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Group Title: Annual report, University of Florida Warrington College of Business
Title: Annual report
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School of Business

Disting ise Faut Naionall
& tdnsRcgnzdPorm

U F School of Business
SWarrington College
of Busine, Administration


Table of Contents:

* Director's Remarks and Program Highlights...................... ..... .... .........2

* International Programs

* Scholarship Program s ......... .......................

* International Program s Staff........... .............

* Career and Leadership Programs....................

* Career and Leadership Programs Staff.............

* Academic Advising and Career Coaching........

* Academic Advising and Career Coaching Staff.

* Online Business Program................ .........

* Online Business Program Staff ....................

* Sen ior Staff ........................................ .........

* School of Business Data................... .........

Director's Remarks and
Program Highlights
(Fall 2009 Summer 2010)

During the 2009-2010 aca-
demic year, the School of
Business continued to focus
more closely on preparing
students for success. Spe-
cifically, there was contin-
ued investment in profes-
sional staff, expanded study
abroad opportunities, pro-
fessional writing and com-

munications courses, ethics
and leadership courses, and
school-sponsored support
for leadership conferences
and international case com-
petitions. This increased in-
vestment has been coupled
with greater expectations
of our students during their
undergraduate experience.

During the coming year,
there are increased academ-
ic and professional develop-
ment requirements geared
toward their professional

Dr. Brian Ray
Associate Dean and Director

1 School of Business


N ew Sch ool of B usin ess ............................ .................................
Curriculum Enhancements

These additional require-
ments will ensure that stu-
dents in the School of Busi-
ness have an undergraduate
experience that provides
them with a chance to ex-
plore opportunities more
broadly, both in terms of pro-
fessional development and
international experiences.
Each of these enhancements
has been implemented with
a constant focus on the four
key indicators that comprise
a nationally-ranked under-
graduate business program:
quality students, an out-

standing curriculum, facul-
ty engagement, and a broad
range of professional devel-
opment opportunities. The
quality of our faculty and
students, as well as the new
initiatives mentioned previ-
ously, continue to catch the
attention of deans across the
country. In the most recent
U.S. News and World Report
rankings, the college's un-
dergraduate business pro-
grams were ranked among
the top 16 public programs
in the nation.

9 juir: Rqie0oTk Busns rtn

' Sophomores: iRequir e. t C e i rnhi

r'dTReqirement (12m creit to 16)~,"

New Staffing Model for
Career Coaching and
Academic Advising

In Fall 2009, the school's aca-
demic advising staff of eight
student services profession-
als was reorganized into ca-
reer coaching teams: three
coaches for finance and in-
formation systems majors,
two coaches for economics
and marketing majors, and
two coaches for manage-
ment and general studies
advising). Career Coaches
assist students with resume
preparation, networking,
mock interviewing, and in-
ternship searches. A peer
mentoring program was
also added that has proven
to be extremely effective.
The program is called CAPs:

Career and Academic Peer
Mentors (warrington.ufl.
edu/sb / mywcba/intern-
ships/cap.asp). These men-
tors have proven instrumen-
tal in assisting our students
with the recently estab-
lished requirement that each
undergraduate complete an
internship as part of his/her
UF career.
The results of this re-
organization produced im-
mediate results. In 2010,
our BusinessWeek student
satisfaction data resulted in
a career services grade of
"A" for the first time in the
five-year history of the mag-
azine's undergraduate busi-
ness rankings.

Annual Report 2009-2010 2

Career Coaching and
Advising Activity

Each fall and spring semes-
ter there are approximately
10,000 students enrolled
in business classes, 3,500
of whom are business ma-
jors. Given this level of
enrollment, the SB staff has
worked diligently to provide
timely access to advisors
through walk-in advising
and 30-minute scheduled

* In Fall 2009 there were
4,811 student visits; 3,812
walk-ins and 999 sched-
uled appointments. The
average wait time for
walk-ins was under six
* In Spring 2010 there were
5,296 student visits; 4,063
walk-ins and 1,233 sched-
uled appointments. The
average wait time for
walk-ins was only five
* Each year, the career
coaching staff responds to
over 10,000 e-mails.

Study Abroad

For Warrington under-
graduates, an international
experience raises cultural
awareness, builds self-
confidence, and provides
an opportunity to develop
foreign language skills. For
these reasons, the college's
faculty decided to place
greater emphasis on study
abroad by incorporating
it into the undergraduate
curriculum. As mentioned
earlier, the current sopho-
more class is the first group
of undergraduates required
to complete an internship

of 150+ hours or a study
abroad experience of at
least six weeks. In 2003, the
college set a goal of hav-
ing at least 25 percent of its
undergraduates participate
in an international experi-
ence. The college has made
great progress in this area.
In 1998, only 7.5 percent
of Warrington's under-
graduates studied abroad.
Thanks to the efforts of the
International Programs
staff, the 25% goal has been
reached each of the past five

An Outstanding Business
Curriculum that Produces


In Spring 2010, Warrington's
graduating seniors took
the ETS Major Field Test
in Business. The students'
scores were compared with
a pool of national data that
included over 132,000 stu-
dents from 618 institutions.
Similar to previous terms,
Warrington's graduates per-
formed extremely well.

* 22% of graduates scored
among the top 5% in
the nation.
* 37% of graduates scored
among the top 10% in
the nation.
* 69% of graduates scored
among the top 25% in
the nation.
* 89% of graduates scored
among the top 50% in
the nation.

Warrington's institutional
mean score of 169 easily
placed among the top five
percent of the 618 institu-
tions. Collectively, War-
rington's graduating seniors
scored in the top ten percent
on eight of nine assessment
indicators. Some scores
likely placed this group of
students among the top one
or two percent, but that lev-
el of detail is not available.

Warrington's Institutional
Scores by Academic Area

1. Economics: Score of 65
(Top 5% range 60-100)

2. Finance: Score of 72
(Top 5% range 70-100)
3. International Issues: Score of 68
(Top 5% range 68-100)
4. Legal and Social Environment: Score of 62
(Top 5% range 57-100)

5. Management: Score of 72
(Top 5% range 67-100)
6. Marketing: Score of 69
(Top 5% range 63-100)
7. Quantitative Business Analysis: Score of 58
(Top 5% range 56-100)

8. Accounting: Score of 61
(Top 10% range 59-100)
9. Information Systems: Score of 64
(Top 15% range 64-100)

3 School of Business


Career and Leadership


Warrington undergraduates
have access to a wide array
of extracurricular programs.
These programs include:

* Warrington Welcome:
A success course for
first-year students.

Florida Leadership Acad-
emy: For Warrington's top
100 sophomores.

Student Delegations:
Case competitions and
leadership conferences.

New Facilities

With the opening of Hough
Hall, the School of Business
inherited a great deal of
space in Bryan Hall as well
as state-of-the art classroom
facilities in Stuzin Hall. In
September/October 2010,
the School of Business career
coaches/academic advisors
will move to a second-floor
suite of offices in Bryan Hall
previously occupied by the
Office of Graduate Career
Services. This location will
serve as the new home of
our career coaching teams as
well as the professional staff
who direct leadership pro-
grams such as Warrington
Welcome, the Florida Lead-
ership Academy, Students in
Free Enterprise, Warrington
Diplomats, etc. This suite
of offices will be called the
School of Business Center
for Career Planning and
Leadership Development.
In short, the programs and
services provided in this lo-

In addition to the campus-
based career and leader-
ship programs, Warrington
undergraduates partici-
pate in leadership confer-
ences and case competi-
tions around the world.
The following are just a
few of the events that had
Warrington representation:

SNational Conference on
Ethics in America (West

cation will ensure that we
continue to have articulate
and polished students who
are well prepared for UF's
Career Showcase as well as
the many interviews con-
ducted at the Career Re-
source Center.
In September/October
2010, the suite of offices
previously occupied by the
MBA Program, 134 Bryan
Hall, will house the School
of Business International
Programs Staff, the Online
Business Program staff, and
various support staff. Study
abroad is a significant part
of the undergraduate ex-
perience for many of our
students. In fact, 5',. of
on-campus business stu-
dents participate in an inter-
national experience during
their undergraduate career.
Going forward it is expected
that an even higher percent-
age of our undergraduates
will pursue these kinds of

* National Conference in
Student Leadership (At-
lanta, GA)

* Undergraduate Student
Leadership Conference
(Emory University)

* Citi International Case
Competition (Hong Kong,

* Dalhousie Business Eth-
ics Case Competition
(Nova Scotia, Canada)

opportunities. Accordingly,
in order to further raise the
visibility of this worthwhile
academic endeavor, the 134
Bryan Hall suite of offices
will be called the School of
Business International Pro-
grams Office.
In Fall 2010, the School of
Business will open newly
renovated space dedicated
to academic excellence.
The second floor of Bryan
Hall will provide space for
students to meet in small
groups. The second floor
mezzanine will be dedicated
to the teaching assistants
in eleven of the college's
electronic platform courses.
This space will be called the
School of Business Academ-
ic Success Center.
The building of Hough Hall
also provided the School of
Business with new class-
room facilities. In Fall 2010,
85 percent of the school's
major-specific courses will

* John Molson Undergrad-
uate Case Competition
(Montreal, Canada)

* Thammasat Undergradu-
ate Business Challenge
(Bangkok, Thailand)

* University of Auckland
Champions Case Compe-
tition (New Zealand)

* International Case Com-
petition (University of
Southern California)

be taught in former MBA
classrooms (Stuzin 101-104
and Matherly 120). These
facilities are much more
conducive to learning than
the university's general-
purpose classrooms in
Matherly Hall.

0e0 0i
accmpishm and
plans 0o ac f ih

0nentoa 0rgas
Carer adLadeshi
PrgasB Aaei

Annual Report 2009-2010 4

International Programs
Four College-sponsored Programs: London, Madrid, Paris, and Rome
27 Exchange Programs Around the World
www.warrington.ufl., '. r.

Students at UF have an al-
most unlimited number of
study abroad options. There
are programs available in
every continent at a variety
of prices and duration, but
because there are so many
choices it is imperative that
students receive advising

and support throughout the
decision-making process.
Each year, International Pro-
grams advisors conducted
over 900 study abroad ad-
vising appointments with
students. The School of
Business continues to lead
UF in the development and

management of college
sponsored and exchange
programs. As a result, a
record-number of students
return from their interna-
tional experiences report-
ing that studying abroad
was the most memorable
time of their undergraduate

career. This year's annual
report includes comments
from the Spring 2010 semes-
ter students that reaffirm the
academic, cultural, and per-
sonal rewards of an interna-
tional experience.

International Programs News

College Sponsored Programs

* UF in London, Business-
Internship: 346 students
have participated since the
program was established
summer of 2005
* UF in Madrid, Business:
222 students have partici-
pated since the program
was established fall of 2005
* UF in Rome, Business: 108
students have participated
since the program was es-
tablished fall of 2007
* UF in Paris, Business:
Began spring 2010 with
5 students

5 School of Business

The student evaluations for
spring 2010 were overwhelm-
ingly positive.

* 1(i',. of the respondents
would recommend the
Warrington's college-spon-
sored programs to other
* (ll,'. of the respondents
fulfilled their personal
study abroad expectations.

* Jason Ward joined the
International Programs
team in February 2010.
His main responsibilities
are study abroad advis-
ing and coordination of
exchange programs.
* Joe Rojo and Brian Ray
presented "A New Kind
of Study Abroad Experi-
ence" at the 2010 National
Undergraduate Business
Symposium Conference
held April 8-9 at The Ohio
State University. The SB
sponsored programs were
showcased to an audience
composed of faculty and
deans from top U.S. busi-
ness programs.
* WU Vienna University
of Economics and Busi-
ness became the latest SB
exchange partner. WU
is the EU's largest edu-
cational institution for
business and econom-
ics, business law, and so-
cial sciences, with about
26,000 students. It was
founded in 1898 as the
"Imperial Export Acad-
emy," with a curriculum
designed to prepare stu-
dents for employment in
international trade.

* International Programs
launched a Facebook
page in March 2010 and
200 fans joined within 24
hours. Now everyone
can become a fan of Uni-
versity of Florida (UF)
Business Study Abroad
Programs and receive in-
teresting news and stories
about study abroad.
* In May, Joe Rojo visited
Sabanci University, an ex-
change partner located in
Istanbul. From there, he
joined a CIBER Faculty
Development Tour in An-
kara. The group visited
Bilkent University, met
with faculty from several
disciplines, and visited
a few of Turkey's largest
manufacturers and busi-
* Lucy DiLeo and Jason
Ward traveled to London
for the Summer 2010 stu-
dent orientation. After-
wards, they visited Man-
chester Business School
and Aston University, our
two exchange partners in
the UK, where they met
with faculty and future
UF exchange students.


Student Comments

"The internship was fantastic and the FIE (Foundation for In-
ternational Education) program was very well structured. I was
able to meet Americans from across the country as well as British
people." CW, London
"I had an unforgettable experience. I hope that every person my
age has the opportunity to study and live how I lived in London."
SC, London
"I couldn't have had better teachers! They are incredible profes-
sors and made my learning experience VERY enjoyable. :\i.. I
go back to Madrid, I definitely plan on visiting them." SP, Madrid
"...living with a host family made my study abroad experience. I
learned so much about the culture... Talking with the family, eat-
ing with them, asking them for help with my Spanish homework
all gave me a deeper more complete understanding and apprecia-
tion for Spain. I also found that many of the common myths that
deter students from staying with a host family were nonexistent.
For example, that it may somehow impede your ability to go out
and come home late. This was a great experience and by far was
the best help for my Spanish." AS, Madrid
"This experience was life-changing for me. It opened my eyes to
a new way of thinking and interacting. I met a lot of wonderful
people and experienced a diverse culture. I would do it again in a
heartbeat!" MW, Madrid

"The main reason I wanted to study in Paris was to relearn French.
After 16 weeks in Paris I have successfully relearned French and I
am able to speak to my family in nearly perfect French. It has also
inspired me to maintain my French and hopefully one day move
to Paris because I had such an amazing time abroad." JA, Paris
"This program allows you to complete your studies, learn how to
adapt and take on a new culture, travel if you want to experience
other cultures, and get involved with your surrounding commu-
nity, all at the same time." NM, Rome
"This is a great program if you want to experience not only Rome
but other parts of Italy and Europe. The classes were great and
interesting, especially sketchbook. Online classes are easy to take.
The facilitators such as Domenico and Erin were extremely help-
ful and friendly. The (St. John's University) facilities are in a
great location and very secure." KD, Rome
"I have had some of the best times of my entire life while abroad! It
has opened my mind in many ways and I got to meet many amaz-
ing people! Overall, this experience has been worth more than
anything!" JM, Rome
"I thought it was the best experience of my life." KM, Rome

0- 0
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sored ~~ 0rgrm inLnoTeehsas5engot
Madrid,~~~~ RoeadPrs5 nU nnbsns tdn
Tweny seen tudets rom artiipaion.Stuentsfro
UCF,~ ~ ~ ~ FIFU SUF tecolgso oraim
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lieteU iestSfM rclueadlf cecs

Annual Report 2009-2010 6

..............................'' '' '




...... ...... ...... ... ...... ...... ..... ...... ...... ..... ...... ..... ..... ...... ...... ...... ..... ...... ...... ..... ...... ...... ..... ... .. ...... ... ... .. ...... .....


Study Abroad Data for SB

For the last five years, the
college has consistently
maintained an average of
25% 2.. of the graduating
class studying abroad. The
graph below shows that the
number of graduates who
studied abroad remained
constant despite the overall
decrease of degrees award-
ed. Last year was particu-
larly weak for study abroad,
as few students wanted to

miss the Fall 2009 football
season. In addition, there
are fewer undergraduates
at the University of Florida
majoring in business. How-
ever, we are expecting that
the number of students who
study abroad will increase
next year due to the new
internship/ study abroad
requirement the college
implemented with the 2009

IGraduating Business Students 2005-20101









2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

SStudents Not Studying Abroad EStudents Studying Abroad

As the chart below illus-
trates, SB sponsored pro-
grams are popular with our
students. However, partici-
pation in the exchanges con-
tinues to trail significantly
behind transfer programs.
Next year, International
Programs will aggressively
promote business exchange
programs to our students,

including a weekly spotlight
in the SB electronic news-
letter, a study abroad fair
sponsored by SB exclusively
dedicated to exchange pro-
grams, extensive updates
to the exchange programs
website and regular post-
ings of informational vid-
eos on the SB Study Abroad
Facebook page.

BA Students Who Attended Exchange, Transfer, UF Sponsored
and SB Sponsored Programs

0 Exchange
13 UF sponsored

SB sponsored

2006-07 2007-C


7 School of Business

School of Business

Exchange Programs


The following is a listing of our partnerships with interna-
tional universities. Undergraduate business students are
able to study at these institutions for a semester or a year.

* SB exchange partners include prestigious business
schools around the world.

* Enrollment in an exchange university will give stu-
dents a more competitive edge when they are look-
ing for employment.

* Students may take courses not available at UF, such as
Financial Derivatives, Corporate Control and Governance,
Managing New Product Development and International Hu-
man Resource Management.

* SB has developed an extensive database of course equiv-
alencies so students can take business core and major
classes while abroad.

Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt
Vienna University of Economics and Business
Un versldad Adolfo Ibaiez
Sun Yat-Sen University
University of Southern Denmark
Aarhus School of Business
Aston University
University of Manchester Manchester
Business School
Aalto University
ESC Grenoble
SKEMA Business School
WHU Koblenz
The Hong Kong University of Science &

Bocconi University
University of Torino
University of Maastricht
BI Norwegian School of Management
Universidad del Pacifico
Leon Kozminski Academy
Singapore Management University
Korea University Business School
Carlos III de Madrid
Uppsala University
National Chengchi University
Chulalongkorn University
Sabanci University

Undergraduate Scholarships

The School of Business con-
tinues to award academic
merit and study abroad
scholarships to business stu-
dents. In 2009-2010, $86,000
in scholarships was award-
ed to 72 students, $51,000
of which was awarded to 26
students to support study
abroad. The decrease in
number of students study-
ing abroad during the past
year was reflected in slightly
less scholarship applicants;
however, the amount of the
scholarship award was in-
creased due to the recent
the price increases for study
abroad. Awards were based
on financial need, student
merit, and donor prefer-
For study abroad, the
scholarship program has
been amended to include
non-business majors who
are pursuing a business mi-

nor. The business minor
students must be enrolled
in one of the four School of
Business international pro-
grams to be eligible. Dur-
ing the past four years, more
than 1i'. of the students
participating in the School
of Business study abroad
programs were earning a
business minor.
As in past years, the
scholarship recipients were
honored during the School
of Business Hall of Fame
Banquet. Warrington de-
velopment staff attended
and presented the awards
to students in attendance.
This event gave recogni-
tion to the students receiv-
ing the awards and to the
alumni and donors for their
generous support of un-
dergraduate education and
study abroad.

Annual Report 2009-2010 8

Scholarships Awarded

so 200111.4010
30 -
dy Abroad Academic Total


International Programs Staff

Joe Rojo:
Joe has served as Associate Director for
International Programs for the past six
years. He earned a BS in Telecommuni-
cations from UF's College of Journal-
ism and has 25 years of higher educa-
tion administration experience. He is
an active member of NAFSA: Associa-
tion of International Educators. At UF
he is the faculty advisor for the stu-
dent organizations IBS (International
Business Society) and HSBA (Hispanic
Student Business Association). He is
also a member of the University Mi-
nority Mentor committee. Joe was
born in Cuba and lived in Spain as he
was growing up and is fluent in Span-
ish. Joe's main responsibilities include
student advising, program develop-
ment, and financial management of
International Programs.

Lucy DiLeo:
Lucy has served as the Assistant Direc-
tor for International Programs since
Fall 2005. Lucy received her bachelor's
degree in French literature from Deni-
son University in Ohio. As an under-
graduate, she spent her junior year in
France studying at the Sorbonne and
Sciences Po. She continued her stud-
ies in Paris at the Universit6 Ren6 Des-
cartes, where she earned a D.E.U.G.
in psychology. Upon graduation and
extensive travel throughout Europe,
Lucy took a position with IBM in the
World Trade Division in New York.
She then earned an MBA from the Uni-
versity of South Florida while working
for IBM in Tampa. At UF, Lucy serves
on the University Career Resource
Center Advisory Committee and on
the University Commencement Com-
mittee. As Assistant Director, Lucy's
main responsibilities include student
advising, administration and coordi-
nation of the SB programs, and the col-
lege's scholarship review process.

9 School of Business

Jason Ward:
Since graduating from Northern Illi-
nois University in 2004 with a B.A. in
psychology, Jason has served as Pro-
gram Manager of Customer Service
for the Society of Actuaries, Graduate
Assistant for International Programs in
the School of Business, and Counseling
Intern for two schools and a mental
health facility in Gainesville. He re-
ceived his M.Ed and an Ed.S in School
Counseling from the University of Flor-
ida in December 2009, and is also a cer-
tified MBTI practitioner. He currently
belongs to the National Association of
International Educators, The American
Counseling Association, The American
School Counseling Association and the
National Career Development Asso-
ciation. He recently passed qualifying
exams to become a nationally certified
counselor through the National Board
of Counselors. Since joining the Inter-
national Programs team in February
2010, Jason has served on the WCBA
scholarship committee, visited part-
ner sites in the UK, and developed a
parent resource page for study abroad.
His main responsibilities include stu-
dent advising and coordination of SB
exchange programs.


Career & Leadership Programs
"A Direct Investment in Student Success"

Career & Leadership Programs complement the college's
curriculum. CLP's developmental programs enrich the aca-
demic experience by providing students with opportunities
to apply classroom theory. CLP's primary goal is the de-
velopment of meaningful relationships with undergraduate
students through curricular and co-curricular programs.

Co-Curricular: Warrington Welcome, Florida Leadership Acad-
emy, Business Undergraduate Mentorship Program, Warrington
Diplomats, Student in Free Enterprise (SIFE), Warrington Stu-
dent Integrity Team, Gator Student Investment Fund, Student
Delegations to international and domestic case competitions as
well as professional and leadership development conferences.

Curricular: Professional Business Writing, Public Speaking and
Professional Communication, Effective Career Management, and
Business Case Analysis

Bill Alcorn Undergraduate
Student Center

WCBA Undergraduate

The Bill Alcorn Undergrad-
uate Student Center, which
opened in January 2006,
houses all of the undergrad-
uate Career & Leadership
Programs and serves as a
place for students to meet
and study. The center has
2,500 square feet of space

that is used for college-wide
presentations, classroom
lectures, and corporate pre-
sentations. As a result of a
generous donation in Spring
2008, the facility was re-
named the Bill Alcorn Under-
graduate Student Center.

The annual Warrington
College of Business Admin-
istration Undergraduate
Awards Ceremony provides
an opportunity to recognize
outstanding achievements
on the part of organizations

and students. Recipients of
these awards are honored
with plaques located in the
Bill Alcorn Undergradu-
ate Student Center in Bryan

Student Organization Awards

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship
Key Recipient Megan Harris
Freshmen of the Year -
Alison Thompson

Service Project of the Year -
GIFT Gardens, International
Business Society
Program of the Year Siemens
Meeting and Tailgate, Student
Finance Group and Business
Cup, CEI Ambassadors
Distinction in Leadership
and Service Nikolai De Leo

Student Organization Ad-
visor of the Year David

Boneparth, CEI Ambassadors
Most Improved Student Or-
ganization of the Year Inter-
national Business Society In-
ternational Business Society

New Student Organization
of the Year Gator Chapter
of the National Association of
Black Accountants
Student Organization of the
Year International Business
Society and The Entrepre-
neurship Club
Undergraduate Academic
Advisor of the Year Lindsey
Dedow & Derek Guffin

Members of the Year


* Electronic Platform Profes-
sors Dr. Richard Lutz and
Dr. Mark Rush

* Economics Dr. Steven
* Fisher School of Account-
ing Jill Goslinga
* Marketing Department -
Cecilia Schulz

* Management Department
Dr. Larry Alan DiMatteo
* Finance Department Dr.
John Banko

Annual Report 2009-2010 10

Warrington Hall of Fame

This year there were many outstanding applicants for the
Warrington Hall of Fame. The selection committee had
a very difficult decision, ultimately choosing to honor
two students.

Patricia Allshouse served
in several leadership posi-
tions within the School of
Business. As President of
the Business Administration
College Council (BACC),
Patricia was an integral part
of their activities includ-
ing Business Bash, the larg-
est student organization
event in the School. Patricia
also served as President of
Florida Women in Business.
Patricia was also a dedicated
member of Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) for three years,
serving as Director of the Exposition Team coordinating the
organization's efforts for their annual regional and national
competitions. She was a member of the Florida Leadership
Academy Class IV. Patricia graduated with a degree in man-
agement and a minor in history. After graduation, Patricia
will work towards a Master's in Information Systems and
Operations Management at the Hough Graduate School for
Business while also working as a Graduate Assistant for
School of Business Career and Leadership Programs office.

Matt Tringali was a member
of the Florida Leadership
Academy Class IV where
he developed his greatest
relationships with friends,
mentors, and leaders in the
business world. Matt was a
member of the Warrington
Diplomats. As president of
that organization he worked
to make the Diplomats the
best it could be. During
Matt's sophomore summer
he traveled abroad, study-
ing in Madrid, Spain. He was also fortunate enough to
be selected to compete in a case competition in Auckland,
New Zealand where he and three other teammates compet-
ed against teams from all over the world. Matt graduated
with a degree in finance and hopes to one day own his own

11 School of Business

Business Undergraduate

Mentorship Program



The Business Undergradu-
ate Mentorship Program
(BUMP), which originated
in the spring semester of
2009, reached new heights
this past year. Originally an
informal program for those
students who chose not to
participate in Warrington
Welcome, this program
has expanded and become
more formalized over the
past year. A strong purpose
statement was created along
with six pillars to guide the
program. Also, learning out-
comes for both mentors and
mentees were created. The
purpose, the pillars, and
the learning outcomes were
meant to educate the men-
tors and have them facilitate
the learning of the mentees.
During a one session ori-
entation/training with the
mentors, this information
was shared and elaborated.
During the fall semester
the mentors were encour-
aged to bring their mentee
to six events that would
have achieved each of the

learning outcomes.
With the full belief that
all programs must continu-
ally develop, changes for
the spring 2010 semester
were implemented. First,
an application process was
created for the mentees and
mentors which targeted all
School of Business students.
The other addition was the
creation of seven mandatory
formalized sessions where
all mentees and mentors
would come and learn to-
gether. Mentors and men-
tees learned from faculty
and staff from many areas
on campus such as Multicul-
tural and Diversity Affairs,
Dr. Brian Ray (Associate
Dean and Director, School of
Business), Dr. Nicole Sted-
man (Assistant Professor,
College of Agricultural and
Life Science), and profes-
sional staff from the Center
for Leadership and Service.
In Fall 2009, this program
reached 58 Mentees and 44
Mentors and in the Spring,
44 Mentees and 35 Mentors.

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-Alexandr BlkB MP*ne
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Each year, hundreds of new
undergraduates enter the
School of Business and find
a vast array of opportuni-
ties and challenges. Their
transition is facilitated with
the first-year seminar War-
rington Welcome. War-
rington Welcome provides
personal development in the
areas of diversity, ethical be-
havior, business leadership,
teamwork, and community
Participation in War-
rington Welcome continues
to be robust. In 2009-2010,
a total of 29 sections were
offered with a total enroll-
ment of 536 freshmen (77%
of first-year business and ac-
counting students).
The Warrington Wel-
come curriculum is designed
to introduce students to
resources that will enhance
their undergraduate experi-
ence. Through topics such
as ethics, diversity, study
abroad, leadership, and ca-
reers, students are encour-
aged to explore opportuni-
ties outside the classroom.
Ninety percent of students
report that they became
more knowledgeable about
the services most essential

to their well being and suc-
cess at the University and
over '2. reported that
they developed mentoring
relationships with their in-
structor and peer leader that
will last beyond the course.
Additionally, during the fall
term, Warrington Welcome
students have the opportu-
nity to participate in a busi-
ness ethics case competition
sponsored by UF SIFE and
General Electric.
Warrington Welcome
continues to be very well
received. Ninety percent of
participants say they would
recommend the course to a
friend. The following are
comments from Warrington
Welcome participants:

"Very helpful class! I am most
grateful for the academic plan
which cleared up a lot of my
confusion about my future se-
mesters and what classes I need
to take to be successful."

"Thank you so much! This
class really had a lot more re-
turn than I was expecting. The
relationships I made and the
things I learned about myself
will be extremely valuable."

Annual Report 2009-2010 12


................... ................... ................... ............................


The Florida Leadership Academy
"Developing Tomorrow's Business Leaders"

The Florida Leadership Academy (FLA) continues to attract
the best and the brightest. FLA is a yearlong leadership de-
velopment program for the top 100 sophomores in business
and accounting.
FLA Class VI had an average GPA of 3.74. The class
meetings included innovative seminars, small group dis-
cussions and presentations, and featured speakers from
academia and the executive ranks of corporate America.

Case Competitions-

Principled Leadership is the foundation of the acade-
my's pillars. Supporting this foundation are the following
pillars of leadership excellence:
* Communication, Negotiation, and Mediation
* Ethical Decision Making
* Civic Engagement and Global Citizenship

Case Competitions-

* Thammasat Undergradu-
ate Business Challenge
(Bangkok, Thailand)
* Citi International Case
Competition (Hong Kong,
* John Molson Case Com-
petition (Montreal,

* The Champions Trophy
Case Competition (Auck-
land, New Zealand)
* Dalhousie Business Ethics
Case Competition (Nova
Scotia, Canada)
* NUS-DBS International
Case Competition

* Johnson & Johnson Na-
tional Case Competition
(New Jersey)
* Business Strategy Chal-
lenge (Georgetown Uni-
* Marshall International
Case Competition (Univ.
of Southern California)

* International E-tegrity
Competition (Univ. of
* Southeast Regional Ethics
Bowl (Tampa, Florida)
* SIFE Regional Competi-
tion (Atlanta, Georgia)
* SIFE National Exposition
(Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Professional Development and Leadership Conferences

* Undergraduate Business Student Leadership Conference (Emory University)
* National Conference on Ethics in America (U.S. Military Academy)
* National Conference on Student Leadership (Atlanta, Georgia)

13 School of Business


WCBA Student Organization
Executive Board Retreat

Warrington Student
Integrity Team

In the Fall 2009 & Spring
2010 semesters over 100 stu-
dents representing 15 busi-
ness organization attended
the WCBA Student Orga-
nizations Executive Board
Retreat. The purpose of the
retreat is to bring executive
board members from vari-
ous organizations together
to gain knowledge of topics
that will foster their person-
al development and provide
networking opportunities
that lead to greater collabo-
ration. Highlights of these
retreats include:

* Don Matz, CEO of Tower
Hill Insurance Group
speaking about executive

* A group process called
"Make It Work" in which
the group was split up by
their respective leader-
ship positions and were
asked to discuss different
problem solving scenarios
based on the duties of
their position

* Interactive presentation
on leadership styles, bud-
geting, and goal setting
* A presentation on "Inte-
grating UF's Leadership
Model Into Your Organi-
zation," which exposed
these leaders to the newly
created leadership model
for the University

Warrington Diplomats

This was a year of great
challenges and successes for
the Warrington Diplomats.
Students in the organiza-
tion continued to serve the
WCBA in programs and ser-
vices they had traditionally
offered, while also initiating
new events and significantly
increasing their service in
other areas. The Diplomats
successfully began the in-
tegration process with the
Career and Academic Peer

Mentors and welcomed
the opportunity to better
and more comprehensively
prepare business students
for success. Next year's
executive board members
are excited about the chal-
lenges and opportunities
the continued integration
and transition process will
bring and have many new
ideas for programs and
service opportunities.

This year the Warrington
Student Integrity Team had
some outstanding accom-
plishments. In accordance
with their mission, the WSIT
has encouraged academic
and professional integrity
by communicating the im-
portance of ethics within the
School of Business in various
ways. Their accomplish-
ments this year include:

* Competing in the South-
east Regional Ethics Bowl
* Coordinating an Ethics
Debate within FLA
* Participating in the Na-
tional Conference on Eth-
ics in America

The members of this
organization have showed
continued dedication and
support for their organi-
zation and its members.
This year the organization
encouraged cohesiveness
within the group by holding
a member retreat where they
focused on engaging mem-
bers by creating commit-
tees for community service,
programming, university
service, and public relations.

Annual Report 2009-2010 14

Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)

SIFE is an international
non-profit organization that
consists of more than 1,500
active teams in 40 countries.
The mission of SIFE is 'to
bring together the top business
leaders of today and tomorrow
to create a better, more sustain-
able world through the positive
power of business.' The Uni-
versity of Florida SIFE team
contributes to this mission
by making a real difference
in the local Gainesville com-
The UF SIFE team con-
sists of 30-35 undergraduate
students who are passionate
about providing educational
outreach programs designed
to teach community mem-
bers the principles of free
enterprise. This year, UF
SIFE students spent 10,189
hours developing and
implementing 20 projects
which impacted 8,533 peo-
ple. Through this process,
the students are mobilized
to make a difference while
also developing the skills to
become socially responsible
business leaders. By apply-
ing business concepts and
an entrepreneurial spirit, UF
SIFE students are able to im-
prove the quality of life and
standard of living for people
in need. In addition to being
named Regional Champions
for an eleventh consecutive
year, major 2009-2010 ac-
complishments included the
At the SIFE USA Region-
al Competition, UF SIFE's
long-running ethics case
competition was named
a National Finalist for the
"Sealed Air Success Skills

15 School of Business

Special Topic Competition."
For the seventh consecutive
year, UF SIFE hosted an
ethics case competition for
first-year business students.
Providing college students
with an ethical framework
in the freshman year allows
them to view the entirety of
their college careers through
ethical lenses. UF SIFE led
small group discussions that
challenged the students to
think critically. Afterwards,
the students formed groups
and were given two weeks to
develop a recommendation
for a hypothetical company
faced with an ethical dilem-
ma. 636 students competed
in the competition, giving
them a unique opportunity
to practice their commu-
nication and presentation
skills. A panel of judges
made up of SIFE students
and Warrington faculty
and staff provided valuable
feedback for all participants.
An overwhelming 8',. of
students agreed that they
gained a better understand-
ing of how beneficial ethics
are in the business environ-
ment after participating in
the competition.
UF SIFE students believe
that a strong free enterprise
foundation begins at a very
early age. One of UF SIFE's
largest projects, "Day of Dif-
ference," brings a fun and
interactive curriculum to
Alachua County's elemen-
tary school students to teach

the principles of market eco-
nomics, entrepreneurship,
and civic responsibility. For
"A Day of Difference", now
in its fourth year, UF SIFE
once again partnered with
the local Junior Achieve-
ment. 525 trained student
volunteers spent a full day in
226 classrooms at 27 schools
throughout the county. An
incredible 4,520 elemen-
tary school students were
reached through this pro-
gram. The event is a semes-
ter highlight for students,
teachers, and volunteers
alike. "A Day of Difference"
has evolved into the largest
one-day volunteer educa-
tion effort in Alachua Coun-
ty and UF SIFE is proud to
sponsor it each semester.
Several UF SIFE students
recognized a growing need
in our community; specifi-
cally the increasing number
of women re-entering the
workforce after an extended

absence during these dif-
ficult economic times. To
help local women with their
job search process, UF SIFE
held its second Women's Ca-
reer Expo. Activities at the
expo included personal re-
sume critiques and mock in-
terview sessions, computer
skills workshops, and a pan-
el discussion on job search
techniques. Local communi-
ty partners had booths at the
event and provided valuable
resources and information.
Booths included a govern-
mental employment agency,
a childcare business, and a
women's networking group.
Furthermore, UF SIFE estab-
lished a website and email
address to provide more
long-term assistance for the
expo participants. UF SIFE
students are passionate
about this project because
of the personal connection
they make with the women.


Gator Student
Investment Fund

The Gator Student Invest-
ment Fund (GSIF) had a
very successful inaugural
year. The GSIF gives stu-
dents the unique oppor-
tunity to apply classroom
concepts to real world in-
vesting. Selected students
acted as money managers
and worked on sector teams

to analyze securities and
develop comprehensive re-
ports for trading decisions.
Selected members attended
the three-day RISE X Forum
at the University of Dayton
in the spring semester. The
forum is the world's largest
student investment forum.

2009-2010 Warrington College
of Business University
Scholars Program

The University Scholars
Program allows Warrington
undergraduates to conduct
graduate-level research with
world-class faculty. Through
this program, University
Scholars get the opportunity
to work one-on-one with
a faculty member. From
this experience, students

take away an understand- ri 0
ing of and an appreciation
for the scholarly method.
With only ten slots available
each year, selection for this
program is highly competi-
tive. The following are ex-
amples of research recently
conducted by Warrington's
University Scholars.

Mychal Estalilla, a finance major, is researching the financial crisis of 2007. In particular, he
will focus on the role that asymmetric information played in the market failure. In his study,
he will examine the factors leading up to the subprime meltdown and subsequent financial
crisis, the securitization industry and the processes involved in creating highly rated assets
from subprime loans, and the shadow banking system and the role that entities played in
hiding information and allowing their host institutions to assume more risk. His ultimate
goal is to explore ways to reform the financial system and prevent future market failures.
Laura Rendon, a marketing major who interns for a local non-profit organization called
Dreams for a Lifetime, will focus her research on the effectiveness of using non-traditional
media, such as the Internet and text messaging, to raise funds for charities. Existing research
has focused on categorizing the underlying motivations of donors, but it has not addressed
donors' preferences for how they actually make the donation or their attitudes toward differ-
ent types of fundraising campaigns. For her research project, Laura will examine fundraising
results in terms of actual funds raised and donor attitudes toward fundraising campaigns.
Caitlin Sileo, an economics major, plans to study the influence that China has on its trad-
ing partners and the possible future impacts of its complex partnerships. US indebtedness
to China and their newest ventures into African and Latin American markets raises the
question of whether China will become the world's next leading economic power. Using
literature review and regression analysis, Caitlin will analyze China's trade patterns and
its relationship with other countries to determine how China's global position will im-
pact international economics.
Annual Report 2009-2010 16


Career and Leadership Programs Staff

Josh Funderburke:
Josh Funderburke graduated from
Oglethorpe University in 2000 with a
B.A. in History. After three years of
working in student affairs at Mercer
University, Josh came to UF where he
earned an M.Ed. in Student Personnel
in Higher Education in 2005. He is
currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Higher
Education Administration. Josh be-
gan working for the School of Business
as a graduate assistant and academic
advisor in the Fall of 2003, eventually
becoming the Tower Hill Insurance
Graduate Assistant for PDP in 2004.
Josh was hired as the Assistant Direc-
tor for Professional Development Pro-
grams in January of 2006. In this role
he is responsible for the Warrington
Welcome program, the Students in
Free Enterprise team, and Assessment
for Career and Leadership Programs.

Maritza Torres:
Maritza Torres graduated from Depaul
University in 2008 with an undergrad-
uate degree in Communications and a
minor in Spanish. In the Fall of 2008,
she began working for the SB's Ca-
reer and Leadership Programs Office.
Maritza is currently pursuing a M.Ed.
in Student Personnel and Higher Edu-

Leanna McClellan:
Leanna McClellan graduated with
her Associate of Arts degree in 2003
from Santa Fe Community College
and is currently pursuing her BA in
History at UF. Leanna has worked for
the School of Business since 2002, first
as the receptionist and currently as
the Program Assistant for Career and
Leadership Programs.

17 School of Business


Academic Advising

and Career Coaching

Forming Advising

Relationships with

Our Students

The academic advising and
career coaching team in the
School of Business work
with current and prospec-
tive undergraduate business
students to establish sound
academic and career plans.
Our team of professional
advisors promotes personal
and intellectual growth and
assists students in navigat-
ing their academic and ca-
reer development.
The School of Business
facilitates the enrollment
and progress of undergradu-
ate students toward comple-
tion of a BSBA or BABA de-
gree. In doing so, academic
advisors and career coaches:

* Assist students in devel-
oping educational plans
that advance their life

* Encourage students to
explore career interests
through domestic and in-
ternational internships;

* Promote leadership de-
velopment through par-
ticipation in student orga-

* Provide students with up-
to-date academic infor-
mation about university,
college, and departmental
graduation requirements;

* Teach sections of War-
rington Welcome to first
year students to jump
start the beginning of a
strong student-advisor

* Network across campus to
facilitate student referrals
when appropriate (e.g.,
Career Resource Center,
Counseling Center, Office
of the Ombudsman);

* Work closely with stu-
dents to create personal-
ized academic course
plans to ensure the suc-
cessful completion of all
degree requirements; and

* Provide personalized
career coaching to under-
graduates seeking intern-
ships and career opportu-

In order to assist students in
making meaning of the col-
lege experience, academic
advisors interact with stu-
dents in a variety of ways:

* Walk-In Appointments -
Each of the eight advisors
are available a minimum
of 30 hours each week
during fixed hours to an-
swer basic questions that
students have and to sign
off on paperwork requir-
ing college consent.

* Scheduled Appointments
Each academic advisor
is available for 20-30 indi-
vidual appointments each

week. During scheduled
appointments, students
have the opportunity to
spend 30 minutes with an
Academic Advisor and
Career Coach to discuss
their academic and career

In the 2009-2010 aca-
demic year, the academic
advising and career coach-
ing team saw a total of 7,875
walk-ins and 2,232 appoint-
ments. Conversations that
occur in these meetings are
the foundation of the aca-
demic and career advising
conducted in the School of

Fall 2009 Student Walk-ins & Appointments
(3,812 Walk-ins, 999 Appointments)


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Weeks 1-2 represent the drop/add period. Weeks 11-13 represent the advance registration period.

- 500

Spring 2010 Student Walk-ins & Appointments
(4,063 walk-ins, 1,233 appointments)


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Weeks 1-2 represent the drop/add period. Weeks 12-14 represent the advance registration period.

Annual Report 2009-2010 18

Increasing the Quality of

Our Student Contact

Over the past academic
year the academic advisors
and career coaches have
launched several new pro-
grams to enhance the servic-
es provided to our students.
Increasing our contact with
students promotes their aca-
demic and professional suc-
cess. As such, the following
initiatives were launched
this year:

Career and Academic Peer
Mentors (CAPS Program)
* Advisors recruited 13 stu-
dent mentors who were
trained on career coach-
ing. Each is assigned to
mentor third year busi-
ness majors with a partic-
ular focus on internships.
* CAP mentors represent
a wide range of majors:
finance (6), marketing (3),
Accounting (2), General
Students (2).

* CAP mentors have com-
pleted internships in a va-
riety of companies: Winn
Dixie, Gainesville Cham-
ber of Commerce, Bank
of America, World Bank,
Welcome Gate (London),
Globenet Corporation,
Ernst and Young, Ray-
mond James Financial
Services, JP Morgan
Chase, Macy's, Anheuser
Busch Entertainment Cor-
poration, AXA Insurance,
First Command Financial,
Harn Museum, Dynamite
Models and Talent Expo,
University Directories,
Wachovia, Procter and
* CAPs met individually
with third year students
for over 125 hours in 2009-
2010. CAPs spent an ad-
ditional 125 hours critiqu-
ing resumes and offering
e-mail guidance on the
internship search process.

Sophomore Group Advising
* This program addresses
the unique developmen-
tal needs of sophomores.
* Students meet in groups
of ten with one career
coach/academic advisor
and one CAP mentor to
discuss academics, career
development, involve-
ment and leadership, and
international study.
* In 2009-2010 112 sessions
were conducted with a
total of 582 second year
students attending.

Career Coaching
* Our team of eight career
coaches are organized
by major, offering each
student a personalized ca-
reer coaching experience
based on their chosen dis-
cipline of study.
* Our career coaches are all
certified as Global Career
Development Facilitators
* In 2009-2010, we in-
creased our appointments
with students by 3. .

Advising Contact Trends

l BA Headcount:

19 School of Business

Fall'04 Spring'05 Fall'05 Spring'06 Fall '06 Spring'07 Fall '07 Spring'08 Fall '08 Spring'09 Fall '09 Spring'10


Academic Advising and Career Coaching Staff





Erica Byrnes became the Associate Director of Academic Advising and Career Coaching
in 2006. Previously, she was an academic advisor and a graduate assistant for interna-
tional programs in the School of Business. Erica earned her B.S. in Psychology and B.A. in
Philosophy in 2002 and went on to earn M.A.Ed. and Ed.S. degrees in Counselor Education
with a specialization in Mental Health from the University of Florida.

2009-2010 Accomplishments:
* Graduated from NACADA's first class of Emerging Leaders
* Served as Concurrent Session Chair for 2010 National NACADA Conference in Orlando, FL
* Served as Chair of the Undergraduate Advising Council at UF, 2007-2010
* Served as the Faculty Advisor for Florida Women in Business, 2006-2010
* Served as the Faculty Advisor for the Business Administration College Council, 2006-2010

Catherine Coe earned a B.S.B.A. in Economics in 2005, a M.A. in Economics in 2007, and a
M.Ed. in Student Personnel in 2008 from the University of Florida. As a graduate assistant
she taught GEB3213 and worked as an advisor in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
Her passion for education is grounded in research, understanding students, a desire to do
things better, and reaching out to those most in need.

2009-2010 Accomplishments:
* Participated in the Summer 2009 NACADA Summer Institute
* Admitted into the Research Evaluation and Methodology
PhD program in the College of Education

Katrice Crawford earned a B.S. in Advertising and a M.S. in Management from the
University of Florida. She brings a strong background of student services to her position as
an academic advisor and career coach from her undergraduate experiences including Ad
Society, a service club, a sorority, and numerous peer outreach programs, to her graduate
assistantship in Residence Life and Education. Katrice has years of professional experience
working with students through financial aid advising, and has also had the opportunity to
work as a supervisor for a Fortune 500 insurance company.

2009-2010 Accomplishments:
* Invited Speaker at UF Student Alumni Association AlumNights
* Began a Doctoral Degree in Higher Education Administration
via Northeastern University
* Served as the Faculty Advisor for Phi Beta Lambda. Had over 10
students advance to the National Conference Competition.
* Represented the college at three Outstanding High School Scholars College Fairs
* Created new admit recruitment process
* Served as a member of UF's Student Conduct Committee

Lindsey Dedow has over 10 years of experience working with college students in the areas
of counseling, residence life, student life, advising, and admissions. Lindsey received her
BS in Psychology from the University of Central Florida and her Doctor of Psychology
Degree from the University of Denver. Lindsey believes that much of the critical learning
in college takes place outside the classroom and thus encourages all students to get in-
volved in activities designed to help them develop leadership and professionalism.

2009-2010 Accomplishments:
* Awarded the 2009 School of Business Academic Advisor of the Year Award
* Served as the Faculty Advisor for the Warrington Diplomats
Annual Report 2009-2010 20


Academic Advising and Career Coaching Staff Continued
Derek Guffin earned his B.S. in Sport Management from the University of Florida. As an
undergraduate, he was extensively involved in campus activities. As a result of these expe-
riences, Derek realized that he loved his sport management major, but found his true pas-
sion helping students. He went on to earn his M.S. in Higher Education from Florida State
University. Since then, he has continued to pursue his passion of empowering college stu-
dents in their endeavors as an academic advisor and career coach in the School of Business.





21 School of Business

2009-2010 Accomplishments:
* Awarded the 2009 School of Business Academic Advisor of the Year Award
* Selected as Co-Instructor for GEB 3035 Effective Career Management, 2010
* Invited Speaker for Gator Institute of Leadership Develop Conference, Gainesville, FL,
* Invited Speaker for Art of Leadership Conference, Gainesville, FL, 2008
* Certified in the Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator, 2008
* Served as the Faculty Advisor for Business Professionals of America, 2008-2010
* Served as the Faculty Advisor for Florida Business Leadership Society, 2009-2010

Lesley Harris is a graduate of Illinois State University with a B.S. in Business Administration.
She went on to pursue a Master of Science in Education at Illinois State University. Since
then, she has worked as an academic advisor at the University College at ISU, as well as the
College of Business. Lesley joined the academic advising and career coaching team in the
Warrington College of Business Administration in September 2009.
2009-2010 Accomplishments:
* Accompanied a group of four students to the John Molson
Undergraduate Case Competition in Montreal, Canada
* Launched Sophomore Group Advising Sessions inaugural year
with 72 sessions for 380 sophomores business majors

Jaime Little graduated from the University of Florida with a B.A. in Sociology and an
M.Ed. in Student Personnel in Higher Education. She began her career at the University of
Florida at the Graduate Records Office. She moved on to Indian River Community College
where she was a career counselor and academic advisor. Subsequently, Jaime worked at
Santa Fe Community College as a College Prep Advisor.
2009-2010 Accomplishments:
* Participated in the National Academic Advising Association
(NACADA) Region 4 conference in Atlanta, GA
* Created 1 credit semester-long Transfer Success Seminar course to assist junior
transfer students to acclimate to the University of Florida in their first term.

Robert "Robbie" Shields is entering his third year of law school at the University of Florida.
Prior to coming to law school, Robbie served as an Academic Advisor in the College of
Business Administration at the University of Tennessee. In this position he was awarded the
College's award for Superior Customer Service in 2007. Additionally, Robbie has served as
an Admissions Counselor with the University of South Dakota and taught English abroad
in Argentina, Mexico and China. Robbie is returning to the Warrington College of Business
Administration for a second year. He looks forward to continuing to help WCBA students
achieve their academic, professional and personal goals.

2009-2010 Accomplishments:
* Launched the Career and Academic Peer Mentor program in the inaugural year
* Co-presented and developed "Get Ready to Work!" presentation for NACADA
regional conference, and was recognized as "Best in Region"


The Online Business Program
Providing Florida's Citizens a Nationally-ranked Education

The WCBA continues to pro-
vide access to a nationally
ranked bachelor's degree
to students who previously
lacked access to high cali-
ber degree programs with
the conveniences their lives
demand. Eight years since
its inception, the Online
Business Program has en-
rolled 1,620 students and
produced 581 graduates
from all regions of Florida.
Students are on average 30
years old (with an age range
of 20-60), N,',. of them live
an hour or more away from









Gainesville, and the vast
majority juggle full-time
jobs with school and family
Students in the online
program perform admira-
bly. Over the past year, the
cohort of 126 students who
graduated from the online
program scored in the top
5-111'. on all sections of the
ETS Major Field Test in Busi-
ness. The following tables
show the most recent GPA
and graduation data for on-
line students.

Online Business Program Admission Data
(1,620 Enrolled Students as of Summer 2010)

Online Business Program graduate, Melissa Woodall,
at Summer 2010 Commencement.

UF GPA for Online BSBA Students
*3.0 4.0 2.5 2.99 2.0 2.49 < 2.0

'02-'03 '03-'04 '04-'05 '05-'06 '06-'07 '07-'08 '08-'09 '09-10

Online Business Program
Graduation Data
(581 Graduates as of Summer 2010)

'03-'04 '04-'05 '05-'06 '06-'07 '07-'08 '08-'09 '09-'10

Annual Report 2009-2010 22

Access Across the State


By accessing a network of
27 statewide test sites, stu-
dents in the Online Busi-
ness Program take the same
exams on the same dates as

their counterparts on UF's
campus, increasing exam
security. Most test sites are
located at Florida commu-
nity colleges.

.Yuu .Ma#~en .
*Paum ON LM CW. Ud"
0 P~I

Oton m- Sb

Maintaining a Virtual


The Online Business Pro-
gram continues to seek ways
to connect advisors, faculty,
and students. Two initia-
tives-the Online Student
Center and the Gator Online

Student Association-were
featured in a 'Best in Track'
designated session at the
2009 Sloan Consortium In-
ternational Conference on
Online Learning.

Z-1l Aftt liV

FutwlbwW O

rL u"ftbw bea
i ?4ym~ iv
xrcft. LauDs~*l
~a~m rF

KW1r~ _

The Online Student Center

Utilizing the existing Black-
board platform for UF's
online courses, a virtual
student services center was
created for students in the
program. The Online Stu-
dent Center pulls together
a wide array of information
that current students need
into one location where they
already congregate to access
course web sites and online
lectures. Students can ac-
cess an online orientation
presentation, registration
information, date/time/
location details for exams

at each statewide test site,
required textbooks, course
syllabi, and term-by-term
scheduling recommenda-
tions. They can also post
questions through the 'Ask-
an-Advisor' discussion
board. The Online Student
Center has vastly stream-
lined communications with
current students. Checking
the Online Student Center
for daily updates has now
become part of the stu-
dent culture in the Online
Business Program.

Use of Elluminate in Online Courses

This year saw increased us-
age of Elluminate technolo-
gy in some of the more quan-
titative and team-oriented
courses. Elluminate permits
real-time interaction among
distance education students,
faculty, teaching assistants,

and advisors. The white
board and microphone func-
tions are particularly use-
ful in courses that focus on
problem solving and com-
plex mathematical formulas.
A faculty member or TA can
demonstrate how to solve a

complex problem by work-
ing through the steps on a
white board and verbally ex-
plaining the steps along the
way, while students from all
over the state follow along
and interrupt from time to
time with questions.


School of Business

r0 ~"~ '~^"" '""~"'
P "~"~~~""~`"
1P ";~""~
41 "~"~;
rCl `~";"~
p -~-"-~"-"


The Gator Online Student Association

Created, launched, and
administered by students,
the Gator Online Student
Association (GOSA) has
transformed the student
experience in our online
program. The site includes
42 discussion boards which
focus on everything from
specific courses to textbook
swapping to mentoring new
students. Some boards are
arranged by geographic ar-
eas to facilitate the forming
of study groups in various
regions of the state. There
is a board for prospective
students to post questions
and learn about the pro-
gram through the direct ex-
perience of current students
who can comment on what
it's like to fit their studies
around full-time jobs and

family responsibilities. An
alumni section allows grad-
uates of the program to offer
their advice on everything
from courses to employ-
ment opportunities after
graduation. 'Jill's Corner'
facilitates dialogue between
students and academic advi-
sors and offers student ser-
vices staff a window to cur-
rent issues in the program.
In the three years since it
was launched, GOSA has
attracted over 1,350 mem-
bers who have made 105,000
posts on 7,200 topics. This
online association has even
promoted social gatherings
in real space, with dozens
of students meeting face-
to-face throughout the year
at GOSA campus visits,

bowling events, picnics,
canoe trips, orientations,
and graduation receptions.
Better yet, participation in
GOSA is making a positive
impact on the academic per-
formance and persistence of
students in the Online Busi-
ness Program. The average
UF GPA for active GOSA
participants is 3.1 compared

to 2.7 for non-participants.
The withdrawal rate in one
of the most challenging
courses was cut in half after
the launching of the GOSA
site. While a 3' I,. reduc-
tion in withdrawals cannot
be completely attributed
to GOSA, the site certainly
contributed to greater stu-
dent success.

Faculty Feedback on GOSA

"I see GOSA as the prover-
bial port in what could be
characterized as a stormy sea
of jiggling difficult classes and
work/family obligations in an
online degree program. With
GOSA, students need not feel
adrift. I occasionally monitor
my course's discussion board
to I.....a piy finger on the pulse"
of the course from the students'
perspectives. To see how they
interact and help each other
is truly inspiring. They do a
very good job of self-governing,
keeping perspectives in check
and encouraging one another.
GOSA helps online students
truly feel a part of The Ga-
tor Nation." -Kent Malone,
Real Estate Lecturer

"GOSA provides a place for
students with similar issues to
support one another and share
their problems and insights.
Just having someone to talk to
and a place to vent where oth-
ers are in the same boat is help-
ful, as is the moral support they
offer one another. I definitely
think it helps with program
persistence." -James Dewey,
Economics Professor

Annual Report 2009-2010 24

Sal Olm Slmt AssMluu

Testimonials of Students in the Online Business Program
Each term, students are asked to evaluate their experience in the Online Business Program.
The following comments represent common themes.

"I have enjoyed the flexible
scheduling, which accommo-
dates working full-time and
raising a family. I can study at
my own pace and convenience,
and I'm able to graduate in just
six semesters. However, noth-
ing compares to the return on
investment I receive by being
a University of Florida gradu-
ate!" -Kim Lake, BSBA 2010,

"Earning a degree is huge to me.
I've wanted to go back to school
my entire life and never could
figure out a way until now. I
will have my degree before I'm
60 and then probably move on
to graduate school. Everyone
in my family is very proud
of me." -Donna McQuade,
BSBA 2009, Jacksonville

I\la, ii I made the decision
to complete my degree, con-
venience was a priority. I
found that with UF's Online
Business Program. With con-
venience came an exceptional
education and the pride of
graduating as a Florida Gator."
-Vanessa Sagar, BSBA 2009,

"The biggest thing that worried
me about the online program
was not having the face-to-face
interaction. Having an actual
lecture component to the pro-
gram really helps a lot, as does
the network of peer support
through the Gator Online Stu-
dent Association." -Thaddeus
Fair, BSBA 2009, Orlando

"A neat benefit of being a stu-
dent in UF's Online Business
Program is that my children
see firsthand how much my ed-
ucation means to me. They see
mommy watching lectures and
doing homework. I am practic-
ing what I preach to them and
that's made a difference in their
commitment to school. My kids
are proud of me. What more
could a parent want?" -Me-
lissa Landrum, BSBA 2006

25 School of Business


Online Business Program Staff

JillL 1I 111

Jill Lingard:
Jill Lingard is the Associate Director
for Online Programs. In Fall 2001, Jill
joined the SB team and launched the
Online Business Program. She over-
sees many aspects of the program such
as student services, testing, marketing,
and the stewardship of relationships
with Florida's 28 community colleges.
Jill has a Bachelor of Arts in English
and a Master's degree in counseling.
Her 20-year professional career at UF
includes eight years in the Office of
Admissions where she worked directly
with transfer students, and four years
in the College of Engineering's student
services area.

Kari Ward:
Kari Ward is the Assistant Director for
Online Programs. She coordinates all
aspects of admissions, academic ad-
vising, recruitment, and assists with
other student services functions. Prior
to joining the Online Business Pro-
gram team, Kari spent six years as an
academic advisor and career coach for
campus-based business students. Kari
has a Master of Education degree in
Student Personnel in High Education
from the University of Florida.

rj 1

Maureen Cox:
Maureen Cox serves as Assistant Di-
rector for Online Programs. Coming
on board in 2008, she coordinates all
aspects of testing between UF faculty
and the 27 statewide test sites. She
also advises current and prospective
students on admissions and degree
requirements. Maureen has a Bach-
elor of Arts degree in communica-
tions with an emphasis in advertis-
ing. Prior to UF, she spent 15 years
working in development for various
non-profit organizations.

Annual Report 2009-2010 26


School of Business Senior Staff

Brian Ray is the Associate Dean and Director of the School of Business for
S-C~ the Warrington College of Business Administration. Dr. Ray first joined the
Warrington staff in May 1996 as the Associate Director of MBA Career Services and
Corporate Relations. From 1993-1996 he worked for Florida State University in a
7 ri- variety of administrative positions for the College of Law and the Career Center.
Dr. Ray received his bachelor's degree in Finance from Stetson University. While
S at Stetson, he served as Student Body Vice President during his junior year and
S Student Body President during his senior year. Dr. Ray's academic credentials
include an M.B.A. from the University of Central Florida as well as Ed.S. and
Ph.D. degrees in University Administration from Florida State University. Dr.
Ray is also a graduate of Harvard University's Management Development
Program and the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

Dr. Ray is also a member of the Florida National Guard. During his military
career, Dr. Ray has been recognized many times for his exemplary leadership and
service. He is a recipient of the General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award,
one of the Army's most prestigious honors. This award is presented annually to
the top twenty-five company-grade officers in the United States Army. Dr. Ray
is also a recipient of the Lowry Award, presented annually to the top company-
grade officer in the Florida National Guard. From May 2007 to April 2008, Dr.
Ba R Ray served in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, earning the Bronze Star
Medal for his actions. Dr. Ray currently serves as a Chaplain and is an adjunct
faculty member for the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

Horace Tucker is the Associate Director of the School of Business. Prior to joining
the SB staff, he was Vice President of W.G. Tucker & Associates, Inc., an executive
search firm that specializes in staffing and human resources consulting. Horace
received his Bachelor's degree in Advertising from the University of Florida. He
was commissioned as an Air Defense Artillery Officer through the University of
Florida's Army ROTC program, earning the distinction of Distinguished Military
Graduate. Horace later earned a master's degree in Human Resource Development
from Webster University.

Horace is a retired Army Colonel. He served in a variety of command and staff
positions which included Director of Training for the Regional Training Institute
of Florida, Director of Human Resources for the Florida National Guard, and
completed his 23 year career as the Post Commander of Camp Blanding, a joint
training center 25 miles southwest of Jacksonville.

27 School of Business


School of Business Graduation Data
Graduates: BSBAs, BABAs, & Minors
(2006-2007 to 2009-2010)
The School of Business staff certifies graduation require-
ments for the BSBA and BABA degrees, as well as the busi-
ness minor. As the data below show, the business minor
continues to be a popular option for UF's undergraduates.

BSBA/BABA Degrees Conferred

and Minors Awarded



DOnline Business
* Business Minors










Annual Report 2009-2010 28



800 1-

600 -

400 ----


0 4-




U F Warrington College
Aof Business Administration

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