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Title: Bulletin of the Rossica Society of Russian Philately
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Publication Date: Winter 2002
Subject: Stamp collections -- Russia   ( lcsh )
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NUMBER 35 Raymond J. Pietruszka: Editor: pietri( minds ring.com Winter 2002

Rossica National Meeting in conjunction
with NAPEX in June 2003

Our next national meeting will be held this
year at NAPEX on June 7 2003. NAPEX 2003 will
be held on 6-8 June 2003 at the McLean Hilton, 7920
Jones Branch Drive, near Tysons comer Virginia. The
Hilton is just outside the Capital Beltway (Interstate
495) to the west of Washington DC. Planning is
underway to have the meeting Saturday afternoon and
will include a general membership meeting as well as a
Directions: Take Exit 46A (Route 123 -
South) from the Beltway. This exit is 4 miles south of
the Maryland border (Potomac River Bridge) on I-
495 and ten miles north of the Virginia junction of I-
95 and 1-495. Exit 46A is Chain Bridge Road West.
Turn right at the first traffic light (Tyson's Blvd).
Take the next right at the top of the hill onto Galleria
Drive. Stay in center lane and follow signs to
Westpark Drive and Jones Branch road (turn right).
The Hilton Hotel is halfway down the hill on your
right. Enter the driveway just before hotel and
proceed to the 1000 space free parking lot at the rear.
Reservations: A special NAPEX room rate
of $105.00 per night has been arranged. The Hilton
can be contacted at 703-761-5111 or fax 703-761-


Rossica to Hold Mail Auction
See Page 6 for details and Instructions

Due to the information about the auction, the normal
format of the bulletin will not be followed. The next
issue will return the usual features and will publish
Ray Ceresa s presentation on Modem Fakes.

2002 National Meeting in Atlantic City

The Rossica Society had one of its best
meetings this year at the APS show held in Atlantic
City NJ. The membership meeting had one of the
largest turnout in over ten years with over twenty
members in attendance. The program consisted of
two excellent presentations by Doctor Ray Ceresa on
modem digital forgeries (to be published in the next
Bulletin) and court documents showing the payment
of fees for the Benefit of the Postman.
The show itself was a great opportunity for
collectors of Russian material to add to their
collection. There were at least a dozen dealers,
including six society members, who

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|Number 35 The Bulletin of the Rossica Society of Russian Philately Winter 2002

Rossica Board Meeting Report

President Gary Combs called the Board to order
in the morning of 17 August 2002. Attending were
Gary Combs, President and Treasurer, Ray Ceresa,-
Board member and Ray Pietruszka, Vice President. The
following items were discussed at the meeting and later
presented to the members at the membership meeting:
a. Current membership stands at 360 and
holding. Change over each year is 20-30 members a
year. The main reason for member dropping out is
they no longer collect Russia.
b. The last issue of the Journal was done by a
new printer. The result is a better looking publication.
Jeff Radcliffe needs feedback from the membership
either good or bad, it doesn t matter,-but he needs
feedback. He also needs articles. There is no back log
of articles to be printed and publication is being delayed
until there are enough articles to go to print.
c. Library use is up. Ged Seiflow is doing a fine
job responding to members requests.
d. Shows where the National Meeting will be
held for the next five years are NAPEX-03,
WESTPEX-04, CHICAGOPEX in 05, 06 is Open and
Pan Slav in FY 07, location To Be Determined. Ray
Pietruszka is looking into having the 2006 meeting at
the National Show in Washington DC.
e. Sales of society publications are dismal.
Earlier this year the postage policy was changed. A
member buying a paper copy has to pay extra for
postage, but the CD version is sent postage paid.
f. Dues for 2003 will stay the same as this year.
Under consideration is an oversea postage surcharge.
The Post Office has announced an oversea rate increase
planned for June of 03. The officers are looking for a
way to avoid this. Air Mail delivery will require a
g. Elections will be held in 2003, volunteers are
needed to fill offices.
h. There is a lot of questionable stuff on the
internet, items that are missed identified, fake or have
been enhanced. Despite the fact that the officers have
all volunteer to assist members, no one has asked for
help in identifying questionable material. Yet these
items are selling.
i. E-mail use is up, 63% of the members claim
to have e-mail, 30% of the Bulletins are sent by e-mail.
One on-going problem is keep e-mail addresses up to
date. Terry Page has been improving his Zemstvos
Ray Ceresa suggested that the society offer a
door price at the shows-possibly a one-year free
As there was no more business, Mr. Combs
closed the meeting.

Rossica National Meeting Report

President Gary Combs called the meeting to
order at 1405 on 17 August 2002. The first order of
business was introductions. This took a while as there
were over 24 people in attendance! This was the
largest turnout for a Rossica meeting in over ten years.
Items covered at the officers meeting held that
morning (see above) were discussed. In addition Gary
brought up the following points.
We had a very poor turn out with exhibits this
year, only one! Part of this had to do with it being an
APS show and very difficult to get in; the exhibits were
sold out by March. But the lack of Russian exhibits has
been a long-term trend. We, as members, need to
seriously consider exhibiting at least at our national
meeting show. Vice President, Ray Pietruszka,
promised to do a better job getting information out for
this year s NAPEX meeting.
The prices of our publications have been
lowered. Despite this, sales have been very flat.
Members should take advantage of the lower prices and
build up their libraries. A full listing of available
publications can be found in the latest issue of the
Dues and mailing costs were discussed. Two
suggestions were brought up. Member Marvin Pehr
suggested an increase in the amount of advertising in
the Journal. Gary Combs agreed to look into how the
Society could increase the number of ads. Member Al
Kugle recommended a two tier dues structure with a
higher rate for overseas members. This had been
discussed at the officers meeting and is seriously

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INumber 35

The Bullet

New Members

Let s all welcome the new members or
returning member of our Society.

John C. Roberts
5565 N. Via Elena
Tuscon, AZ 85718-5109

Maris Tirums
P.O. Box 5475
Albany, NY 12205

Leon P. Palian
3836 Calvert St NW
Washington, DC 20007

Ralph R. Merritt
679 Country Club Road
Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Vadim Medish
2927 Arizona Avenue
Washington, DC

Bruce H. Benjamin
3136 Harbour Drive
Palmyra, NJ 08065

Robin Gates Elliott
4001 North 9th Street #704
Arlington, VA 22203

Eugene Redko
8601 Spruce Mill Drive
Yardley, PA 19676

in of the Rossica Society of Russian Philately
"For The Benefit of the Postman"
by Ray Ceresa

Winter 20021

Prior to 1911 the Local District Courts employed their own
staff to deliver Court Orders, Requests to attend Court, and other
documents. A special 15 kopeck Court Fee stamp was fixed to the
receipt on the packet of documents and the court officer received
the fee when the signed receipt was returned to the Court.
In 1911, the Court Fee stamp was abolished, and delivery
was given over to the postman and the 15 kop. General Purpose
Fiscal stamps were provisionally overprinted "For The Benefit of
the Postman" in red on the coupon portion. In 1912, a special
stamp was printed and issued for the same purpose and it was
used until 1919 when the payment system was abolished.

The 15 kop. Fiscal with overprint

When solicitors, attorneys or lawyers made requests to the
District Court, a "For The Benefit of the Postman" stamp was
required to be attached to the documentation for delivery of the
court order together with revenue stamps appropriate to the type
of document and 14 kop. in postage stamps.
Documents from solicitors are displayed showing 14 kop.
in postage stamps (two 7 k. stamps for each summons required by
the Court), a 15 kop. "For The Benefit of the Postman" stamp for
each summons, an appropriate General Purpose Fiscal stamps
levied on each document to the Court, and in some cases, Court
Tax stamps.
Each summons from the District Court was sent out in a
specially printed Court Packet with a free frank seal, and attached
to the packet by a perforated strip was a returnable receipt. The
packet was franked for registration and a registered label attached,
and stamps for registration were attached to the receipt, both sets
of stamps were cancelled at dispatch. A "For The Benefit of the
Postman" stamp was applied to either the packet or the receipt.
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|Number 35 The Bulletin of the Rossica Society of Russian Philately Winter 2002


Yuri V.Nikulin

The set of nine postage stamps honors popular film
actors of Russian cinema art. The names of these film
actors were listed in the survey, which was held by
MARKA Publishing and Trading Center to find the
most popular film actors deserving to be presented on
postage stamps.
2.50 Faina G.Ranevskaya (1896-1984). Scene from
Cinderella (1947)
2.50 Mikhail I.Zharov (1899-1981). Scene from
Peter I (1937, 1939)
2.50 Lubov P.Orlova (1902-1975). Scene from
Circus (1936)
2.50 Nikolai A.Kryuchkov (1910-1994). Scene from
Tractor Drivers (1939)
2.50 Yuri V.Nikulin (1921-1997). Scene from
Diamond Arm (1969)
2.50 Anatoly D.Papanov (1922-1987). Scene from
Alive and Dead (1964)
2.50 Evgeny P.Leonov (1926-1994). Scene from
Stripy Voyage (1961)
2.50 Nikolai N.Rybnikov (1930-1990). Scene from
Height (1957)
2.50 Andrei A.Mironov (1941-1987). Scene from
Twelve Chairs (1977).
Designer: B.Ilyukhin
Printing: offset
Perforation: comb 12 x 12 1/2
Face value: 2.50 rbl. each stamp
Size: 40 x 28 mm (along perforation)
Print quantity: 300 000 copies of each stamp
Sheetlet print quantity: 70 000 copies
Stamps per sheet: 36 values
Stamps per sheetlet: 9 values
First Day of issue postmark designer:

A aNH J143APEB rr 1 M1 I

c I mcwl /r

POCCM IR M ,,kllmm;lB

The joint stamp issue between Russia and Armenia pays
tribute to Ivan Lazarev (1735-1801), the founder of
Lazarev Institute of Oriental Languages in Moscow.
Count Ivan Lazarev (Ovanes L. Lazaryan) figured
prominently in the development and strengthening
friendly relationship between Armenian and Russian
people. He came from an Armenian noble family. The
Lazarevs founded an Armenian college in Moscow in
1815 which was reorganized in Lazarev Institute of
Oriental Languages in 1827 and then it became Moscow
Institute of Oriental Studies in 1921 (It had been existed
up to 1954). To the left on the stamp there is a
building of former Lazarev Institute of Oriental
Languages in Moscow. To the right on the stamp there
is a silver medal delivered to the students of Lazarev
Institute who completed their studies successfully. The
obverse features the portraits of the Lazarev brothers -
Ivan and Ekim (loakim).
Designers: Yu.Artsimenev (Russia), A.Ketchan
Printing: offset
Perforation: comb 12 x 12 1/2
Face value: 2.50 rbl.
Size: 58 x 26 mm (along perforation)
Print quantity: 250 000 copies
Stamps per sheet: 28 values
First Day of issue postmark designer:


RoSSl A 2001


This Commemorative postage stamp is being issued

|Number 35 The Bulletin of the Rossica Society of Russian Philately Winter 2002

according to recommendation of the Universal Postal
Union and the General Assembly of United Nations
proclamation of the year 2001 as the UN Year of
Dialogue among Civilizations. The design of the stamp
symbolizes the dialogue among civilizations:
strengthening relationships among nations,
international co-operation, economic, social, cultural
and humanitarian problem-solving, observance of
human rights and basic principals of freedom for all
Designer: Urska Golob (Slovenia)
Art design: A.Batov
Printing: offset
Perforation: comb 12 1/2 x 12
Face value: 5.00 rbl.
Size: 28 x 40 mm (along perforation)
Print quantity: 90 000 sheets with
artistically designed margins
Stamp per sheet: 8 values



The postage stamp is being issued to mark the 90th
birth anniversary of Arkadi I. Raikin (1911-1987),
actor. Arkadi I. Raikin was at the head of the State
Theatre of Miniature in Moscow (since 1987 -
Satirikon Theatre). Arkadi I. Raikin was a Master of
Momentary Reincarnation, Master of Ceremonies,
Elocutionist of Monologues, feuilletons and sketches.
Arkadi I.Raikin created the gallery of satirical and lyric
characters. The stamp bears the portrait of A.I.Raikin.
Designer: L.Zaitsev
Printing: offset
Perforation: comb 12 1/2 x 12
Face value: 2.00 rbl.
Size: 28 x 40 mm (along perforation)
Print quantity: 350 000 copies
Stamps per sheet: 36 values


1 -0.~A -




-- -

The souvenir sheet is being issued on the occasion of
the bicentenary of the birth of Vladimir I.Dal (1801-
1872), Russian writer, lexicographer, ethnographer.
The fundamental work of V. I. Dal is Explanatory
Dictionary of Living Great Russian Language (1863-
1866). He was conferred the title of Honorary
Academician for this Dictionary. The stamp in the
souvenir sheet features the portrait of V. I. Dal from
the painting of the artist V. G .Perov (1872). The lower
margin of the souvenir sheet bears quotation from V. I.
Dal s works about the importance of Russian language
and facsimile of the scientist.
Designer: Yu. Artsimenev
Printing: offset
Perforation: frame 12 x 12 1/2
Face value: 10.00 rbl.
Size of the souvenir sheet: 70 x 100 mm
Size of the stamp in the souvenir sheet: 30 x 42
mm (along perforation)
Print quantity: 250 000 copies
Stamp per souvenir sheet: 1 value


|Number 35 The Bulletin of the Rossica Society of Russian Philately Winter 2002


Rossica has not held an auction for quite some
time. Various reasons have prevented the idea from
becoming a reality. As usual, there are the legal
questions, the optimism and pessimism associated with
anything new, but the major difficulty has been finding
a person or people to actually do the work.
I am very thankful that one of our members of
the Legion of the Seriously Unhinged has stepped
forward and volunteered. This person is well known in
the philatelic community and has the knowledge and
skills to make this happen. So, let s help Ivo Steijn and
have a good auction.
Ivo will control every aspect of the auction
from gathering the lots, ensuring they are as accurately
described as possible, compiling the catalog for mailing
and posting on our web site, keeping track of who is
doing what with which item, etc. He will report directly
to the officers through me. We do not need multiple
communications paths.
The Treasurer will handle all financial aspects
of the auction to include receiving payment for the lots
and dispersal of money to the winning vendors. The
Treasurer will rely on the Auctioneer to send accurate
information regarding bidding results.
We are offering two ways to pay: via regular
mail, or via the Internet through PayPal.
Now is a golden opportunity to get rid of some
of your duplicates and spend the money you make
buying new material at the auction.
Please read through this entire document for
information about the auction.

Here s to a good auction!! May the highest bidder get
great deals!

Gary A. Combs
Rossica Society of Russian Philately


During 2003, the Rossica Society will organize
an auction for and by its members. All Rossica members
can send in material for this auction. Bidding in the
auction is open to all Rossica and BSRP members. The
auction is a purely postal auction there will be no
room bidding.
Members are invited to send in material for this
auction, in the following categories:
Postage stamps (Imperial Russia, Civil War
period, USSR, Russia, post-Soviet republics)
Postal stationery (see above)
Postal history items (see above, including pre-
stamp items)
Fiscal and other non-postal material (see above)
Literature (see above)
If you have material to contribute, please send it to
the Auctioneer:
Ivo Steijn
P. O. Box 50988
Dallas, TX 75250

The Rossica Society is not responsible for
material lost in the post, so members are urged to send
in material by certified or insured mail.
All lots must be accompanied by a list of
descriptions and starting prices. The minimum
starting price for a lot will be $5.
The deadline for sending in material is January
31, 2003. The auction catalog will go out to members
in February 2003, with the closing date for the auction
set at March 31, 2003.
There is no buyer s commission for this
auction. Vendors will be charged a commission of 10%
on all successfully sold lots.
After the 2003 auction is concluded, the Rossica
officers will review the results to see if this should be an
annually recurring event.
Support your Society, get rid of that unwanted
material and participate in an all-Russia auction!
All questions should be sent to the above
address, or by email to auction@rossica.org

|Number 35 The Bulletin of the Rossica Society of Russian Philately Winter 2002


1. The Rossica Society Auction (RSA) is a postal
auction organized and conducted by the Rossica
2. The RSA is a postal auction only. Bids must be
mailed to the auctioneer. Bids by email are
acceptable, if a written and signed confirmation
follows by mail.
3. Vendors may send in material to be auctioned. The
lots must be accompanied by a list of descriptions
and starting bids. The auctioneer may propose
changes in the description to the vendor. However,
if the vendor does not agree to the proposed
changes the vendor may withdraw the lot from sale.
Optionally, the auctioneer may reject the item.
4. The Rossica Society has taken great care to ensure
that all statements in the lot descriptions are
reliable and accurate, and that each item is genuine
and authentic, unless the contrary is indicated. The
statements are not intended to be, and are not to be
taken as statements of fact and representations of
fact. Neither the Society nor the vendor shall be
liable for any fault or error of description, nor shall
they be liable for lack of genuineness or
authenticity of any lot or any item in a lot whether
or not such lot is exhibited with any certificate of
opinion or other supporting document or mark.
5. Lots comprised of 6 stamps or more, or lots stated
to comprise or contain collections, issues or
undescribed stamps shall be put up for sale not
subject to return and shall be taken by the purchaser
with all (if any) faults, lack of genuineness and
authenticity, and errors of description and numbers
of stamps in the lots, and the purchaser shall have
no right to return the lot.
6. The following type of material will be accepted for
the auction:
Postage stamps (Imperial Russia, Civil War
period, USSR, Russia, post-Soviet republics)
Postal Stationery (see above)
Postal history items (see above, including
pre-stamp items)
Fiscal and other non-postal material (see
Literature (see above)
7. The minimum starting price for any individual lot
will be $5. The minimum bidding step will be $1.
Bids that do not reflect the minimum bidding step
will be rounded downward.
8. All bids are confidential, and shall not be revealed to
third parties.
9. The highest bidder for each lot shall be the
purchaser thereof. In case of dispute, the auctioneer

shall have sole and absolute discretion to determine
the dispute.
10. All lots remain the property of the vendors until
the buyers pay them in full. Payment must be made
in US funds by personal check drawn on a US bank,
US money order, in cash (at sender s risk) or via
PayPal within 15 days of receipt of the invoice. If
payment is not received by that time, the RSA may
choose to regard the lots as unsold and return them
to the vendor. No lots shall be sent out before
payment for them is made in full.
11. Payment to the vendors will be made within 2
weeks of all that vendor s lots having been paid for.
Unless otherwise arranged, payment will be by
personal check drawn on a US bank. The cost of
any other payment arrangement will be born by the
vendor. Vendors will pay a 10% vendor s
commission to the RSA.
12. Buyers may specify how the lots are to be mailed to
them. The mailing costs are added to the invoice.
The RSA will not be responsible for lots lost in the
mail. The buyer may choose to have the lots sent
by insured mail, the cost of which will be added to
the invoice.
13. Unsold lots shall be returned to the vendors by
certified mail at the RSA s cost. However, the
Rossica Society shall not be responsible for lots lost
in the mail. The extra cost of any other method of
mailing shall be paid by the vendor.
14. All lots are by definition sold as is. However, any
lot of which the description is found to be incorrect
may be returned within 1 week of receipt. If the lot
is intact, the full price will be refunded.
Bidders may request photocopies (B&W or color) of
individual lots to be sent to them. The cost of
this must accompany the request. Bidders may also
request that a scan of a lot is emailed to them. While
this is free, no more than 10 lots will be scanned and
emailed to any individual bidder.
15. The submission of lots for sale and/or the placing of
a bid shall constitute acceptance of the foregoing
conditions of sale.

Payment Instructions:
Payment for lots won must be made BEFORE the
lot is shipped, and is to be sent as follows:

For cash (at sender s risk), check in US $ drawn
on a US bank, or money order (no stamps will be
accepted) send to:

Rossica Auction
c/o Gary Combs
8241 Chalet Ct.
Millersville, MD 21108

|Number 35 The Bulletin of the Rossica Society of Russian Philately Winter 2002

For credit cards using PayPal only send to:

auction(@Rossica.org. Buyers sending money via
PayPal must also pay the associated charge. Please see
our explanation for this charge and how to calculate
what it will be at:


2002 National Show
continued from Page 1

were well-stocked with material: classic postal history,
Imperial stamps, full sheets of the 1909 series all the
way to the latest CIS issues on cover in the dollar bins.
Four days were not enough to look at it all.
While there were only a couple of Russian area exhibits,
the exhibits were breathtaking. The society table was a
great place to stop and meet people. There was a steady
stream of members, and the society signed up five new
members. During the course of the show I had the
opportunity to meet at least two dozen members for
the first time. Overall, I d say it was a GREAT show.

National Meeting Report
Continued from Page 2
being considered. Airmail oversea will require a
surcharge and depending on how much overseas postage
rates are increased next year, the Society may have to
go to two tier dues for all oversea members.
Officer elections are to be held in 2003 for
terms staring in 2004. Gary asked for people to
consider running.
The meeting s program was two talks by Ray
Ceresa from the United Kingdom, Modern Fakes in
the Market and For the Benefit of the Postman
(found on page 3.)

Continued from Page 3
For the Benefit of the Postman

analysis of 28 Court Packets/Receipts showed 18 on
packets and 10 on receipts). The receipt allowed for 1)
delivery to the named recipient, 2) delivery to a close
relative, or 3) delivery to landlord, hetman or head of
police, in the temporary absence of addressee. The
Recipient had to sign for the packet. If it could not be
delivered due to temporary absence of addressee and
there was no one else to sign for it, it was taken to the
local post office and displayed for 12 months before
being returned to the Court. (This was the law but it
rarely seems to have been applied).
Frequently, although an appropriate signature
had been obtained for the packet, it was not possible to
present it to the addressee, (who had been hospitalized
outside the district, sent to prison, banished to Siberia,
died, etc), appropriate notations were added to the back
of the packet and the packet returned to the court. On
being returned to the Court, the packet was date
cacheted and filed.
Receipts with and without "For The Benefit of
the Postman" stamps are displayed, likewise packets
with and without these stamps and complete packets
with receipts still attached, all of which had been
returned to the Court.
Due to their large size, few delivered packets
have survived and thus "For The Benefit of the
Postman" stamps are rarely found on entire and those
that have survived, like these from Kamanetz-
Podolsk", have been 'liberated' from Court archives.
Each District Court had slightly differing designs
both for the packets and for the receipts and nearly 30
examples are included in the display.

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