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1' v [, I4 I ] 1i L, 77
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since 19681

Arson Destroys House on Clinton Street

At about 4:00 a.m.
Wednesday morning,
the Gulfport fire
department was called
to a house fire at 3120
Clinton Street South.
Gulfport's acting fire
chief Pete Huffman
(pictured) told the
Gabber that it was
determined by the state
Fire Marshall that it was
definitely Arson.
"There were two points
of ignition in the house.
It has been vacant for
a while and all utilities
were turned off." Said
Gulfport was assisted
by St. Petersburg and
Treasure Island fire

Council Clears Way for Waterfront Package Stores

By Shelly Wilson

Gulfport City Council
voted 4-1, Tuesday, in favor
of conditional use package
stores in the Waterfront
Redevelopment District. And,
while the first reading was a
relatively quiet affair, this
week's council meeting was
considerably more lively.
"I speak in absolute
opposition to package stores,"
said resident Peter Stewart
who said he dealt with
similar issues in Hollywood,
California. "I can tell you that
a package store will just draw
criminals and drug elements
you do not want. And once it
gets in there, it will be almost
impossible to get rid of."
Reassurances of the
conditional nature of the
ordinance, and the council
controls in place to monitor
the nature of the business,
did not deter similarly

impassioned arguments
against the proposal.
"I'm sorry folks, but we have
missed the boat on this," said
resident Denise Wimmer
Lowe who cited statistics
equating an increase in
alcohol sales with an increase
of crime and violence. "And
now more progressive cities
are pulling back the zoning
again because of these studies
and statistics."
Several residents were
concerned with how the
city planned to monitor the
proportion of restaurant sales,
along with tangential issues
such as underage drinking
or public drunkenness.
Councilwoman Salmon, the
evening's only dissenting
vote, echoed those concerns.
"When you're drinking at
a bar, the bartender has a
responsibility to say you've
had enough," said Salmon.
"But if you go in and buy a

bottle, there's nobody. As soon
as you leave the building,
there's nobody monitoring
However, Police Chief Bob
Vincent reiterated that not
only did his department not
see more police calls
See Package Store, page 2

Due to the Thanksgiving
Holiday, the Gabber will
be delivered on Wednesday
next week.
All deadlines for next week
are Monday at 5 p.m.
The Gabber staff wishes
all of its readers and
advertisers a very happy
holiday season!


No 233 Noebr2S oebr2,21

Package Store,
from front page
related to package stores in the area,
but that the police were already
vigilant about illegal consumption.
"There is a responsibility for
bartenders," he agreed, "but once
you are on public property, you
can't consume alcohol anymore,
period. That's already against the
law, it's been against the law, and
we do enforce that, quite frequently
already on the beach, in fact."

0- 10V

Beyond law enforcement,
concerns remained about the sort
of atmosphere that package sales
would promote on the beach.
"I don't think that we should be the
spring break place," said Salmon. "I
don't think that we should have that
kind of party atmosphere on our
Resident Mark Grantham, a
recovering alcoholic, called the
ordinance a "slap in the face" for
those people in recovery.
"We are a funky little town," he
added in the evening's popular




. iCall



y^."1" 125 56th Avenue South

Now thru Dec 31st
Eastern Carribean Cruise
for two!
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SSt. Petersburg FL 33705

refrain. "Let's keep it that way."
"We spend thousands of dollars in
Gulfport to make Gulfport weird and
funky," said Councilman Michael
Fridovich, "but yet everybody turns
out to be Carrie Nation when we
discuss something like this. [...]
While I respect the fact that we have
this difference of opinions, I find it
somewhat absurd that we have this
kind of opposition."
Said Councilwoman Brown: "I'm
married to a gracefully recovering
alcoholic, so we are not consumers
of alcohol. But I know that there
are a lot of people out there who are
responsible consumers of alcohol,
and there's people who aren't. So, I
don't see that as a slap in the face."
While some residents also
questioned a need for the ordinance
without a petition, Beach Haus
co-owner Rich Nugent came to clear
the air of rumors that his business
was pursuing the matter.
"I hear a lot of people saying, 'So
you're opening a package store?'" he
said. "By no means do I want the
community of Gulfport to think that
we are behind this effort. Because
we are not behind this effort."
Several residents did come out in
favor of the ordinance, including
Bob Newcomb, who called the
proposal "sensible, simple, and
pretty harmless."
Vice Mayor Dan Liedtke agreed.
"It's not like we're River City and
we're getting our first pool table. [... ]
All of the feedback I've received is
four-to-one in favor. And right now
we're not saying 'yes' to a package
store, we're saying 'yes, let's see
what kind of proposals you want to
come forward with.'"
Despite high passions, Mayor Sam
Henderson pushed forward with
what he considered simply another
"tool in the toolbox."
"I do feel like this is getting blown
awfully out of proportion," he said.
"We've given ourselves a lot of
protections here, and I don't feel
the need to try and keep a business
opportunity from going in because
of what's feeling like some sort of
medieval fear of having a liquor
store. [...] If something ends up not
working, provided that anyone ever
applies, we can always address it

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013


"Chamber Chatter"
By Lynda Shehan
The Gulfport Area Chamber of
Commerce's next "networking mixer"
will be held Thursday, November
21st hosted by Shiva Dharma, 2838
Beach Boulevard S. from 5:30 to
7 p.m. These mixers are a fabulous
opportunity to showcase your
business and meet those in need of
your services.
If your business has yet to join the
Chamber and you wish to attend
the networking mixer, call 727-
344-3711 to register as our guest. We
are confident that once you meet and
network with our member businesses,
you will want to be a part of the
Chamber. We also welcome those
with an interest in volunteering.
The Business of the Month is
Olympus Printing, Inc.
Volunteers are the "life blood" of our
organization and we are always in
need of those who have a few hours
per week to give to the Chamber
answering phones, greeting visitors
and more. Or perhaps you are
interested in volunteering at events.
Please contact the Chamber at 727-

344-3711. Any time you have to
give is greatly appreciated and very
valuable to our success.
Our Chamber is growing, come be a
part of this fabulous opportunity.

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Take the Urban Survivor Bootcamp
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most intense and most rewarding
workout you have ever experienced.
Urban Survivor Bootcamp Fitness
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training program that focuses on
high-intensity anaerobic exercise,

coupled with lower-intensity rest
periods. These short yet intense
workouts provide improved athletic
capacity and condition, increased
strength and muscularity, improved
glucose metabolism, and extreme fat
burning. In addition to strength and
fitness, Urban Survival Bootcamp
incorporates a fun and light group
atmosphere for all who participate
regardless of physical fitness level
or experience. Classes are Tuesdays
from 6:15-7:15 p.m. at the Gulfport
Recreation Center. Cost is $10
per class. Please call Donnie Ali-
McClendon at 727-550-7185.

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Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013 3

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Safer Crossings
By Shelly Wilson
The new crosswalk on Gulfport
Boulevard at ('I in.- Park was
installed Monday, adding a measure
of safety for non-motorized traffic.
The crosswalk was installed by the
county, as one of two the city of
Gulfport has purchased.
"I think it's fantastic," said resident
Denise Wimmer Lowe. "I think it's
going to make the commute for the
children to school, the baseball field,
students that have to walk to Stetson,
whatever it's going to make that a
lot more safe, and I think it will also
slow the traffic down a little bit there.
I appreciate that that's finally done,
and it looks wonderful."
The user-activated crosswalk will
connect the new ('ly in,.- Park trail
to the Gulfport spur of the Pinellas
Trail, which together will complete
cycling and pedestrian access to
downtown Gulfport.
Mayor Sam Henderson commented
on the installation at Tuesday's
council meeting: "I am going to say
thank you to the county for the
crosswalks. It took us a couple of

years, but I'm very excited to see them
in, and I really hope that helps."
While no installation date has been
set for the second crosswalk, destined
for the Stetson area at Gulfport
Boulevard and 17th Avenue, City
Manager Jim O'Reilly said that the
city has ordered the equipment and
is waiting for an update from the

Gulfport Holiday
Tree Lighting
The Gulfport Holiday Tree Lighting
is on Monday, December 2nd starting
at 7 p.m. in ('I in.-' Park located at
Gulfport Blvd. S. and Beach Blvd. S.
Bundle up for an evening of festive
music by the Gulfport Recreation
division, join the Mayor, City Council
and Yvonne Johnson in caroling, a
true Gulfport tradition. There will
be refreshments and festive cheer as
the Mayor lights the tree for another
holiday season. There just may be a
visit from the big man in red himself
to listen to your little ones holiday
wishes. This is a free admission event
and all are welcome!

1 1) h c .-mar l. II I "a W l.IJ-. a ll. 14 [l ofiJ-



Serving St. Petersburg Since 1984
Dr. John H. Mason PA.
Board Certified Optometric Physician
Contact lens Specialist Children & Adult Vision Care Quality
Fashion Eyewear Treatment of Eye Disease Emergency Care
& Lasik Consultation Glaucoma & Cataract Testing
Most Insurance Plans Accepted, Including Eyemed, Medicaid, Medicare, United
Health Care, Advantica, Humana, Avmed, VSP, Cigna, Comp Benefits, BCBS

5712 5th Ave. N. Medical Plaza Building

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

Y" 11 a y" I WWF



II l 12.1111"=.5- I I :,.11- I lllllll:Jl[ llll


Teen Night Program
Hey teens are you looking for
something fun to do? Join us every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
evening from 6-9 p.m. at Gulfport
Recreation Center. The Teen Night
Program is for teens in middle and
high school up to age 17. You will
have open access to the gymnasium
and game room. Basketball, ping
pong, football, video games are just
some of the things you can play
and enjoy. Also, they have monthly
field trips, cooking projects and
lock-ins scheduled during the year.
The annual fee is $2 for residents
and $22 for non-residents. Also, on
Wednesday are bring a friend night
so you can come give it a try for free.
Please call John at 727-893-1079.

commanding voice and a remarkable
vocal range. Jim's portrayal of Elvis
Presley covers the touring concert
years of 1971-1977. His performance
will be on Sunday, November 24th at
1:30 p.m. at the Catherine Hickman
Theater at 5501 27th Avenue S. in
Jim Jinelli, a Chicago native, has
been impersonating Elvis Presley
for more than 20 years appearing on
TV, radio and many markets from
Chicago to New York and the south
eastern states with sold out crowds.
Just as Elvis covered many more
songs in his concerts than his own,
so does Jim, offering the audience "A
Concert Experience" as close to the
original as possible, while capturing
the charm and charisma of the "King

of Rock and Roll". He is a talented
musician, proficient in guitar, piano,
and percussion.
Tickets are $12.00 and are available
at the Gulfport Casino at 5500 Shore
Boulevard S. (d.,nil.,y Thursday,
9 a.m. 5 p.m.), Gulfport Chamber
of Commerce (cash or check), Beach
Bazaar, online at www.elvisconcert.
corn, or you can credit card call 1-888-
71-TICKETS. For more information,
contact 727-560-5009. Limited
tickets may be available at the "will
call desk" at the Theater the day of
the show, but advanced tickets are
recommended. If you are interested
in how much Jim sounds like Elvis,
go to the website

Tribute to Elvis at the th
Hickman Theater
If you would love to relive the Elvis 1 0
experience, then you will not want to ,, OFF
miss "ELVIS: A Concert Experience." Best Beefsteaks In Town! ,._ PURCHASE
Jim Jinelli will turn back the clock Fat Tomatoes : "s
and you will watch the aura of Elvis I a Ave Superb Customer Servc Indoor & Air Conditioned!
come alive. Jim has a powerful, 67 6 Central Av Superb Customer Service Mon. Sat. 10am 7pm

11 Brunch Buffet 11:00 3:00 pm
STEAK' OUSE Lunch/Dinner Menu 11:00 8:00 pm
& Seafood G(ll Full Menu starting at 4:00pm
Seeing Locfals and Island Gnues sine 1979

5501 Gulf Blvd., St. Pete Beach
(727) 360-6961

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

County Extension
to offer Water
Conservation Seminar
On Tuesday, November 26th at
6 p.m. inside the Council Chambers
at Gulfport City Hall, 2401 53rd
Street South, Brian Niemann,
a Water Star Certified Florida-
Friendly Landscaping Agent from
the Pinellas County Extension, will
conduct an informative seminar
about ways of conserving water both
inside and outside your home in
order to save money on your water
bills. Mr. Neimann will also hold a

i Pasta Night
& Monday

$6.00 p/p
4 4-7:30pm
"' '.. ^-*n

L250> 34th St

question and answer portion of the
seminar for residents in attendance.
He will also give away a rain barrel
and several instant-off water savers
during this seminar. Do not miss
this informative, interactive, and
educational seminar.
Cannot make this date? This Water
Conservation Seminar with Brian
Neimann will be broadcasted Live
on November 26 at 6 p.m. on City of
Gulfport Television and on the web
The Pinellas County Extension is
located at 12520 Ulmerton Road,
Largo. For more information call

Fine Dining OPEN
Friday Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri
$10 / I 11am-8:30pm
slop/p Happy
3 course meal Hour Cards, Bocce,
5 8 pm 4 5 pm Electronic Bar Games

Chef oe i ba Reservations___

727-453-6524 or email: bniemann@

Food for the Needy
Join the Sons of Italy in its
Thanksgiving and Christmas Food
Drive for those in need. Bring in your
non-perishable items up to December
16th. Drop off at 2500 34th Street S.
in St. Petersburg or at the first floor
barber shop. Thank you.

Bountiful Harvest
Thanksgiving Dinner
Join your Gulfport Senior Center
friends and family for good times,
good food, and good company on
Tuesday, November 26th at 12 p.m.
for Thanksgiving Dinner with all the
fixings. Entertainment is provided
by The Woodwind Ensemble of the
Horizon Band at Eckerd College and
dinner is generously provided by
Brentwood of St. Pete and Menorah
Manor. Tickets are $6 each and
all proceeds benefit the Gulfport
Senior Center Foundation. For more
information, please call 893-1231.

5413 Shore Blvd

Mon-Thu lpm-lam
Fri-Sat noon~2am
Sun noon-llpm

, TAcI @


At Salty's December 1st!

$25entryfee e $5to enter as a taster dayofcookoff
lst&,2nd place cash prizes! 3rd place wins a bar-tab!

Sign up to enter byNovember 29 at Salty's!!
More info:
5 Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013


Project Presents
"Longtime Companion"
Suncoast AIDS Theatre Project is
remembering those who passed and
still suffer from HIV/AIDS with their
Annual "Prelude to World AIDS
Day" presentation of a staged play
reading of Craig Lucas' screenplay
"Longtime Companion".
"Longtime Companion", follows
the lives of a small circle of friends
from the first mention of the disease
in the New York Times in 1981.
First referred to as "Gay-Related-
Immune-Disorder," you watch the
effect of the disease as it devastates
the lives of the protagonists.
Jumping between Manhattan and
Fire Island, vignettes carry us
from the-it-couldn't-happen-to-me
mentality of the early days of the
disease to the invasive effect it has
had on all lives, today. The title of
the film comes from the New York
Times' refusal to acknowledge
homosexual relationships in their
obituary section during this period.
Instead, survivors were referred to
as "Longtime Companions" of the
By special permission from Craig
Lucas, this "one-night-only"
performance will benefit PWA
(People with AIDS) programs at
Metropolitan Charities of Pinellas.
"Longtime Companion" will
perform Monday, November 25th, at
American Stage Theatre, 163 Third
Street N. in St. Petersburg. Doors
open at 7 p.m., curtain time is 7:30
p.m. Admission is pay-what-you-will

6387 Central Ave
9St. Petersburg
Massage Therapy Body Treatment
Skin Care Waxing

~oo i

Relaxation Massage (reg $50) I
I or DeepTissue Massage (reg $60)
~EXP 12/31/13 I
LIC #MM17081
Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

at the door. Advance purchase tickets
are available for $15. Cash bar will
be available. For further information
contact American Stage at 727-823-
To learn more about The Suncoast
AIDS Theatre Project contact Garry
Allan Breul, Artistic Director at 941-
758-6399 or

13th Annual Free
Thanksgiving Dinner
On Thursday, November 28th, from
12-4 p.m. enjoy a free, hot, home
cooked traditional Thanksgiving

meal at Pilgrim Church in the
fellowship hall, 6315 Central
Avenue, St. Petersburg. This is an
open house style event so diners may
arrive at any time between the hours
of noon and 4 p.m. There is no RSVP
required and there are no eligibility
requirements. Free entertainment
provided by Mike Balistierri. Due
to an overwhelmingly generous
response to prior dinners, additional
volunteers are not needed this year.
Prospective diners may contact
the church for information at 727-

2025 49TH STREET SOUTH ~ 727-321-2628

4W City of Gulfport SW
2013 AO-14

Holiday Sanitation


Thursday's Pickup will be on Wednesday, November 271b, 2013
Friday's Pickup will remain on Schedule
No Wednesday Yard Waste Pickup this ieek

No Wednesday Yard Waste Pickup this week

No Wednesday Yard Waste Pickup this week


Mind, Body and
Soul Conference
There will be a Mind, Body and Soul
Conference on Saturday, November
23rd from 12-5 p.m. at Grace
Connection Church, 635 64th Street
S. in St. Petersburg. Event is hosted
by Deborah Ray Roseman, G.M. of
WTIS AM 1110 and includes live
broadcasts, hymns and inspirational

Gulfport Getaways
in December
Here's your chance to get your
holiday shopping done, grab some
lunch, or catch a matinee with your

Senior Center friends. The next
Senior Center Gulfport Getaway
will be to the Shops at Park Place on
Tuesday, December 10th. The price
for this special roundtrip getaway is
$6 for GEMS members and $10 for
non-GEMS Members. Call GEMS
at 893-2242, before Wednesday,
December 4th to reserve your seat.

Shop Goodwill on
Blue Saturday
You've heard of Black Friday and
Cyber Monday, and now there's Blue
On Saturday, November 23rd,
all Goodwill-Suncoast stores will
celebrate Blue Saturday with special

sale items plus coupons for extra
savings. Doors open at 8 a.m. for this
once-a-year sales opportunity. Smart
shoppers can get holiday shopping
done early, without breaking the
On Blue Saturday, Goodwill-
Suncoast stores will have a big
selection of new gift items on sale, and
in-store coupons good for $5 off a $25
purchase, $10 off a $50 purchase, $15
off a $75 purchase and $20 off a $100
purchase. No restrictions apply.
For alist of items on sale and for store
locations, visit the Goodwill-Suncoast
website at www.goodwill-suncoast.
org. With a large selection of new
items, Goodwill is the perfect place to
shop for the holidays. Whether you're
looking for home d6cor to make your
house merry and bright, brand new
tree trim and wrapping, a special
party dress, or inexpensive stocking
stuffers, Goodwill has it.
Don't forget, every time you shop at
a Goodwill you're helping to support
employment services for people in
this community. Find great prices
and give back this holiday season!

Nationwide Warranty 6763 Gulfport Boulevard Formerly Ahern Chevron

OILOil Changes Call: 727-381-1709 CU TE
We use premium 10W30 Oil*. *Not recycled like other stations. e

IIAPAIW ,h Technicians

Over 30 Years Of Local Automotive Experience Family Owned & Operated

8 Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

Annual Meeting
of Senior Center
The Gulfport Multipurpose Senior
Center Foundation will hold its 10th
Anniversary and Annual Meeting
at the Senior Center on Monday,
December 2nd from 5:30-7 p.m. They
will recognize their membership and
the important role they play in the
continued success of the organization.
Orange Blossom Catering will provide
hors d'oeurves. Seating is limited to
the first 100 members to sign up. The
event is free to any current member.
Stop by the Senior Center to sign up
or call 727-592-1933 to let them know
you will be attending.

This year's event will also introduce
the first "Run for the Arts" fund-
raiser on Saturday, November 30th.
Members of the public are invited to
join in a variety of runs including a
general run starting at 7:30 a.m. from
Horan Park, a Family 5K starting
at 8:15 a.m. and Stiletto Sprint at
8:45 a.m. More details may be found
at or
Horan Park is located at the
St. Pete Beach Community Center,
7701 Boca Ciega Drive, St. Pete
Beach. Call 727-367-3818.

Boat and Land Parade
Participants Wanted
The St. Pete Beach and South
Pasadena holiday lighted boat parade

is scheduled for Friday, December
6th with a start time of 6 p.m. at
the Blind Pass Bridge and heading
south ending at the Bayway Bridge.
Boaters are wanted! There are cash
and other prizes available to winning
entries and it is free to enter.
The land parade is back in St. Pete
Beach! This year the parade will be
at 4 p.m. on Saturday, December
14. Parade route and application
for entry is on the St. Pete Beach
Recreation Department's website at Category awards
will be given out. To register your
boat or get more information contact
Mandy Edmunds at 727-363-9245 or Entries
are limited.

Annual 100 Artist Show
Local and national artists will
compete for prizes when "Size
Matters" at Suntan Art Center's
Third Annual 100 Artist Show, a
juried fine art show created for artists
by artists, Saturday, November 30th
and Sunday, December 1st, from
10 a.m. to 5 p.m., at Horan Park.
After making its debut in 2011, the
100 Artist Show quickly became a
favorite of artists across the country
for its beautiful waterfront venue.
Local residents and visitors also
found it the perfect place and time to
kick off the holiday buying season.
The two-day outdoor event will offer
fine art and craft, live demonstrations,
food and live music by the "Dave
Williamson Band", featuring Vinnie
Seplesky, Dennis Wallace and Tom

I ProjectFREE

PASSION-4-ARTS Studio & Gallery
New Art Classes Forming
Clay Glass Fusion- Yard Art
Painting- Jewelry
4 Week Sessions / 3 hour classes
Starting Dec 2nd ONLY $ 85
10% Discount with Ad
Call 727- 599-4673
Open to ALL Ages
More Info/sign up
Seeking Artists for CO-OP or
Consignment/Studio Space Available
2825 Beach Blvd, Gulfport Fl. 33707
Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

An eclectic store since 1972

Ieach frazaar
A Fun Little Bazaar in a Bizarre Little Town


Over 30 Vendor Shops
Consignment Boutique
U.S. Post Office Open Store Hours
Shipping & Mailing Supplies
Notary Services

Hours: Sun-Thurs 9-5 / Fri & Sat 9-9
3115 Beach Blvd. South Gulfport 727-381-8548

I wt L inee Tea I k
with Lee Neal, a fine wine merchant for over 30 years.
Monte Oton of Spain
The vineyards for Monte Oton are situated high on the windswept slopes of the
extinct volcano, Moncayo. The sun drench, arid location is ideal for harvesting,
perfectly matured, fully ripened Garnacha grapes. The resulting wine is full
bodied, elegantly textured and exhibits a long complex finish.
This is a very good inexpensive wine.

Are You Getting
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Bid at Holiday Book
Basket Silent Auction
The Friends of the St. Pete Beach
Library annual Holiday Book Basket
Silent Auction fundraiser is running
with bidding ending at 5:59 p.m.
on Friday, December 13th. There
are thirteen Holiday Baskets with
an initial bid as low as $15 for one
of the two Children's Books &
Toys baskets. Other basket themes
include Chanukah Mysteries,
Florida Authors (including several
autographed books), Civil War,
World Wars I and II, Holiday Books
and Cookbooks.
Bidding on the Holiday Baskets
is during St. Pete Beach Library
hours at 353 75rd Avenue, Monday
and Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.;
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 10 a.m.
to 6 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m. to
2 p.m. The Friends' goal is to top last
year's total of nearly $1000, with all
proceeds towards the Library's major
renovation and expansion project.

Please Patronize
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Prc -Xv6ac
The Fine Wine and &pirit 6oure

J I iJ.! iL D
.33'^J9 5/J J.
"JJ-2 J^^f-2J

., OPEN -r
- -- Noon 6pm -!-
/" y~,. '

SBacardi Rum
Z.. Light & Gold

Canadian Club
$1 .99"

SJim Beam
' Bourbon
I $22,99
1 . .0,

F Absolut Jose Cuervo
' Vodka Tequila
$20.99 $29999

IJagenneisterA New Amsterdam.
1 9.99 Vodka or Gin
S19-.99 9 si 99 9

-Sk"yy V -odka Karkov Vodka
i s22.99 sto.99

Wine 9 ,
Saving/ /
Coupon f. .

S p..r m:r i &: .ur : r e
: s'Q'%Zmmn IlFaur.:hla-.
OF AHV 7,50mlI
With Coupon Only
Expires 11/27/13

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

Wh afts YCUR H'-bomw-.oW-Nartb-i2 A
' -11- I~ Lr 0_ ... .

Sm 3101 Beach Blvd South -Gulfport

I : / 727.65642701

Call for Volunteers
for Large Project
Margarete Tober, VP
Gulfport Neighbors

Gulfport Neighbors is embarking
on a project to help another of our
neighbors with needed yard clean-
up as well as repairs and painting
of their home. This project will
take place in four phases. Not all
dates are determined, however, the
schedule is aggressive as we would
like to have this completed in time
for Christmas. The four phases
are: yard clean-up; power washing;
repairs and painting.
We are looking for volunteers to
assist with all facets of this project,
with the most help needed in the last
phase painting.
The first phase will take place on
Monday, November 25th at 8 a.m.
We need three or four strong, able
bodied persons to help move some
debris from the front and back yard
to the street right of way. Among
other things, this involves lifting/
carrying cement blocks.

Date for phases 2 and 3 are to be
determined. They require workers
skilled in power washing (as parts of
the house are somewhat vulnerable)
and home repairs. We would like to
have these efforts ledby professionals
with our volunteers assisting.
Phase 4 will require a whole bunch
of folks to assist with painting the
house and fence.
We are also looking for vendors and
or individuals to assist in providing
building materials, paint and
If you can help, in any way,
please message us at the Gulfport
Neighbors Facebook page or by email
or by phone to 893-1000 and ask for
Officer McLaughlin. Please provide

us with information on how you can
help as well as dates that you are
available i.e. weekdays, weekends,
etc. Please also include an e-mail
Gulfportians, we are looking
forward to your help in helping to
make a difference and spreading
some holiday cheer!

Seniors' Chat Room
On November 22nd at 2 p.m.
Patricia Hall will be meeting at the
Gulfport Senior Center (5501 27
Avenue S.) to unfold true stories of
her adventures as a farmer's wife in
the truck farming area of Hanover
County, Virginia. All are invited.

Wellness Auto Accident Chronic Pain

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

Sto SmQoking
" Call for a P
FREE consultation ComfortHypnosis
Ask about a 100% of-f -
IRS reimbursement 727-330-3034

Shop for Bookworms at
this Holiday Book Sale
The Circle of Friends of the Gulfport
Library is holding a Holiday Book
Sale on Saturday, December 7th at
the Library, 5501 28th Avenue S.
The hours are from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
They hope you will join them and buy
some wonderful gifts for your friends,
your family and for yourself. Prices
will be attractive and many kinds are
books are included.

100 Years of Broadway
Comes to Hickman
Now in its tenth season, Sunsation
Show Chorus, one of Tampa Bay's

premier choruses, is coming to
Hickman Theater of Gulfport.
Currently, the group performs
three themed shows each season
at the Pinellas Park Performing
Arts Center. Now, these same
thoroughly entertaining shows
will be duplicated at the Hickman
Theater of Gulfport: "100 Years of
Broadway" on Saturday, November
30th; "Gershwin, Porter & Friends"
on Saturday, February 1st; and
"Singin' the Blues for You", on
Saturday, May 3rd. All shows are
at 2 p.m.
The versatile chorus performs a
variety of genres; classy standards,
Broadway melodies, fun classics and
rock 'n roll. Artistic Director, Brian

Smawley, selects arrangements that
have interesting, tight harmonies.
Ron Emery, Assistant Director, is
a prominent local voice coach and
performer with a strong background
in musical theater. Carolyn Wong-
Stark, piano accompanist and the
Scott brothers, Tim and Chris
(guitar/bass and drums), provide
a professional background. Solos
and fun specialty numbers are
interspersed throughout. Director
Smawley emcees with light-hearted
Quality entertainment at affordable
prices has always been Sunsation
Show Chorus' mission. Single tickets
are still only $15 each, but the best
value by far is $30 for all 3 shows.
Any group of ten or more may
purchase single tickets for only $12
each. Can't make all three shows?
Get tickets for two shows for $25.
Tickets will be available at the door
but they expect a sellout so it would
be wise to purchase tickets ahead
of time at the Gulfport Casino,
5500 Shore Boulevard S., Monday
through Thursday 9-5 or call Don at
579-9089. For more information
visit www.sunsationshowchorus.

Fine Dining every Friday
Come join them at the Sons of Italy,
2500 34th Street S. in St. Petersburg
every Friday from 4-8 p.m. for a
3-course dinner. Happy hour is from
4-5 p.m. Cost is $10; donations to the
scholarship fund. Call 798-6355 for

h__1 Gabe doovember 2t-ovmber 27,201

_- -.. .. -
Q 3532VS325AGuluort Blvd
..-. Gulort -

-- Antiques Art Jewelry -

--Collectibles Furniture Vintage Items

Q- -Open at 10am 4

Call The Boulevard Shoppe at 727-327-9700 _-
or Mrs. Raylean at 727-827-0614- - :-

Facing Five Continents
Photo Exhibit
"Look into my -.-l'j.- Is eyes,
smile back, or empathize." Jude
Bagatti's Photo Exhibit, Facing Five
Continents, is on display inside the
Friends Room at the Gulfport Public
Library, 5501 28th Avenue S., now
until the end of 2013. This unique
photo exhibit, introduces patrons to
the memorable faces encountered in
Jude's world travels. Call 893-1074.

Catch a Jazz Concert
The Suncoast Dixieland Jazz
Society will sponsor two concerts in
December. On Tuesday, December
3rd, The Grand Floridian Society
Orchestra from Disney World will
play from 6 to 9:30 p.m. at the Isla
Del Sol Yacht and Tennis Club, Sun
Blvd., Isla Del Sol. Reservations are
required. Call 727-596-7142. On
Thursday, December 5th, Bobby Tess
and the Dixie Chaps will play from
7 to 9:30 p.m. at Banquet Masters,
8100 Park Boulevard in Pinellas
Park. Admission is $10. Call 727-

Garden Club of
St. Petersburg Events
The following events will be held at
the Garden Club of St. Petersburg,
500 Sunset Drive S. in St. Petersburg.
Call 727-381-8920 or visit www.
Monday, December 2: "Make
a Christmas Fire Lighter for the
holidays". Cost for materials is $4.50
for guests.
Friday, December 6: Our Holiday
Home and Garden- Brunch with
Design Inspirations. This program
is filled with fabulous holiday ideas
for the home-both inside and out-
all beginning with a lovely brunch.
Garden Club members will present
design ideas for the home and outdoor
spaces. There will be opportunities
for some holiday shopping, drawings
and surprises. 11 a.m. Reservations
are required with a November 30th
deadline. Checks for $25 made out to
"Garden Club of St. Petersburg" are
to be mailed to Shannon Huet, Ass't.
Treasurer, 7980 Ninth Avenue S.,
St. Petersburg, FL 33707. Proceeds
support the renovation projects of the
Garden Club of St. Petersburg.

Caring & Sharing for the
Holidays Food Drive
The City of Gulfport Recreation
Division along with the up and coming
Michael J. Yakes Foundation will be
hosting their 1st Annual Caring &
Sharing for the Holidays Food Drive.
The Caring & Sharing for the Holidays
Food Drive is in an effort to bring the
Gulfport community together while
giving back to those who are in need.
They are collecting can and dry good

items to help fill several Christmas
dinner baskets through Wednesday,
December 18th. Items needed,
but not limited to, include Instant
potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce,
apple sauce, vegetables, etc.
Collection boxes will be located in
various City facilities which include
the Recreation Center, Library,
Marina, Neighborhood Center and
City Hall.

WV pa
NEW Skincare and MassageTraining Center Now Open
4 Upscale Spa-Style Learning Environment
Large, Caring Team of Instructors -Small Classes/Hands-On Education
SSee What's New In Tie Main School As Well!
'Financial Aid Available If You Qualify

* III.W Al Fa~cial:
25% assess:1c .1
L.A. Spa Training Center
Not valid with any other offers TG
Exp 12/31/13
$4f Haircut
SWith Shampoo Blow Dry
Long Hair 15% SurchargeI
Not valid with any other offers TG
Loralnes Academy Exp 12/31/13
Compare at $25 Reg. $7.50

Compete with Toner & Stylet
Completewith Toner &StyleI

r Careers in Hair. Nails, Skin ana Massage : Long Hair 15% Surcharge
,i Over 7000 Gradbates Not valid with any other offers- TO
Nau-onally AccreditedbyNACCAS Lorans Academy- Exp 12/31/13
I iThI Supervised STudern Salons Open to the Public L - tiO $50 4
Day and Evening Hours MM2868: Zg g Z 8t0 Peru
Includes Cut & Style
~101 F'4 Sti N al4 St P tersburg 33710 Long Hair 15% Surcharge
Tinted Hair $26.95 Opticurl
Not valid with any other offers TG
Loraines Academy- Exp 12/31/13

Gabber November 21- November 27, 2013



-ustomr winnow -overings re tasy
And Affordable With Budget Blinds*
lll%( )h Winow Te~imenui by
!J U/OVTBudget Blinds'
As Seen On ocns
Call toiyfor your FREE In-Not ConHu, ion,
AM, i 727-821-0976
N4o^a Ori~ ri Appc a m Oulf
,ZOas ^80 *m. 5

Readers, We Go Th m Ibe

USCG Safe Boating
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla
78 has a 13-week continuous Safe
Boating program every Tuesday,
7 p.m., Warren Webster Community
Center, 1500 Pass-a-Grille Way, St.
Pete Beach (1 mile southof Don CeSar)
Start at your convenience. First day,
come at 6:30 p.m. to register. Begin
any Tuesday and finish 13 weeks
later or take up to two years to finish.
November's classes include: "Your
Highway Signs" Nov. 26.
Cost is $40 for 13 weeks andincludes
new 400-pages of materials. Call Jim
at 360-4846.




Sat Nov 30th + Sun Dec 1st
10Oam 5pm

THE plaex to the nehammnksityicnter)nd

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

Christmas Lighting at
Pass-a-Grille Church
Pass-A-Grille Beach Community
Church will host a Christmas
Lighting Ceremony on Saturday,
December 7th at 6 p.m. This festive
family celebration will be held outside
the church which is located at 107
16th Avenue. The entire community
is invited to attend and join in the
singing of Christmas carols while
enjoying hot cocoa and homemade
cookies. For more information on this
and other church activities, please
call the church office, 727-360-5508
or via email,

Celebrate Trees
and Traditions
Heritage Village will present Trees
and Traditions, a Pinellas holiday
celebration from 1850 through 1950,
on Saturday, December 7th from 10
a.m. to 4 p.m. This special day of
holiday-related activities includes
children's activities and crafts,
holiday music, tours, a special visit
from Santa Claus and a Holiday
Guests may visit the Heritage
Village's historical houses, many of
which will be decorated true to their
time period, locality and lifestyle,
from an elaborately decorated
Victorian home, to a simply adorned
1852 log cabin. Visitors can also find
one-of-a-kind holiday gifts at the
Beach Cottage Gift Shop.
Even Santa will join in the fun,
reading letters aloud that children
wrote to the St. Petersburg Times
in the early 1900s. Children of all
ages can enjoy "G" Scale Model Train
layout as well as displays from the
Tampa Bay Miniature Enthusiasts.
Admission is free to children
younger than 12; suggested minimum
donation of $2 per adult. The event
is sponsored by the Pinellas County
Historical Society.
Free parking will be available
at the Pinellas County Extension,
12520 Ulmerton Road and the

Heritage Village/Florida Botanical
Gardens parking lot at 12211
Walsingham Road. Heritage Village
is located at 11909 125th St. N. in
Largo. For information, visit www. or call

Breakfast with Santa
at Woman's Club
The St. Petersburg Woman's Club
at 40 Snell Isle Boulevard N.E. are
inviting children to have breakfast
with Santa on Saturday, December
7th at 8 a.m. There will be face
painting and hands-on activities for


E Mr p O i U M,
1 -rF 'I L,,rr, % .r.h .-jr if.i,) rrL% ..r
~ **-~---~-~-- -Low Calories
I -Low Fat
$' 1OFF -Low Sugar
1Low Carbs
I... *Cholesierol Free
I May not be combined with other offer. I No Artific;ial
I No cash value. Coupon must be Sweeteners
I presented at time of purchase. I Diabeic Friendly
I Expires 12/7/13 1 DLicious
L --- -- -- -- ----



01Hom or ffic Parie

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

the children. They will be accepting
a $5 donation per child and adult.
Seating is limited. Reservations
are required by December 5th
by calling 727-823-9258 or email:
. fi, *"..-iI-h. i" ., I. nil. ,i'. , .
A portion of the proceeds will provide
toys for Sallie House Children's
Crisis Center.
To find out more information about
club membership, monthly meetings,
SaturdayGroup, weeklysewinggroup,
card games or information on booking
their Historical Clubhouse call 727-
822-4982 or visit www.

Disston Plaza
Cornmei of
38th Ave. North and 49th Street


St. Pete Beach
Corner of
Gulf Blvd and Gulf Winds

St. Pete Beach location
also features
Europe's most popular
Segafredo Espresso Cafe!
Frozen Yogurt
(at beach)
Fruit Smoothies
(both locations)

TUE SAT Join Us For
9am10pm MANJIA
SUN 11am~8pm MUSIC

Save Our

Dinah is a doll. This four-month old Tuxedo kitten enjoys life
playing with her sisters, Dottie and Delta. Super friendly,
she thinks dogs as well as cats are cool. When Dinah
wants to rest, she seeks a lap. Call a SOS volunteer at 727-
545-1116 to set up an appointment. They may also be seen at
Petsmart at Gateway Mall on Sunday. Additional cats may
be viewed on SOS' website

vide pa caas, ad For info and reses
i. Bring a bottle of wine or PaIntInuWldh*Iwji
1iand paint a picture with 727 3 7 -44
aoal artit. 727-



I 9-BiU *FFTE T^r
Compass Grille Restaurant
November 28,2013 1:30 am. to 8 p.m.
Tropical Fruit and Ches Display
Spicy U-Peel Shirtmp and Clams
Fiardk Smoked ishI Dip
Roasted Corn & Crab Bisquec
Atoned Freh Salads
Haney Baked Ham with Spiced Rum and Pineapple Glaze
Baked Candid|Yam Classc Green Bean Casserole
Roased Tom Turkey wivd Southern 5ryle Cornbread Stuffig
Tridajonal Old Fashioned Gravy Fresh Canberry Relish
Carved 5cIa Roased Prime Rib of Belef
Horseradish Sauce and PanAu Jus Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Pan Stared Salmon with Fresh Dill Sauce
Wild Rkc &Toasted Pecan Piaf Sauteod Broccoli and Carroz
Assorted Country Breads. Muffins and Roll
Assortment Of Holiday Desserts
A lts $26.95 Seniors $23.95 o Children 12 and u der $14 95
Let our rheft do the cooking far yout
Call 727-363-5129 for Reservations

C 1 ,'q C. NfEI C E CENTEt
5300 Gulf Blvd. .S PeteBeach, FL wwws.i.Lcom

1 South Pasadena Best
of Lights Contest
The City of South Pasadena is
having a Best of Lights Contest. All
businesses, homeowners and multi-
family complexes (condominiums,
mobile home parks, etc.) are invited
to have a display of lights at their
establishment. Lights can be placed
on the store front or the exterior and
need to be visible from the street.
Holiday signs, window painting and
twinkling lights are allowed. These
lights and decorations will make
a spectacular sight for everyone
visiting the city and also attract
attention to storefronts. There will
be two winners in each category: 1st
place and 1st runner up. First place
;' winners will receive a framed award
j certification and an official yard sign.
Runners up will receive certificates.
The 1st place winners and runners up
will be selected by the Beautification
Committee on December 12th. First
place winners and runners up will be
notified and signs and certificates will
be presented at the City's Regular
Commission Meeting on January
14, 2014. The City's cable Channel
615 will display winners' names
throughout the holiday season.

Gulfport Democrats
to Meet
The Gulfport Democratic Club will
meet on Monday, December 2 at 7
p.m. at Neptune Grill (5501 Shore
Blvd. S. in Gulfport). They will be
discussing the elections taking place
in 2014 and what they can do to
get Democrats elected locally and
statewide. For more information,

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

Chito Ryu Karate
Sense Diane Konstantinovic has
been teaching classes at the Gulfport
Recreation Center for over 20 years.
Chito Ryu is a traditional Japanese
martial art. In these classes you will
learn self-defense, focus and self-
discipline, conditioning, exercise
regiments, the Kata Art form and
weapons training. Classes are on
Monday and Thursday evenings
from 6:30-8 p.m. Classes are $40 per
month. For more information, contact
Diane at 727-459-1399.


Community Band
Presents Free
Holiday Concert
On the evening of Wednesday,
December 18th, at 7:30 p.m., the
South Pasadena Community Band
will present a free concert which will
take place in the Treasure Island
Community Center, One Park Place
and 106th Avenue. The concert
includes typical Christmas music
and an audience sing-a-long of carols.
Come join the South Pasadena Band
in a musical celebration of the holiday

Yoga Strength Training
This class will be offered on
Wednesday from 5:45 to 6:15 p.m.
at the Gulfport Recreation center
and will be $5 a class. It is designed
to strengthen the upper body and
build core strength as well as explore
breath. Please bring a block, strap,
water and towel along with your
mat. Please contact Tamara at 727-
512-2763 or happyharteyoga@gmail.
comn for more information.

p^^ lStarters Alternators Tune ups
Brakes e General Reeairs CV Axles.
Al Majors 449 49th St. S.: 10% OFF
Credit Cards ,i Vlvi i* /
Accepted 727-328-8095' for all New Customers
I #MV33361g #v 1 72 -3 8-09 s^$100 minimum

Got a Cool Photo?
Post your local photos ab LLr
for the world to see! the D -orn


$13 199
While Supplies Last!

Warm Water

Wl b.
While Supplies Last!

1 h St Sfp


Super Jumbo
While Supplies Lastb.
While Supplies Last!

SAVE! ---S SAV7E!7 -

Your purchase
of $50 or more
Expires 11/27/13



Estate Planning, including
Wills, Trusts, and Probate
> Tax Planning for
Businesses and Individuals
> Representation of Landlords
in Tenant Eviction cases
Call us for a complimentary review
of your estate planning documents!
2816 Beach Boulevard South
GulfBeachesLaw. corn
Karen@GulfBeachesLaw. corn
Phone (727) 822-2200
Fax (727) 822-1985
Stetson College of Law ~ JD., With Honors
University of Florida LL.M Taxation
More information about our qualifications
and experience available upon request.

50 ct. box

hi Each
While Supplies Last!


Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

Variety of Fresh Seafood Delivered Daily

Ths ee' Soluio

0H i A L THO


LO i S E L N-T


8 7 2 6 5 4 3 1 9
743895 126
5 6 8 1 42 9 7 3
39458726 1

N Open 7 Days A Week

uilt By Reputation,.. Backed By Quality,

S My, How we're Growing!
Sh'WehaveGrooming 7daysaweek
and 2 Certified Master Trainers
W Offer Boarding Grooming Day Care Training
6735 Gu.4fpot Blvd. So., south Pasadena, FL 33707
www.Pasa 345-2852

S -trL4- i Ii l ,i

The Storage House I Fo :froad
Your Neighborhood Self-Storage C o
727.327.9598 727-821-2323
1219 49th Street S./Gulfport Florida 33707F Ititer, Inc
Office hours: Monr- Fri 8-5, Sat 8-2, Sun Closed
Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

/t111 i ,,,, Illl I i/].l I- | I i/3.11Xl Iii!11

Gulfport Garden
>' #Bird Chuto
Unfortunately we did not have
sufficient reservations to support the
bus trip to Bok Tower on November
21. Therefore, the trip has been
cancelled and the checks returned to
those wanting to participate.
A Thanksgiving social is planned for
lunch and/or dessert at the Neptune
Grill at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday,
November 21 in place of the bus trip.
We will order from the menu and
individual tickets will be provided.
We hope that you will be able to
attend. Please direct any questions
that you may have to your Garden
Club Team Leader.

Please Patronize
Our Advertisers

The Friends of the
Sunshine Center, Inc.
Savannah, Beaufort,
and Jekyll Island

s440 per person, double occupancy
March 10-14, 2014
Monday rhru Friday
5 days, 4 nights
Departure: 8am, Sunshine Center,
330 5th Street N, St. Petersburg
$75 deposit payment
due January 30, 2014

P y b -- -

Joe Baroni, St. Petersburg: "I go
to car shows."


Dallas Bohrer, Gulfport: "At the
Blueberry Patch!"

Dee Wilson, St. Petersburg: "At
the Blueberry Patch."

riern rnalgn, 01. reiersourg: nmie
motorcycles long distances."

8-Week Beginner Session 1st Lesson FREE


- - - I

400 49th St. South St. Petersburg, FL
727 327-8309
727 328-8309
Mon-Sat 11am to 9pmo
Sundays...Gone Fishin"
Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

1 40 49h S. Soth t. eterbur, F


I 40 49t St. outh~ St.- P7~emtersburg, FL13

is f 6 No Experience Necessary
A No Partner No Problem!
Duplicate Games Mon, Tue, Wed, & Fri /
Start Time 12:30 Newplicate Tuesday

Pasaden Card C


The GabS How do you relax .9


Pc Caches

I. I U/ II Ro e -

'., .j^,, Religious Services, Classes & Events Call 321-6S


for more information on placing your ad in this special section

Pilgrim Congregational
United Church of Christ
You Are Always Welcome
Sunday Wor hip Service 10:30 am
Nursery Available
Adult Sunday School
9:30 am
Bible Study
Wednesday 11am
6315 Central Ave. 727-347-1226
"Diversity our strength, God's love our bond"

Beth-El Shalom
v Messianic Congregation R,
17th Street & 29th Ave. N. <
St. Petersburg 345-7777
~ =
S Worship Service
>Friday 7pm

* L~~~jd~:- ^i-llii
A Warn and Friendly
Conservative Synagogue
1844 54th St. S. Gulfport
727-321-3380 office
727-434-1143 cell
Sabbath Services 9:15 AM

Unitarian Universalist
United Fellowship
5721 Central Ave.
Do you cherish your doubts? You might be
a Unitarian Universallist and not know it.
Join us for a free and responsible search
for truth and meaning.
Discussion 10:15 AM
Program 11:00 AM

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013


Beth Sholom Seeks
Donations for Sale
The Sisterhood of Congregation
Beth Sholom is seeking donations
of household goods, clothing or any
other items for their semi-annual
Flea Market to be held in early
December. They are located at 1844
54th Street S. in Gulfport. Please call
Molly at 727-492-7556.

Chanukah Celebration
at Beth-El Shalom
Come and enjoy this wonderful
time of the year by attending their
Chanukah celebration at Beth-El
Shalom. They will be lighting their 10
ft. menorah as well as serving potato
latkes, singing Chanukah songs,
learning, dancing, playing games,
and having fun. Bring your own
menorah and candles and join them
for their united lighting ceremony.
They will be celebrating together
on the third night of Chanukah, on
Friday evening November 29th at
7 p.m. Beth-El Shalom Messianic
Congregation is located at the
corner of 17 St. and 29th Ave. N. in
St. Petersburg. All are welcome, free
admission. Call 345-7777 or visit

Metaphysical Community Church
1950 2nd Ave. No., St. Petersburg
Sunday Service 11:00 am

Mon "A Course in Miracles" 7pm
Sun "Mediation" 12:30-1:30pm

Like us on Facebook

St. Bartholomew's
Episcopal Church
Join Us For
Sunday 9:00am Holy Eucharist
Wednesday Healing Eucharist 12 pm
Thrift & Gift Shop
Open Tuesday Saturday
from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Proceeds benefit Food Pantry
Food Pantry is Open
1st & 3rd Sundays from: 10:30 am to 12:00 pm
3747 341th St. South St. Petersburg, FL 33711
(727) 867-7015


-. ~i -

Your Last Call for
Thanksgiving Dinner
Hurry! Don't miss Paradise
Lutheran Church's annual
Thanksgiving Dinner at noon on
Thursday, November 28th. It's free-
and it's fabulous! Church is located
at 10255 Paradise Blvd., off the
Treasure Island Causeway. Deadline
for reservations is November 23rd.
Call 360-5739 or 347-2272 today!

Beth Sholom
Chanukah Party
Congregation Beth Sholom, 1844
54th Avenue S. in Gulfport, is
having its annual Chanukah party
on Wednesday, November 27th at
6:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome to
come share with them the lighting of
the First Chanukah Candle followed
by refreshments. They will be serving
homemade potato latkes with all the
fixings and, of course, Sufganiyot
(jelly donuts) as well as beverages.
As always there is no charge though
donations are appreciated.

St. Albon's Day School
c Ages 2-5
S.1b VPK Provider
Full & Part-Tme Availabe
Now Enrollng

$410 Bawa Clws* ri, St Pot* BS*#

jjc0 IN I "M
i h w i 9 1 n W i b P M W ^ 4 f

First United Methodist
Church of Gulfport
Sunday School.............. 9:15am
Traditional Service......... 10:30am
Wednesday evening:
Supper and Bible Study...... 6:00prm -.
Thrift Store Hours -ll .
Friday/Saturday 9am-12 noon
28th Ave. S. & 53rd St. C1 ildc
321-3620 m Avi aie

An Mwntow. -Como W YOU AM" ConrThoM~rni
t Sunday Worship Sam L 10:30am
BdWedwri i loam
W9 Sunday of ech month 6pmr
Corrme as You Are $ervtce-:'odsh Hal
3 3V ..h Avtiw. 1. e Beach
Mnd Pi ToadM at 99h Ave.)
727-3AO-94M ilnllban 4larnplmii rorn
AfI- Htl2- rq hN WU Trnoni
727.303.1533 ftlbondM ooL~Com

See You Sunday!

9:00am Contemporary Service
(with sign language interpreter)
10:05am Sunday School for all ages
11:00am Traditional Service

227 70th Street South
(727) 381-2499

St. Petersburg FL 33707

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

vf Cone, explore and d"qpM Watamwt a
wJ a wdaruig. n~mvc. small oong=ko

5313 27h Ame. S.; Tel: 727-321-M
Gul4M~tK~taff(ay cam
Sunday Worship:

10:30 AM

Celebrate 80 Years of
History at Haslam's
Eighty years for the "Burg's
independent book store, Haslam's,
is something St. Petersburg
Preservation thinks our community
should be celebrating! SPP has
organized a fun and free event to
do just that, starting, of course, at
Haslam's and ending with a cake
at another Central Avenue local
business reusing a historic home,
Craftsman House.

9 N .*.. '.. ...

#7 P



The fun will start at Haslam's
(2025 Central Avenue) at
2 p.m. with special speakers,
including USF/St. Petersburg
historian Ray Arsenault, looking back
on the role Haslem's has played in
St. Petersburg. At 3:30 p.m. SPP will
be ready to cut the cake at Craftsman
House (2955 Central Avenue), the
1918 "airplane" styled bungalow that
was the original model home for the
Kenwood neighborhood and today
has been restored and is a gallery
and caf6 (additional food and drink

will De available tor purchase).

I j A


' I 'N i


rnnrnMMnnrmrnr1-W, O

The Central Ave. Trolley offers a
fun and convenient way to get back
and forth between Haslam's and
Craftsman House,
For more information on the
history of Haslam's, go to: www. For
more information on the history and
architecture of the Craftsman House
home go to:

Hounds 4 Heroes
Seeks Volunteers
S Hounds 4 Heroes of Tampa Bay, a
non-profit headquartered in Gulfport,
trains retired racing greyhounds to
be service dogs for veterans with Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
You may have seen their dogs, which
are provided to their handlers at no
charge, walking on the streets of
Gulfport or at Bay Pines VA hospital.
As a fundraiser, they will be doing
gift wrapping at Barnes and Noble
during the holidays and they need
volunteers to assist. If you would
S like to donate a few hours to work,
/ please call 727-385-9858 or email

1135 Pasadena Ave. So.
Suite 140
South Pasadena

Estate Planning
Medicaid Planning
Real Estate, Sales/Closing
Business Law
Elder Law
Personal Injury
Nursing Home Issues
*The hiring of an attorney is an important decision
that should not be based solely upon advertising.
Before you decide, ask us to send you free written
information about our qualifications and experience

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013



cS-r, C-1 U a D DnD H

1 Coral strand
5 Floats
IO F.J,, ,-,,,,,, :,: i.e
14 White House office
15 City on the Rhone
16 Lounge languorously
17 Group of badgers
18 Dallier
19 Brown rival
20 Understood
21 Decreed
22 O'Neill Chaplin
23 Three-pointed hat
25 Pixie
26 Carmelite
27 Aquarium favorite
32 Canea's island
35 postscript:
append an after-
36 Lear's daughters,
37 "What __God
38 Bitter purgative
39 Beer ingredient
40 Dies
41 Cut into planks

42 Taut
43 Glove material
45 Cry of contempt
46 Roker and Pacino
47 Plaids
51 RisquE
53 Haifa dance
54 Cole and Turner
56 Place for an earring
57 Fortune-teller's card
58 Ovid's 507
59 Toast topping
60 Beethoven's F,r
61 Pre-Easter season
62 One's own person
63A Lesson From :
Fugard play
64 First family of early
1 Music style
2 Space launch, e.g.
3 Jack Homrner, for one
4 Defied convention
5 Becomes a stoolie
6 Bellowing
7 Astaire-Rogers film
8 Prepared to drive
9 Former Rus. state

10 Blow a gasket
11 Bank transaction
12 A Fitzgerald
13 Rathskeller quaff
22 Long in the tooth
24 Prompt
25 Verve
28 Godliest Norse god
29 Curtain modifier
30 Uses a straw
31 Argyles
32 Fashionable
33 avis
34 Abbreviation akin to
35 Russian range
38 Interrogates
42 Make doilies
44Stallone's nickname
45 Babbles
48 Came up
49 Basilica areas
50 Be sparing
51 Actor's target
52 First victim
53 Ballroom, e.g.
55 Locale
56 Part of LA
57 TV actress Leoni

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013


Make a difference!

Front desk volunteers needed from 4:00 pm 7:00 pm.

Front desk volunteers welcome and assist patienrits and visitors to the hospital. They answer ircoming phone
calls, answer questions and direct visitors to the appropriate person and/or department,

Qualifications for front desk volunteers:
Must possess excellent interpersonal and telephone skills Must be self-,nolival'ng
Must be able to honor and respel : ,tiernt/visitor orifidentiahlieS Musl be 18 yeais or older
Must be able to learn and perform duties without constant supervision Must be neat and well groomed

We're looking for caring, energetic people to help out Your compassionate service is essential
in helping to provide superior care. And your presence here makes a world of difference.


Specialized catch

[ C374

5th Annual Holiday
Don't get your Tinsel in a Tangle...
It's time to get your holiday cheer in
gear! Support small business and
independent artisans and crafters
by shopping local! The Gulfport
Merchants association presents
the 5th annual Holiday Hoopla on
December 14th from 10a.m. to 6p.m.
A portion of the proceeds from the
event will benefit Operation Santa
and Gulfport families in need.

Monday Saturday
9:00 a.m. 7:00 p.m.
11:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m.

Holiday Hoopla is a celebration of
arts, crafts, foods, live music and
roving holiday characters set in a
waterfront atmosphere amid bright,
twinkling, colorful lights. Stroll the
decorated streets filled with talented
exhibitors and unique shops and
galleries. The festival will provide
shoppers with one-of-a-kind gifts
that cannot be found anywhere else,
and all of your holiday shopping can
be done in one place!
Visitors will be enchanted by a
variety of festive and fun holiday-
themed music, holiday carolers,

Special Offer to

Gulfport Residents

,YM. NJ Now Accepting
iF__J Iaj t All Major
r"Lli ^ S Credit Cards
72,7-39 1-7733 v,'sA

Ryan's Meat Market now offers our quality meat products to the Gulfport area and delivery is
FREE every Wednesday! Ordering is easy simply phone Ryan's at 727-391-7733 and ask
for the "GULFPORT SPECIAL PACK". Call by noon on Tuesday and we'll deilver right to
your door that Wednesday between 10:00 am & 5:00 pm.


Our grain-fed Western beef & all natural chicken & pork (no preservatives,
hormones, or additives) are all butcher trimmed, fresh wrapped and
labeled for your fridge or freezer. It's an easy, convenient and
affordable way to shop for the finest meat in the St. Petersburg area.
NOTE: Delivery area for our "Gulfport Special" is anywhere between the Stetson Campus & the
Gulfport Marina, including Town Shores, Seaside Villas & PYCC. Order'll be glad you did!
Other package specials and USDA Choice meats are COMING SOON
also available for Wednesday delivery. Check our website Grass fed, humanely raised
for the full selection, or call with any questions, beef, chicken, pork, game meat
7925 38th Ave N 9 St. Petersburg ,* 727-391-7733

dance performances, and roving
street performers. Many types of
entertainment will perform during
the Hoopla, from local school
bands and choral groups and local
musicians to area performing arts
groups. Roving performers include
Dickens characters and carolers.
The Gulfport Merchant's Association
gives back to the community all year
round. During the Holiday Hoopla
event donations will be collected
for Operation Santa (new toys/gift
cards, etc.), The Gulfport Senior
Center Foundation (non-perishable
food, toiletries and pet supplies).
If you are able, please help these
organizations in need. Collection
boxes will be located at the Casino
Stage at the intersection of Beach
and Shore Boulevards during the
event. Prior to the event drop off
locations include Gulfport Police
Department and The Gulfport Area
Chamber of Commerce.
Vendors pay $75 for a 10' x 10'
art and craft booth fee. Load in is
Saturday November 30th at 7 a.m.
Holiday Hoopla takes place on Beach
Blvd. S. in Gulfport on December
14 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (GPS:
5500 Shore Blvd. S., Gulfport, FL
33707). The event is sponsored by
Bright House Networks, Tampa Bay
Times, the Industrial Arts Center
and the City of Gulfport. As always,
admission and parking are free.


1468 66th STN N-
St. Pete "-..
"Shoppes \ | Man \ f
at the Royale" I "z
between Publix ''fi
and Five Guys Q S
0nQinChehc -\
Download our h
free app or visit

I tNCrrn~m

Salidat the Shoppes at The Royale location,
Not valid with any other offers
|111 Ei | III I IIII I Must present coupon at check-in.
I r naJFj Expires 12/31/13
L - - -

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

Mostly Mopar Expands
Mostly Mopar, long time Gulfport
pre-owned auto dealer, has moved the
service center a block closer to 49th St.
"The timing was perfect. We've been
looking for some place to expand the
new building is ideal. It's a win-win
for everyone, the building's seller,
Mostly Mopar and our customers!"
said owner Frank Driscoll. The new
location is 1501 49th Street S., the
southwest corner of 49th St. S. and
15th Ave. in Gulfport. Call 727-
323-8535 for directions.

Take a Water
Aerobics Class
Water Aerobics offers a great
muscle-toning and cardio workout
with the benefits and support of the
water. Classes are offered at The City
of St. Pete Beach Family Aquatic
Center Tuesdays, Wednesdays and
Thursday from 1:30-2:15p.m. Cost is
only $5 St. Pete Beach residents and
$6 non-residents. Join anytime. This
program accepts Silver Sneakers. For
more information visit www.spbrec.
com or call 727-363-9264.

Center Offers Masters
Swim Program
Are you interested in participating
in your first triathlon, but have little
swimming background? Were you a
swimmer in high school, but haven't
gotten into the pool since? Are you
a top-notch triathlete looking for
technique work and stroke analysis?
Join a diverse group of swimmers
for early morning workouts and
coaches on deck at every practice.
Try a workout for free your first
time. Contact Christie Bruner to
reserve your spot at 727-637-7913.
Cost is $30 pool fee and $40 coaching
fee due on the first of each month.
Participants must have current US
Masters registration. Classes are
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
from 5:30-7 a.m. at the City of
St. Pete Beach Family Aquatic
Center, 7701 Boca Ciega Drive, 727-

Ad r
G~ 7 '

Excerpts heard at the November 19, 2013

Gulfport City Council Meeting

Public Comment

& Council Quotes

"Usually it's not necessary to thank people for doing their job, but
these folks were not only doing their job, but they were charming,
they were helpful, they were very considerate of all the people that
came here, especially from out of town."
Resident Bob Newcomb, of the Gulfport Area Chamber, thanking drivers
of the two city vehicles used in the recent Flamingo Tour of Homes.

"Is it a catch-and-release pond, or can you take it home and cook it?
Because if it is catch-and-release, we need some signs up. Because
I've caught too many people taking home a whole lot of dinner."
Resident Laura Lee Stuart on regulations at Wood Ibis Park. The city
manager later confirmed that take-away fishing is allowed in the park,
but not netting.

"The more alcohol sales per capital, increase in crime. It's proved;
it's fact."
Resident Denise Wimmer Lowe regarding the ordinance to allow conditional
use package stores.

"We had a long discussion, and arguments about smoking on the
beach, cigarette butts on the beach now you're going to put up
with glass on the beach and other garbage? Drunks on the beach?
This is not a good idea."
Resident Peter Stewart

"If we're going to demonize alcohol in general to that point, why do
we have any bars in town? Why do we have any convenience stores
that sell it?"
Mayor Sam Henderson

"Not every person that buys a bottle of liquor is an 'unsavory element.'
Personally, I'm offended by that. I don't remember the package
store that was here before, but I was reminded that my brother and
his friends used to frequent that store and, while I would consider
them brats at the time, they certainly weren't 'unsavory elements'
and they're fine, upstanding people today. And it didn't hurt them,
nor did it hurt the community."
Resident Margaret Tober

"One thing about being last is, there's nothing left to say."
Councilman Michael Fridovich in council comments.

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

t tiIoroscope Guide

By Holiday Mathis
This week will not be without
tension, as the sun and Neptune
square off, but much can be resolved
with a brilliant idea. The difference
between adequate and brilliant is
often in the brainstorming. You'll go
many rounds to come up with highly
original ideas that in retrospect will
seem like they should have been
obvious. That's how you know they
are good! It's like a melody that
seems familiar the first time you
hear it.
21). Would you really want to be
someone's hero, idol, guru or god?
Maybe the admiration would feel
good for a while, but power is
addictive, and it has been known to
corrupt even the most honest people.
This week you'll gravitate toward
humility, modesty and lifting other
people's spirits.
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19).
If you put your mind in charge,
your heart will keep challenging
its decisions. Because the heart
doesn't make consistent sense (if
it makes any sense at all), parts of
the week will seem complex and
confusing. Still, the heart's language
is trustworthy. Over the long haul,
some of the nonsense will prove
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). You
believe in teamwork, and yet once
a person disappoints you, you don't
automatically hand your trust over
again. A practical mindset rules the
week. You'll come up with secret
contingency plans that will allow you
to operate as a team without risking
too much. You truly understand
PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20).
Experience is often the best teacher,
but it's not the only teacher. You can
follow the instructions left by people
who learned before you and avoid
doing work that's already been done.
Skip ahead. This is like a relay. You
start at the point where the torch
is passed to you, not back at the
ARIES (March 2 1-April 19). There's
a perspective that comes over you

from time to time, a feeling that life
has few good days and even those are
filled with trouble. Hang on, because
the mood will pass and so will the
trouble. What you really need is
rest. You'll soon be enjoying yourself
without worry. An abundance of good
times is in store.
TAURUS (April 20-May 20).
Remember the story about the man
who was sad because he had no
shoes and then he met a man who
had no feet? It is rare to find a person
who can appreciate life without first
witnessing a comparatively worse
situation. This week you celebrate,
knowing you have it good.
GEMINI (I.ny 21-June 21).
You can be too hard on yourself,
expecting to outperform others even
when your circumstances put you at
a disadvantage. Be kind to yourself
this week instead of over-committing
to prove a point. Think of your entire
situation, and take on only the
amount of work you can comfortably
fit in.
CANCER (June 22-July 22). Some
people will do nice things for you
because they want you to think nice
things about them. Some people will
do nice things for you because it's
just how they are. If you can tell the
difference between these two types
and surround yourself with people
who fall into the latter category,
your week will be great.
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You think
you should be able to take your
belief system a la carte, picking and
choosing the beliefs that suit you
best. Unfortunately, many beliefs are
package deals. If anyone can finagle
new and better ways to think this
week, it will be you. Stay optimistic,
because you're likely to find what
you're looking for.
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Your
notion of vacationing may not match
up to the realities of the week. Leisure
time, unguarded, gets eaten up by
some very unleisurely obligations
and commitments. To some degree,
it can't be helped. However, if you
make a few sacred commitments to
yourself, you should be able to honor
them by the week's end.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). You can't
always cure restlessness by getting
rest. What you need is interesting
stimuli. But don't be fooled -- you
can't scratch this itch by buying
things. That initial rush will be
followed by a letdown, because this
is not a material problem; it's a
spiritual one. Seek challenges that
will force you to develop your skills.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Some
say that all that counts in life is
intention. But good intentions can
be misunderstood, and negative
consequences can come out of simple
accidents in which there was no bad
intent. You'll wrestle with your own
sense of morality this week and pin
down some rules that feel right and
good to you.
This Week's Birthdays: Your
pioneering spirit will lead you to be
the first to try new technology, hop
on trends and move to where you
believe the action is going to be.
You'll get to the end of a problem in
December, and you'll fill the space
with something positive. A key
relationship changes, making your
life happier in January. February
brings a crossroads. A mentor can
help, but don't let anyone make
decisions for you. Your heart knows
the right direction. Finances improve
in March and July.

Music at Gulfport
Beach Pavilion #6
Monday, 1-3:30 p.m.
Karaoke Mike Furman
Tuesday, 1-3:30 p.m.
Open Mic Beach Party Hosted by
Mark Blackwood
Wednesday, 1-3:30 p.m.
Harold & Donna Karaoke
Thursday, 1-3:30 p.m.
Dancing & Karaoke with Dave
& Cookie
1st & 3rd Friday, 1-3:00 p.m.
Entertainment Dorothy & Jim
Saturday, 1-3 p.m.
Ray & Ann, Entertainment
Sunday, 1-3:00 p.m.
Woody & his acordion, Music for
listening & dancing

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

Book Donations Needed
Donations of books are needed by the
Bookstore of The Friends of the West
St. Petersburg Community Library
located on the St. Petersburg College
Gibbs Campus, corner of 8th Ave. N.
and 67th St. N. The proceeds from the
sale of these items are used to fund
special children's and adult programs
to benefit the community. They are a
volunteer non-profit c-3 organization
and can provide a receipt to you for
your possible tax deduction. Please
call Elaine Wenstrom at 253-6904.

Yoga Classes at
Scout Hall
Barbara Newborn is back and ready
to resume her very popular Yoga class
every Wednesday, 10:30 a.m. at the
Gulfport Scout Hall. Barbara teaches
her students that Yoga is built on
three main structures: exercise,
breathing, and meditation. Yoga
brings the body and mind together
into one harmonious experience.
Must be a registered Senior Center
member. Membership is easy and
free for all individuals 50 years of age
or older. For more information, call
Rachel at 727-893-1231.

Let Market help with
Holiday Dinner Produce
ST. PETE BEACH There's no
need to do shopping cart battle in
your local grocery store when you
can find all the produce you need
for Thanksgiving Day at Suntan Art
Center's Sunday Market, 10 a.m. to
3 p.m. Conveniently located at the
Don Vista, next to the Don Cesar
Hotel, the market features the
freshest organic produce, live music,
food, over 20 craft vendors and the
work of more than 50 local artists in
two retail galleries and a gift shop.
Ts Market and Product, of Dunedin,
offers an extensive collection of
produce with unique weekly features
such as white eggplant, multi-colored
organic carrots, dragonfruit and
more. This Sunday the fresh produce
will include a cornucopia of goodies
including fresh cranberries, walnuts
and freshly baked Key Lime cookies.

Please Patronize
Our Advertisers

There's plenty of free parking
at Suntan Art Center, 3300 Gulf
Boulevard, St. Pete Beach. The
Sunday Market is open year-round.
For more information, please call

Volunteer at the
Gulfport Senior Center
The Gulfport Multi-Purpose Senior
Center has multiple volunteer
opportunities available. If you want
to make a difference and help your
community, come join the volunteer
program at the Senior Center. It's a

great way to meet new friends and to
get acquaintedwith over 50 programs,
classes and workshops offered right
here in Gulfport. Volunteers assist
as lobby receptionist, fitness center
attendants, reassurance callers,
class/activity instructors, special
events, food pantry, clerical support,
flea market, promotions, bingo, card/
magazine organizing, etc. If you have
any interest in volunteering for the
Gulfport Multipurpose Senior Center
and are 18 years or older, please call
Rachel at 893-1231 or stop by the
Center at 5501 27th Avenue S.

14 Games, 1 $250 Progressive Jackpot Game J

6440 5th Avenue South 347-6085 "a "
Lar g G Admissi

Sat & Sun. Nov23 rd &24th

~gah CW- lass

Largo Minnreg Bldg.

FREE All 6340 126th Avenue North
G tndRetl .5 miles South of Ulmerton Road,
just East of 66th Street North

Show Hours: Saturday 9am-5pm Sunday 9am-4pm

No Loaded Firearms Allowed

Carry Permit Classes: Sat 2pm Sun 1 pm
For information, call Guy at 727-776-3442

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

Join Gulfport Runners
and Walkers
Gulfport Runners and Walkers is
a group of people who meet at Peg's
Cantina at 6 p.m. every Tuesday for
a 5k run/walk. They include regulars
of all abilities. There are no dues, just
show up. All ages are welcome, dogs
too. Check it out this Tuesday or visit
them on Facebook at www.facebook.
com/Gulfport Runners.

Wii Bowling at the
Senior Center
The Gulfport Groovies meet up at
the Gulfport Senior Center located at
5501 27th Avenue S., Gulfport every
Thursday at 1 p.m. to challenge each

other at a game of Wii Bowling and
practice for the next competition. Wii
Bowling is easy to learn and fun to
play. Come down and give it a try.
Must be a registered Gulfport Senior
Center member. Membership is easy
and free for all individuals 50 years
of age or older. For more information,
please contact Rachel at 727-

Sons of Italy Lodge
Welcomes You
The Sons of Italy is always looking
for new members to join our lodge.
The public is always invited. There
is card playing, bocce and electronic
bar games for members and guests.
They are open Monday, Tuesday,

Wednesday and Friday from 11 a.m.
through 8:30 p.m.

Maximo Police
Resource Center
Stop in to the Maximo Police Resource
Center at 4815 34th Street S. in
St. Petersburg to see what
information they have available.
They offer discounted books, free
glasses and 911 cell phones to
seniors. You can drop off donations
for our troops overseas, pick up bus
schedules, and get information on
City and County services. They also
provide pamphlets, guides, maps and
discount coupons for City and area
attractions. Check them out.

Pasta Dinner
Every Monday
The Sons of Italy will serve a pasta
dinner every Monday from 4-7:30
p.m. Cost is $6 and includes pasta,
two meat balls and salad. Donation
to Scholarship Fund. They are
located at 2500 34th Street S. in
St. Petersburg. Call 798-6355.

We are
much more
than just an
MRI Facility


Central Imaging High Field

s Digital X-Ray
Sn I& Ultra Sound
Hours 7am to 10pm
At Weekends

Gabber November 21 I November 2/, 201 3

Tierra Verde Tree
Lighting and Fun Day
For the third year, Tierra Verde
will host an island Christmas Tree
Lighting and Family Fun Day. The
event is from 4 to 7 p.m. on December
7th in the downtown area (near
Billy's Stonecrab, Seafood & Steak,
One Collany Road).
The tree lighting throw-the-switch
duties will be performed at 6 p.m.
There also will be plenty to do for
adults and children alike during this
festive community celebration.
Continuous joyous music will
be provided by solo artist Gale
Tripp smith, known for her
performances at such venues as
Treasure Island Yacht Club and
Harvey's Beach Bar.
At 5:30 p.m., the Island Chapel will
present holiday carols for an audience
A Santa sleigh will "land" near the
gazebo where children will meet
and greet good ol' Saint Nick. After
touching down on Tierra Verde, the
bearded one will hop on the Tierra
Verde Fire & Rescue truck to arrive
in grand style at the downtown
celebration. The fire department,
according to Capt. Larry Thompson,
will donate cider, hot chocolate,
popcorn and candy cotton.
New this year is an Author's Table
where three local writers will have
books for sale. Janis Froelich ("Team
Shop"), Jackie Minniti ("Project June
Bug") and D.J. Kelley ("Imperfect
Heroes") will be on hand. Plus, the
scribes will be available to discuss the
techniques of getting a story down on
paper (or the computer, these days).
For information on the Tree Lighting
event, contact Gaye Wurzbacher at

Donate to CTK
It's Thanksgiving time and CTK
is hopeful that the wonderful
community will celebrate the holiday
by donating gently used clothing and
shoes for low-income children K-12
in Pinellas County. Their clothing
needs are great!



Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

They would be thankful for girls
and boys tops S-XL; girls and boys
shorts and pants sizes 6-16, young
men's shorts 18-38 and shoes for
elementary school boys and girls
sizes 12-5-1/2.
They would be thankful if you share
our need and get your schools, places
of worship and friends to have
clothing drives and clean out their
closets. They are thankful for your
past support of CTK's mission to
provide a full school wardrobe to low-
income or in crisis kids in our Pinellas

community. CTK has two stores
to serve the community at 1059 N.
Hercules Avenue in Clearwater and
3251 Third Avenue N., Suite 145 in
St. Petersburg. Cash donations
are fully tax-deductible and can be
mailed to 1059 N. Hercules Avenue,
Clearwater, FL 33765 or dropped
at either CTK store. Donations
of clothing and shoes are gladly
accepted Monday through Friday,
9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at both locations.
For more information visit www.

........................................... ;0X IM V ...........................................



N., -Agi

dll ,*

With our experienced, professional staff it's more possible than ever before!
You will enjoy the family gatherings, holiday music,
social events and much more this holiday season!

Improve Hearing in Noisy

Eliminate Buzzing
and Whistling

Let You Talk Easily and
Comfortably on the Phone

[ Ca n t s o F Herin a B


3rd Tuesday of each month
9:30 10:30 am


Includes cleaning & checking
your current hearing aids.
We service all brands.

7.m4 opn r2-g~ 565h N9 Semnl Blvd

A *k~, Pp f St Peesbr Seminol


By Scott Lafee
Shouldn't We Sit and
Wait for Another Study?
A really big meta-analysis that
reviewed the results of 305 previous
clinical trials of drugs for coronary
heart disease (more than 339,000
patients total) and other ailments
found that exercise might work just
as well -- or better -- than prescribed
The Harvard Medical School study

OOUJU LulIpOrl tD1vCl
Pasadena Shopping Center

reported that carefully monitored
physical exercise was just as effective
as drugs for treating people with
or recovering from coronary heart
disease or preventing diabetes. For
stroke, exercise was more effective.
For heart failure, drugs tended to
work better.
The scientists emphasized that their
results do not meanpeople should stop
taking their medications, especially
without consulting their doctors,
but they do suggest that exercise

Har Cuts

or dog ill look better,
elI better & feel better
he's groomed al Joy 's
mnce to shoa, you a truly professional grooming! I

ffm haf oorm terown2rm f


8748 Ceoinb' l n *L ?iesIB **1 [ 7 |n ,11 'h,,,i,,,i,,,T,,r.,,,,,,-",,,,,i',,i,,,,....,, ,,.,,.., 11. ,1
-,IP.B, : ..,,j:,:L"-e-:. :- !....:. .. ...
em Cmui A a(m 4.2m2 0 0^H-ii i* *.>*S

might play a more significant role in
preventing, treating and recovering
from many diseases.
The bad news: Even "healthy"
Americans don't get enough exercise.
The Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention recently estimated
almost 80 percent of adults do not get
the recommended amount of physical
activity each week -- 2.5 hours of
moderate-intensity aerobic exercise
and 15 minutes of really working up
a good, heart-pounding sweat.
The average life span of a human
taste bud is seven to 10 days. By age
60, most people have lost half of their
taste buds.
Americans consume 80 percent of
opiate painkillers produced in the
world, according to American Society
of Interventional Pain Physicians.
Hearing loss isn't limited to
rock musicians and their fans. An
Australian study recently found that
among surveyed professional French
horn players, aged 40 and younger,
between 18 percent and 33 percent
showed signs of noise-induced
hearing loss.
Belonephobia -- Fear of pins and
"Jogging is very beneficial. It's good
for your legs and your feet. It's also
very good for the ground. It makes
it feel needed." --"Peanuts" creator
Charles M. Schulz (1922-2000)
She always said her feet were
killing her, But nobody believed her.
--Tombstone of Margaret Daniels,
Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Va.

330 FiriedveSutabbor er No vebe 34t St. Noebe.7,21

I ltenw thtsft



Foster a Feline
Save Our Strays' phone requests
this month are all about baby
kittens that need to be rescued.
And SOS' foster homes are full. Can
you temporarily help foster a cat or
litter of kittens for Save Our Strays?
Applicants must be able to drive,
have their own transportation and
be available for a home visit from a
current volunteer prior to fostering.
If you are interested and willing to
aid kittens in need, north county
residents please call 727-481-5262;
south county pet lovers may call 727-
871-0888 for details or email them at
Save Our Strays is a no-kill non-
profit organization dedicated to
rehoming abandoned cats and kittens
and does not maintain a shelter

Heritage Village
Seeks Volunteers
Volunteers at Heritage Village
are offered a unique chance to
help citizens connect the past with
the present. Heritage Village's

volunteers provide the community
with a greater understanding of local
and state history and underscore the
importance of preserving history for
future generations.
Learn about volunteering with
Pinellas County's Heritage Village at
a volunteer orientation to be held on
Saturday, November 9th, at 10 a.m.
This orientation is planned for adults
interested in becoming docents/tour
guides, historic house caretakers and
museum greeters.
The meeting will be held in the
Pinellas Room at Heritage Village.
For more information about
volunteering or the orientation, call
Heritage Village is located at 11909
125th St. N. in Largo. This living

history museum brings more than
150 years of local history to life.
Tour 28 authentic buildings and
structures, and experience historical
Pinellas County through hands-on
exploration. Paths wind through 21
acres and connect with the Florida
Botanical Gardens.

Toddler Storytime
Every Thursday
Come to the Gulfport Library
every Thursday at 10:30 a.m.
to read stories, sing songs, blow
bubbles and meet other caregivers
in the community! Contact Cailey at
893-1074 or cklasson@mygulfport.

Celebrating 30 Years of Professional
Lawn Spraying
Mac Perry auinor ana pasi Pinellas HordiCuIijre Agent controls over 40 different
Lawn insects, plus Diseases, plus Weeds plus your Shrubs and Trees sprayed all
Ior $57 D to 5000 so Ilt. inclues Ferliizalion.


Enriching Lifestyle.

Loving Care.

240 59th Street North
St. Petersburg FL 33710
727-302-3800 I

LICENSE #10306

Large Private Apartments

Life Enriching Programs

Personalized Support

Gourmet Cuisine


$3,000 Community Entrance Fee Waived

$500 OFF Monthly Rent for first 6 months


Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013 31


Recreation Center 5730 Shore Blvd. So 893-1068

Open Gym/Gameroom- Mon.-Fri., 10:30
a.m.-2 p.m. and Tues & Thurs., 7:30-9 p.m.
Annual reg. $2 res/$22 non-res.
CARE PROGRAM- Ongoing registrations
for the 2013-2014 School Year Child Care
Program continue for children who are
entering Kindergarten thru age 14. Non-
refundable annual registration fee is $17
for residents and $22 for non-residents.
Program hours are until 5:30 p.m. with
extended hours available until 6 p.m. for
an extra charge. Hours of registration are
Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
2013-2014 TOT TIME PROGRAM On-
going registrations for the 2013-2014 Tot
Time Program continue for children ages
3-5 years old. The Tot Time Program is a
pre-school, hands-on program for children
ages 3-5. The program aims to make learn-
ing fun for children and helps prepare them
for Kindergarten. Two, three and five-day
monthly options are available. Program
hours are from 8:30a.m.-12:30p.m. Hours
for registration are from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.,
Monday-Friday. A non-refundable annual
registration fee of $17 for residents and
$22 for non-residents. Proof of residency is
required for Gulfport residents.
2013-2014 VPK (Voluntary Prekin-
dergarten) PROGRAM- Ongoing regis-
trations for the 2013-2014 VPK Program
continue for children who live in Florida
and who turn 4 years of age by September
1st. The program aims to make learning
fun for children and helps prepare them
for Kindergarten. Program hours are from
8:30a.m.-12:30p.m. Parents must apply at

SGulfport I

THURS. & FRI., NOV. 28 & 29 FOR

One-on-One Computer Instruction:
Monday ONLY 10:00 am-1:00 pm. First
come, first served.

Victors' Support Group for Victims
of Sexual Abuse: Mondays, 6 6:45 pm.
FMI, call 727-637-4331.
Free Thinkers Open AA (Twelve Step)
Meeting: Tuesdays, 5:45-6:45 pm. FMI:
Call 727-360-9069.
Gulfport Prompt Short Story Writers:
Wednesday at 10 am.
Gulfport Toastmasters: Wednesdays,
6:00 7:30 pm. FMI, call 727-827-7875.
Meeting on Nov. 27 cancelled. Resume
meetings following Wed., Dec. 4.

the Early Learning Coalition of Pinellas
County, Inc. and the child must receive
a Certificate of Eligibility. VPK is FREE.
Contact the Early Learning Coalition of
Pinellas County, Inc. at 400-4411 for ques-
tions or call the Recreation Center at 893-
1068 for more details.
- Ongoing registrations for the 2013-2014
Teen Night Program continue for teens in
middle school to age 17. The program is
a great place to hang out and meet new
friends. It provides recreation and social
activities. It also offers monthly field trips,
cooking projects, guest speakers and ser-
vice projects. The teens utilize the gym-
nasium, gameroom and outdoor area. Pro-
gram hours are Mon., Wed. & Fri. 6-9 p.m.
Annual reg. $2 res/$22 non-res.
NEW CLASSES Interested in teaching
a class? Call John at 893-1079 for info
Hatha Flow Yoga -Mon.., 9-10 a.m. Call
Valerie at 557-4258.
Strength Train Yoga- Wed., 5:45-6:15
p.m. Call Tamara at 512-2763
Holiday Hawaiian Hula Wed., 10:30-
11:30 a.m. Call Kalina at 251-0424 for more
BeVolley Academy Clinics -Call 495-
6696 for more information or visit the web-
Chair Yoga 10-11am. Call Joyce at
Beginners Conversational Spanish -
Mon., 3:00-4:00 p.m. Call 727-482-2125 for
more info.
* Fencing Wed., 4:30 p.m. Call Ian For-
estier at 823-0922.
German For Beginners Tues., 6 to
7pm. Call 727-755-3459 or email Pegasus.


Women's AA Club: Fridays
pm. FMI, call 893-1073.
Coffee/Talk Book Club: Th
11:00 am. **Note new time.
Rabbit, Run by John Updike,
light refreshments. Stop by ti
Desk to pick up a copy. Spons
of Friends of the Gulfport Li
call 893-1073 FMI.
SCORE Counseling: Tues.,
& helpful advice from experie
professionals the fourth Tue
month. Call 893-1073 FMI
an appointment.
Book Sale: Sat., Dec. 7, 10:
pm. Shop for great gifts at ve
prices in the comfort of our r
Sponsored by our Circle of
proceeds support the Library
Science Club: Mondays, 3:(
Children in grades K-5 are i
us as we build our own creation

* Gymnastics- Thur., 5:30-6:15p.m. Call
Barbara at 804-9400.
*Hawaiian Hula Wed., 10:30-11:30 a.m.
Call Kalina at 251-0424 for more informa-
Karate Mon. & Thurs., 6:30 p.m. Call
Diane at 459-1399.
Tai Chi Tues. & Thurs., 9-10:15 a.m.
Call Marge at 345-6708.
Tennis Tues., 5 p.m. for 10 & under,
& 6 p.m. for adults & Fri. 5pm for Juniors.
Call Jack at 280-4276
Urban Survivor Bootcamp Fitness -
Tues., 6:15-7:15 p.m. & Thur. 6:30-7:30
p.m. Please call Donnie Ali-McClendon @
* Yoga in the A. M. Wed., 9-10 a.m. Call
Valerie at 557-4258.
* Yoga in the P.M. Wed., 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Call Tamara at 512-2763.
Zumba Tues., 6:30-7:30 p.m. Call Ra-
chel at 419-905-5562 for more info.
As of October 1st, ALL skaters/bicyclists
MUST purchase a new City of Gulfport
Skate Park sticker to use the City of Gulf-
port's Tomlinson Skate Park. Stickers
MUST be visibly placed on the helmet. An-
nual fee for stickers is $5 for residents and
$10 for non-residents. Also, all skaters/bi-
cyclists 17 years of age or younger MUST
have a signed parental consent form filed
at the Gulfport Recreation Center which
is located at 5730 Shore Blvd. S. Availabil-
ity to register: Monday Friday, 9 a.m.-8
p.m. Stickers valid from October 1, 2013 -
September 30, 2014. Bicycles permitted on

550X 28th Ave. So. 893-1074
or fax 344-6386
s, 5:45 6:45 and try a new experiment every week! Par-
ents are welcome to join in on the the fun!
Storytime: Join Cailey every Thursday
urs., Nov. 21, morning for stories & activities selected for
Discussion of toddlers & preschoolers. Sing songs, play
over coffee & instruments and meet other caregivers in
ie Circulation the community. Thursday, 10:30-11:00
ored by Circle am.
brary. Please
International Games Day: Sat., Nov. 23,
Nov. 26 FREE 10:00 am 3:30 pm. FMI, call 893-1133
nced business and ask for Cailey.
sday of every
& to schedule TEEN PROGRAMS
Teen Game Zone: Wednesdays, 3:00-4:30
00 am 3:00 pm. Come challenge your friends on the lat-
ry reasonable est XBOX 360 games or just hangout. Free
meeting room. Refreshments. FMI, call 727-893-1073 &
Friends all ask for Cailey.
Sand its pro-
Open Monday-Friday: 10 am-7 pm &
Saturday: 10 am-4 pm
GRAMS All meetings and programs are FREE and
00 4:00 pm. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.
ns with Legos CHANGE.

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

Servi ces City Sponsored Activities
in the Community

Meniur %eq
The Gulfport
Multipurpose Center
hours are Monday-Thursday
8 a.m. 7 p.m. and Friday
from 8 a.m. 4 p.m. The new
November calendar is out
with valuable information.
Stop by the Senior Center
or download your copy at
wwI ,,- -ilp.., and
click the Senior Center
link. Like us on Facebook at
"Gulfport Senior Center and
Foundation." Help our page
grow and get daily valuable
The Gulfport Senior
Center Pantry is open on
Tuesday and Thursdays
from 1 -3 p.m. You must
be over 50 and a Gulfport
resident. Pre-qualification is
also needed before use of the
pantry. Please bring your
Gulfport Picture I.D., utility
bill and proof of income. For
more information, please see
Rachel at the Center or call
Do you know someone
who lives alone and
could use a friendly check
in call? Volunteers for the
Reassurance Telephone
Program call Gulfport
seniors every Monday
through Saturday between
7:30 8:30 a.m. To sign up
for this program, please visit
the Gulfport Senior Center
and bring valid I.D.
Thanksgiving Dinner -
Tuesday, November 26th at
12:00 pm. Join your Senior
Center friends and family for
good times, good food, and
good company. Brentwood
of St. Pete and Menorah
Manor are providing a full
Thanksgiving dinner with
all the fixings and dessert.
Entertainment will be
provided by the Woodwind
Ensemble of the Horizon
Band at Eckerd College.
Tickets are only $6.00 each.
Community Resource
Partnership: (CRP) will
be at the Senior Center
on December 4th at 2:00
pm. CRP is an alliance
of health care industry
professionals whose mission
is to provide support and
information on aging and
lifetime health care issues
to families and individuals.
They are committed to
educating the community
about available resources

enrtr 5501 27th Ave. S.
on aging and health-related Center or online at www.
issues, including ,i .. gulfportseniorfoundation.
the Retirement Lifestyle you org. The Senior Center
need, Financial Planning/ currently offers 55 monthly
Insurance, Government/ classes for residents over 50
Public Benefits (Medicaid, to choose from. Membership
VA Benefits), Health Care, required. Senior Center
Legal & Estate Planning, registration is easy and free.
Nutrition & Wellness, and G.E.M.S. Gulfport
Senior Housing. Extended Mobility
First Friday Flea Market Service: Affordable
at the Senior Center will be transportation for Gulfport
held on December 6th, 9:00 residents 55 and over as
am 12:00 pm. You never well as disabled under 55.
know what kind of treasures $65 annual membership. $2
you will find. per ride and your ride to the
Gulfport Getaways: Senior Center is FREE!. Go
Here's your chance to get
your holiday shopping Pick up your new G.E.M.S.
done, grab some lunch, or schedule:
catch a matinee with your -Senior Center-5501 27 Ave. S.
Senior Center friends. www.gulfportseniorfoundation.
The next Senior Center org
Gulfport Getaway will be to
the Shops at Park Place on .w ulr
Tuesday, December 10th. *Any G.E.M.S. driver
The price for this special to the mall, grocery store,
roundtrip getaway is $6 for doctor's appointments and
GEMS members and $10 for more. Call 727-893-2242.
non-GEMS Members. Call New Schedule Available.
GEMS at 893-2242, before NEW FITNESS CENTER
Wednesday, December 4th SCHEDULE: Monday -
to reserve your seat. Thursday, 8 a.m. 7 p.m.
Friday: 8:00 am 4:00
SPECIAL SERVICES p.m., Annual sign up for
Volunteers: The Gulfport the Fitness Center is an
Multi-Purpose Senior Center affordable $25 a year or $40
has multiple volunteer a couple. Stop by the Senior
opportunities available. Center and take a tour of
If you want to make a our state of the art fitness
difference and help your facility.
community, come join the Snack Bar: Bring a friend
volunteer program at the to the Senior Center and
Senior Center. It's a great enjoy a light breakfast for
way to meet new friends only $2.50 or lunch for only
and to get acquainted with $3. In a hurry? Order a
over 50 programs, classes boxed lunch-to-go by calling
and workshops offered right 893-2259. Great food! Great
here in Gulfport. Volunteers prices!
assist as Lobby Receptionist, Support Groups
Fitness Center Attendants, Diabetic: on Mondays at
Reassurance Callers, Class/ 9:30am
Activity Instructors, Special Caregivers: Every Wed. at
Events, Food Pantry, Clerical 12:30pm
Support, Flea Market, Hearing Loss:lst & 3rd
Promotions, Bingo, Card/ Mondays at 2:00 pm
Magazine organizing, etc. Visual: 2nd & 4th Mondays
If you have any interest in at 2 pm
volunteering for the Gulfport Grief/Loss Support
Multipurpose Senior Center Group, 2nd Monday at 5:30
and are 18 years or older, pm
please call Rachel at 893-
1231 or stop by the Center at Neighborhood
5501 27th Avenue South. Center 7
This is your Center!: 1617 49th St.
Sign up today to enjoy S
all the classes and events So./893-1070
offered at the Gulfport Faith Cathedral Interna-
Senior Center. Ask Rachel tional Church: 9:30am,
to give you a tour! Pick up Sun.; 4th Sun. Bible Study
a copy of the November Overeaters Anonymous:
schedule at the Senior Sun. 6:15-8:15pm


5501 27th Ave. So.

A Concert Experience
starring Jim Jinelli
Sun., Nov. 24, 1:30pm
Tks $12 Available at Casino or

Sat., Nov. 30, 2pm
"100 Years of Broadway"
Tks $15 Avail M-Th 9-5 at
Casino or call 727-579-9089


5500 Shore Blvd. So.
Ballroom & Social Dancing
Sun., Nov. 24, 6-1 Opm, $7

Mon., Nov. 25, 7-10:15pm
)5 Members, $7 Non-members
Every Tuesday
Argentine Tango
7-11 pm, $7
7-8pm Lesson,
8-11 pm Dance

Every Wednesday
Swing Dance
6-7pm Bonus Lesson
-8pm East Coast Swing Lesson
8-11 pm Swing Dance, $7

Thursday, Nov. 21 & Dec. 5
Salsa Dance
):30-8pm Beg. & Inter. Lessons
8-1 Opm Dance, $7

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

Local Obituaries -
BYRD, TOM ALLEN, 81, of St.
Pete Beach, died Nov. 11, 2013.
He was a lifetime member and
deacon emeritus at the Seminole
Heights Baptist Church. He is
survived by his son, Allen Byrd; his
daughters, Velmalee Byrd Tobkes
and Lynn Byrd Sapp; as well as four
grandchildren. A funeral service to
celebrate his life will be conducted
at 2:30 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 16th,
at Seminole Heights Baptist Church
with interment to follow in Garden
of Memories Cemetery. The family
will receive friends from 1 p.m., until
service time. In lieu of flowers, those
wishing may make contributions to
the Seminole Heights Baptist Church
in Tom's memory. Adams & Jennings
Funeral Home 813-237-3345 www.

Gulfport, formerly of South Boston
and Quincy, MA, passed July 17,
2013. Honorably and proudly served
in the U.S. Army, 20 years, 2 weeks,
5 days. Don is deeply missed, loved
and survived by his wife of 54 years,
Louise (nee Mazzulli); daughter,
Donna (David) Atkinson of West
Springfield, MA; son, Michael (Angela)
of Ludlow, MA; proud grandfather of
Christopher and James Atkinson;
grand daughters, Danielle, Gabrielle

(727) 328-2847

and Isabelle Flebotte. Burial with
full Military honors at Bay Pines
National Cemetary on Monday, Nov.
18 at 10:30 a.m.

St. Pete Beach, passed Sunday, Nov.
10, 2013 at his residence. He was
the owner of Total Fuel Solutions
and was an Army veteran of the
Vietnam War. He was a member of
Our Savior Lutheran Church. He
is survived by his wife of 28 years,
Lynn Mietz; 2 sons, Scott and Ryan
Mietz; 1 daughter, Jana; 2 brothers,
Robert Mietz, Dave Mietz; and 1
sister, Michele Morabito. Online
memorial and guest book at www. E. Dale
Gunter Funeral Home St. Petersburg,

of St. Pete Beach, passed away on
Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013 after a
long illness. He is survived by his
loving wife of 53 years, Virginia; His
daughters, Susan (Michael) D'Angelo,
Denise (Eric) Gordon, Nancy (Ken)
Hansen; his granddaughters,
Kara, Meredith, Molly, Abby, and
Kristen; his brother, George; and
several nieces and nephews. He was
preceded in death by his brother
Richard. Donald was an Army




SAVE 70% When U-Do-It

Our Knowledge & Professional Products Will Help You Do It Right The 1st Time

Veteran and a member of St. John
Vianney Catholic Church. Visitation
will be Sunday Nov. 17, 2013 from
3-6 p.m. at Beach Memorial Chapel,
St. Pete Beach. Catholic Mass will be
on Monday Nov. 18, 2013 at 10 a.m.
at St. John Vianney Catholic Church,
St. Pete Beach. In lieu of flowers, the
family asks that donations be made
to the St. Jude Children's Research

"JAKE", 74, of St. Pete Beach,
died Nov. 9, 2013. He was a retired
school teacher and was a Navy
veteran. Online guest book at: www.

Stone Setting for
Stone Setting (unveiling) for Morris
Robinson will be held on Friday,
Nov. 29 at 9 a.m. The service will
take place at Chapel Hill Memorial
Park located at 12905 Wild Acres
Road, Largo. A luncheon will follow
at 11:30 a.m. at the Robinson home,
6020 Shore Blvd. S., #1012, Gulfport,
FL 33707.

Your opportunity to play the best
greens In Pinellas County!
Play Monday golf
$50+tax before 2pm
$40+tax after 2pm
Call 727-381-TEES (8337)
2 day advance tee times
Fall Membership Promotion
Great Pricing!
Now offering extremely affordable memberships for
Young Executive Golfers 21-40 years.
Welcoming new Yacht, Fitness, & Dining Members.
Call 727-381-7922 Ex. 11 or

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

Club Lunch
The Lithuanian Club at 4880 46th
Avenue N., St. Petersburg is serving
lunch every Thursday at 1 p.m. The
autumn schedule of luncheons are
one week koldunai and the other
week cepelinai. The cost is $7 for
entree, side, dessert and coffee. This
Thursday's menu is soup, koldunai
(meat dumplings), served with bacon
and/or sour cream, dessert and coffee.
As ususal, they have Lithuanian beer
to buy and fresh baked bread to buy
every Thursday.
By popular request, the Lithuanian-
American Club will be doing a
traditional American Thanksgiving
Dinner on November 28th. The
dinner will have turkey with all the
trimmings and side dishes, as well
as dessert and coffee. This dinner
will cost $20. It will be served at
1 p.m. Reservations are asked so
that sufficient entrees are made
for everyone. Please call Vida,
727-866-7936 for reservations and
information. Everyone is welcome.

Beta Sigma Phi
Laureate Epsilon Theta members
and spouses gathered at the home
of Joyce Keller for a Thanksgiving

Expert Tailoring .... ..r-'
Mens & WomwnsAIterations
Same Day Service
Expert Leather Alterations
Wedding & Formalware
No Appointment Necessary
Hemming & Zipper Replacement
Competitive Rates

Hours: Mon. Wed. & Fri. 10-6
Thurs. 10-5 & Sat. 10-4
10% OFF with this ad
695 22n Ave *S.*

Social on Saturday, November 16.
Joyce and Barbara Bofferding were
Sunshine City Council's Sister-to-
Sister Tea by Candlelight was held
on Saturday, November 16 from 1-3
p.m. at the Magnolia Clubhouse at
Five Towns. Chairman Carol Shinske
and her committee did a great job
of planning this annual tea. The
Council Vice Presidents gathered
over 30 names of ladies interested in
learning more about Beta Sigma Phi.
There were 14 guests in attendance.
The holidays are fast approaching
and the next social event will be
the Christmas Brunch which will

Repair By People
Who Care
Asian A Domestic Vehicles
ASE Crtified Masiter
IechnlclanOs Ove 100 Yers
Cobined Expeimence
FRET Couurt Rides Available

l : 1 .L MUR' AN ].Hv l PAy .l

be held on Saturday, December 7
at the Dolphin Beach Resort. More
information to follow.
Beta Sigma Phi is a social and
cultural organization for women.
Most chapters meet from September
to May twice a month. Each chapter
has a variety of socials. There are
career chapters which meet once
a month and have an abbreviated
format. Many chapters have service
projects but our focus is on social
and cultural programs. For more
information, please contact, Sharon
Ingram at 321-2849.


700 51st Street South, Gulfport, FL 33707

Central Ave. j

7mAve.s. K IN
8Givert__ l v
51"St, Sv .
Gulfport Blvd. _

I Change your oil & filter
I Inflate & rotate your tires S V
O Inspect your brakes
Inspect your belts & hoses
a Inp ect for tune-up
andconduct a
It] iI22 point vehicle inspection. R. 6
S A Pi. s disposal fee & sales tax Offer good for most cars & light tucks. Includes
5801 15th Ave. S. I Up to 5 qts.PremniumOil, RFlter, ChassisLube Does not includesyntec oils.
3 4 5 7 8 8 2 Must present coupon at time of service. Fleets not included.
3 45 -78 82I1 Not valid with other offers or prior services.

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

(727) 321-9114





I cmet ch' Oh my mind
a b o By Bill Northrop

The Slow Track
of Immigration
hat was once a fast track
has now become a slow track
stalled by its own over-reach,
political reaction and re-reaction,
public reaction and the turmoil called
ObamaCare. The train on that track
was a comprehensive immigration
reform bill.
It, at first, had a bi-partisan
shove, championed by Florida's
U.S. Republican Senator Marco
Rubio. This push lasted for awhile,
but the tracks weren't exactly
greased. Continued concern about
stopping the flow of illegals over the
border, executive movement to stop
deportations, complexities of the bill,
accusations of pork barreling and over
regulation (setting wages for workers
and declaring Nevada a border state,
for instance), politics and ballooning
number of pages (1,200), all combined
to create opposition to the movement.
In spite of that, a Bill did get through

the U.S. Senate pretty handily. The
problem rests in the House which
(the Republicans, that is) doesn't
want to consider the Senate Bill
but wants to create its own which,
ideally, would go to conference and be
blended or compromised into a new
Bill. That's doubtful. There appears
to be support for piece-meal rather
than comprehensive legislation. That
is, breaking the issues down into its
parts: what to do about the 11 million
(and growing) illegal immigrations
already here; streamlining or at
least reforming the legal path to U.S.
residence; providing for immigrant
workers, temporary and not so
temporary; border security; and so
forth and so on.
Border security gets the most
attention although 40 per cent of the
problem lies with people overstaying
their visas. Businesses say they need
workers now and that creates political
support within the Republican party
and, of course, with Democrats.
According to critics, all this just means

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cheap labor. But, Democrats see votes
everywhere. Plight of the 11 million,
facing possible deportation although
they've been here for decades and their
children born here are U.S. citizens,
is, in many cases, heart breaking. So,
all these special interests combine to
create pressure, although no solution.
One of the problems is the general
public whose reactions are reflected
in the fear of politicians running
for re-election particularly where
these issues aren't in the forefront.
The biggest issue is the existing
unemployment which is reflected not
only in the 7 per cent plus figure, but
by the fact that the number of people
working has declined dramatically.
Also, people are concerned about
stopping the inflow ofillegals. I suspect
that the issue of illegal immigrants
getting citizenship gives people
pause, but I also suspect that the
majority are sympathetic. However,
the strident rhetoric and sometimes
actions of the more radical illegal
immigrants and their representatives
probably doesn't help things. The
Senate Bill, by the way, provides for
a path to citizenship over a 13 year
period. That's not exactly radical even
if it gets called "amnesty".
Anyway, that is a quite short and
shallow description of where we are
now. Yet, it does demand a solution.
Both Clinton and Bush failed to
get support for a comprehensive
plan primarily because people don't
trust the government to keep the
scenario from repeating itself. That's
what happened under Reagan:
amnesty, then a rebuilding of illegal
If the only track to dealing with
these problems is to approach them
piecemeal (although they are inter-
linked), then get on with it. Setting
the priorities then becomes the
first debate. It has to start with the
path to citizenship and stopping the
bleeding at the border and elsewhere.
Providing needed workers would be
second. Whatever the approach, doing
nothing doesn't do the country or the
people much good.
The item by item approach probably
would be more transparent and
palatable to the public who haven't
taken well to such comprehensive
approaches as ObamaCare. Politically,
the Republican controlled House
appears to have gotten it right. Now
they have to act.

36 Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

4 .American Legion Activities

Post 125
6440 5th Ave. S., St. Petersburg 347-6085
ih n On Breakfast Buffet Lunch Served
Kitchen Open Southern Knights Band 8:30-11am No Lunch Served Lunch 11 -3 11am-3pm
Lunch Served 11 -2pm 7-11pm S.A.L. hamburgers and Euchre 1 pm
1am3pm Dinner 4:30-6:30pm hot dogs 12-3pm Ron's Karaoke 7pm Bingo 6pm
Ron's Karaoke 7pm Southern Knights Band Dinner 4:30-6:30pm Kitchen Open
7-11pm Steakums 1-3pm for Bingo

Donations of hard candy, beef jerky, non-meltable, non-liquefied snacks, Vienna sausage, sardines and plain white
socks are being collected in the barrels in the lounge area. All items will be packaged and sent by December 2 for the
11/21 EATING ON A BUDGET-1:00pm Speaker mtg. light snacks provided
11/24 AUXILIARY BAKE SALE 1:00PM Lots of great stuff in time for holiday
11/28 THANKSGIVING DINNER w/all fixins 2:00-5:00pm $6.50pp
NEW YEARS EVE TICKETS ON SALE IN LOUNGE Dinner-6:00 8:00 Band 7:00- Comp bkfst midnight $35pp
The Legion Riders meet the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m.
Auxiliary meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. Please join us and share your ideas.
Legionnaire meetings are the 3rd Monday of each month at 7 p.m.
Sons of American Legion meetings are the last Monday of each month at 7 p.m. All members are welcome.
Service Officer, Bob Cannon is at the Post on Thursday's from 9 a.m. till noon to offer assistance.

Post 305
6999 Gulf Blvd., St. Pete Beach 367-1596

Bar Bingo 7pm Fish & Shrimp Steak Dinner Sports & Pizza Bucky Burgers SAL Mtg.-6pm Wednesday Dinner
Food Served 6-8pm 6-8pm 12-6pm 5-8pm Special
Pizza available 6-8pm
Geno Lee Jay Nelson Dee Karaoke all day
6:30-9:30pm 6:30-9:30pm 6:30-9:30pm Trivia

727-367-1596 email post305, msin coin
Thanksgiving Dinner Thursday, Nov. 28, check with Post for details
Hot dogs every day 11-5 p.m. $1. All you can eat spaghetti & meatballs every Wednesday
6-8 p.m.
NEW! Trivia night Wednesdays, Music, dinner served 6-8 p.m. Guests welcome.

AMVETS Post 0001
421 45th Ave. S., St. Petersburg, FL 33705 727-896-4122
Bar Bingo Karaoke
7pm 9pm-12am

Hours Sunday-Friday 12pm, Saturday 11am til. Electronic bar games everyday. Fish fry last Friday of the month
We're always looking for new members to join our family $30 yearly or $250 Lifetime. Gil Davis 1st VC

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013 3


Following are some of the calls that
Gulfport Police responded to during
the past week.
Friday 11/8
Juvenile Trouble- 900 BIk 58th St. S.
Accident with Injuries- 5100 BIk
Gulfport Blvd. S.
Burglary Residence- 2900 BIk 59th
St. S.
Neighbor Problem- 1800 BIk Gray
St. S.
Trespass- 2500 BIk 53rd St. S.
Saturday 11/9
Domestic- 4900 BIk 13th Ave. S.
Brush Fire- 2500 BIk Beach Blvd. S.
Hit & Run- 5300 BIk 23rd Ave. S.

Juvenile Trouble- 5700 BIk 16th Ave.
Prowler- 6000 BIk Gulfport Blvd. S.
Disturbance- 5400 BIk Shore Blvd.
Trespass- 5400 BIk Shore Blvd. S.
Assault/Battery- 3000 BIk Beach
Blvd. S.
Noise- 2800 BIk Dupont St. S.
Sunday 11/10
Noise- 18th Ave. & 53rd St. S.
Burglary Residence- 5300 BIk 14th
Ave. S.
Stolen Vehicle- 700 BIk 51st St. S.
Noise- 5200 BIk 11 th Ave. S.
Trespass- 5400 BIk Shore Blvd. S.
Theft- 2500 BIk Ohio Ct. S.
Domestic- 1300 BIk 58th St. S.
Monday 11/11
Noise- 2600 BIk Quincy St. S.
Reckless Driver- 52nd St. & Gulfport
Blvd. S.
Water Rescue- 5900 BIk Shore Blvd.
Person Under Influence- 52nd St. &
Gulfport Blvd. S.

AMY JO MARTIN, Attorney at Law
(727) 688-0638 6822 22nd Avenue North, #351, St. Petersburg
Affordable Legal Work with Your Fixed Income in Mind.
Free House Calls, Free Initial Phone Consultation; Old Fashioned Values
Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning, Probate, Powers of Attorney, Medical Directives.
Also licensed in North Carolina.
Before you decide, ask me to send you free written information about my qualifications and experience.
The hiring of an attorney is an important decision that should not be based soley on advertisements.

,, : If You Haven't Talked

I J To Us About


J You're Paying Too Much...

Your local agent
knows your local needs.

Home Flood Condo Renters
Auto Commercial

Keep the Peace- 1400 BIk 18th Ave.
Tuesday 11/12
Juvenile Trouble- 900 BIk 58th St. S.
Keep the Peace- 1800 BIk 55th St.
Theft- 1400 BIk 55th St. S.
Juvenile Trouble- 5500 BIk 14th Ave.
Domestic- 5100 BIk 9th Ave. S.
Person Under Influence- 56th St. &
14th Ave. S.
Theft- 2700 BIk 52nd St. S.
Person Under Influence- 5500 BIk
Shore Blvd. S.
Wednesday 11/13
Disturbance- 5500 BIk Shore Blvd.
Juvenile Trouble- 900 BIk 58th St. S.
Burglary Residence- 2000 BIk Gray
St. S.
Person Under Influence- 29th Ave. &
Beach Blvd. S.
Domestic- 2900 BIk 59th St. S.
Thursday 11/14
Person Under Influence- 5800 BIk
Tangerine Ave. S.
Domestic- 5000 BIk 29th Ave. S.
Fraud/Forgery- 2600 BIk Beach Blvd.
Disturbance- Gulfport Blvd. & 15th
Ave. S.
Assault/Battery- 12th Ave. & 58th St.
Theft- 6000 BIk Gulfport Blvd. S.
Juvenile Trouble- 5200 BIk 11th Ave.
Domestic- 2200 BIk York St. S.

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Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

Silver High Tea and
Downtown Abbey
The Women's Guild and Armenian
Church Youth of America of St.
Hagop Armenian Church invites you
to a Silver High Tea and Downtown
Abbey (vintage fashions) on Saturday,
January 18th at 2 p.m. at Pasadena
Yacht & Country Club, 6000 Gulfport
Boulevard in Gulfport. Donation of
$40 will benefit the Cultural Center of
St. Hagop Armenian Church. Seating
is limited. RSVP before December
20th to Tobe at 727-954-8025.

Senior Excursions from
St. Pete Beach
The St. Pete Beach Community
Center has new Senior Excursions
on the schedule for the fall. The
excursions are a great way for
local seniors to travel with their
friends. The new trips are as
follows: December 13th: Shopping
at International Mall; December
20th: Holiday Lights at Botanical
Gardens and Largo Central Park.
All excursions will depart from the
St. Pete Beach Community Center,
7701 Boca Ciega Dr. Trip times vary.
All participants must pre-register by
the Wednesday prior to the excursion.
Each trip is $12 for residents of St.
Pete Beach and $15 for non residents.
For more information visit www. or call 727-363-9245.

Book Lover's
Calendar for 2014
The Circle of Friends of the Gulfport
Library has a wonderful holiday
gift idea for you. The Book Lover's
Calendar 2014 (Workman Publishing)
is available for sale at the library for
$10. This is a real bargain as the
recommended retail price is $12.99.
Each day features a capsule review of
a classic, biography, history or a self-
help title and provides suggestions
for further reading. The Book Lover's
Calendar 2014 makes a wonderful
stocking stuffer. You may purchase
your calendar at the circulation desk
at the Gulfport Library, 5501 28th
Avenue S. and, while you are at the
library, please visit the Book Shop
for a wonderful selection of books for

Operation Santa 2013
It's that time of year again! Santa is putting his list together for this year.
If you are a Gulfport resident and could use a little help, the Gulfport Police
Department is now accepting applications for Christmas assistance through
December 1, 2013 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday at 2401
53rd Street S. Gulfport. Each family's head of household must bring photo
identification, proof of Gulfport residence as well as the name(s) and age(s)
of children) living in the home. Operation Santa will collect Christmas gifts
for children ages 0 to 10 years of age. There will be no home deliveries and
you must pick up your gifts at the Police Department from December 17-18,
2013 by appointment only, so it's important that we hear from you right away.
For more information on Operation Santa, please call at 893-1042 and leave
a message.
To assist Operation Santa 2013
For 22 years, Gulfport Police Department employees have sponsored a program
called "Operation Santa" in which toys are donated to needy children that live
in the City of Gulfport. Operation Santa has always been very successful in
part due to the contributions we receive. We would again like to ask you for
your help in the form of donations, i.e. monetary, new unwrapped toys, and
gift cards. Any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. If you
have any question call 893-1042 and leave a message and someone will return
your call.

^Y^UDC Myj

Tr you han at SuS

__J>137Pax C__ _U
6 3 7

1 7 9 5

8 7 3

4 8

1 9 6 5 4

2 7

4 6 1

1 4 3 8

5 1 4
- -- -- -

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

All for a Good Cause

Gulfport Merchants Association (GMA) Treasurer Biff Lagan (left) and
President Mike McCue present equipment to the Gulfport Little League
program, including baseballs, bats, helmets and more. The GMA donation was
funded by proceeds from this year's Gecko Pub Crawl, Gecko Ball and Gecko
Fest events. Donations to the Gulfport Senior Center Pantry, as well as the
commission of a public art project, are also planned.

We're ~ ~ Clsrtaeo hn .. orcm uiyppr
th G abe 21e0975

Canos A Labraao

Labrador Office Manager
ysician Assistant

Carlos A. Labrador, M.D., F.A.A.F.P.

65 65th Street South St. Petersburg

Dr. Labrador's philosoph) is to offer the highest standard of care in a pleasant and caring environment.
A graduaIe from Meharr) Medical CoUlegt, NashvilJe, Tennessee. Dr. Labrador received his
Bachelor's Degree with the highesAi honors from the Universir of Flondria.
Board Cenified in Family lMedchmne. he is a Fellow of ihe Amcnran Academy of ramil Phisicians.
Dr. Labrador keeps electronic medical records for quality care and has 24 hour access to )our records.


Hatho Flow Yoga Class
Step up your practice with Vinyasa
Flow, a series of flowing asanas
that lead from one pose to another,
synchronized with the breath. Some
of the benefits of Yoga are helps
improve muscle tone, increases
flexibility, improves circulation and
can help relieve tension. Classes
will be on Mondays from 9-10 a.m.
at the Gulfport Recreation Center,
5730 Shore Boulevard S. Instructor
Valerie Prosser can be reached at or 727-
557-4258. Class is $40 per month -
first class $10.

Buy this Lithuanian
Cookbook for Holidays
The Lithuanian Scout Assn. has
published a cookbook as a fundraiser.
It would be a wonderful addition to
young cooks, bringing back memories
of moms or grandmother's dinners.
Many times one remembers those
warm family dinners with aromatic
recipes. This is a very nice holiday
gift to the younger generation. The
cookbook is, "Tried & True Treasured
Recipes", about 350 recipes. Cost is
$15, here. If to be mailed, postage
is $4.50. Please call Irene for more
information at 727-363-1234.


0216 06

IL Rpl hounla 8-12 t-II

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013


Attention Young
On Monday the Gulfport Public
Library will have an after school
science and engineering club from
3-4 p.m. for children in grades K-5th.
You'll build with Lego's and try a
new science experiment every week!
Parents are more than welcome
to join in on the fun. For more
information contact Cailey Klasson,
Youth Librarian, at 727-893-1074.

Wednesday Teen
Afternoons at Library
Hey teens! Come hang out with
Sherri and Cailey Wednesday
afternoons at the Gulfport Library
from 3-4:30. They play Xbox, watch
movies, help with homework, listen
to music, and just hang out and have
fun. Contact Cailey at cklasson@ or 727-893-1074.

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Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

Hey! This is fun!
The City of St. Pete
Beach Recreation
Reef aepr art mendt' s
LegoR Robotics
team, The LT's
(Lego Terrestrials),
competed in the
Robofest Robot
Parade on Saturday,
November 9 in St
Petersburg. The
.LTs not only won
the "People's Choice
Award" but garnered
the most points by the
judges to win "First
Place" competing
against l7otherteams!
The team consisted
of Shane Fort,
Mason Miller, Kayla
Oates, Nicolas Morrow and Alex Carroll and coached by Jennifer McMahon,
Recreation Director. The team has been preparing for the competition since
late September, meeting twice a week at the St Pete Beach Community Center
and is sponsored by the City of St. Pete Beach Recreation Department, Rick's
Reef and Jim and Leslie Parent. The team is continuing their efforts and are
preparing for the Lawrence Technological University's Robofest competition
held in March 2014 in Oldsmar.

Artists Invited to Apply
for 2014 Mainsail Show
Artists interested in being an
exhibitor at the 39th Annual
Mainsail Art Festival next April are
invited to apply online now through
December 1st.
Applications must be submitted
online through www.zapplication.
org or
Artists can also go to the show
website, and
click on the ZAPP logo. The deadline
for submitting an application is

Sunday, December 1, 2013.
The 39th Annual Mainsail
Art Festival will be held in
St. Petersburg's waterfront Vinoy
Park on April 19 and 20, 2014.
Artists can submit in 13 categories
including Ceramics, Digital Art,
Fibers, Glass, Graphics, Jewelry,
Metal, Mixed Media, Oil/Acrylic,
Photography, Sculpture, Watercolor
and Wood. The artist jury fee is $35
and exhibitor space fee is $275.
New this year, the festival has
increased cash awards for artists to
$60,000 featuring the $10,000 Best
of Show GoldAward. Additional cash

sarn n~tCLUB HORS:
AMERICAN LEGION Mn- oSat. 10a.m. la.m.
SANDY ANDERSON POST 125 Sun. 11a.m.-11p.m.
6440 5th Avenue South 347-6085
Friday, Nov 22nd, 4:30~6:30pm Saturday, Nov. 23rd, 4:30-6:30pm SUNDAY
White Fish Baked w/ Wine Sauce or Battered, S.A.L. Dinner BREAKFAST
French Fries, Slaw, RolVButter, Dessert $7.75 All-You-Can-Eat Spaghetti, 8:3am-11:OO
-or- Salad, Garlic Toast $6.00
Chicken Ala King w/Rice, Veggies, dalic Toast $6.00 BREAKFAST
Roll/Butter, Dessert- $7.00 Thalksgng Dinner BUFFET
2Ip 86.50B cMary$.
Sign-up sheet available no CompienaY h, ..
l r eloody Mary .$ 41 7 5F
Music Tues/Thurs Friday Night or Mimosa *"'"J.It
Karaoke Southern Nights (x Blood Bank 12/8/13

A f Med ioli
-mi 0 ^Hop

Two Convenient Adult Primary
Care Offices in Your Community'

aI _%k
-J j-a-'-B

'. +. lk.ft i *' I,'I See,! [fl
(727) 343-61119P [, JS dca opxcm, 7| 7 347-8132~l JS r ed ial arou .co
Dee i t :.D.ud(dfe i iiyMckn LnaHyltD
0*Q Cetfe iI Iibee &Ho/Srk(repcialzsi nenlM dcnP

Accepting New Patients Including Humoan &
Care Pl us Medicare Advantage Plan Members

Adepling New Puhlienh Including Humana
Medicare Advantage Plan Members

-h,'r' 1. n.:, tL-T [iriv i., [o."- c inembet of ISA Medkol Croup! ISA is the or's lorgest provider of primary
hco lth a u ,ii :.;:. I., i. ; 1 ,.,p'.,hlJ ,,',' w hove Li, I..,,-i-.> rr I,' Ii yii., ,l' r in '.:'.'' 1'iiT -ui.i rP Bi.-ii, a
pOtien r 1 .l ". i. ',,',. l 'I ,,,1 ,i i. ,, Ti ,i,' ,', ,;'.'l -U h 1. 1 i% i" i' ,,;v 'I.' ., ,irif ri, il I.:, ,, ,- 1 in l r,,, ,- ro iJ 1 14 i ; ,'' Iio ,i
,i,, ,n l :i-, lutiohl i , ,, ,in r, ., r ,.iiir l I, i- ,11 | .ii:.I ,'i hr: in 11 I,.',n, i loh l iui ,r i li. .bin I t (O'UPD
edK tlion, v,&-li ,tun' ,, nir. itr i. ihjiii|:iil, i.iii. u'.i (iu,' ll C'-i, 01 O L,- Lox lions lodoy!

awards new for 2014 are the $5,000
Mainsail Silver Award and two
Mainsail Bronze Awards of $2,500
each. The show judge also selects 15
awards of excellence at $1,500 each;
15 awards of distinction, $1,000
each; 20 awards of merit, $500 each;
and ten Purchase Awards of $200
each plus the purchase of a piece of
In addition to 250 professional
artists converging on Vinoy Park,
Mainsail presents the Young at
Art student show, Kids Create
art activity tent, live music and a
variety of culinary art food vendors.
As always, admission for visitors
is free. Mainsail will be recruiting
volunteers to assist during the
two-day annual event, ranked by
Sunshine Artist magazine among
the 100 Best Fine Art and Design
Shows in the nation for more than
20 years. And, for three years
running, St. Petersburg has been
named America's Number 1 Arts
Destination among mid-sized cities
by AmericanStyle magazine.
For more details, visit www. or e-mail to artist@ or volunteers@

Foster Homes Needed
Imagine being taken away from your
home, not knowing where you will go,
leaving behind your favorite things.
Now, imagine this through the eyes
of a child. There are more than 3,500
dependent children in Pinellas and
Pasco counties due to child abuse,
neglect or abandonment. Many of
them needloving foster parents. They
need you. When you open your heart
and your home to foster children, you
open the possibilities for them you
foster hope. For more information on
becoming a foster parent, please call
the Eckerd Recruitment Line toll-
free at 1-866-233-0790.

S, Display
i* Advertising?
Call Gina at
.; Gibber
SDeadline Tues. 5pm

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

Center offers Tea
and Tee at Two
Boca Ciega Center cordially invites
ladies to have a cup of tea with the
resident ladies of Boca Ciega Center.
Each Thursday at 2 p.m., ladies
may come relax and enjoy hot tea
and afternoon refreshments for a
delightful afternoon social gathering.
Entertainment is provided by various
musicians. They also encourage
ladies to wear your favorite hat! Men,
you are welcomed to join them as
well! "Tee Off Time" enables men to
practice their putting golf with Boca's
resident men. Boca Ciega Center is
located at 1414 59th Street S., across
from The Most Holy Name of Jesus
Church. For more information, or if
you would like to donate china tea
cups, tea pots, ladies brim hats, or
putting green items, please contact
Ruth Gruhn, Activity Director, at

Vote for Gulfport's 2014
Gecko Ball Theme!
Organizers of Gulfport's annual
Gecko Ball are encouraging the
public to vote now on the theme of
next year's event. August 23, 2014
will be the date of the Sixth Annual
Gecko Ball, building on the tradition
of this increasingly popular annual
event one week before Gecko Fest.
Past themes have included "Geckos
in Wonderland" (with an Alice in
Wonderland twist), "The Lizardof Oz"
(evoking all things Oz), "Hooray for
,., k..\ .....1 (Hollywood glamour),
and "Gecko Night Fever," the smash
hit 1970s/Disco-themed Ball earlier
this year. Each theme inspires its
own array of costumes, d6cor, food
and music for the Gecko Ball, and
also leads to a separate costume
theme for Gecko Fest itself.
Three themes have been selected for
final voting by the public for 2014:
"Gecko Sock Hop" (1950's
Americana a la "Grease" or "Happy
Days," etc.);
"Gecko Mardi Gras" (The
flamboyant pageantry and color of
Fat Tuesday a la New Orleans or
Brazil's Carnivale, etc.);
"Roaring Geckos" (The "Roaring
20's"-era of America a la "The Great
Gatsby" or "Guys and Dolls," etc.).
Voting will continue through
November 30th. Please only cast
one vote per person. To vote, go to
the Facebook page for "Gecko Ball"
and post your choice there in a

comment. Please "like" the page
while you're there to receive updates
on the event. Or email your choice
to The
winning theme will be announced
at the beginning of December,
allowing party-goers approximately
8-2 months to plan and create their
2014 Gecko Ball costumes! Watch for
Gecko Ball tickets to go on sale a few
weeks prior to the event. Gecko Ball
sells out every year, so party-goers
are urged to get their tickets as far in
advance as possible.

Ask us why we are
the 2012 Angles List
Super Service
Award Winner


Volunteer with Hospice
Suncoast Hospice, Pinellas County's
hospice provider for more than 35
years, is looking for volunteers to
serve in a variety of positions from at
the bedside, administrative roles, in
one of three resale shoppers to helping
at one of many special events. Learn
more about how to get involved
by going to
volunteer or call 727-586-4432, ext.

Pruning I Trimming
Stump Grinding
Hazardous Removals
Limbs Off:
Roof & House
Power Lines

12Years Exjerience!
fly OV e & Operated
'W- .- % L I-.0

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

*Ae r TreesM
e and Safe?,,

Protect Your Assets

3Tree Inspection

%~t. 1973


Every Child #as a Wish List.. Send Your

Letter to Santa

HAll letters to Santa at the Gabber will immediately
R be forwarded to the North Pole. A letter will be printed
= in the Gabber each week from November 28th
through December 19th. The author of each
letter printed (one per week) will receive a...

3 A0 Gift
r 'i ~Certificate

Send to: Santa at the Gabber
f1419 49th Street South

ftters must include: name, age, and return address and phone number.
lease include a non-returnable photo.
4 Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013



for any


Business Classified
as low as


Real Estate I Service
from $14

Conveniently located across from Save-A-Lot
& '*k: *' **AIK^^

I ^- I,^I^

Monday- Wednesday
8:30- 5:00
Thursday 8:30-1:00

We Now Accept: MetLife, Delta Dental, Aermicus Life,
Guardian, Aetna, Asurant PPO, AARP & Medicare/United
Health Care, Liberty and Dentemax I 1 STREET

Business Feature


Service Business Card
Display Advertising
from $46.50

any business
any budget

Since 1968

(727) 321-6965

fax 327-7830


If you are 22 years of age or older, have insomnia,
do not take medications for your insom-
nia and are otherwise healthy, you
may qualify to participate. / ,
You will undergo a phone screen to
see if you qualify. If you qualify, the
study requires you to have a totalI of 4 4
overnight sleep studies and two other
clinical visits. Participation in this study may
be up to 5 weeks.

This study does not involve drugs. This study does involve an
investigational device.
You may be compensated for your time and travel up to
If you are interested in learning more about this clinical trial,
please contact 727-360-0853.

2525 PaaeaAe S. SutS

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

SPCA Pet of the Week
[] Say hello to Heather the cat! Heather is a 1 year old white
and brown kitty that loves attention! Heather enjoys
playing with jingle ball toys and hopes her new family will
Join in on the fun! If you are looking for a sweet cat that will
always stick by your side, Heather might be the kitty for
S"^il you! Adopt this wonderful kitty today at 9099 130th Ave. N.
in Largo, 727-586-3591,

You & THE

By Robert J. Myers, Esq.
What is Probate?
Probate is a Court-supervised
process which is normally required
to wind up the personal and business
affairs of someone who passes on.
Probate involves the identification of
and gathering of a deceased person's
assets, the payment of taxes, creditor
claims and expenses and, finally, the
distribution of the deceased's assets
to beneficiaries.
Probate documents are generally
filed in the county where the
deceased person lived. A filing fee
is required to be paid to the Clerk of
the Circuit Court to start the probate
administration process. After a
probate proceeding is initiated, a
Circuit Court Judge is assigned to
oversee the process. A Judge will,
upon her/his approval, issue letters

of administration which appoints
a personal representative of the
deceased's estate. The Judge also
resolves questions raised during the
probate administration by reviewing
all filed documents and holding
Court hearings as necessary.
Who has Preference
to Serve as Personal
If a deceased person had a valid
last will and testament, the person
who is designated in the will to
serve as personal representative
will have preference to be appointed
by the Court to serve. In the event
the deceased did not have a valid
last will and testament, a surviving
spouse will generally serve. In the
alternative, a majority of the heirs
may select someone to serve as
personal representative for approval
by the Court. In our next article,
we will together explore what
the responsibilities of a personal
representative are in the probate
Mr. Myers is the owner of Akerson
Law Offices which is located at

Outstanding Rehabilitation with Excellent Results!

Come as a patient. Leave as a friend!

1135 Pasadena Avenue South, Suite
140, St. Petersburg, Florida. The
telephone number is 727-347-5131.
Mr. Myers welcomes calls regarding
this article and other related legal
topics. This column outlines general
legal principles and is not intended
to give you legal advice. If you have
a specific question about the law,
please consult an attorney.



Distribution from
54th Avenue North to
54th Avenue South
&the Beaches

So. Pasadena
Grand Central District
Kenwood Neighborhood
Northwest St. Petersburg
St. Pete Beach
Tierra Verde
Treasure Island
Madeira Beach
Southeast St. Petersburg
Pink Streets
Pinellas Point

Discover The Springs...
South Pasadena's Hidden Treasure
Caring is not just a job, it's a way of life.

A five star Medicare -Certified center offering a
variety of health care services: 24-hour Skilled
Nursing Care, Physical, Occupational and Speech
therapies, Sub-acute Care, Wound Care and Palliative
Care as well as End of Life Care, just to name a few.

1-727-828-3500 1255 Pasadena Avenue South I St. Petersburg, FL 33707
Located on the campus of The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay

Serving the
Every Thursday

Since 1968

Since 1968
(727) 321-6965
fax 327-7830

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

Join the Gulfport
Writer's Workshop
The Gulfport Writer's Workshop,
which is open to the public, and that
meets at the Gulfport Senior Center
on Friday mornings from 9:30 a.m.-
noon, now has a blog site up and
running. It includes the names of
whoever has attended in the last year
and shows their writing products if
they've listed them.
They encourage writers at every
stage of development to join this
writing and critique group. Bring
something you've written to read,
even if it's a letter, or just come to be
inspired. Their goal is to mentor and
encourage and help bring to fruition
writers' hopes and aspirations.
They are made of up poets,
dramatists, songwriters, columnists,
novelists, historians, letter writers
and a publisher. And it's all free.
No membership, no dues, no worries.
They help direct attendees toward
publicity and marketing when they
can, too.
Click on the http site below
and then click on the go to link
that pops up under it: http://
Email is gulfportwritersworkshop@





Daily/Weekly Local Charts
What's in season
View What's in The Water
A photo of all florida fish species.

Click on Fishing & Boating,
under the lifestyles link at

Women's Club Donates to Stepping Stones
Ss The first meeting of GWC was
held November 13th and hosted by
Westminster Palms in St Petersburg.
as A delicious chicken Caesar salad
followed by key lime pie was served
I to the group of thirty-five women
m attending. A heartfelt thank you is
extended to the staff of Westminster
This was followed by a wonderful and
moving presentation made by Alyson
McLeod, a counselor with the Stepping
Stones Program (hospice for children).
Many left with teary reminders of the
wonderful work that is done by this
S. s A donation was given to them
to support their work.
GWC is a not for profit organization
whose purpose is to help the children
and seniors of Gulfport. They are
Guest speaker Alyson McLeod of Suncoast open o f Gulfport
Hospice Stepping Stones Program and surrounding communities who share
Treasurer/ November Chairwoman Phyllis this goal.
If interested please call Joan at 345-
0445 for more information or mail a check for $25 to GWC, P.O. Box 531274,
Gulfport, FL 33747. Meetings are scheduled for the second Wednesday of the
month, November through April.

Campas Cleaning, Inc.
A professional window washing service since 1989


Let Campas Cleaning
Give You a Clear View
All Exterior and Interior Windows Washed with
Screens Removed and Cleaned
Starting at $38.95 for Condos and $68.95 for Homes
Licensed and Insured, family owned and operated since 1989.
A Pinellas County resident since 1969
* Refer 3 friends and get a $25 gift card to your favorite local restaurant. Referals must have
services performed before gift card is issued. Send referrals via email or phone.

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

We Now Accept Chiropractic i
Medicare Providers Haah
Most Insurance Accepted Headaches, Ni

Something Bugging You?

Tell the World!

Go to Reader Posts

K Vision Correction
without Surgery
Optical Department
i Convenient Hours
* Including Evenings

* Comprehensive Eye
Health Examination
* Children's Vision Care
* Dry Eye Care
* Cataract & Glaucoma
* Drivers License Exams
* Eye Infections

5412 Central Avenue



* We Accept Most
Insurance Plans
* Medicare

* Board Certified
Optometric Physicians

* Disposable
* Colors
* Corneal Refractive
* Bifocal
* Astigmatic
* Gas Permeable


Radio program is 'For
the Love of Animals'
Dog and cat lovers can find all kinds
of information about the animals in
their care on For the Love of Animals,
a weekly radio program produced by
Pinellas County Animal Services in
cooperation with Inspiration AM1 110
Each weekly installment profiles
some of the programs and services
provided by Pinellas County Animal
Services. The show's veterinary
segment provides medical advice on
how to keep cats and dogs happy and
healthy, and the mail bag portion of
the program answers email questions
received by county animal control
"Dogs and cats are a huge part
of everyone's life," says show host
Len Ciecieznski from Pinellas
County Communications. "For the
Love of Animals looks at the issues
concerning pet lovers and gives
great advice on how to perfect the
relationship between pet and pet
For The Love of Animals is
broadcast each Saturday morning
from 11 a.m. till noon on Inspiration
AMlIl0 WTIS radio; shows are
posted the following Monday on
Pinellas County's YouTube page, 1.
Pinellas County Animal Services
is located at 12450 Ulmerton Road
in Largo. Normal hours of operation
are Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to
6 p.m., with the adoption center
closing at5:30p.m. Saturdayhours are
9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and services include
adoptions. Rabies vaccinations are
administered on Thursdays from
1 to 4 p.m. The facility is closed all
Pinellas County holidays.
For information on how to adopt,
donate or volunteer, join Pinellas
County Animal Services on Facebook.
To learn more about the shelter,
animalservices or call 727-582-2600.
The lost or found pets hotline is 727-

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

Deadline: Tuesday 5pm o Monday 3pm if proof is required -

fC U I D E
(727) 321-6965 fax (727) 327-7830

Baylax Service^
Current and Back Taxes
IRS Representation
Individuals Businesses 'Year Round Service

Dena Lebowitz EA, MST I
727-343-3132 I
1135 Pasadena Ave. S. #105, i
S. Pasadena, FL 33707 , i
info@TampabaylaAservices coMr
By Apporimei Only 9

Pinellas Legal Center
r | John P. Joseph, Esq.
S2429 Central Ave., Suite 201
S St. Petersburg, FL. 33713
c 727-490-1782
Trust & Estates Divorce & Auto Accidents Z "

Mobile, licensed, guaranteed, call for free esti-
mates. Save $20 mention this ad. 727-322-3050

EUROPEAN CAREGIVER- 10+ Years experi-
ence, personal care, housekeeping, Dr. Appts.
Local References. $15/Hr. 727-239-5444.
18yrs. Experience, Town Shores & Five Towns
Resident Discount. Caring for all Senior
Needs. Excellent References. 727-344-8555.
Leave Message.
Provide Assistance with Daily Activity (Cook-
ing, Medication Reminder, Morning Routine,
Cleaning, Grocery Shopping). Reliable Caring
Help in the Comfort of your Own Home. 708-
Care for in-home help. Stay out of a Nursing
Home! Cleaning Also. Lic.5969. 727-424-
LET DEBORAH HELP YOU- State certified
nursing assistant. 10+ years exp. References
upon request. Certifications up to date. 727-
PLACE YOUR AD HERE- Starting at $15 per
issue. Call 727-321-6965.

% Campas
Cleaning, Inc.
Professional Window Washing Service
(727) 481-1605
Condos From Homes From
$385 '68
"Best Prices In Town"
Licensed Insured
Since 1989

Iron, Companionship, Personal Care, Errands.
Call Vera 727-867-5374 or 727-242-4368.
Residential Cleaning Services. Natural plant
based 100% biodegradable cleaning products
used. Houses, condos, apartments & rent-
als. Services: One-Time, Weekly/bi-weekly,
Monthly/bi-monthly, Move-in/Move-Out. Dis-
counts Veterans & Seniors! Licensed/Bonded/
Insured. Free Estimates. Call 727-954-3332 or
I'll clean your house like it's mine. 20 Years Ex-
perience. Call for price. Guaranteed Satisfac-
tion 727-481-8138.
-Shopping, Appointments, Pet Needs, Chores,
Pressure Washing, Lawns & More! Friendly,
Reliable & Affordable. Call 727-776-7096. Ref-
erences Available.
We do What You Don't Want to. Friendly,
Prompt, Courteous and Affordable Service.
Local References. 20yrs. Exp. Call 727-557-
House Cleaning, Errands, Shopping, Pet Sit-
ting, Just Ask. Reasonable Rates, No Job too
Small. Serving St. Pete. 727-421-7895.
3yrs. in a row. "Professional Cleaning". Con-
sistent, Detailed Cleaning Every Time. 32
Years Experience, Excellent References. Sat-
isfaction Guaranteed. We do Windows too. Li-
censed, Bonded, Insured. ($25) Off First Time
Cleaning. Gift Certificates Available 727-743-

Cla **.oskep

$19.95 per room carpet cleaning
(3 room mmin.)
Residential & Commercial
Upholstery Cleaning A
*Water Extraction Q Af
Truckmount & Portable I72IOW(5 '
Satisfaction Guaranteed
"Serving the area for 27 years"
10 Licensed & Insured

COMPUTER REPAIR-Maintenance, Wireless,
Tutor, Virus Removal, etc. Fast service, Rea-
sonable Rates. Services apply to all Microsoft/
Apple devices, iPads, Smart Phones. Call Bob

Gulfport Computer Repair
Fast Friendly Service
"72.7-388-3493 s 2321 49th St. S.

In-Home Services: Internet Security, Training,
Virus & SpyWare Removal, Maintenance &
Repair, Data Recovery. (PC & Mac).
Senior-Friendly Repair, Setup, Tutoring,
Virus Removal, Wireless.
Help with iPad, Kindle, Phone, etc.
Quicken & QuickBooks
Fair Rates and Reliable Service
Phil Penrose 727-204-7288

We Have the Solutions to Your Electrical
Needs. Lightning Protection. Fuses to Break-
ers, All Electrical Repairs & Installation. Senior
Discounts. ER#13012577. 727-512-4250.

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013 49

M-F 10-6 Sat 10-3
5 Years in Gulfport
35 Years Experience

We'r C s t Y eo c n p

Computer Sales
Fax, Copy, Print
Internet Cafe

Deadline: Tuesday 5pm I Monday 3pm if proof is required for

)lay only (727) 321-6965 fax (727) 327-7830

M l', FX JA w' ,11 1 ,] i III wl 11*T-31111
* Room Additions Lightning Protection
* Fuses to Breakers Mobile Homes
* Circuits Added Phone Wiring
* Ceiling Fans Security Lighting & More
Hour Insured
Se ce 525-0677 St. ic.

Over 30 years. Experience. Residential & Com-
mercial. New or Remodel work, Service Up-
grades, Lightning Arrestors, Fans and Lighting
Installed. State License #ER0007653.

VETERAN USMC- Father of Seven, Great At-
titude, Hard Working Available to do Any Type
of Quality/Skilled work. Gulfport Resident.
"Have Tools Will Travel" Trustworthy Doors,
Decks/Eaves/Rotted Wood, Etc. 26 Year Gab-
ber Advertiser. Free Estimates, Lic. C-5754.
pentry, Handyman Services. Licensed & In-
sured. C-4825. John 727-343-2222.
mercial, Residential Pressure washing, Paint
prep. Gutter/Roof cleaning. Ask about our
complete paint prep package 727-560-2743
EXTREME HANDYMAN- Small, Big, All Jobs.
Affordable Rates, Friendly Reliable Service.
25 Years Experience in Most Fields. Call Ja-
mie, 727-254-1392.
Hauling, Pressure Cleaning, Handyman, Yard
Work, Cut Small Lots, Palm Trees, Trim/Rake,
Call Sylvester, 727-460-8721.
GERMAN HANDYMAN-30+ Years Experi-
ence, Any Job, Any Time, Nights, Weekends.
Reasonable, Reliable, Honest, Guaranteed.
Free Estimates, Senior Citizens Discount,


'(727) 528-1227,
No Overtime Rates
from (7:30am to 7:30pm)
s -.1 Dryer Vent Cleaning "
i F' E Duct Cleaning & Repairs
Aq L FREE ESTIMATES on Replacement Systems .lle

A/C System Check Up

Repairs Installation
SHeating Indoor Air Quality
We will beat any 14 0 OI
written estimate by
Ae_ $39.95 A/C Check-up
Guifport Area FREE Service Call w/Repair
Chamember No overtime charges*

High Marks For
Call About Our Energy-Efficient Heat Pumps
41111111b 9 Outstanding No Hassle
rn Replacement"
S|: Limited warranty an
NEES : 10 year parts
Q p* LLimited warranty 4
*i!! --- 1-'protection* b^
H *Quiet operation
VTlr| i PT.1l .' Wu i rt 10 1.rL ,,r 'lj I i, LiUj', l 'MI,'lT1 ,i
i kni ,|I]B 'i tli q ,)7f. ,L M it ) fi .,.T I)Tjuj c ,i,-'. u ,fi f i,-T l
beriefiBS iiil DeC Vd0f iH,)it'iiini fiioiljin 'i rrq.II p r 10i TIi R 0 0"Icuisinnl l iTyllIST|I
DO& ru',11, &rl ""id 1 A 01
n'SIDl' 'iq4 irr fpiqy Ii Mq~ i Rijc l ") ri 3,RB]l>P G 1,) ntl~ir i oit
li.1, aoimii iff- NODfi~ SiAO Quridn~i-i kh. you, -li~roxi ro, ),Tjil- u, v.mi

Cu|H Salisraction is NM_ Prioriq~
il ifortmaker
Comtorimaker corn
A ,

Best Prices '
Best Selections!
We Deliver! Mon-Sat 8-6
Fax: 727-323-8307
3101 22nd Ave. N., St. Pete, FL 33713

$100 Off

any $1,000 purchase

RESCREENING-1 PanelOK.Window Screens,
Pool Cages, Sunrooms, Screen Rooms, Car-
ports, Hurricane Windows/Screens, Concrete
Slabs, Sofit/Facia. Visa/Master Card, Free Es-
timates. 727-804-4300. RX1 1066857.
Interior/Exterior, Drywall/Plaster/Stucco, Tex-
ture, Wallpaper & Popcorn Removal, Insured.
Over 30yrs. Exp. #C4672 References. 15% Off

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

Driveways, Patios, Sidewalks & Slab Addi-
tions. Lic#C8057 & Insured. 30 Years Experi-
ence. 727-418-1701.
I Constructi IN, *1

S Contractor CBK-35154 Home Insp. HI-5326 EPA NAT 75269-1

Quality Home Repairs
A Windows Carpentry
Doors Tile
Drywall & more
W f,727-798-8772
-=-M 727-798-8775
uc.# CBC1253003 FREE Estimates Since 1985
SiV, iiiV iiiE i* jAE AVSAEAESV

th -Gabber is everywher321-ge3 e-66

Deadline: Tuesday 5pm I Monday 3pm if proof is required for V display only (727) 321-6965 fax (727) 327-7830

Sash Window Reglazing and Repair. Reliable,
Reasonable Rates, Free Estimates. Clean,
Honest. Call Tom, 727-343-2702.
Commercial. All Types, Shingle & Tile Special-
ists. Old Time Workmanship & Integrity. Let "A
Old-Timer" Do It! For all Veterans up to $450*
Rebate. Licensed RCC0051451 and Insured.
824-9996. Call for Details.

LAWN & HAUL-Affordable Prices. Roof Clean-
ing, Mowing, Hedge/Tree Trimming, Brush
Removal, Code Violation Clean-Ups, Debris
Hauling. Dependable. Senior Discounts. Dave,

Coppolas/YutzTree Service
We've Merged '________
60+Years Combined Experience '%
Commerical and Residential ---,
322-0890 _
Visit;; lI
2012 WkuMFr ifwsi lst


TREE-X 599-3311
STree ani Landscape Service

James Fox Tree Service
Owner/Operator for over 20 years
"We make your trees feel beautiful"
~'-- i S .^ Trees cleaned, elevated
7'!i j i6 Property Maintenance
F Stump grinding
h'IIo~l.f .-Hazardous limb removal
Uc.# 0700008985' Storm and roof protection
727-322-1849 or 727-215-8601
DAVIS LAWN SERVICE-Prompt, Professional
Courteous. Residential/Commercial Lawn
Maintenance. Free Estimates, Old Fashioned
Work Ethic. Better Service, Better Prices! 727-
Complete Lawn Care, Landscape Design,
Mulching, Tree & Shrub Pruning. Commercial,
Residential, Free Estimates 727-560-2743.
Rich Moseley, Irrigation Contractor. 25 Years
Experience. Reasonable Rates. Well & Pumps.
439-0792. Lic.#C8312. BBB Accredited.

Mowing, Edging, Hedge Trimming
Sodding, Planting & Mulching
323-4792 Licensed

= RM Trailer =
Sales 8 Service


Done right the first time!
New & Used

1925 49th Street South
__. Gulfport

L( 727-481-2516 =

DAN'S HAULING-727-341-1135. Full Service
Clean-ups. Drop Off Trailers.
Dump Truck, will Haul Anything. Will Deliver,
Mulch, Shell, Rocks, Dirt. Better Prices, Better
Service. 727-460-0327.


:0rxUIG i ii


-P5 72458 e

Painting. Making happy customers for 30yrs.
Pressure Cleaning, Honest, Reliable. 727-344-
1674. References/Guaranteed. Lic.#C4749.
Woman Owner.

Seniors Discounts, CFC1427888 Low Rates
727-522-2508. MasterCard/Visa.

Greater Pinellas Plumbing
Plumbers are plumbers. About the same
quality, about the same price. What sets
us apart from all the rest is that when 0
we say we will be there at 10 on Tuesday 'N
...we will be there at 10 on Tuesday!

Replacements, Fixtures. Sewers, Cleaning,
Remodels, New Construction, Better Business
Bureau Lic.#CFC1426040. 727-403-9523.
ES- #C7128. Senior Discounts, All Plumbing
Needs. No Overtime Charges. 40+ yrs. Expe-
rience. 727-421-4903. Bill Strickland.

SINCE 1961
6 Al IRepars Big OrSmall 20Q11
6 Water Heater Specialists 21
6 Drain Clog Experts
j e -321-4276

When You Need a Plumber ...Call the Best!

11Wi3 3'J' .

Why Replace, If It Can Be Repaired!

A Family Tradition Since 1954

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013 5
Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013 51


i l III I Irl I
, li i" i


(727) 321-6965 fax (727) 327-7830

Pay! Consistent Freight, Great Miles on this
Regional Account. Werner Enterprises, 1-855-
Home. Contract Work: Requires $40 Materials
Fee, Glue Gun & Transport a Must. J&K Nov-
elty, 727-527-1816
INC.- Has openings for the position Senior
Software Engineer/.NET with a Bachelor's
Degree in Computer Science, Technology or
related with five (5) years relevant experience
to work on design, development, deployment
and maintenance of high performance soft-
ware applications for clients. Responsible for
making enhancements to existing applications
using C#.NET.ASP.NET, SQL server and WCF
web services. Fix defects relating to customer
facing web applications. Work on front end
design using HTML, XML, JavaScript and
JQuery. Competetive Salary. Work location is
St. Petersburg, FL Please mail resumes to:
ISA, 2810 Scherer Dr. N., Suite 100, St. Pe-
tersburg, FL-33716, USA or email to info@
male CNA Updated only apply, Hoyer Exp. PM
Hours, References. Call After 4pm. 727-546-
pany, Excellent Rate Of Pay, Driver's License
essential. Beach Location. 727-363-1074.

Mature companions, homemakers, CNA's
needed for elderly adults. Flexible schedule.
Call Visiting Angels today. 727-822-3034.
PLACE YOUR AD HERE- Starting at $15 per
issue. Call 727-321-6965.

Deadline: Tuesday 5pm (727) 321-6965 fax (727) 327-7830

FORD FOCUS 2008-Excellent Condition,
Good on Gas, 75,000k Miles, Spacious Interi-
or/Trunk, Power Mirrors, Side Air Bags. $9000.
obo 727-492-1100.

PLACE YOUR AD HERE- Starting at $4.50
per issue. Call 321-6965.
0 I i

(727) 321-6965 Iax (727) 327-7830 .

ANTIQ U E BABY CRADLE- Circa 1890. Excel-
lent Condition, Handmade, Dovetail & Carved
Spindle Sides. Mattress & Bumpers included. THE HIGHEST FA$T CA$H PAID TODAY! For
$75 o.b.o 727-542-3537. your Junk Car, Truck, Van. Free 1hr. Pick-up
Time. Title Requried. Sam 727-251-2130.
At All American for as little as $499 down and
1995 LINCOLN TOWN CAR-Black 105k, 4.6, no payments until 2014! Call Michael at 727-
Auto, A/C, Needs Window Switch. $900. 727- 350-5928 now and drive home today! GUAR-
2006 SILVER PONTIAC G6- Low miles, low 2008 BUICK LA CROSSE-Fully Loaded,
down payment and no monthly payment until 2008 BUCK LA O oa
2014. Call Michael now at All American, 727- Onstar, Etc. Only 32,000 miles! Like New.
3O5-5R 2 I GARANTFFI FINANC.IN!I $12,500. 727-424-5515.

We've Paid the Most Cash For Junk & Un-
wanted Vehicles for Over a Decade Now. No
Lies Just Honest Business. So Call us First or
Call us Last, but Call Us! 727-458-7710
as little as $499 down with no payments un-
til 2014. You are guaranteed financing at All
American. Call Michael now at 727-350-5928
and drive home today!

DR TRIMMER MOWER $75.-Beige Rocker
recliner microfiber $50. Green Rocker recliner
Microfiber $50. Glass top computer table $50.
Striped love seat $50. Tony Little Gazelle (new
$300.) good shape $75. (H) 727-548-4143 or
(C) 305-807-1472.
PLACE YOUR AD HERE- Starting at $4.50
per issue. Call 321-6965.

Heater (45 gal). White Refrigerator. 727-430-
young, great condition. $100 o.b.o. 727-347-

Slide. New 24' Screen room and Cement Patio.
Skirted in Resort Park in Bradenton/Sarasota.
Can be moved. Like New. Sacrifice $8995.
727-384-1213, 727-742-8819.
KAYAK (OTTER XT)-Single sit-in, length 9'6",
Weight 391bs. lyr old. Life jacket and paddle.
$200. 727-344-4967.

Please Call Frank at 727-418-8297.
All, You Haul. 727-432-2872.
CHRISTMAS VILLAGE- 8ft wide by 16ft long.
LGB Bachmann Train, Village, Carnival, Ski
Resort. Lots of Dept 56. Paid over $3,000.
Must sell $300 o.b.o. 727-542-3537.
2 HALLS FOR RENT-Small 150pp. Large
300pp. Weddings, Meetings, Celebrations.
Lithuanian American Club 4880 46th Ave. N.
St. Petersburg. Vida 727-866-7936.
Parties, Weddings, Meetings. Great Water-
front Location With Full Facilities. Call Art for
Info and Dates. 321-5717.

SYacht Delivery
ASA Sailing Instruction
Dolphin Sails
^ 1 SailingVacations


BOAT SLIPS FOR RENT-From 25' to 55' Sail
of Power. $7.55/F. Easy Access to Gulf. Ample
Parking. Madeira Beach 727-641-6465.

The Career that Loves You Back. Have you
Considered Pet Grooming. Certified Vendor
for Vocational Rehabilitation.
UP FOR ADOPTION 6 month old Yellow Ti-
per Stiped Neutered Male Cat with All Shots,
friendly and Affectionate, Indoor Only will Ad-
just to Another Cat. Call Joyce for Interview.
WE GO THERE! 321-6965

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

* Deadline: Tuesday 5pm I Monday 3pm if proof is required (727) 321-6965 fax (727) 327-7830

Notice is hereby given that Bruce Davis, desir-
ing to engage in business under the fictitious
name Care Cones, located in Pinellas County,
Florida, intends to register the said name with
the Division of Corporations, Florida Depart-
ment of State, pursuant to section 865.09 of
the Florida Statutes. November21, 2013.

Notice Is Hereby Given That On
Thursday, January 9th at 9:30am
The Storage House, located at
1219 49th St. S., Gulfport FL 33707,
will conduct a cash sale to the highest
bidder pursuant to Statute 83.906
of Florida Self Storage Act.
The Contents are believed to be the following:
Tennant Unit Contents
Rosemary Williams #116 Household Goods
Marquetta Reeder #136 Household Goods
Lashawn McKenzie #160 Household Goods
December 19 & 26,2013

Yard Sale! December 7, 2013, 8a.m.-12p.m.
Stetson Athletic Field, Gulfport Blvd. S.
For more info email:
MOVING SALE-2 Neighbors Moving at the
Same Time. Bedroom, Living room, Kitchen,
Lawn Furniture. 2642 & 2648 Miriam St. S.
Saturday 9am.-2pm.
Jewelry, Clothes, Nic-Nacs, Sewing machine
(in cabinet). 8:30-1 pm. Friday & Saturday.
MULTI FAMILY SALE-Everything Must Go!
6800 20th St. S. Saturday 9am.-?
1514 60TH ST S.-8am.-Noon. Sunday Only.
Lamps, Art work, Beautiful Bedroom Linen,
Coverlets, Drapes, Mahogany Full size Bed-
frame, Collectibles, Etc.
5209 11TH AVE S.-Saturday & Sunday 9am.-
1pm. Bedroom Suite, Appliances, Futon, Go
Cart, Misc.
SATURDAY NOV 23RD 8-3- Huge 3 Fam-
ily Sale. 4781 Baywood Pt. Dr. S. Gulfport,
ESTATE SALE-3200 Items! Antiques, House-
hold, Christmas 2000 Items. Camping, Sports,
Golf, Chystal, Toys, Bikes, Dishes, Fountains,
Silk Plants, Fine Collectibles. 6401 Emerson
St. S. 33707 Saturday 8am.-2pm.
SATURDAY & SUNDAY-8am.-Noonish.
Household, Nic/Nacs, Sporting, Tools, STUFF!
1308 60th St. S.
6232 FAIRFIELD AVE. S.- Moving, Yard &
area sales, Saturday, Nov 23, 9a.m.-4p.m.
Furniture, golf clubs, automotive, backpack
sprayer, picture frames, paintings, back/foot
massager, Christmas & numerous household
items & more.
MULTI-FAMILY- Saturday, 9a.m.-3p.m. 6460
Fairway View Blvd. S. Close to PYCC.
5931 17TH AVE. S. SAT. & SUN-8am.-? Misc.
Gabber November 21 November 27, 20

YOUNG JACK RUSSELL-found the vicinity
of 15th Ave. S. & 58th St. Call Gulfport Vet to
Identify 727-384-4413.
LOST DOG-11/14, vicinity 58th St. across
from BCHS. Female, Pit/Retriever Mix, Light
Colors, 3 yrs. old, Hot Pink Collar. Please call
Jackie at 727-430-4620.

PRAY 9 HAIL MARY'S for 9 days, request 3
wishes, 1 business & 2 impossible. On the 9th
day, publish this article, your wishes will be an-
swered even if you don't believe. T.A.B.
MAYTHE SACRED Heart of Jesus be adored,
glorified, loved, and preserved throughout the
world. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us.
Blessed Mother, pray for us. St. Jude, worker
of miracles, pray for us. Say this prayer for ni-
net days, nine times a day. Then publish this
prayer. Thank You, Jesus.

PRAYER TO ST. JUDE This novena has
never been known to fail. This novena must be
said for 9 consecutive days. Publication must
be promised. Oh Holy St. Jude, Apostle and
Martyr, great in virtue and rich in miracles,
near kinsman of Jesus Christ, faithful inter-
cessor of all who invoke your special patron-
age in time of need, to you I have recourse
from the depth of my heart and humbly beg
to whom God has given great power to come
to my assistance. Help me in my present
urgent petition. In return, I promise to make
your name known and call you to be invoked.
St. Jude, pray for us all who invoke your aid.
Amen. Say 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Marys & 3
Gloria's. R.S.

- St. Michael, the Archangel, Defend Us In
Battle; Be Our Defense Against the Wicked-
ness and Snares of the Devil. May God Re-
buke Him We Humbly Pray; and Do You Oh
Prince of the Heavenly Host, By the Power
of God, Thrust Into Hell Satan and the Other
Evil Spirits Who Prowl About the World For the
Ruin of Souls. Amen. St. Michael, I Resort
to Your Protection and in My Faith, Offer This
Light Which Shall Burn Every Tuesday. Com-
fort Me in My Difficulties and While Lodging in
the House of Our Savior Intercede for Me and
My Family That We Will Be Able to Hold God
Close to Our Hearts and Be Provided for in All
of Our Necessities. I Beseech You, to Have
Infinite Pity in Regard to Favors I ask of You
(Name Them) So That I May Be Able To Over-
come All Difficulties as You Did the Dragons
at Your Feet. Our Father (Say 3 Times). Hail
Mary(Say 3 Times). Glory Be (Say 3 Times).
This Prayer is to be Said 9 Tuesdays, in Suc-
cession and Each Tuesday a Candle Shal
Be Lighted and a Copy of This Prayer Lft in
the Church to Help Another Soul in Distress
and Support the Devotion to St. Michael. This
Miraculous Saint Grants Everything, No Mat-
ter How Difficult, Before the Termination of 9
Tuesday. G.B.




toida SWNreW
(Parks Pept.)
Retireumeut and 62ad Pirtdagy!
November 30th
at O'wadgy's @ 5pm
Pring covered dish if gou flke
or bag of chips.
Io gFfts yoor presece is enogh.

c FOOp M105C A


You Want...

One Paper.

Since 1968
(727) 321-6965 fax 327-7830

Rea Esat fo Ren Funse Retl.elEtto Sal

Electric. W/S/G included. Small private yard.
Nice quiet neighborhood. Background Check.

$100 OFF 1ST MO.
1BR/1 BA, Central Air, newly painted, very
clean. Large livingroom & eating area. Large
walk-in closet. Small Pet w/fee. 727-348-4833.
1BR/1BA APT.-CHA, on Busline. $525/Mo.
1st/last/security. Electric and one 1/2 Water.
Background Check. Call 727-409-3716 After
5pm. 4544 1/2 9th Ave. N.
1BR/1.5BA Stunning Condo, W/D, Covered
Parking, Pool, Private Marina. Annual Lease.
THE SUN TEAM 727-345-0099.
1120sqft, 2nd floor standard unit. Galley Kitch-
en 16.5x8 Florida room. CH/A, Covered Car-
port, Unfurnished. $875/Mo. Yearly Lease. No
ets/Smoking 727-345-3221.
able Eviction Service, Call Gulfport Attorney
Karen S. Keaton, Gulf Beaches Law, PA. at
cluded. $100/wk. and up. Need PT Computer
Tutor, Maintenance person, and Housekeeper,
Possible live-in. 727-418-4548, 727-289-3588.
Ready Spacious Backyard with Privacy
Fence. $700/Mo. 727-543-6127 Leave Mes-
sage and I will call you back. References Plus
1 st/Security.
2BR/1BA GULFPORT-W/Screened Porch
and Laundry, Bottom of 49th St. S. $900/Mo.
1st/Last/Security & References. Small Dog
OK. 727-415-9733.
2BR (POSSIBLY 3) 1BA HOME-Pool & Ja-
cuzzi, Great Location, Newly Updated &
Painted. $950/Mo. Plus 1st/last/security. Pets
ok. 727-743-0701.

Like New! 2/1 Yearly Lease. 5320 29th Ave. S.
#B. C/H/A, Tile & Carpet Throughout, Covered
Patio. W/S/G Paid. Pet OK. Fenced Yard. $795/
Mo. & Dep. Available Dec. 1st. RJ 727-647-
ST. PETE BEACH Studio, $695/Mo. & 1 BR
Duplex, $795/Mo. Ceramic Floors, Porches,
Great Location, Cool Breeze, Beach, Shops,
Bus. Free Parking. (Also roommate for 2BR,
$500/Mo.) 727-459-4579.
Florida room, Garage, Tile floors, Pool, Ten-
nis, Free Extended Cable, Beautiful Grounds,
W/G/S Included, Gated. $995/Mo. Annual 727-
PASADENA 2BR DUPLEX-$795/Mo. Ceramic
floors, Large yard, Central Location. (2nd Ave.
S./66th St. Quiet Area). Close to Beaches,
Shops, Bus. Free Parking. 727-459-4579.
ST. PETE/KENWOOD- Large 1BR Apt. Hard-
wood floors. Ceramic Bath, 2A/C Units, Mini
Blinds, Water Included. Front Porch. $625/Mo.
$625/Sec. 727-417-1462.
PLACE YOUR AD HERE- Starting at $15 per
issue. Call 321-6965.

nished 2BR/2BA Across from Marina for Short-
Term Rental. Pet Friendly 727-328-0203.

NEED TO RENT-2 or 3 Bedroom House in
Gulfport. Retired Adults, Stable Income. Very
Good References. Please Call Anytime. 727-

3010 59th St. S. #206. Nice, Clean. 2BR/1 BA,
1120Sqft. Roomy Eat-in Kitchen. Cat Friendly
Town Shores (Barclay bldg) $79,000.

1120sqft. 2nd floor Standard unit, Galley
Kitchen (new floor, resurfaced counters),
16.5x8 florida room Overlooking Harbor lead-
ing to Boca Ciega Bay, CH/A, Covered Car-
port, Unfurnished. No Realtors. $118,000.
Home. 2BR/2.5BAs, Enclosed Porch, 1 Car
Garage. Nice Gated Community. Heated Pool
and Tennis. Residents have Private Access to
Clam Bayou Preserve. $94,900. Steve Farst
RE/MAX Bay to Bay. 813-230-0743.
PLACE YOUR AD HERE- Starting at $15 per
issue. Call 321-6965.

5507 61ST ST. N. ST. PETERSBURG- 3/2,
built 2001. Open floor plan. Non-Flood Zone!
$120,000. Suzanne Olson, 727-641-2887.
BAY ISLAND-Prestigious Admiral Building
14th floor. $325,000. Rare Opty to own a West
End Corner Unit with Wrap Around Balcony.
Spectacular Views for miles of Boca Ciega
Bay and Gulf. This 2BR/2BA, 1375sqft. Fur-
nished Condo with Hurricane Shutter is in a
55+Community w/24 hour security/guard gate.
Covered Carport, 6 Pools, Clubhouse, Tennis
Courts, Waterfront Walking Paths and Marina.
Call 248-766-3785. Buyer Approval Required.
2BR/2BA FLORIDA ROOM-Sun room, Wa-
terfront Mobile Home, 5 Star Park (Clearwa-
ter Cascade). Resident Owned w/Share Util-
ity room, New Windows All Around $59,000
Pinellas Park. Ask for Sandy (H)727-548-4143
or (C)305-807-1472.
House from Treasure Island Moved to Gulfport.
On Stilts, No Flood Insurance. In the $200's.
DAN YINGST REALTY, 727-321-5258.

Please Patronize
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Rita M. Stutzman
Realtor .
Town Shores 55+
Specialist & Resident .

Ile% Look What's New!

Hampton #102- 2BR/2BA deluxe, furnished,
open floor plan, W/D in unit, steps to pool,
beautiful waterviews, community patio &
BBQ in backyard.. $124,900
Kenmore- 2BR/2BA standard end unit,
covered parking... $99,000

Hampton #405- Stunnin 1 BR deluxe
offeringE gpoli Pride of
ownership apparent, -overe parking...
Diplomat #903- 2/2 deluxe, split floor plan,
eat-in kitchen w/stainless steel appliances,
beautiful flooring. Endless waterviews, small
cat accepted, covered parking... $174,900
Jamison Impletely
update2" I l > ".. 6,000
RENTAL- Diplomat end unit.
ANNUAL..$1400/mo, SEASONAL...$1800/mo.
Call Kathy, 727-343-7949
--- Great Time to List! --
Please Call for a Free Listing Consultation

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013

%I old fat HmI Know the ULbcAi lLn.
no qlknowttb.urft

tojOmrIam sOals
that pe lMoN dutt dame.

Shirley Madden
Colleen McLachlan
Mel Lenehan
Brenda Nicholson
Deborah Flay
Ellie Budensteatn
Joe Miezelis
Sue Sheridan
Bevy Neubecker
Carol Markovich
Laura AnzuonI
Cheryl Carlson
Dennis DiTinno
Land of Libert4 Realty, for all of your
real estate needs buy, sell, rent,
property and rental management

I eS e Real I for Sale I

short stroll to the beach, trolley, grocery store
and the restaurants and shops on Corey Av-
enue, this adorable and intelligently designed
home features new tile floors, updated kitch-
en, washer/dryer and a spacious backyard.
$189,000. CENTURY 21/JiM WHITE & AS-
SOCIATES, Jared Salzman, 727-515-3462.
More info and photos at:
unfurnished, Apt. B fully furnished vacation
rental. Totally restored.
5039 29th Ave. S. 727-418-7272.
Open Floor Plan, Carport, Deluxe, 1060sqft.
1BR/1 BA. Must See, Great Buy! $78,000 440-
382-9772 Estate Sale.
gityaorp 727-776-7280 Realtor
2/2 gr fl waterfront w/patio
I have buyers for: 1/1 gr fi pet friendly
Buckingham 2/2
SCool weather may be coming
4 but the market is heating upl
The Sampsons have been earning your
business for over 30 years.
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5002 'l~ll 4ll 28t Av S // /u ut, hado od,

o r : se! ea'1,li:on .

PLACE YOUR AD HERE- Starting at $15 per
issue. Call 321-6965.


Diplomat #104- 2BR/2BA, open bay views, carport.

tiR nn

Jam ison #210- 2BR/2BA, standard floor plan, carport......................................................... $95,000
Embassy #201.- 3BR/2.5BA, east corner unit, full bay views, shutters, pet building....... $184,900
Avalon- 2BR/1BA, standard, unfurnished, ready January 1st................................ ANNUAL $850/mo
Chatham. 2BR/2BA, furnished, new kitchen........................................................... ANNUAL $850/mo
Gulf Shores Condos- 2BR/1BA, corner, furnished, Clam Bayou.......................... ANNUAL $850/mo
Eton- 1BR/1BA, newly updated, unfurnished, waterfrt views from kitchen ......ANNUAL $800/mo FIRM


opportunity on Beach Blvd!
Work at the beach! Well-loved
Gulfport Arts District destination
...Small Adventures Bookstore
(in business 22 years!)'
Property being sold with
business if desired.

"Ready to SELL? GET IT SOLD!"

Gulfport Bungalow
2/1 with a HUGE garage
workshop in high and dry area
near Boca Ciega High School.
Priced to sell at $120k.
You don't want to miss this one.

Another cool Gulfporl 2/1
beach bungalow wiln income
Sludaio apanmenl!i ,
Walk to the sparkling waters of
beautiful Gulfport Beach! ,J
I Have Buyers! Your Listing Could Be Here! Call Today!
See pictures of these properties and more at I have renters...need rentalsll

Gabber November 21 November 27, 2013


only one

Since 1968

Serving Gulfport and surrounding Communities
every Thursday for over forty years.


All Florida Family Care, Inc.
S. Tirupathi M.D.

3301 66th St. N. Ste-A St. Petersburg, FL 33710
Phone: (727) 344-6200

Hours of Operation Monday- Friday 9-5pm
We are always there for YOU!
24 Hour Answering Service with doctor on call 24 hours a day.
We offer same day Urgent Care appointments for all our patients!

* Well woman visits
* Annual Physicals
* Diabetic Teaching
* Blood Drawn on site
* Injections

* EKG Tests
* Open during Lunch time
* Follows Patients in Hospitals,
Skilled Nursing and Rehab Facilities
* Same Day Appointments Available

Physician Supervised Weight Loss Program

2001 Board Certified in Internal Medicine at Michigan State University.
She has been practicing as a Solo Internist since 2003.
Recipient of the 2009 and 2010 People Choice Award for Favorite Physician.