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Current and back taxes


Tuesday, 1/28 10am
O'Bistro 6661 Central Ave
Thursday, 1/30 2pm
Panera 1908 4th St N
i dCandace Reistrom
|, 727-434-1803
47 2 TTY 711
I IruLdiLidLuJJrji


since 19681


Beach Welcomes
ewton Ave. House Beach comes
,1I.. Tr Commissioner

-- -7 .
Gulfport detectives have yet to find the next of kin of a dead man found
just inside Gulfport city limits Monday morning. Detective Hanh Pham
told the Gabber that a teenage boy who went behind an assumed
vacant home at 4922 Newton Avenue South found a 58-year-old dead
black man. The man, Detective Pham told the Gabber, "appears to be
homeless." Police say the preliminary investigation uncovered no signs
of foul play.

Six Tons of Trash Collected
G From mattresses to doors,
the second quarterly "Junk
in a Trunk" event, held
bl this past Saturday at the
49th Street Neighborhood
SCenter, sent almost six tons
of junk 11,820 pounds
to the county's waste-to-
energy facility. Gulfport
Neighbors organized the
event; the City of Gulfport
supported it and agreed
to remove the trash at no
charge to residents or the
community group.
According to Gulfport
Neighbors vice-president
Margarete Tober, many of
the items didn't make it
to the junk heap because
other people snapped them
Photo by Doug Hudson up.
Gulfport police were also on hand
to answer resident questions and register bicycles. Typically,
bulk pickups cost residents $17 per claw grab of the city's
picker truck, but on Junk in the Trunk amnesty days,
See Junk, page 11

Former St. Pete Beach
Mayor Ward Friszolowski
took the oath of office for the
District Three commission
seat last Tuesday night on St.
Pete Beach. The commission
voted unanimously to appoint
the former elected official to
the seat vacated by outgoing
Commissioner Marvin
Shavlan, who sold his home
had to step down because
he no longer met the city's
residency requirement.
See Commission, page 6

Comes to
Michael Audino presented a
plan to provide valet service
in Gulfport. Under this
plan, the valet service would
operate in city limits at no
cost to passengers.
"There's a need for enhanced
mobility here in Gulfport,"
he told council. Mr. Audino
compared the type of
service to that available in
Everglades National Park
and on St. Pete Beach,
See Transportation, page 3

SL:," ;4a .F.:, X'j ,., "!.ri'.tL: ,. j -& -



N^ T ^ ..;m &.1. .,." _:^B.1
Medicare, Medicaid,
& Most Insurance Accepted I

Log on today and see what
our patients are saying.
We are the varicose vein
treatment experts!

Call NOW for

In St. Petersburg
3520 38th AVE N

GabberJanuary 23 -January 29, 2014
Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014


from front page
where low-speed vehicles not
unlike golf cars provide such
"We view this as a partnership,"
between the City of Gulfport, the
Gulfport Area Chamber of Commerce,
and the Gulfport Merchant's
Association, Mr. Audino said. That
group would establish a non-profit
entity to operate the organization
but an independent contractor would
drive the vehicles and collect tips.
Citizens can ask questions such
as whether or not the golf cars will
allow advertising, who would pay the
liability insurance, total costs and
the city's share of such costs, and
how many cars would go into service,
will get answered at the February 6
At that workshop council could
also consider the legality of golf cars
and learn whether Mr Audino's plan
includes street-legal golf cars or if
Gulfport would have to change the
law to allow cars. Currently Gulfport
only allows street-legal golf cars on
its roads, which differ from certain
types of golf cars.

Reserve your Yard
Sale Space
Spaces for the January 25th
Community Yard Sale are on sale
now. The City of St. Pete Beach is
hosting a Community Yard Sale at
7701 Boca Ciega Dr from 8 a.m. to
12 p.m. The Community Center does
all the advertising for the event. The

January 24 February 14 & 28
March 14 & 28
All seminars begin at 1pm.
Call to reserve your space
Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

cost for the 10'x 10' space is $15 for St.
Pete Beach residents and $17.50 for
non-residents. For more information
or to reserve your space, contact
the Community Center at 727-
363-9245. Spaces will sell out fast, so
call today!

Check out Corey
Fresh Market
Corey Fresh Market hosts an
average of 50 local vendors on
Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wares
include produce, flowers/plants, arts/

crafts, specialty foods, live music
and special appearances. Come meet
photographer Laurie Ross from
1-3 p.m. who will sign copies of her
book Shop Dogs: A Photo Essay of
Dogs that Go to Work. The Corey
merchants are open during market
hours which makes this the biggest
shopping/dining venue in St. Pete
Beach on Sundays. Market is located
just off Gulf Blvd. in downtown St.
Pete Beach. Free admission and
parking. Visit http://www.coreyave.
com or call 727-498-8778.


People are often skeptical about hypnosis and its ability to aid in
smoking cessation. Because of my many years of experience
helping people stop smoking, I understand the skepticism.
First and most important is to understand that smoking is an
addiction. Popular media has informed us about the obvious ,
addictive potential of nicotine but not much is discussed about
the psychological part of this addiction.
Cigarettes find their way into the very fabric of everyday life,
becoming a part of so many activities. Habits are formed,
creating associative relationships to things like food and alcohol or even driving a car. Smokers
also learn to identify themselves with cigarettes, and after a while, it seems to becomes a part of
them. You must understand that psychological cravings are just as real as chemical ones.
Perhaps most importantly cigarettes become for most people part of a coping mechanism to try to
deal with emotional pressures like stress and boredom. There are much more positive ways to
learn to calm and feel better without replacing smoking with food and putting on weight. You can
learn how.
Recent publications tell us that our bodies eliminate the need for nicotine only a few days after we
quit smoking. If it was purely a physical addiction, we would be done with smoking after a few days
off the cigarette. But as most smokers know, the cravings usually continue when they try to quit
cold turkey far after those first few days are over. This is because of the psychological needs that
continue to drive the motivation to smoke.
This is where hypnosis helps. Hypnosis is an excellent tool for re-learning. By changing subcon-
scious motivations to smoke you will change the habits and associations that drive much of this
behavior. You can also learn new coping skills so that the cigarette is not needed during stressful
or emotional times. Dealing with both the chemical and the psychological addiction is the real key
to long term smoking cessation.
As you can imagine, with a smart plan and new tools and new attitudes about smoking, you can
learn how to change the habits and healthfully deal with the emotional strains of life free from
Hypnosis is not magic, but it is a powerful tool. With professional help and understanding and if you
really want to quit and are willing to put in some effort and invest in yourself, you really can quit
smoking for life. ( October 2005, John Melton, C.Ht.)

FDeborah Jackson Berje
Counseling Psychologist
Clinical Hypnotherapist
SA e5203 Central Ave

1111 1i since 1968
1419 49th Street South,
Gulfport, FL 33707
(727) 321-6965 (fax) 327-7830
Office Hours
9-5 Mon Wed, 9-2 Fri, Closed Thursday
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Ken & Deb Reichart

Advertising Sales
Genie Sharpless-Short
Customer Service
Gina Forgetta, Mary Baumgartner
Contributing Writers
Bill Northrop, Anne Rush
Reporter / Photograher
Cathy Salustri
Bill Northrop
Anne Rush, Zachary Milasus
Chris Campas

Gulfport, South Pasadena,
Azalea, Grand Central District,
Northwest St. Petersburg, Tyrone,
Kenwood, Central Oak Park,
Southwest St. Petersburg, Maximo,
Tierra Verde, St. Pete Beach,
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Pinellas Point

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Introductory Digital
Photography Workshop
Do you feel overwhelmed by all the
features your camera offers? Are
you unsure what your camera can
and can't do? The St. Pete Beach
Community Center, 7701 Boca Ciega
Drive, will offer an Introduction to
Digital Photography Workshop on
January 23rd, February 20th, March
20th, April 17th, and May 22nd.
Classes start at 6 p.m. and run for
three hours; they cost only $10 per
In this workshop the complete novice
will gain a solid understanding of
their compact digital camera or
the basic features of their digital
SLR. They will leave the workshop
with the fundamental knowledge
needed to embark upon a lifetime's
exploration of photography. After
taking this workshop, participants
are eligible for the Intermediate
digital workshop.
Please register by Tuesday before
the class is scheduled. For more
information or to register call 727-
363-9245. Bring your camera (with a

~r~ff9 f4 ^-LtY_ ~532 -=5325LGuIfport Blvd-,

S ^|W QGul~fort --

SAntiques Art Jewelry

--Collectibles Furniture Vintage Items

> Openat I0am 4

Call The Boulevard Shoppe at 727-327-9700 -
or Mrs. Raylean at 727-827-0614- -

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

charged battery) and a pen or pencil
for any notes.

Council Gets First
Raise in 14 Years
Council voted 3-2 to give itself a
pay raise, the first such raise in 14
years. Vice Mayor Dan Liedtke and
Ward Two Councilwoman Christine
Brown voted against the raise.
Councilwoman Brown said she
regarded the position as a sort of
volunteer post, but outgoing Ward
Three Councilwoman Jennifer
Salmon pointed out that the amount,
amortized over the years since
council's last raise, did not amount
to a significant amount of money per
The ordinance will raise council
pay from $600 per month to $850 per
month; the mayor will make $1,000
per month. Council last received a
raise by unanimous vote in 2000,
when the mayor's pay went from
$600 to $800. Earlier in Gulfport's
history, such raises went before the
voters for approval. The raise goes
into effect this coming budget year.

Sun Damage: Pre-Cancers

Actinic Keratoses (AK) are most
often pink or red crusty patches
found on sun exposed areas. Men
tend to get AK on the scalp, espe-
cially if hair is thinning, and we
often see these lesions on the
hands, faces, chest, and legs of
men and women in the areas of
sun exposure from the years
before they were thirty years old.
If left untreated, actinic kera-
toses can grow into Squamous
Cell Carcinoma (SCC), appearing
pink or red, volcano-like growths,
sometimes growing quickly.
Many times patients come in to
our office thinking they had been
bit by a spider, but they were

A great analogy for actinic kera-
toses is to think they are weeds in
your lawn, where the lawn is
your skin. We have many meth-
ods to treat actinic keratoses, but
just like weeds, no matter which
method we chose, new ones often
arise. The goal of treating the AK
is to treat them early and hope-
fully prevent or delay their
progression into skin cancers.

There are several methods to
treat actinic keratoses depending
on the number of lesions, their
locationss, insurance restric-
tions, patient expectations, and
patient tolerance of potential
irritating treatments. Common
treatments include: cryosurgery,
photodynamic therapy (PDT),
and topical chemotherapy

Cryosurgery is a procedure done
in the office using a canister of
liquid nitrogen to spray each
individual lesion to be treated.
The spray itself is extremely cold
and can be painful, often creating
a blister on the treatment site
within 24 hours and usually
heals within 2 weeks.

Photodynamic therapy (PDT), or
the "blue light", is a treatment for
AK done in our office. The patient
is at our office for two hours and
must avoid sun exposure for at
least 48 hours afterwards. We
apply an acid called "Levulan
Kerastick" to the skin and let it
"incubate" for an hour prior to
placing the patient under the
"blue light" for 16 minutes 40

There are now many topical
therapies to treat actinic kerato-
sis including 5- fluorouracil
(brand names: Carac, Fluoroplex,
Efudex, generics), Imiquimod
(brand names: Zyclara, Aldara,
generics), Diclofenac gel (brand
name "Solaraze"), and Picato
(Ingenol Mebutate). The advan-
tages to the topical treatments
are cost effectiveness and conve-
nience. The disadvantages are
insurance coverage, amount of
packaged medication, and poten-
tial irritation to treatment site.

The above treatments are an
overview of the more common
treatments used today to treat
Actinic Keratoses. This does not

substitute for you being evalu-
ated by your dermatology
provider and discussing all the

Whitnie Saron, ARNP is a Board
Certified Nurse Practitioner and
Tampa Bay native. She attended
Florida State University with a
Bachelor's degree in nursing
followed by University of South
Florida with her Master's degree
in Nursing with Magnum Cum
Laude distinction while working
at Bayfront Medical Center in
the trauma unit. Currently she
works for Dr. Frank Armstrong,
D.O. at Dermatology Specialists
of West Florida in Seminole and
has over seven years dermatology

5200 Seminole Blvd. Seminole

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

_^^ Dermatology Specialists

.1 of West Florida

IQ X irine IaIk
with Lee Neal, a fine wine merchant for over 30 years.

Four Sisters 2009 Shiraz
Inspired by his four beautiful daughters, renowned Australian winemaker
Trevor Mast set about to create a wine that was stylish, sophisticated and
modern a reflection of our world today. It was Mast's desire to create a
range of wines that his daughters could enjoy with their friends
Deep purple in color. The fragrant nose displays aromas of lifted perfume
characters from the Viognier combined with subtle dark berry fruit and a hint
of spice and pepper. The palate is elegant and finely balanced displaying dense
berry fruit, overtones of spice and finishing with some fine powdery tannins.
An excellent wine with foods fresh off the grill!


IF NOT THEN I can enable you to watch Call Me... T.HENRY
your home on your smart phone from anywhere 727-424-8848 J
Monthly Specials Popenrys
I No Monthly Charges I
Sales & Service
-Your Equipment or Ours -

The Fine Wine and Spirit_ &-urce
!: .J ,.A)
1 "1t.-"i.b' -A. tJ J

. Absolut B Jose Cuervo
Vodka Tequila
$29. L s29-99

JagermeisterL New Amsterdam,
$I 9.9 IVodka or Gin
s19- $1999 g
S = - *A t .-I.T ,1 ^ I L, ',___
SWy Vodka Karkov Vodka
$21.99 0 $ .99
$22----"9'" _1'i "9 |j

from front page
Commissioner Friszolowski
will remain in the seat until the
March 11 election, at which time
District Three voters will choose a
new representative. The interim
commissioner is not in the running
for the seat.
Resident Deborah Schechner also
put forth her name for consideration
for the interim position, but some on
council expressed concern about her
involvement in litigation against the

Garden Club of
St. Petersburg Events
The following event will be held at
the Garden Club of St. Petersburg,
500 Sunset Drive S. in St. Petersburg.
Call 727-381-8920 or visit www.
Tuesday, January 28: "Florida
Friendly Vegetable Gardening with
speaker Nathan Levy of Locally
Grown. 1 p.m.

V., *' J
,, OPEN ---
-= SUNDAY '-
---. Noon 6pm .-.---
','Y "S

BacardiRum Stolichnaya Vodka -w
bLighi & Gold q.j99
s $19." $2f?? 9

Canadian Club Dewars
Whiskey Scotch
$19.99 r-$ .99

[1 Jim Beam ii ivngoup ':
s22.991 Pinnacle
_ 72 Vodka
I Malibu
coconut :$1.99
RUM.99 -2.00 J
*$1 l .9999
Knob 20
Creek 1.75 Ltr
$9 99 With CouponOnly
i "" Expires 1/29/14

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014



Trained raptors in free flight
Live birds of prey in exhibits
and presentations
Native American story telling
Raptorial dinosaur lalk
Photo ops with live birds

Special thanks to EarthQuest

Food and drinks will be available for purchase

For more information and directions contact
Boyd Hill Nature Preserve at 727-893-7326 or
check us out at www RaptorFest org

Presented by FRIENDS _"iF BC', D HILL



Xrienbs ot Bop) Hill
N A I kI. R; L* V [1. : S* I: Fi %* 1L

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014


through early detection
Health conditions like heart disease, stroke, cancer, abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) and many others usually show no symptoms
until it's too late. That's why it's important to detect them early.
OUR TESTS ARE ACCURATE as we adhere to a stringent protocol AND RELIABLE: results are read by a Board Certified radiologist.

This test visualizes build-up of plaque in the
carotid arteries that may lead to stroke.
ANEURYSM (AAA) .............................. $40
95% of ruptured AAAs result in death.
The majority of victims have no symptoms.
ABDOMINAL ULTRASOUND ................$95
Helps identify cancers/disease of the liver,
pancreas, kidneys, gallbladder and spleen.

THYROID ULTRASOUND ........................... $40
Scan to rule out cysts, nodules, goiters & tumors.

ARTERIAL DISEASE (PAD) TEST ............. $40
Ultrasound is used to detect poor circulation and
blockages in the legs.
Screening to view wall motion, valves, enlargements,
calcifications, stenosis, prolapse, blood clots, tumors & fluid
around the heart.


stroke and vascular screening
1-888-667-7587 VISA
or visit

8 GabberJanuary 23 -January 29, 2014

News from the
qulfport [Jistorical Society

Plan a Year of History
Plan a year of history with the
Gulfport Historical Society's
first porch party of the new year.
Instead of a speaker, attendees
will help plan a year's worth of
events celebrating Gulfport's
varied, wacky, and wonderful
history. BYOB and a dish to share
if you so desire, but please don't
feel obligated to do so in order to
attend. Ideas include a Florida
B-movie horror movie festival
(working title: We See Dead
People), a vintage vinyl evening
(tentatively called "Frank Sinatra
Celebrates Gulfport), the second
annual Gulfport Under the Stars,
and anything else you can help us
bring to the never-ending party
that is the Gateway to the Gulf.
We hope to see you there with
ideas at the ready it's going to be
our best year yet!
Join the Gulfport Historical
Society for their porch party at
7 p.m. on Friday, January 24.
Call Miki at 321-5705 or text or
call Cathy at 656-5420 with any
questions. You can also contact
the Gulfport Historical Society
through its Facebook page, which
you can access by reading this
article online at's
"Get Involved" section and looking
for the link.


Put it on,
your opinion will be heard!
Join Today!

the 3

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014



'e Shot)

Re: Hard Candy (Jan. 9,
2014 edition)
Dear Cathy: Thank you for
publicly thanking our President. If
more of the press (and politicians)
would acknowledge the fantastic
benefits of this act and put a tiny
bit of effort into helping it succeed
instead of tearing it apart---think
how many more Americans could
enjoy much better health and still
keep their savings account! I, for
similar reasons and more, join your
"Thanks to Mr. President". I'm sure
thousands more do too, we just won't
hear it in the "News".
Dave Falwell, Gulfport

Dear Cathy: I'm so glad that
Obama Care has worked out for you.
I truly am. However, that is not
the case for all of us in the public
I was living in Iowa with a great
job with great health insurance. I
lost that job and because it appeared
that I might have a better chance at

getting a job in Florida (I wasn't in
Iowa) and I have two brothers living
here, I moved. I have had so many
interviews and working interviews
however; there are so many people
looking for jobs that I have been
unsuccessful at getting one. Which
in turn means I have been without
employee-paid insurance.
I had Cobra for as long as they
would allow however; even then, that
cost me over $600.00 a month. Then
when I applied for individual health
insurance in Iowa I was denied by
some carriers due to pre-existing
conditions. I finally found one with
Humana that was short term for one
year at a little over $300.00 a month.
I could handle that amount but they
would not renew it.
I was hopeful when I heard about
Obama Care and that insurance
companies were not being able to
discriminate against us for pre-
existing conditions. However; my
current policy is costing me over
$600.00 a month again. I could
probablyget thatlowerediflwanted a

Letters to the Editor
Please keep letters to the editor as brief and to the point as possible.
Letters must be typedin upper andlower case on plain white paper or emailedto
One letter per author every four weeks.
All letters are printed and edited for length and content at the discretion of
the editors.
The Gabber encourages and welcomes all letters.
The views and opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily
represent the views of the publishers, staff or advertisers.


Conveniently located across from Save-A-Lot


Monday- Wednesday
8:30- 5:00
Thursday 8:30-1:00

We Now Accept: MetLife, Delta Dental, Aermicus Life,
Guardian, Aetna, Asurant PPO, AARP & Medicare/United
Health Care, Liberty and Dentemax I II .TREET


$5000.00 a year deductible, however;
who has $5000.00 every year to come
up with FIRST (especially when you
are not working). I'm not eligible for
Medicaid so I must pay this $600.00
or be uninsured.
I don't consider this to be the cost
effective insurance Obama Care
made it soundlike itwas going tobe. I
have several pre-existing conditions
and as far as I am concerned the
insurance companies are STILL
using them to affect my insurance.
Oh sure, I can get insurance now
when maybe before I could not. But
how long before my money runs out
and I am forced to go on Medicaid or
worse yet become homeless?
T. Foley

Chicken Soup
Dear Editor: DISCLAIMER! No
Gulfport chickens were violated in
the writing of this letter!
Growing up in a small rural
Wisconsin town, we were often
treated with homemade chicken
soup made with loving care by our
mother. She was careful when
rendering the stock to ensure that
excess skin, fat and oddities were
skimmed or removed and then the
veggies, noodles and extras were
added. When it was served it was
full of aroma, flavor and taste... IT
It occurred to me last week (when
I read the Gabber's story about
Gulfport spending $20,000 on a
Clam Bayou study) that perhaps
Gulfport needs to follow this simple
recipe when it comes to the water
quality of our bay. Stop the trash
flow that runs into our 1,.i,..u 1i.i
from every street between 58th
Street to Quincy Street. Why would
you toss that much money into a pot
that we already know (from previous
studies) has been tainted by 100+
years of runoff? Going in to try any
clean up effort before stopping the
flow of trash would be like asking
the chicken to pluck, skin, and
render its own fat!
We want that fresh water, we need
that fresh water coming into the
bayou to keep the estuary alive, but
not in the condition that it's coming
in from Gulfport streets.
Kurt Zuelsdorf

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

Junk, from front page
Gulfport residents with proof
of residency can bring any non-
hazardous waste to the 49th Street
Neighborhood Center and skip the
The Gulfport Neighbors also reaches
out to property owners in need. For
more information, contact Gulfport
Neighbors on Facebook at Facebook.

Chat with a Pharmacist
As we get older, we take more and
more prescription andover the counter
(OTC) medications, herbal products
and dietary supplements. In addition,
care is being managed by multiple
healthcare professionals. This could
be a recipe for complications.
On Monday, January 27th at
2:30 p.m. bring your medication list
to the Gulfport Senior Center and go
over everything you are taking with a
St. Pete General Hospital pharmacist
who is trained in Medication Therapy
Management and will determine if
there is a risk for drug interactions
and discuss possible less costly
Must be a registered Gulfport Senior
Center member. Membership is easy
and free for all individuals 50 years
of age or older. For more information,
please contact Rachel at 727-

Come learn the tricks to playing the
very popular game of Sudoku at the
Senior Center. Classes are held on

Dr. Mnarc Wi23iJany
Retired D.C. l W

1210 Pasadena Ave S
South Pasadena

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

Wednesday at 1 p.m. and continue
weekly until the end of March. This
class is for those who know nothing
or almost nothing about Sudoku.
Must be a registered Gulfport Senior
Center member. Membership is easy
and free for all individuals 50 years
of age or older. For more information,
please contact Rachel at 727-

Coffee Club
You're invited to join the Coffee Club
that meets at the Gulfport Senior
Center at 5501 27th Avenue S. on

Mahi Mahi

While Supplies Last!b.
While Supplies Last!

1449ot hufp
Em7-323015 |

Gulfprt Sore ours

the first Tuesday of every month at
10 a.m. Discussing current events,
the economy and investing in a
relaxed, informal setting is a great
way to get to know one another as
you learn from financial advisor,
Scott O'Berry. Coffee and doughnuts
are provided.
Must be a registered Gulfport Senior
Center member. Membership is easy
and free for all individuals 50 years
of age or older. For more information,
please contact Rachel at 727-

Royal Red

While Supplies Last!

--- ----------- Z1
$ O Your purchase I
$ "0 of $50 or more

$5 .1 OExpires 1/29114


t Mangia Gourmet Meet and Greet for Paul Ray -
fCandidate for Gulfport City Council Ward III
fThursday, Jan 23rd 5pm 7pm
Come down to Mangia Gourmet at 2930 Beach Blvd Sin Gulfport or call
727-321-6264 for more information. Try some of the freshest, healthiest
.-- and delicious food in town and meet Paul Ray for Gulfport City Council,
ask questions, or voice concerns.., get involved! This will be a fun event
". \at one of the latest additions to our wonderful main streets restaurants.
Rosie's Bar Chili Cook-Off Meet and Greet for Paul Ray -
Candidate for Gulfport City Council Ward III
Sunday, Jan 26th 2pm 6pm
Rosie's Bar would like to invite you to a Meet and Greet Chili Cook-Off for Paul Ray. Call
727-215-9400 for details or to sign up. Come out to Gulfport's best dance and entertainment
venue and try some chili, listen to music, meet Paul Ray and enjoy yourself. Do people tell you
your chili is the best? Come and share it with us! Call to register, bring it down and let our Secret
Celebrity Judges decide or just stop by, try all of the entries, and judge for yourself. Meet Paul
Ray and share your views of the city and ask him about his. An informed voter is a wise voter.
Visit for more info.
Approved by Paul Ray for Gulfport City Council Ward III.

| VOTED e"TAMMPA BiAS BEST SEAFOOD MARKET" Largest 'election in 9ap a

Gulf Shrimp

While Supplies Last!b.
While Supplies Last!

i ^ ll Starters Alternators Tune ups
avi BQio Brakes General Reeairs. CV Axles
All Major 449 49th St. S. Io OFF
Credit Cards 44_9hS, 0 F
Accepted 7273288095 for all New Customers
#MV33361 72 -3 880 .c t$100 minimum

RAMO DJ W S Prset our 201 -21 ManStgSao

nAmeric's furite mahchmalmr
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dhzzf salt to bis BnudwWy
4025 31st St S9
SL Peersburg FL 33712

11 Dolly!
BY JMYa ~n&mhdS
DIedbyRon Aiaz 24 Febmmy 2, 2014
FB &Sot OtW0N0/S&at 20
Group Rats or 10 aduls or moe
'lrcldets 7274M4-.1973 or On Line

Under New Ownership B Bright

CO iN c0N od
D .~y ,6am 11pm
NEARLY 3000 sq ft
New Extra Large Washers
Hot Dryers
New Security System 24hr Surveillance

62nd Ave S


2160 62nd Ave S
St. Petersburg
*Southwest corner of
22nd St South and
62nd Ave South

Premier Vein Institute
Educational Seminar
and Screenings
Do you have aching, fatigue, pain,
cramping, swelling, itching, or
numbness in your legs? Come out on
Monday, February 3rd at 2:30 p.m.
to receive a complimentary screening
and learn about venous diseases.
Must be a registered Gulfport Senior
Center member. Membership is easy
and free for all individuals 50 years
of age or older. Call Rachel at 727-

Warhol and Dali: Learn
the Connections
The St. Petersburg Public Library
System presents "Warhol: Art.
Fame. Mortality: Dali and Warhol
Connections" on Saturday, January
25th, at 2 p.m. at the St. Petersburg
Main Library Auditorium, 3745
Ninth Avenue N. Craig Petersburg,
Education Coordinator for the
Dali Museum, will discuss the new
exhibit as well as the connections
between the work of Andy Warhol
and Salvador Dali. Call 727-
893-7928 for more information.

1135 Pasadena Ave. So.
Suite 140
South Pasadena
Estate Planning
Medicaid Planning
Real Estate, Sales/Closing
Business Law
Elder Law
Personal Injury
Nursing Home Issues
*The hiring of an attorney is an important decision
that should not be based solely upon advertising.
Before you decide, ask us to send you free written
information about our qualifications and experience
Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014



Gulfport City Hall
2401 53rd St. S.
Gulfport, FL 33707

Broadcast Live on GTV615
Gulfport, FL

Facilitated by Ihe League of Women Volers. For more info, contact 727-:
Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014



Sponsored by the City of Gulf port


Questions For Gulfport's Ward Three Candidates
Compiled by Cathy Salustri

S Paul E. Ray
Gulfport Ward 3

"Yolanda Roman
p ,_Gulfport Ward 3

On March 11, voters will choose either Paul E. Ray (1002 Hull Street South) or Yolanda
Roman (5919 19th Avenue South) as their next representative for Ward Three. We asked
them both the same set of questions. You can read their unedited answers below.

What is your career?
Yolanda Roman: After
graduating from Chestnut
Hill College in Philadelphia,
I began my career as a
Johnson & Johnson (J&J). In
the ensuing years, my career
transitioned into a variety of
sales and marketing roles.
After 28 years, I retired from
J&J as the National Director
of Advocacy Relations.
Upon leaving J&J in 2006,
Alkermes, Inc. approached
me to join them as a
Regional Director of Access
& Reimbursement. This is
my current position.

Paul Ray: Software
developer/engineer, former
software development and
consulting firm president
and owner of a restaurant.

How long have
you lived at your
current address?

PR: Three years.

YR: In April of this year, I
will have been in my current
home for six years.

Who else lives in
your household?

YR: Currently, I share my
home with my two dogs,

Duchess and Rocco, and
my newest addition, a
kitten named Maddy. My
children have lived here
and return periodically as
they transition from school
to their careers. My eldest,
Julian, after returning from
the Peace Corps; Jonathan
after graduating from
Florida State University;
and most recently, Jolie after
graduating from Florida
International University.

PR: Wesley, my other half
of 14 years with whom I am
married (in MA) and been
with for 14 years.

In 10 words or less
(we'll talk more
in depth in a later
interview), tell
voters why you
chose to run:

PR: Out of a commitment to
the city has adopted me.

YR: I am motivated and
possess the skills to serve

Where is the last
place you lived
before Gulfport?
Why did you
move away from
that place?

YR: Prior to moving to
Gulfport in 2008, I spent
20 years in Laverock,
Pennsylvania, where I raised
my three kids. In February
2005, I purchased a vacation
cottage near Clam Bayou,
where I spent a considerable
amount of time from 2005-
2008. It was during these
years that I came to love
When I purchased my
current home in Gulfport
in the spring of 2008, I had
two kids studying in Florida
public universities, and my
mother, brother and his
partner already living in

PR: Jacksonville, Florida. I
came down to Gulfport with
Wesley, my other half, 14
years ago. He is originally
from Pinellas County, his
family is from St Petersburg,
and some of them have lived
in Gulfport over the years.
He took me to the downtown
of Gulfport and I fell in love.
The charm of Gulfport is
very reminiscent of Cape
Cod where I grew up, the
friendliness and openness of

thepeople, restaurants, views
from the beach, and of course
the weather. I determined
that day we would live here,
it just took me almost 10
years. The reason for leaving
Jacksonville is that we never
felt the same as we did in

What in the city
most needs council's

PR: The sewer, water, and
storm drainage system.
Although the bayou came
to mind as well, the sewer
system is going to cost the
city more and more money
the longer we ignore it.

YR: The city budget is
the vehicle through which
council can have the most
impact. We must budget in
a fiscally conservative and
responsible manner, while
maintaining optimal city
services and amenities.

How many hours
a week do you
think it will take to
serve on Gulfport
city council?

YR: It is clear to me that
time requirements will
vary depending on the
time of year (e.g., budget
discussions) and/or the type
of issues before the council. I
completely understand that
as a council member I will
be required to come to all
meetings fully prepared to
engage in discussions, ask
questions and share findings
from my own research and/or
input from the community.
Regardless of the time
required, I am committed to
meeting this obligation.

PR: The conversations I have
had with the other council
members lead me to believe
that this will be a minimum
of 15 hours a week.

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

Describe Gulfport
in three words.

PR: Quirky, accepting, artistic.

YR: Community.


Would you have run for
office had the incumbent
(Jennifer Salmon) chosen
to remain in office?

YR: I decided to run upon learning
that the Ward III City Council seat
would be vacant.

PR: No. Had the Ward Three city
council member Jennifer Salmon not
announced her intent on not running
for re-election, I would not have
entertained the idea. I was mostly
pleased with her performance on

What's the worst thing
about Gulfport?

PR: 49th St Corridor. This is not a
good first impression we leave people

YR: Gulfport is an inviting city,
with many different attributes that
showcase our commitment to our
community. This comes in the form
of festivals, events and recreational
activities. Accordingly, the "worst"
thing about Gulfport is trying to find
the time to experience it all.
One of our greater challenges is the
work necessary to finally bring our
sewer systems up to date, in a timely
and fiscally responsible fashion.

What's the best thing
about Gulfport?

YR: The people! Gulfport is defined
by its vast amount of diversity.
This is exemplified by our various
cultures, the artists among us, our
youth, our retirees, and the many
visitors that come and enjoy our
hospitality. There is no other place I
would choose to call home.

PR: That's a hard one to answer, the
people come to mind, the restaurants,
the character, and the acceptance
is sometimes like an oasis in the

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

Photo by Tiffany Anderson-Taylor
Elizabeth Neily explains the basics of knitting to Katie Anderson-Taylor. Ms.
Neily taught the Fab Kidlets class at Fab Fibers in the Art Village Courtyard.
Although the young Ms. Anderson-Taylor was the sole attendee, Ms. Neily
decided to continue the class anyway.
"Katie loved it and is all excited for next week's class," her mom, Tiffany
Anderson-Taylor said. Next week, weather permitting, the class will gather
natural fibers.

We'r Clse tha yo thn ...Yu o muiyppr

Fab Kidlets


Meet the Candidates
Gulfport Voters are invited to meet
the candidates for the upcoming
March 11 Municipal Election on
Tuesday, January 28th at 7 p.m.
inside the Gulfport City Hall Council
Chambers. Facilitated by the
League of Women voters, "Meet the
Candidates" allows the public to ask
important questions about important
Gulfport issues. Get in the know and
see where the Ward III Candidates
stand on Tuesday, January 28th at
Cannot make this date? This program
will be broadcast Live on the City of
Gulfport Television Station, Channel
615 on Brighthouse Cable and on the
City of Gulfport, FL website at the

Meet the Candidale
January 26, -5 PM
Pia'S 'I rallona
3oS4 Beach Blhd S. (.Ltponr FL
I _Cbeat & Wine Taming __

following the link, http://mygulfport.
For more information, please call the
City Clerk at 893-1012. Gulfport City
Hall is located at 2401 53rd Street S.,

Healthy Aging "Mindful
Consumption of
Food & Pleasure"
Heidi Crockett from Aging Care
Advocates, Inc. will be back at
the Senior Center on Wednesday,
February 5th at 1:30 p.m. to discuss
how to bring more awareness, joy, and
pleasure into normal daily activities.
Must be a registered Gulfport Senior
Center member. Membership is easy

"On City Council. I will work hard to keep Gulfport
moving in a positive direction. I pledge' to represent
ALL Gulfprfitiasy mandior i% rat diverse groups to
achieve our city goals. ;im hnIin ig Awvping our
streets, neighborhoods, recreational areas and
cnlnwuitirv .afI and desirable. These are the very
same values that drew me lo Guifporl. I i/l use my
skills lo make a difference when halucins the
demands for city services with responsible and timely
fiscal decisions. I will also reach out to businesses
as Ihey too, help orir city continue to move forward
RESIDENT is to make a diffirte, .. advocate for
programs that hare you r values, quality of life and
demands for an even better and stronger Gutfport."
Yolanda Roman

and free for all individuals 50 years
of age or older. For more information,
please contact Rachel at 727-

Senior Excursions
in St. Pete Beach
The St. Pete Beach Community
Center has new Senior Excursions
on the schedule. The excursions are
a great way for local seniors to travel
with their friends and make new
ones! The new trips are as follows::
January 31st: Ringling Museum;
February 7th: TECO Manatee
Viewing Center; February 14th:
Florida State Fair; February 15th:
Sarasota Art Show; February 21st:
St. Armands Circle; February 28th:
Florida Strawberry Festival; March
7th: Dunedin Blue Jays vs. Tampa
Bay Rays; March 14th: Bok Tower
Gardens; March 21st: Winter Park
Art Festival.
All excursions will depart from the St.
Pete Beach Community Center, 7701
Boca Ciega Drive. Trip times vary.
All participants must pre-register by
the Wednesday prior to the excursion.
Each trip is $12 for residents of
St. Pete Beach and $15 for non-
residents. Cost covers transportation
only. All admission or lunch are
extra and the responsibility of the
participants. For more information
visit or call 727-

Please Patronize
Our Advertisers

Pb1,iltftol adverusemecoend b Ywmnd o k-Yln, iom Cawwll

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

Brea.1www freecfrom tobacc
Iel fee
Fre~e NkdnobR1IltaieIbe~utnt Patces ~i ii H
Covers allwfomseofctobacco

SMarch 11,2014

For 3r Cityouci

Last Weekend to Catch
"Inlaws, Outlaws, etc."
If you haven't been to see the Players'
production of "Inlaws, Outlaws,
and Other People (That Should Be
Shot)" at the Catherine A. Hickman
Theater of Gulfport, you better get
your tickets ASAP if you plan on
attending. This very popular comedy
will run through Sunday, January
26th, but don't plan on attending
Sunday, since it's already sold out!
In fact, all of the Sunday shows have
sold out! The Gulfport Community
Players have a few tickets left for
the remaining Thursday, Friday and
Saturday shows. Curtain time for
these shows is 8 p.m. The Hickman
Theater is located at 26th Ave.
S. and Beach Blvd. in Gulfport.
Check out the Players' website at: for
a map showing directions to the
Tickets are still only $15, but the
Players advise you to use their will-
call phone line at 727-322-0316 to be
assured of getting tickets. If you do
use this will-call line, you must pick
up your tickets at least 30 minutes
before curtain time (7:30 p.m. or
earlier) the night of the performance,
or your tickets may be sold to others
waiting in line. The Players kid you
not! This show has sold out the last
five out of the eight shows that have

- I

400 49th St. South St. Petersburg, FL
727 327-8309
727 328-8309
Mon-Sat 11am to 9pm
Sundays.-.Gone Fishin"
Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014
61 I08

Sudy .. Gon **si I

Gabe 40 Jant.Suthy St. Petersuarg2, FL14

already been performed, so you really
don't want to take a chance and wait
until the last minute to try to get a
ticket the night of the performance.
You most likely won't be able to.
The Players also advise people who
have already purchased tickets, or
have, or plan on using, the will-
call number, to arrive by 7 p.m. or
even earlier if possible. The Players
use open seating, so there are no
assigned seats. The inside doors
to the theater normally open 30
minutes before curtain time, but due
to the large crowds lately the Players
have opened them up a bit earlier
at some of their performances. Also,
don't arrive late as a group and
expect to find seating for all of you
to sit together. Very likely, it ain't

Afmtwe of AM & FN4
$160 includes study materials & lunch

gonna happen! The earlier you show
up, the better chances you'll have of
sitting together. The keywords here
are: arrive early!

Free Meditation Classes
Reverend T. L. Leitho will present
an 8-week free meditation class at
North Branch Library, 861 70th
Avenue N. in St. Petersburg on
Friday beginning January 24th
from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Class is
based on the books "Your Head in
the Tiger's Mouth" and "The Power
of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. Call
893-7214 to register. Bring a cushion,
pen and notebook, and the text "The
Power of Now".

Sat, March 1st
St. Petersburg

Call 727-346-8256 or email to register, today! Register before Feb 14 receive a,

ItA Practical Nurse State Board Review,
Exam Insight TestTaking Strategy It11V ,

I-i W e' Solto I


Fire QiGong
Meditation in Motion
with Can San
Every Monday 6 -7PM
Price: $ 12
White Buffalo Woman Satsanq
with MaRa (free!)
Topic: Knowledge vs. Inner
Wed, Jan 29 6:30 7:30 PM

Awareness through move-
ment -The Feldenkrais*
6 week series with Bonnie Kissam
Thursday at 4:30 PM
Feb 6,13. 20. Mar 6,13,20
Price S7S for 6 (lasses
Ind(ividu.. r b --iri, 1v3iiubieI
(Must register y February 1)

"Begin tfiejourney tirougfi your heart.
You wiT beJourver gratu OanSJn

EwryTue&Fri 9 AM
Prw & Mediudum
Emy Tlh, 10C 3 PU
Free ChakraTest
eryTeM, 11AM- 1PM
rxI readings with AriS, 15
Evry Th, 6:15- 6:45 PM
Meditation and Arathi (fir
dhanO. (ee.)
Every lstTh, 6:15 PM
Ohajan and artan chdanting
followed by meditation.

283 Beac Bld S. Gufo F 30
Phone~~ ~ ~ ~ 72-2-11Sf-,)hvdaracr

657 241 839
43869752 1

9 1 517642 83

846 123795
52 1 836947
164972 1 58
3 6 1419 7_ _L 8J _9

Seniors' Chat Room
Join others as they experience
table topics with the Gulfport Senior
Center's Chat Room every Friday at
2 p.m. The Center is located at 5501
27 Avenue S. in Gulfport.

Gulfport Community
Garden News
Thanks to the enthusiastic bunch
who came to the first Gulfport
Community Garden Meeting!
Their next meeting is scheduled for
Sunday, January 26th from 1-3 p.m.
at the Community Garden, 5125
Preston Avenue S. (between 51st
and 52nd Streets S.). They will be
discussing an overall design for the
space and creating a wish list for
items needed. For more info email:

The Friends of the
Sunshine Center, Inc.

Savannah, Beaufort,

and Jekyll Island

440r per person, double occupancy
March 10-14, 2014
Monday rhru Friday
5 days, 4 nights
Departure: 8am, Sunshine Center,
330 5th Street N, St. Petersburg
$75 deposit payment
due January 30, 2014

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

Laura Duksa, South Pasadena:
"Not very well. I came from
Connecticut to get away from the

Sarah Owens, Gulfport: "Coming
from Boston, I enjoy being able to
wear some of my cold clothes, and it
gives me the opportunity to snuggle
close to the one I love!"

SGabber January 23 -January 29, 2014l
12-31-10 12-45-86 Reua orI a a
Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

Juju Stevens, Gulfport: "Wearing Lyn Fenton, Connecticut: "I'm
socks and covering my lettuce." handling it fine, because Connecticut
.. *is way colder than Florida."

Smal AdvenALL SCI-F
Gulfport's Famous Funky Cozy ,
Cottage Book Shop ALL COOKBOOKS
3107 Beach Blud. S. 50% OFF Yo
347-8732 Hours: 10:30-5:30 Tues-Sat""

Residential Community for Seniors
Stop in Mon Friday between .
8am and 3pm for a FREE cup of coffee i,
and tour our beautiful community. j. 1
See for yourself all we have to offer! " ,

S24 Hour Front Desk Coverage 0. i, i
Scheduled Van Service, -'.
Katz Corner Cafe and : r .:;,
Mini Mart on Site : "
Units starting @ $399 11
Utilities Included!
Must be 55+ to qualify
Income restrictions apply
SPH ILIP Stop By For
MA j1I A Visit Now!

250 58th Street N. Or Call
St. Petersburg, FL. 33710 7 274 51 1 i 727"-34 47- 51 91

The Gab S How are you handling
Florida's cold snaps?


for more information on placing your ad in this special section

Country Gospel
They are now meeting at Victory
Church of the Nazarene, 4401 58th
Street N. in Kenneth City. They
extend their deepest gratitude and
appreciation to Grace Connection
who opened their hearts and door
to host their ministry for a season.
Pastor Kelley is an amazing man of
God and a friend.

Beth-El Shalom,
r" Messianic Congregation |N
17th Street & 29th Ave. N. N
1 St. Petersburg 345-7777
'-" Worship Service |
Friday 7pm

Evangelists Charlie and Carol Reed
will be with them on Sunday, January
26th. This will be a great time of
refreshing and ministry. Please plan
on joining them at this time. It will
be a great evening of music and the
Word of God.

Shop the Thrift Mall
Pasadena Community Church
now has three stores at one location
(Pasadena Ave. and Second Ave.
S.). Hours are 9-1 Wednesday and
Saturday. The mall features three
rooms: one with clothes, shoes,
accessories and jewelry; one with
gifts, china, glasses, sporting goods,
children's clothes, toys and games;
and one with furniture, household
items, electronics, books and tapes.
Come visit and find that treasure at
a great price!

G~ .77'

Metaphysical Community Church
1950 2nd Ave. No., St. Petersburg
Sunday Service 11:00 am
"The Eternal Spark"
Rev. Jesse Garnee
Sun: Reincarnation 12:30-3:30 PM
Mon: A Course in Miracles 7-9 PM
Like us on Facebook
Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014


I I, Religious Services, Classes & Events Call 321-6S



A Warm and Friendly
Conservative Synagogue
1844 54th St. S. e Gulfport
727-321-3380 office
727-434-1143 cell
Sabbath Services 9:15 AM

Pilgrim Congregational
United Church of Christ
You Are Always Welcome
Sunday Worship Service 10:30 am
.,, Nursery Available
i Adult Sunday School
.. .' .9:30 am
lli^ HBible Study
"W_'-g: zam Wednesday 11am
6315 Central Ave. 727-347-1226
"Diversity our strength, God's love our bond"

G Unitarian Universalist
United Fellowship
5721 Central Ave.
Do you cherish your doubts? You might be
a Unitarian Universallist and not know it.
Join us for a free and responsible search
for truth and meaning.
Discussion 10:15 AM
Program 11:00 AM

St. Bartholomew's
Episcopal Church
Join Us For
Sunday 8:00am & 10am Holy Eucharist
Wednesday Healing Eucharist 12 pm
Thrift & Gift Shop
Open Tues., Wed., Thurs., Sat 10:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m.
Open Until 5pm Fridays
Proceeds benefit Food Pantry
Food Pantry is Open
1st & 3rd Sundays from: 10:30 am to 12:00 pm
3747 34th St. South St. Petersburg, FL 33711
(727) 867-7015


Grief Share
Support Group
Grief Share support group will
meet at Cornerstone Community
Church, 6745 38th Avenue N. in
St. Petersburg every Friday through
March 24th. Call 727-343-7747.

Church in the Afternoon
Now you can "sleep in" on weekends
without missing church!
For the second year, Paradise
Lutheran Church of Treasure Island
is offering worship services at 4 p.m.
on Saturday afternoon in addition to
its regular service at 10 a.m. Sunday
morning. The afternoon program will
continue through April 5.
Everyone's welcome- whether you're
here on vacation or live in Florida all
year around. The church is located at
10255 Paradise Boulevard- just off
the Treasure Island Causeway.

Please Patronize
Our Advertisers

t Come. qJore ai deepn i a

5313 2M3 Ae. S; Tul 727-,-Ms6
Gullpu ~i~u rjjdtyrfoin
Sunday Momrning Worship at 1030
Dogs Welcome service on First
Monday, 7 00 PM in Felwship Hall
Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

26, 000 Readers
Every Week
Will They See Your Ad?

eabbe is
1419 49th Street S.

- ~i -

First United Methodist
Church of Gulfport
Sunday School.............. 9:15am
Traditional Service......... 10:30am
Wednesday evening:
Supper and Bible Study...... 6:00pm -.-,,
Thrift Store Hours AhI.
Friday/Saturday 9am-12 noon
28th Ave. S. & 53rd St. i
321-3620 Val Aviaoe

An Inclusive, "Come as You Are" Congregahfont
Wednesday 10oam
Last Sunday of each month 6pm
Come as You Are Service-Parish Hall
330 85th Avenue, St. Pete Beach
(Bind Pass Road at 85th Ave.)
Ages 2-6 Flexible Schedules Avaolable. We Potty Trolni
VPK Provider Plnellas Co Lkeme # C04435

See You Sunday!

9:00am Contemporary Service
(with sign language interpreter)
10:05am Sunday School for all ages
11:00am Traditional Service

227 70th Street South
(727) 381-2499

St. Petersburg FL 33707

No Wednesday Yard Waste Pickup this week
No Change in Schedule
No Change in Schedule
Thursday's Pickup will be on Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Friday's Pickup will be on Thursday, July 3, 2014
No Wednesday Yard Waste Pickup this week
No Change in Schedule
No Change in Schedule
Thursday's Pickup will be on Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Friday's Pickup will remain on Schedule
No Wednesday Yard Waste Pickup this week
Thursday's Pickup will be on Wednesday, December 24, 2014
^ ^-- Friday's Pickup will remain on Schedule
| ~ No Wednesday Yard Waste Pickup this week
Public Works Department (727) 893-1089

22 Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

City of Gulfport
Sanitation Holiday Schedule


S" zpzpL cS-r' C-1 a D D D- 1H

1 Ike's excuse
6 Romnaine
9 Lasting impression?
13 Islamic lai
14San1hg Rma
17 Univ. Training
ISDO_ others,,
15 Ciirtt Kant actu
22 Lhasa dog
:? rr'nr'i;rn,>^u'el
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29IRelt Ieyee
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38 Plaque
40 Mmaiy adtr
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44 Chanteuse Peggy
45 Momn buggy
46 __ctum
49 Kind of Gay
50 Tank liger
51 St nfs hermi
54 Colter Aoki

55 Letter: abbr.
56 Send a check
60__ Fein
61 Bank mach.
62 Climb
63 Receptions
64 Snooze
65Wet ikini?
1 Alias
2 Register
3 Fury
4 Strummer
5 Toward
6 Wieat ad corn
7 Inwveciv
8 Eureka!
9 Ceases operas
10 MWter pmder
11 Russian co-op
17 Down.-lo-earther
20 Smudge
21 With Bb Barker
22 __Romeo
23Nez __ ndan
24 Direct
28 Up for bids
31 Gifts
32 Catct

31 Si'Pe __ feet
34 Fingertips
35 AtIantic fishha*s
39 Show Ford
41 Belgrade longue
42 Nevada city
46 Keats, f one
47 Count in music
48 Ivanka's mom
49 Goodyear flyer
50 ib'd,;Jr, ,.
52 P=or pier
53 Cenumn polar ber
57 Type of jacket
5Bar sr

People by the Numbers






Gabber Classified advertising works!

Serving Gulfport and surrounding
Communities every Thursday for
forty-two years.


since 1968

(727) 321-6965
fax 327-7830

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

Outstanding Rehabilitation with Excellent Results!

Come as a patient. Leave as a friend!

Discover The Springs...
South Pasadena's Hidden Treasure
Caring is not just a job, it's a way of life.

A five star Medicare-Certified center offering a
variety of health care services: 24-hour Skilled
Nursing Care, Physical, Occupational and Speech
therapies, Sub-acute Care, Wound Care and Palliative
Care as well as End of Life Care, just to name a few.

1-727-828-3500 1 1255 Pasadena Avenue South I St. Petersburg, FL 33707
Located on the campus ofThe Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay


C OW UWS ~i~ H ave you got a
question for your
city government?
Email your request to
By Cathy Salustri
City of Gulfport
Q: Why is there no MLK named street in Gulfport? Why is there no
MLK parade? via the Gabber's Gulfport Ideas and Opinions Facebook
A: Quite possibly because it has never come up, according to City
Manager Jim O'Reilly.
"I have no historical knowledge of the issue, or am I aware of any previous
discussions, prior to 2004," Mr. O'Reilly said.
e *" ' '

'pir a4301 34th St South
SXSt. Petersburg FL 33711
*I trk*AnantSA i nnn * I

The Storage House
Your Neighborhood Self-Storage
1219 49th Street S./Gulfport Florida 33707
Office hours: Mon Fri 8-5, Sat 8-2, Sun Closed

measure JsCand

Art Classes
The Art Guild is starting art
classes on Monday, February 3rd.
Basic drawing will be from 9:30-
11:30 a.m. and basic watercolor
from 12:30-2:30 p.m. Cost for
each is $30 for six weeks or $6
per class if paid weekly. They will
be in Treasure Island City Hall
Auditorium, 108th Avenue. To
sign up for classes and for supplies
needed call Fred at 360-8390.
For more information about
Treasure Island Art Guild
visit the website at www.

Please Patronize
Our Advertisers


Save S3000 on engineering costs -
plans already completed.
Increase Ihe value of your home.
Take Advantage of Our
Craftsmanship & Volume Discounts
"Ite IAno emaclb whal to do so we can do it Ior les. "
LiC N tL). & iNSlI'ktD LIC't :l:L ';-33
Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

If you have ever considered that maybe Bankruptcy would
be the answer to a fresh and new start in life, now is the
time to find out. Call us for a free consultation and see the
" solutions for your future.." 727-209-0744

Attorney Keith Sanders, Handles
Foreclosure Defense and Bankruptcies
with Experience and Sensitivity


44 A A A

"46 ou could say my motto
Sis 'been there, done
-. that'," says Keith
Sanders, from Sanders Law,
He says that for two
reasons. First, he says his
more than 20 years of
experience as an attorney
specializing in handling
"literally thousands" of
bankruptcies means that he
has dealt with virtually any
kind of problem or issue that
might arise with them. And,
secondly, he had to file a
Chapter 13 bankruptcy
himself. He says that
experience makes him very
sensitive to the kinds of
things people face when
making the difficult decision
to file.
"Most attorneys have
never been in a situation
where they have been
worried about how to keep
the lights on, but I have been
there myself so I can really
relate to what people are
going through," said
Sanders. "Plus, many people
are very embarrassed when
they come to me, but when I
tell them how embarrassing
it was for me to have to stand
in front of judges and
colleagues who knew me and
go through the process
myself, that usually helps to
put people more at ease and
understand that I have been
there and done that

"You know, in 99 percent of
bankruptcy cases the
situation is that bad things
happen to good people. They
have gone through an
expensive health crisis or a
divorce or just got in over
their head with debt."
He began his career as a
staff attorney for the U.S.
Department of Justice in
Atlanta. He is licensed to
practice law in both Florida
and Georgia.
"I like what I do because I
feel like I can help people get
a fresh start," said Sanders.
"Since the initial
consultation is free, you really
don't have anything to lose to
meet with me and we can
assess your situation and see
how it might be best for you to
proceed. Bankruptcy can
be one solution to getting
back on your feet
financially, but it may not
be the best or only
solution for you.
Sanders has held a number
of seminars and written
professional papers
concerning bankruptcy law in
general, ECF requirements
and new issues. He is a
former director of the
Bankruptcy Section of the
State Bar of Georgia.
The firm also handles
Short Sale negotiations,
defense against foreclosures,
wills & trusts, civil litigation
and personal injury.

Despite what you may
have read or heard
recently, any debt
discharged in
Bankruptcy is a non
taxable event as far as the
IRS is concerned.

We understand this is not
an easy process or con-
cept to grasp. We would
like an opportunity to
explain in depth and in
terms that are relatable to
you, the homeowner, just
what this means and how
it could be of benefit to
you and your future.
Every situation is differ-
ent and therefore has a
different solution, so
please call us and let us
discuss what is best for
you, and then you can
decide what course to
take. Remember there
we would like the chance
to show those to you.

Only you can make the call.

Evening and weekend
appointments are available.

Sanders Law, P.A.
6702 Gulf Blvd., St. Pete Beach, FL.
Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014 2

ott+Ioroscope Guide

By Holiday Mathis
Lady Venus grows weary of coasting
backward and changes direction on
Jan. 31. To keep the peace while the
Love Goddess is in the power-aware
sign of Capricorn, avoid pointing out
the differences between the way men
and women think and behave. It's
dangerous to make generalizations
in this regard, but if you must, at
least avoid doing so publicly. The
new moon in Aquarius on the 30th
starts a fresh cycle.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18).
The understanding you seek may
elude you. Your best bet is to try to
explain yourself with as few words
as possible. If it can't be conveyed
like that, it's a sign that you need
to explore it more yourself. Deep
knowledge is more easily shared
than complicated concepts. Perhaps
you can get deeper.
PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). It's
easier to remember the unfortunate
things that happened than all of your
good luck. This is simply a survival
mechanism of the human mind
to keep us from repeating actions
that have negative consequences.
Counteract this instinct by
consciously remembering all of the
beauty you've known.
ARIES (March 21-April 19).
There is quite a lot you can't control
about the outcome of your days but
much more that you can. It's hard
to see those places of control all by
yourself. Someone with a different
lifestyle will, by example, show you
the points of choice that you are not
currently aware of.
TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Even
though you're a socially comfortable
person, you still feel yourself clam
up from time to time around certain
people you perceive to have a high
status level. This is an opportunity
for you to work on yourself. What is
it exactly you would have to know
about yourself to be comfortable that
you were on the same level?
GEMINI (.Inv 21-June 21). As
much as you'd like to know the logic
of your romantic choices, chances
are good there is no logic to find. As

William Shakespeare once wrote:
"Ask me no reason why I love you;
for though Love uses Reason for his
physician, he admits him not for his
CANCER (June 22-July 22). This
week there are many reasons why
it is dangerous to revisit the past in
order to better understand the future.
For starters, it's difficult to discern
whether you are remembering what
actually happened, or are instead
creating a new version of what
happened with your memory.
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Watch
carefully before you align yourself
with any person or side. The person
in charge is not the one you think it
is at first. Look past the superficial
and into the subtle cues. Here's a
hint: Power and wisdom are often
confused by the powerful, but never
confused by the wise.
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Your
attention might be pulled into
glitz, glamour and celebrity culture
this week. If you're going to idolize
someone, make sure it's for the right
reasons -- or at least ponder what
those reasons might be. As comedian
Fred Allen once said, "Hollywood
is a place where people from Iowa
mistake each other for stars."
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). You
create yourself anew each day,
although some days it feels like
you're just doing it the same way as
you did the day before. This week,
you'll be aware that you don't have
to do that. If part of who you are
routinely being is not creating an
alive and awake kind of feeling, alter
that section of daily life.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Don't
judge yourself for being negative.
Those who are relentlessly and
unceasingly positive may not be
engaging in their environment
enough to be aware of what really
needs to be done. Handling the
responsibilities of life is often
difficult, and it's only human to go
through a range of feelings in this
21). Despite your efforts to make

the events of the week happen in
a certain way, they will happen as
they do. Your job will be to make
the most of it. Consider these words
from philosopher Albert Camus,
"You cannot acquire experience by
making experiments. You cannot
create experience. You must undergo
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19).
When you have a great deal of
something you don't think about it
much. Love, money, work, talent,
knowledge, beauty and more ...
what are you focused on now? And
how might you think and behave if
you knew you already had plenty of
it? Experiment this week to move
toward the change you desire.
This Week's Birthdays: Aware
that there is more going on than
your five senses can detect, you
are on a spiritual quest this year.
Supernatural experience will become
the norm for you. Next month brings
a new influence to your world, and
you'll change your approach to a
problem that's plagued you for years.
Physical endeavors will be lucky in
May and you could improve your
health and fitness markedly. New
career goals relate to loved ones, and
mutual support will get you to the
desired accomplishment.

Music at Gulfport
Beach Pavilion #6
Monday, 1-3:30 p.m.
Harold & Donna alternating weeks
with Len & Arlene
Tuesday, 1-3:30 p.m.
Open Mic Beach Party Hosted by
Mark Blackwood
Wednesday, 1-3:30 p.m.
Karaoke Mike Furman
Thursday, 1-3:30 p.m.
Dancing & Karaoke with Dave
& Cookie
1st & 3rd Friday, 1-3:00 p.m.
Entertainment Dorothy & Jim
Saturday, 1-3 p.m.
Ray & Ann, Entertainment
Sunday, 1-3:00 p.m.
Woody & his acordion, Music for
listening & dancing
Weather permitting
Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

Library Kicks Off
Expansion Fund-
Raising Campaign
The St. Pete Beach Library invites
the public to the kickoff for its
$700,000 fund-raising campaign to
provide a much needed 3,500-square-
foot addition and interior space
renovation. Event is Wednesday,
January 29th, 5 to 6:30 p.m. at the
Library, 365 73rd Avenue. Best-
selling Tampa author Tim Dorsey
will cap the evening with a preview
and autograph-signing of his 16th
Serge Storms' book, "Tiger Shrimp
Architects from the Harvard-Jolly
firm will be on hand with renderings
andkeyinformation about the project,
along with Library Administrator
Phyllis Ruscella, City Manager Mike
Bonfield, other city officials and
library staff. A fund-raising brochure
with the renderings will be available,
with many naming and other donor
opportunities. First major funding
for the total $2 million project came
from the PPLC (Pinellas Public
Library Cooperative), which last
February awarded the city a grant
for $200,000 in capital improvement
funds for the Library Expansion/
Renovation project.
Ward Friszolowski of Harvard Jolly,
former Mayor and Library Advisory
Board Chair, noted that the added
space includes an entrance foyer,
expanded restrooms and a long
desired 75-capacity meeting room
that can be divided into two spaces
for the Library's and community's
many programs. Renovation plans
for the existing space include such
features as a new children's area
with more computers and seating, a
new 'storytime room' for the younger
set, more computers and seating for
the public, a more efficient overall
layout with a new circulation desk
closer to the new main entrance, a
better staff working area, a larger
Friends' Bookstore, a better display
for new collection materials -- books,
DVD movies and music CDs, and
more storage space overall.
Ruscella added, "The changing
needs of patrons drive the necessity
for repurposing our existing space
and extending the public areas and
parking accommodation. Currently,
approximately 80% of SPB residents

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

have active library patron accounts,
and on average, 100-plus new patron
accounts are set up each month.
Circulation reached a five-year high in
2012, averaging 16,500itemschecked-
out monthly. Similar increases
have occurred in programming and
resultant attendance. Computer
usage has reached a plateau, limited
by the number of public workstations
The St. Pete Beach Library is
celebrating its 45th anniversary in
2014, and, dependent on anticipated
fund-raising success, the first phase
interior renovation project should
start before year-end.
The City has set up a separate
account for all donations, big or small,
designated for the multi-year Library
facility expansion/renovation project.
To make a contribution, please
contact the Library Administrator


E Mn p i u m-
/ce ,-ren.rT"i 1 ih' o he.1itt tL\ 1

Low Calories No Artificial
Low Fat Sweeteners
Low Sugar Diabetic Friendly
Low Carbs D'Licious
Cholesterol Free

May not be combined with other offer. i ,
No cash value. Coupon must be
presented at line of purchase.
L Expires 2/9/14 B

directly []
or stop by the Library to learn more
about how your contribution can help
the City reach this goal.

Gulfport Health &
Wellness Expo 2014
Empower your mind, body and
soul on Wednesday, February 19th
between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. This is
day of healthy fun, free for all ages
at the historic Gulfport Casino.
Health screenings, interactive
demonstrations, Eastern and
Western modalities, and fresh and
healthy food vendors. Don't miss
For more information on the expo or
how to participate as a vendor, please
call Rachel at 727-893-1231.

Disston Plaza Cornet of
38th AVE N &
727-525-0400 49h ST N
Also featuring .,-f ,
Europe's most popular :
Segafredo Espresso Cafe! .
SFrozen Yogurt Fruit Smoothies
lai beach (both locaiionsi

Air Fried... Great Taste
With No Trans Fat and
UpTo 6011 Lowe'r Calories'

St. Pete Beach Corner of
727-592-1934 &Gulf BWds
727-592-1934 &GulfWinds

sponsored by the Museum of Fine Arti Sr Petersburg

Sat, Feb 1st 1 lOam-Spm
Sun,Feb2nd. 1 lam-Spm
North Straub Park 350 5th Ave NE St. Petersburg
A eAn o om **s 72*4*74


Local Artist Lynn Jasmin shows her
class of one how to prep driftwood for
painting. Students will prep driftwood
and then, under Ms. Jasmin's tutelage,
paint a scene of their choosing on the
Ms. Jasmin, a native Boston artist
who moved first to the Florida Keys
and then Gulfport, said she moved
to Gulfport because it reminded
her of the Keys. She offers her
class Tuesday afternoon marked
the first one in conjunction with
the new Project FREE on Beach
Boulevard. Project FREE will teach
developmentally disabled youth art,
although the classes on offer now are
geared towards the public. The course
had only one student. Ms. Jasmin said
she would accept new students next
week, but committed to the class with
only one enrollee.

Hair. ails A Skin
Bodj Waxing Massage

$45 1st 60-mi Massage
$60 1st 90-mmn Massage
$90 Hour Massage, Hour Facial
wuh Foot Treatment

* t~rs& PfTwat &cnbftinj^
* 'y^ W.rt. s.1,!
* 8

* I.rtwfrktr(. ^l
;rni ^O hm.;LA~ tu'irer

Manimre wih
FREE Deluxe Pedkure

Deep Condiltioning
Treatment with
Any Hair Service

432 31st Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33713


Wood You Try It?

Card Bocce Party
The Sons of Italy, 2500 34th Street
S. in St. Petersburg, will host a card
bocce party on the last Thursday of
the month from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Make your own table for poker, bocce
or canasta. Cost is $7 per person and
a light lunch will be served. Public is
welcome. Call 727-798-6355.

Free Wills for
Veterans Aged 60+
Stetson University College of Law
partners with the Community Law
Program and the St. Petersburg Bar
Foundation in February to prepare
free simple wills and advance
directives for low income veterans
and their spouses aged 60 or older.
Veterans or their spouses must
schedule individual appointments
in advance by calling 727-562-7393.
Walk-in appointments are not
available. The deadline to schedule
an appointment is January 24th,
The Wills for the Greatest
Generation program is designed to
assist veterans and their spouses
aged 60 or older who have limited
assets. Individuals owning real estate
outside the state of Florida will not
be eligible to participate.
Volunteer attorneys from the
Community Law Program will assist
Stetson's Center for Excellence
in Elder Law and Veterans Law

Natural History
Speaker Series
Friends of Boyd Hill Nature
Preserve, Inc. presents the Natural
History Speaker Series. On Tuesday,
February llth at 7:30 p.m. at Boyd
Hill Nature Preserve, 1101 Country
Club Way S. in St. Petersburg they
willpresent "Florida's Ocean Habitats
and The Natural History of Florida's
Oceans". Find out what coastal ocean
habitats are really like and how they
have changed over geological time.
The programs feature a diverse
range of speakers on Florida natural
and cultural history. They are held
on the second Tuesday of each month,
September through April. Call

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

LIC #MM31135

th Gabe is evrwee 32196.

2r f o Mini Skin
' An c 1 Hour Facial
wihFoIt T..ame.

Print Solutions Inc.
A Woman Owned Small Business

* "rphic v6sn

* Com+ fing ,

* Ofsite( Phtirtj

Free Pickup & Delivery

540 Wfpor Blv 0 2' 388'2008 =N

Gulfport Lions
Pancake Breakfast
The Gulfport Lions Club will hold
the third Pancake Breakfast of the
season on Saturday, February 1st
from 7-11 a.m. They hope you will
join them for all you can eat pancakes
served with sausage, scrambled eggs
and tea or coffee for a donation of
only $5.
These fundraising events allow
them to continue their support for
various projects, many on the local
level, such as eyeglass cases and
Little League. Some of the projects
are farther reaching like Paws for
Patriots which supplies guide dogs
for blind veterans. These are things
they are able to do only because of
your help.
The Lion Den is on beautiful Boca
Ciega Bay. The address is 4630 Tifton
Drive S., right behind the Gulfport
Marina. They hope to see you there
and thank you for your support.

Gulf Beaches
Historical Museum
Annual Fundraiser
Please join them for a special
evening of exceptional entertainment
at St. Pete City Theatre on Thursday,
January 30th. Enjoy a social hour
with hors d' oeurves and beer/wine
starting at 7 p.m., followed at 8 p.m.
by a highly celebrated live musical
performance that will transport you
to 1890's New York City.
Get your tickets now for this special
command performance. Tickets are
$25 and are available only at the
Museum Gift Shop, 115 10th Ave.,
Pass-a-Grille, St Pete Beach. Call
727-552-1610. Hours of operation
are Thursday Saturday 10 a.m. to
4 p.m. and Sunday 1-4 p.m.
Your ticket purchase directly
benefits the Museum. It is rare that
a museum offers free admission
these days. Gulf Beaches Historical
Museum always was, and plans to
be free to all! The Museum is totally
managed by local volunteers and is
supported by the non-profit "Friends
of the Museum", an organization
whose financial help goes toward
the acquisition, preservation and
exhibition of the historic collection.
Funding is obtained through its
membership, donations and proceeds
Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

from the Gift Shop. Visit www.

The Cat Haven Offers
New Adoption Site
Now you can adopt a cat in the
comfort of the Cat Haven's adoption
room where you can sit on a sofa and
get acquainted with different cats.
Save Our Strays, Inc. has opened the
Cat Haven as a comfy retreat for adult
cats that are seeking a second chance
for a forever homes. Conveniently
located in Pinellas Park near 49th
St. N., the Cat Haven is presently
open for scheduled appointments.

Call 727 871-0888 and let them know
what you are looking for. Examples
include Bobbi Sox and Walter;
twin Tuxedos; Shelly, a 9-month
old Tortoiseshell lap cat; Misty, an
affectionate medium haired brown
and white Tabby; Paisley, a 1-year old
Calico/tabby mix; and Oreo, a black
and white sweetheart. These are just
a few of the adult felines available.
All Save Our Strays cats have been
spayed/neutered and tested for feline
diseases. They are current on their
vaccines and are microchipped. SOS
features many cats on its website

~ ~ .J i ..... ... / Jj j. ....
r JI mrL;I 1 rAYJrirs:
/ J499, 5!JJJ3 r;JJ-fJ--J, i.. ..JJJJ.'JJJLJ

Hill Top Research Is seeking
healthy men and women,
ages 18 to 65, to participate
in a clinical research study
testing the effectiveness of a
Snew antiperspirant product.
I/MP rrvz.l/ ,jullir/ ii /vflJ

Are 18 to 65, in good health
Can attend 7 study visits

Study Starts February 3rd, 2014

Follow u o Signing Up Is Easy... .
Focebook and 1 0 ,,.,i
) ur:C I f,:4 * to i|
dote Infomolion
on new sludy Tf
s opporlunimies 7 I LI T 800-874-7550

Live Mnsic 6:30-9:301
ive Mmsi
FRI -,Migd Bernard
MTjmMT )mn CD rekase showl

Volunteer at
So49 Car Show
The South 49th St. Business
Association is seeking volunteers to
assist with the 2014 So49 Classic
Car Show to be held on Saturday,
February 8th on the Tangerine
Greenway in Gulfport. If interested,
please contact Don Stafford at don@ for further information.

Open Call for Flash
Fiction and Nonfiction
Trace Taylor Publication invites all
Gulfport and surrounding Pinellas
County writers of any age to submit

manuscripts for possible publication
in either or both up and coming new
annual anthologies, The Gulfport
Chronicle (nonfiction) and The
Gulfport Flash (fiction).
Submission Requirements:
3 page maximum and brief one
paragraph author bio.
* Nonfiction for The Chronicle
* Fiction, any genre, for The Flash
$10 reading fee for each
* Multiple submissions allowed
Simultaneous submissions
(submitted to more than one
publisher or journal) will not be
Pays selected writers two copies

.10 6440 5th Avenue South
Friday, Jan. 24th, 4:30~6:30pm Saturday, Jan. 25th, 4:30-6:30p
White Fish Baked w/Wine Sauce or Battered, QAT Dinner
French Fries, Slaw, Roll/Butter, Dessert $7.75 SA-L LLnner
-or- All- You- Can- Eat
Stir Fried Pork w/peppers, rice, Spaghetti, salad & garlic break
Veggie, roll, butter, dessert ~ $8.00 M 00 .

Music Tues/Thurs Friday Night
Dancing 7-i1aopm Saturday Night
Dancing Karaoke Southern Nights e

Mon Sat. 10a.m. 1a.m.
Blody Mary 4U
or Mimosa $50
Iext Blood Bank 2/9/14)

ft ham boom yar wware for

0bbiAn e J A NICIN.1 o ( v*u

*f."o l.,o__i.j S;1 00TB B
S1U Camial Ave 17IIn2716752 w~
Wm' I.h s st~cuu ',:"II -' it. I '- i -I

m m Im m,,

of publication and credit listing in
which their work will appear. Writers
retain all copyrights to their work.
Revenues from sales will support the
annual Youth Writing Workshops
and Contest.
Call or email for submission forms
and mailing information: 813-
486-05437, TraceTaylorPublishing@

Russian American Club
The Russian American Club of
Gulfport invites Russian people to
celebrate Day of Tatiana on Sunday,
January 26th at 3 p.m. at 2920 Beach
Boulevard. On February 22nd they
are planning for Russian Traditional
Pancakes. Call for more details 727-
327-7909, 367-2092 or 384-3242.

Depression Era Glass
Show and Sale
The 35th Annual Sparkling
Clearwater Depression Glass Show
and Sale will be held February 1st
and 2nd at the MinnReg Building,
6340 126th Avenue in Largo. Hours
are Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Admission is $5 good for both days
with a dollar discount with any ad
or flyer.
The show and sale will feature
national dealers offering for sale
American-made art glass, carnival
glass, depression glass, elegant
glass, pattern glass, china, pottery,
dinnerware and kitchenware from
the 1880's, the Depression Era and
the 1940's to the present. There
is a snack bar on site and serves
breakfast, lunch and light snacks.
Paid admission includes fabulous
door prizes and show gift certificates.
Must be present to win.
Call Tom Campbell at 727-
725-2069 or visit www.

AllBE You.,lin N ed

Hom oftheexprtsforyor reodlnuar p3-aurojects01



Help Send the Band
to New Orleans
Lakewood High School's Jazz Band
has been invited to perform at the
Crescent City Jazz Festival in New
Orleans later this year. They will
be performing a benefit concert on
Friday, February 14th at 7 p.m. in
the auditorium, 1400 54th Avenue S.
in St. Petersburg. Concert features
the school's Jazz Ensemble and Jazz
Combo, Gumbi Ortiz, "New Groove
City" with special guests JB Scott
and Lisa Kelley. Tickets are $10 and
all proceeds benefit the New Orleans
trip and the LHS Jazz Program.
They've earned it, let's send them!
If anyone would like advance tickets
they can email spartanband@yahoo.
com, call the band director, Mr.
Kernodle's office number at 727-
893-2916, ext. 2186, or use his
contact email kernodlem@pcs.
org. Tickets will also be sold at the
school's front desk next week.

Safe Boating Class
The Boca Ciega Sail and Power
Squadron is offering a Safe Boating
Class (America's Boating Course) on
Monday and Wednesday evenings
beginning on February 3rd and
ending on February 12th from
7-9:30 p.m. The course is designed
for boaters using all types of
watercraft and satisfies the Florida
State Boating Law requirements.
Graduates will receive a "Boater
Education ID Card" from the Florida
FWC. The course covers general
information about boats, personal
watercraft, maintenance, boating
safety as well as boating laws and
Upon successful completion of this
course students will be eligible for a
free six month membership in the
United States Power Squadrons
(USPS) and take advantage of the
other educational opportunities
afforded to members. The class
will be conducted at the squadron
building at 130 126th Avenue at
Lagoon Lane (south side of John's
Pass), Treasure Island. The cost for
materials is $35. For information
and to reserve a seat call Nick
Miller, at 727-424-1810. Visit www.

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

Excerpts heard at the January 21, 2014

Gulfport City Council Meeting

Public Comment

& Council Quotes

"We all know business is thriving in Gulfport." Michael Audino, as
part of his presentation to get a valet service, powered by golf car-type
devices, started in Gulfport.

"This is the second year in a row we're an 'A' school." Ward Two
Councilmember Christine Brown

"We increased our attendance by over 50%; by eight o'clock, before
we even opened, we had people standing in line."- Gulfport Neighbors
Vice President Margarete Tober, about this past Saturday's Junk in the
Trunk event.

"I'm negative on spending $10,000 for flags."- Vice Mayor Dan Liedtke,
about the costs for city flags

"I want my fire department to have a mule for special events." -
Ward Two Councilwoman Christine Brown, about special equipment for
the fire department instead of money spent on city flags

"Ican argue it at anytime, that's fine."-Ward Four Councilman Michael
Fridovich, about discussing spending money for city flags in March

"I'll put volleyballs on the flags." Ward Four Councilman Michael
Fridovich, about spending money on city flags

"This is one of those rare times in life where I'm going to lose but
I'm still going to get a raise." Vice Mayor Dan Liedtke, who opposed a
raise for council

"I just thought I would ask first, but you're the rebel over there."
- Ward Two Councilwoman Christine Brown, about legwork on getting
Gulfport a sister city. Ward Four Councilman Michael Fridovich had already
contacted an agency that helps cities find sister cities; Councilwoman
Brown broached the subject Tuesday night not realizing this.

Open 7 Days A Week

.Built By Reputation... Backed By Quality.
S MyHow we're Growing!
,WehaveGrooming 7 days a week
Sand 2Certified Master Trainers
i O .So, Boarding Grooming Day Care Training
vd South Pasadena, FL 33707 3 5 2
www.Pasa. 345-2 52


Recreation Center 5730 Shore Blvd. So 893-1068

ACTIVITIES County, Inc. and the
Open Gym/Gameroom- Mon.-Fri., 10:30 a Certificate of Eligibi
a.m.-2 p.m. and Tues & Thurs., 7:30-9 p.m. Contact the Early Le
Annual reg. $2 res/$22 non-res. Pinellas County, Inc. a
PROGRAMS tions or call the Recres
2013-2014 SCHOOL YEAR CHILD 1068 for more details.
CARE PROGRAM- Ongoing registrations 2013-2014 TEEN N]
for the 2013-2014 School Year Child Care Ongoing registration:
Program continue for children who are Teen Night Program ci
entering Kindergarten thru age 14. Non- middle school to age 1
refundable annual registration fee is $17 a great place to hang
for residents and $22 for non-residents, friends. It provides re
Program hours are until 5:30 p.m. with activities. It also offers
extended hours available until 6 p.m. for cooking projects, guesi
an extra charge. Hours of registration are vice projects. The tee]
Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. nasium, gameroom an(
2013-2014 TOT TIME PROGRAM On- gram hours are Mon.,
going registrations for the 2013-2014 Tot Annual reg. $2 res/$22
Time Program continue for children ages NEW CLASSES Int
3-5 years old. The Tot Time Program is a a class? Call John at
pre-school, hands-on program for children BeVolley Academy
ages 3-5. The program aims to make learn- 6696 for more informant
ing fun for children and helps prepare them site www.bevolleyacad
for Kindergarten. Two, three and five-day Chair Yoga Fri.,
monthly options are available. Program at 727-345-0679
hours are from 8:30a.m.-12:30p.m. Hours NOVICE Conver
for registration are from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Mon4:15-5:15 p.m. C
Monday-Friday. A non-refundable annual 2125 for more info.
registration fee of $17 for residents and Advanced Beginn
$22 for non-residents. Proof of residency is Spanish Mon 3 -4 p
required for Gulfport residents. 482-2125 for more info.
2013-2014 VPK (Voluntary Prekin- Fencing Wed., 4:3'
dergarten) PROGRAM- Ongoing regis- estier at 823-0922.
trations for the 2013-2014 VPK Program German-Thur. 6-7
continue for children who live in Florida at 755-3459.
and who turn 4 years of age by September Gymnastics Thur
1st. The program aims to make learning Barbara at 804-9400.
fun for children and helps prepare them Hatha Flow Yoga A]
for Kindergarten. Program hours are from Call Valerie at 557-425
8:30a.m.-12:30p.m. Parents must apply at Hatha Flow Yoga F
the Early Learning Coalition of Pinellas p.m. Call Tamara at 51

" Gulfport Library

Please visit the Circle of Friends Book- 7:30 pm. FMI, call 727
shop at the Library Women's AA Club: Fri
One-on-One Computer Instruction: Adventures in Ancest
Monday ONLY 10:00 am-l:00 pm. First 4:00 pm. Lynne Brown
come, first served, to research your family':
Beginning iPad Class: Thursday, Jan. 30, ogy. Call 893-1073 FMI.
1:00 3:00 pm. Learn how to both enjoy and SCORE Counseling: I
benefit from your new technology. Pre-reg- & helpful advice from e
istration required. Sign up at the Reference professionals the fourth
Desk or call 727-893-1073. month. Call 893-1073 F
Intermediate Digital Camera: Saturday, appointment.
Jan. 25, 11:00 am 1:00 pm. Build on your AARP Income Tax A
skills with Cathy's guidance. Completion of & Fridays, -t4 -t.n Feb
Beginning class is prerequisite to attend In- pm. TAXP, ,. 1-.S MU
termediate class. Pre-register at the Refer- SECURITY CARDS F(
ence Desk or call 727-893-1073. LISTED ON THEIR
Victors' Support Group for Victims of CORDS SUCH AS W2
Sexual Abuse: Mondays, 6 6:45 pm. FMI, come & credits, & a cops
call 727-637-4331. if available. Free Elect
Free Thinkers Open AA (Twelve Step) able at all sites. FMI, ca
Meeting: Tuesdays, 5:45-6:45 pm. FMI: Coffee/Talk Book Cli
Call 727-360-9069. 11:00 am. **Note new
Gulfport Prompt Short Story Writers: Dharma Bums by Jack
Wednesday at 10 am. & light refreshments.
Gulfport Toastmasters: Wednesdays, 6:00 tion Desk to pick up a

child must receive
lity. VPK is FREE.
warning Coalition of
t 400-4411 for ques-
ition Center at 893-

s for the 2013-2014
Dntinue for teens in
7. The program is
out and meet new
creation and social
monthly field trips,
Speakers and ser-
is utilize the gym-
d outdoor area. Pro-
Ved. & Fri. 6-9 p.m.
rested in teaching
893-1079 for info
Clinics -Call 495-
ion or visit the web-
10-11am. Call Joyce

national Spanish-
all Ivone 727-482-

ers Conversational
.m. Call Ivone 727-

0 p.m. Call Ian For-

:15 p.m.. Call Birgit

., 5:30-6:15p.m. Call

VI -Mon.., 9-10 a.m.
M Wed., 5:00-6:15

days, 5

ry: Tu
s histo

h Tue
MI &t

. 3, 10
'S, 109
Sof las
ronic f
11i 727-
ib: Th
Stop b:

Karate Mon. & Thurs., 6:30 p.m. Call
Diane at 459-1399.
Stretch-n-Tone- Tue. & Thurs., 9-10
a.m. Call Jean at 727-302-1016
Tai Chi Tues. & Thurs., 9-10:15 a.m.
Call Marge at 345-6708.
Tennis Tues., 5 p.m. for 10 & under,
& 6 p.m. for adults & Fri. 5pm for Juniors.
Call Jack at 280-4276
Urban Survivor Bootcamp Fitness -
Tues., 6:15-7:15 p.m. & Thur. 6:30-7:30
p.m. Please call Donnie Ali-McClendon @
Walking Club- Thurs., 9 a.m.- Noon.
Call John at 893-1079
Women's Self-Defense Thur., 6:30-
7:30 p.m. Call Donnie Ali-McClendon at
* Yoga in the A. M. Wed., 9-10 a.m. Call
Valerie at 557-4258.
* Yoga in the P.M. Wed., 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Call Tamara at 512-2763.
Zumba Tues., 6:30-7:30 p.m. Call Ra-
chel at 419-905-5562 for more info.
As of October 1st, ALL skaters/bicyclists
MUST purchase a new City of Gulfport
Skate Park sticker to use the City of Gulf-
port's Tomlinson Skate Park. Stickers
MUST be visibly placed on the helmet. An-
nual fee for stickers is $5 for residents and
$10 for non-residents. Also, all skaters/bi-
cyclists 17 years of age or younger MUST
have a signed parental consent form filed
at the Gulfport Recreation Center which
is located at 5730 Shore Blvd. S. Availabil-
ity to register: Monday Friday, 9 a.m.-8
p.m. Stickers valid from October 1, 2013 -
September 30, 2014. Bicycles permitted on

550X 28th Ave. So. 893-1074
or fax 344-6386
875. Circle of Friends of the Gulfport Library.
5:45 -6:45 pm. Please call 893-1073 FMI.
ts you on how Science Club: Mondays, 3:00 4:00 pm.
ry and geneal- Children in grades K-5 are invited to join
us as we build our own creations with Legos
Jan. 28, FREE and try a new experiment every week! Par-
nced business ents are welcome to join in on the the fun!
sday of every Storytime: Join Cailey every Thursday
to schedule an morning for stories & activities selected for
toddlers & preschoolers. Sing songs, play in-
rice: Mondays struments and meet other caregivers in the
:00 am 2:00 community. Thursday, 10:30-11:00 am.
ING SOCIAL Free Family Movie Day: Sat., Feb. 15, two
L PERSONS movies, starting at 10:30 am and 1:30 p.m.
RETURNS, A Join us as for this popular monthly program.
TINENT RE- Enjoy flicks with popcorn provided by our
9'S, other in- Circle of Friends. For movie titles, call 727-
t year's return 893-1074.
iling is avail- TEEN PROGRAMS
893-1073. Teen Game Zone: Wednesdays, 3:00-4:30
urs., Feb. 20, pm. Come challenge your friends on the lat-
Discussion of est XBOX 360 games or just hangout. Free
ac, over coffee Refreshments. FMI, call 727-893-1073 & ask
y the Circula- for Cailey.
Sponsored by
Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

elrSvices City Sponsored Activities
Ser ice :Ma sL ^- Cfl o noa a


Senior Center

The Gulfport
Multipurpose Center
hours are Monday -
Thursday 8 a.m. 7p.m. and
Friday from 8 a.m. 4 p.m.
This month's calendar is out
with valuable information.
Stop by the Senior Center
or download your copy at
wwI' III' and
click the Senior Center
link. Like us on Facebook at
"Gulfport Senior Center and
The Gulfport Senior
Center Pantry is open on
Tuesday and Thursdays
from 1 -3 p.m. You must
be over 50 and a Gulfport
resident. Pre-qualification
is also needed before use
of the pantry. Please bring
your Gulfport Picture I.D.,
a utility bill and proof of
income. See Rachel at the
Center or call 893-1231.
Do you know someone
who lives alone and
could use a friendly check
in call? Volunteers for the
Reassurance Telephone
Program call Gulfport
seniors every Monday
through Saturday between
7:30 8:30 a.m. To sign up
for this program, please visit
the Gulfport Senior Center
and bring valid I.D.
HCA Health Talk "Chat
with a Pharmacist" As
we get older, we take more
and more prescription and
over the counter (OTC)
medications, herbal products
and dietary supplements.
In addition, care is being
managed by multiple
healthcare professionals.
This could be a recipe for
complications. On Monday,
January 27th at 2:30 pm,
bring your medication list
and go over everything
you are taking with this
St Pete General Hospital
pharmacist- she is trained
in Medication Therapy
Management and will
determine if there is a risk
for drug interactions and
discuss possible less costly
Premier Vein Institute
Educational Seminar
and Screenings Do you
have aching, fatigue, pain,
cramping, swelling, itching,
or numbness in your legs.
Come out on Monday,
February 3rd at 2:30 pm

to receive a complimentary
screening and learn about
venous diseases.
Coffee Club NEW DAY!
1st Tuesday of every month
at 10:00 am. Coffee and
doughnuts are provided by
Scott ( I as you discuss
current events, the economy,
and investing in a relaxed
Healthy Aging "Mindful
Consumption of Food &
Pleasure" Heidi Crockett
from Aging Care Advocates,
Inc. will be back at the Senior
Center on Wednesday,
February 5th at 1:30 pm to
discuss how to bring more
awareness, joy, and pleasure
into normal daily activities.
1st Friday Flea Market -
Friday, February 7th, 9:00
am 12:0 pm. You never
know what treasure you
might find at the 1st Friday
Flea Market.
Monthly Memory
Screening Clinic 2nd
Monday of every month,
9:00 am- 12:00 pm. Peggy
Macaluso with Alzheimer's
Association will be at the
Senior Center offering FREE
and confidential memory
screenings as well as
information to our members.
MUST call and schedule
your screening.
Movie Day at the Snack
Bar Tuesday, Feb. llth
at 11:00 am. Watch a FREE
movie and get a great deal
on lunch for $3.00!
This is your Center!: Sign
up today to enjoy all the
classes and events offered at
the Gulfport Senior Center.
Ask Rachel to give you a tour!
Pick up a copy of the monthly
schedule at the Senior
Center or online at www.
org. The Senior Center
currently offers 55 monthly
classes for residents over 50
to choose from. Membership
required. Senior Center
registration is easy and free.
G.E.M.S. Gulfport
Extended Mobility
Service: Affordable
transportation for Gulfport
residents 55 and over as
well as disabled under 55.
$65 annual membership. $2
per ride and your ride to the
Senior Center is FREE!. Go
to the mall, grocery store,
doctor's appointments and

;01 27th Ave. S.
more. Call 727-893-2242. Sn

Gulfport Getaway-To FL
Holocaust Museum on Tues.,
Feb. 11th. You do not need to
be a GEMS member. Call GEMS
at 727-893-2242 to reserve your
seat by Feb. 5th GEMS Member
$13, non-member $15.

SCHEDULE: Monday -
Friday, 8a.m.7 p.m. Friday:
8:00 am 4:00 p.m., Annual
sign up for the Fitness
Center is an affordable $25 a
year or $40 a couple. Stop by
the Senior Center and take
a tour of our state of the art
fitness facility.

I I1 .1 IIl I r
5501 27th Ave. So.
Gulfport Community
Players present a
holiday comedy
and Other People (That
Should be Shot)"
Jan. 23-26
Thurs.-Sat. 8pm
Sun. matinee 2pm
Tickets $15 available
at Gulfport Casino,
Beach Bazaar, the
Gulfport Chamber of
Commerce, Couture'd
Resale Boutique or
call 727-322-0316

Sat., Feb. 1, 2pm
"Gershwin, Porter
& Friends"
Tickets $15 available
at Casino

Together Again
Sun., Feb. 2, 7:30pm
Tickets available
at Casino

ack Bar: Bring a friend to the Senior
iter and enjoy a light breakfast for
y $2.50 or lunch for only $3. Or
er a boxed lunch-to-go by calling 893-
pport Groups
ibetic: on Mondays at 9:30am
regivers: Every Wed. at 12:30pm
aring Loss: 1st & 3rd Mondays at
ual: 2nd & 4th Mondays at 2 pm
ef/Loss Sunnort Groun. 2nd

Monday at 5:30 pm


Neighborhood Center
1617 49th St. So./893-1070
Faith Cathedral International Church:
9:30am, Sun.; 4th Sun. Bible Study
Overeaters Anonymous: Sun.

Fv _I I '--Y_ m
5500 Shore Blvd. So.
Ballroom & Social Dancing
Sun., Jan. 26 & Feb. 23, 6-1 Opm, $7

Mon., Jan. 27, 7-10:15pm
$5 Members, $7 Non-members

Ballroom & Social Dancing
Sun., Feb. 2 & 16, 6-1 Opm, $7
Every Tuesday
Ballroom Lessons
Noon-1 pm Beginners
1-2pm Intermediate
2-3pm Dancing
Argentine Tango
7-11 pm, $7
7-8pm Lesson,
8-11 pm Dance
Every Wednesday
Swing Dance
6-7pm Bonus Lesson
7-8pm East Coast Swing Lesson
8-11 pm Swing Dance, $7

Every Thursday
Salsa Dance
6:30-8pm Beg. & Inter. Lessons
8-1 Opm Dance, $7

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014


Local Obituaries -
Gulfport, formerly of Baltimore, MD,
passed away on Sunday, January 19,
2014. She was preceded in death
by her parents William Heuer and
Catherine Grimmison, two sisters,
Alice and Carolyn and a brother
William. She is survived by her
daughters Debra and her husband
John Kollias of Town Shores, Kathy
Sariscak and her husband Joe of
Severna Park, MD, and Karen
Behringer and her husband Roger of
Las Vegas; and a son, Kenneth Brown
and his wife Darla of Jacksonville,
FL. She also will be missed by her
grandchildren, Traci Eagles of Olney,
MD, Karl and Joseph Behringer of
Las Vegas, Lauren Kollias of Town
Shores, Dalton Brown of Jacksonville;
two great grandchildren Carter and
Cara Eagles, both of Olney, MD; a
sister Edna Lahman of Baltimore;
and her Goddaughter Tammy
Anstine of Dundalk, MD. A memorial
service was held in Leona's memory.
Donations may be made in her name
to the Autism Society http://www. Visit the family's
personalized online Guestbook at

Gulfport, died Tuesday, January 14,
2014 in Pinellas Park. He graduated
from Auburn University and served
in the Merchant Marines. Bob was
an avid fisherman and loved the
Keys and the local waters. He will
be missed by many, especially his

faithful dog Mart. Donations in
Robert's name may be made to the
American Cancer Society. A Life
Tribute, Gulfport.

81, of St. Peters Beach, died Jan.
10, 2014. Survivors: 4 daughters, 9
grandchildren, brother and sister.
Funeral Mass, St. John Vianney
Church, Jan. 31, 10 a.m.


10-30-1949 / 1-25-2013
It has been 1 year since I lost you,
the eternal love of my life. Your love
for me completely changed my life.
Because of you I've known love. You
were my wife, partner, friend, lover,
my joy in life. We were one and
nothing in this world will ever replace
this loneliness I feel inside. Words
cannot explain this emptiness in my
soul. The Lord took you home, but in
my heart I know that... If tears could
build a stairway, And memories a
lane, I would walk right up to heaven
And bring you home again. Until I
see you again my love, sleep in peace


S 700 51st Street South, Gulfport, FL 33707

Central Ave.

rt Ave. S. E N
51 St. S.
Gulfport Blvd.



Fine Art Festival
St. Petersburg Fine Art Festival
will premier on February 1-2 at
North Straub Park in St. Petersburg.
Watch the grounds of the Museum
transform into a unique outdoor
gallery showcasing the extraordinary
artwork of more than 100 top
national and international artists.
The St. Petersburg Fine Art Festival
showcases the original artwork of
artisans from 25 states and overseas
in such mediums as painting,
jewelry, sculpting, photography,
woodworking, ceramics, glass, fiber
art, mixed-media and more. These
are among the most collected and
awarded artists in America.
Witness an incredible tapestry
of artwork woven by the diverse
creations of artisans that are masters
of their art mediums. Discover a
variety of sculptural forms from
large articulated outdoor animal
sculptures, life-like fiber sculptures
of African wildlife and exquisite
glass wall hangings. The tapestry
of artwork is enhanced with unique
digitalflower imagery, elegant leather
purses and handbags interwoven
with unique, amazing ceramic art
and stunning wildlife photographs.
Also find extraordinary handmade
clothing and elegant jewelry.
Enjoy the rare opportunity to meet
and interact with the artisans. Learn
how specific artwork pieces were
made. Artists are onsite Saturday
from 10-5 and Sunday from 11-5.
Admission is free. Call Bill Kinney
at 941- 487-8061.

Bernie Calvert
invites you to...
Sunshine City
Kiwanis Club


Tuesday Nights
6 p.m.D.A.V. Hall
4801 37th St. North
St. Petersburg

GabberJanuary 23 -January 29, 2014
Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

(727) 321-9114



Sunsation Show Chorus
Celebrates its
Tenth Season
To celebrate, Brian Smawley,
Artistic Director, has out done
himself choosing three spectacular
shows for the season. They are
still a core group at the Pinellas
Park Performing Arts Center and
have added a second venue to their
schedule, the Catherine Hickman
Theater of Gulfport.
The first show, "100 Years of
Broadway" delighted audiences in
both venues. Broadway music is
always a favorite at the Pinellas Park
Performing Arts Center and played
to a full house in their new Gulfport
venue, receiving a standing ovation.
The second upcoming show is
appropriately named "Gershwin,
Porter & Friends". Who doesn't
love the wonderful songs of these
composers? Performances are
February 1st at 2 p.m. at Hickman
Theater of Gulfport and February 9th
3 p.m. at Pinellas Park Performing
Arts Center.
"Singin' the Blues for You" wraps
up the season. The blues, a strictly


> Estate Planning, including
Wills, Trusts, Probate and
Domestic Partner Planning
> Tax Planning for
Businesses and Individuals
> Representation of Landlords
in Tenant Eviction cases

Call us for a complimentary review
of your estate planning documents!
2816 Beach Boulevard South
GulfBeachesLaw. corn
Phone (727) 822-2200
Fax (727) 822-1985
Stetson College of Law J.D., With Honors
University of Florida LL.M Taxation
More information about our qualifications
and experience available upon request.

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

American art form, spread from the
"deep south" to U.S. cities such as
Kansas City, Chicago, Saint Louis.
Performances are April 27th at
3 p.m. at Pinellas Park Performing
Arts Center and May 3rd at 2 p.m. at
Hickman Theater of Gulfport.
Pinellas Park Performing Arts
Center is located at 4951 78th Avenue
in Pinellas Park and the Catherine
Hickman Theater of Gulfport is
located at 5501 27th Avenue S. in
Tickets at both theaters are $15
for one show; $25 for both shows.
Group tickets are $12. For tickets at
Pinellas Park call 530-7190. Tickets
for Gulfport may be purchased at the
Casino, 5500 Shore Boulevard from
9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Thursday or

call 541-4501. Or charge at PayPal:

Band Presents
"On Broadway"
On the evening of Wednesday,
February 5th, at 7:30 p.m. the South
Pasadena Community Band will
present a free concert which will
take place in the Treasure Island
Community Center, One Park Place
and 106th Avenue. The concert
features great tunes from past stage
shows. They are sure you will enjoy
hearing musical selections from "Les
Miserables", "West Side Story" and
"Chicago" among others. Come and
experience the memories this music

American Council of International Assoc. of
Hypnotist Examiners Interpersonal Hypnothrapists L
*Stop Smoking Trouble Sleeping #CHT513-148 #74967696
Lose Weight Feeling Anxious 727-330-3034 Thorn Smith, CHT
Reduce Stress Past-Life Regression 220 Pasadena Ave S, St. Petersburg

SCarlos A. Labrador, M.D., F.A.A.F.P.

l65 65th Street South St. Petersburg
Cta A. Labraor, MD: Physician y LbradorW Office Maner
Roseanna Javorsky, PA-C: Physician Assistant

Dr. Labrador's philosophy is w offer the highest standard of care in a pleasant and caring entironmeoL
A graduate from Meharn Mcdjc" College. Nashiille, Teaaesse. Dr. Labrador re.eiied his
B dLhelor's Degree ith the highest honors from the lliuversil of HFlonda.
Board Cerctiled in Familr Medicine, he na Felilot of ihe American Acade. s of Famd. Physidcians.
Dr. Labrador keeps electronic medical records for qualirN care and has 24 hour access to )our records.


ay omethan' oH my mind
a^^^^^ By Bill Northrop

Focusing on the
Wrong Things
he number of unemployed
workers (now at 6.7 per cent) is
not the issue. The issue is the
number of people working which is
at its lowest point since 1978 (62.8).
If the normal number of people
rejoined those looking for work, the
unemployment rate would be a point
higher. More people working, of
course, would be a huge boost to the
economy, but the number working
continues to decline or remain flat.
In the meantime, 6.3 per cent of
men are unemployed and 6 per cent
of women. The white unemployment
is at 5.9 per cent; black, 11.9 per
cent; Hispanics, 8.3.; Asians, 4.1; and
teenagers 20.2. These statistics come
from the Bureau of Labor Statistics
and are as of the end of December.
These make good material for arguing
for more aid to the unemployed in
unemployment benefits. Though
already extended from the normal 26
weeks (one half a year) to 99 weeks
(nearly two years), many are arguing
for a continuation.

That sounds fine, but some contend
that there are studies showing that
extending benefits is an incentive
not to grab whatever job that can
be had and starting the personal
recovery. This is combined with
other studies showing that the
longer not working the less desirable
the worker becomes. Those may be
valid, but are statistics and difficult
to apply individually. When applied
to individual cases, the arguments
for termination of benefits become
more difficult.
Thus, the government talk is
about extending benefits, increasing
minimum wage, and solving the
problem ofpayinequality. Increasing
minimum wage, which again sounds
humane, does put pressure on the
job providers because not only do
the lower, usually temporary, wages
go up, but those on the next rung
expect an increase, too. The teenage
unemployment rate is unlikely to
drop and might increase. As for
solving the pay inequality problem,
a growing work force and a vigorous
economy helps in the middle ranks
and capping salaries or government

ur shop recommends (based on experience in our own market with
battery life) that batteries be replaced every 3 years for maximum
reliability. Our Interstate ED-18 battery tester shows the average life of
a battery to be 3 years in this market.

Professional i---
Asian & E ommiic u ehic Change your oil & filter l
M OE 1 0i r C umini 6 d M EnpTecel In f la t e & r o t a te y o u r t ir e s S A V E $
FREE Cortq Rid.Ai'j Iie Inspect your brakes
m -- Inspect your belts & hoses
\ Io ,T Inspect for tune-up and conduct
S- a 22 point vehicle inspection. REG. $34.67
E, Pluedisposal fee &sales tax.Offer good for most cars &lighttucks. Includes Up to 5 qts.
S ,1 h Ave Premium 011, Riter, Chassis Lube. Does not Include syntetic oils.
t Ave. $ ^Must present coupon at time of service. Fleets not included.
., ri" 4 5, 7 8 82A j:w Not valid with other offers or prior services.

dictated caps can ruin an economy.
Research wage controls.
So, we're back to the real issue. How
to createjobs. No onejust createsjobs,
but certain steps can be taken. One
would be to approve the oil pipe line
project from Canada to the U.S. Gulf.
This has been on hold and President
Obama apparently has no intention
of approving it although it helps jobs
both here and in Canada. Another
step would be to stop the attack on
the coal industry. This is killing jobs.
Not only that but increased federal
paper work, referred to generally as
regulations, is stifling job creation.
This does not necessarily mean
lifting environmental and safety
regulations, but speeding up the
processes needed for approval.
Along that line, I would normally
(believe it or not) favor a major
government stimulus program
related to infrastructure. However,
the one bill put forth a few years ago
was so mammoth, so complicated,
so filled with handouts and political
favors, that it would have made the
Affordable Care Act (DemoCare)
implementation look like a cake
walk. Besides, as discovered, there
are no "shovel ready ,"'i.." i-". Part
of that problem is that it takes years
to approve the shovel. So, unless we
can clear away the morass of paper
work and regulations, aswellas more
narrowly focus the infrastructure
projects, such a bill wouldn't have an
effect for another ten years.
In the meantime, DemoCare
is stifling jobs. The confusion,
vagueness, costs, known and
unknown, the 30 hour benefit level,
and exemptions for some and not
others, and overall thousands of
pages of regulations and controls,
some not yet written, are all drags
on job creation.
Government now appears to be
focusing on controlling as many
aspects of the economy as it can,
putting in place certain protections
and guarantees regardless of the
immediate or long term negative
effects. All this under the mantra
that federal government knows
best and we should just take our
medicine. It might hurt for a few
more years, but it is good for you. In
the meantime, government will give
you a handout to live on.

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

IAmerican Legion Activities

Post 125
6440 5th Ave. S., St. Petersburg 347-6085
ih n On Breakfast Buffet Lunch Served
LunchKitchen Open Southern Knights Band 8:30-11am No Lunch Served Lunch 11-3 11am-3pm
Lunch Served 11-2pm 7-11pm S.A.L. hamburgers and Euchre 1ppm
11am-3pm Dinner 4:30-6:30pm hot dogs 12-3pm Ron's Karaoke 7pm Bingo 6pm
Ron's Karaoke 7pm Southern Knights Band Dinner 4:30-6:30pm Kitchen Open
7-11pm Steakums 1-3pm for Bingo

Legion Riders meet first Monday of each month at 7 pm
Auxiliary meets 2nd Tuesday each month at 7 pm.
Legionnaire meets 3rd Monday of each month 7 pm
S.A.L. meets last Monday of each month at 7 pm.
Service Officer Bob Cannon is available at the Post Thursdays from 9am 12 noon to offer assistance.
Join us for a Super Bowl Party. Food served 7:30. Bring covered dish. Drink specials during game.

Post 305
6999 Gulf Blvd., St. Pete Beach 367-1596

Bar Bingo Fish & Shrimp Steak Dinner Sports & Pizza Bucky Burgers SAL Mtg.-6pm Wednesday Dinner
7pm 6-8pm 6-8pm 12-6pm 5-8pm Special 6-8pm
Pizza available
Food Served Geno Lee Jay Nelson Dee Karaoke all day Trivia
6:30-9:30pm 6:30-9:30pm 6:30-9:30pm

727-367-1596 email p..-I :"'._ m-n ,,ill
All you can eat Spaghetti & Meatballs every Wed., plus another special. Hot dogs every day for $1.
STEAK-O's every 2nd and 4th Tuesday

AMVETS Post 0001
421 45th Ave. S., St. Petersburg, FL 33705 727-896-4122
Bar Bingo Karaoke
7pm 9pm-12am

Hours Sunday-Friday 12pm, Saturday 11am til. Electronic bar games everyday. Fish fry last Friday of the month
We're always looking for new members to join our family $30 yearly or $250 Lifetime. Gil Davis 1st VC

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014 3

AN EVE w'k

Following are some of the calls that
Gulfport Police responded to during
the past week.
Friday 1/10
Animal Call- 5000 BIk 26th Ave. S.
Domestic- 5200 BIk 27th Ave. S.
Domestic- 5900 BIk Pelican Bay PIz.
Domestic- 6000 BIk Kipps Colony Dr.
Juvenile Trouble- 57th St. & 17th Ave.
Vandalism- 5300 BIk 7th Ave. S.
Vandalism- 2700 BIk 53rd St. S.
Saturday 1/11
Accident with Injuries- 49th St. & 8th
Ave. S.

Armed Person- 49th St. & 12th Ave.
Burglary Residence- 2900 BIk 51st
St. S.
Burglary Vehicle- 1000 BIk 49th St.
DUI- 58th St. & 23rd Ave. S.
Juvenile Trouble- 55th St. & 19th Ave.
Shots Fired (Heard)- 1700 BIk 60th
St. S.
Vandalism- 2700 BIk 53rd St. S.
Sunday 1/12
Animal Call- 5000 BIk 26th Ave. S.
Animal Call- 15th Ave. & 55th St. S.
Burglary Residence- 5200 BIk 29th
Ave. S.
Burglary Vehicle- 1600 BIk 53rd St.
Burglary Vehicle- 1700 BIk 54th St.
Disturbance- 5400 BIk Shore Blvd. S.
Domestic- 4900 BIk 31st Ave. S.
Drug Call- 31st Ave. & 50th St. S.
Person Under Influence- 5500 BIk
Tangerine Ave. S.

AMY JO MARTIN, Attorney at Law
(727) 688-0638 6822 22nd Avenue North, #351, St. Petersburg
Affordable Legal Work with Your Fixed income in Mind.
Free House Calls, Free Initial Phone Consultation; Old Fashioned Values
Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning, Probate, Powers of Attorney, Medical Directives.
Also licensed in North Carolina.
Before you decide, ask me to send you free written information about my qualifications and experience.
The hiring of an attorney is an important decision that should not be based soley on advertisements.

SIf You Haven't Talked

'f JTo Us About


You're Paying Too Much...

knows your local needs.

Home e Flood Condo e Renters

Trespass- 5400 BIk Shore Blvd. S.
Trespass- 5100 BIk Gulfport Blvd. S.
Monday 1/13
Vandalism- 5600 BIk 15th Ave. S.
Assault/Battery- 1800 BIk 50th St. S.
Burglary Residence- 2100 BIk
Premier Dr. S.
Disorderly Conduct- 5400 BIk Shore
Blvd. S.
Disturbance- 5400 BIk Shore Blvd. S.
Juvenile Trouble- 17th Ave. & 52nd
St. S.
Theft- 2200 BIk 49th St. S.
Theft- 2900 BIk Dupont St. S.
Tuesday 1/14
Trespass- 5700 BIk 16th Ave. S.
Vandalism- 5600 BIk Newton Ave. S.
Animal Call- 53rd St. & Tangerine Ave.
Assault/Battery- 5600 BIk 19th Ave.
Juvenile Trouble- 1800 BIk 55th St.
Wednesday 1/15
Theft- 5300 BIk Gulfport Blvd. S.
Disturbance- 900 BIk 58th St. S.
Disturbance- 11th Ave. & 55th St. S.
Domestic- 5000 BIk 25th Ave. S.
Juvenile Trouble- 3200 BIk 55th St.
Robbery- 5000 BIk Gulfport Blvd. S.
Thursday 1/16
Vandalism- 5500 BIk 16th Ave. S.
Burglary Residence- 5700 BIk 21st
Ave. S.
Burglary Vehicle- 1000 BIk Freemont
St. S.
Disturbance- 900 BIk 58th St. S.
Domestic- 1500 BIk 52nd St. S.
Domestic- 5100 BIk 24th Ave. S.
Domestic- 1500 BIk 52nd St. S.
Structure Fire- Shore Blvd. & 56th St.
Fraud/Forgery- 5400 BIk Shore Blvd.
Fraud/Forgery- 2500 BIk 54th St. S.
Juvenile Trouble- 1000 BIk 60th St.


Put it on,
your opinion will be heard!
Join Today!


Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

The 41st Annual Art
Festival Beth-El
Art Festival Beth-El, Temple
Beth-El's annual fine art exhibition
and sale, will celebrate its 41st
Annual Art Festival on Saturday,
February 1st, Sunday, February
2nd, and Monday, February 3rd
at 400 Pasadena Avenue S. in
St. Petersburg. Beginning in 1973
with only 20 artists, Art Festival
Beth-El now showcases over 160
national and international award-
winning artists. This highly
acclaimed fine art exhibit and sale
is well known as one of the premier
shows in the Southeastern United
States. Space has grown from one
gallery to six galleries throughout the
facility featuring original paintings,
wood, sculpture, ceramics, glass,
photography and jewelry.
The Art Festival also offers a large
selection of signed, framed, limited
of Safety Harbor. A large Outdoor
Sculpture Garden will feature a
variety of fun and unusual pieces for
gardens, offices or large buildings.
The Boutique Gallery will offer fine
art and craft at moderate prices. A
yearly tradition will continue, as Art
Festival Beth-El will feature selected
works by talented emerging artists
from Pinellas County's seventeen
public and private high schools. The
Art Festival will award scholarship
money to the schools of the winning
An elegant preview cocktail reception
will be held on Saturday, February
1st from 7-10 p.m. with admission of

$25 which can be purchased at the
Art Festival Beth-El is free and open
to the public on Sunday, February
2nd from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. with light
lunches and snacks available to
purchase. The Avenue of the Shops,
a one-day sale of fun art, jewelry
and crafts, will be free and open to
the public from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
on Monday, February 3rd. A free,
special event will be performed at
11 a.m.
A gourmet luncheon will be served
on Monday at 12:30 p.m. with your
$20 check necessary to make a
reservation. Docents will be available
during the weekend and will also
offer a tour at 2 p.m. on Monday.

Pasta Night


S$6.00 p/p

Art Festival Beth-El continues to
grow in popularity and now attracts
over 8,000 people from Tampa Bay
and the surrounding areas. Call the
Temple at 727-347-6136.

Catch a Jazz Concert
The Suncoast Dixieland Jazz
Society will sponsor two outreach
concerts in February:
On Thursday, February 6th, and
on Thursday, February 20th, Bobby
Tess and the Dixie ('Ii.,, will play
from 7 to 9:30 p.m. at Banquet
Masters, 8100 Park Boulevard in
Pinellas Park. Admission is $10. Call

Fine Dining
$10 p/p Happy
3 course meal Hour
5-8pm 4-5pm
January 17,24,31

Mon, Wed, Fri
11am 8:30pm
Thurs 12pm 8:30pm
Cards, Bocce,
Fleetmnnir Raw Gamac

1:u PM Visini Chef. .

- -- - -- -_
6 7 4 8

3 816 1

1 4 7

9 1 7


3 9 5

2 1 7
7 53 6
4 7 1 8
-lectroni -ar -

_7 1_14 1 1 1 11 1 18 1

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

Meet Anne Frank's
Step Sister
Spend an historic evening with
Anne Franks stepsister and
childhood friend, Mrs. Eva Schloss
of London, UK on Monday, February
10th at 7:30 p.m. at The Palladium
Theatre, 253 Fifth Avenue N. in St.
Petersburg. Learn from the past, live
the present and look to the future.
For tickets visit
or call 727-344-4900.

Struggling to Make your
Mortgage Payment?
The worst thing you can do is
do nothing! Neighborhood Home
Solutions (NHS), a HUD-approved

non-profit agency, provides free
help for those experiencing financial
hardship due to unexpected expenses,
reducedhours or decrease in business.
Contact NHS to get on the right path
to real help and real answers.
Neighborhood Home Solutions is
located at 1600 Dr. M. L. King Jr.
Street S. in St. Petersburg. Call 727-
821-6897, email to
or visit

Polish American Society
The Polish American Society,
1343 Beach Drive SE (next to
Coast Guard commissary) will be
open with live bands on Sundays
through May 4th. Doors open at
1:30 p.m. with music from 3-6 p.m.

We're buyingRAYMOND JAM S Check our
your bonds! Your Local Investment Professionals FDIC Insured
Call for current CD
prices 727-360-2100UU rates
8041 Blind Pass Rd St. Pete Beach FL, 33706
-.. *. Rayumond JamesFinancial Services,-Inc'merBer FIJNR eSPC.. "' ',
h:. '7.- . : .{.. . ^ ........ ,, .e ..e ..6N. 3, *^. ,^

Cost is $7. Please RSVP for dinner to
Bev at 727-526-6835.
Bring family and friends and support
Polish heritage. You will meet all
nationalities. Kids are welcome!
For more information call Bev
at 727-526-6835 or visit www.

Become A Lifeguard
Become a certified lifeguard.
Participants must be 15 years or
older and must complete a pre-test
in order to continue in the class. The
pre-test consists of treading water for
2 minutes using legs only, swimming
300 yards without stopping and swim
20 yards, surface dive and retrieve a
10 poundbrick from bottom, resurface
and swim back to the starting point
and exit pool. Cost is $160 residents/
$180 non-residents and registration
will begin February 2nd. Session
I dates: February 15, 16, 22, 23;
Session II dates: March 15, 16, 22,
23; Session III dates: March 24-28.
Check out or call
727-363-9245 for more information.

Make a difference!

Front desk volunteers needed from 4:00 pm 7:00 pm.
Front desk volunteers welcome and assist patients and visitors to the hospital. They answer ircoTirng phone
calls, answer Qujestions and direct visitors to the appropriate person and/or department,
Qualifications for front desk volunteers:
Must possess excellent interpersonal and telephone skills Must be self-wiolivaiang
Must be able to honor and respect ;,tieit/visitorconitdentiaiIlies Mus i be 18 ye3rs or older
Must be able to learn and perform duties without constant supervision Must be neat and Nell groomed
We're looking for caring, energetic people to help out Your compassionate service is essential
in helping to provide superior care. And your presence here makes a world of difference.

341-7 4

a Hospital
Spccializcd cac

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

Learn about Sustainable
Interested in learning more about
creating sustainable landscaping?
Sign up for the "Landscaping for
Life" series of classes starting on
February 4th. Classes will be held on
Tuesday evenings from 6 to 8:30 p.m.
at the University of Florida/IFAS
Extension located at 12520 Ulmerton
Road, Largo.
Pre-registration is required and
the series costs $35. Register online
at http://pinellascountyextension.
org. For more information call 727-

Town Shores
Red Hatters
The Town Shores Red Hatters'
annual breakfast meeting is
scheduled for Wednesday, January
29th in the lounge aat 9:30 a.m. with
a continental breakfast being served.
The date of the 28th that had been
discussed was not available. Dues
for the year will be collected. New
residents and renters from Town
Shores are welcome to attend.
Upcoming for February is the
monthly Bunko game on the 7th at
1 p.m. and a PSTA bus trip to Tarpon
Springs is being planned for the 25th.
Check your bulletin boards for more

Call to Artists for Major
Public Art Project
The Gulfport Merchants Association
is seeking artists to submit proposals
for a public art installation to be
located adjacent to the City's iconic
Gulfport Casino located on the
Gulfport waterfront.
The Gulfport Merchants Association
dedicated to the advancement of
business in the Gulfport Waterfront
District. The GMA raises funds
primarily through membership dues
and sponsored events, including its
twice-monthly Art Walk, weekly
Tuesday Fresh Market and the
annual Gecko Fest, Gecko Ball and
Gecko Pub Crawl. Funds are used
primarily to promote and advertise
Gulfport as a destination for visitors.
However, the GMA is also committed
to supporting local charitable causes

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

and has donated many thousands of
dollars to local organizations.
The GMA is also committed to
supporting art in the Gulfport
community andhaspreviouslyfunded
two public art installations flanking
the entrance to the Waterfront
business district at Beach Boulevard
and 29th Avenue South, by artists
Frank Strunk III and Owen Pach.
For 2014, the GMA is investing
considerably more in its commission
of a single public art installation.
$8,000 will be awarded for the
project, to include all associated costs.
This public art installation, next
to Gulfport's most famous historic

r Modicl
AgA U raup.
A M- i -- H

Acuepling New Patients Including Humano &
Care Pl us Medicoare Advantage Plon Members

landmark on the City's waterfront,
will be highly visible for generations.
All artists are welcome to submit
proposals, which must be received
no later than Friday, February
14th. More information, including
a downloadable application, is
available at
Owen Pach, Vice-President of the
GMA and President of the Industrial
Arts Center of Gulfport, will act as
liaison for the application process.
For more information and questions,
please contact Owen Pach 727-
320-4051; 727-623-4920 or email

Custom Window Coverings Are Easy
And Affordable With Budget Blinds

( % PP WindowTreanments by
JV/0 Vr / Budget Blindsl
iAs Seen On .,IL.
Cia11 rdi,1 (oir y 7r,-ir FREE n-Ho"M Conrtwuhltin,
Sj 727-821-0976
Showrwnm l S Appctcem Ontp
%0 #00 ftudadnM A o. S

Two Convenient Adult Primary
Care Offices in Your Community!



Acepting New Pueliens Induding Humana
Medicare Advantage Plan Members

-h:., 1'. r-.:, t.f Fri, Vi: bv',T.. :- n.embe of ISA Madkol Croup! JISA is the orec's largest provider of primary
hcgzlth cm ; : Iii' d l. yw,-, i i d r p'.l'J 'i' We hove iLi" I..Ir.>'rii-'rir Ii'i.ili':i' Khr I n v':'.' 'iiii' uriiP1 Bia.i' a
pOtient ai '.l .i'i. ',' )1 c'.i/ I.., Tirjii, '.' ; u h c% L ii', i ;';v I, p irilrii, l I.-11 i[ l. r,o rili 2r 4.i ,' 4 i
1i-1 ., l ::i:,-0i I r, i lt 1 1 i ' iiirr, nl r ,.. i I '- i I:.lri'lri i,-1 h u 1 11 -I,',1ri lob ii, riidj ibFi, .in t [(UfP'O
edmnion, v,&li etun' w, .*;i,. i.,r, ,iiii, n ,:iIor i ..i.iii. xi,! Fur (.ll ',1 0 1 O1 L Loolol ns lodoy!

508 Pasadena Ave. S., 5838 Ninth Ave. W,
St. Peter5burg, FL 33707 51. Petersburg, FL 33710
(727) 343-6119 727) 347-8132 JSAMedilculGroup.corn
Derek Hilt7, DO Hurd (edified in Fornily Wdkinle Linda Hayslett, DO
NCOA Certified in Diabules & Heort/Stroke (ore Specializes in internal Medicine, FCMH

Players Hold Auditions
for "Stepping Out"
The Gulfport Community Players
will be holding auditions for a
Richard Harris comedy entitled
"Stepping Out" at their Back Door
Theater located at 1619 49th Street
S. in Gulfport. Auditions will be held
at 7 p.m. on February 3rd jand 4th
(I..nIIl.ny and Tuesday). This play
will run at the Hickman Theater for
three weeks, from April 3rd through
20th. It will be directed by Richard
Rosen, produced by Eileen Navarro,
and choreographed by Rose Mallare.
"Stepping Out" is a delightful
comedy about an amateur tap dance
class preparing a routine for an
upcoming competition. Winner of

the coveted Olivier Award, this play
reflects on and celebrates the joys and
frustrations of amateur performing
arts production.
Most cast members do not need
to be able to tap dance or have a
"dancer's body" in order to earn a
role in this production. Candidates
must be able to display a competent
degree of coordinated movement,
rhythm, and the ability to follow
simple choreography. The cast and
the characters playing them both
learn to tap dance together.
The director, Richard Rosen,
basically needs one male, aged 30 to
40, and nine females, ranging in age
from their 20's to 70's.
The Gulfport Community Players
welcome everyone to try out for a


mAt HairDesign

part, regardless of their experience
levels. They are a true community
theater group. Visit their website at: for
more information.

Register for So Classic
Car Show
The So Classic Car Show will be
held on February 8th from 11 a.m. to
6 p.m. on the Tangerine Greenway,
49th St. and 18th Ave. S. in Gulfport.
Early registration costs $15, or
$20 at the gate. Gates will open at
7 a.m. Over 60 awards will be given.
Event also features food, games, live
entertainment and a large kiddy
Vendors and sponsors can contact
49th Street South Business
Association at or For your
application or entry form call Phil at

Please Patronize
Our Advertisers

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

GArtisian Breads N. Y Bagels
Giant Biscotti Scones
ABy Cathy Salustri
If you love the fresh bread at Gulfport's Tuesday Fresh Market, nothing we say here will
come as a shock to you. If you haven't, stop by this Tuesday to sample Kurt's bread and
Kurt Schliebner, a former marine and professional sales manager and consultant, has I
"failed miserably at retirement." After retirement a few years ago, he volunteered at Bay
Pines Veterans Medical Center as a way of giving back before turning his discipline and business acumen to bread.
Several years ago, he told then-Fresh-Market-organizer Daniel Hodge he thought someone should sell bread at the
market. Daniel turned to him and said, "Well, you're someone." With that, Kurt joined the Tuesday morning ranks.
"I've always been involved in Gulfport. I live in Maximo but I spend all my time and money here," he says of his decision
to enter the Fresh Market. He doesn't work at any other markets, preferring instead to concentrate on Gulfport. He prides
himself not only on the quality of his breads but that his customers know they can count on him.
"I have never, ever missed a Tuesday. Even when the market gets canceled because of bad weather, I show up," he says.
"Seventy percent of my customers are regular, repeat customers. I've established a very nice relationship with most and
have made lots of friends."
After years of building a client base, Kurt sells out every Tuesday; his regulars know to come early for the best selection
(the market opens at 9 every Tuesday morning.)
Kurt generally has at least eight different bread selections, but he always starts his Tuesdays with olive and herb, asiago,
rye, baguettes and multigrain. His best seller? Far and away the olive and herb. If you want to try it, get there early he
sells out every week. Although he could certainly sell his breads at other markets, he chooses to sell only at Gulfport's
Tuesday Market.
"I choose not to do any more. I like Gulfport. This is fun," he laughs.
"I have a great quality product, and people know that I'm always there. Consistency helps a lot," he says, but he credits
his customers with his success, too:
"I want to thank all of my customers for four years of loyalty," he said "You have all been very good to me."
Kurt shares his love for all things yeasty with his partner of 17 years, Betty look for either of them at the Tuesday Morn-
ing Market in Gulfport.

Mention This Advertorial And Get A FREE Bagel!

Paid Advertisement -
Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

Treasure Island Art
Guild Winter Show
By Luba Robinson
Treasure Island Art Guild members
open their winter Community Center
show featuring Madeline Kirby,
Joseph Walles, Susan Walsh, Geri
Winston, and Gay Womack through
February 26th.
"Capturing a moment in all its
glory" is the mantra of fine artist
Kirby, as evidenced in her pastels.
She immerses the viewer in "Calm
Evening" with a masterful display
of visual poetry. Experience the
stunning reflections of Florida's
pristine "( 'i. --...\ i/Ik.i River".
Discordant blue green waves
breaking over umber rocks give
us "California Surf'. "Palomino"
expresses the beauty of its golden
coat and flowing white mane.

Photography artist Walles turned
a childhood hobby into a career that
sees the world in a unique way.
"Shooting in black and white distills
an image to its structure, which
is expressive in itself' as reflected
in "Beach Chair". High contrast
compositions enhance silhouettes
in "Waltz the Night Away" and
"Caribbean Saloon". "Happy
Hour, South Beach" without the
distraction of color, gives the viewer
an emotionally charged time of day.
Talented artist Walsh, not lacking
inspiration to paint, attempts to
simulate the bold shapes and bright
colors of Matisse in acrylic abstract
"In the Courtyard". Lyrics of
songwriter Richard Harris "someone
left the cake out in the rain" gives
breath to watercolor i, A\i'itlI'
Park". She prefers abstracts but
delves into other techniques with

mixed media "Dragonfly" and a
delightful "Whimsy".
The work of self- taught watercolor
artist Winston finds itself bathed
in the pure pleasure of "expressing
oneself' and having "fun" in the
process. As watercolor is uniquely
challenging, she successfully allows
the light to shine through her
medium's transparency in "Heron
in Hiding" and "Water Over Rocks".
Luminous color welcomes a sunlit
day for "Potted Plants". A "Peaceful
Scene" invites the viewer at days'
end to just "be".
Enter the oil painting world of artist
Womack, whose Impressionistic style
gives us exciting brushwork and
freshness in "Pelican Point, Maximo
Park" and "Inlet, Boca Ciega Bay".
To compliment the tranquil setting
of "Sundown on Pass-a-Grille Beach"
soft pastel hues calm the spontaneity
of her style. In shifting gears to an
experimental mode, "Study" evolved
into an abstract of colorful forms
superimposed over a portrait.
The Treasure Island Community
Center is located on 106th Avenue
just east of Gulf Blvd. Call 727-

Club Lunch
The Lithuanian/American
Club at 4880 46th Avenue N. in
St. Petersburg is serving lunch
every Thursday at 1 p.m. The
winter schedule of luncheons is one
week koldunai and the other week
The cost is $7 for entree, side,
dessert and coffee. This Thursday's
menu is cepelinai (grated potato
meat dumplings) served with bacon
and/or sour cream, dessert and coffee.
As usual, they have Lithuanian beer
and fresh baked bread to buy every
Call Vida at 866-7936 for more
information. Everyone is welcome.

4 Advertising?
; Call Gina at
; Gibber
Gabbe Deadline Tues. 5pm

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

14 Games, 1 $250 Progressive Jackpot Game

Guests W~eIlni

Super Bowl Fundraiser
to Benefit Get Rescued
"Doggie Daiquiris" and Broncos/
Seahawks Jell-O shots are on tap
at Salty's in Gulfport during Super
Bowl XLVIII on February 2nd from 5
p.m. until sold out. All-natural frozen
treats for the pups will be available
in two sizes, small for $2 or large $4,
and Jello-O shot treats for humans
will be available for $2 in two colors
representing both teams playing in
the big game. All proceeds will go
directly to Gulfport's Get Rescued,
the animal rescue festival and
fundraiser, which is gearing up for
its 10th annual event to take place
on Saturday, February 22nd. Salty's
is located at 5413 Shore Boulevard S.
in Gulfport.
Gulfport's Get Rescued is one of
the largest animal rescue events in
the state, with all profits to benefit
participating non-profit rescue
groups. Animal rescue organizations,
many appearing with adoptable pets,
take over Beach Blvd. to raise money
and awareness for their causes.
Enthusiasts can become involved in
Gulfport's Get Rescued by sponsoring
an individual animal rescue group for
$50, which will include a prominent
sign at that group's Beach Blvd.
booth during the event.
For more information on Gulfport's
Get Rescued, visit www.GulfportMA.
com or
GetRescued or contact Suzanne King
at 727-322-5217, email SuzFest@ Pet friendly vendors and
rescue groups can download the
applications at www.SIKPromotions.
com under the vendor info tab.

Ga a

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

We Now Accept Chiropractic (
Medicare Providers Ha ch
Most Insurance Accepted Headaches, N

Committee members Joan Barry, Bernice Auger and Chairwoman Jan Hauser with Guest
Speaker Lisa Trunzo, from Hannah's Homeless.
The first meeting of the year of the Gulfport Women's Club hosted Lisa
Trunzo from Hannah's Homeless program. This program distributes clothing
and staples to any homeless person in need. Committee members dressed as
if they were homeless. A simple lunch of a chef salad and rolls was served at
tables decorated with used newspapers, a can of soup and disposable table
Members were encourage to bring much needed socks and toiletries which are
in demand. Lisa was also presented with a monetary donation.
GWC is a not for profit organization helping the seniors and schools of the
area. They encourage new memberships which are $25 a year. Please call Joan
at 345-5443 for more information.
The largest event is the Annual Cards and Games which will be held in
the Town Shores Auditorium on February 5th from 1 to 4 p.m. Dessert and
beverages will be served. Anyone wishing to attend may bring a brown bag
lunch if desired. It is open to the public. All donations collected will be awarded
as small grants to the area schools. For tickets or information call Chairwoman
Petie at 343-6450.

You & THE


By Robert J. Myers, Esq.
What Steps are Involved
in the Probate Process?
Part I
The first step in the probate process
is to determine whether the deceased
left a will, that is a legal document
prepared by a person before death
directing others how to distribute his

or her property after death. If a will
exists, the person is said to have died
Although determining that a will
does exist might be fairly easy, finding
the will may be more difficult. It is
important to locate the last will and
any amendments (called codicilss")
to it. Among the places where people
commonly keep wills are strong-
boxes, file cabinets, desk drawers,
and safe deposit boxes.
If you have agreed to serve as
the Personal Representative for
someone's estate, it is essential to
learn in advance where the person
keeps the will. If the will is in a bank's
safe deposit box, please keep in mind
that the law requires the box to be
sealed at the owner's death. Because

Celebrating 33 Years of Professional
Lawn Spraying
Mac Perry, author and past Pinellas Horticulture Agent controls over 40
different Lawn insects, plus Diseases, plus Weeds, plus your Shrubs
and Trees sprayed. Sprayed every 2 months for $59 up to 5000 sq. ft.
Includes Fertilization. Free call-back.

W. V,'IA i Mfl I FhI i.

* Vision Correction
without Surgery
SOptical Department
i Convenient Hours
* Including Evenings

* Comprehensive Eye
Health Examination
* Children's Vision Care
* Dry Eye Care
* Cataract & Glaucoma
* Drivers License Exams
* Eye Infections

5412 Central Avenue


* No Contract Required
* Free Analysis
* Call Janice
Household Pests
Just $32
Flea Special

MIi Ts,-

Ti(ra [DlJram

* We Accept Most
Insurance Plans
* Medicare

* Board Certified
Optometric Physicians

* Disposable
* Colors
* Corneal Refractive
* Bifocal
* Astigmatic
* Gas Permeable


you need to get a court order to open
a safe deposit box, it is not the best
place to keep a will.
Within ten (10) days following
death, the will should be filed by
your attorney with the probate clerk
in the county where the person lived
at the time of death. In most cases,
however, there is no need to rush to
the probate clerk's office. If you have
recently lost a spouse or other loved
one, this is a stressful and vulnerable
time. You might want to wait a few
months, until you are feeling settled,
to begin the probate process. With the
passage of a few months' time, you
may be in a better position to tackle
the decisions and details of probate.
Any person entitled to the deceased's
property as an heir, as a beneficiary
named in a will, or as a creditor
(known as "interested persons") can
file a written request at the probate
clerk's office to begin a probate
proceeding. This written request is
typically called a "petition for probate
Mr. Myers is the owner of Akerson
aw Offices which is located at
135 Pasadena Avenue South, Suite
10, St. Petersburg, Florida. The
lephone number is 727-347-5131.
tr. Myers welcomes calls regarding
ts article and other related legal
pics. This column outlines general
gal principles and is not intended
i give you legal advice. If you have
Specific question about the law,
please consult an attorney.

Keep Your Head Above
Water All Year Round...
Advertise in

.ie 1968

..Gabber January 23 -January29 2014

Gabber January 23 January 29, 2014

Bring your Dog to
SPCA Tampa Bay welcomes four-
legged pirates and their humans
to an afternoon of fun, frolic and
free activities at Sniff University's
GasPAWrilla, Sunday, January 26th,
from 1 to 3 p.m.
Try your pup at the Indoor Dog Park.
Test canine skills on the amateur
agility course. Bring out the hound
in your dog with a treasure hunt for
buried doggy treats.
Their PUParazzi will snap your
pet in pirate costumes. Choose from
a chest full of clothing available for
the occasion. Food, contests, more!
SPCA Tampa Bay is located at 9099
130th Avenue N. in Largo. Visit

American Stage
Announces Season
American Stage Theatre Company
announces its 2014-2015 season for
its six Mainstage productions, their
30th Anniversary with American
Stage in the Park and a bonus
production that will be a world
premiere. American Stage offers
an unforgettable theatrical journey
with one world premiere, four area
premieres, two Tony Award-winning
plays, two musicals, their 8th
installment of an August Wilson's
Century Cycle, a Neil Simon classic
and a farce by Lewis Black.
Please call the American Stage Box
Office at 727-823-PLAY (7529) or go
to for more
information and to purchase tickets.

Forever Young and
Starfire Dancers
to Perform
With their motto "We Dance our
Pants Off for ('h.i ri lIy," St. Pete's own
Forever Young Dancers will perform
two shows at the Back Door Theater
in Gulfport on February 8th and
"Love is Forever" is the Valentine
themed Saturday show at 8 p.m. and
Sunday's at 2 p.m. also featuring

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

the Starfire Dancers. Starfire holds
a National Title for dancers both by
age and size of group.
Fred Clausen of St. Pete Beach
who organized "Forever Young"
17 years ago with the goals of "fun
for the audience and dancers and
helping those not as fortunate" said
the shows in February will benefit
the Human Outreach Team of
St. Petersburg. The group has raised
thousands over the years for this and
other local charities Clausen added
while entertaining audiences in the
Tampa Bay area.
Tickets which are $15, are available
in advance byphone at these numbers:
727-455-0743, or at the door. Back
Door Theater is located at 4916
49th Street S. in Gulfport. Clausen

stressed that all proceeds from ticket
sales go directly to charity. "Helping
those in need of help has been our
goal since our first performance, and
with the supportive community which
comes to our shows, we will continue
this good work," Clausen said.

Try to Win at Steak-O's
American Legion Auxiliary Unit
#305 is hosting Steak-O's the second
and fourth Tuesday of each month.
Win 8 oz. bacon-wrapped filet mignon
and road kill. Food served from
6-8 p.m. Games start at 7 p.m.
The Post is located at 6999 Gulf
Boulevard in St. Pete Beach. Call

# M Campas Cleaning, Inc.
professional window washing service since 1989

Refer 3 and Eat FREE*

Let Campas Cleaning

Give You a Clear View
All Exterior and Interior Windows Washed with
Screens Removed and Cleaned
Starting at $38.95 for Condos and $68.95 for Homes
Licensed and Insured, family owned and operated since 1989.
A Pinellas County resident since 1969
* Refer 3 friends and get a $25 gift card to your favorite local restaurant. Referals must have
services performed before gift card is issued. Send referrals via email or phone.

Deadline: Tuesday 5pm o Monday 3pm if proof is required .(727) 321-6965 fax (727) 327-7830

p aBay x Service, .c
Current and Back Taxes
IRS Representation
Individuals Businesses .Year Round Service

Dena Lebowitz EA, MST I
1135 Pasadena Ave. S. #105, "1
S. Pasadena, FL 33707 i
info@tampabaylaYservices comr
By Appoirme,ii Only

PLACE YOUR AD HERE- Starting at $15 per
issue. Call 727-321-6965.

Mobile, licensed, guaranteed, call for free esti-
mates. Save $20 mention this ad. 727-322-3050

Retired theater & language teacher. Flu-
ent in English, French & Italian. Bachelors in
Scenography from the Academy in Florence.
Perfect health. Dependable, Good Cook &
Housekeeper. Special aptitude w/Alzheimer's.
Available Sat. & Sun. Excellent References.
Evenings, 727-258-7508.
meal preparation, light housekeeping. Tender
loving care. Excellent references. 727-565-
3877 or 727-328-2485.

We do What You Don't Want to. Friendly,
Prompt, Courteous and Affordable Service.
Local References. 20yrs. Exp. Call 727-557-
3yrs. in a row. "Professional Cleaning". Con-
sistent, Detailed Cleaning Every Time. 32
Years Experience, Excellent References. Sat-
isfaction Guaranteed. We do Windows too. Li-
censed, Bonded, Insured. ($25) Off First Time
Cleaning. Gift Certificates Available 727-743-
"THE CLEANING LADY"- Reliable and de-
pendable. 16 years Exp. Weekly, bi-weekly-
esidential, Move-outs. References available.
Please Call 727-686-7277.

-Sn Campas
Cleaning, Inc.
Professional Window Washing Service
(727) 481-1605
Condos From Homes From
$3895 680
"Best Prices In Town"
Licensed Insured
Since 1989

House Cleaning, Errands, Shopping, Pet Sit-
ting, Just Ask. Reasonable Rates, No Job too
Small. Serving St. Pete. 727-421-7895.

* $19.95 per room carpet cleaning
(3 room min.)
Residential & Commercial
Upholstery Cleaning
Water Extraction
Truckmount & Portable 727-895-2349
Satisfaction Guaranteed
"Serving the area for 27 years"
0 Licensed & Insured _

Senior-Friendly. Repair, Setup,
Tutoring, Virus Removal, Wireless.
Help with Tablet, Kindle, Camera, TV, etc.
Fair Rates and Reliable Service
Phil Penrose 727-204-7288

Gulfport Computer Repair
Fast Friendly Service
727.388-3493 2321 49th St. S.

In-Home Services: Internet Security, Training,
Virus & SpyWare Removal, Maintenance &
Repair, Data Recovery. (PC & Mac).

Over30 years. Experience. Residential & Com-
mercial. New or Remodel work, Service Up-
grades, Lightning Arrestors, Fans and Lighting
Installed. State License #ER0007653.
We Have the Solutions to Your Electrical
Needs. Lightning Protection. Fuses to Break-
ers, All Electrical Repairs & Installation. Senior
Discounts. ER#13012577. 727-512-4250.
, FX'VI Fil '_. 10 ,]1 =1 il =lot i D I[I I-
Room Additions Lightning Protection
Fuses to Breakers Mobile Homes
Circuits Added Phone Wiring
Ceiling Fans Security Lighting & More
Hour Insured
Hour f I St. Lic.
Service 525-0677 Insured

"Have Tools Will Travel" Trustworthy Doors,
Decks/Eaves/Rotted Wood, Etc. 26 Year Gab-
ber Advertiser. Free Estimates, Lic. C-5754.
GERMAN HANDYMAN-30+ Years Experi-
ence, Any Job, Any Time, Nights, Weekends.
Reasonable, Reliable, Honest, Guaranteed.
Free Estimates, Senior Citizens Discount,
IHeat /Air Cond itioning

48 Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

M-F 10-6 Sat 10-3
5 Years in Gulfport
35 Years Experience

th Gabe is evrwee 3.21-696

Computer Sales
Fax, Copy, Print
Internet Cafe

Deadline: Tuesday 5pER V Monday 3pm if proof is require f Wdisplay only (727) 321-6965 fax (727) 327-7830GU ID E
Deadline: Tuesday 5pm | Monday 3pm if proof is reurdfr W display only (727) 321.6965 fax (727) 327.7830


--V(727) 528-1227 ,
No Overtime Rates
From (7:30am to 7:30pm)
s-'yl *, *Dryer Vent Cleaning
F REE,- Duct Cleaning & Repairs
^J FREE ESTIMATES on Replacement Systems CAC s

High Marks For
Call About Our Energy-Efficient Heat Pumps
2 f.1 i sn Outstanding No Hassle
'=9 Limited warranty andjlg
10 year parts
Limited warranty
Q Quiet operation
Tliarr' reg unrja requrr i'v 1t1u I W warrIE Ty Lirilkrd jU liv Orril it i VIr.
rri ,iT.! ,I ,iill :* .T-S .ii.1 '>10,]|- 1 ,.1'Bljtll lii), il i~i Ju [,, n, r- .r ,i-r.t,
D"rid ]all'a ImuN iii-niQua -11" aiy, vai~ji~ ulli r,- T ijrui-fro f lnn,.n i n
caAI, j,.'t, [,F, ,),', .. r'jI..Tj'3b.1 Q,1l 1 -iv f 6 ( '[r-N, i I .. l ir['O dV T rl[
ruvl W .a r rt irw U I ,Tl s wi r- li
ffl .tt *a Isu Sca'inia Eorifp Ekeirt(?) Am aid f li ii'f.r i m ritii v *&)04 ii
M31.y roiw ao;jljRCli( 51"*]Qualiriii Wi |uul 6101T.061u rulOrU 1cuk Of 4

Cuil Satisrachion is Mi, Priorit)
ll w.csmpaccom :CAC

RESCREENING-1 Panel OK. WindowScreens,
Pool Cages, Sunrooms, Screen Rooms, Car-
ports, Hurricane Windows/Screens, Concrete
Slabs, Sofit/Facia. Visa/Master Card, Free Es-
timates. 727-804-4300. RX11066857.

Quality Home Repairs
a Windows Carpentry
Doors Tile
Drywall & more
o 0727-798-8772
=-z" 727-798-8775
Lic.# BC1253003 FREE Estimates Since 1985
I S 9S S

1 l Contractor CBC-035154 Home Insp. HI 5326- EPA NAT 75269-

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

HomelsM Imrvmn

Best Pricesi

Best Selections!
We Deliver! Mon-Sat 8-6
Fax: 727-323-8307
3101 22nd Ave. N., St. Pete, FL 33713

$100 Off

any $1,000 purchase

Sash Window Reglazing and Repair. Reliable,
Reasonable Rates, Free Estimates. Clean,
Honest. Call Tom, 727-343-2702.

" Bedrooms ,Room
" Baths *, Additions
" Kitchens Porch
" Storm -,, Enclosures
Storm ,,( ,. *; Soffit &
Protection ,ascia.
Whitman Contractor, Inc.
All Types of Remodeling Free Estimates
Bill (Skip) Whitman
Licensed & Insured LC #CR C052336
Commercial. All Types, Shingle & Tile Special-
ists. Old Time Workmanship & Integrity. Let "A
Old-Timer" Do It! For all Veterans up to $450*
Rebate. Licensed RCC0051451 and Insured.
824-9996. Call for Details.
All Types of New Roofs and Repairs. Europe-
an Craftsmanship. Local Lic.#CCC1326212.
Office: 727-360-0500, Jacek: 727-686-2875,
Ollie 727-458-4355.
Make your Old Floors Look New Again. All
Types of Wood Floors. Sand and Finish, Stain.
Call for Free Estimate. 727-542-0882. Li-
censed/Insured #01858.

Buy it. Sell it.
Gabber Classifieds Work!
1 321-6965

Mowing, Edging, Hedge Trimming
Sodding, Planting & Mulching
323-4792 Licensed

James Fox Tree Service
Owner/Operator for over 20 years
"We make your trees feel beautiful"
-- _. ... ,-, --- Trees cleaned, elevated
1'4AW L I' B* Property Maintenance
-~g Stump grinding
"' I^, -.- Hazardous limb removal
Uc.# 0700008985'' Siomr and roof protection
727-322-1849 or 727-215-8601
LAWN & HAUL-Affordable Prices. Roof Clean-
ing, Mowing, Hedge/Tree Trimming, Brush
Removal, Code Violation Clean-Ups, Debris
Hauling. Dependable. Senior Discounts. Dave,

Coppolas/Yutzy.Tree Service
We've Merged ,
60+Years Combined Experience -Wrn
Commerical and Residential ---,
Visit n p JiU N
2012 IVKMAhio n es Ust __
I ~SuerSVIIIAwin= -
Rich Moseley, Irrigation Contractor. 25 Years
Experience. Reasonable Rates. Well & Pumps.
439-0792. Lic.#C8312. BBB Accredited.

DAN'S HAULING-727-341-1135. Full Service
Clean-ups. Drop Off Trailers.

PINNIX PAINTING INC.- Interior, Exterior. In
Business Locally Since 1980. Free Estimates.
Commercial Residential References Upon
Request. Lic. #C4334. 548-9293.

:0 I '* -11 ,11

Painting. Making happy customers for 30yrs.
Pressure Cleaning, Honest, Reliable. 727-344-
1674. References/Guaranteed. Lic.#C4749.
Recommended on Angie's List.

o(727) 3216965 fax (727) 327-7830 (727) 321-6965 fax (727) 327-7830

Replacements, Fixtures. Sewers, Cleaning,
Remodels, New Construction, Better Business
Bureau Lic.#CFC1426040. 727-403-9523.
When You Need a Plumber ...Call the Best!

Hutfc"SLD Ill. *-.1 1 lF-4"14 lj ^

Why Replace, If It Can Be Repaired!

A Family Tradition Since 1954

Seniors Discounts, CFC1427888 Low Rates
727-522-2508. MasterCard/Visa.
ES- #C7128. Senior Discounts, All Plumbing
Needs. No Overtime Charges. 40+ yrs. Expe-
rience. 727-421-4903. Bill Strickland.

Greater Pinellas Plumbing
Plumbers are plumbers. About the same
quality, about the same price. What sets q
us apart from all the rest is that when
we say we will be there at 10 on Tuesday =
...we will be there at 10 on Tuesday!

I^H ^^^^^*9 SINCE 1961
6 All Repairs Big OrSmall 12011
C Water Heater Specialists
6 Drain Clog Experts

I =, 321-4276

$69 DRAIN CLEANING- Senior & Military
Discounts available, 24 hour emergency
service, no overtime/trip charge. Call Now!
Lic.#CFC1428321. 727-678-4471.
WE GO THERE! 321-6965

Hel W ~jLan.I ted

Looking for motivated people with experience
in magazine renewals. $10-20/Hr. Nice office
in S. Pasadena. Fax resume 727-851-9841.
Pay! Consistent Freight, Great Miles on this
Regional Account. Werner Enterprises, 1-855-
pany, Excellent Rate Of Pay, Driver's License
essential. Beach Location. 727-363-1074.
Mature companions, homemakers, CNA's
needed for elderly adults. Flexible schedule.
Call Visiting Angels today. 727-822-3034.
port. Immediate opening available for skilled &
semi-skilled work in the maintenance of City
streets and/or collection of solid waste and
refuse. Must have valid FL Driver's license,
CDL Class B preferred. Entry: $11.54 P/H..
Background, drug screen and physical will be
conducted. Open until filled. Applications ac-
cepted at City of Gulfport, 2401 53rd St. S.,
Gulfport, FL 33707 or via fax at 727-893-1005.
Home. Contract Work: Requires $40 Materials
Fee, Glue Gun & Transport a Must. J&K Nov-
elty, 727-527-1816

S School of Music and Arts
ac S PT Band, Violin
f^ f ~ & Guitar Instructors
for^ Beach Studio, Experienced, Paid Vacation.
Forever Young for interview/details. 727-455-
HELP ME RAKE- Weed & clean my yard. No
tools, necessary. $8/H r. 727-954-0825.
PART TIME- For Busy Cleaning Company.
Must have at least one year experience. Trans-
portation and phone a plus. Call after 5pm.


You Want...

One Paper.

G bber
Since 1968
(727) 321-6965 fax 327-7830

50 Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

(727) 321.6965 fax (727) 327-7830

1999 MERCURY- 4 Door, 91,000, New
Tires.$2,450. 727-254-2330.
1999 NISSAN ALTIMA- Looks good, runs
g reat, well maintained. Gold color, 164K.
$2150 o.b.o. 727-865-0187.
1999 TOYOTA CAMRY LE- 4-Door, White,
Leather, 4 Cyl, Auto, Loaded. $2600. Very
Nice. 727-571-1553.
We've Paid the Most Cash For Junk & Un-
wanted Vehicles for Over a Decade Now. No
Lies Just Honest Business. So Call us First or
Call us Last, but Call Us! 727-458-7710

$495 Deliver
Many more to choose from.
Value First Auto Sales
8021 4th Street North St. Pete
PLACE YOUR AD HERE- Starting at $4.50
per issue. Call 321-6965.
RED 1995 ELDORADO 4.6L Northstar. Clas-
sic. Fun. $3000. obo 727-343-3843.


OAK DINING TABLE-w/6 chairs $200. China
Hutch $200. Entertainment Center (6ft. long)
$150. 727-501-3345.
Rocker Recliner (England Brand Name) Bone
or Off White, Perfect Condition. Cost new
$1400. Asking $550. Call 727-345-3798 or
859-325-0856 or Leave Message.
$50. 727-823-7392.
Please Patronize
Our Advertisers

Deadline: Tuesday 5pm I Monday 3pm if proof is required (727) 321-6965 fax (727) 327-7830

Electric, $2000. Call 315-729-6540.
Parties, Weddings, Meetings. Great Water-
front Location With Full Facilities. Call Art for
Info and Dates. 321-5717.

Please Call Frank at 727-418-8297.
60' STEEL HULLTRAWLER- Detroit 671 Dei-
sel, Generator, Auto Pilot, Holds 1000 Gallons
of Deisel. Watermaker, Live Aboard, move in
condition. All amenities. Needs some cosmetic
work outside only. Asking $35,000. Will con-
sider offers & trades. 727-465-3138, 727-368-

EXCERCISE BIKE- Stationary with timer.
Only $50. 727-360-3122

BOAT SLIPS FOR RENT-From 25' to 55' Sail
of Power. $7.55/F. Easy Access to Gulf. Ample
Parking. Madeira Beach 727-641-6465.

The Career that Loves You Back. Have you
Considered Pet Grooming? Certified Vendor
for Vocational Rehabilitation.

Buying & Selling
Antiques & Collectibles
We have been buying and selling Antiques
and collectibles in Florida and Pennsyl-
vania for over 30 years. Members Certi-
fied Appraisers Guild Of America. Ap-
pointments are available. Please call us
anytime. Just ask us for a courteous and
professional consultation.
Certified Appraisals Estates Bought & Sold
I9 -j? r Adele & Will
B923 Central Ave.
St. Pete, FL 33705

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

PLACEYOUR AD HERE- $15.00 for20 words,
includes notarized affidavit of publication and
tear sheet. $5.00 notary fee. 321-6965.

Personal property of the following tenants
will be sold for cash to settle liens in
accordance with Florida Statutes Self-Storage
Facility Act, Sections 83-801-83-809:
Jones, Natalie W. Unit #78
Haynsworth, Sandra L. Unit #435
Contents may include household furnishings,
clothing and personal items.
Spare Room reserves the right to bid on
contents. Sale to be held at 12:30 pm
on Friday, February 14,2014 at:
Spare Room Mini Storage, Inc.
4311 34th Street South
St. Petersburg, FL 33711
Notice is hereby given that John Ferrante, sole
owner, desiring to engage in business under
the fictitious John Ferrante Enterprises located
in Pinellas County, Florida, intends to register
the said name with the Division of Corpora-
tions, Florida Department of State, pursuant to
section 865.09 of the Florida Statutes.Janu ray

609 29TH AVE. N. SATURDAY 9-?- Handi-
capped Equipment, Household, Collectible T-
Shirst, Denim Jackets, H.D. Collectibles. Bric-
a-Brac, Treasures Galore!

Neighborhood Sale. 79th St. off Central Ave.,
St. Pete, 33707. Saturday 8-2p.m.
SATURDAY & SUNDAY 9-5- Tools, Applianc-
es, Useful Things! Moving Out. 5125 Tanger-
ine Ave. S.
HUGH GARAGE SALE- January 24th & 25th,
8-4p.m. 8278 Lark St., Seminole.
7251 12TH AVE. N.-Fri./Sat. 9-5. Lawn Mow-
er, Light Wood Triple Dresser w/Night Stands,
Wood Futon, Entertainment Center, Glass
Desk, Sleeper/Sofa, Leather Recliner, Lots of
Household/Kitchen Items.
MOVING SALE- Household items, Clothing,
Odds & Ends. Sat. 9-2. 567 59th St. South.
INDOOR SALE-Saturday 9am.-Noon. 5108
29th Ave. S. (Gulfport). Futon, Mirrors, Kitch-
en Goods, Old School Coaster Brake Beach
Cruiser, Small end-Coffee Tables, Office
Fridge, Nice Woven Rugs, Vintage Formica
Table & Chairs. Orchids & Plants.

2 j6B,00BR.adr
^^^EveKTry Week^^^^^^

VR11 1hey See Your A

33rd Annual
Yard Sale
5 Condo Flea Market
& Bake Sale
Collectiable Appliances
Everything Under the Sun
Coffee & Doughnuts Available
Saturday, January 25th 9am-12pm
1888 Shore Dr. So. Pasadena
(across from Palms Hospital)

PRAYER TO ST. JUDE This novena has
never been known to fail. This novena must be
said for 9 consecutive days. Publication must
be promised. Oh Holy St. Jude, Apostle and
Martyr, great in virtue and rich in miracles,
near kinsman of Jesus Christ, faithful inter-
cessor of all who invoke your special patron-
age in time of need, to you I have recourse
from the depth of my heart and humbly beg
to whom God has given great power to come
to my assistance. Help me in my present
urgent petition. In return, I promise to make
your name known and call you to be invoked.
St. Jude, pray for us all who invoke your aid.
Amen. Say 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Marys & 3
Gloria's. R.S.

- St. Michael, the Archangel, Defend Us In
Battle; Be Our Defense Against the Wicked-
ness and Snares of the Devil. May God Re-
buke Him We Humbly Pray; and Do You Oh
Prince of the Heavenly Host, By the Power
of God, Thrust Into Hell Satan and the Other
Evil Spirits Who Prowl About the World For the
Ruin of Souls. Amen. St. Michael, I Resort
to Your Protection and in My Faith, Offer This
Light Which Shall Burn Every Tuesday. Com-
fort Me in My Difficulties and While Lodging in
the House of Our Savior Intercede for Me and
My Family That We Will Be Able to Hold God
Close to Our Hearts and Be Provided for in All
of Our Necessities. I Beseech You, to Have
Infinite Pity in Regard to Favors I ask of You
(Name Them) So That I May Be Able To Over-
come All Difficulties as You Did the Dragons
at Your Feet. Our Father (Say 3 Times). Hail
Mary (Say 3 Times). Glory Be (Say 3 Times).
This Prayer is to be Said 9 Tuesdays, in Suc-
cession and Each Tuesday a Candle Shal
Be Lighted and a Copy of This Prayer Lft in
the Church to Help Another Soul in Distress
and Support the Devotion to St. Michael. This
Miraculous Saint Grants Everything, No Mat-
ter How Difficult, Before the Termination of 9
Tuesday. G.B.

MAYTHE SACRED Heart of Jesus be adored,
glorified, loved, and preserved throughout the
world. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us.
Blessed Mother, pray for us. St. Jude, worker
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(727)32 6

Yard, Garage, W/D. Walk to Beach, Restau-
rants, Library. $1400/Mo., $1000 Security Dep.
2714 53rd St. S. 727-643-9329.
PLACE YOUR AD HERE- Starting at $15 per
issue. Call 321-6965.
Like New! 2/1 Yearly Lease. 5320 29th Ave. S.
#D. C/H/A, Tile & Carpet Throughout, Covered
Patio. W/S/G Paid. Pet OK. Fenced Yard. $795/
Mo. & Dep. Available Now. RJ 727-647-0331.
tacular Waterview, 55+, 1BR/1BA, Gated, All
Amenities. Close to beaches/shopping. $695/
Mo., Annual. $675 Security 702-771-1587.
DUPLEX-2206 53rd St. S. 1 BR plus enclosed
porch. Tile thru-out. Freshly painted. $675/mo.
plus $600 security. Includes W/S/G. Call 727-
2BR/1BA HOUSE- 59th St. S. & 7th Ave. S.
$850/Mo. Pets Negotiable, Small & Cute.
Freshly Painted, Newly Redone. 727-418-
able Eviction Service, Call Gulfport Attorney
Karen S. Keaton, Gulf Beaches Law, PA. at

SPB SPACIOUS 1/1- Fully Furnished wood
floors, Sundeck, Lots of Charm offered to
Quiet Tenant with References. $875/Mo. 617-

ed, quiet, buses, shops. $105-$115/wk. plus
security. Call 727-743-7474.
NEAR TYRONE-Nice 1BR/1BA for One. Pri-
vate Room, Bath, Kitchenette, Laundry, Cable,
Sorry No Pets. Seeking Non-Smoking, Up-
beat, Positive Person. $650/Mo. Security De-
posit. 727-623-8821. Share house with health
professional Near all Hospitals. askvictoria@ for details & pictures.
Comeria Prpeties "a Ret ]1
ecutive Bldg., 1135 Pasadena Ave. S. Close to
Shopping & Hospital. Ideal for small business
owner. 727-209-0606 or 727-688-1927..

SPB SPACIOUS 1/1- Vacation Rental. Fully
Furnished wood floors, Sundeck, Lots of
Charm offered to Quiet Tenant with Refer-
ences. Close to Beach & Shops. $1600/Mo. or
$450/wk. 617-513-9605.
ISLA CLUB BAHIA Cancellation. Hurry!
Fully Furnished. Most desirable building
2BR/2BA, Fitness center, magnificent views-
Watch the birds, dolphins and wildlife. 2-balco-
nies. $3500/mo. Available now. 727-867-5536.

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$433/Mo. Call 813-263-2884. Single WM, 65+,
5'11", 180, Clean, Healthy, Not Bad Looking,
Non-Smoker/Drinker/Drugger, Presentable,
Pleasant, Honorable, Engineer. Korean War
Veteran, American Legion. Has Car, Cooks

3010 59th St. S. #206. Nice, Clean. 2BR/1 BA,
1120Sqft. Roomy Eat-in Kitchen. Cat Friendly
Town Shores (Barclay bldg) $79,000.

West End Corner Unit. 2BR/2BA Open Plan,
Waterviews from every window! Watch
your grandchildren swim in the pool
from your living room window.
Covered Parking.

located directly overlooking
Tranquil Wood Ibis Park
Imagine waking each morning to this
beautiful water front scene. The home
features a wide open floor plan, wood
floors, crown molding, custom kitchen w/
granite counters, dual ovens, stainless
appliances, eat in bar w/full walk-in pantry.
French Doors lead to waterfront balcony on
both levels complete with hurricane
shutters. Lower level features loads of
storage, workshop and multi purpose
room. Custom elevator installed for owners
convenience leading from garages to main
level. Perfect home for a growing family,
with loads of room to raise your children.
Additional features of this 3BR/3BA 3-Car
Garage home are a large master suite with
waterfont views, connecting en-suite w/
jacuzzi tub, dual sinks and shower. Home
offers a total of 4641 sq footage overall.
Steps to Pasadena Yacht Club offering an
array of exercise packages for pool, gym
and golf.
Offered at $585,000










Only $2 50
Color $380

Full Distribution
Limited Space Available
One Business Per Ad
Ads Must Be Paid Prior To Print


since 1968

1419 49th Street S.
Gulfport FL 33707

(727) 321-6965
(fax) 327-7830

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

"Come Look... Let's Talk Price!"
Shirley Madden
For All Your
1 Real Estate Needs
Land of Libert6 Realty, for all of your
real estate needs buy, sell, rent,
property and rental management

TOWN SHORES ETON #102-Updated Open
Floor, Carport, Deluxe, 1060sqft. 1BR/1BA.
Must See, Great Buy! $78,000 440-382-9772.
Open House Sunday 12-3pm.

SCalime for your buying& selling needs
ljTyrone Villa, NW St. Pete
2BR/1 BA, corner, updated
Town Shores of Gulfport
2BR/2BA, corner, ground floor, updated, carport
Bay Island Condo
Enterprise Bldg,1 BR/2BA, corner, carport, great view
Pasadena $90,000
Pinellas Point $115,000 I

Bldg. 1BR/1.5BA Furnished unit. W/D, Car-
port, Enclosed Porch, 6 Pools, Adult & Gated.
$139,900 THE SUN TEAM 727-345-0099.

Cape Cod Bungalow, original wood floors,
French doors leading out to your peaceful
front porch and spacious rear deck with large
backyard. Open view to Wood Ibis Park and
neighboring Pasadena Yacht & Country Club.
3BR/1 BA, Oversized 1CG, 1282s.f.
OPEN HOUSE Sun Jan 26,12-3pm
5879 27th Ave S, Gulfport
Toni Russell Property Group, LLC
Stetson Area, No Flood, True 2100 SF, 4/3
w/oversized 2 car garage with additional 1/2
bath. Huge very private backyard. Fabulous
layout with 2 masters, mid-century modern
flair, completely redone w/permits. $279,000.
Call 727-793-7055 for appt. or directions to
Open House Sunday 1-3.

j.__ oup 727-776-7280 Realtor
SOLD. Nottingham #614
Jamison #312
CONTRAC1n Manchester #312
Are you looking? 2/2 comer unit,
water views from every room,
pool view, covered parking.
The Sampsons have been earning your
business for over 30 years.
Call lor your listing appoinlmeni today!
Block Home, 4BR/2.5BA/2CG, Over 2,000
SF, Lots of Storage, Salt Water Pool. 813-334-

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ft F321-6965

enabber Fax 327-7830

Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014

FOR SALE BY OWNER-Town Shores Condo
Diplomat #508. 1BR/1.5BA, 1174sqft. Open
Bay Views. $132,000. Call 727-384-4903.
FOR SALE BY OWNER- Town Shores Em-
bassy #507 Condo. 1BR/1.5BA, Upgraded,
Carport. Open Waterview. $131.500. Call
George 813-431-3807.
tively Furnished. Spacious 1BR, Screened
Porch, Newer A/C and Energy Efficient Win-
dows. $52,950. Also 2BR/2BA, W/D, $67,900.
55+ Patriot Square (near Maximo). Tony
Branch EARNEST REALTY 727-460-7887.
unfurnished, Apt. B fully furnished vacation
rental. Totally restored.
5039 29th Ave. S. 727-418-7272.

CindI Theodoros
For All Your
Real Estate Needs

Land of Libert6 Realty, for all of your
real estate needs buy, sell rent
property and rental management |

PLACE YOUR AD HERE- Starting at $15 per
issue. Call 321-6965.

Dipl- Rita M. Stutzman
Realtor T

Specialist & Resident
|727-723-4164 \
Nenlest smal ca accepte...

Kenmore #401- 2/2 standard end unit,
covered parking... $99,000
Manchester #607- 2/2 standard, loads of
upgrades. Tenants in place thru 2/15. Great
investment... $133,500
Hampton #40JoE Illuxe... $99,000
Diplomat #903- 2/2 deluxe, split floor plan,
endless waterviews, small cat accepted...
SEASONAL- Windsor #108-1 BR/1.5BA...
Call Kathy 727-343-7949

Real Estate for Sale Real Estate for Sale M Real Estate for Sale I


Open Sunday 2-4pm B I
2644 49th St S 4'a
Walter Brooks'(Gulfport Developer) son's personal home with efficiency plus
separate (24'x24') 1 BR cottage on a half acre in the Gulfport Marina District.
Gorgeous original pegged hardwood and orchard stone floors. Wood burning
fireplace in both the family and living rooms. Remodeled double oven kitchen.
Fenced yard has built-in kitchen and 16ft covered bar, slate patio, newer deck
w/jacuzzi and pergola, fire pit and huge side yard. Oversized 2-car garage,
2-car carport.
Take notes during your tour

J Also Available: 4 Town Shores 2BR units available, 3BR, 2BR & 1 BR Condos on
Shore Dr, South Pasadena. Steal of a deal 3/2 home on 2 lots. Call for details.

54 Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014


L ~~te0tr IF jf3V7~nm ~t

- ~"Come Look.. Let's Talk Pricel"
Shirley Madden
For All Your
Real Estate Needs
Land of Libert4 Realty, for all of your
real estate needs buy, sell, rent,
property and rental management

Avalon #201- 2BR/2BA, deluxe end unit, shutters, carport................................................... $99,000
Kenmore #607. 1BR/1 BA, standard Coming soon! As-is .................................................... $54,900
Diplomat #104- 2BR/2BA, open bay views, carport............................................................ $154,900
Jamison #210. 2BR/2BA, standard floor plan, carport......................................................... $95,000
Hampton #205- 1 BR/1 BA, deluxe waterfront, carport, steps to heated pool on Bay.
Winter rental 181 days ......................................................... OFFERED AT $1100/mo
Embassy #311- 2BR/2BA, deluxe condo, unfurnished.................................... ANNUAL $1200/mo

MoreI~reeaffrd1ablepthanryoIupthink.. dertLYisig fo[Ere EVEY b~udgIe[t!

Seln .lria Parads Dail

NEW LISTING!! 2025 50th Street South
Solid concrete block house with 2 bedrooms, two baths, open floor plan,
new berber carpet, fresh paint, screen lanai, one car garage, new storage
shed, fenced back yard, new security system. Only $155,000
See this TODAY!

"Ready to SELL? G

Marie Drew Realtor.
727-657-1259 REM
MarieDre%\ REni.u prter

Great opportunity to own a nice little Gulfport
duplex that needs some TLC for a great price! Both
units are currently rented! Looking for a good
project? Roll up your sleeves and dig right in and you
will always have these units rented! Great value!
Just across the street is a very convenient Gulfport
storage facility too. This duplex is easy to rent and
not far away from the business district of Gulfport.

I Have Buyers! fiY d SELLS!
Your Listing Could Be Here! 0-- 0 .r_-
Call Today! _LL _J!J
7 I Have Renters... i
^ Need Rentals!


Gabber January 23 -January 29, 2014



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