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A Soi an Wae Scec Deatmn Publ-icatio

i Myakka
/ Volume 5 Number 1 Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

In this issue:

Forest Soils 2
Biogeochemistry Program
in Bra--i and tMexico
Microbial Ecology Short 2
Courses in India

Agroforestry-En-ironment 2

International visitorss at 3
the UF/IFAS Analytical
Research and Extension
Soil Laboratory

Hugh Popenoe-Four 3
Decades of International
Ac trities

Pam Marlin

Darryl Palmer

Dr. Vimala Nair




In this newsletter we highlight the Soil and Water
Science Department's (SWSD) international
programs. Our faculty are deeply involved in
many international activities, and the department
offers educational programs in several countries,
including Brazil, China, Czech Republic, India,
Mexico, Nigeria, and Uganda. The SWSD
serves as home for international students from all
over the world currently, international students
from 20 countries represent 40% of the graduate
student pool and many of these students go on
to hold high-level positions in their countries at
universities and in industry. Moreover, many
international post doctoral fellows and visiting
scientists find our department an ideal place to
pursue their research and educational goals. A
few examples of current activities are presented
in this newsletter.

The department is currently sponsoring two
international symposia: Wetland Biogeochemistry
(March 20-23, 2005 in Baton Rouge, La),
http://conference.ifas.ufl.edu/wetlands and
Pedometrics (September 12-14, 2005, Naples,
Florida) http://conference.ifas.ufl.edu/
pedometrics. Mary Collins and Sabine Grunwald
hold important offices in the International Union
of Soil Science. Mary Collins was elected as
Vice-Chairperson for Division 1 (Soil in Space
and Time) and Sabine Grunwald was elected as
Vice-Chairperson for the Commission 1.5
Pedometrics. Both of them will be actively
involved in organizing sessions at the 18th World
Congress of Soil Science to be held in
Philadelphia (July 9-15, 2006). Vimala Nair was
invited to serve as a member of the Scientific
Committee at the International Congress on
Silvopastoralism and Sustainable Management
held April 18-24, 2004, in Lugo, Spain. In
addition, faculty have made numerous
presentations at international conferences and

~c~_ .

321. Telephon 32 9210;g Fa 32 9-39. Eal kr -f. 3 htp/sisia .uf~d

Spring 2005


symposia held in various countries including Belgium,
Brazil, China, England, India, Ireland, Mexico,
Netherlands, South Africa, and Thailand.
The SWSD is exploring opportunities to reach
international students via distance education (DE)
programs. Through UF/IFAS International Programs
Office, a pilot project was initiated with the International
Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Cali, Columbia.
Recently, Nick Comerford attended a workshop
organized by CIAT to discuss the DE program in
Environmental Science. Sabine Grunwald is scheduled
to visit Nigeria and Uganda in June 2005 to determine
DE opportunities in that part of the world. In addition,
we are also exploring opportunities to offer a DE
graduate program at the International Crops Research
Institute for Semiarid Tropics (ICRISAT), Hyderabad,
India, and at the Earth University, Costa Rica. Our
focus with the international DE program has been on
developing countries and we hope to assist these
countries to increase the pool of trained professionals
in soil, water, and environmental sciences. We
request our international alumni to visit our web site
and give us some feedback to enable us to develop
linkages with your country for potential collaborations
in teaching, research, and extension activities.
Here are a few highlights since the last newsletter:
* Kelly Morgan, Assistant Professor in Soil and Water
Science, joined Southwest Florida REC, Immokalee,
Florida. Kelly's research and extension activities will
focus on nutrient management and water quality
issues in agricultural watersheds.

* Mark Clark joined the department as an Assistant
Professor in Wetlands and Water Quality. Mark's
research and extension activities will focus on wetland
restoration and water quality.
* Max Tepliski accepted our offer to join the
department in April 2005 as an Assistant Professor of
Microbial Ecology. His research will revolve around
plant-microbial interactions in the rhizosphere in a wide
range of ecosystems.

* Jim Davidson, Emeritus Vice President for
Agriculture and Natural Resources (former professor of
Soil Physics), was inducted into the Agricultural Hall of
Fame in February 2005. Our hearty congratulations to
Jim and his wife, Peg. L/d "



Andy r:gram and the Soil Microbial
Ecolog. Laborator, ha..e been de elop-
ing ties %.,ith se eral institutions through-
out India over the past fe.,. .ears "nd.,
has presented seminars at some of the
prominent universities and go ernment
research institutions around India includ-
ing IlT Madras Assarm Agrcultural
Uni.i ersity EBangalore Liniersitr and the
Institute for Microbial Technology

In Summer 2-003 "ndy Ogram and
shilnli Chauhan a post-doctoral
research fellow "i conducted a workshopo p
on molecular methods in microbial ecol-
ogy at E.angalore Iuniversit., funded by
UF/IF"S In 200-4 'Ogram ",as a "arded
an "merican Societ; for Microbiology
Indo-US Frofessorship for 200-1 He and
Hector Castro a post-doctoral fellow ., ..1ll
de..elop and teach a special ',orshop on
molecular methods in biodegradation
research This i workshop ,. Il be held in
March 2005 at the Institute of Microbial
Technology IlMTECHI in Chandigarh

Ogram returned from Chandigarh in Sep-
tember %..here he and Dr R Charudattan
of Plant Pathology established a
Memorandum of Understanding bet.,',een
the Uni,,ersit. of Florida and IMTECH
IMTECH ihttp II ', int.mech res ini is a
,,orld-class nicrobiology% research facility
',.'hose faculty is actiely engaged in
cutinng edge research in environmental
microbiology microbial physiology- and
fermentation and accine development It
is hoped that close ties ,.,ith IMTECH ,,.ill
result in de.;eiopment of projects within n
India and the recruitment of high quality
students and postdoctoral associates
O'ur primary' contact at IMTECH Lir
Rakeshh Y .ain is appointed as a
courlesy professor in the SvVSD For
additional details contact Andy OCIgram at
a3,io@oias ufl edui


The international aspect of the Forest
S Soils E.iogeochemiislr, Program in [he
SVVSL' covers both teaching and re-
S .::: .... search Nick Comerford directs a FIFSE-
(Fund for the Improvement of Post Sec-
ondary Education US Department of
Education) CAPES (Coordenagao de
Aperfeigoamento de Pessoal de Nivel
Superior Brazil's Ministery of
Education) undergraduate student ex-
change program between the U.S. and
Brazil in the area of natural resource
management. Currently we have four
U.S. students in Brazil with another four
arriving in spring 2005. The purpose of this program is to develop a group of professionals
with international experience, language proficiency and an appreciation for the culture of
other countries.

Nick Comerford has also taught in Brazilian universities over the past eight years. He has
offered his graduate course "Soil Nutrient Bioavailability" at the Federal University of Vigosa
(1987), the Federal University of Bahia (2001) and the State University of Santa Cruz
(2004). The first two teaching opportunities were funded by the Brazilian federal agencies
that fund research and teaching. The latter was made possible when Comerford was in
Brazil as a Fulbright Fellow. He also participates as a lecturer in Agriculture in the Tropics
program offered at the National Institute of Amazonian Research in Manaus (INPA).

On the research side, Comerford is
engaged in both Brazil and Mexico. In
Brazil he continues to work with faculty ;
at the Federal Universities of Vigosa
and Bahia, as well as INPA and the ..
federal research agency responsible for
the development of the cocao. Current
research ranges from soil chemical
diversity and its influence on P cycling
in native forest and cocao agroforesty
systems to soil carbon sequestering in
the Mata AtlEntica; Alfisol development
under tropical conditions to the soil fer-
tility of Amazonian Dark Earth soils.
Kimberly Epps, a Ph.D. candidate in the
Forest Soils program, will be spending
the next 12 months in Bahia, Brazil
investigating the chemical diversity of
organic carbon inputs.

In Mexico, Comerford works with CICY (Centro de Investigaci6n Cientifica de Yucat6n) the
state research organization of the Yucatan. Currently he is on the committee of two students
who are working on soil root-soil nutrient uptake modeling topics. Lisette Borges, a Ph.D.
candidate from CICY, recently spent several months in the Forest Soils laboratory to learn
methods and gain experience in the U.S. For additional details on Forest Soil
Biogeochemistry Program contact Nick Comerford at nbc@ifas.ufl.edu.


Vimala Nair served as a member of the Scientific Committee at the International Congress on Silvopastoralism and Sustainable Management held
in Lugo, Spain in April 2004. Nair was also a member of the Organizing Committee for the 1st World Congress of Agroforestry held June 27 to
July 2, 2004, in Orlando, FL (http://conference.ifas.ufl.edu/wca). The Congress, organized by UF/IFAS (see Myakka Newsletter, Volume 3, No. 1)
and supported by 25 organizations from four continents was attended by nearly 600 participants from 82 countries, including prominent
international scientists such as Nobel Laureate Norman Borlaug. In addition to volunteer presentations at the Congress, Nair was the chair of the
session on Environmental Amelioration, and a speaker at the pre-Congress Workshop. SWSD graduate students Myrlene Chrysostome,
Manohardeep Josan, and Daniel Herrera took part as Congress volunteers and gained valuable experience by interacting with prominent
international scientists.




Research and
Extension Soil
Testing Labora-
tories in SWSD
have hosted
visitors from
three countries
during Decem-
ber,2004 and
January 2005.

delegation of high ranking government and academic officials from Iraq
visited the laboratories on December 13, 2004. The group toured the
laboratory facilities and discussed nutrient recommendations, water
quality, QA program, equipment, automation and computer database.
The delegation requested that Director Rao Mylavarapu help them to
set up a successful soil testing program and research labs in Iraq. As a
follow-up, a recommendation will be submitted by Mylavarapu to the
appropriate authorities at a later date.

Michael Chetty, Manager, Research Laboratories at the Institute of
Commercial Forestry Research in association with University of Natal,
South Africa, spent a week at the ARL/ESTL from January 24-28, 2005.
During his visit, Chetty discussed the analytical methods, QA/QC proto-
cols equipment and priorities with Mylavarapu and possible collabora-
tion in the areas of method development and instrument optimization.

Mr. Yu Hongjun, a Chinese scientist working on vegetable crop nutrition
at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, spent a week at the soil
testing laboratory in January 2005. He was provided with information on
training in soil testing procedures, test interpretations and nutrient
recommendations and automation through computerization of
operations by Mylavarapu and other laboratory personnel.


Hugh Popenoe joined the IF Soils
Department in 1' .0 and w.as
a ,'ardedr Professor of the ear in
PgricuLiture at UF in 196J For the
last -IS ears PFopenoe "sas iniol ed
in various international activ.,'ties hter
directing the Caribbean Research
Frograin he .as appointed Director
of the Center for Tropc al A;griculture
in 1te5 and Director of International
Programs in Agriculture in 1966 In addition he initiated and
Dias D[rector of the Florida Sea G:rant College from 1'- 1 to
19i78 At the national le el he chaired the Join Comminitee of
agriculturall Research and De'..'elopment of the EBoard of Inter-
national Food and ie eloplment He also served on the Board
of Science and De'.elopment of the I national Research Coun-
c l 11 IRC and chaired the ad isror, Committee of Technology
Inno.ation Hugh Popenoe r,.as the chairman or committee
member of 16 I IRC Fublications He s..-as also a member of
the I SF International Ad..sory Committee Fopenoe is a
founder and current president of the American VVater Buffalo
Association Internationally he '- as a trustee of the Interna-
ional Foundation for Science He .as a founding board inem-
ber of the rirgani7ation for Tropical Stuldies and is a past
president and current board member of -eamorano Honduras
Popenoe has tra eled and .,.orked in most of the tropical
countries of usia africa and Latin "merica He is a fello.., of
the Soil Science Society of "merica the "merican Society of
"gronomy american a".sociation for the "d ancement of
Science and mnerican ,'3_eograpFhical Society He has been
a.,..arded the Science F'oneer Prize of the Egyptian Veterinary,
Association for Buffalo De-elopinent He ,'as a Visiting Lec-
turer on Tropical Public Health at the Har,-ard School of Pubic
Health for four years As Emeritus Professor in SWVSD he still
beachess graduate courses Hugh Popenoe continues to be a
great asset to the SVVSD, IFS and UF

Mary Collins named President-Elect of the Soil Science Society of America

Professor Mary Collins is elected the President-Elect of the Soil Science Society of Mmerica (SSSAi She is the first
.oman president-elect of the SSSA *..hich is the hone for o..er 5 00 soil science professionals throughout the
*.. world Mary Collins assumed the duties as Fresident-Elect of the SSSA in [o. ember 2004 The primary purpose of
the Society is to ada e ence the line an practice of soil science acquiring an disseminating information about
soils in relation to crop production en ironmental quality ecosystem sustainability. boremediation %.,.aste manage-
ment and recvcling %,,ater quality and ,ise land use Collins is a Professor of Environmental Pedology and Under-
graduate Coordinator in the SvvSD UF/iF"S Collins has ser ed as an officer in the International Union of Soil
Ai Sciaence as '.ell as a member of the ialional Academies I national Committee for Soil Science

Students from the Agronomy/Soils Club together with faculty coordinators from Soil and Water Science
(James Bonczek) and Agronomy (Lori Snyder) departments recently conducted soil characterization of
the property surrounding the UF president's residence slated for horticultural gardens. The ultimate goal
of the effort is to provide the basis for an overall management plan for the area which will be presented
at the University President's home in celebration of Ag Week in March.

Soil samples will be analyzed at the UF-IFAS Extension Soil Testing Laboratory to determine fertilizer
recommendations. This information will provide a basis for collaboration between the Agronomy/Soils
Club and the Environmental Horticulture Club to assemble a management plan for these areas. This
effort was a component of a demonstration project initiated by CALS Associate Dean, Jane Luzar, to
foster cooperation among student organizations in CALS and to highlight student skills and knowledge.




Hydric Soils (W. Hurt) This exclusive training program focuses on the
interrelations of hydrology and hydric soils and how to distinguish hydric
soils from nonhydric soils. This course is offered four times a year. For
additional information contact Wade Hurt at wade_hurt@ifas.ufl.edu.

Soils for Professionals (Mary Collins and James Bonczeck) is scheduled
for offering during June 9-10, 2005. For additional information contact
Mary Collins at mec@ifas.ufl.edu.

Soil Microbiology- Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (A. Al Agley) is sched-
uled for offering during July 25-27, 2005. For additional information contact
Abid Al Agley at aaag@ufl.edu.


Jim Davidson is inducted into the Agricultural Hall of Fame
Jim Da idson former Professor of Soil P'hys~CS and
Emeritus vice President of agriculturee and I Iatural Re-
sources,. ', as inducted into the .Agricultlural Hall of Fame
in 2005 for his outstanding contributions as a teacher
researcher and a leader for agricultural and natural re-
source programs )Daidson came to IJF/IFAS in 1972
as a visiting associate professor and joined the faculty as
a soil science professor in 197-1 From 1979 to 1992.
DCavidson ser ed as assistant dean and dean for re-
search for IUIF/lF S "s dean for research he "sas re-
sponsible for UF/IF"S research programs in 22. aca-
demic departments and 13 research and education centers throughout Flor-
ida His research focused on the mo ement of pesticides and other organic
contaminants through the SOil He is a fellow of the Soil Science Society of
america the american Societ' of "gronommy and is listed in american Men of
Sciences Men of Achieement Whos VWho in the South Whos VVho in Sci-
ence and Engineering CDa..idson '.as a '.arded the Distinguished Ser ice
.A.. ard of the Soil Science Society of Ainerica He has ser ed on national
committees in estigating ground after quality including a committee of the
J S En.. ronmental Frotection Agency and co-chaired the I latonal Research
Council committee on the E..erglades Congratulations to Jim and F'eg and
thanks for ,'our outstanding contributions to SVVSD and to UF/IF"S

Ste.e Barlo-. MS 4cii. or M Clark
Mich.ael Miyittah MS 4ditior G Connor
earthyy Sabesan MS -4ci isor S Grun..ald
Martin "nderson MS 4d\ isor J Sr.kiran
Darren Bishop MS 4di iso' VV Harris
Christopher Chilton MS -4di sor M Coiiins.
Ceilia, Conc:ha MS 4dl ior M Clark
Adrienne Frisbee MS 4d\ isor V Redd-,
Vernal 'Gokkaa PhD P 4di sor y Redd-,
Elizabeth HOdges. Phl- 4-i isor G 0O Connor
"ngeliquie Peppler FPhD Aci4dor Reddy
S 1-lia Lang FhD -di sor M Clark
Meli,.sa Marin MS 4d\ iso' J Sickman
Henriquie Maver MS 4di issor i Li
Tra-ns. Richardson MS 4it isor P F ikedi-Vizza
Ja.on Smith PhD 4dis.cor A gCram

The following have been recognized for their
accomplishments. Congratulations!

Carlisle Scholarship Manohardeep Josan

Polston Scholarship Isabela Torres

Robertson Scholarship Sampson Agyin-Birikorang

F.B. Smith Scholarship Deborah Duda

SWSD Ph.D. Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies-
Nadine Kabengi

Outstanding Undergraduates-
Victoria Gardner and Leanna Woods

SWSD Superior Accomplishment-
Cheryl Combs, Kelly Lewis, Pam Marlin and Gavin Wilson

SWSD Outstanding Teacher/Advisor of the Year -
Mark Clark

New Faculty in Focus...

Kelly Morgan, Assistant Professor, Nutrient Management, Southwest Florida REC, Immokalee, FI
Kelly received his Ph.D. from the University of Florida in 2004. Kelly's research will include model verification and
validation, adaptation of the model to citrus production on bedded Spodosols, and the expansion of the model to include
vegetable crops and sand-land sugarcane production. Kelly Morgan's extension program will include providing growers
of Florida with science-based information on improved soil fertility and water management methods and the
implementation of best management practices that sustain yields while protecting water quality. Prior to joining the
faculty, Morgan was the Scientific Research Manager of 120 acres of citrus research plots at the Water Conservation II
reclaimed water


Mark Clark, Assistant Professor, Wetlands and Water Quality
Mark works in the area of .etllands and waler quality He recei. ed his Ph D from the Jn.. ersi.it of Florida in 2000 and
has held postdoctoral and non-tenure track faculty positions ...lthin the SVVSD prior to his selection to this tenure track
position Clark s research .,.ill focus on ieltland ecology and -later quality Clark s e tension acti ties include educating
Floridians about wetlandsd s http t/,,.etlandetension ifas fl eJduI facilitating a linkage bet..een agricultural interest and
funding sources for .,.etland enhancement n ttp it...er ifas uifl eduiI and integrating wetlandsd s into de eloped urban and
agricultural landscapes to impro e afterte r quality The UF Clean Vater Campaign is one eample of outreach and educa-
tion acti ties being conducted in this case at the Un.,ersity of Florida Campus Ihttp //carnpus.,aterquality ifas iffl eduI
In addition to research and extension acti ates Mark Clark also teaches t~,o courses titled VVetlands Lundergraduate
le.eli and Wetlands and VVater Q3uality u ndergraduiate and graduate leels.

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