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Title: Annual report
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Warrington College of Business Administration
School of Business
Encouraging Students to Explore
Beyond the Curriculum

EEE:::E'==EEE= E':= .:I i : ":

2007-2008 Annual Report

Table of Contents

Organizational Chart 2

Director's Remarks and Program Highlights 3

International Programs 6

International Programs Staff 10

Scholarship Programs 11

Professional Development Programs 12

Professional Development Programs Staff 23

Academic Advising and Career Coaching 24

Academic Advisors and Career Coaches 27

Online Business Program 29

Online Business Program Staff 34

Senior Staff 35

Undergraduate Student Data 36

Warrington College of Business Administration
School of Business

Gray boxes represent new positions since Fall 1999.

Director's Remarks and Program Highlights
(Fall 2007 Summer 2008)

For the School of Business (SB), the theme for 2007-2008 can be aptly described as
Challenging Students to Look Beyond the Curriculum. During the previous four
years, the investment in Warrington undergraduates has been significant, easily topping
two million dollars per year in new spending. This investment includes additional
professional staff, professional writing and communication courses, an Undergraduate
Student Center, the Florida Leadership Academy, and many college-sponsored student
trips to leadership conferences and national competitions. Each of these program
enhancements has been implemented with a constant focus on the four quality indicators
that comprise a nationally-ranked undergraduate business program: quality faculty,
quality students, an outstanding curriculum, and a broad range of student services and
professional development opportunities.

Academic Advising and Career Coaching: Each fall and spring semester there are
approximately 11,000 students enrolled in business classes, 4,000 of whom are business
majors. Given this level of enrollment, the SB staff has worked diligently to provide timely
access to advisors through walk-in advising and 30-minute scheduled appointments.
* In Fall 2007, advisors accommodated 6,464 student visits (5,521 walk-ins, & 943
scheduled appointments). The average wait time for walk-ins was only 9 minutes.
* In Spring 2008, there were 7,527 student visits (6,389 walk-ins & 1,138 scheduled
appointments). The average wait time for walk-ins was only 9.5 minutes.
* Each year, the academic advising/career coaching staff responds to approximately
12,000 advising-related e-mails from current and prospective students.

Study Abroad: For Warrington undergraduates, an international experience raises
cultural awareness, builds self-confidence, and provides the opportunity to develop
foreign language skills. For these reasons, the student services staff has always
stressed the benefits of international study. In 2003, the college set a goal of having at
least 25 percent of its undergraduates participate in a study abroad experience. The
college has made great progress in this area. In 1998, only 7.5 percent of Warrington's
undergraduates studied abroad. Thanks to the efforts of academic advisors and the
International Programs staff, nearly one in four Warrington undergraduates (24 percent)

participates in an international academic program.
An Outstanding Business Curriculum that Produces Results: In Summer 2008,
WCBA began administering the ETS Major Field Test in Business to graduating
seniors. The students' test results were compared with a pool of national data (37,217
test takers from 447 institutions). WCBA's graduates performed extremely well.

- 33% scored among the top five percent in the nation.
- 56% scored in the top ten percent in the nation.
- 90% scored in the top twenty-five percent in the nation.

Warrington's institutional mean score of 174 easily placed among the top five percent of
the 447 institutions in the data set (the top 5% range was 164-200).

Collectively, Warrington's graduating seniors scored in the top five percent on all nine
assessment indicators. Some scores likely placed this group of students among the top
one or two percent, but that level of detail is not provided by ETS. ETS simply reported a
range of scores for the top five percent.

The nine areas, with Warrington's institutional score and top 5% range are:
1) Accounting 68 (Top 5% range 62-100)
2) Economics 69 (Top 5% range 60-100)
3) Management 72 (Top 5% range 68-100)
4) Quantitative Business Analysis 68 (Top 5% range 57-100)
5) Finance 74 (Top 5% range 70-100)
6) Marketing 69 (Top 5% range 64-100)
7) Legal and Social Environment 69 (Top 5% range 58-100)
8) Information Systems 68 (Top 5% range 68-100)
9) International Issues 71 (Top 5% range 67-100)

Curriculum Enhancement with Writing and Communication Courses: With regard to
curriculum, half of the country's top ten undergraduate business programs have a
professional communication center and/or a group of faulty that is solely focused on
effective writing and public speaking. To match the services provided by other top
business programs, the School of Business invested resources in this critical area and
has had a great deal of success:
* WCBA has four faculty who teach business writing and professional communication.
* For two of the last three years, a Warrington student has won the national writing
competition sponsored by the Association of Business Communication.

* Each year, the college continues to offer twenty sections of GEB 3213 Business
Writing and eight sections of GEB 3218 Professional Speaking. Even though
these courses are offered as electives, every single seat was filled last year. It is
clear from this strong student demand that Warrington undergraduates have a keen
interest in developing this important skill set.
* Because of the significant student demand, as well as the importance of
communication skills in the workplace, the faculty added a professional
communication requirement to the undergraduate curriculum beginning Fall 2008.

Professional Development Opportunities: Six of the nation's top ten programs, and
eleven of the top fifteen programs, provide extracurricular, professional development
programming for their students. As such, WCBA faculty and staff provide a robust set of
professional development programs. These successful programs include:
- Warrington Welcome (a college success course for first-year students)
- Florida Leadership Academy (a program for Warrington's top 100 sophomores)
- Warrington Delegations (student participation in case competitions and conferences)

Warrington undergraduates continued to show that they are among the best students in the
nation. In 2007-2008, teams of Warrington undergraduates won three competitions and
placed third in another.

First Place
* Asian Business Case Competition at Singapore's Nanyang University
* Georgetown University Business Strategy Challenge
* Calloway School of Business Marketing Summit (Wake Forest University)

Third Place
* Duel in the Swamp Personal Finance Case Competition (Valdosta State University)

The quality of our faculty and students, as well as the new initiatives mentioned previously,
continue to catch the attention of deans across the country. This is evidenced by the
outstanding national reputation of Warrington's undergraduate business programs. The
following pages provide a detailed description of program accomplishments and plans for
each of the SB's four areas: International Programs, Professional Development Programs,
Academic Advising and Career Coaching, and the Online Business Program.

International Programs

Sponsoring Three College Programs: London, Madrid, and Rome
Supporting 25 Exchange Programs

International Programs Major Developments
* A record number of students participated in college sponsored programs in 2007-2008.
* A new exchange program was established in Turkey at Sabanci University

SLondon 264 students have participated in the program since it started in
the summer of 2005. Last year the college sought a new London partner
and contracted with Foundation for International Education (FIE), an
lL independent organization that assists American universities with designing
study abroad programs. The foundation is located in Kensington, minutes from the Victoria
and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum. As part of the curriculum, FIE also
facilitates internship placements for our students with London firms.
"I had the best internship ever. I couldn't have asked for more."
Regina Stuzin London, Spring 2008

Madrid 119 students have participated in the program since it started in
the fall of 2005. The college's partner is Universidad Antonio de Nebrija.
Faculty at Nebrija have three decades of experience in the teaching of
Spanish as a foreign language. Students attending fall and spring

semesters take an intensive three-week Spanish language course to renew past skills and
prepare them for living in a Spanish-speaking country.

"I learned a lot about the culture and my Spanish improved significantly. I really
enjoyed traveling and being able to live in another country for four months!!!"
Marisa Garcia Madrid, Spring 2008

Rome 34 students have participated in the program since it started in
the fall of 2007. The college's partner is St John's University, one of
America's leading Catholic universities. St. John's Rome campus and
dormitory is centrally located in the heart of the city. The faculty is made
up primarily of Italians who engage students by using the grandeur of Rome as a classroom.

"It went above and beyond everything I thought it would be. It was definitely
different than I expected, but I wouldn't change a thing!"
Kathryn R. Watson Rome, Spring 2008

The following are a few of the benefits associated with Warrington's study abroad programs:
A cost savings of thousands of dollars compared to other study abroad programs.
Familiarity with the college's electronic platform courses.
An academic format that allows for flexibility to travel
Assistance with visas, securing housing, travel permits, transportation, etc.

The following is a compilation of responses from Warrington students who participated in the
London, Madrid, or Rome program during the Spring 2008 term:
92% would recommend the program to other students.
93% said they fulfilled their study abroad expectations.
70% indicated their study abroad had influenced their career interests.

International Internships
A unique aspect of Warrington's London program is the internship opportunity. Internships
are very attractive, particularly due to London's multicultural workforce and the variety of
businesses operating in this city of nine million people. In Spring 2008, 23 UF students
participated in internships. As expected, there were traditional placements in finance and
marketing, but FIE, Warrington's partner in London, also located internships for students with
very specific interests. For example, FIE student services staff were able to help a student
find an internship working with a jeweler. This particular student had been designing,
manufacturing and marketing jewelry for several years and wanted to work in this field in
London. The student was employed at Jooal International, where he learned new aspects
about the industry, assisted in the development of a marketing campaign and, most
importantly, networked with other professionals.

"In participating in so many various tasks and roles, I ended up
llH acquiring a variety of skills that I did not have prior to this
0 Tr1It internship. First among them was my ability to manage others.
EIM /I was given the opportunity to train a new employee, an
i,1[4'6 experience I enjoyed thoroughly. A question every manager
,, AtI Ke S needs to ask themselves is how they will interact with
P,1 ~employees, and I was pleased to find that I didn't have to be
the bad guy in the work place, and that with positive
reinforcement I was able to get the new person up to speed
and become a valuable member of the company.. This
experience was unforgettable, and I stand forever changed now
that I have seen how much in common the rest of the global
community shares with my own community."
Nelson Fox, London Program, Spring 2008

Business Student Participation in International Programs

In 2007-2008, the International Programs staff had more than 900 advising appointments with
students. Through the Warrington Welcome classes, an additional 500 students heard about
Warrington's study abroad opportunities. During individual appointments, advisors discuss the
personal and professional benefits of study abroad as well as the logistical and financial planning
required for a successful experience. With the number of possible destinations numbering in the
hundreds, the interaction between students and advisors is a critical part of finding a program that
fits specific needs and goals.

For the last three years the college has consistently maintained an average of 25% of the
graduating class studying abroad. The following chart shows the various types of international
programs Warrington students participated in during the last four academic years. As the chart
shows, there has been a significant decline in the number of students who participated in transfer
credit programs sponsored by other universities. At the same time, there has been a significant
increase in the number of students who have participated in Warrington's international programs.

Warrington Undergraduate
Study Abroad Data

'04-'05 '05-'06 '06-'07 '07-'08
SExchange mTransfer 5 Univ.of Florida Warrington

International Partnerships Exchange Programs

INCOMING EXCHANGE STUDENTS -Warrington's student services staff had the pleasure
of hosting over 100 undergraduate exchange students during the past academic year. The
following table shows the institutions that sent the most exchange students:

University Location Students
Korean University Business School Seoul, South Korea 27
Management and Business Admin. Institute Paris, France 17
Bocconi University Milan, Italy 15
University of Maastricht The Netherlands 12
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Madrid, Spain 9
Uppsala University Uppsala, Sweden 8
National Chengchi University Taipei, Taiwan 8
Sun Yat-Sen University Guangzhou, China 7

The exchange students did quite well in their business courses, earning an average GPA of
3.3. The following table shows the average GPA for exchange students in a cross sampling
of business courses.

Business Courses Students Average GPA
GEB 3113 Entrepreneurship 32 3.3
MAN 4723 Strategic Management 20 3.8
MAN 3025 Intro to Management 17 3.2
BUL 4310 Business Law 13 3.0
FIN 4504 Equity and Capital Markets 11 3.3
MAN 4301 Human Resource Management 10 3.6

OUTGOING EXCHANGE STUDENTS During the past year, 90 Warrington undergraduates
studied abroad through the college's exchange partnerships. The following table shows the
most popular choices for 2007-2008.

Exchange Partner Institution Location Students
Management and Business Admin. Institute Paris, France 26
Korea University Business School Seoul, South Korea 12
Manchester Business School Manchester, UK 9
Hong Kong Univ. of Science & Technology Hong Kong, China 4
Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Thailand 3
Kansai Gadai University Osaka, Japan 3

International Programs Staff

Joe Rojo: Over the past four years Joe Rojo, as Associate Director for International
Programs, has overseen the establishment of three unique programs that combine electronic
platform business courses with live classes held in universities in Madrid, London, and Rome.
In addition, he has been instrumental in strengthening the college's many exchange
partnerships. 2007-08 brought the introduction of a new partner in London and the first time
all WCBA programs were held continuously throughout the academic year. In May 2008, Joe
participated in a ten-day tour of Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile hosted by
CIBER and Mercosur.

Lucy DiLeo: Since the fall of 2005, Lucy DiLeo has served as the Assistant Director for
International Programs. Lucy works on the daily administration and coordination of the
WCBA programs. She promotes the WCBA study abroad and exchange programs through
poster displays, advertising, workshops, and presentations at Warrington Welcome classes
utilizing panels with former study abroad students. Lucy coordinates the predeparture
sessions for each program and has instituted information sessions focusing exclusively on
the three WCBA programs. Lucy also administers the WCBA Scholarship review process
that grants awards on a semiannual basis to on-campus business students and to students
studying abroad.

Jason Ward: Jason Ward graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2004 with a degree
in psychology. He worked at the Society of Actuaries in Schaumburg, Illinois for two years
before joining the University of Florida as a candidate in the Masters of Counseling program
in the College of Education. Within International Programs, Jason coordinates the
registration of all incoming exchange students. He also helps international students
acclimate to Gainesville and the University of Florida, and provides ongoing advising and
support during their stay. Last semester he began publishing a bi-weekly electronic
newsletter to inform exchange students of opportunities for fun and professional development
while studying abroad at UF.

Lucy DiLeo

Joe Rojo

Jason Ward

Undergraduate Scholarships

Effective 2007, the School of Business began awarding scholarships twice a year. In
addition, the scholarship program was expanded to include students studying abroad. During
2007-2008, over $67,000 in scholarships were awarded to 75 students; $29,000 of which
went to 32 students studying abroad. Awards were granted based on financial need, student
merit, and donor preferences.

80 Scholarships
A 2006-2007
Study Abroad On-Campus Total

Dollars Awarded
pk 2006-2007
$70,000 -2007-2008
StudyAbroad On-Campus Tota I

Donors continue to be extremely supportive of international studies. In fact, four new
scholarships were established for study abroad: the Gregory Foundation Scholarships,
McElmurray Scholarships, the Ring Memorial Fund, and the Maroon Scholarships. Many
existing scholarships and memorial funds were also expanded to support exceptional
candidates participating in international educational opportunities.

This year's recipients were
honored during the School of
Business Hall of Fame Banquet. 2
Warrington development staff is l
attended, along with various hoasi
donors. This event allowed the *imll
students to personally thank the ii I lt
donors for their generous support r,
of undergraduate education.

Professional Development Programs
"A Direct Investment in Student Success"

The Professional Development Programs complement the college's curriculum. PDP's
developmental programs enrich the academic experience by providing students with
opportunities to apply classroom theory. PDP's primary goal is the development of
meaningful relationships with undergraduate students through curricular and co-curricular

Curricular: Professional Business Writing, Public Speaking and Professional
Communication, Effective Career Management, and Business Case Analysis

Co-Curricular: Warrington Welcome, Florida Leadership Academy, Warrington Diplomats,
the Student in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Team, Warrington Student Integrity Team, and Student

Bill Alcorn Undergraduate Student Center
The Undergraduate Student Center, which opened in January 2006, houses all of the
undergraduate professional development programs and serves as a place for students to
meet and study. The center has 2,500 square feet of space that can be used for classroom
lectures and corporate presentations. In the Spring of 2008, thanks to a generous donation
from Mr. Bill Alcorn, the Undergraduate Student Center was renamed the Bill Alcorn
Undergraduate Student Center.

Warrington College of Business Administration Undergraduate Awards
Each year the college hosts an awards ceremony to recognize outstanding student
organizations as well as individual student achievement. Recipients of these awards are
honored with plaques located in the Bill Alcorn Undergraduate Student Center in Bryan Hall.

Student Organization Awards
The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Ambassadors was recognized with two student
organization awards: Student Organization of
the Year and Program of the Yearfor their
program "Entrepreneurship for Dummies." The
Service Project of the Year went to the Retail
Society for their project "Build a Bear, Make a
Smile." The International Business Society
received the Outstanding Program of the Year
award for their project "Gators are Green." The
Most Improved Student Organization of the
Year award went to the Student Investment Club. CEI Ambassadors

The Distinction in Leadership and Service award was
presented to Rikesh Amin. The Student Organization
Advisor of the Year went to Erica Byrnes for her work with the
Business Administration College Council.

Warrington Hall of Fame
This year there were many competitive applicants for the
Warrington Hall of Fame. The selection committee had a very
difficult decision, and ultimately chose three students to honor Rikesh Amin being
with this prestigious award. congratulated by
Horace Tucker

Caroline Etter contributed to the college while also being a leader in UF's
sorority system. She served as President of the Warrington Diplomats, a
member of the FLA Advisory Board, a teaching assistant for the course
"Effective Career Management," and assisted the college in many other
areas. She contributed countless hours to community service and
competed in several case competitions. The biggest success of the
.competitions was winning the Asian Business Case Competition in
w Singapore.

Shae Ferguson was inducted into the Warrington Hall of Fame for her
impressive academic and co-curricular achievements. She maintained a
4.0 GPA, while participating actively in her sorority and the College. She
served as a member of the FLA Advisory Board and was on the four
member team that traveled to Singapore for the Asian Business Case
Challenge and took home a victory for the Warrington College of
Business. She also works in both the Economics Department and the
Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Seth Mollitt's achievements in the college speak volumes about his
dedication. He served as team captain for two Johnson and Johnson
Case Competition championship teams. He also served as the captain
for the 2007 Asian Business Case Competition team in Singapore. Seth
was the Co-Director of Operations for the Emerging Leaders
Conference, an annual business honors symposium for the top
undergraduate business students in the nation. Seth was also involved
.in a variety of University committees while at the same time serving in a
leadership role at the national level with Boy Scouts of America.

Each year, hundreds of new undergraduate
students enter the Warrington College of Business
Administration and find a wide array of
O I opportunities and challenges. Their transition is
facilitated with the first-year seminar Warrington
Welcome. Warrington Welcome seeks to provide
personal development in the areas of diversity,
ethical behavior, business leadership, teamwork,
and community service.

In 2007-2008, a total of 30 sections were offered,
with 588 freshmen enrolling in the course (sixty-
five percent of business and accounting students).
The class is taught under the umbrella of the
University's First Year Florida program, managed by the Dean of Students Office.

The Warrington Welcome curriculum is designed to introduce .
students to resources that will enhance their undergraduate
experience. Students are encouraged to explore
opportunities outside the classroom through topics such as
ethics, diversity, study abroad, and professional
development. Over eighty-four percent reported that they L
developed a mentoring relationship with their instructor that
will last during the rest of the undergraduate career.
Additionally, Warrington Welcome students have the
opportunity to participate in a business ethics case
competition sponsored by UF SIFE, the Poe Center for
Business Ethics, and GE. Ethics Case Competition
First Place Team

The 2007-2008 academic year was
the fourth year of enrollment
growth in Warrington Welcome, a
trend which is likely to continue.
Warrington Welcome is now well
integrated into the Preview
advising process for new freshmen
and an important part of the
college's efforts to facilitate student

Students taking Warrington
Welcome are also given the
opportunity to participate in
community service. This
experience exposes them to the
value of giving back to the community and helps them understand the various avenues for

finding community service opportunities in the Gainesville community. During the 2007-2008
academic year students, peer leaders, and instructors contributed over 800 hours of service
to the City of Gainesville's public parks. As a result of their dedication to serving the
community, the college was awarded the Green Business Award by the City of Gainesville's
Nature Operations Division.

Warrington Welcome has been very well received by students, with over eighty percent
responding that they would recommend it to future first-year students. Specific comments

"The instructors have been very enthusiastic about introducing me to the
University of Florida. They also took the time to get to know each student
so as to help them become adjusted to a university environment."

"The instructors have done a good job presenting options in different
majors. They also done a good job of showing us what we need to do to
prepare for success in the business world."

The Florida Leadership Academy: Developing Tomorrow's Business Leaders

The Florida Leadership Academy (FLA) continues
to attract the best and the brightest students. FLA
is a yearlong leadership development program for
the top 100 sophomores in the college. FLA
Class IV had an average GPA of 3.74 and SAT of
1355. Class meetings include innovative
seminars, small group discussions and
presentations, and featured speakers from
academia and the executive ranks of corporate
Patrick Kuhse America. Adam Scott
Speaking on Ethics COO & Co-Founder
Principled Leadership is the foundation of the
academy's pillars. Supporting this foundation are the
following pillars of leadership excellence:
Communication, Negotiation, and Mediation
Ethical Decision Making
Civic Engagement and Global Citizenship

Todd Wilson, CFO of NASCAR (left)
Horace Tucker, Associate Director,
School of Business (right)

Student Delegations

Each year, Warrington undergraduates
are selected to participate in leadership
conferences as well as global and
national case competitions. Through
these activities, students get the
opportunity to network with
undergraduates from the best business
schools in the country. In addition to the
networking opportunities, Warrington
undergraduates get the chance to
match their problem solving abilities and
strategic thinking skills against their
The 2008 Championship Team
peers. Asian Business Case Competition

The following are just a few of the leadership conferences and case competitions that had
Warrington undergraduate representation:

Undergraduate Business School Conferences
Undergraduate Business Student Leadership Conference (Emory University)
Emerging Leaders Honors Conference (University of Minnesota)

Undergraduate Case Competitions
International Case Competition (University of Southern California)
Asian Business Case Competition (Nanyang University)
Marshall International Case Competition (McGill University)
Global Business Challenge (University of Washington)
Business Strategy Challenge (Georgetown University)
National Intercollegiate Business Ethics Competition (Loyola-Marymount)
Wake Forest Marketing Summit (Wake Forest)

Undergraduate Professional Symposiums or Conferences
National Conference on Ethics in America (United States Military Academy at West Point)
Beta Gamma Sigma Student Leadership Forums
Delta Epsilon Chi State & International Competitions

Undergraduate Leadership Conferences
Emerging Leaders Conference (University of Florida)

Warrington undergraduates continue to show that they are among the best students in the
nation. In 2007-2008, teams of Warrington undergraduates won three competitions and
placed third in another.

First Place
* Nanyang University (Singapore) Asian Business Case Competition
* Georgetown University Business Strategy Challenge
* Calloway School of Business Marketing Summit (Wake Forest University)

Third Place
* Duel in the Swamp Personal Finance Case Competition (Valdosta State University)

Student Leadership Programs

PDP's student leadership programs offer juniors and seniors the opportunity to enhance their
leadership skills through the development and implementation of community service projects.
Student involvement in these types of endeavors increased significantly during the past year.

Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)

SIFE, an international nonprofit organization, works
as a partnership between corporations and higher
education to teach young people about business.
Each year, thousands of energetic SIFE students
use what they have learned in the classroom to
develop and implement free enterprise educational
outreach programs in their communities. Their
passion comes from knowing that an increased
understanding of the free enterprise system will lead
participants to become more active citizens, knowledgeable consumers, skilled workers, and
effective decision makers. The UF SIFE team is comprised of 25 to 30 undergraduate
students who are passionate about using their classroom skills to benefit their community.
Logging over 800 service hours this year and engaging more than 300 student volunteers,
the UF SIFE team provided value to the College, students, and community. In addition to
being named Regional Champions, significant 2007-2008 accomplishments included:

-" UFSIFE won first place in the national SIFE/MPAA Anti-Piracy PSA
contest. In conjunction with Student Upstart Films at Florida, UFSIFE
created a one-minute public service announcement using humor to
convey the message that copyright infringements hurt artists and
ultimately consumers. The video is available at
-* - I www.ufsife.com/MPAA Antipiracy.html.
UFSIFE participated in Campbell Soup's Stomp Out Hunger Challenge, which they renamed
"Chomp Out Hunger" in order to raise awareness about hunger and provide help to
Gainesville citizens who struggle to feed themselves and their families. UFSIFE collected
over 1,400 cans, which were donated to the Bread of the Mighty Food Bank, and created a
resource brochure with information about local service organizations in Gainesville and
Alachua County.

^ The Day of Difference project was a partnership between
UFSIFE, Florida Women in Business, and Junior Achievement.
Day i Through this program 125 UF students taught principles of
economics to students in more than 70 elementary school
I n[ classrooms in Alachua County. This program was a finalist in
the 2008 Clorox Company Market Economics Competition.

The UFSIFE team developed an essay contest for eighth grade
students at Kanapaha Middle School. The students were asked to
write about issues associated with illegally downloading music. Over
90 students wrote essays concerning the ethical and legal
ramifications of illegally downloading music. This program also
included UFSIFE students teaching the importance of ethical

Summary of Warrington's SIFE Team Accomplishments (2000-2008)
- Overall National Ranking: Top 12 ('06); Top 16 ('03); Top 32 ('01, '02, '04)
- Nine Straight Regional Championships: '00, '01, '02, '03, '04, '05, '06, '07, & '08
- Special Competitions: Placed #1 in the Nation Three Times
- Special Competitions: Placed Among the Top 20 in the Nation Fourteen Times
- Three National Championships in Case Competitions
- Two Fulbright Scholars, Two Truman Scholars, Four Rotary Scholars
- "SIFE Student of the Year" ('01, '03, & '05)

Warrington Diplomats
The primary goal of the Warrington Diplomats is to provide goodwill ambassadors for the
Warrington College of Business Administration. The group achieves its goals through bi-
weekly meetings, frequent training activities, collaboration with Warrington's academic
advisors, and service as ambassadors at various college events.

Under the senior leadership of Caroline
Etter, Sam Hadley, Abby-Gail Chaffatt,
Nicole Brown, Jessica Berens, Kristen
Milhoan, Mark Duncan, and Lauren Levine,
the Warrington Diplomats continued to
serve as ambassadors to the School of
Business while gaining increased
recognition and respect through their '
programs in the 2007-2008 academic year. I
Jackie Besoner, a PDP graduate assistant,
served as the Diplomat's advisor.

The group saw a significant increase in student participation in both of its primary
professional development programs: Taking Care of Business and Ace the Showcase.
Taking Care of Business provides students with an opportunity to meet professors from each
department and learn about the different majors and career paths. This year for Ace the
Showcase, the Diplomats partnered with the Student Finance Group and Delta Sigma Pi to
offer resume critiques and mock interviews to business students.

In cooperation with the School of Business, the Diplomats two week tabling efforts during
peak registration periods helped the academic advising staff to more efficiently provide
services and reduce students' wait times. With the help of the Diplomats, the average wait
time for students to see an advisor was only twelve minutes.

A new event the Diplomats put on this year was the Honors Thesis Luncheon. This
invitation-only luncheon gave students an opportunity to learn about the University Scholars
Program and the benefits of writing an honors thesis. The event was a success with a
turnout of around 60 students.

This year the recruitment process for Warrington Diplomats was very competitive resulting in
60 applications; twice the number of applicants from the previous year. Eighteen new
students were selected to add to the 17 returning members. This new group is excited about
building on its success as it continues to serve the Warrington community.

Warrington Student Integrity Team

The Warrington Student Integrity Team was formed
in Spring 2007 to promote academic honesty. The
group also strives to foster ethical behavior
throughout the Warrington College of Business
Administration community. Pamela Garcia, PDP's
Tower Hill Graduate Assistant, serves as the team's

During the past year, the Integrity Team:
* Doubled team membership to twenty-six.
* Competed in the Southeast Regional Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl. The team successfully
moved on to the national competition in San Antonio, Texas.
* Represented the UF at West Point's National Conference on Ethics in America.
* Established the Warrington Professional Ethics Series, a series of seminars in which
distinguished speakers discuss the importance of ethics in the field of business.

Delta Epsilon Chi

Delta Epsilon Chi (DEX) is an international organization for
college students who are preparing for careers in business. In
2007-2008, members of Warrington's DEX student group
competed in state and international competitions, winning a o
number of awards. At the state competition, Warrington V
students placed in the top three in six events: IeR a EpTilln ErI

1st Place in Business Ethics: Erik Desrosiers and Chris Wilcox
2nd Place in Entrepreneurship: Julia Sander
2nd Place in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing: Jessica Deverson
2nd Place in Restaurant and Food Service: Chris Wilcox
3rd place in Marketing Management: Alexandra Chapman
3rd place Travel and Tourism Marketing: Alexandra Chapman

Next year, Julia Sander will represent the Warrington College of Business Administration as
the DEX Vice-President at the state level. Julia was the president of DECA, a sister
organization, at Bucholtz High School. Julia hopes to attain a national office in DEX. She
and other student in the organization look forward to an exciting year of growth and new
professional opportunities.

Business Writing and Professional Communication

The faculty in Warrington's Center for Management
Communication continue to do an outstanding job
teaching courses in business writing and professional
communications. Nicole Thomas, a student who
enrolled in GEB 3213 Writing for Business, placed
first in the Association for Business Communication's
(ABC) 2008 Student Writing Competition. This is the
second time in three years that a Warrington
undergraduate has won first prize in this national
competition. In this year's competition, students were
asked to write from the perspective of a human
resources director, designing and promoting a specific
plan for notifying employees of corporate downsizing.
The contest designers developed this scenario to
encourage students to think critically about how
communication affects an organization's relationship
with the public, as well as its profitability.

Ms. Nicole Thomas
The 2008 Winner of the
Association for Business Communication's
National Writing Competition

2007-2008 Warrington College of Business

University Scholars Program

The University Scholars Program allows
Warrington undergraduates to conduct
graduate-level research with world-class
faculty. Through this program, University
Scholars get the opportunity to work one-on-
one with a faculty member. From this
experience, students take away an
understanding of and an appreciation for the
scholarly method. With only ten slots
available each year, selection for this
program is highly competitive. The following
are examples of research recently conducted
by Warrington's university scholars.
Dr. Dave Denslow and a University Scholar
Christina DePasquale, a business economics major, conducted research with Dr. Larry Kenny, Professor
of Economics. In an effort to address news reports claiming that people with low incomes receive
substandard hospital care, Christina performed an empirical analysis using hospital discharge data. Her
specific goal was to determine whether those without insurance or those on Medicaid were discharged
sooner (and thus had less medical attention) than those who have better forms of insurance. In conducting
her analysis, Christina compared patients' length of hospital stay with their medical diagnosis codes and
then used a multiple regression model to estimate the influence of being poor or African-American.
Julia Ferdowsi, a business finance major, conducted research with Dr. David Denslow, Distinguished
Service Professor and Director of Policy Studies. Julia's University Scholars project focused on
Amendment 10 of the Florida Constitution, which limits annual increases of property values assessment on
real property that qualifies for homestead exemption. At the time, the Florida legislature was considering
a modification to the amendment to make the assessed value portable, meaning that a property owner
could transfer the difference between market value and the assessed value of a homestead property to
another homestead property if the owner moved. Julia's research goal was to determine the legality of
portability and the economics of potential legal challenges to property taxes.

Oduyebo Olawumni, an accounting student, performed her University Scholars Program research with
Dr. Stephen Asare, KPMG Term Professor, Fisher School of Accounting. Oduyebo researched the impact
of strong enforcement tax mechanisms on the Nigerian economy. Her preliminary findings indicated that
the Nigerian legislature generated adequate amounts of revenue from taxation but, due to lack of
enforcement on various tax sources, the revenue portfolio was not diversified to its fullest capacity. Her
approach to this project was to research the Nigerian Tax Code and how the Nigerian government can
best increase enforcement of that code to insure the success of their economy.
Adam Wilson, marketing major, performed his research with Dr. Richard Lutz, JC Penney Professor of
Marketing. Adam's research focused on the topic of product placement in film and television. More
specifically, his paper addressed the issues surrounding product placement, its staying power as a form of
advertising, and its effectiveness. Adam gathered research data through a literature review, focus groups,
and a questionnaire designed to assess consumer attitudes toward product placement.

Professional Development Programs Staff

Josh Funderburke graduated from Oglethorpe University in 2000
with a B.A. in History. After three years of working in student affairs
at Mercer University, Josh came to UF where he earned an M.Ed. in
Student Personnel in Higher Education in 2005. He is currently
pursuing a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration. Josh began
working for the Undergraduate Programs Office as a graduate
assistant and academic advisor in the Fall of 2003, eventually
becoming the Tower Hill Insurance Graduate Assistant for PDP in 1
2004. Josh was hired as the Assistant Director for Professional
Development Programs in January of 2006. In this role he is
responsible for the Warrington Welcome program, the Students in Josh Funderburke
Free Enterprise team, and PDP program assessment. Assistant Director

Pamela Garcia graduated from the University of Florida in 2006 with a B.A. in Business
Administration. In the spring of 2006, Pamela began working for the SB's Professional
Development Programs as the Tower Hill Insurance Graduate Assistant. She is currently
pursuing M.Ed. and Ed.S. degrees in School Counseling and Guidance in the College of

Jackie Besoner graduated from the University of Florida in 2007 with a B.A. in Business
Administration. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Student Personnel in Higher
Education at the College of Education. In the spring of 2008, Jackie began working for
Professional Development Programs as a graduate assistant.

Leanna McClellan graduated with her Associate of Arts degree in 2003 from Santa Fe
Community College and is currently pursuing her BA in History at UF. Leanna has worked for
the School of Business since 2002, first as the receptionist and currently as the Program
Assistant for Professional Development Programs.

Pamela Garcia

Leanna McClellan

Jackie Besoner

Academic Advising and Career Coaching

Academic advisors in the School of Business provide services to current and prospective
undergraduate students interested in studying business. Each advisor strives to develop
advising relationships that create a positive environment for establishing sound academic and
career plans. Through this relationship, advisors promote personal and intellectual growth, assist
students in navigating the academic system, and facilitate the enrollment and progress of
undergraduate students toward completion of a BSBA or BABA degree.

In order to assist students in making meaning of the college experience, academic advisors
interact with students in a variety of ways:
* Walk-In Appointments Advisors are available a minimum of 30 hours each week during
fixed hours for students who wish to walk-in to the office with basic questions or to sign off on
paperwork requiring college consent.
* Scheduled Appointments Each academic advisor is available for 20-30 individual
appointments each week. During scheduled appointments, students have the opportunity to
spend 30 minutes with an Academic Advisor and Career Coach to discuss their academic
and career development.
* E-mail Advising The academic advisors respond to general email inquiries to provide an
accessible, convenient method of working with an academic advisor. Advisors strive to reply
to all email inquiries within 24 business hours.
* Academic Advising Website the Academic Advising website serves as an in-depth guide to
resources necessary for the academic and professional development of business students.
Students are encouraged to utilize the website as a homepage to take full advantage of up-to-
date news about the college, as well as accessing archived copies of the weekly e-newsletter
and bi-weekly podcasts designed to keep students informed about international, internship, or
leadership opportunities.
* Warrington Welcome In an effort to foster the beginning of a strong student-advisor
relationship, academic advisors each teach two sections of Warrington Welcome for
freshmen students each year.

Through these various points of contact, academic advisors achieve the following advising
* Assist students in developing educational plans that advance their life goals;
* Provide students with up-to-date academic information about university, college, and
departmental graduation requirements;
* Work closely with students to plan their programs of study to ensure that they take the
required courses as prescribed in the university's Undergraduate Catalog.
* Refer students to available campus resources when appropriate (e.g., Career Resource
Center, Counseling Center, Office of the Ombudsman).

Academic Advising &

Career Coaching Activity
Weeks 1-3 represent the drop/add period. Weeks 9-14 represent the advance registration period.

Fall 2007 Student Walk-ins & Appointments IAppts.
(5,521 Walk-ins, 943 Appointments)I Walk-ins

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15

c 500
H 400
v 300

16 17

Fall 2007 Average Wait Times (by week)
(average 9 minutes)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Academic Advising &

Career Coaching Activity
Weeks 1-2 represent the drop/add period. Weeks 11-14 represent the advance registration period.

Spring 2008 Student Walk-ins & Appointments *Appts.
(6,389 walk-ins, 1,138 appointments) MWalk-ins


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Spring 2008 Average Wait Times (by week)
(average 9.5 minutes)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17


11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Academic Advisors and Career Coaches

Erica Byrnes became the Associate Director of Academic Advising
and Career Coaching in 2006. Previously, she was an academic
advisor and a graduate assistant for international programs and
study abroad in the School of Business. Erica earned her B.S. in
Psychology and B.A. in Philosophy in 2002 and went on to earn
M.A.Ed. and Ed.S. degrees in Counselor Education with a
specialization in Mental Health from the University of Florida. Last
year Erica was selected as an Emerging Leader by the National
Academic Advising Association (NACADA). She was also
recognized as the Student Organization Advisor of the Year at the
Warrington College of Business Administration Student
Organization Awards Ceremony.

Catherine Coe is embarking on her first professional position in
higher education after amassing numerous experiences as a
student. She earned a B.S.B.A. in Economics in 2005, a M.A. in
Economics in 2007, and a M.Ed. in Student Personnel in 2008 from
the University of Florida. As a graduate assistant she taught
GEB3213 and worked as an advisor in the College of Liberal Arts
and Sciences. Her passion for education is grounded in research,
understanding students, a desire to do things better, and reaching
out to those most in need.

Katrice Crawford earned a B.S. in Advertising and a M.S. in
Management from the University of Florida. She brings a strong
background of student services to her position as an academic
advisor and career coach from her undergraduate experiences
including Ad Society, a service club, a sorority, and numerous peer
outreach programs, to her graduate assistantship in Residence Life
and Education. Katrice has years of professional experience
working with students through Financial Aid advising, and has also
had the opportunity to work as a supervisor for a Fortune 500
Insurance company.

I~l .I;

Lindsey Gubin has over 10 years of experience working with college
students in the areas of counseling, residence life, student life,
advising, and admissions. She comes to the SB from Central Florida
Community College, where she spent three years as the Coordinator
of Student Life, planning co-curricular learning opportunities and
advising student groups. Lindsey received her BS in Psychology
from the University of Central Florida and her Doctor of Psychology
Degree from the University of Denver. Lindsey believes that much of
the critical learning in college takes place outside the classroom and
thus encourages all students to get involved in activities designed to
help them develop leadership and professionalism.

Derek Guffin earned his B.S. in Sport Management from the
University of Florida. As an undergraduate, he was extensively
involved in campus activities. As a result of these experiences, Derek
realized that he loved his sport management major, but found his true
passion helping students. He went on to earn his M.S. in Higher
Education from Florida State University in April of 2007. Since then,
he has continued to pursue his passion of empowering college
students in their endeavors as an academic advisor and career coach
in the School of Business.

Jennifer Olson is a graduate of the University of Florida with a B.A.
in Classics. Upon graduation, she started work in the private sector
with a local manufacturing company in sales and customer service.
While there, she was selected to provide training and technical
support to their Canadian distributors. She then went to the
Department of Juvenile Justice to provide computer support and
software training for their staff. Jennifer has been in the Warrington
College of Business Administration since 1999 providing advising and
administrative support services. She joined the Academic Advising &
Career Coaching staff for the School of Business in October 2006.

Kari Ward began working for the University of Florida in 1985 and
has held a variety of positions on-campus, primarily with the College
of Engineering. Kari completed both of her degrees at UF, graduating
with a B.A. in English with highest honors and an M.Ed. in Student
Personnel in Higher Education. She worked for four years as an
academic advisor for the College of Engineering before joining the SB
staff in May 2004. Kari was selected as UF's Advisor of the Yearfor
the 2007-2008 academic year, a celebrated recognition from the
university community.

Online Business Program
Building Community in a Virtual Environment


The Online Business Program continues to attract outstanding students. Over
1,100 students have enrolled since the program's inception in Summer 2002. Nearly
half of those students (526) have joined the program in the last two years.

Online Business Program Admission Data
(1,151 Students as of Summer 2008)







^ *'. ^P^^.S
^o c,o ,oC .d c^ ^

~Q ~o~ ~oP ~oC~ ~dO ~ol

10 10% Id) 14, 10A 10,

Students in the program continue to do quite well. The following tables show GPA
and graduation data for these students.

UF GPA for Online
S3.0-4.0 2.5-2.99

BSBA Students
2.0-2.49 < 2.0

*k6 ** A~o *b
`6 k$
e C0 I

Online Business Program
Graduation Data
(300 Graduates as of Summer 2008)


%Q) 40 ,D %4^
N\ N\ N\ N\

, ,d) 6 6 J
C4P Cc 4P 4P ~S~

Building a Virtual Community
This year, the Online Business Program community has really come into its own. The
experience of our students was significantly enhanced through three developments.

Creation of the Online Student Center

I ,

p '
^.f iawSPsi~s al 'U

cU4m 4 ~ 4F~,
~ ~-~~s i~J .4r :~

A little over a year ago, we used the existing E-Learning platform for UF's online
courses to create a 'student union' of sorts for current students in the program. The
Online Student Center pulls together a myriad of student services into one location
where students already congregate to access their course website and online
lectures. New students can view an online orientation video here. All students can
access registration information, date, time and location details for their exams,
required textbooks for their classes, and our recommendations for course
combinations each term. They can also ask questions through the 'Ask An Advisor'
discussion board. The Online Student Center has vastly streamlined our
communication to current students and permitted us to refocus our main web page on
marketing to prospective students. Checking the Online Student Center for daily
updates has now become part of the student culture in our Online Business Program.

Creation of the Gator Online Student Association (GOSA)
Last summer, four students in the online i V -
program felt a disconnection with peers in
their classes and decided to do
something about it, and GOSA was born.
Completely created and administered by
students, the Gator Online Student t
Association has transformed the student hll' cauni
experience of our Online Business
Program. The site includes 42 discussion boards which focus on everything from
specific courses to textbook swapping to mentoring new students. Some boards are
arranged by geographic areas to facilitate the formation of study groups in various
regions of the state. There is a board for prospective students to post questions and
learn about the program through the direct experience of current students who can
comment on what it's like to fit their studies around full-time jobs and family
responsibilities. An alumni section allows graduates of the program to offer their
advice on everything from courses to employment opportunities after graduation.
'Jill's Corner' facilitates dialogue between students and academic advisors and offers
student services staff a window to current issues in the program. In the 15 months
since it was launched, GOSA has attracted over 700 members and 60,000 posts.
This online association has even promoted social gatherings in realspace, with
dozens of students meeting face-to-face throughout the year at GOSA bowling events,
picnics, canoe trips, orientations, and graduation receptions. In November 2008,
three students who helped launch the site will travel with the Associate Director to
Phoenix, AZ to tell the GOSA story at the WCET distance education conference.
Use of Elluminate in Online Courses
This year we saw the incorporation of
Elluminate technology in some of our
more quantitative courses, like Finance
and Managerial Economics. Elluminate ..
permits real-time interaction among
distance education students, faculty, teaching assistants, and advisors. The white
board function is particularly useful in courses which focus on problem solving and
complex mathematical formulas. A faculty member can demonstrate how to solve a
complex problem by working through the steps on a white board and verbally
explaining the steps along the way, while students from all over the state follow along
and interrupt from time to time with questions. The number of online students who
withdrew from Managerial Economics in Fall 2006 was 63; in Fall 2007 when the
professor started using Elluminate in his class, that fell to 31. While a 50% reduction
in withdrawals cannot be completely attributed to Elluminate, it certainly contributed to
a greater number of students learning the material in this class.

Testimonials of Students in the Online Business Program
Each term, students are asked to evaluate their experience in the Online Business Program.
The following comments represent common themes.

The Online Business Program gives you the opportunity to earn a
highly ranked degree from a good university with tons of support from
other students just like you. I don't think you can get that anywhere
else.--Bryan Howard, BSBA 2008, Cocoa

Earning a degree is huge to me. I've wanted to go back to school my
entire life and never could figure out a way until now. I will have my
S degree before I'm 60 and then probably move on to a Master's.
Everyone in my family is very proud of me. --Donna McQuade, BSBA
2009, Jacksonville

SThe biggest thing that worried me about the online program was not
having the face-to-face interaction. Having an actual lecture
component to the program really helps a lot, as does the network of
S peer support through the Gator Online Student Association. --
Thaddeus Fair, BSBA 2009, Orlando

A neat part of being a student in this program is that my children see
firsthand how much my education means to me. They see mommy
watching lectures and doing homework. I am practicing what I preach
to them, and that's made a difference in their commitment to school.
My kids are proud of me. What can mean more to a parent? --
Melissa Landrum, BSBA 2006, Jacksonville

I have a wife, son, and a full-time job, so I enjoy the flexibility of the
online program. I can develop my own schedule and get things done
when I have the time, not when the school tells me I have to.--Phillip
Opper, BSBA2009, Orlando

Faculty Testimonials
SI have a very high respect for students in our online program because I know that
the majority of them have at least two jobs: their day job and school. To me that
Slf means they are involved because they want to be, because they want to learn,
.1 and because doing so is a high priority for them. I find them to be very engaged in
6 the material, and they add the richness of real life/work experience to the overall
class. I see this in very real terms by way of their comments on the discussion
board to other students. Their comments were fair, and because of their maturity,
quite instructive. --Bill Rossi, Entrepreneurship Professor

Teaching in our online program has been an eye-opening experience. I
had taught "localized" distance education for more than 20 years, with
my lectures televised and later webcast here on campus, so I expected
a simple extension of that process to a broader geographic reach. But
there is a qualitative difference among the online students. Perhaps
because they are not in Gainesville, they are much more "active" in the
learning process, participating on the discussion boards and sending me
emails. Also, because many of them are somewhat older than the
typical on-campus undergrad and are in the workplace, I find that they
tend to have a greater appreciation of some of the more applied content
in my course. They have "been there, done that" and value the
connection of my course to the "real world" of business. In my field of marketing, the notion
of brand communities has become important recently, and I see an interesting parallel with
the online program. The online students have formed a vibrant "virtual" community
surrounding their experience with the program, not unlike consumers who congregate on
Facebook to share their love of everything from iPods to Chick-fil-A. In this fashion, they are
actually "co-creating" their educational experience rather than being passive recipients.
- Rich Lutz, Marketing Professor

Online Business Program Staff
Jill Lingard is the Associate Director for Online Programs. In Fall 2001, Jill
joined the SB team and launched the Online Business Program. She oversees
many aspects of the program such as student services, testing, marketing, and
the stewardship of relationships with Florida's 28 community colleges. Jill has
a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master's degree in counseling. Her 19-year
S professional career at UF includes eight years in the Office of Admissions
where she worked directly with transfer students, and four years in the College
Sof Engineering's student services area. Under Jill's leadership, enrollment in
the Online Program has grown from 14 students in 2002 to nearly 500 today.

Jason Hinson is the Assistant Director for Online Programs. Joining the
online team in Fall 2007, he coordinates all aspects of admissions, academic
advising, and recruitment, and assists with other student services functions.
Prior to joining the Online Business Program team, Jason spent eight years in
UF's Office of Admissions where he worked with freshman applicants and their
families. Jason has a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of

Maureen Cox serves as Student Affairs Coordinator for Online Programs.
Coming on board in 2008 as our newest addition to the online team, Maureen
coordinates all aspects of testing between UF faculty and the 28 statewide test
sites. She also advises current and prospective students on admissions and
degree requirements. Maureen has a Bachelor of Arts degree in
communications with an emphasis in advertising. Prior to UF, she spent 15
years working in development for various non-profit organizations.

School of Business Senior Staff

Brian Ray is the Associate Dean and Director of the
School of Business for the Warrington College of Business
Administration. Dr. Ray first joined the Warrington staff in
May 1996 as the Associate Director of MBA Career
Services and Corporate Relations. From 1993-1996 he
worked for Florida State University in a variety of
administrative positions for the College of Law and the
Career Center. Dr. Ray received his bachelor's degree in
Finance from Stetson University. While at Stetson, he
served as Student Body Vice President during his junior
year and Student Body President during his senior year.
Dr. Ray's academic credentials include an M.B.A. from the
University of Central Florida as well as Ed.S. and Ph.D.
degrees in University Administration from Florida State
University. Dr. Ray is also a graduate of Harvard
University's Management Development Program and the Brian Ray
U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

Dr. Ray is also a member of the Florida National Guard. During his military career, Dr. Ray has been
recognized many times for his exemplary leadership and service. He is a recipient of the General
Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award, one of the Army's most prestigious honors. This award is
presented annually to the top twenty-four company-grade officers in the United States Army. Dr. Ray
is also a recipient of the Lowry Award, presented annually to the top company-grade officer in the
Florida National Guard. From May 2007 to April 2008, Dr. Ray served in support of Operation Iraqi
Freedom, earning the Bronze Star Medal for his actions. Dr. Ray currently serves as a Chaplain and
is an adjunct faculty member of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

Horace Tucker is the Associate Director of the School of
Business. Prior to joining the SB staff, he was Vice
President of W.G. Tucker & Associates, Inc., an executive
search firm that specializes in staffing and human
resources consulting. Horace received his Bachelor's
degree in Advertising from the University of Florida. He
was commissioned as an Air Defense Artillery Officer
through the University of Florida's Army ROTC program,
earning the distinction of Distinguished Military
Graduate. Horace later earned a master's degree in
Human Resource Development from Webster University.

Horace is a retired Army Colonel. He served in a variety
of command and staff positions which included Director of
Training for the Regional Training Institute of Florida,
Director of Human Resources for the Florida National
Guard, and completed his 23 year career as the Post
Commander of Camp Blanding, a joint training center 25 Horace Tucker
miles southwest of Jacksonville.

Undergraduate Business Data

Graduates: BSBAs, BABAs, & Minors
(2002-2003 to 2007-2008)

The School of Business staff certifies graduation requirements for the BSBA and
BABA degrees, as well as the business minor.

'02-'03 '03-'04 '04-'05 '05-'06 '06-'07 '07-'08
BSBA 1,085 1,142 1,069 1,067 1,009 1,078
Growth 5.4% 5.3% -6.4% -0.2% -5.4% 6.8%

BABA 598 584 386 277 117 99
Growth 22.3% -2.3% -33.9% -28.2% -57.8% -15.4%

Business Minor 418 538 451 465 447 486
Growth -11.8% 28.7% -16.2% 3.1% -3.9% 8.7%

Degrees Conferred and BSBA
Minors Awarded Business Minor



'02-'03 '03-'04 '04-'05 '05-'06 '06-'07 '07-'08

Lower-division Enrollment

Since the Fall of 2002, there has been a slight decrease in the percentage of
UF freshmen who choose to major in business.

'02 '03 '04 '05 '06 '07
BA Freshmen 1,094 863 878 916 814 770
All Freshmen 6,588 6,655 6,785 7,277 6,760 6,516
Percentage BA 16.6% 13.0% 12.9% 12.6% 12.0% 11.8%

Lower-division Business Students BS




500 -

Fall 2002 Fall 2003 Fall 2004 Fall 2005 Fall 2006 Fall 2007

Upper-division Enrollment

Juniors Spring '03 Spring'04 Spring'05 Spring '06 Spring'07 Spring'08
BABA 649 348 224 178 193 167
CIS 75 45 34 20 14 7
IST 72 43 27 26 24 40
ES 91 95 85 79 86 70
FIN 389 413 356 401 435 457
MGT 165 203 201 181 161 162
MKG 221 203 219 270 240 226
TOTAL 1,662 1,350 1,146 1,155 1,153 1,129

Seniors Spring '03 Spring'04 Spring'05 Spring '06 Spring'07 Spring'08
BABA 741 607 380 244 151 174
CIS 82 75 42 19 17 13
IST 173 79 70 44 45 34
ES 129 121 122 106 117 126
FIN 490 510 544 488 555 617
MGT 157 215 244 208 190 206
MKG 266 320 267 291 351 369
TOTAL 2,038 1,927 1,669 1,400 1,426 1,539

BSBAs 2,310 2,322 2,211 2,133 2,235 2,327
BABAs 1,390 955 604 422 344 341
All Jrs. & Srs. 3,700 3,277 2,815 2,555 2,579 2,668

Online Juniors 59 95 157 185 199 265
Online Seniors 9 56 83 139 149 195
TOTAL 68 151 240 324 348 460

'08 vs 5-yr avg.

'08 vs 5-yr avg.



Upper-division Enrollment BABAs
2 Online Students





Spring'03 Spring'04 Spring'05 Spring'06 Spring'07 Spring'08

Upper-division CIS Majors

200 -







Upper-division IST Majors





Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008



Upper-division Finance Majors
1000 -
800 -
600 -
Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

Upper-division Marketing Majors
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UF Students Who Changed Their

Major to Business in 2007-2008
The data in the previous sections represent a snapshot of enrollment trends. However, this is
only one part of the "new student picture" for undergraduate business majors. Another facet
of the enrollment picture involves students who enter business by changing majors from
another UF college or school. Warrington started the Fall 2007 term with 3,955 business
majors. During the 2007-2008 academic year, 742 students entered business by changing
their major from another UF college or school.

Enrollment Fluidity by Class
- 21% of new freshmen came from other colleges: started Fall '07 with 770; gained 164.
- 38% of new sophomores came from other colleges: started Fall '07 with 725; gained 272.
- 21% of new juniors came from other colleges: started Fall '07 with 1,153; gained 244.
- 5% of new seniors came from other colleges: started Fall '07 with 1,307; gained 62.

Fall '07 Spring '08 Sum. '08 TOTAL
Freshmen Who Entered Business 32 76 56 164
Sophomores Who Entered Business 72 128 72 272
Juniors Who Entered Business 91 99 54 244
Seniors Who Entered Business 31 20 11 62
Total Students Entering Business 226 323 193 742

Previous College/School Students
Liberal Arts and Sciences 340
Accounting 102
Engineering 68
Journalism 57
Other Colleges and Schools 50
Agriculture 37
Health & Human Performance 35
Design, Planning, & Construction 27
Health Professions 26
Total Students Entering Business 742

Business Students Who Changed Their Major to
Another UF College/School in 2007-2008
Another facet of the enrollment picture is students who started the Fall 2007 term as business
undergraduates and decided to change their major to another college or school at the
University of Florida. In Fall 2007, Warrington started the semester with 3,955 business
majors. During the 2007-2008 academic year, 633 business students left the college to
pursue a different undergraduate program. It is important to note that some students were
required to pursue a major other than business due to insufficient progress in preprofessional

Enrollment Fluidity by Class
- 20% of freshmen elected to pursue a non-business major: started Fall '07 with 770; 157 left.
- 35% of sophomores elected to pursue a non-business major: started Fall '07 with 725; 255 left.
- 16% of new juniors elected to pursue a non-business major: started Fall '07 with 1,153; 186 left.
- 3% of new seniors elected to pursue a non-business major: started Fall '07 with 1,307; 35 left.

Fall '07 Spring '08 Sum. '08 Total
Freshmen Who Left Business 80 71 6 157
Sophomores Who Left Business 146 101 8 255
Juniors Who Left Business 97 76 13 186
Seniors Who Left Business 21 11 3 35
Total Students Leaving Business 344 259 30 633

New UF College/School Students
Liberal Arts and Sciences 302
Health & Human Performance 84
Accounting 76
Journalism 75
Agriculture 39
Engineering 16
Design, Planning, & Construction 13
Other Colleges and Schools 11
Public Health & Health Professions 10
Education 7
Total Students Leaving Business 633

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