is capped in the near fu-
ture. Otherwise, it seems the fishery will be faced with an "overfish-
ing" designation one more time and then the Council can make dra-
conian cuts in the commercial allocation. This must be avoided.
This year SFA continued its efforts to stop illegal sale of seafood,
especially through the backdoors of restaurants. This is probably the
most formidable task we have ever undertaken. Catching this illegal
activity when the buyer and the seller work together to avoid detec-
tion is most difficult. It is a very lucrative form of untaxed income for
the participants and as far as the restaurants are concerned, allows
a larger margin of profit on sale of seafood to consumers. Until the
fines are much higher and until more sting operations are under-
taken by the FWC, the practice will continue and we will just have to
catch as catch can. Backdoor sales are the same as stealing.
SFA has continued its support for the Gulf and South Atlantic Foun-
dation and its many programs it undertakes for the industry. We
need to spend more time in making sure this Foundation is properly
funded. It has a very professional staff that accomplishes an awful lot
for very little money. SFA has recognized Judy Jamison before for her
work and we applaud her efforts again this year.
SFA has devoted much time and effort in trying to find out why FDA
inspects some wholesale dealers for HACCP and why others are not
inspected. Gary Graves, Chairman of our lobster and stone crab sec-
tions, submitted a Freedom of Information request to find out which
facilities in Monroe Country are inspected for HACCP. To his amaze-
ment only about 18% of the wholesale dealers are inspected by FDA.
After a series of letters, FDA has issued a very confusing letter saying
if a wholesale dealer only receives fish from the fishermen and does
not process them further, that facility is exempt. Yet, under the defi-
nition of firms required to be inspected by FDA for HACCP in their
regulations, wholesale dealers that handle or even hold fish are sub-
ject to HACCP.
The Association has sent a letter to the FDA Administrators in DC on
this matter. If it cannot be informally resolved by the agency and the
industry, we are prepared to call for a Congressional Hearing to find
out why so many of our competitors are exempt from HACCP, espe-
cially when they handle histamine type fish. This is a very sensitive
issue and nobody likes to battle the FDA but fair is fair and this issue
will be resolved one way or the other in the coming year.
There was a case of excessive law enforcement toward one wholesale
dealer this year when nine FWC cars with lots of officers arrived to
inspect a facility. There was some misunderstanding between SFA
and FWC over this issue, which has been resolved. Colonel Jones is
working with the industry to prevent this from happening in the fu-
ture. This is not to say that nine cars full of of ices might not be
assigned to a particular effort, but there will be a lot more riding on it
than a routine wholesale dealer's inspection.


School Grades


The Department of Education re-
leased school grades last week.
The roster read as follows:
Chapman Elementary: C
Apalachicola High School: D
Carrabelle High School: C
H.G. Brown Elementary School: B
Apalachicola Bay
Charter School: D


A&A Mortgage. Inc. is pleased to announce that Allan Chambers
has joined our staff as a Mortgage Loan Originator. Allan comes to
us with ten years experience lending in North Florida.

A&A Mortgage is a leading originator of prime and sub-prime resi-
dential Mortgage Loans. From its headquarters in Tallahassee, the
company operates retail lending operations in metropolitan areas
throughout Florida.

Whether you are buying a new home, re-financing your existing
one, or purchasing investment property, call or visit our office to-
day while rates are still low.

Allan can be reached at the following numbers.

A&A mortgage, Inc. 2304 Killearn Center Blvd. Suite A Tallahassee, FL 32309
Office: (850) 383-9999 Cell: (850) 294-6848 Fax: 1850) 383-9990
Toll Free: 1-888-598-3766
Email: allan@aamortgageinc.conm 'eb Site:

- ^^- --~------- I C - -;` ^ ~a~ v


In the Second Circuit Court Report published in the
Franklin Chronicle on June 11, 2004, Janet E. Ferris
was erroneously reported to have been charged with
possession of contraband at a county detention facil-
ity on February 18, 2004. The Defendant in that case
was actually DAVID L. GETER not Janet E. Ferris. We
regret the error and hope that this retraction will cor-
rect the record. JANET E. FERRIS is the Second Cir-
cuit Judge.

Sagos Camellias Century Plants
Bulbs Custom Pots
Located corner of
1st St. & Ave. A, Eastpoint, FL
\* ^ \/ ./ '/*.' .' ' \< '' s t* a p' ^'< ^'^ \'^ \1 ^l> so' ^t/ sI ./<' t I *'/^/^^ f


Page 4 25 June 2004


The Franklin Chronicle'


Fish and Wildlife from Page 1

Richard Van Muster said, "...This,is really strange... When the Amend-
ment came out, a 500 square foot monofilament net of any size mesh
was legal, nobody was getting arrested for it. And, then we go to Court.
You all made a rule... Then we go to the Legislature and we got 370.093
and that's taken care of. Now, all of a sudden, you have this big awak-
ening ... You understand how to measure a net. The Constitution is
plain. The Administrative Code is plain. Constitution says open mesh
to maximize mesh area. That comes right out of the Administrative
Code. It's only sixth grade English; it ain't hard to read. So, here we
have open mesh. Open mesh doesn't work.
Ten years ago, if I had a two-inch net hung on a half, I'd been ar-
rested. It was three-inch stretch mesh. Couldn't use anything any
smaller. Mr. Shelfer wrote a guy a letter that I read down there, I got
my answers back again from him. And, says this is totally political.
Has nothing to do with biology. The People of Florida voted, they voted
on 500 square feet of mesh area being legal. They didn't vote on mesh
size. They voted on 500 square feet of net being conservative. So, now
we have this rule... Number one, you've completely ignored on how to
measure nets. You've ignored it. I've asked you a question once when
we doing cast nets and you never answered. And, because you didn't
answer we have an illegal interpretation on how we measure cast
nets. it doesn't say stretch, it says open."
"The Commission in that very same meeting said, 'We can do what we
want.' We have it on tape. He said it. You were warned by Jim Antesta
not to do that you and you did it. So, here we have all this junk going
on, the law has been plain. Nothing has changed. And, now what's
happening is you're trying to make these nets ... you want to mea-
sure them by the law now. Now, all of a sudden, the law means some-
thing... Sixteen meshes to the tie is not what the
Constitution says. And, if you do that, what you've done is that you've
given me a 500 square foot gill net to fish with. Number one, it ain't a.
seine. It doesn't work as a seine. Will not work as a seine.
And, if you do that, you are monsters. That's all I got to say. You're
monsters, because the truth doesn't mean anything to you. (Loud
Van Lewis was likely the most outspoken critic of the FFWCC rules
and processes during the evening of public testimony. He lives in
Wakulla County and is a member of the Wakulla Fisherman's Asso-
ciation. He said, "...There is one thing I want the Commission to do.
That is to propose that the two-inch mesh rule be stricken... because
it is unconstitutional. This is the simplest form of logic that you can
have. It's called Aristotelian syllogism, I think. If A equals B and if B
equals C, A equals C. That's been established since Aristotle, for over
2000 years... A is Unconstitutional in Florida (It is) Unconstitutional
to kill and waste marine fish... Am I right? B. The two inch mesh rule
unnecessarily kills and wastes marine fish... Number three. The two
inch stretch mesh rule is Unconstitutional in Florida.
Now, if the FFWCC cannot understand that, it does not belong in
Florida government. Mr. Shelfer, if you cannot understand that you
do not belong in Florida government. The only way that I can see that
anybody can attack that fundamental logic, and I believe the Federal
Courts will accept it, and I believe if yawl don't throw the two inch
rule out, the Federal Courts will real soon, I think you can make
yourselves smarter by saying "We've juvenile fish but it does so nec-
essarily because it is necessary to prevent these fishermen from grilling
fish in Florida. A flaw in that argument is this. It is not unconstitu-
tional in Florida to gill fish. It is not illegal by statute in Florida to gill
fish. It is not illegal by rule of the FFWCC in Florida to kill fish. I have
a hundred-dollar bill. I'm going to take it out and show it to you. I
offer this $100 bill to anyone here tonight who can show me in the
Constitution, in the Florida Statutes or in a rule of this Commission
that says it is against the law to gill a fish in Florida...
The FFWCC has been obsessed for ten years with trying to prevent
you from killing a fish. And, there's nothing wrong with it.
What is the FFWCC trying to do? They're trying to expand the rule to
every net. This is fundamental insanity. It is either criminal, by trying
to preventyou from doing something perfectly legal to do. It is unbe-
It's beef crazy since 1997. I cannot understand the stupidity involved.
It's incomprehensible to me. A person with a law degree can be so
stupid. Get rid of this insane two-inch rule...You have to do it. Or the
Courts will do it for you...
Be graceful about it. Be intelligent about it... When we make mis-
takes, the stupider the mistake is, the harder we try to pretend it's
not a mistake. That's what's going on here. There's egos involved.
Trying to prove themselves right and the fishermen wrong. And, the
Constitution wrong. I'm sorry, the Constitution is going to win ...
Look at the waste of money, look at the waste of time. Look at the
waste of resources. Taxpayers money..."
Van Lewis articulated his argument against the two-inch mesh rule
in an editorial published in the Tallahassee Democrat on Tuesday,
June 8, 2004. He said, in part:
"Our small hope for a sustainable net fishery was rocked back by the
extraordinarily stupid thing Florida's Governor and Cabinet did in
1997, when they adopted the infamous "two-inch" rule, meaning that
a seine net may not have a mesh size in excess of one square inch.

407A Highway 98
Ed Eastpoint, FL 32328 "
Phone: (850) 670-5220


Per Florida Statutes 713.78 (3) (b) File No.
Date orf this Notice 06/03/04 Invoice No. 7924
Descnptiniof Vehicle: Make Suzuki Model Motorcycle color Black
Tag No No Tag Year 1994 State FL vinNo. JS1GT73A8R2100748
To O nei. Ariel Arguells To Lien Holder:
20(160 Continential
Tallahassee, FL 32304

You and each of you are hereby notified that the above vehicle was towed on
05/29/04 at the request of FCSO that said vehicle is in its
possession at the address noted below. They the undersigned claim a lien for
towing, storage-and cost. The vehicle will be sold after 35 days from the date of
impound free of prior liens. Payment by the above date of notice in the amount
$ 415.00 plus storage charges occurring at the rate of $ 20.00 per
day from the date hereof will be sufficient to redeem the vehicle from the lien of
the lienor: that subsection (4) of Florida Statute 713.78.

To subsection (5) of Florida Statute 713.78
You and each of you are hereby notified that on 07/12/04 at 12:00 noon

o'clock. the vehicle described above will be sold at public auction
at: 620 Houston Rd., Eastpoint, FL From the proceeds will first be paid all
towing and storage charges plus all costs including cost for this sale. Any excess
will be deposited with the Clerk of the Circuit Court.
You and each of you are urged to make satisfactory arrangements to pay all
charges and take possession of the said vehicle. In order to obtain a release of the
vehicle you must present personal identification, driver's license and PROOF
OF OWNERSHIP (title, registration, etc.) at the address below and pay the
P.O. Box 971
Eastpoint, FL 32328
(850) 670-8219

Florida is the only government in the history of the world to make
this idiotic mistake. The rule applies only to seine nets, not to other
permitted rectangular nets, but the FFWCC has tried to enforce the
rule against all nets.
This has fueled many useless court battles. The FFWCC almost al-
ways loses. Florida's judges aren't as stupid on the subject as the
Their flawed rule comes out of the flawed definition of a gill net in the
constitution. Adopting the rule was a flawed effort by the state to
make crystal clear-since the amendment did not-that a seine has a
one square inch or smaller hole and anything with a larger hole is a
gill net."
Ray Pringle said,. "One thing that we do is that we catch fish for a
living. That's the bottom line. We feed families. Our fish don't just go
into our pockets or to homes. It goes into restaurants and family
kitchens. As I talk with these fishermen throughout the State, they
represent hundreds and possibly a thousand years of experience ...
These guys know what is going on...we're not interested in killing
baby fish of any size, shape or form. It's an aggravation to us. We've
constructed our nets for hundreds of years ... It's amazing in Oak Hill
or in Martin County, if you have a three-inch mesh, you can fish.
That's what the Martin County people say. But, yet the statewide
thing is two-inch.... A two-inch stretch mesh net is absolutely foolish.
It violates Federal Law. The Magneson-Stevens Act says you reduce
bycatch. You shall reduce bycatch. We don't want to kill unwanted
Workshops were also being planned for Crystal River City Hall, Fort
Meyers and Vero Beach. Major Bruce Buckson speculated that an-
other meeting with local fishermen might be scheduled later, in Au-
gust 2004. For further information, call 850-488-6254.

Timber Island Yacht Club

Announces Annual Youth Fishing

Class And Tournament

Carrabelle's Timber Island Yacht
Club (TIYC) announces the dates
for this year's Youth Fishing Class
and Youth Fishing Tournament
open to children from 7 through
15 years:
* Seventh Annual Youth Fishing
Class: July 3, 2004 10 a.m. to 2
* Tenth Annual Youth Fishing
Tournament: July 10, 2004 7:30
a.m. 4:00 p.m.
The City of Carrabelle has gener-
ously offered the Pavilion on Ma-
rine Street for both events.
During the Fishing Class, chil-
dren will learn all about boating
safety, regulations, knot tying,
baits and casting. In the Fishing
Tournament, participants com-

pete in seven categories; each en-
trant receives a T-shirt and tro-
phy and the three winners in each
category will be presented with a
trophy and a prize. Refreshments
will be served at both events.
TIYC is committed to enhancing
the lives of the youth of Franklin
County and raising funds for
scholarships. Other TIYC events
include the King Fish Tourna-
ment in May and the popular Boat
Parade of Lights in December.
P.O. Box 313
Carrabelle, FL 32322
Contact: Flo Coody at 850-697-
8149 or Dan Rosier at 850-697-

Michael Glover Owned and Operated by
18 Years Experience Michael & Katrina Glover
La1luUa Jewelesf M-F 10-6

& Repair
Come in and let us be your family jeweler!
2543 Crawfordville Hwy., Ste. 1 850-926-8331
Crawfordville, FL 32327

1T9ME ELECTRONICS Adult & Children's Boots Anchor Retrieval
0 Systems Rope Frozen Bqit Team Fish
ICOM RADIOS Line Deep Sea & Flat Rods and Reels *
FURUNO Live Bait and Crab Traps Fishing Tackle *
GARMIN Fiberglass & Paint Supplies Trailer Parts

Per Florida Statutes 713.78 (3) (b) File No.
Date of this Notice 06/03/04 Invoice No. 10226
Description of Vehicle: Make Chevy Model Caprice Color Blue
TagNo V53ZVX Year 1989 State FL VinNo. IGIBL51E4KRI97124
To Owner: Patricia Francene Jackson To Lien Holder:
238 Palmetto Street Apt#
Tallahassee, FL 32301

You and each of you are hereby notified that the above vehicle was towed on
05/17/04 at the request of FCSO that said vehicle is in its
possession at the address noted below. They the undersigned claim a lien for
towing, storage and cost. The vehicle will be sold after 35 days from the date of
impound free of prior liens. Payment by the above date of notice in the amount
$ 269.00 plus storage charges occurring at the rate of $ 20.00 per
day from the date hereof will be sufficient to redeem the vehicle from the lien of
the lienor; that subsection (4) of Florida Statute 713.78.

To subsection (5) of Florida Statute 713.78
You and each of you are hereby notified that on 06/21/04 at 12:00 noon
o'clock, the vehicle described above will be sold at public auction
at: 620 Houston Rd., Eastpoint, FL From the proceeds will first be paid all
towing and storage charges plus all costs including cost for this sale. Any excess
will be deposited with the Clerk of the Circuit Court.
You and each of you are urged to make satisfactory arrangements to pay all
charges and take possession of the said vehicle. In order to obtain a release of the
vehicle you must present personal identification, driver's license and PROOF
OF OWNERSHIP (title, registration, etc.) at the address below and pay the
P.O. Box 971
Eastpoint, FL 32328
(850) 670-8219

St. George Island Gulf View: "Almost Heaven," 1117 ".'. Gu'f
Beach Dr., Gulf Beaches.Inviting 4 bedroom, 4 batb, 1900 +/- sq. ft.
home offers 4 masters, family room, fireplace, easy beach access,
private pool and spa, great rental history. $749,000. MLS#100189.

Select Land Value
St. George Island Gulf View-Lot 8, Block K, Unit 3,1/3 acre MOL,
$365,000. MLS#100462.

SPrudential Toll-Free: 800-974-2666
Resort Realty Phone: 850-927-2666

123 Gulf Beach Drive West
St. George Island, Florida 32328

An Independently Owned and Operated Member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

Per Florida Statutes 713.78 (3) (b) File No.
Date of this Notice 06/07/04 Invoice No. 7934
Description of Vehicle: Make Buick Model 4-Door Color Black
Tag No V71LPI Year 1983 State FL VinNo. 1G4AN69Y4DX404350

To Owner: Thomas Dewayne Melton To Lien Holder:
P.O. Box 284
Carrabelle, FL 32322

You and each of you are hereby notified that the above vehicle was towed on
06/01/04 at the request of FHP that said vehicle is in its
possession at the address noted below. They the undersigned claim a lien for
towing, storage and cost. The vehicle will be sold after 35 days from the date of
impound free of prior liens. Payment by the above date of notice in the amount
$ 428.00 plus storage charges occurring at the rate of $ 20.00 per
day from the date hereof will be sufficient to redeem the vehicle from the lien of
the lienor; that subsection (4) of Florida Statute 713.78.

To subsection (5) of Florida Statute 713.78
You and each of you are hereby notified that on 07/08/04 at 12:00 noon
o'clock, the vehicle described above will be sold at public auction
at: 620 Houston Rd., Eastpoint, FL From the proceeds will first be paid all
towing and storage charges plus all costs including cost for this sale. Any excess
will be deposited with the Clerk of the Circuit Court.
You and each of you are urged to make satisfactory arrangements to pay all
charges and take possession of the said vehicle. In order to obtain a release of the
vehicle you must present personal identification, driver's license and PROOF
OF OWNERSHIP (title, registration, etc.) at the address below and pay the
P.O. Box 971
Eastpoint, FL 32328
(850) 670-8219


l Located at the intersection of
319 & 98, Medart

1 Serving Wakulla and Franklin
Counties Since 1986
-850-926-6181The oldest and most trusted
3140 Coastal Highway body shop
Crawfordville, FL 32327 Insurance Claims Welcome
Fax: (850) 926-6182
MV #12153

The Franklin Chronicle


25 20rp

Part-Time Case Manager
Part-time Case Manager position for Franklin County Public Library es-
tablished youth program, TIGERS, approximately 20 hours (maximum)
per week beginning July 1st until 6/30/05 contingent on Gulf Coast
Workforce Board grant funding and program need, to coordinate
multi-faceted activities and provide basic skills and career development
projects for youth from 14-18; recruit participants, conduct outreach and
training, maintain detailed records, promote community support and in-
volvement. Criteria: college degree and/or appropriate administrative/
management experience and experience working with youth, good com-
puter skills, driver's license. Must relate and work well with youth, adults,
other library and project staff and be adaptable and flexible. Background
screening and adherence to drug free and other library policies required.
Position open until filled. Pick up application at library branches.
670-8151. Drug Free Workplace.

Part-Time Coordinator Personnel
The Franklin County Public Library is seeking Part-Time Coordinator Per-
sonnel for the new grant program WITH-IT! to begin July 1st, approximately
16-24 hours per week until 6/30/05 contingent on Department of Juvenile
Justice funding and program need, to coordinate activities, provide support
services, facilitate youth development projects for students 10-17 years old;
recruit participants, maintain detailed records, promote community support
and involvement. Some evening hours. Criteria: college degree and/or ap-
propriate administrative/management experience and experience working with
youth, adept with computers, driver's license. Must relate and work well
with youth, adults, other library and project staff and be adaptable, flexible,
and creative, knowledge of community a plus. Background screening and
adherence to drug free and other library policies required. Position(s) open
until filled. Pick up application at library branches: 670-8151. Drug Free




3BR/2BA Gulf view home with
a private, heated pool. Screened
porch, sun deck and large pool
deck provide great outdoor liv-
ing! Nicely landscaped second
tier lot on the beach side of the
road next to the bike trail.
MLS#100479. $659,000.

Phone: 850-927-4777
Toll Free: 800-344-7570

yv1 ;

Enjoy dulf and Bay views from
this 3BR/2BA home on a beau-
tifully landscaped one acre lot in
the East End of St. Geroge Island.
Extras include 270 sq. ft. office,
444 sq. ft. screened porch and
800 sq. ft. of enclosed storage!
MLS#100466. $729,000.

Briefs from Page 2

missioners advertise the ordi-
nance imposing fees for building
funds to be distributed to legal

Public Hearings
The first hearing involved Aaron's
By the Bay property, proposed to
change from commercial to resi-
dential, from C-4 to R-7 multi-
family high density, 15 units per
acre. No public comment was re-
ceived. The Board approved the
changes. The second hearing in-
volved land at Emerald Point, near
Yent's Bayou 5.5-acre tract
change from R-6 (Rural residen-
tial, to R- 1 (single family residen-
tial, 1 unit per acre). There were
no public comments. The Board
approved the land use and zon-
ing changes recommended by
Planning and Zoning. The third
public hearing involved property
out on Bluff Road, from R-2 to R-4
(business in the home). There
were no public comments. The
Board approved the changes. A
fourth public hearing involved
property at the old campground
at Alligator Point, to approve 23
residential units.
Planner Curenton indicated he
had received a number of letters
in support of the project. Steve
Watkins submitted a petition in
support of the project, indicating
support for the project from the
Alligator Point Taxpayers Associa-
tion. Ken Osborne addressed the
Commissioners. The Board ap-
proved the changes.

James Harris, County Tax Collec-
tor, advised the County Commis-
sioners that the Weems Hospital
leasee was currently behind in tax
payments amounting to
41,141.62. "Mr. Lake is aware of
where we are on this." (Michael
Lake is the Leasee of the Weems
hospital). Commissioner Mos-
conis moved that a letter be sent
to Michael Lake advising him of
the delinquency. The Board ap-

St. George Island Realty
235 E. Gulf Beach Dr.
Suite 201
St. George Island, FL 32328

2 Adjacent Commercial Lots on St.
George Island! Own 50 front feet
on East Gulf Beach Drive next door
to the proposed sub shop. Great Lo-
cation right on the way to the State
Park. MLS#100025. $399,000.
Gulf and Bay Views! This is one of
only a few lots on St. George Island
that has an unobstructable. Gulf
view and Bay view. Beautiful pond
on this one acre lot in the East End.
MLS #98557. $425,000.
Bay View Lot in St. George Planta-
tion! One acre lot located on the cor-
ner of Leisure and Hawthorne Lanes
directly on Beach Access! Upper
level of home should have great Bay
and some Gulf views. MLS#100303.


-Art Little Ch
Art Little Chu

County Attorney
After extended consultations with
the relevant parties, the County
Attorney advised the Commis-
sioners that the Board of Adjust-
ment was willing to change their
orientation from, a decision-
making board to an advisory one
to the county commission, simi-
lar to Planning and Zoning. The
Board moved to amend the ordi-
nance affecting the Board of Ad-
justment and advertising thereto.
The discussion on the proposed
RV Park Model Resort continued
in the County Attorney's remarks
to the Commissioners. C-3 is the
only category available to an RV
park, argued Steve Watkins, at-
torney for the owners. The County
Attorney speculated that perhaps
a new zoning category should be
created to accommodate the pro-
posal. The, County Attorney of-
fered to work out a revised ordi-
nance with Steve Watkins to ar-
rive at a solution.
At the conclusion of the County
Attorney's report to the Board of
County Commissioners, he ex-
plained an unfolding controversy
at the Apalachicola airport involv-
ing a complaint filed by Ray
Moody, represented by attorney
Nick Yonklas. The county has
leased the airport to AIATQ, Inc.
Mr. Bil$ Rule is one of the princi-
pals irivolved in the AIATC orga-
nization. Mr. Moody had some
repair work performed on his air-
craft by Mr. Bill Ruic resulting in
some problems about the repair
work. There is an FAA investiga-

tion pending. The reason that the
County Attorney is presenting the
matter to the Board of County
Commissioners now is that Mr.
Moody is requesting that the
County terminate its lease with
Mr. Bill Ruic and AlATC over this
issue of defective maintenance.
Ben Watkins represents the inter-
ests of AIATC and Mr. Nick
Yonklas represented the interest
of Mr. Moody.
Mr. Yonklas argued before the
Board that the issue was "not a
civil matter" but one of public in-
terest. He pointed out that the
county could have a liability given
the circumstances that Mr. Ruic
has had his maintenance certifi-
cate revoked on a previous occa-
sion. "It is a public matter...," he
repeated. Moody purchased an
aircraft and had it given a major
overhaul of the engine. Moody,
took the aircraft to a Georgia ter-
minal and a mechanic there pro-
nounced the aircraft "unairwor-
He did not have a major overhaul,
as the records indicated, .and
moreover, a sealant was used that
was not authorized for such use.
Moody reported the incident to the
FAA, and began their own inves-
tigation. Mr. Rule's certificate had
been revoked in 2000 for falsify-
ing other records not related to
the Moody case. Mr. Yonklas in-
dicated that he could not learn the
results of the FAA investigation
through application of the Free-
dom of Information Act. "We think
it's a fairly serious matter because
it could have easily resulted in a
death situation, a faulty engine
that is unairworthy..." Yonklas
cited two additional complaints,
one from Art Little and and another
from Chuck Lardent, both local
Mrs. Moody addressed the Com-
missioners on a personal level.
She reviewed her husband's con-,
siderable flying experience and
Mr.: Ben Watkins,: attorney for
AIATC, argued that there were
other Certified mechanics per-
fornrig mRn itenance wor'k beside
Mr. BillRuic.

... no matter where you are-
ours is a service you can trust.

serving all of Franklin County
653-2208 697-3366

ick Lardent
Mr. Art Little also made a presen-
tation to the Board of County
Commissioners, also filing a com-
plaint with the County Commis-
sion. "I've been flying for over 40
years and I have never known a
fixed based operation operated as
laxity as this one is," he con-
cluded. Mr. Charles Lardent made
a similar complaint.

Ronald Crum

Sues State And


Federal Court


Injunctive Relief

Trial Scheduled for July
19th in Federal Court
with Judge Hinkle
Amid numerous briefs and legal
memoranda, the Federal litigation
filed against the FFWCC, the State
of Florida, Governor Bush and
FFWCC Commission Members
last February 2003 is still pend-
ing, awaiting hearing in Tallahas-
see on July 19, 2004.
The plaintiff is Wakulla fisherman
Ronald Fred Crum who charges
,that the State of Florida and its
agency, the Florida Fish and Wild-
life Conservation Commission
(FFWCC) and the State of Florida
have violated the U. S. Constitu-
tion by implementing a net limi-
tation tied with administrative
rules, the enforcement of a net
limitation has deprived Mr. Crum
of his right to life, liberty and
In the second count of his law-
suit, Mr. Crum seeks to have ap-
proved a viable rectangular net of
the same material as cast nets for
the recreational and commercial
harvest of mullet and other fish.
The fisherman seeks a restrain-
ing order, temporary and perma-
nent injunction relief and reason-
able costs and attorney's fees, and
seeks to have the net limitation
rules declared unconstitutional
and unenforceable. The action is
filed under the Americans with
Disabilities Act of 1990.
Since the initial filing of the law-
suit by Mr. Crum's attorney,
Charles McClure in February
2003, there have been numerous
motions to dismiss and legal
memoranda leading up to a me- ,
diation agreement signed on
March 22, 2004. In that agree-
ment, Mr. Crum was allowed to
address the FFWCC to present his
proposal formally on June 8,
2004, but only three Commission-
ers were present when Mr. Crum
made his presentation.
A pre-trial conference is set for
June 28th to sort out the numer-
ous motions and legal memo-
randa. The trial is scheduled to
begin on July 19, 2004 at Fed-
eral District Court, Tallahassee.

Per Florida Statutes 713.78 (3) (b) File No.
Date of this Notice 06/14/04 Invoice No. 9668
Description of Vehicle: Make Dodge Model Pickup color Gray
Tag No L2599T Year 1986 state FL vin No. 1B7KD24W4GS051'152
To Owner: Walter Shook To Lien Holder:
2109 Shawnee Street
Sarasota, FL 34231

You and each of you are hereby notified that the above vehicle was towed on
06/09/04 at the request of FCSO that said vehicle is in its
possession at the address noted below. They the undersigned claim a lien for
towing, storage and cost. The vehicle will be sold after 35 days from the date of
impound free of prior liens. Payment by the above date of notice in the amount
$ 230.00 plus storage charges occurring at the rate of $ 20.00 per
day from the date hereof will be sufficient to redeem the vehicle from the lien of
the lienor; that subsection (4) of Florida Statute 713.78.

To subsection (5) of Florida Statute 713.78
You and each of you are hereby notified that on 07/15/04 at 12:00 noon
o'clock, the vehicle described above will be sold at public auction
at: 620 Houston Rd., Eastpoint, FL From the proceeds will first be paid all
towing and storage charges plus all costs including cost for this sale. Any excess
will be deposited with the Clerk of the Circuit Court.
You and each of you are urged to make satisfactory arrangements to pay all
charges and take possession of the said vehicle. In order to obtain a release of the
vehicle you must present personal identification, driver's license and PROOF
OF OWNERSHIP (title, registration, etc.) at the address below and pay the
P.O. Box 971
Eastpoint, FL 32328
(850) 670-8219

Per Florida Statutes 713.78 (3) (b) File No.
Date of this Notice 06/14/04 Invoice No. 9653
Description of Vehicle: Make Ford Model Taurus Color Silver
TagNo. H58CHE Yea., 1995 state FL VinNo IFALP57U9SA276839
To Owner Paul R. Gilday To Lien Holder:
P.O. Box 1060
Carrabelle, FL 32322

You and each of you are hereby notified that the above vehicle was towed on
06/05/04 at the request of FHP that said vehicle is in its
possession at the address noted below. They the undersigned claim a lien for
towing, storage and cost. The vehicle will be sold after 35 days from the date of
impound free of prior liens. Payment by the above date of notice in the amount
$ 410.00 plus storage charges occurring at the rate of $ 20.00 per
day from the date hereof will be sufficient to redeem the vehicle from the lien of
the lienor; that subsection (4) of Florida Statute 713.78.

To subsection (5) of Florida Statute 713.78
You and each of you are hereby notified that on 07/15/04 at 12:00 noon
o'clock, the vehicle described above will be sold at public auction
at: 620 Houston Rd., Eastpoint, FL From the proceeds will.first be paid all
towing and storage charges plus all costs including cost for this sale. Any excess
will be deposited with the Clerk of the Circuit Court.
You and each of you are urged to make satisfactory arrangements to pay all
charges and take possession of the said vehicle. In order to obtain a release of the
vehicle you must present personal identification, driver's license and PROOF
OF OWNERSHIP (title, registration, etc.) at the address below and pay the
P.O. Box 971
Eastpoint, FL 32328
(850) 670-8219

Per Florida Statutes 713.78 (3) (b) File No.
Date of this Notice 06/14/04 Invoice No. 9672
Description of Vehicle: Make Pontiac Model Grand Am color Silver
Tag No J948154 Year 2003 iate FL Vm No. 1G2NE52F73C168294
To Owner: Ann G. Dasher To Lien Holder: Citi-Financial
P.O. Box 447 4217 Lafayette Street
Eastpoint, FL 32328 Marianna, FL 32446

You and each of you are hereby notified that the above vehicle was towed on
06/10/04 at the request of FHP that said vehicle is in its
possession at the address noted below. They the undersigned claim a lien for
towing, storage and cost. The vehicle will be sold after 35 days from the date of
impound free of prior liens. Payment by the above date of notice in the amount
$ 230.00 plus storage charges occurring at the rate of $ 20.00 per
day from the date hereof will be sufficient to redeem the vehicle from the lien of
the lienor; that subsection (4) of Florida Statute 713.78.

To subsection (5) of Florida Statute 713.78
You and each of you are hereby notified that on 07/15/04 at 12:00 noon
o'clock, the vehicle described above will be sold at public auction
at: 620 Houston Rd., Eastpoint, FL From the proceeds will first be paid all
towing and storage charges plus all costs including cost for this sale. Any excess
will be deposited with the Clerk of the Circuit Court.
You and each of you are urged to make satisfactory arrangements to pay all
charges and take possession of the said vehicle. In order to obtain a release of the
vehicle you must present personal identification, driver's license and PROOF
OF OWNERSHIP (title, registration, etc.) at the address below and pay the
P.O. Box 971
Eastpoint, FL 32328
(850) 670-8219



beautiful Custom Built
Water Front home, Fabu-
lous kitchen and bathroom fixtures, ceramic floor tile, sky-
light, handicap ramp, sliding glass doors, concrete pad un-
der house intelligent design, exquisite materials and a breath-
taking price $679,000.

Office: (850) 697-9000 314 St. James Street
Toll-Free: (800) 613-5962 Carrabelle,'FL 32322
Cell: (850) 899-0582 Fax: (850) 697-4311'

^ Lorenzo Ristorante


Dine-In and Take-Out* 850-697-4084
parties! Highway 98* Downtown Carrabelle
Caterng available

25 June 2004 Paiae 5

-. ,ta ., ,1, ,,,, ,., Ti.ia,, 2.-- AL A Y W DN S PT e rn i C o c

: Apnlachicola To See Fireworks On
::- Tiv 4lh 25 minutes. "Last year the tire-
S. works went off about 20 minutes
:-There'll be fire in the sky for the earlier than planned," said
*4th of July in Apalachicla. this Rodgers. "This year it will last
year. Mark Rodgers and John longer and start around dark."
"Szafranski have teamed up tonn
.'bringback one-of the most popu-': Rodgers, with the Rancho Inn,
'..Jar celebraffofis in Franklin, and Szafranski, with Veolia said
a r-Coenty.the display is to be fully licensed,
C t bonded and insured, with $10
The Independence Day celebra-' million in general liability cover-
tion is to begin at 6 p.m. Local age and $ 10 million in commer-
Sbands led by Rock Therapy and cial transportation coverage.
Stroker are to headline the pro- "We've been learning as we go
gram. Soft drinks will b6 for sale along," said Rodgers. "This year
by the Boy's and Girl's Club. will be bigger and better."
"There will also be food for sale,"
said Szafranski, "and we're hop- donations for the July 4th cel-
ing for kiddie rides." ebration have also been made by
local businesses and civic groups
"This time the fireworks will be including the City of Apalachicola,
bigger and better," said Rodgers. Apalachicola State Bank, Water
"Last year we couldn't get a barge. Street Seafood, Buddy Ward Sea-
This July 4th folks from the De- food, Seafood Grill, and others.
apartment of Environmental Pro-' Those wishing to make donations
tection is using the relay b'aige to to help cover the cost of the cel-
take the fireworks out in ithe bay." ebration may deposit funds into
the Christmas in July account at
--Pyrotechnico, 'from Atlanta, will the Apalachicola State Bank.
launch the fireworks show around
9 to 9:30 p.m. from about 200 For more information call Mark
yards off the shoreline at'Teft Foot Rodgers at (850) 653-6003.
Hole in Battery Park. This year the,
fireworks display will last 'about

Prupe.Ly Subject
Of Special
County Meeting
The Board of Franklin County
Commissioners met in special
session Monday afternoon, 21
June 2004, to review a property
dispute between two county offi-
cials, Commissioner Jimmy
Mosconis and Property Appraiser
Doris Pendleton. Ms. Pendleton
informed the Commissioners that
about one hundred feet of county
land was not accounted for in two
surveys conducted on property
owned by her and another survey
on property owned by Commis-
sioner Jimmy Mosconis.
During the meeting, it was appar-
ent that both survey teams admit-
ted errors. The Board voted to hire
attorney Lucy Turner to in turn
hire an independent survey of the
subject property and report back
to the County Commissioners at
a future time.

In post and beam construction, the load-bearing
poles extend all the aa to the roof. About 41 I
support the structure. spliced together at variouss
inier\ als. Normall., the roof s stem is placed on
top of the structure before the exterior ,alls are
Preed'.l in',-e these are not loaid harinn

* THE HOUSE: 2,100 square feet, heated or cooled, with cathedral living area, study, kitchen, four bedrooms
and three bathrooms, and sun deck. There is enormous rental potential with this design, permitting separate
area for the landlord.
* POST AND BEAM CONSTRUCTION: 41 pilings extend through each floor, holding up the roof system.
None of the exterior walls are load-bearing. There are three levels in this home built to last. Post and Beam
construction is the best and superb design for any building reposing on a pile of sand. 2100 square feet heated
and cooled. One of the last homes built on St. George Island by Mason Bean..
* ELEVATOR: by Sedgewick installed by Mowrey Elevators. Joined with a concrete ramp used for wheel-
chair accessibility to the living level. Can also function as a dumbwaiter and is especially useful for transport-
ing wood to the wood burning stove in the living area. The stove will adequately heat the house in the coldest
* CEILING FANS: In bedrooms and living areas.
* PROJECTION ROOM AND MINIATURE THEATRE OR STUDY: Prewired for a music system or film
and TV soundtracks.
* SOLID-CORE DOORS: Throughout the house: New fiberglass doors for the exterior openings.
* CEMENT TILE ROOF: Guaranteed in writing for 50 years (when built, 1989); no fire hazard here as in the
case of wood cedar-shake shingles.
* CYPRESS SIDING: Cut into board and batton design; impervious to the harshest salt-infested Gulf winds.
* TILED KITCHEN AND BATHROOM: On the living level; one-half bath stubbed out in the loft area.
One-half bath at the utility level.
* MOTHER-IN-LAW FACILITIES: Are available at the utility level with plans; concrete foundation already
in place for a wall system and other alterations.
* FRAMING: Of floors incorporates library loads in the study, bedrooms and third level loft which is the
largest sleeping room, 16 feet square.
* AN ENGINEERED FACILITY: For the floor system and the entire structure to carry above-average loads.
* HEAT PUMPAND AIR-CONDITIONING: Split-plan design by Ollie Gunn and Trane (General Electric).
* EXTERIOR WALLS: Incorporating six-inch studs for greater insulation; None of the exterior or interior
walls in this home are load-bearing.
Augered pilings were installed in this
house instead of driven pilings. Forty-
S'one 8x8" poles extend from the ground
,,..:'- ,, design, the recommended mode for
any island construction on sand.
..||:ga:|^" ^^M

25 years of experience
making dreams come true.
Let us help you find the property of your
dreams in the St. George Island and
Apalachicola Bay area.


Of The Gulf Beaches, Inc.

$700,000 MLS#98432



We've Moved!!
139A West Gorrie Drive St. George Island, FL 32328-9703

"Property For Every Budget"
Office: (850) 927-2821
Fax: (850) 927-2314

Shuler Home: Four bedroom, two bath home on
the cut off road in Eastpoirit right off Island Drive.
,This home is located in'a commercially zoned area
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* Land-Acreage-5.5 Acres Bayfront. High point. Emerald Beach $675,000. MLS#98337
Land-Residential Lot-St. George Island. Bradford Street. Bayview. $209,000. MLS#98336.
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. .- .- 6x8-14x50

S- ....2 _"


My Fellow Franklin County Citizens,

I realize that a person's vote is a very important personal decision. A decision
that is informed and well thought out. I would be very honored if you would
consider me to be your choice for Sheriff of Franklin County.

I want you to know that YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Maybe more than you
think. In the August 31st, 2004 Sheriff's Democratic Primary the candidate
with as little as ONE more vote than any other candidate will be the
WINNER.THERE WILL NOT BE ARUN-OFF! The winner will advance to
the General Election on November 2nd.

Franklin County Citizens have already given me great support. I truly appre-
ciate everything that is being done to help me become your Sheriff. I want to
share with you my vision and plan for the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. I
am making every effort possible to visit with each voter before August 31st.
However, should you want to share your concerns or talk with me now,
please call me at 927-2515 or 653-7291. I want to talk with YOU. Ask me
and I will respond honestly and openly. I believe in PRINCIPLES OVER


Respectfully Yours,

Skip Shiver


JL -- - - -




The Franklin Chronicle


25 June 2004 Page 9


Library Happenings

By Judi Rundel
The Franklin County Public Library's Summer Reading Program is
well under way, Children who are in Kindergarten through 6th grade
are encouraged to join in the fun at all three of the Library's program
sites-the Eastpoint and Carrabelle branches, and the Apalachicola
program site in the New Life Center on 8th Street. The program, which
includes lunch, -is offered at no cost to participants but registration is
required. For more information call Ms Gatlin at 653-2784, Miss Bonny
at 670-5250, or Miss Michelle at 697-2366, or stop in at the Eastpoint
or Carrabelle branch of the Library to pick up a registration form.
Music Magic at the Library, a special program for third graders, is
being held two hours each week in conjunction with the Summer
Reading Program. The schedule for this program at all three sites is
as follows: Eastpoint on Wednesday from 9:00 10:30 a.m., Carrabelle
on Tuesday from 9:30 11.00 a.m., and Apalachicola on Thursday
from 1:00 2:30 p.m. Call Ms Judi at 670-4423 for information on
this exciting new program that has the children tapping out rhythms
and reading great books,
TIGERS from all three of the Library's program sites will be snorkel-
ing and swimming with dolphins during a Shell Island cruise in
Panama City on Tuesday, June 29th. Shipwreck Island in Panama
City Beach will be the place to be for WINGS-parent and child-on
Sunday, June 27th, Call your child's program site to reserve a place
on one of these fun field trips.
The Library's FROG Family Learning Program offers individualized
and small group computer classes as well as summer tutoring for
students at the Carrabelle and Eastpoint branches and at the
Apalachicola program site. Call Marlene at 697-2091 or Michelle at
670-4423 to make an appointment and register for these classes which
are offered at no cost to Franklin County residents.
The Franklin County Public Library's FROG, WINGS, and TIGERS
offer many programs that are free and open to the public. Registra-
tion however is required. For information about upcoming programs,
becoming a volunteer tutor, or becoming a library volunteer, please
call 670-4423 or 697-2091, or view the Library's website located at

Library Receives Grant
Eileen Annie Ball, Director of the Franklin County Public Library,
announces that the Friends of the Franklin County Public Library
has received a Title II Department of Juvenile Justice Grant in the
amount of $100,000.00. The new after school and vacation youth
program, WITH-ITI (Winners In Tune Have It Together!) will begin in
July and be held at the library branches in Eastpoint and Carrabelle
and the Program Center at the New Life Center in Apalachicola.
WITH-IT! will inspire the personal growth and development of stu-
dents ranging in age from 10 17. The program will focus on a variety
of social, educational, cultural and recreational activities and be of-
fered at no cost to participants. Registration is required. Program
hours will be announced at a later date.

Book Club to Meet
The book/reading club-as yet unnamed-will hold its regular monthly
meeting on Tuesday, July beginning at 7:00 p.m. The group, which
meets at the Eastpoint branch of the Franklin County Public Library,
will be reading poetry-each member bringing in a favorite poem to
read and discuss. Anyone interested in sharing a love of reading is
welcome to attend. Call 670-4423 for further information.

Carrabelle City Council Meeting June 3, 2004

Carrabelle Is In The Black

CPA Presents Audit Report to City

Mark Payne, of James Moore &.
Co., CPA's, highlighted the FY
2002-2003 financial picture. The
city ended the period with an as-
set base of over $2 Million, and
revenue up 14% to $435K. Payne
commented that the increase in
water and sewer investment con-
tributed largely to these results.

Approval of Bills
All OK'd, except the request for
pay #5 for Holmes Builders on the
airport hanger project. The vote
was to hold about half the pay-
ment for completion.

Commissioner Reports
Mayor Brown made two com-
ments: first, that the state legis-
lature has earmarked $500,000
for a ladder fire truck for
Carrabelle, a much-needed addi-
tion to the Volunteer Fire Depart-
ment. Second, that the city coun-
cil must "slow down" the pace of
development for a time.
There followed an extended dis-
cussion between the Mayor and
Freda White, who had the concern
that the intent might be to change
decisions already made, and slow
down work already in the pipeline.
Mr. Brown assured all that no
changes were anticipated to cur-
rent projects, but that at today's
pace if we don't take more time,
mistakes could be possible. There
was a citizen comment from Roger
Bybee, who observed that the
public was not getting enough
time to review "advertised" plans
before council meeting dates.
More discussion ensued relative
to builder plans appearing just a
few days before meetings, but no
conclusion was reached on time

Public Hearing, Board of
Adjustment, Planning and
Zoning Board, Commercial
Nick Yonclas, Attorney, appeared
again with Neil Bolton to present
the -Jordan Bayou Preserve
Planned Unit Development Dis-
trict (PUD). The PUD, created due
to the distinct nature of the
property's high level of wetlands,
would allow changes in the
per-acre density. Commissioners
last month had suggested the
PUD. approach as a way of achiev-
ing usage of the land. The site is
at Highway 98 and Airport Road.

Mr. William Parker, owner, Nick
Saporito, realtor and Pat Floyd,
attorney, asked to rezone from
R-1 to R-4 on 3 lots on West 13th
Street in Carrabelle. This change
would go from single-unit to
multi-unit, and according to the
speakers would result in 7 units
per acre, on pilings. The land in
question is in the area behind
Earl's Restaurant and west. Jim
Lisette had reservations about the
character of the existing area be-
ing changed, and Freda White re-
minded the commissioners that
"spot zoning" would cause trouble
for all. Roger Bybee's comment
was that the area lies within the
Critical Shoreline District, and
that density is set by that.
Dell Schneider brought an aerial
map showing the airport area
(north and east of the airport, 67
acres), where he led a discussion
on change to C-1 Mixed Use Com-
mercial from I-1 Industrial. Com-
ments were mainly concerns that
without this small industrial area,
we would have never have oppor-
tunity for any industrial develop-
ment. His representative argued
that adjacent residential areas
would be subject to such uses as
fuel storage and handling and,
mining materials activity, if the in-
dustrial zoning persists. Another
suggestion was that the land
could be used as an RV Park (R-5
limited use), upscale, so that the
"snowbirds" who "have to have
somewhere to light" would be ac-

Unfinished Business
Audit report (see top of story)
Approved the Jordan Bayou (see
above) preliminary sketch plat,
including the requirements set
forth in the proposed PUD ordi-
Approved William Parker's re-
quest to advertise his request to
rezone from R-1 to R-4 on West
13th Street (see above).
Dell Schneider's airport rezoning
request was tabled to consider its
impact on our Comprehensive
Plan. Will still require a public
Baskerville-Donovan to send a
15-day notice letter to Royal
American regarding the comple-
tion of the vacuum sewer system's

Baskerville-Donovan updated on
progress on the Phase 1 reclaimed
water and sewer force main job.
The job is slowed due to land res-
toration along Highway 98 in
Commission selected Crowder
Construction to perform the Tim-
ber Island Lift Station and Force
Main work. Mayor Brown com-
mented that the Crowder bid was
detailed well and all in order, un-
like the competitor, and within 1%
of the dollar amount.
Voted to hold off on selecting the
low bidder on pipe material for the
run from Highway 98 to the
prison. A math error was found,
so the bidder was to be contacted.
Five Butler Timber Island prop-
erties were gang-approved on fi-
nal plans, in the interest of time.
Approved final plats for Julia
Mae's Restaurant and NB Invest-
ments' three units next to the
barber shop.
Approved JJ's Tree Service to cut
down dead oak tree on city prop-
erty at $800.
Tabled Mediacom franchise agree-
Approved Mediacom Broadcast
Equipment License Agreement.

New Business
Approved Wendell Thompson's
424' private dock walkway with
10' platform. 1594 Bayou
Harbour Drive, Lot 15.
Postponed Donald Wood's request
for the city to abandon a small
piece of old RR property between
him and Tom Griffith. He is to ac-
quire a survey.
Approved Bayou Point plat plan.
The property is across from the
boat storage on Highway 98.
Tabled the decision (no quorum)
on preliminary plat approval for
CP Holding on an 18-unit condo
in Block 22(4) of Kelley's Plat.
Bill Loy's request to give free com-
munity Karaoke performances on
the River Pavilion was delayed to
research the city's insurance li-
ability. Mr. Loy, a local DJ and
Karaoke performer/host, ex-
pressed his concern that kids
have no place to perform, since
they can not enter bars. His Sun-
day afternoon sessions would be
open to the public and no charge
to anyone.
Approved loan from the General
Fund to the Airport account to be
replaced with July grant funds.

Rejected contract renewal be-
tween the City of Carrabelle and
VMS, Inc. for FY 7/1/2004 to
Time clocks for city employees
were approved.
Accepted the resignation of Joyce
Bards effective 6/4/04, and dis-
cussed her possible replacement.
Approved Courtney Millender
change to full-time from
6/1/2004 to 8/6/2004.

First Reading of proposed City
Ordinance 330, to create the PUD
for the Jordan Bayou Preserve.

10:15 p.m.

Host A Student

Through An

Historic Exchange

Be part of the solution! ASSE In-
ternational is now looking for
American families to host high
school students from countries
with significant Muslim popula-
tions. All these students have re-
ceived scholarships through the
US State Department sponsored
Partnership for Learning Youth
Exchange (YES) Program and will
spend an academic year In the
U.S. while living with American
host families. This historic pro-
gram seeks to build on the values
in common with Muslim societ-
ies as it strengthens voices of
moderation and reinforces the
United States' commitment to
education and opportunity.
ASSE International Is currently
seeking qualified host families to
welcome these special students
coming from Gaza, Jordan, Iraq,
Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria,
Tunisia, Pakistan, United Arab
Emirates, the West Bank and
Yemen. By living with local host
families and attending the local
high schools, YES scholarship
students will acquire an under-
standing of American values,
build on leadership skills, and
learn about the important ele-
ments of American civil society.
Upon returning home, YES schol-
arship students will work together
to share what they have learned
while in America and make a dif-
ference in their home countries:
If you are interested in learning
more about the YES Program,
please contact Kelly or Courtney
at 1-800-473-0696 toll free.


. . F -

-Th, r,: ip>:,,lI pl._..r ,: ', :. in -i r '''. r r, :,r, \ l. I'_ -i ll d .' itIl-, b uL ,l ,.- jr :,ri -. c .im pinr, [rip .. p IL nii_'. ind
rctrf ,:,ns it- nI:,rr th-.jr .. .jt,_rn -:, ,: i'- l-,:, t, .:. ir t.,r r l,' .- t i .l'-I rihi d tirn-r, t':,':cther Sum merC'jrnp
is a i' mrn iintir .., St j.ant I'..nd l ,:d n th.: t(uil L..'..I t Nrth..'c.t Fl:ridJ 'i.-u'll ihnd ,cr u, pristine mLarshe-s,
abundant wildlife habitats, forests of towering pines and ancient oak hammocks. Kayak along the bay and the Gulf of
Mexico's inlets, fish the saltwater flats and search for scallops along 4 miles of Gulf beach. SurhmerCamp. It's waiting
to take you back. Visit or call 866.273.0713 toll-free.

Homes from the mid $400,000's
to over $900,000.
Homesites from the $150,000's
to over $800,000.

SummerCamp is located on St. James Island, U.S. 319
at Hwy 98, just west of St. Teresa. Visit our Preview Center
located at 122 E. Jefferson Street in downtown Tallahassee.
Open weekdays 9 a.m. 5:30 p.m. and weekends 11 a.m. 5 p.m.

------~------- --- ~ I I C)- ~

I hghC.d-g,, C A, .l I 1. A. C ........... 1- 1 i--d 13-1
I. .......... I I'l, k' I W ."'d ,Ill h, . .... o 0" ,, 'hy 4 .. d- ..... ..... .
0 b I d ,, I d h, h ,,, ......... .
.......... .. Ak'-J'A" hd ..... ..... DA
....... I'l,"d 11 Opp", STJ Y' J MOE

X IU A10 25 Inne 2004 A L -xOCA flY ) fL VP ----P-P-RTheFranlinChroicl

Baysde Residential, Waterfront &
A Rea Dog Island Properties
* Immaculate New 3370 sq. ft. home on Carrabelle River. Three
bedrooms with master baths + a loft upstairs could be used for fourth
room. Florida Room overlooks the river from the 2nd floor, screened-
in porch overlooking the river from the first floor. Home has 1080
sq. ft. carport under the house with two storage rooms, 10' ceilings,
elevator, dock with boat lift, central sound system, and an irrigation
system with well. $925,000.00.
* Bayou Harbor-One acre overlooking Dog Island and St. George
Island. Direct Bay access. $700,000.00.
* One Bay Front Lot-49 x 138 lot on the Bay, located in St. James.
Spectacular view. $495,000.00.
* New Home-Still under construction. 2088 sq. ft. home overlook-
ing the #8 Green. 3BR/2BA, metal roof, Hardiplank siding, marble
countertops, hardwood floors, Andersen windows and much more.

Bayside Realty, Inc.
305 Avenue B South Carrabelle, FL 32322
697-5470 697-3919 877-577-7177 Fax: 697-9607
Freda White-Owner/Broker
Raymond Williams-Broker/Sales Beth Barber-Realtor

Wefing's Marine, Inc.

PARTS & SERVICE (850) 653-9218
SALES850) 653-1
56 MARKET STREET (850) 653-1333
Apalachicola, FL 32320

I w .

Check us out at our new location!
131 U.S. Highway 98, Eastpoint, FL
W. r. 850-670-8100



Setting New Standards With Our
Surecrete Design Products Certification In
Pool Decks, Patios, Porches, Walks, Drives & Morel
We now offer crack treatments of existing concrete that can
then be overlayed in the color of your choice with a mn
broom finish, stamped in many styles such as brick,
cobblestone, starfish & scallop shells and many more. iENEf
These styles can also be done in new concrete.
For interior and exterior we also offer a chemical stain.
The concrete can be cut to your specifications then we
will stain each section in your color choice, grout the cuts and seal
it for a beautiful gloss finish.
Our spray texture over new or existing concrete is available in
stencils of various patterns and grout lines in various colors or even
multiple colors.
(7 The possibilities are endless, just use your
imagination and call us today
Sfor your free quote
and see our samples
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Stan Siprell and
David Watson

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(192) Vivian Sherlock's biography of John Gorrie, The
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young physician who invented an "ice machine" that many
argue was a forerunner to air conditioning dozens of years
later. His cooling device was developed to provide relief
to his suffering yellow fever patients. A museum in
Apalachicola to this day marks the work of John Gorrie
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and the pristine barrier island, Saint George. From the
earliest times, both the island and Apalachicola have be-
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