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Title: Campus plans of American colleges and universities reproduced at a uniform scale ..
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Title: Campus plans of American colleges and universities reproduced at a uniform scale ..
Physical Description: 1 v. : ; 28 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Arnett, William Tobias
Publisher: University of Florida
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: March, 1932
Copyright Date: 1932
Subject: Architecture thesis M.A. Arch   ( lcsh )
Dissertations, American -- Architecture -- UF   ( lcsh )
Genre: bibliography   ( marcgt )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
General Note: Manuscript copy.
General Note: "A research study prepared at the University of Florida while a candidate for the degree of Master of Arts in Architecture."
General Note: Bibliography: leaves 40-44.
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Bibliographic ID: UF00089357
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Reproduced. at a Uniform Scale



March, 1932

- afl.

SAhttR l PAoe 11*1 IV MrFa

Oi~ft"W" Pun- is
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YIY--I --.l~----Y1.~---

~i-ll ~ --l-L__Y 1I111_I

I I- .. - -. .. .

ki I~r---- ---- --- -- -- -- -- -- -----"-

QU---- --------- ^--- --------a

*--- ^ -lir-r- I-- r L -- I _- -.-- -- .-.-.^.1--

--w od 9 0 1 p


pop.. ..

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m, ao

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ASt eranltoflfrl-ses.emase- ---es-s--m-- Ml 3

P*l& nxtfMe 1 1 S.
wna- Tyns a,-------- --

IwTeamS%. r t n ----.- -----.--- .- . i..,i. * ,1 $

.2w ---- 4B




@owfIe ttvntty, iW bs, ewln trIL-------m--
Btlso a trerit~, O lnUltS, atU------............
ire amietrMW, Xkut~, MIetk rabean----e~-----
LAS opirtlA 1tvenvty, bIAttrn, kfMllat- -"

eUbe Zaphne ets, beeb, o 7lmee..i namausaa..-

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steess Isetate*,~rNUo* an ames, orw----l
Bi--~~u X urML-~ilto itottfa, ItC *". ----- *' .* '- i...iiii.--i",, .,.


l imllecam W

eaopor ( o boea), smweoesm1 aleate-l
*of ot foEat,, itm a y, qluSeStams-.-_,-.,. 1111

af cease, inter, nltf.r --em-. 1- l----

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oft Efmtrete, treseto, Macirtt- -iiiii-

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Mo1atW151, Set LfS, MessedmnhIaw**

riatn Afltw etr Po e nawlita, IlttflaM urtC pg-w

the ptlmwy pwpo eOt thio aurapb to I *aks
m& tbbl ti onwra t tma the sipus plas t fa ambn
i*t 4iMra rUio*, M wwradti, ua tautsolt malhetso
The pta.i bhw bms glbteb traw w s soure~wo s as
oamm hu boem inr t po ato them is thoet oeira
son, aXtthea *Vwersl hae nmot boeos eaa ouat o astly
a. plam.
Ir wOas4 to ftaUtite eeprisMAn, the please tew brn
pngadrl at a uAtses Saus ft 400 1fet to the iash,
sea* la"rg, Oea to prost th p ploa Is ill theI
OeOMatl ftoame yi t mat mso 2lre a to reakrw the
o-a-beag 1a O uxsat 8 b4*& t*morn te the gop sw a wtel haw bemi 4esIa ogat so
the pleas, A loeat oeaist~i g of tbo o nbt al lette or
ltt s at the I at Ube boon ad4ptIm La ov d to m*a the
plans qputFl uafta4adlo.
The bot af m ea the asote ot e oaspe plueaIn
hi"h haw ben" 1 isi04 iet3 *the fto ou f a *tod *f the
senr LoUsa it the bZLtIogapheyar a poheae in a l~tgs
asswrO, the Ro*mt t f a stur o the pleao tUhemo~vs
to tel o0sebiem pme to msd a mt*o n sbph oamoN,


Al fse" o a* ftwlld of Owd"I #9 r dl"I" JlIssutwAOSO~II
OS febw mau. mdw toW "&two slw"Ma wwR"1imitAms
0* aeasl 2wssag saMw aw~ a. teg post*e to 14
2fl** sad Reflo Jwa0 no nISft 4W 1 7. L
SEb6,t eM k. V. 3. IIULtm, ftJ% Atsm .s a
wirat-.r 1JNP 1 I~iD1iht~,P~~#t)


rfulty NoWu

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oeaests Ma teo
sa* Ol eamseitw

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0r6ew "ma ptl a tupe"let pat isnt se polst St
the a0qs at Its w the dapettn #2 t4ah4tsn. haug m
ere t~ etet ot them re th sfte opn thtl u Woi f-tte
al'ts I )as"tt, the Clenter w the teita tta" SItel, l
at tahe tyle 'et its eastet tp8 Iportat r t theS

1,.t)1 .
w u tno *e tthes at it o aasubtuAea b1, p!

ttey <.n tea he anusa en nrfMg t fe er Cl,
to e ftee pr. af ts, o as Iassittf Bi p.i
h Ope u Me so m paw s p"Ig omeot Itloell s tP e

I.iMInfambr**t is Ia the latest t eeseq that a
plea abas th at aefammtesn aIts HSe i, thi As
wease... tsenttSees teatS a hily ow assnelms tes

lo see-matt t ew 45tu inL Hit t fIrstnIt M0* 8
se*ms iners t ti pase thsmf.


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*1, t-

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.. s e 4 . '; -- . : -. -. .*

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-* l .- " '-. "F., '-'"" '.i

... .-. no. .,

-~i ..I A ..



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r- F_
~f..- a. -~~"-r

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it:~t q~j~ -I~~~~~.:~ L L

~-r$..49!4 2te.

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. V

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Sa te Wismrne tS6 aLm) aS rnr a* W ISI:a

4sa" 0w 3 0sa", (ONs "n) *(a*w. ot a s**es*)t

stBefIe a# peatnt ae., VMs thpeac jatte ak
eana |mfet a a-I" we a#to a"os a m aM -m
*,: wYt W I XNassag* umasei an -ar if t n. lm (a)

fM le* lat WOW*1 ,K *40L t e "**
ag a f t ean soye m a p a af a the aswum1**
.nres.te a A ilreoer o* twat (tflt)e (o fr"a*
Omen bfpl W sAMss( SOs, the StIN a
ai. (lme4 af) ma a, au. et, Sub t* 64
a. pn*bhAlweea c t ea eTf nfli a., epa M **w

esaf cintl aatSi sas inui npk em t .hen nas as

a te pIms .1 a. mamen ot ,tmau. (p.6), flIt
ete (14 s1), l teetammnse (wmd), a lt asWr..

a.-. .. .

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:is~~ !L~.>*
t4* 1. ,.

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.tv~L .,t i j ~ i .

~ & ..
- .! -- 4 d"

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V --


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*.-CL ~: ** F-

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is~,ii~j~~r ~~t '". P
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t~tx- .. -

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t.. .

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-F '.7

p 4thi *''. *.7 A
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__ r*.~

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a& -. .. I- If 1. ... I

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'0sr~C~' A4 *rTr v.

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r~~ ,.

ta *44;r4, *r

9.: 'i"" I' c ,' 4
a 4~i. .


l mean s lafg"thse inost shne to
lak w"O*b* o -MIA ** Am assuA 10e m o*4 r as

**te Mn ues it met beiatt se iuSeS tha4ta t tinemli

as ta a a -4004 weU twSo the sa ( VWas0

eaty tMMe amete foinbi sm. l fa tsaat a broom
sen fet zousese a asnan.. at wes. enues ae
reletateM a r t asplum met 1e flnetw (pil, t ew

* fmut an tor f r i8t esaipa, at tarn. tneuatY so

oaLs fley .ewu newiy esti sa tar taSrtra l fM3ab

nSr****aase t u osel, theaetU Stsee" ao
nu owfety *av, mast .ma. anuflyfes (us)a sT s le.S
ete naeator at 1Sfll) (p.1), na a.cWu plus

nvsnaW a; 251 :tmar 'ftheMA 40
b sg .tla aa .U tlSW el pt Oln>-a *inE w
s flaasty prepatoPly tit t

"*^*"-- Ak- 9i~i Kn A
it" dxlow OtdWw -I~t- i .

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44 7
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pr)4: .... 4 ~I:1


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444~4 I.*S.?I~X


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nflsmits &nlfllme mu W flhma& as A

S---flwfltv- ina1na, a a&ll..uw~lo t

*tlt41 mu es..tam.e .em" W -*t s.ns
: .mum o r iit Um .. oM

nbuse t we pee ls t w Mu= t*s meU (nU
S)petal p f aming a SeStleis ees I u MeiitallenS

Ia haph "m" whomwaar mi eapptm MP S stoa t

beeS r. mWeu. a .IaMaenit"r as pIlmetset I as

0 *4* aS faatesf a W rn bUflh At 1mu am# PImeS
As. O)rlt w WWyW 'p ll ^I

Ida In et aLige *n f a Us a-t i

qr; ;*u ICMV-& U It PIH to lN
%1 i1l IH^ ^

. .* o" man. ,ee $a.
tha. 3h 4 te os gL p eto I, nte S .mmua w, (1)
t hat fu uM a be s UsoI M1 ans, a6s n) teaw
4, fLhflfhw at ofmmiast piIeI* air. met -oU Eeka#
O .ano *I.- ae ap. eaten p on a" 1 O
..I tI% thl a"- fl s p OIwTwIm *hasp *I *LY
SmiJ efli p le a pave" osnmfl ns- f (lbw '

man gan.nu.tSa ptota Is fhlU at bnses
mute 'fln tae ees at oa tMI s sit opel ea. .utaS

SwSos bUa' nSalWN** s*n a th lt
tlstsee tsi etton esrneht MSkeet R a eWA atY eMrim

**3qpag a attn ** WIl be dieuS is SM shop%'

e SIWnSS g 0. *fw I*met abni btslap an
'so etesseeeDsu a s 1 s a'"m asuest*. wo ase AIms @1n

Wtspag. (i4 M)

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5. f,
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Art. I

Shb% fle, qan nnune aee ne *"'
Uhqe Is equies, ma*aw 4*9* wAt ef eLo.* ("$e
44) ambn 0t ab tourt Wssne ow S as as fi n.s
4W* fLj *#M (p.6), cI *r 1r:: bst.aIt lt ea.
ane, MAN), Iams to.*, a pp*' euaS

e )4srdEt), aisnPi a a vnnl.r a vas. (p.ewi aS

s.ouNfl. ft*f d wP$a: ft llsset* fl* 3 v ts fta t lS
g u u mrnl- at eitt 1k *bi I awd tl tn As SM tm

sentma thea rS, t.pesto ason" p an

0a104 nles% n' kWM fl teP() SiMA iSOM

9s iSet litm La b ISI *n. bae SA e
ves. t .Peat, thus pae Ms Is am4s tEre bas eu

see" IMet I&** ts SUM strase bi 001110, ek l

.' ....

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'; ? -'-I A

--.:r --

\\ K',--
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44i ...

.4~ 4 .. I ,J ~ ? ; ~ fY i'


-q- -r

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~ ~L"~ : -. *., C ~- .-'
-~ ~: __ 9i:~4

,.4 24

'4.. 4-. SIT
, I av.

-r ':i-~~~3~ *' '4-.-.L-1, re
-.-, 4

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S h- 1 r11rw '

.~ ': .-.
'C: ~' f

:tI: 'z.r


sWeag.~ e S oy -Is w lhw t.o0 thea heenmer a-
a* w Ifs*m, HSeiet Sq'W tS OSpIs, **
pa at at Stma pap, i tha tht at the m4nrv4fl ot
rakftel (p.1), ith t aet *as a lat stl se, 11 that $e
DOttnt WIItr (Ip.1). It a-, tlsh e, that reae
AX4tap ..uo o$ *t a $* I awt t MCse M0 vis a
e ml4dr fl wi a MMa t* sp aesmpe tatte t toe ft les-
Myle tha NMar & a asltf- pe of te a"" ot time
aesa as ate M4ate tpP, eame to iat *s yle,

thae maw ilwt l.sms sa aes we r T aw m-.t tom
oltw. .nnwa, att LA the nunst zwlXag the **et

S*re eal la, hr, W no, l ay, a eriL. saw te
later sfaaS 9r the anLte, theeM stittl tal late

b(VIb&W) Oil 0thaWiin tw Snter thee peto
at a,st the ns :a 'O t *y aae f eqr *sts he
Nan sm. an .krt.te HMt sseg.si asII te eIn 1
t-wS ef *i .mw.l te. stat tate. *gImwa fl.

niwia teM *n te_10 "I tthe jmflfl

M.Ao,~ e *t avws" siappo pius v.wes" a*
a twEt 1WUe we *0 Arew eshew taw the t gt t
WNWO Ursa0 gamma tet~i 'W@66 The pluew Se
oat AWWtt16wP ar be ItiiPewa. Ina ea s ofllfw

-9~~10C USAW

ftk* fti.tvali (pots) to trpiot this. eriisam
I the si te toseu Uedo4 theo sehem use"bstt" "a"


at euhlwsw~isy of i~etes (. )*U) oft pea eplW

Vesue OhIO t US4 eiltas

Va Ie'lt* Url s&taft, Wae (PAXe) 002 gaLly
a wta us ase pWtII s a#s

r:- .'; .
~ 4-

-a- ~* j
..~l a

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I- -

'I a' -- II it1 -ttCU

a. i : e 4 a M4la b - I I '- '- I I' ~ 1

.. .. .

i~~~~~af 'tj II 1~ILltE .

I-: .

V. 'if '


a, t. '-a~(-'a . I4*'.
~% 'a~
J ~~~~~ ~ - a i'a-~~f" ltt
a.~ a-IC

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abtag sawos to ame teaefas "a tseh fha asmm..
It MlI Mbe *t6 OeSmLa amseut ever pin S ie
nbag en A tm boa- M the temeM g we am neo

the no oene th e a *eNeOp or atwreftr P Ia
sat qal I masnIut aelt 1 Mbrlf eSmatt 4a the

4~ 4 a eee. . UsU wSe S B io *lW
llg *a s*lr *s ar eIM is ffpc i oaw rt Us sa to, Weo

a"t s aIt tn meapt It l be a nwSlaSy h.es fle
as lset be ale) t tml DeUt O al Sti fi at IlW

bay somf r pnal et am* h l4l e t he

nreasm Ja% es, we"p"VO t28 te ta

Sflt) s tol W leers t6ine Wtmr, now tap Mo
10 tossg e(ns) a be a net anh a amO3 asp

niLSP t-wee flbtr g to me Is the stbtret tAin

wean.* saelse. (ItXlse W U

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m ae *av a. sea 1 *am
A ua o" tUs Sm me spa ft* meles Sa
st ub"a w4n saswmn o low-u
-ew pas at t~ne 0~6n1n p en.

a to is a O&s fl ow, as We""fltss

TMe t WO . a. 1' e f

W Ns Mom hs. me 0,m. IN oa

4 -imemru per eaM asi aa nten ONee to *J-

a &

ferS eaN el ** aStel ale Af lme. a
S^epe.a OZeit tee t 05fl11 fl S

-~. 'II]:

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'Y- -4~' -
ri ~; ' -

-.- .,.. .

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tea sM tl0mst -a pll pm1mfl.' i a%"%
to" flMS 3e5flt aS" A 0Sat C SWi S mo)
Me et Spsn am a eS ew t u as NnW


Mjl melo utew at TW.

#0 also$asm nWa~ne as as oaveass
e fl set assDe CIeI pt
P Masfe **Lfaa ** ***** *moil s*** (lj*

rbam. & a aIr a fl Iser S PtWt e

g" amt too si oNi fIua O ) tt at

as sai"evt le two"* ) b ew

"wvr fire 95 t-* at Wa blata stea&tty (p. 1) w s, 0
ft" 4a Va UIwvWly f steaUtSia (p.W3). tw MOw.
sity 5t seyat (via1) qpute W94as0 -'I" 4 &as w
Ma Lk&a hs tbst, assat es x iO ft* *

Mi Ofr mP xpUAii OAUS 0 8owr

to 's "0

Abi MokSM O.WW11."t PS i..bSUnl I1g 'I *O

louisseltow low" low 4
abas reph _i ___te________ ag_ a 1*
443 31.0 a T11*- r T
sbeerars aste atweakp-** UY S a 575

M..a- 5* Suki.ae. a8
WINt BIg M Wa. illi S> o 3" I s

la gsmee3 tm um a g"e so W
ir-seeany large saves tse Uwa -e eaet& s UtH
tam we"*a tor we. 1w boom" e*t *#Uimi
eness ttue. a ta pIig t a0, *Sa ehlt 4l-S
It 1c *eflmS that the t1in HMe as W, we rita name
Io. hettet.
Qwlh r~~r~ CL~~LtW~L~l ~~ M~

a.~; .A #p

kia41' .: 9
::711 .at

-3 *' I a

* -U


a-. ., a. *

:. . ".?
I Y; ,1

a~ '9

-isr 'a'.-


-I ~ LLa.


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.rL ta-a3 aI~,Y

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aLaZta- .-taa r~ l-

a~~~~~-I a .a'-> raaa

~ Is. ~ at V
a.. .t' -
~'' a .~*4

a~hq 4a ~"~~" ~ ~ '9 _


r *" -

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I r~e

1 a4 '..,..

aaaaa .~.,r.aA a .F

a C -. ~
4". 4-I 'r -.a4- aj 1- -. ta F~"~ 1 'tta
aa~a,~a~ A "a"-~a-.- `
4.K'ta.. S.. I '- *
a? A,~I F
h-I... ~- ~ a *'. taa at, alj

'I '1

~ '~


*mfltwuarses wae n pf m"U. Wae owa
Ssh vis en -S tt o5 "nt, ~s puas s # .4
am tr a a atwp a b gus tsiasn. us saxaati
mom he as Ia te o stems 4eeswtt Woit IjktI
wa.s ( bTae 0S ) a* *"a sell"~' as ftsa .
*Ma Q(1%40)

,vumr.. __ an8

i llll y,11"8

ZR m, eaSmt..4s tasfltvtLa the e a s&a ude of
tkiags4r w k a aot leattau lyl natot aI eam t
ee tLepltmn Iwb lo a U o is amfto te s IUate
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naes to psmlnate uther IS th .ea. eate of

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pnserly tow su2 to be & a deuattinag tests of lt s
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et" MW A-.-A we"*""*" mohtttosl of Owdtc ompH a"

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thas bed of ta p1tM pel 0s3 with th e U ewry *eU at
heati In thir JrigasX plan to the talvwity Otf qJ ae,
the ehedl etoo4 at oe em Ots of t ts a *a Ms a th u*wy
at ta sthe. (L(Xs) It ta. atwtus so *l t ste t
apeal ios o"l"o tbir a ls Wtnd* o y o q ete bLXia1b, lto
th t it is oue4t 0to plcad e a -an WA to n Ra,
P:att lae ttu%$aeMs maSly aw a mtl ip&ad
Se03ly fte wraiftp ae l aw ma tavt tl fmSpta
Is pslNt tastsstems, ts W tano *f the a0l" is fct*
qu y takes b staesm ataus oat~ es m*te~ *a
the sie my bW tf slon LtOeste a. rnW1emOWA. the Ne
*a&us t *eistowMi Sote, atwity (p0) to ll shIs

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fstme eMr eth"6 U M at immlntfu MIm LseIfN

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too imp, mselee tbm to *s 40U sattum e ost
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to s sda *'an arde to be Mes ee toe teup. tbut
tho. thaS the otleo lam a ttse, wrse M it -a oa e
s&as Me ne wre;a l oe Ma et o 1WnteW or atels& to
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sme" $a the plan. thr a"W .aot btmoety (


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of tiM eH taltL it will be *~eo-rso ae lkaCe ti
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emrenmLag t atfte witia the eoaxg or unetaitty
VOW# W. PeavIek t. Aesene sfma
.Me bwn0o of mtume s "d LUte whtah use p
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the lrmwty 1t*ewiteg it eaheu Wrt ao st
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ot*# sa tus vwpeot

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ai aw *r* e i na t p a a V p ithe *lla et*V,
he user at nth ietasa iittee.s ooeawe fat 00-

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scaeted e ant 0ea iateew Moe tffia tlaus t tsae a
maie que A as tU the oabreter e te ea el maBmT. To
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i uta would a learte enb a speaten of
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tina SOe.* (iNoS)
Aeo Laset"Utlae, sos @ iA ftate trs ity, have
assaipeta 31 swllsL pking apae taimviomlly to fe
lfTy embe se a fae stoMess oet have ae as tw as
to prohibit the sM ef 4tetMa ea tIWhe spe bty tadAts.
(8ail55441) samverl tistituttoae, aeh s the tivwsaity
*f Kosatoe (p.Xfl), a. prowt senvie see wba the b Idieag4 Xt ba bmee apest
that larp eeaeratet4 parag aese s *elrtai ee"las
4$ the eaqep soeast secMet fto pbiUe tew Waltd
et at at a tIpoSry aeilaias ofet t pbl e l .

hb attin problem of ciealatton a e eclje cr make
irwitty es hee bss amnet up by a. As ewna soe lUWa-
.. o aoy eeadary reas should o alswd with"t ts
treatedn Thense amatpad s thiu, a meemasaly .pae with
sai te Aa" mfte to but pe aa we
4 el*u j #A AeN.Zy im peltat Zepesie6M at previft
00 *ItI-s a"d 4"W" IMfts of i*ti* "W1400
Teaq tt sk tatfm m stbe quslhffiAt. JMStIatC sat
steaSI a t by the palie* *ale be a Opproesbo e oal*
traffic ways epat priet4 1ith purmiag tsellttAf Io leS
tile to thOi estt eat all the ftosts isSifleS a
*saMebts e winms of bhn tattle TSmLnt be teatS
soar h ftreeoes. (las

#10S4b46 *mp%** *t ae* Tq R a U ob tbu 1too "Us
Us* Swxlsd *I$ may be amd Ua tho VIM* of the lvw#
r4tty of(p.2?2af ), ke*ga baltotitu (p*S), 4k Ia
t"e mm owame at t lobe Vaftwellsy of 1*- 1-0 s I o (po* .) o
*t lMIGUM ftMA S At ?rLTWS (.o**)o

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6 ,~~e1 tlL fa9nte m .t so. aToar. .*
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N, 8,et=a, F. ag. STanas *aeawnilg sThe h SM
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MUarasHML AL zamnm AP
oUsnoi TeekMUat Saleol4. (|1 S4-St)
oewumea sr(iavtm, (318,s e)

sDume ItAvwest (atas.3atO)

Dijo "U" e aizwor (XN5<3hSln,')sMl)
tbas Iupts tV~Vrst (1lMIa,1. UTS,1lM)

iaot. silS xafsra of ft3tel.r5,eZg (1,e?4-8)

pnrm ostrynLty, (3tsal) t Ms.Q) (aItil lU0)
Mds sMtiet, (3se a3)



*oeup, (13.MO ) (tI n)
rt Oeitnst, (4,SeSs) (s iaSrT)
of wowPa4, (Utas) (I,1*5TM)
r esep, (slXa, Xfe,seo)
*t tmasiA, (s2t*1.) (Mn)

of 91gIIla (U3.31U*,3)
eilv~aly, (1en,Sa)

o4rma avrwasyr *t amwu1alm (2atS6)

,Ualtnisgl, 1 Lgat 54. N
M9M-tom = dt L.4 no, 38
A"MNtUst 9antag, as

asito"r Mo, m,
OalotaLn, atwasotyr of, PlI, so

Gampespas ltto &e a l, 1 *s -4q.
ftwages, Ta3Eap SoMets, Pia, f
Obtepl, 54
O@bssetwr of X6utltalea 9
@MO d, UtalrUty of, PlaI, IX
0ati*a, .Litobrw or, as, a, aS
assarWss a, B nf

(re Svftrdo Uo, Pla ST
a.loede, arawlrty of, 54 9e
Geei~s Wtver~t PTa, f $, N
Se1tlubla ate7, 24, 314, S3 9
Oastromnag ieteT., 2 et at.
Smti eea tei,.aitl, Plea. 9

AM-ea MWraty 4, 9, 14, U. Sp

pMylrl tta, Pin, 94

laft Ubt*w I *t esq.
nuto LavIfy To, 1b 114 A, 34

fretITMp, IS
~Ma, 0S

Zlsomts, AU satt os, 14

Xinnamaje, 884a94 ate Vn~m a0

flaMem, Stein S. *3%
asndtr, eas~tr t, n ane

eea ts ot Iste, ,t
unaIn a Stat m~ tety, flaee i
XflMtS SCtte ti e*flt, 4, 34, 3

SJa-S etto ieetitete oftr feCanaip P, S

base ett, isteo tnbuoeg, 7, 24
lasnnUs, treaty $o, Pi*, s

amleNB"1t, Qivity *fd 14, T
0kO state Un~ivsLty, 88
ateatatte e*t 8It, T

PnrveIag W eai I
P Ia oa tltelwiy, Plea, 3 9
flatlUa QRTa1tiy, 5
PIrMWtMy S.ppeted lasIWSi.S, 1
PBratr ae Trwtf. *, 89
Puble.y tpewtes Xnlafittlosa, 9
PubiSe T"fAI* ,Ww, so
RHanttoa IAm, 6stm 2
tO IH astute Plui, iS
i-e IasSUtate, 4o T
RSebMltU Iversity *of Pl1r, 14
hsMesm, VdtWityr o*, T#. T, 86I SE.p, 4M t, as
aofo, 14
Srt, 1 tk s
SUeper, Xao4 R. 99
3t.W eae *tita*, naa,8
Style e Ao A IohlttWu I I t **
Ob~reet fM M
Wtet as Plea, 14
res fStyru, U
foimarxt Styr 14
SeabMl, V

9O9W erfr 0lU"p, Plta, S
91Uv triw O@l3*g, 4
?TaeWag Aw.F 81-*, U 0
Tlieratm, 4
Opaphy of ait, I
VTlslr yarne, ST

VTgIUaaIt, fatvtty of, PUla,
nirLata, nIvtrrty of, 4, T 14, n3
Walu ata ~itwal swty Pla, uS
WairtGLaJ VaMeOlr X4, 18, Ms, 3
WIaOsaUtea ViTrity of, rlalft
Wilasagbam, btrtty oisf 14
Wmestam bt e y oft po avrlveBa Pla, 8
W1tera b ateriv ty tf rPeaar)tu.i 4

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